Football Rumours Archive June 29 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 29 2012 

28 Jun 2012 21:27:54
Stockport County have pulled of a coup, by resigning centre back James Tunncliffe. James was wanted by Torquay, York and Inverness, but the pull of playing again for manager Jim Gannon was to much to resist.

There may be another ex-player to resign for County before the start of the season and I understand that the club are close to signing a young outstanding promising goalkeeper soon.(5)(7)


28 Jun 2012 21:55:24
Wigan linked with Marco pappa an attacking midfielder from chicago fire for around 3 million(10)(3)He could be set to replace victor Moses who Wigan are resigned to lose


28 Jun 2012 21:50:05
Huddersfield Town to sign Nick Powell on seasons long loan from Man Utd, watch this space(10)(35)Would love it but doubt it, stop being stupid :(Fergie has said he won't be going out on loan.I hope soWell your wrong as fergie wants him in the championship for more experience


28 Jun 2012 21:09:44
Bristol Rovers closing in on the signing of Striker Izale McLeod(11)(18) 

Wants 10k a week too much for rovers budget and not worth 1k a week imHOHe's already said he wants to challenge at a higher level and alot of leauge one clubs are interested, my moneys on him joing yeovil town between now and monday...Doubt very much that Yeovil could afford his wages.


28 Jun 2012 20:41:35
Theo Walcott is in talks with Liverpool.

Ted Twoizacarnt(34)(64)


28 Jun 2012 19:53:31
Oliver Norwood supposedly making his decision between Huddersfield and Barnsley tomorrow (29/6/12) Both teams have had offer accepted in region of 400k so no need for tribunal.(26)(8)He's a free agentTown likely destination according to SSNNot a free agent still under contract at mu
fee been agreed between them and Barnsley
and HuddersfieldHe is a free agent but because of the rule of players under certain age that reject a contract offer from current club then new buying club have to agree a fee with club player leaving or tribunal which can be more expensive or less expensiveUnder 23 = tribunal or fee agreed by the 2 clubsHe is a free agent, but he is under 23 so who ever signs him need to pay manchester united compensation!OP is correct 400k to avoid tribunal as user 23 despite free agent previous club get a feeWot abart the massive coventry and club he supports burnley Lol h is dad says he off to burnley !!!!!!!! thoughNorwood rejeks Barnsley told ya cov city Gona sign him lolWell his dad is telling porkies signed for htfc on official site hard lines


28 Jun 2012 19:49:37
Wolves are looking to sign Sone Aluko as a free agent after leaving Rangers. Charlton, Bolton, Huddersfield and Blackburn are also intrested.(17)(21) 

No interest from roversBolton can do better than Aluko...


28 Jun 2012 19:40:36
plymouth argyle linked with ex wolves striker james spray source plymouth evening herald.(14)(6)I seen that as wellHow do you know ?Apparently we are also linked with John Akinde of Crawley Town.


28 Jun 2012 19:17:29
Plymouth Argyle to sign ashley hemmings eunan o'kane alex macdonald and izale mcleod(4)(35)Ashley Hemmings ain't joining cause done fans had a go at him for some reason (thought he was quite good) Euan O'Kane if he didn't accept Crawley what would make you think he would want to join us and Alex MacDonald said he wants to stay at Burnley !!Impossible Hemmings said on twitter he wouldn't return to us because nothing was offered to himHope this is true because these will class signings for argyleGot a feeling Hemmings is holding out for League One, he's already turned down Rotherham

BobbybuffonWe have as much chance of signing Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney on free transfers as the players aboveHemmings never received an offer, end of. O'Kane is far too good for L2, although Argyle could match many L1 clubs' wages, cannot see Torquay selling him to one of their main rivals. I heard that we're trying to sign MacDonald permanantly but he wants to stay up north.


28 Jun 2012 18:34:31
huddersfield town set to announce signing of Oliver Norwood from man utd for 400k before close of 28/06/12(20)(26)


28 Jun 2012 18:33:56
After BBC report Oxford have been in talks with Rotherham defender Ryan Cresswell, the club have denied the rumours. Saying they have made no enquiry and are only interested in signing centre midfielder or 2 and possibly a right back.(3)(9)


28 Jun 2012 18:28:53
Transfer listed Swindon midfielder Jonathan Smith, has attracted interested from local rivals Oxford United, Preston NE and former club York City.
Smith is settled in Wiltshire, but has family in Preston. And has said he has 'unfinished business' at York, where he enjoyed his time!
A fee, could scupper any chances of Oxford and York signing him.(13)(6)Hope he returns to york, they'll need all the help theuy can get to stay up I suspect


28 Jun 2012 18:28:44
walsall are set to re-sign striker liam dickinson(4)(19)I doubt thatWhen did Liam player for the saddlers before. Heard he was signing for swindon.He was on loan a few years agoHad a brief spell on loan at Walsall he was pants !Loan deal. He was tripeHe came on loan and was absolutely shocking


28 Jun 2012 17:39:31
Gillingham hope to tempt Martin Ling from Torquay to become their new manager.

Source: director is a friend.(7)(9)Apparently Wise is favourite now.


28 Jun 2012 17:13:39
Norwich City are closing in on the signing of Kuban Krasnodar striker Lacina Traore for an estimated fee of £5.5-£6m(14)(18)I smell a bit of BS in the air hereThis would be a great signingHe's supposedly going to Liverpool but should go to Stoke as he's a 6ft 8in striker as they like bean poles up front.Yeah according to this site he is going to about 4 different clubs. is his agent on here or something? haHighly rated FC Kuban striker Lacina Traore is to join Russian Premier League rivals Anzhi Makhachkala, both clubs said last friday.


28 Jun 2012 17:32:27
Fernando Torres wants to leave Chelsea after a turbulent season for club and country and wants a fresh start. Chelsea will look to use the player in a deal for Atletico Madrid striker Falcao.(17)(26)Think that would be for the best. such a fabulous player playing at chelsea is not good or his game hes technical not scrappyFernando Torres is happy at Chelsea as i believe and chelsea don't want sell himYeah ok. A fresh start so I'll go back to Atletico Madrid. Nonsense.


28 Jun 2012 17:25:42
Bournemouth players Michael Symes and Mathieu Baudry have joined Leyton Orient.(15)(4)Baudry is a good player and all round nice bloke, hope he does well for the O'sWas hoping Baudry would stay at Dagenham & Redbridge, shameMathieu is a very good player and Orient have themselves a bargain! I was in the crowd at Dean Court a year or so back when he came on against Bristol Rovers and won us the game in a man of the match performance. Top bloke. Top player. All us AFCB supporters wish him all the very best.


28 Jun 2012 17:22:13
If Ross McCormack is sold for the £2.5million buy-out clause, Leeds United will look to bring Jermaine Beckford back to Elland for a similar price(21)(19)He's already been sold to Palace for 750k will be announced on Monday. i feel migthy sorry for Leeds fans hoping to get 2.5 million, ah well Palace got a bargainDon't think anything is agreed in this. Leeds will not be doing any transfers involving fees until the investment/takeover is complete. It is true there is a buy out clause in his contract.Face the facts you ain't getting beckford back!There may well be a clause - but someone has to offer it and 2.5m is way way over the topCan palace even aford £750K let alone millions, weren't they in relegation problems and financial problems this year?Palace got a bargain? Leeds got him for 400k. Tidy profit once again when that transfer goes through (ta Batesy), which I admit it probably will, but for more money and after Leeds have been taken over.


28 Jun 2012 17:20:55
it soundslike vale are in for liam dickinson! hope its true!!!!!(7)(9)He was terrible for us last season! Glad he has gone!


28 Jun 2012 16:58:20
John Carew is in talks with Al-Wasl, the middle-eastern team managed by Diego Maradona.(13)(2)


28 Jun 2012 16:56:04
Brighton have made an ambitious loan offer for Chelsea forward Romelu Lukaku. West Brom, Stoke and Leicester are also interested but with Gus Poyet and RDM being close friends Brighton are favorites to land him. from a close source(6)(28)Whether hes close friends or not.he has the ability to start every game for chelsea its just about getting prem experience.Hes being playing first team football since he was 16.He is way to good for the Championship.I'll start with the obvious what capacity is your 'close source'?He's going out on loan to Stoke! Why would he want to drop down and play lower league football.. He is trying to prove himself at prem level! Terrible attempt at a rumourNot going to happen if only because he wants to play higher but also because Brighton need experience ahead of potential if they are to challenge this seasonAmbititious is one word for it.Lukaku would be a real success at Stoke and Chelsea did agree to let them have him last Jan but the FA wouldn't grant permission. Stoke needed special dispensation on the 3 club rule as he hadn't played for Chelsea. (Was on Sky before anyone rubbishes it and in the press).Chelsea have a lot of cash tied up in the player, no favours for Gus on that one, but it might not be a bad place for him to get experience, Stoke will give him prem experience but not a ball to feet.


28 Jun 2012 16:55:43
After having a 6m approach for Jack Butland rejected, Southampton are to launch an ambitious bid to sign Sporting's impressive international GK Rui Patricio for 6.5m(15)(22)I was waiting for this to come upNot gonna happen, we'll get either Forster from Newcastle or McGregor from Rangers.I am both a Saints fan and Portuguese (lived in england since i was young). Rui Patricio is rubbish, you obviously claim this only by his one save against Spain. he is nervous and inconsistent. not a great keeper, would rather have Butland who is a gamble.


28 Jun 2012 16:49:27
derby are interested in jake howells from luton(7)(11)Didn't go to Ipswich who offered him terms and signed a new 3 year deal at LutonH esigned a new contract so Derby would have to agree a fee with Luton if they wer ein for him surly they would have offered him a contract when his contract expired and then arranged compensation.


28 Jun 2012 16:39:19
Alan McGregor - Southampton
Steven Whittaker - West Brom
Steven Davis - Swansea
Jamie Ness - Stoke
Rhys McCabe - Aston Villa
Sone Aluko - West Ham
Steven Naismith - Everton
John Fleck - Sheffield United
Kyle Lafferty - Burnely(26)(27)Steven Davis is going to Southampton not Swansea.Heard Rys McCabe as well as John Fleck to Sheff UtdDavis > Southampton.Good riddance there all mercenaries I support abberdeen and have no love 4 rangers but every player above should hang their heads in total shame mccoist is a living legend as is sandy jardine who have both had a pop at these players players who in my eyes aren't even legends in their own homes!!!up the mighty donsNess to Stoke is pratically already doneI'd say following the shambles at ex-rangers these players have more integrity in the name of football than most. The pantomime that is currently being inflicted one a once great club and a giant of Scottish football is shameful and if these players would rather their names not be soiled by the current debacle then good for them.


28 Jun 2012 16:36:43
Cheltenham manager Mark Yates has set his sights on Swindon's out of contract striker Alan Connell.(12)(4)He is not out of contract so a fee would be required. Would hope Yates can get better than him though.There would need to be a fee but he would be a brilliant signing. Joint top goal scorer last season despite only being in and out of the team.Gutted to see Alan go he has been brilliant this season, i know him off the pitch and he is a top top guy one of the best, i dont undersatnd why pdc is letting him go and keeping de-vitta and Risser, Alan has goals in him and makes things happen i think he should of been given more time, good luck mate you are a legend and a diamond geezer....Nowhere near the standard needed for Swindon to push on this season, he is a hard worker but we can do better.Wish we were keeping him, he would be effective brought off the bench later in the game


28 Jun 2012 16:34:50
Ben Foster, Steven Whittaker, Danny Rose (Loan), Peter Whittingham and Nicklas Helenius - will all sign for West Brom next month.(14)(22)Dont know why people are clicking unbelievable, these are actually all very realstic as we are interested in them all also Danny Guthrie. The only players here that will command fees are Foster, Whittingham and Helenius the rest are freebies and yes...very much believable!


28 Jun 2012 16:24:53
Derby County are interested in 3/4 players.

Clough hinted Shackell could be leaving today and the Rams are looking at high rated Colchesters defender Magnus Okuonghae on a free transfer for a replacement for Shackell.

Derby are also interest in Martyn Waghorn for Leicester. Derby bidded 1m for Waghorn last summer, which was knocked back by City, but the Rams will bid again this summer to fill the boots of Steven Davies.

Derby are after a young LB to give Gareth Roberts compertition. After losing out on Paul Dixon the target is unknown but it will happen this summer.(4)(11)Well your gonna get knocked back again then, waghorn said he wants a fresh start with Leicester, and would never go to average mid table derby!Hinted he has only came out and said that shackell might leave so if the club sell shackell the fans wont start slating them as they gave them a warning.But the chairman said how it is Hes our captian and hes going nowhere.We are still getting Magnus Regardless.

We are not getting a Striker as clough believes Ball can step up.

The left back is Luke Garbutt.Wont be back in for Waghorn, Clough wants a 20 goal a season striker and Waghorn isnt that good.Average? You finished 2 points above us mate.Is this the leicster tht finished only 2 point above us and spent like 10 mil moreAverage mid table derby? you only finished a few places above us and how much did u spend was it £40m and STILL couldnt get promoted practice what you preachI think 40 million might be a little exaggeration...If we had spent 40 million we would have been rivalling the spending of top premier league teams and not wasting 5 million on Matt Mills. Can we at least think before we type?


28 Jun 2012 16:20:46
Federico Marchetti will join Swindon on loan from Lazio as back up for Wes Fodringham.
Reported in a Italian Newspaper.(5)(19)No way is he joining a league 1 club as back-upI can't see this myself.....


28 Jun 2012 16:20:33
Rumour of Andre Arshavin to Reading FC on a season long loan with buy option at end of the loan period ...(13)(40)Highly doubt Reading will get Arshavin, first they couldn't afford all his wages and if he was to go out on loan then he would go back to Zenit and play Champions League football.Reading signing every Russian player because our owner is Russian. We're also changing our name to Readingski FC and the stadium will be renamed The Vlad Stad.

BiscuitHow I wish this was true! Time will tell. RFC y19Its started again, reading been quiet for a few daysI'm a reading fan, this just made me laugh seeing as Arshavin is a quality player when he's in form so this is very unlikely.I'm sure a club like reading is top of his list unbelievableIm a reading fan, stop putting rediculous rumours on here! we are starting to look like idiots. No way in a million years is arshavin going to join a team who have only just gone up. we havent even got pog yet!Not sure what's so ridiculous about this rumour.,,,Arshavin hasn't exactly set the football world alight in recent years...don't see a queue of clubs after him and meanwhile he sits on the bench...for both Arsenal and Reading it could be a good move for hi. To secure regular first team football..he and his family are settled in London as well ....I've heard more ludicrous rumours than this oneI must admit when I saw this yesterday I immediately thought if Asharvin is going anywhere it would be to Zenit on loan. As there is no source provided I would say that this is a fabricated lie by a rival fan or a mis -informed Reading fan.

Mo (Reading)Tbh i think it would be an option not in arsenals plans only play 20-20 percent of his wage no perm deal unless he takes a huge paycut (not happening) pog might convince him29 Jun 2012 21:16:58
move back to Zenit would be unlikely after arshavin's outburst at the Russian fans after Russia were knocked out of the euros


28 Jun 2012 16:18:02
Huddersfield Town are in advanced talks with Steven Whittiker (ex of Glasgow Rangers). He rejected the Newco Rangers and is now technically a free agent. Kyle Lafferty is also looking to move to the English Championship so could be joining The Terriers soon too.(19)(21)Yea, to replace rhodesPahaha. lafferty isnt a patch on rhodes just another deluded n pretty sad reading fan lol


28 Jun 2012 16:15:36
Jason Shackell is off to Leicester for 2m + Waghorn on a season long loan.(7)(20)Make it £2m + Waghorn permanently and you've got yourself a deal. but derby have said they're not doing loans this summerHa ha Maybe Shackell 3m + waghorn
Hes valued at 4-5 million by the club so your saying to get waghorn onloan cost 3 million.Its ironic that it comes from Leciester Shackell is miles better than Mills and you payed 5 million for himShackell = 2 million + Waghorn + St Ledger is what you have offered and they are not loansOr maybe not. We won't want Waghorn anymore, especially not on loan, and it will take £3m - £4mBurnleys fee has been accepted by the rams ,Charlton have come in at the death and will maybe scupper the Clarets chancesI wouldnt want shackell for free st player in a st teamWha aload of rubbish i wouldnt sawp waghorn for him at all derby are a poor poor team wouldnt touch a single on eof their players^ha haha .

Burnley are not getting shackell and Charlton you are definately not you are still a league 1 club till the season starts.

Shackell was rated as the 3rd best defender in the league last season by Talk sport and Shaun Barker 2nd.
Mason Bennett is 15 and plays for england u19 and so does will hughes 16 and kwame thomas and josh lelan.We have the best young talents in the country.John Brayford is the best right back outside the Prem(english leagues).
Waghorn is very slow and has declined massively due to your club swapping managers every have made bids for 8 of players in the last 2 years so how wouldnt spent more than half of the prem teams last season and you finished mid table.I wouldnt want any of your players they are all old and only ever be champ stanrd


28 Jun 2012 16:12:30
oliver norwood was in talks with barnsley boss keith hill yesterday (wednesday) and is due to give the club his answer later tody
writes sheffield star(14)(6)Joining huddersfield town before end of day 28/06/12 rejected barnsleyDon't think so watch this space in hill we trust. Not going to work with a manager who can't get teams up in to the big time could not do it with leeds so no chance with Huddersfield.Well according to radio sheffield sport norwood will sign a 2 yr deal with barnsley tomorrow (friday 29.06.12)Almost 10pm and still waitingSeen coming out of the Galpharm stadium earlier today. Done deal!Well it's mid-day 29th. On looking at the Barnsley website it says, 'NORWOOD DEAL OFF'. Was it ever on? It goes onto say that he has decided his future lies elsewhere. In Hill you may trust but Norwood doesn't! Town supporter.I may be biased but as a HTAFC fan it shows that we are not there to make the numbers up but a ambitious club.


28 Jun 2012 15:58:32
Heard that Naismith is to start talks with Steve Clarke at West Brom, comes from someone who works for the club .(16)(15)Naismith, is comeing to Everton 100% the man has givern his word and i fully expect him to stand by it, once the legal position has been resolved.On his way to everton so don't get ye hopes upJust out of interest, why is everyone so sure Naismith will go to Everton?......Everton or West Brom......Lets think a minute!!Wow, that's a rumour in its self! He hasn't discussed to anybody about his future, publicly. Everton and west bron where just the two that were looking at him las summer.


28 Jun 2012 15:56:36
According to Sky Sports Norwich, as well as a few other Prem clubs, are after Danish starlet Nicklas Helenius. The 6ft5 AAB striker scored 14 goals last season.(20)(4)No doubt one of those interested is West Ham. About as far as big sams tactical brilliance reaches, big, far kicks in the air and a tall bloke that scores goals to header them in. HOOFHe looks decent to what I have seen. Another big man up front who also looks like he has alright feetNorwich, West Brom and Fulham apparantly.....not 'world class' enough for the likes of West Ham, Saints and Reading!!


28 Jun 2012 15:54:01
Ross mccormack to be announced on monday as a palace player on a 3 year deal(21)(34)Clearly a lie as Leeds can't sell or buy anyone until the takeover is completeDon't talk tripe son, McCormack will be going but not yet and not to palace.It's not a takeover. Obviously not a lie. Obviously a Leeds fan who can't read his clubs own statement. It's an investmentThey said today, now monday, monday comes and it will be fridayWork on a takeover at Leeds United is expected to run into next week as manager Neil Warnock prepares to start the countdown to pre-season.

i think that says takeover so clearly u dont read much


28 Jun 2012 15:47:32
Walsall are close to agreeing terms with Franck Moussa.(13)(9)Heard he was off to sign for CHESTERFIELD, who had offered more money.Walsall will not sign MoussaWalsall are a poor side, can't see that happening


28 Jun 2012 15:46:24
notts county to not sign eny player in the next free weeks because keith cule is on a european management course(6)(6)Notts wont be signing anyone else now. Up to the 65 % cap limit so have to unload first. Lee Hughes to Port Vale. You heard it first here.Rubbish.What about his back up team West and Lee.?.In English? I think I get you. Good job he has met the players he wants and left a list of others with the CEO.Whats that got to do with signings . I'm sure jim Roswell with sort out the signingsHe is in Ireland, doesn't mean we will not sign anyone thoughHaha, Jim Rodwell and Ray Trew wont be though, there the ones with the cash!Two signings next week.Is this defo good so far but it is July next week and still need another 9 to 12 players depeanding who we have


28 Jun 2012 15:45:37
Torquay assistant manager Shaun Taylor is set to take over as Bristol City youth development manager.(10)(4)This is old news. He's been lined up for this position for 2 weeks now. Just finalising a few details.We allready have a new guy from a scottish side i think i dunno but we have a bloke for he job


28 Jun 2012 15:28:51
West Ham have improved their offer for Holt, they are ready to meet City's £6m(17)(18)


28 Jun 2012 15:21:18
Luke Chambers linked with Ipswich(13)(5)He should sign next week once his contract has run out at Forest.Take him pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease...don't mind if we do.


28 Jun 2012 15:15:32
Yeovil Town have signed ex doncaster and bournemouth striker James Hayter on a 2year contract


28 Jun 2012 15:10:06
Cardiff City are a like many other clubs keeping close tabs on a few of the Rangers players who are now free agents. Malky Mackay as has been seen is fond of the scottish players and will use his links to try secure a few signings.
The most probable include moves for steven naismith and kyle lafferty, however, there will be tough competition from numerous clubs.(13)(7)


28 Jun 2012 15:03:36
stephen henderson sign for west ham
jason pearce sign for leeds united
joel ward sign for crystal palace
kelvin etuhu sign for barnsley
daniel nizic sign for burnley
jamie ashdown,benjani and ricardo rocha released
karim rekik and chris maguire return of loans
THESE ARE THE OUTPUTS OF THE TEAM SO FAR PORTSMOUTH.(12)(9)Portsmouth will sign no-one who first team will also be your youth team.Itseither go out of bussiness or drop a league every seasonTo whoever wrote this, why are you pointing out all the stuff we already know? Mentioning the loans going back to there teams is bloody ridiculous.Joel Ward signed weeks agoThis adds nothing and is not a rumour, simply a list of what has already happened.


28 Jun 2012 14:16:36
Tranmere Rovers chairman has confirmed that the club will be reappointing Les Parry as physio. Rovers current physio Gregg Blundell has joined League One new comers Doncaster Rovers. Les Parry has left his role at Accrington Stanley to return to Prenton Park.(1)(4)Would welcome his back as physio!Hope its true, its the LEAST he deserves, TRFC legend


28 Jun 2012 14:10:50
J2BLUE here just letting you know.....

Luke Chambers is set to sign for Ipswich Town, the Blues have beat of competition from Lecister Wigan and West Brom for the out of contract Forrest player(16)(6)


28 Jun 2012 14:58:07
Jeff Goulding will today reject moves to Leyont Orient and Yeovil in order to sign a new contract at Cheltenham.(7)(2)


28 Jun 2012 14:45:17
League 1 transfer news;

Derek Riordan to Doncaster - Free
George Thorne to Portsmouth - Season loan
John Bostock to Swindon - Season Loan
Francois Zoko - Preston - Free
Chris Sedgewick - MK Dons - Free
Jonothan Grounds - Hartlepool - Free(7)(7)Hopefully Bostock back to Swindon is trueZoko is going to middlesboroWhere are the stella signings promised by westley , the guy is full of bu where are the promised strikers coming from free transfers from nobody clubsThorne is welcome back at Pompey but it will be up to Steve Clarke to decided wehether he is in or out of the WBA squad before that is even a possibility. That will probably not happen for around a month.


28 Jun 2012 14:31:55
Palace have agreed a deal with Peterborough for Palace fan George Boyd.(14)(23)George is a Palace fan! So, it is possible!Good luck Boyd if ya goBe a good move for Boyd and Palace, thanks for everything George top bloke UTPIt is true, but tbh Boyd was a let down for us in the championship last season. He'll go down if anyone touches him. Glad to see him leave the club finally!


28 Jun 2012 14:30:36
Crystal Palace update:

Deals have been agreed with Aaron Wilbraham and Ross McCormack to bolster their strike force.

Matthew Spiranovic is also set to join the Eagles.

Dougie is still hoping to sort out the team defensively, with shortlisted players including: Zaluskas (Hearts), St.Ledger, McShane, Dean Lewington and Michael Duff (Burnley)

Dougie is wishing to buy 2/3 of these.

Money will be gained from Clyne, KG and Easter being sold.

With the selling of Scannell earlier this week, Parish has confirmed no price will take Zaha away from Selhurst this summer.

Rumours are also linking Palace to Keith Andrews, George Boyd, Keith Tracey and Ben Williams.(8)(25)No deal has been agreed with McCormack. There is a release clause in his contract of £2.5m, don't think Palace can afford that or the £20k/wk he wants.So Palace are going to sign Keith Andrews a day after he signs for Bolton. Good one.No deals agreed , still 4/5 clubs chasing mccormack,andrews is going to bolton and zaha to west hamHope so but doubt it highlyPalace fan here, all you did was nicked stuff off the BBS and it was all ok until you went too far in the last paragraph, glad you got shon to be a muppet. Although McCormack, Conan Murphy and Wilberham to be unvailed on MondayWell the guy who wrote this don't no what he's on about it would be nice to see the likes of Andrews and Mccormak to join palace but the truth Is we can't afford there wages and everyone needs to stop going on about Zaha leaving hes going nowhere


28 Jun 2012 14:30:05
Marek Stech is mulling over an invite from Yeovil Town to join on a permanent basis after he left West Ham by mutual consent. Stech was on loan at Yeovil last season and has spoken to assistant manager Terry Skiverton on the phone. This from Stechs friend.(14)(4)How sure are you?I hope this is true, stech was a fantastic keeper!I spoke with Marek today and he is considering it for first team footballWould love to see this happen. its possibleThis would be the signing that rounds off our squad a little and puts us as real contenders for a top 10 finishGet Stech to Yeovil. Great signing!Don't toy with us now.. you know we're keen for this signing. don't be getting our hopes upI really, really, really hope this is true but the wage cut he would have to take would be huge.He's just put a picture on twitter of his time at Yeovil and commented on it saying 'good times'OMG if we get him back we will be an amazing team for the upcoming season this would make my yearThis is a lie


28 Jun 2012 14:21:48
what's the latest on everton ED think pienaar will come back due to bale signing new contract
naismith in on a free
An ive got the feeling about Donovan what about use {Ed001's Note - pretty much the same, plus a young centre back is being searched for, not sure who will be moved for, but there is talk of a definite search for one. Personally I would have thought it would be worth giving Rodwell a go there, that is the position I think he would suit best.}(6)(3)Also Ed rodwell was ment to be a centre half before he played in the middle


28 Jun 2012 14:21:47
Arsenal to sign Varane from Real Madrid for £15m(5)(8)No its that Cb from Porto french.Malanga i think


28 Jun 2012 14:06:36
QPR looking to bring in Carl Jenkinson from Arsenal , his versatility at full back and center half is the reason. {Ed042's Note - possibly on loan, all rumour at the moment though}(8)(10)No chance he's no better than what QPR have in either of the position


28 Jun 2012 14:03:15
Bolton have returned with an ambitious swoop for Middlesbrough's Rhys Williams.

Middlesbrough are refusing to budge on their seven million valuation, although Bolton have offered three million up front with add on's potentially taking the deal past the five million mark.

The player is aware of Bolton's interest and is understood to be keen to move, however there are a couple of top premiership teams hovering, but are thought to be put off by the asking price.(5)(17)Why would he move to bolton when he could secure a move to a decent premier league team? He's settled at boro, just bought a new house and hia local g/f is pregnant. Get real!True we wont budge on price but the player being keen is an absolute lie total bcks steve gibson will not sell periodKeen to move?? If he is so keen to move, why has he just signed a new 4 year deal with boro 6 months ago!! Absolutely clueless!!The player does want to move to Bolton, don't know the reasons why.

I can guess that he'd be doubling his salary, trusts Coyle having played under him at Burnley and may feel he has a better chance of getting promoted with Bolton.

Obviously he'd be using Bolton as a stepping stone in his career and Gary Cahill has already proved this works.What a load of rubbish!!

Theres no way he would leave for another championship club. Dream on!!Keen to move? He knew Bolton wanted him and signed a new contract. doesn't sound keen to meStoke were put off by the price and they're big spenders and decided to go for an MLS player instead so what hope do Bolton have?Why would pay that kind of money when they wouldnt spend that kind of money the whole time they were in the prem.You dont gain money by being relegated you loose out and have a too high wage budget.I wud let him go 4 5mill thts still a cheap player 4 a prem side.boro will pass bolton on the way up so i wud stay put sonMaybe if bolton were still in the prem but there not, he wont get much of a wage rise and hes girlfriend who is a local is pregnant so he is stayingRhys Williams dosent and I repeat dosent want a move to Bolton hence why he turned Bolton down flat a year ago,stepping stone I think the words ur looking for are ( pointless ) and ( would never happen ), BORO won't sell, we don't have too,Bolton do tho which is a different matter, oh yeh does loosing the final against BORO still hurt,Hope we hav sum new players to day emmy and zoko up the boroNot at allWilliams would have moved to Bolton in January, but didn't for the exact same reason this move is on hold now. Boro are digging their heals in over the transfer fee. This is the only stumbling block. This deal has been ongoing for the last three weeks.

Bolton are playing the waiting game on this now and are hoping that Boro lower their asking price to something more realistic, as apparently Boro could do with the money.BORO don't need the money,we don't have to Bolton fans need to let it sink in that there is no transfer activity surrounding Rhys Williams and 6 mil is a bargain for one of the best players in champ.why would Rhys leave BORO for Bolton seriously,he wouldn't


28 Jun 2012 14:00:22
Jordan Rhodes reported to have a medical at Reading fc today {Ed042's Note - this is untrue mate}(7)(35)He spends so much of his time at Reading you should give him a season ticket!
If he goes anywhere this summer it is likely to be north of the border, so suggest you stop making your club look stupid.BBC radio Yorkshire allegedly announcing thatr Jordan Rhodes is having a medical at the madstad.^I suspect this isn't a Reading fan^

Or if he is, he's trying to wind up Terrier 85, who will probably be imploding somewhere up north.

MoBBC Yorkshire announced it today mate, listened to it myself.It would help if you'd check that there is a station called Radio Yorkshire! Why exactly do you Reading fans want him so much anyway?Someone started the rumour and the media picked up on it. It's not true.

Jordan has been to Reading and had preliminary talks. He even stayed at the hotel but a fee has not been agreed. The main sticking point is that we value Morrison at more then Huddersfield do so they want more money. Rhodes is keen on the move as is Grayson as he wants Morrison.

That's all I have picked up. Feel free to judge its validity as you will.

BiscuitSayed if he was going anywhere it was wednesdayHe will go to a big championship side not a club like reading Dave bThere is no BBC radio Yorkshire {Ed013's Note - The BBC have radio stations like BBC Sheffield, BBC Leeds etc, but never heard of BBC Yorkshire. There is however Yorkshire radio which is not BBC}Going nowhere. Unless top club & £8M+. Doesn't matter whether you think he's worth it or not!!!!!!!!Terrier85's head just exploded.

The rumour isn't true, as I mentioned before, Reading will not try sign anyone until the Pogrebnyak deal is concluded.

LoyalRoyal94I don't normally comment but I was at a meeting yesterday and a good friend of mine told me that Rhodes was at Madj Stad and then heading off to Fulham. Source was a member of the youth coaching staff. Personally I'm not that fussed if he joins or not as I am concerned he is unproven and too high risk but thought I would relay what I heard.

JimbobReading only do free transfers.... Albeit Pog was a good find.Why a big champ club when theres prem there? might as well stay? prem or nothingEd its called BBC YorkThe radio station is BBC Radio Leeds, the programme, which was broadcast between 6 & 7 pm on 28 June is called "West Yorkshire Sport". Have a listen to it. Then you'll see why Reading fans are treated the way they are.Still think the asking price for Rhodes is outrageous! 6-8mil for a player who hasn't played higher than League 1?! LEAGUE 1!! It's a set up for an enormous flop! Don't do itPrepare for a meltdown Terrier85 I hear this signing is about to be confirmed^^^^^^^Oh no it isn't! ^^^^^^Rhodes signs Monday. £4.5m plus Morrison.


28 Jun 2012 13:41:15
Izale Mcleod to Yeovil Town to be announced later today.(9)(17)I doubt it, They have signed Hayter today, money will not be there for them both

YTFCWe will we only have two strikers3 strikers. we keep forgetting sam foley. we dont know yet what he may bring


28 Jun 2012 13:32:36
Swindon Town's Alan Connell has re-opened negotiations with Crawley, he wanted to stay at Swindon and fight for his place but since he has been transfer listed he has reconsidered and is now discussing contract terms with Crawley(13)(7)The Crawley manager has already said in the press that the only dealings he has had with him was at a wedding at the weekend and has no plans to sign him.


28 Jun 2012 13:24:46
QPR are closing in on a deal for Vitesse winger Alexander Buttner. QPR are believed to have beaten Fulham to the 23 year old and have agreed a fee in the region of £2 million.(9)(13)Fulham had a bid of 2mil turned down, so why would qpr get theirs accepted?Not going to QPR, he took a look at the facilities and said no!Alot of people in the know saying QPR have won the race for Buttner despite late interest from Southampton. Club ambitions and Mark Hughes cited as his main reasons for preferring QPR. Just what I've read.^^actually, he had a look at Loftus Road and Craven Cottage and preferred Loftus Road. And the fee isnt 2 million, it is in the region of!^ Funny mate, but players also look at training grounds etc. Fulham have one of the best around, QPR probably just rent some park.That's right well said we have some of the best facilities in the prem. In jol we trust.Buttner now very close to signing for QPR. Fulham have yet to even meet the asking price. Also Giroud who signed for Arsenal has commented on how exciting the project at QPR is. So god alone knows what these players are being told but they all seem to believe the clubs moving forward. As for facilities this time next year the new state of the art training facility will be up and running and will be on parr with anything in the premier league. Also big rumours that land has been aquired for a new stadium. So i guess the choice for buttner was between a club thats well run but seems to have peaked and a club with massive plans and huge potential.


28 Jun 2012 12:55:38
barnsley fc news

norwood 400 k 2 year deal
butterfield set to sign a new 2 year deal with a release clause of 2.5 million if a prem club comes in for him
lee Williamson 2 year deal

dagnell 100k to tranmere(9)(17)Doyle can play right backI do hope these acquisitions are correct....all would take the club to the level required to compete in the Championship :-DI'd be chuffed to bits if this was all true!!!Hope all these are true but I can't see us pulling them all offNorwood will snub Barnsley for huddersfield
Butterfield will see sense and move on FACT!!Barnsley will have a squad of 80 at this rate next seasonHow weve only signed 1 player so far midoTold you he would see sense and go to huddersfield now butterfield will leave like I said lokNorwood gone to huddersfieldWhat about kelvin etuhu he signed last month


28 Jun 2012 10:49:46
Any Wigan Athletic News Ed ? {Ed001's Note - nothing sorry.}(8)(2)


28 Jun 2012 13:14:10
Ben Purkiss and Yohan Arquin to Walsall from Hereford. The duo are set to link up with former Hereford boss Richard O'Kelly who is now Walsall number two.(14)(2)If its true,then Walsall are really pushing the boat out.BSP in 2 years time.Walsall are broke, doubt if these players would joinWalsall are NOT broke, they're not great financially, but they could afford these 2 player's wages, and I think they would be decent signings. If they are available on a free that is!If by broke you mean...returning a proffit 10 years out of the last 11.Walsall cannot keep their players and are selling their youngsters, they are behaving like a club going broke


28 Jun 2012 13:11:01
Bristol Rovers chairman Nick Higgs, is set to accept outside investment from famous tv personality Noel Edmunds, who is said to be a loyal supporter of the Bristol Club. Edmunds, who attended a number of Rovers home games last season, is thought be investing around £150,000.(5)(9)But he has to guess which box it's in first thoughI bet he has to guess what box the money is in before he gets it...He used to be a "loyal supporter" of Exeter City until he moved up Bristol way..........Can you imagine Mr Blobby playing in goal for Rovers? Noone would get anything past him.
Rovers for promotion then?Life long fan, tv personality Mr Blobby is also interested in investing.


28 Jun 2012 13:08:57
Former rangers midfielder jamie ness is to complete his move to stoke today after agreeing a four year deal and completing a successful medical and another former rangers player could soon be joining him at the britannia - that player is steven naismith and their is an offer on the table for him(18)(6)Won't be confirmed until the 1st July at the earliest.


28 Jun 2012 12:42:29
Clough suggests Shakell could leave Derby this week, and is already looking for a new CB. But who could that CB be, and What ST?(5)(9)Link to this? the only thing i've heard from Cloughie is that Shackell could go for around £3-4m, but recent bids have been nowhere near thatHe wont leave there seems to be a confusion between Glick and Clough.I think Clough feels that there is always a chance a club could come in with a big fee and derby would accept it.So by saying that shacks could go wouldnt upset fans.But i am 100% certian is not leaving.I hope derby buys :
-Maynard or Russell (striker)
-paterson (burnley)

-Bailey and steve davies to burnleyKristian Pearce notts county - but derby have a number in mind for shackell believed to be 2 million. however fans want alot more so they can fund a striker. They need to sell bailey Addison Steve Davies before they can buy a striker. once we have sold I'm sure names will start popping upShackell is valued at 4-5 Million by the club.Burnley made a bid of 1.5 and they said we accepted.They are deluded.Clough and glick said they were way way off the mark so it wont be 2 million.Why are people keep bring this up.Hes only been here a season he was long target to partner barker why would we stop that after one season inwhich he narrowly missed player of the season


28 Jun 2012 12:40:58
Who will Derby sign?(1)(11)I wouldn't expect many more signings mate. After Jacobs, I would expect a young CB, LB and ST to come in and that's it. I wouldn't be surprised either if Bailey stayed which I think would be fantastic.I agree mate. Not going to be an exciting summer - think the biggest signings will be Jacobs and the Scoreboard - though Nigel will fall out with both during the season.Luke Garbutt from Everton as Lb, maybe Kristian Pearce from Notts Cou, and if were lucky a forward, but unlikely


28 Jun 2012 12:27:03
Stoke City looking to do a little bit of clever business!
Jamie Ness has signed a 4-year pre-contract agreement for a significantly higher wage, as soon as the Rangers debate has been cleared and he is declared off there books.. Now Stoke are looking at goalkeeper Allan McGregor also of Rangers on a free if Carlo Nash is to leave. These are very wise moves by Pulis who is a very shrewd business man just like City owner Peter Coates. Ness is very new to the game but is belived to have a huge future if potential is met, and also McGregor is a proven goalkeeper who would come in and add further competition with two goalkeepers who could debatably play for any of the teams not within the top 6 in Thomas Sorensen and Asmir Begovic!
Jarvis looks to be Pulis's only big money buy this summer with the player due to sign before pre-season tours of Switzerland and America.
Other than this expect Pulis to raid the free agents with Maynor Figouroa and Hugo Rodallega touted to be moving to the Britannia Stadium, and the Michael Owen move not completely off.

Outgoings to include Jones, Higginbotham, Collins, Soars, Tounge, Upson and possibly Jerome.. Stoke to balance books this season(7)(14)If its any consolation to the "Pulis shopping in the free agent market" I'm hearing a lot coming out from round Stoke that Jose Bosingwa will be offered a 2 year-contract by the club! However he is holding out for a bigger move and also listening to offers from Spain and Italy, so that would sound Stoke outStoke will struggle next season as prem teams understand their so called physical style and the long ball style will be consigned to the graveyard in the skyJarvis will not come as he has told wolves he wants to stay and see out his contract.McGregor won't go anywhere as 2nd choice keeper, let alone 3rd. We're fine with goalies at Stoke already though.How many times, Figueroa is not a free agent. He has a year left and will likely sign an extension in the coming weeks .Stoke will struggle yawn yawn yawn..........just like the last 4 seasons. Can't see why Stoke would want McGregor and heard nothing of this and Jarvis will sign possibly next week despite the Wolves fan making up rumours .


28 Jun 2012 12:21:05
Jamie Ness away to stoke city, we will never get McCabe(10)(4)


28 Jun 2012 12:12:37
Burton Albion close to signing two goalkeepers, a right-back, a centre-back and a midfielder. All deals to be completed in the next 1-2 weeks.

Source: Burton Mail(6)(2)Burton Albion have had a bid for Macclesfield town's Ross Draper rejected.If we're just going on rumours, then the 2 gk's are Stuart Nelson and Joe Collister. the rb Chris Jones, cb Michael Townsend, and midfielder Lee CoxCentre midfielder has more chance in being Ross Draper seeing as Burton had bid rejected.

See Macclesfield official site for sourceCool, was he the guy that scored a goal from his own half last season? sounds like he could be a good signing.


28 Jun 2012 12:08:03
Yeovil sign Jamie McAllister on a two-year deal to 2014(7)(2)I hope he does he deserves a contract somewhere thanks for your services B.C.F.C Vince


28 Jun 2012 11:51:19
Several clubs are to benefit from the mess they call rangers,

Steven Naismith has held talks with Steve Kean at Blackburn Rovers, who are also interested in bringing in RB Steven whittiker.

Kyle Laffety is mulling over a move back to burnley

Jamie Ness has signed a four year deal with stoke after passing a medical on wednesday.

Allan Mcgregor a Target for West Brom - unconfirmed at the moment.

John Fleck considering joining Coventry(13)(9)Steven Naismith said he wanted to play at the highest level. Face it, Blackburn aren't the highest level. Expect him to sign for Everton in the next few days.If thats what these players call ambition playing for these clubs then i think rangers are better off without themDon't think it's lack of ambition just there levelStoke may also be in for Naismith.Lets be honest league 1 has better quality than the SPL so to say there not showing ambition when Rangers will be playing at an even lower level than the SPL next season is wrong!Yep playing in the Prem is unambitious as opposed to playing v Upper Highland Sporran Thistle or whoever makes up those leagues these days that Rangers will be playing inCeltic and the-club-formly-know-as-Rangers are good enough to play in the Premier league (the propper premier league), Given their current squads they would however most probably be relegation strugglers but premier league quality none the less. They practically have kept the SPL going for a while now. I know this gives no substances to the 2 teams current quality BUT Celtic and TCFKAR have massive support and a huge infrastructure so if they had English Premier League money they would be a force to be reckoned with.


28 Jun 2012 11:43:38
chris hughtons transfer targets at norwich are

danny simpson = newcastle 4m
jonathan woodgate =free pay as you play deal
david bentley=spurs 2m
sebastian bassong=spurs 3m
romelu lukaku =chelsea season loan
cameron jerome =stoke 3m
max gradel st ettiene 3m
hugo rodallega free(13)(32)Simpson will go to a bigger club than Norwich!
Bentley in NEVER worth £2m - also, he isnt any good anymore!
Gradel has stated how happy he is in France, he only left Leeds to play in France for family reasons, he has also stated that if he were to return to English football then he will re-join Leeds!
Redallega will not be going to the Canaries either!

my thoughts, and im not a Norwich fan either!Im a Norwich fan, these won't signings won't happen.Danny simpson worth twice as much as david bently? Get real pleaseWoodgate isn't a free agent and Jerome was only brought last season for £4m and Stoke aren't looking at selling him.Great shopping list bye one get one free //loThe only ones with a chance of happening are Simpson and Lukaku. The rest would want far too much money for our wage structureBassong would be a good CB with curtis davis if both of them joined norwichI'd be happy with Bassong and Ecstatic with a season loan for Lukaku, he'd be there any connections between the two clubs for it to happen though?Cant see any of these. wages and their characters (ego) all a massive problem, mayb minus Simpson. one more year to become debt free then the wage structure can improve. As long as we stay up that is.

otbc#12Not sure about any of these. Bassong- wages. Curtis Davis -possible restrictive covenant but would be a good signing. Simpson possible but wages and valuation may be off beam- he's ok but is he that good? Lukaku-wow I hope so but I might be dreaming. Rodellega- why wont Wigan play him? (is it because a smallish prem club can find a more effective striker if so can't City?). Bently? Not sure he has the right mentality to fully apply himself at a club like Norwich. Jerome? Stoke are going to be in the relegation mix so why sell a good striker to a rival - if they want to sell him (which I doubt)then Norwich should not want to buy him. Woodgate- Why mess about with pay to play when you can use the budget on a permanent full time option that has a resale value. Plus not convinced that any of these have the mental profile required by the club i.e. On their way up, want to be there, 100% team men, will do their boks for the cause, no big egos or selfish/ childish thinking.

We don't need journeyman players with their foot off the gas mentality who move every other season just because they have prem experience but no real loyalties. The players we need should be those for whom Norwich is a step up not a step down and we should demand loyalty.

The prospects would be (depending on what Holt is doing which is hopefully getting sold (as he has gone public and therefore no longer fits the team profile);

Nils Peterson or Lukaku, on loan.


Plus defensive midfielder options of which Inkoom is a possible but Nzonzi would be better.

Selling Holt might be a good move but not to a relegation rival like West Ham. Everton would be preferable even if it means getting less money for him. Rhodes is a perfect direct like for like replacement with the required money ball credentials to do the business. That leaves 20m which could mean a couple of 6m calibre players for midfield and defense plus some canny up and coming buys in the 1.5-2.5m bracket. This sort of approach made all the difference to Newcastle (Cabaye and Cisse, El wassisname ) Best to get the Holt thing sorted quick rather than have the whole shebang hanging round like a stale fart. The board need to be decisive and show leadership. Disloyalty to the team should not go unrewarded or unnoticed. If City have a bad start the Holt being unsettled thing will re-emerge and spread dissent throughout the squad and at the worst possible time. Plus a precedent will have been set that allows players to go public with their gripes. Not good. The board needs to find their spuds and use them say thanks and sell Holty. Rather than trying to live in a past that has already moved on (Holt) the board needs to sieze the initiative and move forwards confident that it was their decison making that helped bring about successive promotions.Yeah very realistic is Simpson...the one who Chelsea are looking at!


28 Jun 2012 11:36:07
Bournemouth set to re-open talks with Swindon in regards to Ritchie.(7)(22)Paulo would not let one of his best players goThey can talk all they like but no way will Ritchie go to Bournemouth unless they stick 2.5 million on the table. They offered 600k last season which we turned down and Ritchie also lokes playing under Paolo. With all due respect Bournemouth are a smaller club but suddenly have a russian with a few bob throwing money in the club but i would be surprised if it lasted too long with him and the chairman down there. Bournemouth get small crowds have a small stadium and have virtually zero away support.
Cough up or shut up Bournemouth 2.5 million is required but even then i doubt Ritchie would go to you.Ritchie is to good to leave for the same league Brighton fanThey will be talking to themselves again thenM.A.T.T R.I.T.C.H.I.E I.S S.T.A.Y.I.N.G W.I.T.H S.W.I.N.D.O.N

There, read it nice and slowly and I'm sure even you will be able to understand what it means.There is no way ritchie will leave Paolos steam train up the league to dream onHe's not leaving Swindon & will fly out to Lake Garda later this week2.5m??, we only want the player not your whole squad and the ground as well!!Yawn, not that old chestnutHe wont leave for a team in the same league as usTo the long winded post above; £2.5M for a player who had a good season in the bottom tier of English Football? Dont think so. This is a wind up, we dont need him and have a couple of other positions with higher priority. Dont regard Swindon as any bigger or better than us, could argue very similar in many respects. Lets compare away support after our two games. Ridiculous comments. We have money, you have money, think we will both be top 6 this year.Cant compare away support as swindon allow alot more away fans than ur small ground regards to thinking we will both be in top 6 i will probs go with u on thatIm so tired of this rumour, it will never happen!M.A.T.T.R....{Ed003's Note - We can't post long words without spaces it naffs up the site,sorry}


28 Jun 2012 11:27:51
bolton to sign nathaniel chalobah on a
season long loan from chelsea.
mark davies to leave the club,joining
stoke city for £4m.
owen coyle in opening talks with matt
kilgannon as a back up in case the matt
mills deal falls through(8)(5)Mark Davies won't be leaving unless it's for stupid money. The fee would have to be close to £10m for this to be considered.

The Mills deal is back on, but even if it wasn't Kilgannon won't be considered and has never been a target.Chalobah is still an option, but won't be taken up until the permanent targets have been tied up.

All depends on whether Bolton sign Mills as well as their unnamed primary target who is also a centre back.Once again Mark Davies is going nowhere. he isa very important member of the squad to get us back to the Prem. I would take Chalobah.Davies is worth more than Stoke could afford. {Ed003's Note - That is not true}Stoke could afford any player at Bolton don't kid yourself. If they want anyone or are willing to pay the asking price is a different matter. As for Davies going nowhere well that's not for you to decide is it? Bolton aren't exactly in a position to turn down good money.What is all this bs about Bolton needing money. Bolton's finances are sound. They are only £10 million in debt to the banks. They have lost out on potentially £30 - £40 million through relegation, but they have already re-couped £20 million of that by getting rid of dead wood. The owner has publicly pledged to continue backing the club financially in the Championship. No need to sell anyone unless we get a silly offer, this is the club's stance.Bolton are in very, very serious debt. Don't kid yourself otherwise. Parachute payments don't cover half of the debt they are in.


28 Jun 2012 11:14:31
Bradford city to sign parker (ex Leeds) left back, Doyle (ex Barnsley) right back, myrie Williams (ex Stevenage) right mid, griela (ex Leeds) striker.(4)(18)Doyle is a CMI'd be pretty happy with those signings if true but there's loads of names floating about so just have to see.Is this true, or have you just picked some names out that would be in your football manager team?Doyle played on loan for bradford city as a right back and got player of the year.!! factMike Grella is on the verge of signing for Scunthorpe - SSNHe arrived at Barnsley as a right back, mark robins played him in the middle of the parkDoyle played cm for barnsley and briefly Preston on loan all last season.factWas brilliant on loan at Bradford a few years ago hope we can get him back.Doyle had 3 good seasons at barnsley at cm/cdm and got players player of the season ..FACT!


28 Jun 2012 11:06:31
Leeds have agreed to sign john carew
from west ham on a free transfer, he
will be joining on the 1st of july.(8)(25)End of his sell by date wages too big not a chance next !!!!To play or party ? LOL
Carew has not played 90 minutts for more than a yearIsn't that the guy who scored a handball against us in the champions league semi-final for Valencia? Rather not have him.I really hope this happens - would love him off our wage bill! Leeds you will be getting a top quality player LOL


28 Jun 2012 10:39:34
Leeds manager Neil Warnock will become a managerial target for Nottingham Forest once mega-rich Fawaz Al-Hasawi completes his proposed takeover.

The Kuwaiti businessman is continuing with his attempts to take control at the City Ground and sees Warnock as the man he wants to lead them out of the Championship.

Warnock's future at Elland Road is unclear as talks regarding a big-money takeover of their own continue
This was in the Daily Mail yesterday
(27/6/12)(11)(15)Neil Warnock knows the present situation with Leeds is about to be resolved. He would have left already if this was not so.
Taking over forest at this stage would be a bad move for him. He is not that stupid.This has been well documented already and your assumption is that the mystery Kuwati businessman is not the interested party currently carrying out due diligemce at LUFC When its widely reported the 3 main runners were Mr Revie heading up a middle east consortium where he is based The Aforementioned Kuwaiti or the French connection Mr Bernard Arnoult ! Oh yes i forgot the american bid connected to AEG ? If so M Warnock will not be leaving Leeds !Its a rehashed story from 3 weeks ago. Leeds takeover will be done before Forest.


28 Jun 2012 10:34:59
The Antonio deal is off(9)(11)What deal who you talkin bowt make things clearer please


28 Jun 2012 10:32:03
yeovil town have completed the signing of jamie McAllister on a free transfer after he was released by bristol city . the glovers also expected to complete deals for several other player with in the next few days(8)(1)James hayter from donny signed aswell


28 Jun 2012 10:30:14
Walsall's Manny Smith set to sign for Birmingham. Staying in the Midlands was a major fact in his search for a new club after he turned down Walsall's one year deal.(2)(7)Walsall offered him 2 years, not 1 year.


28 Jun 2012 10:10:43
Liverpool are rumored to be Chasing Genoa midfielder Miguel Veloso after some good performances at EURO 2012. Could be available for Between 10-15 mill. Any thoughts ED?(12)(15)Once agian liverpool continue to splash out money like they are a top 4 club when they barely made europa.liverpool have only got 20 million + Whatever they sell.Doubt thisSurprised he moved to Genoa in the first place. He was great at Sporting Lisbon and slid of Fergies wish list. Would be a good addition to the premWhy do you think liverpool only have 20mil to spend? thats ideally how much the owners would like to spend, but they have a lot more money in their back pocket than that! if they didnt have money they wouldnt be planning on spending around 400mil on the stadium..


28 Jun 2012 10:09:35
yeovil have signed jamie macallister on a 2 year deal. source: official website...(7)(2)


28 Jun 2012 10:08:03
Southampton have 6 million bid rejected by Birmingham and England keeper Jack Butland.(20)(11)Latest news is saints havnt even made a bid with Birmingham refusing to say if we did or did not!!!No surprise there. We are going to end up paying more then he's worth if we get him. All because some fella says he is the new Joe Hart. Ive seen him play alot and he is very very good, but he is not prem league good yet, and NOT worth £6mil.
Hell 90% of people still would not know who he was if it wasnt for Ruddy breaking a finger in the England training camp.
That would also suggest that Ruddy is better then Butland, so why arent people clambering over him.? We'd get him for 6-7 mil and he is prem league ready.
Butland will be a great keeper one day, but 6mil now? Well that's just taking the pss.Southampton would not offer 6m for an unproven keeper. Birmingham are also in no position to turn down such money. Utter nonsense!Can`t believe Birmingham have turnt down £6m for an unproven goalkeeper yet to make an appearance them? Should have taken the money as they need it..We never made a bid of £6m for Butland, its all paper talk. So Saints fans can stop having a heart attack over the price tag and please stop taking newspaper reports seriously! We never paid £7m upfront for Jay Rod either, it was a lump sum plus add on's.

lifelongsaint83Saints have made a bid of 6 mill for jack butland colin tattum from the birmingham mail has said its true and blues are not selling davies redmond butland or burke and also blues have made a profit for the end of year accountsSaints have not made a bid of £6m, that has been confirmed. Likely would have been a smaller figure with add on's totalling £6m. However its not £6m up front.It won't be 6m up front, will be in instalments, probably part based on international appearances. Would 6 mill for an England goalkeeper seem all that expensive then? No. It wouldn't.^^^^^^^^^
No, 6m for an england keeper seems alright when said out loud, but if that keeper has only ever played in League One and only made the england team due to injury it dont sound as good.
The other option is of course Rob Green, you think he's worth more then 6 mil just cos he was picked in the england squad.
Being picked for england means nothing on a players value.


28 Jun 2012 09:59:18
Rumours of a move to Morecambe for ex Stevenage midfielder Joel Byrom.(5)(4)He is set in inverness.....

although if you do get him, make sure he's not making passes longer than 5 yards, they wont reach the target


28 Jun 2012 09:58:01
Jordan Murray will be Steve Cotterill's next signing. Jordan is a highly-rated youngster, 17, from Isle of Wight, and has been earmarked as the new "Liam Triggs" who is suppose to be the new "Ben Haim".(1)(11)


28 Jun 2012 09:54:01
Derby ready to let bailey go now have jacobs. Charlton and bristol city want him(7)(5)Burnley were interested but he dosent want to leave he said he is more than prepared to stay and fight for his place.


28 Jun 2012 09:53:57
Southampton's Dan Harding is being linked away from the club. Sheffield Wednesday very interested.(5)(20)He could go but i cant see it as Shaw still has a bit too learn before we can let him in the squad on a permanent in january should be fine thoughHope not he is crap dont want him at wednesday shocking playerGood move for him, not good enough for the prem!They just signed mattock and Harding is terribleHarding would be a great signing for Wednesday, very consistant player, good defensively and attacking.Harding is not crap at all and if he signs, he'll do you a good job. Was our player of year year before last. Full of energy, supports well and will fight for every ball.Harding terrible ! your havin a laugh he has been 2nd twice in player of the year at the saints 100% player with a great engine cant see him leavingHarding is not a terrible player at all. Would be a good move . He's always played well when I've watched him and he gets forward. Easy to slate players when you know nothing about themCan't believe Wednesday fans are suggesting he would be a shocking signing! He would be Wednesday's best play by a country mile! LolAgree with above - Harding is an excellent, commited defender. I dont want him to leave, but he may not get to many games in the prem. He is an excellent Championship player.How do you know it is Wednesday Fans who are 'saying he's crap' ?


28 Jun 2012 09:53:20
Steve Cotterill, of Nottingham Forest, will try to sign David Bentley on loan from Tottenham. Cotterill knows Villas-Boas, the new Spurs manager, from his time at Pompey when they arranged a friendly.(6)(20)How can a club losing about £1m a month afford to sign a player on his wages?


28 Jun 2012 09:53:18
So fulham have just signed former croatian international
mladen petric completely out of the blue.

Told you we did our business behind closed doors.(13)(6)He's gonna be a good back upLike this bit of buisness from jol...clever....good finisher.....if dempsey goes id like to get a better winger than chadli really plus need a starting sstriker with the money too.....maiga maybeBack up for who? Sa?We don't need to siiign any wingers we have loads of young ones coming throughIf Dempsey does leave I'd love to see Kerim Frei start more often


28 Jun 2012 09:52:38
Southampton will seal the signing of Steven Davis within the next 96 hours. Davis is set to be the joint highest paid player at the club, equalling Rickie Lambert's £30k a week.(15)(18)My mate who works at Bodymoor Heath says that Villa want him "back home"...His long potting has been off for a while though, should of gone for hendryI have been a Saints supporter for over 50 years and what is certain about the current ownership is that "fans" do not know what a player is paid, unless the player blabs it. So, whilst the signing is possible the rest of it is fantasy.Cortese confirmed at a fans dinner that the highest paid players (Lambert and Lallana) were on £25k a week. Probably risen since promotion.


28 Jun 2012 09:51:45
Talks between Swansea's Mark Gower and Charlton have broken down over wages. The 33 year old midfielder would be available on a free transfer.(6)(4)We do not want 33yr old thanks!Gilfy sigurdsson is back at swansea negotiations are under way as tottenham fail to sign a manager gilfys got 3 days to sort out deal or he is back at hoffinhim till january (:Gower signed a 1 year contract extension at the end of last season - not a free agent sozJust because he's not a free agent doesn't mean he's not available on a free transfer if Swansea want to let him go, soz!Gylfi back at Swansea.... Wishful thinking (from a Swans fan)Gower is likely to leave as Laudrup is streamlining squad and getting rid of fringe playersGylfi agreed terms and passed medical at spurs. Will be unveiled as a tottenham player on Monday. As a swans fan I would like to say thank you for he second half of the season and helping us to an 11th place premier league finish! Jack Army!


28 Jun 2012 09:49:07
Stockport are in talk with the possible signing of a young goalkeeper and are also talking to a centre back who can also play at full back.

Source, a mate of the MEN sports editor.(1)(1)Just signed former player James Tunnicliffe and soon a young league goalkeeper on board.


28 Jun 2012 09:44:05
Alan Smith has been seen at the coventry city training ground for talks with Andy Thorn. Smith has who has been a great at MK Dons last season is wanted to be the next CCFC captain.(5)(11)Would'nt say he was a great. spent most of season on bench.Dont think he is in the usa untill next weekSo you finally submit your accounts and your embargo is lifted......that does not mean you've have loads of money to suddenly spend.He is not going to coventry he said he will only sign for mk dons! he was qualityNo way would Alan Smith ever sign for Coventry. We'd stand a better chance of signing granny Smith!When did Smith "spend most of the season on the bench". He only made one appearance from the bench and started about fifteen!?!? as for Coventry, that's made up. He's still at his holiday home in the U.S. won't be back in the UK for another week yet.Smith will finalise a one year deal with an option of another mondayAlan Smith spoke to MK Dons from his holiday home in the USA on Wednesday (published article). Will sign a contract when he returns home.


28 Jun 2012 09:38:50
Gavin Mahon to sign a one year deal with Notts County, when he returns from his holiday.(7)(1)Gavin has already signed his one year contract at NottsDone and dusted
great, well, not addition, but you know what i meanHe has signed a one year deal alreadyI posted this yesterday and only just been put on by the mods.


28 Jun 2012 09:32:51
Swindon are interested in John Fleck, Di Canio see's him as the alternative to John Bostock in his new 4-2-3-1 system(13)(6)Good playerThis would be goodCoventry favourites to get him at the moment though


28 Jun 2012 09:31:22
Burnley have agreed a 3 year deal for Oliver Norwood and will sign for the clarets tomorrow(9)(22)Could be true,i seen eddie howe yesterday outside of the turf shaking hands with an agent.hope he signs,a burnley fan oliver norwood,up the clarets !!!Wrong, its a choice between Barnsley and Huddersfield.Barnsley offered him a 3yr deal,and he`s at Huddersfield for talks as we speak.Burnley have NOT agreed a 3 year deal for Oliver Norwood and will NOT sign for the clarets tomorrow.No. They haven't agreed anything.Ru sure its not BARNSLEY!!!My source tells me norwood or Clayton will not join burnley .It will be huddersfieldWhy would he join a relegation battle at Barnsley and Huddersfield and not join the club he supports and help guide them into the play-offsBecause the club he supports , aint showing any interest.Is believable since he grew up and went to school in burnley but i don't think we are interestedWake up fellow clarets!! We are skint and wont bd able to attract better players FACT


28 Jun 2012 09:27:50
Marc Pugh on Stevenage Radar, perhaps to replace Wilson who may be leaving(2)(11)


28 Jun 2012 09:15:28
Byron Anthony will sign a 2 year deal for Torquay next week.(3)(3)It's a done deal but it won't be announced until Mon/Tues of next week.

Source: Club insiderWow that would be some signing! League 1 experience.


28 Jun 2012 09:05:23
Bolton wanderers are leading the chase to sign Mexican giovani dos santos from totenham. Dos santos is looking to leave after having no place in the first team for several seasons(3)(17)You mean the player who is valued at more than £6 million, is going to a club who are only buying free transfers.No their not, Wigan are the front runners and have a deal in place. Secondly why would he drop to the Championship?59 caps ffor Mexico at 23, barca student and you think he'll throw it away like that. Just cos he's had a bad spell at Tottenham doesn't mean he's careers finishedBolton offer for Dos Santos was on the table at the end of the Jan window, but the player wouldn't give a straight answer as he was trying to engineer a move back to Spain, which never materialised.

Not a chance this is happening now with Bolton being in the Championship.Very little chance of signing him on a permanent basis but on a loan deal there's a small chance if there is no offers. If there's offers from abroad you'd assume he jump at the chance at moving permanently.Only way this could happen is if Santos was given a permanent place in the starting 11. But his wages would be too much for a championship clubNot heard about this myself but possible loan with the opion to buy if we get promotion


28 Jun 2012 09:03:56
Alex buttner will join either fulham, qpr or werder Bremen this summer.

Etuhu to Leicester
Simon Davies to west brom
Dempsey to Malaga 15mil(3)(11)No that's Bjorne helge risse, not
Jon Arne, who has been released.


28 Jun 2012 08:54:27
Somen Tchoyi (released by West Brom) is in talks with Wigan over a move to the DW Stadium. Martinez is looking to boost his attacking options with Victor Moses looking set to leave(10)(4)Sorry to see Tchoyi go. I know he was not the best defensively but lets face it he was an attacking player. You never knew what he was going to do next which makes it difficult for the opposition. Hope someone plays him regularly so that we can really see what we missed out on. Much preferred him to Thomas who is predictable and despite trying to defend, was useless at it! I have heard that Albion are finalising deals for Guthrie, Foster and keen to entice Naismith and Gardener to the club.I told u so ............. i posted it ages ago back in february/marchWhy would Wigan want him ? Not good enough for WBA then certainly not for Wigan.The comment above will make all Wigan fans seem stupid, West Brom have a slightly better squad than us and Tchoyi would be a great free signing as a squad or bench player... West Brom had a great season whilst we had a terrible season, after the summer and with West Broms loss of Hodgson i think both teams will be very similar and both will be mid bottom half to low top halfWould hate to see Craig Gardner at West Brom, nothing but a money grabber and aint nothing special, more likely to go stoke. rather have Guthrie anydayI a lot of fans opinion tchoyi was good enough for albion, just wasn't fancied by hodgson due to lack of defensive disciplin


28 Jun 2012 08:45:11
Federico Balzaretti and Tomas Sivok to sign for Arsenal to bulster their defensive line.(8)(18)


28 Jun 2012 08:32:08
Norwich to sign Jonathan bibiany as he is very quick and we need a right sided (poor mans) theo.. {Ed015's Note - Doubtful,what do others think, about as probable as the Inkoom rumour.}(3)(20)This is just some fifa player noticing he has over 90 pace and making a rumour that you will get him.You will mostly get birmingham players and Newcastle players.E.g curtis davies and Leon bestI think someone has been playing far too much FIFA

TeejLUFCSounds very doubtful and agree with Ed that this rumour as well as all the Inkoom rumours are just pure speculation.Why do we need him? don't we have Elliott Bennett?It is a shame because he would be a great signing and add some badly needed pace but this is very very unlikely!


28 Jun 2012 08:14:12
Buttner would rather join fulham than qpr n a deal should be done fri , he follows mladen peetric who joins fulham thursday on a 1 year deal , sivok also a free agent like petric will sign nx week n fulham will step up intrrest in ramsay if they miss out on guercuff . West ham are NOT in the running for burak yilmaz n fulham are 2nd favourites behind lazio for his signature . chadli n narsingh set for talks nx week , dempsey is going to malaga , gecov to millwall (loan) davies to peterborough etuhu to leicester , haliche to wolves n bh riise to brentford (loan). Befoe any1 say's fulham cant afford these targets ..
Buttner 2 mil
Sivok free agent
Petric free agent
Yilmaz 4.6
Narsingh 4
Chadli 5
Fulham have a 18 mil budget n with players leaving will have even more.(10)(10)All of this seems to be adding up with FFC forums and regular FFC Twitter posters, however the only thing i dont see is us signing both Narsingh and Chadli. The later has come out and said he wants to follow Dembele to England so he would be my bet to come in of the 2?!What a dream mate!Hasnt riise been releasedYou would only get one of those players and the rest of them move to a better clubDavis to Peterborough ? Very much doubt that; just an obvious link for the ex-youth team player. Far too old.Funny how riise cant be onloan lol


28 Jun 2012 08:10:46
Shrewsbury to sign bournemouth winger marc pugh for a fee though to be around 300k after the player turned down a contract at bournemouth(1)(25)That's a joke £300,000 offer from shrewsbury,yesturday west ham were supposed to have offered £1.5m and burnley around half that, bournemouth have offered good contract which would be competative with burnley. Do you really think pugh is off to shrewsbury, can they afford £5,000 pw plus. Sweet dreams!There is no chance of Pugh going to Shrewsbury. Think a Championship club like Derby or most likely Burnley will be his next move.Shrewsbury have no chnace, he will sign for a Championship club. Plus he worth at least a 500k.Never going to happen.Turner would never pay a fee that high.I can't imagine Shrewsbury will sign Pugh for any money given we released him a season or so back - I may be wrong...With all due respect to Shrewsbury he wont go to you he is looking at a bigger club and im afraid you are not as he wants to play in the championship and that is not going to happen to shrewsbury.Completely wrong that is, not being funny , we aint going to pay more for a league 1 standard, championship standard tops , player than what we did for grant holtStupid rumour, why would the shrews nearly double their transfer record for a player they released a few seasons ago?Somehow I think not.Why would we pay that much for a player who we deemed surplus to requirements like 3 seasons ago.Turner will never pay that as never his way of thinking. Turner is always a get them in cheap and sell them on at a high price so this rumour is completely falseShrewsbury cant sign all these players they aint got the moneyThey will never accept this. He's worth more than that and I think he is a championship playerI don't think this is true. We wouldn't pay that much for a player. Plus I think Pugh wants to move up a division.


28 Jun 2012 07:46:08
Coventry to sign Fleck from Rangers- Free Transfer

Source: Daily Mail(9)(18)


28 Jun 2012 07:23:30
Marc Pugh is set to leave Bournemouth after making the decision not to sign a new contract(15)(4)Where has this one come from, marc pugh still has year on contract, offered new contract and that remains on table. Being a decent person he has left options open as big club might come in now that afcb and marc pugh could not refuse. This has been always the case that a million plus offer would make everyone's head turn, nothing new. Him not accepting the new contract at afcb has only made it more likely that afcb will accept smaller offer as in a year he could walk away for nothing. If nothing tempts prior to next transfer deadline then he would likely commit himself to bournemouth whom could be heading to championship in the near future.He will be off to a Championship club very soon. We should get a decent fee and have enough alternatives to fill his position. Has done well for AFCB and wish him good luck. C U in 2013 Mr Pugh!


28 Jun 2012 03:27:44
ok everyone i have good info on all these transfers chelsea will open talks with schurrle after the euros lucio will join fenebache kevin gamerio will join valencia barcelona have agreed a fee for jordi alba this is all i have at the momment guys ill keep you updated(9)(8)


28 Jun 2012 07:06:38
Cardiff City are looking to draw in Peter Clarke (the Huddersfield Town captain) fee (£600k)and Gerrard going the other way.
Huddersfield are going to use the money to get Andros Townsend on loan.(13)(21)I honestly doubt it, jdaNot a chance Peter loves the club. I'm sure he will be playing against you 1st game. I think you lot will go up this season. Good luck.NO WAYNo way will peter clarke go, he's huddersfield through and throughHes a defender we have enough of them he would not get near first teamNever going to happen!His interview at wembley after final showed he is Town through and through and the only club he wants to lead in championship is the TERRIERS TTIDI very much doubt El Capitano will be going anywhere! Especially now we've just got up, he's town thru and thru, wears his heart on his sleeve, who would want to goto Wales?!Especially not for 600k u having a giraffe!Very good player, would like to see him at cardiff city but i think Huddersfield fans are right in saying he's huddersfield through and through. Yet again money motivates everyone in football these daysI doubt he would even get in our team anyway ! "who would want to go to wales" rubbish mate, maybe cus we are a established championship club with brand new facilities including stadium and training resort unlike your 18 year old shack, that maybe why ! Anyway you can keep your petty captain anywayEasy there bluebird ( or should i say redbird) 18 year old stadium is hardly derelict is it, and the terriers have just built a brand new state of the art training facilityAll these people having a dig at Huddersfield - please consult the list of most successful Englsih clubs of all time. I think you'll find a lot of you sit well below the mighty Terriers.If you want to see state of the art then you have not been down to Cardiff City Vale Resort Training ! And it's still bluebirds !Just google "vale of glamorgan resort"Not Good Enough,

Peter Clarke is a mediocure league 1 playerHistory does not matter mate all that matters now is that cardiff are a much bigger and better club than huddlesfield


28 Jun 2012 07:05:22
Emanuel Ledesema and francois Zoko to be confirmed on Friday, further signings tba next week.... Carayol, the forest three (Anderson, McGuigan and Smith) and Friend from donny. Boro still after butterfield from barnsley and Livermore from spurs. Several players to have left by wed next week, Martin, Hoyte, McMahon, ogbeche, mcmanus, coyne and grounds. Thomson and McDonald also on the way out once clubs can be found for them, Boro prepared to let both leave on free transfers. It's also believed that Boro are willing to listen to offers for Bailey, but that's only if Livermore joins the club. Middlesbrough will then try to sign two more defenders on loan from premiership clubs, at least one of them a right back.(14)(12)Sounds exciting doesnt it?! Promotion here we come!Im led to believe Ledesma & Carayol are already close to being signed, As for the rest the only one i have heard Boro interested in is Zoko. Middlesbrough need a keeper and Paul Smith would be a good addition, I cant see TM getting rid of 9 players & bringing in 9 that is just ridiculous.I can't see that many changes happening at the club. Maybe 5 out and 5 in maximum.I hope so, it doesnt sound like Boro though with the quick business but i hope your correct.I thought money was tight, have we just got a bank loan???So your signing 11 players ? In a fairytale world.

TeejLUFCGrounds,franks have signed for Hartlepool weeks ago,coyne has left to find a new club,hoyte and McMahon bin offered reduced contracts so ball is in there court,ogbeche and Martin bin told to find new clubs,this is old news.boro want a striker,centre back,right back and 3 attacking midfielders.boro keeping there cards close to there chest on signings,raw diamonds mogga wants,Don't get your hopes up on the promotion front, this is middlesbrough we're talking about!McDonald and McMahon won't leave. Hoyte just got engaged so not sure, maybe. Coyne, grounds and franks already gone.

Ledesma, carayol and Livermore I hope will be signed. Not sure if Zoko will be good enough.I think there will be massive changes. The players leaving are mostly still contracted until the 5th july. Grounds hasn't signed for hpool BTW. Mowbray wants his own squad and we were short of numbers. Mcguigan,Livermore and Leadbitter are the 3 midfielders. The wingers are carayol and Anderson with Ledesema adding a different option. Zoko the striker, butterfield and friend the defenders and smith the keeper. The loanees would be young players. I can see all these coming off.Butterfield is a centre mid not a defender id also rather see adam reach given a chance rather then pay money for a league one standard left backCharlie Wyke will be offered the number 9 shirt. Middlesbrough have been putting him through extra training during the summer. Will finish top scorer in the championship next season!!No club in the orld could do buisness that fast LOL ! you need to re-think about "next week " maybe acouple of months until stuff gets sorted out


28 Jun 2012 06:39:12
coventry looking at rangers john fleck (source daily mail)(12)(7)I thought Coventry were under a transfer embargo cos of delayed taxesEmbargo lifted. Keep up!Embargo lifted last wednesdayGood luck hope you get him and good luck for the future from a wolves fan


28 Jun 2012 04:23:17
Mladen Petric to Fulham on a free for 1 year(14)(4)


28 Jun 2012 03:52:27
20 year old Aaron Gaur has attracted the attention of several West Midlands clubs on his return to the UK after a successful spell in the USA with Evergreen Valley. Walsall F.C. are favorites to sign the talented winger.(11)(2)He isnt talanted and it wont happen


28 Jun 2012 02:29:36
Former Yeovil Town assistant manager Nathan Jones has tonight been announced as the new Under-21 Professional Development Coach at Charlton Athletic.
I hope all the yeovil fans join me and wish him good luck and thank you for 7 fantastic years(6)(7)


28 Jun 2012 02:23:12
Aberdeen have reportedly made a move for Falkirk striker Farid El Alagui as they look to bolster their options upfront ahead of their return for preseason next week. 3 other clubs also have offers on the table.(9)(1)


28 Jun 2012 01:38:52
James Chester, Robert Koren and Simon cox all goin Leicester(15)(16)Er no they aren't. What don't Leicester fans understand about this? Hull City will not sell you ANY of our players!Leicester would have to do far better than the poxy £500k they're currently bidding for Koren and they haven't got a prayer of getting Chester.How many more players you gonna get theres gonna b alot of unhappy people at lecister 92 players playing 4 11 players on the pitchTbh though i think hull need to do pearson a favour coz he did a lot for them while he was there soo i dont see why the way he left really mattersi cant really see cox coming but i do think if pearson wants koren he's got to offer at least £1millI don't know why Hull fans are even worrying. I don't think the midfield is our problem so I don't think the Koren deal will go through. However, he is 31 so Hull might be sensible to cash in now if Pearson did up the price.
Now Chester on the other hand - he's well worth the money and if the cash comes in for him I'd be surprised if Hull can resist.


27 Jun 2012 22:17:10
any cardiff rumours ed?

let this get approved 5th time ive asked this {Ed015's Note - Only the Bellamy one, anyone else heard anything?}(2)(8)I heard we are trying to get noone from Brighton againHow much money did Cardiff end up getting for changing their trip colour to red with the Dragon etc?

TeejLUFC£100millionTo the comment above




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