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The press are making two plus two equal seven. West Ham have been ring fenced and are secure financially. Any compensation due to Sheffield United would be paid in installments over a number of years. The figures quoted so far are so far off beam that the Sheffield United board should be embarrassed. They are very worried that they will be forced to open their books to West Hams lawyers and will seek an out of court settlement. However West Ham are still confident that the whole thing can be quashed and are willing to take the matter to the European courts. They will ask the European courts to declare the arbitration process illegal as it has no set appeal process. This whole thing is likely to take another year or two to settle at least.
  –––Liverpool will sign Glen Johnson in January for £8million––– This is a definite, but I cant say how I know.
  Greetings – Not so much a rumour more an observation. This is a rumour site if I am not mistaken so why oh why do people post who THEY think their teams should buy?? I am not moaning or anything its just something I have noticed. Come to think of it have any of the rumours that have been posted on here ever actually come to fruition? but since we are posting who we want our teams to buy here goes – as an Everton fan we are in desprate need of a quality right back and a replacement for Lee carsley so Glen Johnson and Scott Parker would be within our budget and we are a more established club so why not? this is not a rumour just my opion of who could strengthen our team.
  The rumour saying sheffield united are willing to accept a load of wetspams reserves as payment are as ridicolous as they are wrong, the blades are fully confident of recovering AT LEAST 30m, wetspams owner is unable to pay this as he has lost 230m in his icelandic bank, expect fire sales of any valuable players in Jan and the club to be sold for a nominal amountsoon after
  Arsenal Rumours:

AW will invest wisely in Jan. Gallas will not be going in Jan, however expect a 4/5 mil offer from Marseille and PSG come the summer which will see the introduction of Fazio from Sevilla (signed a new ciontract so that sevilla get a good price for him). Vieira and Henry rumours are ludacris and WILL NOT happen, to the person who said Gazidis is brokering a deal for Henry, he doesn't start till Jan so keep dreaming. Bendtner will move to Russia in Jan for 5mil and this will see a loan move for Podolski and a permanet move come the Summer, if this doesn't materialise expect a bid for Falcao from riverplate. Big clubs in Spain and Italy are looking to loan Vela and Eduardo's recovery will be studied closely. Matuidi won't sign however expect bids for Defour and demy de zeuww, song will be loaned out as will wilshere(WBA/Stoke) A goalie will be added to the ranks in Summer in the form of Hilderbrand. Keep an eye out for theses activities, trust me.
  To the person who said Lukas Podolski will be at Everton for £6mil in Jan, Never fella. I am a blue and believe me will not sign him.
More realistic players would be loan deals
  Brian Murphy of Bohemians Football Clubb Ireland will be moveing to Hibernian FC In January for £150,000 + sell on clause. This is FACT. I do not support either team, merely passing on information as i have done in the past, P Mccourt to celtic etc.
  Greatings from the Greate White North (Canada). Normally we have little to offer the football rumour community, nevertheless, on the same radio program in which the scourge of scousers everywhere, George Gillet, spilled the beans regarding LFC, it was reported that Rafa has his scouts trailing Canadian wonderkid (err., average) midfielder Matthew Christian from the Toronto FC reserves. .the report suggested LFC were looking at offering him a trial in the new year. .

  Jan signins
man city– will sign samba,warnock frm blackburn with ben heim , nedum ohunuha(spellin') goin the ova way whether it will b a swap or fees this will happen.
man utd– will sign a cm 1 of either marcos senna(villareal) ,palacios (wigan) or miguel veloso(sporting lisbon) which means hargreaves will leave in the summer when hes returned frm injury as sir alex is feed up with his injury problems and inconsistant form when he is fit.
arsenal– gallas will be loaned 2 psg until the summer when he will b then sold 2 ac milan he will be replaced with dan van buyten frm munich
my name is Paul McGuinness, and im the Manchester united under18's football coach, i understand that there are a few rumors floating about, I'm writing to inform everyone that all these big money signings will not happen in January, However our main priority in January is to tie up a permanent deal for Carlos Tevez, 24, also the "papertalk" about him feeling unneeded and misunderstood is purely "papertalk" he is very happy here and wishes to spend the next 4–5 years with us.
there are a few players we are trying to recruit but no big names, we are interested in signing Zoran Tosic and Adem Ljajic.

and i also have some good news related to Dimitar Berbatov, he has returned to full training and will feature against manchester city in the forthcoming match.

Many Thanks.

Paul McGuinness
  Everton and Middlesbrough are looking to take advantage of the current crisis at Charlton, by swooping for Jonjo Shelvey at a cut price of just £250k

itjande 1 million
degen 4 million
dossena 6 million
benayoun 8 million
pennent 6 million
babel 20 million
vorinin 5 million

the following will come in
glen johnson
Gareth bale
elano (maybe)
fred (maybe the 1 who plays 4 lyon his contract is up at the end of this season)
  West Ham are interested in following players, from a reliable authority
Luke O’Neill – Leicester
Sebastian Larsson – Birmingham
Derek Boateng – Beitar Jerusalem
Lewis Holtby – Aachen
Darius Vassell – Man City
Hervé Bazile – Guingamp
Jérémie Bela – Clairefontaine
Scott Robinson – Hearts
  Nott’m Forest Targets
Stacey Long – Ebbsfleet (Also Rotherham interest)
Steve Morison – Stevenage
Marcus Tudgay – Sheff Wed
James Tomkins – West Ham (Loan)
  Hi, am a huge Hibs fan and also know Steven Fletchers sister very well. Fletcher won't be moving untill autum next season as he wants to stay at hibs this season.
also expect manucho for united to go out on loan to the likes of stoke,WBA, or wolves to boost attack for last half of season.
expect to see kightly out to boro
  Just a quick thing about Sheffield Wednesday. There targets in the upcoming transfer window are Reuben Reid – Rotherham; Jamie Ward – Chesterfield; John Sutton – St Mirren, Julian Bennett – Nott'm For; Bradley Hudson–Odoi – Hereford
  Some transfer rumours:
Rafinha to Liverpool? Could possibly see this happening, as Rafa looks to end the full–back crisis. Phillip Degen hasnt had much of a chance, but he will still be the paperweight in this deal, plus a tidy packet of 3mil to our friends in Germany. Personally, I miss Stevey Finnan. Fabiano to Man City? I don't think so, with Hughesy offering Daniel Sturridge a new contract, and with the inexpicable return of Benjani Mwaruwari. More likely to see Abu Dhabi City move for defensive options, namely a new keeper. Adriano to Chelsea? A possibility, with Didier Drogba's obvious yearning to be reunited with his beloved Mourinho. So a trade on the cards; I was just surprised when I saw how much more Drogba is worth than Adriano, considering Addy is younger and Brazillian.
Appiah to Arsenal? Is this ever going to happen or what? Probably not, as Big Stepho is bound to get tired of Wenger's hesitancy and move to West Ham, but can they handle his wages?
Downing to Tottenham? With Big Harry looking to spend to succeed, I'm sure Stew will be on his hit–list. However will the rumoured 11–12mil be enough to tempt a confident Mr. Southgate? No, it wont.
Watson to Birmingham? Another saga that seems to have been drawn out far longer than it should have. Is Ginger Watson going to remain under the fiery Warnock of isnt he? Only January will tell. Alternatively, I predict a bid from Flavio Briatorie's Queens Park Rangers for the playmaker.
Slusarski to Sheff Wed? This surely must happen in January, what with the predicted departure of Deon Burton to Charlton (dont ask me why). I think its about time to. Bartosz Slusarski is a good striker, and was never given a chance by Lucifer Mowbray.
Malcolm Shaffer, Courtesy of. .
  Liverpool will place the following bids in january. They will hijack Portsmouth first team and sign glen johnson(7m)and jermaine defoe(11m). The will be signing tottenham defender gareth bale(10m). The only other signing will be from Borussia Dortmund and he will be right winger 'kuba'(7m).They will be selling jermaine pennant,(5m) andrea dossena(7m) yossi benayoun (7m) phillipp degen(6m) fabio aurelio(5m). The yanks will throw in 5 million so they do not create a worse name than what they already hav for themselves.
  So Sheffield United will accept two of West Hams cast offs, (Bowyer? Do me a favour), on loan as settlement. Well the loans window has closed and nothing happened. Why the hell should we want to let West Ham 'save face' anyway? So the Premier League can brush their incompetance and mismanagement under the carpet one more time?

In a letter to all Premier League Clubs, the PL stated that if West Ham were found to be break the rules a second time (which the tribunal found they were) that further sanctions, i.e. a points deduction, would be applied. Does anyone think for a minute that it will?

What a buggers muddle. Scudamore and Richards should resign.
  I know this sounds tenuous but here goes. One of my clients is very well connected with Steve Gibson, the Smog boss, and strangely through reasons I'll let you fathom out, he brings me a lot of news from St James Park. The latest being this: Ashley is not selling the club period. All the stories about Keith Harris and Orville trying to broker a sale are just a smoke screen to allow the dust to settle on the debacle that was created in the wake of Keegans departure. Joe will have the job at least until the end of the season and will operate on the kind of shoestring budget he has experience of from his Wimbledon days. Ashley has lost a fortune with the collapse of the economy, and with NUFC being the unattractive prospect that it is right now, no one would be prepared to meet the insane valuation he has placed upon the club. My contact also had one other little gem I'll share with you that is not Newcastle related, but FA related, in that the FA are trying to engineer more England friendlies away from wembley. The powers that govern Wembly had banked on a lot of revenue coming from England home ties and consequently take the lions share of income generated from those games. However, the games that are played away from wembly generate a higher income for the FA. Watch out for wembly becoming another white elephant like the millenium dome. You can choose to rubbish this info if you like, but everything this guy has told me in the past has come to fruition.
  Listen lads all the garbage being posted on hear about Arsenal is mostly just that, RUBBISH! Wenger is going nowhere. They arent in dyer need of any strikers, Sure Bendtner is ST and should be sold and a new striker WOULD be great, but Vela,Ade,RVP,. . EDUARDO or did you forget? as well as Walcott, Nasri are great attcking options and so there is NO panic going on, and don't forget Simpson who is 20 and young Ramsey and Wilshire who do fine going foreward. Denilson is going where? to relegation threatened TOON? your having a laugh!! Gallas will be going home if he goes anywhere, Celtic?hahaha WHFC? just as funny maybe funnier since they are in a fiancial cluster F of a mess currently, good luck meeting that gobs wage package. Van Buyten seems pretty true also Blaise Matuidi from StEttiene perhaps. F.Delph/A.Witzel in summer big MAYBEES as well. Also Arsenal are one of the MOST PROFItable clubs in Europe!! Wenger could buy KUN AGUERO if he wanted, but he doesnt. This is part of the "experiment" that he himself said he began because the club wanst sure how the Emirates would work out right away in addition to the further property investments that were made at the time. So he THOUGHT they may be strapped for cash. Everything has gone well better than planned and he just decided to stick to the plan and not spend the inflated sums for players like the likes of CHELSKI. So breath easy fellow GOONERS we may not win the PREM this year, but a DYNASTY is brewing at the ARSENAL. In WENGER WE TRUST!!!
  Readin some of the rumours on this page makes me smile. I cant see how some of these players mentioned will be bought/sold in january. They would cost a fortune which most clubs (man city and the top 4) aside just don't have at the moment, britain is in the 1st stages of recession which means lower income for the clubs, less bums on seats means less income, FACT. the clubs know this. Also the clubs with money to spend would want players who can play european games this season, so i personally don't think any big ones will happen, reading one rumour on here though does sound like a genuine one for the summer. The mole (who ever he/she is) said that the transfer record will be broken. i too have heard this rumour, AGUERO TO MAN CITY £55m. TRANSFER RECORD. you heard it here second,LOL.
  Glasgow Celtic

To the person who said we would get gallas and iniesta, as much as i would love to see them here it aint going to happen same with rangers and the 5 million rated 'wonderkids'. Also why would we sell our best players so far like gary caldwell and aiden mcgeady they will be here to summer at least

More realistic january targets would be –
Appiah (free)
Reynolds (motherwell 1 million)
Sylvinho (barcelona 1.5 million)
Jeffren (barcelona – same sort of deal as crosas)
Stilic (poznan 2 million)

Donati (an italian club 3 million)
Nakamura (yokohama marinos 5 million)– hope not however
Balde (hull city / birmingham city free)
  Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez looking to implement some British steel in his first team squad. Expect full backs Degen & Dossena to be shipped out, with bids for Bale and Glen Johnson to replace them. Also, Liverpool to tie up cut price deals for Barry, Schweinsteiger and Hamilton Academicals youngster James McCarthy, allowing Pennant and Benayoun to leave.
  To the clown who said –:

Mark Brown (Motherwell) £490k
Lee Naylor (Bristol City) £2m
Bobo Balde (Hull City) £2.3m
Aiden McGeady (Manchester United) £12m
Shunsuke Nakamura (Yokahoma Marinos) £7m
Cillian Sheridan (Hibernian) swap
Gary Caldwell (Burnley) £3m
Massimo Donati (Lazio) £4.4m

Bobo Balde will be released for free, Donati would never fetch 4.4m and there is no way Stracahn will let Calderwell or Sheridan leave if anything JVOH would go before young Cillan, I just don't know where you got your information from seems grossly inaccurate. OK for some real rumours SPL rumours Rangers will get rid of M.Bourgehha and sign a cheaper option, Pedro Mendes could also be on his way at end of season to cut wage bill. Over the past yr I have been hearing alot about a kid called Fleck, where is he, if he is that good he would have been bought in by now especially with the lack in quality Rangers have up front, if he isnt playing before JCD he cant be that good.
Now for Celtic they won't sign Gallas or Bellamy if anyone thinks we will don't kid yourself, Celtic will sign mainly players from the SPL, hamilton kids, Ireland and smaller Euro nations and Championship, Celtic won't do any major signings as they have massive faith in academy. Stoke are in good form and Robert Rigby could be a Jan !inclusion.
  Manchester United are chasing Celtic`s 18 year old irish defender Laurence Gaughan. Prior to the champions league encounter at celtic park, a reserve game was held which finished 0–0 with Gaughan excelling against Utds forward line of Manucho and Danny Welbeck. Utds representatives have made contact with Gaughan and he is likely to move to Old Trafford at the end of this season.
  Everton fc are looking at signing Christian Obodo a nigerian from Udinese the midfileder may cost up to 8 million and over with yobo and yakubu both singing the midfielders praises also expect a move for elia and another move for victor obinna on loan with vaughan's injury.
  Mark Hughes could make a 27mil bid for Robbie Keane in the summer. Liverpool would replace him with Sergio Aguero.

Hughes will also sign Wayne Bridge (8mil) Glen Johnson (10mil) and Kolo Toure (Dunne + 5mil)
Hughes also wants Klaas Jan Huntelaar for 18mil and Marcos Senna for 14mil.
  Matty taylor moving to spurs ha ha don't make me laugh, he has just bought a house up here and is starting to show his goalscoring touch now he is settled plus celtic outbidding us for ledley where the hell did celtic or bolton get nearly 8 mill to spend on him anyway. we will b lucky to have 5 to spend in jan and our target ferrie bodde is now out for the season. back on th march to europe super whites.
  Malcolm Shaffer, thanks for your apology. I think you're confusing Michael Kightly (who came from Grays Athletic) with Freddy Eastwood, who we DID sign from Southend but of course he moved on again to Coventry during the last close season.
  To the mental celtic fan, 9mill for Iniesta and sylvinho yous havent spent that much in 2 years never mind 2 players.
To what matters: The gers will bring back stephen hughes in the summer pre contract in january as will gomis(dundee united) Berra(Hearts) Lovenkrands will also come in for zilch in the summer.
Young john fleck will play more after Xmas as well as niguez(this boy is a find)
  Steven Fletcher will sign for Rangers in January, along with Mark Reynolds. i know this because i play for Rangers U16's and its been talked about round Murray Park alot. Logan McDougall
  I have it on extremly reliable authority that Rafa Benitez has recently been sounded out about a move to Real Madrid.

He is increasingly concerned about Liverpool's dubious financial relationship and will shortly use the press to vent his anger at being unable to secure a January transfer target.

It is believed that this target has agreed to now go elsewhere due to the usual stumbling of the 'men' behind the scenes.

He will attempt to see out the remainder of the season – though the board will intervene should he go public with his frustrations.

Expect a Summer offer to be made to Mark Hughes as Mourinho makes the move to Chelsea.

Bleak times unfortunately ahead
  Ive just heard from a mate that knows a lot at blackburn that Paul Ince is really frustrating them at the moment. Blackburn`s board want Steve Bruce to replace him a.s.a.p and a compensation package will be thrased out on Thursday evening with wigan owner Dave whelan. Wigan will then ask Derby county permission to talk to Paul Jewell about taking the helm at wigan again. Expect to see Aidy Boothroyd then become Derby County Manager.
  2 d celtic fan who sed they were gettin inesta n sylvinho frm barca for £9m dats not happenein because inesta has already stated he wants 2 play under roberto martinez at swansea city n will leave in a str8 swap for jason scotland in jan (wel u probly beleieve it haha)
newy real news
antionio cassano sampdora– newcastle £15m
joe ledley n roger johnson cardiff– wigan £12m
ronaldo genoa free
douglas costa gremio– manutd
pennant liverpool– wigan
valencia wigan– liverpool (11m n pennant)
lasan diarra – pompey– spurs in the summer
frazir campbell will stay at spurs til the end of the season n will challenge at united next season with rooney berba tevez nwelbeck
niko krancja pompey– valencia in the summer
oooo n william gallas 2 celtic 4m cut price hhaha
  Inter Milan to place a bid for Babel in January,he'll be going now he's shown his hand to Rafa (The beginning of the end for him). Atletico Madrid are linked with Lucas (potential swap deal Simao). Man City are to table a bid for Alonso in January but Rafa won't let him go until the end of the season if at all. Liverpool have been looking at Kevin Nolan and Kevin Davies of Bolton and you only have to remembar the Sammy Lee connection to understand that theres a very good chance this will happen.
Benayoun looks like he'll definitely be going to Spurs. Hull are looking at Penant (Scout seen). Dossena and Degen will be envoking their return tickets to the continent soon but which club is unsure, but it will happen. Pacheco will be promoted to the first team, Ngog also linked to Marsaille, El Zhar is off to Fernebache. I will speak to you again in January 09 to give you an update on just how correct these rumours are but I'm looking at 95% at the moment. "The Insider"
  Celtic and Rangers: European signings? Im sorry to all Old Firm fans, but I don't know why Scottish teams are linked with players like Andreas Iniesta? Why on earth would he move to a lowly division, won by the same team every year, when he can play in the Spanish Primera, one of the most competitive leagues there is, and earn a higher salary? I know, Old Firm fans will argue that it is in pursuit of European football that players will move to Scotland. But the European Leagues are soo competitive anyway, that surely all clubs can potentially play in the UEFA cup/ Champ. League? Therefore, I do not understand the attraction that players such as Gennaro Gattuso and Andreas Iniesta will have for such teams. Henceforth, expect fewer moves from Spanish/Italian clubs to Scottish sides, and certainly NOT Iniesta, honestly. . cash is hard to come by as it is, just ask David Murray. But never fear Old Firm fans, im sure the influx of Polish will continue well into the future. Muhahaha.
Axel Witsel: To which club? Its certainly a tough one, he's been linked with Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City, Blackburn, West Ham and Bolton. Jesus, did they all make an enquirey? I know only scouts from four Peremier League clubs have seen him, and one of those was Middlesbrough, except they already seem to have lost interest. What everyone needs to ask themselves is, is young Witsel worth it. Personally, Im banking on the venerable Sir Alex to bag him in January for an undisclosed fee.
Niko Krancjar: To which club? Another toughie here, although seemingly less interest. The Croatian playmaker could opt to stay at Portsmouth, but a move to Tottenham or long–term admirers Arsenal id also on the cards. He'll stay until the summer, then run between the legs of the giant Arsene in the sky.
Excuse the disgusting pun. This is Malcolm Shaffer
  Arsenal to make an ambition double bid to re–sign Tierry Henry and Patrick Viera

100% True. Almost 75% likely to sign one, about 65% for both apparently. Could change as we get closer to Jan, possiblity of loan moves aswel especially in Henry's case.

If you don't believe me feel free to rip it out of me but we'll see who's laughing come Jan.
  Sheffield United boss Kevin Blackwell will make a move in the January transfer window that will see Reading forward Leroy Lita, 23, join the Blades on a season–long loan with a view to a permenant deal in the summer. Lita has been placed as the United chief's top target following similar successful loan spells at both Charlton Athletic and currently, Norwich City, who are also believed to be keen on extending the former England Under–21 star's loan at the club, along with QPR and Stoke City, although the Blades are now favourites to land their man.

The Bramall Lane outfit are also keen on the services of Swindown Town forward Simon Cox and Portsmouth's forgotten man, David Nugent, but any of these deals are depending on the signing of Lita, whilst Danny Webber could be on his way out of the club with Preston and Charlton keen on a deal, with the south–east London club offering defender Jonathan Fortune as a makeweight in any transfer. It is believed however that Webber would favour a link up with ex–boss Neil Warnock at Crystal Palace.

Another defender on the Blades radar is Preston's Sean St. Ledger, with rumour spreading that a £750,000 deal is being lined up for the Irishman.
  Just spoke to my friend who works at Ajax

Manchester City's bid for Huntelaar last summer of €40million was rejected by Ajax. ( Why, nobody knows )
Now they are looking at the other striker, Louis Suarez who is playing very wel at the moment.
City must pay around €25million, but money is no problem for them i understand

Boy from Holland

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