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29 Jul 2013 20:57:18
As I said yesterday, Brian McDermott came very close to resigning last week. Loads of you rubbished it, but it's true I'm afraid.

Aldo, the Millwall jourolist ran with it today and commented that McDermott is unhappy at Leeds and he thinks we'll struggle this season. It's not a happy camp!

McD was told he had full control of transfers, and that he wouldn't have to sell players to fund new ones. Those were the same assurances he sought at Reading when they were taken over, but already GSH have broken those promises. (See Ken Bates recent comments about how GSH are in full control of signings and sales, not the manager).

McDermott was talked out of resigning but has told close friends he isn't happy working under these conditions and feels mislead and let down.

What GSH need to do is trust him. He did a great job at Reading, albeit with the second highest budget in the Championship, but with support he could get us back up. If the club keep involving themselves like they are, it'll only end in tears!

Your just another one of these trolls trying to cause trouble get a life mcdermott is staying at leeds for the long haul

Sounds about right these must be the poorest consortium in the world or the poorest from the middle east, all these will do is bleed the club dry unless we get someone who really loves the club. They will be relying on the youth to save money and we have some great young talent coming through but they are 2-3 years off. Hope Paul Madeleys consortium come back in to buy but these clowns won't sell

This is quite sad to read as a Reading fan, BM's a great bloke and good manager, definitely deserves better than this.

Second highest budget in the championship? I'm not too sure on this, but McD certainly didn't use it. We spent £300k on Adam Le Fondre the season we got promoted, anyone else we brought in was on a free, and we in fact sold our main striker Shane Long for £6.5m right at the start of the season, so he really does not have a history of abusing the funds of a benefactor, I don't know much about the situation with him at Leeds but he isn't one to blow a budget or not be smart with one.

30 Jul 2013 02:51:32
I wouldn't blame McD if he resigns. The transfer kitty he received likely doesn't match what he was assured.

That said, anyone who thinks Ken Bates is being a truthsayer of sorts is either naive or stupid. Bates has an agenda, as he always has. When he "saved" Leeds, he did it for pennies on the dollar, and made a hefty profit. In this case, he's stirring the pot.

The first 2-3 weeks of the season are critical. not only to get results, but also to also boost the value of some our players who we'd later sell or send out on loan. I would've loved to have completed transfer business early and to have the squad set. The reality is that there's a full month before the window shuts, and the last time I checked, the Championship season is 46 matches.

McDermott spent £7.4m last season at Reading (Mariappa £3m, Gunter £2.3m, Carrico £600k, Akpan £300k, Blackman £1.2m)

Mcdermott also forked out wages for pog who from what I've heard might be on a lot highrr than you think, I was told at the ground from stephen hunt in a cup game last season that his brother told him his and pogs wages.
Hunt - 8k
Pog - 80k

Stephen hunt was at the ground watchimg his brother as hunt didn't have a game.

But mcdermott also forked out high wages for carrico, Guthrie and renewing key contracts

There's no way Pog was on 80K I'd be surprised if he was on more then half of that.

Mariappa was 2m

Readings record signing is Emerse Fae at 2.4 million

No way was pog on 80k a week

Not a chance the pog is on 80k nearly spat my tea out laughing at that haha

Pogrebnyak is not and has never been on 80k a week at reading. we are not qpr.

He knew what he was getting into when he went there

Pog is on 65K which I
Am really annoyed about, it's official as its been in the local press and the Berkshire sports coverage on the audio always bring hs wages up as it is no way justified

He's not on 65K! How many times do people need to be told that. Roberts and Guthrie are on 30-35K why would Reading rick the boat by paying a player double that.

Pog received a massive signing on fee which means Reading could pay him less per week.

Still don't reckon he's on 65k a week

I doubt pog is on anywhere near 65k. the local press and radio presenters know as much as we do about the players wages. they are not privvy to that information.



29 Jul 2013 19:38:32
Bournemouth have made a bid of anywhere between £500,000 and £2million for Malmo FF start striker Tokelo Rantie

Thats quite a wide variation,

Anywhere between 500k and 2m? it was R4m (approx 265k)

which won't be accepted - double that and there might be a move on the cards, unless news of our bid alerts other clubs and someone nicks him from under our noses

Blimey mate your well in the loop

Echo reporting £250k

Offer rejected, Malmo sporting director says there's no way they'll sell, this one's going the same way as the offers for ings and Jackson. next.

also rantie is worshipped in Sweden and doesn't want to leave Malmo, where he's got Europa lge football, so we're wasting our time yet again chasing a player who's not interested in joining us

30 Jul 2013 12:40:34
He wants to leave Europa football for Bournemouth? yeah ok

Rantie is playing tonight on itv4 against Swansea, seen one attempt going past players with his quick feet apart from that malmo have been disappointing.



29 Jul 2013 19:34:58
Ipswich and Northern Ireland midfielder Josh Carson is on trial at Bristol City and will feature at Weston-super-Mare tonight.



29 Jul 2013 19:21:39
Huddersfield Town sign Jonathan Hogg on a three year deal for an undisclosed fee. Town have the option for a further 12month. Brilliant signing. UTT

Top signing should be a good season come on you terriers,

Why is he a brilliant signing. Never seen him is he any good?

He was a virtual ever-present in a classy Watford side last season. Set up numerous goals for Deeney & Vydra among others with some great runs down the middle.

29 Jul 2013 21:47:37
Top baller, always gives 110 per cent. Town have got a gem. Good luck Hoggy.

Good player with bags of potential, but we still need to sign up a central- defender, Lopez and Lee Tomlin before we can call it quits.

He played every gam for watford last year, he made them tick, the unsung hero in how they played. ask zola, he rated him so highly.

29 Jul 2013 22:43:31
Brilliant signing for you guys - especially if it was only a million - best engine I have ever seen - great at simple things - wins the ball and then gives it to people who can play - pops up everywhere - if he had not been homesick we would never have sold him but with a year left on his contract we had to.

Your season chances just got better terriers!

Ya must be a giants fan.

29 Jul 2013 23:27:42
From a Watford fan quality ball winner does the dirty stuff.
Good luck hogg and HUddersfield

No more Villa loan jokes then.


But it sounds like Huddersfield have snapped a bargain.

Quality signing, I'm one happy terrier



29 Jul 2013 19:20:43
Garry Woods is set to return to Donc aster this week on a one year deal because they are unable to get suitable goalkeeper cover for Jon Maxted.



29 Jul 2013 18:50:26
Northampton town have signed former Exeter City right back Kevin Amankwaah on a one year contract following a successful trial with the club, Aidy boothroyd is still in search of a striker ahead of Saturday's game against York City.

Not sure about this signing, never really shone at Burton.

Works hard, comfortable on the ball, will be a good signing for Northampton

Absolute donkey, Conference level at best.

Has one of the worst touches in football! Not a great move for him or Northampton

His touch has be great so far



29 Jul 2013 18:32:52
Huddersfield Town have completed the signing of midfielderJonathan Hogg from watford on a three year deal

A big shock for Watford fans, all gutted to see him go. Whatever the Terriers paid for him, they've got a bargain

Sad to see him go, he always gave 100% and whilst he wasn't the most technically gifted you could always rely on him to win the ball back from the opposition and play a simple pass to another midfielder. Shame we never got to see him score, but who can forget 'Here's Hogg. DEENEY!' He'll always be welcome back at the Vic and I hope he flourishes at Huddersfield, you've got yourself a very solid player Terriers fans.

Huddersfield fans. You have signed watfords best holding midfielder. when I heard this news I thought it was to a prem club. Hardest working midfielder in the league, was physically fit 2days of preseason. Is a hardworking destructive midfielder. i'm so dissapointed

Very good signing for Huddersfield. Hope Hogg does well wherever he goes in his career. I'm sure he will as he will never stop running. Pretty gutted that he's gone tbh, but I guess I can let him off as its for family reasons.

Hope we've kicked their butts and got near 5 million for him even though he is worth double that.

Good luck hoggy, huddersfield have got a quality player.

atleast the hogg loan jokes will stop.

iriney should take his place.

Omg are you joking? 5 million? Are Wfc fans having a laugh? Hogg did reasonably well for us. that's it. best midfielder? Haha don't make me laugh. with the midfielders we have he will not be missed at all. he was ok more than that I'm sure we will get over it very soon. Huddersfield fans that is a decent signing for you but please don't think you have signed our best holding midfielder because that is a massive over reaction. decent business for both parties in my opinion :)

At least he's one player who can be relied upon not to come back and score against us.

And to the poster who called him 'Watford's best holding midfielder' - presumably you didn't see Iriney against Granada?

Was never going to go for 5 million, just not enough hype around him. Very underrated in the public eye in my opinion, did his job quietly but efficiently. Will most certainly be missed unless we find a back up. He made over 30 apps last season and if people think he won't be missed just because we've signed Iriney, they are wrong. We now need another CM, WB and 3rd choice GK.

I have to admit I only got to about 10 home games last season, Hogg did a reasonable job but I think he was always going to be a fringe player this season. Top lad, hard worker but not anywhere near the quality of the others

Don't get carried away people, he's worth nowhere near £5 million. He had a year left on his contract, so if we got any money above what we paid for him (approximately £300,000 I think) then I'm pleased. He's a good player, but Iriney is very experienced in the Spanish top flight and therefore you would imagine he is a far better player (I couldn't attend the Granada friendly so haven't seen for myself yet). I wish Hoggy the best of luck, but unlike under previous regimes, I'm confident the Pozzos will replace him with someone of equal ability, if not better.

£5million?! I think 500k is nearer the actual fee

Iriney was a replacement for Chalobah, Hogg is a much more dynamic player than both. A replacement for him is likely and necesseray. I have no doubt that Hogg would have been precisely as involved as last season.



29 Jul 2013 18:22:07
former Blackpool midfielder Elliot Grandin has agreed a one-year contract to join Crystal Palace.

How many Blackpool connected players will Ollie sign! can't se eus staying up with second-raters!

Why would Ollie resign him after they had a big falling out at Blackpool and wasn't played for half the season? OK for the champs but definitely not good enough for the Premier. Ollie is getting desperate.

Those second rate players as you called them managed to get Pool more points than your going to get this season.

Ollie has no new ideas

Seems to like signing players who he has fallen out with then puts them in the 3rd team for a few years.

Very strange



29 Jul 2013 17:57:48
George rigg expected to sign a 2 year deal at bristol rovers by Wednesday



29 Jul 2013 18:11:20
Manchester United's Jesse Lingard is likely to go out on loan for the season with Middlesbrough favourites to land the talented midfielder.

Hope that would happen

Would be a great signing! Bring him in Mowbray!

Boro doesn't need another midfielder. What they need is a striker and 1 more CB

Seems a decent striker, scored a decent goal today but would rather have a permanent proven goal scorer.

Ross Turnbull, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, Frazer Richardson, Matty Bates, Vitor and Gary Madine all to sign contracts before the weekend. You heard it hear first!

Turnbull, Ebanks-Blake and Vitor have all fallen through but the others are likely. Middlesbrough coach

Lol 6 players before saturday, I very much doubt there will be any more ins beofre sat then maybe 1 or 2 loan singings once prem starts again

If you are a Middlesbrough coach and those players are signing then you tell the club to give its head a shake, even though I don't believe you for a second

I hope madine/nadine isn't true. Jesse lingarde had a great pre season tour with united and almost appeared to play as a striker. he has a big future ahead of him and let's hope we can have his services for a year.

30 Jul 2013 12:21:39
Good prospect but not ready for Championship first team football

Middlesbrough coach? Do you mean coach driver? Maybe a bus driver? There's no way you're a Middlesbrough coach commenting on a rumour page!

So Turnbull signs for Doncaster, don't really mind but what does worry me is that they can offer better terms - always assuming we wanted him

Personally i'm glad we didn't sign Turnbull just can't understand why he played for us last week

It was a favour from the club to help him 'stay' fit



29 Jul 2013 18:06:16
Bristol city are in advanced talks with a unknown Manchester United youth striker.

Jesse lindegarrd

Jack Barmby more realistic, and a real talent

Jesse Lingaard*



29 Jul 2013 17:46:51
Bournemouth hope to complete the signing of former player Sam Vokes for 750,000

750k? for 1 goal every 6 games sam vokes?



29 Jul 2013 16:56:49
Reading striker Pavel Pogrebnyak is a target for Ukrainian side Metalist Kharkiv. Given that Reading are understood to be interested in Metalist's striker Jonathan Cristaldo, Reading could offer cash plus Pogrebnyak for the Argentine.

I've heard of Cristaldo, I'd take him!

Is Cristaldo a pseudonym for Cristiano Ronaldo, if so then we'll have him please.



29 Jul 2013 16:47:39
Charlton number 9 to be danny n guessan to sign on a 3 year deal for an undisclosed fee from millwall and simon church on a free on a 2 year deal with an option of an extra year

We are only giving out 1 year deals this summer and we aren't paying transfer fees especially for DN'G

Powell has said he is still wanting 2 or 3 new strikers, I'm guessing he will re sign fuller as he said the door is open to him and obika if he can sort things out with spurs. He also said church needs to improve his fitness before he can offer him a deal, and we had a guy named 'McGurk' play against Ebbsfleet the other day, heard nothing about n'guessan but I would certainly partner him with fuller and kermit upfront

Good have him after Saturdays game and his attitude after the game I hope he never wears the Millwall shirt again poor poor footballer. But would be a good player for you ha

29 Jul 2013 23:56:50
I thought he played on the wing?

Hes Left Wing or Striker

I've been watching the reds for so long it hurts, he is the worst or one of the worst strikers
Better off giving a non league player a chance if he gets 10 goals a seasons I'll buy a sombrero and go to the home of the and eat it on the pitch. What a pile of poo.

30 Jul 2013 12:59:00
Ok for lge 1 but no more.

Leave N'Guessan alone, it is not his fault that 'Jackett' had a fallen out with him or most of the other players. Just go to the training ground and speak to them, Jackett upset a lot of players. For fact N'Guessan wants to keep playing for Millwall. I suppose you were amongst the ones booing him on Saturday. How would you feel if your own supporters booed you when you went on the pitch, not nice is it. But then you can't call yourselves true Millwall supporters if you boo your own players without getting your facts right first.

I like him millwall have to give him one more chance I don't think what jacket did was fair to put on and bring off the next minute i'm glad he has gone but the way people boo him we should not be doing this otherwise it will make him him more weaker

Just because people boo a player, it doesn't make them any less of a fan. People have a right to vent their frustration at a player who clearly couldn't care a less about the club or the fans.
If he was injured fair enough, but there's such a thing called body language and his was a clear giveaway.
He has a lot of making up to do after that Palace performance.

If I came on as a sub in a must-win game against local rivals I would give my all for my teammates and my personal pride, despite my relationship with the manager. If Dn'G wants the fans to stop booing, he should get his head down and put in the performances or Charlton can have him. He deserved what he got Saturday, the palace strop showed his teammates and the fans no respect at all.

He strolled off in that palace game and we were desbrate for points. He didn't do as jacket and trotter told him he was out of position so he came off. Get rid of him he just wants a pay slip not a carrear at millwall.

31 Jul 2013 08:35:33
I have seen DNG play really well on loan at Charlton but, I just get the feeling that once he's got a contract his work rate will tail off and we'll be stuck like Millwall are with an unplayable wage demand.

There is a reason KJ had disagreements with DNG, Managers don't just pick on players they need them onside. Thanks for the loan spell DNG and I hope you get a move but, somewhere else.



29 Jul 2013 17:32:18
Josh Carson is on trial with Bristol City from Ipswich.



29 Jul 2013 17:31:14
blackpool midfielder Alberto Noguera has left the club by mutual consent and is free to find a new club.

Strange one, Paul Ince said 2 weeks ago he expects big things from Noguera and he will get his chances this season. What's your source? {Ed003's Note - The source is after a family bereavement the young lad wants to return home to be closer to family,so stop being a smart arse}



29 Jul 2013 16:46:53
Huddersfield are getting close to signing Lee Tomlin this week to fit the centre attaking midfielder needed

Can't see this happening, they want too much for him, Hogg signed today and Lopez almost in the bag. A loan central defender is possible then that's it I think.

I hope this is true, Tomlin would be a good acquisition for Town because he scores goals. {Ed003's Note - good enough reason for me}

29 Jul 2013 22:34:49
Not a chance!

The £5mil their chairman wants would only be paid by an overspending club like QPR or Leicester circa 2009. Anyone else can see clear as day he isn't worth more than £1.5mil, so just a scare-off price tag

Weve been messed about long enough waiting for tomlin. Now we have signed Hogg we don't need him. Let him play in Div1



29 Jul 2013 15:53:17
AFC Bournemouth are said to have made a bid of around £250,000 for Malmo striker Tokelo Rantie.

Only signed for Malmo in April?



29 Jul 2013 15:32:02
Watford are hoping to tempt Orestis Karnezis to become Jonathon Bond's backup. Permanent deal.

Rubbish, he's already been loaned out to Granada.

He can technically be loaned again as per the rules of foreign loans (like Steve Beleck was loaned from Udinese to Watford and then from Watford to Stevenage) but I agree it seems unlikely as I doubt he'd want to go from first choice at Panathanaikos (and the Greek national team) to third choice at Watford.



29 Jul 2013 15:15:33
West Ham will get the green light to sign Emmanuel Emenike, as long as Spartak can recall Artem Dzuyba from a loan.

Doubtful, Probably has inflated wages which are not worth paying for

30 Jul 2013 11:04:25
Deal agreed with Vydra



29 Jul 2013 15:41:50
I've heard a few rumours saying Norwich are going to sign a youngster from a Top 4 club on loan. Didn't work out with Kane last season but he wasn't ready at all.

Could be Nick Powell, Lucas Piazon, Nathan Ake, Serge Gnarby or maybe Jesse Lingard. Who do you guys think it will be?


Nick Powell I guess. he's been on Norwich radar for a few weeks now


I keep hearing the Powell name, could be him, wouldn't be dissapointed with him or Ake OTBC


Couldn't give a stuff who it is. If he is being loaned from premiership then he isn't yet good enough to play there. You are just helping a rival. It also weakens your team when you come up against his parent club. Shouldn't be allowed in my opinion

Nick Powell, offers competition to Hoolahan.

29 Jul 2013 20:59:05
I do like the look of Nathan Ake think he is going to be quality in the future

Wouldn't mind Powell, Ake or piazon all decent players

Mad to pull in someone in the Hololahan role, when we already have Jacob Butterfield who can play in that posiiton!

Kane was absolute rubbish last year, not that that negates the need for another loanee, would be happy with Nick Powell

Jesse Lingard has been in fine form for man united preseason, good attacking midfielder can play either wing or centre. would be a good signing I think otbc

We have the best youth team in England so let's try them rather than other

Nathan Ake

Nathan Ake didn't look much better than the players in our FA youth cup squad, why wouldn't we use our own youth rather than bring on someone elses? strange opinion.

Don't want any apart from Piazon. He looks good!

"Nathan Ake didn't look much better than the players in our FA youth cup squad, why wouldn't we use our own youth rather than bring on someone elses?"

Nathan Ake didn't play in leg two of the final because he was with the senior squad at the Europa League final. He is a fantastic prospect. I would welcome him here, but he is a prospect, not ready for first team football.

What about Man U's Januzaj? i'm not sure if he will feature in Man U's first team but has done well in pre-season

'Nathan Ake didn't play in leg two of the final because he was with the senior squad at the Europa League final. He is a fantastic prospect. I would welcome him here, but he is a prospect, not ready for first team football. '

For me, travelling to a second rate trophy game with a squad and sitting on a bench is no real achievement. A prospect? maybe. But not enough of a prospect to be able to currently play first XI football in the premier league. Piazon is a prospect who could add to our squad.
So back to my original point. what would Ake actually bring to our squad?

I'm sorry but if you think our youth players are of the same standard as Nick Powell or Chalobah then you are mad! Chalobah tore apart the Championship last season. How many of our under 18s could do that?

Our under 18s are brilliant prospects but not for another few seasons.

Also, it would give us another option with the freedom to play them in the reserves if they aren't getting in our first team squad.

Finally, Manchester United or Chelsea would happily pay all the wages if it meant the young players experienced what it is like to be part of a Premiership squad week in week out. Getting used to the lifestyle can sometimes be more important than playing (eg. Raheem Sterling, who couldn't handle the mental side of it towards the end of last season).


Why do norwich need to loan a player and help them when we can just use our own perfectly capable youth team players (murphy etc)

Nobody ever mentioned Powell or Chalobah not being better than our youth players. They are not U18s. They are different class to Ake. Ake would add nothing to our squad other than frustration to our own U18 youth players. He can play in Chelsea reserves/youth team. what would be the point of coming here to play for ours?

Chalobah would be a quality signing for Norwich, maybe not ready to break into our starting line-up yet, but would provide cover, versatility and competition for the team.



29 Jul 2013 15:06:21
Charlton are still targeting Obika. Spurs are causing confusion in the price tag and what they want.

Red Red Robin

Says it all on CAFC homepage, Powell interview "I will do my best to get someone in and hopefully I will be allowed to do so". The board need to back the club, one striker is a joke and Fuller is not the answer!



29 Jul 2013 15:03:28
Blackpool look to hijack Blackburns move for Barry Bannan

Hearing Barry Bannon and Defouneso are going to Blackpool, deals agreed with Villa

29 Jul 2013 21:27:27
Music to my ears, from a villa fan, do you want to take ireland as well while your at it,

Would love for this to be true, bannan is a class act. a great attacking mid with pace and skill

Are any of these true?

Medicals booked one for today and one on Wednesday and both set to be announced on Thursday

Which players are they?

Hunt could be one



29 Jul 2013 15:02:29
Blackpool agree fee with Aston Villa for Nathan Delfouneso personal terms and medical due this week.

This would be good if it were true

How many more strikers do we need!



29 Jul 2013 15:01:51
Solomon Kalou you turn and now wants to sign for West Ham, currently in talks!

No he doesn't. Media running story that was first reported days ago again today regarding a fee with Lille being agreed.



29 Jul 2013 14:57:06
Huddersfield Town are set to sign Scott Wootton on loan from Manchester United in the coming weeks.

Huddersfield Town complete signing of Watford MF Jonathan Hogg! In a surprise move Town snap up the want away former Villa man. A fine acquisition.

Hope so, with Hogg on board and Lopez almost in the bag we will be a stong mid to top half side. Looking good and if Wooton is true our defence will be a bit more mobile and have more pace.

Who is he!!

29 Jul 2013 20:27:07
signed jonny hogg! eladdy town, sick signing just need a centre back and we are buzzin! Hup hup! UTT

29 Jul 2013 20:38:36
Town just announced the signing of Jonathan Hogg from Watford on a 3 year deal with an option for 4. Looks like a great signing. He played midfield holding role and Watford sad to see him leave.



29 Jul 2013 14:33:16
Nahki Wells expected to join Middlesbrough in time to play this weekend

Hope so but I doubt it, we have no money and he would cost over 1
Million. exciting prospect, would be good signing if it happened.

Please just be trying to kill off any hope we have left?

I hope so

Strongly doubt that but would love to see it. we need a winger

29 Jul 2013 21:19:50
Wells is a striker not a winger and 2nd Bradford have just turned down a bid of over 1. 25m from Peterborough

Just read that Bradford turned down £1.1m from Posh for Wells.

Im a boro fan, 1. 25 we anit got so wells is a no no, also with Peterborough selling there star striker too villa for 8 mil plus, Middlesbrough can't compete with Peterborough in the transfer market, its just free buys, loan deals and lower league talent, fact is where skint, with gibbo pumping in million a month to keep us a float, where lucky to have him, tbh our squad is quite good we just need to add 4-5 players that are quality, I faith in Mowbray n mfc

Nice one mate. Finally someone who has something positive to say about Boro, think we going to have a good season we have a close knit bunch of players now and some talented youngsters.

*Dwight Gayle signed for Palace though mate not Villa

We freed up £1.5m from Macdonalds wages alone. i'm sure we can afford wells with all the other players we released wages also

I think you will find that from the £1. 5 m we saved from McDonalds wages up to £1 of it was paid to him as a pay off, so we are probably £500k in pocket

Yes people don't seem remember all the dead wood that has been cut and the huge wages that went with them, Thomson McManus Etc, all on premier league wages!

Only £1 was paid? Great deal.

Boro have overpaid for players for too long. Strachan was a disaster. I know Southgate was an awful manager, out of his depth to be honest BUT that night we beat derby county 2-0 at home, everyone went home happy, 4th in the league. The very next morning he was sacked. Southgate definitely should have had at least 1 or 2 more games to save his job, Gibson was fooled by Someone with a big name promising promotion. £3.5 million on mcdonald, About £10 million after 4 1/2 year wages and pay off. Mcmanus on a lot of money. Thomson on a lot of money and always injured. Nicky bailey albeit a good player, always gave his all, was earning 10k a week, then there's arca (injured alot), zemmama (good now and again, good free kicks). When you think of value for money, boro have been terrible the past few years and Tony mowbray has had to take some stick for not signing players. How can he if we can't afford it until we get rid of these high earning players. With all the wages we have saved by releasing/getting rid of these players mowbray and the boro now have the money to make the signings that the manager wants (within reason) and that can get us promoted. They need to hurry up though coming into august, not looking forward to Leicester game, think we could easily get beat 4-0 or something. Hopefully they'll come through oryt. Accrington should be relatively straightforward, youd think!.

Boro have cut over 100k per week off their wage bill, must spend it wisely.

Totally agree with this post with regards to the job Mowbray has had to do in freeing up money, he has done a pretty good job. Now we have rid of overpaid average players we have a strong foundation to build a new Middlesbrough team. Primarily based on local lads by utilising the world class academy and facilities and by just sprinkling the team with the odd quality signing. Definately feel positive this season. Whitehead will be a great leader on the field, Emnes looks like he going to be up for it and so does Jutkiewicz. I kno its early doors but come on people let's get behind the lads this year.

The amount Gibson puts in every month must be on the way down now - and I wouldn't be surprised if he finds a few quid to fund a transfer.
I haven't a clue whether it will be Wells though

Mowbrays had absolutely nothing to do with reducing the wage bill. The chief exectutive did all the negoitations and the work. All mowbrays done is spit his dummy out over people who should have been in the team, ie bailey and waste the rest on dross like zemmama and ledesma. Sick of people giving him the credit when he's done nothing in all his time here

Yes but mowbray decides what players should stay or go therefore the release of a player and his wages is ultimately mowbrays decision.

30 Jul 2013 22:34:55
Totally agree with last comment I laugh everytime Mogga gives and interview on radio Cleveland.
He has totally lost the plot and babbles on like a loony his new excuse for letting some many players go and why he only wants core players was to many squad players last season what a joke because after his first full season where we collapsed after Christmas his excuse was we didn't have a big enough squad! Now he repeats that season by halving the squad. he's either got dementia or the fans are been bulled its one or the other and Gibbo must take some blame for not giving stability by getting an experienced manager in stead of Southgate but to be fair on Southgate he was asked to start culling the wages and squad then, we need more share holders to put money in as footballs a business now fact that clubs like Doncaster can attract better players than boro speaks volumes. The next two months of fixtures I think are tough and will show if boro are bottom fodder or genuine contenders!

We will be contenders! Absolutely no doubt about it in my mind. It doesn't really matter how you look at it Mowbray came into a club with high wages and low income. He has had to shuffle players around, release players and bring in free transfers. I think given them circumstances he has done a pretty good job with very limited resources. If any of you doubt Mowbrays love or passion for this club or even Gibson for that matter let me remind you of the effort and hardwork they put in back in 86. These lads love this club and want it to succeed just as much as the supporters do! I believe next year we will be back in the premier league. Bph

31 Jul 2013 06:09:47
No one is doubting the commitment of Gibbo and Mogga but 86 was 86 football didn't have sky sports or the champions league etc and clubs where not financed the way they are now. People live in the past this is the present and crowds of 12000 are what is governing this club right now caused by discontented fans loosing interest due to bad decisions and poor management! Why do some fans live in the past football is business now and like any product if your product is good you sell tickets unfortunately ours isn't for one reason or another. If boro was bought out by a billionaire that alone would put 20000 peeps back in the stand people find the money when something is good and boro ain't. I'm not been negative about boro I'm a realist and don't live in the past because if it wasn't for fans buying season tickets we also wouldn't have a club at all never mind 86 as every club needs fans and I was there in the dark days and at places like Shrewsbury and Doncaster making our way up. let's just see how it goes but I think as a club we are heading back to that division because Gibbo's pride won't let him see the club or sell some of the club to breath new life in to the club. Like everything in life their comes a time for change!

Good comment. Maybe the club does need change but we also need more loyal supporters! bph

Totally agree. I don't care about 86. That was 23 years ago. Its like blackpool going on about winning the first division or newcastle going on about the fairs cup. I care about the present and the future and it looks very, very bleak. Its funny that if you don't agree with how the clib is run your unloyal. Like the previous person said, i'm a realist. We going backwards at such a rate is frighting. Gibson needs to sell before its too late. Mowbray needs sacking and we need an actual passionfull manager who will inspire the fans and get them back because mowbrays losing the crowd more and more every day. We will not sign anyone else and i'm expecting either rhys williams or steele to go before the deadline as well

27 years ago nearly not 23

31 Jul 2013 19:58:52
Bph sitting there been a loyal supporter won't change anything either only voicing your anger will this change. Our club is dying and after the first two months tough fixtures and if things go bad after few defeats and moral hits bottom and boro fans start moaning it will be funny to see how long been loyal is. I'm sorry but spending £400 twice to take my self and daughter to watch football and it ends up shocking like last season I will give up whether that's disloyal or not for £800 I can have a good family holiday and come back smiling watching boro the last 4 seasons has carried a health warning.



29 Jul 2013 14:13:13
billy sharp training at burnleys gawthorpe training ground this morning. didn't see much as players didn't stay out long due to the thunder n lightening

Don't think so. we have no money as usual

Thats funny it wasnt thundering this morning in burnley, it started thundering at 3-4 o clock and some how I can't see burnley training at that time!

It did thundering this morning in burnley about 11 am I was out in it i'm a window cleaner

Ok mate ibelieve you lol, my uncles also a window cleaner in burnley lol

Billy sharp is on his way to burnley, Southampton want him gone and burnley see him as an ideal person to link up with Charlie austin or Danny ings! Also burnley close to completing moves for Oliver Norwood, Adam reach, harry forrester and Harley dean (burnley new interest after last time was turned down for Brentford duo)

Forrester is at Doncaster now and dean just signed a new deal so doubt it.

Harry forrester signed for donny weeks ago

Not sure but I think 1 ov the Brentford duo has signed for someone else, And the other has signed a new contract! Sharp we can't afford.

I say Chaplow should come back to turf especially now McCann has gone would be great alongside marney

30 Jul 2013 16:08:56
Nottingham Forest hope to complete deals for Celtic defender Kelvin Wilson and Burnley striker Charlie Austin this week

Chaplow has just signed for milwall hasn't he?

Chaplow has already signed for milwall and austin will be in the starting 11 to face bolton on saturday! CoYc UTC



29 Jul 2013 13:34:31
Charlie Austin is nearing his move to Notts Forest for around 4. 5M with Swindon getting around 800,000

No chance, Forest wouldn`t pay that

29 Jul 2013 19:32:42
4.5 million I hope we get that, but don't make me laugh

Its Nott'm Forest not Notts

Charlie Austin has not been approached nor has Burnley - just poor rumour by notts forest fans

If it was a Forest fan they would know that there is no such team as 'Notts' Forest. Ridiculous!

30 Jul 2013 22:49:45
stop writing notts forest. i'm a notts county fan and i'm not interested in who forest are possible signing. i'm saying this because its all over notts county post! ps. its Nottingham forest.

Notts Florists have only offered £2.5m up front with £1.5m in add ons etc.



29 Jul 2013 13:25:51
Joe Ledley signed new deal

Wheres this from hasn't been confirmed anywhere, hope its true very underrated player.



29 Jul 2013 12:57:39
Orlando Pirates midfielder Andile Jali is set to join Udinese for £3m on a 4-year deal, and will spend this season on loan at Watford. Jali was given the choice of Watford or Granada, but was impressed by the ambition shown by the Hertfordshire club and the prospect of playing in the Premier League in the near future.

29 Jul 2013 15:09:10
Hmm, for ambition substitute being creative with the rules. After the league closed last seasons loophole on international loans their owners have changed tack and 'transferred' nearly an entire team from udinese and Granada.

Very good player will do well in the champ!

Didn't realise that Italian teams were allowed in the premiership. Wouldn't want to live anywhere near Watford FC I bet they keep coming around to borrow a cup of sugar, as they borrow everything else

So last year we were within the rules and now that they have changed we are still within the rules. Perhaps they should try changing the rules again! {Ed003's Note - good idea.}

Whoever is the editor gets 10/10 for humourous comments

29 Jul 2013 22:20:19
Hogg replacement?

29 Jul 2013 22:45:58
Ed - you person! {Ed003's Note - thanks }



29 Jul 2013 11:57:40
Former Chelsea striker Adam Phillips and former Spurs Midfielder Dean Parrett will sign for Notts County on one year deal, both options for the club, in the next two days. Notts will also bring in a loanee from Celtic who can play anywhere across the middle, thought to be Tom Rogic.

Tom Rogic you have got to be jokeing Celtic will not let him go any were he will play a big part for us this season Lennon rates the bhoy very highley

One thing for sure it won't be Tom Rogic.

No way rogic is leaving highly rated amazing playmaker he will break into celtics first team. He also wants to play for Australia in World Cup sorry but that would never happen with notts county

Do you mean 2 year deals

He wants to play at the world cup, no chance he's going anywhere

Its Jackson Irvine from Celtic and it will be a season long loan. Due to be completed Thurs/Friday this week



29 Jul 2013 11:44:13
Kyle Mcfadzean from Evans' old club Crawley is Rotherhams final transfer target this summer. Deal looks on as Mcfadzean wants to move home to Sheffield and has watched the millers in at least 1 pre season game.

Would be a substantial replacement for Mullins! Perfect player to fill the gap and provide back up for Davis and Morgan at centre back. Would indeed take the nerves off if either of these got injured! If both Davis and Morgan got injured, wouldn't mind McFadzean and Arnason at centre back.

Don't be so ridiculous Rotherham couldn't afford the £1.5 million Crawley will demand for him

29 Jul 2013 17:18:25
Total non starter Rotherham and Evans would be the last club Crawley would sell Mcfaz to. Not a chance.

Not likely

Would be a good signing, better than davis, just younger and quicker,

He's not worth 1.3 mil and he may happen wants to move back to Yorkshire as he's from sheffield

He prob worth 1. 3 befor he was out for most of the season but now he got to prove himself again which iam sure he will but not even garenteed 1st choice at crawley

Back up to Claude Davis. Mcfaz is 10 times the player of Davis in every area. oh my lord Davis wouldn't make. Eastbourne utd first 11 if they had injurys

Why should crawley dislike evans so much, didn't he has good as get them into league 1.

30 Jul 2013 13:50:44
So glad tubbs didt sign for us we need someone better And tubbs clearly wants money shows how much crawley means to him!

Macfazdean has just bought a house in Britain Brighton so I doubt he will be moving back up north anytime soon

Iam a crawley fan don't dislike Evans he did a great job at crawley think he a really good manager

29 Jul 2013 17:18:25
Total non starter Rotherham and Evans would be the last club Crawley would sell Mcfaz to. Not a chance. my reply was to this poster (fan?).

Agreed I used to love tubbs hate him now really shows what his about money

I wonder what you would do if someone offered to pay you MORE and for LONGER. football is a short career - make hay while the sun shines. simples!

Matt tubbs? Give me Billy Clarke any day. Much more proven at L1 level. Expecting Clarke/Procter to be strong pairing up front for Crawley

It's not about money for Tubbs at all, Rotherham probably have a better chance to challenge this season than Crawley, and the chance to play in front of 9,000 every week at a fantastic brand new stadium with quality training facilities probably overshadows playing at the Broadfield in front of 3,000 fans. Simple.

Was about money tubbs is all about money I hope he gets booed at broadfield he cannot play at league 1 level clarke is a much better player

Why all the hate towards tubbs iam crawley fan can't blame him. Went to Bournemouth cus hometown didn't play now gone to Rotherham to play for Evans who obviously got the best out of him fair play to tubbsy hope he proves you wrong



29 jul 2013 12:45:27
doncaster rovers to sign the following players this week in time for saturdays game
given - season long loan
sharp - 1. 1 m
khumalo - undisclosed fee
also out harper uncertain if he is going out on loan or been released
all above 100% true
also look out for a highly rated premiership youngster coming on season long lone from man city

Two new keepers training with rovers today but given was not one of them, the most worrying was tommy spurr who picked up what looked like a bad shoulder injury.

If any of the 4 "Predicted" signings happen, I will be amazed. If 2 or 3 happen I will be "gobsmacked" if all come to fruition I will run naked round KMS and Kiss PD ass.

What the hell are doncaster doing, we need a good gk, defenders and strikers before the weekend why are we leaving it till the last min again, we could have signed lee camp on a free, plus good strikers on a free, we need to get are ass in gear n get players signed,, jr were going to surprise a few teams next season a top ten finish,, And all this trash about players coming in let's have some facts people not bull sh. t

Player from man city? the forward I take it

Khumalo has been on trial after being released

I hope your right as that would be good also r we signing Richie Wellens and Kello

100% true? Really? What's your source cause I'd love this to be true

Is khumalo not also a loan target? And guidetti from man city is the 'next ibrahimovic'

29 Jul 2013 19:03:55
Unlikely looks more like we will get kello I'm a rovers fan living in edinburgh and kello was not to good at hearts. If all else fails we have jan budzs on the commercial team now haha

We didn't do too badly last season when we left everything last minute!

29 Jul 2013 23:59:11
Haha guidetti would this be the same guidetti that Valencia are enquiring about for a saldado replacement. Yeah he ll choose the keepmoat just for cosmos

Is this someone dream team or summert never happen, no way

As posted the above is true PD and his management team were all to busy last night to attend the tv radio Managers debate in Sheffield as they were sorting ongoing transfers. Also Wellens to be offered a 3 month contract, Marian Kello will be offered a contract as 2nd choice keeper and Spus as signed a 2 year contract. Sharp believed to be having a medical today, and Given in advanced talks.

Might get the lad from spurs, and Kello the keeper, until a certain shareholder steps a side the club is going no were,
dispite JR sterling efforts

You are right, John Ryan has been fantastic. He is well off but worth 28 million and has invested a great deal of his own money into the club. The others are worth 470 and 170 million, you would think they would invest more on players than they have. Roll on Irish Money! Up The Rovers

Are they giving Guinness away on Saturday, according to the rovers website there is going to be a Guinness gazebo at the Keepmoat, it will be the only thing Irish to turn up ( Irish investment) a complete joke, we need players not bloody guinness

I told you this John Ryan as always put is money where is mouth is true roverite, don't get me wrong the other lads probably do put money in but like ought else at every club there's always someone goes above and beyond there duty, I think a lot of these question need answering tomorrow night and no more flannel

I've been to rovers games for many years less know due to finances they always had a very good fan club but very critical no one is happy all time even if they was the best team in world you always get moaning critism

Coming from one of the few Irish Donny fans, a Guinness wouldn't go a miss at the minute. Trust me.

30 Jul 2013 21:16:18
Looking at every other championship clubs rumour page and billy sharp must be doing some right mileage he's guaranteed to sign for about 12 clubs apparently

Another one gone tommy spurr to go Blackburn this is becoming a nitemere

31 Jul 2013 12:23:48
tommy spur set to sign for Blackburn well done Doncaster our best defender leaving the club I don't care what it would cost to keep tommy he should be playing at the keepmoat this season yet again no ambition at the club I hope tonight at the meeting the board are slated and get what they deserve if this is the case. carnt wait.

I know he is a good player but if he wants to go let him obviously his heart isn't with Doncaster rovers

31 Jul 2013 17:27:25
Or he is fed up of waiting around because of all this Irish investment stuff. And why don't rovers buy Swindon gk



29 Jul 2013 11:30:58
Stoke City looking to sign Lorenzo Insigne and Mauro Zarate for 9. 5 and 5 million pounds respectively

Why would you make this up? If you bothered to do any research you'd see Zarate has returned to his homeland.

SAFC got more chance with Insigne

If this is true witch I doubt it would be amazing signings for us and in the right direction

I don't think Stoke have a lot of cash to spend since last couple of seasons large amounts were spent and owners want Hughes to sell to generate income for new players.
They and West Brom will likely be looking for loan deals.

Where did this rumor come from all I heard is that we are looking into Atalantas Matteo Armerendi. I don't know much about this player but his stats show that he scores a bunch of goals one year then practically none the next. Not sure if he would be good for us, I'm still hoping for diouf.

I am a Stoke fan and we are getting desperate for some signings

I don't know why people make up rumours for. Mauro Zarate has already been sold to Velez Sarsfield his first club and Benitez has said that he wants to keep Insigne this season. Stoke are after 3.5mil signing Matteo Ardemagni. I still think Stoke need a couple of wingers and a couple of strikers. i'd like to see Emmanuel Emenike, Garath McCleary, David Hoilett, Scott Sinclair, Adel Taarabt (loan), Stephen Ireland, Mame Biram Diouf and Tom Huddlestone be brought in

I'm a Stoke fan and I am most certainly NOT desperate for new signings. Hughes has already strengthened our weakest position, LB, with 2 quality signings. We need goals yes. Are our current strikers good enough, no. But how many players have man united signed. I'd rather the club take their time and get the right player but ideally before the start of the season.

Not desperate? i'm a Stoke fan and we do not have a great squad and only Pulis could get the best out of them and keep us up. However I fear Hughes cannot do the same as he has changed our style of football. Etherington, Jones, Whelan, Palacios, Kightly, Crouch and Shotton will just not peform this year. However I am hoping we will see Brek Shea, Florent Cuvelier, Cameron Jerome and Charlie Adam getting into the team.

I am not desperate for signings either as long as Hughes plays this first XI:
Cameron Shawcross Huth Pieters
Adam Nzonzi Wilson
Walters Crouch Shea



29 Jul 2013 11:17:15
Adam Rooney has decided to leave Swindon town and is set to sign for Rangers on a two year contract.

Brentford are looking to loan a young goalkeeper from Liverpool for the season.

James Constable is due at Forest Green Rovers this week and will sign a contract in the next few days.

Adam Rooney will be joining Oldham as he has trained with us all summer

Adam Rooney doesn't play for Swindon.

Really I know this is a rumours site but can't you do better than that

James Constable to F. G. R? Beano is not going anywhere and certainly not into Conference.

Rooney isn't a swindon player so its hard to leave a club you are not contracted to.

Adam Rooney to Oldham! Don't make me laugh unless he takes a massive wage decrease? Oldham can't afford to pay £8k a week, Oldham are one of the teams the bookies have backed to go down all the best, Rooney is never worth the money he demands.

Rooney can't sign for anyone yet due to legal reasons with Swindon

Training and playing with Oldham so looks like his new team.

This site does put some weird stuff on here without knowing the truth about players from other clubs.

Ofcourse he can sign for someone and in fact I'm sure that's what swindon want. Swindon say there is no valid contract in place.

30 Jul 2013 15:44:20
Wish people would get their facts right when posting Adam Rooney is not a Swindon player he signed a contract with the previous owner at Swindon which the new owner has rejected due to the stupid wages offered to a L1 player. The contract hasn't been signed and Rooney is currently talking of suing the club. The club and Rooney between them are trying to resolve it for him to sign a new contract but not on the stupid money offered previously.

So Rooney is unattached as Birmingham released him so unless Oldham are going to pay him 8k per week as the figure being banded around which I doubt they will Rooney won't have a club unless he changes his outlook on what he wants revenue wise as I can't see any club in L1 paying that level of wage.
All clubs are tightening up now in the lower leagues as the premier league are milking everyone dry and don't give a toss about any of the lower league clubs.

Ok let's get this right. Rooney was not offered 8k per week. His total package came just over 5k. The rest included win bonuses and agent fees. Whoever he signs for, the breach of contract payout by Swindon Town FC will cover that. The PFA and legal dept are determining whether signing for another club will void his suit against Swindon. The general concensus is that Swindon Town FC are still in breach no matter what he decided to do or who he decides to sign for.

Agreed about the breech, however he can only be awarded a payment based upon his losses, if he signs for another club immediately this mitigates the loss and the payment would be minimal, I heard that Swindon have offered him 2k per week on a 3 year deal with a 60k signing on fee which would cover his moving costs, that doesn't seem that bad an offer to me.

James C*nstubble to Walsall to replace Grigg

Rooney Signs for Oldham on a 2 year deal with extra year option. Whatever wages he is on matter not. It is on oldhams official site



29 Jul 2013 11:12:36
Man City's winger Scott Sinclair may join Reading on loan, in a surprise move. This comes after West Brom were unable to match City's asking price and could not guarantee the former Swansea man first team football, with the likely arrivals of Salomon Kalou and Matej Vyrda.

Atleast 6 epl clubs would look to sign sinclair

Doubtful, Reading have an abundance of wingers

29 Jul 2013 16:59:35
West brom offered loan to buy deal for Frederick Fernandez to Napoli with the view to buy at the end if the season of a fee around £6m, but Napoli rejected loan offer saying they want hard cash. West brom look unlikely to pay £6m for player who has no experience of the English leagues

Come back to swansea

What a big lie, west brom are still major contenders to sign Sinclair on loan, this coming from a mancity fan, reading are not in the running

As a Reading fan I find this extremely doubtful

The last thing reading need is another winger.

29 Jul 2013 19:05:41
No chance why would he go to reading

Reading may have an abundance of wingers but are they any good, remember Wembley 2011 who got the hat trick - not one of the the abundance of wingers

I'm a RFC fan got to many wingers this ain't gunna happen anyway

What's Wembley got to do with having to many wingers

The last thing Swansea need is Sinclair. Swansea only need one more striker.

^ The point being is Sinclair, a winger, scored a hat-trick AGAINST Reading in the play off finals while Readings abundance of wingers made little to no impact!

Sinclair has masses of quality in comparison to what you already have, was easily one of our key players in the championship and without doubt. we wouldn't be in the promised land now if we didn't have him at the time.

Still, I wouldn't want him back with us!

If Albion can get Kalou, Sinclair and Vydra when we could have a very good season next year.

Sinclair not really needed at the Swans already got wingers and midfielders better than him. He made his choice and went to greener fields his mistake there we go.

Reading already have Mcnuff, HRK, McCleary, Kebe, Drenthe and Obita, aswell as Blackman who has played as a winger for us although he is primarily a striker.

Come back to Swansea? You can't have watched the Swans much, we have much better attacking options now. Sinclair at best a very good championship player

Lads were knocking Sinclair again aren't we, I wouldn't mind him back he's better than Hernandez all day long I liked the English 3 in dyer, Sinclair and routledge if I'm honest so sending Lamah home in January and bringing Sinclair back wouldn't be bad Buisness at all ;). Just saying

Hernandez has looked the business this pre-season, which is why he struggled last year when he first joined. He also had to adopt to a new culture, country etc. Watch the lad go this year.

Better than hernandez? are you kidding have you even watched any of the pre season?

I watched the highlights from pre season only but that means nothing to playing in the premier league and yes in my opinion routledge is WAY better than Hernandez :)

Rubbish. Pablo Hernandez has been OUTSTANDING this pre-season. It, s beynd me, why some fans can't give credit to players, when they really deserve it. It is rather silly. Pablo is going to have a brilliant season judged from his performance so far.

Rubbish. Pablo Hernandez has been OUTSTANDING this pre-season. It, s beynd me, why some fans can't give credit to players, when they really deserve it. It is rather silly. Pablo is going to have a brilliant season judged from his performance so far.



29 Jul 2013 11:10:57
Senior players amongst the Swindon Town squad have been supportng Mark Cooper to get the managerial job permenantly. The board are prepared to give him the first few games of the season which also gives them more time in their search for Kmac's replacement.

This is bang on, Jed has been put off Tisdale because of the compensation that Exeter want, Pearce who was first choice wants far too high a salary and to bring in his own staff.

Cooper will get the job if he does well in the next two games, Darren Ward will be his assitant player manager.

Odd given there are no 'senior players' left in the Swindon squad!

No thanks cooper will take us down/mid table at best



29 Jul 2013 11:10:47
Bournemouth will sign 2 strikers next week. One will be ebanks-Blake, despite being injured he is still a natural goal scorer and will compete for a space when fit, he is also a free agent and due to the ffp this will suit Bournemouth. The other player will be an unknown European striker, much like the signing of Coulibaly. He will also be a free agent.

Highly unlikely E. H needs someone right now not in 3 months time even then he won't be match fit

29 Jul 2013 18:01:17
AFCB made offer for Malmo, South African striker. 22yrs old scored 7 goals already for Malmo this season. Think his names Bantie?. Any one with better info?

Tokelo Rantie, Malmo



29 Jul 2013 11:04:02
Gianni Zuiverloon on trial at Millwall and playing today in behind closed doors friendly vs QPR. Zuiverloon 26, has 1 year left on a deal with Real Mallorca however after their relegation has a release clause which means he is available on a free transfer.

Good to see us showing so much ambition! Would that spell the end for Dunney though? Millwall through and through! Wouldn't want to see him go to be honest!

Hes been nicking a wage for years now! Bye bye dune

About time we got a new right back dunney has nicked a living off Millwall for far too long go and join your old mate jacket at wolves and take some of that other crap with you

If it was not for them players and our old manger we would be in legue 2 by now show some respect

That's the sort of comment that annoys me, Dunnys been loyal and consistent for wall and jackett did a great job with no money, let's get behind the team instead of digging them out!

'Nicking a wage for years'?

You obviously don't go Millwall to say that about Dunne, he with Robinson has been nothing but loyal, consistent and gives 110% in both training and matches, not to mention Millwall through n through. How many other Millwall players can you say that about?

Dunne is a good player - competition is needed in each position as well as cover for injuries. these comments annoy me also. alex

Dunne is just not very good, and I go every week. He can't tackle or pass, has no pace and gives away too many free kicks and penalties. take the blue tinted specs off, he needs to be replaced

Whether Dunney is good enough is not the point. He has given is all for Millwall in the years I have been there. Since when did we throw loyal players on the dump. He should get the same Loyalty he has given, if he does go he should be allowed to leave with his head held high.
my opinion.

Dunney has improved every season along with robbo and abdou. To let any of these players leave or throw them to the sidelines in a breath is a crime. Players like dng should look up to these men. True lions

With no disrespect to dunney he isn't good enough for millwalls ambitions or the championship but has remained a loyal and long serving player, having said this I believe that dunney could turn into a good coach for the club along side Harris with vast experience and knowledge of the club



29 Jul 2013 10:55:23
Derby have announced the signing of Spurs defender Adam Smith on a season long loan.
The Rams have also been in contact with West Brom over the possibility of bringing centre-back Craig Dawson to the club on loan until January.

No way is daws going to you

29 Jul 2013 12:51:18
There are about 8 championship clubs in for Dawson - Derby are one of them but he will almost certainly go to one of the Lancashire clubs - Bolton again, Burnley or Blackburn. He loves Lancashire

The Club (WBA) and Dawson had both admitted they want to stay at the club, Dawson wants a chance at the too flight and the Club say they will give him and look forward o him taking that chance, so no chance with that Loan Deal.

Dawson will not go on loan this season he will break into the first team at wba this season

I'm pretty sure Dawson will be staying at WBA this season. With Macaulay getting on and injuries likely to happen I think he may have a vital part to play this year.

29 Jul 2013 16:04:24
As he's featured heavily in Albion pre-season tour it's highly unlikely Dawson will go on loan to anybody.

If the reports are true and Albion are trying to sign Federico Fernandez that may change but I think he'll still be at West Brom at the start of next season.

I can't see Dawson joining us. We should try and pick up some more players from the lower leagues again if we can't find an average centre-half on loan.



29 Jul 2013 10:44:47
Sheffield united looking at Marvin elliott



29 Jul 2013 10:37:13
Chesterfields media space for the press has been moved from this afternoon to tomorrow morning. wonder why? Mr Evatt and maybe a new loan striker!

Dont we have enough fire power as it is!!

The club love making us wait

Evatt a must, a new striker is a must also, Richard's & Co. not potent enough to score the goals to get Chesterfield promoted.

Hmmm always room for improvement with strikers and the ones we have haven't exactly prolific pre season in my opinion

Evatt definitely at the Proact tonight. Its the fans forum and he is there

Chesterfield signed Ian Evatt (confirmed)

Evatt signs tomorrow morning Tuesday and will be on team photo.

CONFIRMED by Chris Turner

Officially announced EVO IS BACK


Couple of seasons ago a Prem player now a league 2 player shows he knows he can't play at a high tempo anymore.

He will be head and shoulders above any other defender in L2 even if he has slowed down from his premier days a class act, thanks for coming back EVO you have made every town fan smile.



29 Jul 2013 10:21:00
Stoke looking to sign Lorenzo Insigne for £9.5 million to inject pace into their attack

If he comes to england his destination will probably be Sunderland.

Would love this to happen, would be a great signing

29 Jul 2013 14:46:03
Would be an amazing singing, not sure if he'd leave Italy tbf

Why Sunderland? have they got £9.5 million to spend on one player?

Benitez has said that he wants to keep Insigne at Napoli



29 Jul 2013 10:05:49
Bristol City final transfers


Billy Sharpe on loan for a season with a view of a transfer at the end of the season
Marlon Pack a deal of £75,000 has been agreed with Cheltenham plus Cheltenham get there pick of 3 players on loan for an initial 6 months to a year, players rumoured to be Krans Brundle and French trialist Ewagnignon.
Ewagnignon will be offered a two year deal at Ashton Gate
2 other successful trialists are still being considered


Adomah to Crystal Palace £1 million
Marvin Elliott will sign for newly promoted Yeovil Town for the cut price fee of £50,000

I am not feeling this post.

Cheltenham have already turned down £75k from Crawley for Pack.
Will have to be nearer three figures or it will go to a tribunal.

Hang on a bit longer and Adomah will go on a free. At the start of the summer these so called rumours had him going everywhere for anything between £3 million and £5million. It is now down to £1million.

Sharp will not drop down to league 1

29 Jul 2013 17:31:58
marlon pack is available on a free? {Ed003's Note - compensation would need to be agreed due to his age.}

So Billy Sharp is being chased by several championship clubs, 2 of them close to where he was born. Instead he will snub them all and drop into League 1. Really?!

Fee agreed for pack



29 Jul 2013 10:05:44
The reason sod is being hesitate with marlon pack is Bristol city are in adavanced talks with billy sharp JL

No. No it isnt.

I am hearing Harewood is sitting down to talk contracts today. Much more likely thatn Sharp I am afraid.

Lummie we don't want harewood

Why are people saying Sharp is signing? Nearly every team in the Championship would have him.

Harewood would'nt be my first choice, but with finances being what they are there is a chance its not a choice.

We need a striker, we don't want to pay a fee, and the fella has to be willing to play in league one on a fairly low wage. I think its better for the long term that this forward only come on a one year deal.

It leaves us with loans or free transfers.

Harewood is willing to come down and play on trial, SOD wants him, so I am inclined to say sign him up and support him.

I imagine he is only going to be third or forth choice anyway.

Yeah I agree kunis my post was above post if he's cheap willing and expierienced then why not support him and sod choice if we do sign harewood what's the worst that can happen

Agreed Lummie cheap willing and sod choice get behind the bloke and be gratefull to get a striker of his expierienced for free

Harewood scored 2 in an hour run out at Weston Super Mare last night. which can't hurt his chances.

People please! SOD won't even THINK of talking contracts with Marlon Harewood until he is fully fit! Marlon himself said he's not where he wants to be and won't be for weeks yet. SOD won't sign a player who can't make an immediate impact if called upon! As for Marlon Pack, I can only assume SOD is weighing up other midfield options with Lansdown. The Sharp rumours keep cropping up so I'm not dismissing them yet and the Sharp-SOD link could sway him to join but I fully expect him to be playing championship football next season

Pack is awsome two years best league two team of the year midfielder what other options are better if we don't sign him we will regret it the lad is awsome better than Kilkenny and Elliot granted wynter so far looks to be the best midfielder we have



29 Jul 2013 10:00:19
Sam vokes has signed a 3year deal with bournemouth to be announced

No evidence of this at all up in Burnley.

And very unlikely as we're already short on numbers up front anyway!

Prove me wrong though- give us more info- like an amount for starters.



29 Jul 2013 08:01:24
Charlie Lee will this week finalize a pay off with Gillingham after coming to a settlement leaving the door open for a number of clubs to fight for his signature including Leyton orient, Southend and former club Peterborough. Meanwhile Gills boss Martin Allen is desperate to add two players to his squad with the season fast approaching and its believed Alan Gow will be unveiled before the Gills travel to Wolves on a one year deal. The other player is believed to be an unnamed Brentford forward who is interested in a years loan with a view to a permanent move however there is late interest from Burnley which could scupper the deal.

Peterborough are not after Charlie Lee. Good L2 player but not good enough for a top L1 side

The Brentford forward will be Farid El Alagui!

Who is the player then?

Posh won't be after charlie lee. As much as I love him, his biggest downfall is the fact he doesn't seem to have one set position

Whilst he would be good for league one he wasn't as impressive in the championship so may not be a worthwhile signing

Gillingham have enough forwards. However if Brentford want to give us Sam Saunders, a classy midfielder, I would be more than happy! No thanks to Alan Gow, Marlon Pack please!

29 Jul 2013 17:34:16
he needs a decent defender, not another striker. should of kept birchall as back up, we have kedwell, cody mac and bayo and german.

so there is no truth in the forward because he has enough options.
alan gow looks likely. exactly what gills need as he will help them going forward.
a defender is what is needed for cover for barrett and legge and davies.

There is substance to this rumor as I was chatting to Farid El Alagui!'s cousin on a night out in the west end last week and he said Farid was considering dropping down a league for six months to get some first team action. He is interested in the Gills move as Martin Allen is held in high regard by Brentford and he has heard its a passionate club which is important to him.

Cresswell to fleetwood,, evatt to chesterfield,, no comparison, thank you phil brown,

It's seem unlikely that more strikers are a priority for the Gills having signed 3 so far.

Farid can drop a league for first team action if he wants but he will find it pretty hard to play for the Gills at the same given that they are in the same league as Brentford.

You say there is substance to this rumour as he is concidering dropping down a league yet you fail to realise that gillingham and brentford are in the same league?! Think the true extent of your football knowledge is proven right there!



29 Jul 2013 09:28:55
James hayter to join Shrewsbury this week from Yeovil. This is one of the five signings turner will make this week. At least four are pretty much guaranteed but if a suitable right back is not found then there is the option to extend tavanier's loan. Turner has been waiting for the right players.

No chance at all you people make me laugh why would he leave he is playing very well for Yeovil and amongst the goals and his prtnership with Madden is really good

Hayter's going no where! He has a great understanding with Madden at Yeovil which is what fired them to promotion

Can't see this happening, the guy is too old

5 signings - you have to be kidding

Gary johnson owes turner a big favour as I work closely alongside johnson. Hayter wants first team football but has never thrived at championship level and views Shrewsbury in a similar position as Yeovil were.

Hayter is one of our best players, he has a great understanding with paddy upfront which is going to be even more vital for us this season. I can never see him going to shrewsbury i'm afraid

Absolute garbage. Hayter will start next Saturday against Millwall.

Hayter sounds like a resnoble signing, therefore it won't be happening as shrews seem to be after low cost loan signings as for 5 this week you must be pulling our legs we will be lucky if we get 1-2.

Shrewsbury sign 5 players in one week, you must be joking!

Seriously, I would be surprised to see ANY further signings before the big kick off on Saturday. We seem to want to go with what we've got at the moment, even though we are short in a number of positions.

Wem Shrew

Lol! James Hayter's name cropped up because someone thought our Spanish trialist looked like him. Miles off the mark.

Wem Shrew seems a bit down in the dumps! Relax - Turner said our squad needs further strengthening, so we need to be patient.

Yes all I can say is can we get some more people in before Christmas and I'm not joking one very unhappy southern shrew

Wem shrew you seen any pre season games because we are playing better footy than last year stop your moaning and get behind the team

Shrewsbury haven't signed loads of people does that mean we sign no decent players if we sign 10 players would they be any better football please
good lad graham turner be picky

I agree, let's get behind the team, these so called moaners keep thoughts to yourselves or stay away! OK, we haven't signed a "recognised" striker, but the defenders signed look solid in pre season. Tom Bradshaw has surprised me pre season, if this is things to come, maybe he will come of age. Turner is experienced and doesn't panic; panic buying means you regret it later. Those that have been to pre season will know how hard they're working - It's obviously the ones that don't go week in, week out that just look at the squad on paper!
Manchester Shrew

Town won't get in the the top half this season they will be lucky to stay up and turner looked a bit laboured on sky sports

Wem shrew

Wem Shrew, perhaps you should wait until you see the team play a competitive match before making such judgements. I'm sure Turner's knowledge of football is vastly superior to ours, so we should take his word when he says the team is good enough. Lighten up - the season hasn't started yet!

God our fans don't half like a moan! Cheer up and get on with it GT knows what he's doing. It'll be turner out if we lose Saturday from wem shrew and we'll be down by Christmas. Negativity won't help anyone in this season

I have supported the Shrews since 1958 and Graham Turner is the best manager they have ever had. How many teams buy players in panic and regret it a few moths later. Then of course the fans blame the manager. ! I believe they will do well this season and will sign some more players of the right caliber. like the others say get behind the team.

Suffolk Shrew

Pre season counts for nothing come the big kick off. I agree that we need at least 3 more quality players in the squad and I hope that this happens before the end of August.

I am concerned that we are pinning our hopes on Tom Bradshaw who has not exactly set the world alight, has he?

Nice to see guys like 'Wem Shrew' and 'Nottingham Shrew' get right behind our team. Hopefully these guys will give it a miss on Sat as we can do without the negativity.

I can guerantee you wildig will come good this season and we do need a couple of signings and we will defo play off contenders because we have got probably the best keeper and defence in the league and marsden is going to be top draw.

When turner ses its the best pre season and morale he has had since wolves believe our god

Ha lol best pre season ever dream on we won't even beat telford with our squad

Wem shrew

We are'nt playing Telford so what's that got to do with anything, stop moaning.
As for the person who started this thread no sign of those 5 players mate, so at least do try to put just a fraction of truth in your comments!

So we can beat Birmingham and draw with Bolton. Beat Man Citys youth XI but Wem Shrrw says Telford would beat us. Utter nonsense.

Same as last season need a striker I hope we don't leave it as late to survive hell of a division though will be great home games, as long as we remember what division 2 is like we will be ok Graham Turner will always be the one we trust in to do the job



29 Jul 2013 09:14:55
David Lopez and Stephen Ireland to unveiled at Brighton prior to the Norwich game tomorrow night.

29 Jul 2013 10:17:38
Take Spanish Dave back, Stephen Ireland no thanx, he just goes to a club doesn't do anything gets injured takes his wages, I wouldn't be happy if we signed Ireland,

29 Jul 2013 10:28:15
Couldnt afford but yossi benayoun on loan would be a great signing {Ed001's Note - I think the bigger problem might be his lack of a club to loan him from! He is a free agent.}

Yeah right. Pull the other one.

Lopez has signed a new one year contract today

29 Jul 2013 12:41:10
Club confirms David Lopez signed another 1 year deal

29 Jul 2013 12:44:36
Pull the other one about what,
If you make a comment be nice to know what your commenting about,
Lopez signed for Brighton again one year deal, in evening paper confirmed he's back, great news!

David Lopez has signed with Brighton today on a one year deal. (Brighton website). There was strong links that Yossi was coming to Brighton, he is now a free agent so it could happen.

Excellent to see David back. Thought Saturday was a good lesson for us in the quality levels we should be striving to reach. Would love to pick up their 24 Pereira little diamond the Wardy mould.

David has signed 1 year deal so is Ireland getting signed before Norwich game?

Toby alderweild is staying in a hotel in norwich (herd it here first)

David Lopez says he happy to sign a new deal.

They would all provide good completion for places which improves the squad, also an extra squad player if they are young enough.

Well Stephen Ireland didn't happen did it but Lopez did but that was kinda obvious after the argus mad it very clear that it was going to happen



29 Jul 2013 09:14:35
Crawley are closing in on 3 new players and deals likely to be concluded this week, 2 strikers and a central midfielder, All 3 players are likely to be low profile loan or freebies, although there is a possibility the striker is Paul Hayes on loan from Brentford.

More liek Geoffery Hayes from Rainbow.

Wont happen.

Hayes and Alexander would be the slowest strike force in the football league!

No Chance of getting Paul Hayes he will be staying at Brentford, maybe on loan at best.

30 Jul 2013 09:55:01
They're trying to offload Alexander and Hayes has been starting pre season matches and been probably best player after a full pre season, back to full fitness looking sharp and quick. There's no way he's leaving.

Hayes wpuld be available for loan but his wages might be a problem



29 Jul 2013 07:29:10
Brentford will sign a new goalkeeper to replace simon moore today, 29/07/13.

Rumoured to be young Man United keeper Sam Johnstone on a season long loan.



29 Jul 2013 01:42:34
Jake Hyde is now ready to sign for AFC Wimbledon this week, having been exiled at Barnet after handing in a transfer request. Wimbledon have just returned from Italy, so the deal can now be done.

Jake Hyde played and scored for Barnet at the weekend (v MK DONS)

Not happening as Wimbledon are going to sign Smith mentioned below.

Hyde would be a good signing based on his stats. Whether Neal thinks he can operate as a target man will probably be deciding factor. Certainly has the height and good goal scoring record for a team that went down.

I think he'd be a really good signing. We would have to pay a fee though and not sure how much we could free up for that, I reckon he's worth £40,000

You can have him, constantly offside and moaning at everyone else

He played as the lone man for the majority of last season at Barnet, making his goal scoring record even more impressive.



29 Jul 2013 01:22:08
Who else can the bees bring in?

A right back would be nice

LUISMA to sign this week, and a decent striker please



29 Jul 2013 01:15:07
Fulham, Middlesbrough and Wigan to battle for Nathan Ake loan deal.

Seen Gary Madine at Rockliffe this morning

Middlesbrough will take him as they have strong links with Chelsea after they previously took mceachran on loan

Never heard of him.

Never heard of Gary Nadine. Ake would be a useful addition.

He played a lot for chelsea at the end of last season including a fair few games in the Europa league

It's Madine not Nadine. He's a 22yr old striker from Sheff wed

Gary nadine plays for sheff wed.

However him being at rockliffe is probably total bs.


Not heard of Gary Nadine but Gary Madine is sheff wed striker can't see us getting him because I believe he's still under contract.

29 Jul 2013 10:52:12
Madine scored against Boro last season

Googled him. once voted UKs worste footballer. stella signing Boro.

Would love him at Boro but looks like he is heading to Vitesse for the season as they would like to play him in his more favoured defensive midfield role.

Isnt Madine that big useless lumbering plank that was at Carlisle the season before last and we looked at then, now Sheff Wed are willing to let him go so just perhaps he's not that good. After all the talk over the last few weeks and the names bandied round by the club I'm not sure this signing would satisfy the fans

Ake was a rock in chelsea's midfield in the cup game against boro last season - looks a much better player than mceachran.

Madine scored against us last season he is not the player we need to get us promoted I no that! We need to bring some experience in that's won promotion before just like Bryan robson done the first time we got promoted! If possible

He was on boros books as a kid but let go

Its true Gary Madine was at Rockliffe Park today. Looks like Mowbray Bringing the lad back home, he was on our book as a youngster but never quite made it. He developed into a good strong striker now, hope he is the new signing! come on boro

Lets hope we get ake, he will be a good addition to the team. as for gary madine/nadine, who ever wrote the blog is a wind up merchant but I can't stop laughing about the mix up ha ha utb

He would definately be good cover for Williams and woody. it's likely we might get him, low wages and probably get more game time for us than wigan and fulham. he turned down vitesse so that's a positive

Wouldn't surprise me with Sheff Wed not wanting to pay the 100k to Carlisle for appearances.

Not an inspiring signing though.

We need sharp and albert watching the boro pre season we look good with the ball and marv looks the best I have seen in 4year we have had him the juke was a beast to strong up yhe boro madine woul not get in the team 4 me like what do people think

''Its true Gary Madine was at Rockliffe Park today. Looks like Mowbray Bringing the lad back home, he was on our book as a youngster but never quite made it. He developed into a good strong striker now, hope he is the new signing! come on boro''

He is anything but strong. Spends all match on his arse.

And to the guy who said he was Britains worst footballer, the article is CLEARLY a joke.

Ake would be a great loan for Fulham, not least as extremely versatile back up.
Not so sure how good we'd be for him?

Nathan Ake would be class for us, makes sense as we need another center half. Gary Madine however was at Rockliffe Park this morning, total joke. Yet another striker who couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo.

Aké would be a quality addition

Why would we want Ake? Another holding midfielder. I hope this isn't true

Gary Madine? No thanks, would rather stick with what we've got :s

Yep Gary Madine looks like it could be a done deal, at Rockliffe again today, was seen chatting with Richie Smallwood and Mark Proctor

Just doing some research on madine player he looks a good player, but he's got 2'years left on his contact and sheff wed bought him for 800,000 k in 2011, so a hot playing talent sheff wed anit silly the guy is going to cost obviously 1.6 mil mark have we got this money to buy such a player?

Madine was meant to be going to notts county last week so very much doubt shell wed will wants much if anything



29 Jul 2013 01:10:03
Hull City are looking into the possibility of signing Craig Gardner from Sunderland as the enquiry of Wilson Palacios was turned down by Stoke City who are looking to keep him, Gardner cannot be guaranteed a place in Sunderland's starting eleven and could reluctantly accept an offer from other clubs as he wants regular first team football

Apparently Palacios may still end up at hull according to news sites.

Wouldn't be surprised if Gardner ended up at West Brom.



29 Jul 2013 00:23:49
Shane Long could be available for the right price
Shane unlikley to be a happy bench warmer
clubs interested including
Norwich, Swansea, Sothampton

Unlikely to be happy to be a bench warmer - so you mention Norwich who have Wolfswinkel and Hooper, and Swans who have bony and michu

I rate Shane Long but with Hooper the wolf and becchio would he be a bench warmer at Norwich.

I'd be happy to see long a Jack. Reckoning there'll be more movement on an additional striker if we get past Malmo which means we will have plenty of games ahead of us. Long wouldn't be so much a bench warmer then, he'd likely get a fair amount of playing time!

Yeah, but Swansea are competing in more areas than Norwich with EL, so I think he will get more time on the pitch at Swansea City.

WBA said they could play with 2 up top, so I think he'll be staying put.
I wouldn't want him at Norwich anyway.


29 Jul 2013 14:34:14
Long would be good at Swansea as we only have one out and out striker and we are competing in Europe so he would get more time on the pitch

Would be a good singing for the swans

I would like him to come to city - but he's much like hooper (except quicker I think) so can't see it happening. Need one more striker though

Shane Long, Adam Le Fondre and John Guidetti could all be a great 2nd striker at Swansea City. Michu isn't going to take the striker role this season if we have 2 strikers. Then Michu can play his prefered postiton, the attacking midfield, just behind the striker. So the 2nd striker at Swancea will obviously get a lot of games considered Swansea City are playing in PL, COC, FA Cup and EL.

I think Laudrup has an idea of who he wants for a second striker and keeping it quiet until the job is done. This is because the media jump onto anything he says and could ruin a loan or even a purchase.



28 Jul 2013 23:59:19
Jamie Ohara will agree this week to have his contract canceled as he has been in talks with premier leagur new comers crystal palace. roger Johnson will leave the club too and join Cardiff, Stephen ward will join Everton and Kevin Doyle will move to celtic or qpr, Newcastle, west brom, hull and obviously Fulham have all asked to be kept informed on the progress but jacket is reluctant until a replacement has been agreed! Wayne hennesey will be a suprise to everyone as wolves expect a flurry of bids along with Kevin foley! they're will be a mass exodus let's hope replacements are sourced beforehand!

Was plausible until the I read the Ward to Everton bit. Unless the toffees will use him as a striker because he is not a left back.

Sheffield Wednesday will be Ohara's next desitnation.

West brom have no interest in doyle at all

Always liked Ward up front, worked hard and had an eye for goal. I cannot understand why we don't give him a chance up top!

Please DON'T go for Kevin Doyle Celtic. not what we need and certainly not prolific

Doyle is 5th in the pecking order of strikers, KJ made the comment in the E&S.

Jamie Ohara would be a great signing for palace, is he still carrying an injury though?



28 Jul 2013 23:44:12
Striker Billy Clarke of Crawley is a £250,000 target for Bristol City. City will up their interest should their bid for Billy Sharp fail.

£250,000 for Billy Clarke! Don't make me laugh, Bristol City couldn't even BORROW him for a week for that paltry sum. Clarke is happy at Crawley, but any potential suitors would have to stump up over a £million for his services.

Clarke Has already said he is staying at crawley. Crawley today have completed The signing of trialist Kane wills from bognor who impressed barker after coming on against palace

Billy Clarke will cost quite a bit more than £250 K, Try £800 k and Crawley would probably sell but am not sure they would if they could not find a replacement.

Old news clarke a agent discussed a move to Bristol 7 weeks ago but it's dead in the water.

If we can not get 1million for adomah you ain't getting it for billy clarke

Make me laugh a million you serious I've never heard of the bloke and city can afford a mil if he was worth it bcfc

I know nothing about the guy, but to the Crawley fans claiming he's worth more than £250k, you really need to have a quick glance at his goal to game ratio throughout his career!

Maybe we just don't want to sell to "Mr Integrity", and Billy is far from an out and out goalscorer. Maybe you need to look elsewhere?



28 Jul 2013 23:43:34
Watford are set to complete their transfer dealings with the captures of Goalkeeper Lee Camp on a one-year deal (free transfer) and Andile Jali of Orlando Pirates. It's unclear whether Jali, a midfielder, will join Watford directly, or on loan via Udinese.

Camp signed last night

Former Watford man Whichelow on trial at Bristol Rovers.

Not true

Camp will not be joining Watford, hopefully. Terrible footballer.

He'll be a third choice back up keeper in case of emergency, and, personally, I think he's a solid championship goalie.

Camp terms done just seen him at the club

A Champions League finalist, an experienced Championship keeper and the other capable of playing in the Premier League. Pinch me.



28 Jul 2013 23:35:14
Matt McClure of Wycombe is a target for Bristol City.



28 Jul 2013 23:35:01
forest to sign charlie austin on monday! watch this space



28 Jul 2013 23:21:34
Brentford will sign Reading keeper Stuart Moore on a 3 year deal on Monday morning, replacing brother Simon.

No. That would be a bad choice and just. no.

Reading don't have sa keeper called Stuart Moore? {Ed001's Note - he is in their U18 squad, or was last season, he might have gone up an age group this year, not sure.}

He has been given squad number 51 for Reading and is about 8th choice keeper for reading and he is not even in the top 2 keepers for the u21s.



28 Jul 2013 23:14:16
Palace want to offload Darcy Blake and Kagisho KFC Dikgacoi due to fitness issues.

29 Jul 2013 07:02:00
Naaaa they won't KG was solid last season, Darcy Blake was injured not fair to offload.



28 Jul 2013 23:09:33
Crystal Palace interested in Burnley's Jason Shackell

Shackell is going nowhere, captain of the team settled right before the season starts

29 Jul 2013 06:46:03
I am a Burnley fan and think the board would be tempted to sell if Palace offered £2 million plus - we paid £1.1 million so would be good profit.



28 Jul 2013 23:07:23
West Brom want loan-then-buy deal for Napoli and Argentina defender Federico Fernandez

Sounds lika a class player and could well be one of our 4 WOW signings

Rejected wasn't it?



28 Jul 2013 23:05:02
Brentford have turned their attentions to sealing a permenant move for Rob Kiernan after Leicester made it clear that Liam Moore was not for sale, watch this space!



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