Football Rumours Archive May 28 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursMay 28 2012 

27 May 2012 23:08:52
hi ed ny news on chelsea :)(3)(9)Yes, they are the worst team to have ever won the Champions League and there are 5 teams that finished above them in the Premior League!Must be a spurs fan lmaoVery bitter, considering they have been close before and that generation deserved it.Im a rangers fan and by the sour grapes lol you must be either arsenal or spurs, chelsea won it brilliantly, end off, WATP!!!Yes, Spurs fans are bitter. Of course, everybody knew what the rules were, but that does not stop the rules being wrong. For decades the old European Cup lived with the possibility of an additional entry from one country, so what has changed?

The simple truth is that the Champions League has so distorted football finances that all English clubs outside the 'Big Four' are a huge disadvantage. That has now been exacerbated by the arrival of Man City on the scene.

It is hard enough to finish in the top four in competition with clubs that have twice your revenue, or don't need to worry about money, but to have a Champions League qualification snatched away because Chelsea fluked wins against Barcelona and Bayern (both of whom played them off the park) is a bitter pill to swallow.


27 May 2012 20:56:14
Any blades roumours ed? Thanks. {Ed003's Note - Not yet}(6)(13)Yeah they gonna buy players that can take penalties


27 May 2012 21:42:43
any sheffield wednesday rumours ed?(8)(18)


27 May 2012 20:51:50
Burnley fc will this week confirm Jay rod will join Southampton fc on the 1st July for 6.5m(36)(30) 

Jay turned down Southampton in January and will be staying up north.No, burnley turned southamptons bid downNo they didn't burnley accepted their bid but jay turned Southampton down , and after this season with him scoring 21 goals burnley won't sell for less than 8mHe has just brought a house up north so why would he move he will go to everton newcastle or stay at burnley.Jay said he dint want to go thoughJay is on his way to southampton sadly, don't believe me if you don't want to but I heard from source inside the club (burnley) that the deal is nearly completed, this is why it's gone quite since the bid last week.
Burnley fanIn fact, Burnley have denied receiving an offer from us!So over rated. dumb signings like this put them into administration last time"So over rated. dumb signings like this put them into administration last time"

WE ARE NOT PORTSMOUTH FC YOU IDIOT! making stupid signings and paying ridiculous money did not result in Southampton FC going into administration!St Mary's and poor upper management put Southampton in administration last time genius.^^^^^BOUGHT a house.Dumb signings like this? Saints to say the least are Frugal with the cash for signings hence why Rory Delap for 4 million is still our record. Its other issues that caused our financial problems so read up before you mutter nonsenseOver rated ? Only 1 ov your players scored more than jay last season !^ Billy Sharp scored more league goals than J-Rod did mateHe's class and it wasn't a Saints fan who said he's over rated. As for buying a house, wanting to stay up north blah, blah, blah, heard all that crap with Billy Sharp.One player did score more....alot more! sharp wasnt far of rod lallana banged home plenty and guly got at least 12 in all what exactley os your point? burnley fans told us cork would never join so why not rod?Burnley rejected Saints bid when they were in the championship. Now that we're in the premier league he will want to go because of premier league football. Also now that we're under Cortese he won't let administration happen again and we have the financial capability to buy Jay rod i am pretty sure.Some people just dont have a clue. The football club never went into administration, the leisure holdings company that own it did.Jay is bad and over rated 15 goals in the championship isnt 8M worthAnd Btw billy sharp scored more then Jay so thats 2 playersActually two players did, Lambert and Sharp.Not what saints need. Sharp is as good as jay rod.Jay Rod is still only 21 and he isn't overrated as he plays as a second striker and still scored 15 in the championship despite being out for the last 5 and if he does join it will be funny how many Southampton fans jump ship when they see how good he is!Billy sharp didn't play for you for the full season . He wasn't even your player when he scored half ov his goalsOk then so how many goals did billy sharp score for Southampton last season ? Not a lot coz he didn't even play for you until half way thru the season , silly Southampton fans that think they will buy evry 1 coz they are the next man city n guna win the premier league , wait till ur back down at end ov next season wi less points than derby hahaPoster above - Up late on a school night? My little niece writes like you! Saints fans do not think they are the next Man City and please show me a Saints fan who thinks they will win the Premier League! FFS! Billy Sharp scored more than Rodriguez last season regardless wether it was with Saints or Doncaster, thats a fact and thats what they were pointing out. They wont get relegated either. So stop with the bitterness and jealousy...oh and dont forget to be tucked in by your mummy.Ok then fair play to Southampton for getting promoted but the thing is tho they NEED to stay up coz if they don't a lot of their players are on high wages so what's guna happen if they go back down with the new financial rules coming into play ? Especially with them signing more players as well their wages r guna b sky highSharp came here with 9 goals, scored 10 for Southampton. Goals should continue to happen for Southampton considering they have had a bid of £6.5 million accepted this evening for Rodriguez. Poor Burnley.Bid might ov bin accepted but like b4 jay will reject u !There are relegation clauses in the players contracts SHOULD Saints go down. Cortese is a financial businessman he would not let anything like that happen to the club.And how do YOU know that these clauses are in place ??Because you dont know do u !


27 May 2012 17:58:51
Ed any Portsmouth rumours?(4)(21)Of course not, you have no money!No. You've got no money. Pay the small businesses and charities you owe first then start talking about transfers.Your skintNo and there shouldn't be, not until your club faces up to its financial responsibilities. Do so or go under.^^ saints fans lol bottom by xmas :)If Portsmouth sign any players, it will be on free transfers and lowish wages.RubbishHow stupid are you Pompey fans? How can you 'lol' at saints (who I don't support) when they are in the premiership and you are in LEAGUE 1 with a large chance of liquidation. So LOL at AFC Portsmouth City, conference south by Xmas :)Rumours could include players out.Okay so we're in debt.. who isn't? does that mean we have to go out of buisness for it to be 'fair' if so where does the line end?Pay all youre debts in full
before you should be allowed
to sign anybody
if you go down tough
you aint learnt nothing
in the last two years
and you want sympathy
it aint going to happen^ hey friend. how about all the teams (in debt) pay their debts before they buy more players? otherwise theyre just gonna get into more debt... and then (in this climate) just gonna end up like us anyway... hmmmAlmost every football club is in debt. We've got a £48million debt where as Man United have a debt in the region of £800million. So before you start talking rubbish, realise the Football League are just looking for someone as a cheap shot of a scapegoat. My best regards to Pompey. Best fans I've ever come across. All the best for League One. - Reading fan.If you really were a Reading fan you'd know we are debt free. Hance why we always sold our best players so we could stay in the black.,Pompey are handling administration and have been punished just as every other club in that situation has been so give them a break. I suspect it is largely Saints fans who keep going on about this but before they get too carried away they should look to their own past problems and maybe even consider that bythe season after this they could even be playing Pompey again! We should all be careful what we wish on other fans!I've heard a rumour that if they are lucky, Portsmouth might just be able to feild 11 players by the beginning of the season!All the post said was ed any portsmouth rumours it didnt say are pompey buying anyone so he might have just been wandering like many of us if anyone else had been sold...stop jumping on the pompey bandwagon you muppets!


27 May 2012 19:48:42
Following promotion, Crewe to sign;
Rhys Murphy - Free - Arsenal
Gavin Hoyte - Free - Arsenal
Mehdi Abeid - Newcastle - Loan
Jeremy Helan - Man City - Loan(9)(30)


27 May 2012 19:37:33
Ipswich to sign Brad Guzan,Elliot
Hewitt, R keough,(13)(16) 

And uncle tom cobley,lolThat is the 7th goalkeeper so far mentioned on here to sign for Ipswich, certainly going to be lots of 0-0 scores.They r all going to leeds


27 May 2012 19:33:59
Charlton will look to re-sign Middlesbrough midfielder nicky bailey. It is been rumoured he is unhappy up north and that his family still live in London(14)(11)This would be a truely terrible signing for Powell. Definitely a few other CM's that are better that we could affordDepends how much this deal would cost. Bailey was a great player for charlton but don't feel that charlton could afford a player that I believe is premier league qualityMate I'm best friends with his brother in-law and he tells me Nicky is loving life up north. So this is clearly made up.It's believable but not for the reason stated, it would be the clubs choice to increased funds. His family love the areaStep back I reckon - Jackson is better wide than him and I think Pritchard will break through in the centreBailey was bad news, thought he was billy big bcks in league 1. Always laid into players when they made mistakes, although he used give the ball away in our own half by dicking around and trying to take people on. He also tried getting people sent off by going down all the time. It was also Bailey who missed the penalty against Swindon and then pissed off to boro.Leadbitter will replace him, he will go but to a team of higher standing you can't go from boro to Charlton massive step back, money will be used to improve attackBailey won't go to Charlton it would be a step back even for a player as st as him he makes to many mistakes to attract a prem club but he wouldn't stoop as low as CharltonI wouldnt say that at all, i think bailey was outstanding but i wouldnt welcome him back as we dont need himBailey is not who we need he is a decent player but you could get some one twice as good for the same price he is over ratedCharlton gave him he's big break so maybe that could come into it. You couldn't blame him for joining boro but if it hasn't worked out I'm sure charlton would welcome him backJust in add my opinion, as a boro fan, despite personal opinions of him as a bloke, he has been outstanding in the games ive been too, gets motm awards all the time, not our most talented player, but certainly our best performer all seasonBailey would get in the charlton team without a doubt, but, bailey isn't an attacking midfielder anymore mogga has made him into a very good defensive midfielder, fulham, villa and Swansea bin linked with him, as for BORO, leadbitter will be a good signing,"Bailey was a great player for charlton" Are you out of your mind! He was and is a terrible player and I dont want him back no matter how little he costs.All I can say is, if bailey is a terrible player than he would suit been at charlton cuz he'd fit in well there.on the serious side charlton couldn't afford him now and why would nicky take a step back and join charlton,it dosent make any sense,mogga is back at work now so exspect 1 or 2 signings by next weekA key player in Boro's side would be difficult to replace. Charlton fans obviously still think they are big time and have very little respect as to what he did for them as a player.Would hardly be a step back charlton are a bigger club than boro or maybe the boro fans just decide to dress up as seats every weekBoro have been going backwards for years, lets be honest. As for what Bailey did for us, he got us knocked out of the playoffs with his stupidity. The amount of mistakes the boy makes do not make up for any good play he has in him. Not wanted or required in SE7. If you love him fair enough you keep him.Sorry Charlton fans but you really are not bigger than The Boro. Just because we dont sell our seats doesnt make us a small club. In an area of mass unemployment, we sell the correct percentage in line with our catchment area. Dont sour the taste of your promotion by having ideas of grandure. I for one was glad to see you promoted as i see you as a similar club too our own. Obviously far too big for league one, not quite good enough for the prem, but possibly too good for the championship. Theres a lot of clubs like us. So instead of coming on here bragging about your promotion and how big you are, enjoy your current success as the forthcoming season is going to very tough for us all. Look at the sides in the league, the majority of the teams in our league have been in the prem in the last 10 years, so getting promoted to the premier league is getting harder than ever.Btw, Bailey is a class holding midfielder, but offers nothing going forward. He's had a good season at The Boro, so the only place he's going is to a premier league club.His goals had a big hand in getting you there in the first place.

We will see who is the bigger side when we dick all over you this season.

OH NICKY BAILEY!..Can't believe anyone who is associated with Charlton would even suggest that they are any where near the size of a club like Middlesbrough!yes they may have been on a decline but back in the ascendancy now obviously a lot of comments here are based on bias and not fact!!Offers nothing going forward? He scored once every 3 and a half games as a Charlton player. It's just his role at Boro dictating how he plays.Yep when at charlton, he was a big fish in a .....puddle. now he's a decent sized fish in a big pond. UTB!We played Bailey as a LM most of the time hence his goal record . Would rather have Jackson in the side though


27 May 2012 19:31:39
Following the signing of Scott Laird, next week they are set to announce the following signings:
Andy Gray - Free
Nathan Doyle - Free
Liam Noble - Free(10)(10)"They" being Preston i assume.


27 May 2012 19:19:53
Lewis Grabbon has now accepted a revised salary package and is due to be unveiled as a Crawley player tomorrow.
Strange really, but Steve Evans wanted him when he was at Crawley, but not now he is at Rotherham.(4)(12)Grabban wants to move back down south,Rotherham will use the money to bring in another strikerI don't the move is because of the manager. I think he wants a move back down south to closer to where he his from


27 May 2012 19:18:28
Paul green has put talks with Ipswich on hold untill he returns from the euros after his late call up to replace the injured fahey.
Talks are believed to be at an advanced stage but if green has a good showing in euros interest in the midfielder/ full backs signature could increase.

Ipswich also rumoured to be looking into bringing
Ryan nielsen to portman road on a 2 year deal with the player reportedly willing to drop wages to carry on playing in england.charlon,Bolton and wolves also interested in the new Zealand captain(7)(16)Utter crap whos dreaming up this bsSeems ipswich are signing ever available player,lol, what a jokeThat's why belongs on his way to the mls?Nelson sorry dam phone


27 May 2012 19:13:29
does anyone have a clue who bournemouth are looking at signing.(3)(15)Yeah, Paul Groves does.Josh mcquoid if malone goes or james hayter on a free.
Miles Addison if the price is right and he wants to returnDo you really think he has a clue about playersChris ImwelumoTorres to Bournemouth. Sergio that is. (Crawley)Eddie Mitchell had an absolute shocker appointing groves! Why he didn't get o'driscoll back or an experienced manager like Gary Johnson I will never know. He struck gold with an inexperienced Howe but that was a one off. I would love Groves to prove me wrong but I think it will be the same old average season with average signings. If we are going for promotion let's go for promotion and not d£ck about!!


27 May 2012 19:10:48
Any Middlesbrough fc news(1)(8)All I have heard is Leadbitter will sign


27 May 2012 19:02:47
Middlesbrough will look to sign Andranik Teymourian as a replacement for Nick Bailey.(0)(14)


27 May 2012 18:58:20
Manchester United will sign Nick Powell from Crewe for £8m and loan him out to Hull, who have a good relationship with the Red Devils' coach Warren Joyce.(7)(44)Good player but not 8 millionNot 8 million but 4 million is for sureAnd not Hull!Hull need a player like him and he probably will come"Probably" is a bit presumptuous. We'd definitely have more chance than most clubs due to our links in the past. Personally I'd like to see Josh King return


27 May 2012 18:42:29
Yorkshire news: Sufc news
Kevin MacDonald to move on a free across the steel city. This was agreed before the playoff defeat Lee Williamson to have talks with Hull City this week
Barnsley to sign Mike Jones from Owls for £150K. Daniel Jones from Owls to Doncaster Rovers for a nominal fee. Owls to sign unamed striker from Championship. Dave Jones refusing to give details until personal terms agreed but player wants to join.(6)(12)I know the K Mac thing is correct. DJ been courting him since taking over from Megson. In fairness to the lad he was keeping his options open until he saw Owls get promoted. Even if Blades had been promoted he has a verbal agreement to join Owls if they got promotion.
Would be happy with Mike Jones joining us. I believe we tried for him last season. Come on you TykesWilliamson to Hull ur havin a laugh. Has already said he's joinin the mighty FoxesSadly the MacDonald to Wendy's is true. Even McCabe couldn't get him to stay with us. Worse is I've been told Maguire also off to owls as he's an owl himself. Typical Wendy's stealing our talent"Williamson to Hull ur havin a laugh. Has already said he's joinin the mighty Foxes"
Is there anyone you AREN'T signing? Surprised I didn't hear your name mentioned for Hazard??
You've got a bit of money, fair enough, now show some class!Weds nicking maguire ha ha your nicked him off barnsley pmpl


27 May 2012 18:39:05
Aston Villa could look to sign Yakubu as he says he doesn't want to play in the Championship(19)(12)Well whats the point in signing for villa they will be in the championship the season after next, don't think the yak will want another relegation battle on his cvAnother person slagging off a great and historic football club im not a villa fan but the flak they get is a total disgrace.Totally agree with you.
It is a total disgrace to see it happening!
but with the return of Darren Bent & a better manager - they will be fine next season!I'm not a Villa fan either, but, living in the Midlands, I can tell you that it's about time they went through some tough crap. Some of them have been yelping 'top four club' for a long time, even though a lot of money and opportunities were chucked away and a lot of Villa fans didn't mind burning money until time was called on the use of a blank cheque. I don't feel sorry for them and neither should you.


27 May 2012 18:36:16
Brighton have now sold 21,000 season
tickets, Gus has the cash to take the club onto the next level, Three top signings are
ear marked, Owen, Heskey, and a midfielder from spain. Gus has told players already they are not in his plans.. back them now for winning the league(7)(39)Forget Owen and Heskey as we don't want them. wages as well. We'd have sold 23,000 season tickets come August.What a load of friendly southern se, no history, no fans, no'll be down next yearBrighton will be dropping down the table next season dramatically.Until Liverpool appoint their manager I doubt the Brighton board will not part with any cash for new players!...why I hear you ask? If Martinez goes to the Red side of merseyside then Wigan as well as Villa and West Brom will be wanting a manager. Poyet will defo be offered the job by one of them. Brightons new boss will then be given the transfer budget and I have it on good authority that Di Canio will be that man.Brighton dropping don't me make laugh. We will be fighting for a top 6 spot for sure.Brighton need to add at least 4 quality players to have any chance of even getting top sixExplain WHY we'll drop next season?..'No fans'? Full grounds week in week out says otherwise. Highest percentage attendance by capacity in the ChampionshipBecause they are a palace fan...They will drop cos teams have worked them out be realistic Brighton exceeded everyone's expectations last seasonNo History?! Founded in 1901 - think that's 111 years of History!Biggest load of tosh ever. Your capacity is 22,374. You have NOT sold 21,000 season tickets as they won't allow that. A certain percentage has to remain open for other fans who can't afford ST, and also some allocation is needed for away fans. So firstly this discredits everything else you have said. Secondly, even if you had sold 21,000 ST's, it would not fund 3 top signings, unless your ST's are ridiculously over priced for a small club that's punching above it's weight.

No chance of you winning the league with Blackpool, Cardiff, Blackburn, Bolton, Wolves. No chance. You may have had a high attendance this season (btw percentage doesnt really make a good statistic due to the fact your stadium is so fking small), but good luck competing next year.

Money on brighton to make the drop.Even a Palace fan wouldnt be that bitter. Its amazing how many people (i wont say fans because they obviously know jack about football) are critical of Brighton for being back on their feet. Part of the reason Brighton are back on their feet are because of the fans ! So whatever tool said 'no fans, no history, we'll be down next year is suffering a severe case of.....JEALOUSY !ENVY is a terrible mistress.for fourteen years we did,nt have a home or two pennies to rub we are getting the reward we have earnt with our loyalty.LIVE WITH IT.No history? Do you think that we have only been around twenty years or so? We were established in 1901.

Check your facts PalarseTrolErrm. to whoever wrote 'biggest load of tosh' - their are 8,000 seats currently being installed and therefore capacity is increasing to 30,000 for the start on 2012/13 season and they HAVE sold this many season tickets. Your a foolish individual - You dont know anything about Brighton so dont go disputing or disagreeing with FACT if you know. You go put your money on Brighton to make the drop if you that confident.........Im sure you'll have butterflys when you hand over you money. Because you wont see that again.Brighton are full of true, honest, faithful supporters who have stuck with there team through thick and thin over the past 15 years or so. Within that time until the AMEX, they have had no ground and at times no money and a bleak future. Still, the fans kept turning up...AND supporting other teams in simular unfortunate circumstances.
Are Brighton not allowed to have a change of fortune?
A famous old club with a traditional football history.
Any true BHA fan reading these bitter/jealousy influenced comments are just laughing.....and so are the true Football fans !Capacity was 22,374 but additional 5,000 seat expansion will be completed ready for the start of next season making it the 27th biggest stadium in the country excluding Wembley - a bigger capacity than Selhurst all you jealous Palace fans!Brighton are not allowed to sell that may season tickets as a previous poster stated so this post has no credibility. Brighton will not win the Championship, they are not a big club. Mid table Championship team at best.Brighton have sold 21 thousand season tickets and yes they can do this to the loser who said they can't. The reason being is that they are increasing their capacity to 30,500 from 20,500.Our capacity WAS 22,374(last season) if YOU knew what you were talking about you would know that we are putting in 5000 more seats as we talk.Thats why we HAVE sold 21000 ST,and will sell more yet.Check the pics on our siteCapacity will be 27,000 by the start of the season, 5000 extra seats going in. That will rise again to 30,000 before the start of 2013-14 season.
10% must be available for away support in the league but 15% in cup games.
So just over 4000 is what cannot be sold as season tickets but I think the club retains some also for safety and complimentarys.
There were 18000 season tickets sold last season and more than 3000 joined a waiting list for new season tickets.
I expect at least 22,000 season tickets will be offered and sold.Check your facts re stadium before making silly comments about the Amex capacity. It is being increased to 30,750, with a majority (5000+) being installed now.TO the person who called this post misinformed 'tosh'. We are expanding our capacity to 28000 this summer and it is a fact that we have sold around 20000 season tickets! I'd do some real research before you post! It is so pathetic that bitter opposition fans like you turn your jealousy to spiteful abuse. It is clear to anyone who even vaguely understands football that Brighton are on the up and will do well next season, and I really couldn't care less what you lot think.Brighton are not on the up. If your going by stadium capacity their are bigger clubs with bigger stadiums than you in the Championship. Brighton wont win the league as the poster said.Yes we have sold 21,000 season tickets, because the stadium is being expanded, will be a 30,000 seater by next year. Get your facts right, make statements about things you have no idea about."Biggest load of tosh ever. Your capacity is 22,374. You have NOT sold 21,000 season tickets as they won't allow that. A certain percentage has to remain open for other fans who can't afford ST, and also some allocation is needed for away fans. So firstly this discredits everything else you have said. Secondly, even if you had sold 21,000 ST's, it would not fund 3 top signings, unless your ST's are ridiculously over priced for a small club that's punching above it's weight.

No chance of you winning the league with Blackpool, Cardiff, Blackburn, Bolton, Wolves. No chance. You may have had a high attendance this season (btw percentage doesnt really make a good statistic due to the fact your stadium is so fking small), but good luck competing next year.

Money on brighton to make the drop"

EPIC FAIL, of monumental proportions. If you had one iota of insight into of footie knowlege, rather than just babble on about you your own fantasies, you would know that Brighton capacity is being increased to 30,075, go and look at the pictures on

Or perhaps talk about something you actually know about, discredit your own made up postCapacity for the 12/13 season will actually be 27,374 due to an additional 5,000 seats being put in this summer. Making the Amex the 27th biggest club stadium in the country and just over a thousand seats higher than Selhurst Park.Brighton are adding around 5,500 seats now with more coming on stream in decenber 12 and a final 2,000+ next summer. Total capacity from August 12 will be 28,000 reaching 30,800 Summer 2013. Sales of 21,000 Season tickets entirely likely as season ticket sales for the season just finished were 18,000 and most of the new additional 3,200 seats in the East stand now sold.Get your facts right extra seats going in this year and next this years capacity will b about 28,000 going up to over 30,000! so small i wouldnt say that! and season tickets are up on last season and then we had 18,000! so all you small minded people who kmnow nothing should keep quite! i used to watch brighton in the goldstone in the late 70s when they used to have to lock the doors with 30,000 in and that was league 2 so the only thing small is your mind!Couldnt care less about how many the stadium holds, Brighton will not win the league! Your not a big club like most Brighton fans think they are...Your a mid table Championship team.Get the facts right The AMEX had 22,000 and after the new seating upgrade will have 8,000 more u jealous palace fan!!Forget all the arguments about stadium capacity etc, 22,000 season ticket sales still cant fund a move for owen and heskey, the wages would be too high!


27 May 2012 18:35:30
barnsley have captured arron wilberham an simeon jackson(5)(17)No they haven't.Completely made-up - Wilbraham is a free agent, will probably end up at any of 15 Championship clubs (maybe even Barnsley). Simeon Jackson is a first-team regular for Norwich, has looked decent, and is probably worth at least £2m which means he definitely isn't on Barnsley's radar.


27 May 2012 18:35:27
Stoke City are plotting a bid for Norwich City's Grant Holt, thought to be in the region of £3.5m. However, Sunderland, Everton and West Ham are also keen on the 31 year-old.(20)(24)I hope not hes got one season left him inRejected in a heartbeat.Sunderland bound with fletcherStoke are after a striker of far better quality that Holt, trust me. Sunderland are welcome to him.

a very good striker will join the Potters in late June, early July.He is better than every other cf u have other than crouch. He scored more than him as well.Stoke need a lot more than Holt. They need a new playbook, a new back line, and a new midfield, lets go with a new manager too. the long-throw-in only works for so long.Stoke, haha better quality striker, maybe another 6ft 7 giant to launch the ball to. Absolute joke of a team.From the goodison point of view, all they above are wecome, to old, to slow, won't get 1o goals next season.The only joke is you shouldnt be so jealous about the migfhty potters.Oh please God no, we don't want him!Love how everyone thinks stoke still do the throw in when delap never even plays get your facts right before you come on here and rip in to a team you don't watch every gameIs this very good striker Lukaku by any chance?As a Norwich Fan I suspect he will not score as many goals next season, however he would still probably get 10, which is what Crouch managed last season so if he was sold for £3.5M he would still look cheap compared to Crouch.From the goodison point of view? haha we are better than stoke and sy sunderland put toghether, get a grip!Stoke have completely ruined the prem. Not a football teamWhy because we don't role over and have our bellies tickled by the top 4, get a grip 4 seasons unbeaten by any of the top 6 at home this season, last 32 in Europe and 1/4 finalists in the F.A. Cup, sounds like a team ruining the prem! Who do u support, let me guess one of the top 6Not that old chestnut...try something new.Well if we've ruined the prem for you get yourselves relegated cause we aren't planning it any time soon!Remind me, where did stoke finish this season? joke of a team.HE'S NOT LEAVING for the last timeShows how much Stoke rattle the Prem league looking at this thread :-)

To all the un-educated, Stoke haven't scored from a throw in in 14 months but some idiots can't see past their thick stereotyping. As for Holt, when he scores at international and CL level then compare him to Crouch.

Here's to another season of the Potters winding you all up again :-)

Norwich will go down next season- one season wondersStoke finished still in the prem, not in debt and with a core of British players, now theres something you dont see everyday!Hes way to old at thirty one plus without holt norwich are looking at demotion


27 May 2012 18:22:41
regarding my post just before this about leicester they have also offerd emile heskey a one year deal

FOXONTOUR(14)(4)Why would you?


27 May 2012 18:21:21
latest leicester news(my sources are very true but you will only believe me when it happens)

fitz hall is currently in talks with foxes boss nigel pearson after is release by QPR

the foxes are also talking to nicky shorey about a move to the club after he was realesed by WBA

danny swanson has also come out as a target as well as a swap deal involving matt mills and celtics kelvin wilson

foxes also want luke chambers and harry kane on loan(13)(9)Konchesky AND Shorey, two left backs on premiership salaries. Sensible use of money!!Konch could be goin back to West HamKonchesky AND Shorey and Chambers , Wilson where have i seen that before


27 May 2012 18:14:13
Shrewsbury Town are interested in Marlon Pack to replace the recently-departed Nicky Wroe.

They also want to sign Lateef Elford-Aliyu, who's a free agent following his release from West Brom.(15)(5)


27 May 2012 18:11:37
Barnsley have offered filipe morais of Oldham athletic a 2 year deal. And expect him to sign by wednesday.(9)(5)Sorry mate he as signed for pne on friday unluckyNo he hasn't he's on holiday and has been for the past week.Where does it say filipe has signed for pne? i'm sure he will either stay at oldham or go to stevenage so he is closer to his family in londonThat is funny cos he was at deepdale on friday to sort out the move ,Ho-hum. Another one who's signing for Preston... They're gonna have a squad of 96 players at this rate. Getting boring PNE fans.He has not signed yet as he is still weighing up all his options no doubt. Barnsley, Stevenage and Preston are all in for the kidMorais IS on holiday. he's gone with several other Latics players as mentioned by one of them on twitter. That supporter who claims to have seen him needs his eyes testing.A 'six-figure sum' from Barnsley was rejected, a number of Championship clubs are looking interested in him...he'll end up going for an inflated price, far more than Barnsley can afford more than likely.Trust Keith Hill to pay 'six figures' for a free agent, you so called fans need to get a life


27 May 2012 18:11:18
Hull City's out of contract striker Dele Adebola could be set to rejoin his old club Crewe Alexandra following their promotion to League One.(11)(5)Hes going to ipswichWould love big Dele back at the Alex!


27 May 2012 18:09:08
eddie howe looking at some bmth youth playersto strenghthen his development squad(2)(11)I doubt it eddies youth team have a lot of good lads coming through and a good coach in jason blake to bring them through.


27 May 2012 18:07:59
Forwards Chris Martin & Stuart Beavon will this week sign for Peterborough United(9)(10)


27 May 2012 18:06:39
Wolves goalkeeper Carl Ikeme is wanted by Peterborough United(11)(5)Our number 2 with hennessey injured doubt he'll go.


27 May 2012 18:03:22
I spotted graham westley in Starbucks near deepdale with filipe morais of Oldham athletic. No doubt he will be next to be announced as a Preston signing(11)(9)He as signed palNo he hasnt signedNo he hasnt. And westley still lives down south with his family so doubt itMaybe they're both filling out applications for StarbucksWhere does it say he has signed? more likely to go to stevenage so he's closer to family back in london, or stay with latcisYes he as agreed to join pne on a two year deal from 1st july this as come from itkNothings come up on LEP about itIn all fairness LEP are last to report anythingHe's on holiday. So unless he can sign a contract in America for you I very much doubt you've signed him.Iv been away with fil and i can tell you the day you saw him at deepdale was the same day he was by the pool. sort it out preston fans...come on.


27 May 2012 18:01:31
Tom Heaton to Peterborough(12)(7)


27 May 2012 17:57:54
Juventus looking to sign Edin Dzeko within a few days for a fee of around £18m(12)(17)Doubt it because he has pledged his future to city as he has 'unfinished business at the etihad'


27 May 2012 17:50:00
Peterborough united have agreed a £400k fee with Manchester United to sign keeper Ben Amos(18)(17)


27 May 2012 17:43:59
RVP is going to leave Arsenal this season with Dempsey, Hoilett and Jean Pierre Gignac coming in with the funds created. He will be joining Man Utd or Real as the arsenal board were hoping to do a deal that saw Milner and Johnson come the other way this has been knocked back. AFC disappointed given their recent sales of players to City.

Chamakh, Bendtner, Diaby (Gignac deal) and Walcott will all be going. Plus Agbonlahor will be leaving Villa with Spurs and Arsenal poised to go head to head. Vertonghen will not join spurs or arsenal he instead will be joining UTD. Arsenal are expected to conclude all transfer dealings within the next three weeks. RVP deal to be concluded after Euros(9)(21)Agbonlahor will be leaving Aston villa because hes not good enough.Awful strike record just pace.He dosent Deserve champions league footballIs that Andre Pierre Gignac's brother? Typical Wenger - always cheaping out...This seemed like an almost feasible rumour... until the second paragraph kicked in!Who is Jean Pierre Gignac?


27 May 2012 17:42:16
Leyton Orient in talks with Clinton Morrison(6)(9)Really?


27 May 2012 17:33:07
Roberto Di Matteo will be the next Villa manager it will be announced next Monday with Eddie Newton and Ray Wilkins as his assistants(20)(15)My wordSo who looks after strikers and defendersGood appointment if trueDream on,these three will take you down for sureAin't going to happen.....No chance, Di Matteo won't go to a team on a downward spiral


27 May 2012 17:32:11
Bristol Rovers have rejected bids from both Middlesbrough and Barnsley for young winger Mustapha Carayol.(16)(3)Boro mean business next season, carayol, ledesma and will Keane are just 3 of the attacking talents lined up, other names set for the riverside are lead bitter, Jacob butter field and Glenn loovensYou haven't got Muzzy just yet. Pay what he's worth to us and then get excited about the prospect of having him at your club!What do rovers fans think his value is? Do you think he is good enough for the championship?Rotherham united also had a 175k bid turned down and have been told to atleast triple the fee 100% true and carayol could favour a move to rotherham as they have great facilities and is a cert to get 1st team football but he is too good for league2!If he had 2 years left on his deal I'd want no less than £600k for him plus a sell-on clause and other bonuses. If he signs an extension I think we'll get that at least.

If he doesn't sign a new deal then I'd accept £300k + the clauses.He will obviously choose the millers then,unless he smells the coffee !!Im very good friends will muzzy and he is quite happy to stay in bristol for now he does not want big move up north away from his friends and family his family is based in tourquayWhich player in the country if played for Bristol who?? Had the chance to go to a club with a recent good pedigree as Middlesbrough do, wouldn't go? I think Bristol fans are just hoping he makes the worst decision of his life he is a professional footballer moving is a given in that profession!Muzzy family are based in London not torquay as it's where he is from and he as said so on twitter


27 May 2012 17:29:52
Preston set to make at least 8 more signings this summer, 3/4 will be bought and the rest on bosmans. Got this from a very good source within the club, also they said nothing has been said about coutts' future...(14)(3)


27 May 2012 17:29:10
QPR in for roque santa cruz(24)(11)Please please...Would be a good signing.


27 May 2012 17:14:43
Burnley boss Eddie Howe is winning the race to sign Derby Centre Back Jason Shackell.(17)(14)What Race?.Hes not for Sale unless a price of 5 million is given as thats what was derby have said hes worth due to the importance he has to derby because of barkers injury.If you were thinking that you could get him for 2 million you dont even have that as the money you get for Rod will be used to pay of your big debt and find a replacement striker.1. "your big debt" - Burnley have no debt and are one of the most finanically sound clubs in the league.
2. "unless a price of 5 million is met" - good one.
3. "What race" - the one that states clubs are circulating around Shackell in the QUALITY Sunday tabloids.Clubs may be circulating, it is to be expected for someone of Shackell's quality. Does that mean there is a 'race'? No, not at all, until Derby receive a bid in the region of £4-5m, he will not be leaving the club.Rubbish. Derby declined the offer, he is NOT for sale, and shackell has siad himself he is staying as 'derby has a very promising future...i want to be part of it'The problem for clubs wanting to buy Shackell is the fee that got paid for Matt Mills...Shackell is on a par with Mills and he went for £5.5mUntil Derby receive a bid in the region of £4-5m, he will not be leaving the club.

If you honestly believe that your an idiot. A deal for Shackell will be concluded in the next few weeks and the fee will be nowhere near that.Clough has said that he will not be selling him unless we get 2 mil so i doubt itWell i hope u got over 2mill easy to get him cus he aint goin anywhere for lessSays who ? They rejected a 1.2m bid from us so don't think burnley will pay more than that for him !Matts mills played awful this season and was worth 5 million.Shackell just missed out Player of the season.If he was worth
1.8 million when he came he would have doubled to 3.6 million.But then because he was a long long target of nigel cloughs as he wanted to have the barker and shackell partnership and with barker progressing realling well and could feature in the last couple of games of next season he wouldnt want to break it up especially after only one season.If derby Needed money instead of cashing in on A VERY VERy important player and captian next season they would sell a couple of their hot prospects.We dont need money we have a good squad the players leaving have already been highlighted.Clough said that the article about shackell on sky sports is they didnt know whether shackell would want to stay with some of our bigger players leaving.But as someone has already put when he was asked he said " Derby has a promising future and i want to be apart of that".As Nigel clough said its not about the money it would be if there was anyone out there to replace shackell and he said there isnt.What race ? It has been made clear that he is not moving and if he does move it will be to a top championship club or a carp prem team . He is already at a mid table club and won't want to move to another . Up the rams !!!!!!5 mil? Deluded much. I'd happily accept 2.5-3mil. He's not that goodHe's not for saleBurley fan he's not for sale and so there us no race. I live near Shackell and he has said to some people near me he's not goingIm a george burley fan tooThere is no massive debt we are one of the most financially viable clubs in the Championship we have had no loans at all from a bank and we are about to pay of shareholders. Look at the accounts!We don't want him any way jUst another Clarke Carlisle , Not consistent enough and ur saying 3 mill ur Avin a laff there's plenty more defenders out there for much less than that !Plenty more better defenders for much less should I say !


27 May 2012 17:07:29
Barnsley are to sign tottenham's john bostock on loan until january(9)(6)He was on loan to Wendy's last season in L1 and they sent him back for not being up to standardYes they did but they did,nt have our keefy
gets the best out of players who are performing below par
example ricardo vaz te


27 May 2012 15:46:10
Ed any Swindon Town Rumours?? {Ed013's Note - No sorry}(2)(3)Bostock back in on load
McEverly on a free
Lee Holmes (Possible) on a free
We have been linked with Marlon Pack and O'Kane

Also expect a new striker and Central Midfielder


27 May 2012 16:50:28
rdm to return to west brom after talks broke down at chelski(2)(24)Villa will snap him up if he dosent get Chelsea job. He's too big for a minnow like West Brom now.! Where did villa finish last season?! #awkwardToo big for relegation fodder like vileI think villa fans keep forgetting where they finished last season...Too big for a minnow ?...:-)))
Dont be fooled by whats happened at Chelsea.
Once a bad run sets in he aint got a bloody clue how to turn it round.
Ideal for VillaHa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haIf he wouldn't join a minnow, how are villa planning on snapping him up?


27 May 2012 16:46:17
Charlton not only snooping around league 1 play off failures but have seen Eunan O'Kane (Torquay) at Sparrows Lane, along with Ryan Hall (Southend).(5)(7)No you haven'tStop making stuff up! Chances are you wouldn't be able to recognise two league two players.Have you ever been to sparrows lane...? there's no way you would see anything!The only way you've seen em at new eltham is on you ipod or a portable DVD player.


27 May 2012 16:42:43
I heard from a Nottingham Forrest Board member, that Lewis McGugan is set for a medical at Charlton Athletic after agreeing a 3 year contract.(15)(17)Ive heard he was joining leicester cityYou've heard from a forest board member? I'm glad someone was has. Their like the Scarlett pimpernall, but less real.Been anounced on Twitter that he's moving to LondonLondon is a big place, I bet Orient, certainly not Charlton.


27 May 2012 16:40:17
City to sign javi Martinez and it will be confirmed soon(18)(18)Good call


27 May 2012 16:30:36
Nathaniel Clyne is debating over a number of offers for the coming season. He has declined offers from Crystal Palace and Southampton and is set to join one of, Newcastle United, Fulham or Liverpool. Although Clyne is apparantly waiting in hope that Manchester United come in for him.(14)(9)HA! he will be waiting for a long time then.Yeah,he'll be too old to go anywhere then.Norwich I think


27 May 2012 16:28:41
Crystal Palace youngster Ryan Inniss is going to be joining Aldershot Town on a season long loan next season. Dougie Freedman believes that Inniss needs game time but is not quite yet old enough for the standard of football in the Championship.(8)(6)Gardners a by far better player than tunchev


27 May 2012 16:25:16
It is believed that Dougie Freedman wanted either Aleksander Tunchev OR Anthony Gardner at Crystal Palace next season. Tunchev has agreed a deal and will be announced as a Palace player on Monday which paves the way for Gardner to join one of the other two clubs who have offered him a contract (Burnley & Middlesbrough)(3)(10)Who's Anthony Gardner??Does not fit into our age range - we only sign players who are under 25Former England international, member of the 5th best defence in the league last year, plastic fan might not have heard of himTold that Tunchev to cpfc is now a no go


27 May 2012 16:25:10
Heard that reading will sign marriappa and that James collins is more interested in signing for Watford than anyone else(16)(3)Old news!


27 May 2012 16:21:18
Joel Ward's move to Crystal Palace will be announced on Monday around Midday along with the signing of Aleksander Tunchev.

Ward's transfer fee is higher than first believed. An initial £500,000 will be paid to Portsmouth up front with another possible £150,000 depending on appearances and whether Palace make promotion.(7)(11)Haha palace make promotion! Lol!Why not, they have b4. So negative. Who would've thought same bout us pompey boys n us stayin 7 yrs in Prem!Told that Tunchev to cpfc is now a no go


27 May 2012 16:06:39
Hulk and Lucas Moura are both at Stamford Bridge to discuss personal terms with Chelsea with both signing for £35m. Hazard will confirm his move to Chelsea for £31m on Saturday. Hazard will take no.11, Lucas no.14 and Hulk no.13(9)(38)Hazard will sign for man utd,only way he will go to chelsea if they put silly money in front of him.Well Chelsea were the ones who started the silly money why not finish it !....More wishful thinking from Chelsea fans.Reckon Hazard to Chelsea is right - he wants to play and United and City are already strong on the wings.

Chelsea lack exactly that so he'll be straight in the teamHazard can play in a central role


27 May 2012 16:03:41
Chesterfield close to signing former barnsley goalie david preece(12)(6)Why when they have tommy lee and have just signed O'DonnellNo chanceThis could be true because my sorce told me that Tommy Lee us looking to move away from the B2net destination Sheffield UnitedWe wouldn't sell tommy to sheff utdDont believe it mate Tommy could well be onhis wayTommy lee is goin to Sheff u, he was seen coming out of brammall lane earlier, gutted as a chesterfield fan, he always gave his best but u can't blame him for wanting to stay in league one. But to Sheff u!? And all the blades saying he wasn't good enough for them. And now they r happyEarlier?? When??When did you see him at Sheffield.Tommy lee is in mexico palWhy would tommy lee go to sheffield utd when leeds, barnsley and derby want him? he's said his self he loves chesterfield! no doubt he was best keeper in league 1 and chesterfield want to keep him. but i think myself he will go for around £750k to leedsLeeds cant pay that sort of money not with bates in chargeNo link between tommy lee and sheff utd as reported earlier on twitter


27 May 2012 16:02:01
Sunderland in talks with Blackburn regarding Yakubu for 1.5 million and O'neil very keen on signing Ireland but needs to wait till Villa have new manager and theres interest in Hooper from Celtic depending on price

Sunderland out
Cattermole- Everton
Mccarthy- WHU
Bramble- Norwich

Heard all this today!(10)(24)Ireland would be a decent replacement for cattermole but would prefer milner, I like catts but would be happy for the others being sold, if we feed the YAK he will scoreHow would sunderland ever be able to afford milner? he was bought for £24 million you inbredWhy would everton take catermole he is a load of she and he would never get over FELLAINI , osman, Gibson , Rodwell and Cahill plus everton would rather spend the little money we have on a good playerRubbish post - There is no way Bramble will be signed by Norwich, he has a bad history with staying on the right side of the law when out clubbing and Lambert will not even consider signing him, nor would we want a player who can best be described as an accident waiting to happen.
That why Chris Martin will be sold by Norwich, when they get a decent offer for him.Because they made a typo means they're talking rubbish? oh mystic meg, please tell me more from your know-it-all fountain of knowledge.Cattermole is just about sunday league standard never mind Everton standardThis being the same Martin O'Neill who left Villa because Villa forced Ireland on him as part of the Milner deal? Get real numptyMartin O'neil left Villa because he wanted to keep Milner and sign Ireland not in Swap + plus cash deal {Ed001's Note - no he never. He left because Lerner told him he had to reduce the wage bill and stop signing players only to sit them on the bench. Nothing to do with Ireland or Milner at all. He threw his toys out of his pram because Lerner wasn't going to let him waste more money on reserves.}


27 May 2012 16:01:55
jabo ibehre will make a sentimental return to leyton orient this week when he rejoins the club on a one year deal after being released by the franchise(3)(9)If this is true I will be so happy but could you tell me the source pleasePlease God hope this isn't true. I've seen enough of Jabo over the years to know he wont improve the team. We need a goalscorer !"Please God hope this isn't true. I've seen enough of Jabo over the years to know he wont improve the team. We need a goalscorer !"

Oh I dunno- from what I've seen from him at MK Dons, I think he has improved quite a bit from when he left us.Source?


27 May 2012 16:01:45
Arshavin going back to Zenit.(26)(2)


27 May 2012 15:57:21
francois zonko is having talks at the club early next week and if all goes well will sign a two year deal at the os.(1)(12)


27 May 2012 15:55:36
Preston are after former Celtic and Hull striker Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink who is currently a free agent following his release from PSV

North End are also after Walsall defender Manny Smith whos current contract ends this summer at the midlands side(8)(10)Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink has already said he's retiring so won't be going to Preston..Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink will come out of retirement just so he can play at the theater of dreams.....Deepdale. He wouldnt get in our team anyway.....we have just signed Scott Laird who's one of the biggest players in League 1....HaRidsdale doing what he does to every team, getting them in debt and then abandoning ship.Both untrue why make up so much stuffLaird signed for pne on official siteUnless he is coming out of retirement to play for Preston for his last season I doubt he will be comingHes been offered a 2 year deal and said on express and star that he wants to stay at walsall


27 May 2012 15:51:24
Rotherham want the money for Grabban but Crawley have now moved on as this week will show(3)(10)


27 May 2012 15:46:17
Norwich are said to be planning on dipping into the leads squad again to pluck out the cream of the crop, or so it were.
At the top of the list is Snodgrass. Despite Warnocks media notification that he hopes to keep him for another season, the clubs CEO and owners are unlikely to keep him one more season to let his contract expire at the end of the 2012/2013 season and allow him to move to a premier league team on a free.
With that, as the Canaries look to sort their woeful back four out. A move for the youngster Aiden White at 2.5m. White will replace versatile R. Martin on the left as he makes a shift to CB(10)(11)The fact that you spell Leeds with an a already tells us your taking rubbishLikewise Russell Martin plays at right back not left back.Why not sign johnson or dann for 4 millionYou can have aidey White he's rubbish but you can't have snoddyBendtner to Norwich what a load of bull Lambert would never go for him to expensive in wages


27 May 2012 15:44:54
Ross Mc Cormack is joining Simon Grayson at Championship side Huddersfield Town.He sees Leeds as contenders for a relegation battle next season.(23)(23)And how the hell would you know how he feels,same as most on here,if theres no news make it up,pathetic.Only in exchange for RhodesMcormack wont go to a team who will struggle to stay up ,and we all know grayson is leeds through and through, thats why rhodes will be at elland road next season MOTOn less money as hudders pathetic turnover compared to leeds means thay can not get near what he is being offered at leeds,the new financial rule is bad news for the small clubs with small turnoverTown Cant afford Clayton? Think you forget how rich Hoyle is..Pathetic turnover. Commercially we were the best club in league 1 and will be one of the best in the Championship. Financial rules will not effect us. We don't pay passed it premiership plays 20k - 30k a week!...Michael Brown!!Struggle to stay up. I don't think so...Who's putting all there best players on the transfer list...Oh yeah....Leeds!..Bates won't spend his money either. Snodgrass will be on his way...who does that leave?...No one..It should be Leeds who should be worriedLol, all you second rate teams no nowt, once one season wonder rhodes has gone its back down for no mark town and our simon will jump ship. all players on the transfer list not good enough to play for the mighty whites anymore MOTHudds are replacing rhodes who is norwich bound with mcormackHudders make a loss every yr with only £5mill turnover this yr compared to leeds utd's £34mill,bit of a difference so don't matter if Hoyle has money as the club makes no profit hense will not be able to pay as much as leeds utd,deal with it championship's newest cannon fodderThat was going so well until you spelt hence wrong. but also lets not forget that huddersfield have been in league 1 and Leeds in the championship. you have a turn over of 34 million? lets see how much Mr bates is willing to give. my guess would be nothing. town have got a new financial boost by getting promoted and now tv rights. so.i wouldn't say we are going to be that poor financially. infact huddersfield may well hold their own. but we will see. there are worse teams in this league and also worse run teams. {Ed003's Note - I think you will be fine in the championship}What Leeds fans dont realise which is Hilarious is that Bates has never spent a penny and £34 million pah STREIGHT IN THE RETIREMENT FUND and also leeds fans any one read what snograss put this week? Going to Norwich because the chairmen has no ambition that says it allNew owners soon numpty, we could buy 10 jordan rhodes, but he aint good enough for mighty whites MOT


27 May 2012 15:22:01
Giroud to Arsenal-£16million
Chamach to Lille-£3million
Hazard to Man U-£28million
Hulk to Chelsea-£25million
Pedretti to Villa-£8million
Hoillet to Newcastle-£3million(18)(32)Prices are wrong for one, E.G Chelsea tabled £30m for Hulk, and Porto want closer to £40m...Well arsenal are ment to have turnet down a 7m offer for chamack so why sell for 3m????Arsenal turned down £7 million get a grip he's not worth £1 millionI assume the 3m for hoillet is the compensation that will be paid? and I'm sure there was an offer at around 20m for Giroud which was turned down.Hoillet is on a free? So why publish fairy tails.Comlete bcksIsn't Hulk's get out clause on his contract 80 million or sumats like that? BAZINGAHulk has a 81m buy out clause, hoilett is free agent and chamack is stWhy would anyone go to Villa?


27 May 2012 15:19:55
spurs are looking at wolves star players (their only good players the rest are st) Matt Jarvis and Steven Fletcher in a deal worth 18m but wolves want 20m(8)(27)Steven Fletcher is not worth £5m let alone the sort of money some are putting forward - so £10m for the pair is v v generous - I just don't believe that Daniel Levy would even consider offering £18m - £8m is more his style. Anyway - neither are better than squad players for spurs - both have now found their level in the ChampionshipLol when did wolves get star players? i must have been out that dayWhat star players ? they are all st !Spurs will spend silly money because rednapp will send them bankrupt like every other club hes been at , and sooner the better i sayJust like the current spurs stars eh,st.Ark at the spurs fan giving it the big one lol you was bottom of the prem before redknapp came remember thatTo true and they are still crap.had a lucky season,and arry was going to jump ship till the taxman scuperd that one,lol.Star players,aint laughed so much in agesHang on how many spurs wingers have had england call ups in their first season? and levy will be laughing all the way to the bank when youre rabble are fighting for mid table. so keep on laughing divvsI haven't laughed so much since Chelsea won the CL - hope you enjoy football on a Thursday night.Lol look at spurs giving it the biggun i reckon harrys got bored fletch better than defoe pavelchenko 11 goals in a rubbish team n jarvis got 8 so where u get ur values fromStory taken from the most un-reliable newspaperTo all you muppets! They are star players to Wolves...If you had any idea about players outside your own supported clubs you will know they have excelled in a very poor Wolves team this year....and the idea of the high price is to put people off as we WANT to keep them. Get a clue! We dont need to sell....we are not in debt and can spend


27 May 2012 15:17:37
RDM linked with liverpool job!(12)(17)


27 May 2012 15:14:59
Derby county have sent Coaches to
watch the League play off final
as they are interested in Bryan Moore
and Matt tootle(9)(2)Bryan? you mean byron?


27 May 2012 15:14:46
preston have signed left bck scott laird

preston site(16)(6)What a signing preston really do mean business.Are you Stevenage in Disguise.....After watching the horrible play off with Sheffield United a week or so ago I wouldnt get too excited.....mediocre League 1 players at very best mate.Class player, quality signingYour only jealous mate .Well that's obviously wrong. We've signed about 4 defenders already so he will be unnecessary. also the Lancashire Evening Post has never said that, never mentioned his name and rarely disclose any information that is not fact.He's a league 1 player who cost Stevenage £0 he's now cost PNE £0....anybody get the faint hint he's worth £0^^ how many left backs score 9 goals in a season???


27 May 2012 15:13:19
Yet again another manager turned liverpool down, reports say that R.Martinez has turned the liverpool job down due to unforseen circumstances (He wants to manage a team by himself not one the boared will build for him)(12)(9)Hope so we dont want him


27 May 2012 15:12:16
Andy Gray back to Barnsley pay as you play deal {Ed013's Note - Haven't they just released him a week a go?}(1)(15)Gray was released at end of last season don't know if any interest in him, but was rumoured he was to resign can't see why we would take him on again.He has been realesed early from his contract to find a new club i think this is andy himself sniffing for a new contract it been on hear so much


27 May 2012 15:10:50
Rumours round Park Hall is that Greg Draper is leaving The New Saints to join English league one side Walsall for a figure believed to be between £25,000 and £30,000, Draper scored 22 goals and 8 assists last season in 32 games for the Welsh champions(8)(1)Rubbish. Walsall do not spend money.Other than the £4,000 for James Consyable and the £150,000 for Jorge Leito, plus the money (albeit dependant on survival) for O'Conner and Marcelo from Blues??


27 May 2012 15:06:45
Barnsley to re-sign inform Perth Glory midfielder Jacob Burns.(8)(8)More likely to be Robbie BurnsY don't need him


27 May 2012 15:05:54
huddersfield are ready to complete the transfers of adam clayton from leeeds and michael kightley from wolves both on a free transfer {Ed013's Note - Adam Clayton would require a transfer fee}(8)(22)Err, how do you reckon you will get Kightly on a free? His contract at Wolves runs to 2014.I thought Kightly had a 1 year contract ending 2012 because of his injury problems.Michael Kightley's contract runs through to 2013. He is expected to be offered and acccept a new contract.What a nob, clayton was listed , he's not a free and no mark town can't afford himSo would kightly hes in contract till next june2013 but im sure he will get a new contract


27 May 2012 14:49:52
Darius Vassell and Marcus Hahnemann to Watford on a free with reduced wages.(12)(10)LOL cant see this being remotely true.It isn't!Neither are good enough for watfordI'd be happy with either of them. Can't see it happening though...


27 May 2012 14:38:41
Bolton keen on Hartlepool 17 year old starlet Luke James(7)(2)


27 May 2012 15:15:58
Spurs to bid for lucas if modric goes, either chelsea or man united also man city looking at him aswell(10)(5)


27 May 2012 15:03:55
Man city to offer Johnson and 7mill for sessegnon valued at 17mill. Oneill is a fan of Johnson who would be a big asset to Sunderland and with 7mill as well to strengthen his squad it seems like this deal will happen.(16)(18)As a Sunderland fan i would snap Man Citys's hands off for this dealSounds like this could happen, either way johnson will be a sunderland player in this deal or a season loan with an option to buyWhere the hell will he play at Man City - They already have about 50 decent attacking players - are they just gonna sign everyone so no one else can have them?


27 May 2012 15:00:14
Lewis Grabban deal to Crawley back om,
wages been sorted out, new monday/tuesday(8)(6)Yes, grabban will be signing for crawley in the next 48 hours, hayter and baxendale will also be joining the list of new players alongside new keeper jonesNone of the above are joining Crawley. COYR!


27 May 2012 14:53:20
Kaka could leave Madrid in search of first team football. Mourinho appears to have lost faith in Kaka with Ozil their main playmaker now. He cost £56,000,000 so he will not go cheaply. Chelsea and both Milan clubs could be interested for around £25 million. Man U are more interested in Kagawa.(7)(4)


27 May 2012 14:53:12
Di Matteo is DEFINATELY leaving Chelsea after getting annoyed with Abramivich refusal to tell him the job is DEFINATELY his after Pep said he would be interested so he will opt for villa, west brom will appoint Ray Wilkins after they believe he was a key figure when assistant to Jose, Martinez to Liverpool with Van Gaal director tho it is believed he will have final say on team selections etc. Steve BRuce to Hull and Steve Kean is getting the sack as a plan from the Venkys to win back supporters with Alan Curbishly being lined up as the ideal replacement(5)(16)This is just made up, isn't it.Im hearing r/m has turned down the lfc job and cant c curbs taking on blackurn


27 May 2012 14:41:44
Marko Marin has left Werder Bremen for Chelsea. Kalou looks likely to be released.(17)(3)Kalou HAS been released, reported days agoBoth have already happened and reported days agoMarin signed weeks ago


27 May 2012 14:36:41
Bendner close to norwich move , Abdellaoue to fulham alobg with danny simpson ,sydney sam marcell jansen and niko kranjar . Rhodes to celtic , clyne to newcastle , berbatov to psg , hazard n hulk to chelsea rolando bianchi to reading. Dempsey to psg wiv chantome n cash going to fulham , dembele will join napoli with inler going 2 ffc as part of deal.(3)(22)Sunderland will get Bendtner, Norwich can't afford his wages.Why on earth would Dempsey go to France?Norwich will probably not go for Bendner, His wages are most likely in the 25-35k ranges and Norwich are looking to put most of their money into transfer fees, not wages. More likely of Bendner to go to a club with a bit more money than Norwich or Sunderland. Norwich to go for players like Pacheco and Lansbury instead.What a load of crap!Also, why would simpson go to fulham. he's had a good season at newcastle and they are much better that fulhamPacheco and Lansbury both impressive at Drury's testimonial and both would do well playing just behind the forwards. Pacheco seems the more likely; was very keen to stay after loan spell. Lansbury may not want to leave London.What are you on!!Celtic Can not afford Jordan Rhodes. Huddersfield said they want £8m for him. celtic can not afford this


27 May 2012 14:19:49
Adrian Marriapa will have medical at Reading when he returns from international duty, still interest from other clubs though


27 May 2012 14:17:40
Preston north end and Shrewsbury town are leading the chase to sign defender Byron Anthony who is a free agent after leaving Bristol Rovers.Source ( Lancashire Evening Post )(6)(3)


27 May 2012 14:14:19
spoken to an inside source, who is
very reliable (D.L)
He said that Gary Johnson has told him
"8 players have already signed but not
being mentioned untill 1st july when there contracts are up, incase bigger deals come for
Wingers x2
Striker x2(2)(4)So they're not signed then !This corroborates what Johnson has said on the radio Somerset.Strikers seem to be mcloed and freddy eastwoodIf they have signed it doesn't matter even if Barcelona come in for them as they are SIGNED to a contract. Unless of course they are not signed.


27 May 2012 13:57:18
Whats all the fuss over Holden why would Norwich takje a gamble on a player who has been long term injured look how it worked out with Vaughan(5)(4)Bolton need to hold-on the holden. good joke thereWell we took the risk with Howson & Pilkington buying both while recovering from long term injury and both were a huge success.
Howson will I believe become the next Scott Parker and may well get a full international call up in the next couple of seasons if he maintains the form he has shown for the 12 or so games he played for Norwich since March.


27 May 2012 13:49:00
Shrewsbury may tur to james brown and gary glen amid high interest of James collins(4)(1)


27 May 2012 12:47:06
hi ed any southampton rumours(4)(6)Theres always southampton rumours on here lol not signed any one yet thoLeave us southampton fans alone! We have had about the same number of rumors as the other clubs have had!


27 May 2012 13:34:18
BARNSLEY FC to make big signings this summer starting with david goodwillie of blackburn and karl henry of wolves(6)(20)Cant see them wanting too play in League 1 the season after nextLol no chance mate.Where's the money coming from ?? load of crapWith what money?What a laugh!! Barnsley couldnt afford a pound shopYeh cause barnsley have got loads er moneyKarl henry a batnsley target hahha stoke n villa are intrestedGoodwillie is only interested in staying at blackburnBarnsley are as poor as a pub theyll team never get them 2.We might have no money but we are probs the best run on a short budget in the championship... All these teams that sign good players and get relegated says its all dont it money dosnt make a team work togeva.. Bring on next season!! Youuu reds!!


27 May 2012 13:29:02
Crawley Town have earmarked Yoann Arquin and leon Clarke as their top targets(1)(10)Leon Clarke had more sick days than someone on disability benefit when he was on loan at Crawley. No chance.


27 May 2012 13:07:07
Mancini junior, Andrea is to move back to italy alone with Grosseto, Livorno and Torino all interested(2)(4)


27 May 2012 13:05:06
Stockport County will make moves for Aron Wint, Ben May, Ollie banks and andreas arestidou(5)(1)


27 May 2012 13:03:37
Watford Ins:
-Omarr Lawson (Young prospect)
-Ismail Kamara
-James Collins
-James Meredith
-Tommy Smith

Watford Outs:
- Mariappa

Lawson and Kamara both play for Dulwich Hamlet both causing trouble for defences the whole season, can they make the cut in the the Championship who knows ?? but if they don't cost us much money its worth the gamble(6)(5)Collins hasn't decided where he's going yet.Hopefully Sean Murray will have a little chat with Collins while they're with the Irish u21 squad.


27 May 2012 13:03:01
naismith to everton 4 year deal 2 million(12)(5)


27 May 2012 12:50:46
Dicannio not returning to Swindon Town.
Will join Wigan next week(11)(15)No dangerYou're avin a giraffeWigan are a bit risky with some decision but not stupid. i think he should stay and get swindon relegated so he can be in the papers like he wantsMartinez will still be at Wigan!! He wants full football control and will not work under either a Director of Football or a Sporting Director...Liverpools owners WILL have someone in one of these positions so Martinez will announce tomorrow that he is staying at Wigan.Di cannio going to wigan joke how makes these lies up he lives next door to me and i know hes staying


27 May 2012 12:47:50
Southampton FC looking to sign Jose Callejon on a 3 month loan deal, also they are wiling to trade Steve De Ridder plus £1.5million for Jarvis.(7)(18)De ridder and 1.5 for jarvis lol

wolves have turned down a 7m bid for him so keep dreamingWolves have to be realistic in knowing that if Jarvis wants to leave, they will probably end up losing him, and it will likely be for a lot less than the £10m some fans are after. Having said this, £1.5m + De Ridder is ridiculous. Part exchange deals are extremely difficult to arrange nowadays, and even if they weren't, De Ridder isn't even a top Championship player...

I think Jarvis will fetch at least £4m, but more realistically £6m or £7m. Slight advantage for Southampton in the race is that he grew up fairly close by, so probably has friends and family in the area. But how often do we see footballers moving for those reasons anymore...?Joel Ward has moved to Crystal Palace, with one of the main reasons being it's close to where he lives. Knowing/living in an area plays a big part in decision making.


27 May 2012 12:45:36
Preston will this week announce the signings of jeffrey monakana joel byrom reuben reid filipe morais john mousinho scott laird and a striker who will cost a big fee.(4)(7)Laird is signedMorias as signed so has byrom,any chance pne for the titleWould love us to sign a striker for big money but just cant see it happeningReuben reid is an awful striker that's why Dickov has said BYE to him. Signing all these players means one thing becoming bankrupt and making your debt even greater.Morais will go down south if he moves due to his son being down there.All free transfers mate and we released 14 players so they obviously need replacing dont theyFREE is fine its the wages and Ridsdale is doing what he does best, raking up debt then he will jump ship. PNE already have debt so they will end up even further in debt.Oldham fan, reuben reid, if he has been released by oldham why are preston signing him? same with morais, nothing goodNotrth end have cleared out, signed ppl on frees who are on lesser wages, dnt see how that will put us in debt cockerThink you'll find we are only paying wages up to what we can afford... financial fair play in effect this season


27 May 2012 12:43:34
millwall have made a bid for stuart beavon(4)(3)That was on TUESDAY!


27 May 2012 12:58:50
Roberto Martinez has rejected the Liverpool job due to not wanting to work under a directer of football, will be confirmed at a press conference at the DW Stadium on Tuesday.(20)(9)


27 May 2012 12:40:34
even though huddersfield are up grayson wants to bring his own players in. roberts, cadamarteri, kay, mccombe, nathan clark, gary naysmith, oscar gobern, tommy miller, alan lee, anton robinson, nick colgan and scott arfield will defently leave this summer, obv rhodes might leave but after yesterdays win theres hope. comeing in could be ross mcCormack, sean morrison (permanent), and a shock signing of yakubu (much better board room at huddersfield) and obv many more. defently going to be an interesting summer at huddersfield(5)(11)Rotherham would love to tek alan lee back ledgendPlease take him on a free he's the biggest fairy ever to wear a Town shirt!Alan Lee is shocking.Dont be ridiculous, if all those players leave we wont have enough to even enter the league! the only players likely to leave are Gobern, McCombe and Nathan ClarkGobern wont leave, hes only 19, got very good potential! defo gunna go- roberts, kay, mccombe, nathan and tom clarke, naysmith, miller, lee and colgan. robinson possibly and possibly rhodes if anyone comes in at the right price.
I doubt we'll get Yakubu, but it'd be class, strong rumours with Clayton and Beckford... Heskey and Owen are on a free this summer also...


27 May 2012 12:27:42
Oldham keeper Alex Cisak is wanted by Peterborough boss Darren Ferguson to replace Joe Lewis and Paul jones also on Fergie's radar is Torquay's Bobby Olejnik, Coventry's Brian Murphy and Gillingham's Paulo Gazzaniga

Its Joe Murphy at Coventry(6)(6)Take murpheyMurphy


27 May 2012 12:18:21
Hinernian have indicated to Blackburn they want 500k + Nick Blackman for duo Eoin Doyle and Danny Galbraith.

Jeroen Tesselar is also in talks with blackburn after an impressive season for st mirren with martin olsson likely to leave.(3)(7)Why would Blackburn want Doyle? They would be better off keeping BlackmanGalbraith and doyle cant get a game in the spl, doubt they a championship side would want them


27 May 2012 12:17:09
Tony Cottee has urged West Ham to break the bank and get Michael Owen(19)(8)Get your PIGGY BANKS OUT BOYS!Owen is a free transfer, so how does breaking the bank come into it {Ed013's Note - Wages}Wages...Wages?? Guaranteed he wont get near £50k a week from any side in Europe and if he goes to Asia/USA his money will be based on notoriety and not his current ability.


27 May 2012 12:12:16
huddersfield to get rid of players this summer and gary roberts will be the first to leave, (bet he wished he signed that contract now!)
also leaving will be:
antony kay
alan lee
tommy miller
gary naysmith
nick colgan
jamie mcoombe
tom clarke
oscar gobern (if they can sell him)
liam ridehalgh
james spencer

Graysons first task will be to tie down morrinson on a permanant transfer from reading, then watch deano get that cheque book out!
UTT! EE-AYE EE-AYE EE-AYE OH, UP THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE WE GO!!(7)(8)Roberts is stayingIf i was a town fan i'd be more concerned about loosing rhodes rather than which players will be signedYesterdays Wembely play off must rank as one of the worst games of Hoofball I have ever watched.....apart from Peter Clarke, there wasnt one ounce of ability in that team......Rhodes did himself no favours either during that match. Cant see Huddersfield staying in the Championship if thats the best you play....PoorHuddersfield straight back downWho said that was the best we play?
funny how we going straight back down wen we have rhodes staying and more money than most teams in championshipYeah it was hoof ball wasn't it... did you not see the passing moves both teams did? only started going more direct when the sun went into the defenders eyes and the players became tired...another utterly blinkered post from a bored 'fan'Reading have made a enquiry about matt philliphs and tom inceAgain 'fans' that failed to acknowledge the fact that it was over 100 degrees at times on the pitch meaning that passing game wasnt always ideal, at times it was hoofball but that was due to the sun being in the defenders' eyes, but quite a large period of the match came from players going down the wings and breaking on the counter. i sincerely feel that all 3 promoted league 1 teams have enough ability to hold their own in the championship and that next season will be a very tight affair for both promotion and relegation


27 May 2012 12:12:13
ian sharps-shrewsbury-rotheram(6)(1)That happened days ago


27 May 2012 12:11:59
Accrington chairman John Khan will make one last attempt to buy Blackburn from the venkys(7)(4)John Khan? think you may mean illyas Khan, plus he's not buying the club, seneca would be buying the club so the new owners would be Ian Battersby and Ian Currie, big Blackburn fans, illyas Khan would be installed as the chairman. which personally i would welcome.


27 May 2012 12:11:43
Torres to manchester united, hulk and Ba to Chelsea, kagawa and hazard to united. David James to Exeter city.

CTID(6)(23)Would of pressed believable, but the Torres thing ruined it :/


27 May 2012 12:10:33
After a poor first seson Per Mertesackermay be on his way out of arsenl with Wolfsburg preparing a £6m bid(12)(7)Hope this one's true. How this bloke got 70+ caps for Germany is one for Mulder & Scully. Woefully short of pace for the Prem and looks a bag of nerves generally. Getting £6 million would be a result given his form this season, but will it be spent on strengthening the squad? No, it'll disappear into the black hole marked "fiscal prudence". The inadequacies of the squad have once again been masked by qualifying for the CL, so a complacent board and manager will continue to assume we can genuinely compete domestically and in Europe. What a joke. The managed decline continues....


27 May 2012 12:08:51
Cillian Sheridan - Coventry City(7)(5)


27 May 2012 12:07:41
Mario Mutsch of Luxembourg will go ontrial at Carlisle(3)(4)


27 May 2012 12:06:07
Richard Keogh will complete move to ipswich this week for 900k.
Jack Ainsley is set for season loan to torquay(8)(10)Keogh not joining Ipswich he's going to Bristol cityHe's going to cardiff- Cov fanI'm an Ipswich fan and at this moment in time, I can't see Keogh joining any other club within the few weeksRubbish why would keogh go to a smaller clubHa ha ha ha smaller club? That's given me a right laugh! Umm...what division are you in again?I heard its Leeds or Brighton


27 May 2012 12:04:30
Yeovil town could add jordan robertson and ben may to their striking options. While topscorer andy willams set subject to a 5000k bid from Huddersfield(2)(8)Andy Williams will leave on a free! When his contract expires on the 30th of juneAndy Williams will leave on a free because he has rejected a new deal at Huish Park.Andy williams has left so no money
DevonGreenExcept that Andy Williams has already decided to leave on a free....if you're going to make up a rumour, at least research it a little first!Why would you say that huddersfild will offer that much for andy williams ? would love to know which false sorse you have.. hes left yeovil on a free as contract is up..Williams is leaving on a free, his contract has expiredNot good enough for championshipWilliams is going to RotherhamNo he means huddersfield are gonna offer him a wage of 5000"Subject to a 500k bid" reads vastly different to a wage offer of 5000


27 May 2012 12:02:51
Scunthorpe are set to sign Ronnie Henry from Steveneage on a free transfer.(8)(3)He's going to Luton.


27 May 2012 12:02:50
Joel Byrom signed a 3 year deal with Preston North End on Friday, it hasn't been announced yet because there are another 2 Stevenage players who are close to completing deals and the club wants to announce them all at once. The other 2 players are believed to be Robin Shroot and Chris Beardsley.(6)(6)Laird is yours, you wontget shroot as hes under contract and stevenage wont sellJoel Byrom has already signed for Inverness.Byron has gone to Inverness not Preston!!


27 May 2012 12:01:24
Southampton have offered 7.5m for J Mutch
heard it last night from a club insider
Blue nose Tom(10)(17)No way that'd buy Birminghams entire teamDream on! Watford were offered him for less than 300k when he was on loan recently.Saints won't spend more than 6 million this seasonSaints will spend what they need to spend this season, and believe me it will be more than £6m.No they havent you silly boy


27 may 2012 11:48:51
aaron mclean and craig mckail-smith are on darren fergusons transfer list , as he looking to get to the championship play offs next season(4)(20)He doesn't have enough money.We've got at least 10mil


27 May 2012 11:43:25
Graham Stack to Peterborough(7)(6)


27 May 2012 11:40:49
Leicester news: to be sold are; Matt MIlls (Celtic) Sol Bamba (Turkish team) Jermaine Beckford (Leeds) Richie Wellens (Ipswich) and Andy King (Bolton) signings being made are: Heskey, Stewart Campbell and James Chester (Hull) Jordan Rhodes 4 million(6)(25)We wont get beckford but we are going to get dj campbell
We are leeds motWho is Stewart CampbellSo beckford will go back to the fans that hounded him out ? yer !!Stewart Capmbell? Or could it be CAMERON STEWART! Der!!!Either way, it's not gonna happen. If they're under contract, they ain't leaving unless the Allams want rid.Bolton for Andy King whos Andy KingAndy king is a young up and coming good footballerWhat aload of rubbish, Rhodes would never join a smaller club


27 May 2012 11:40:43
Oldham keeper Alex Cisak is wanted by Peterborough boss Darren Ferguson to replace Joe Lewis and Paul jones also on Fergie's radar is Torquay's Bobby Olejnik, Coventry's Brian Murphy and Gillingham's Paulo Gazzaniga(3)(3)


27 May 2012 11:36:28
Ben Amos to Peterborough(12)(4)On loan?Nope on a permanent dealWages boys?think on, they are big names that we cant afford week in week out


27 May 2012 11:07:49
Swindon town goalkeeper Lanzano has contract extended by 1 year. Due to expire 2014 now. Original contract agreed an extension if Swindon were promoted(5)(8)He's already been released muppetThe Swindon lanzano rumour of contract extension is factually correct. The person who said he was released obviously doesn't know anything. They were trying to sell him / pay him up but no joy. Stfc offered this deal so have to stand by it. Its not the lads fault.


27 May 2012 11:06:11
In the next 48 hours, we will have signed a new player. I have very good contact with someone at the club. Which player do you think it will be. I have a feeling it could be Adam Clayton. Lets hope so, UTC(8)(4)Clayton just gone on holiday so it won't be him


27 May 2012 10:47:06
Norway's MOTM yesterday, Tarik Elyounussi caught the eye of several English clubs including Swansea, Norwich, Reading, Everton and Stoke.(5)(9)As with the Jonathan De Guzman to Stoke rumour; seems like a very un-Pulis type player; Young (sub 28 in Pulis' head), foreign, never played in the prem, attacking style and under 6ft. But again, I would love to be wrong.Blackpools a poor mans Norwich? Haha you know nothing! Norwich is a bigger club than half the premireship !The only thing big in Norwich...make that huge is Grant Holt.When I think Norwich, I think Alan Partridge. Not how big your football club is, get a grip!


27 May 2012 10:35:54
West ham after Jobi mcnuff from reading for 3000000(5)(34)We already had him once dont think he would come back because he was sold in 6mnthsI can't see our captain leaving for another promoted team..Why would they sell their captain (I'm a qpr fan) to another side thats gone up??Won't happenSideways move, plus west ham are to be relegated so dream on


27 May 2012 10:11:01
Swindon Town are set to sign Quinton Fortune who last played for Doncaster Rovers in 2010(9)(10)Wtf he played in 2012 for donny and hes in starting 11 for west bromQuinton Fortune, not Marc-Antoine FortuneA little mrespect please, you are talking about Marc-Antonio Fortune, the first contributor is correct.No he didnt, that was marc antione-fortuneDifferent Fortune.That's Marc antoine fortune,marc antoine furtune plays for west bromBoth played for doncaster neither will got to swindon


27 may 2012 10:09:22
peterborough united goal keepers joe lewis+ paul jones have departed the club , joe lewis has signed a 3and a half year contract at cardiff while paul jones signs a 2 year deal with league one new comers crawley town , however the posh are buying a goalkeeper from gillingham and ben amos of man utd and cardiff keeper tom heaton , there have also been strong rumours that george boyd+ paul taylor me be used as bait to lure cardiff's kenny miller , the posh are going to put in a bid for spurs youngster 'harry kane' the bid is believed to be around 600k and we are close to signing ricardo fuller , emile heskey and nathan delfouneso and chris iwelumo(8)(18)I doubt your buying both Amos and Heaton both are good enough to be number 1.

Delfouneso would have to be a loan.

And why would anyone want Heskey?Someone living in dream land600k for kane! dream onHarry Kane for 600k? Your off your face sonTwo reasons we won't be signing Heskey and Fuller: both are way too old for Fergie and also we couldn't afford their wagesOh dear....this is either a wum or my fellow POSH fan has forgotten to take his tablets this morning. Maybe we are also signing Owen and Berbatov? :)Heskey might join but i don't think fuller will , but if we got delfouneso on load that be great , we signed nat knight-percival from rangesA load of bull mateGeorge Boyd and Paul Taylor for Kenny Miller?
You're having a laugh right?I mean WrexhamI think I would take George Boyd and Paul Taylor for kenny miller hes the torres of the championship


27 May 2012 09:52:58
Has Gareth Stewart and Nathen Jones been retained for the news season on contracts? Does sound weird me asking, I just haven't heard anything but they still are on the team sheet.(1)(4)Yeah they both have player coach contracts untill the end of next season i believe!


27 May 2012 09:41:41
This has been reported that former west brom Solomon tchoi is a potential target for Birmingham city. the free agent would then not have to change location and he could also replace zigic should he move in the summer.(5)(8)Decent player - would do well at a top Championship clubClass player cant believe we released him yet kept cox pfffft should of kept teo, to good for blues def a prem league playerComing to boro tm desperate for him


27 May 2012 09:38:30
Gillingham goalkeeper Paolo Gazzaniga is Peterborough United manager Darren Fergusons main goalkeeping target and is prepared to pay £700k(5)(6)


27 May 2012 09:26:25
Gary Roberts, Anthony Kay and Danny Cadematri have all been told they aren't in Simon Graysons Championship plans. Kay has already agreed to rejoin Tranmere where as Roberts is attracting attention from Notts County and Preston. Cadematri is expected to leave on a free.

Jon Stead is to rejoin Huddersfield as he's a fans favourite and is seen as a replacement to the imminently departing Rhodes.(4)(11)If kay is about to sign for tranmere you can bet your life preston will want to sign him anybody we want to sign so do theyI feel that you have just done Steve a MASSIVE injustice, He was at Tow Law Football Club on Saturday, This is true as he has been appointed the new Club President and had the clubs social bar named after him !! the game that was played was also the Presidents Trophy not a cup final as you suggested. !! are you sure the rest of the facts you posted are true !!!Roberts has been in talks with Oldham but I'd be surprised if they can meet his demands.


27 May 2012 09:13:22
Manchester united are making Gareth Bale there main target this summer as Bale has addmitted he wants champions league football and fergie knows harry wants atleast £50 for the welsh wizard.(12)(20)Just £50 for Gareth Bale? Think I might put a bid in for that!Where are united getting 50 mil just to sign one player?Tbf he is worth a bit more than £50.He's worth more than £50mil but you never go in with say a £65mil bid straight off, thats called showing your cards! Bale is good but not worth more than £70mil. Besides it could all be a smoke screen and modric could be the real man fergie is after??Man Utd don't have £50 million to spend on one player. The midfield in particular needs a serious overhaul as they have been relying on Dad's Army hence no silverware this season. Despite their global profile, they are still stuck in the Glazer debt mire and they can't hope to compete with the petro/gas dollars of Man City and Chelsea.


27 may 2012 09:12:13
any up to date bristol city transfer news,(5)(4)Paddy Kenny To Bristol City 750k


27 May 2012 09:05:58
Cardiff city's peter whitingham is linked with a 6mil + move to west brom this summer(16)(18)West brom wouldn't spend 6 million on a player their chairman isn't ambitious enough.Shane long was 6 to me the signing of whittingham would show lack of ambitionHmmmmmmm Shane long is one player I can think of !Ha ha ha ha nearly fell in my cornflakes


27 May 2012 09:03:35
carlos tevez is on course for a quick and quiet exit from the etihad to ac milan!(15)(15)They couldnt afford his wagesQuick and quiet eh...? Sounds just like Tevez to me...


27 May 2012 09:01:20
Norwich will sign Matty Phillips for £4m(26)(24)No you wont.Grant Holt wants out of Norwich because he' on the highest wage at £15k a week. Matty Phillips is on £10k a week at he wouldnt be going to Norwich for the money.....Wouldnt be going there for the manager as he's got Holloway to improve his game & wouldnt be going there for the chance of winning not really much of a draw for Phillips. Think he will wait untill he has to move from Blackpool.....but thanks for the offer of £4mSource for the holt rumour? that has been dismissed for a while, and a more accepted theory is that he wanted new contract negotiations because he ISN'T the top earner anymore, both bennet and Howson are reportedly earning more. Also, odds are he would rather have Premier league footy than Championship. Love it when fans talk like they're the players agent.Blackpool are a poor mans norwichBlackpool are a tin pot club like IpswichToo old Lambert usually goes for players 20-30 years old


27 May 2012 08:47:43
Luton Town are interested in signing Ebbsfleet winger Michael West.(11)(4)


27 May 2012 08:28:18
tom heaton or ben amos to peterborough after joe lewis and paul jones left(15)(4)Seen this alot so hopefully true!


27 May 2012 08:16:33
Will Grigg and Lewis Grabban to Huddersfield(1)(9)Not good enough for championship football


27 May 2012 07:42:00
Ipswich are trying to get former cov city cf k platt 2 move to portman road on a 2year deal. Town are trying to get younger players in, and see this as way forward., to try and finish in top half for ist time in years(5)(17)Platt moved to NorthamptonIf you are going to post tripe at least have some credibility, he signed for Northampton last week!!Platt signed for Northampton 3 days agoHasn't Platt gone to Northampton?Platt went to northamptonWhat a rubbish rumour ... Platt of Cov signed for Northampton on Thursday !! foolHe signed for northampton!I would drather go to norhamprton toWhy respond to this..ahem..'rumour' guys? It's clearly someone trying to take the p but failing. Someone with nothing better to do clearly. Quite sad! LolIts cobblers he is goin to ip5w1ch


27 May 2012 06:07:04
Anthony Kay is set to be released by Huddersfield upon their promotion to the Championship therefore allowing him to return to Tranmere Rovers under Ronnie Moore.(14)(3)Kay still got 12 months on his contract so won`t be joining tranmereKay did give some clues that he was,nt happy there SEE YOU SOON AT PRENTON PARK


27 May 2012 06:00:25
Leeds Utd will be taken over in next few weeks(19)(18)Unsubstantiated twitter comment with NO evidence. Dont take too seriouslyI hear oxfam are preparing a bid,leeds is a rugby town, 20 thousand empty seats at elland road every game tells you that, not a big clubYou wish, no 1 will take over Leeds because the rubbish, keep dreaming!Due diligence taking place by buyers. Rumour is gathering pace. Transfer embargo until price agreed and new owners agree transfer budget with NW.Pahaha at all sheffield supporters throwing banter out about attendences - when wendy's were struggling in league 1 their average was 16,500, compare that to ours when we was league 1?We can only hope.Hopefully about time bates went


27 May 2012 05:28:38
Hull City's next manager is set to be
Gary Megson with Paul Duffen as managing director.

Gary Megson will attempt to bring in
Danny Collins, Sone Aluko and Chris Iwelumo
to the club, while Andy Dawson, James Harper, Dele Adebola, James Chester, Cameron Stewart, Adriano Basso and Aaron McLean set to leave the club.(11)(6)The only place Megson will be going next season is to the local newsagents which won't be in Hull. The same for DuffenClearly a Leicester fan!Duffen MD dont make me laugh.. Where do you clowns get your info


27 May 2012 05:16:24
Roberto Martinez will bring Victor Moses with him to Liverpool.(39)(12)Barring one or two games where he played ok he lacks that killer pass that would split defences.he likes to run at defences with his head down thereby running into trouble then loses the ball.
shows how times have changed b4 u was being linked to stars now it wanna be,sHope not


27 May 2012 04:36:38
West Bromwich Albion could make a move for Hull City's James Chester should Craig Dawson leave for Swansea.(4)(10)Why would he go to Swansea? He's getting paid a lot more at the Albion and Swansea finished below Albion. If he goes anywhere it will be on loan.Dawson will be a regular at the Baggies once Olsonn moves to his "big" club.


27 May 2012 04:28:51
Any Middlesbrough fc news?(0)(8)Grant Leadbitter deal for £6k a week, rising to £12k a week with promotion.


27 May 2012 01:47:35
Riccardo Fuller attracting attention from the likes of Celtic, Norwich, Bristol City, Peterborough, Hearts and Sheffield Wednesday(22)(10)Like to see him go to posh but theres not a chance because of his wages!I'm not gonna slate any of the clubs but I'd say Norwich and Celtic is unlikely due to the fact they have good strikers in a similar mould e.g. Holt and Samaras, Peterborough are just a bit too small and Hearts (correct me if im wrong) wouldn't be able to fund his wages I know Bristol City are in for a big man up top so maybe and Sheff Wed are going to want these kind of players for the coming season so no reason why not so in my opinion between Bristol City and Sheffield WednesdayHe is not good enough for Celtic or Norwich. Can see him back at one of the top clubs in the Championship like a Bolton or BirminghamHe's not wanting big money he's just wanting guaranteed first team action, can see Ipswich or Bristol city the favoritesHe will come to his MASSIVE old clubCan't see Ipswich being able to afford him, think a team like blackpool or Bolton.


27 May 2012 01:20:26
Westley wants to bring Luke Foster to Preston. Westley was apparently gutted when he left Stevenage after only a year and has kept in contact with him since.(3)(8)Can believe that.Looked him up on Wiki, and don't think we should sign him.Is Jason Koumas coming to PNE.Cant see this happening. Foster had a MASSIVE bust up with Westley about his commitment to the club. Westley seems to be doing the same thing at Preston as well.Get your facts right ...Zoko is out of contract and available on a free if he doesn't take up Carlisle's offer of a new contract.Who mentioned Zoko?


27 May 2012 00:32:40
huddersfield fans were epic today,sheff u had a lot of very agressive supporters especially at stanmore tube station.massive credit to sheff u players for applauding the town fans at the end,we gave them a standing sure they will be champions next season.(15)(6)No chance there is only one team goin to win lge one next season and its not the bladesSadly we are on a downward spiral. Team about to disintegrate. K-Mac, Williamson, Quinny going, Ched in prison and with strikers like Porter cant see us getting promotion anytime soon.Congratulations to Huddersfield Town.


27 May 2012 00:19:31
Javier mascherano's contract runs out
at the start of the summer, and
schalke have been in talks. javier has
been not been in the starting 11 since
april and has notbeen fully match fit.

talksport have revealed that the
coach huub stevens will offer £5.2
million to barca.(7)(23)Why would anyone offer £5.2m to a club when his contract is up??He was in the starting eleven on Friday and his contract is not ending this summer.Where have u been for the last few months mascherano has played nearly every game for barca


27 May 2012 00:13:53
I heard that barnsley are on the brink of bringing lee williamson from sheff utd as he is now out of contract and wants to stay in south yorkshire. Better luck next sheff utd. Lets see what your like without ched evans ha ha.(13)(5)SUFC = no-man teamHope we dont !!Why would he want to play for a team that may well be relegated. Don't forget you are only in the Championship because Portsmouth went into administration.


27 May 2012 00:01:44
Huddersfield Town will try to resign Sean Morrison from Reading after impressing on loan for the terriers.(20)(4)I'd imagine McDermott will want to keep hold of him, but can see him going back on loan for the seasonN'doye definat coming to reading signed a contractI understand that a deal was done whereby, if Reading give Huddersfield first shout on Morrison, then Reading have first dibs on Rhodes. No good Morrison coming back to Reading. Not premiership standardMorro isnt prem quality wouldnt even warm the bench. Could see him return to Town for another loan as we dont know how we will fair in the prem next season.Yes but the season after he will be ok in the championship


27 May 2012 00:01:01
eddie howe burnley looking to take youngsterjosh carmichael from his old club bournemouth as he has liked him from his time at bournemouth(7)(10)Doubt itRubbishNo chanceJosh is not going anywhere eddie mitchell said so


26 May 2012 23:38:19
Depsey has expressed intrest for Champions League football. Marin has left Bremen for Chelsea.(16)(4)


27 May 2012 00:05:50
Maynor Figuroa is being chased by multiple clubs, Villa are my bet. Ballotelli could leave with Higuain being looked at. Fuller could go to a number of clubs with West Ham mentioned. Pablo Osvaldo could leave Roma after one season after punching a team-mate in the dressing room, with AC Milan possible suitors if they are going to sell Pato.(1)(11)Stop telling stories, Ballotelli is staying at city, end of story!


26 May 2012 23:58:14
Heard Kevin Doyle could re-join Reading. Jarvis could also join the Royals.(8)(28)Doyle said he wont go back and Jarvis is up for 10m so good luckHed's agreed a deal with readingWont happenYou heard wrongI rated Doyle when he was with us before but I feel his playing style has been tainted at his stint at Wolves and I don't think he can cut it in the Premiership as a result. He is a hero but I do not want him back.Stop it with the Kevin Doyle rumours. He isn't coming back. McDermott and Doyle have both publicly ruled it outHaven't heard doyles interview then...and i only happened to be talking with him last week at the training ground and pretty much said hes here next year...jarvis tho lol we might of been relegated but to reading yeah as if ...10 mill on his head boys!Hope Doyle dosn't come back. Best to remember him as was. Top Reading legendReading are too good for doyle now


26 May 2012 23:37:23
Arsenal are scheduled to bid for steven N'zonzi at the price of £6.5m. Also A bid of £7m for giroud plus chamackh.(18)(12)Montpelleir want 40 million for giroud and chamakhs not worth 33 million. Arsenal can sign him when they sell van persieThe guy above you don't know your stuff as giroud has 12.5 million release clause


26 May 2012 23:36:42
Out of contract Inverness Caledonian Thistle winger Jonny Hayes has agreed a deal to sign for Colchester United.(6)(9)


26 May 2012 23:35:07
Hazard is going to Man U. Hulk is interested in Chelsea and Bale could leave Spurs.(36)(20)


26 May 2012 23:32:30
James constable to begin talks with bristol rovers on Monday(12)(7)I hope Bristol Rovers have at least 1/4 million somehow i dont think you haveThis is 100% true, I was with the player himself and he this space as he is desperate to get out of Oxford. Hhe also has offers from 2 other clubsCan't be true. Thats even further down the A420, and we know how nervous he is of venturing down the A420.So desperate that his twitter thread constantly refers to how he is looking forward to next season and how he wants to be Oxfords all time scorer.Watch this space my friend and i hope your armed and ready with an apology when the move goes through.......THIS WILL HAPPEN


26 May 2012 23:23:20
Eren Derdiyok was watched by a number of Prem clubs today against Germany which he scored a hatrick. His contract end in 2013 so could go on the cheap. lubs interested are West Ham, Reading, Wigan and a few others. Also Celtic had scouts there.(13)(6)He has already agreed to join hoffenheimMartin ferguson was thereNone of those clubs would be able to afford him and besides he's joined hoiffenhiemLOL, celtic could not afford Derdiyok, they have no moneyIt it not that celtic do not have eny money it is the fact that lennon needs to thinin the squad and cut the wage bill abit befor he can bring eny one in


26 May 2012 23:04:11
Cambridge United winger Harrison Dunk is wanted by Peterborough(2)(9)He is cheap and really good


26 May 2012 23:02:40
West Ham United forward Freddie Sears has agreed a 2 year contract with Peterborough United(13)(6)SourceHopefullyPlease god no!


26 May 2012 23:01:22
Mansfield right back Luke O'Neill will join Peterborough United(6)(7)


26 May 2012 22:56:56
Peterborough United will offer £600k for Spurs forward Harry Kane(13)(15)Hes worth about 3-4 million good luck with thatNo he is not - not by a long way get over it!


26 May 2012 22:54:09
Peterborough United will this week complete the signings of. Paulo Gazzaniga - £350k Gillingham. Luke Freeman & Michael Bostwick - £1.9m Stevenage. Stephen Gleeson - Tribunal - MK Dons(3)(23)The bostwick and freeman rumour has been going for weeks saying the same thing and hasn't happendFreeman is unlikely to be sold this season unless someone offers silly money (2 Million plus )Complete nonsence about bostick and freeman and glesson . crap rumour!Gleeson is out of contract so why would it go to a tribunalTribunal due to his age!Gleeson signs with dons for 2 more years!


26 May 2012 22:50:52
Bobby Olejnik will leave Torquay and sign for championship club Peterborough United.(7)(6)


26 May 2012 21:58:08
Marlon Pack to Swindon for 900k(14)(10)Doubt it, would be nice though.


26 May 2012 21:41:18
Chris powell will attempt to gain the signitures of Stephen Quinn and Harry Maguire after the Blades lost their playoff final. Powell also looking to sign shelvey on loan and Puncheon on a pernament contract. Paul Hayes will sign with colchester or wycombe and could be involved in a swap deal.(9)(19)He is ridiculously lazy and has a very poor work rate ! Although he can strike a ball i wouldn't waste more than 100k on him.


26 May 2012 21:27:35
Hi ed, any decent Reading fc rumours? Cheers {Ed025's Note - use the search function mate..(2)(12)


26 May 2012 21:24:28
Villa Fc will get Lukaku/Carrol/Redmond/ince/Richards/Demele/Lindergard if RL is serious about young vibrant & attacking

We should sell Dunne static/Given cant come for crosses/Gabby flatters to deceive.

give pure young talent in Bannan/Carruthers classy/Herd/Clarke a good chance. Carrurthers should be ahead of Albrighton all day long in the 1st 11.

Also after OGS anything less than making AVB -who has unfinshed business so the wages as long as his backed financially should be secondary and a good innovative vision our number 1 target is a compromise, however Martinez/Poyet should be spot on.

Law.... Villa allday everyday(1)(42)Feel sorry for Villa. They're really awful right now.Poyet would never leave Brighton for a club that's sinking fast.Another deluded Vile fan, another relegation battle for you next season!Look pal villa are in a mess right now but if you seriously think poyet gets offered the job do you honestly think he.d turn it down to stay at brighton ther are to many utter morons on this site who slag villa and its pathetic there a huge club who have everything in pace bar a decent manager.There is only one Paul Lambert one Paul
Lambert and he is staying at the mighty Norwich!!!!!!Villa huge club , Carroll and Richards to them no chance, villa were a good attacking team under O'neill but Hollier and Mcleish have turned them into relegation candidates for next season, if Bent, Agbonlahor, Bannan, Dunne, Given ect have sense then they will jump ship before Villa get dragged underWhat are you going to buy them with buttons your days of big spending are over your just a tiny club nowThe anti-Villa brigade on here really make me laugh and know diddly squat about the state of the Villa or football in general. Under houllier we finished 9th, not quite relegation eh? Last season we were dire, but there were reasons for that, balancing books, poor manager etc. Even at the height of our st season we were still outselling the mighty Norwich, the even mightier Brighton, as well as 13 other Premier teams so stop believeing what you read in The Sn, amd hear on Talksh!t, its not gospel and actually recall that despite the past 2 seasons, we are still the 5th best team for grossing points in the Prem, only Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea are ahead of us and they have had over 15 years of CL money which we haven't. Not bad really consideringVilla are a hugh club. But Poyet wont go for the following reasons:
Firstly..he's unproven. He has already said, he wants to prove his Premiership capabilities first by building Brighton into a Premiership team or a team strong enough and capable enough of winning the Championship.
Secondly...he wont be offered the job anyway as he has no Premiership experience and there are more proven mangers who are currently in the Premiership who would move up.
Therefore, are Villa that big if they are looking at Poyet???Poyet said it would take a dream job to leave Brighton. I don't class Villa as a dream job sorry but I believe he is referring to a team that plays in Europa/Champions league or Internationally.Big club days in the past, another long hard season ahead


26 May 2012 21:06:54
Izale McLeod was spotted watching the man utd vs argyle legends match from the players lounge after having talks with Carl Fletcher and James Brent(5)(13)Maybe he is moving to Man Utd


26 May 2012 20:42:11
Preston North End will complete the signing of Reuben Reid from Oldham Athletic on Monday. The former West Brom striker will sign a two year deal.(10)(8)No they wont its zoko who is set to signNone of them will sign....there not available on Free' dont have any money so you wont be able to afford them.Zoko is to sign before the end of next weekPeter Risdale said yesterday that there are funds availableIt is true, reid is going to pne!Reuben Reid was released by oldham over 3 weeks ago - finger on the pulse clearly!!!Erm do have money to spend your mis informed. The owners like 3rd richest in englandReid is a free agent..Oldham released him so we won't have to pay for him.The owners like 3rd richest in england...145th to be spot on...but PNE are £30m in debt and if it wasnt for Hemmings giving the club £100k a month just to run we would be bankrupt. Ridsdale has said there is going to be cash available which is going to come from selling Coutts, Hume & Herman the German.29th in worldReuben reid to pne? haha do pne want promotion or ar they happy to rot in this league or the league below. reuben reid wouldn't pass the fitness test since he's overweight so i can't imagine that to be true, but i hope it is. i'm an oldham fan by the way.Most of the debt is owed to hemmings, the only way he will get it back is by gettin in prem, and that the goal theyve set


26 May 2012 20:41:35
Actually comical that norwich fans are believing the clown who said they will sign Abdellaoue from hannover , cornelius jol is in oslo with the players agent and jol will offer him a deal at fulham , the player along with marcell jansen of hamburg have publicly in the german press said "they admire jol's philosophy . So sorry canaries but you've been thrown a red herring there guys . Adios(4)(16)Seriously shut up its all just rumours and how do we know your telling the truth anyway so ciao!If we have indeed made any enquiry I would think he would fall outside our strict wage structure.Can't afford him? 40+m in tv revenue and a transfer budget that would allow us to buy him 4x over at least, at the inflated price that they wont him. 4m is too much for him anyway. 2.5 at most.Having watched him play for norway last night you can have him.valuation about 100000.Jol can have him. We'd rather have Holt.Thats the thing about rumours, they are not fact, just journalists and fans putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5.


26 May 2012 20:31:04
charlton going to have to cough close to a million pounds for anthony wordsworth of colchester who is regarded as one of the best players in league 1 with 13 goals from centre mid and has the sweetest left foot in the football league(5)(6)2 words mate: Johnnie Jackson.2 words to the above: Jackson + Wordsworth

Now that is a good pairing if there ever was one!Jackson col u leg endWould love a JJ Wordsworth CM pairing! then sign a pacey left sided midfielder to complete it.Johhnie jackson is st!Johhnie jackson is st!

You obviously didn't see him play last season.Johnnie oh Johnnie Jackson runs down the wing or me COYRHa, have fun with Wordsworth after you've been mugged off. He is barely worth 200k. He has played over 100 games for us and is not highly rated by Colchester fans."is not highly rated by Colchester fans." Well he must be poor then!


26 May 2012 20:17:20
Stevenage look set to beat Northampton Town to the signature of Southend's Bilel Mohsni. Rotherham are also said to be interested but Mohsni is keen to play at a higher level.(12)(11)If he wants to go to play at a higher level he wont sign for stevenageI cant really see him playing for northampton , his to good for the leagueYeah I agreeCould see him playing for northampton tbh.... they have the money! top class manager too, Plus 850k to spend from there jacobs deal when it happens...He is a good player , I got see him playing for cobblersHe isn't that greatMohsni has signed a 1 year contact extensionHe didnt sign anything... he was made to stay bcos of his contractMohsni isn't that good, he's probably playing at the right level for his ability at the moment


26 May 2012 20:15:02
Tranmere have made an offer to soon to be out of contract target man Ben Burgess(3)(5)Dont want notts county players playing for tranmere


26 May 2012 19:20:04
Just spoke to Steve Howard of leicester and this is 100% true . He said notts county and Sheffield Wednesday are interested in signing him on a free. He was at tow law football club, which is where he started his career. It was my brothers cup final for tow law juniors so he was there as a support for the youngsters and opened the new club house . Watch this space...(8)(9)


26 May 2012 19:00:14
Guy Branston set to resign for Torquay(2)(8)


26 May 2012 16:56:55
Hi Ed, who is Jon taylor of Shrewsbury linked with? {Ed001's Note - I haven't heard of any links with him, sorry.}(1)(8)Who would want him. Been rubbish this yearDidier Drogba is about to move to Shangai, however a range of clubs like Charlton everton and surprisingly Bury could make an audacious bid for the free striker. Because he isn't happy with the move.What does Drogba have to do with it


26 May 2012 18:55:29
Barnsley in talks with both Danny Webber and Oldham's Chris Taylor, While a new bid was tabled on Friday for Manchester united midfielder Oliver Norwood.(11)(9)Oli norwood isnt even at manutd any moreYes he is gave him 12mth contract to try and SELL HIM for 5ookChris Taylor signed for Millwall !Going leicester after a 11th hour bid


26 May 2012 18:53:09
Stevenage boss Gary Smith will try and re-sign Patrick Agyemang, who had a successful loan spell with the Boro last season. However, it is reported that Walsall might be interested in the striker.(11)(3)Stevenage can have him with pleasure. i would prefer if dean smith kept rubbish out of the club. only 1 goal in his last 22 games.


26 May 2012 17:47:17
Ipswich Town have had a bid for Macclesfield right back Elliott Hewitt accepted and he is in talks as Paul Jewell wants a quick transfer. a very good addition for the Tractor Boys(17)(7)I'm a Macc fan and ST holder, Hewitt has been watched by at least 10 clubs incl.2 in the Prem,Reading one of them. Ipswich may have had a bid accepted but that doesn't mean Elliott will join you, he'll want to see what else is out there and I can see better options at the moment than Ipswich.He will go to LeedsOr Brighton


26 May 2012 17:10:50
any rumors for cardiff ed(1)(17)Yeah joe Lewis, he wants another striker as miller and earnshaw has not delivered!


26 May 2012 17:28:31
Drogba agrees to sign with new york red bulls(14)(52)


26 May 2012 17:06:00
Walsall set to sign Micheal McIndoe and Marc Bridge Wilkinson(6)(13)Old news - yawn.
Southampton's released winger, Lee Holmes, would be a better option than McIndoe and Bridge Wilkinson is getting on a bit now (if Chambers stays we don't need another has-been). Holmes has been around but is still only 25 - this would represent money well spent IMHO.Holmes has joined PNE - how many players have they bought now!!


26 May 2012 17:05:37
Town Are Reported To Have Had A Bid Accepted For Macclesfield Town Right-Back Elliott Hewitt(12)(8)How many times do we have to say, WHICH TOWN?Please say which Town. Swindle?Swindon. Sorry!See the physic rumours page. It's actually Ipswich, but yes do wish people would state the full club name!Unfortunately ipswich cant meet the 5000 fee shame but sure hell go to palaceIts grimsby town he thinks theyve got more potential than ipswich as he said he spent all last season at bottom with macc and doesnt want the same with ipswich


26 May 2012 17:01:34
Middlesbrough are looking likely to make a move for Lita depending on the future of Emnes who will be sold for 5 million.(11)(10)Emness ! 5m? boro fan and your laughing mate .. be lucky to get 2m.Sell emnes buy Rhodes or rodriguez2 mil for emmes,he won't be going anywhere for that price, lita got no chance of coming back to the BORO,Enmes is a good player and boro will charge a high price for him I don't know if a bigger club will want to pay such a big price for him it would be a risky signing too as he does make some bad decisions on the pitch


26 May 2012 16:49:03
Regardless if we achieve promotion Jordan Rhodes will move to Norwich for 4.5m with the pacey Simeon Jackson going to Huddersfield. Simon Grayson will spend the money on Ross Mcormack from Leeds.

COYH!!(29)(34)If you don't get promoted then why would he drop a division?Hope so that would be the best deal for rhodes for usMcormack will only leave for the premiership,no point in going backwards to a small club like huddersfieldDon't know how many times you've got to be told Rhodes is a Ipswich fan there is no chance he will sign for the trailor trash end of so stop dreaming anyway you couldn't afford him and his far to good for youIf he does sign for Norwich how sick is the tractor boy who thinks he too good for us, ha ha compared with you lot we play like Brazil.
Yes we could afford him but based on his performance today I think they will struggle to get any premier league club to gamble £4+ for himMaybe he realized who the pride of anglia is! he certainly wasnt over celebrating at wembleyYou can't afford him you don't pay out anything no ambition hence lambert and holt want outWho r u kidding he has never been an Ipswich fan his whole family are wednesdayites and his dad Andy is goalkeeping coach at hillsborough he will go to someone like Norwich in premier league certainly not ipswichMy tractor is bigger than your tractorMcnally has hinter upwards towards 20m to spend in the transfer window... so people should probably do some research into what they're posting. as for the original post- we won't get the blackpool players, don't need them and they wont leave their team. davies might be worth a shot, and Naughton would cost at least 4M if we were to buy him. pacheco is a decent shout seeing as he only has one season left on his contract and liverpool are in shambles at the moment. we won't spend 4m on rhodes, 2.5 at the most.Size isn't everything when it comes to tractors you know, it's more to do with how you pull your plough ;)We should go for mcormack keep jackson rhodes not 4.5miillionRhodes is a Celtic fan as he said in an interview when he was called up to Scotland team.interview is easy to find on line to prove it.Rhodes is an Ipswich fan, fact. How do I know? I taught him PE when he was at school at Darton in Barnsley. And as a Norwich fan we had regular banter.I don't know if he's an Ipswich fan or not, but why would that make a difference to joining Norwich, I know they're rivals, but this is his career, and I would have though he would want to play at the best level possible.He wont go to norwich.everton is my guess


26 May 2012 16:38:55
Norwich will sign in the summer:
£3m - Ince or Phillips - Wingers - Blackpool
£2m - C Davies - CB - Birmingham
£2m - Kyle Naughton - RB - Spurs
Jack Hunt - RB - Huddersfield if we dont get Naughton
£2m -Dani Pacheco - CAM/ST - Liverpool
£4m + Jackson - Jordan Rhodes - ST - Huddersfield
£3m - Stuart Holden - CM - Bolton
£2m - Daniel Ward - LM - Huddersfield

Total - £18m which will be affordable by the board to stabilize Norwich in the Premier League.
OTBC(25)(52)Yes decent targets and affordable budget we can afford 18mYou won't get Holden from Bolton he has already said he is staying to help us get back to whee we belong.I guarantee you will not have the majority of those players for next season.Don't be so certain about Bolton keeping Holden, you boys are going to need as much £££ as possible next season, parachute payments are nowhere near enough to keep your expenses going.I would rather sign better standard players from abroad than take gambles on League 1 playersI hope bolton go up 2, im norwich fan there is noway we could get that lot. Why would we want ward, we have wes h, pilkinghton and surman who play left midfield, naughton wont happen becuse he will eant 25000 a week wages, im not sure spurs will want him to leave. They may offer a deal he couldint aford to turn downYou will not get phillips or ince becuase they said they are staying at BlackpoolNorwich won't be spending £18M in transfer fees this season.You ain't got 18 million to spendWhy would huddersfield sell players like ward and hunt when they have just got promoted. Rhodes maybe different thoughHolden has pledged his future to Bolton already.Well, we spent £15M this season and took more TV money & League finish money then budgeted for so why not? We were told last summer that PL would get all the min £37.5 from the TV money as a playing budget. The EDP reported we received £43M TV and £7+ for the league. Adds loads of sponsorships + 26000 gates and I reckon actual turnover was about £65M+ when we must have budgeted for £57M. Can't see PL going for too many ex- prem players though. They didn't perform for the clubs that went down did they? Curtis Davies might be different though, had a good season with BrumSo you are basing your budget around the £65m mark? what happens if you go down?? will be ed with that budget in the championshipTo the contrary, he has been moving up the pecking order at Norwich.C Davies is worth alot more than 2mPhillips will cost more than 3m and pacheco 2m more like 4 stuart holden will cost you 6 ward 3 so more like 25-30 millionJust 1 problem with ur idea that you can offer simeon jackson as part of a deal for rhodes. jackson is out of contract & therefore not your player to offerLambert has said he isnt going to break the bank this season, Probably will spend around 10-12 Million, C Davies looks promising for around 3m, Pacheco is practically there and Tottenham want more than 2m for Naughton however Lambert likes him alot so will be prepared to pay a few million for him!He didn't say our budget was £65m, he said our turnover was roughly £65m. This is higher than expected due to finishing higher up the league than we'd planned and as a result getting extra prize money per position (approx £800k-£1m per position), which will go straight in to Lambert's transfer budget. As a result the budget could be nearer £20m than £15m. That's what he meant.Lmao - shocking rumourWard not going anywhere - are you suggesting he's going to the Prem? Absolute no chance but others are decent. I think we'd want more than £4m for Rhodes though Jackson isn't the best.Love to know where you get your valuations from


26 May 2012 16:37:19
New York Red Bulls star Luke Rodgers is set to swap the high life in the City that never sleeps to pen a deal with league 1 new boys Coventry City as the club looks to rebuild as part of its 5 year plan to be back in the promise land of the premier league.(2)(18)This signing hows the ambition of Coventry City. Not good enough on and off the field.Mmmm we carnt sign anyone we are in an embargo , plus five year plan yeh only id sisu do one and goHe plays in Norway for Lillestrom


26 May 2012 16:33:48
Rhys Murphy linked with oldham.(4)(6)Doubt it he is set for preston unluckyAs is pretty much every other player on the planet, seemingly.I'm amazed - everyone seems to be set for preston!That's Strange. He's agreed a two year deal with Oldham...So much for being set for Preston.Doubt it also as we dont give anyone 2 year deals


26 May 2012 16:33:17
Charlton are going to attempt to sign Simeon Jackson from Norwich. The striker has been pushed down the pecking order at Carrow road and is looking for 1st team football.(18)(8)He's coming to Hudds in a 4m + Jackson deal for Rhodes. We will spend some of the money on R Mcormack from leeds.Well he isn't so good luck with that he wants to move back/close to London from when he played with gillinghamCharlton should have signed him when he was at Gills, it maybe too late nowHope charlton have 3 miilion if rhodes is 5-7 millionHuddersfield fans are the new charlton lol xxxxxxxxxHuddersfield are they got through through the play off's where as Charlton nearly broke a record for points scored in a league one seasonThis one i can see happening


26 May 2012 16:33:00
Morcombe are set to complete the signing of out of contract striker Patrick Agyemang following his release from


26 May 2012 16:32:03
Oldham are keen on Ross County forward Colin McMenamin.(2)(5)


26 May 2012 16:30:22
bristol city in for Mustapha Carayol of bristol rovers..(7)(16)Been denied by the City Manager in an interview. May be a smokescreen but most likely, this is not a goer. Apparently Rovers HAVE turned down an offer from a Champ club but it doesn't look like it was City.Why would be in for L2 player !It was derby who got turned down, so much for the 'giant' club'Why would be in for L2 player !'

Brett Pitman, Albert Adomah, Yannick Bolasie all came to us from league 2, there are a few quality players at that level who are able to make the step up.Pittman was from L1Ok Pitman came from league one bournemouth, he didn't even play a month at that level. 2009-10 season they were promoted to league one, august 2010 he signed for city, so the season before we signed him he was playing league 2


26 May 2012 16:18:40
Van Persie has decided to join Barcelona.(23)(18)After the club itself has said we are not interested

Must Try HarderOf course he has, he wants to leave Arsenal to sit on Barcas bench!!You don't just decide to join Barcelona. They would have to table a bid for u first!


26 May 2012 16:17:42
Wigan could look to Ricardo Moniz to replace Roberto Martinez. Moniz has coached for Tottenham, PSV, Feyernoord, Hamburg and New York RB and has managed RB Salzburg to a league title in his first year in charge. Victor Moses could then follow Martinez to Liverpool for around £10million, and Moniz would look to bring Brazilian winger Leonardo with him for around £5million. Leonardo is currently at NAC Breda, but wants to leave and has spent the last season on loan with Moniz at RB Salzburg where he has impressed, scoring 6 goals.(10)(3)Next Wigan manager will be Steve Bruce if Martinez goes to LiverpoolI would much rather see Moniz come in. Bruce did take Wigan to their highest level but he did also leave on a high note and try to raid the team when he left he got two players and tried to get even more. Whelan does seem to like having managers who come in and then leave and take players with them a la bramble/Cattermole now maybe Moses maybe that is why he is not fighting hard for Martinez 10 mil is better then 5 from QPR plus an extra 2 for the gaffer.


26 May 2012 16:15:15
Jordan Rhodes to Norwich regardlessof the play off result.(27)(26)Where ever he ends up... worth no more than 3m as today shows.£3m is a third of what Arsenal paid for a German international striker....this is why England never do well at international level! clubs can buy established foreign international stars for cheaper than they can sign English talent!! Yes he's English! {Ed007's Note - He might have been born in England but he is a Scottish internationalist.}


26 May 2012 16:08:46
Sheffield Wednesday interested in the services of Jay bothroyd, Peter whittingham and Lucciano bechio(4)(31)Bechio won't join Wednesday, he is happy at leeds and looking forward to next season under WarnockLol! Whittingham! Bothroyd! No chance! What are you on!?Whittingham wont go because its a step down going to sheffield w and they are crap! :)Dave Jones does have a magic touch with transfers but mainly free transfers and loans so Whitts is gonna cost a good few million but Bothroyd may go on loanStep down? Sheffield Wednesday are probably the biggest club in the league, do some research wont you?^ You just got promoted, stadium size and history do not get you promoted. A good team does that, even Blackpool are a step up from Wednesday.The same blackpool who only won 1/4 games vs the Massice this season?29 May 2012 20:41:28
SWFC Highest attendance last season 38,082
Cardiff 25109

such a big club be lucky if your around next year.

Wednesday got a platform thanks mandaric to bring back the good times, so whittingham may fancy jumping from a sinking ship.


26 May 2012 16:03:06
all I have heard for Watford is:

-Dean Lewington
-James Collins
-Omarr Lawson
-James meredith

I am not saying Watford will buy all of these players but these are the only players I have heard we are after.(12)(4)Also heard Ismail Kamara who plays for the same team as Omarr LawsonDean lewington is going to CharltonAt this rate Charlton will have FIFTY or MORE players on their books!!!Cant play THEM ALL???Two left backs coming in, plus Dicko, you will be well stocked for injuries to the left back position.Lewington is staying at mk his not gona move after his been with us as long as he hasLweington can stay at MK Dons. Not good enough to make the step up to the Championship


26 May 2012 16:01:49
Ipswich have their bid for Macclesfield 17 year old right back Elliott Hewitt (Welsh Under 21 int'l)(9)(4)"Ipswich have their bid" what? laughed at or accepted?


26 May 2012 15:50:23
James hayter to Crawley new manager o'driscoll taken him every club he has been(10)(5)


26 May 2012 15:47:59
Former Yeovil ace Phil Jevons looks set for a long awaited homecoming, but his high wage demands could be a stumbling block if the deal is to be done.(5)(7)Yh I have heard strong rumours as well i was certain I saw him down Polats fish bar the other dayReally he's rubbish he is well past his prime only scord 12 goals in two years in league 2Yes i hear he wants a clause in his contract entitling him 2 a free polats 3 nights a week but they will only offer 1 on a saturday!About him moving to yeovil, Gary said july we would have to wait.No I mean you don't need to justify Shearer not coming here. In july we will have arrivals but not now, maybe one or two in june who are released early


26 May 2012 15:35:18
Alessandro Del Piero will join either QPR or Fulham as he has stated in an Italian newspaper that he will be based in London next season(15)(13)So does that rule out Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham aswell? as they are based in london!I think West Ham were interested in himDon't forget AFC Wimbledon, Barnet, Brentford, Charlton, Crystal Palace, Dagenham & Redbridge, Leyton Orient and Millwall...He's clearly going to barnet...No, my moneys on Orient.He has retired by the wayNo he hasn't, he is a free agent.


26 May 2012 15:32:39
Lukaku will be loaned out to French side St. Etienne next season to gain valuable experience(9)(21)He needs Premier League/ English League experience. I could see him joining West Brom on loan


26 May 2012 15:32:26
leicester manager Nigel Pearson wants the following players for his promotion push next season

nicky shorey
james chester
aron wilbraham
emile heskey
cameron stewart
danny murphy
robbie brady
kelvin wilson
jay bothroyd
adam clayton(5)(27)Soon have a squad of 150
still wont get out of the
championshipGood luck paying all their wages and still staying within FFP! Shorey, Heskey, Murphy, Wilson and Bothroyd all on Premiership wages plus Danny Murphy is captain of Fulham and wants to stay in London.How many times do leicter need to realise that you dont need any more than 2 or 3 players i.e. southampton bought 3 in summer and 2 in january not including buying of the end of 1 loan they need a solid right back a winger a centre midFistly its LEICESTER. . . and secondly 3 players in summer and 2 in jan is more than the 2 or 3 players you said they need so just so your aware it equals 5. . . OkLambert and butler to sign for leicester.pearsons plan is to buy every available player,still wont go up.


26 May 2012 15:31:41
Richard Cresswell will join MK Dons during the summer, regardless of todays play off final result (From a source close to SUFC)(12)(7)No way it will not happen sheffield utd will proberaly be champions next season and mk dons to finish secondSheff utd champions are you having a laugh not even in top ten next season mind the division gap uto ftb tcioSheff utd will to defo in Top 10 next season in league 1Ha Ha! Spot the owl!


26 May 2012 15:30:17
Aston Villa will appoint a manager before making transfer targets public, however sources close to Randy Lerner says he is interested in securing a permanent move for Landon Donavon(5)(17)Landon Donovan to Villa? Mr Everton himself? Lol. Villa have no chance of signing Donovan when even he himself stated he wouldn't play for any other team in the premier league except Everton. Load of bs.He has already said the only Premier league club he would move to is EvertonLandon stated last week he is looking forward to coming back to everton in January and has said he doesnt want to leave either LA Galaxy or Everton and will now only play for these two clubs. SOURCE: OFFICIAL EVERtON WEBSITEWho in their right mind is going to villaWe don't want Donavon! go back to the home of "soccer".Villa cant even get a manager, never mind Donovan!What manager would sign for you when an American with no knowledge of footballers is signing the players?Lerner doesn't sign the players , a pile of BS called Paul Faulkner does!.

And if we are just not in a rush - we didn't even offer OGS anything so can't say that we got rejected.


26 May 2012 15:27:49
Michael Owen in talks with West Ham and Reading over a possible transfer. Leicester have also expressed serious interest but Owen is reluctant to drop a division(23)(19)Leicester pairing Owen & Heskey up? whatever next black & white tv?There is no way that Michael Owen will leave the North West.......To heavily involved with his race horses in chester!Enough! Michael Owen will not be coming to Reading.


26 May 2012 15:24:58
Kagawa expected to complete his move to Old Trafford within the next week(28)(13)


26 May 2012 15:23:28
Louis Saha's short spell at Tottenham looks to be coming to an end after Lille contacted Tottenham over a possible transfer. Saha is keen on a move to France and Redknapp wants to make room for his summer targets(13)(5)Lille don't have to contact spurs. Louis Saha was on a 6-month-contract and will be released on July 1st. Saha will be in control of who he signs forI thought Saha was on loan from Everton. So if Lille contact spurs to sign him, Redkanpp will have to pass the message on to Moyes.Saha signed on a free until end June (not a loan). spurs have an option so yes, Lille have done the right thing by contacting them. Ryan Nelson the same


26 May 2012 15:22:08
Charlton will look to swoop for Sheffield United duo Stephen Quinn and Harry Maguire if the Blades miss out on promotion. Anthony Wordsworth of Colchester and Sam Baldock from West Ham are also high up on Chris Powell's transfer wish-list.(7)(5)No they wontChildish reply


26 May 2012 15:22:05
Owen Garvan is said to be in talks over a move to Middlesborough, with Hull and Sheffield Wednesday also showing interest(6)(0)I will drive him, where ever he wants to go for free!


26 May 2012 15:00:48
OFFICIAL: Shrewsbury Town are set to sign Southend United's Ryan Hall for £110,000 plus add-ons and Chelthenham's Marlon Pack for £80,000.(7)(19)Don't believe we will sign both.....£80,000 for Pack! id be surprised if cheltenham let him go for £800,000Yeah I think you could add on another zero to both those deals to make them more realistic!80K for Pack! PahaaOfficial? who's your source?We will only sign pack if cheltenham dont go upI wish(marlon pack) but he is worth like 400k?How do you know thisNo it isn't official till the club websites publish it, also why woukd pack leave a potential league 1 club for another league 1 club theres no point its harldy moving to a bigger team as well like sheff utdThis figure is complete nonsenseWe'd want the whole of Southend with the pier thrown in for 950k!I have now realised that Shrewsbury fans are the most deluded set of fans I have ever heard.We have all realised your deluded- Coventry fanShrewsbury in League 1 > Southend in League 2 , we are the bigger club.Southend>ShrewsburyYeah Southend are bigger.
Greenhouse Meadow > Roots Hall
Graham Turner > Sturrock
3rd > 4th
And Shrewsbury have been in the championship.... The web says southend haventYou need to get your facts right before you post on here!LOL you don't even know what position your own team finished in haha!!!!Southend have been in the championship 7 timesAnd roots hall 12500,greenhous meadow 10000, paul sturrock managed in the premiership what has graham turner ever doneTurner saved Wolves. from div 2- Championship and is now a club ledge. He managed Villa and oned Hereford saving them from administration.
and took Salop to highest ever finish 8th.
Tbh i did forget we where second because our season finished long ago.
Your ground was poor in comparison. Capacity means nothing.


26 May 2012 14:41:23
Reading duo D'ath and obita to bournmouth on a season long loan(8)(8)Is there any truth in this how do u know its happeningDefinitely a possibility, two good prospects in need of some first team footballAs I understand it, he will return to Yeovil on a season long loan. This was arranged during his extended loan last season.No deal agreed for D'ath to return to YeovilI think your right possibly about d'ath as for obita, hes already proved himself at that level, i'd wager mcdermott would want him at championship level this season..How has obita proved himself at that level as you put it obita was in league 2 and average for barnet and good for gillingham championship to much for him yetObita proved himself in league 2 How then do you suggest he's ready for the physical demands of the championship


26 May 2012 14:38:34
Manchester United have bid rejected for Dortmund's Shinji Kagawa
• €16m bid for Japanese midfielder rejected by Germans
• Deal for Kagawa may go through next week for €17-18m(23)(6)I thought it was more £7m? He's only got 1 more year on his contract.


26 May 2012 14:34:31
Hazard has agreed terms with City(13)(38)Yes, but he's also agreed terms with United and Chelsea...Dident know hull had the money!The guy has agreed terms with everyone who pays big wages doesn't mean he will sign


26 May 2012 14:30:07
Strong rumours of Tottenham selling Parker to PSG and Lennon to Liverpool to fund moves for Hulk and Mauchiseo(7)(43)Why would hulk go to spurs?And much do u expect to get for parker lol

daviebhoy08Why would redknapp want to sell Parker he's one on the best defensive midfielders in countryStrong rumours? there's no likelihood of any of thisHulk has a £38m buy out clause, if you think selling Parker and Lennon will raise that then you are seriously misguided!Tbf, given the amount Liverpool pay for terrible Englishmen like downing and Henderson, think about how much they'd give us for one who's actually really good!Hulks buyout is actually 100m but Porto are willing to accept around 38m. Parker and Lennon would be lucky to raise 15m. or 20m if you're being extremely generousHenderson Wasn't a bad move
We just paid too much for him that is all


26 May 2012 14:26:30
Fulham to offer luis Fabiano a sensational return to Europe.
Dempsey off to psg, Jeremy menèz coming the other way.
Gokhan inler + 2million coming from Napoli to buy moussa dembele.
Etuhu to join former teammates paintsil and konchesky at Leicester.
Andy Johnson to see out his career at crystal palace(3)(29)Pantsil has gone!All made up rubbish.Hope AJ re-signs for Palace although wages would be a huge issue.....GLAD ALL OVER!!!Not yet. Andy said he will return, but it's just too soon.Andy Johnson will never play for Crystal Palace F.C again. Fact.Until he retires having not played for palace again, that isn't a fact but a prediction


26 May 2012 14:21:39
Europa League champions Atletico Madrid are close to signing former Newcastle, Inter Milan and Galatasaray midfielder Emre Belozoglu on a free transfer.
Diego Simeone, manager of Atletico Madrid is also believed to be chasing former West Brom midfielder, Borja Valero from relegated Villareal and Edin Dzeko from Manchester City who is unhappy at the club even though they have won the Premier League.(5)(4)


26 May 2012 14:16:02
Walsall Ins:
Keiron Agard...Free transfer
Jacob Mellis...Free transfer
Simon Gillett...Free Transfer
Ryan Donaldson..Loan(3)(7)Simon gillett and jacob mellis are too good for walsall


26 May 2012 14:11:48
Wolves Watford and Barnsley are interested in a loan move for southampton's Tadanari Lee(0)(25)Maybe they would be, but then there is no chance of it happening. Expect they would like to loan Rooney at the same time?!
Get real.No they're not. Complete crap.Not a chance, he will be part of the Saints first team next seasonI am a saints fan and to be honest this wouldn't be a bad thing as we have Lambert and sharp and maybe other's such as Micheal Owen ,jay Rod and for him to go on loan to championship side would get him some form and then he could come back and try his luck in premNo chanceHe won't go on loan he's Just been injured fora bit and will be Involved with first team football next year do your researchTo the user above: Lee was pushing Sharp out of the first team. When he's back fit, he will be featuring.To the user above. Lee was starting because sharp was no fit enough. Lambo and Sharp will be our main strike force unless we sign Ridriguez.Not really sharp could of played but lee was playing outstanding, lee will not go on loanCan't see sharp starting the season alongside Ricky. He finished the season well but we will sign a striker be it Hooper, Rodriguez or more likely someone not even being discussed on here, and they will start or Lee. Sharp has a part to play this year but he will be on the bench a fair bit.Lee hardly speaks any English, so where's the common sense in sending him out on loan where he'll have to meet all these new people and learn even more names. Plus the fact he's going to play a big part next season due to his pace.It might be that the teams have asked about him... but it is another thing for saints to say yesMany top prem clubs were after Lee, he chose Saints because of the clubs ambition. Why on earth would we loan him out?I am a watford fan and i really hope this is not true, he has only scored 1 goal in the championship and what i have seen of him is he's appauling, he an open goal from 5 yards out, then dived in the box cheating us out of the game!. I am sure many watford fans will agree with me that they dont want to see this man at watford!Well dont worry , you wont , he will be banging many a goal in for us next season^
Lee only got the one goal as he took a little time to adjust to English football as was inevitable and he then got a bad injury and missed the rest of the season.
"cheated us out of the game". You were awful on 3-0 at home??
He's an established, quality international striker. He'd walk into Watford's teamWhat about jonathan forteDeeney started banging in goals towards end of season, think we need one or two more strikers though, but would be disappointed if Lee was one of them..need a proven goalscorer.Another amazing Saints player! I hope you fail next season...annoying bunch of fansIt seems most people here are missing the point. Regardless of how good he is, Southampton made an investment in Tadanari Lee because having a Japanese player in the Premier League will boost the club's profile, and hence revenue, in Asia, particularly in Japan. Given Saints have now made it to the Premiership, I see it as highly improbable he will be loaned out.Tadanari was great for us last year, before he got injured he scored our goal of the season and was tearing teams apart and setup the crucial goal for Lambert against Leeds. He will be a huge player for us next season as he gives us other options to partner Lambert - he will give Sharp a real run for his money when it comes to being Ricky's strike partner next season.People are really over complicating this. He will play an integral part in the coming season. He is an important player for us. He won't be loaned out. End of.Won't happen. Lee will feature for the saints in the Prem baby!Watford wouldn't be interested in him - all of the fans despised him when Southampton went to Vicaridge Road because he kept flinging himself across the six-yard box.


26 May 2012 14:08:52
Russian Club Anzhi Makachkala have revealed that they would like to sign Didier Drogba who will be a free agent next month, Andrey Arshavin who has just finished his loan spell at Zenit St. Petersburg and Goalkeeper Steve Mandanda from Marseille, during this Summer.(16)(2)


26 May 2012 13:39:52
the one who said yeovil are looking at scott shearer, he has signed for rotherham utd so we need to look somewhere else(3)(2)I mean no dis respect to your opinion but the signings are going to be ketp quiet. I think we shoould just wait for july before we find out about the new signings. Possible some in june if they are free agents who have declined early offers from their previous team.Its already been announsed that hes signed with rotherham , so its not my opinion, its factSo surley this isn't a 'rumour' then.....Shearer has signed a 2 year deal with Rotherham


26 may 2012 13:38:18
shorey to sign for leicester city next week as np looks to bolster defence for promotion push next season(10)(10)Shorey and Konchesky...what a wage bill you will have for just one position!!


26 May 2012 13:27:50
Charlton signings:-

Such a lot of crap has been posted on here, the only ones that are definitely goers at this moment in time are-

Anthony Wordsworth from Colchester
Tamas Kadar from Newcastle (Both clubs haggling over fee)
Sam Baldock from West Ham (but only as a purchase and NOT on a season long loan)

Anything else treat as very suspicious and if I see Jay Rodriguez's name linked one more time I'm gonna die laughing. Everton, Saints, Norwich and Fulham have all offered from 5 -7m for his services.(7)(8)I have heard that the Baldock and Wordsworth deals have some legs but Kadar will not be coming to The Valley.Baldock wont be coming to uYou've used the word "definately" so if any one doesn't happen you will look like a fool!!I said they were definitely goers meaning that Charlton are trying to make these deals NOT that they would definitely happen.Kadar has been released I thought?


26 May 2012 13:13:28
Danny Simpson has vowed to fight for his place next season after rumours suggested he was set to join former manager Chris Hughton at Birmingham(12)(6)


26 May 2012 13:12:36
Borussia Dortmund and PSG will battle it out to secure the signature of Salomon Kalou as his contract at Chelsea has expired(22)(4)


26 May 2012 13:11:42
Jermain Defoe's agent is meeting with Newcastle representatives this week to discuss a possible transfer after Redknapp admitted Defoe wont get first team football next season(17)(23)Defoe wants to win trophies, Newcastle haven't won one since 1969 !!!Liverpool are interested from what ive herdPerhaps a possible trade with demba baHe's not getting first team football at Newcastle with Ba an Cisse


26 May 2012 13:10:19
Marc-Antoine Fortune in talks with Spanish sides Zaragoza and Villareal(12)(7)


26 May 2012 13:09:40
Preston looking to bring in Ryan Lowe and Freddy Eastwood(9)(12)Lowe ecstatic at finally getting his chance to play in Championship. By his own admission not looking to move away from Hillsborough.Not true what so ever. I know for a fact westley wants fit player not to chubby useless onesIf any of these 2 are available on a Bosman, are over 6 feet tall and have played in the non league.....then as long as they want a 2 year contract on £1,500 a week...then Westley will sign them....!Eastwood is set to sign a two year deal at Southend after they met his wage demands.Definitely don't want Eastwood, he had a good season or two, but he's lost it now.


26 May 2012 13:06:10
Exeter city are set to have a really busy summer with rumoured ins and outs:

In: Luke ayling (yeovil) Woodall (Brentford) Pat baldwin (southend) marcus bean (brentford) mcleod (?)

Out: Dunne (stevenage) Cureton (Rovers) noble, mcnish, o'brien (released)

Richard logan to make a return after being released.(4)(7)Ayling just signed a new 2 year contract with yeovil so unlikely
DevonGreenWoodMAN from brentford?Luke ayling has signed a new contract and why would he drop to a crap league 2 team even if he left would be for a decent league 1 teamCureton was released by Leyton Orient not Exeter so technically not r playerThat is obviously not true, ayling is far too expensive for exeter, hes worth twice what nardiello is and u couldnt even keep hold of himAyling signed a new 2 year deal so wont move in the summerWhy would Ayling want to join Tinpot Exeter when he could play in a higher league and quite possibly be captain next season!


26 May 2012 13:03:43
West Ham to make a marquee signing in the next 2 weeks. Possibly Bas Dost who has already been bided for by the Hsmmers.



26 May 2012 12:59:06
Paul Jones has signed this morning for Crawley. A goal scoring forward is set to be unveiled on Monday.(2)(7)


26 May 2012 12:52:21
Leeds have had two bids rejected for Bristol City striker Jon Stead. Stead was thought to be keen on the move, but I doubt he will request a transfer.(2)(17)We want to acquire a striker not lose one Jon going nowhere but top of the scoring charts next season for us.


26 May 2012 12:51:07
Burnley have accepted the fact they will more than likely lose Jay Rodriguez. West Brom, Southampton and Reading are preparing to make bids(14)(3)Jay Rodriguez has today been spotted in Newcastle , so he's not going to Southampton hahaHaha jay rod has not been spotted in newcastle haha^^
I've been in Norwich today. Doesn't mean I'm signing for them.I doubt that. Newcastle already have decent strikers... unless they are planning sales^ means nothing anyone can look like a white brown haired 6ft maleHe was driving round Newcastle today mate hiss work with his cousin and he told me he went up to have a look around and that Newcastle and burnley are in talksCould have been shopping?Good hes awfulHow is he awfull ?? Think you need glasses o Sumat m821 goals in a season and getting into the championship team of they year is not awful you clownAnyone could look like a white brown haired 6ft male? Anyone?

How about my black blonde haired 5ft sister? :-sHe is bound to leave for the premier league. Southampton would be a good move >Lambert, Sharp and RodriguezHes gone to southampton for 7 millNo he hasn't gone to Southampton ! Southampton have had a 7million bid accepted ! Jays on holiday and he's rejected u once so don't get your hopes up !!


26 May 2012 12:50:18
PSG are set to make a £12 million bid for Scott Parker after an impressive season for Tottenham(6)(28)If true i would take it, with the form sandro is showing he'l be a legand


26 May 2012 12:49:41
Morecambe's Andy Fleming to move on loan to Barrow in the next few days(2)(1)No chance what so ever. A valuable member of MFC's plans for the coming season.


26 May 2012 12:48:53
Will Haining has expressed a desire to leave Morecambe as he feels he can further his career elsewhere. Hibernian, Kilmarnock, Bury and Oldham have all shown interest in the centre back(3)(0)OAFC Hope so, former captain, knows the club, lives in the area and is a good age to pass on his experience to our talented but still young, centre backs.No chance at all. He is not at the standard required for League 1.Stunning wife !!!! {Ed003's Note - Really? I might have to look into this}Going to Bury for 150k, on a two year deal.Google Michelle Marsh and that is Morecambe FC player Will Haining's wife.If he wants to go, let him. Too injury prone to get a full season out of him. Has lost his pace due to injuries.I doubt if Bury could raise £150,000Not a chance. He has a buyout clause at 30k which could be activated but Bury and Oldham are both out of that league.


26 May 2012 12:44:43
Dembele + Dempsey to arsenal for 28 million.

Fulham to sign arouca The midfielder from santos

And fernando gago who can't get a game atm(2)(26)28 million is too much. it's more like 20 millionCan't get a game? Gago is on loan with Roma and played 30 Serie A games for them this season and they are trying to sort out a permanent deal with Real


26 May 2012 12:39:13
Ipswich keeper Aaron Lee-Barrett is wanted by Peterborough and may be used as bait to lure George Boyd to Ipswich.(7)(3)No he is not. Ferguson has previously stated that if all goes to plan the oldest member of the squad will be 26, and Lee-Barrett is 28. Stop posting rubbish.Yeah he's to old. It was either Amos, Heaton or the young keeper at gillingham.He's our only keeper at the moment, so that really doesn't add up!


26 May 2012 12:35:10
Peterborough United have bid £700k for Huddersfield striker Lee Novak with David Ball going to Huddersfield(6)(10)I do hope not.Yeah good oneLee novak for £700k ? no chance


26 May 2012 12:33:30
Michael Bostwick & Luke Freeman are to complete there moves from Stevenage to Peterborough for a deal worth £1.9m(6)(11)Do you think Bostwick will sign and how much for each player ?Where are Peterborough going to get 1.9 mil from??It's so frustrating reading people slag off Peterborough's finances. Play-offs - £4m, CMS - £2.5m + add-ons, Bennett - £3.5m + add-ons, McLean - £1.6m. This alone is £11.6m, and does not include add-ons from CMS or Bennett, and also does not include the imminent sales of Taylor and Boyd this window. We could easily be looking at £13.5m in the bank. We had a bid accepted for Vardy but he chose Leicester, and we have spent £1m on Tyrone Barnett. Get it out of your brain that Peterborough cannot afford players.I agree, Im not a peterborough fan but i heard an interview with there chairman the other day and he was saying there one of the only teams in the championship who have many in the bank and dont need to sell b4 they buy.It most certantly is! Its also frustrating seeing other fans value their own players too highly or say that the player is going to a bigger club. How could they possibly know that?


26 May 2012 12:33:13
Drogba to shanghai cause of money(18)(10)Haha alright fella, he leaves because he is 35 and has won evrything at chelsea......


26 May 2012 12:31:47
Peterborough have bid £200k for Gillingham goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga(8)(2)200,000 no chance atleast 700,000 for a keeper of his age and talent


26 May 2012 12:29:27
Crewe's Ashley Westwood will join Peterborough United after the L2 play off final for a fee of £500k. Posh are also looking at AJ Leitch-Smith.(9)(5)


26 May 2012 12:28:06
Paul Taylor has agreed a new 4 year contract with Peterborough United(5)(15)No he hasn't - he is leaving!All peterborough fans wish this was true but sadly its not, He'll be signing for a premiership team this summer.4 year deal!! long contracts are why clubs get into financial trouble...oh well.


26 May 2012 12:14:51
Marcus Bent is set for a trial at Preston when pre season training starts in July(12)(6)Hope so good playerBent is on more money than every player at PNE and they wouldnt pay him the wages. I doubt he would come down to a team in League 1 who finished 15th.So did wednesday last year in fairness and they went up this year


26 May 2012 12:09:28
Dulwich Hamlet duo Omar Lawson and Ismail Kamara have both been on trial with Watford who are still keen on the pair. York City James Meridith is now on a free transfer Watford are interested. James Collins is still 50/50 and Tommy Smith is still only a rumour.(4)(3)


26 May 2012 12:06:35
Didier Drogba thought to be mulling over a move to NY redbulls, Drogba and Henry would be a scary partnership for MLS defences(18)(10)


26 May 2012 12:02:10
Notts county will try to sign llyod sam butr his wage demand might be to high so there second choice will be stuart beavon as he can play on the wing as well as up front(5)(1)Hope we get any of themBeen shown around rotherham groundWhy the hell would he want to go there? Notts are a better and bigger clubMoney talksThats exactly what i thought he wouldnt want to go to rotherham he would either go to a league 1 club or maybe championship


26 May 2012 11:56:27
OFFICIAL: Former England goalkeeper Richard Wright has penned a 2 year contract with Preston North End(14)(9)Whoever clicks unbelievable doesnt know what they on about. Check out official club website and SSN1 yearOnly one year contract. Read betterWho cares, the guy is nearly 35 and has only played 3 games in 2 years.....hardley a mega signing......suppose this means your German goalie has been offered a decent contract elsewhere on more than the £500 a week you pay him.Hes 34 cant you read. And as back too stuckmann whos on 5k a week. Were have people got 500 from there not working for asdaLaird has to-day 27 May signed for Preston.


26 May 2012 11:50:55
My mate lives on the street at the side of oakwell in barnsley, says twice over last 2 weeks a helicopter has landed in car park and then a car has transported the blokes around 100 m up the car park to the stadium (lazy gits), anyone have an idea whats going on there?(2)(10)They might be filming Airwolf the movieProbably Roman Abramovic stopping off for a dump in Barnsley... why else would someone who owns a helicopter step foot in Barnsley?I heared the new James Bond movie was being set in BarnsleyIts Arthur Scargill, trying to hide his expenses claims from the NUM headquarters so moving to Barnsley where he feels he will find lots of room in the half used stadium


26 May 2012 11:46:15
Aldershot have signed left-back Anthony Tonkin from Oxford to replace Anthony Straker who is in talks with Watford.(7)(0)Straker to Watford? haha, he aint even a good league 2 left back!Doyley is fine tanksStraker to AFC Wimbledon


26 May 2012 11:45:57
If Martinez goes to Liverpool then Steve Bruce will go back to Wigan and take up the hotseat.(16)(7)That'll be the end of Wigan then!TROLOLOLOL


26 May 2012 11:44:59
Arsenal very close to signing Oliver Giroud from Montepellier in France for £12,000,000 and added on Marouane Chamack(13)(6)No, no , no , no and no!!!
12million plus chamahk - last i heard they wanted 40 million and bayern have already made a bid around the 30million markMaroune Chamakh is headed to West Ham utd thats a certain


26 May 2012 11:42:51
Barcelona's Dani Alves is on his way to Man.City for around £30,000,000.
Sources:The Gaurdian(6)(33)Its a newspaper rumour so it must be true.Stupid rumour


26 May 2012 11:42:26
Heard from someone who works at Oxford that they'll be putting a bid in for Akinfenwa at Northampton, and possibly try and get a season long loan for a midfielder from the Championship.(4)(4)Wrong!
We don't have the money to spend on Akinfenwa!
We have 5 forwards and have openly said we wont be signing a striker. And also said we wont be getting loanee's this season, as they all near enough failed in past 2 seasons!
We are signing an experienced league 2 centre midfielder and a right back!Haha, dont be silly.... little oxford couldnt afford his wagesOxford are strongly linked with 3 players, ronnie henry RB
Jody morris CM
and will bring in one more striker
either a season long loan or on a free
source close to oufc
and yes wage budget shouldnt take to much damage as chances are people are on way outWhy lie?No need too when everything stacks up, when you know henry has been at the club for talks and you know morris is duberry's mate and a striker is inevitable when your club cant scoreThis is all LIES!!Obviously a swindon fan stating its lies, bitter from the two defeats this seasons.What are Ronnie Henry and Jody Morris like? Henry a lot better than Batt? Would Morris be a good replacement if Chapman don't sign?..Oxford are signing NO loan players this summer. Said by the clubs manager and chairman!!
So why lie?
You have no idea if Henry has been at the club!
Duberry is also real good mates with Zola and Frank Sinclair, are they signing too?Wilder wants to re-sign Robbie Hall on loan.


26 May 2012 11:41:54
Former Chelsea and Juventus manager Claudio Ranieri is on his way to West Brom to fill in from Roy Hodgson.(20)(3)


26 May 2012 11:39:26
Arsenal,Chelsea,Man City and Man.Utd all chasing Lille winger Eden Hazard for around £15,000,000. But in the news Hazard stated that he wants a move to Manchester.(13)(9)I'm so glad my Spurs are not mentioned anywhere with this boy. He's overrated....arrogant. Who doesn't think he is leaving the 3 clubs in suspense as if he was the big daddy. He's only 21 and needs to sort out his attitude. He's not THAT big, not yet.15 million try 35 millionLille won't accept anything under £28,000,000 so I don't know where you're getting £15,000,000 from...

And to the comment below, you needn't of ever worried about Hazard being linked to spurs...he wants champions league football...something I believe you can't provide.


26 May 2012 11:38:13
Oxford United could are looking to sign Accrington Stanley Midfielder Luke Joyce(4)(1)


26 May 2012 11:32:56
Any Middlesbrough fc news(5)(5)


26 May 2012 11:15:32
24 May 2012 20:13:45
southend have accepted a 500k bid
for elliot benyon from swindon town
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Are you serious haha, we signed him last year for 60k, he done nothing at swindon, and we lost money on him on the move to southend! so 500o is way off mate sorry, have another go!(4)(6)Highly doubt thatDoubt it maybe 5k, he is awful for us like he was in the play offs when it really matteredIt was taking the piss out of some of the rumours on here, id be happy to offload benyon for 50p and a freddoHow bout just a freddo.


26 May 2012 10:47:42
i beleave , enoch , labadie,raven, devanney all leaving rovers in the summer...(1)(3)They left weeks ago


26 May 2012 10:47:41
Hull city set to miss out on Steve Bruce with the former Manchester United man set to be going to Wigan. Lee Clark or Manuel Jose will be the next manager if Bruce goes to Wigan!(7)(4)Thats the end of wigan then-when confirmed I'm down the bookies backing relegationWhy's that? Bruce led us to 14th and 11th in his two PL seasons with Wigan, Martinez has never reached those heights. And sure Bruce spent lots of money, but he had to as the squad he inherited was old and dire, the one he'll inherit now is young, decent and full of potential. No one man is bigger than the club, and Wigan will live on whoever is in charge after Martinez.Bruce wont know how to use this team his style doesn't fit with the current crop of players.


26 May 2012 10:37:09
Yeovil to sign Clarke Carlisle after being released from Burnely(2)(10)Yeovil are welcome to him... we had him on loan at Preston and he was awful, League 2 player now at bestExcept against Yeovil at our place, without him you would have lost 5-1 rather than 2-1


26 May 2012 10:34:41
Oxford manager Chris Wilder interested in Alan Smith(0)(6)He's on 50k a week at Newcastle, we don't have much money. So you think he'll move south for 2k a week?!?! NO CHANCE!
The ex-prem midfielder who maybe going to Oxford would be, free agent and best mates with Michael Duberry... Jody Morris


26 May 2012 10:33:43
Gareth Bale to Barcelona 45million(16)(26)It looks like Jordi Alba will sign for Barca, they really don't have the finances to afford Bale this summer as they also want to sign Thiago Silva or Javi Martinez for CB too
Bale won't be moving this summer£45m! that values him at more than Spains all time goalscorer Villa, Its an awful lot for a left back!!It would bre more like 60 mill


26 May 2012 10:31:48
Who will man city buy in the summer transfer season.(3)(12)EveryoneNobody because Ipswich/Reading/Southampton/Charlton amd Ipswich are buying everybody.


26 May 2012 10:31:40
southend have rejected a fresh
shrewsbury bid of 950k(1)(15)950k is a load of bull...... Just this week Turner talked about we are a club who live within our means and not a club who spend stupid amounts of money.What is wrong with Southend? the most we have ever spent is 170k on Grant Holt. why on earth would we spend basically a Million on an unproven winger. this has made me have a chuckle.Do you have something wrong with you!
we're a newly promoted league 1 club do you really think we have that sort of money to spend? you need to get a grip!!You could have a boardroom takeover of southend for 250 quidYour not going to get him if you bid anything under 500k so there is not much point of you being linked with such a talented player.Doubt this very much 950! Has some middle eastern billionaire invested in them?Haha and the shrewsbury fans bite again, however it was closer than 55k that you think your getting him forTalented player!!!
if he was so talented wouldn he be in a higher league?


26 May 2012 10:29:10
man u to buy powell for 5 million(12)(9)


26 May 2012 10:29:04
West Ham have bid 7 million for Heerveen striking sensation Bas Dost. Should be accepted unless another team bids more money and tries to steal him (Reading and QPR)

190298(9)(12)Not true, all paper talk, it's garbage.Dost has agreed a move to Wolfsburg.Anyone West Ham aint gonna signWest Hams team is weaker now than the one tat went down, why would he join?Of course it's weaker, they were RELEGATED. That said, they have kept a number of prem quality players so should stay up. Obviously they are going to buy people this window making them a strong teamI'm sure Brian would love to have him at Reading, but he's going to Wolfsburg unless something goes seriously wrong


26 May 2012 09:48:15
Hi Ed, do you know who Ashley Westwood is linked with? {Ed001's Note - Sheff Weds, Derby County and Peterborough United have all looked at him last season.}(3)(3)


26 May 2012 09:47:44
Hi Ed, do you know who Luke Murphy of Crewe is linked with? {Ed001's Note - there were a few Championship sides looking at him in the past, not sure about recent interest though.}(2)(2)


26 May 2012 10:15:51
West Ham have made a £7m bid for goal machine Bas Dost, 32 goals in 34 games in Holland.
Sources: The Daily Mail and The Sun(16)(6)Hes going to either wolfsburg or newcastle 6.5 million euros already acceptedTap in and penalty merchant. Rarely scores a goal outside of the 6 yard box.All I will say is. £7 million for samaras and £12 million for alves from that Dutch club and they turned out to be anything but goal machines


26 May 2012 10:07:52
Burnley to sign Adam Clayton(3)(7)Bono said he'd been looking to replace him for years.


26 May 2012 10:03:10
ED;) ANY BRISTOL CITY TRANSFER NEWS. {Ed001's Note - I don't have any sorry.}(0)(8)


26 May 2012 10:01:22
Joe Cole could move to France again on loan with Nancy and AS Monaco interested in the Englishman's services.(5)(9)


26 May 2012 09:59:12
West Brom could look to get Steve Bruce as their next manager.(6)(11)Erm, noNeva gona happen


26 May 2012 09:50:56
Fulham are chasing Hernandez of Valencia , Anderson of man utd , huddlestone of spurs n sinclair of swansea .also chasing Vorsah of Hoffenhiem n have been linked with Mexes of ac milan. Narsingh deal is dead but assaidi is still a possibility . Andy johnson may go to wolves along with etuhu as fulham will use the pair n cash to secure the signature of matt jarvis before stoke n other suitors bid. Haliche n bh riise could be offered to H'field along with cash for rhodes. Dont ask me how i know these things i can't say , doubt me if u want but i know what i know due to knowing VIP's in the fulham set up.(5)(12)Of course, no one doubt's any of thatThis all seems highly implausibleYeah sure fulham can afford theseSo Fulham will be spending anywhere between £60-100m then? It looks like mad egyptians support the club as well as own it. lolI hate it when people claim to know people high up in football clubs why would any of them talk transfer with youVIPs are normally sponsors and clubs dont discuss transfers with sponsors.


26 May 2012 09:47:13
Hi Ed, do you know where AJ Leitch-Smith of Crewe is linked with? {Ed025's Note - no mate sorry..(0)(4)


26 May 2012 09:24:44
Northampton boss Aidy Boothroyd has agreed to sign Coventry City striker Clive Platt on a two-year deal.(15)(0)


26 May 2012 08:44:44
Burton Albion linked with a move for Bury Goalkeeper Cameron Belford as the goalkeeper is looking for a move back to the midlands. Also resigning Derby goalkeeper Ross Atkins is another option and expect a new defender in the next few days(2)(1)Ruddy the Norwich goalkeeper linked with a 5 month loan move to Bury. Because of his recent injury.Not a chance, Bury just signed Trevor Carson from Sunderland on a two year deal and as if Ruddy would drop down two leagues! be seriousBelford will never play for the shakers again whilst Mr Shirtliff is at the club.

He is linked with Forrest green.


26 May 2012 08:34:09
Stuart Holden to kickstart his career at Norwich(15)(8)No I heard new boys reading


26 May 2012 08:31:37
Clint Dempsey will join either arsenal or man utd . Fulham eye carrick or anderson in any deal with united n arsharvin or ramsay with any gunners deal . Leverkusen are allowing fulham to talk to still onjured sydney sam who is due back to fitness in 3 weeks. Chadli is still wanted as is jarvis who wolves value at 10 mil, but fulham may try with a cash plus players deal for the wideman . Narsingh deal is off but assaidi deal could still happen , fulham are sbiffing round swansea duo sinclair n allen but allen is valued at 8.5 mil n sinclair 7 mil so fulham would have to sell players before any deal would be possible , scouts will watch Abdullaou tonight when he faces england in oslo n mohammed zidane could join after mainz offered him a poor deal.(2)(12)Sounds like a bit of a wish list to me.... sinclair and allen... don't think so....


26 May 2012 08:22:55
Andy Williams former Yeovil town striker is favourites to go to the mkdons on a free. also stuart beavon is also linked with a move to rivals mkdons but still millwall and charlton track the talented player(3)(7)Too good to be true.


26 May 2012 08:18:54
Colchester linked to making a loan approach for MUFC reserve striker Will Keane after selling kayode odejayi(5)(6)Maybe true john ward goes back a long way with fergie


26 May 2012 09:16:32
West Ham United have inquired about the availability of Netherlands striker Bas Dost(17)(8)


26 May 2012 09:09:01
Cardiff City are interested in Peterborough's George Boyd and have also joined Peterborough in a chase to sign Danny Swanson when his contract runs out at Dundee Utd.(12)(3)He sings for cardiff on the 1st julyPeterborough on the 1st of july you mean.Ed would George Boyd be a good player for cardiff to get {Ed001's Note - not in my opinion, flatters to deceive for me.}


26 May 2012 08:59:46
West Ham have put a 7m bid in for Bas Dost who has had an excellent season with 32 goals in 34 appearances. West Ham have also put a 6.5 million bid in for Matt Jarvis with also Frederic Piquionne going in the other direction. Piquionne was strongly linked with Wolves in January but did not move in the end. West Ham will either get Ben Foster or Manuel Almunia if Rob Green refuses a new contract. The last piece of news, West Ham have been strongly linked with Jay Rodriguez and want to bring him to the club of a fee of 6.8million. But they are faces other clubs for his signature like Reading, Southampton and Cardiff.(10)(12)West Ham have a lot of debt.....can they afford £14 for 2 players plus the high wages?If west ham continue to spend money they are heading for a very big fall.Jay rod won't go to west ham to many strikers all ready, which means Southampton will be the likely destination if they don't go for hooper and reading are looking to land n doye senegal strikerThey can have me for £14 on high wages. I'll be blinding for 20 mins and then a wheezing wreck in the centre circle for the remainder!Bas Dost only 7million! What are you talking about the lad has been touted for milan and man united for 20 million.... you must be deludedSouthampton set for Emmanuel Agyemang-BaduOh I will laugh if West Ham sign these players adding to an already massive debt. Portsmouth anybody!!


26 May 2012 07:37:22
Stoke are considering taking Chelsea striker Roman Lukuka on loan for next season.(11)(9)Stoke can consider all they want (and they tried to get him on loan during the January transfer window but couldn't due to the 3 club rule) but nothing will happen until Chelsea sign a new manager.


26 May 2012 05:20:35
Hazard set for united after rejecting other two suitors for squad rotation reasons.

To be made official as soon as transfer window opens.(5)(14)Nonesense


26 May 2012 00:38:05
Would like to see nathaniel clyne or chris gunter at norwich if we cant get naughton. Fabio on loan at a long shot, he's got to go somewhere.(5)(5)


26 May 2012 00:22:04
Birmingham striker Nicola Zigic is being chased by Dinamo Zagreb
Gary McSheffery wanted by Sheffield Wednesday
Gareth McCleary advised Radoslav Majewski to join him at Reading
Adebayo Akinfenwa wanted by Yeovil, Bournemouth and Portsmouth
Derby Striker Steven Davies set to sign for Brighton
Bradfords David Syers will reject a new contract to sign for Barnsley
Ramon Nunez of Leeds shock target for Rotherham
Tom Greaves of Bradford Park Avenue being chased by Bradford City and Morecambe
Jon Stead to resign for Huddersfield
Junior Hoillet to leave Blackburn for Liverpool or 1860 Munich(10)(6)Adebayo akinfenwa is poor and is overweightPoor and overweight haha what a jokeJust because Akinfenwa has 99 strength on FIFA does not make him a good player in real life!Akinfenwa has played amazing this season scoring 18 goals in the process. He is a tank thats scores.Akinfenwa is a tankI'm sorry I'm just not sure why Zigic would go to wednesday? In a view from a Brighton fan I'd say that this is very un likely to happen!Umm I think you will find that says that Zigic is wanted by Dinamo Zagreb not Sheffield Wednesday.Davies wants to leave Derby for family reasons, he and his family are from Liverpool, Brighton is further South than the maths.Davies wants to go up north, therefore Brighton is out the picture.Why assume 'family reasons' = 'homesick' ?
Lots of family reasons why he might want to leave and NOT go up north.Reading do have money from the takeoverJermain johnson has been linked with a move to bradford cityLeeds couldnt afford Rhodes' boots.. Nevermind £10M for Rhodes!Rhodes not worth 1million , so he scored goals in lge one for a second rate outfit like town ,big deal MOTWhy would majewski join reading is this some sort of sick joke also Gunter is mccleary best mateAkinfenwa is too good for pompey anywayThis is true because i was the one who asked him


26 May 2012 00:14:53
Hulks agent say's chelsea is the club
for his client and talks will be taking
place at some point to try to come to
personal terms and work out a fee(8)(4)


26 May 2012 00:13:29
Alan Smith set for move to Charlton, Watford, Leeds or MK dons(8)(8)Doubt we d b able to afford his wages unless hes cut his demands to get some pride back. his fitness wouldn't b amazing. how did he do at mk dons?Watford? NO WAY! We couldn't and wouldn't pay his level of wages.Alan smith is already at mk donsOver the last eight years he's averaged only 20 games a season and has scored only 8 games in all that time. Not sure why any of these teams would want him with that record.Pretty sure saw Alan driving round Milton Keynes in a soft top.Alan smith is going to mk donsSmudger will play for the Dons for virtually nothing (well no more than our £2.5K a week wage cap). Six years of £65K a week mean you can make those kind of decisions, and he's already said he wants to come as long as Robbo stays and that money is not an issue. I'd be disappointed if he's not our player next year. We're in pole position to do a deal.Alan Smith will NOT be joining Charlton FACT!His agent rang warnock asking if leeds would be interested probably as he wants to move back near his parents who are leeds st holders,not sure he will be wanted by leeds fans though.If Robinson stays at MK as manager then he was confident Smith would make his move permanent, that said if Lufc came in for him he'd be decent on pay as you play & a significant number of fans aren't sheep & don't hate him as much as the noisy minority with blinkers on - it'll be a long time before man u r our rivals again and he still has passion for the game, we (lufc) need somebody who will kick some backsides when the chips r down and whilst it's obvious he's not the same player, Smithy would give some fight into the side. Just saying!Alan Smith doesn't want to move back to Leeds to be closer to his parents. He wanted to move South as his girlfriend is from Surrey and he has family in Woburn (just outside MK).Hes only been with his girlfriend 8mnths and shes not actually from Surrey, shes based there/living there for work but is from Chesterfield, the Woburn family link is news to me however. Fair play to Smithy though for dropping a couple of leagues to continue playing, good luck to the lad.


26 May 2012 00:11:35
Eden Hazard to choose Man Utd over Man City and Chelsea. Nani set to sign for Juventus(11)(11)


25 May 2012 23:40:37
Middlesbrough secured Leadbitter on Friday at 3pm, will be announced next week. Ledesma is done too but only announced when his Walsall deal runs out. Loovens, Keane and Carayol are strong possibilities and the outside money is now on a loan for Kevin de Bruyne, apparently Chelsea would prefer him in England and John Guidetti from Man City, talks have taken place on both of these.(4)(7)Would love de Bruyne, however I can't see it happening.Unfortunately there is no chance Boro get De Bruyne or Guidetti.De Bruyne would be a good loan move for boro they need some new midfielders I can't see boro getting him though. Happy about Leddbitter:)Is this true? Where did you get this from because this is good news!Parnaby is only 29...


25 May 2012 23:33:24
Bradford set to sign Luton striker Andre Gray and defender George Pilkington(4)(9)Andre Gray only signed for luton on mondayAndre Grey who signed for Luton on MONDAY?

Stop making things up you fool.Obviously meant Andy Gray, Chill Out!


25 May 2012 23:31:38
Nathan Doyle expected to join Huddersfield regardless of what happens in the play off final .
However if they don't go up Jordan Rhodes could Leave with Wigan, West Ham and Leeds interested in him and Danny Cadamarteri could move to Ross County and Lee Novak being loaned to Doncaster(4)(8)Rhodes to Leeds never laughed so much they couldn't finance a £400k deal for Joel ward never mind £4m+ for rhodesWhy would clyne go to Huddersfield when he could go to a premiership club.Yeah well done so Huddersfield are getting rid of all their strikers are they ? :LIf Leeds can afford £8m for Rhodes I'll eat my hatI'll eat my hat if you get £8 million!! League 1 Striker, not even proven in Championship yet & ur thinking £8 million! Now go take ur medication!Hudders fans have always been deluded,Oxlade Chamberlain went to Arsenal for £8 million and Rhodes is much more prolific than him!Lol , deluded is right , trying to compare rhodes to the ox , rhodes made to look better because of all the rubbish he has around himThat's because Alex Oxlaide Chamberlain who was a good mate of mine at London Irish has bags of potential and can already cut in in the Premier League. Rhodes looks good because of all the sht players around him and he is in League 1, not worthy to stand in the shadow of AlexYou just disproved your own point if rhodes is as you say playing around rubbish then surely he would be nowhere near as prolific besides he looked good not only infront of huddersfield players but the whole league and thats from a D.R.F.C fan


25 May 2012 23:28:50
West Ham are interested in Joe cole, Ahmed El Mohammady, Yakubu and Greter Steinsson
Although steinsson looks set to move back to his homeland
Sam Baldock also set to join Ipswich or Birmingham(11)(6)Im interested in Rihanna but i aint gonna get her^ nice one :)


25 May 2012 23:26:25
Bradford City are set to complete four signings in upcoming weeks Andy gray, Andy o'brien, Lee Holmes and Louis Briscoe will all join before July 1st(1)(5)What a load of rubbish we are not signing any of these players Andy gray, Andy o'brien, Lee Holmes and Louis Briscoe its all talk


25 May 2012 23:14:20
Preston to sign:
Daniel Bogdanovic -Free
Scott Laird - Free
Michael Bostwick - Stevenage
Nathan Doyle - Free
Richard Wright - Free(3)(14)We will not get laird for a freeLaird refused a contract with Stevenage so could get him on a free although there are championship clubs that are interesteed in him. Also championship clubs interested in Micheal BostwichWright has already signedReally want doyle he was great for us!Bogdanovic is a player that failed to get a game at Blackpool and was sent out on would be a perfect signing for PNE

Scott Laird has 3 or 4 teams chasing him from the Championship & all are willing to offer him a good contract not to far away from where he was born....cant see him dropping down, on lower wages and living in PrestonPreston would have to pay big big money for bostwick, and preston dont have much money, plus why ould bostwick want to go preston when theres championship clubs after him.

laird will not sign as he too has been offed a contract in the championship.Bogdanovic on his day is class


25 May 2012 23:00:16
These ridiculous rumours about Zaha to Norwich etc. He is from Croydon and people who know him say he wouldn't leave to a non big city team. His preferable choice is London(8)(21)Who are these 'people'? At his age he will take a good contractWhy go to Norwich there be back in the championship with us next yearNo Norwich aren't a big team at all. only the 11th best in England and 12th best in Britain. But to be honest I don't want zaha as i think he's a bit overrated.Oh looks like someones pretending to be friends with zaha im from croydon but if i was offered a ticket to the premier league rather than stay at palace a team stuck in the championship for however long id take it prove myself and get the likes of chelsea chasing my signature ur embarising urself by saying he wouldnt move to the premier league because there not a london club next your be saying he wont move to real madrid for 300 grand a week .........Its all irrelevant. Zaha signed a five-and-a-half year deal with Palace just last year, and with his ability, Norwich won't be able to afford him. Even Newcastle might struggle, although they do have European money coming in.
wallyZaha stated he is interested in norwich as palace have no chance of promotion anytime soonI think zaha could end up like one of your other players ambrose who left ipswich seemed to be heading for the top. But its all gone down hill. Zaha should stay were he is for now he will benifit for it in the long run. Saying that i dont think he is as good as u think he is. Norwich can get. Better for same money. Ncfc matt3 Words
Victor Moses Wigan
All the same hype but he went to Wigan and not a big club


25 May 2012 22:59:18
Who ever said fulham are after sydney sam , do u have a link or source for the story?(1)(2)


25 May 2012 22:51:43
Andros Townsend is a certainty. Info coming from an inside source. Can guarrantee this will go thoruhg in the next 4 weeks.(3)(8)And the club is...Thats nice but to who?To where. how muchFor whoNailed on he'll go thereDont really rate him 2 selfish and not a team player hense why he left leeds


25 May 2012 22:39:03
Arsenals Theo Walcott Will Join Chelsea for a cut price of £10 million as Arsenal are yet to offer the Speedster an extension of his current contract which ends in a years time.

Arsenal Want to sign French Attacking Midfielder Yoann Gourcuff after a dissapointing season at Lyon for a fee of £16 million.

The Gunners also want fellow Frenchman Lassana Diarra after a bit part season in The Spanish Champions (Madrid) Season.(8)(41)


25 May 2012 22:35:56
Ian holloway is wigans number 1 target If Martinez leaves(36)(15)


25 May 2012 22:34:57
Just A Heads Up To Derby Fans, Will Hughes Will Not Be Moving To Either Manchester Clubs, When Asked by A Fan On Twitter He Said "Im Not Going Anywhere" U-T-R(6)(2)


25 May 2012 22:25:58
Swans set to sign Gylfi Sigurdsson for
7,200,000 from Hoffenhiem and are weighing up
Matt Phillips, Chris Gunter and John Guidetti(25)(14)Wowow, i'm not saying Swansea don't have money but i think 7.2 million may be more than you could splash on one playerBe nout cash left for anyone else, unless its one or two loans.


25 May 2012 22:18:48
Villarreals Zapata is a 3m target for Zenit.

Swansea city are interested in Joan Oriol and could offer 2m + Orlandi(3)(10)Zapata is a shoe in to join SwanseaOrlandis not going anywhere, when he played last year he was quality, so swans will get if fit in pre-season and hes going to be unplayable next season!Orlandis a jack, he wont leave


25 May 2012 21:47:48
Morten Gamst Pedersen has vowed he will stay at Blackburn Rovers.

Rovers are chasing after free agents Mikael Forssell and Abodoulaye faye.(18)(12)


25 May 2012 21:20:37
Wycombe's Midfielder Matt Bloomfield to turn down 1 year deal, to sign a 2 year deal at either Bristol Rovers or Oxford United(5)(4)Errr... i don't think so. why would such a loyal man from wycombe to oxford? better luck next timeTo the comment above - I did not write the rumour - but I myself have heard this to! He's not happy being offered a 1 year contract as he thinks he deserves 2. Can't blame him really.


25 May 2012 21:10:13
West Ham reject Sam Baldock is a transfer target for strikerless Yeovil Town.(10)(26)Wow, that's a quality signing for Yeovil. Nice club from a nice place in the middle of nowhere. Championship football at Huish Park in 2013? And Premiership in 2014?No chance and thats from a yeovil supporter
DevonGreenHe aint a reject he got injured and couldnt dislodge vaz te or maynard or cole who were scoring .yes he will go on loan to a chp sideYeovil could never afford himIs that a loan because i doubt we can afford to buyI cant believe it but baldock is actually going to sign for yeovil, this guy is writeTroy Archibald Henville I am not complaining if he comes to us.When are people going to realise that Yeovil HAVE NO MONEY!! It would only be on loan. Can't see it myself.


25 May 2012 21:03:13
Ward Set to Join Palace On Monday and sign a four year deal.(19)(10)Who's Ward Set?If this ward is the useless person from wolves i will deliver him for free


25 May 2012 21:00:18
Southampton to sign Nathaniel Clyne from Palace in a cash plus
Danny Butterfield deal
Javier Hernandez on loan from Man United for the season
Curtis Davies from Birmingham 2.5million(9)(39)Dream on mate. Clyne will go on to bigger and better things than the Saints and Hernandez, you're havin' a laugh! However, I think Saints are back where they belong and will stay up next season. All the best for next season :-)Curtis davies 2.5 million-in your dreams mate.he,s worth double that at least.K.R.OBirmingham will hav to sell before long tho...Curtis Davies would be good but I think we'd probably have to cough up a bit more than that.
Hernandez? Are you crazy? He is a really important player for Utd, they'd never loan him out and he's too big a player for us. Some people need to get real.Hernandez on loan? FFS, try harder.Saints targeted Clyne as the weak link in their defence when they last met-and it worked. So, don't think he is good enough yet.I reckon we could get Clyne. No chance in getting Hernandez.Except he was injured when we played Southampton........So how do you work that out? Alex Ferguson wants him so he must be crap hey.......Plonker!Clynes going to newcastle or man utd, soton stand no chance


25 May 2012 20:56:14
doncaster rovers transfers
james harper-hull
damian reeves-altrinham

tom taiwo-carlisle
izale mcleod-barnet
adebayo akinfenwa-northampton

coppinger-anyone in a higher league
beye-anyone in a higher league

coppinger and beye only being sold to slash the wage bill(6)(7)Habib beye wont goBeye is on loanBeye isn't on loan. He signed a 18 month contractTawio dont leave best attitude of any player at carlisle and has now learned how to pass the ball, He is like a scott parker kind of player fast small clever and tackles hardThere both retained go on the donny website


25 May 2012 20:50:50
mk dons set to sign league 2 strikers:
. akinfenwa -northampton- 300k

And how are they planning to sign McLeod for free when he's under contract?(6)(13)McLeod was releasedHe's not under contract. Please do some research.Because barnet released him?The dons dont even have 100 pound sooo 300k? stop kidding yourself lolMcLeod maybe..
Akinfenwa why the hell would MK Dons want that fat donkey !Akinfenwa isn't fat mate, it's called muscle (there is a difference).^^^ 18goals this season... can tell your a plastic fan! Dons could afford him!Can't afford him? What about the money from selling sam baldock?Sam Boldock cash is safely in Pete's back pocket. Hes not put a penny into the club and wont start now. Pete's a top bloke and you just pay into his cash cow.


25 May 2012 20:42:50
17 yr old liechtenstein international Sandro wieser is on his way to west ham for arund 1m(4)(14)


25 May 2012 20:40:38
blackburn may deal with villarreal for cb mussachio for around 1m plus rochina(2)(14)Ye one of the best talents in world football is going to Blackburn when he's being linked with Rome and Real Madrid


25 May 2012 20:22:35
rummour Watford and Barnsley are trying to sign Alex Mendy (free agent) from chesterfield(3)(11)I think he sign for watfordHe's not good enough for the championshipMendy isnt good enough for the championship he struggled at chesterfield in most games and sometimes couldnt even make the starting 11 so why would watford want him really?


25 May 2012 20:13:07
Yeovil being linked with Exeter Defender Troy Archibald-Henville and Walsall midfielder Alex Nicholls

Bristol City duo David Clarkson (Striker) and Christian Ribeiro (defender) are also being linked with moves to the Huish(7)(9)David clarkson is a useless player and ribiero wants first team football so doubt with Luke Ayling at right back that he'll join, however we might sign James dunne from Exeter as he didn't sign for stevenage


25 may 2012 20:12:17
hulk has agreed personal terms with chelsea and will be there wiyhin a week(14)(3)How can he when transer window not even open yet is he on a free lol


25 May 2012 20:09:19
Steve Bruce holding out for the Wigan job with Roberto Martinez' move to Liverpool completed by Tuesday(16)(6)


25 May 2012 20:04:22
Brian Howard has been contacted by Coventry city (Source: He's my best mates cousin!)(12)(15)This is false, Coventry are under a transfer embargo (Source: The football league)


25 May 2012 20:02:19
Southampton's most realistic rumours have been Jay Rodriguez, Gary Hooper and Ince.

We are probably selling Puncheon, Barnard, Seabourne and Harding.

We are POSSIBLY selling Do Prado and De Ridder as well as they have both on very varied form, although I would want them to stay.(18)(16)^^
I'd like us to get Rodriguez and Ince but it may cost a fair bit to get both. Hooper would be a lot of money and a heck of a gamble for the price.
I agree that Barnard, Harding and Puncheon should be sold. Served us well but not prem standard. It'd be harsh on Seabourne to flog him. I'd like him to go on a season long loan to a championship club or top end League 1 side. Then make a decision after that. Being thrown into the prem after the year he's had would be too much.
I'd keep DeRidder as personally I don't think he has been given a fair crack really and he may come good. I used to really rate Guly but I'd sell. Sometimes brilliant but all too often lazy and a passenger in games. In the top league that will kill us.
Based on all that I think Adkins needs to bring in a keeper, a centre back, a striker, a left back, right winger and left winger, possibly a centreid too.
Sounds a lot I know but rather than looking to buy a new side we need strength in depth like Lambert did at Norwich. Without a deep squad in the prem your finished.Sounds reasonable but I don't think Guly will go due to his experience. Also de ridder is a new signing and needs time to settle in because I feel he could be great for saints.Guly will be better suited to the prem in my opinion but I don't think De Ridder will be able to make the step up,shame because his pace could be an advantage.COYRsAdkins likes guly so i think he will say and some saints fan say guly thinks 1 step above the players around him , he could surprise a few saints fans this seasonFox will be 1st choice LB but we need Harding as cover, unless Dickson steps up^^
Neither Harding nor Dickson are Prem level. We need a left back to push Danny for his place. Luke Shaw is just too young, I'd like to see him play in the cup competitions this season though.Guly and De Ridder are staying putDont need to worry about money :L


25 May 2012 19:52:18
Palace have signed both Ward and Tunchev. Ward has signed for an undisclosed fee and signed a 4 year contract. Palace beat many teams for his signature, such as Leeds, Ipswich, Celtic and Burnley.

Not a rumour, but a fact.

Sources: Palace board, sky sports, east anglian times(19)(10)Ward has not signed,I would love that to be true but every body knows it is dragging on because he is holding out for a move to leeds and leeds know this so are haggling over price with PompeyCeltic ? lol when did we want to sign these guys ?Ward does not want a move to Leeds.. they were bottom of the pile, Ward has signed for Palace and will be announced next week.Whilst it looks like he has decided to go to Palace it is not yet a done deal. You ioncorrectly quote Skysports & EADT as neither state he has signed but that they understand that it looks like he is set to sign. If fact the EADT say that he is still due for a meeting with Paul Jewell, whether this happens who knows!? Celtic were never involved so if you are going to claim "fact" make sure it is !Oh right cos Palace are a club of equal stature to Leeds. That's why he's going to palace cos Leeds aren't a bigger club and haven't signed his brother from another mother Jason Pearce.As stated on palace board, ward is going to Leeds as he wants to play for a big club,he thought crystal palace was where the queen livesLeeds are as big as there deluded Fan's..........Living in the past lads. Get over yourself's.Leeds still a big club due to their fan base which is worldwide. They attracted gates of over 20,000 and they always sell out their away ends. We may not like them but they are by far the biggest club in the championshipHaha don't make me laff , Blackpool r bigger than Leeds now and they r better aswel , there are a lot more teams in championship that's bigger than LeedsUtter tripe and you know it , leeds are and always will be bigger than blackpool you numpty,and now with new owners about to invest we could buy ur whole squad and then some MOTHaha ok mate we will c , where did Leeds finish ? Where did Blackpool finish ? Debate over !!


25 May 2012 19:37:24
Barnet are in talks with Veteran Walsall goalkeeper James Walker about a move to underhill

Walker has been offered a coaching/player role at his current side but only if he moves to the midlands from his Essex home(4)(3)


25 May 2012 19:34:10
heskey to resign for leicester city by end of next week(28)(11)


25 May 2012 19:19:14
Lucas to tottenham as sao paulo have fallen out with the player over contract terms. Heskeyyy to hull!(2)(22)Real Madrid and Chelsea are very keen to and he'd take a big offer for SP to sell. Looks a great prospect but I can't see it myselfHeskey to hull? im sorry but with the money city have to spend they are going to buy someone who can score, not someone on 30,000 a week who can't!


25 May 2012 19:15:18
Everton to wrap up the signings of pienaar and bjorn siguardson within the next 2 weeks, blackpool interested in anichibe also(20)(15)


25 May 2012 19:13:26
Carlisle talking to 4 players, Stuart Parnaby, Jordan Cook, Gary Liddle & Brett Omerod, The loan player we have enquired about is Zeki Fryers, Man Utd's left back, some deals will depend on outgoing players(10)(5)Yes,yes,yes,too old but could be worth a punt and yesAbbott hasn't spoken to Parnaby or Cook for definite and why would he want a left back when he adores Chamtler and Robson


25 May 2012 19:00:57
Derby county to sign

Michael jacobs
Fegor Ogude
Johnny Russell
Krystian Pearce
Havard Nielsen
Andrew Driver
Paul Dixon/Joe Mattock(8)(17)


25 May 2012 18:58:35
Reading to compete with Everton for Dame N'Doye. The senegalese striker will cost in the region of 6 million pounds. The difference being that Reading have funds, everton do not. So the purchas on evertons part would require selling Baines, and securing Fellaini is the main taret.

IMO I think Reading will get him. This is from a QPR Supporter, no bias.(10)(12)Reading have no money! Sure, they possibly might get some money soon, but for the minute, Reading have no money!

That takeover's taking its time isnt it!? If I were a Reading fan (pretending to be a QPR fan) I'd be getting a bit worried.....Stop talking wet mate and securing fellaini? He signed a new contract last yearReading have no money? We just got promoted that's where the money comes from. As for the takeover Anton was happy to provide funds in January and he's happy to do it now. The takeover is nearly complete also. The PL are just dragging their feet because they're more interested in tying up their TV deal right now.Reading have no money? Promotion gains to the PL gains a club around 90 mil. {Ed001's Note - no it doesn't. For starters that 90m talk is the amount that a club would get in the first year in the Prem, plus parachute payments if they get relegated. Secondly, no one takes into account the fact that players get bonuses for promotion and a pay increase while in the Prem, which cuts into the money received.}Why would Reading fight off Everton? Everton are an established prem club, Reading are nothing more than a yo-yo club that is championship at bestThe takeover might be taking a while but we do have money? the new owner bought us players in January? he will do it now tooEverton earned £48 million of TV rights and £17.5 million for finishing 7th in the league so before you say that everton have got no money ....think againWe're not looking to secure Fellani you plonker, read a sentence properly and make sure you understand whats being said!

As for the takeover, its taking its time as its had to go through the Football League and now the Premier League.£6m? You're having a laugh. Unproven in the Premiership and not young either. £3m tops. Also our new owner will be quite happy to invest and the takeover will probably be announced on 1st June when we officially become a PL club. Reading are the 9th richest club in the UK now.I think playing in the champions league make him more than capable with premiership football. I would love him at Reading and is goal scoring record is pretty good and he plays like Cisse (Newcastle). But he will cost nearer to 10 as Copenhagen rejected 7m last season.Dude we have no idea when it will get ratified, if at all. I'm hopefull though. And its 9th in the world not UK, if you include Boris' wealthThe takeover has been approved by th FA and it's to be confirmed on June 1st. Common factCommon fact? You thought we would be 9th richest in UK when its the world. Scan the news pages...silence, scan HNA? and RR with their many 'reliable sources' inside RFC and you'll find nothing but bickering and hearsay. There is no common fact. The date of the 1st hasn't come from any reliable source, its just a bunch of fans trying to find a reason why it hasn't happened yet. There is hope though, and I hope also it will be sorted and sorted soon."Reading are nothing more than a yo-yo club that is championship at best" How ca we be Championship 'at best' when we are playing in the Premier League next season? Think about it mate, not difficult.Reading will not sign Dame n'doye cause everton r a much bigger club than usYoyo club? lol because two promotions and one relegation between 6 years is so 'yoyo-ish'?'Reading have no money' what you talking about!?! Reading run making a profit, this was before Anton! we are just wise what we do with it, e.g brought Doyle and Long for about £100k and sold them for more than 12mill, gylfi came through the ranks and we sold him for £7m!


25 May 2012 18:56:32
Ian Holloway will begin talks with Joey Barton when he returns from holiday, with the troubled QPR man being allowed to leave on a free transfer.(7)(29)If any man can tame him, it's Holloway.He will deffo not be leaving on a free transfer #FACTQpr would rather have him not playing then go on a free. Will stay at loftus road and pull his head in when he gets back on the pitch. Alot of time will be spent cooling that temper by qpr supports


25 May 2012 18:53:50
Flew into London from Milan this morning and got talking to Cristiano Biraghi, the Inter and Italian U21 Centre Half, who said he was on his way for talks with Charlton.(3)(9)Before anyone comments, this was NOT from a Charlton fan.

Nor should this "rumour" be seen as anything approaching reality.Talk to random strangers who happen to be footballers do u ?At last a sensible post about Charlton. Will fans of other clubs stop posting stupid stories about Charlton's alleged transfer plans and will other fans of other clubs stop believeing they're from Charlton fans!Watch this space. A stong centre back who has had a medical at the club and the deal should be announced along with Andros Townsend within 3 weeks.If he's had a medical why would it take three weeks? Players usually have a medical at the last stage, once negotiations have taken place between clubs and the player/agent.


25 May 2012 18:35:34
As a Charlton Fan I am fed up of all these ridiculous rumours surrounding my club, although most of them are not made up by Charlton fans. Therefore I thought I would put up the rumours that I believe to be true with my friends and links close to the club:

Sam Baldock (West Ham) - Has been mentioned before but Chris Powell is not interested in taking him on loan and will bid somewhere in the region of £1m for him but if West Ham do not want to sell him then Powell does not want him on loan.

Greg Halford (Portsmouth) - Has been linked to a return on a free, however unsure of whether he would be happy being a back up.

Keiran Lee (Oldham) - Apparently Powell is high on him and will look to move for him if Halford does not want to sign.

Karleigh Osborne (Brentford) - As a free agent he has gained some interest but Charlton are high up on the list of potential destinations.

Anthony Wordsworth (Colchester) - I have an advantage on this one as a Charlton fan but also Colchester is a local team for me and I have friends with links to that club as well so I can confirm that Charlton have approached Colchester and Wordsworth is keen to talk to Charlton. That is all that has happened at the moment. Fee would be around £800k.

Sam Saunders (Brentford) - Was talked about early on but Powell prefers Wordsworth and so will probably not look to pursue Saunders in the foreseeable future.

Stuart Beavon (Wycombe) - Powell keen on Beavon but once again only if he can not convince West Ham and Baldock to sell. Potentially Paul Hayes to go the other way.

Paul Coutts (Preston) - Powell wants to add a CM with some quality and it seems Coutts fits the bill for him. CAFC ready to test Preston with a bid in the region of £350k.

Dany N'Guessan (Millwall) - After a good loan spell at the club, Powell is keen to add N'Guessan but seems Millwall want a player in return (Wagstaff was mentioned) but Powell keen not to get rid of his side from this season gone.

That is all the rumours at Charlton with any foundations. Therefore any others on here are wrong and should not be listened to.(8)(14)None of these will happenKieran Lee is going to Sheffield wedsKieran lee has signed for Sheffield Wednesday but will only be announced when he turns 24Kieran lee is going to be a swfc player done dealPossible the most sensible and realistic rumour put on here, apparently Wordsworth has been mentioned around BlackpoolThank god a fellow sane charlton fan has turned upKieran lee signed for shef weds last week. Stop making things upWhat a joke,Hanford only back up to a newly promoted L1 club!!give your head a shake.Lol do u own the club my club u sayFor a start Greg halford on a free is funny but then going back to charlton hahaCongratulations, you've recycled the more "credible" rumours and put them into one post. Good organisational skills.Haha as if you thought Lee would sign for youCoutts is worth more than 350kYou my friend need to see a doctor.Couttsy has said he wants to stay at North End for at least 1 more seasonLee isn't any good, if he was he would of been snapped up years ago rather than playing for Oldham, granted some very talented players play for lower clubs without getting snapped up but I didn't notice him in both games against cafc so you can have him, your still going oink oinkKieran lee signed for wednesdayAll of them are possible but saunders no, n'guessan no, Lee no ( don't wont him so wendies can suffer), beavon no, awful goal scoring record in the football league scored like 6 in 2 seasons for Wycombe, but I can confirm we will sign Osborne as we had 4 bids rejected for him and he is now a free transfer and we are in London which suits him and we are in the championshpCan you find me a quote of where 'couttsy' has said he wants to stay another season? I'm a preston fan an I haven't heard him say that.K.lee was probably the best rb in league 1 last year, if you didn't notice him then thats cause you were watching a completely different game. he was a very consistently good player in albeit a very inconsistent team. from a oldham fan, who thinks swfc have pulled off a very good signingWe have a higher targets than league 1 players.Well considering chris solly of charlton was the best right back in the league but continuesley got overlooked by hunt of Huddersfield because he has blistering pace, k.Lee, didn't notice him one in league 1Best RB in league 1? You obviously haven't heard of Chris Solly - he's qualityBest RB in league 1? You obviously haven't heard of Chris Solly - he's quality - plus he's only 5 foot 3 and better than John Terry.Loool chris solly pee's all over other right backs in league 1Im a charlton fan and i love solly but hunt (huddersfield) is slightly better IMO.


25 May 2012 18:29:25
Clive Platt from Coventry City has officially signed for Northampton Town on a two year deal, rejecting the offer Coventry City offered him.(12)(3)


25 May 2012 18:11:58
northampton signed Clive Platt on a free transfer from Coventry today, 2 year deal.(11)(4)


25 May 2012 18:04:36
Oxford have held talks with Stevenage right back, Scott Laird.
But a number of other clubs interested. Oxford are in no rush to make anymore signings!

Also free agent, Ryan Wells to have a trial in pre season.(4)(9)Sadly not true on several fronts. Firstly he is a left back and secondly he knows forest are interested and is holding out for themLaird is a left back u numptyHe's a left back and why would he go to league 2 when he has offers from championship clubsLaird to Oxford?? are you serious, the reason he is leaving is to go to a better club, stop making things upHes a left back LOL failRonnie henry will sign for oxford he was stevenage right back, that could see damian batt leave oxford and sign for a higher clubWho's Ryan Wells?Batt hasn't got the quality to sign for a higher club, he can hardly cross the ball past the first man!Batt? To a higher club? HA. He can't defend to SAVE his life.


25 May 2012 17:57:57
mk dons set to sign league 2 strikers:
. akinfenwa -northampton- 300k
.mcleod-free(5)(3)The dons dont have 300k LOLIf any one is willing to bye him rip their hands off to get the cash 90% of the time hes hopeless.Why would MK Dons want a second rate playerWhy would Dons want a second rate player?He's better then anyone dons have tbh.... but cant see him going plastic


25 May 2012 17:31:33
Northampton reject £600,000 offer for Jacobs from Bristol City(10)(9)If this bid is true will that act as a benchmark if it goes toa tribunal with another club?Northampton dont look like selling up for anything less then 750,000.


25 May 2012 17:11:07
BARNSLEY - To sign Southampton's Tadanari Lee on 3 month loan deal.(2)(28)He's only just signed for Saints and highly rated by Adkins and will heavily feature in 1st team. Do your homework before posting daft nonsense!Ha :') you high?Might not be that silly when you think about it. he's been out of action so will be lacking a bit of sharpness, in those three months he probably wont get a game ahead of sharp lambert + jay rod or whoever so might be a good way to bring him up to fitness in english football and he will be back before novemeber.You really need to get a life!

Do you think Saints would bring in an international player and then, instead of getting him to gel with his team mates, thought-oh yes-lets lend him to Barnsley!

Rumours on this site should at least have some chance of going forward.Don't be so bloody ridiculous!No way will he be lvingI really cannot see this happening... Yes he has been out for a few months with injury, but I'm sure Adkins would wanna keep him training with the first team and bringing back to fitness in the reserves... It just doesn't make sense to send him out on loan!When Lee joined we were top of the championship. He could easily have gone straight into the prem or to an established European team but He bought into the vision for the club and has been rewarded
for it with premiership football now.
He took a while to adjust as was always going to happen, got just the one goal and then got injured and was out for the season.
Until that point though he was NA's preferred strike partner for Lambert and it wouldn't surprise me if he was come the start of this season.
So why on earth would he drop down a league on loan??
Answer. He wouldn't and won't!Where did you get that fromAlso need to take into account the cost of paying his translator etc, really doesnt seem feasible from Barnsely tbh^i did hear that the price of translators these days is through the roof. what a stupid comment


25 May 2012 17:04:48
I heard through the grapevine a few days ago Appleton was in line for the West Brom job.

Apparently he had told family he was in discussions about the role,alongside this I also heard WBA were keen to wait for the season ticket deadline to pass at which point they would make it public (they thought any negative fan reaction woul be better suited post season ticket deadline)

Appletin has obvious strong links to the WBA hierarchy and I've witnessed some huge five figure bets being placed on him at a bookies.(5)(8)No chance, it will not happenHughton to be new manager
Also please sign up Ben Foster,last thing i want is Craig Gordon He is Scottish,and they never make good keepers !
Sunderland reject,so no good for top 10 Premiership club and midlands top club!

P.S To newcastle fan,were top midlands club,and i was their when we beat you 3-2 at your own stadium (sports direct arena.....great name!) Sunderland,top north east team.......Boing Boing Baggies


25 May 2012 17:04:07
Crystal Palace expected to announce signing of Joel Ward in the next week(10)(9)Next week now, earlier today Palace fans said it would be sorted todayWard to sign for leeds in part ex for billy paynter , confirmed , says he wants to play for a big club .Big club like Leeds a, you cant afford £400k you strange boyLeeds matey, look at like every single source out there they all say palace have won the race to sign him! so hush!Leeds is not a big club.We have money to burn , u strange whatever u are, we negotiate deals, as we have with wardHush you matey , leeds bigger than half premiership ,let alone no marks like palaceIt has been agreed, Palace will announce the move on Monday as Ward wants to stay in the southSadly, the size of the club gets you nowhere and ward chose palace over the massive leeds.He realised he isnt good enough for a top team so chose palaceOr he chose palace for its merits rather than go up north to play for a club associated with cheating players and uneducated fansLol, bitterness from jealous fans who don't know what its like to win anything always amuses, MOTHe chosepalace because there was no option to join Leeds, we are having major investment and our transfer targets have changed massively, he is not deemed value for money now by Leeds.


25 May 2012 16:59:36
Palace are hoping to complete the signings of Kim Andre Madsen (Strømsgodset IF) and Kim Bo-Kyung (Cerezo Osaka) by the end of next week. Freedman and the owners feel they have a real shot at the league next year, and the owners are backing Freedman's plans financially.

Palace also confident that they will secure Jo Inge Berget from Molde and James Dunne from Exeter.

Palace will let Ambrose go if they receive a suitable offer, and also expect to lose Clyne. They are also prepared to sell KG, Garvan and Easter.(5)(10)Palace fan...noJames dunne has already signed for stevenage


25 May 2012 16:58:33
Dempseys desire for champions league football may see him stay at Fulham as Arsenal dont want to pay fulhams asking price , bayern munich n psg are though to be interested but want part exchange . Fulham are stepping up in their own pursuits of marcell jansen , assaidi n Defoe . They wont sign berra , complete n utter lazy journalism but could pienaar be inline for a shock move as everton are struggling to match his spurs wages. Rhodes will stay ay H'field if they win play off n fulham will turn their attention to Abdulaoui . Also will officially approach herenveen for narsingh in the next few weeks.(1)(5)Everton struggling to pay Pienaar's wages! This post is a shamblesDont Spura already own Pienaar...? they just loanded him back last season?


25 May 2012 16:50:52
Grant leadbitter to swfc(4)(14)He is going to middlesbrough, I'm a mackem and the rumours up here is he will be a boro player, would be a great move for him as he is a quality midfielder on his day


25 May 2012 16:40:42
John Carew to sign for Cardiff City on free transfer as well as Lovenkranks from Newcastle.(22)(13)


25 May 2012 16:39:57
Joe Lewis has completed his move from Peterborough to Cardiff City today on a free transfer after the players contract was up.(22)(5)Decent keeper but can't see him doing anything more than sitting on the bench, no where near the quality of their first choice....... 4 years on a decent wage however shows the sort of priorities today's players haveSorry i miss read that i thought u wrote decent keeper, take it from me a season ticket holer at london road (Peterborough) he's along way off decent. lol.Posh fan since 1985 posh 3 aldershot 0 to be precise- decent and has been a decent servant, I'd assume by offering him terms on a new contract fergie thought the same too, mistakes yes but decent shot stopper, often poor at crosses.


25 May 2012 16:33:48
Matt Tubbs is interested in a move to Rotherham, but the deal has to be right for Bournemouth ...(10)(12)Spoke to someone at the club today he said Tubbs wants to come here but the deal needs to be right for AFCBNo, hes not he knows he is better then league 2 and is looking to establish himself in league 1 wiht Bournemouth, plus only been there six months why would he leave for a lesser clubWhy would tubbs go down a league when he could help AFCB go to the championshipOh please. Matt signed for AFCB coz he loves the club. I doubt he will want to move to Yorkshire after just buying a home in Verwood!Well i've spoken to matt and he said he's got no intention of moving thereI have followed Bournemouth for 30 years, and I feel this has potential if the rumours that we are going to get Mcquoid and possibly Hayter back at the clubKeep dreaming rotherhamIf we get anywhere near what we paid for him I would snap their hands off. I know he's been injured but what we have seen of him he has been very poor. I think the step up from non league/league 2 was to big for him. I'd like to see a proven striker signed, we need a 30 a season man of we are to gain promotion


25 May 2012 16:27:03
Andrew Procter is leaving Preston after only 5 months as he has failed to impress. Former club Accrington Stanley, Morecambe and Bury are possible destinations(19)(2)Ryan Lowe and Kenny Miller linked with a shock move to Bury. Miller only on loan though.I hope to god this rumour is truePlease go proctor


25 May 2012 16:25:45
Rochdale look to sign Jack Lewin, Carl Miles and Michael Treason as they look to capture the most talented non league players availbale(2)(6)Lewis Slack, an under 21 striker from Cowdenbeath could be on his way too Bury or Rochdale. Also, at Cowdenbeath is Jamie Williams who looks likely too move to Rochdale too.Jamie Williams is also linked with Manchester United reserves. But is likely to go to Rochdale.


25 May 2012 16:25:19

Done deals (almost):
James McFadden Free

In (Targets):
Matt Phillips £3 million
Paul Robinson Free
Michael Owen Free
Jermaine Defoe £6 million
Salomon Kalou Free

Lee Barnard to Watford £700,000
Jason Puncheon to Birmingham £1 million
Dan Seabourne to Charlton £400,000
Ryan Dickson to Leeds £200,000(18)(22)Kalou to southampton lol ur madAre you really serious I am pretty sure kalou could do a lot better than Southampton?I'm a saints fan an listening to some of you going on and on about Owen Jesus give is a rest stop posting your wish list because the one above is awfulThey're deals that I can see happening.
Whether the happen or not I don't know. We shall see!No no no noPhillips defoe. Kalou are you winding me up. Much bigger teams will be in for these also big wagesIf matt phillips is worth £3mil then messi is only worth like £20mil. we arent going to sign an established first team keeper because we have davis! for the last time please get that in your heads. We are going to sign youth players and we will only sign owen as player/coach. jermaine defoe is doubtful considering we are linked with 3 other young strikers for around the same money. and kalou will probably go back to feyenoord or wherever. or end up at tottenham or somewhere like that. also james mcfadden i just pray that is bullplop.Birmingham have a transfer embargo until they sumbmit there account books you are full of b/sWhy are Southampton fans so delusional?!Why would Southampton look to sign Philips, McFadden, Owen, Defoe AND Kalou to add to Lambert, Sharp, July etc?...Bullst all of it!"Dan Seabourne to Charlton £400,000" Charlton do not need and are not in the market for a centre back.Rubbish. All of it!Then you woke up and it was all a dreamKalou is a champions league player, not a championship club like southampton are, Owen will be staying up north as his hirses and family live up north and is not looking to go south and defoe again too good for southamptonHave you just thought any one available on a free transfer is willing to go anywhere?^^ there getting there self bang at it again lolKalou to Southampton what rubbish when he has potential offers from the two Merseyside clubs he doesn't want to be playing championship footy in 2013/14 seasonNo thanks for OwenI agree this is ridiculous, as a saints fan, but everyone else needs to grow up. How can you label an entire fan base by a few numpties that post here, on a RUMOUR site. It's going to be full of stupid comments, no need to keep tarring an entire fan base delusional. I bet 90% of fans dont even know this existsKalou's unimpressive. It would hardly be a coup. Zenden and Pennant played in a champions league Final not to long ago. Both at the time were mid premier team standard - which Kalou is.Cant beleive southampton fans think a player of owens class would even look at there little club! Southampton fans beleive anything!Champ manager anyone......... im a massive saints fan and whoever posted this comment is a fool!!! No chance we will land defoe or kalou, matt phillips maybe, mcfadden, robinson and owen = no chance!!Defoe i actualy do reckon the rest no


25 May 2012 16:22:00
Young sensation Max Clayton of Crewe, has become the latest shock transfer target for Chelsea as they look to build a squad of talented young players. Chelsea also want Nick Powell but face competition from Arsenal, Man Utd and Tottenham(5)(10)


25 May 2012 16:18:04
Graham Westley is looking into the possibiity of signing Joel Byrom and Aaron Mclean as he looks to build a Preston side capable of promotion(9)(12)McLean? No chance.They wont go upWhat you mean they wont go up got a crystal ball have you ya nuggett.Haha nugget nice 1


25 May 2012 16:17:34
Charlton are in talks with Wycombe regarding a swap deal for Stuart Beavon and giving Paul Hayes, along with a fee.(4)(4)


25 May 2012 16:13:49
Ray Wilkins has held talks with West Brom(16)(10)As assistant to raniariHope he becomes their new manager ....means we dont have to put up with him on sky sports!!Your down next year


25 May 2012 16:11:45
Norwich very interested in ki from celtic(12)(11)Why would he go to you from us what I hear is you had a 1off season and are sure to be relegated next year so dream onNorwich have tons of central midfieldersFar to good for norwich,if he goes it wont be to youOi lay off norwich they are a good team with good fans and a good manager from a celtic fanCome on how is he far too good for norwich? SPL players dont have the same class as EPL players. Anyway what was the score norwich last played celtic?That's good coming from a team who plays in the equivalent of the championship bottom half ! U wouldn't survive the premiership !No such thing as a friendly testimonial, we all know both teams were all out to win....Norwich 2 Celtic 1........ SPL on par with top end of championship at best.You mean the norwich game where they won 2-0 against under 17s and 19s? that one, norwich had there first team while Celtic had kids playing and held there own and it was a friendly with good atmosphere but if Celtic had there first team squad it would have been a different story with Celtic going for a a rugby score. and thats an english team against an spl team's kids and could only get 2 and norwich goalie had to make 4 big saves to keep them in it. {Ed001's Note - how did Norwich have their first team out? They had Pacheco and Huckerby playing for them!}Haha ok i take what i said back about laying off norwich, first of all celtic only had 2 starting team players, hooper, forster, the rest were under 19 so suck on that our first team would annihalate youMust say man i am sick to death of hearing the epl is better than the spl, I DONT GIVE 2 stS.. Celtic are la liga level :DMan people are dumb, EPL pver-rated. Jelavic scoring more there than he did in SPL. Charlie Adam worked his way into a side like Liverpool. Maloney getting a game at Wigan lol. get off your high horse, Andy Kakarroll 35 mil . as for the Norwich friendly game, we had a mix of young boys and 2nd strings out with handful of 1st teams in a game that means 0. the lack of respect english people show other footballing nations is a joke.It was 2-0 and Celtics kids, from a Norwich fan... Although we did look very good. Celtic fans were insane. Best support i've ever seenCeltic to sign dirk kuytEr no Norwich 2 Celtic 0 actually but I love the Celtic fans and wish them all the bestWhere did Celtic's goal come from?

I was at the game and it was 2-0 to Norwich.

Not fair to compare, Celtic were playing youth and we changed our entire team for each half.

Btw Celtic have the best set of fans that visited Carrow Road, brilliant atmosphere.

Celtic would survive in the PL, definitely better than Villa, QPR, West Ham, Reading and Southampton!!Yor having a laugh mate, Celtic were playing their 3rd team no brown, ledley, kayal, Forrest,mulgrew, rogne, Matthews, samaras, izaguria who are all first team players . We even had a 16 year old playing at the back. If Celtic had their strongest side out we would easily beat more than half of the EPL teams including Norwich!The game wasn't about the result it was about Adam drury , both teams put out weakened sides , maybe Celtic was weaker but the players were pulling out of tackles . Would of liked to see strong sides out if we play them preseason.Celtic may have had u19's playing however Norwich played huckerby,
landsbury, nelson and pacheceo who dont even play for norwich. And celtic cannot complain about not having their starting 11 out because norwich played 24 different players that night. If both teams had there starting 11's out Norwich would crush Celtic they are a championship team at best!This is sooo stupid, thank you Norwich fans and or if you support another club for saying that Celtic are a good club. i dont want to bring Norwich down or anything because it was for one of there players and the atmosphere was great, i hope Celtic and Norwich have a relationship now because both set of fans where great, and i loved seeing norwich joining in on the huddle.

to the others, if Celtic are so bad how is it in the europa league in the hardest group how is it we lost bye one point? against the winners Atletico and top team in italy? we almost advanced ahead of one of them, Celtic are a good team and the arrogence the epl has is beyond anything. Celtic would be mid table epl team going for europe position.I agree ^McGeady just said he had no intention of leaving Spartak Moskva


25 May 2012 16:01:08
Shrewsbury will announce 2 signings early next week.(11)(8)Oh yeah who will they be?Aaron Wildig Cardiff and Conor Mcloughlin PNE who were both on loan last seasonOr Rory McArdleWildig and McArdle.

McLaughlin hasn't signed........yet.Not sure who. It's not like I get told WHO they are! I'm pretty sure, however, that one will be Aaron Wildig.Thats good, i liked wildig here last season and due to him being fairly young he still has time to improve


25 May 2012 15:57:28
Northampton town have once again rejected an offer from an un-named championship club for the highly rated youngstar Michael Jacobs, The fee believed to be around 600k was once again showen the door, It has also come to light today that a host of premier league clubs have also showen there interest in the 20year old northampton born (crackers) with Everton, West Ham and QPR being the named clubs!(7)(4)Im an everton fan & we wanted him in january, Watched him once when northampton played liverpool & he destroyed them by himself, couldnt believe he was onl 18 then... he'll go to a EPL club, Hope its us! great young lad


25 May 2012 15:47:23
Hull City looking to off-load Aaron McLean....Brighton, Peterborough and surprisingly Doncaster appear to be most interested. Doubt we will make our money back (1.3m) with the sale. Futures of Andy Dawson (contract up), and Robbie Koren are also in doubt. Surprisingly nothing heard about any firm bids for the young stars Chester or Stewart. As for the new manager, Bruce is odds-on favourite but really cannot see that one myself given his penchant for spending big bucks and his prem league background.(9)(4)Didn't do anything for Posh last time in championship but was prolific in bottom two divisions, that's why he was sold, if Posh had gone down would be a solid signing but now no chanceHe was sold because he handed in a transfer request


25 May 2012 15:46:32
West Brom, Everton and West Ham have expressed serious interest in Jordan Rhodes in the ast few days. Huddersfied are keen to get the play off final out the way before negotiations start(9)(10)And NorwichHe aint no gd to westham .. unprovenAnd ReadingWe already have vaz te /maynard they are untested epl if west ham do go for another striker he will have to provenAny club hoping to stay in prem would be mental to go for L1 players,no one knows if he can score in champioshipSign owenNot good enough for EvertonNot good enough for Everton


25 May 2012 15:41:23
Gary Hunter set to compete his switch to Fleetwood Town after being released by Morecambe! Also leaving the Shrimps is Will Haining (Hibs), Andy Parrish (Preston) and Laurence Wilson (Shresbury)(7)(4)


25 May 2012 15:39:04
Dougie Freedman is sensationally trying to persuade Gennaro Gattuso out of retirement. Freedman, who studied in Italy and at AC Milan made a strong friendship with Gattuso. It is thought Gattuso would be interested if the deal involved him being part of the coaching set-up at the club.

The club are also likely to announce the signings of Aleksander Tunchev and Joel Ward early next week.
Palace are also in the hunt for Swansea midfeilder Kemy Agustien.(5)(16)Agustien going nowhere, just signed new deal.Gattuso hasn't retired.Augustien just signed a new contract with the swans!


25 May 2012 15:37:14
Emile Heskey is considering his options after being offered contracts at Leicester, Nottingham Forest and Leeds. Dexter Blackstock set to leave Forest in search of a new challenge, with Hull City and Brighton expressing interest(6)(12)RubbishFind out for yourself, Leicester are favourites at the minute due to his connections with the clubDexter will only leave if forest get a big offer for him. He does not want to leave, so please refrain from making things upDoubt hull are in a position to go for anyone seeings how they have no manager and no managing director in placeNot a chance he will go to Leeds, Warnock is not a fanCant replace dex with emile and dex recently said that if he was offered a new contract now he would take it without looking aroundCan anybody smell something.... I smell BULLY BULLY BULLSHT!!


25 May 2012 15:29:37
qpr may sign tottenham cm jermaine jenas to replace barton who is suspended fo 3 months(11)(7)


25 May 2012 15:17:52
hearts fc looking to offload some players
as sergio resigns in a two year deal
he wants to bring in some talent for europe
also rudi skacel signs up for a further season

out .. zaliukas (to be sold as high earner)

in... sandaza(st johnstone)
wallace (returns from rangers as they can't
pay for him)
rochina (blackburn)
conway(cardiff)(3)(15)Total crap mad vlad wont spend any cash it will be all freebies or loan signingsConway isn't leaving he is Cardiff's only player with pace (which he still has little of) .If we are rejecting bids for Whittingham we are going to reject bids for Conway.Your not getting conway from cardiff. in your dreams.It will be all free nobodies,and conway is a non starterConway had fitness problems and has been out with injury, which is why he didn't start many as he would like last season.In your dreamsWhy would we get rid off Prychynenko when he has been highlighted as an example along with Scott Robinson and Jason holy as the future? Sutton may still have a future. Not a chance with any of the signings, the only one we would have a chance with is to china and that would have to be on a freeTake conway he isnt good enough for championship footballConway will not leave Cardiff, especially for a team like hearts LOLHow are they going to afford rochina and conway ?? hearts are skint - hence the fire sale of players, and if you are selling zaliukas because hes a high earner then how can you expect to bring in championship and premiership wages.


25 May 2012 15:17:43
Stoke City have made an approach for Villarreal midfielder Jonathan De Guzman. De Guzman was out of favour at the back end of last season and wants to leave the relegated side. Stoke have watched the player several times at the early end of last season.(16)(2)Quite possibly as far as you can get from a Pulis style player. Young (for those who don't know Stoke, sub 28 is young), foriegn, never played in the prem, attacking and under 5ft 10. Would love to be wrong though.I wish, its what were crying out for, in the middle with a fit palacios and a partner pacey finsher for crouch, but we can all dream


25 May 2012 15:12:37
Joel Byrom to Scunthorpe after turning down a new deal at stevenage, also Christian Riberio and Joe Widdowson will sign for the Iron as the the new full backs! All on Frees(8)(5)Doubt it mate, Byrom is heading to Preston to be re united with Graham Westley


25 May 2012 15:05:37
charlton shall be making a raid on tottenham for their youth players. Andros Townend, John Bostock and Danny Rose are top of the list(2)(15)Watch this space. I can guarrantee at least one of these players joining Charlton Athletic FC in the next 4 weeks.I have heard this will happen soonLoan or perm?Okay right none of these will join charlton 99.9% sure of it... but if it were true i would like to see andros townsend


25 May 2012 14:55:35
Millwall to be signing troy deeney,Scott Malone,Stuart Beavon,Chris Taylor(4)(12)Lets HOPE SO!COYL!Why would they want to join millwall lol COYI!!Get READY for SCHOOL on Monday SON!COYLDeeney isn't going to millwall. can these rumours pls stop cos its never gonna happen for several reasonsTroy Deeney has agreed to sign for Millwall.Troy signed will be announced on 24th juneDeeny is not good enough for the squad Millwall are putting togetherTroy deeney signed for millwall..thats them religated


25 May 2012 14:47:52
Crystal Palace will follow the signings of Ward and Tunchev with moves for Kane Ferdinand, Josh Kennedy and Craig Eastmond.

If they receive 4-5m from the sales of Clyne and Ambrose they will move for James Henry and Max Clayton.(1)(10)Australian Josh kennedy playing in Asia or a different one?Such bcks, Dougie is only interested in experienced players to BUY.What are you talking about, kane ferdinand is from his former club southend (like o'keefe) kennedy was at popovic's former club (like nick carle) and unproven youngsters like clayton and eastmond are exactly the kind of players he wantsAmbrose probs wont go


25 May 2012 14:47:07
Diakite to sign for QPR permanently As is Tiawo along with at least one keeper (sad to see Kenny go) as well as couple more that will not include Jenas(11)(1)I cant wait till kenny goes hes not consistent


25 May 2012 14:47:05
Troy deeney to millwall within the next few weeks as he wants to play for a bigger club(2)(11)This Deeney to Millwall needs to stop. Overrated & needs to stay where he is.Millwall ... a bigger club... oh how funny

No stop your such a comedian, you should be on the stage....Not bigger, Just BetterDon't feed the trolls...If you re so much better, remind us again where you finished in the league?Where did watford finish the season before


25 May 2012 14:42:12
Joel Ward & Tunchev expected to be confirmed as Palace players on Monday(10)(13)Ward has signed for Ipswich,all over twitter


25 May 2012 14:39:53
Newcastle are set to make a move for Manchester City's unsettled winger, Adam Johnson.

Johnson could well be keen on the move as he supported Newcastle as a boy.(27)(23)Get your facts right son... Adam Johnson grew up as a Sunderland fanSo why did Johnson say he's a Sunderland fan?Get ur facts right son he confirmed himself he was a geordieWould newcastle be willing to pay his 80k per week wages and 10m transfer fee? don't think soThere are actually rumours in the pubs here that AJ might end up at United. Don't heckle me, it's just hearsay.Sorry to burst your bubble SGB but he is on his way to sunderland on loan for the season with an option to buy for 10m, his family is sunderland fans, rumours are he supported newcastle but can't really see that as if his family was sunderland fans you would expect him to probs be oneAdam Johnson is from Easington which is county Durham. That region has fans of both Newcastle and Sunderland in it. Neither club will get him anyway.


25 May 2012 14:32:08
Bradford are bringing some of the old boys back. Gray, Daley and Robbie Blake could all make a sensational return to VP.(4)(8)Robbie has put on some pounds since sitting on our bench.Robbie's not even been on the bench he's been on the sofa eating popcorn, he has done nothing for the last 3 years


25 May 2012 14:29:58
saints have tabled a bid for rodrigeuz 6m plus players going the other way
its in daily echo today !(17)(18)The headline is "saints to may record move for j-rod?" No bid has been made yet. Looks like the clubs are talking though.If it said it in the Echo, it must be true. Would not trust a word the Echo saysNext, it will be Echo finds Lord Lucan! They are just following the Sun-and they make it up as they go along.No they havent


25 May 2012 14:28:07
Bradford are in talks with former player Andy Gray and also want Watford winger Britt Assombalonga on a season loan long deal after ex bantam Scott Loach reccomended the club(4)(5)Worlds best surname!His name on your shirt will cost a fortune!!Assombalonga was out of his depth in the Championship so a loan to get him some experience looks likely.I found tht out to my cost :(Assombalonga showed great promise during his loans spell last year scoring a total of 13 goals in 20 somthing games i think at lower league level from right wing so def has promise. when he played for us this year he showed promise so please play him! this lad was playing sunday league only 2 years ago. i think we all want him to make it.Let's all do the conga with Brit Assombalonga....A great lad with alot of talent. Has shown already that he will be a top player, always plays with a smile and just needs games under his belt. Doubt if anyone will get him on a season long long, but maybe a month or two with a 24hr recall. Will be a Watford regular by the end of next season.


25 May 2012 14:27:43
Luton are interested in Macclesfield's Waide Fairhurst and York's Jamal Fyfield. They are also tracking Southport's Adam Carden.(6)(4)


25 May 2012 14:17:06
Ward to Ipswich, deal should be done by Monday. Palace and Leeds out of the race for him. I have this from a reliable source from a close friend who works at Ipswich(4)(19)Joel Ward & Tunchev expected to be confirmed as Palace players on MondayGuess you dont have any friends as he's signing for PalaceWe'll see...

can reveal that the South London club have been told by the player's representatives that the £500,000-rated Portsmouth utility man is set to end the long-running transfer saga and decide over the weekend which club he is going to join.

A source close to the Eagles said: "There is no truth in the rumours that Ward has already had a medical at Palace. They are still waiting to hear which club he will be joining.

"All they know at this stage is that it has become a two-horse race between themselves and another Championship club, which could or could not be Ipswich." {Ed001's Note -IPSWICH, LEEDS & PALACE will all be placed in or around 6th in Championship next season. LEEDS is where his best mate has gone. CRYSTAL PALCE nearer family. Why the hell do you think he would join IPSWICH ? 'Stop dreaming my friend'Oh yawn...this is getting tedious. Let's move on shall we!Anyone else bored of this now, obviously Ward is not committed to anyone's cause - how committed will he be if he takes this long to decide who to join.Hes going to leeds or brightonWards not going to ipswich as he doesnt think a tractor is an acceptable mode of transportOh... That's original...


25 May 2012 14:14:34
heard from reliable source
man utd looking at replacement for giggs
and they have come up with former celtic winger
aiden mcgeady(7)(30)They've come up with Hazard, and giggs doesn't play on the wing, so dont make up rumours.Pile of liesHow can you even compare mcgeady to giggsy. There will never be anyone who will properly replace giggs what he has done will never be repeated so to say mcgeady will do the job is ridiculous.Might do ok in championship but utd,lolWherre did he say is as good as giggs u muppet . honestly ppl see what they want to see and post dribble .

daviebhoy08 .Thats why i got to laugh!!
do well in the Championship!

The bhoy has been playing in a far superior league than the championship, and what makes you think the English prem is any good.

RomanovMight do well in champonship haha have you seen that bhoy play? would easily fit into utd team. away home diddy washerI saw McGEady live rip maldini to pieces when he was only 18. I also saw him live against sides like Man Utd and Barca and he was always a danger. Giggs is magnificent of course but got to laugh at the championship nonsense especially when Charlie Adam and Maloney are playing in the EPL.


25 May 2012 14:12:16
Yeovil look set to offer jamaican international nathan smith a return to huish park after chesterfields relegation to the league 2, as the ex left back has stated his desire to stay in league 1 football, and yeovils need for a new left back.(2)(8)Uhhh no!! he's rubbish, he's not league one standard.No chance he's staying put maybe he playing league 2 football.But what aspirations as yeovil got survival each and evry yearHe's English not Jamaican!! Yeovil won't spend the money to buy out his contract!He's been capped for Jamaica, qualifies through family. Also, doubt he'll be going this year as he's got time left on his contract and he's the only left back we've got at the club.He qualifies for jamaica and got a call up
DevonGreenActually hes a jamacian international. played 1 game in 2011 for jamacia. check the factsIs that why he has a cap for the Jamaican national team? Would love Smithy back as he was quality when he was at Yeovil. But I don't see it happening'But what aspirations as yeovil got survival each and evry year' at least we can! enjoy league 2 (again) :)No dis respect to you and your opinion but I disagree. I feel Mark Bunn will impress for the number one jersey at Blackburn, Paul Robinson might leave this summer.Hes got a contract Chesterfield dont have another Left back hes going nowhere


25 May 2012 14:05:59
ON A 3 YEAR DEAL !(7)(30)I can guarantee you that they're not.Is that cause he's tall? Yawn!Not good enough to play for stoke


25 May 2012 14:02:03
Crystal Palace manager Dougie Freedman is trying desperately to persuade Gennaro Gattuso to not hang up his boots and play for Crystal Palace on a pay as you play deal.

Freedman, who studied in Italy and at AC Milan while training for coaching badges had made a strong friendship with Gattuso. It is thought Gattuso would be interested if the deal involved him being part of the coaching set-up at the club.(4)(16)Unlikely but would be great if trueFriend who is a milan fan says gauttuso is going to coavh them after he gets his badge


25 May 2012 13:56:27
Bayer Leverkusen have granted permission for Fulham to speak to their winger Sydney Sam.(12)(4)


25 May 2012 13:56:10
oldham athletic manager paul dickov is already preparing for life without chris taylor and felipe morais. The scottish manager has held prelimenary talks lee croft and gary roberts. The latics manager also hopes to land a new striker within the enxt few days with freddy eastwood and billy paynter linked with moves to the club.(6)(2)I would defo settle for that, roberts over taylor any day and croft from what i remember is just as good as morais! any striker who can hit the target would be a bonus but im just worried with the people you have listed we are going over our salary budget by about 10K a week!?....


25 May 2012 13:51:54
West Ham's Sam Baldock will be loaned out by Big Sam next season, with Charlton Athletic, Crystal Palace, Ipswich Town and Nottingham Forest all interested.(20)(4)Charlton are NOT interested in a loan, how many more times.


25 May 2012 13:49:43
Arsenal, Manchester United, Sheffield Wednesday and Crystal Palace will send scouts to watch Crewe Alexandra's Nick Powell at Wembley in the League Two Play-Off final against Cheltenham Town this weekend. {Ed001's Note - I thought Palace and Wednesday were watching Westwood and Leitch-Smith?}(6)(4)


25 May 2012 13:47:21
Crystal Palace want to complete the transfers of Joel Ward and Alexsandar Tunchev, as well as renew Anthony Gardner's contract for another year. The Eagles are also considering signing Peter Ramage and/or Paul McShane as they will also be free agents in the summer.(10)(5)


25 May 2012 13:45:32
Lee Tomlin is having a medical at Stoke City! Just driven through Fenton. And is expected to be official on Monday at the latest.(10)(10)Hope he's not looking for digs in Fenton!!!This is bcks. Why would he be driving through Fenton? Clayton Wood training facility is off of the A500, no matter where he was going (unless he was nipping to Tesco) he wouldn't have to go anywhere near Fenton.He obviously got lost in Fenton


25 May 2012 13:45:25
Watford want Frank nouble ,tomasz kuszack and my mate said former reading midfielder James harper
Personally I would want helguson and smith from qpr(4)(2)Yes HH & TS back at the vic brill if it happensDon't see Dyche being interested in Nouble to be honest. His wages will be too high as are Kuczak's. We also usually look for up and coming players as opposed to those on their way down. As for Harper, we don't need him. We already have a plenty of centre midfielders.When Kuszscak went on loan to Watford, I believe Manchester United still paid two thirds of his wages - because Watford just can't afford those wages. If he wears a Watford shirt at all next season (which I reckon is very unlikely), then it will be another loan with the same deal. However even that is unlikely as I believe West Brom are connected with him, and they can offer far more money and can pay his wages.


25 May 2012 13:45:08
CRYSTAL PALACE will send scouts to watch Norway's home friendly against England on 2nd June. It is believed Palace will be keeping a watchful eye over potential Norwegians who could possibly follow Jonathan Parr in joining the South London club.(4)(2)


25 May 2012 13:43:33
CRYSTAL PALACE are to next week confirm the double signing of Portsmouth defender Joel Ward and Leicester City centre half Alexsandar Tunchev. Ward, who will sign for around £450,000, is likely to pen a 3 year contract with Tunchev signing for the season on a free transfer.(7)(7)I think you will find Tunchev is on a free as he is as injury prone as darren andertonIf you read the posthe clearly states that tunchev is freeWard will sign a four year contract for a fee just short of £500k. Has chosen Palace as he wants to stay in the South and Palace will allow him to stay living near his home town of Emsworth.


25 May 2012 09:05:04
Ed is there any truth in the story that Madine at Wednesday is coming for £700 k with young Shane Duffy going the other way on loan cheers maate. {Ed001's Note - I am guessing you mean Everton? As that is the only Shane Duffy I know of, he is likely to go out on loan but I know of no interest in Madine from Everton.}(2)(8)


25 May 2012 13:19:32
Billy Paynter (Leeds United) spotted at Fratton Park over a potential move to Portsmouth laterr in the summer. Likely to be Appleton's first summer signing as he looks to rebuild his squad for the league one campaign.(14)(6)Why would anyone sign for Poopey in the mess theyre in? How's he gonna get paid and how will he feel about the only player on the pitch?How can you be buying anyone you owe millions and should be chucked out of the league feel for the fans but cant keep doing itSecond that. How many more chances are they gonna be given? If the business was anything other than football, no-one invved would be allowed to run a business again. How Chanrai can even be allowed to try and buy the club back is beyond me. The league need to step in and put Pompey down.Fat chance Appleton is off to WBALets be fair, if this was your team you would not want yourself outta the league so why wish it on others yeah a couple people lied and thus we went into adim (twice) but we'll pay our debts and have dropped 2 leagues in 3 years and we get all the grief from pretty much every other fan pn the planet so i honestly think thats punishment enough..Personally think Pompey fans are amongst the best in the country and do not deserve what their recent dodgy owners have done to them. I wish Pompey only good luck for the future and fans of other clubs should just be grateful that it dis not all happen to them.Wait, how can we keep buying when we owe millions? hang on a sec so does this mean any team thats in debt cant buy players? cause well then nothing would happen...Agree that Pompey fans are not to blame for the actions of bad owners. The fans and players were punished with a 10 point deduction that relegated them last term so lets have an end to all this nonsense about them deserving additional punishment. They have been treated in line with every other club who have entered administration. The real problem is that the owners go largely unpunished, yet the fans suffer.Totally agree that it's the owners of these clubs that should be punished and not the fans. Surely the 'fit & Proper test of the FA /league heeds to be tightened up to reduce the risk for every club.


25 May 2012 13:18:23
Southend's Ryan Hall is currently in Shrewsbury negotiating a contract with Graham Turner.(11)(4)Various sightings in Shrewsbury this weekHe is NOT leaving southendRyan hall will not be signing, i know this and i can guarantee you it won't happen! you heard it hear firstSays who!Blatantly leaving southend for salop, i personally have seen him this week at the GM so i predict the 2 signings early next week will be Hall and McArdleSays ryan hall himslef that he wants to stay for at least another yearBlatantly not leaving Southend for Shrewsbury as he doesn't like their fans and the club doesn't have enough ambition for him!Who says that? you! we are in the league above you mate! hahaDoesnt like their fans. Dont remember offending him


25 May 2012 13:17:47
stevenage have made there
3rd signing in 2 days.
greg tansey from inverness joins
the league 1 side on a 3 year deal.

also joel byrom has left stevenage
source stevneage official site(10)(1)


25 May 2012 13:16:21
Leicester close to wrapping up a deal for Emile Heskey.

1 Year contract, with an option of a second year should Heskey/The Club wish to extend it.(17)(2)


25 May 2012 13:15:49
Watford ins:

-tamas kadar
-tommy smith
-chris maguire(5)(2)So where did you hear this?


25 May 2012 12:51:24
Huddlesfield have rejected the 3.5m bid for rhodes, laughed at it really, they want at least 6m for him(7)(10)£6.5m for a league 1 player!! Podolski joined Arsenal for £10m and he has been prolific in the Bundesliga and is a German international. Way over valued!6m is laughable. No evidence that he can perform at a higher level no club would fork out silly amounts. I can't see anyone offering higher then 3-4mil for Rhodes.Haha get realFrom a barnsley fan how much did arsenal pay for the kid from southampton when they were in div 1 and so wish we haddnt let his dad go to ipswich when he was younger he would still be with us£3.5M is a huge amount for a player who has yet to p[rove himself at any level above Div1, after all he apparently struggled at Ipswich hence they let him go, Yes he looks a class act this season and just maybe he could do it at premier level with the right coaching, but its still a risk, I suspect they will accept an offer of £3.5M + substantial add on's tied to him being able to sustain a first team place in a premier league side etc.
If they hold out for £6M he ain't going anywhere, because no manager in premier is going to fork out a fee of that size on a gamble6mil is a joke,just because he has had a good season i9n league 1 doesnt make him worth 6m,i remember dave nugent was banging them in for the mighty preston in the championship and he went for 7mil and did nothing at portsmouth


25 May 2012 12:43:52
Burnley are only looking at players that can increase their youth prospects such as Joel Ward, Luke O'Neill from Mansfield and Hednesford Town duo Chris Clements and Cheyenne Dunkley.

Burnley are in a very healthy financial position, although they will not and never have spent over the odds for one player, expect the same again this window!(7)(5)


25 May 2012 12:42:05
Palace looked to have won the race for Portsmouth's Joel Ward after apparently completing a medical and agreeing personal terms with the club. Sources from both Leeds and Ipswich confirm this as well as Palace. Also, he was seen in the Palace car park yesterday which backs this up even more. Signing to be announced by monday.(12)(12)Joel Ward has NOT had a medical at Championship rivals Crystal Palace, despite rumours to the contrary.

A source close to the Eagles said: "There is no truth in the rumours that Ward has already had a medical at Palace. They are still waiting to hear which club he will be joining.

"All they know at this stage is that it has become a two-horse race between themselves and another Championship club, which could or could not be Ipswich."

The saga continues..More likely going to leeds as part of the Billy Paynter deal..Sky sports say he signed.Paynter is most likely a free transfer so no need for it to be part of any deal for Ward.


25 May 2012 12:29:30
Former Rochdale defender Rory Mcardle (25) is set to make a return to spotland having agreed a deal this week. After being released by SPL side Aberdeen, Mcardle has had interesest from mainly Rochdale aswell as Stockport and Bristol Rovers.(5)(1)


25 May 2012 12:22:42
If fulham are to get their man ( Chris Gunter ) then they will have to pay around £1.8 Million,after a bid from swansea for £1.7 has been put on the table. But with a possible takeover at Nottingham Forest with RedBull -nothing will be certain about Gunters future until the middle of June .(2)(14)Congratulations. You wrote an entire paragraph without a single word being true.

Forest aren't so hard up that they will sell gunter for less than they paid for him.This is bullst


25 May 2012 12:18:32
Sheffield Wednesday have been told by Reading FC they must double there 350.000 offer to 700.000 if they want Michail Antonio(14)(0)For a player that's never cut it above League 1? Think notWorth it hes class 600 000 would do itDont have him then, simple as.Never cut it above league one? The guy is one of Readings best prospect, and absolutely devastated league one last year. Expect big things, and if they don't sign him now, expect a bigger transfer fee.OP is right Reading have rejected the £350K offer and told The Owls to double it.I think a 500k bid would be enough to tempt us to sell. Considering we got him for nothing and he has hardly set the world alight for usYou could say the same about Rhodes, yet Huddersfield have turned down £3 million allegedly!To the person that said Antonio is one of our biggest prospects... im guessing you have not heard of Jordan Obita, Lawson D'Ath, Micheal Hector and Dominic Samuel. Antonio has raw talent but he doesnt have the work rate or footballing knowledge to make it at the big time. Every time Reading gave him a chance at Championship level he flopped.RE: "To the person that said Antonio is one of our biggest prospects... im guessing you have not heard of Jordan Obita, Lawson D'Ath, Micheal Hector and Dominic Samuel. Antonio has raw talent but he doesnt have the work rate or footballing knowledge to make it at the big time. Every time Reading gave him a chance at Championship level he flopped."

I'm a Reading fan by the way. Antonio hasn't cut it for Reading because he needed to get experience and regular game time. Don't get me wrong, D'Ath, Hector, Obita etc are good prospects but Antonio is a very good one too.

It would suit all three parties, Sheff Wed, Reading and Antonio. He will improve a lot when he gets game time - he has done and put in some good performances for Sheff Wed.

I think a 500-600k price with a clause for sell on percentage could be a good deal.Antonio has one thing when he plays for Sheff Wed and Southampton we can't give him at Reading. Confidence. When he has a run of games (which we can never be in a position to give him) he starts to run with his head up, he looks more a footballer. He'll probably do really well for Sheffield Wednesday but is in the same position at Morrison, Cox, etc. Needs to drop down to kick start his career. I understand that bid rejected was last week and a fee has been agreed since. Good luck to him.


25 May 2012 12:13:02
Speakin with adam monaghan of dumbarton the other week and he said.he was.signin for u for
next season(0)(3)


25 May 2012 12:10:35
Everton are chasing FC Copenhagen's £6m rated Senegalese striker Dame N'Doye, but they will have to sell to bid.(12)(3)


25 May 2012 12:08:29
Swansea City have agreed a fee of around 7Million for 1899 Hoffenheim Midfeilder Gylfi Sigurdsson.
Source-Sky Sports(17)(5)


25 May 2012 12:05:58
man city to sign dani alves from barcelona for 12million plus kolorov to be done by the first of july(8)(23)So city are swapping there 2nd choice LB for another RB


25 May 2012 11:56:53
Neither Dempsey nor Dembèle look set to stay with fulham next season so here are the various moves going in and out of craven cottage:

Dembèle to Liverpool, joe cole plus 5 million going the other way (that 5 million will pay his wages for the first year and a bit)

Dempsey to arsenal for 12 million.

Along with that money, al fayed will grant jol a further 8 million so he has 20 million in total, with which he will buy nacer Chadli-6 million
Joe Allen- 5 million
Danny Simpson 4 million
Anderson (man u) 5 million(5)(21)Hahahhahaa joe allen 5 million? double it and were getting somewhere !Well your getting ripped off for danny simpson, seen as he's a free agent this summer. and anderson? get real!Joe Allen 10 million? He's Welsh!Nothing wrong with being welsh, a nation on the up. plently of quality welsh players


25 May 2012 11:45:14
Hull City and Preston North End are battling it out to capture the permanent signing of young Man Utd starlet Joshua King, who has had successful loan spells at both clubs(9)(8)He wont come preston if hull are after him aswellJoshua king is rubbish hull can have him he failed miserably on loan for north endAre you joking he brillant when he played for us who've were you watching!!I'm not sure it was Joshua King you signed on loan? It may've been his brother, Juan?You mad?


25 May 2012 11:43:16
Well it looks like Joel ward isn't going to Leeds or Ipswich, according to Yorkshire evening post website ( local Leeds news paper ) the ward has passed a medical and agreed terms with crystal palace, if you don't believe me google it and read for yourself, I know it could be news paper talk but their saying it is basically completed, which to be fair it's a shock to both Ipswich and leeds(9)(1)Don't see why it should be a shock-2 teams who were unlikely to pay fee up front in full and Pompey are in administration.Hope this is true, doubt it though.I assure you this is no shock to Ipswich fansSource from Crystal Palace has said he has not undergone a medical! Im suprised that he would choose to join Palace over Ipswich.Why would you be suprised if he joined palace over ipswich? You havent done anything for 30 years and palace were in the prem more recently than you.What source ! ( red or brown lol) .. anywayz ward been spotted at palace training ground from good source !Lol this site is hilarious...yeah we haven't done anything for 30 years. Only won playoff, finished 5th in premier league, played in Europe. Before you insult another club do some research! And I wish your club luck..I'm not bothered about ward. Good luck to him I say.Different poster but you didn't come 5th in the premiership, maybe in the equivalent First Division, and Palace came 3rd in the First Division in 1991! Also won the playoffs to get into the Prem in 2005. But let Ward go to whoever he prefers! Hopefully will be palaceIpswich finished 5 in 2000-2001 season , only pip to a champ league spot by 1 point .


25 May 2012 11:43:13
Filipe Morais Denies moving to stevenage.(5)(6)


25 May 2012 11:42:45
Gary Flitcroft is rumoured to be the favourite to succeed Steve Kean as manager if the club decide change is needed. Flitcroft has shown his managerial skills in a successful 3 year spell as manager of Chorley (including 2 promotions). Flitcroft will also bring his trusted assistant Matt Jansen with him to Ewood(6)(7)Do the Venky's know who Gary Flitcroft is?


25 May 2012 11:40:49
El-Hadji Diouf in talks with recently relegated Spanish side Villareal(15)(11)Who cares! Good riddance I say.


25 May 2012 11:23:51
Barnsley loose out on Etuhu and Bradford can keep dreaming he's going to sign a new contract with Futacs because he's a wardog!(4)(7)Robbie Blake is set to sign for bradford city fc


25 May 2012 11:19:58
Hearts have taken Auchinleck Talbot's goalkeeper, Andy Leashman on trial after he impressed Paulo Sergio in the Scottish cup game in January. Confirmed by Auchinleck's manager(8)(1)


25 May 2012 11:19:14
Portsmouth are too look at the following players as Michael Appleton sets to rebuild for League 1, These signings only after taken back over by Chanrai or the trust.

Izale McLeod - £0
Adebayo Akinfenwa - £?
Billy Paynter - Maybe in the deal for Ward
Marlon Pack - £?
Tom Heaton - £0
Herman Hreidarsson - £0
Chris Maguire - £400k
Gabor Geyepes - £0

Plus about 11-14 other unnamed targets

This is only speculation lads.(8)(31)You got a buyer then?What nonsenseHopefully Maguire :DHa. Dream on.Cant see Hreidarsson returning.You cannot spend money as you have none!Why are people saying "dream on!" or "nonsense, you have no money!"? It says once taken over by Chainrai or the Trust so we obviously would have money... and all but one or two are free's...Can not see Appleton going for Hreidarsson due to age, he wants to build a team primarily of youngsters. However, think rest of your speculation is not too wide of the mark.


25 May 2012 11:17:14
Pep Guardiola is to be Chelseas new manager after he has had his month of recovery time...

this will provide Roman with his main man and provide chelsea with a new era of playing style and self sustenance(13)(34)Month of recovery time? He's still in charge of Barcelona until after the Copa del Ray final tonightHe wants time out months no a month, he is looking like a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders just lately. He'll no doubt hanker to get back involved sooner rather than later but it won't be this summer


25 May 2012 11:15:24
Middlesborough to move for Carlos Bocanegra. Colin Doyle of Birmingham to move to Leeds or Watford! Troy Deeney attracting interest from West Ham(4)(9)Why would West Ham want Deeney? They already have 50 strikersDeeney is attracting....NO ONE!


25 May 2012 11:13:22
Peter Lovenkrands - Newcastle to Birmingham for 1.5 million. Jermain Defoe to move to Newcastle for 7 million after the Euros. Chelsea lining up a big bid for Kyle Walker. ALL from reliable sources, watch this space(12)(9)You mean the same Lovenkrands that was released from Newcastle a week or so ago.A reliable source? Or a figment of your imagination. There is no way on Gods green Earth that Defoe is going to Newcastle. For £7m or otherwise.You mean the same Birmingham that have no money at all.Lovenkrands is out of contract so will be free, Birmingham have no money so they wouldn't pay that for him or anybody.

Newcastle have a transfer policy of not signing players over the age of 26 and Defoe is 30, so I can smell bull..Is that the same Kyle Walker that has only just signed a new contract.


25 May 2012 11:07:30
cardiff city have signed joe lewis on a free transfer(12)(7)Lets hope he omly sits on the bench - he's awfulHe's a good Keeper, he will be good as a replacement for heaton


25 May 2012 10:56:36
Jason Koumas has been spotted at Preston North End's training ground and is ready to sign a 2 year contract. Preston will face a battle to keep hold of German shot stopper Thorssten Stuckmann as Hoffenheim are believed to have tabled a bid(13)(6)Stuckmann is staying!!!Koumas is at Hillsborough at the moment....


25 May 2012 10:53:41
Millwall have also agreed personal terms with Oldham Athletic. Taylor will travel to Millwall today to complete his move.(9)(10)There are no terms to agree with Oldham, he's out of contract.We should get gary roberts for huddersfieldIm an oldham fan, and im glad to see taylor leave, he's crap. He thinks he's a lot better than he is. He nowhere near championship standard


25 May 2012 10:52:36
Kieran Richardson set to move to West Ham on a 3 year deal. Also, Prestons young star Danny Mayor has attracted interest from a number of Championship clubs including Leeds, Peterborough, Cardiff and Burnley(16)(10)True about Kieran Richardson but it would take a big fee from a championship club to take Danny Mayor from PrestonDo not want him if he follows the suit of Wallace and treacy


25 May 2012 10:52:28
Millwall are set to complete the signing of Scott Malone within the next few days, having cut his holiday short to discuss personal terms with Kenny Jackett he has passed a medical and Josh McQuoid has also agreed terms with Bournemouth as part of the deal.(3)(6)SS website: Bournemouth chairman Eddie Mitchell has dismissed speculation linking winger Scott Malone with an imminent move to Millwall.This is utter rubbish, yes he may sign but he is still in Marbella on holiday with fellow bournemouth players. I follow him on TwitterIf this is rubbish why has his transfer been confirmed.


25 May 2012 10:38:24
Barry Kilby is stepping as chairman of Burnley today, a new chairman will be elected today, most likely to be Brendan Flood.(7)(3)Couldn't care lessI work at the club - what a load of rubbish you write... Like Burnley will sell both strikers, Jay Rod is off, no secret there but Austin aint going anywhere & neither is Trippier unless a stupid offer comes in... Just stop writing unfounded rubbish.Apparantly flood is out of the running ....I work at the club, and I have spoken to Jay and he says he is very happy at Burnley and wouldn't want to rush straight into another team.


25 May 2012 10:38:05
Jermain Jenas Suspected to go to QPR

Source- Sky Sports News(15)(6)Lol. suspected?Expected? respected? elected?


25 May 2012 10:36:04
Doncaster boss Dean Saunders has denied he's interested in Mathias Pogba, Freddy Eastwood or Rob Earnshaw(12)(3)Eastwood and earnshaw both passed it


25 May 2012 10:29:09
Barnsley fc make improved offer for gordan greer from brighton(4)(2)They have turned it downWhich was turned down. He'll never go. They're st anyway.Got to be a least 1 mil or more to even think Brighton would sell him.Your first offer was laughable at reportedly less than 100k,even if you doubled that it would be less than we paid for him,and hes twice the player he was at swindon.gus isnt going to let his captain go for peanuts,let alone chip butties.No they haven'tI'll chop off my left plum before I sell Greer to barnsleyBarnsleys first offer of reportedly less than 100k is laughable and a fraction of what we paid swindon,and he,s a far better player now. even if you trebled it
gus wont let his captain go for peanuts let alone chip butties.Awww, bless them for trying, but it's going to take a lot of money to get Greer...which Barnsley don't have!Why do Brighton think that Barnsley are a worse option for Greer.we have been in this league longer than anyone, 7 years 7 year in year out we stay there beating the so called big boys. What have Brighton done lately ?Greer should sign for Barnsley, they are a more established championship side than Brighton, 7 years in this division proves it. Brighton are still a side newly promoted still finding there way, will they be here in 7 years ?Hope not..........we'll be premiership by then. Why would Greer go to Barnsley, just for a crack at a relegation battleNope we wil be in the premier.Established means nothing. Brighton are on the up anyone who would want a chance of playing premier league football will easily pick Brighton over Barnsley.7 years in the championship and we come straight in and finish higher then you hmmmm let me think hahaYou can have him Greer in not capable in playing against top championship sides like Blackpool and west ham as well if we want to go up he is not able to deal players at that levelDon"t see Brighton doing as aswell next season,think they will struggle. Greer will see sense & move to an established championship side like Barnsley who will finish higher than Brighton next season & prove bookies wrong yet again.No, Barnsley will get relegated next season as they are dire, dull and have no money...I think poyet will go, players will leave and it will be Brighton that will be relegated not Barnsley. You reckon your on the up ha ha
We will see next season, what a joke Brighton don't belong in this league .I sense a bit of jealousy here, i think that brighton are a club on the up anyone can see this nice new ground being expanded and top class young manager and an exiting squad along with a chairman who has supported the club for years and is not afraid to spend money and wants them to be in the premiership, so i can see why a lot of people will be jealous and i know for sure id like to support a club like thay.......and thats why i DOIm a brighton fan and personally i would want you to have greer. hes not at the standard we want if we r going for the promotion push next season, of coarse he has to sold at right price. plus i dont think he should be captain when we have a more solid and complete defender next to him which is adam el-abd. in my opinion greer shoud be sold and give the armband to el-abd who would fight for this club regardless. TAKE GREER HE'S USELESS


25 May 2012 10:11:52
Celtic interested in Guly de prado(8)(14)Yeah cos its too cold for Guly in the south of England!


25 May 2012 10:06:58
Jan Vertonghen is determined to move to Spurs after saying 'I’m just waiting for a deal with Tottenham to be done' in an interview last night with(10)(6)


25 May 2012 09:57:56
My sister works for Stevenage and says Marcus Bent failed his medical, reckon he isnt fit enough for League One. Smithy now looking at Gavin Hoyte instead.(5)(11)We've been looking at Hoyte For AAAAAAAAAGES

UTBMarcus Bent and Gavin Hoyte play in different positionsHow you can go for Gavin Hoyte as a second choice to Marcus Bent is beyond me, seen as they play in totally different positions. Your sister may work at the club, but where abouts? in the club shop? LOLSo a striker fails a medical so you are looking at a full back instead!! Interesting.I posted about gavin hoye the other day.
we had him on trial ages your sister didnt know that !


25 May 2012 09:54:30
Bradford are looking for a new striker and rumours going around VP is that it will either be Guylain Ndumbu-Nsungu or Alan Lee(3)(7)


25 May 2012 09:50:51
ive heard today that scott sinclair is stalling on a new contract with swansea so brendan will sell him as he only wants players who are 100% committed to the club so he is going to go to aston villa, everton,fulham, espanyol as all are interested.

also swans set to sign 2 players by next weekend and they are sigurdsson for 8m and guidetti on a season long loan.(9)(6)What a load of tripe. Scott Sinclair has recently stated he cant way till next season with SwanseaUmm yeah that was weeks ago, dont you watch/red the news? he has stalled on his contract talks as he these teams can offer him more wages than swansea can! get your facts right mate!


25 May 2012 09:47:42
middlesbrough will cash in on marvin emnes who will join swansea for £5m and his prem wages and attempt to lure jay rodriguez to the club on lower terms(9)(12)You would of got 5m in january for him now its going to be about 3mHe signed a new 3 year contract , so his fee will go up not downHaha some people really don't have a clue, do they?No it would be more like £6m, he's signed a new deal and scored 18 goals this season whilst injured for a third of it and in a team thats struggled to create chances. You obviously no nothing about football valuationSaints already bid over 6m for jay rod so how you gonna get him on lower terms?Mate i know my football, tell you what, when emnes moves in the summer cause he will cause middlesborough are rubbish, get back to me on here and we'll see how much he goes for!No problem, you obviously have a very limited knowledge of football. Share with us who you support, I doubt you support your local team.As a BORO fan I can tell u ur talking rubbish and no nothing bout BORO, emmes won't be leaving BORO, so no u don't no ur football, bailey to go with arca and McDonald and McManus,nothing is concrete untol contract is signed,leadbitter is still on holiday as is ladesma, 1st Signing wil be ladesma next week if BORO want him enough,This fellow Boro fan knows the score, I would add Thomson as an out too. UTB!Emnes would go for 4million and a minimum, in todays markets he'd be worth every penny.As a Swans fan i think we might have blown most of our budget on siggy and any further additions won't come in at 4 or 5 million. In addition to this our wage structure is more in line with championship clubs so we may struggle to get much more in the way of quality but I think most swans fans would love emnes to sign.


25 May 2012 09:45:31
Charlton to sign Hayden Mullins ,John Bostock,Tamas Kadar ,Ben Alnwick ,Sam Baldock and Sanchez Watt(5)(14)And were are yopu getting all the money for thisTEE HEE, I love reading these made up rumours from Charlton fans, suddenly they think they are "big time charlies".I spoke to Paul Elliot (Ex chelsea and charlton defender)after we got promoted and he is mates with Powell.
He said there is a 50mil budget over the next 5 years. If we get in the prem the new / real owners will be announced. Thats where the money is coming from.TEE HEE, I love reading these made up rumours from Charlton fans, suddenly they think they are "big time charlies".
Half of these rumors are not even being made up by Charlton fans.MK Dons have first option on Baldock as it was written into the sale when he was sold to West HamCharlton have also tabled a 1m bid for andros townsned and another 1m bid for sam baldockFor the last time just because it's a charlton rumour doesn't mean a charlton fan ha posted it, so how about you stop complaining and get on with it IT'S A RUMOUR SITE END OFTEE HEE, I love reading comments from people who dont know who wrote the rumourOhh dear charlton have no money believe me !! £50m over 5 years haha i support charlton and been going 9/10 years this is our out players:


Baldock (B


25 May 2012 09:45:21
julien Faubert to middlesbrough where he will be the clubs new RB after mchmahon and Hoyte reject new deals(6)(10)Get parnaby back miles better than hoyteFaubert and his wife want to move back to FranceFauberts good but I'd keep McMahon a boro lad who will play for the shirt he should sign a new contract cuz who else wants him plus the guy who wrote about him rejecting a contract didn't even spell his name right! And who wrote this rubbish about parnaby he's ancient!Parnaby is only 29...


25 May 2012 09:42:18
Derby county are going to have a small sum of the income from transfers added
to their current Transfer budget.The Majority will be used to pay off loan investors
and youth recruitment.

Miles Adddison-Maxium 250k

Steve davies-Asking price-1.1 million

James Bailey-Asking price of 750k

Chris maguire-Asking price of 575k

Lee croft-Asking price of 210k

Nigel clough has already hinted at the posistions he wants.As he wants the club to have 2 of every posistion
and apart from experience at the back(defence) players under 25.SO below each posistion is his main target and backup

1st Priority

Left Back(Young and Pacey)
1.Paul Dixon
2.Joe Mattock

Aidy white will be asked by leeds if he would join derby if leeds bid for davies as Nigel clough is a huge admirer
and thinks he would only go to derby with a nudge in the right direction.But most probally prem bound with swansea
keen.Thats why its not his first choice with the amount of time and effort it could take to get him and then him choosing
another club2nd Priority

Striker (Young)

1.Johnny Russell(Chris maguire will be used to get him)
2.Will Grigg3rd Priority

Centre Midfielder

1.Fegor Ogude

There is only one target as Nigel wasnt ever doubting he would be able to get his target and with a fee already agreed its the most likely to
be our first signing.4th Priority


1.Michael Jacobs
2.Daniel Powell5th Priority


1.Andrew driver
2.James DaytonLast priority

Cb cover for injured Barker

1.Krystian Pearce

Notts county are allowing him to leave and derby are prepared to pay the 130k + connor doyle on loan.This is all true the only player to get close to speaking to derby is fegor ogude the rest are just targets if derby manage to be successful in their bids
Derby county should be seeing all the players next to 1.These are other players but these will be taken on trial because of being released

Frank Nouble-Released from west ham
Karleigh Osbourne-Released from Brentford(Charlton and Notts forest have offered him one aswell)
Gavin Hoyte released from Arsenal(he wants to join his brother at Middlesborough)

Dont forget derby fans that 15 new players have been brought to the youth squad and 9 of them are youth internationals so promising.

names such as Charlie telfer released by rangers scotland u17Thanks for reading.Go to for quick updates(5)(14)Who is joking here not worth 700kWhite will go to the Premiership if he leaves, Warnock said he is not interested in Davies on a recent radio interview.
Your rumour is purely made up - whens your next fairy tale due for publishing?Whos not worth 700k theres no value of 700k been written there and they are the asking price not what someone has paid.FRNo one is going to pay anywhere near 250k for Miles Addison, when he was on loan at Barnsley last year he was one of the worst players. Was dropped and couldn't get in the team and we were nearly relegated. Won't want him on a freeThats why the person put MAXIUM of 250k saying that no one will pay over that.Could be 50k,100k or 150k"fairy tale due for publishing"

If this is a leeds fan you can sit down you only not interested because you have 1 million to spend on 5 players not just one.As this person has put the White thing is highly unlikely and they have stated that so if you took the time to read it you would see they have put hes Going to prem team.Miles addison is only 22/23 which is young for a defender
He is an amazing tackler but has serious fitness issues as he put on loads of weight to turn it into muscle but gave up
so hes half muscle half fat thats why he has the speed of a turtle.But he has been in the gym everyday recently and was offered a cut price contract two weeks ago for cover for the injured barker but is yet to accept.Davies is going to Bolton for 950k.Why is clough even looking at will grigg? from what i have seen and heard he is terribleApparently hes a really really good finisher and young.But theo was crap when he came and you can say what you want about him but he has massively improved its just his touch now thats letting him down and hes a hard worker who runs all game.Thats why teams such as blackburn and wigan are massively interested.So i would prefer for nigel to get will on the cheap and have people saying hes crap and then he trains with the coaches and becomes a good player.You wont get pearce for 130k i wouldnt have thoughtNotts county are allowing him to leave.
If a player plays in league 1 and 2 unless they are a teenage sensation no-one will pay millions for them.Unless they have a crap managment or bags of money.Example Vardy to leciester i thought he was young turns out hes 25
to step up from the non-league to Championship withLeciester(who lets face it should be automatic/playoffs).
By the time a player is 22 they should be at their full potiential.If you've got nothing intelligent to say, keep it quiet. i've never read so much boocks in all my life...lolCounty Turned down 500k mid season for Pearce so why would they accept so little now? Yeah they want to get rid of him but they aren't stupid.Notts turned down an offer or 500k last season so will be looking for a fee in this region, id prefer to keep him.


25 May 2012 09:38:05
preston north end to sign free agent jason koumas , he has family living up north so move likely to happen(11)(6)


25 May 2012 09:23:16
Millwall interested in Coventry's out of contract captain, Sammy Clingan(7)(4)Good riddance to an average playerGood riddance to a below average team


25 May 2012 09:14:10
Leeds are out of the Joel Ward race as they cant raise the £450'000 signing on fee, Ipswich look to be in the driving seat and favourites forhis signature(4)(13)Thats bates for youLooks like Crystal Palace are in the driving seat source Ipswich Evening star.Palace are favourites and as i've told you for the last 10 days, he will sign as its the closest interested club to Emsworth where he livesJoel Ward is not worth £450,000 - If Ipswich think he is then good luck to em I say.Leeds are out of it and wont sign anyone with credentials as bates has lost intrest in the club, look out for a for sale sign soon and they are doing some business with norwich need i say anymore lol and thats not buying from but selling toWard states that Palace are the nearest to his home, which will sway it, but he also states that he wants to join a club which has a Premiership target next season, well i think he may well be joining the wrong club, as i cant see Palace getting promoted for a long time, they aint got the squad or financial backing for that adventure, but if Joel does sign for them best of luck old son.Sadly ipswich cant raise the money either ,have to sell some more carrotsYet again... Original.Leeds pulled out from signing ward because they know they can attract much better players with takeover imminent , so he went to second choice palace MOT


25 May 2012 09:04:59
Leeds United striker Ross McCormack could be on his way to Reading for what is a rumored fee of £7mil(7)(34)If you get 7mill for him then football really has lost it,s wayI'd piggyback him there with that feeWhy pay 7mil when you can have him for 2.5m tops????????????£7 million, yeah right. Leeds will be lucky to get 400kFor 7 million I will drive him there myself, he is not worth 7 million of anyones money - are you good at monopoly, cos your idea of money is pretty immature.We would never ever ever ever pay that for him!!! haha if sigurdsson has gone for that mccormack should be 2.5 millI'm a Leeds fan and I'd drive him to you myself for 2million he is far too fat for the premiership12month left on his contract, watch him sit on bench for a season at Leeds and he's yours for a bargain £0000000. £7m is laughableI hope you're right, I really do. You seen McCormack play then, I take it? Didnt think so.
wallyNever heard of us having any interest in McCormack, but we'll take Snodgrass off you instead :PPlease refrain from posting on this site as you clearly know nothing about football. £7mil!? What a joke! He will go for more like £1 - £1.5mil (he's in the last year of his contract)Actually there has been rumours of our interest in him, but never in a million years is he worth £2.5m, let alone £7m.


25 May 2012 09:03:11
preston sign amoo on a 1 year deal(15)(1)


25 May 2012 08:55:32
Bradford City are in talks with former Barnsley striker Andy Gray. Andy Gray used to play for Bradford City and used to work under current Bradford City manager at Charlton. This deal looks like it's on.(4)(4)Please let this be true so the nutter that keeps posting that barnsleys are going to resign him will stop posting crapAndy Gray is my idol he should have never got released :(He only just hit the net by luck.


25 May 2012 08:40:01
Seeing a few sources suggest Peter Luvenkrands of Newcastle is a Cardiff target. Wouldn't be a bad free transfer, but since hes contracted I can't see Newcastle accepting bids of less than 2m and that would be money best spent elsewhere.(5)(5)Lovenkrands is out of contract and will be getting released, would be a good signing for cardiff and a promotion pushEven if he was in contract, which he isn't - he would be £500k maximum.

Would be a quality signing for Cardiff mind..


25 May 2012 08:29:55
fulham r interested in momo diame. free agent...

cheapskates!!(9)(3)Diame has offers from Champions League clubs and is heavily linked with Malaga who aren't short of a bob or two. No one can say for certain what the future holds (despite the claims of many on this site) but I can't see him going to Fulham or Everton or Liverpool or any of the other various clubs I've seen mentioned.Rather be cheapskate top half than gold digging relegation strugglers mate


25 May 2012 08:28:11
arsenal want to sign fulham goal-scorers dembele and dempsey. dembele better option due to age(13)(3)No they dont ?"Fulham Goal-scorer Dembele" only scored one this season


25 May 2012 08:26:36
benayoun to arsenal from chelsea 5m
kalou free agent

chamack to west ham 4m(15)(12)It was all believable until the last piece of rubbish.And why not? Kalou has won the premier league, FA cup, and Champions league, something that a lot of your numpties haven't ,done?Arsenal wouldnt spend 5m on benayoun, probably about 3-4 at mostI hope not as a west ham fan chamakh is a waste of spaceBenayoun is also a target for the hammers coyi


25 May 2012 08:24:51
Yeovil are looking to bag a surprise deal for Blackburn's backup goalkeeper and Liverpool killer Mark Bunn on a free transfer. Bunn is willing to take a big wage cut to get first-team football in Somerset.(3)(14)Source?Tomato!:')x


25 May 2012 08:06:35
Southampton looking at tom ince and Gary Hooper.(17)(12)I'd rather spend on Ince and Rodriguez than blow it all on Hooper.Hooper will not go to Southampton, and Celtic will not sell for less than 10millBecause Celtic is ridiculous. it's like giving a child a chequebook, no understanding. Good luck rotting in the SPL.Yes let him rot in tho Spl, European football every year possibly champs league, Europa league.winning trophys playing in front of 60 thousand fans every other week!

Or play for a team that are just making up the numbers!
Easy one for me to work out!Yeah, he isn't good enought for the Premier league anyway. We need quality.Hooper is total toshI genuinely think that my brothers team could beat most of the teams in the SPL and considering he's 8, that's how high I rate the SPL, has anyone actually won it except Celtic and Rangers?? Jelavic was far better in the SPL than Hooper and Jelavic went to Everton for 5/6 million, so using that logic, Hooper should be available for around 2.5/3 million. Yes he finished top goalscorer but if I played for Hibernian I would get around 35/40 mark from RB!!!SPL is a two team league, soon to be a one team league. If Hooper wants to play below pat teams week in week out to fail to qualify or at best get knocked out at the first time of asking in the champs league then he isn't ambitious enough playing more quality teams in the prem than if he stayed with Celtic even if they did qualify. Poor footballing nation and are happy with Gary Hooper being the best player in their league. HAHA. Lambert and lallana are better than anything the SPL has to offer, fact.European football every year possibly CL? They auto automatically qualify for this as they have nobody to play in their league. If a player wanted guaranteed CL football trey could play for Bangor City. Celtic struggle to get past the Qualifiers sometimes and can't get through the early group stages before the tournament has properly got started. Yet they boast about this like they annually compete in the CL!! It's utterly embarrassing!
Winning trophies?! Are you having a laugh? The domestic trophies in Scotland are worth less than the carling cup.
Playing in front of 60,000 fans every other week. Wow what an achievement when there are only two teams of any repute in the entire country. 60,000 fans watching you outplay a team that are basically the same standard as part timers. Must be very entertaining.
A team that makes up the numbers? Or a team being part of the most exciting, entertaining and watched league in the world. Celtic would collectively donate a testicle to be making up the numbers in the EPL!
"easy one for me to work out". Well all that proves is that you know absolutely fk all about the game of football.Total Network Solutions (now The New Saints of Oswestry Town & Llansantffraid Football Club) play Champions League football. That doesnt mean a player would rather play for them than play for a team in the Premier League. Celtic fans need to realise that anybody with ambition wants to be playing top teams week in, week out, and thats simply isnt the case in the SPL. Hooper will be a Saints player, guaranteed.Lets be honest if Celtic where in the Premier League they'd be relegated rock bottom, then be lucky to be mid-table in the championship. As Hooper wants international honours, he'll come to the prem and not play league 1 standard football every week.Please go easy on Scottish football, it's very fragile at the moment.


25 May 2012 07:52:49
Craig Forsyth to millwall and James vaughan to partner deeney up front at watford(7)(4)Forsyth is a player who could move to a club like Millwall. Squad player for us... obviously they wouldn't get Deeney. Vaughan is a journeyman but he isn't getting games at Norwich so maybe we could get him on loan.Another thread with Deeney and Millwall in.....oh dear.Why would James Vaughan step down to play for Watford when he is on the verge of being Norwich's first choice striker. He has been injured most of the season but has looked good on the occasions that he has started. He scored for Norwich vs Celtic in Adam Drury's testimonial mid-week....James Vaughan misses 5 months every time he plays 3 games!!

good luck with that!


25 May 2012 07:35:59
ed any blackpool rumours(3)(7)Blackpool to spend season 2012 - 2013 still playing in the Championship, good enough rumour for you?.I heard something about signing federico macheda on loan until the end of the seasonHow they going to sign macheda? he still recovering from a operation


25 May 2012 07:29:48
Any Cov City rumours ed?(2)(7)


25 May 2012 07:23:06
Freddy eastwood to tranmere rovers(5)(14)Good playerR u taking the monkey out tranmereThats probably bcks


25 May 2012 07:10:49
Franck Nouble to join Peterborough United after his release from West Ham. The Posh also want Freddie Sears.(8)(10)Both these boys have done nothing and Nouble especially has had chances to shine, must be pretty humbled now especially after Sears started well at hammers, can't see fergie being blind to their lack of quality at any level above league one


25 May 2012 07:03:01
Sheffield Wednesday have tabled a bid for Antonio from reading believed to be around 500k but think reading will be wanting between 750-900k before they let him go.(11)(4)Bid rejected worth 350k Reading want double that!Reading dont want to sell plus southampton want them and they are a much bigger clubWednesday are way bigger then southhampton"Reading dont want to sell" Yes they do!


25 May 2012 06:44:03
ANY BRISTOL CITY TRANSFER RUMOURS IN OR OUT.(7)(10)Why hasn't Derek + City offered Andre Amougou a contract he is a free as well. I know his wages might be a problem but we've had that clown James so why not.I'm sure we have but keeping quiet until his contract runs out next week


25 May 2012 06:07:43
Any decent and cheap spl strikers {Ed025's Note - there are some out there ...look at jelavic!(3)(8)Flash in the pan jellyman - just wait...

So to answer the original question, no.Jelavic play's for everton DUHIt depends what division you are looking at, if it's premier league, then there are players like Gary Hooper, Steven Naismith, Johnny Russell, Anthony Stokes, not quite as cheap. If its championship, there are the likes of O'Connor, Sutton, Beattie, Daly, Murphy, Ojamaa, Higdon, Hasselbaink


25 May 2012 05:57:07
Ipswich to sign lillestrom striker from Iceland, Bjorn Bergmand Sigurson.(5)(27)Agent says its up to wolves and reading.

reports from Norway say its wolves..Ipswich are only looking along with a host of other clubs from the premiership, like Fulham, Everton, etc, Wolves are strong favourites due to New managers Icelandic connectionsA rumour inspired by FIFA!


25 May 2012 03:01:43
Rayo Vallecano midfielder Michu WILL sign for Norwich City
A fee for the player was agreed to earlier in the week with personal terms currently being discussed which are very close to completion
Expect this transfer to be publicly announced early next week(15)(3)Don't think it will happen man utd targeted him got player thoughHope Dani Pacheco has sold him on the idea of coming to Norwich. Would be a top signing. Doubt it will happen though as Paul Lambert has previously said overseas' players want too much money.How do you know this?Hes not signing for Norwich...Just because Man Utd targeted him as the cheap option doesnt mean they will sign him he does play for a team that missed out on relegation on the final day of the season although he did score most of their goal
Its been said that a realistic offer for him would be £2m well within Norwich's budget and no doubt he would have been told great things about
the club by Pacheco which might help him make a decision

So Why is This an Unrealistic Signing for Norwich ??Yes I agree could be one of our first


25 May 2012 02:39:27
Stevenage to loan sam walker from Chelsea on a season long loan as first choice keeper in front of new signing Arnold. Source-member of Stevenage back room staff.(4)(16)Do you know that stevenage still has chis day as 1st team goalkeeper. so why would they sign a 3rd goalkeeperComplete rubbish. We have Day as first choice keeperNot true. Stevenage already have a first goalkeeper - chris dayDoubt it.Certified BSUtter lies, you've just made this up.


25 May 2012 02:09:51
A striker could sign for Rotherham tomorrow or Saturday.(9)(7)Sergio Torres due to sign for millers later on today.Thought it was saturday tomorrow?


25 May 2012 00:45:33
Port vale players and staff have not been paid yet again. They were due to be paid on the 21st of the month but the club have failed to notify players and staff yet again that they were not being paid. The players have now gone over 5 weeks without receiving any wages.(6)(9)Really, im a player i have been paid....Let's just say I'm a very reliable source and one of the reasons I left the club was because I want some stability and this club is poorly ran, you never know where your next pay cheque will come from!Maybe Stoke have a few million behind the sofa they'll lend youReliable source..........what a load of tripe, the PFA have loaned the club for the money until the take over is completed. Due to be rubber stamped next Wednesday, some people do make utter tripe upWhoever posted this .. you just got owned by one of our players, stop posting crap about the vale. It is clear you know nothing about them! :L :L :LOwned! why is it then the players have not been paid for over 5 weeks, and why is someone from the backroom staff posing as a player saying they have been paid when I know for a fact they have not? Cover up job! Can this so called player who has been paid name himself?Tell me who you are, we must know each other ? ive been paid, want to see my pay slip ?


25 May 2012 00:38:26
Charlton to sign Jay DeMerit and Hayden Mullins(11)(8)Doubt either of those - DeMerit is skipper of Vancouver Whitecaps in the MLS and Mullins is too oldNo we are not! Yet another rumour started by someone that knows nothing about charlton.These rumours are four or so years old. Nor do these players fit the "young and hungry" type we're trying to sign.


25 May 2012 00:25:02
Chris Taylor has rejected a contract at Oldham and will sign for Millwall tomorrow.

Millwall also targeting a left back... Malone at Bournmouth seemed to be the favourite but also enquired about Lewington from MKDons.(6)(12)I would very much like to see lewington at the NEW DEN myself!I will drive DUNNE to Selhurst Park,He would make a very good Nigel,How he even gets on the bench @Millwall is beyond me,Palace can have him with Bows onMalone has just passed his medical and agreed terms... Taylor is also there having a medical. Watch this space both will be confirmed on the official site later today.Malone and Taylor will both sign. McQuoid to join Bournemouth. Thats all Millwalls business tied up for the forseeable futureTaylor is off to barnsley sorry lads try againIf these signings DO happen?I cant see them being the LAST!


25 May 2012 00:03:21
Asamoah Gyan has signed a permanent deal with UAE side of Al Ain after agreeing a fee with Sunderland Afc(20)(7)Funny that the safc website says they are still in talks and nothing has been decided yet.We wish but no he hasn't just rumours that he has accepted AL Ains offer but no deal has been struck with sunderland for him


25 May 2012 00:19:51
Sunderland are poised to make a £4 million bid for Grant Holt which will be accepted.Holt looking forward to be in rhe North,as he has family in Carlisle(11)(33)£4m i don't think so, Holt not for sale - he's happy at Norwich, he's just about to sign a new 3 years deal to stay at Carrow RoadAnd thats why he put in a transfer request?Happy err transfer request he handed inWell he will not be at ether next season Holt will be back at Carlisle
well i can dream



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