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28 Mar 2013 22:13:43
Nahki Wells to Leicester in summer with Jamie Vardy going to Bradford in part Exchange

Leicester also want to sign Micheal Keane from Man united

Bradford also want Jason Kennedy from Rochdale even though he turned them down in jan

Not a chance vardy will go bradford he as held talks with simon grayson over a season loan for next season

Kennedy didn't turn Bradford down Rochdale held them to ransom over the transfer fee. However Kennedy will choose Bradford in the summer, which will bite Dale back as he will leave on a free transfer.

Wells isn't that good. League 1 at best.

Kennedy did a u-turn, quite literally, just before January deadline. He was driving over from Rochdale to sign, and turned around, after having second thoughts.

As for swapping Wells for Vardy. I think most City fans would snap up that offer, if true, which I doubt. {Ed034's Note -

Personally I would swap Wells for a packet of quavers and a snog off your sister. lol

Wells has been poor since late december. I wouldn't be bothered if he left.



28 Mar 2013 20:43:02
Kilmarnock Summer transfer

Ernestas Setkus
Andy Leishman
Gabriel Reuben
Papa Idris
Viktor Dmitrenko
Antonio Reguero
Sander Puri

Some good Scottish names amongst that list. {Ed034's Note - try sticking 'mc' in front of them. Works a treat



28 Mar 2013 19:40:04
Millwall sign Sean StLedger on loan.



28 Mar 2013 19:31:22
Stevenage FC Have Confirmed The Appointment Of Former Boss Graham Westley!

29 Mar 2013 10:45:48
They must be mad, he has had his day & has shown that League 1 is a step too far for him. A conference manager at best!

29 Mar 2013 14:43:49
this is a lie

^ Tbh, you know nothing. I work at the club! He's been at the past 2 home games, will begin management back at the club on 1st April

April 1st sounds about right for that clown, its funny how Grayson is using the same squad of players and only conceded 4 goals in the last 6 games. it just shows you Westley is out of his depth at this level and even in L2. god help stevenage



28 Mar 2013 19:26:05
Oxford United, missed out on signing Hull City's Tom Cairney on loan.

This is such an odd post? Agree that he hasn't had much action lately but 4 yrs ago liverpool and everton after him. oxford? If we were to loan him out it would be to another champ team or div 1 at the least.



28 Mar 2013 19:16:19
kevin davies to wolves on a free

It would be nice, but I can't see it happening



28 Mar 2013 19:08:59
galatasary keeper fernando muslera is arsene wengers no. 1 keeper target. the uruguay no. 1 is highly rated and wenger has liked what he has seen



28 Mar 2013 19:07:07
ac milan will sign andy caroll on loan from liverpool next season with a view to signing permanently

Hahahha, they're not that stupid



28 Mar 2013 19:06:32
liverpool are hoping to land moussa sow from fenerbache and the player has admitted he would welcome the move {Ed034's Note - good player



28 Mar 2013 18:55:18
danny butterfield has moved to bolton on loan

Must admit a bit disappointed with the loan signings Butterfield & Hall. Not the ideal signings for the last push for a play off place. Surely ther must have been better out there, Freedman said he wouldn't sign plsayers for the sake of it, but it feels like it to me.

Why let Holden go out on loan, surely needed at Bolton.



28 Mar 2013 18:54:42
sean st ledger has signed for milwall on loan

Just to get his fitness up



28 Mar 2013 18:15:19
Its rumerd that bury will go into administraion because they ow the fa a reported 800,000. Plus they have had to loan out mark hughs, joe skars and max harrop. So this looks increasingly true. Blackwell out Blackwell out!



28 Mar 2013 17:57:41
Jose Mourinho appointed Chelsea manager for next season.

So Roman Abramovich will be strictly 'hands off' with respect to the playing side in future then will he? If Jose does go back, I will give it less than 12 months before he storms out again due to owner interference!



28 Mar 2013 17:56:20
Kevin Davies has signed on a one year contract.
He's the mystery man in the 'trio' who've signed contracts reclently.

He will join the team after his testimony.

Hes signing for wolves



28 Mar 2013 17:19:15
Bolton boss Dougie Freedman wants Mile Jedinak and Alex Baptiste in the summer.
Mark Robins wants Leon Clarke at the end of the season.
Exeter want to sign Charlie Sheringham on loan next season if Bournemouth get promoted.
Darryl Flahavan will sign for Portsmouth when he is released from Bournemouth.
Peterborough want to sign Luke Murphy from Crewe and Dean Bowditch from MK Dons even if they are relegated.
Simon Grayson will move for David Worrall and Steven Schumacher at the end of the season.

Is that the Leon Clarke that Mark Robins Slated before he left Coventry and in return Leon Clarke slated him back not going to happen they don't get on.



28 Mar 2013 16:33:32
As I posted earlier, Fede Bessone has now completed his transfer to Oldham



28 Mar 2013 17:36:28
Rumours of a takeover today at Blackpool FC by The Merlin group have now been squashed by Owen Oyston. Oyston has stated this evening that "Blackpool football club is not for sale". Oyston mentioned that BFC is a business and not a club, "I use match days to entertain my merry gang of followers, and display my wealth to them, what I would do if I sold it?

If those comments by Oyston are true then he is no different to all the wealthy overseas owners currently in football. treating the game as a toy and a status symbol.

If this is true and merlin go back in this could be a very good move. Merlin own nearly All of the uks top attaractions so they have plenty of money. That could finally mean that pool can buy good players and not buy 20 rubbish plays were only a few devolp into amything. But I think this is a load rubbish. Always hope



28 Mar 2013 17:34:31
Sheffield Wednesday youngster harry grant to sign for Gillingham on loan for the rest of the season.



28 Mar 2013 17:29:38
I posted on

04 Mar 2013 17:41:18
Michael Laudrup's been eyeing up one of
Antoine Griezmann/Diego Perotti/Pablo Piatti

Forward Iago Aspas

Midfielder Jose Canas plus De guzman to sign

Defender Alberto Botia

This weeks press now reporting swansea link with Alberto
Watch out for the Griezmann link club agent talk taken place

Antoine Griezmann would be an excellent signing but he is an expensive winger compared to what Swansea normally are spending.

Hope so griezmann is quality.

Please be true *o*



28 Mar 2013 14:46:03
All of Watford 14 Loanee's are returning back to their parent clubs at the end of the season, as the Pozzo's put all their time and effort in re-establishilng Udinese back into european football as the club is very likely to miss out this year.

Even though Foreseti has signed a five year deal.

Better luck next time wally

Does this include Hogg? I hear Villa want him back. #outtrolled

This is the daftest post I've seen on this site by far

HAHA hilarious. There are only 10 on loan and 1 has already signed permanently. Watford is to become the Pozzos number 1 priority as they send Watford to the Premier League. Nice try though. {Ed034's Note - according to both the major sports websites, they both say you have had 14

Haha, funny guy.

Ok then if you say so

28 Mar 2013 18:38:39
Yeah they have decided the 70 million you get from the premiership is just not enough

Wow people hate Watford now, they haven't even done anything wrong?

Watford will sign at least 8 players that they have on loan maybe a few more from the same team.

We were told from the get go thapersonford would get first dibs on all the unwanted playersat the other two clubs, and its working out very well for them.

Justleave them alone Watford are a decent club who produce plenty of young talent who are able to play pro football in the leauges. {Ed034's Note - if Watford fans stopped coming on making out they are something they're not, giving it the big one and telling people who don't agree with the situation that they are just jealous (which is what you did) of them (what is there to be jealous off?), then I think football fans would 'leave them alone'

28 Mar 2013 20:52:46
Because everyone who says they're a watford fan on here is actually a watford fan. this site is great but its also full of trolls and wind up merchants.

As a watford fan I've seen some cringe worthy posts on here.

Time will ultimately tell with the Pozzo family. They are dedicated and good football people. {Ed034's Note - you are right and I hope it all works out. I see no reason it won't. I think some Watford fans need to realise its going to take more than all those loans to become an established prem club and should should realise they are not there yet

70m jackpot to reach prem league or european football???
why do you think they have bought a english team??
prem is the biggest league in the world for money.

Why is the person who moderates this site commentating on every post at the end? Watford broke no rules what so ever, and are being treated very poorly for no good reason, there a nice little family club, just leave them alone.

Man_Utd11983 {Ed034's Note - 1. Because we can
2. Ten comments, plus opening post and three replies. Less than half, so not every post.
3. You have tried to make that reply sound like you are not a Watford fan, yet all your previous posts say you are. Rather strange and childish thing to do

Ed034 - That includes Beleck who we've loaned to Stevenage, Fanchone who has gone to France and Forestieri who has now signed. Plus Cassetti signed for Udinese for 1 year then was loaned to us for 1 year. {Ed034's Note - thanks. Has it been 14?

This post sums up how stupid some of my fellow watford fans are truely being. This guy is clearly looking for a reaction and you guys gave him one. Got to feel sorry for the eds sometimes with the level of stupidity they have to deal with with both watford and non-watford fans

The outcome of the pozzo venture is still to be seen. Yes it's worked great in italy and spain but whether it'll work over here is another thing. All I can say is that after years of being threatened with administration it feels good to have financial security. To me promotion is secondary as it means we still have a club to support {Ed034's Note - nice post

What everyone forgets is this a rumour forum and is not restricted to fans of a specific club. I find it amazing that people are shocked that fans from other clubs put up iffy rumours or try to get in to another players head. Remeber this is a fun site. Over the years we Watford fans have had to put up with some dreadful abuse, some great rumours that sometime come true

Two things. 1) How can you have financial security with other peoples money? They decide to pull out and you are back to where you were before.
2) Just suppose the Watford thing does work and in two years Udinese end up playing Watford in a European game! Would UEFA allow it due to the dual ownership.

Yes, Gino Pozzo and Giampaolo Pozzo are different owners.

"How can you have financial security with other peoples money? They decide to pull out and you are back to where you were before. "

The same is true for just about every club on the planet - but if you care to look at the football history of the Pozzo family you may see that they tend to be there 'for the long term'. As to whether UEFA would allow a competitive meeting between Watford and Udinese - why not? The clubs are owned & run by two separate people - they just happen to be members of the same family. {Ed034's Note - the difference with other clubs is they still have a squad and assets, as they own the players.

I think we ought to remember that a couple of years ago it looked like our club was completely going out of business and it was being poorly run. It is all very well for other clubs fans to criticise the current ownership etc but I for one prefer the level of security we now have as opposed to the risk of our club folding. I wonder how they would think if it were their club and whether fans of Portsmouth, Dunfermline etc would prefer to be where Watford are now. The point about financial security made before is fair enough but is true of absolutely any football club and indeed any business.

We were Financially secure before the Pozzo's took over in term's of profit and loss. We made a real term loss last year of £500K with a debt of £3. 9M which is covered in Forestieri's sell on value. Cardiff £83M in debt, Hull £40M in debt, Middlesbrough £70M in debt, Leicester £43M in debt with a wage bill of £27. 7M p/a. We are in one of the best financial position's in the league. The Pozzo family are not going anywhere. We are in a great position and I for one do not care what any other fan think's.

"{Ed034's Note - the difference with other clubs is they still have a squad and assets, as they own the players. "

And we don't? We still own our stadium - which is more than many other clubs can say. We certainly own a squad of players and can add to, or reduce it as we see fit. We may well lose one or two who we would rather keep at the end of this season - no club is exempt from that - but they will simply be replaced as is normal. The real difference is that we have access to more players than other clubs. Ed034's Note - if they decide to walk, they take their players. It will mean you have to start again with half a squad. If any other owner walks away, this is not the case at other clubs

Regarding the post about the owners walking away from the club in the future, as a Watford fan I partially agree with the ed. I only say partially because, yes they might take their players back from us, but their main priority with Watford is financial stability. If they choose to sell the club, we will be in a good enough financial position to look to rebuild. {Ed034's Note - which I have never said you wouldn't and I have never said he would walk away. I am just saying if he does, players leave and you are left with half a squad and not the good half

If the owners walk half the squad will leave, of course, you can say that about every club in the football leauge? what a silly thing to say?

Note to Ed: The thing about if they leave is it is the same with proctically any owner at any club. Yes we would have half the players but we'd have no debt. Other clubs would be left with a full squad but needing to sell to meet their debts so at the end of the day we aren't really any different from any other club in terms of stability IF the owners leave. {Ed034's Note - why would any other club be left with debt?? That makes no sense at all. Other clubs would have a full squad and there for the manager would be able to sell who he wants, to then raise transfer fees. It would also make the club more saleable, as they have these assets (the players), where as Watford wouldn't have these assets and any new owner will know he will have to pump money in to create a squad

" where as Watford wouldn't have these assets and any new owner will know he will have to pump money in to create a squad"

No - look at what the last owner did. After MM left taking players and backroom staff with him - 'pumped in' no money whatsoever but managed, mainly by slashing costs, to fund the purchase of many new 'free transfer' and loan players - sufficient for the club to finish the season in a respectable 11th position.

In our current situation, the players from Udinese et al were only signed as 'European transfers' as that was the quickest way in the short time available to get them registered and available for selection. At the end of the day, most have the option of staying & signing permanently - and most have indicated that that is exactly what they will do. If they choose not to, as is their right, they will go but will be replaced. That's football, whether the club is Manchester United or Barnet.

I'm sorry are people not aware that Watford have signed up 6 of the players on loan? that's why the football leauge put the transfer ban in place so they can't announce anything till June.

In reply to Ed034, my poiny was about teams such as Cardiff, Leicester, Middlesbrough who are making massive losses each year. Watford are not. If the owner pulls out of one of those 3 they are in massive trouble, whereas Watford are not losing lots of money and the owner wouldn't need to pay off debts. All I'm saying is, in overall net terms if Watfords owners left it wouldn't be much different to if the owners of other clubs left, particularly the 3 I mentioned. {Ed034's Note - I understand that. If one of the clubs mentioned does have an owner leave, they will be taken over and the club goes on as normal. My point is if your manager does this, you will be taken over, yet you will not have a squad already in place. This is the big difference

"I'm sorry are people not aware that Watford have signed up 6 of the players on loan? that's why the football leauge put the transfer ban in place so they can't announce anything till June. "

No-one is aware of that - for the simple reason that it's bunkum. There is no transfer ban in place.

There is no transfer ban and we have not signed up to 6 of the players already. Moronic post.

The transfer embargo is only there due to our old owner. We can still sign players with the FA's approval and it has nothing to do with our current owners or loans.

ED034 - Watford fans state people are jealous because what else are we supposed to expect when people constantly moan about our loans? It was not a problem when we were near the bottom of the table. It's boring and quite bitter. Even if you are supposedly not jealous. it's still not classy. Accept it for what it is, we're sticking to the rules and doing well. It's as much a "loop hole" as having billionaire Arabs with unlimited money is a "loop hole". {Ed034's Note - so just because other fans do not think it is right, rather than thinking 'maybe they have a point' or 'I can see there view', you automatically think they are jealous.
Come on and think about it



28 Mar 2013 14:45:10
Barnsley are set to sign young Blackpool defender Jake Caprice on loan until the end of the season. The 20 year old impressed manager David Flitcroft whilst on loan at Dagenham & Redbridge earlier this campaign and is also in talks with the former Crystal Palace youngster over a lona deal next season.
Flitcroft is also very close to signing young Nottingham Forest defender Jamaal Lascelles on loan.

Barnsley released a statement at 4. 30pm that they weren't looking to sign any more players before todays 5pm transfer deadline

Yes he's signed another midfielder? what for we have loads, I don't think Flitcroft had intetion of getting any defender in which we need

Brighton to finish above palace



28 Mar 2013 14:00:34
I'm pretty sure this has been said before but Davide Astori has been linked to Southampton for 10 million. This would most probably mean that either Fonte or hoovield will be out as we don't really need 5 CB's. what do you think?

Fonte willn't go I could see hooviled go not up to scratch this year so far

Heard about this coming back but would only happen if hoovield left I think fonte is a class cb

28 Mar 2013 18:22:24
Astori has said he's staying at Cagliari as he feels he can achieve his ambitions there, turning down better teams than Southampton.

Fonte's our best defender

Astori has apparently said that he would like to play for southampton.

HAHA. We are pretty awful at the back - I don't know if we should laugh or cry that Fonte is our best defender!!



28 Mar 2013 12:24:19
bury leftback joe skarz coming to stevenage on loan next week

The loan deadline ends today

Loan window shuts today, so that's wrong:)

No he is not he has gone to Rotherham on loan. What is going on at Bury fc we hardly any players as it is: (

Wrong club but no longer at bury is he



28 Mar 2013 11:59:38
Federico Bessone expected to sign for Oldham before today's deadline until the end of the season, on a flight to Leeds Brad from Spain as I post. Will be used as back up for Grounds as he is on 8 bookings and 2 more will mean a 2 game ban



28 Mar 2013 11:15:00
Following his sacking from Southend United Paul Sturrock is now in talks with Colchester United for a Director of Football or even Assistant Managers roll.



28 Mar 2013 11:06:39
Jamie O'Hara can't get out of Wolves quick enough. He's already held talks with Redknapp about joining QPR in the summer. London and all that. his missus will like that

Today emergency loan

Rumour Submitted

Rumour Submitted



28 Mar 2013 10:39:06
Charlton Athletic looking at the possibility of bringing in Brisbane Roar's Luke Brattan over the summer months.

Take it you been watching the game this morning. Funny how he plays and then this rumour is put up literally minutes after the game ends.



28 Mar 2013 11:20:33
Barnsley have confirmed the signing midfielder Dennis Knight. The 20-year-old formally of Newcastle has agreed a deal until the season end.

Heard that Carl Dickinson might be returning to Oakwell on loan

Is he not a full back

I look forward to the rest of the season with eager anticipation. I thought that 51 points would be enough to survive, but looks as though the Reds will need nearer to 55 points. I do hope we make it. After a dreadful start with Keith Hill, the Reds are playing well and deserve success. Would love to see the Reds beat Wednesday, that would be great 3 points. At least don't lose!



28 Mar 2013 09:46:17
Haskell drops out of running to buy CCFC

Understand he is going back to Leeds

There more land to invest in at covenrty and the arena is better to leeds is a hole

But there's at least four teams bigger than you close by. one club one city bigger fan base and better football from day one. leeds may be down on their luck over the years but comparing them to coventry is like comparing kfc to horsemeat mate

Coventry are a bigger club with a new ground not asbestos shed the early comment are true leeds is a hole to live in never mind buy a place you would only live in leeds if you were born there {Ed034's Note - im a forest fan and wouldn't class Leeds as a club I like, but there is no way that Coventry are bigger than them

29 Mar 2013 00:07:24
I'm a Coventry Fan and were not a bigger club then Leeds. The Ricoh Arena is a better ground than Elland Road with more potential and more land available around the ground for future development.



28 Mar 2013 09:39:02
bury duo shumaker and worrall both with 1 year left on there contracts being watched by port vale with a view to offer being made should vale go up



28 Mar 2013 09:32:30
Dundee are expected to sign Joe Cardle from first division side Dunfermline



28 Mar 2013 09:32:04
Portsmouth are interested in signing local team Havant and Waterlooville duo Ollie Palmer and Christian Nanetti.



28 Mar 2013 09:32:33
today is the last day, any SENSIBLE rumours



28 Mar 2013 09:29:45
Blackpool manager Paul ince seen with graham dorrans of wba discussing a loan move untill end of the season as he wants to be closer to his family ( could be the premiership midfielder that was mentioned in the Blackpool gazzete )

No chance. He's getting in team at moment

But he wants to be closer to faimly.



28 Mar 2013 09:20:42
Crystal Palace will offer 1.2 million for Matt Ritchie if Bournemouth don't get promoted.
Derby are after Paddy Madden
Walsall striker Will Grigg will sign a new 2 year deal
Preston want Jean Louis Akpa Akpro
Akpo Sodje will leave Scunthorpe if they get relegated
Mathias Pogba is being looked at by numerous Championship clubs
Jose Baxter could move to Preston if Oldham get relegated

Could Preston afford Baxter though? He's got to be worth in excess of 500k, plus we won't go down

Jose will have 2years left on his contract and doubt Preston could afford 500 K plus for him.

Thats the beauty of having a contract on him as he won;t go for nothing as clubs will have to pay.

Same with Donny had to pay for Furman and if they go up they pay even more.

Of course preston want akpa akpro they signed anyone and everyone last summer then released most of them in january he has a year left and if he did leave would go up a division he wouldn't want to spend next season mid table

Im a Bournemouth fan and pne will walk league 1 next season under grayson they are by far the best team we. ve played this season and I for one cannot understand why they are struggling. {Ed034's Note -funny how you say you are a bournemouth fan, yet all your posts are about pne....i think someone maybe telling fibs

Baxter rumour as nothing in it preston dnt want him and yes they can afford it also oldham will go down if they lose there next game

Haha ok ed you got me but a Bournemouth fan did say these words to me.

Oh god, that's embarassing. Played Ed.

I believe Ritchie will get a bigger move than Crystal Palace (no offence meant to Palace) scouts from West Ham, Swansea and even Liverpool have been rumoured to be watching him in recent games. I think he will be subject to a few bids come the summer

Liverpool? Give over!

Pne are one of the worst team to play at oldham this season and we battered them so maybe that's why they have struggled yet again in this league.

oldham won;t go down either, another bitter pne fan who doesn;t see how rubbish pne actually are.

we don;t have to sell baxter with over a million in our bank due to the fa cup.

lmao at pne you get brown sack him, get westley sack him and then get ridsdale and you wonder why they don;t do anything in the league.



28 Mar 2013 07:52:04
I have been hearing rumours that hibs striker eoin doyle will sign a pre-contract next week {Ed034's Note - with???




27 Mar 2013 23:33:11
Bristol Rovers will announce John Ward has signed a two year deal in the next week or so.

The Gas also close to signing McChrystal, Mildenhall and O'Toole on permanent two year deals.

Ellis Harrison, Ollie Norburn also to be offered two year deals but sadly Dan Woodards is looking to move closer to home and won't be signing on again.

Good manager and wish we had gone for him (Oxford United). I think next year Bristol will be a strong team with his management. Be in contention for promotion next season.



27 Mar 2013 23:05:52
In the summer, Portsmouth ins: Valery Mezague, Kieran Djilali, Nick Jordan, Andy Griffin, Richard Duffy, Steven Ramsey, Berlin Ndebe-Nlome and Paul Connolly ( All Free Agents ).

Kieran Djilali plays for Sligo Rovers in Ireland. Scored Already this season too. Top of the League!!

28 Mar 2013 13:38:57
Djilali plays in Ireland and is contracted until the End of the Year ( Ireland Season March -> November )

Bet they can't want for league 2 football.

Djilali duffy jordan griifin and connolly the one who was on loan at start of season have all played for us before

I to can link ex players to Pompey. Thorp, Beasant, Gilbert, Hilaire, Hiley, Tiler & Quinn all to sign (all free agents)!



27 Mar 2013 23:45:34
Lee Molyneux to fleetwood in the summer. Lad from Accrington. Looks like he could potentially be a championship player



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