Football Rumours Archive May 28 2013


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28 May 2013 23:45:47
Millwall will sign Jacques Maghoma and Marlon pack this week, with Jermaine Easter having signed a one year deal ( as revealed earlier in week)



28 May 2013 23:30:45
Pne are trying to negotiate deals to secure season long loan deals for liverpool striker adam morgan and Manchester United midfielder nick powell. Both these players want to play more games however grayson needs to convince them pne are serious promotion challengers as they are both holding out for moves to the championship.

There is more chance of Jesus signing than these two. How deluded are these fans?

The rumour had some basis of truth and was going so well until you said.

"Grayson needs to convince them PNE are serious promotion challengers. "

29 May 2013 11:40:16
Please not Morgan.



28 May 2013 23:17:03
Cesc Fabregas to be David Moyes first signing as Manchester United manager



28 May 2013 23:08:44
Cardiff are interested in signing Bradford's Nahki Wells if they are not successful in signing Darren Bent. Likely fee around £2.5mill

Doubt it seeing as his release clause is £1-1. 25mil

Old rumour total rubbish

If they fail to get premier league star why would they get a league 1 striker

Taxi for Nahki. at that price

2.5million is a lot for a player who has only proved themselves at League 2! Especially as we're now BPL! Reading signed Le Fondre (who scored 24 goals in 2010-11, two more than Wells) for around £350,000!

His release clause was for if we stayed in League 2. As we got promotion, the clause is now invalid.

Masons better than wells an won't start often so that a no go!

29 May 2013 11:54:34
Release clause means nothing if more than one club are interested (more than one club ARE interested) it goes to a bidding war. Burnley reported to be interested at £2M therefore any club with designs may have to top that, hence Cardiff supposed offer/interest. {Ed001's Note - it does, as the interested clubs will just meet the release clause and then use excess money to offer a better deal to the player. Why would they pay more to the club, when another club offering less would still have the same chance to sign him?}

29 May 2013 13:16:02
Madine is a great young talent and would bring attacking threat. However similar to hanson but he will have more time to improve on his attacking threat. Would love to see him at Bradford City.

I think you'll find a release claus DOES mean something. No bidding war, just the clause, its the wages they'll be bidding on.



28 May 2013 22:54:49
Bournemouth have joined the race for Billy Sharp even though the striker is keen to stay at Premier League Southampton.

If his talks with manager Mauricio Pochettino break down it is likely he'll prefer a move closer to his home town of Sheffield.

Isn't he meant to be off to Forest?

He probably is meant to be but suddenly these talks with Poch have showed up which is probably to allow time for bids to increase so saints can sell to the highest bidder.



28 May 2013 22:12:33
notts county are in talks with Mansfield striker Jake speight

Good luck with that - terrible attitude and work rate!

If this is the kind of players notts are aiming for then we will be getting relegated this season, he can't even get in the Mansfield team!

Heard Marseille wander kid Chris Gadi is interesting some premiership clubs. Offers have also been made by two top championship clubs.

Wot the hell that is shocking notts

NO! not good enough for L1.



28 May 2013 22:18:02
York city are interested in signing ex Rotherham Keeper Andy Warrington which would mean a return to the club he played for 19 years ago. {Ed003's Note - how old is he now? }

Hes 36, starting to show his age on the pitch so had to be moved on. Should be good enough for York.

~deMiller {Ed003's Note - cheers dm}

Andy a class gk, big mistake letting him go, would have been a better 2nd gk than scott, and would have done a good job when called on for 1st team,

I prefer Shearer, there is a massive division between who is better. Warrington was getting on and getting worse, needed a new first team keeper anyway.

Paul smith signing from southend utd on 2 year contract.



28 May 2013 22:07:50
Hearing that Clayton Donaldson has signed a three year deal at Barnsley.

How much for

Rather not have him, 29 can't improve need a young striker to partner Scotland

Decent player. Hunk and ogrady up front very powerful partnership

Him not hunk*

Hunk not him! He's gorgeous x



28 May 2013 21:36:11
Justin Richards (Oxford) headed south to Plymouth.

Keep on going Justin. France ahoy! {Ed003's Note - stop it lol}

Ha ha. agreed, another shocking striker off our books at last! shame that Wilder hasn't sent Dean "10 goals in 200 games" Smalley with him.

30 goals in 198, but don't let facts get in the way

Gets rid of Craddock, keeps Smalley. Haha. Anyway, this won't happen.

Cos Craddock wanted to leave, was lazy and had an awful attitude. I bet you Smalley is on half the wages TC was on.



28 May 2013 20:49:02
Free agent Michael Spillane set to sign a 2 year deal at Leyton Orient.

Doubt it.

Slade's looking at every position on the pitch other than in defence.

Spillane would be a squad player at best.

Micky Spillane? I thought he was a private detective.

Spillane is the type of player Slade would be interested in. He ticks all the boxes I. E Good utility player, strong, has played over 30 games for Norwich in the past, and would come cheap. Also has a great name!

29 May 2013 14:48:14
Is there any other brentford rumours

'' Is there any other Brentford rumours ''

Only what I mentioned before. Wolves likely to sign Donaldson for 'one million'
Bees also interested in Ben Reeves.



28 May 2013 21:38:04
qpr will sign danny simpson from newcastle at the end of the season, after the right back turned down a new contract

Hasent the season finished

29 May 2013 10:20:34
why would he go to QPR when they are in the championship, premier league is where he wants to be and I keep hearing west ham!

Qpr won't sign him they are looking to move on that type of personalty. As for keep hearing West ham you wanna see a doctor about that one

He's the kind of player that wants to play football, he can do that at qpr



28 May 2013 21:30:11
Bradford look set to unveil 2 ex carlisle players Andy welsh and Gary madine heard from good source

Am told Welsh is a done deal Madine is just in talks

Welsh yes madine no

Have fun with Andy welsh, he could not even make the bench when Robson and symington where fit, In a team trying to avoid relegation

29 May 2013 17:31:31
remember paddy madden not getting a look in however look where he ended up!

Folk slag Welsh off but we only last one game last season when he started.

Agreed he was excellent for us away at sheff utd and doncaster prem experience as well



28 May 2013 21:06:19
Crystal Palace to sign James Vaughan from Norwich City for £1.2 million - He loves the club after a successful loan period there in season 11/12.

He likes the club + palace just got promoted = he'll automatically be signing? Great logic. But seriously, I'm not sure he's Holloway' sort of striker, plus I doubt Vaughan will want to move that far down south after getting married

He was there 10/11 season*

That far south? Last time I checked he was a Norwich player still. Is Palace that much further south than Norwich? Plus lots of the Norwich squad commute from London anyway. Vaughan will more than likely move to Huddersfield.

Lets remove the fact from the fantasy shall we, James Vaughn may very well sign for Palace, i'm not arguing that, what I am fed up of seeing are these silly and ridiculous statements from fans that players "love the club" / 'loyal to the club' etc etc. rubbish, PLAYERS are NOT loyal to or "LOVE" clubs in the modern age, that is a luxury that the clubs and fans everywhere lost years ago when SKYTV dipped it's dirty little fingers in the jampot. it's FANS that are loyal to clubs, it's the FANS that love their clubs, players will go wherever there is the best chance of boosting their bank balance, bulging their wallets and massaging their over inflated egos, players all over prove this beyond doubt throughout every season and it gets worse as it goes on, players DO NOT care about YOU!, THE FAN! ( how many do you see getting off the bus when arriving at the ground listening to music with the earphones on as they walk through the throng just so they don't have to listen to fans asking for autographs? pure pig ignorance!). you are just a part of the cash cow that allows a mediocre talent to be paid like a superstar, you are just there to, like I said, massage the old ego, and make no mistake, when he has had enough / offered more elsewhere, he'll be off to pastures new, of course, he'll say all the right things to the media, he has to to safeguard his wallet but he definitely has NO LOYALTY OR LOVE for you or your club

I think you should get your facts correct he was on loan at huddersfield most of the season not palace. so if norwich let him go he will go to them.

Also, why would he want to sign just to be a backup for Glen Murray?

29 May 2013 11:32:08
Norwich fan here. Why do Huddersfield fans think that Vaughan will sign for them just because he was on loan with you? A player does not suddenly develop a massive urge to stay loyal to a loan club based on a single season. If a club like Palace were to offer him higher wages and prem football (taking out of the equation any rumours about him wanting to move back north for personal reasons as they have been neither denied or confirmed) then he will move to Palace.

Money and a higher standard of football will always win over signing for a club that a player has spent a season on loan with.

Its unlikely but I still wouldn't rule out him staying at Norwich now he has proved some kind of ability to play a good number of games without injury.

Lets all wait and see as it could be interesting.

He has been on loan at both clubs.

Vaughn played 30 games (9 goals) for Palace in 2010/11 season. Good championship striker, but that's it. He won't be coming to Palace.



28 May 2013 21:01:52
Barnsley fc linked with matt upson if stoke release him as well as danny Haynes and chris ogrady

Dont think haynes is the answer. He will unsettle team. Glad Tom Kennedy signed 2 year deal today



28 May 2013 20:52:54
Welling United Defender Fraser Franks is in talks with Portsmouth, Oxford United and Crawley Town after the England C defender rejected a new deal with the conference side.



28 May 2013 20:54:30
Blackburn Rovers are the front runners to secure the signature of Burton Albion Midfielder Jaques Maghoma.

Believe it's Middlesbrough who are.

Oh dear another clown to the circus

That's absolute tosh he's already had a medical at middlesbrough known fact

He has signed for boro



28 May 2013 20:54:16
Declan rudd as stated he wants to rejoin preston on loan if he is not going to be in Norwich citys first team squard, he is will to return to preston as he rates manager simon Grayson

Norwich have Championship sides looking at Rudd.

Don't get me wrong, Grayson did well at Blackpool, Leeds & Huddersfield but with no money to spend at PNE I can't see Rudd giving up the chance of playing in the Championship to go back to PNE

If Rudd is to go out on loan it will be to Preston.



28 May 2013 20:48:39
- Toronto fc and Monaco are plotting 10 million bids for Tevez

- with ambrosini already in talks with west ham, the hammers are also in talks with allesandro nesta

Monaco. Maybe. Toronto FC. no chance. lmfao.

Not sure a 37 year old Nesta would be able to hack thr premier league. He's playing for Montreal Impact for a reason



28 May 2013 20:46:52
Antonio German has refused to sign a contract at Brentford and Gillingham are favourites to sign him after a sucessful loan spell last season, but will have to pay a fee as he is only 21

29 May 2013 06:20:21

What is right then?

What's wrong: -
1. He hasn't refused to sign a contract?
2. Gillingham are not favourites to sign him?
3. He didn't have a successful loan period at Gillingham last season? (Actually he did)
4. Gillingham will not have to pay a fee?
or any combination of the four.

29 May 2013 13:53:07
If you read your local paper or look on NewNowBrentford, you will see he has turned down a contract. It also says Gills are interested but will have to pay a fee as he is under 24. He was impressive for a young player whilst on loan and our manager wanted to keep him, and still wants him.

I read an article saying that he had declined a contract, that Gills were favourites for him and they will have to pay compensation as he is under 24 and has been offered a deal equal or better to what he had

Check the website player update he has rejected a contract



28 May 2013 20:46:24
Ipswich to sign Cheltenham midfielder Marlon Pack.

Oh dear. This will set the cat among the pigeons. We've been told adamantly that Marlon Pack is joining Bournemouth on the CTFC forum, several times.

Just hope for the adamant rumour circulator that he does join Bournemouth now, would be pretty humiliating if he doesn't after all this certainty!

A number of clubs are interested in Pack and Ipswich are the latest to show interest. Their chief scout Steve McCall has watched Cheltenham on several occasions this year.

No reason whatsoever why Pack should be at all certain to join Bournemouth - he is still yet to reject Cheltenham's latest (final) offer!

My question is: would Pack make it into a Championship first team? Probably good enough for most League One sides but if Ipswich, Bournemouth, any Champ side came in, where would he be? Starting, bench, or reserves?

Town need squad depth (not loans) this coming season so Pack being young, from a league below and on a free. sounds the perfect fit.



28 May 2013 20:36:15
Graham Zusi is set to sign for Norwich City for $3m in the near future as he agreed a deal with the club last night.

Where did you pluck this from? Would think if we are going to be looking at centre midfielders they would have to be high quality this guy does not stand out in the MLS, not drawn by this.

It's only because we signed Kei. Everyone now thinks we're after MLS players when infact, Kei proved they're all lousy.

Actually without kamara being involved in 9 goals in his time at norwich, we would of been down.



28 May 2013 20:40:45
Nigel Adkins strike force for reading fc will be Alfie Jason Roberts (if fit) and young Dominic Samuel

He will then look to add one other striker which will be either billy sharpe at 1-1.5 million who is open to the move due to having worked with Adkins in the past or Charlie Austin at 5 million who would relish a move back to the club who released him as a kid as its close to his parents in the Newbury/thatcham area and feels he has a point to prove

Roberts will be fit for his media work for sure but putting on his boots. highly unlikely

What about Nick Blackman?

Not sure about Samuel, didn't seem great at Colchester

28 May 2013 22:05:27
Austin's parents moved to Poole which is why he ended up playing for Poole Town

And he wants a return to the South Coast - not Berkshire - so if he has his way it will be Bournemouth or Saints

Alfie? {Ed003's Note - Whats it all about}

We play blackman as a winger and samuel was top scorer for youth.

Austin will go where the best money is. don't all footballers these days?. at his age I'm sure being near his parents ISN'T the deal clincher, unless of course he's a mummy's boy!

Samuel, Roberts, Le Fondre and Sharp? that sounds quite a weak strikeforce to me

I'd like to see uche ikpeazu offered a contract next season.



28 May 2013 20:10:20
Derby County are to come back in with a bid of 900k and satisfy Dundee United's needs to get the Johnny Russell deal done as soon as possible.

Dundee have states they want to cash in.
Also said 750k was a bit too low.

Derby are losing the Vaughan battle and are absolutely desperate for Russell.

Maybe looking a bit too much in to this but Clough and Robins are goods mates maybe if Nige goes for Russell leaving Vaughan for Huddersfield if Brayford goes the Terriers might be more inclined to do business with Jack Hunt as a replacement.

Brayford would never go to Terriers as he wants a high profile club in prem, but as you say the link could help and I think that with Russell, Kilgalon, Forsyth, and Taylor along with possibly a experienced Midfeilder and youth players Derby will be very competitive.

28 May 2013 23:12:03
Russell has said he wants to play abroad, so forget about him signing.

29 May 2013 00:04:49
Well if Russell does sign for Derby he will be playing abroad!

Who suggested brayford would go to

He meant if Brayford leaves for another club not if he leaves for huddersfield



28 May 2013 19:41:16
Yeovil look set to sign free agents Gary Dicker and Jonathon Stead in the next 48 hours.

28 May 2013 20:49:39
Jon Stead left City as he wanted to return north to be closer to his extended family. He has also had a house built near Huddersfield. Yeovil would not fit with these plans and I would imagine his wages would be too high anyway.

Jon stead is moving up north with family so this is bull

Jonthan stead looking to go back up north apparently

Also dicker is set to sign for leyton orient. Deal been long agreed.



28 May 2013 19:41:40
Kolo Toure signs for Liverpool. July 1st



28 May 2013 18:48:49
Goalkeeper Richard Lee is set to sign for Northampton, and his old boss Aidy Boothroyd, after Lee Nicholls returned to his parent club Wigan.



28 May 2013 18:12:44
Dean Hammond will not be returning to southampton. £350000 deal already done to make his loan at Brighton perminant.

Could be true I don't see why not

Good luck to him there then. Did us proud in the Championship and league 1.

A good servant to the club in getting us promoted. Good luck to the fella

We don't have a manager yet, why would we sign anyone?

I agree, no deals will be anywhere near done yet. We don't have management. We have to wait until the club decides who will be manager for the 14/15 season. That being said, I do think Hammond signing for a permanent is likely in the future.



28 May 2013 19:32:06
According to the local Exeter newspaper League 1 side Walsall are interested in Exeter Citys top scorer Jamie Cureton who looks all set to leave the club.

Jamie Cureton is way too old for Walsall I think he's nearly 38!! they tend to go for talented young players who play attactive football, I thought he was going to Newport anyway?

28 May 2013 23:32:47
apparently this is true.

Walsall refused to sign him a couple of years ago why would they want him now he's an OAP



28 May 2013 19:22:49
Michael O'connor to reading is a done deal. Marlon Pack from Cheltenham to Rotherham as his replacement. Liam Boyce of Cliftonville and Scott Wagstaff of Charlton having a medical at the NYS tommorow.

Wagstaff is joining Gillingham as he wants to stay in the Maidstone area where he is from

How many Marlon Pack's currently play for Cheltenham? Several of them are currently linked with almost every League 1 Club.

Um. seeing as there's no confirmation whatsoever I don't think O'Connor is a 'done' deal! Plus I really don't see why a relegated premier league side would want with a recently promoted league 2 midfielder, who isn't young we must add! 25?!

Great, another pointless signing who will not even make it on our bench

Evans has said O'Connor is not for sale

Marlon Pack will be at a Championship club next season. Too good for League 1.



28 May 2013 19:10:45
Sunderland are set to sign defender Modibo Diakite and winger Milos Krasic. Also expected soon is Defender Valentin Roberge and midfielder Cabral.
Also expect more enquiries regarding signing Celtics Gary Hooper with James Mcclean going in the opposite direction in a part exchange deal.

Is the same krasic man united wanted and juventus bought, di canios good but he's not superman big fan of zarate and if you sign him you've pulled off a coup

We've just signed Ryan Harley from Brighton so why would we want him?

28 May 2013 21:20:25
Yes krasic and Zarate are both probable
Di Canio is wanting a couple other big names heading his way as well

Would prefer zarate over krasic. The latter has only scored 1 goal in 28 this season. And he is injury prone. And 3 yrs older. And more expensive.

28 May 2013 23:49:02
You have a lot of expecation/s

And expectation has been lacking on weirside in recent years.



28 May 2013 18:09:00
John Ward will turn his attentions elsewhere from Sunday.

Both Steve Mildenhall and John Joe O' Toole have been given deadlines to agree deals and word from inside the club is that Mildenhalls agent is shopping around whilst O'Toole believes he is way better than League Two and won't make the drop.

Yeovil Town are talking to Ellis Harrison but it is thought that Rovers will re - sign him on a two year deal in the next few weeks.

Rovers have a list of potential targets listing one new striker, two midfielders and a goalkeeper.

Steven Gillespie, Tom Hitchcock (loan), Eliot Benyon, Ryan Clarke and Amine Linganzi are all 'in talks' with JW and Nick Higgs. All deals to be done by end of June if possible.

We certainly won't be signing 3 strikers in Hitchcock, Gillespie, Benyon.

Ward says if O'Toole doesn't join he wants an experienced central midfielder. Lingazi is good but very inexperienced.

Unlikely to say the least.

If this is Oxfords GK Ryan Clarke then think again. Would cost you a few bob to get him



28 May 2013 19:26:40
Rene Howe (Torquay) to hold talks with walsall



28 May 2013 18:18:53
Lambert in for Alfreo Finnbogason to replace Bent who is Palace or West Ham bound



28 May 2013 18:15:52
Wimbledon have signed 23 year old left midfielder Chris Arthur and 28 year old right back Barry Fuller



28 May 2013 17:14:25
Walsall could be ready to start talks with Torquay United striker Rene Howe as the striker looks set to leave the club, with Will Grigg and Febien Brandy still Stalling over contract offers from the saddlers. Ben Purkiss and James Chambers look set to sign new deals.



28 May 2013 19:15:23
Cillian Sheridan is closed to signing for Oldham on a 4 half year deal, big coup for the club.

Not a coup at all just an average striker with a poor scoring record.

Players at our club get one or two yr deals.

Who would want a striker who doens;t score goals regularly.

Wouldn't say it was a big coup! He is big right enough!
He propably will score some goals but didn't rack up a big amount in SPL so will score less in England! He was pro shinty or some rubbish like that before Celtic took a punt on him, he should have stayed in that game!

Oldham don't do 4 year contracts so yano.

. but if they did they'd probably be the best contracts in the world!



28 May 2013 18:58:27
Dale Jennings will have a trial at Middlesbrough when the team return for pre season

28 May 2013 23:05:34
Boro have reportedly put a big in for Hugo rodellaga within the rage of 1-1.5 million {Ed003's Note - on a scale of 1-10 how angry was this rage? Boro might want to negotiate politely in my view}


No chance he want a fortune and doesn't even score goals would be a waste of money we could get better cheaper

This is clearly a lie he's 27 and boro wouldn't pay that much for someone of his age

Dale jennings would be ideal for the boro and he is leaving Bayern because he wants to return to england.



28 May 2013 18:55:08
Hull City have tabled a £6m bid for Gary Hooper. It's understood the player is willing to listen to the proposal the Tigers have to offer but Celtic want upwards of £9m for their top striker.

1) Hooper won't go to Hull
2) Celtic would snap up 6mil as he's in his last year! Which ties in with point 3 about Celtic wanting upwards of 9mil

3) Total rubbish

Why wouldn't he go to Hull?

Only asking since he's played for Scunthorpe earlier in his career and Celtic signed him from Scunthorpe which is only a spit and a jump away.

If you think that Hooper will go to Hull, you need to lie down! Major step down if he joins the Tigers. Norwich would be his preferred choice as he knows of the ambition of the club. Norwich will spend big THIS summer, as planned when we came up, to reach mid table security or possibly even top half. Unfortunately for Hull, they're more than likely to be in the relegation scrap and could easily go straight back down.

But Norwich already hace van wolfswinkel, why would they need hooper?

I love it when people say we'll come straight back down, you clearly haven't seen City play over the last 2 years

Hooper won't be taking a step down to join hull, for the pure reason that joining any top championship side or premier league side is a step up from the spl. heard he would be interested in a move to hull - with playing for Scunthorpe previously - but the money would be an issue. could see him joining either a mid- table pl side, or everton



28 May 2013 18:54:52
Bolton have offered Oldham £650,000 + add on's (including £200,000 for international call up and 15% sell on fee) for Jose Baxter. Oldham supposedly stalling over the offer but are likely to accept within the next week.

Won;t happen unless its a million due to his 2yr deal.

next silly rumour pls.

Bad move for Jose, a club in huge debt and decline, worse mistake Dougie made leaving the Palace

29 May 2013 00:55:52
International call up, people are deluded if they think that will happen

Here we go again. a bad move, don't go to Bolton there in debt and on decline. Obviously you didn't see how close we came to making the play offs, if only we had gotten Dougie earlier instead of the muppet we had in charge we would have been promoted automatically. Do you not think Freedman new what he was taking on when he left Palace. let's see what happens next season, I am confident we will go up as champions next season and Palace will last one season in the Premiership. So stop knocking Bolton you know nothing about our debt. Bolton are on the up watch this space. DUK WHITES FAN

Here here, don't knock the super white's. SUPERJOHN71

In huge debt? not really mate, the money we owe is to our owner Eddie Davies and not the bank, so get your facts right.

Eddie Davis has a deal in place where he makes more money in interest a year from Bolton than he would from a bank. FACT. We are not that much of a huge debt as people make out. Peed off Bolton fan.



28 May 2013 18:38:02
Carlisle United in talks to bring former loan star Jordan Cook back to club after failing to star for Charlton Sunderlands released Ryan Noble also a target



28 May 2013 18:29:06
Burnley News/Rumours

Burnley In
Tom Heaton (Complete) from Bristol City
Joseph Mills (Complete) from Reading

Burnley Out

Lee Grant (Complete) Derby
Brian Jensen (Released)
Chris McCann (Released)

Burnley are set to sign Jara from West Brom on a free transfer. Burnley have reportedly offered the former West Brom player a contract.

Burnley are also interested in Bristol City striker Sam Baldock for a fee believed to be around 500k

The Burnley board have recently come out and said that Sean Dyche has money to spend if necessary. Expect at least 2 more signings at Burnley in the coming weeks.

We certainly need incoming players, all we can do now is trust SD's judgement.

I mentioned yesterday Sam Baldock is under a lenghy contract at Ashton Gate.

I wouldn't be suprised if he were to move on this summer as he didn't quite fit in our setup, and clearly thinks he is of Championship or higher standard.

My only suprise with the Burnley rumors is that the price is half what we paid for him last summer?

Surley Bristol City will expect what they paid for Sam back. I would expect him to cost £1m+ if anyone wants to take him back to the Championship.

I'd be happy with baldock

He's joining forest

Seeing as he's under contract, I doubt Baldock would go for anything less than a 7 figure sum

As things stand at the gate if city receive sensible offers for any player they will be sold. Baldock and Davies would be great players in league 1 but would command at least what we paid or more which would both cut the wage bill and allow for reinvestment. Same goes for Albert and Greg. To be honest as many fresh faces that can be brought in the better as far as I'm concerned to really kick start a fresh new era with no hangover of previous unsuccessful regimes. Give SOD time and the support to get the younger players playing with out fear and persecution from the fickle fans and we'll be okay. COYR



28 May 2013 18:28:54
Ha ha the one keeper you said is staying has already been released. Bunn won't leave will be our number 2 next season but ruddy may go but only for a big price



28 May 2013 17:43:06
toure to liverpool is a done deal

Yeah it is source: A Sports News Website

Got a feeling Liverpool could be a threat next season

28 May 2013 23:20:23
For 7th place, maybe

A threat to who exactly?



28 May 2013 17:42:17
wba and westham are both hoping to land david bentley



28 May 2013 17:41:09
man utd and chelsea will do battle for fellani

He won't go to Chelsea

Fellaini will sign for Manchester United for 23m



28 May 2013 17:33:06
Richard dunne has been offered contracts by middlesbrough and Celtic. He would prefer to stay in England, ideally in the midlands so will wait for other offers

Heard this rumour as well. Is also possibly he could move to Leicester, on the other side of the midlands (plus they can prob afford his wages).

He lives in Warrington so has no Midlands ties; but he's never fit either



28 May 2013 17:31:22
With Benitez gone to Napoli and Martinez going to Everton the only managers I feel that could go Stoke now are Hughes, Di Matteo and Poyet. Mark Hughes is the favourite to go to stoke as Coates is a big fan and has had talks with him at least twice. Di Matteo is a good shout as Steve Holland is prospecting a return to Stoke and could persuade Di Matteo to come with Holland as his assistant. Poyet is another good shout, still suspended from Brighton, he is a good friend of Stokes technical director Mark Cartwright and could have a chance at managing in the premier league. I think we will appoint Hughes as its Coates' decision

28 May 2013 18:51:10
Sorry 2 all you stoke fans but replacin pulis with hughes is a backward step I hope he doesn't get you relegated its good avin you in the prem league from a walsall fan

Hughes will be appointed tomorrow

Personally don't think Hughes would do bad at Stoke. QPR aside who are a shambles he's got a good track record with mid table sides and knows the market well. Stoke have good money behind them but control their finances. Won't be an immediate popular choice but many of their fans said the same re Pulis at first.

Perhaps tony's reason for the sack was not using the youngsters. except for shawcross, nzonzi, shotton wilson, begovic, wilko. they say that hughes has too cut wage bill and not buy players who can't be sold on. whealen, delap, higgingbotham, whiteheadand sorrenson etc. have all done a fantastic job in making stoke self efficient financially by keeping us in the prem. with the guided hand of mr pulis. if these players can't be sold on for good money please correct me as I don't think they cost a lot in the first place. let's see how much money hughes wastes.



28 May 2013 17:30:23
Crystal Palace to sign peter odemwingie from west brom for £3m. The money west brom receive will go towards bidding for anderlecht striker mbokani

28 May 2013 21:14:08
Let's face it everyone is worrying about who palace will sign for prem league but there are so many great player at the end of their contracts around as long as they don't want stupid wage demands. We got out of the championship at the right time.

But you will be back after 1 season.

As a Blackpool fan. enjoy the ride while it lasts

29 May 2013 12:34:19
But this time we will receive a further 60 million even if relegated.

P. S you have the worst pitch in the top 6 divisions

The only time I want to see Odemwinge at Selhurst Park is in an away shirt. We won't be paying anyone the sort of wages he thinks he`s worth.



28 May 2013 17:28:39
Charlton Athletic to sign jerome thomas after his release from west brom

Would love this top player!

Wouldn't mind having him back but his wages may be too high

Please please please

Good luck jt wherever you go outstanding winger on his day



28 May 2013 17:25:40
Martin O'Neill to be appointed Wigan manager

I would be happy with that

Please God No



28 May 2013 17:19:56
The rumours about johnny russel going to derby might become true because on tv it says derby have had a bid rejected for johnny russel but the chairman of Dundee has said he wants to cash in on russel and it rumourd Dundee want 800k but derby 750k

I've heard we bid 600K but they want 750K + add-ons.

You're acting like Derby are the only club interested though. Cantania have already had bids rejected and their last one was in the region of 700k. With Russell stating in an interview that he wants to move abroad should he leave Dundee Utd this window or next, means that even if a Derby bid was accepted it'd take a big incentive for him to chose them rather than wait out an acceptable bid from a foreign club.

United have already knocked back £800 000 from Catania and he wants to go abroad and has no interest playing at such a poor level. All FACT no rumour research if you do not believe me.

Derby putting improved offer in for Russell tomorrow

When will derby fan listen we won't sign Russell we will get out bid for wages for a start

Why don't we put all the hate to one side and just wait and see. This will drag out for another week at least.

"poor level" The Championship is one of the most competitive leagues in the world and has a lot of quality and excitement on show. Cannot say the same about SPL. I watched Ross County vs Inverness the other week and I have never seen such a poor, slow and in general bad quality game. It is like the level of league 2. Russell should come test himself In the Championship.



28 May 2013 17:06:08
Poyet will not get jobs at :Everton, Stoke, Cardiff, Wigan nor it seems Fulham now. He has a meeting with Bloom, it is understood Poyet is now keen to smooth things over and is keen on some form of reconciliation. Bloom it is understood with the rest of his management team to have decided a change is best for the club. A negotiated settlement is the likeliest outcome - Thursday 29/5 is the meeting date. The only viable option for Poyet in the UK appears to be Leicester City after Leeds have made it clear they intend to stick with Brian McDermott. (Source - from Amex, JP)

We want poyet out



28 May 2013 16:59:51
Derby are to make an approach for centre-back Christophe Berra following his release from Wolves.

You are welcome to him rams----- he is slower turning than an oil tanker!

That gutless no mark couldn't get in one of the worst defences in the Championship. He really thought he was too big for the lclub and a Premiership team would snap him up! Good riddance

Didn't know they had a rugby team

Poor Christophe, he thought he was good enough for the premier league last summer, he has proven over this season he is not good enough for the championship. The good news is a lot of MM's players are now moving on. Derby fans, you do not want this man.

I believe he has his heart set on a wrestling career.

He is actually one of the quickest we have at the club. Just thinks too slowly and reacts too slowly.



28 May 2013 16:58:50
Burnley have offered a contract to WBA defender Jara but he also has offers from 2 other championship clubs

28 May 2013 17:35:29
Derby have had a bid for johnny Russell turned down but are putting an improved bid in tomorrow



Alfie Potter had a one year extension option in his contract and Oxford have already envoked this for next season so if he is going, it will cost the Gills'



28 May 2013 16:41:36
Walsall are looking to sign Morton top scorer Peter MacDonald to assist will grigg



28 May 2013 16:37:29
Arturo Lupoli is on clough wishlist of strikers to sign along with Russell and Vaughan



28 May 2013 16:35:19
iain vigurs to sign Oldham deal in next 48 hours

Latics website confirming a signing being unveiled tomorrow (29th)

28 May 2013 20:28:46
Looks like the glory days are heading back to Boundary Park.

I really hope you are right ^

What because we are signing some SPL small team players?

30 May 2013 16:32:17
looks like your 48hrs are up. Now wheres that announcement? If he doesn't want to sign now, I don't want him



28 May 2013 16:35:04
Swansea looking to sign Maynor Figueroa to replace the Arsenal bound Ashley Williams.

If williams goes Figueroa would be good signing on a free. I'd like to see them add botia aswell.

And since when has Figueroa been a centre back?

I would prefer Winston Reid, the skipper of New Zealand!

This will be a amazing signing since Ashley Williams is leaving (or he is close to leaving)

29 May 2013 00:38:26
Personally I don't rate him in my opinion there are way better playets than him!



28 May 2013 16:14:50
James Norwood says he hasn't had any offers from Scunthorpe united, But he would like to join so he plays in the football league.

Would like to see Scunthorpe sign:
James Constable
Andy Dawson
Cliff Byrne
James Norwood
Rene Howe.
What a good signing Nathan Ake from Chelsea would be, but he won't come here. Ashley Grimes could score us the goals we desperately need.

Danny Hylton is on his way to Scunthorpe for contract negotiations, but Scunthorpe face competition from Crewe Alexandra for his signature. Hope Norwood signs from forest green, could be a good player in the future.



28 May 2013 16:09:47
Hartlepool United are showing an interest in Sunderland midfielder Billy Knott.



28 May 2013 15:57:14
Zavon Hines will not be offered a new contract with Bradford City, the club will instead replace Hines with the signing of Chris Humphrey from SPL side Motherwell.

28 May 2013 17:43:29
dnt think so he is set to join preston or rangers

Hines will b offered another year deal. From a good friend within the club

Just heard posh after him

Another player who's linked with every club, Bradford are gunna be linked with a lot of quality players over this summer so wouldn't be surprised to see someone even better than Humphrey sign up

28 May 2013 22:49:31
Cardiff City have apparently bid £2.5m for Nakhi Wells



28 May 2013 16:18:38
Derby County are closing in on a double swoop
of Johnny Russell of Dundee united and Jon Taylor of Shrewsbury.

They are currently also monitoring Sean St ledger situation and weighing up a move.

Taylor is having talks with Turner this week. Unless he is guarenteed first football by a club he won't be leaving.

It is understood to be in a region of £200,000

28 May 2013 19:15:36
Derby r signing a lot of players there must have been 30 mentioned today alone wonder when messi will b mentioned only player not been mentioned yet ha ha dreamers

29 May 2013 01:27:14
Jon Taylor is not off anywhere. His heart is in Shrewsbury, and despite him being currently out of contract, he's still got a £2.5million bond for his services. Rewind to January when MK Dongs wanted to sign him.



28 May 2013 16:01:54
Jermaine Pennant will join Leeds United on a free this week.

He's still contracted to stoke

29 May 2013 12:49:06
Nope he has been released by Stoke!



28 May 2013 15:44:02
York City & Fleetwood Town have both inquired about Wrexham pacey winger Adrian Cieslewicz. This after he said in a local newspaper in North Wales that he may move if a higher club came in for him.



28 May 2013 15:57:16
Any motherwell rumours?

Your manager got a manager of the year award by default lenny wins the league by a mile cup last 16 champions motherwell put out cup by third devision team



28 May 2013 14:43:55
Stevenage have accepted a bid of £800,000 for both Mark Roberts and Luke Freeman from Sheffield United.

Sheffield utd havnt got 800k.

We've not got £800,000 to offer! Cost cutting is on the agenda!

Sufc don't even have a manager let alone two pennies to rub together. Any new manager will have to sell first. £800k is a fantasy

We have no manager and no money. How could we be signing any players?

Stevenage will NOT let them go for less than a MILLLION each.

No thanks, Roberts is rubbish and freeman overrated.



28 May 2013 14:42:49
Stevenage will finalise deals this week for free agents, Adebayo Akinfenwa and Gary McDonald form Northampton and Morecambe respectively.

Stevenage have also made an offer of £35,000 for Luke Oliver from Bradford, who is keen to return to his Stevenage roots.

As well as this, the club have accepted a bid from Mk Dons for winger Lucas Akins, thought to be in the region of £95,000.

Robin Shroot is also set to leave the club, after Celtic had a bid accepted in the rigion or £250,000.

Graham Westley however, is determined to keep hold of winger Luke Freeman. Who is wanted by a number of clubs, including Bristol City, Peterborough, Wolves, Derby County and Sheffield Utd.

Oliver has been injured since october no timescale for a return

Shrooty isn't leaving, he's commited

Freeman has been in fergies sights for a long time now. I would expect a bid

I've heard that Westley wants to sell Lucas Akins (top scorer for Stevenage last season). Robbo was impressed after Akins scored the winner against MK Dons at Stadium MK. So could be one of the more likely rumours.


That was me falling off my chair laughing at the mere suggestion of MK Dons paying £95,000 for a player!

Where do you guys get your stories from? Alice in Wonderland?

MK are skint! NO money for transfers available. At all. Zip. Nada. Zero.


I want to ask: Stevenage fans, a question! How good is James Dunne?! we are constantly being linked with him but is he even any good at this level?!

28 May 2013 19:27:52
Stevenage Outs:

James Dunne (Bristol City, Bourenmouth, Celtic)
Lucas Akins (Championship/L1 clubs)
Miguel Comminges (Released)
Bondz N'Gala (Released)
Andy Iro (Released)
Patrick Agyemang (Portsmouth - Free)
Anthony Grant (L1/L2 clubs - 5-figure fee)
Marcus Haber (L1 clubs - somewhere between 50k and 100k)
David Gray (L1/L2 clubs - 5-figure fee)

Can't see anyone else going at the moment.

Oliver won't leave us CTID

Dunne was one of the best of a bad bunch last season. Average League 1 player.

Oliver won't leave City, an article in the T&A said he is raring to go for next season in League 1 with Bradford.

I am a Stevenage fan, dunne is a very good player on his day, however I preferred to watch greg tansey play, much better but has been injured this season

Burrow to stevenage by all accounts.

Burrow has joined Stevanage. Official.

Im a city fan and baldock is worth 1 mill easy he had a good season didn't play much but is always looking to improve and score goals so if a team wants him they better pay a good price as he is still young enouff to be building up his experience


What the f***?

Can you even spell?



28 May 2013 15:51:34
Albion scouts have been at recent Anderlecht matches to run the rule over Mbokani and Bram Nuytinck. They have kept tabs on the defender since before his move from NEC as a potential replacement for Jonas Olsson if he should leave the baggies. Albion have also monitored Mbokani since his playing days at Standard and was linked with a bid before he chose to join Monaco.



28 May 2013 15:51:13
Swindon are looking to sign Southampton defender Dan Seaborne on a free transfer when his contract expires next month.

Good night clubs in Swindon is there?
gotta keep the boy happy.

Not true, Advertiser confirmed



28 May 2013 15:49:49
Norwich are favourites to sign marco van ginkle but face big opposition from Chelsea and man united but van ginkle would prefer a mover to carrow road as he would have a good chance of starting. Unlike at Chelsea as has already been proven by Marin

Dutch takeover up front!

The reasons to consider us over Chelsea and United make this believable.

Hope this is true!

Chelsea are also interested in the Vitesse Arnhem midfielder Marco van Ginkel. As are Manchester United and Norwich City, the unexpected mention of the latter, smaller club suggesting that's where he's actually going.

The guardian

He's a central midfielder. deal almost done with chelsea i'm afraid

From what I'm hearing he isn't making a decision as of yet.
manchester interest seems to of faded a bit. with chelsea and norwich remaining in contention.
surprisingly the wages offered are virtually the same. (30-35k).
he is to sit down with his current coach, agent, and family and discuss which will be the best move for him.

if he ends up at chelsea, it is believed Norwich are interested in a Chelsea youngster, fee of 5m.

Chalaboh by any chance?

He's a fool if he joins Chelsea. He won't get a game and be out on loan by January. He'l play every game at Norwich!

Lucas Piazon may be a possible if we are signing central attacking mids. I heard that we were interested in him as a loanee last year but he went to Malaga. {Ed003's Note - =-O }



28 May 2013 15:46:02
Phil Brown is looking at signing left back Grant Basey, who has been released from Wycombe Wanderers, if his first left back target, Andy Dawson, chooses to join Scunthorpe.



28 May 2013 15:42:31
FC Tokyo are looking to wrap up a permanent deal for Southampton striker Tadanari Lee before his loan deal expires at the end of June.

The fee is thought to be worth around a million pounds.

Shame I thought he look quite good when he turned out for us, don't feel he was given a fair crack of the whip

He got a bad injury and never got back to the form we needed, it's just one of those things.

Agreed. I was quite excited when I first saw him. Tragic shame he didn't even get a chance

Shame I'd like to see him have a chance in the prem, could provide good cover for lallana on the wing



28 May 2013 15:38:19
Crystal Palace to sign
Emerson Boyce free
Adrian Marriapa 3mil
Albert Adomah 1.5mil
Charlie Adam 4mil
Tom Ince 8mil
Charlie Austin 5mil
Kevin Doyle750k

Where is all that money coming from?!

None of these players will join Palace due to them not being able to afford them and the fact Palace are guaranteed relegation fodder.

Promotion maybe

From £60 million TV rights, £40 million the chairman said he would give the manager, and £15 million from the Zaha sale, give or take

28 May 2013 18:19:16
Some friendly advice to palace Charlie Adam must be avoided at all costs. {Ed003's Note - Do you not think Ian Holloway will know more about the lad than your smart arse comment? }

28 May 2013 19:41:03
Not saying the player list is correct but Holloway is being given the £15m from the Zaha sale plus £5m already earmarked for this summer whether they were promoted or not an extra £5m will now also be added for new improved contracts for some of the exisisting squad.

"None of these players will join Palace due to them not being able to afford them and the fact Palace are guaranteed relegation fodder. "

Fed up of seeing comment after comment like this, been a Palace fan for all my life, give it a rest with the low digs, the season hasn't even begun yet, let alone the transfer window opened! {Ed003's Note - Well said and congratulations btw.}

Palace fan till I die palace will get money from playoff win 120 millon pounds there's your money and in holloway we trust he'll no exactly who to buy and we will survive!

Mariappa is not worth £3 million, he rarely got in the reading team, and they got relegated. It would be better spending our money on someone abroad, who would have the potential to be a good player {Ed029's Note - Many fans had him down as player of the season. He's worth more to the club that £3m I assure you.



28 May 2013 14:21:27
Manchester United to line up a £25m bid for Di Maria should they fail to land Bale.

Di Maria off to Chelsea

Stop press, whole world to sign for Chelsea to ensure the league!



28 May 2013 14:13:20
George Francombe and John O'flynn nearly confirmed deals for Oxford United.
Benson has turned down the chance of joining them on a season long loan

Doubt very much oxford would afford francombe, very decent player.

He's a free agent, and been on loan at AFC Wimbledon this past season. So can't see how they couldn't afford him?



28 May 2013 14:11:40
Burnley in advanced talks with Bristol City striker Sam Baldock for a fee believed to be in the region of 500k

28 May 2013 16:44:46
Utter rubbish, We paid a premium for Sam and he's well under contract with us, your looking for at least double that amount to even budge him from us, he's a talented player in league one. We'll most likely keep him.

There's no way Bristol city will let baldock leave for 500k more like 1.5 mil that's a ridiculous rumour

Not sure how Baldock is worth so much compared to someone with longer track record of, say, Billy Sharp. He looks more like a punt than a relatively safe bet. His choice of clubs so far doesn't suggest Burnley is on his list of places to play either. Adomah - different matter altogether. He should certainly like playing at Turf Moor - he's enjoyed mauling us when he's visited with BCFC!

500k sounds about right to me, just because city paid over the odds for him, doesn't mean he was ever worth that much!

Baldock will cost closer to what Bristol City paid for him last year.

I would expect £1m+

I have heard Charlton linked a few times.

It may be worth noting he nearly collapesed his move to us this time last year because he didn't want to be away from London. Burnley is not as accesable as Bristol, but he may have grown out of that this year.

West Ham paid premium for Baldock. Bristol City didn't!

29 May 2013 14:25:51
1st time looking at this website and west ham paid the premium for Baldock -correct. And he proved himself by scoring important goals for their promotion season. Then we took Baldock and wrote off the debt they had to pay to us for signing Nicky Maynard. so guess what City did pay the same premium? If Burnley fans think they got the money and 'pulling' power to get Sammy and Baldock! I think you should seek help! Who was the last player Burnley signed on a fee? Deluded football fans.

I agree we will not sell baldock on the cheap and 500 k is a ridiculous fee do this rumour is defiantly false city will not accept a bid lower than 1 mil for Sammy and with the right service he will be worth more just a Shame we couldn't supply him more last season gutting really



28 May 2013 14:09:55
Boro are trying to sign lee cattermole back from Sunderland and are also looking at Emile Heskey from Newcastle Jets as he has expressed his passion to play in England again



28 May 2013 15:17:17
Like it or not but Andy carroll is returning to Liverpool which means West ham can turn their attentions in true West ham fashion to Peter Crouch



28 May 2013 15:08:24
Bristol City to sign:
Adam Flint
Scott Flinders
Brian Jensen
James Dunne
Adam Rooney
And an approach has been made to Matthew Killagon

Only likely ones are Flint and Flinders! The rest absolute garbage! Jensen is about 97 now and Rooney wouldn't join us!

I would take Jenson for a year, the man can do a job, if not as first choice he is certainly experienced enough to help with other keepers, in fact he is six years older than the gola keeping coach we hired yesterday.



28 May 2013 15:01:19
carlisle united have offered chris humphrey a contract however he is weighing up his options after he has also recieved a contract offer from preston and other league 1 and championship clubs.

Would be class but don't think we have a chance at competing with championship clubs

He is off to Rangers

28 May 2013 21:55:49
He will rather join pne than staying in Scotland!

WOW. Scotland must really be bad if he's willing to do that

Apparently he wants to move closer to his home in the Midlands.



28 May 2013 14:49:07
At Burton, Bournemouth and Crawley have both made enquires about Calvin Zola. Rochdale and Oldham want to bring in striker Matt Paterson. Leeds United are considering a move for Billy Kee and finally Jacques Maghoma is joining Middlesborough.

Burton I believe are doing all they can to keep Zola and Paterson, that said they are both free agents, so unless we pay up and offer long contracts they are probably both gone. Mags is signing for Middlesborough. Kee is on a three year contract, show us your money Leeds, but doubt he will leave. GR has has hands full in trying to keep together the nucleus of the squad that did so well last season.

29 May 2013 13:28:45
Palace manager ian holloway is interested in crawleys billy clarke. Clarke played uder holloway at blackpool and holloway wants him at palace

Holloway better have deep pockets then, as that would be Crawley's biggest ever transfer circa £2M. {Ed003's Note - Why would Holloway be interested when he released him from B'pool in the championship,plus he has a dodgy knee.}



28 May 2013 14:43:17
Millwall looking to sign Clayton Donaldson for a figure of 600 to 800k

29 May 2013 09:20:25
Hope so! We need someone with a bit of vigour up front to pep Keogh up a bit! Weren't too clever at all after Wood left. Wouldn't mind St Ledger back with Chaplow, Seaborne and Noel Hunt. Reckon O'Hara would be over budget but nice pipe dream!



28 May 2013 14:02:38
Barnsley, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Charlton, Huddersfield, Leeds, Millwall, Wigan, Bradford, Crewe, Oldham, Preston & Fleetwood all interested in signing Chris Humphrey of Motherwell.

28 May 2013 15:32:16
His preferred destinations are Preston and Leeds

I also heard Uncle Tom Cobbly is interested?

Bull why would all them teams want him he's nowt special

What a load of tosh only rangers, preston and leeds are intrested in humphrey leeds themselves aren't that keen on him

28 May 2013 18:36:51
It's only rangers, Leeds and Preston. But it looks very likely he'll sign for rangers according to their transfer page. To be fair, look at the choice, Preston, Leeds (not that bad) or the worlds most successful team who can pay him far, far more. Seems obvious to me who he'll pick!

I have it on good authority that all 92 league clubs in england are interested in him.

The worlds most successful team who have won all their titles in the poorest league in the world. Quality wise the SPL is on par with the English league 1. A move to an English league will always count as career progression.

Oh and by the way. Rangers Football Club have only ever won 1 trophy, the 3rd devision title this season. Glasgow Rangers on the other hand were the team who won many titles in a very very poor league and they ceased to exist last year after going bust.

Why hasn't Humphrey signed for Rangers yet, when Nicky Law, Jon Daly et al?

Because Humphrey wants a move back to England! That's why!

Good player. Would be good wing back if flitcroft wants to play 3 5 2



28 May 2013 14:00:22
Doncaster have made a new goalkeeper their number 1 priority for this coming season, already linked with Wes Foderingham, Nicky Weaver, Steve Harper and Frank Fielding. Although an experienced keeper would be ideal for the Championship, I think Rovers should target an younger keeper such as Foderingham as he would learn considerably off Sully.

I would take harper he was brilliant for Newcastle against QPR and arsenal and was brilliant when Newcastle was in the championship so why not

They have a young keeper in maxted and sully maybe got 1 season left in him wouldn't surprise me if sully becomes coaching staff harper would be a good replacement for sully with maxted as number 2.

Harper is probably past his best, he would be OK, saw him at Brighton on loan, they didn't fancy him last season, but they had the money to wait for a better prospect?

Sully's past it playing-wise IMO, although he's a great experienced head around the training and I'm sure he will become part of the coaching staff before too long. We need a experienced gloveman who's been there and done it at Championship level but isn't an OAP in football terms



28 May 2013 13:59:17
Fulham are lining up a loan deal for Marseille midfielder Morgan Amalfitano, 28.


What Fulham involved in a loan deal? Never! Lol

What is the position fulham need to fill most? doesn't matter as long as he is free or on loan!!



28 May 2013 13:50:18
Ryan noble set to join pools following his release from Sunderland.

No thanks he thought he was to good for league one but league 2 above his standard he is rubbish



28 May 2013 13:45:11
Watford to bring in Wojciech Pawlowski with Jack Bonham being released.

Also looking at Alexander Merkel and Bakary Sako to bolster midfield.

Bad luck to all Watford fans fro the defeat to Palace. At least the players won't be too upset because you don't actually own many of them

28 May 2013 16:26:06
All decent players, can see them being good additions to the squad for next season!

28 May 2013 20:02:26
Watford do 'own' their loan players already. They are contracted to Udinese, who also 'own' Watford.
Udinese sign 30-50 players a season from all over the world & farm them out to their group of clubs.
Therefore regardless of whether they play for Udinese, Granada, Watford or any one of a dozen other clubs that Udinese loan players to, the term 'loan' is irrelevant in this case. Very different to the 'normal' loan system.
Grandada have had several first teamers on loan from Udinese for 5 seasons.

Even though we rate Jack Bonham? Just because he made one mistake doesn't mean he's rubbish

Good luck to Palace too without their loan players that won them the match.

Jack Bonham is being released, so the club can't rate him that highly

I have told people since the day the Pozzo's took over that Wojciech Pawlowski will come to Watford either in January or this summer.

Whoever started the Bonham being released rumour is a fool.

Bonham will either be loaned out for experience or drop back down to youth level.

Did you not watch the match? All of the Watford players were devastated after the loss. Won't be upset just shows how ignorant you are.

Bonham contract will not be renewed

Bonham's contract will be renewed.

The above person is correct



28 May 2013 13:40:12
The company I work for rents out offices for businesses. Was asked this morning to set it out in the style of a boardroom, booked in the name of Bloom. Just directed Gus Poyet to the room.

Brighton crisis talk, or sacking?

Nailed on for Wigan for me

Brighton have a boardroom we are not at Withdean now. Bloom would hold meeting where he feels comfortable and not in a rented office, grow up!

Yeah. because they're short of board rooms at the AMEX!

Why would they need one set up when there are many offices at the Amex the amazing stadium completed a year or two ago?!

Poyet set to go to Plymouth {Ed013's Note - I doubt it}

How are they short of boardroom space when they could use tony blooms board room itself

Its there because poyet is suspended and he is not aloud near the Amex

Suppose it makes sense with Gus banned from AMEX. Still don't know what he has done. Could be true story!

I posted the original comment. Why would I lie. Room booked for tomorrow. Heated talks heard from rooms around 'Boardroom'

I'm sure they will allow him near the Amex if he was going to talk to bloom himself I'm sure they will make an exception!

When a person is suspeneded from a company, all the meetings etc are held in a Neutral venue, this is common practice, so could be some truth in this?

From Poster - Tony stopped hiring the room yesterday. Maybe an announcement coming soon.



28 May 2013 13:32:17
Dundee United full-back Barry Douglas has turned down a move to League one Oldham Athletic, he his now is on the verge of a switch to Polish top-tier club Lech Poznan.

Poznan. Turned his back on us then ;)



28 May 2013 13:18:15
Crystal Palace to sign:
Simeon Jackson - Norwich - Free
Nicky Shorey - Reading - Free
Albert Adamoah - Bristol City - 1. 5 Million
Thomas Ince - Blackpool - 5 Million
Kevin Phillips - Blackpool - Free
Willfred Zaha - Manchester United - Loan

I really doubt Ince will be going to Palace.

He wants to play in the Prem for more than 1 year.

28 May 2013 15:46:19
good luck getting Ince for £5m! Blackpools chairman is a notorious negotiator and they value him closer to the £12m mark!

28 May 2013 15:48:35
haha good luck getting ince for 5 million, more like a minimum of 8

They're down then. championship players being bought to add to a squad of championship players. bye bye palace

Zaha won't go back

28 May 2013 13:18:15
Crystal Palace to sign:
Thomas Ince - Blackpool - 5 Million

Liverpool rumored to have tried with 10, reading with 11 and still no go.

On that basis 5 might get his shadow?!

Reading offered £8M for Ince and were knocked back so I doubt you'll get him for £5M

I am a Swansea fan, however, I have watched Palace many a times this season and I have to say Nicky Shorey is not needed. From what I have seen, Dean Moxey is one of the most underrated full-backs in the Championship and now Premier League, as is Joel Ward. Also, Moxey is more versatile as he can play centre-back aswell as full-back.

Tom Ince isn't going anywhere. His Dad took over at Blackpool as manager in Feb this year. He'll want a crack at promotion. Tom Ince is their best player so he won't be moving in this transfer window. As other commentators mention the Chairman has turned down a few hefty offers for Tom and with good reason. Promotion is worth a lot more than the transfer fee for selling Tom Ince- even if it is a very good offer.

Ince won't go to Palace

Albert isn't premier league quality yet and I don't think he ever will be!

Moxey and Ward can't be underrated in the Prem before they've played in it! Give us a chance to see them before we don't rate them.

Blackpool couldn't even challenge for a playoff spot, they won't be getting promoted anytime soon

I expect to see Albert Adomah raiding down the right side for Palace next year.

I hope now they are up they don't scrimp on the fee.

Who cares! Palace will be in the champ next season.



28 May 2013 13:14:41
Football League newspaper are reporting that Leeds United are after Brighton defender Gordon Greer. Greer who has just signed a new contract with The Seagulls has recently been called up by Scotland.

He won't join Leeds

He just signed a new one year contract at Brighton

He's rubbish no better than what we got already lees and pearce miles better

Yeah he's so rubbish it's not like he captained the best defence in the league or anything

Thats because of upson and bridge being in the defence nothing to do with greer

And what about his call up to the Scotland squad I bet you think that makes him rubbish as well



28 May 2013 12:57:19
Firoz Kassam is planning a bid to takeover Coventry City. This would be bad news for them after he almost bankrupted League Two Oxford United.

Oxford fan here - I would not wish that on anyone. He will ruin a great club and bleed the club dry and then impose conditions that are totally unjustified. We are still paying for huge financial mistakes. Don't do it.

Ffs we have no luck

For the sake of football, I really hope not!

This name has not been mentioned. The name is Micheal byng and he is asian. Including haskell we now have two potential investors. It is good news and healthy to have competition rather than be forced into a sale.

Micheal byng is not asian. He is the frontman for asian investors

He's from coventry

Micheal byng is white and born and breed in coventry, his backers are chinese, malaisian, and from singapore. good luck to him PUSB



28 May 2013 12:55:32
Cheltenham hope to complete the signings of Rene Howe, Josh Gillies and Jason Kennedy in the next fortnight.

28 May 2013 14:57:39
Given we are close to signing Luke Rooney to play on the left wing Jason Kennedy is a complete non-starter.

Jason Kennedy would be the better signing

Hope so

I may be wrong but everytime I've seen Jason Kennedy play he's been in central midfield?!



28 May 2013 12:55:22
Peter whittingham had meeting with Steve Clark last Thursday in a Nuneaton Hotel.

Interesting if true. But it would all hinge on the size of any Albion bid.


28 May 2013 15:47:25
wouldnt be suprised if their was interest as albion have been tracking him for a few seasons but with Cardiff being promoted I doubt this will happen now



28 May 2013 12:53:07
Ipswich to sign:

St Ledger
Tabb- almost done
Murphy - almost done

28 May 2013 15:07:12
what about the wage cap

We have no money. Bad times at ipswich. Expect only free transfers on minimal wages

Is this genuine or just guess work.?

I doubt we could afford Sorenson or Stearman's wages. Plus we can't afford to pay Wolves for Stearman. St Ledger would also want a starting place which we can't offer with the Smith-Chambers partnership we have. Forrester would be a good signing if we could pull it off.

Sorensen St Ledger Tabb Murphy Skuse are probably going to be free anyway think before you comment mate

Brands and Burnet only requiring small fees, rest of transfers will be frees. Given, St Ledger, Ebanks-Blake and potentially Hunt.

We are not skint if you were smart enough to read into things. When our debts came out people got all worried forgetting to read that that debt is to Marcus Evans (a loyal long term town fan) who does not care about being paid back and when you pay off debt like that to a club not currently winning anything you don't expect it back.

Is it true the wage cap is £5000 a week?

This £5k cap rumour has been blown out of control. Skuse would not have signed a 3 year deal for £5k/week and with the amount of decent frees on the market, Evans would prefer to pay wages than signing fees.

28 May 2013 21:25:49
Just heard from a reliable source, that jay tabb has just sign a 3 year contract.

This £5k/week rumour is out of control and NOT TRUE. McCarthy has been brought in to get us to the EPL and that means paying decent but no excessive wages.

^ no it will be a lot higher than that
And they are all available on a free transfer apart from stearman
Also this is mostly written on rumours. circulating however I know McCarthy is expecting to complete a 3 year deal for Forrester soon with his contract expected to include some kind of release clause

28 May 2013 22:30:27
u think Sorenson tabb hunt st ledger going to come for 5 grand even on frees think you need to think, think about it



28 May 2013 12:50:05
alex macdonald is set to agree a contract with plymouth argyle for 1 season by the end of the week following his release by burnley

Average player no thrills does a job, nothing else much to say

Exactly, the guy above is right, just what we want. a guy that does his job.

Hard working player who wants to play for us. Could do worse, might do well if played as a striker again but this time with better support around him



28 May 2013 12:19:01
Walsall close to agreeing a deal for Afan Lido left winger Shane Williams



28 May 2013 12:04:41
Ryan noble set to join hartlepool on a free transfer after his release from Sunderland,
Noble has had loan spells at Pools during the past two seasons.



28 May 2013 12:38:52
Ipswich are considering an approach to sign recently released Sunderland defender Titus Bramble.

Rubbish, don't think mick would even consider this! Past it and would want far too much money, no thanks

Titus is looking for a move to the MLS, He is currently out there in Miami on a lads holiday.

I'd welcome the guy back. has the odd blip but was a decent mid table EPL defender.



28 May 2013 12:21:41
Bristol City:
Ins - A 4th bid has not yet been made to Aiden Flint of Swindon and no bid has been made for Dunne of Stevenage. The club are looking at other centre-half options and may make a bid for another League 1 player this week.

Outs - no formal bids for Albert Adomah though Crystal Palace and Cardiff have made enquiries. Also 3 or 4 Championship sides have registered an interest. The stories of the club accepting £1m are wide of the mark.

Think you need to read the news first pal! All you have to do is go to google, type in ''Aden Flint Bristol City'' and the top news for him is that Swindon have accepted a 350k bid!

I expect Albert to move for closer to the £2m mark.

30 May 2013 05:00:56
Everyone knows this could come or 2 million to Cardiff City keep in mind his value has gone down a bit now they are in league 1

I am not convinced his value has come down because of our relegation.

I think because we are down another half dozen clubs think they're in with a chance of signing him.

When there are a lots of clubs in who ever wants him most might be willing to pay a little extra.



28 May 2013 12:20:43
Grimsby Town are looking to bring a couple of midfielders to Blundell Park in the near future. The first of which is former York City central midfielder Scott Kerr. The former Lincoln man is high on the joint bosses list of wanted targets. The second player is Wrexham winger Adrian Cieslewicz who is apparently unhappy in Wales and fits the bill in terms of what Paul Hurst and Rob Scott are after.



28 May 2013 12:16:40
Rotherham united close to confirming the signing of scott wagstaff also rumours going around that wigan and reading are looking at Michael O'Connor

Quality player. hope if we do sell we get some serious money for him.

If he does go let's hope we don't get ripped off like we did with alfie

Lets hope he doesn't go.
He plays our midfield whilst Arnie has the creative play. Nobody realises how much of an impact O'connor has on the game.

No chance - unless very serious silly money!

Neither side want O'Connor anyway, he's league one standard at best and he is hardly young. Would be the most underwhelming signing ever



28 May 2013 12:04:40
Watford will look at Liam Trotter to help reinforce their midfield for next season

28 May 2013 16:23:52
Decent player, although we have the resources to get in better players!

Would make sense with Chalobah leaving.



28 May 2013 12:00:24
Middlesbrough are interested in Walsall forward Jamie Paterson and are weighing up a bid worth around 800,000, rising to 1 million if Boro go up

Mowbray will offer goalkeeper Jayson Leutwiler as part of the deal, by letting the goalkeeper join walsall on a season long loan deal

Boro face competition from Burnley and Huddersfield for Paterson's signature

A bid of around 750k has already been rejected for Paterson from Huddesfield, We want around 1.5-2 million and not a penny under otherwise he's not going

Well hopefully but not going to happen

Here's hoping!!

28 May 2013 16:24:30
Boro are set to sign Shay Given this summer after he fell out of favour at Aston Villa last season and is in search of first team football.

You would be better signing les Patterson.

Would be a good youth signing, but not worth a million probs around half a million. He and ledesma would make a good pair

I doubt we would face competition from those two, as they are even poorer and worse than us.

I would rather see will grigg from walsall as he could easily get 20 + goals

Shay Given wouldn't get a look in at Boro with Steele in goal

Walsall have said that they do not want to loan a keeper this season and are looking to have their own keepers, also walsall will not sell Patterson for less than 1. 2M this is before sell ons, both Huddersfield, Middlesbrough will have to think again

I think if boro signed given ( I don't think it will happen due to wages) itd be down to us selling steele to get some funds in and i'd rather keep steele tbh



28 May 2013 12:06:25
Simon Church heading to south Yorkshire tomorrow for a medical at Rotherham united expect him to sign towards end of the week

Part right although its Sheffield Wednesday he's heading too not Rotherham

He's going to sheff utd

No he isn't, he's going to Barnsley

I heard he was going to Doncaster.

Lets throw Barnsley into the hat too

He's signing for doncaster

Hes signing for Rotherham wants promotion



28 May 2013 11:24:12
Derby close to signing Kirk Broadfoot from Blackpool and Johnny Russell from Dundee United.



28 May 2013 11:23:16
Hull could turn to Shay Given if they fail to get their main goalkeeping targets

Allan McGregor already joins hull

28 May 2013 20:06:00
Given on his way 2 celtic

Its in the turkish papers its a done deal and will be announced in july! McGregor for city!



28 May 2013 10:25:05
Swansea ins

Jose canas
Pierre emerick aubumeyang
Iago aspas
Alejandro pozuelo
Jonathan de Guzman

Ashley Williams
Alan Tate
Leroy lita
Luke Moore

Another defender will be needed when Williams goes

Botia been linked as a williams replacement.

As the above says, we'll need another defender IF Williams goes. Two cb's would be best and with the five already listed, that'll make it seven in total coming in.

Sounds good to me, but who would he bring in? He has hinted on British players in the past!

Add Alberto botia and Andreas Cornelius to that list and I would be well happy, bout 27mil spend with 11mil or more to come in from player sales, net spend 16mil, our profit from last year

Chico for captain

Can see there being at least 1 defender, boita was linked in jan, 2 if ash goes and that's still not a cert.
cant see de guzman signing think 5-7 mil talked about it a bit much and laudrup and larsen could get better for cheaper

Think they'll do their utmost to get de Guzman. Biggest two factors will be 1, parent club want to keep him, and 2, he decides to stay with his parent club.

Another stumbling block could be Rodgers. I mean, another club coming in for him and offering him a double your money wage packet.

I agree with an above comment; Chico for captain or possibly Rangel/ Britton!

Vorm, Rangel or Birtton, I would say Vorm because he is a lot more vocal although Leon has been with us all the way so is more likely to get it.

Chico can hardly speak English so he wouldn't be a good candidate, Britton/Rangel for captain if Ashley Williams goes

Can see why people would see Chico as a good candidate for captain, he certainly leads us on the pitch, but is not that cool of a head, Leon should be captain for me



28 May 2013 10:05:20
Roberge and Cabral to sunderland, done deals. Janmaat of Feyenoord also on the radar having impressed at right back through out the season. With arsenal and Spurs also showing an interest, if it doesn't come off a loan for Kalas is most likely. Also if sunderland don't sign Danny Rose, a loan deal for Kyle Naughton is on the cards. Di'canios representatives have also made contact with Zarates agent in a bid to bring him here for free, having gone haywire at Lazio. Alfred finnbogason is also a likely signing, though both west ham and west brom have also shown an interest. Di'canio has made no secret of thr fact he wants to bring in attacking options at sunderland and Arsenals Gervinho is also of interest, if Arsenal are willing to listen to offers of 10million. Expect to see elmohamady, ji dong won, danny graham, james mclean, david vaughen, seb larsson, phil bardsley, titus bramble and matt killgallon



28 May 2013 10:04:38
Kevin Brands has arrived at Playford Road in Ipswich to discuss terms today, but the deal looks to be on the rocks after news that Town have enforced a £5K wage cap on new signings.

Very unlikely to be true, as they would have discussed salary before arriving
otherwise a pointless journey from holland

Who says there is a wage cap? Facts please not rumours

Can we firm up sources on these Dutch players? Any more news on the left back?

Apparently the 5k a week wage cap 4 this season is true

Wage cap not true got players on more than now! I know there are budget cuts but that would be suicide!



28 May 2013 10:04:29
Strong rumours up here in Scotland is John hughes to be offered Sheffield utd job after Stuart McCall rejected a move due to lack of funds for next season and hughes seemingly happy to work with the budget others are put off by 50/1 ;-) mikeybhoy cfc



28 May 2013 09:30:50
Southend have joined the queue of clubs looking at Torquay striker Rene Howe.

Alan Knill is looking at signing Damien Mozika and Robbie Gibbons following their release from Scunthorpe and is set to offer Jordan Robertson a chance to prove himself following an Anterior Crutiate Ligament injury.



28 May 2013 11:54:46
Man city to sign Luis Suarez and Ederson Cavini. Edin Dzeko and Gareth Barry to leave.

Barry is signing a new contract

Our Suarez going nowhere. And Benitez will keep Cavani



28 May 2013 11:53:46
spurs looking to sign vydra opting for a trade deal with adebayor

28 May 2013 18:26:02
Udinese have a wage cap of approx 25k. no chance they will sign adebayor.

Vydra is likely to of interest to many teams. However, Is a confidence player so maybe it's too soon to lead the line in the premiership.

Why would Udinese want a lump like Adebayor?



28 May 2013 11:53:25
Leicester City are looking to get rid of several of their higher earners before the start of the new campaign. Sean St. Ledger has already been told he can leave, and Paul Konchesky, Richie Wellens and Paul Gallagher may also follow suit.

One likely replacement is Greg Cunningham of Bristol City, who will be looking for a return to the Championship after performing well last season despite Bristol City's relegation. It is thought the Robins value him at around £1m, and Nigel Pearson would be willing to meet this price tag to bring him to the KP Stadium and increase competition amongst the defenders at the club.

Would love to see Cunningham back at Leicester. Had a good loan spell under Pearson in his first stint as manager. Konch is a bit of a liability and gives away possession too often

Can't imagine that bristol city would be in a position to hold out for 1m

Cunningham leaving wouldn't be a miss he can't cross or pass and young Joey Bryan is already a much better left back than Greg so if we do get 1 mil for him Ashton gate will be laughing

The last comment obviously came from a blind city 'fan' or you are just a leicester fan posing as a city fan to make it look like we don't want Greg! Cunningham was one of our best players in an awful season! Was our best player by far in the opening 6/7 games until he got injured at Peterbrough and even when he came back he played consistently almost every game! He is good going forward and decent defensively, with a good left foot!

Cunningham is the best left back we have had in years

Cunningham is certainly talented and was a bright spark for us in a very dark season.

I believe he falls in to the category of one of the lads whos wages dropped with our relegation and doesn't have to be sold.

Doesnt mean he won't be.

So you believe that he can cross a ball and pass as I've failed to see that so far and Joey Bryan played much better as left back when Greg was out injured I agree that Greg is the best left back we have has for years but don't think he's as good as Bryan plus Sod will buy good players with the money we can make from selling him

Greg is the best left back you've had for years yet Joey played better?

Bryan has come through our academy so yea Greg is the best left back we have signed for a long time but I feel Bryan is better at a younger age



28 May 2013 11:45:56
Sod is trying to bring billy sharp to Bristol city and also expect flint, maghoma and dunne to sign this week

When will the 'supporters' of the West Countrys most massive club. WAKE UP!

You are now in League One and spiralling downwards at a rate of knots. No reinforcements are coming. well not from the Premiership or Championship at least!

Billy Sharp won't drop down a division

Why do supporters of other clubs get funny when anone is linked to bcfc course we are going to sign players and we are going to be in and around the play offs FACT not saying we wll go straight back up though before anyone starts to have a go

The rule is under 24 and cheap, not sure these players comply with that. And we don't want Sharpe.

Ok, so from now on it seems as though it's illegal for us to sign players! We've just signed a young lad from Arsenal. sorry if we didn't consult you first! Yes, we're not going to sign Sharp or a player of his quality and his age but we will sign young premier league/championship players or good league 1 players! We WILL be challenging again next season! We won't necessarily go up but we will be challenging for automatic promotion/play offs! Don't understand what people have against us!

City are being linked with anyone who once played for SOD and has proved to be alright.

Though a lot of our fans seem to have taken the "under 24" thing very litterally.

As if the club wouldn't sign a 30 year old if the right guy comes along.



28 May 2013 11:45:33
Ipswich to sign either Thomas Sorensen or Shay Given on free transfers to solve their goalkeeper woes

Err no we won't we pulled out of signing Lee Camp because of wage demands no chance we will be able to afford either of these two.

Goal keeper woes? Scotty Loach is first class, we will be looking for a low waged back up for next season

28 May 2013 22:33:17
look up there its a flying pig



28 May 2013 11:30:18
Leyton orient are in talks to re-sign calvin andrews. russell slade is a big fan of the power house forward and is keen to link him up with kevin lisbie

Nice One. Save the usual wind-ups for the Message Board.
My agent friend tells me that Calvin could be playing for Mansfield, if Matt Green goes. As you well know, it definately won't be Orient mate.

More like cart horse as been said before thank god it will never happen!

Of course he is

Not again Calvin Andrews who is the joker who thinks he is a forceful player I'd like to meet him or her just to confirm what an person looks like

This wasn't funny the first time.

Heard this is true



28 May 2013 11:29:17
Marcus Alonso's move to Fiorentina could fall through tempting Hull's Steve Bruce to make a last ditch attempt to sign him (source The Bolton News)



28 May 2013 11:28:54
James Vaughan is set to cause outrage amongst the Huddersfield town fans by signing for Leeds united to link up with his best mate lee peltier.

Is that why 3 town players went on his stag do?

Haha!!!! what a joker you are my friend

They can have him, we shall just sign someone better instead.

Whoever the terriers sign it will be a class player, I still think it will be Vaughan but if not we move on to other targets.

Take it Leeds have found new investors then?

Townies are skint they all seem to think that there owner has loads of money but he ant he said himself that the club are in debt

Obviousley just a leeds fan trying to wind town fans up, not going to happen pal vaughan is signing for town or derby, 90% sure he'll sign for town

28 May 2013 21:49:44
Sorry leeds but the only debt town has is with the owner. He has said he doesn`t expect to get a penny back.

Obviously posted by a leeds fan

Im a Leeds fan I can 100% guarantee Leeds are not interested in Vaughan hopefully Huddersfield will get him as he has done very well for Huddersfield and would be stupid to go back to Norwich to be a bench warmer at best



28 May 2013 11:28:48
Afc Bournemouth are on the verge of signing out of favour Southampton fc player Guilherme do prado for a total of 1.5 million pounds, the deal should be wrapped up and announced by July 1st

Don't know if this is wishful thinking by a saints fan or a cherries fan with no clue about football!

Hope it's true, I will drive him

No Brighton

28 May 2013 15:34:28
sure it isn't 1500 quid the bloke
is a donkey

It's 100% true I've just seen guly in ocean village and he says he's leaving

Football is a lot about confidence as seen with Torres and with ungrateful fans talking like that if he got more games his confidence would rise
would be a good asset to whoever gets him

1.5m for Guly?! We would bite your hand off for that amount of cash! He will do well for Bournemouth in the lower leagues. Not Prem standard.

Gaston ramirez said guly was the most talented player at saints, on his day def prem quality, but yeah a little too inconsistent to be in saints starting 11 also on the lazy side which frustrates fans

28 May 2013 19:41:27
He's a great player

Hate all the criticism at Guly. he hasn't done anything wrong, could be a big player for us next season. Don't forget what he did for us in League 1/Championship.

He wasn't a great player for us this season that's just finished was he?
Good riddance.

You said it right. What he did for us in the lower leagues.
He has shown a few moments of quality but is not premier standard. At all. He has been found out and we need to replace him

29 May 2013 08:59:10
What did he do in the championship then??

Guly always gets a bad rap for the 89 minutes of a game when he isn't scoring! Good luck if he is off down the coast, he'll do better in a lower league.

Amazing talent but in the Championship you get 5 or 6 more chances at goal and about 2 seconds more time on the ball makes a hell of a difference players like Cork and Morgan are adapting perfectly some players need more time, to layed back for this team and what Poch wants to play

Guly is a cortese signing could be here for ever, don't know why he is in the team at times.

People shouldn't be too hard on Guly, he has been a good servant and played his part in back to back promotions. One of the above posts is spot on however, he is a little lazy at times and can be a passenger. The MP way requires lung bursting work rate from all 10 outfield players, can't see him adapting. He'll go with my blessing and thanks however.

The person that said guly is a good player should be firstly banned from watching football, then taken to spec savers, I strongly suggest you find another sport to watch

St stuie

Those of you slagging Guly off need their head examined. Last season in the championship his goals got us six points. Without them we wouldn't have been promoted. He has been a great player for us but unfortunately isn't premier league standard. He has my thanks for his services {Ed003's Note - Saints fans were saying he was the best thing since sliced bread 12 months ago,what went wrong? }

To be fair to the lad he was top notch last year. I still think he could cut it in the prem. Good in the air, quick, good right foot, etc etc, I like him. Good cover. Needs a run of games. don't wanna see him go

Which Saints fan was that then Ed? I don't agree with publicly slagging off any Saints player but a section of fans have been doing so for at least 2 years. He is good enough for the Championship and far more knowlegeable people than me have selected him in the Prem.

Guly did lose his form but what about Ramirez I have seen him make bad a bad pass time and time again then do something special also never seems to play a full game.

Did well for us in lower leagues but harsh and brutal truth is he isn't premier league standard. Not much room for sentimentality these days.

B'ave Ed! Guly is not good enough FULL. STOP! He has been given an amazing opportunity and he just squanders it time and time again. He plays when he fancies it. Biggest mistake was going missing against Po**ey both home and away. anyone who was raving about him 12 months ago needs a firm smash to the chops! {Ed003's Note -Crikey,lol.}

I can't beelive people are on here saying guly was good in the championship, he scored about 6 goals at the START of the season and then went the entire rest of the season without one, THEN THE ENTIRE PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON WITHOUT ONE, unless of course you count his equaliser for arsenal, how about his 3 MISSED OPEN GOALS for us this season, get agrip and go and watch tennis or something

st stuie



28 May 2013 11:18:33
Norwich could go for Chelsea midfielder Marko Marin. Fee around £6m.

I think he'd prefer to go to Dortmund
For 15m not 6m
Try not to waste people's time

Check his wages!

Hope so this would be a great signing, this lad has really good pontenial

Seems unrealistic but I hope so

Would love it but its unlikely

I would really love this! Marko Marin Skills youtube video. amazing quality. under rated, would do great with competition with pilks. playing a strong back 4 and more speedy front 3 with snoddy and RVW would be able to counter brilliantly, as seen with west brom/man city.

28 May 2013 16:04:51
15m? to Dortmund? Mate why would they spend 5 more million on an oldernot as good midfielder. Erikson 10 mil will go to Dortmund, plus Marin played like 5 times last season, he'll go on loan if he were too leave Chelsea, or maybe somewhere in Russia for like 8 mil

Marin signed a five year deal with Chelsea and he's contracted to them until 2017. He is cover for Edin Hazard and not getting may games. He'd be a great signing for Norwich but he may want to wait and see if he can force his way into the new manager's plans before he bails out on Champions League football.



28 May 2013 11:14:36
Willo Flood is on Preston's radar

Bet he'd make waves there

Has anyone told him to get off it as it's not a toy and sitting on it could cause some damage!

I didn't think PNE could afford a mobile phone never mind a radar!

Flood's wife is VERY happily settled in Scotland and doesn't want to go anywhere. I know this from my friend who installed their rockery.

Willo is also really enjoying playing centrally and thinks that is where his future lies, so this wouldn't fit in with the fact that Preston want a right winger.

"My friend who installed their rockery. "

Sorry, I just couldn't stop laughing.



28 May 2013 11:11:35
Matt Kilgallon being targeted by championship side Derby County, amongst others, as he is set to be released by Sunderland.

Sheffield Wednesday are also linked

Would be more than happy to have him!

Been released, would like Bramble as well although wages are an issue



28 May 2013 11:09:34
Nigel Hasselbaink is attracting Preston North End's attention with his pace and strenght to be able to hold up the ball and Simon Grayson is looking to bolster his striker options

Is he available on a Bosmon, a free or as a loan?

If 'yes' then it could be true



28 May 2013 11:01:02
Gus Poyet is set to leave Brighton after being suspended. The Uruguayan feels his position is untenable after an argument with the board and is being linked with one clubs.
The club keen on him is Stoke City. City have been linked with a few managers in the last two weeks days but see Gus as the ideal replacement for Tony Pulis.

Hughes to Stoke if you read the news

Leave gus please now

Stoke please take him

Stoke must go for a young manager like Gus Poyet. In Mark hughes they are going backwards. You cannot live in the past which stoke are doing if they pick Mark Hughes.

Surprised if Stoke want him. Hughes a far better option

Peter coates was right to sack pulis but is wrong giving hughes the job. I am sure he will regret it at the end of next season. by a sad stoke fan.

He was not right to sack Pulis he was the best manager Stoke ever had

There is not one premier club interested in signing pulis.



28 May 2013 10:44:07
Chesterfield and York are eying a move for former Hull and Ireland youth international Gavan Holohan



28 May 2013 10:42:23
Plymouth Argyle are looking at signing Reuben Reid and Ben Strevens on one year deals.

28 May 2013 12:45:02
Would be good signings for your club. Ben never really got given a change at both dag and red and gillingham could do well for you.

Ben strevens please god no

28 May 2013 22:12:57
Not so good for argyle



28 May 2013 10:36:09
Man United's Welsh striker Tom Lawrence will spend next season on loan at Shrewsbury.
He impressed Graham Turner while playing for Wales Under 21s.

Not another Wales U21. Doble and Bradshaw have been useless

I've heard this too. Had injury problems but will hopefully do well.



28 May 2013 10:34:38
Albert Adomah will move too crystal palce for 1 million Swindon have accepted a £350,000 bid from Bristol City for central defender Aden Flint, tv Wiltshire reports and Bristol City and Bournemouth are chasing Stevenage midfielder James Dunne. Stevenage boss Graham Westley has previously admitted he is planning to be without key men Dunne and Lucas Akins, admitting the pair 'have both been watched by serious clubs. '



28 May 2013 10:33:37
Michael Spillane, on his way North. Cook tried to sign him in Jan but went to Southend. Brown is not keen and wants rid as he needs to trim his squad.

He has already been released

Got released weeks ago.

He got released ages ago, do some research about a player before you spread a rubbish rumour about them



28 May 2013 10:31:23
Tom Adeyemi, young hungry and been released by Norwich. Cook looking at him at St. Georges park.

And what a great park it is nice swing and a big slide lo xx



28 May 2013 10:29:20
Isaac Osborne RB CM signing for CFC in the near future. Wants to move closer to brum.



28 May 2013 10:24:08
David Villa will choose Arsenal over Spurs in favour of Champions League football. Damiao will move to Spurs this summer however as no deal was reached in January.



28 May 2013 10:23:04
Following news that Lewandowski will seek to move to Bayern, Manchester United will make every effort to sign Gareth Bale to boost their attacking options

Bale off to Real Madrid in 65m deal



28 May 2013 10:22:09
Lewandowski will prioritise a move to European Champions Bayern Munich which allows Benzema to focus on his move to Old Trafford



28 May 2013 10:21:15
Dieumerci Mbokani will finalise a move to West Brom by 1st July

28 May 2013 12:57:59
Peter whittingham seen at Albion training ground this morning.

Why would he come now that Cardiff have been promoted.

Because we are an established prem club think about it I wouldn't have him anyway not good enough



28 May 2013 10:20:14
A long list of clubs are in line for Mario Gomez's signature after Bayern declared their intent to sign Lewandowski.
Gomez previously linked with the likes of Chelsea will be hunting Champions League football following Bayern's success and so front runners will likely be PSG, Juventus and Atletico Madrid.



28 May 2013 10:16:07
95% sure dan seaborne will be signing for bournemouth. Wolves and ipswich are also interested but he would prefer to stay south and local after his successful loan spell with the cherries.

Ye he is



28 May 2013 09:55:49
West brom said to be interested in Ashley Williams of Swansea, they said if they want to secure a top half finish the. Williams is key. Laudrup will sell him if the price is right

Arsenal bound

He's going to Arsenal.

He's going to Liverpool

He wouldn't go to West Brom. Probably Arsenal if any.

28 May 2013 14:39:39
Baggies won't pay the fee that Swansea are asking unless its free or player swap.

So West Brom have 10m to spend on a centre-back do they?

More than likely going to Arsenal or Liverpool. He was linked with a return to the baggies when Swansea were in the championship but very doubtful he would go back as Albion can't offer him the chance to play in Europe

West brom won't pay 60 000 a week aresnal will

28 May 2013 21:24:54
Albion and Clarke have confirmed there is money to make 1 mark signing this summer, with the loan of Romelu Lukaku ending and Albion linked to both Mbokani and Bony that player will be a striker. Other than replacements for outgoing players, free and loan players will be all the business that Albion do.

If all that's not enough then Albion don't pay over the odds for players and the £10 million asking price is certainly way more than Williams is worth.

Not a chance he will return to the club that released him at 16. Ash has no time for West Brom THAT I can tell you.

I think the statement about one big signing and the rest loans and out of contract signings is a smokescreen so that we don't pay over the odds for players. Once the so called big signing is made I still believe money will be spent if the right player at the right price becomes available. At the same time if the big signing is £8m it has to take away a sizable chunk of our transfer kitty.

10 mill for williams you can keep him



28 May 2013 09:45:31
Ipswich to sign jayode odejayi. From Rotherham for small fee

He has been released by Rotherham what small fee are they going to pay?!

Hes on the transfer list.

Only Denton, Tonge and Warrington was released.

He is still under contract but been made available for transfer, surprised he would go to the Championship though.

He has not been released. Made available for transfer

28 May 2013 19:04:41
He hasn't been released, he has been made available for transfer.

Not saying its true but he`s still under contract, BUT told he`s free to find himself a new club so would think it might have a bit of substance?

He's not been released, just made available for transfer

28 May 2013 22:31:43
big connections with terry connnor



28 May 2013 09:42:49
Colchester have approached Chelsea & West Brom with regards to Season long loan returns for Sam Walker & Bradley Garmston.

Jabo Ibehre has agreed a new deal and will sign it by Thursday

Sanchez Watt has also been offered a lucrative deal and is set to team up with his mate from Arsenal Craig Eastmond, who signed for the U's last week

Heard today that Sanchez has been offered terms. Hopefully he signs.



28 May 2013 09:20:40
Rotherham have offerd Cliftonville 250k for 3 of their better players Connor Devlin, Liam Boyce and Joe Gormley. Liam Boyce who has been in advanced talks with Hibs has said that if Cliftonville accept the bid for all 3 players to leave to sign for Rotherham then he is on board. Also hearing rumours that Micheal O'Connor of Rotherham is beening looked at by Reading and Wigan

Devlins, a goalie, just signed one, so seems unlikely.

The Liam Boyce rumour has been doing the rounds for a few weeks and is believable. Devlin is a keeper and we've just signed one from Carlisle, unless Shearer is being shipped out. Joe Gormley used to be president of the NUM before Scargill and must be 100years old!

Adkins use to manage Scunny were we got O'Connor from. Maybe something in that rumour

I think us and Wigan have far better players than O'Connor considering we want an instant return to the premier league as well. No disrespect to him but he is not good enough for that level

Highly doubt O'Connor will go, he's a frequent 1st team player and we havnt even seen the best from him yet.

Liam boyce does seem quality even if he is playing at a low level and he is only 22.

29 May 2013 18:06:30
Liam boyce is the best player the
irish league has seen since george best a a marvel to watch werever he ends up watch this lad destroy defences



28 May 2013 09:13:30
Swindon Town will lose another 5 players in the next couple of weeks,

Navaro - Coventry free transfer
Alan Mckormack - Free transfer Millwall
Nathan Thompson - Leicester 500k
We Fodderingham - 750k Middlesborough
Aiden Flint 300k + Add ons Bristol City.

They have tied up Byrne and Adam Rooney should sign in the next week.

28 May 2013 11:18:34
Navaro has gone to Pompey

Only ones possible to be leaving out of those will be Navarro, McCormack & flint & Navarro has not joined pompey, he is interesting chesterfield & the only club who are.

Do you really think Pompey would pay 7k a week in wages this is what Navarro is on? I don't think so, they have only got 1.4mil budget for players.

No He hasn't

Thompson signed New Contract, only realistic one out of those is Aden



28 May 2013 09:23:24
Leicester to sign dundee united pair gary mackay stevens and johnny russell for a fee of £3.5m

Russell meeting with cloughie to secure a 3 year deal



28 May 2013 09:00:42
ameobi brothers linked to boro & ebanks-blake having a medical today & yes I know he has a broken leg

Jonathan 'Sicknote' Woodgate managed to pass a medical there, why not another injured player.



28 May 2013 09:02:19
Shaun Maoney is at the Hawthorns!

I hope this is true!



28 May 2013 08:31:12
Former Barnsley players Marlon Harewood, Matt Done and Rob Edwards all possible new signings for Rochdale and ex-Barnsley boss Keith Hill during this Summer. All are our of contract and would therefore be up for free transfers, however wage demands could hinder the chances of such transfers. Keith will continue to pursue these 3 signings following his return from holiday as well as 20 year old Alex Kenyon from Stockport County.

After what keith hill did at Barnsley why would any ex Barnsley player want to go to Rochdale Keith hill is worst manager Barnsley has add for a long time

I would not wish Hill on any club he is that poor

Thought Edwards had agreed to join

I wouldn't think Edwards or done would want to go to Keith hill because he rarely played either of them at Barnsley
But Harewood could be a possibility although I think he is better than league 2

He's that poor yet he got rochdale to play off final, play off semi final and then promoted after 41 years, and that was with a low budget, poor manager maybe for championship but not for league 2, would love to see matt done back at rochdale

And Foster wants to go to Tranmere



28 May 2013 08:26:44
Ipswich Town to sign Wolves striker Leigh Griffiths for £250,000.

Griffiths is worth atleast 1m after his performances this season

You really think wolves will sell a player for 250k after he scored 28 goals in the Scottish premier, you don't know Moxey very well.

Would be great to have a player like him who has done so well in the SPL.

Ipswich linked with Wolves player? Whatever next?

I have a source at Wolves who says he went for talks and medical on monday.

Why would he go to Ipswich? MM didn't give him a look in at Wolves.



28 May 2013 07:58:43



28 May 2013 07:58:35
Oxford have made inquires for:

Scott Kerr-York
Sido Jombati-Cheltenham
Luke Guttridge-Northampton
Peter Sweeney-Wimbledon
Billy Kee-Burton

Damian Batt to sign for Crawley

Sweeney only joined Wimbledon in January - can't see him leaving this summer.

Why would Sido Jombati want to join a club destined to finish lower in the league? He will stick with Cheltenham who will be battling for promotion again.

Guttridge won't go oxford, he wants to stay at cobbers

This isn't true because Peter sweeney moved to us so he could live closer to his London home, NOT HAPPENING

All of those players would require fees. Jombati would probably cost at least £50k and Kee at least £100k.

Scott Kerr has said he is in talks with two clubs - one of which is Grimsby and the other is another conference club.

HAAA What a joker you are.
Sido to Oxford?
Because that would be a great move to further his career!

Same goes for Gutteridge and Kee. Both playing for teams who finished higher than the ever under achieving Oxford.

Oxford have a big budget and aren't afraid to spend money. They will be hanging around the play-offs come December, but Wilder is clueless and the team slides after the festive period.

28 May 2013 13:09:36
Absolutely no chance of Jombati going to Oxford. Cheltenham offer better wages, do not need to sell, will be fighting for promotion next season and there are league one clubs looking at him anyway.

Its crucial we don't let any more good players slip our grasp, have already lost out on Sullivan and Meades

Sweeney wanted he's contract terminated at bury to be closer to home I be amazed if he goes

None of this true what so ever.
Coming from an Oxford fan!

Unfortunately Oxford need to start a new set of queries. I think all 5 of these are unlikely to be honest, most notably Guttridge, Jombati and Kee who have all been watched by League One sides.

The gutters one is funny! Stay at town & better your career! Or go Oxford & go nowhere!

Stay at town and better your career pmsl, your the big time bottle jobs. 2 play offs bottled.

Cheltenham Town, last 2 seasons have been in the play offs correct, where have Oxford finished?

Not referring to Cheltenham! Read with your eyes! On about Northampton!

He is talking about jombati

Why would they enquire about kerr? he's been released



28 May 2013 07:41:02
Hull trying to sign arouna kone



28 May 2013 01:21:07
Alexander Tonev 100% signing for celtic in the few days.




28 May 2013 07:18:33
I've heard a nasty rumour that BMD has enquired about andy johnson of QPR

I've herd a nasty rumour he ain't



28 May 2013 06:09:28
Reading FC set to make the most of free transfers with some very strong players available. Adkins looking to take on jerome Thomas and Simeon Jackson having just been released and looking for clubs. Both would be open to championship football. Another player Adkins is looking at is slightly more ambitious in Stephen Ireland. The midfielder is soon to be released by villa but his wages and willingness to drop to championship may prove to be a stumbling. Would fit very well into Adkins style of fluent passing football so watch this space. This is reliable information. Not saying it will definitely happen but is is certainly being considered at this stage.

You forgot to add Chris Baird. Apparently we have offered him a 3 year contract

28 May 2013 15:52:42
hope we don't get any of them, ireland hasn't played well since he was man citys best player about 6 years ago, since then he's been rubbish, I think there's better players out there that we could get, and I don't see why he'd be looking at free transfers as anton has said that he will give adkins money to spend, doesn't seem to make much sense to me

Doesn't make much sense? What. Signing established players for free rather than spending millions for the sake if it? The same anton who "had millions to spend in January" and managed hope Akpan, nick Blackman and nicky shorey. This doesn't make much sense to you?. Ok!

Id have Thomas if we sell one of our wingers, he absolutely tore Shaun Cummings to pieces at the Hawthorns. Jackson, would definitely improve our firepower. I hope they happen



28 May 2013 00:38:52
Jermaine easter signs a one year deal with millwall



28 May 2013 00:38:33
Derek Riordan is likely to sign for Partick Thistle on a pay as you play basis. John Baird and Steven Saunders have already agreed deals with the club.

Hope so the league needs players like him in it, who have the skill just needs to concentrate on his football. Always had a lot of talent, plus he is two footed. Always good on the wings, can score from all angles. Should still be thinking about playing for Scotland, if he gets his act in order.



28 May 2013 00:30:01
League one side Walsall are in talks with goalkeeper Cameron Belford (released by Bury) and utility player Bilel Mohsni (released by Southend)

Walsall are to announce that Will Grigg and Febian Brandy have agreed there contract offers this week, but both will have release clauses in their contracts so they can leave if a bigger club comes in for them in January (believed to be 500,000 pound)

Comment about grigg and brandy would make good sense and show player loyalty but not sure brandy would fetch 500k more like 250k after all in his career he has only had a good 6 months hasn't done much else in his career and had lots of clubs. he needs to show some commitment and if he kicks on this season then get his 250k move in January to a championship side who he may just save from relegation.



28 May 2013 00:24:17
charlie sheringham, isaac osbourne, danny butterfield, ben parker and simon church being looked at by oldham

Would have any of these players gladly but don't think we have the wage bill for any of them, especially simon church that's a bit optimistic



28 May 2013 00:05:26
Jamie Vardy wants to sign for pne on a season long loan but negotiations over wages ongoing. Pne want to pay 25% of his wages and this is holding up the deal the moment. Ashley Eastham to sign for tranmere rovers next week when he returns from his holidays.

We are after a st from the prem

Why would Vardy want to play for PNE when there are Championship clubs after him?

And PNE couldn't afford 25% of his wages as this would make him the highest paid player in their squad.

Cant see him pick this club when their are others chasing him



27 May 2013 23:52:58
Huddersfield are interseted in james vaughan who is back from holiday later this week then huddersfield will place a bid town are also intrested in Ruben Rochina the Blackburn player on loan at Real Zaragoza and Dundee United's Johnny Russell but Town had a £1. 25m double bid for Russell and winger Gary Mackay-Steven rejected by Dundee United in August but aslo interested in Walsall winger Jamie Paterson town have already made a bid but walsall apparently rejected but town still have interest

Are you sure?

Yeah he might be good in a wallsall fans eyes but has he ever played in the championship?at the moment Paterson is in league 1, a poor league 1 at that, just look at who got promoted lmao so in my eyes £750,000 is even too much for an un-proven player. wake up

Remember Rhodes the league 1 unproven striker well.



27 May 2013 23:33:17
Akinfenwa to Bradford

He might well just be good enough for Bradford (park avenue)

This is true a friend of mine works at the club. (The club being Walkabout in town, Akinfenwa has a got job as the new bouncer!)



27 May 2013 23:33:01
Free Agent, Simeon Jackson, formerly of Norwich, is a transfer target for Ian Holloway at Crystal Palace.

He is going to Huddersfield.

28 May 2013 09:41:42
Norwich fans love Jacko. works his socks off. I hope this works out for him

Norwich fan here. Let's be honest if Palace want him, after being promoted to the Prem, then Huddersfield don't have a chance of getting him.

Not sure why Huddersfield seem to thinl they are getting every single one of our cast offs.

^Think he would chose Palace over Huddersfield, from a canary.



27 May 2013 23:32:53
Scunthorpe are looking at the possibility of signing James Norwood from Forest Green Rovers.



27 May 2013 23:22:44
Shrewsbury goalkeeper Chris Weale is on the radar of several Championship clubs including Doncaster, Leeds and Nottm forest.

28 May 2013 11:22:44
They'd have to pay a hefty fee then - still under contract at Shrewsbury and easily our PotY last season.

Coupled with his experience around the squad, I can't see GT letting Chris go regardless of offers from established Championship teams.

Get your checkbooks out. He will cost you a lot of money, class keeper.

NONSENSE - Leeds are not looking for a keeper.

Is this the same rubbish keeper who played for Leicester

He will cost £1 million. He's quality

Trust me he ain't going anywhere 100%
settled with family!

He kept Shrewsbury up on his own. TV game with Walsall he was class.

A million quid. Ha ha ha

Chris Weale was voted the top keeper on the league on some sources and they did say he is loving life in Sundorne, shrewsbury and he only lives about 15 mins away from the stadium

Shrewsbury signings

Luke James-loan
Tom Lawrence-loan
Stephen McGinn-free
Liam Boyce-swap deal with Tom Bradshaw
Islam feruz-loan
John Mullins-£90,000
Adam bostock-free

I wouldn't let him go for much less. Can not speak highly enough of him. One of the best keepers we have had in years



27 May 2013 22:59:17
Johnny Russell has been stopping at the Hilton Hotel just off the M1 at Junction 24 and has been in talks with the Rams. I do not know the outcome.

That could be any of the clubs around here, Leicester, derby, or forest.



27 May 2013 22:58:58
Monaco looking into signing Isco from Malaga.

Monacp want to sign every big name going, the new PSG!



27 May 2013 22:54:34
Lee Croft, Preston North End bound after turning his contract down to stay at Oldham.

We are after the rm from Motherwell

28 May 2013 09:18:53
wont happen preston want a young fast winger which croft is not

28 May 2013 09:50:38
according to Croft himself on twitter, he wasn't even offered a new contract at Oldham. Croft was good with the ball at his feet but i'd much rather have an old fashioned winger that beats his man and put's the ball in the box. Maybe chipping in with a few goals too. I'm sure there's plenty more wingers out there.

28 May 2013 12:34:41
We have jeffery as our young fast winger.
Humpherys is more than likely joining Rangers.

He didn't even get offered a contract as his agent is in charge and never said nothing to our club, so poor agent really.

He will go to the Championship if he gets a chance so maybe Donny.

Good pro but lacks pace but got assists.

Humphrey doesn't want to play in the Scottish leagues

Lee Croft is only 27 years old. Should be coming to his peak.



27 May 2013 22:48:44
Inside sources say Matt Tubbs is close to a move, with Ward travelling to Bournemouth in person. Another deal that is close to completion is John-Joe O'Toole to Southend, with the midfielder reported to have sent a text to his best mate saying he wants a better home

There are no better homes in southend unless he is currently homeless

JJOT believes he is a league 1 player at worst which is why he hasn't gone to BRFC yet

Southend are under yet another transfer embargo for not paying the Taxman, players etc. no one in their right mind would join them. JJOT is a L1 player anyway.

We have payed up

Flahaieven has signed a new deal and partingtons staying because were making him into a cb and hughes is staying for experience and mcdermott is wanted by crewe



27 May 2013 22:31:49
Tranmere to sign former Leeds player Patrick Antelm on a 1 year contract within the next week



27 May 2013 22:31:20
Huddersfield have made another offer for Walsalls Jamie Paterson believed to be in the region of 800k, however i've heard that Walsall won't be considering selling the player for less than 1.2m which to me seems like a bargain, I don't support Walsall i'm a Yeovil Town fan, but Paterson should be worth at least 2m, seen a lot of him this season, and he is a bargain at 1.2m

Thanks Jamies agent.

I reckon at this point that's be the price broken down to 800k upfront with another 4-500k in addons

I am a Walsall fan and a good figure for all parties would be one million with a sell on fee of 15%. he is good but still very raw another season in league one would benefit him from his point of view.

28 May 2013 13:55:44
Think best deal for walsall would be to negotiate a sustantial sell-on clause. Expect around 800k upfront.

If his development goes as well as say Rhodes' did, a good sell-on clause for Walsall could end up being a larger sum than the initial fee

Thanks again Jamies agent, we'll let you know.



27 May 2013 22:30:57
Jose Baxter to Bolton for £650,000 + Add On fee's

Yes, I would take him, I've been very impressed with his scoring rate. Looks a decent player, Playing in the wrong division in my opinion would be a great alternative with our strike options bring in Anelka (well I can dream) with his experience. I would also go for Dale Jennings.



27 May 2013 22:50:06
Ipswich town look set to sign goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen on a free transfer.

Sorensen and Given both been linked, Given requires a fee though which may restrict ITFC.

We couldn't afford his wages.

28 May 2013 10:43:06
This rumour is very strong as Mick is looking for a quality No 1 between the sticks, wages shouldn't be a problem,

Given has been released by Aston Villa

This is genuine, looks like signing within the next 48hours,

He's a quality keeper with a couple of years left in him and is willing to take a cut in wages. The lure of taking ITFC back to the Premiership and mentoring Loach will see Given sign for ITFC.

28 May 2013 22:32:38
he s on 60 grand at villa don't think so somehow



27 May 2013 22:30:48
Derby to Sign the Following: Forsyth, Forrester, Russell and then a CB and that should conclude the Ins at DCFC

Its a good list, but that's 2 more forwards. Would need to offload theo and tyson first before both came in. Would be happy with russell starting and forrester off the bench though!

Forrester plays in attacking midfield not anther forward

28 May 2013 12:53:56
Loads of clubs are chasing both Russell and Forrester. With all the interest the Rams will be lucky to get one of them let alone both.

We're definitely in the lead for Russell. BBC's Dundee correspondent has said we've made a bid and held discussions. Whether the bid has been accepted has split opinion.



27 May 2013 22:30:43
Nicky Bailey is in talks with Bradford City. He previously worked under Phil Parkinson at Charlton and is keen to play for Bradford City.

Sounds realistic, although would he drop down a league when he is a standard champ player? As a city fan this would be a class signing

Realistic? Lol. There's no way on earth he is dropping to league 1. He will have several championship offers to consider. Mark my words he ain't going league 1



27 May 2013 21:53:35
Highly rated Ross County midfielder Iain Vigurs wanted by Huddersfield, Preston North End and Sheffield United.

Apparently already signed a 2 year deal at Oldham.

Heard a deal has been reached with Keith Curle to be SUFC new manager. Will be announced on Thursday

Cobblers. Even we are not that desperate.



27 May 2013 21:50:33
Wolves bid for Andy Taylor but the left back is happy to stay at The Bescott

How are we supposedly bidding for anyone when we don't have a manager, I mean Head Coach?

Because as head coach, final say on transfers is not down to him.

True, but you would at least think he'd have some input up front as to who he want's to sign.



27 May 2013 21:48:24
John Rooney brother of Wayne is set to turn down offers from League one clubs Crewe, Oldham & Tranmere and sign for a MLS club.



27 May 2013 21:38:28
Three midfielders are set to leave Bradford City; Nathan Doyle is moving to Huddersfield Town with released Terrier Scott Arfield moving the other way.

Chesterfield are intetested in taking club captain Ricky Ravenhill to Derbyshire and Will Atkinson is set to join Hartlepool United.

28 May 2013 11:35:05
not a chance would Doyle go to the dog botherers

Arfield would be a quality signing. He's got winning mentality, along with him being a young lad. However, I would be sad to see the back of Doyle although I can't see him leaving. Ravenhill however is past league 1 standard. he's defo a steady league 2 player

Hudds are in the championship and Doyle is out of contract and has played under Mark Robins at Barnsley

Doyle to Huddersfield is very likely. Not the biggest fan of his so wouldn't mind him leaving too much, Arfield is class so a good replacement, and realistic I reckon.

Can't see Doyle leaving Bradford tbh.

Blimey. If you rate Arfield as highly as that and don't rate Doyle then you can keep both. Arfield was useless this season in the championship and very very average in league one.

Doyle is out of contract and Robins is a great admirer of his. Why wouldn't Doyle prefer the challenge of the Championship rather than Div 1?



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