Football Rumours Archive June 28 2013


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28 Jun 2013 23:26:37
Charlie Austin set to sign for Hull within the next 48hrs

Must've umproved their offer because it certainly won't be for the initial £4m bid.

29 Jun 2013 08:38:28
Wish he would hurry up. I am a Burnley fan and we need this sorted so we can make some new signings. Results last two seasons have been BETTER when Austin has been out of the side.

Better hurry up, you only have 2 hours left to get him signed. ( Load of TOSH )



28 Jun 2013 23:11:00
Theo Robinson of Derby County will be in south Yorkshire next week to start training with Rotherham United after signing a season long loan



28 Jun 2013 22:29:08
Craig Alcock set to be the next Peterborough player out the door after gayles exit, joining Bournemouth in a £350k deal.

Where does he play?

Lol no chance and not for that fee

Versatile defender, but I doubt very much we'd sell him for that. Seen as a key part of our defence next year

Can't see this happening, we've just signed TWO defenders, we need a couple of quality extra strikers.

Alcock will not leave as he is are only replacement for the want away little.

RB or LB

Little had been put on the list last season anyway, he was only offered a new deal after they were relegated, and that was a fairly short one too.



28 Jun 2013 22:25:25
Akinfenwa has agreed a 2 year contract with Wycombe.

I really hope this is not true.

Why not hell be a good signing

Is this even true? + anyone heard anything else

He would be an awful signing, Slow and overweight!

Yeah but he gets you 20 goals a season he got 18 for Northampton last Season and is this is even true or rubbish?



28 Jun 2013 22:21:00
Crystal Palace will start off there summer spending with two signing on Monday 1st July. Dwight Gayle and Jerome Thomas will start of the spending. Show promising intent from Holloway and Steve Parish to act sensibly with incoming transfers.
More promising transfers will follow sounds very exciting from the players that I have heard mentioned.

Apparently Gayle and Thomas are having medicals today. Ideally I'd like a few players in with a bit of Premier League experience, but with these two, I'm a rather happy Palace fan so far!

I agree with post above, showing promise with these 2 signing. We need some fire power up front, don't think Gayle will be able to cut it on his own own up front. Would love to having JV back at the Palace, AS the below post says, however this does sound unrealistic. Not heard anything about strikers signing, though Albie did us proud don't think he is up to standard and would not cut the mustard in the PL.

29 Jun 2013 08:52:43
Look - bank the cash / rebuild the ground and accept your fate - Gayle and JET are barely championship level - you are probably only going to get 10 points next year whatever you do - so enjoy your season but don't even pretend that the sort of players you are looking at / able to sign are going to make any material difference at all - best you can hope for is that they mean you don't actually get relegated until March!

Yes - looks like they know they are going down, so building a Championship team to bounce back

Are you jealous QPR fan? Think we will get at least 46 point this season, will it be good enough to stay up? We will see come the end of the season.

Dont speak too soon. These are just the first two signings, lots more to come

I look forward to ramming those words back down your throat in May 2014.

Prefer gayle to Kevin Phillips , there are so many good players out of contract looks a buyers market

A few jealous comments on here. One thing for certain we'll give it more of a go than the money driven persons at qpr. I'm proud of my club whatever happens.



28 Jun 2013 21:28:00
Jamie Ward from Derby is interesting stoke for around 2M

He can only manage about 2/3 of the games each season because his hamstrings are kaput.

However on his day he is premier league quality no doubt.

2 million for a player in his last year would be difficult to turn down.

In your dreams. Stoke need players to keep them up. No offence but signing him is preparing us for the championship.



28 Jun 2013 21:21:20
Ex Watford and Ipswich striker Tamas Priskin to sign for Coventry City on a 2 year deal.

28 Jun 2013 22:16:17
That's Coventry relegated then

28 Jun 2013 23:14:56
they no money to sign players

"they no money to sign players"

That's ok - he's not really a player.

Oh dear things are going to get worse for Coventry, I love it that he left Watford because he thought Ipswich would be challenging for promotion. Wonder what he will say when he joins Cov

Tamas Priskin is class, everyone gave him stick because he didn't use his elbows in every challenge like Hendo did. His problem was that we were always a hoofball team. When Brendon Rodgers came in he got him playing proper football. If you took any one of our loan signings this year and put them in Boothroyd's team they would have got the same stick. So frustrating listening to people talk rubbish when they don't know the first thing about football.

Agree with the comment above! Play the ball on the floor and he will show what he's about

I agree Priskin was decent. I will always remember THAT chip against Cech in the FA Cup! Great pass from Lloydinho as well! Shame we lost 1-3 to Anelka's heading.



28 Jun 2013 21:46:48
Crystal Palace target Dwight Gayle having a medical at the moment.

Better hope he wears his contact lenses. forest know how poor peterborough players eyesite can be:P

As long as he can see the goal!

Pleased to see dagenham will get part of the gayle deal, they gave him the start he could end up the buy of the season.



28 Jun 2013 21:19:32
Nottingham Forest set to make a bid for Walsall winger Jamie Paterson.

Walsall clearly desperate to sell this kid. Keep revealing clubs after him. why not just keep quiet.

I'm fairly certain the club didn't post this rumour, fella.

No were near good enough for the prem dream on.



28 Jun 2013 20:32:35
QPR in for Harry Maguire of Sheffield utd.

QPR have made a bid of £1.5 million + add ons to Sheffield utd for Maguire and hope to seal the move next week



28 Jun 2013 20:27:02
Doncaster will snatch Will Grigg from under the noses of Brentford

Sorry your wrong done deal with Brentford FC, will be done and dusted on 1st July along with Ward from Swindon FC.
you reds

Grigg will be a great signing

Iain Hume to sign for Donny in the next few days

Grigg signed for Brentford this morning



28 Jun 2013 20:14:25
derby looking 2 sign Richard dunne who has been released from villa with Keogh and hendrick talking to him on international duty derby are favs for his signature



28 Jun 2013 20:04:10
Wigan Athletic have made a bid for Crewe captain Luke Murphy.

Nope going to blackburn

Wolves have agreed a fee for him already

He'd easily choose Wigan over Blackburn as they can offer European football and a Promotion challenge. Blackburn can't offer either this season due to their dire financial situation. They'll probably need to shift a good few players to balance the books

Nope gone to leeds. MOT!



28 Jun 2013 19:36:13
Former FCC Dallas winger Brek Shea to join Bristol City on loan from Stoke City.

Hopefully not. I want to see him in a Stoke shirt next season

Yeah, agreed. I don't want him going anywhere. For the first few months of the season he can come on as a sub and gradually make his way into the starting 11

No chance- he is far too good for league1

He's far too good for Stoke City



28 Jun 2013 19:32:08
Marlon Harewood to Bristol City, deal done. 1 year contract.

Um. no it isn't. Just because tv said we were interested: 1) doesn't mean its true and 2) even if true, doesn't mean its a done deal! some people are very fickle

Dont want him and he's over oour age policy

Like Louis Carey?

30 Jun 2013 18:19:21
louse carey different he'll ne there for dressing room, experience and cover.

Frank Fielding is 25, we won't sign him because he is over 22. wait. what. isn't this against FFP?



28 Jun 2013 19:24:39
Lex Immers to Cardiff and young wing back mendy next week

Not a chance mends off to Sunderland an they won't sell immers

If you think so wait and see



28 Jun 2013 19:30:25
Chelsea to ambush Swansea Bony Deal, with better terms for the player.

Chelsea don't need any more strikers

I will be gutted if its true.

Can they offer him guaranteed first team football every week. Plus he's too similar to lukaku

He's not going to chelsea. Chelsea already have Torres, Ba, lukaku and schurlle. Don't need any more strikers

Bony joinin Swansea on tues because he wants to play under micheal laudrup not mourinho

29 Jun 2013 03:10:22
Schurrle won't play as a full forward, and I'm sure he'd pick Jose over laudrup, nevertheless bony won't get a game at Chelsea

29 Jun 2013 06:46:47
Stoke are interested in Bony.

And if he does in to Chelsea then good luck, he's not the only striker in the world. I'm just happy to see the caliber of player we're targeting.

Cardiff fan here I come in peace just to say Wilfred bony is going to Newcastle

Doubt he'll go to Newcastle, they've got Cisse and unless things don't go so well in the Aubemyang transfer, they don't need him

Cardiff fan in peace lol.



28 Jun 2013 19:26:55
Huddlestone going to Sunderland allowing Gardner to go to West Brom

No chance



28 Jun 2013 19:23:58
Recently released Preston midfielder Andy Procter is expected to be announced at either Bury or Accy Stanley tomorrow.

29 Jun 2013 16:22:13
Cannot see Zander moving to Bury unless for a substantial fee.

Deal done at Bury signed, sealed and delivered.

02 Jul 2013 15:31:05
Zander could be a real gem putting in some sparkling performances for us next season.



28 Jun 2013 19:00:11
Plenty more new faces at Gigg Lane next week. Rumoured signings include:

Jason Kennedy (Rochdale)
Andy Proctor (Preston)
Omar Daley (Motherwell)
James Harper (Doncaster)
Stephane Zubar (Bournemouth)

Some of the players above are now unattached after leaving their previous clubs.

Fabrizo Grillo (Siena), Danny Whittaker and Brian Jenson are also rumoured trialists.

28 Jun 2013 19:55:37
procter will do a good job at bury preston was a step to far for the lad

Zubar is a good player but sadly there is no room for him anymore. I would except some league 1 clubs to be after him as well however.

29 Jun 2013 03:11:59
JK off to Hartlepool, he wants a club close to home, that's his reason to leave Rochdale. Won't be at giggle lane.

29 Jun 2013 05:24:36
Course there's room, Lockwood and cameron is 2 c halves, zubar is a defo, just a waiting game.

James harper, oooh good luck lol

Zubar is about half way through rehab for a serious knee injury. Whoever signs him would be taking a huge risk as he may never be the same player again. Expect him to stay with Bournemouth for now, with a loan move when he's proved his fitness.

Your welcome to harper he is terrible but will be ok in L2

There is no room for him at AFCB jeezzz read the sentence properly

Gd luck to you all at bury hope you get zubar he won't play a game for afcb but will be a massive boost to league 2 clubs and lower league 1 clubs!



28 Jun 2013 18:52:42
Danny Haynes formally of charlton to sign for Millwall. At training ground today.

Danny Haynes what for? If TRUE?

He is a sick note. Good luck.

29 Jun 2013 10:30:10
Millwall to sign beckford lomas seen with him strong source coyl

Have him, sick note

Would be good signing for them wish we kept him at the valley

Charlton didn't renew Haynes contact so he's free

He is out of contract, so will be a free. Very useful on his day.

Hamstrings made out of bubblegum

Hamstrings made out of bubblegum
That is a huge complement to Haynes hamstrings.



28 Jun 2013 18:50:22
Free agent akinfenwa is set to sign for rochdale in the coming weeks

28 Jun 2013 19:17:21
Fleetwood should go 4 him

Hope so top player also got a defender from non league on trail also as far no formal bids have been offerd for bobby grant.

Thw defender is called something maynard dont know if any body else dos let me no ta rafc chunk



28 Jun 2013 18:47:10
everton are interested in signing Jack Cork for around £8 million from southampton

In their dreams!

Maybe if they add 10 million to that

Not going to happen. Southampton wouldn't accept anything less than what they could replace him with someone of better standard with which Everton would then choose to try to get themselves.

No chance of happening

Incorrect. It's £8M + Fellaini. Btw, do you go to the same school as the poster below?

They will sign him, but not that much

They may show an interest in Cork however they won't get him. They may turn their attention to Cork due to Fer being due to sign for Norwich however they still won't get Cork. He is not for sale and they will not get Cork.

Why would a player leave Southampton for any club, Southampton are now the biggest club in the world, I thought everyone knew that, come on behave yourselves, if a pro footballer has a choice to play for Southampton or Everton, if he had anything about him he'd be off to merseyside in a heartbeat.

I'm sorry but in the case of Cork, you are wrong. He wants to be with Southampton where he has the best chance at first team football and has settled properly. Plus Cortese is unwilling to sell at any price as he wants to be pushing Southampton up the league and that is not going to be achieved by selling stars. Everton probably will sign a good central midfielder to replace Fellani but I think you are looking at the wrong player.

28 Jun 2013 23:36:21
jack cork is very happy in life living in fordingbridge Hampshire. will not be leaving the saints

^ or he could stay with a building team, who have more money than everton, have better training and youth facilities than 90% of europe and who will be finishing above everton in a couple of seasons in a team where he's a key player. Or you're right, he could go to everton, who've lost one of the best managers around, who are about to lose key players which will cause them to start slipping down the league, don't be looking to finish top 4 this season, you'll be lucky to get top 10

Southampton are owned by the forth richest owner in the Prem. they won't sell because they don't have to and they will make staying an attractive prospect largely because they are going to move up the league. Everton whilst a great team don't have that money and they are not a big enough club to change the status quo. but glad that you all recognize what a great squad we have: Cork, Clyne, Shaw, Schneiderlin, Lalana, Ward Prowse. young and going to be huge.

Maybe to the red side, but not the blue

There are rumours Real Sociedad want Morgan and now Everton want Cork. I can't see southampton selling either player to be honest - as the double pivot in midfield they were key to the way we played last season - and together were probably the best midfield pairing in the League

Southampton do not have any real pulling power and will not be in the top half of the premier league table next season or the season after. I do love how delusional southampton fans are because they have a little bit of money.

Saints may have one of the most wealthy owners but I don't think they are as committed as people think, the only reason the club was purchased was as a business venture, they will move it on when the time is right.

Fair play to you ffc1987 for being one of our few detractors prepared to put a name to your post or even mention your team. Agreed, that we do not have real pulling power compared to the elite. Our Chief Exec, however, has made it abundantly clear that we are building for the future and will no longer sell our prized assets. We weren't that far off a top half finish last season after a disastrous start of 5 pts from the first 10 games. I acknowledge that some of our younger fans get a little over excited but we are not delusional. Good luck to Fulham.

If southampton manage to keep up this season they could be ok for the future the more teams from the championship in the mix the better quite honestly there is no easy game. They are a good team to watch.

To all those who doubt. Money changes everything. It did at Blackburn. it did at Chelsea. and it will at Southampton 15years of Prem says so

Look back in history many clubs have frittered millions and got nowhere, this could be the season of shocks perhaps ferguson got out at the right time.

For gods sake wake up any debt southampton are in, is being paid back with interest to the owner. That's how they got rich.



28 Jun 2013 18:44:01
Ex rochdale player Ashley grimes has signed for bury

Really? When? bury fans haven't mentioned it.

Signed yesterday on a 2 year deal

Won't be missed at the Dale. You're welcome to him. As lazy as Jim Royal



28 Jun 2013 18:32:58
Millwall are set to sign Peterborough striker Tyrone Barnett for a fee of £600k

Hope 'not' too 'injury prone'!get simon church if we can 'much better! & i think we can 'forget' simeon jackson? never mind coyl!

Message for SL 'Please 'DON'T' sign Barnett!

Wait for all the peterborough fans to say he's worth £6 million and not a penny less.

Er no 600k will do thanks


Haha I'm a peterborough fan, and Barnett is not worth 60,000 let alone 600,000. Gayle meanwhile will prove to be worth 6m

Lol - no way man we paid over a £1m but we do not play a system that suits him so we haven't seen the qualities that were in evidence when he was scoring for fun when we bought him. 600k is about right I reckon and worth a punt if you are going to play to his strengths. With DF we are not going to do that so no point in keeping him.

Go all out and get simeon Jackson. Far better player.

If gayle's gone for £6million, then surely barnett will go for at least £10million! Only joking, we'll be lucky to get £10 for him. I feel sorry for ever he's linked too, and for whoever he signs for

Just incase Ty is reading this site, I have a full tank of petrol and ready to roll!!



28 Jun 2013 18:24:03
Gillingham midfielder Jack Payne is set to join Peterborough United for £200k + Emile Sinclair

Would be nice! Still don't think linganzi is a suitable replacement for Payne

Hope this is true sounds like good business or Posh

We rejected over 600k and Sinclair, why would we accept 400k less?



28 Jun 2013 18:20:26
Bony is eager to play for Swans. Hopefully a £10.2m deal (�12m) will be confirmed within the next few weeks. Jose Canas and Jordi Amat are both done deals! Our squad is looking good and if Bony joins, him and Michu will be unstoppable! Bring it on Cardiff!

Bony going to Chelsea mate



28 Jun 2013 18:19:30
Swansea City close to signing Wilfried Bony for around 10.2m!

Going to chelski now

If we seal him then I reckon we can finish a better place that 8th next season!

Why would chelsea need lukaku and bony

Players wages hit a snag

1. he's not going to Chelsea they have hight aspirations, cavani etc
2. wages won't a problem he is on the same contact he had when he first arrived a vitese mean he will be on 20ish grand
3. Swansea can affor more than 20 grand
4. unfortunatley the swans won't finish higher than 8th because of Europe, unless you don't get past the group stage you squad isn't big enough to cope and you league for will deteriorate

I understand what you mean by the league thing but it is possible but our players will be so tired



28 Jun 2013 18:18:29
Peterborough United will sign Walsall striker Will Griggs to replace Dwight Gayle

Gone for the money not football reasons.

What a load of rubbish, if that was the case wouldn't he have put in a transfer request? Chance to play in the prem and be back in his hometown maybe?

Dwight gayle wouldn't go for the money, not only will he go one to be a very good prem player, considering where he was playing last season, he's grateful that he was playing in L1.

Gone for the money

Let's not forget football is his trade and he has to earn as much as possible during a short career. I would have no objection for him going for the money but frankly he wouldn't be sold unless peterborough were going for the money too. DMAC knew when he was getting when he bought Gayle and a good profit in 6 months is excellent for POSH. You have to face facts that peterborough need to sell at least 1 star player a season to balance the books with our low gates. let's get the sale out of the way early and get the squad right for Swindon.



28 Jun 2013 17:16:52
Reading are signing Steve Sidwell and Miles Storey from Swindon.



28 Jun 2013 17:11:28
Reading after former Liverpool winger Luis Garcia

Are any of Readings original players any good cause they are buying anyone who comes along. Trouble he s building a team of Individuals.

Top player. Was

We have only bought in three players so far. a left back because we didn't have one, a defensive midfielder because ours just were'nt good enough and a winger because it was to good an opportunity to miss. the rest are just rumours the majority of which aren't true. hardly a team of individuals is it!

Who is the defensive midfielder, all three Reading signings play down the left?

{Ed029's Note - Def. mid is German born USA international Danny Williams from Hoffenheim, £2m. The other two are left sides; Wayne Bridge (LB) & Royston Drenthe (LW/ACM).



28 Jun 2013 17:57:45
Harry Forrester is on the verge of signing for Doncaster. He's been given permission to train with the club ahead of a permanent move.



28 Jun 2013 17:41:08
I do not believe for one minute that Gillingham made an approach for Akinbyi, Martin Allen wants to go forwards not backwards and I don't believe Ady has anything to offer us now, at all.



28 Jun 2013 17:39:55
West Ham have supposedly agreed a fee with Manchester City for England international James Milner.

Why Milner plays a lot. However can't see Pellegrini playing too many English


28 Jun 2013 23:31:14
If there is any agreement it would be loan with an option to buy in 12 months. Can't see it though unless the new manager doesn't rate him.



28 Jun 2013 17:24:33
Marcus Tudgay has agreed a two year contract with Burnley after rejecting a one year offer from Nottingham Forest.

Thats come from nowhere

Aye alright then. If you say so haha

28 Jun 2013 20:33:44
hope so coming from a forest fan



28 Jun 2013 16:58:50
posh have been in touch over jack Payne again, and he has also been left out of both gills squads for this weekend friendlies, Google jack Payne news,



28 Jun 2013 16:56:15
BRENTFORD have handed a trial to FC Viktoria Plzen winger Martin Fillo.
He will be the replacement for Harry Forrester. Uwe Rosler is a big fan of the 27 year old.

Glad that finally Harry Forrester's boring saga coming to a end, after Brentford getting fit after bad knee injury then the first chance he has he leaves, all I can say there's only one Sammy Saunders more of a team player and signed a new 2 year contract, the better player stayed.

29 Jun 2013 16:06:24
I would agree with that well said.

Forester had too much smoke blown up arse and was average at best after injury. Saunders better player if he doesn't act like big time Charlie. Forrester clipped his wings last season and was a great are up call!



28 Jun 2013 16:55:18
James Vaughan to snub Huddersfield for Crystal Palace. 2.5 million deal agreed.

Why would you pay £2.5m for a player who's available for £1m? Is that because you are premier league massive?

I believe CP have more potential than Huddersfield but why pay so much for a player who's available for a million?

Where have you got this from? Palace trying to land Grant Holt from Norwich, can't see Palace taking a risk with Vaughan as good as he is at Championship level he is virtually untried at Premier level and will not relish moving back down south.

They are paying more than 1.5 mill above reported asking price - so creditability of such a post is in question

Just got Gayle!

We love Jimmy. He was very good for us and gave a proper shift every game.
This will be very bad news.
He still lives in Scouse and just got married; so a northern club would seem a better option

Leeds fan

Can see there being a bit of truth in this, James back from holiday today, previously a popular loan player with Palace, only hope for Town is James being guaranteed first team football at Town, also on DATM it was mentioned that Norwich had put a 2.5mill price tag on him

Who says he is available for £1M?, as far as I am aware Norwich have not made any comment about his availability or his price.

Not a chance he already decided on Huddersfield

Why would palace pay 2.5 million for Vaughan when the asking price is around 1.5 million

Don't believe that for a second

28 Jun 2013 21:55:39
Yes I agree

How did he decide that then when he's still on his holls

We have Dwight gayle now so we don't need a player who is almost exactly like him

He came back 2 days ago



28 Jun 2013 16:54:35
Harry Forrester training with Doncaster Rovers after Brentford gave permission.
Adam Forshaw signs new 3 year deal which ends speculation about potential move to Notts Forest.
Bradley Wright-Phillips looks set to leave English football and join America's New York Red Bulls.



28 Jun 2013 16:45:09
Apparently paul ince has resigned and blackpool have declined. Is it me or are the media out to get us by scaring off players by claiming there is great unrest! Maybe they are jealous of our 15 million pound profit!

28 Jun 2013 19:58:12
15 million for oyston blackpool is in meltdown players leaving and manager wants out ha ha

Oyston doesn't want to pay realistic fees for players.

No your wrong, the problem is the length of contracts that he is offering 2 years with a option

Our club is going into meltdown

29 Jun 2013 09:23:19
According to ko he says it is buisness as usual at the pool even ince was shocked when he heard that people thought that he offered his resignation he is set to talk with oyston today I think

Just wait till the season we will shock you all. Paul will gets us promoted lol and don't give oysten so much stick. What would you rather buy loads of expensive players but then in couple of years when money is low or the owner leaves end up like portsmouth or stay the way we are becuase at least with oysten in charge we can't fear adminstration or anything like that because he still has loads of moneyn

Remeber the transfer window doesn't offically open until the 1st of july. So that's why we haven't bought anyone yet. What makes you think ince is going to make a team on all free agents.

If anyone thinks OYSTON (that's how it's spelt by the way) is going to get us promoted with our current squad, they are sadly deluded.
The transfer window isn't open yet, you are correct, however it hasn't stopped almost every team in The Championship, bar Blackpool, signing players, we are a club in turmoil

Look can we all agree that this rumour that he resigned is rubbish

Why support a team if your just going to say negtive things about them. And we can get promoted with oyston because we have done it before and were one match away the from it agian last year (11/12)

Carpice, cathcart, basham, harris
Fergie, osbourne,
Ince and phillips on the wings
Eccles and nougra up front

Not to mention MacKenzie, Angel and Barkhuizen ( who is ready for a first team run imho )

And possibly GTF and Broadfoot. We have a team!



28 Jun 2013 16:44:14
Sunderland in talks to sign Tom Huddlestone from Spurs for around £5mill

Hull city fan. that would be the most awful signing I have ever heard. £5m! If he played forany other team than spurs this would be £1m. will disappear down the same road as gardner, ricketts, lennon, defoe, jenas, and there's more.



28 Jun 2013 16:41:32
Saints ARE NOT signing Davide Astori FACT so stop saying we are. The manager has said so.



28 Jun 2013 16:35:51
Brian McDermott is set to sensationally quit Leeds United in the next 48 hours over false promises from the Leeds United board. He has allowed Steve Morison to leave on loan for the season and had Noel Hunt set to join up with him at Elland Road. After discussions with the manager earlier today in light of this new development Noel Hunt will continue his search for a new team.

If he does, who can blame him?
Morison wasn. t given a chance in my opinion, and now I worry, where will the goals come from?

If you're worried about the 3 goals he scored in 19, then we really are in the s*** next season. I don't care he has move, I just want a better team next year.



28 Jun 2013 16:35:40
Kilmarnock in advanced talks with ex Falkirk striker Daryl Duffy and Milwall full back Jack Smith



28 Jun 2013 16:34:51
Shrewsbury are set to sign Theo Robinson, Mark Duffy, and Paul Caddis. Expected to be annouced on monday. COYB

28 Jun 2013 19:02:17
You must be dreaming of you think you are signing Paul Caddis how much for? we turned down 300k from Birmingham and no way would he play for a team like Shrewsbury when he has championship sides chasing him. Where you got your story from is beyond belief.

I am a Shrewsbury fan and this is clearly written by someone who his dreaming. All good enough for Championship teams so why would they come to us? Poor rumour.

I know one thing, Swindon won't be having caddis back they can't afford him either!!



28 Jun 2013 16:17:13
Lewis Montrose Has Been Training With Southend And Is Rumoured To Be One Of Three Wingers Doing So. The Other Two Wingers Are:

Lionel Ainsworth
Mark Wright

None of these players are training with southend. Lewis was but has now signed for york

Lewis Montrose has signed for York city on a 2 year contract

28 Jun 2013 20:42:55
Montrose isn't a winger! Defensive midfielder with no pace



28 Jun 2013 16:15:37
Leyton Orient Transfer News.

Anthony Griffiths to re-sign for Port Vale next week.

Michael Symes likely to sign a two year deal at Burton Albion but interest also from Torquay, and Plymouth.

Manager Russell Slade has today spoken to Coventrys released ex Motherwell midfield player Steven Jennings about a possible move to E10 and approached Spurs about a season long loan for young striker Shaq Coulthirst.

Symes will sign for the Brewers, he enjoyed his time there and couldn't wait to go back.

Symes has signed for burton

Symes now has signed for Burton. Griffith will sign for Vale once personal terms are sorted.

Slade will now have more leeway in his budget and is keen to sign Jennings and bring in a decent young striker on loan.

Ian Sharps, Michael Symes and Phil Edwards have all signed for the Albion, on the club website.

Symes has just joined Burton Albion on a two year deal.

Multiple sources.

So disappointed that Symes and Sharps have signed for Burton. Neither impressed last season and I fear that we will be treading water this season. If Symes got a two year deal then I believe I might dust my boots down and start playing again!

I'm very pleased Sharps, Symes and Edwards have signed for the Albion, they have all signed 1 year contracts. Sharps and Symes were instrumental in our best run of the season, people forget that.

Cannot understand any Brewer fan being happy with any of these signings. Symes was terrible last season, he was instrumental in nothing. Sharps was woeful and cost us goals galore. Rowett seriously needs to get in at least two 20+ strikers and another couple of good defenders otherwise we are up the creek without a paddle. We have not replaced Calv/Mags/Pato/Stanno/Webby etc

Wow there are some real negative brewers fans, what a shame. Had a great season last season and the whole squad achieved a great standard, just a shame that a good season can have such a negative effect.

If BAFC sign Matt Paterson and 1 other good striker then I will be happy. Until then I just cannot see who is going to get the goals that mags/calv/pato got last season!

Brewers to win the league, billy kee is the man, just need a decent CB and wide man, stop with the negatives

Stanton and Webster were past it, Zola and Maghoma have gone and Paterson may still sign. Time to move on. Gary Rowett has to work with a small budget. He signs players accordingly. Symes and Sharps were excellent on loan last season. Other signings yet to sign. The negativaty is sad and in a minority, the club are progressing and will do well this season. All our signings are very positive.

Who's being negative? Billy Kee cannot score 60 goals on his own! We need to bring in Pato and another striker to share the burden! Onwards and upwards. UTBs

Brewers will never win the league with the signings of Symes, Sharps, MacDonald, Hussy and Edwards - medicore to say the least. Need four or five BIG named players otherwise it is a relegation battle.

I personaly think that Symes was a good striker when he is fully fit he can excellent, according to Gary he was suffering with a groin injury near the end of the season. It helps scoring goals yes but Kee needs someone to feed of and I believe that Symes is that man. Stop thinking that you know everything from a few games, Believe in Rowett and his signings!

Don't understand how any Burton fan can expect their club to sign 2 20+ goalscorers. I'm an Argyle fan and would settle for 1 15+ goalscorer.

We had one of the best young strikers in the League - Matt Paterson and it doesn't look like he's signing on (scored the winner v Plymouth!). He's got 15+ goals in him, him and one other would give us a fighting chance. Chances are you might find him at Plymouth because he'd be amazing playing off Marvin Morgan!



28 Jun 2013 16:15:05
Bournemouth look set to make a bid for celtic winger paddy mcourt

He's out of contract.

29 Jun 2013 10:26:27
He is a free agent.



28 Jun 2013 16:14:45
Swansea will pay a record fee of 10.2m to make Wilfred Bony their third signing so far

Got a bad feeling about this deal. Something not right. I hope I'm wrong. Can't take any more.



28 Jun 2013 16:13:42
Monaco look set to end djribll cisse's time in london with a two year contract on offer



28 Jun 2013 16:09:01
Man city to offer eric abidal a chance in england if kolarov leaves for serie a



28 Jun 2013 16:06:43
a signing for west brom is imminent as mulumbu tweeted welcome A. to west brom.
personally I hope its Aruna Kone.
whats are your thoughts on who it may be?

I thought Kone said he wanted to work with Martinez again and everton was his preferred destination

As long as its not Di Santo. He is not the answer

Adrian ramos

Or it could be adrien Ramos

Kone is more likely to go to Everton.

Andre ayew?

Apparently it's Andre ayew from marseille that mulumbu is talking about.

Sorry to disappoint but its Andre ayew who west brom have signed

Probably ayew as marsielle are on verge of signing gervinho. also the dots mulumbu did as in 'welcome to A. to westbrom' the same amount of dots as there is in andre ayew name

28 Jun 2013 23:53:09
If it's Ayew I'd be very happy, really good player. Good replacement for Odemwingie. Would still need a Centre Forward who can hold the ball up

It could also be his brother jordan ayew or adrian ramos

andre wants to stay at marseille to play champions league football. other premier league clubs have also been linked with him like liverpool and arsenal so I doubt he would go to west brom over them

if we did sign him though it would be beast!

29 Jun 2013 17:57:11
If you check both mulumbu and ayews social media they have been constantly talking to each other. Mulumbu's tweet could of been to push a deal through or to try and persuade ayew to join. I doubt the west brom would of made an offer, It's probably just mulumbu as I said before.

Suggestion now seems to be that the player Mulumbu may have been talking about was Anelka. Odds on with two bookies to sign, good friends with Mulumbu and someone wba were offered earlier in the summer.



28 Jun 2013 16:06:27
Danny murphy is to leave blackburn and is to join crewe on a 1 year contract to end his career where he started



28 Jun 2013 16:06:23
Watford to announce the signing of Javier Acuna from Madrid B and a young up rising star from a Championship club

Acuna retweeted last night when a fan sent a welcome to Watford message. Seems to indicate this is a done deal.

It looks odds on that Abdi, Battochio, Pudil, Ekstrand, Anya are returning on free transfers.

Also strong indications from lots of that several out of Angela, Faraoni, Regula, Ranegie, Fabrinni, Badu will be loaned/free transfered across.

Good looking squad for next year.

Fabrinni had stared he wished to stay in Italy so not sure on him

Acuna has joined udinese today ready to be loaned to Watford for next season

Offical Udinese website stating Acuna has signed for Udinese and being loaned to Watford

Angella has signed a five year contract with Watford.

The rising star could be Iche Ikpeazu from Reading. Reading academys top scorer last year and been likened to drogba. Source was readings fans forum. Reports he has joined Watford as his contract has run out. The 18yr old is supposed to be a very hot prospect

{Ed029's Note - Likened to Drogba by Chelsea last season. Big loss for us. He wanted first team football and we couldn't guarantee it. Assume Watford have offered something more along those lines. Compo to be agreed.



28 Jun 2013 16:04:19
Paul and Tomas ince have left Bloomfield rd, Oyston gave a 250 thousand pound players budget this season despite selling ince and parachute payments the club receives. Paul ince though it was a joke at first. And Just walked out when told by Karl oyston that's all the money available to him for 10 plus players

Oyston is a tight fisted git!



28 Jun 2013 15:54:39
Lee Barnard from Southampton is a target for Rotherham

Hope Lee finds a new home soon. He scores goals for fun in the lower leagues. And Southampton need him off the books asap.

Gd player. SFC.



28 Jun 2013 15:54:08
Liam Lawrence is on trial at Rotherham. Evans is keen to sign him but a deal is far from close due to wage demands.



28 Jun 2013 15:53:28
Watford to make the surprise signing of Byram from Leeds United. Leeds cash strapped, player already signed (source Watford Observer and insiders in Watford Football Club)

What happened to Watforrd transfer embargo ?
Wombwell RED {Ed003's Note - Do some research please you are going over old ground.}

28 Jun 2013 21:17:04
Cheers Ed. I did not want to go through the whole transfer embargo story again. Watford can still sign players, just need football league approval

28 Jun 2013 23:44:31
Ah Ed. Finally,

Heard this evening from several reliable sources that Sam Byron is signing for Watford from Leeds in a 5 year deal

What a load of rubbish, he's got the opportunity to go a top premier league club and he's going to go to Watford? get out of dreamland and wake up, funny how nobody in leeds has heard of this.

Can't believe this is true, Man City, Everton and Spurs are all interested in him and Leeds would want around 8m for him.

If true, a great signing. The other rumour was a forward from Reading

Why on earth would any ram want to go to a club that would bench him 75% of the time in favour of a bunch of foreigners? He wants to stay up north anyway so if he moves it'll likely be Man City or Everton

Nope. The young player wanted was Ikpeazu and we got him.

Lets be realistic, he isn't going to go to a City or a top club because he won't have first team opportunities, Watford gives him that platform to step up



28 Jun 2013 15:50:00
Seen Bradford have been linked with Donal McDermott from Bournemouth can't see him leaving them after they went up but if he was to leave and join us would be a class signing from PP!!!

Hes got the bottle for it lol

28 Jun 2013 20:00:50
He's awful have him ill drive him because he couldn't he is always on the drink

Bournemouth going up had nothing to do with McDermott, he only got on the bench when he was lucky. Good player, awful attitude.

Parkinson won't sign players with bad attitudes, so can see this being a load of rubbish.

McDermott has talent but unfortunately he's one of those players who can't focus on being a professional. Prefers fast cars and booze.



28 Jun 2013 15:49:31
With Paul Quinn rejecting a new deal at Doncaster, Paul Dickov is after Motherwell Right-Back Tom Hateley!



28 Jun 2013 15:47:44
New wigan manager owen coyle. has expressed his interest in bringing kevin doyle to the dw

Doyle is going to play for septic in Scotland



28 Jun 2013 15:47:10
according to watford observer, watford are close to announcing the signing of "a teenage prospect from another championship side".

who could it be?

hopefully redmond, but probably not.


Would like it to be Redmond but don't think it will. My guess is that it could be Hughes from Derby in exchange for Forsyth!

28 Jun 2013 19:23:13
Why would we 'swap' Hughes, who is worth 10 mil+ for Forsyth who is worth 200k?

I am a watford fan and even I would say that derby would be insane to offer hughes in any deal for forsyth

Hughes is likely to cost somewhere near £10 million, never going to happen. More likely to be someone like Redmond, but I thought he was Premiership-bound.


28 Jun 2013 23:46:08
It's Dominic Samuel from Reading

Apparently it's Uche Ikpeazu from Reading - he's with the squad heading to Italy. {Ed029's Note - Yes it is. Rejected a new contract because he wants to be around the first team. Reading couldn't give him those assurances. Assume Watford have offered something close. Good young striker. Very disappointing to lose him.



28 Jun 2013 15:46:11
Ipswich Town are close to signing Bristol City winger Paul Anderson, with Jay Emmanuel-Thomas heading in the opposite direction. EADT

No way jet will drop a division thinks he's a big time Charlie but infact he's a waste of space

Looks like it will happen

Problem with Jet is he technically very good, and doesn't fit mick's route one style.

Problem with JET is. he developed at an ego at Arsenal and needs to be brought down to earth. I hoped Mick would do that as he's got bags of potential. If he moves he moves but still think Mick can get best out of him.

28 Jun 2013 23:03:08
How can you say jet thinks he is big, he admitted himself that if it takes dropping a league to kick start his career he will do it. All you so called fans prefer laying into the clubs players rather than supporting them. Get your facts right!

29 Jun 2013 14:36:51
Ipswich going to pay 5k towards his wages as city can't pay all

The facts are jet is a waste of space I'm a season ticket holder and am sick of paying good money to watch the rubbish he delivers maybe you should get your facts right the fact is mm wants rid

In fairness to JET he has already dropped a league to play twice in his career already.



28 Jun 2013 15:44:21
Someone's put down a large amount money on Grant holt joining Wigan! What do you think guys? Kone coming the other way?

Lets hope so!

Dont be silly, Kone wants to go to Everton, to good for norwich

You are right about the grant holt story his odds are down to 2/1 but kone going everton



28 Jun 2013 15:39:01
Just been informed that Will Grigg is definatly off to Brentford and the hold up is the negotiation for compensation Walsall wanting 5ook Brentford value 300k so looks like tribunial. will Grigg still employed by Walsall till July 1st when the announcement will be made.

I do hope he leaves.

Not that fussed a lot of Griggs goals cam from Fabian Brandy pens, another player who has had one good season and thinks he's better than he really is bye bye Will we won't shed a tear



28 Jun 2013 15:30:45
Boro set to complete signing of dean whitehead over the weekend, glad maghoma went to sheff wed, we've got an established premiership midfielder instead of a league 2 hopeful. Should link you well with lead bitter I the centre of the park, don't know where Vargas will fit in though?

7/10 player every game. Will provide stability in the centre of the park. Good energy also.

Varga will play right back, he plays there for his club and country but also can play defensive mid role, 3 more signing needed after dean whitehead signed, centre back, right winger and striker!



28 Jun 2013 15:17:54
Walsall closeing in on Richard Peniket and ex blues winger Shane Williams of Afan Lido.



28 Jun 2013 15:08:13
Afc wimbledon transfer rumours anyone?

Andy Frampton is signing

Wimbledon likely to sign a Striker and a centre back to complete Ardleys squad for the season.

Centre back will be mambo and i'm hoping akinfenwa or howe and that would cap a fantastic crop of summer signings and being greedy toby on loan

02 Jul 2013 09:41:20
Ardley has said that we are not currently chasing Mambo (though he is on our radar) but we are working within a budget. Could suggest that we would be interested if he lowered his wage demands?



28 Jun 2013 14:58:14
Bradford are targeting Keeds winger Ryan Hall who is Surplus to requirements at Elland road

Leeds' Ryan Hall expected to be at Bradford's training site on Monday for 1st day of preseason training



28 Jun 2013 14:43:23
Manchester United legend Paul Scholes is poised to sign as assistant manager - to be announced at the end of next week

Steve Round will be Moyes assistant

Who 4 bury oldham stoke celtic rangers gis a clue?



28 Jun 2013 14:35:46
apparently sunderland have agreed a fee for arsenal goalkeeper vito mannone, personally would have preferred zoet or nordfeldt



28 Jun 2013 14:12:37
Ex Coventry center back Nathan Cameron has turned down Northampton in favour of a move to Bury, after hearing good things about the club from a former team mate.

Confirmed, hope the lad does well for us.

29 Jun 2013 07:37:19
We with drew contract offer he didn't turn us down we made his. Choice for him



28 Jun 2013 13:55:57
Oldham Manager Lee Johnson is set to appoint former Oldham midfielder Paul Bernard as his new assistant.



28 Jun 2013 13:33:40
Anybody know the latest on alejandro pozuelo? Swansea were set to sign him 'in the next 48 hours' about 6 days ago and have since signed amat so its not like they haven't been doing business!

Red tape issues apparently but shpuld be completed in near future.

Ruez wouldn't get on the bench for Swansea City.



28 Jun 2013 12:36:49
Millwall sign Steve Morrison on a season long loan deal. Influenced from Millwall legend Neil Harris.

Steve Morison will be good addition as he can terrorise defenses. when he left he at least did the right thing with Kenny mid season and signed new contract which allowed Millwall to at least make some cash from the transfer at season end. We all know he missed a few but not nearly as many as Beckford. welcome back Stevie.



28 Jun 2013 12:31:24
Looks like Ola Toivonen could be set to join Norwich any day now, PSV have confirmed that Norwich are the only club that have a bid accepted with them and it is now down to Ola to decide if he wants to make the move, I am very confident that he will sign and will team up with RVW in a much better looking attack for nxt season. OTBC



28 Jun 2013 11:45:53
Hi Eds. Can you tell me what teams are interested in James McCarthy? {Ed004's Note - Everton and Manutd maybe}



28 Jun 2013 14:20:18
Former Bristol City Goalkeeper Adriano Basso is set to team up with former Robins teammate Lee Johnson at Oldham Athletic to become Goalkeeping Coach



28 Jun 2013 14:12:14
Oldham are set bring back former goalkeeper Jan Budtz on a short term deal from Gainsborough Trinity.

Ha ha no chance as he's rubbish



28 Jun 2013 13:41:54
Hull City and Sunderland are both in talks with Tottenham midfielder Tom Huddlestone.
Allan McGregor to Hull is a done deal and Ahmed ElMohamady has just signed for Hull.
Hull are still looking to bring in 2 forward believed to be be Gary Hooper and Charlie Austin but Hull haven't met the evaluations of the per.



28 Jun 2013 13:14:51
SOD looking at marcus tudgay to replace jon stead who left On a free transfer



28 Jun 2013 12:29:56
Rene Howe has just passed his medical at AFC Wimbledon. Will be officially announced on 1 July on expiry of contract with Torquay United.

He is going to Walsall heard it from the horses mouth

Would like that a lot. physical option up front. Could happen to as he wants a move back to London. If it comes off I'm really liking the squad Ard's is piecing together.

Would be a quality signing but I wait for it to be confirmed 1st to get excited

Why on earth would Rene leave us for Wimbledon, he wants to improve his career not lose it, as a Torquay fan can only see Walsall suiting his style of play

Heard Howes signed for AFC but won't announce on web site until 1-7-13 (when he's out of contract). Good signing! (If ts true!)

He wants to move up north so his girlfriend can be closer to her family, suggesting Walsall or somewhere else such as Carlisle

Sounds like there's lots happening behind the scenes at Torquay unless he just wants a move closer to home

29 Jun 2013 15:51:06
Looking at his twitter it looks like he's away on his holidays, doubt the rumour is true

He wants to move to London to be with us new son, Wimbledon are going places this year in c parison to Torquay who are going down!

How are Torquay going down! We probably have the same budget as the wombles, and a similar size fanbase, offering players similar money. Torquay have new manager, and are re-building the squad entirely. Wimbledon play in an awful ground, don't start thinking you're man city!

We've made some good signings but let's not get carried away with things and I do t think Torquay will go down, think Bury may struggle though

We play in a awful ground have a look at yours we have more fans than you youve lost or losing all your better players if you finish above us I would be amazed we've not gone out and spent lots of money and we've got qualityplayers who have played at this level aswell as the next budget maybe the same but other than that were nuffin a like

As a Wimbledon fan kingsmeadow leaves a lot to be desired, hence a new ground in Merton is so high up on the agenda. League two is famously unpredictable with such high player turn over, but do think Ardley has signed some decent players. Howe would be a lovely addition, but agree that at the moment Wimbledon and Torquay are similar size clubs, which would suggest a move may be for location reasons

I think you just compared torquays fan base to Wimbledons. No just no.

No Wimbledon's average is higher, but it is in the same ball park atm, with the constraints of Kingsmeadow capacity. However, I do believe the potential Wimbledon have is far greater if we move back to Merton, 10,000 is not unthinkable. Anyway my point was simply that if Howe left Torquay for Wimbledon, it is fair to say location could be a factor, rather than us being a much bigger club as it stands.

We are a bigger club though, Howe wouldn't just move to us for location, ambition plays a part

Today is the day to see if howe signs

01 Jul 2013 14:51:31
why is today the day to see if Howe signs? Just because his contract with Torquay expires? He's still on holiday isn't he - which is why the stuff about him having done a medical at Kingsmeadow sounds wide of the mark.

My point exactly if you look at the top of this convo it says on the 1st it will be announced

01 Jul 2013 20:46:29
No announcement yet. 3hrs and 15 mins of 1st July left mind.



28 Jun 2013 12:48:33
Charlton to bid £650k for keeper Joe Murphy

And we need a keeper because?!

I don't think that charlton will spend 650k on a goal keeper when we desperately need another striker.

This will not happen. CAFC need to strengthen in other areas.

In Harmer, Button & Pope we are more than covered for Keepers

Hamer^. even if Hamer does make mistakes, he's a brilliant goalkeeper, same with Button.



28 Jun 2013 12:24:00
Leicester city captain wes morgan will make a sensational return to the city ground and reunite with billy davies for 1.1m. On a 3 year contract the former forest favorite will also be named captain with chris cohen to be vice captain.

3 years wes is 30 in jan

Hope that is true

Hes in talks about signing a new contract at leicester

I hope this happens! we need another strong cb too though, considering we want prom our pre season games against teams on a lower level than use and three free transfers aren't really helping convince me, all this speculation about big signings and nothing seems to be happening, lichej our best signing atm.



28 Jun 2013 12:21:15
Heard today that Crewe have spoken to two central midfielders. Marlon Pack and Luke Guttridge. Like Pack but not Guttridge (hes 31!). but tbh neither have anything on Luke Murphy. Will be sadly missed that's for sure!



28 Jun 2013 12:19:42
Bradford city hope to complete the signing of southend utd keeper paul smith on a 2 year deal for 37, 500 smith will provide competition for for bradford city current number 1 after matt duke departed for northampton town.

How many more rumours about the alleged transfer of Paul Smith? You have already posted the same rumour saying he's going to Mansfield and Newport. Are you touting him about as his agent?

Paul smith is one of the worst GK's I have ever seen, i'd sell him for packet of crisps!

He divides opinion as. Forest fan he had some great years aswell at middlesbrough did greatand his career started great with brentford and southampton now in league two he played a blinder against brentford and orient for southend so had a very repectable career. Well done paul



28 Jun 2013 12:00:18
Crystal Palace are planning to hijack Millwall's attempt to sign Steve Morison from Leeds.

Get lost palace! go & find your own players holloway!

It wouldn't 'SURPRISE' me at all tbh! But I 'HOPE' It's TOO LATE?

YOUR too late PALACE! SM has 'SIGNED' at 3. 30pm!' WELCOME' back Steve & good luck! COYL!

Signed For The Mighty Millwall On a Season Long Loan! MILLL!

To late pal**se signed and sealed so jog on enjoy passing you next season in sl and Harris we trust

No they're not

Too late for nigels he has joined on a year loan

28 Jun 2013 17:04:10
Too late

He already joined millwall on seasons long loan!

Well that was short lived, plus if palace wanted him, surely they would buy

Too late, deal done.

Palace were never in for him. Why would they? Much better players to choose from.

The fact that Steve Parish said that Palace won't be spending big suggests that it is nowhere near 6 million.
Came out the horses mouth more like 3 million.

It's going to be exciting for palace we are going to get some good players in everything is set up perfectly for us manager chairmen squad and new arrivals bring on next season.

Passing us next season? I'll send you a postcard from Anfield #premiershipvirgins



28 Jun 2013 11:58:52
Frickson Erazo Ecuador defender to sign for southampton within the week. Figure around 3 million. No silly agents fess so is looks like it could be a done deal

Please not another useless Equadorian!

Augustin Delgado. Legend lol. Scored more in the world cup than he did for southampton I think.



28 Jun 2013 11:50:59
Luke Williams set to join oldham athletic on loan. The deal was completed BEFORE the euro under 20 championships.

Well knowing Mowbray this will be true especially as we have NO decent striker/goalscorers at the club. Is he trying to keep us in the championship?

29 Jun 2013 15:36:33
Lee Johnson is following him on twitter so there may be some truth to this!



28 Jun 2013 11:45:09
hull city are in the race to sign Tom Huddlestone but looks more likely to sign for Sunderland
would love to see him at hull though, he's a top player

Why would Huddelstone got to a promated team

Because were a growing side and will prove many people wrong next year, teams will underestimate us we will be a good mid table prem team in 3 years

Why wouldn't he? We have a recognised manager our owners have cleared the debt, we havnt been stupid like qpr and put everyone on daft wages so its less likely we would go under and spurs aren't givimg him the playing time he wants



28 Jun 2013 11:37:17
Norwich looking to complete the signings of leroy fer and Gary Hooper over the weekend to announce on July 1st. Norwich are also expecting Chelsea to return with a higher bid for john ruddy if it matches the valuation then they will move for Fraser forster

Would rather not loose Ruddy but good money for him 8-10 and I'd take it and would be more than happy to see big Fraz back!

Not sure about this one tbh. sounds very nice but I think he might just be too good for us. I don't thin ruddy will leave tbh. asking price is 10m. chelsea aren't going to pay that for him

Dont know if this is true, but it sounds resonable enough.

Ruddy will not sign for Chelsea 100%! It's World Cup year, he wants to be playing week in week out in order to impress and get his call up, he won't get that at Chelsea and signed a four year deal with us last year!

Hooper I'm confident will be unveiled on Monday alongside Ricky Van Wolfswinkle in a press conference introducing the Dutchman to the media.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ola was also in that press conference or another signing. (Maybe Redmond) - who knows.

We shall see

When you end up with a keeper that good, you can't be selling him. We don't need the money and we'd spend most of it replacing him anyway. We need to move forward, which is what I thought we were doing. I'll be gutted if Ruddy goes. it feels like we are on the brink of some real progress, the club needs to be strong and say no.

Can't see Ruddy waning to sit on Chelsea bench suing World Cup year. think he'll say with he mighty yellows. Fer will go to everton.

I always rated Fraser Forster more than Ruddy to be honest, although Ruddy does seem to bring something to the squad which can't be quantified. Look at our results with him vs without him last season!

I hope we don't go for Hooper. Oli looks like a better signing if he'll come and his style of play looks like it could fit with RVW.

Everton can't afford Fer unless they sell baines and or fellaini.

They can't guarantee Fer first team football if they don't sell Fellaini.



28 Jun 2013 11:36:39
its between preston and sheff wed for kevin davies as a preston fan I think he will go to weds but leatst the lad took time to come and talks to pne well done kevin davies



28 Jun 2013 11:34:07
Burton Albion are interested in Aldershot's Kieran Cadogan and Craig Reid.

If I could I would give burton the fee to take reid from us. he is awful

Neither of them good enough for BAFC.



28 Jun 2013 11:31:34
Dean Whitehead expected to complete move to Boro over the weekend as per the Gazette



28 Jun 2013 11:30:44
Motherwell in advanced talks with Stephen McManus and Gunnar Nielsen, They are also interested in David Clarkson and Derek Riordan.

Going to have to stump up a fee for David Clarkson. He's on Rovers' plans for next season.



28 Jun 2013 11:25:27
Nigel Pearson interested in bringing out of favour jack Hobbs back to leicester if he can't get Michael Keane back on loan, however he has been told to sell before he can buy

28 Jun 2013 16:12:01
What happened to the "We won't do any business with Hull" that the foxes fans keep telling anybody who will listen? correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Hobbs play for Hull City?



28 Jun 2013 11:25:21
saw jacob butterfield at canalside yesterday

What walking his dog?

Was he fishing?. jimlcfc



28 Jun 2013 11:24:03
Having been released by Hearts striker John Sutton is set to sign for League one Oldham Athletic.

28 Jun 2013 15:09:12
already joined Motherwell

Oldham would have a hard job signing Sutton since he has signed for Motherwell!

28 Jun 2013 15:17:41
why don't you read papers or watch tv Sutton as rejoined motherwell what belm you are

Too late he's wearing number 9 for Motherwell next season!

Hasn't he signed for Motherwell today?

Hes signed for Motherwell

Already signed 2 yr contract at Motherwell

He as signed for motherwell

He signed a 2 year contract with Motherwell today.



28 Jun 2013 10:54:50
WBA are in talks with Scot Sinclair and Craig Gardner. Also told deal for Chris Baird is almost complete.

28 Jun 2013 15:25:28
Who told you?



28 Jun 2013 10:47:38
Middlesbrough are looking at former Reading midfielder Kalifa Cisse, the Mailian powerhouse has been in great form in the MLS

As per tv The likes of Watford, Middlesbrough, Charlton and Millwall are all thought to be monitoring Cisse's situation this summer.

The all-action midfielder is believed to have a release clause allowing him to leave New England and the news has alerted his suitors who see him as a bargain signing this summer.

In by next week :
Dean Whitehead - free
Massimo Maccarone - free

He was awful at Reading and Ipswich, not so much powerhouse as 6v battery

Maccarone no way, moybray is looking for a good pacey striker, not some 33 year old with a poor goal record.

Cannot see maccarone returning pal

Maccarone in the championship, all day long, clever signing if its true! look at his stats from last season!

Id have maccarone back he never got a fair crack first time round and he always seemed to try so hard for the team, and we all can never forget his diving header in the uafa cup

Dean whitehead definitely will be signed by Monday, we still need 3 more signings after that, centre back, right winger and striker, probably be thweite, adomah and Lyle Taylor, then if we sell Scott mac and emnes I recon a loan deal for Danny graham just my speculation so far on targets thru paper talk and fans talking!

Why does everyone seem to be happy with the Lyle Taylor option? I can't see how he's proven any more quality or potential than Main or even Williams, so what's the point. We need an experienced head with decent finishing, i. e Graham, Beccio, Doyle or Maynard

If maccarone comes back everyone can come round mine for a parmo

Lyle taylor has hit 29 goals this season in Scottish premier at the age of just 20, he scored a hattrick in Middlesbrough friendly, he's fast, good finishing and young talent, Middlesbrough fans haven't linked him to the club, the media have tv, gazzete, falkirk sport, daily mail. Becciho, Maynard and Doyle haven't got a better goal score record than Lyle Taylor and there in there 30s, this lad is going to be a future England international. he's worth money at just 1 mil price tag!

29 Jun 2013 15:12:58
Taylor scored 29 goals in the Scottish FIRST DIVISION. In my opinion, this is the equivalent level of the English League 2 or below. Not exactly a proven goal scorer at Championship level.

29 Jun 2013 15:45:53
Wasn't the Scottish prem at all pal get ya facts right he plays for Falkirk! and I too wouldn't be interested in lyle Taylor even if he had hit that many in the spl eg: kris Boyd (all time spl goal scorer) McDonald (top scorer in spl 4 times) none a massive impact or 20goal a season at boro! (Not what we need)

Lyle Taylor is 23 (not 20) and scored 24 goals (not 29) in the Scottish First Divison (not the Premier). Norwich won't let Becchio go, as, with Holt leaving, he is their only back-up. I agree that Doyle is overrated but if he could stay injury free, Nicky Maynard would be a phenomenal player for us - different class to Taylor who has never been proven at a top (ish) level.

Lyle taylor is 23, maynard is 26 I think and the other two mentioned are 29 at the oldest. definitely have maynard over taylor, taylors being linked because its all we can afford and we can't afford maynard regardless



28 Jun 2013 10:40:56
Kevin Davies has offers from burnley. Bournemouth. Peterborough and Blackburn

Please join blackburn, this is from a burnley fan too! Just an old man now looking for his final pay day and I don't want it to be from us, we have limited money as it. Needs to be invested in wells or pope not giving him 10000a week wage

Kevin Davies will not be joining Peterborough

He actually ha offers from sheffield wednesday and preston. he would get more money at wednesday but more playing time at preston

Ha Ha! peterborough do not sign 36 year old has-beens, nor pay high wages

36 years old? peterborough groundsman perhaps.

28 Jun 2013 15:07:17
out of them 4 only Bournemouth are interested in Davies as well as sheff wed millwall and preston

28 Jun 2013 15:22:48
At 36, Kevin Davies is a spring chicken - look at Kevin Phillips. he's 40. Davies can lead the Clarets to a play-off push.

Wont have offers grom blackburn, he flopped there once, and fans don't like him.

Peterborough wouldn't have bid for him.

And Preston and sheff wednesday

Do. Not. Join. Burnley. He obviously isn't any good anymore, hence why he was released. Join rovers instead.

Please don't come burnley



28 Jun 2013 10:32:20
Chesterfield are set to renew their interest in Michael Spillane after seemingly hitting an impasse with Port Vale over Sam Morsy.

Who?never been mentioned in a 20 mile radius of Chesterfield

Another one from Southend, gone very quiet on the Cresswell deal as well

Spillane was the guy who CFC were after in January but he went to Southend instead. Hearing the Morsy deal is back on anyway, we may look at Spillane if he doesn't get set up.

29 Jun 2013 00:34:25
Morsy has signed for Chesterfield according to twitter

Morsy is definetly signing with Chesterfield annoucement monday

Reported on tv this morning Chesterfield & Vale close to agreeing a package so looks a done deal.

Morsy's just signed this afternoon

Morsy has signed for Chesterfield today. It's on their official site.

Deal announced on official website

29 Jun 2013 19:43:59
John white

John white of colchester defender
As signed for southend could lead to cresswell to join chesterfield



28 Jun 2013 10:26:08
Cheltenham Town are expected to bring an in-demand League 2 striker into the club early next week. The player in question is either Rene Howe or Adebayo Akinfenwa

Hopefully not Howe, I don't think he cuts the mustard, especially against Cureton.

Akinfenwa would be great but unlikely (racist tweets saga back in May?) If I were him I wouldn't want to come to CTFC which is a great shame - quality player.

Akinfenwa not howe because he is injery prone

Cheltenham cannot afford Akinfenwa's wages

That's just one guy. If club or fans were racist, half of our players wouldn't be playing. On other hand he seemed to be one trick pony, once he was figured out, stopped scoring.

Akinfenwa wouldn't care about the tweets.
The guilty party, although from Cheltenham, is an Arsenal fan, and actually has a trendy tattoo reading "ARSENAL" down his forearm. An incite to the kind of person he is.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Akinfenwa joining, just trying to put myself in his shoes.

One trick pony is a little unfair I think, it may have been the case in both of the play-off semi-final games but generally speaking he can hold the ball up AND score goals with both his head and his feet.

We don t want ethier we want jimmy spencer

Akinfenwa can't run to save his life
howe just terrible to be honest

We don't want Akinfenwa or Howe, but we do want Jimmy Spencer. right.



28 Jun 2013 10:24:45
Afc bournemouth will sign James Vaughan of Norwich will sign for 1m after a deal for Burnley target danny ings could not be agreed deal to be concluded in 48hours



28 Jun 2013 10:14:39
Adel Taarabt is in Monaco discussing a £3.8m move from QPR.

Yeh right add another 10mill & we might think about it,

No chance. Monaco are minted and he ain't that good!



28 Jun 2013 10:11:16
14 million bid for koscheilny from bayern. Likely to be declined with Djourou exit.



28 Jun 2013 10:05:52
Norwich have rejected a £5mill offer from Chelsea for Ruddy!



28 Jun 2013 10:04:19
Newport County poised to announce new free signings Matt Green, Curtis Osano & James Bittner on 2yr deals.

You are having a laugh.

I know that Green made contact with Newport; not the other way around. The thing is Newport have enough strikers. Would be a poor signing for Newport as we need a midfielder and back up keeper.



28 Jun 2013 10:03:04
The name Gary Hooper is back on the lips of West ham fans. Its thought that Celtic and Nottingham Forest are interested in RVT and his value of £2m may be used in a deal with Celtic for Hooper in player + Cash deal directly or a sale to Forest and then additional cash. Hull and Norwich thought to be very interested and were leading the chase for his signature

Forest have no chance he wants premier league football even if that's only one season at hull if he performs he will move on to a better team meaning good cash for city

Ed who is rvt? {Ed001's Note - I believe he means Ricardo Vaz Te.}

Forest cannot afford him. In any case he will go to a premier club.

We should get Vaz Te if we don't get Elmohamdy

Elmo signed for city yesterday

Forest can afford him that's irrelevant. Unlike some other clubs our owner and manager are clever with who they employ for where we currently stand and I for one have complete faith in them both COYR



28 Jun 2013 09:51:41
Cheltenham will take the following players on trial;

Matthew Done (ex Barnsley) LW
Sam Kelly (ex-Everton) LW
Dylan McLade (ex-middlesbrough) LW
Josh Rees (ex-Arsenal) CM
Scott Spencer (ex-Oldham) ST
Nathaniel Jarvis (ex-Cardiff) ST
Shane Bland (ex-middlesbrough) GK
Jamie Stephens (ex-Liverpool) GK

It's likely Done will go to Hibernian where he had a decent loan spell last year but could fill the LW gap that we most certainly need now Kaid's gone to Port Vale

Spencer and jarvis are the stand out players to me

Josh Rees is already on trial and smashed the fitness tests on day one of training. Looking forward to watching him in pre-season as I think he may be the player to fill the gap left by Pack.

Rees sounds like a good prospect. Hopefully he can perform well in pre-season and earn himself a contract.

If arsenal or brentford don't want rees then doubt he's any good

Matt done is poor

Shame about matt done, I wanted to see him in a Barnsley shirt again, must have been a rift over palace bid?

Give them all a contract for six months and say we will keep the best 2 or3

Would be great to have all on contracts but we'd never afford it. Pre-season is normally a good indicator, if they all get game time we'll see who wants it and who doesn't.

01 Jul 2013 17:43:24
Done was great football minded shame to see him go



28 Jun 2013 09:32:49
Danny Cadamateri set to sign for his old next door neighbour and good friend Boothroyd at Northampton.

Heard this is happening.

Why comment on your own post? {Ed029's Note - They didn't.



28 Jun 2013 10:01:06
Nahki wells training with the clarets! Deal going to be made in the next week, also ings off to Bournemouth for 1.5 million approx! COYC

Nahki wells is in Bermuda so I find that hard to believe

He is not training with Burnley, he is only leaving Bermuda today!

If the 'deal' hasn't even been made yet, Wells wouldn't be anywhere near the Burnley training ground. He'd train with Bradford until he'd signed a contract

He doesn't return from Bermuda till the weekend so that is absolute nonsense!

He is signing for Sheffield Wednesday



28 Jun 2013 09:07:17
West ham are seriously contemplating letting James Tomkins leave if the right bid is received. With Collins and Reid the normal starters, Tomkins has become a squad player and with West ham apparently about to sign Ludovic Sane, Tomkins could well be pushed further down the pecking order. Its thought bids of around £6m would be seriously entertained

Tomkins is another through our youth academy and good defender, however, Collins and Reid have come in and formed a great partnership which is what's needed next season.



28 Jun 2013 09:59:02
Barcelona younger, Thiago Alcantara, has decided to snub, Manchester United and Bayern munich, opting For a move to Anzhi. The Russian clubs owner, has given the go ahead to offer the young spaniard over £150,000 a week, as aposed to the minimal £75,000 offered from Manchester United. The transfer fee is believed to be in the region of £22,000,000.


I thought one of the main reasons for him leaving Barcelona was to get game time in order to break into the Spanish team, surely Russia isn't the greatest showcase for a young and talented player.

He's got a release fee clause of £17 Million, why would it be 22 what a load of crap



28 Jun 2013 09:20:05
Bouremouth boss Eddie Howe to finally get his man when he signs Burnley striker Danny Ings for £1.5 million - rising to £2 million with add-ons like if the Cherries get to the Premier League in the next two seasons.

Slow down cherries in prem hahahah really

Cherries to prem league within 2 seasons lmao - you guys are priceless!

Bournemouth are starting to look like Southampton, all they were interested in a couple of years ago was Burnley players. What is it with you southerners and Burnley FC?

Up to £2 mill. Not a chance! Ings is certainly not a charlie austin and just isn't worth it.

Bournemouth could get to the prem but certainly not under Eddie Howe, defensively inept at championship level, your keeper should make a few quid this coming season with all the whiplash claims, I have no doubt at all that if Eddie would've stayed at Burnley then we would've been relegated, Eddie is an excellent league 1 manager, put him up against the bigger boys and he makes Owen Coyle look like Alex Ferguson.

^ Re Eddie & Owen Coyle - a very good observation, I agree.



28 Jun 2013 09:15:52
erik peters was at the britannia stadium last night to complete his move to stoke. the deal is worth 4.5 milion euros and should be announced later today (friday)

28 Jun 2013 12:39:52
Slow down cherries in the prem really

The deal is actually worth 3.6mil euros (3mil pounds)



28 Jun 2013 09:04:58
Nigel Pearson is very interested in signing Adam Le Fondre for Leicester

Adam le fondre is not going anywhere

28 Jun 2013 16:14:25
Pearson may indeed be "very interested" but I doubt very much he will sign him



28 Jun 2013 09:00:12
Strong rumour from Tranmere is that Jason McAteer is to return to the club to join the coaching staff. Great news with his added experience from top level football.

We don't want him anywhere near Tranmere, he's arrogant an inept.


John Barnes has also been offered a 'Director of Football' role at the club.

Have you ever read the razor Ruddock stories on 'Dave', don't think you'll be too impressed with hime then.

Hope that he does not bring John Barnes with him.

You must be having a laugh if you think anyone will believe Ronnie will have that person at his club, jog on.

Hope rumour is true, good coach Jason.

Will that mean that John Barnes will come to be his assistant?

Be a bit of a worry for me bringing back dumber from the dumb and dumber (Barnes and Mcateer dark days). Unless he has made a vast improvement then a big no thanks from me. Also Ronnie. may feel a little threatened of a take over bid if this is the case. Can not see it happening.

Not happening mate!

If Barnes or McCateer step foot back into Prenton Park I will never attend a game again whilst they are there no matter what roles they have!

WE don't WANT McATEER or BARNES. They are no good as veteran players or coaches. Nobody else wants them. Please don't take them in any capacity. Keep fon Williams but change goalkeeping coach

Change goalkeeper coach, are you serious? Dave Timmins is the main reason that Fonners is stayng, as for McAteer no way will he ever be employed by TRFC ever again

Get real fellas this is complete nonsense!



28 Jun 2013 08:39:19
Rotherham set to sign Theo Robinson on a season long loan from derby



28 Jun 2013 08:38:32
Andy proctor having a medical at a league two club today most likely a return to accrington or possibly pne old boys team fleetwood.

How about Bury?

28 Jun 2013 10:58:32
really hope this is true he is league 2 player at best



28 Jun 2013 07:54:45
Tranmere goal keeper Owain Fon Williams has rejected offers from two championship clubs and is expected to sign a new deal with Rovers. (Source tv)

Hope so, class Fon Williams is and if he stays and helps us have a good season next season and decides to move on then I will wish him all the best.



28 Jun 2013 07:52:09
Crystal Palace have signed dwight gayle from Peterborough. Approx fee £3m and this is a fact!

Good signing, bags of potential

Hope this is true

28 Jun 2013 10:02:03
Wow! What a marquee signing. A relegated league 1 player. Palace obviously building for an immediate return to championship. £3m! Holloway is crazy!

I'm afraid £3mill is wrong!

28 Jun 2013 10:59:27
not a fact yet, fee agreed, medical done. but no contract signed yet, will be done am Monday

The fee is £6 million

Umm only fee has been agreed player and agent due at Palace today to discuss terms

Reported in local paper as 6 Million, not a chance that it is as low as 3 Million.

28 Jun 2013 14:12:45
2. 75 down payment + 1. 25 after app and goals. So 4 million

Gayle's wages are 2 million over a 4 year contract

Obviously a jealous Brighton fan.

28 Jun 2013 14:21:03
Parish said NO marquee signings. Gayle is a players who if we ever have to pay the full 4 million fee for will be worth double that once he starts scoring. He is also a brilliant signing at championship level should palace go down at the end of season

Try 6 million!

Lol fact, the fee is belived to be £6 Million with add-ons plus sell on fee

He has been sold, but for £6 million. Probably as much as he's worth

Very, very good player palace have got. as a peterborough fan, i'm gutted about this, and i'm sure that if played, he'll score a bagfull of goals.

Very surprised about this. palace will get relegated next season, and peterborough are likely to get promoted, so will be playing in the same division.6 million is a lot though

28 Jun 2013 15:57:49
2. 75 million plus 1.5 million add ons and if you read what Parish stated after the play offs that there would be no marquee signings

The fee is 7 million and it could rise to 10 million

Whatever the fee he surely has to be a back up forward, the premier league defences must be cacking themselves

Fee is believed to be £6m with £4m in add ons plus a loan player. Peterborough would not accept anything less.

28 Jun 2013 23:49:32
We'd turned down over 4m for him before this, so not a chance it would be 3m. Source the peterborough chairman

All you Peterborough fans live in dreamworld. The fee will not be £6m+ Parish has already said we will not be spending that sort of money on anyone. The fee will most likely be around the £3m mark.

No not a dreamworld - that is what is being reported in the local press £6m + add ons. Now whether the reporter has got his info right and is actually £6m after add ons is a different matter

Many sources have said the delay in releasing information about it is because palace want the fee to be undisclosed, but peterborough want to announce it. Why would peterborough want to announce it if he'd gone for 3m, after saying they wanted 10?

29 Jun 2013 10:52:21
Palace haven't paid 6 or 10 million for Gayle. Inital fee is 2. 75 million with add on's totalling 1.5 million.

So either 2. 75 or 4. 25 million, either way a bargain and so much for the 6 million peterborough fans had hoped for

Think you'll find it is nearer to the 6! This player will be an England player in a couple of years! Palace will be able to sell him on for double that!

29 Jun 2013 19:54:03
Judging by peterborough chairmans reaction when someone said it was 3m online, it is quite a lot more than that

Papers today saying 6m rising to 8.5m, more believable. No wonder palace want it undisclosed!

The fee is £6m with a further £2.5m in add ons. {Ed003's Note - No it is not}

We turned down 4m from a club, believed to be Fulham last week. He is not going to have gone for 2. 75 + add ons is he really?

London evening standard now saying £6m rising to £8m too, £1.2m of which goes to Dagenham



28 Jun 2013 07:14:20
Chris Hussey of AFC Wimbledon to sign for Burton Albion

No lose can't defend and come back the shadow of when he left

28 Jun 2013 15:26:50
He was very disappointing in his second spell at Wimbledon.

Good luck huss! Or should I say good luck Burton, he was poor when he came back to us, I really hope he does well but I can't see it.

29 Jun 2013 00:43:48
Cov fans slated him on the forums when he played for them. And tbf he was awful this season for us ( DONS )

He wasn't the same player when he came back to AFC, thought he was better then the league he was playing in.

Poor at defending, loses his concentration to easily. He cost us 6 points in our Easter run in last season by switching off. Thinks he's a great player and definitely a big time charlie



28 Jun 2013 06:39:14
Sunderland to confirm the 4.3m signing of classy Argy Gino Peruzzi soon.



28 Jun 2013 01:17:19
Reading are set to sign Swindon Town's 19 year old striker Miles Storey. Nick Blackman will go the other way on loan for the year as part of the deal.

Noooooo really don't want storey to go he is class

Storey is terrible

If you think Storey is terrible then wait until you see Blackman.

Why would Swindon do that then can you explain! Makes no sense ship one forward out to bring one in, I think it's total rubbish, they would prefer to sell miles rather than swap him.

Maybe it would be a player plus cash deal



28 Jun 2013 00:45:19
Richard dunne is on trail at derby (derby telegraph)

No it does'nt it says he wants to stay in the prem but we might look at him if he gets no other offers. why post that?

It doesn't say anywhere in the telegraph he is on trial it just says clough might be interested in dunne but thinks he will stay in the premier league

Why, lie? It does not say that

Why, what's he done?



28 Jun 2013 00:42:08
Bristol City are set to sign striker Jonathan Obika

He played ten games for Carlton last season scoring three goals currently on totenhams books could be a good singing if we loose either baldock or Davis another young player from a prem team

29 Jun 2013 02:03:10
Bristol city are interested in a swap deal to see paul anderson exchanged for Jay Emanuel Thomas



28 Jun 2013 00:22:36
Heard from a reliable source that Burton are going to sign Ian Sharps on a free and Conor Doyle and Tom Naylor both on season long loans from Derby. Also the Brewers are after winger Kieran Cadogan of Aldershot.

28 Jun 2013 10:03:53
Think sharps is likely to sign today

Rather have ball on loan from derby than Doyle

Sharps has signed just waiting for the club to announce it



28 Jun 2013 00:20:09
Preston are set to sign Manchester United striker Nick Powell on a season long loan

Doubt it! He's off to Wigan.
Also i'm a Burnley fan.

What a quality signing this would be!

This whole statement is a load of nonsense, first Nick Powell is not a "striker", or will he be signing for Preston on loan.

Not a striker and doubt he'll go North End seen that he's got Premiership and Championship interest.
p. s. I'm a preston fan

I don't think he'll go to Preston but it's a bit stupid saying the reason is because of Championship interest. Was there not Championship interest in Rudd?



28 Jun 2013 00:06:26
Linked with a move for ex Wolves defender Berria who refused to sign a new contract after their relegation also Keith Fahey who got released by Birningham

Who is linked with them

Who are

Who is linked with Berra?

More to the point, WHY is anyone linked with Berra?

Glasgow Rangers have been linked with Berra.



28 Jun 2013 00:02:12
swansea look set to complete a transfer for bryan ruez of fulham following a bust up between ruez, martin jol and an un named senior player. The move is thought to be worth around 7 million pounds. Ruez will take part in final talks with officials and undergo a medical at swansea after his return from fulham`s pre season tour of his home country.

Loooooooooooooooooooool, do you work for Birdseye? Because that's pure waffle. Swansea may have to pull out of signing Bony due to his wage demands of 50k ( 10k less than Ruiz). Fulham manager Martin Jol gets back to work Saturday & Fulham are in advanced talks with the following - Darren Bent, Yoann Mollo, Bakary Sako, Aogo, Parker & they've also had a bid along with Newcastle accepted for Redmond who also has the option of Norwich or Swansea, Fulham hold 2 aces here 1. Lee Clark is a former FFC captain & has told Redmond to swerve Newcastle 2. Redmond good pal Cauley Woodrow is at Fulham after being promoted from the development squad. 2. Brum want Dan Burn of FFC on loan & could use him to Brum on a year loan as a sweetener.

Absolout rubbish. ruiz hasn't had a bus up and Fulhma certainly wouldn't take a 4 mill loss on him.

Why would fulham sell ruiz for less than they paid for him, we aren't exactly known as a club to give them away. ev en if ruiz has fallen out fulham would want value for money.

I dno stranger things have happened, I really hoe he stays tho

Dont want him

Ruis is NOT on 60k a week LMFAO

More like 35k a week

Bit of luck he will go. him and berba together = little threat
he is on 22k a week

Good one mate. Our top goalscorer and the man with almost most of our assists pose no threat. Funny stuff.

Would have been a lot more of a threat with a striker ahead of berba, so when he dropped deep rathr than have a slow ruiz who gets bullied off the ball we would have more penetration.

Berba and Ruiz together - little threat, easy to defend against. other than when 1 yards out with a free shot of goal ;-)
Ruiz OR Berba with a STRIKER that stays up top = a threat

For his price and the wages he wants stay away Swans let Cardiff have him.



27 Jun 2013 23:12:23
Norwich City are getting Leroy Fer AND Gary Hooper

I hope so. Not keeping my hopes up. If it means we lose Ruddy then I'm reluctant

Couldnt afford Hooper in January and Celtic still holding out for 5 mill plus, more than the 4 mill offered in Jan also they wanted to pay in installments, Celtic will as usual kick out the bid
also rumour that Spurs and Villa are interested but both waiting to move players on and Southampton are also in the hunt, so he won't go cheaply

Why would Ruddy go to Chelsea & become 3rd choice keeper, wouldn't help his England chances would it - unless he goes for the money!

28 Jun 2013 13:00:22
Why would it mean we lose Ruddy? Not connected in the slightest. Ruddy won't move to Chelsea, career suicide for him with Courtois back to chelsea in a years time. Not going to happen. Arsenal is the only possible destination and no real talk of that atm.

Norwich are looking at Leroy Fer but it seems that he would prefer a move to Everton and has come out saying there is other interested parties in an attempt to spur on Everton to make another bid, he was poised to join Everton in January but failed the medical due to a knee problem. Hope Norwich can get him as he would be another great signing.

Why would it have any bearing on ruddy unless were planning on using a centre mid or striker in goal



27 Jun 2013 23:11:08
Shrewsbury to make a fresh contract offer for jermaine grandinson next week - also shrewsbury set to sign 2 players by Tuesday - rumoured to be leon Clarke and marlon pack from coventry and Cheltenham

Another Pack rumour- how suprising!

I highly doubt Pack will join Shrewsbury, he has bigger fish to fry.

No chance, if we sign these two I will eat my goat.

28 Jun 2013 13:34:16
Absolutely no chance of Pack going to Shrewsbury ahead of Derby, Sheff Wed, Charlton, Peterborough and even Crawley who have offered him deals.

Have a lie down! Pack is being chased by Championship clubs and his agent was last talking to Crawley. As much as I like Shrewsbury, he won't be there.

Why would a player who got 20 goals go there?

With all the big clubs like sheff wed, charlton, ipswich etc after pack, I just don't understand why he would want to go to crawley. they are no bigger than cheltenham and there ground is dull.

Crawley are one of the wealthiest clubs in the lower two leagues - point taken about the ground though.



27 Jun 2013 23:02:19
Sunderland are making a stunning swoop by signing Argentinian right back Gino Peruzzi. BLACKCAT



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