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29 Aug 2012 23:48:06
Heard Rotherham have enquired about defender ashley westwood from crewe. {Ed001's Note - he is a central mid, there was an Ashley Westwood at Crewe a few years back who was a defender though, oddly enough. They had a couple of Billy Jones as well within a short space of time.}

Same Two trialists that played for Rotherham at Kettering.

Arnt a premier leauge team looking at him or it might be a championship team was made captain for this season

Local press and Steve davis, Crewe manager have indicated that Swansea are the interested premier league club



29 Aug 2012 23:30:11
Huddersfield Town are to use the Rhodes money to sign Johnny Russell(DUNDEE UTD) and DJ Campbell (QPR)

Good business if the amount received is true. Not sure about Campbell though. Becchio and McCormack though might be a winner!!

Can understand every player has his price ..but all thetalk about rhodes going no were bulding town fans hopes up is just wrong..

Dj cambell isnt fit to replace jordans grandma!!

As a town fan i dont think we should of sold 1 of our best players we always do it now we have some buying to do comeone deano sort this out tbh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sadly you can see what happened ...rovers came in & offered peanuts & were told to go away !! lol politely !
they then came back still offering nowhere near enough ..same reply !! they came back again still far away so hoyle told them sod off untill you come back with £8m & hey ho they did !! bet hole regrets giving them a specific figure .. but good luck jordan !! you will go allthe way !!

4.5 million up front rising to 8 million. yet again huddersfield sell a player on the cheap. that shows our ambition, can i get a refund on my season ticket now?

Dj cambell.... crock of rubbish!

Dont want DJ. Campbell and Russell will do thanks.

Really hope so. Strengthen our squad massively following the loss of Jordan. Also like GMS please

Whatever the money is its not enough. Selling to a championship club is a HUGE error, see year 2000 Marcus Stewart sold to Ipswich Town (same division) they got promoted, we didn't! MS goal scoring ratio for Ipswich 1 in 2. However much less the Fulham offer was than Blackburns it was worth more than selling to a same division club Mr Hoyle! His "never again" comments seem a long long way away.malhamterrier

Whatever the money is its not enough. Selling to a championship club is a HUGE error, see year 2000 Marcus Stewart sold to Ipswich Town (same division) they got promoted, we didn't! MS goal scoring ratio for Ipswich 1 in 2. However much less the Fulham offer was than Blackburns it was worth more than selling to a same division club Mr Hoyle! His "never again" comments seem a long long way away.malhamterrier

Scandalous decision Dean've possibly undone a great deal of good!

Why do people keep saying the upfront sum is £4.5M?! Town wouldn't have sold if they weren't guaranteed the full £8M at least.

We sold him for £8m not £4.5m, if he was worth that we would've sold him to fulham a long time ago. and it was a good deal i think, 8m to get maybe two strikers and have a bit of left over money in our pocket.

^^^^^ what is the point in keeping a player who doesn't want to be here!, we have 8 million for a player who isn't evan proven at championship level yet. spend the money wisely and it could be the best decision hoyle made. UTT!

Are you lot joking? £8 million quid and the lad could go to L**ds for all I care. He's a good lad and great goalscorer, but he is not worth 8 million by any stretch and we will obviously invest in some top players before 2morow

It's not 4.5 million up front, it's the full 8 mill with add ons. Papers got it wrong. Paul Ogden at Radio Leeds and The Examiner are the ones in the know and they both say its 8 mill upfront with add ons if promoted and scores so many goals etc

Been confirmed, 4.5 mill plus add ons

This from a hugely loyal town fan................ so why did Jordan Rhodes move to Blackburn ??
Because when Edabayor kisses the Arsenal, Man City & Spurs badges it means nothing, when Tevez kisses his Man Utd, Man City badge it means nothing etc etc Very soon RVP will be kissing the Man Utd badge just as Rhodes will be saying how much he loves's all meaningless rubbish, these guys don't give a monkeys about you , me or the next fan, Jordan Rhodes has moved to BRFC not for footballing reasons but because he's been offered £30k, £35k, £40k a week (the amount is irrelevant) it's greed, pure greed & nothing more.............these players are everything that is wrong with football & until we , tha fans realise that then it will continue.............HTAFC will be here long after Jordan Rhodes is forgotten.................I have a season ticket at Town & will continue to support and love my club & my Town not any individual player........ from a vey loyal & passionate but very dissappointed and sad Huddersfield Town fan.

Dj would cost very little and score goals in an attacking team. He only failed at QPR due to injury and at Leicester because they were a poor side who couldn't get him the ball. Mark my words whoever gets Dj will get a bargain

Why is it such a bad thing that Jordan Rhodes goes for the money?? I dont blame him at all, i enjoy my job and the people around me. But if someone offered to triple my wages you wouldn't see me for the dust i kick up speeding out of the door!! It not greed on the part of footballers, who wouldnt want to earn more after all its their job - they get paid to do a job. He was a good player for town. Hate when people talk about greedy footballers! Its a short career and you have to make your money in what? ten years? People should just shut the hell up about greed - you saying you would turn it down?? Bull - you would be gone just as quick!!

I k
dont personally see how you can say that Jordan Rhodes is greedy and everything wrong with football today is the actual players, im a devoted Town fan through and through and i hope Jordan the best of luck, he is a talented player and he wanted to broaden his horizans to maybe even the Premiership which you cant blame and what happened with Mr. Stewart is a totally different matter he was forced out because the chairman at the time was greedy, if anything is wrong with football theses days it Chairmans, pal ^^



29 Aug 2012 23:23:34
Stoke are after former man u striker Michael Owen and blackburn midfielder Steven Nzonzi

city are set to loan out duo Jamie Ness and Mamady Sidibe to league one side Walsall

Striker Kenwyne Jones is wanted by championship side Wolves

Ness has Only just joined to fill in for the struggling and past it etherington so total rubbish this rumour and the fact he's injured

Ness plays LB or CM so im not sure how he will cover ethers who isnt past it in my opinion just needs more support off the other players

Sidibe is a legend



29 Aug 2012 23:14:08
Ipswich will get 10% of Rhodes fee, with Boyd and Taylor poised to be unveiled in the morning and Murphy and Bramble set to seal loan deals. There may be another two additional signings now Bullard is off the wage bill and Stevenson set to leave, Delaney may follow him out the door

Think you will find Taylor and Boyd rejected Ipswich because they couldn't agree personal terms

Boyd / taylor deal off

The 2 boro players have rejected terms

The deal is not dead yet! #itfc

Murphy and bramble also not coming

Ipswich will have no new players in by friday night ! Same old for a bad season..

Deal could be back on, wage demands apparently too high, but town may up their offers

Murphy deal confirmed



29 Aug 2012 22:48:46
Dempsey to patch things up with fulham

Really? i doubt that highly

Hope not burnt his bridges as far as I'm concerned . Berbatov on his way to fulham.

Just heard fulham say no way back for Dempsey so bye bye .



29 Aug 2012 22:46:41
Reports in Spain claim Valencia have accepted Swansea's latest bid of €7million for winger Pablo Hernandez.

Awesome signing. Will, as Laudrup does, wait till everything is final BUT excited nonetheless !

Reports are that this guy is class. Glad we went for Hernandez and not Tom Ince from Blackpool.



29 Aug 2012 22:44:38
Swansea have had a bid of 7million euros accepted for Valencia winger Pablo Hernandez

No they had 5.1 m rejected!

No, they've had a 7 million euro bid accepted



29 Aug 2012 22:33:15
Saints in for miralem sulejmani from Ajax after Blackpool not willing to let Phillips go , he is also on west ham's radar



29 Aug 2012 22:26:24
Portsmouth will sign Michael Tongue from stoke on a one month loan deal

Man as much as I love tony I think Harry could be the person to bring stoke to the next level that should be

Not happening Pompey are to make a double swoop for Johnny Ertl and Darel Russell.



29 Aug 2012 22:05:29
-Stoke have tabled a contract for michael owen and are now waiting on the player
-Stoke also remain interested in spurs trio jermain defoe, tom huddlestone and michael dawson with matthew upson likely to seek a move away from the club
-With Harry Redknapp available, stoke may look to recruit him as their new manager at the end of the season depending on whether they stay in the premier league and how they do in the fa cup now that they have been knocked out of the league/capital one cup, this is most likely to happen if tony pulis moves upstairs and still occupies a role at the club due to pulis and redknapp being close friends and having worked together at bouremouth
-Stoke city are also interested in signing stephen n'zonzi from blackburn as wilson palacios may be set for a move away from the club after not being able to make an impact since his 6m move to the brit from spurs
-Stoke are looking to offload quite a few players to fund moves for other players, these include
- wilson palacios
- cameron jerome
- kenwyne jones
- danny higginbotham
- matthew upson
- michael tonge
- dean whitehead
-Talks are ongoing regarding goran popov's work permit after his application was initially rejected, following this stoke appealed the decision

Rednapp will not leave the south

I dont think this is true cameron jerome isnt going neither is palacios or whitehead as said by pulis and pulis said he doesnt he wants to work abroad after stoke

Rednapp will have taken a job by Christmas, we need to make any such change way sooner if we are to avoid another scrappy season

Should do a player switch with palacios and N'Zonzi

Why would coats allow pulis to bring in players of his style only come next season to sack him don makes sence plus Harry is going west ham so the bookies are saying and coats and pulis are like brothers he would never sack him

Spot on! Must also be in the know at SCFC. Harry Redknapp lives in Poole just along the coast from Tony Pulis in Bournemoth. Harry is our man to take over if things 'pan out'. The signing targets are also correct.



29 Aug 2012 22:02:13
Portsmouth to sign Danny Webber and Ricardo Rocha before friday and if there is funds in from getting a new owner in time Appleton will sign WBA striker chris wood and Blackburn midfielder Linganzi on emergancy loan

Again not happening Pompey are to make a double swoop for Johnny Ertl and Darel Russell.

And liam cooper

Yes linganzi could join too and we are set to get daniel bogdanovic

Liam Cooper does not want to move south

Pompey have released Linganzi after a short trial



29 Aug 2012 21:59:51
Dale Stephens is attracting interest from other prem clubs and Charlton could hold out for a higher transfer fee after rejecting Villas

And we could just ignore them

I would let him go for £1.5m, he is not a premiership player. Charlton should also look to bring in some creative youngsters on loan from some of the top teams.

The person who said he'd let Stephens go for 1.5m cos he's not good enough clearly knows nothing about football.

Dale Stephens has played excellently this season so far and I hope he stays at Charlton.

Here here ^^ Stephens doesnt want to leave. Plus Chris Powell ahs said hee will only make emrgency loanss.



29 Aug 2012 21:59:44
Paul Ince was offered the Coventry City job last week and has now agreed terms ....From a reliable source.



29 Aug 2012 21:52:39
Blackpool to offer Fraizer Campbell a 2 year deal and end his miserable time at Sunderland and will go straight in to squad for Saturday night live sky game. Blackpool will keep Phillips and ince only players leaving will be out on loan eg Harris and Bruna. Blackpool will also announce the signing of Debbie on. 2 year deal. Holloway is also looking to bring in another 2 or 3 players in for back up 2 defenders and another wide player.

I'd love this to be true but I really cannot see it I'm afraid

When you say miserable time i hope youre refering too his injury prone time here! the lads well liked and its mutual

She's a good player that Debbie

Oyston would have to pay a transfer fee, and Campbell's wages are out of Blackpools reach, so no chance i'm afraid.

Blackpool will also announce the signing of Debbie on. 2 year deal......So Debbie Does Blackpool....?

Apart from Dobbie signing this is pretty true. Unlikely Campbell will sign apparently miles apart in agreeing wages/bonuses.

The fee for DJ has been agreed actually! so stop you slagging of Oyston

I bet blackpool do zero business today.....then look in the loan market

Ye I ment with injuries he a great player and would of done great there if he had stayed fit all season. Don't get why some people with nothing eles to do than talk load of rubbish if you not got anything to say except a load of s#it like Debbie really get a life you sad pri#k



29 Aug 2012 21:49:12
hibernian fc have just resigned kevin thomson from middlesburgh sourse his gf/wife

Kevin Thompson played for Rangers {Ed003's Note - and .....}

He was hibs captain too. Hope this is true.

Don't get Boro fans hope up, we would happily drive him back there ourselves

Kevin Thomson played for Hibs before he went to Rangers!



29 Aug 2012 21:48:48
notts county to sign leon clarke on
loan from charlton athletic

Please let this be true - i will even pay his train fare to notts

Ben Davies coming back from Derby and Pearce going the other way

Ben davies is not comming back!!!

Would not imagine this to be true. I've been impressed with him since he came to Charlton. Funny how he's playing in the starting 11. Doesn't smack of a player being considered for a loan spell away from The Valley



29 Aug 2012 21:47:49
Well, the time has come... Jordan Rhodes will be a Blackburn Rovers player by Friday. You will be missed JR but good luck and best wishes - £8m is a silly figure to turn down so fair play Hoyle and Co. Terrier.

MONEY TALKS to any player and loyalty goes out of the window seeing you've just gone up.

Can somebody tell me how a player who has never done anything higher than league 1 can be valued at so much. Podolski only cost £10.5 and he is a full german international with champions league experience. The poor state of English football isnt down to technique its down to clubs buying from abroad because its a lot cheaper, better players for the money.

Because Town didn't want to sell him and put that figure on him. The case you are making may seem valid, but it is irrelevant what you think, obviously Blackburn wanted him and were willing to pay for his potential.



29 Aug 2012 21:43:11
I would like to see sunderlands campbell come to norwich. There is no way e bennett is going back to brighton. He is very much in c.h. plans

Ncfc matt

Brighton wot are u doin selling noone u persons

Frazer Campbell wouldn't improve what we have. Too similar to Simeon Jackson. Need a replacement for Morison & CMartin.

Good player campbell, just needs a run of games, i wish him well, especially at norwich, who our fans have a good relationship with. good luck for the season canaries

Heard the Bennett rumour from good source at the ground defo need a striker gus likes them mobile quick feet narrows it down the noone deal is done reckon bennett if they can agree a deal plus a good target man that can score goals !

Noone is good on his day but over a season he is very average, as cardiff will find out, great bit of business for brighton



29 Aug 2012 21:38:04
Stoke are set to bid for Liverpool midfielder Charlie Adam, Blackburn Midfielder Steven Nzonzi, Free Agent Michael Owen, Spurs Striker Jermain Defoe (if spurs buy Leandro Damiao) also if Goran Popov has his Work Application turned down after appeal, Stoke will look to take Juventus full back Reto Ziegler or Blackburn Defender Martin Olsson also a right back is in contention.

Stoke are looking to offload
Mama Sidibe
Rory Delap
Kenwyne Jones
Wilson Palacios (Valencia) after a fall out with Tony Pulis
Micheal Tonge
Mathew Upson

Olsson is a left back

Stoke have bid 5m for Adam. We need a change and I for one would appreciate Adam. Pulis said last season that now was the time to push on. A season later and hopefully we will now push on. Need more changes though - not just players.

Palacios isnt going as said by pulis neither is delap as he may become a coach next season i doubt sidibe will go as pulis loves him hence why he got a new contract fuller didnt and i think pulis will not buy both owen and defoe just one

If Pulis thinks Adam is a push on, he needs therapy.

Palaccios is crap and Jones is just damned lazy but very good at backing into defenders and falling over. Get rid of both of 'em I say.



29 Aug 2012 21:37:39
Any crystal palace or crawley town



29 Aug 2012 20:41:35
Paul Ince was offered the Coventry City job last week and has now agreed terms ....From a reliable source....

I dont believe this is true.........I think Shawsy will get the job, if he does well over the next few matches!!

Complete rubbish y would they offer Ince the job when they still had Thorn. If they were planning on ditching him already they wouldnt of allowed him to build his own squad. They will go for a cheaper option

Id rather have incey that shaw ,only cuz shaw is cov legend and id hate to see the moany cov fans turning on him when things dont go right

Knowing how tight Sisu are and if they can save money from appointing from within the club then i think Richard Shaw will get it, but if they dont back him, then the fans will turn on a Sky Blue legend and great guy which would be so unfair.

Richard shaw what a ledge

Shaw and Carsley will be offered the job. Trust me I know.



29 Aug 2012 21:29:53
As much as i hate to say this Rhodes has gone to Blackburn for 8 mill, on ridiculous wages...
Town will look to replace him with Johnny Russell and Gary Mackay-Steven though!

I'd say good luck to Rhodes, been a great benefit to Town, but unfortunately he's wrecked his career with a single signature. If Grayson has Russell and G M-S lined up prior to this don't think we have anything to worry about UTT!

Money talks and loyalty means nothing where money is offered in football.

So much for all you Huddersfield fans saying not so long ago that Huddersfield did not need to sell and that he would be a Terriers player this season. Money does talk and Jordan is no different from any other player who given the chance of earning a few £ will turn his back on the club that have made him.

We did not need to sell but jordan said he would like to speak to blackburn so it was best for the club to sell. anyway hes not that good and if he doesent get off to a good start, he could start to feel the weight of that 8 million price tag.



29 Aug 2012 21:23:28
Aston Villa have signed Middlesbrough Left-Back Joe Bennett for a fee of £4,000,000 on a 4 year deal.

Disappointing, but probably a good price

Good deal if we spend the 4m on new players and do not just bank it

If were gettin 4 million its good buisnes but well need a replacement

We need to bank the money due to extra staff and funding that has been pumped into the EPPP at boro, Bennett is a good player and i wish him all the best but the money will definately help boro, UTB

The deal with Ipswich seems to be off so who knows

We do have George Friend, Andy Halliday and other left backs already, we should use the money to buy strikers... Hopefully Mogga's contacts are good ones.



29 Aug 2012 21:19:04
kenwyne jone to wolves 3.5m rising to 4.5

There posts down saying he's of fulham ..god don't no what believe now

Thanks, but no thanks.

I think he wouldnt be a bad signing but i dont think he would be a great signing. would probably want to be a starter and with doyle in the team and SEB looking decent its not going to happen.



29 Aug 2012 21:07:39
Kenwynne Jones going to Wolves ,if they can come to an agreement on wages

No chance payin his wages

We want strikers on the way up, not on the way down. Remember the Moxey mantra - "Young and hungry

Is that Moxey young and hungry. I wouldn't say he was young but looks like he has a good appetite. Also when Jones signed for Stoke Pulis went out of his way to say he came within the wage structure and took a pay cut



29 Aug 2012 20:54:58
Jordan Rhodes to join Blackburn 8 million and agreed personal terms

Huddersfield said he would only leave for a big club so they sold him to a club with no support money talks

Worst place for him to go

Cant believe theyve payed 8 million plus add ons for a striker who had a couple of good seasons in league 1! GAMBLE!

Lets hope it does not work and Blackburn do a Portsmouth!



29 Aug 2012 20:44:56
Rhodes agreed terms with Blackburn Huddersfield now just trying to agree a fee for there star striker

Same Town, different chairman please tell me we have a credible plan for replacing the best striker outside the Premier League.

Reported 8 million

Rubbish. Fee is agreed first before permission is given to talk terms!

I cant see this at all, why would HTFC let him talk to another club if the fee isn't agreed??

If Jordan goes good luck to him. He's been a terrific player for Town and I wish him well. He's going to be a top player and the money will help us strengthen as an all round team.

This feels like the Marcus Stewart story happening all over again... weak and money grabbing to a club in the same league. Not good for the club at all !

He has had his head turned by the money. i hope we have someone lined up or it's gonna be the marcus stewart story all over again because novak can't hit a barn door!

Huddersfield haven't even got the guts to put it on their website. it's all over the bbc though.
can i have my season ticket money back please.

8 million pal medical tomoz

Town will need 2 strikers to go with Vaughan. Novak and Lee are not good enough. Maybe need a creative midfielder too. 3 players for that Rhodes fee.

Good luck Jordan Rhodes at Blackburn nit sure why Blackburn as it seems a sideways step not a step up. Hope not but it might come back to bite town in the bum selling to team in same league. Now we need a replacement fast if window shuts and we don't replace him we will struggle.john

Any news on a replacement?

Yeah rhodes has gone but be posative. We could be getting russell
from a htfc fan

Why sell to a team in the same division? Too many clauses in the deal,, if promoted etc etc.. Good luck to the lad any way....Hope Lary Grayson has some great replacement players lined up as we are now weaker without Rhodes

Rhodes is having a medical on Thursday after agreeing personal terms and Town agreeing an initial 4.5 million fee rising to 8 million depending on if Blackburn get promoted.

Just when I thought there was a loyal footballer out there... oh well and any town fans that say 'im not going again' just because we sold a player are not true fans! also we got 8 million which is alot for a player who had a couple of good seasons in league 1 ! UTT!

No its 8mill up front that add-ons

Upfront fee to Town is 8mil with 1.5mil in add ons. Hoyle wouldn't have accepted if Hudds werent guaranteed the minimum valuation, especially to a divisional rival who clearly lacks class in professionalism

Lets look at the pisitives, rhodes is the best goalscorer outside the prem yes, but 4.5 mil will defo get us russell who has more pace, can also score headers, can tackle better and gets around more which is what town have been lacking. Vaughn made such a difference last saturday and rhodes couldnt keep up with it. Vaugn and Russell will be quality together

L***s fans panicking now, thinking we may just put a bid in for Becchio and McCormack with the money received for JR. Might not be far from the truth, Grayson's connections and a chairman always willing to sell with the temptation of half decent offer. Even though they've just signed new contracts, that means nothing but inflate the asking price a little. UTT

Why would you want your season ticket money back? Why have you even got one if you don't understand football- £8 is £8 whether from b burn or a prem team. HE WILL BE REPLACED!

Blackburn you have yourselves a bargain. dilly silly town. shows a lack of ambition which suprises me :-(

Blackburn striker David Goodwillie as part of deal. 7.5m and Goodwillie plus add ons.

Examiner paper reports its a straight 8 million plus add on's there more likely to no. Paul Ogden said the same. Excellent business for Town. Everyone as a price. That will buy us at least 3 quality players if reinvested as i suspect Dean Hoyle will do.

Got to agree with a few ppl on ere same old town sell ur best player to ur rivals its a marcus stewart situation all over again which will come bk and haunt town when brfc get promoted and town dont a

£8 million up front with add ons according to Radio Leeds. I'm a Town fan and like Rhodes, but think Blackburn are mad to pay this price - time will tell. We need another quality front man with pace before the window closes.

Completely agree with the post about fan loyalty. This is Huddersfield Town FC, not Jordan Rhodes FC! UTT

Sorry but football is all about money. Why would he go to another championship club? I'll tell you why. HES ON 40K A WEEK. Please let us get that kid from Dundee Utd now.

It isn't the marcus stewart situation this time. we didn't need to sell, we did because Rhodes wanted the move, town got the asking price so only fair to let him go. When stewart left town were pushing for promotion and had a chairman that didn't give a ****. We now have Dean Hoyle who as a fan witnessed what the steward selling did to his beloved club. He's a shrewd business man and has got his monies worth with plans in store to make sure town stay in the championship. Come on town fans, we are NOT a one man team, get behind the lads as much as ever. Have faith and Believe!!



29 Aug 2012 20:43:09
Craig noone to sign for Cardiff on Thursday,Cardiff are still hopeful of getting a deal down for nicky Maynard and Martin Taylor of Watford,and rob earnshaw to leave Cardiff to

Great signing hope to get Taylor and manyard would all be cracking signings

Taylor just signed an extention at Watford, try to get your facts right next time

Taylor is club captain so can't see him leaving

Taylor has played every game for Watford this season and after the takeover don't need to ship players to Wales to remain solvent any more. Sorry Redbirds but the Watford Store is closed.

Martin Taylor?! Is that a joke?! He wouldn't leave Watford since he's been made vice-captain. He especially wouldn't leave Watford to go to Watford Jr (aka Cardiff).

No chance of Taylor leaving Watford, just signed a new deal and has played every match this season...........

Behave mate, taylor isnt going anywhere

That's funny because "Watford junior" seeme to be astronomically better than Watford senior, who will go bust when you go no where in the next 2-3 years!

Go bust? How can we go bust when we've spent no money at all this transfer window?

My bad we are after a defender on loan or can play right back and centre back could be in the loan window that,you can keep the bald lump titanic can turn quick then him

"will go nowhere in the next 2-3 years"? Well firstly.. Your a cardiff fan so you cant say that.. with fail after fail each year... And we've spent no money, got 3millio from mapps and a couple of quid from loach.. So going bust wont happen... Especially with owners who own udinese, granada and can appoint zola... And have one of the best forward line in the league... Watford jr are gonna finish just above mid table or fail again in the playoffs...

Ee -ee we got him !

come on you OWLS



29 Aug 2012 20:42:58
Ipswich and bristol city are both showing an interest in sunderlands out of favor defender Titus Bramble

Jewell just trying to keep fans happys he done it last season with wright

Do you mean Titus Shambles?

City trying to loan winger Giovani dos santos. Buzaky on the way probably having medical on Friday. Monk having medical today

Doubt buzsaky's coming,santos wouldn't drop leagues,

I feel sorry for buszaky, this must be at least 8 medicals he has had at Bristol city.

I think baldock had 12 medicals b4 he signed as well



29 Aug 2012 20:42:14
Charlton Chris Solly will have a medical and will discuss personal terms with West Ham tomorrow 3M fee agreed.

Stop posting rubbish, charlton have rejected a bid and west ham cannot meet the 4mil requirement.

A MYTH I tell you!!!



29 Aug 2012 20:40:31
Charlton have rejected a 1.5 million bid for Dale Stephens. It is unlikely that Aston Villa will put in a higher bid, but is a possibility.

Thanks for stating that they may or may not put in a higher bid. It really wasn't clear



29 Aug 2012 20:38:31
now dont bite my hand off wrexham fans, this is all i've heard and I am going anonymous on here, if they don't happen then i'd be centre of scapegoating.

Wrexham to decide whether to sign hackney, thornton, and devine tomorrow, with others lined up.

danny rose has to choose between three clubs, including wrexham.. not sure if it's loan or permanent, and I don't know who the other clubs are..

Yes, morrell has lined up andy bishop, but the striker not keen on dropping down two levels. holroyd rumour was true, we did miss out on him

morrell has two other strikers on his shortlist, one of them in the conference right now, the other i believe is out of favour in the football league

we also missed out on a centre back due to his wage demands, morrell doesn't want to commit too much of the budget to another defender, and devine was the alternative

do not rule out any loan signings either

Why would rose go to you when there are championship clubs after him? Silly comment {Ed003's Note - different Danny Rose}



29 Aug 2012 20:38:21
Kenwynne Jones has agreed to travel to London on thursday for talks with Fulham

Possibly the most inconsistent player that has ever lived...



29 Aug 2012 20:27:45
middlesbrough will make a dramatic last ditch bid to steal peterborough pair paul taylor and george boyd from under the noses of ipswich town and will fund the move with the bennett transfer money

I hope this is true but i think its to late now

Deal to Ipswich is off, source:

We wouls go up if we pulled this one off

Both would be nice. Boyd would be ANOTHER creative midfielder but the more the better. Plus he is 6ft 1 so adds height to our team. Taylor just sounds class. 45 apps 12 goals for peterborough so aint a bad record, plus i think he would score more in a mogga team.

Boyd maybe tall but he couldnt head a beachball. taylor is class, but he doesnt pass the ball.

Just Taylor to Ipswich..1 million potentially rising to 2.5 Million

Taylor has gone to Ipswich, he has changed his fbook profile to himself holding an Ipswich shirt



29 Aug 2012 20:15:42
York city tonight announced the signings of three players; Clarke Carlisle, Scott dobie and Charlie Taylor



29 aug 2012 20:12:42
west ham have put in a 3 million
bid in for franco di santo

Franco won't leave us for Wet Spam especially not for the paltry 3m you're suggesting.

Fulham have failed with a bid for mark noble west ham want clint dempsey to be pert of the deal that is the only way we would agree to thier offer



29 Aug 2012 19:39:02
Joe Bennett has moved to villa from boro in a deal worth £4 million. He has signed a 4 year deal after a substantial wage rise.

Jordan bowery has from chesterfield for 500k



29 Aug 2012 19:38:06
Ipswich expected to complete signing
of George Boyd and Paul Taylor in a
£2m deal, the posh duo passed medicals at
Portman Road earlier today

Good luck to the pair of them, boyd has been amazing over the years and taylor... Well good luck with him



29 Aug 2012 19:36:27
Bryan Oviedo to West Brom on deadline day

It'll be either him, M.Olsson or Ansaldi (spelling)

Hes going to everton,for 2 mill

Dont think he will sign for us. I reckon Everton will bag him

5 million rated apparently which puts him out of the Baggies reach.

I heard 5 million



29 Aug 2012 19:27:48
Ola Toivonen is set to sign for Fulham on a three year contract. Fee is in the region of €4 million. Maarten Stekelenburg's transfer to Fulham is now off.

He'd cost more than 4m, anyway i heard he's heading for sunderland for talks



29 Aug 2012 19:08:25
latest news coming out from turf moor
is that burnley Callum McManaman is set
to sign a 5month loan deal in the next
48 hours, Charlie Austin And Chris McCann
also confirmed that they are staying at
turf moor this window.

Ive heard a rumour that burnley have made a bid for matty fryatt from leicester city , dont know if theres any truth in this rumour or not though .



29 Aug 2012 18:52:05
Craig Noon of Brighton at Cardiff City
for medical today in deal in worth £1.5 M

Cracking signing

Good business for Brighton. I love nooney but his shooting and final ball for a winger is horrendous!

yes very sad to sea nooney go met him at a reserve game he is a very nice lad. Wish nooney the best at cardiff

Absolutely gutted to see Noone leave, he's a brilliant winger and has done wonders at Brighton, he is a fans favourite and I can't believe he's gone to Cardiff. This transfer makes me believe that Brighton will sign another winger and striker now, as this only leaves us with Buckley, Vicente and Lua Lua

You can have him for 1.5 million! good business by the Albion.he only cost 300k and can't cross.

Done deal shame like him alot but dont need three players pretty much the same Buckley when fit will always play in front of him plus lua lua

Trust me you need more then 2 wingers we have 4 (and much needed, because of injures)
Noone looks a good player ? Looking at City Player etc. ?
He ran rings our defender and we had one of the best defence's in the championship last year !



29 Aug 2012 18:46:23
Barnsley to sign kirk broadfoot by friday

Stronger rumour is that he's lined up by an SPL club after release from Rangers tomorrow. St Mirren?

If he moved down to yorkshire he would be playing in a higher standard of football so
come on down son



29 Aug 2012 18:45:37
Noone from bha having medical with cardiff. Big striker also on radar by friday.

Yup, Papa Bouba Diop on a free.



29 Aug 2012 18:44:53
Charlie Taylor is going on loan to York City from Leeds United.

Good young player. Good luck to him. I hope he does well for York, he played in our first team a couple of times last season.



29 Aug 2012 18:43:08
Schalke have offered former Red Bull midfielder Somen Tchoyi a one year deal after the Cameroon international was released by West Brom.



29 Aug 2012 18:41:28
Hibernian are set to sign Tom Soares on a free transfer after the 26 year old turned down a deal with Portsmouth.

I think youll find that we turned him down!

Tom Soares was training with Pompey for about a month and the we released him not the other way round.

Soares has been on trial. but has now left, may come back at a later time, when ownership is sorted

I would guess he turned Pompey down. He seems sensible

We declined to offer him a contract

Portsmouth don't offer anyone a contract at the moment greater than 1 month do they? also thought I'd seen Soares playing in one of Portsmouths games this season

We haven't given anybody a contract yet!



29 Aug 2012 18:34:37
Brightons craig noone having medical at Cardiff

Elliott bennett on his way back

No he isn't

Not happening

Fingers crossed he comes to Brighton again

No - Swansea released Orlandi and he is ex club mate of Calderon. Will sign on Friday mark my words



29 Aug 2012 18:33:31
Manchester City will make a take it or leave it £30 million bid for Atletico Bilbao striker Fernando Llorente.



29 Aug 2012 17:56:43
Norwich City will sign Seattle Sounders striker Fredy Montero aswell as Mohammed Abdellaoue

I wish they would hurry up and sign Abdellaoue, he is a good player, not sure who Montero is but I hope he is good.

Total nonsense

Would be quality signing but don't see it!



29 aug 2012 18:14:06
any bristol city news.



29 Aug 2012 18:03:31
M bunn has moved to carrow road, im expecting ruddy to leave b4 window shuts, I do hope im wrong though,

Ncfc matt.

Ruddy is not going anywhere, Bunn has been signed for competition and it will allow one or both of the younger England starlets Rudd and Steer to go on 3 month loan deals to get first team action.



29 Aug 2012 17:55:40
Titus Bramble on his way to Ipswich

Please no!!best ever business selling him to Newcastle for 5 mill!!



29 Aug 2012 17:48:57
Craig Noone set to sign for Cardiff City
Source: Wales online




29 Aug 2012 17:43:11
York City sealed the signing of Clarke Carlisle today on a 12 month deal, will be announced tomorrow

Proved to be true!

Unlucky thats york relegated

Yeah I dont post rubbish! Jamille Matt is agreed in principle once his 'issues' get sorted as well

Dont talk rubbish, carlisle will be ok in league 2 his experience will be invaluable, just look at doherty at wycombe



29 Aug 2012 17:42:20
Clint Dempsey is holding out for European football but should no offer come in before Friday he is expected to make a dramatic deadline day transfer to Sunderland as he has left himself no option but to leave Craven Cottage.



29 Aug 2012 17:40:48
Stockport County are set to try to find some money to finance the stay of Carl Piergianni and according to an agent who claims to be close to the club, Andy Halls may be shipped out on loan and also Stockport may recieve a late bid for 2 of their star names, Ian Ormson and Danny Whitehead who both have had trials in the past with Premier league opposition.



29 Aug 2012 17:36:04
David Templeton to Bristol City on Thursday

Yes Please! Great player

After watching him scoring at liverpool we got no chance signing him at city

Yeah we do he's been linked with rangers and there in the 3rd division so i think we do have a chance



29 Aug 2012 17:31:30
Leicester are close to signing Emile Heskey after personal terms were agreed! Heskey is now travelling to Leicester's Belvoir Drive training ground where he will have a medical! It should be announced on the clubs website by 22:15.



29 Aug 2012 17:31:05
stoke set to sell wilson palacios valencia already interested

Hope so, I'm sure he's very good but Pulis is not playing him so he is a waste of space

Pulis has said that palacios is not going anywhere however he is looking to sell upson

Why does pulis leave everything to the last minute, we need to get rid of dead wood, I.e jones tonge Delap sidibe, buts it's now the day before the transfer window, and we've got rid of no one and not bought enough quality. For me we need a quality striker two full backs quality centre mid can't see it all happening within 24 hours, hate to say it but it could be a long hard season.

Every season is a long difficult road whether its man utd fighting for survival or west ham fighting for survival how we battle on is what defines us and where we will finish



29 Aug 2012 17:30:04
Wrexham latest.

Daniel Devine playing for Wrexham reserves tonight with view to signing 12 month deal.

WBA interested in young full back Declan Walker. If deal can be reached Wrexham have lined up a loan move for Curtis Obeng from Swansea.



29 Aug 2012 17:26:50
Moussa dembele signed for tottenham



29 Aug 2012 17:25:22
Boyd and Taylor from Peterborough have agreed personal terms with Ipswich and will be announced tomorrow after completion of medicals late this afternoon. Fee is £1.75million.

Medicals were done first before terms then they dismissed it so you have just made this up

Posh chairman darragh macanthony said tonight they have failed to agree terms with ipswich

They have both declined contracts for ipswhich. posh have had a bid accepted for danny ward from huddersfield, and also had a season long move for dexter blackstock agreed. UTP

Ipswich arnt as rich as were led to beleive,cant afford more than Posh in wages.

Taylor to sign boyds wage demands too high, good luck to him but I think u will need it more



29 Aug 2012 17:23:36
Ed acorrding to nearly everything i read blackpool are looking for more players anyword who they will be {Ed003's Note - Strikers lol, A name mentioned earlier was Adam Morgan on loan,how true that is I'm not sure}

Billy Sharp in a deal for Phillips or is Oyston still not talking to So'ton?

Morgan story a load of rubbish Blackpool not even asked

Frazier Campbell apparently



29 Aug 2012 17:07:33
Brighton to sign shola ameobi from newcastle tomorrow

Currenlty out of the side with a hamstring injury

He'd be ok for a championship side, and would be ideal as a target man, but in that sense we also need a goalscorer up front, and let's face it Ameobi isn't renowned for scoring.

He has been out a while will need him fit then match fit gus wants someone to come straight in



29 Aug 2012 17:05:46
Fulham to swoop for free agent Nigel Reo-Coker

I think this will be his 27th club



29 Aug 2012 16:52:32
Highly rated Japan international CB Maya Yoshida to sign from Dutch side VVV venlo for around £2 million.




29 Aug 2012 16:47:28
rotherham have got 2 french trialists with them at the moment any idea who they could be heard one is pascal chimbonda

He could be our answer to our injury problems at right back

Hope it is, cant see if tho his wages would surely be to high?

Same two that played for Rotherham At Kettering.

If donnie could afford his wages im sure we could and what are the names of the 2 trialists then



29 Aug 2012 16:43:07
ANDY CARROLL has been told NEWCATLEwill not be buying him this season and next year is also looking un likley.... so its on bench or the only offer on table is WESTHAM....AS he is a big baby and has no balls for a challenge he stay on the bench then. baz

Surely it'll be a bigger challenge to try and break his way into the liverpool team. The boys got balls of steel.



29 Aug 2012 16:39:17
Titus Bramble to Ipswich on loan for rest of the season is going to happen over the next couple of days

I hope so. We need a centre half and he'd do a job, back home, etc. Think he needs to get his career and life back on track. If he comes = nailed on 1st choice CB.



29 Aug 2012 16:21:08
heard last night at the Yeovil game Peter Odemwingie off to the capital.Fulham mentioned in the same breath was the Arsenal.Wenger has been a long term admirer!

No way will odemwingie be transfering to arsenal

Its possible! arsenals 2 new strikers have no experience in the english league and odemwingie has a decent goal record in the premier league....panic buy maybe?



29 Aug 2012 16:14:41
Newcastle to sign Burnleys Keiran Trippier for 3M tomorrow

From what i have heard this is not true, newcastle are after a center back not right back to help the mop. £3 million would also not be enough as without tripper burnley would go down

Ashley Westwood of crewe is someone eddie howe has hinted he would love the board to sign for him, personally i dont see the board spending money on such a good player

Newcastle actually after striker



29 Aug 2012 16:13:44
I've heard a rumour that man utd are lining up Ricardo Carvaleo from Real Madrid to help over defensive injury crisis.



29 Aug 2012 16:12:34
kaka on loan to mufc



29 aug 2012 16:09:40
is joe cardle going to hibs ?



29 Aug 2012 16:09:39
Any more Everton rumours guys?



29 Aug 2012 16:06:22
Aston Villa are closing in on the shock signing of striker Jordan Bowery from Chesterfield. Fee is believed to be 600k upront with add-ons for appearances that could reach upto 1.2m.

Is he any good? How old is he?

Obviously one for the future before everyone starts laughing at us give the kid a chance.

Hardly it been all over the media all day. Done deal

A good move all round, Jordan gets a major opportunity, villa get some good raw talent and we get a decent fee. Hopefully some of the cash will be spent on some new signings/loans once we know who the new manager is

Seen this kid a lot loads of raw talent but could be a diamond in the making good luck if it happens to both parties spirite kev........

Good solid striker think he will do well for you

Not gt the best scoring record but hes exciting on the ball

No end product & cant shoot if his life depended upon it.BUT, as quick as anything you will see, strong on the ball and keeps hold of it well. A move will do him good and I think he will blossom into a top striker but if he stays at Town he will slip into the mire! Good luck Jordan.

Another Caleb Folan,won't make it

He's got more talent in his right toe than caleb folan ever had in his entire body - good luck to him if the moves comes off - as a lifelong spireite and an Aston Villa fan - this would be a good deal for both clubs

With way things are goin we will be lucky to stay up. we need folan and moussa

Moussa signing Friday if cant find a higher club on radio Sheffield

Forget MOUSSA. Signed for Coventry on 'Non-Contract' terms. If he wasn't bothered 4-weeks ago, forget him for CFC.



29 Aug 2012 16:05:11
My mate is playing for Barnsley youth team and said SWFC are in for Steve Dawson

The snooker player

If they take him, I hope he has the Danny Wilson affect, years and years of misery

With chris ogrady coming other way

Hope not Dawson looked like he had some potential the odd time he played last season. Didn't give up and got stuck in. Suppose it depends what they are offering

If only this was true. The guy came with a big reputation but is HOPELESS.

You've got better eyes than me, he's hardly had a run out yet!!! Watch this space, the lad can play



29 Aug 2012 15:44:32
Luke James has passed a medical at Carlie, fee of £300,000 plus £450,000 in potential add ons inc. appearances, goals etc. Official announcement is expected within a few hours



29 Aug 2012 15:42:29
Luke James passed a medical at Carlisle, official announcement imminenet

This rumour is not true Abbott has even said he does not have money for a transfer fee.

I dont think he would join Carlisle from Hartlepool. Dont think Carlisle could afford him.

How are we going to afford to pay that lets be honest we have no money and the money we have made is being used as part of the money needed for the new stadium so whoever thought of this rumour needs to be serious and I would rather Carlisle bought a player with experience than a 16 yo

Who is this rumour meant for? United or monkey hanger fans? if luke james was going to make a move from hartlepool then surely it would up and not across.

Were not using any money for the new stadium were getting it given to us by the developer who has got all the land so that shows how much U know

I'll think you will find Carlisle have to pay a small amount believed to be in the region of 500 grand as part of the deal for stadium so yeah it does show how much I know



29 Aug 2012 15:33:12
Gaël Kakuta to be loaned out, teams interested includes Brighton and Hove Albion and Huddersfield Town. Poyet's links with de Matteo could prove vital.

Its upto the player not the manager ..a manager can ask a player to go on loan..but its a players choice and i cant see him dropping down to that level can you?

Its upto the player not the manager ..a manager can ask a player to go on loan..but its a players choice and i cant see him dropping down to that level can you?

Can't see this, he is rumoured to be going back to France.

Kakuta loan deal well worth investigating if 1. Russell/Dundee deal falls through 2. If Chelsea promise to give Marseille first refusal on Kakuta doesn't materialise. malhamterrier

He's going back to france

Brighton can't afford the wage which means its Huddersfield Town or nowhere!!!!

Reported fee close to 8million for rhodes

Rhodes gone to Blackburn, Hoyle gone back on everything he said (Marcus Stewart/Ipswich Town) same old story welcome back to earth all us true town fans as we watch others succeed at the expense of our team. Another hard season beckons if we haven't got a plan b in attack.

Rhodes to blackburn

Hoyle sold Rhodes to Blackburn why why why why!? His comments about how he (plus the rest of us town fans of a certain age) remembered with deep regret the Marcus Stewart sale to Ipswich Town which arguably cost us promotion to Premier League, and that it would never happen again on his watch means nothing!malhamterrier

Kakuta as a replacement for Rhodes is a big gamble but we need still more fire power to replace the best scoring striker in English football.malhamterrier

Madness for Huddersfield to sell Rhodes at any price. Any chance of p[romotion gone after three matches! Think I would be spitting blood if I was a Terriers fan. Kakuta is a good footballer but a promotion getting striker he isn't

When we sold Stewart to Ipswich, not only did they gain promotion, but did we not got relegated?
Dean Hoyle has basically done exactly what he said he would never allow. Basically he is comitting football suicide

How do Huddersfield have a bigger budget than Brighton? Brighton have got a brand new stadium paid off.

Brighton have more money for wages then huddersfield with people like CMS vicente crofts bruno all on very high wages



29 Aug 2012 15:05:58
Brighton close to signing premier league striker on season long loan by transfer deadline

Great so that is a choice of about 300!

Care to share a name or is this just so you can cover all angles and say told you so??

I think however Brighton get, it'll be from a top division side, and a big striker who can hold the ball up and give us a different option



29 Aug 2012 15:02:43
Crawley Town are interested in taking Swansea Citys Mark Gower on Loan for the rest of the season

Don't make me laugh,talk about Barker's lot having ideas above their station,Crawley Town just bring in players then ship 'em out for a tidy profit good business ethics.I would rather do it the Crewe way at least they actually improve and nuture players.

This is not going to happen. Crawley town considering other permanent midfield options before deadline day



29 Aug 2012 15:02:36
Strong rhumours that Jordan bowery is off to villa in a deal worth 1.2 mil



29 Aug 2012 14:55:19
Aberdeen have asked Blackburn Rovers for David Goodwillie on loan until January. The deal is set to go through but Blackburn are stalling until they sign Kris Boyd from Portland Timers.



29 Aug 2012 14:48:25
Stoke are interested in steven n'zonzi from blackburn

I think that he sentinal just used him as a exsample and stoke havnt made any offers for him but they have else where so i wouldnt read to much into it

Seen it somewhere today but cannot remember where. Need to shift half the squad first and perhaps the manager also as I feel he has done a good job but is not able to move to the next level

Have to agree re Pulis. 5 seasons on and we are still playing the same long ball, no possession football, not scoring enough goals so we are getting found out now. Pulis has spent loads but we still need two premiership quality fullbacks and 2 quality midfielders. Thanks TP, but its time for you to move on.

Give it a break. Pulis is on a tight budget this window which is why he's trying to move players on. If your basing the pulis out on the first 3 games then your a clot. Come back on here or any stoke fan site when we get a result against one of the bigger sides in the prem or when your bored of FIFA 12!!!

Agree with that sentiment about Pulis, we have not really moved forward much in last year & our style of play is uninspiring as are some the players he has introduced. Bring on Harry Rednapp

He's on a tight budget because he has wasted over 60 million in 5 years! And from that money we have a poor squad which is simply playing terrible football! I totally agree re pulis! He's clueless and we haven't improved in 5 yrs! I am not happy spending my hard earned cash watching that rubbish week in week out! It's so negative it's unbelievable at times! When u have shotton and delap making the squad every week and Walters playing no matter what I I find it hard to want pulis staying on as manager

People arnt going off the first 3 games,there looking at the facts and they say that stoke have only won 4 league games since any other manager would of been sacked by now.yeah he hasnt spent this season but hes spent 90 million in the 1st 4 seasons and were still 5 players short of a decent team.

Thank u I said that last season and people thought I was crazy we had the least amount of passing and goals last season, with the squad we have we should def be winning a lot more games comfortably

We havent improved in 5 years let me remind you just over 10 yrs ago we were in league 1 now were a stable premier league side and have you forgot our fa cup final and european football. Ok i dont always agree with pulis but id never knock him or boo him because if we do then we'll go same way as blackburn down!

Yes we got to the final but let's face it we beat Brighton west ham and Bolton they are games we should win! But thats the past we are in the present and whether u like it or not its simply not good enough! Whether u boo pulis or not we are in danger or becoming Blackburn! We are one of he worst teams in the league stable or not unfortunately! Pulis has done a great job I acknowledge that but something has to change sooner rather than later



29 Aug 2012 14:34:42
Saints are now favourites for the signature of unsettled Curtis Davies



29 Aug 2012 14:24:06
Anyone got any news about fulham transfers?

Dembele has gone. Dempsey is as good as gone. You will get the likes of Jenus, Bentley etc.

Jenus and Bentley? no way! we will get perhaps noble, gomis etc

Wow jenas' career has gone downhill



29 Aug 2012 14:23:43
QPR outs this week:

D J Campbell
J Bothroyd
R Hulse
L Young
cpl of youngsters on loan - Doherty for sure

Cesar (in London as I speak)
2 x CB - Bocanegra could be the surprise, Dawson
CM/CB Mvia (with Barton going the other way - at last!!)



29 Aug 2012 14:20:05
With attacking midfielders a need at stoke two players are frequently popping up on the stoke rumours which are huddlestone and adam two good players who would give stoke a step up

Huddlestone is a defensive midfielder can shoot but is noted as a passer

Go for that stoke we defo need a gud mıdfıelder . any news on strıkers

Antbody who comes to stoke has to be defensive. Only way Pulis knows how to play. Four league wins since January i think and two against Blackburn says it all

Huddlestone is a CAM, just a big and powerful one.



29 Aug 2012 14:13:03
Unfortunatly stoke city are after another defensive midfielder. With stoke already having whitehead, palacios, cameron and edu already in that position. I dont understand why we want nzonzi.

Because Palacios could be on his way out

Looking at cameron id say hes both defensive and attackive but nzonzi is only 22 maybe a good future prospect stoke also want stephane mbia

The Reason We are going in for N'zonzi Is because we are getting rid of some Midfield Players, Also N'zonzi can Play The role of an Attacking Midfielder So it will give us more diversity in that Part of the squad.

Palacios set to leave

Palacios set to leave

Quite probably. We need another defensive midfielder because the manager has forgotten that to score you need to go forward. he is too defensive minded and Stoke fans are starting to show their displeasure. I have already done this and do not watch the drivel that Pulis puts out each week

Most of our midfielders can be attacking but Pulis doesn't like them crossing the half way line

I agree. I personally haven't been to a match since Valencia last season, no shots is the standard and pulis moans about the attacking play. He is the manager for gods sake, get them to attack. We have a top class striker in Crouch been made to look average by non existant creativity. Pulis has never been relegated with a team, with a bit of luck he will walk before we are.

Pulis has said palacios is not going anywhere



29 Aug 2012 14:12:33
Swindon to complete the loan signing QPR forward Angelo Balanta by the close of the transfer window. Aden Flint's current form will scupper a deal for Millwall centre back Darren Ward. A full back and an additional striker are still on Swindon's radar.

That's OK If you don't want Wardy he is more than welcome to stay with the 'wall'! He just wanted regular 1st team football! He is still a 'Useful' player with experience!

Bassone from swansea a full back [ left ]
will sign tomow untill jan at least .
balanta a srtiker come wide player will also sign perm- D. ward deal not sure will go through now have to- many defenders .

The Ward deal is still has not been scuppered at all. We are also in talks with bassone (Left Back) and Angelo Balanta MAY well be STFC blowing smoke so the can sign the striker PDC really wants...The player PDC wants will be a cause of great excitement....the smoke screen is to lessen the likely hood of the deal being hijacked.

Season long lone agreed for Ward

Aden Fint's current form ??????

He is not playing or even on the bench, so he won't scupper anything



29 Aug 2012 14:10:42
Debauchy will be a Real Madrid player by the close of the transfer window. Mourinho willing to meet Lilles valuation and Neecastle are not.

Source Spanish Newspapers




29 Aug 2012 13:55:08
michael owen in talks with sunderland over a pay as you play 1 year deal

Sunderland? That'll be handing commuting distance from Michael Owen's training stables in Newmarket (I don't think)

Michael Owen outside of the North West will not work - he is not hungry enough, he is always injured when you need him, it did not work at Newcastle and Sunderland have blankets if they want to warm the bench. No thanks

Why? We already signed one striker in the twilight career zone. A left back please, and Nzonzi or Adam because Catt will be injured and/or suspended half the time and midfield steel in short supply.

He's still renting a house in darras hall , and was seen getting things moved back in at the weekend

Won't take long in his helecopter



29 Aug 2012 13:52:13
It is rumoured that Blackpool are close to signing Adam Morgan from Liverpool on a season long loan. Great for both parties if it happens.

Who? Not on loan if we. Get him he wont. Play



29 Aug 2012 13:51:49
wrexham to sign andy mangan on season long loan from fleetwood plus they are close to signing ex doncaster midfielder john oster



29 Aug 2012 13:21:45
City to sign Walcott in the next 48 hours

Good! Mess Arsenal about & you can GO! BYE!!


Or, show a desire to win, ask for reassurances as to the direction of the club, fail to receive them, leave.

I'm not a huge fan of Walcott, but I don't think he's being mercenary. The problem is that Arsenal, for all the talented players that they have don't look like they're real contenders and don't look like they will be any time soon.

I'm not a Gooner, but am I trying to start a fight - it's just how things appear.

Not according to radio news at 5.40pm. says walcott will discuss a new contract over the coming months. Suppose he could go in January if nothing agreed beforehand

He's staying



29 Aug 2012 13:12:54
Bowery to Aston Villa or two unnamed clubs for 1.2 1.5 mill total package.
Westcarr exit back on now JS is out of the club



29 Aug 2012 13:03:26
Norwich city will buy 2 strikers before deadline day 1 perm & 1loan view to perm . With 1 striker heading out of Norwich believed to be C Martin ........

Odemwingie west brom.

I would prefer Steve Morison to leave.

It would be great if it was hooper, and what a signing , but its very highly unlikely , it most probs be owen

Sources at celtic states that hooper deffiently wont be joining norwich city , he states that he happy to stay with celtic, so its seems rumours here are total fabrication

Why sign 2 and send one out? we lost two strikers. Martin will refuse to go this season, think he would rather rot in the reserves after all the effort he's put in this summer than to leave the club he supports and built him up.

Not being funny but Hooper has publicly said he want to play for England. He hadn't got a hope in hell playing in the spl

Morrison is good why do u all hate him so much hes not lazy he sick of fans booing him and when he scores holt gets all the cred and he has score loads for us at the start of seaon dont blame him for haveing no up n go u all soon forget about holt wanting to leave soon forget about holt being a cheater 3 yeah deal on a fat slow player who will no way be as good as last season this is the prem boys teams no what holt is about waste of money keeping him

"most probs be owen."
Hughton said no to that already.

Owen on his way to West Ham (as a jockey for Andy Carroll).



29 Aug 2012 12:59:28
Tottenham in for a busy final few days of the transfer windows they will sign:
Dembele(Fulham)- 15 million
Nani and anderson(man united)- 23 million
Marcelo(real Madrid)- 9 million
Hugo lloris(Lyon)- 12 million
Joao mourtiniho(Porto)- 16 million
Falcao(athletico Madrid)- 21million

They will sell:
Modric(real Madrid)- 33million- completed
Van der vaart(borussia dortmund)- 17million
Assou-ekotto(roma)- 7 million
Plus players already sold!

Think you have let your imagination and prices run away with themselves

Moutiniho for £16 Million, I don't think so Porto will want at least £28 Million!
Falcao For £21 Million wishful thinking again

Why anderson he is poor, falcoa 21mil no chance. plus they all are on top money, 17mil for vdv no chance

Haha good 1

You seem to have added a 1 to the front of VDV's value! If your lucky you might get two of the targets you mentioned and they will be the two that the papers reported on days ago. The rest is a bit of premier manager creeping in me thinks!

21 million for falcoa - seriously don't bother with it

Total rbbish dortmnd arent gonna pay 17 mil for van der vaart and 16 mil for moutinho i mean are you joking!

You think spurs are going to spend 92million in 2 days.........blimey I'd like some of what your on.

You're having a laugh!
Why would Dortmund pay £17m for VDV when Spurs have valued him at £9m?
No way would Marcelo join a non CL club. He's rated as one of the best left backs in the world! Finally, Nani and Anderson for £23m... no chance!
Do you really think Spurs are going to sign 6 midfielders in the summer window!!

Going to buy potentially 7 first team players in little over 48 hours!?

what is most likely is none of the above!

Porto have already said they wont let moutinho go for under 35mill atletico payed over 30 for falcoa and marcelo wouldnt take a step down by joining tottenham . why lie?

Falcao has a buy out clause of 100million, wht would they sell for 21 wen he's worth twice dat?

Marcelo for 9 million? moutinho 16 million? wishful thinking no way will you sign all of those players!

Falcao 21 million he says after falling off my chair in work laughing so much ,valued at at least 65mil at the moment prob wont go for less than 40

Since when have we been taking over by mega rich Arabs ?? Have I missed something and all ur prices for players is unreal mate 17 mil for van der vaart falco won't go for anything less than 30 mill

This made me chuckle



29 Aug 2012 12:55:21
Looks like Villa are in for Rickie Lambert of Southampton. Can't see them letting him go though.

We would be crazy to let Ricky go anywhere .let alone to a rival relegation club.

These Lambert rumours seem to be off the back if him starting on the bench at city. We are on the verge of signing Ramirez and possibly Phillips who would provide Good service for a striker like Lambert to thrive off of so can't see any real truth in this although can understand PL's interest in a player like Lambert having worked with Grant Holt who would, I imagine, be his first choice.

Really? I can... Love Rickie but if his contract does state he matches the highest paid player on the squad I'm not sure I love him £45,000 a week.

Not a chance at the moment.

Please dont go

Won't be going anywhere with 2 days of the window to go and no like-for-like replacement in. Maybe next year when he's 31 we can sell him for a tidy profit.

This is ridiculous. Some people want to sell the player who pretty much, single handed got us promoted twice? I don't care how much he gets paid, how old he is, he is are best player fact! He is the only player who will get us the goals we need to stay up. He is also much more than just a goalscorer and doesn't need pace because he is a very intelligent player. Talk of selling him this year or any year is crazy, the guy is a saints legend!

^ here here!

I wonder if Ricky has a "match the highest earner" stip in his contract, if so & Ramierez comes in on mega-wages then this rumour might make some sense, otherwise no.



29 Aug 2012 12:53:17
Feyenoord are set to sign 33 year old defender Ricardo Rocha on a one year contract after his release from Portsmouth.

Portsmouth will be carrying out 2 medicals tommorow, very reliable source.

One is for Trevor Birch the other one is for Harry Redknapp

Johnny Ertl ex Sheff Utd and Darel Russell ex Norwich I think you'll find .

Pompey are to make a double swoop for Johnny Ertl and Darel Russell.

And daniel bogdanovic



29 Aug 2012 12:44:44
Turkish club Gaziantepspor are set to sign former Aston Villa, Manchester City and Leicester striker Darius Vassell on a lucrative one year contract.

Not Carlisle then who are rumoured to be in detailed discussion with him?



29 Aug 2012 12:45:37
Northampton Town are close to signing former Burnley and QPR defender Clarke Carlisle on a two year deal.

That would be a good acquistion for us.

That isn't going to happen. His other commitments will not allow him to continue his career as a player.

He's gone to York city on a free transfer...

Clarke Carlisle has signed for York City subject to a medical. So much for those "other career commitments", eh?

But not as close as York City if other rumours are to be believed.

Feel bad for clarke! Town put the best offer on the table for him! Its a shame it was offerd so early after the season had finished, & he was given no time... & now he had to take the only & worst offer out there!! COYC



29 Aug 2012 12:36:03
Hull City are set to capture former Leicester, Liverpool and Aston Villa forward Emile Heskey on a two year deal. The 34 year old will be on nearly £25,000 a week.

That is the most sensational transfer we have done in our history, he really knows how to find the back of the net as he has scored a massive 14 goals in 92 appearances for aston villa, just what we need to solve all of our goal scoring problems.

Heskey could do well for us BUT cost is too great unless it is tied to Promotiom being gained

Not going to happen. Bruce already said there was nothing in the Heskey rumour.

Hes the right player we need i think and i believe Bruce wants him again

Why would be want to take a player on £25,000 a week. We are trying to get rid of the high earnings



29 Aug 2012 12:29:42
Southend United are set to swoop for Hungary midfielder Akos Buzsaky on a one year deal as the 30 year old seeks regular football.

Will sign for a Championship club at worst

Bristol city on friday

Wouldnt be able to afford his wages only the teams that would is fleetwood and rotherham

Was at Boots and Laces (Southend's training ground) today for talks and is set to return for more talks tomorrow. Both parties are very interested and talks are progressing well could be completed late on Thursday or Friday.

Made up rumour Southend don't have the funds to pay his wages and im sure that championship clubs would be a more attractive place to be at.

Hall/kane/Mohsni leave, and southend sign Schoefield, Buzsky and a striker.



29 Aug 2012 12:29:16
Expect a busy couple of days for Southampton, Firstly Gaston Ramirez will be announced later today or early tomorrow. He was at staplewood (training ground) yesterday with Nicola cortese and a deal is just a matter of time. Also as recognised by fans and adkins alike the defence needs improving, expect a fee of around 12 million pounds spent on two defenders, I believe we are in advanced talks with Barcelona for promising young defender Andreu Fontas after Tito Vilanova publicly stated he would be surplus to requirements at the nou camp this season, possibilities of one other marquee signing as well! #SouthamptonRevolution

Any truth in the rumour that Rickie Lambert's time at Southampton is coming to an end? Heard that Atkins is willing to cash in now while he is able to command a substantial fee

What is your source regarding Ramirez and cortese being at the training ground, because I was there yesterday and neither of them were?

No reports linking Rickie Lambert with a move away from St Mary's are well wide of the mark. Lambert still has a vital part to play this season, however I don't think he will start as many games this season!

All sounds fantastic, lots of foreign individuals with no team spirit (which is what got you here) and lacking premiership experience. Should make for one of the bottom 3 slots filled :-)

Is anyone else worried that all of this potential big spending could compromise the community/family feel the club has?.... Naaaaahhhh only joking, bring on the south coast gallactico's COYR

Be glad when ramirez deal is concluded, one way or another. It is so boring. been going in since god knows when

Its suggested that Maya Yoshida (Def) and Emmanuel Mayucka (Fwd) have signed... Apparently Mayucka is super quick, NA has already mentioned post match at Man City that Lambert lacks pace... I hope this doesn't mean Rickie is on his way ! It would pretty harsh considering what he has done for the club... But £4m for a 30 year old might too tempting for the hard nosed Cortese...

I think if ramirez was coming he would of sighned by now

Mayuka does have quickness but is not "Super-quick". He is young and very cocky. He's also able to crack them in with both feet, not to mention very good in the air for 5"9. I think he's going to be a very good player very quickly. Much better buy than say J Rhodes IMO and I bet a damn sight cheaper.

It would be madness to get rid of Ricky ..I will be devastated .he class hes intelligent and not short of what teddy sheringham and he had no pace either and did for United for ages ..4million ? Really ? are you kidding me ?????

Not a chance in hell lambert will moved, him and adkins are close,and he wants to finish his career at saints. we dont have mpney problems, we dont need 4 mil and if we can walk the walk, we wont for the next few years

So where is ramirez?
I dont think anyone on here knows anything
Just heard we are signing williams defender from middlesboro

Fontas agreed a 1 year loan at Malaga last night - so he won't be coming to SMS

Agreed. Why has there been no official update regarding Ramirez. Have we got him or not. Where did you hear we signed the defender? Is he any good



29 Aug 2012 12:41:01
Newcastle United are set to complete the signing of Nigel Reo Coker on a two year deal after his release from relegated Bolton.

Ha comedian



29 Aug 2012 12:28:21
Former Fulham midfielder Papa Bouba Diop is set to sign for French third division side FC Metz on a one year contract.

Supposedly talking to Millwall today?

The Man Mountain.



29 Aug 2012 12:23:27
Lee Bowyer is set to retire from professional football and will play part time for non league Wembley FC. The 35 year old is wanting to pursue his interests within media and will sign a one month rolling deal with the London side.



29 Aug 2012 12:15:57
Yeovil are close to signing experienced Brazilian goalkeeper Adrian Basso on a short term contract until January.

Why would we sigh him when we have marek stech ( the best keeper in the league )

So we have back up for Stech, when he goes away on international duty or suspended or injured, We have Gareth Stewart buthe's crap!

I suppose tht is a good point but still dnt see it hapening as i dnt think gary johnson has any wage budget left



29 Aug 2012 12:07:23
Newcastle will fail with deadline day bids for Andy Carroll and Mattheiu Debuchy and once again fail to sign a player before the window shuts.



29 Aug 2012 11:27:00
York City expected to make deal with wrexham Danny Wright for liam Henderson



29 Aug 2012 11:21:07
York City expecting to sign un named player today expected to be either Danny Wright,Blair sturrock or Byron Anthony

York have signed Clarke Carlisle and Scott Dobie. 3rd signing to be announced.

3rd York signing is Charlie Taylor, on loan from Leeds.



29 Aug 2012 11:18:10
Dave Whelan has given Martinez 6.4 million from the Moses transfer, after Crystal Palace recieved 1.6 million, plus the approx 1million from the sale of Connor Sammon to Derby County, plus Whelan is also prepared to invest 2-3 million extra if Martinez needs or wants it.

Expect to see the Latics move for Jordan Ayew (4 million), and Jetro Willem(6 million).

Although Wigan do have other target as they understand that other teams will move for these players.

So is there going to be any late transfers to the dw stadium today/tomorrow ?



29 Aug 2012 11:11:04
Any Preston news

Does'nt appear to be anything

We shouldn't be looking for news of signings until we ship out Iain Hume, log jam until then, blame the new league rules.

We should be looking for news westley keeps promising with no action we do have room to take players i think no one left wants to join him

The so called mindless minority is not a minority most north end fans are very sceptical about del boy westley and his sidekicks , together with risdale , let hume back he will score beardsley will definitely not

Loan deal for Arsenal youngster doesnt look like it's coming off as Westley has said were not looking for any Strikers......One game away from the relegation zone and we NEED a striker......Whats going on.

Hume to Doncaster looking more likely.

It is time to move on. Hume has been a good player in the past for us but now hopefully his proposed move to Doncaster will come off. This is the best result for both parties. PNE will then be able to move for a quality replacement and Iain will be playing football again. The team are starting to show some real promise and this season could be exciting for all PNE fans so please get behind the team...!

Been a season ticket holder at Deepdale for 50 years and also find the vast majority of supporters who attend matches are supportive of the manager and chairman.

I agree, I find all the supporters that attend the matches are behind the manager and chairman. They can see the vast improvement on last season.
As always those who stay at home in the armchair seem to feel they have the right to slate the club without actually knowing what they are talking about

Im a season ticket holder and i have been for a long time. The mindless person who commented saying PNE fans are "sceptical about Westley" doesnt know what hes on about. Performances this season so far have been brilliant and the fans are fully behind GW and the players



29 Aug 2012 11:06:46
Any huddersfield town rumours?

Yeah, town are gonna do well this season! UTT!

Blackburn back in for a bigger offer for Rhodes so says Sky Sports. If he goes good luck to him, I personally wont be too disapointed because you know for sure that the money will get re-invested into the team and we will become even stronger and better off because of it. If Rhodes stays, i'll still be happy! Win, win situation!

Jordan Rhodes was at Hillsborough last night seeing his dad - Owls GK coach and also to discuss possible move to Craven Cottage as Fulham prepare to match HTFC's 8million Valuation of him after town chairman Dean Hoyle Told them he would allow Rhodes to speak to them if they upped their offer.

Jordan rhodes agrees personal terms with BLACKBURN

Rhodes looks likely to go to blackburn, he's agreed personal terms but a fee is yet to be agreed. Look at the satelite channels news before saying this isnt true



29 Aug 2012 11:01:07
west brom have shown interest in argentina international left back cristian ansaldi who currently plays for rubin kazan, qpr and marseille are also interested



29 Aug 2012 10:46:09
villa ins before deadline day
bennett 2mil nearly done
benteke from genk 5-7 mil
gourfran from lyon
defoe possible
walcott looking at situation

Gourffan is from bordeux

gourcuff is the lyon player

walcott is never possible the wages at arsenal were much better and champions league football guaranteed there. City or scouse is his option

Walcott and defoe are in no way appearing in our claret and blue.

Benteke and Bennett I hope will be done in next few days.

I would like to see us get in gouffran, Dunk and Bridgcutt

I put this up. yes i know walcott is out of our range now deffo. and yeah i got the wrong player i mean't gourcuff



29 Aug 2012 10:41:55
Craig Dawson set to join Bristol City before transfer deadline. Talks have been held and fee agreed.

Big IF would only be a loan deal ,cant see it myself.

Would love this. But monk first choice. And Dawson would only be a loan

I cant see it either! would be good for City and player. But think it will be Monk as he never played yesterday & Dawson Did.

Considering the money spent on baldock & cunningham we don't have the money to spend on dawson . However a loan deal would be quality!

Theres no put in getting players on loan because what happens if wba get an injury and recall him then we have no cover at the back and no time to get another player in

Every year a couple of of people go mad saying their club will be loaning the best loan star ofn Championship manager. Craig Dawson is playing at West Brom this year.



29 Aug 2012 10:31:49
Moussaka dembele is at spurs with his agent just seen him myself and shaker his and before he went in



29 Aug 2012 10:29:53
Portsmouth hope to welcome back
former players Danny webber and
Ricardo Rocha, also bring in West brom
striker Chris wood on a month loan deal

Didnt danny webber used to play 4 leeds he was gud 4 us sham on u NW for letting him go

Would all be great signings and Wood upfront would certainly give us an extra edge.



29 Aug 2012 10:24:17
Man utd in-

Kaka ( season loan)


Nani- Real Madrid- £20million plus kaka on loan

Berbatov fioretina- £8.5 million

Anderson- Sao Paulo- £12 million

Fletcher- Aberdeen- season loan

I'd nani tbh being a villa fan i'd take anybody atm who's creative

Fletcher to aberdeen lmao, ill have some of what your on bud,its clearly strong stuff...............bhoywonder

Wouldn't the fee for poor anderson be 1.2mil

Where do you find this rubbish!?

Fletcher - maybe for fitness
Nani and Anderson - rubbish
Berbatov - we all read the BBC website, but in all honesty Fergie will want to keep him for a bit as Rooney is out.



29 Aug 2012 10:08:17
Boyd and Taylor off to Ipswich for 2.5 Million

It's £1.75 million, not £2.5 million. Quite a big difference.

Being paid for by cresswell going to villa for 4million. jewell looking to bring an experienced premiership leftback on loan to cover

£1.5 million

Has the fee doubled overnight?

Check it up anywhere, eg Sky Sports. It is for, £1.75m, not £2.5m

Villa have moved on to Bennett from Middlesborugh Cresswell not being sold

Cresswell isn't moving. It will be covered by Marcus Evans, with some coming from the nine million we received from Sunderland for Wickham.

Cresswell is NOT leaving. FACT!

Not happening already short of defenders and villa just bid for boro's bennett get the facts right

Villa signing left back from middleboro so doubt they want cresswell,also have not actually bid for him

Bob Harris due at portman road for talks with regard to season long loan as cover if Villa pounce for Cresswell.



29 Aug 2012 10:03:15
Reading boss Brian McDermott is looking at free transfer Nigel Reo-Coker as he seeks to bolster his central midfield options

Would love to think this is true as a royals fan,.
But McDermott has already said he doesn't expect any more signings,.
I think he'd (reo Coker ) would have fitted the bill perfectly .
Any way we will see. But. Doubt it's gonna happen.

No thanks, once tipped for great things but he has always failed to live up to his billing.

Already got three top quality cm's so we don't need him



29 Aug 2012 09:53:23
keith hill as 2games to save is job or hes in for the sack

Lets hope so

Barnsley were proper bad against Brighton on Saturday! David Gonzalez needs to go, he is awful. Having Craig Davies as captain is a joke too, he looked like he couldn't give a rubbish! Granted you have 12 players out but are they all first teamers? With Harewood, Davies & Mido as your attacking options I bet Keith can't wait to be sacked!

Bring in the super Mick!

Let's hope not

He never praises his team always moaning im afraid to say that if you dont get rid off him you will go down

Didn't see these comments when we beat Boro comfortably in the first game of the season. Stop moaning and get behind them!



29 Aug 2012 09:52:20
Norwich will sign a striker before the window closes and it won't be on loan either. Any rumours of loan deals are wrong. It won't be Michael Owen or Jordan Rhodes, just like the Alex Tettey deal the club are good at keeping things under wraps, get ready for a new name totally out of the blue

' just like the Alex Tettey deal the club are good at keeping things under wraps, get ready for a new name totally out of the blue ' ..... Yet they've allowed you to know?

Its said to be Gary Hooper from us bhoys. Least now you wont or shouldnt go down.

In other words you don't have the foggiest idea what may or may not be going on!

I now heard that houghton trying to sign another defender, just what norwich need ??

I could live with Gary Hooper definatly knows where the back of the net is

Nope, they didn't allow me to know- if they had I would have shared it. Actually I'm saying nothing radical here, the club have openly said they are looking for a striker and previous transfers show that rumour sites almost never get a sniff of it until the very last minute. So any name said here will almost certainly be wrong or outright made up.

It wont be owen why would he come to norwich come on get a grip ppl, and rhodes is going to blackburn, norwich need 2 fwds chris martin is crap bin him jackson has a lot of go in him cant shoot lol but still a good fast player if only he would jsut set ppl up and not be greedy , morrison is good hes jsut lost faith in the fans as all the inbreds say hes lazy ok he scored loads at the start of season funny how u all forget he could be a good player for us his finishing is great bet all the one that say hes lazy loved him when he scored that great goal at the end of the season, and then theres holt no doubt hes done very well for us but hes old he has 1 more year of good football in him and thats pushing it all he dose is fallover looking of pens and freekicks we dont well i dont want to be none as a cheating club like utd should of solf him to westham 6mill haha we should of been laughing as we took the money, we need 2 strong players young our defence is now getting strong our midfield is very good we lack attack now but then I'm not a mangier like u all seem to be so im going to leave it with chris lol



29 aug 2012 09:32:58
any bristol city news,

3 new transfers staying at the Avon Gorge Hotel. To be unveiled ASAP

Pittman has gone to Burnley

Pitman is going to burnley on loan

Monk,dawson loan and buzaky maybe?



29 Aug 2012 09:30:18
Former Watford manager Sean Dyche is looking likely to become the new manager of Chesterfield, after he made over 200 senior appearances for the club as a player.

Andy scott is the front runner then mark robins

Dyche would be a cracking appointment if Chesterfield got him, did an excellent job for us at Watford and very harshly sacked. But I think people have put 2 and 2 together to get 5 personally, just because he played for them it doesn't mean he wants to drop down to League 2, especially after he ruled himself out of the running for the Crawley job when that was available.

I genuinely, GENUINELY don't mean to be disrespectful to Crawley here, but I honestly think that CFC have more to offer in terms of prospects. A fine stadium, solid investment and a fan base who is more than happy that Sheridan has left and would be very accommodating of an ex-player such as Sean. I do agree that it's unlikely to happen though. I'd love to see him back, but I think he'd take some convincing.



29 Aug 2012 09:27:01
Brian Howard who signed a 1 month deal with Pompey will cut it short to join rangers. He is a big Rangers man as his dad is from Glasgow. Been offered a 3 year deal which is a lot more security than he can get at Pompey. Expect the deal to be completed by tomorrow

He said he will stay with Portsmouth till January at least so stop making s*** up

Howard has a contract untill 6 sept so he cant cut it short, made up rubbish being posted yet again {Ed001's Note - actually, any contract can be cut short, if there is a legitimate reason or an agreement between the contracted parties.}

So that's why he was quoted in the local paper yesterday as saying he's sticking with Pompey because of Michael Appleton. Go away and post somewhere else !



29 Aug 2012 09:15:46
Berbatov will move to Fiorentina in the next 24 hours in a deal thought to be around £8.5 million

More like 2.5



29 Aug 2012 09:14:31
Brighton set to sign swansea city midfielder andrea orlandi and a premier legue striker this week

Chris wood from WBA,?

Orlandi won't come cheap, if he stays fit he has the ability to be one of the best in the prem, will set you back atleast 1million minimum!

When did he sign a new contract then? His deal was up last month and his injury record is horrendous

Orlandi isnt for sale at all

Yes he played 1 game for barcelona but how many games did he play last season

Ah last year so 1 or 2 year worth 1 mill any day of the week

This could be true orlandi is a great player wiv prem qualitys but yesterday in the boxes they had chico fed bessone former player bauzza and a unidentified player who i think is a striker henrickez not hernadez orlandi would have defo been there would llike to keep orlandi for cover in centre mid and wings hope this is not true

I hope that Btighton can afford to keep hime in crutches

Noones gone to Cardiff

Bye bye nooney!

He's rated the most skilful player at Swansea. I really like him but constantly injured.

Good one, he was at last nights game, he has 2 years left on his current deal!

When he isn't injured a fantastic player remember last season against wolves scored in under a minute hope he does stay a brilliant midfield cover !

Orlandi will leave on loan to Brighton. Done deal.

I'm the poster of this rumour it comes from someone at the club

Chris Wood doubt it would be last resort been at the Albion even though he looked alot better player when he came down last season not what gus is looking for



29 Aug 2012 08:45:04
Millwall are waiting on Charlton to up their bid after turning dow around 150k. N'Guessan has said he favours a move back to Charlton but Millwall are waiting on the right price.

Charlton's bid was 50K other clubs bid higher but he wants to join Charlton. Not worth more then 75K and Millwall need to sell to buy as KJ already over budget

This is 'on going' saga with N'guessan is turning into a 'soap opera'!! Please sought it Kenny, or someone??

We bided a bit under 50k and Wednesday bided like 70k and they want 100k so no it's not 150k and we are not biding any higher, we will force millwall to accept the offer because millwall will want his wages off their books more than anything and these days the player has the power,

N'Guessan will stay at wall we dont need to give him away to any club who has no money we can sell when we want he has a long contract so pay up or shut up.

No point in having a player who doesn't even want to play for the club. Wasn't good enough at championship standard

Charlton either pay the fee that is being asked!OR 'forget it' ! As simple as that! N'Guessan is a Millwall player!

Finally the truth the Addicks are broke...tuff we'll keep him he can come on as a sub and score the winner against you.

Interesting how a Millwall fan, and some others on here keep banging on about Charlton having no money. Having already spent almost a million pounds on two players to sit on the bench, attracting a premiership striker (and the wages which come with it) and yesterday turning down bids totalling 4 million for 2 players (representing a 3.6 million profit), doesn't strike me as the actions of a club with no money.

"N'Guessan will stay at wall we dont need to give him away to any club who has no money we can sell when we want he has a long contract so pay up or shut up."

We have the money, we just wont give it to you. When we took him on loan it was understood that if we wanted him it would be a free transfer. When he scored goals all of a sudden you want some money. Fair enough, you carry on paying for the next two years we'll wait.

"Finally the truth the Addicks are broke...tuff we'll keep him he can come on as a sub and score the winner against you."

You keep him then son, he don't wanna play for you, but you keep him. You carry on paying his wages for the next two years.

Please keep N'Guessan, he is a league 1 player at best. Sell him to Brentford or someone local instead.

I don't think you understand how much he hates it at millwall he's been going off on rants at the training ground he's desperate to leave

If Charlton do have money, I'm sure they will afford the 150,000 that Millwall want. Its like pocket money to Championship clubs.

Let him work for it.. a first team place is hard earned at Millwall its about time he shaped up....... having a grizzle at the training ground ! I bet the lads are peeing themselves..dopey lump.



29 Aug 2012 08:42:54
Sean Dyche,Brian Laws, Dennis Wise and Gary Megson targets for coventry manager

They have all applied plus 36 more!

Praying Wise stays well away. Shawsy our man

Anyone but Brian Laws, rubbish manager



29 Aug 2012 08:04:49
Liverpool will hijack Southamptons bid for Gaston Ramirez and will sign him for £16 million. They will also have signed Clinton Dempsey by the end of the transfer window for £10 million.

Liverpool are too late. Ramirez will be joining Southampton.


When will you scouser listem you haven't even put a bid in for Ramirez! Good luck to Southampton the players they are signing they will finish above you lot lol!!!!!!

Pure rubbish!! Gaston has already agreed terms with the Saints!

Not happening, he'll be unveiled as a soton player today. You couldn't afford to meet their demands last time, so doubt you can. Also doubt you'll get an agreement with both Bologna and Penarol (the club who co-owns Ramirez) considering the deal is practically done. Wishful thinking

I have heard it all before. Ramirez sounds like to much of a prima donna anyway. Dempsey will be good

Dempsey going to blunderland

Thats aload of rubbish we have allready areed terms with GR, Expect him to be a saints player in next 12-24 hours he also refused to join liverpool in favour of southampton . !

Nice try just a jealous Liverpool fan

Why did we buy another forward who will go to african nations in January

Not a chance!!!

That is such inflammatory ..... . One thing his agent 'drumming up interest', but when a player comes out and says they want to sign for a club that's another thing altogether

Good luck to'em then,we'll survive.

The deals done mate ! Keep up

Are you not surprised ?
Liverpool already have his mate Suarez who they are trying to keep ,and Coates .
Saints have let a real gem slip through the net here .Dragged on far too long making you think it was never what the player really wanted.

Ramirez going to liverpool because he realised southampton dont have stripey shirts anymore.....and le tiss doesnt play anymore.

^ huh? Have you read anything to do with this? Had nothing to do with the player. He wants to come to us. All to do with the club.

No, Liverpool and Spurs have let a real gem slip through the net.

Liverpool have never had any intrest in him thats fact think theres only southampton in for him at mo,seems to be dragging on though.

Like ramirez is gonna keep saints up his back aint big enough to carry 10 no hopers

^ that's really really...made me laugh. Pillock



29 Aug 2012 07:46:06
Mohammed Abdellaoue is set to complete his long awaited move to Norwich City on Thursday for an estimated fee of £5m

Lazio appear to have pulled out of a deal as the price of 8 million euros quoted to them was too expensive. So it is possible.

Hope so would be a great improvement on marrisons and martin

No more forieners lets get jordan rhodes quality player

Let's hope so!

It's all very well saying "no more foreigners" but unfortunately there aren't any British players available at reasonable prices.Steven Fletcher £12million and Matt Jarvis £10million to name but two.Of course Wolves will be laughing all the way to the bank.We need players who will slot straight in not take an infinite amount of time to "settle in".I do agree,however, that the squad should be predominantly British but if they are not good enough then I don't care where they come from.Norwich cannot afford to be so choosy if they want to survive in the Premier League.Rhodes would be the wrong signing,in my opinion.Three times the price of Morison! Look how that is turning out.

Technically Rhodes isn't English, and therefore is foreign.......

I am fed up hearing about Jordan Rhodes joining lets have something new. What is wrong with foreign players, I can think of a few RVP, Didier Drogba, clint dempsey, Demba Ba not saying we will sign any of these but there are good players out there which would make a real difference to our forward line.

One advantage of having foreign players is that the club as a brand becomes better known internationally. Loads of Japanise people are now going to buy man u shirts now that they have signed kagawa

Very true , we need to expand to compete with the branded names of the big clubs .

We are not getting Rhodes, Blackburn are reported have agreed a fee with huddersfield anyway, god knows why he wants to go there. Source-Sky Sports Sources



29 Aug 2012 07:17:45
Arsenal will sell Walcott to Man City IF they can sign Scott Sinclair from Swansea.

Swansea are looking at Denmark U21 Emil Larsen as a replacement,but will only sell Sinclair for a figure upwards of £10m.

Massive arsenal fan,id take sinclair in place of walcott anyday,he been a promising talent for to long.

As someone who went to school with theo and a good friend, I dont see it doing Theo any favours leaving somewhere like arsenal where he will be a first team player to be a sub at Man city. Would love to see him come back to saints but wouldnt happen as wants european football.

I'm a spurs fan and I would like us to go for Sinclair but I agree with the gooner above, seems like a good trade.

Trust me arsenal, you would seriously much rather have walcott, sinclair is unbelievably lazy!

Emil Larsen signed for Odense last month.

Dont know why everyone raveing bout sinclair routledge has been amazing the last 3 games and sinclair unless come off bence is lazy and very direct needs to cut in a bit move alot more effort from routlede in game think if sinclair goes to man city or arsenal or sours whould be a bench walmer another bentley still only 23 but when you have players like joe allen who is the best young talent in britton called mediocre and the sinclair great prospect dosent make sence you english couldent spot a good young player if your life depended on it need brits and dyer in your team



29 Aug 2012 07:14:24
Moussa dembele to fulham. £15 million fee agreed i would then expect Fulham to bid 8 or 9 million plus for Jordan Rhodes, Town would take this and buy Russell and his star winger mate from Dundee United and also Simon church from Reading. We shall see if this happens

Dembele already plays for Fulham. Dodgy dealings afoot! Wonder if this is 'arrys new club?

Dembele is going spurs

9m + for an unproven Championship striker? No chance! Jol will go shopping in Europe. It just remains to be seen if Fulham can actually close the deals.

This has to go down as the worst rumour of all time quoting your signing a player who already plays for you!

We are getting stekelenburg , gomis , Richardson and noble

And to think he was one of Mark Hughes' signings...

You can have Simon Church, he's useless in a prem team anyway. Deserves championship football at best

Pretty obvious I meant fulham were selling thier player for 15million

We need at least 2 more central midfielders and a striker to complete our squad

To be honest i cant see Simon church being the right player to 'complete' the fulham squad



29 Aug 2012 07:05:39
Norwich City are extremely close to completing the signing of Mexican international Giovanni Dos Santos for an estimated fee of £4.5m
This deal should most likely be concluded before Thursday but most definitely done by Friday

Wouldn't mind that one.Has to be better than what we have got.We have to get real if we want to progress and improve.Excuses must stop.Apologists for Morison and Chris Martin are misguided in my opinion.They are along for the ride.The less said about Andrew Surman the better.

I would prefer Mo Abdellaoue

In talks with Inter currently...

I would def prefer Mo Abdellaoue

Why are we slagging off Surman now?

Norwich don't play football to suit Dos to Italy or Spain as Spurs would never sell him to a footballing
english team like arsenal.

Have you ever watched norwich play?

Have you ever watched norwich play?

I have and they need pace and to find the net.

Dos Santos has signed for Malaga so this rumour is now officially like the parrot in that Monty Python sketch. No more. Expired etc.....................................



29 aug 2012 05:43:22
southend's moshni on trail with celtic
fee ?

If he is signed on by lennon the fee is in a region of 250k, so Mulgrew, Hooper now Mohsni at Celtic



29 Aug 2012 05:31:20
Nigel Adkins quoted saying the following after Stevenage game, about Ramirez deal:

"Until the pieces of paper are signed you can never say it's done but the chairman is working exceptionally hard behind scenes and is backing us in what we do," Adkins said when asked about Ramirez.

"We are very ambitious and there is serious cash to be outlaid if it's going to happen."

That not only indicates Ramirez deal is almost done, but that we are also in for several other ambitious transfer moves (ie. Boileson, Fontas, Butland perhaps??)

Doesn't indicate Ramirez is nearly done. He's had that sort of response to every question on transfers since he joined the club

No he has not!! Utter rubbish. Gaston is nearly complete!

No disrespect intended but he is a major talent in europe that a lot of top clubs are looking at can;t see him going to saints a newly promoted club



29 Aug 2012 03:26:32
I dont no why they sacked him , not many top managers will want to drop down to leauge 2..

They should of kept him,hes won SaintJohnsThrophy n got promoted and/or relegated..

you guys have bought in a few good signings..

i fear for you guys now losing your key players like Tommy Lee and Westcar etc



29 Aug 2012 02:44:53
Oldham hoping to sign Nico Yennaris on loan from Arsenal before the transfer deadline.

Loan signings don't have to be completed by transfer deadline day, but I'd take himm on loan still

The transfer deadling for loans doesnt close for a long time {Ed001's Note - some time in October, if I remember rightly.}

Great another youngster to add to the lack of experience we have, we need a central defender though, and two midfielders so i hope there is some truth in this

Get geroge boateng in! he's a free agent!

This guy has looked good when playing for arsenal so i wouldn't be to disapointed since we could then have him and brown vying for rb and byrne solely as CB which is what we need with tarky and belezika as back up



29 Aug 2012 02:12:30
Villa have had a 500,000 bid turned down for Bowery and he will be sold next season for 600,000

Does he still sit on a stool, with a glass of scotch nearby, saying 'and may your god go with you'?

The comedian?

His grandsons are 14 I doubt very much he shares transfer movements with them Son

Worst claim to fame ever!



29 Aug 2012 01:41:15
Boro will welcome and announce Harry Kewell as there latest signing tonight!

Nice one, a good addition on the cheap..... If Harry shows any of his previous Leeds and early Liverpool form that is all good for Boro

This is a terrible signing for boro. Very talented 10 years ago but has done nothing for several years, poor attitude and after last pay day

Poor attitude? do you know him? the guy ddedicates most of his time to fitness..A fitness freak actually. ITS A FREE SIGNING FOR AN INTERNATIONAL PLAYING NUMBER 10 .. yeah a reallly bad deal



29 Aug 2012 01:40:33
A League team Sydney FC Want Delpiero
Del Piero, who is a free agent after a magnificent career with Juventus, is in the final stages of negotiations with Sion.

However Sydney's genuine interest in the man who helped Italy win the 2006 FIFA World Cup has dramatically changed the landscape.

"We will speak to him and his management via a teleconference tonight," chief executive Tony Pignata said.

"We believe he has other offers but we will give it our best shot.



29 Aug 2012 01:25:12
Any Reading news?

I'd suggest Good Reads (.com) but if Audio Books are more your thing then Audible's pretty good too.

Yes, it is NOT the most western Premiership club in the south of England!
Somebody buy your owner an Atlas.

Go onto English club rumors and click on Reading.

Yes, it is NOT the most western Premiership club in the south of England!
Somebody buy your owner an Atlas.

? Unless your being really picky and saying Southampton is just ever so slightly more west than reading.. Yes we are

Yes u need the atlas my freind Southampton most southerly. Prem club. Reading most westerly. U need a life if that's all u can think of. Haha. Another jealous punter of the Royals



29 Aug 2012 01:03:46
Everton youth coach Alan Irvine in the running for managers post at Chesterfield. Met with the board late on Tuesday.
Reliable source.

No way we want Irvine ,dyche or billy Davis for cfc



29 Aug 2012 00:42:30
A very reliable source in the past has said Mark Bunn & Jordan Rhodes have been to Carrow Road & should sign for Norwich very soon.

Jordan rhodes was with scott arfield and alan lee watching his dads team sheff weds at home to fulham in the cap one cup!!! Nxt dodgy jordan rhodes rumour please haha

You mean to tell me, that in a country as LARGE as england, he couldn't be one place at one point in time and then another a few hours later? good point.
just kidding, england is tiny, and footballers have access to air transport

I think you will find it was Gary Rhodes, to take a nibble of Dehlia's pies!

Rhodes would be the wrong signing.Too much money for untested player.We need established players at the top level.

Read it again pal, it doesn't say when he was in norwich

Read the rumour (and that is all it is)properly says been seen not last night.

Confused...they don't play for Leeds!! :

^ you're right they don't play for Leeds. Why would any footballer with an ounce of talent want to play for that badly run, unstable club. That's why any of their players with ambition leave for a stable premier league side.



29 Aug 2012 00:33:11
City signing Maicon will cost £4.5 million rising to £6 million



29 Aug 2012 00:12:10
Sean dyche and Brian laws was seen in the stands at the proact on Saturday!



29 Aug 2012 00:08:35
Leon Barnett to Sheffield Wednesday for a fee of around 2.75m deal to be complete and transfer deadline day.

No way wednesday would splash that amount of money on one player

Especially Leon Barnett who isn't that good.



28 Aug 2012 23:55:35
Javi Garcia to City for £24m watch this!



28 Aug 2012 23:55:08
Moussa dembele to fulham. £15 million fee agreed and expected medical tomorrow.

Sounds like a really good deal for fulham, paying £15million on a player they already have

TO Fulham? Haha, think you mean Tottenham Hotspur.

Haha nice one

He already is at fulham

Must be a tax fiddle selling a player you already own to yourselves !

Shame hes gone, by far and away our best player



28 Aug 2012 23:18:58
Oldham athletic will receive a percentage off the fee Charlton receive for dale Stephens. Paul dickov will use this money to put in a fresh bid for Leon Clarke as well as strengthening other areas

We need a creative player because even if we have Leon Clarke if we're not giving him the supply it'll make know difference so hopefully we could get Tom Taiwo and use the money towards his wages...

If dale stephens is premiership quality, wheres his replacement in midfield! he is a good player! Oldham we desperately need a strong central midfielder right now!

Any money usually goes into the club so doubt this will happen.

WHY spend money on him theres plenty of better out of contract players if we are "aparently short" of forwards, caleb folan, james beatie, bret ormerod. again more concerned about our midfield!

"oldham we need a strong centre mid"

What about Furman, Wesolowski, Mchangama and Winchester?

If theres one area we do NOT need to imrpove, it is centre midfield.

Have you actually been to Boundary Park recently??

Charlton have rejected a bid from Villa of £1.5m and Villa have gone elsewhere, story over.

Although they are good midfielders we need some one who can actually create chances which no one seems to be able to do so far this season

Winchester looked completely lost on Saturday; Mchangama is a good prospect; Weslowski is out for 6 weeks, which leaves Furman trying to run the centre midfield by himself

"have you been to boundary park recently!"

yes i was there when furman back passed the ball and gave a goal away to warsall and was rubbish all game, (and i might add that i come to most games as a season ticket holder who travels 178 miles round trip every time i come!) mchangama is not a first team player his passing is inconsistant and he is light weight, so is furman to inconsistant and over rated, wesolowski although small is our best player in midfield but is injury prone! PD said himself last season we win more game with wesolowski on the pitch! so what does that say for furman! he's not creative enough! everyone slated Ruben Reed and O'grady when they were at BP cos they didnt score now they are at different clubs and they are banging goals in for fun! why? well they have better supply FROM THE MIDFIELD!

Furman is away on international duty for 2 weeks and welososki is injured to all those who still say we have a strong midfield your persons!



28 Aug 2012 22:57:29
Saints have agreed terms over the transfer of forward Emmanuel Mayuka from Swiss Super League side BSC Young Boys.
Source: Saints FC website

Another striker just what we need we are going to have to play 4 up front at this rate atleast it will be exciting!!

Hell of a good potential amazingly quick and good finisher would of took him at the toon



28 Aug 2012 22:47:31
Leyton Orient have signed former QPR winger Martin Rowlands on a one month contract.

Ex Ipswich right back jamie peters is on trial and is going to sign a contract

Why would we want another defender?
What we need is striker with pace who can shoot (on target).
Ours strikers are old, slow and can't shoot.
Unless we start scoring goals we are going down

Why do we need another defender?

Answer: Probably because Lloyd James is pants at right back and does not seem keen on McSweeney. We do not need new strikers either- there perfectly suitable. It's because Slade keeps insisting on playing 4-5-1 every game. He played 4-4-2 at Charlton and look how good we looked.

What world are you living in and what games are you watching? I have seen them all this season both home and away.

Played 3 Lost 3 Goals scored 1.

The forwards are NOT good enough. They are slow and cannot take chances.

Take the so called good performance at Charlton, Mooney missed a penalty and a gaping open goal when he blasted over the top with the goalkeeper off his line.

Lisbie did nothing.

Our equaliser was scored by a defender (Baudry) and made by another defender (Sawyer).

If the performance was so good then please note that James WAS playing.

I agree that Slades tactics (i.e. where and how Cox plays, not as a winger but getting lost in the middle) and that player motivation seems really poor but this doesn't affect the truth that the forwards are still just not good enough for us to survive.

We need pace in the team, the oppostion know that we carry no threat so just push up on us so that we just don't have the outlet to go forward when we actually get the ball.

Lisbie who got a good few last year. The ball justdont get to him...always feeding on scraps because of LACK OFSERVICE. Oh and I admit you are right about Mooney. I actually forgot all about him!

Orient badly need a quality striker to play up front with Lisbie. Lisbie looked very tired to-wards the end of the swindon game. We need someone to take the pressure off the only decent striker we have at the club. Also Orient deffinately need a proper right back, and hopefully Slade will address these problems quickly. problem quickly.

Last nights game with Brentford highlighted all the problems discussed above.
The team were playing well but were always struggling becuse there was no cutting edge up front so Brentford had they had no fear and attacked constantly.
Eventually Symes (who is so so slow) was taken off and replaced by the youngster Brunt and then young Odubajo was also brought on. What a transformation !.
We had pace and agression and looked a different class. A game we looked liked losing by 4 or 5 goals we ended up winning. Slade please take note.

Absolutely right. Symes only as good as Mooney. Both not what we need. Brunt and Lisbie will take us forward. What happend to Jo Koffour. With him as well to replace Mooney and Symes, goals goals goals.

Looks like Slade listened !
Brilliant last night it was the team and way to play we have been wanting

The worry is we havent got adequate replacements for Lisbie and Brunt, if either get injured
And remember, Brunt is only on loan.
Also, Orient are badly in need of a decent right back. What happened to Jamie Peters ?



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