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29 Aug 2013 23:08:00
Paddy Madden of Yeovil Town FC set to sign for Derby County on Monday 2nd September.

This would be why he didn't celebrate scoring against us last Saturday.

Oh wait.

Seriously though, don't want him. Russell and Martin are on fire at the minute, Sammon looks like he's relishing the competition and we've yet to unleash our wonderkid Mason Bennett. More than happy with our strikers thank you very much.

I must be wrong in thinking that the transfer window closes at the end of august then.

Clough has stated not to expect any new signings this window

You are wrong in thinking because it closes 11pm on the 2nd sep

Deadline day is monday. would be foolish to have it on a saturday

Mr Johnson said on Friday no one is leaving it is to late but he is still looking for players

Amazing how Deadline day has become so big. The worst deadline day was after we lost to Crawley and Forest, missed out on a certain striker from Wigan and Wagstaff from Leicester. Proved that Glick was useless in the transfer market.

FWIW I think no incommings and maybe a star player sold. We might get a post match clue from Clough.

Seems no one coming in unless we get someone in the emergency loans. Trying to see if they can shift any of the transfer listed players.

What would be nice is if we got a Shacklesque player on Monday. but I am not hopeful. Only 23,000 plus today, cheap tickets as well. We are losing big money, and any money made through sales will be off-setting loses.

U may say that 23000 is poor but it was the highest in the championship today

Indeed, however Burnley on much smaller gates have produced a team that waltzed into pride park and got three goals and three points. If we can't compete with Burnley then there is no chance of a top six finish. ps not a dig at Burnley, who are a grand old club. :-)



29 Aug 2013 22:30:03
We are set to sign a brazilian goalscorer from flamengo by saturday. There is also a bid for tom deeney

And who are we?

Tom Deeney?

31 Aug 2013 22:17:45
I assume he means troy deeney and is referring to Watford



29 Aug 2013 21:44:40
Wigan hope to seal loan deal for Manchester United starlet nick Powell maybe this is if James McCarthy leaves?



29 Aug 2013 20:44:48
Fulham have had a bid turned down for jack cork southampton

This one is true. Big offer turned down.

31 Aug 2013 00:31:29
Afraid this isn't true what so ever

31 Aug 2013 01:16:16
£5.5 million offered. Cortese on the back foot thinking if JWP & Wanyama good enough.

It wasn't a big offer it was tiny and it was rejected. Fulham are now planning another bid of about £3mil which again will be turned down. There was talk of Cork leaving for Everton for around £7mil earlier in the summer, his price has not gone down by £4mil.

You have no idea what foot cortese is on!

Jack Cork will not be sold, not before the outcasts like forte and sharp etc.

If he's part of our plans, I'm surprised he wasn't played today against Norwich.
We know Schneiderlin isn't supposed to be well and Wanyama was off of the pace.

MP said "Jack Cork not for sale"

Like every prem league club just keeping every player happy is a difficult job I think it's good saints haven't made wholesale changes, big money signinings don't always bring success.

It's a sad fact of life the players who get a club into the premier league are often moved on, much as I would love jack cork to stay in the end he will want first team football as with Jason puncheon.



29 Aug 2013 18:40:51
Rumours circulating for Middlesbrough to make a move for Mohamed bangura

What's with all the bs about the players boro are being linked with, I'm surprised we aren't in the mix for bale and rooney, how sad can people be.

29 Aug 2013 22:34:03
I certainly hope so. We do not want him back at Celtic after his histrionics against Us for Elfsborg.

Yet another day gone and nobody brought in we have been looking at mccormack for nearly 4 weeks now and have got nowhere. also i think it is stupid and sad how people say " boro are close to bangura" and clearly they are not just misleading people. we need to sign someone before monday but the same old excuse will come out of boro if we fail to sign anyone which will be " we tried to". comment agree or disagree below depending on what you think of my input as i would like to know what you think

Curtis Main is going to Shrewsbury on a month loan deal. That almost certainly means a striker is imminent. My bet is with Becchio (hopefully). Also, Marvin Emnes been linked with Wigan and Swansea (hope he goes).

Get becchio sell Emnes don't need to loan Main out



29 Aug 2013 12:52:21
cardiff city midfield player kaseem harris will be loaned to Newport County till january

Hope so, will benefit harris and county

Any news on finbogason

If Newport get harris, they will challenge for promotion, but I hope they get relegated so I hope they don't get him

That would benefit all parties, would help Newport stay up or even more, help Harris get experience and when he comes back he will hopefully come back a better player then we can send him on loan to Championship sides to continue his development



29 Aug 2013 17:27:50
Jason Roberts will announce his retirement from Reading FC to focus mainly on his media career and a coaching badge. He and the club will release a statement next week after the transfer window is closed.

Why on earth would they do that, when he's on the verge of returning from injury?

He's been apparent trying to return from injury for last several months. He's done

Focus on his media career?. , that's all he's done for the best part of a year.

He extended his contract by another year, right before he got told that his hip is basically mangled. its either let him see out his contract or pay him off, either way he's costing us money. probably won't ever play for us again as I think he's done.
also why would he retire now? if you're getting paid from 2 jobs you wouldn't give one up would you? hell go at the end of the season, sooner the better but not soon enough



29 Aug 2013 17:22:17
James constable is set to sign for Bradford city

As an Oxford fan, I'd be suprised. He is massive loyal player to OUFC and has rejected a number of offers from clubs more local, including it was reported for higher wages. He has just celebrated the birth of his first child and by all accounts is very happy at the club. So not sure if this has legs but. if it has, Bradford will not get a more hard working player

Didn't you post this last week?

E don't need to sell james constable but if Bradford did we could ask for silly money to test them

Would be a super signing but can't see it happening as he appears to be happy at Oxford. He's turned down recent approaches from Bournemouth, Swindon, Rotherham, Crawley and Bristol Rovers.



29 Aug 2013 16:49:05
Ashley Barnes Brighton to Burnley

29 Aug 2013 17:18:29
Club said it's not happening mate, half million is a insult to the player,

Not going to happen, Brighton issued a hands off warning to Burnley.

Burnley matched Brightons asking price but then Brighton wanted more

Brighton offered him a new contract how on earth did you decide Brighton had a asking price which was that low.

I have it on very good authority that Brighton's actual response was 'he is out of your price range'.
In any case the player has his heart set on a move to Celtic, but might have to wait until January.

Because he is in the last year of his contract. that's how much they wanted for him but obviously misjudged it

Offer rejected this morning they want 1 million!

Barnes has rejected his new contract offered by Brighton. It looks as though he'll be departing this window. He's worth around £1 million.

What he's worth and what they'll accept for him may well be two different things though.

If he wants out with 12 months on his contract and no inclination of signing a new one then he has to go in the next 3 days; or else Brighton will get very little for him in January (probably 50% of what they could get now!).

500k (and a sell on fee!) may well be the best that Brighton can get now.

Burnley back in with a final offer, noises coming out of Turf Moor indicate Barnes is keen on the move

Barnes hasn't rejected his new contract, he isn't for sale stop flogging a dead horse

Brighton don't want to sell and the player does not want to go to Burnley. This is a non-starter I'm afraid.

As a Burnley fan, hope this doesn't happen. It's not like we're world beaters but we don't need a pudding like Barnes. No thanks.



29 Aug 2013 16:15:11
Fulham will make a late bid for Yohan Benalouane (Parma) - he can play left side in a centre back pairing. Expect a fee of close to £1m.

Jol has just reported Fulham unlikely to sign Benalouane but will look to sign one more player and that is cover at right back. Jol admitted Fulham were 20th in the league in terms of spending but could still do well.

This sends an appalling message to fans. The new owner has not endeared himself to fans who really needed a marquee signing. That said, along with the views of many other Fulham fans it is unlikely that Jol will be manager for very long and the new boss will be given the war chest. Just hope Fulham have enough in the locker to stay afloat until the new boss arrives. Very tricky times ahead for Fulham.

Khan's doing exactly what MAF done.

He'll continue to stabilize the club and keep us debt free.

That's amazingly good for any chairman.

Fulham are debt free - the new tv deal provides money to bring in top players and a few big deals for smaller clubs.

Fulham have been the weakest spenders despite bringing in a few players. Shrewd business? Not really more like the owner not wanting to give current manager money to spend because he doesn't trust him with the money and wants him out once a new manager can be sorted. Khan wanted to give Jol a chance but he has failed to deliver in pre season and the start of this season (not withstanding poor performances in the last 12 months). Jol would have already been sacked had MAF stayed at the club and Poyet would have been in charge. Takeover has messed things up and does mean this season will be very tricky for Fulham. Just need to see this season out and hope the new owner finds a decent manager and then money will be spent overhauling the squad with younger keener players with a manager who has a strategy and can see it implemented. No-one at fulham is happy with Jol - he knows it and it is reflected in his body language, best for him and Fulham if he goes as soon as possible.



29 Aug 2013 15:52:01
Gillingham have extended Michael Harriman's loan from QPR until the end of the season, Danny Hollands has signed for 3 months from Charlton and at the press conference today Martin Allen confirmed that Gary Dicker is set to put pen to paper!

02 Sep 2013 06:14:31
I don't think MA said Dicker was going to put pen to paper. He said the club would look to do something with him, but it was down to finances, and that's a different thing.



29 Aug 2013 14:28:50
Sources are telling Ross McCormack is due in Middlesbrough this afternoon only problem a move for Andre Halliday to Bournemouth have stalled

Why would we sell Halliday when he's our second choice left back

Have you missed a W of the name Andre?

Mcormack deal dead mowbray has said he'd given up as Leeds don't want to sell

We have 2 halidays at boro Andy and Andre think he's Norwegian Andre, not sure but definitely have two halidays

Yes we have two Hallidays. One is Andrew and the other is Bradley. Never heard of Andre ^

Andre Bennett is the player mixed up with Andy Halliday.


Andre Bennett is also a left back for the youth team.



29 Aug 2013 16:30:13
Huddersfield Town put in 300k bid for Sheffield United defender Harry Maguire

Missing a zero?

Missing a zero? Thought it had one too many, very overrated league one defender, Christie a far better bet for this level of fee.

I don't see why people rate Maguire so highly. I don't think I've ever seen him be a stand out performer.

People forget the age he is not 30 he still a young lad learning the game championship to high for him

Championship to high? he was best player and stand out player since making his debut in a relegation season, how many people can say they had Bellamy and Bothroyd in there back pocket on there debut? with defenders you don't need them to be all singing and dancing, you just need composure, confidence, who stop goals, play it simple out of defence (which Maguire can do easily he used to be a CM, has unbelievable passing ability), Never seen him lose a header, never seen him lose out in a tackle, reads the game very well, very accomplished on the ball, if you don't rate him that's fine by me because then we can keep him.

Robins has said on the website that no more players will be coming in unless one of our players go out.

Well sounds like Hunt is off to Palace, which I reckon will mean Blades fans might be waving bye to Maguire soon as well as Cov fans seeing Cyrus Christie off up here as well

30 Aug 2013 14:26:17
Jack Hunt having medical at Crystal Palace. Fee undisclosed, but believed to be around £2million.

Well hunt is on his way out so I'm sure more players will be added

Maguire was a junior at Barnsley when Robins was their manager, so there is the connection.



29 Aug 2013 16:20:55
Burnley 2 complete the signings of Jose Baxter from Oldham and Brightons Ashley Barnes before Mondays deadline!

Garcia says Barnes is not for sale

Sheff united is the team that's in for baxter and brighton have already stated that barnes is going no where. Wish it was true tho. UTC

Baxter is having medical at Burnley 650K and we get Mills on loan for the rest of the season as part of the deal.

Sheff utd it is, for a paltry £350, ooo, daylight robbery!

Signed for Sheffield tonight in time for Saturdays game good luck to him

He signed 3 year deal at sheff utd confirmed on oafc web site

29 Aug 2013 22:33:31
I wouldn't be surprised if Bradford City are getting ready to replace Nahki Wells with Baxter as Wells could possibly be leaving for a big fee before Monday.

Unless this was his release clause amount 350k is a complete joke. he's worth at least 500k gutted.

We have also got sell on clause with Baxter and the money we have saved with his wages so good bit of business, got him for nothing so have made money on him and his contract had a clause in it so the club had no choice that's why he signed his 3yr contract so he could leave but we would get some money for him as well.

Good luck to him but chose the wrong club as Sheff Utd aren't great and struggling at the moment.



29 Aug 2013 16:16:32
Sessagnon set to leave Sunderland, likely destination is to a French club

Fee agreed with a Qatari club.



29 Aug 2013 15:37:08
CHelsea have told Newcastle they can have Demba Ba (long time west ham interest) back but for an initial £3m loan fee and option to take permanently at end of season for further £7m or £10m permanent move.

Cant see this happening at those prices. Ba moved only 8 months ago for £7mil and his stock has actually gone down.

I suspect it might happen at lower values though.



29 Aug 2013 14:52:58
West Ham in talks with Chelsea for Demba Ba or Lukaku

30 Aug 2013 12:48:58
They may get Ba - they won't get Lukaku who is 2nd choice at Chelsea behind Eto now.

Ba and Torres are both available.



29 Aug 2013 14:54:16
Burnley, Bolton and Sheffield Uniyed have all made bids for Oldham Athletic's Jose Baxter.

WRONG only Sheff Utd and he's signed a 3yr deal with them, good business for Oldham and watch his replacement whose coming in today city player.

The player Oldham signed on loan from Manchester City today is the highly rated attacking midfielder Albert Rusnak.



29 Aug 2013 14:33:34
Heard today off of a close friend that both Barnet's Keanu Marsh-Brown and Jake Hyde are attracting interest off several league clubs, York, Plymouth and Torquay to name a few.

Jake Hyde would be a good signing not so sure about Keanu Marsh-Brown

30 Aug 2013 11:38:06
jake hyde to plymouth would be good signing!

Would like to see both at Plymouth we need a spare winger and striker with Matt Lecointe injured and we know he can score in league 2. We don't have a spare winger to cover for Alessandra and Boco so would be happy if Marsh-Brown also joined.

30 Aug 2013 14:42:59
Barnet are looking for a good fee though. i'd say at least 80k

Hyde as a release cause if a league club wants him

80k for the pair is a bargain! What's Hyde's release clause?

30 Aug 2013 23:49:53
As soon as Barnet got Relegated I wanted Hyde at Plymouth! Would be a great signing!

It's free because their non league now

They do want a fee for both of thrn

Please bring in hyde plymouth! we still need a striker like him. morgan and reid are okay but can't see them scoring more then 8/9 goals.

Torquay Should Sign Both Of Them

York City could not afford the price tag for Jake Hyde.



29 Aug 2013 14:38:57
Blackpool are the club who have bidded 150k for baxter and it has been accepted, may sound a small fee but true.

Which Baxter?

Amazing. He's just had a medical at Turf Moor. Oh and the figure being banded around is nearer 400k.

I think it was a tin of Baxter's soup that Oyston offered to buy and the cost was £1. 50

Lee Johnson confirmed there has been interest and said they had an approach and some interest in Jose and would have to decide whether or not it is right for the club at moment its 50/50 if he moves!

Funny, he signed for Sheffield United for around £350,000 so clearly he wasn't having a medical at turf moor.



29 Aug 2013 14:18:28
Barnsley's Scott Golbourne having medical at wolves after two teams agree a fee source a web site

£350k and Exeter City have a 35% sell on clause attached

£300-000 thanks wolves

Transfer fee for Golbourne has been confirmed as £700,000.

Another report says 700k
either way we've ripped wolves off
Average defender absolute gash wing back

Wolves must have more money than sense.
Having said that I think he'll be OK in league one because he's a league one player, nothing more

If we actually got £700k for Golbourne, I bet the Barnsley board are wetting themselves. He is one of worst left back's we have ever had, he is totally one footed, lacks decent pace and his distribution is disappointing, in the rare occasions he actually beats a man, he can't cross for toffee! Cheers to Wolves for taking him off our hands!

If we have got 700k for him, welldone, just waiting for Hill to let us have a defender on loan

Just because he's now left doesn't mean he hasn't done well for us. He played great last season until he got injured and this season, he hasn't played well, but no one has in all honesty.

Looks like this is true. Let's hope BFC spend the money wisely. In fact, let's hope they spend it! Where has previous transfer monies gone? We can only speculate!
Perhaps one of the Barnsley Board can enlighten us?

Golbourne is a hypocrite! he said he didn't want to play league 1 football!

Glad to see that Hoyland Red has added some common sense to this post. Goldbourne has been a great signing for the Reds and we appear to have made a decent profit on him. I just hope that he appreciates the opportunity Barnsley gave him. My bigger concern at the moment is the defence in general. We have been short of a genuine right back since Stones went to Everton. We are now missing a left back. In spite of what people say, Steele has done well for us over the past few years and it seems to me that he has been made a fall guy for the deficiencies in front of him. Full backs like Stones and Goldbourne could play wing back or full back (if you had to revert to 4 across the back), but I don't think that wingers can make that conversion.

Good player started 6 out of 6 25yr old be bringing back Barry Murphy after Tuesday night team selection Wombwell RED

Golbourne in May: "I didn't want to be playing in League One next season because I fought hard to get out of there to the Championship. "

OK. so we sell the left back.
We are shipping loads of goals and yet we don't buy a defender before we let our established defender move on. Whether you rate Golbourne or not is irrelevant. Classic case of "asset stripping". League 2 in 3 years is my prediction!

Eating your words for your tea tonight, noble laz was great today better than goldbourne all season asset stripping my backside, I would say we got rid of a bad apple

Well played noble laz saved us some money there.

Lets be honest goldbourne was a good player for majority of last season so y everyone saying he's bad just cause he's left

Goldberg good full back but could not cross a ball

Reuben Noble-Lazarus is a better than Scott Golbourne as a left wing back and a good young talent for the future.

We desperately need cranie and nyatanga back. Mvoto looked terrible on Saturday. Even wiseman is playing well so far

What is with this wiseman bashing he was as good as cranie at end of last season. He's a decent centre bk and personally I think he would be the right bk we need when cranie is fit. Still wondering about mvoto though he was very poor against hudds. Hope it's just him getting used to the pace

Id hate to be barnsley manager. Last season everyone was saying we need a massive centre back who probably not be a good ball player but be a good tackler and good in the air, which mvoto is. Then when flicker goes and gets one people have a go because he's "not good enough". He will be a good player once he adapts to different tempo and style of play to league 1 which will help improve his positioning.



29 Aug 2013 13:43:45
Aaron Hunt is close to a deal worth 5mil to Stoke he was at Stoke last night watching the game. Hughes has also made a 2mil bid for Peter Odemwingie and considering one for Junior Hoilett.

MH has just announced that we won't be pursuing Aaron Hunt, due to persistant injuries that he is not fully over, he did hint that may be in the next window he would consider a move for him.

Hope he doesn't turn out to be another Ba!

What about Guidetti and Barry? I guess if all these rumours are true some of he names mentioned are back-up plans? I couldn't imagine all of them signing. Even though it would be great!

Hunt will not join stoke he wants to stay in Germany.

Your right but we are trying to sign arron hunt for 5million

I don't think Hunt would turn down a chance to play in the EPL and if the deal falls through it will be because Werder Bremen do not want to sell.

I really do rate him, and I'd love to see him at the Brittania, but I don't have high hopes for this deal. I doubt Bremen want to lose Hunt right after the completion of De Bruyne's transfer; and though I'd love if he was, I'm not especially sure Hunt is keen on the move himself.



29 Aug 2013 13:23:25
Former Barnsley player Ricardo Vaz Te has handed in a transfer request at WHU, this opens the door for Barnsley to re-sign the player and have offered a season long loan according to sources close the Yorkshire club

Heard he is off to reading

Vaz Te wants to go to Leeds United.

Vaz Te coming back to Barnsley on loan or as a full signing is as likely as the man in the moon playing centre half for us. Stop dreaming and get real!

Reporter from radio says he is on his way to us too. never know but i'd rather have a CB



29 Aug 2013 13:14:58
Ipswich set to use money from selling Arron Cresswell this transfer window to fund a double swoop for Peterborough pair tommy Rowe and Craig Alcock thought to be worth £2m.

MM say cressy is going no where!

Hope so from a posh fan

Hope very much not from a posh fan

^ A Posh fan wouldn't say that. Both players we need to keep so we can establish ourselves in the championship next season after we win the league this year.

I posted below this but I have been told this will be on hold until January. as Mick will not sell unless he get a good sum for him in the region of 4m.

Cressy is not going anywhere and if anyone comes in for him now they are bonkers mm own words so no he is not going to Southampton everton or anywhere else and we have just got alan lee back on non contract terms so why would we want sharp

I would have billy sharp over 30 alan lees.

Takes the mick at 2 mil.



29 Aug 2013 12:26:13
Charlton Manager Chris Powell hopes to sign a Goalkeeper before the window shuts and is keen on free agent Lee Camp, if unsuccessful he will try to sign Palace's Welsh International Lewis Price who is annoyed to be demoted to third choice following the arrival of Neil Alexander.

He also hopes to sign Dean Hammond and Jonathan Obika.



29 Aug 2013 10:50:13
Blackpool have made a bid, for highly rated Heart of Midlothian winger Jamie Walker. Expected in the region of 250k.

In an attempt to sign a much needed fullback, Blackpool boss Paul Ince is looking at the possible loan signing of Dedryck Boyata from Manchester City. The 22yo fullback has found himself out of manager Manuel Pellegrini plans and could be tempted by the move.



29 Aug 2013 12:29:40
Reading FC are very interested in West Ham striker Vaz Te after he handed in a transfer request. They are believed to have contacted West Ham about a possible move.

This could happen but unlikely until other wages are freed up. Would be a typical Reading signing though, cheap cast-off from the reduced aisle which is where RFC find most of their signings.

I sincerely hope so, I want Reading to show the fans that they can pay big money for quality people. We can't keep scraping the bottom for free transfers and people past their best.
Drenthe was an amazing signing, thank god we have him and HRK, otherwise, we could be bottom half of the league in no time.

Did well 2011-2012 season for Barnsley in the championship got 10 goals in 22 appearances only 12 starting then sold him off in January transfer window

Please let this be true.

How on earth is this a cheap cast off. For last two season even though he hardly played last year he's had most assists both seasons. Top goal scorer in champ and scored more goals than any other winger (where he was made to play last season). Would be awesome signing



29 Aug 2013 12:19:53
A mystery premier league club are in for grant leadbitter. Forrest are also interested.

Perhaps even FOREST too



29 Aug 2013 12:00:07
Barnsley to offer transfer listed Ricardo Vaz Té a way out of Upton Park by offering a season long loan deal for the unhappy player

Can't see this happening, Premier League clubs reported to be interested.
Tv say Golbourne going to Wolves, losing one of our best players. what's going on!

Since when as goldbourne been one of our better players.

I've been to every game and golbourne ain't the same player he was before his injury. No where near his past form. As for vaz te, I think there's more chance of us getting bale than vaz coming back

Goldbourne more money has gone

Its disgraceful Flitcroft selling GOLBOURN, you should go and go now

Golbourne is one of the worst players we have at the club alongside Dawson. let him go

Put it this way, he's better than Kennedy.

29 Aug 2013 17:47:47
Kennedy is quality, golbourne is not performing because he's not a left wing back.

Dawson worst player are you real. him and perkins are the best at the club. and have been for a while. only 2 that have turned up this year

Kennedy and Wiseman are clowns, neither one can tackle or head the ball, and unfortunately these are the two basic requirements of a DEFENDER!!

Kennedy quality. ? that has to be mrs kennedy writing that or his mum. realy sorry don't want to offend you but he's the worst player iv seen at oakwell in nearly 30 years

Do any of you actually watch Barnsley play? Golbourne has been terrible this season so far so i'm not sorry to see him go, Kennedy has his spells where he looks half decent, but I don't think he's championship quality and Wiseman has had a great start to season, looks totally different to the shower he was last season!

To me personally I remember alan hansen at liverpool comming to oakwell one of the best I've seen

We can't keep shipping goals at the rate we are, defence is a joke and has been for 3 seasons. why keep buying strikers and midfielders when its obvious what we need, a good defender who can marshal a back four or the way we are going a back six

Perkins is a quality midfielder but he isn't at the standard of Kelvin Etuhu, Jacob Mellis and Tomasz Cywka. And yes I am being real Stephen Dawson is the worst player we have at the club.

I didn't think Scott Wiseman was up to championship football when Hill was in charge along with other reds fan but I believe that Wiseman has been one our stand out players this season so far.

Have any of you ever been to a match Dawson is a quality player, Kennedy is the class we need at the moment and by far the best player at the club is O'Grady, he works hard and is consistent upfront and has the ability to score regularly.

01 Sep 2013 09:29:09
Flickers brings in an exciting signing in Dale jennings, and then doesn't play him? He needs a chance and he can be a real good player for us

Spot on ed. he is constantly all over the pitch everything is run through him and helping cover others that are not pulling there weight. outstanding player hence why he was player of the year. alro did u see what mark robins and some huddersfield fans said in the media that they hoped he wasnt playing. says it all.
dawson too has been fantastic for us. to say either of thdn haven't obviously are silly kids sat behind a keyboard. and etuhu better. grow up?

Are u real Dawson is poor he has no ability and less pace than a snail

How can u say Dawson is rubbish? He didn't have the best start but since the charlton game he's been quality, he was the only player worthy of wearing the shirt against southampton, and scored a quality goal, and in the Huddersfield game the midfield controlled the first half and Dawson was the onlly one out of the three who tried to break forward. And wiseman has been one of the best players for us this season

Dawson is a leader a great tackler he runs his heart out and gives everything for the team and pops up with a few goals. exactly what u want from a central midfielder.
give your head a shake u person.
wiseman is ok when were playing well he's good going forward. when were under the cosh from better sides he's a liability.
much improved this year agreed. maybe more once players fit and he's at wing back where he should be.
kennedy and dagnall disgrace to the shirt!

Dawson is a league 2 player at best and placing armband on him is disgusting.

Feel a bit sorry for dagnall he runs everywhere but every shot he takes he either misses the ball completely or gets blocked. Even his goal took a massive deflection. Kennedy OS decent on the ball but makes some shocking mistakes defensively.



29 Aug 2013 11:50:02
Vaz te hands in transfer request as interest from Leeds grows a deal to bring him to elland road could be done soon!

Along with half the championship

He won't sign for Leeds as wages are a big issue.

Big issue only cost a pound



29 Aug 2013 11:37:50
Andy bishop in talks with Bradford city

No he isn't. Bradford are not doing anything else this transfer window.

Not good enough for league 1. Never going to happen.

Bishops agent must be wanting to earn some money.

Think His agent put the initial rumour on



29 Aug 2013 11:26:51
Ipswich have agreed a fee with Southampton for Aaron Cresswell

29 Aug 2013 15:15:25
quick I need the conformation that this is fact that Cresswell has signed for the saints, and sharp coming to Town

Can't see cresswell coming to st Mary's saints already have good defenders anyone new will proberbly be Spanish or Italian.

I don't think he will not until Janaury and deal will involve another playing coming to Ipswich

We already have a better left back in our youth team- matty targett.

No need to go signing other players. Completely made up rumour this



29 Aug 2013 11:19:53
Vas Te has asked for a transfer from West Ham and has been linked with a move back to the Championship with Middlesbrough apparently keen on signing him!

He would be a great signing but will have higher wages than we can afford so he will have to be willing to take a wage cut.

With what cash

Cheers mate

Vaz te would be a great signing I remeber last year with his sensational performance against brighton, let mcormack stay vaz te has for more quality



29 Aug 2013 11:16:13
Nakhi wells to hull for 1.6 milliion with Mclean going the other way as part of the deal.

Where's the other 1.4 million. he won't leave for less than 3 million. !

Just heard city have put an offer in for Nakhi Wells, with matty fryatt as part of the deal, would rather see Mclean leave instead of matty.

Highly unlikely, Bruce has said he is after a experienced premier league striker, why would he swap fryatt for the talented but unexperienced wells?



29 Aug 2013 11:13:41
Aaron Cresswell is in Southampton for talks after ITFC agreed a £4m deal involving Billy Sharp going on a season loan to them.
Medical is expected at lunchtime, if personal terms are agreed, this well be enough time to register him for Saturdays game at Norwich City

Absolute NONSENSE!

And we need another left back because. ?

If we going to get sharp we would want a permanent deal not loan

29 Aug 2013 15:17:18
He's young, and a very good replacment LB

Hopefully it's a sign that Danny Fox is moving on/in the other direction

We need another left back because the only one we have of premier league standard is 18 and cannot possibly play 38 league games plus however many cup games- it would ruin him!

Why would we rush to register him for the norwich game anyway? Not exactly having issues with our defense are we?.

4m is the fee so agree. If we get sharp on loan then we would probably have a deal in place for Jan I think.



29 Aug 2013 11:05:30
Blackpool to lodge big for Ricardo Vaz Te after he handed in a transfer request at west ham. Possible replacement for Matty P

After all he said about Blackpool in the build up to the play-off final in 2012, I don't want him

I doubt he would come to blackpool unfortunately

Seems possible. Would be a better Phillips replacement than Stephen Hunt

A better Phillips replacement than Phillips. Can't see it happening



29 Aug 2013 10:12:12
Watford's Troy deeney interesting celtic. However, with the asking price maybe being too high for celtic, champions league football is now their trump card to convince him

But Watford will be in the Champions League in a couple of years so he can wait lol

29 Aug 2013 14:28:14
you'll need more than champions league football to convince Watford to sell there main striker!

He was on Hornets Player doing commentary last night and said he won't be going to celtic or anyone this window.

29 Aug 2013 15:06:27

The possibility of Premier League football outweighs Champions League football with Celtic and the SPL any day. Wouldn't want to go and Celtic won't pay our valuation

Watford being in the champions league in a couple of years is rubbish

Thanks captain obvious

The possibility of a relegation battle in the premiership, or the possibility of beating barcelona at celtic park two years running. Tough choice either way

No disrespect to deeney but he isn't good enough to get into our team.

Agreed. I'd give Acuna a go.

Don't really see why you'd find Acuna more appealing when he has never outscored Deeney over a season, despite having played in a worse league than Deeney.

Deeney's best scoring season: 20 goals in the Championship (inc. play-offs)

Acuna's best scoring season: 18 goals in the Segunda (inc. play-offs)

God. Acuna was an attempt at humour.



29 Aug 2013 10:06:21
Tom pope set to leave port vale after a poor start to the season. With the valiants close to agreeing a deal with marlon king.

Didn't think Vale could sign anybody with the new financial restraints

30 aug 2013 04:06:52
whose had a poor start to the season the mighty vale or tom pope? the boy will come good. need the crowd to get behind them on saturday as the?anky wanderers are in town. get your money on brentford for the division 3 title - head & shoulders above anyone else.



29 Aug 2013 10:00:05
According to Tuttosport and other italian press, West Ham are still nailed on to sign Fabio quagrialella who looked very sharp scoring twice last night in Juventus 4-0 win.



29 Aug 2013 10:52:57
Rumour that Tom Carroll from Spurs is joining AFC Bournemouth on loan, to be announced later today.

But he's playing in the Spurs game? Shame as he is the sort of player we need.

29 Aug 2013 20:42:11
Don't think so. He was playing for Spurs tonight in Europe cup match.

I hope so but don't really see it happening after his impresive performance in the Europa



29 Aug 2013 09:27:30
apparently west brom are looking to bring jack butland in on loan.

Already confirmed by local journalist Steve Madley that this is a false rumour. West Bromwich Albion are looking to bring in experienced cover, not a young prospect. Lee Camp is favourite as he is on a free and fits the bill of experienced.

Sheffield Wednesday are also interested to give Chris Kirkland competition for his number one spot.

Absolutely no chance of him going to Sheffield Wednesday as understudy. He can do that at Stoke. Don't expect anything to happen until after the transfer window closes, just in case Begovic was to be sold.

29 Aug 2013 13:43:58
He is officially in talks with sheff wed according to local press.

Must be the local press in Sheffield as evening paper in Stoke said it was rumoured that Sheffield Wednesday were interested

29 Aug 2013 22:58:31
No new faces,

Why would we waste our last domestic loan on an inexperienced goalkeeper?



29 Aug 2013 09:00:31
Kerim Frei of Fulham to join Gillingham on loan

Would love this to be true but never going to happen we couldn't afford him

29 Aug 2013 09:54:51
Love this to be true, but he's far to good for us, so not likely to happen



29 Aug 2013 08:59:36
Kalou to West Brom is back on. Also Gardner will sign in next couple of days.

29 Aug 2013 10:21:31
Yep. Talks held yesterday with Kalou rep's.

Yeah, looking at all these reports quoting Kalou as saying he wants to stay right where he is, shows that that piece of transfer action is hot on becoming a 'go'.

Stop it, please.

Why would west brom need another striker when anelka has returned

29 Aug 2013 12:16:41
Cos PO and Rosenberg leaving. Leaves Anelka, Long, Vydra. Thoughts are Berahino not ready yet

29 Aug 2013 12:17:33
^^^ Eh?

Since when was Rosenberg leaving

What I've seen of vydra he won't cut it in the prem nowhere near good enough hope he proves me wrong

29 Aug 2013 15:58:05
Surely they won't keep him after his performance Tuesday night. He was even terrible against Newport!

We don't need another striker people say berahino is not ready give the young lad a chance I think he would be a wonder in first team

29 Aug 2013 16:37:15
Yeah, looking at all these reports quoting Kalou as saying he wants to stay right where he is, shows that that piece of transfer action is hot on becoming a 'go'.

Stop it, please.

Can you explain please?? ^^^

Rosenberg is rubbish. He didn't score at all last season. What makes you think this season. I believe we are still woefully short of a proven goalscorer. I hope Anelka hits it off but he is not a 90 min player

Rosenberg will not be leaving, plus he will come through at some point this season now that he will have to step his game up.



29 Aug 2013 08:57:27
Sheffield United looking at 21 year old Coventry City striker Callum Wilson. Wilson is currently top scorer in League One with five goals in four games. Steven Pressley has said he is not for sale and a massive bid would be required. Unlikely to leave as has a long term contract and is a Cov Kid.

Isn't he on a 1 year contract?.

Makes me laugh how the blades still consider themselves a big draw for players. Wilson is far better off staying at Cov until a big move comes along

Why would he be better waiting for a big move to sit on bench or reserves like Jordan Slew, Danny Sturridge at Chelsea, Lukaku at Chelsea, Darren Bent at Tottenham, Andy Carroll at Liverpool, Big Moves aren't always the best move for a young player, at his age he wants to be playing in a team where he is going to get chances, and at SUFC we just need a goalscorer because we are creating a lot of chances, but with the likes of Porter up top 1 goal in 20 shots isn't good enough and we won't get no where, but with the likes of Lyle Taylor, Callum Wilson, we could actually do something productive.

SUFC have much more potential!

Callum Wilson is staying put despite a contract offer from Sheffield United which exceeds his City one.



29 Aug 2013 08:51:39
Charlton are set to offer Oxford United £250K for Right winger Alfie Potter with the fee set to rise after add ons are activated witch will go up to £400K.

Need more than that

29 Aug 2013 12:57:29
We ant got 250 pounds let alone 250k

Doubt Powell will be able to spend any money at all this season unless something happens to the board

You got more than us (sheffield wednesday)

No one will be Leaving or coming into Oxford until the new transfer window in January.

So annoying to see these. How come a team like Doncaster can sign the goalkeeper from Chelsea and charlton being a London team we don't get the man. Big mistake Who is replacing solly? Come on Powell love ya to bits trust you but let us know what is happening



29 Aug 2013 08:17:09
Phil Parkinson has decided not to take Newcastle's Haris Vuckic on loan after his poor showing in the league cup at Morecambe



29 Aug 2013 08:05:57
Peterborough will beat the deadline to sign St. Johnstone striker Stevie May in a deal which will see Posh striker Nicky Ajose go the other way.

Doubtful but stranger things have happened. This might depend on the sale of Sinclair

Not happening that deal was dead last week

Fergie just said deal dead in the water.

Ajose gone to Swindon on loan



29 Aug 2013 07:22:47
Very strong source at millwall say that steve lomas has 2 more games and needs to win or gets sacked.

Surely they will give him more time

We have to be very careful here because a few years ago Millwall sacked at least 5-6 managers in a short time span! let's see who he signs before Tuesdays deadline? I personally would give him four more games? I hope he turns it around?

29 Aug 2013 11:03:28
1. Wayne Rooney to Chelsea 35-40m
2. Leighton Baines to Manchester United 10-12m
3. Erik Lamela to Spurs 30m
4. Gareth Bale to Real Madrid 80m
5. Christian Eriksen to Spurs 15-16m
6. Juan Mata to Arsenal 30-35m
7. Liverpool-Arsenal-Spurs for Arda Turan 30m
8. Angel Di Maria to Galatasaray 35m
9. Samuel Eto'o to Chelsea 20m
10. Demba Ba to Newcastle 17m

Ok let's say for arguments sake that the JB & co sack him soonish? WHO else would want the job? And most of the players he has brought in are on TWO year contracts!

I am not happy at the moment but he needs more time to get it right.

Sounds about right. We simply cannot afford to be cut adrift this early in the campaign. I fear there is more underlying issues perhaps on the training ground as to why the players are playing so poorly and are looking clueless. The club need an experienced Championship Manager not somebody "Learning as they go". We be punished time and time again given the quality of this league.

I would say give SL until after the Leeds match, if things are still the same then I'm afraid its GOODBYE! PS, Would like Gus Poyet for manager but I wouldn't think he would come to us? Have heard he's being lined up for Fulham?!

He's a terrible manager. Look at his signings. Steve morison. Yes he may be a hero at the club but why does he think a rival club are letting an established striker leave the club. Because he is now completely useless and riddled with injury and fitness problems. Nicky bailey has done nothing in the 6 games he's played
Lee martin, another bad signing why does he think ipswich let him go.

He's just awful. All the time saying how there are positives from all these defeats. You lost the match end of. I can't see things improving and as it stands were going down

Don't forget that SL has been left with KJ's 'DEADWOOD'! It takes a bit of time but hopefully SL will turn things around sooner rather than later? We are player better football ATM! COYL

29 Aug 2013 15:50:51
Sell some players and get a key striker and one more defender and we could be looking at the top of table but give him 4 games and if not a win if he don't get 5 more points sack him macdonald needs someone with him

If we can get some kind of result at Brighton? then we have got the two week international break & after that hopefully Forde & Trotter will be back & fully fit we all hope! Still need GOALS!

29 Aug 2013 22:31:52
There are 6 or 7 new players and SL is trying to change the style - the results will come I hope. I don't think its panic time - I didn't go to Forest but sounded like a lot more chances created than what was happening 2nd half of last season when I couldn't even get myself to listen to the radio it was that painful. The style needs to change and we lost in extra time to best side in league probably. For a change I find myself looking forward to the Derby game although that will be tough one as I think they will be up there this year. I can't really see us getting relagated on paper - I think the quality will come through - Also SL is tinkering a bit with formations - He is probably learning a bit as he goes along and let's hope he does it quick but I still think he will be OK. We always also had big front guy defending set pieces effectively (Morison, Henderson. etc) so when they are not there someone like Woolford has to take place of extra central defender. alex

30 Aug 2013 01:27:40
What millwall play best at is 451 formation we should have fenney on more than Henry I think we should give Henry one more year and sell him because he is young to and sell him to clubs for a bit of money but a change needs to happen get a new defender than beavers I'm shocked that he is playing robo and s***tu should just be playing but as you can see we let goals go at corners we are very weak at defending on corners and this needs to improve aso get rid of Malone and a sell a midfielder like woolford then we get money and get defender or a better striker

The last post 01:27 has just NOT got a CLUE! This person is obviously entitled to their opinion but honestly? Still there we are! I still think & hope that SL will turn it around in the next 2 matches! Keep the faith COYL

JB isn't in the habit of changing the manager every 5 minutes.



29 Aug 2013 07:14:55
ATTENTION!! Urgent transfer news free agent striker Aruna Dindane on trial with Boro after his release from Crystal Palace

I heard he's on trial along with free agent Benjani

Really hope not! Weight issues, wrong side of thirty and he has never looked like a 20 goal a season striker. Benjani even worse. Mowbray won't bring these in, he even said he would rather not bring players in than panic into a bad decision. Miller is better than these and that's saying something. JM

Wouldn't mind Benjani if we could get him back into the form he was when he was in the premiership and I've never heard of the other guy.

29 Aug 2013 10:24:09
Are borough actually signing anyone more posts on this site about signing players, or is someone just putting FALSE information on here cus there bored, have you actually signed anyone!

Vaz te has handed in a transfer request! c'mon mogga use your brain this is a match made in heaven! get the lad in and **** off mccorrmack he's just the club around, so don't give him the satisfaction and sign the much more prove. striker! UTB!

I would guess that these are back up plans in case things go wrong on deadline day.
You can still sign free agents after 2nd Sept so no point rushing into anything now

29 Aug 2013 11:24:12
What do you mean after his release from Palace we only had him on a weeks trial he's overweight and unreliable turned up late on to many day apparentley

No he was under contract at Palace, Ollieolloway said so in interview against Forest

Bha4life it's BORO not BOROUGH



29 Aug 2013 07:01:30
Boro look set to offer former Man City striker Jon Macken a contract until January for some strength in depth in attack.



29 Aug 2013 07:00:14
Boro may sign dejected Norwich trio Daniel Ayala, Luciano Becchio and Jaccob Butterfield.

Brighton are thinking of getting becciho

What suggests Becchio will be allowed out on loan or sold? unless Norwich sign another striker I cannot see CH letting out on loan.
Butterfield and Ayala - maybe?



29 Aug 2013 06:58:42
Middlesbrough set to sign Perrolul Ploiesti midfielder Filipe Teixera on loan until January. Mowbray has already signed him once in his career, at West Bromwich.



29 Aug 2013 06:56:34
Mowbray is apparently going to offer free agent midfielder Hugo Colace a one month contract.



29 Aug 2013 06:51:23
Mogga linked with a move for ex Blackpool and Sheffield United striker Danny Bogdanovic to strengthen his attacking options until January, however the forward may be a little rusty as his last playing time was for Maltese club Valetta earlier this year.



29 Aug 2013 04:16:06
Swindon Town to sign striker Gary Taylor Fletcher who left Blackpool at the end of last season.

Swindon to do a swap deal for Wes Thomas of Bournemouth with Paul Caddis moving to Dean Court.

Hope these two are true

Hope so, but can't really see this happening!.

Thomas would be a great signing with Ranger we would have a good partnership, ain't no way its going to happen though

You can have Thomas! He's absolute garbage.

If this true then I'd say it's good for all party's.

It would be good to get these but I doubt it will actually get done

Gary taylor fletcher is on trial at millwall.

30 Aug 2013 17:12:54
Swindon set to nicky ajose from on loan from Peterborough till January also it looks like Archibald henville is moving to Carlisle on a short term loan



29 Aug 2013 01:20:21
Former Hull city and Colchester forward Craig Fagan is in talks with league one side Walsall over a possible move to the Banks's stadium

Fagan was at Bury last season where he played 11 games scoring once (he signed in February until the end of the season)

Worth a chance

We're linked with him every transfer window and nothing ever comes of it.



29 Aug 2013 00:25:46
Huddersfield in talks with Cyrus Christie from Coventry and Matt Mills from Bolton. So looks like JH is leaving the club

Mills has been to more clubs than the queen has countries! He messed up when he left Reading.

If hunt was to go, if town re invest it in players like the above. then it would be to the benefit of the club which is a good thing.

Bolton have a few injuries so may wait and keep hold of Mills for now.

Huddersfield need cover at the back and would be good business if this happens

Cyrus will not be leaving city
i have that from good inside info from a city insider

Cyrus Christie, be prepared too pay 2m

Sisu want 5m

Add another 3m to that sisu quoted if he went it'd be no less than 5m.



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