Football Rumours Archive June 28 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 28 2012 

27 Jun 2012 22:51:58
Coventry City FC embargo lifted manager Andy Thorn is looking at bringing in Everton reserve Forward Jose Baxter to the Ricoh for an undisclosed fee(6)(13)Crystal Palace tried to buy him but was told Everton will not sell but release him on loanCan't see Jose Baxter being sold by Everton, he's there next star player.


27 Jun 2012 22:05:22
Cheltenham manager Mark Yates is looking to add fire power to his team's squad and is keen on striker Dean Morgan.(4)(3)


27 Jun 2012 22:03:27
Cheltenham Town are looking to bring in goalkeeper Jamie Annerson as back up to first choice keeper Scott Brown.(2)(2)


27 Jun 2012 22:00:55
derby to sign lee hills as derby looking for young lb(7)(4) 

Derby are getting two young ones to compete with eachother for the first team with Roberts to mentor both.

Lee hills and Luk Garbutt are the players and Jon Taylor will also be bought around that time


27 Jun 2012 22:06:24
Walsall to sign former striker Karl Hawley on a one year deal with an option for a second year.

Hawley started his career at Walsall.(10)(4)I hope to god your having us on!


27 Jun 2012 21:04:35
Liam Enver Marum is on a 4 week trial at Stevenage with a view to a permanent contract(9)(1)


27 Jun 2012 21:07:25
Southampton have had a £2m bid accepted for Newcastle's Fraser Forster, the bid will contain £2m up front with a further £500k dependent on Southampton retaining their premier league status.(18)(17) 

The extra 500k wont be neededWe'll not only stay up but surprise a lot of people with the football we play.
Dave.S£2.5m for a keeper to keep on the bench much of the season is better than £6m to do the same! Don't think Cortese will pay stupid money unless he believes a player offers something unique, and GKs (even good ones) don't do that.Celtics buyout clause was 2mil, no way near the fee that Southampton will have to pay.........Bad business for Newcastle. They should of done it as 500k if you get relegated, which is more than likelyRather insulting to goalkeepers comment above at the end of the day the goalkeeper is the key player in the side, no confidence in the goalkeeper = no confidence on the pitch.He will be a good edition to the squad, and he is premier league ready, unlike some.
:)Suggest you read the full post and then comment. I said GKs EVEN GOOD ONES do not offer anything unique to a side. So why start talking about no confidence in a keeper? Is it not obvious if a GK was seen as GOOD then there would be CONFIDENCE in him? Hardly rocket science.
When Saints already have a very decent keeper likely to maintain his position as No.1 for next season I still can not see a lot of point paying anywhere near £6m for a youngster who will sit on the bench most of the time.


27 Jun 2012 21:00:03
Edgaras Jankauskus to become hearts assistant manager as slaven Bilic has said that he is not needed at Lokomotiv Moscow(6)(3)


27 Jun 2012 21:00:46
Any Bury FC Rumors.(2)(22)


27 Jun 2012 20:34:30
Swansea wil look at Hoffenheim and former Liverpool winger Ryan Babel if Scott Sinclair decides against signing a new deal to keep him in South Wales.(18)(9)Can't see any truth in this Ryan Babel rumour. Firstly he was on £60,000 a week at Liverpool, so i can't see the Swan's paying that and Secondly my mum could probably score more goals from the left wing than he could, he's RUBBISH... Ask any Liverpool fan, they couldn't wait to get rid of him!!Well he wasn't on 60k a week at Liverpool that's rubbish! And he isn't that bad!Sinclair is signing a new two year deal? and Babel is terribe, i would hate him at Swansea he is so unreliable!Not too bad a player, it was never 60k a week at Liverpool! {Ed001's Note - you would be surprised, he was ridiculously overpaid.}


27 Jun 2012 20:33:24
afcb looking at fulham keeper neil etheridge 22 year old(10)(7)I dont know why we would be looking at another goalkeeper we have two allready


27 Jun 2012 19:58:08
Sunderland have beaten Real Mallorca to the signing of Carlos Cuellar, he will officially sign on July 1st(25)(8)You can have Collins and Dunne as well. O'Neill can have all his overpaid old rejects back and unburden Villa from the ridiculous wage structure he put in place, Villa can then move forward again - Crazy salaries, bet the Sunderland chairman will keep a careful eye on himIts seville who want him and very bitter villa fan. Werent moaning when he took you to europe three years on trot were youI would take Collins but you can keep dunne most overrated defender in BPL (princey1995)


27 Jun 2012 19:49:51
tom cruise has joined torquay united on 1 yr deal from arsenal.(17)(13)Tom Cruise was released by Arsenal a year ago decent young left back not sure where he has been but it is not at the Emirates.That took my breath awaySurely to get someone like him would be mission impossible... i'll get my coatIt could be mission impossible for him to replace Ellis.Cruise was released by arsenal last summer mate
Chris!Going to Torquay could be a Mission Impossible, but I am sure after a few Cocktails, without his Eyes Wide Shut, he could be a Top Gun or a Legend. I am sure there will be Days of Thunder with this lad, lets hope it don't Rain Man! :)Please stop it now !!


27 Jun 2012 19:43:11
Craig Bellamy is to meet with Brendan Rodgers on Friday about Craig's future at Liverpool.
Brendan is going to tell Craig if he's signing another player in his position, if not Craig will decide next week. If so he will sign for Cardiff by Friday of next week.(12)(7)Hope its true .......get in there


27 Jun 2012 19:36:42
Alan Smith (Newcastle United), going to sign on a permanent move to MK Dons after his suprising, but impressive loan spell(21)(8)Finally a rumour thats trueEven Robbo sounded unsure in Tuesday in the press. It was reported they were to talk for the first time in a month yesterday. I doubt anything has been formally agreed just yet.I do hope this is true. Assuming he can stay fit!Everyone's on holiday including Karl and Alan. This should be announced in the coming weeks.


27 Jun 2012 19:34:58
Rhys Murphy to be Portsmouths first signing of the season(7)(18)Cant sign anybody yet!Ha ha he as signed for telstar in holland at least check you info you prat


27 Jun 2012 18:57:53
Ipswich want spurs youngster Alex Pritchard on loan.

Bedllsa Mugyo(8)(4)


27 Jun 2012 18:44:43
Clarets to snap up young Aussie goalkeeper
By Tony Scholes
Updated Wednesday, 27th June 2012
Burnley RSS Feed

Burnley look all set to deepen the crisis at Portsmouth by snapping up their only goalkeeper, a 17-year-old Australian who was on trial at Fratton Park for much of last season.
Pompey sold Stephen Henderson and released their only two goalkeepers at the end of last season and were hoping to complete the signing of Daniel Nizic, previously with Sydney to work alongside a Premier League goalkeeper they  intend to bring in on loan.
However, they are still awaiting Football League permission to land the loan goalkeeper and the media sources down there are reporting that Nizic, who was there for the majority of the 2011/12 season without being able to play competitively for any of their teams, has opted instead to sign for Burnley.(15)(1)^^ this 1 could be true as its in todays lancashire telegraph


27 Jun 2012 18:56:44
swindon town looking at signing southampton striker lee barnard for around 350k(22)(28)Could happenNot Arabic but Swiss billionaire backer that all us fans know about! Still, don't fancy de geaHope it does happen as will bring many goals to the club.Not Swiss......German.Lee was great for us (Southend ) but he is a bit of a bad day so good luckSwiss billions ...what going to invest in swindon town fc


27 Jun 2012 18:52:29
readings angus macdonald set to join rotherham on loan next season(7)(5)


27 Jun 2012 18:35:49
Any stoke news ED {Ed003's Note - Nothing since the Jarvis one}(3)(12)8 Premier league managerial vacancies this summer, Pulis not wanted by any of those clubs - only Stoke fans seem to think his brand of football appealing"only Stoke fans seem to think his brand of football appealing"
No we don't. Coates like him because he's got a proven safe record safety. He has never got a team relegated and if that continues it ensures Stoke stay in the Premier league with all it's financial perks. Pulis and Coates have got one of, it not THE closest relationship in the Prem, so there's no chance of him going which might also explain why no other clubs have come in for him.
I know the above statement was probably made as a flippant remark, but 'jokes' without substance kind of loose their meaning.Not really a rumour though is it? TP and Coates have a very good relationship so would be surprised to see him leave anyway. 4 years (comfortably) in the Premier League, 3 consecutive FA Cup Quarter finals including an appearance in the Final, add that to our run in the Europa Cup he hasn't done bad has he?!? ; ) We'll see how the so called 'better' managers like the deluded Rodgers and Lambert get on at the bigger clubs, personally I feel both have punched above their weight and it could all end in tears. In TP we trustJamie Ness set to sign for Stoke today. Source Sky Sports News, The TelegraphYep , so did roy hodgson and millions of england fans when it was getting results for them! Strange that its ok when england do it but stoke get slaughtered for employing the same tactic!!How do you know that no other clubs want him? Are you naive enough to believe what you read in the Sun etc? ............probablyNot only England, Chelsea won the Champions league playing anti-football, difference is then it was called heroic. I think if Pulis kept his negative tactics just for the big 6 he's have a lost more plaudits than haters, Stoke need to start having a go at the other teams a lot more, especially away from home.Im a stoke fan and i do agree that we need to start changing the way we play, we are getting found out by teams especially away from home and TP is way too negative and stubborn in his tactics, that being said he does have an excellent record for never relegating a team so i think we should keep hold of TP but change the way we play.
Signings that i would like at stoke:
-maybe rodollaga
we defo need a right and left back because marc wilson is a right footed centre mid and has been expected to play at left back for nearly two seasons! not good enough


27 Jun 2012 18:19:47
Oxford United to announce 2 new signings soon within the next week, the front runners being Luke Summerfield and Ryan Cresswell(7)(18)Also linked with afc Wimbledon and southendLuke Summerfield won't join another League Two club. He's desperate to play in a higher division.Oxford haven't even approached rotherham for cresswell!Oxford are not in talk with Ryan Cresswell according to OUFCSummerfield will sign for the Shrews next week.


27 Jun 2012 18:06:00
Swindon towns transfer listed midfielder Jonathan Smith is in talks with former club York(16)(5)Wish him well as he helped us with promotion and was a solid professional49 appearances and free to go ?He isnt free to go, whoever signs him it will cost them a feeReally? Cannot see why as he looked less than convincing in a York shirt. always needed too many touchs of the ball.He's transfer listed NOT free, sorry to see him leave, always showed great desire and always put in a shift.


27 Jun 2012 18:00:20
Burnley 2 fill the void up front left by Jay Rod departure with Leroy lita on a season long loan from swansea and Steven Davies for 750k from Derby County. Eddie howe is also after Manchester City midfielder Abdisalam Ibrahim on a season long loan and will also wrap up the signing of Marc Pugh from Bournemouth for 450k. Howes last target is Preston's Paul Coutts but Burnley are put off with Preston's high price tag of the scottish midfielder.(17)(8)750k wont buy his left legSteve davies is transfer listed at 1.2 MillionThis is a more relistic rumour about pugh and his real value, west ham £1.5m was plain daft as he is only a moderate good left winger. If this rumour about burnley offering only £450,000 would make me feel that pugh,s best option is to stay put with bournemouth, sigh an extension to contract, then get into championship with afcb. This would give him a faster route to the premiership.If it,s only 450k for Pugh we may as well keep him for last year of contract and get promoted which will be worth a lot more than 450k.He wont go for anything under a mill450k for pugh haHes valued at 1.4 million by derby.Either pay it or dont as bolton areCoutts is going hull so doubt he will be going to the dingles750k? I'd drive him up there. Good riddence. Scores goals but he's so lazyOnly 450K for pugh having a laugh. Pugh will stay for another seaosn and is actually currently negotiating a new contract with AFC Bournemouth^^ pughs best option is to stay with Bournemouth for a faster root into premiership ? How do u work that 1 out ? If he signs with burnley or anybody else apart from Bournemouth he's got a better chance of playing premiership football , burnley are in the championship and could get promoted this season whereas it would take Bournemouth 2 back to back promotions and that is very very doubtfull , so no his best option is not to sign a new contract with Bournemouth ! Use your brain before you post crapWell he just rejected a new contract so he could be on his way back to burnleyPugh has rejected contract terms and Cherries boss Paul Groves will listen to offersPugh has said he won't sign new contract, this makes it definate that afcb will now accept very good offers for him, but still have till new year deadline before selling, is a neccessity as afcb don't want him to leave for nothing. The good contract for further 3 years at afcb is still on the table and still be signed in the next year of his present contract. Saying that I feel we could purchase just a good player with £1mPugh has rejected the contract offer and wont sign (for AFCB)Pugh has rejeected a new contract at AFCBNo, pugh is keeping his options open......that's all. I don't blame him for that as he's 25 and needs to make the right decision.


27 Jun 2012 16:42:17
Lifelong Hearts fan and Alloa goalkeeper, Scott Bain signs new 5 year deal.(14)(1)


27 Jun 2012 16:38:02
Didier Drogba, 34, could be set to complete what would be an astonishing transfer to Barcelona just days after signing a Shangha Shenhua contract.(14)(56)


27 Jun 2012 16:37:06
Brighton have approached Mark Quigley of Sligo Rovers.(8)(13)Source?Was on trial at Palace last season and is ponyNOT pony - donkey - that's why he was trialed at Palarse


27 Jun 2012 16:36:27
Moses Ashikodi to sign a 2 year deal with Luton following his release from York.(10)(6)


27 Jun 2012 16:25:13
Have just heard from a close source that Vicente and Bruno Salter's Best mate David Albelda is close to joining brighton and he will be announced as a signing on Wednesday or Thursday(12)(19)Heard something like this toNo he wont. He's contracted until 2013 having signed a 1 year extention to his current contract in Feb 2012!That doesnt mean hes not joining have you not heard of transfer fees the gem gus has talked about


27 Jun 2012 16:14:45
Port Vale midfielder/striker Lewis
Haldane is thought to be interesting
Bristol City should Albert Adomah,who
is being followed by a number of clubs,
depart.(5)(15)Haldane has only just signed a new contract at valeIs that the same LEWIS HALDANE formerly of Bristol Rovers ? .... 'Ooooh' thats going to go down well thenHaldane is just about good enough for L2. struggled in the BSP.Albert wont leave this season he might next season if bristol city finish near the bottom of the championship againHe's just come back from a double leg break And he's not really league 2 calibre this is coming from a vale fanLewis Haldane is no where near Championship level & everybody in Bristol red & blue knows that so I don't hold any truth in this rumour!The only people to benefit from that would be tanning salons in Bristol! As if Bristol City would take on someone who has been injured badly and only just returning and was probably having his best Vale game when he broke his leg at Tranmere (although already missed one sitter) 3 goals in a shed load of games? What have City seen we all missed?YAY :D :D finally our worst ever player can go! dream on .... he is crap, and would never, NEVER reach higher than league 2.


27 Jun 2012 16:14:33
Oxford , Southend and AFC Wimbledon in talks with defender Ryan Cresswell(17)(3)Oxford have said, we are not interested in Cresswell!
OUFC have also said on many occassions that, they're only after 2 centre midfielders and a right back.Apparently Oxford don't want himOnly wimbledon needs centre halves


27 Jun 2012 16:09:17
any hartlepool united news?

Heard alot about steve howard but news has gone cold? Could do with a clever midfielder too(1)(5)


27 Jun 2012 15:43:00
heard lots of rumours regaurding Allan
Mcgregor after turning down the
contract from the newco of Rangers
and with Southamptons lack of
goalkeepers hes looking for a new
challange in the premier league hopefully deal will be complete in the next few weeks(11)(11)Do Southampton have an arabic type backer than we don't know about...honestly, its getting a bit stupid all these goalies getting linked what next...David De Gea...Not good enough :PIn a way, yes, our swiss owners are worth 2 billion, do some research before spouting off next time^^
Get with it. No we don't have an Arabic type backer. We are owned by the Liebherr family who are potentially a huge financial source for the club. The won't throw money around like City or Chelsea. They'd rather invest slowly and steadily and make sure the club is impeccably run than loom for a quick fix success. Quite right too as they rescued us from the brink of extinction that came about through gross mismanagement!
So yes we have money, no we won't chuck it around needlessly, yes we will spend large sums of money on a player if he is deemed right ie Jay Rodgriguez.They have the 5th richest owner in English football. So I think they can afford to pay for players.Do Southampton have a backer??? A little swish family has an interest in the club. Do a google search and learn.No its just saints fans guessing because we all know we will be getting at least 2 more cb and a gk because of the players we have let go and loaned out and plus you don't need money to sign rangers players lolI find it funny that people don't know who owns Southampton FCC! We don't need an Arabic backer! Do some research! We have the 4th richest owners in the country! {Ed003's Note - I think this has now been answered,thanks guys }For one mcgregor won't cost any money and second he aint even a good keeper so i dont know why your making a joke about us getting de gea think before you write mate {Ed003's Note - He's a very good keeper imo}Wasn't Marcus German?McGregor not good enough for Southampton?!!! Oh! Is that by any chance because he has been playing in Scotland? Think you forgetting that Danny Fox and Jos Hooiveld, both of whom failed to make the grade with Celtic, feature regularly in your starting eleven.


27 Jun 2012 15:37:19
Derby County have offered a contract
to Free agent Lee Hills(18)(3)If he can keep fit you have a good young left back there.Lee has been offered deals by 3 clubs Bolton, Forest and Derby. Lee would like to stay nearer loan, but at the moment fancy Bolton out of the 3 teamsYeah he played well for us last season (Southend) but he is injury prone poor fella


27 Jun 2012 15:35:52
Shrewsbury Town are set to sign and lose a contracted player from and to an un-named club. Jermaine Grandison set to be on the outward and romaine sawyers on a 3 year deal.(1)(8)Rubbish rubbish sawyers not that good grandison already said he is looking forward to league 1 with the shrewsAfter he has just said he cant wait to start the season with shrewsbury and continue the good form he had last season!!!Grandison is going to be one of the big names for shrewsbury and i hope he will keep on playing for the club.It even said on club website he was looking forward to new seasonYeah but he could have been just saying that! He has been in talks with other clubs, but he should stay with you he is classGrandison to Walsall, he wants to play in England.Sawyers was rubbish, no intrest. Grandison is going nowhere unless a club wants to break the bank on a right backWhat a joker. we didn't even offer a 2 year deal to our best players so why on earth would we offer a 3 year deal to some average player.


27 Jun 2012 15:34:30
Swindon Town have transfer listed Lee Cox, Johnathan Smith, Mattia Lanzano, and Alan Connell; whilst Lukas Magera has had his contract terminated by mutual consent.(20)(2)


27 Jun 2012 15:34:21
Lukas Magera has been released from Swindon Town by mutual consent. Connell, Lanzano, J Smith and cox have all been transfer listed. Oxford may well be interested in Smith. Connell may well have a list of admirers. Magera will go back home possibly to Banik Ostrava, Lanzano may well head back to Italy after finding it a struggle in England.
Swindon will be announcing another very good signing.(12)(4)How do you know about a 'very good signing'?


27 Jun 2012 15:32:39
Just seen Terry Skiverton and Darren Way showing a man and a women around Yeovil, the man looked very much like Jamie Mcalister. 100% true(9)(7)I'm not sure someone who has played in the area for as long as this lad needs showing around...Probably was Jamie Mac. As he signed todayLol. come down and have chats about a move here , whilst your here mr mcalister let me show you the sights of yeovil. lol. get real , but you are correct, they were with a man and woman earlier. they were in a resturant in town, it was skivos family whos visiting himSkivo lives here with his family why would they visit?Oh. Well it looked like Jamie Macallister to me!Would anyone seriously know what Jamie McAlister looks like?Some people......Well don't you look silly now ^^ Mcallister has signed and its been announced this morningIt obviously was Jamie Macallister cos he signed today


27 Jun 2012 15:28:19
Robbie Blake signs 1 year deal at Doncaster. Source - @robstaton(28)(5)


27 Jun 2012 15:25:40
Portsmouths first signing of the summer will be a season long loan deal for goalkeeper Ben Alnwick fron Tottenham(11)(21)Has to be approved by the FL first.Summer will be over before they can make signings. 28 days for Chanrai to show he has financial ability to operate AND then he has to pass the fit and proper assessment. Neither are assured.The same Alnwick who is out of contract and will be released? On loan? Impressive!I heard it was button ,daniels or steer and maybe rudd as the choices and futacs set to stayThis guy would fit with comments made and, whilst it might be good to get him sooner, 28 days will work out OK.Seems luke daniels will be joining us very soon and appy interested in scott allen and george thorne for season long loans againWouldnt mind george thorne and scott allan coming back when its financially possible


27 Jun 2012 15:24:21
Derby county sign

Michael Jacobs
Krystian Pearce
Luke Garbutt

They offered a trial to James caton(11)(7)Still banging on about this is the list of players who Derby will sign and no one elde. Yet you never mentioned Lee Hills, shows you have no sources and know nothing.I posted both this and the Lee hills one ask Ed to check the Ips.Get your facts right.We are getting two left backs to compete for first team football.This one is way more certian than lee hills as he is massively injury prone and a Palace reject.We have offered him a trial not a contract i have correct


27 Jun 2012 15:23:21
shrewsbury want ryan hall who has a 100k release clause.

source:KL8:b&a loggerheader(1)(14)You are deluded KL8, Ryan Hall is staying at Southend. (Mr T)


27 Jun 2012 15:21:15
southend are said to be interested
in Aldershot left back anthony straker,
rotherham centre back ryan creswell
and a move for bury 'keeper cameron
belford after a move for phil smith has


27 Jun 2012 15:18:54
Afc Wimbledon are in talks with Rotherham defender Ryan cresswell, however, they face competition from Southend and Oxford for the defender.
Another Wimbledon target Sam wood is planning talks with terry brown who is refusing to give up hope of signing him, although Wycombe are interested!
Source- BBC Sport(8)(5)


27 Jun 2012 15:18:17
Swansea in talks with Kuban Krasnodar over the signing of striker Lacina Traore. Fee in the region of 4m. Swansea have also made an enquiry to PSV over midfielder Otman Bakkal. Michael Krohn-Delhi also on Michael Laudrup's shopping list!(12)(5)I work at the Liberty and i agree that this is 100% true! 3 great new players! Onwards and upwards for the jacks!Hope this is true!!


27 Jun 2012 15:07:42
The Mirror are reporting that Spurs have slapped a £6 MILLION price tag on Kyle Naughton, also saying Villa cannot afford that and will look to Forests Gunter (?) for a replacement.(14)(13)No way he.s worth 6 million and villa will end up getting him for around 3.5 to 4 mill.Typical of spurs overpricing their players, 6m for a reserve right backVilla couldn't afford Forest Gump never mind Forest's Gunter!When Leicester had him on loan spurs wanted 10m for him!, one of the best RB I've seen at Leicester!Yet again overpriced just cause he'e english. its so damaging to our game. right now he's a 3/4mill player max but has a lot of potential if he's allowed to leave and continue his development cause he can play both sides!

otbc#12The English game needs a serious dose of reality. Players are worth nowhere near the values clubs are putting on them - its just crazy. How can a player who Spurs do not really want and who will never play for them be worth £6million. someone who Spurs do not really want?


27 Jun 2012 15:05:49
Chris Beardsley expected to sign for Prearon North End in coming days. Free agent after refusing new contract at Stevenage. Highly rated by Graham Westley who managed him previously.(6)(8)


27 Jun 2012 14:41:18
I hear it from an extremely reliable source that Naismith to Everton is a done deal, with us also talking to two international strikers(19)(9)Lukas Magera- Czech international strikerFingers crossed it happens.


27 Jun 2012 14:35:26
Martin Ling has had initial talks with Glenn Morris about the 6 Foot Keeper coming to Plainmoor. It will re-unite them from their Orient days.(7)(4)Andy hessenthaler (director of football for gillingham deals with scouting etc)
is going for Morris as a keeper due to ross flitney's on-off injury


27 Jun 2012 14:33:31
luke summerfield has signed for shrewsbury. he is said to be delighted and can't wait to work his socks off for the badge.

source:KL8(4)(10)Given that he rejected the move last week it would be quite surprising.Joining his Dad Kevin who is assistant manager at BurtonTheres nothing about him signing on our town official page or on any other official site, just this rumour that he might be coming to usBut still likely, he would prefer League 1 and Shrewsbury can offer more, his Dad was a Shrewsbury assistant manager.


27 Jun 2012 14:31:45
Liverpool are interested in Victor Wanyama, Gaston Ramirez and Alexandre Pato but I don't know how they would fit Suarez,Pato,Carroll and Ramirez into the same team.(6)(28)Wanyama will not leave Celtic.No room for Bellamy either by the looks of it. Can we have him, please?

RedbirdI think ramirez can play in midfield aswell


27 Jun 2012 14:24:16
Northampton Town have agreed to sign winger Ishmel Demontagnac on a 2 year deal for the 2012/13 and 2013/14 seasons(12)(3)This is a rumours website you don't have to tell us the deals when they have already been done durrrrrrrrrrrrHopefully he will be an amazing replacement for M. Jacobs


27 Jun 2012 14:21:56
Wolves keen on signing chelsea youngster Rohan Ince. Zeli Ismail has said he is staying at Wolves.(10)(7)Great news about Zeli if trueIs this the same Rohan Ince that spent a large part of the last 2 seasons injured?He said that ages ago when he turned down Chelsea n man city


27 Jun 2012 14:18:48
Everton step up there bid to sign steven naismith and also look on bringing in 5 new faces this summer(10)(15)


27 Jun 2012 14:12:49
Robbie Blake to sign for Donnie Rovers(17)(2)


27 Jun 2012 14:12:48
Ian Hume of PNE linked with City. This has come from Preston supporters and not those
of BCFC. WTGR to the lad, I'm a tad
underwhelmed.(6)(13)You should be he.s injury prone.Which BCFC ?Ian and his family are not keen to move from the North WestHume & his family still live over Yorkshire way. He doesnt have the best of relationships with Graham Westley and this will be the reason why he wants to leave the club.HUME has posted on his twitter

4 the record! All the rumours floatin round right now are exactly that! I'm over in canada away from everythin wiv the family^^^birmingham cityIan Hulme lives up the road from me with his young family. I see him most days, when he's not in Canada! I live in WIRRAL, 5 minutes from TRFC ground.Iain Hume does not have a legit twitter account, thats probably just another troll like the poster of this stirring some stHume's Twitter account is legit, if you follow it you'll see him talking to other ex PNE players on it who's accounts are defo real as stated by the club when certain stories came to light on themHume has legit Twitter account. He's still in Canada and he wont answer questions about his future which sounds very strange???


27 Jun 2012 14:05:47
Christian Riberio is possibly going to
sign for Scunthorpe.(9)(5)Thats a deal nearly done, along with Grella and Clarke! SUFC


27 Jun 2012 14:04:17
Watford and Sheffield Wednesday are going for Tom Heaton on a free transfer.(10)(8)Owls have 3 senior keepers:
Plus a good youngster in Jameson.
Would be the only team with 5 keepers if it was true,.....but its notHe is most probelly worst than loach


27 Jun 2012 13:58:47
In the next 48hours Shrewsbury Will be announcing their new goalkeeper, which is Richard Kingston! He was on loan with Blackpool when they were in the premier league. Also Shrewsbury are also looking at a forward, I think the most possible one out of the lot they are looking at is lee trundle! He might be old but he's still doing well hopefully we can get him in.(BREAKING NEWS.............telford are going to announce the signing of Tom Bradshaw on loan for the season!(7)(4)Kingson was not on loan Blackpool got him on a free transferI doubt any of this and definately not Bradders going to telfordKingston was just aweful at blackpool, he cost us at least 18 points


27 Jun 2012 13:46:36
AFCB to sign Danny seaborne from saints in next two weeks.(6)(14)Very much hope so but proberly more likley to be a loan


27 Jun 2012 13:46:12
Rangers duo lafferty and Davis on Cardiff's wishlist(8)(19)Davis has stated he needs to play at the highest level, thats not with Cardiff. Saints very much interested and other Prem clubs I think.

lifelongsaint83Isi Steven Davis i think the ex Villa Central Midfielder, he would be a decent addition for us but lafferty havent seen much of him not fussedCardiff is about Davis' level, Lafferty may just make premDavis should be in the EPL, a great signing for someone. Lafferty is Championship standard


27 Jun 2012 13:43:32
Yeovil town interested in Swindon duo Alan Connell and Jonathan smith however they would be more likely to be loan deals, however Yeovil could get a cut price deal on Connell, this is only a possibility depending on McLeod signing or not(6)(4)They wont be loans as they are not part of the long term plan so it will be a transfer or another club.They are going to be loans as Swindon need them off their wage budget and no one will match swindons asking priceThey wont be loans they will be permanent transfers as they are not part of the long term plan at Swindon so all the people saying they will be loans are talking rubbish. We paid 150k for connell and 30k for Jonathan smith and figures near those from other clubs will move them on. im sure Yeovil can afford 30k but favourite to sign Smith at the moment are York and possibly Oxford and a few clubs are interested in Connell.Considering Joanthan Smith is in talks with York over a permanent loan deal- yes they are going to be transfers. If we "just want them off our wage bills", then surely we'd accept any small fee? Ridiculous comment.Let them go for free as a thank you, all the poor signings have been paid up without contributing much to the promotion,both have a year to go so dont have to go unless its right move for them


27 Jun 2012 13:35:58
ross mccormack has agreed personal terms with crystal palace signing fee believed to be in region of £1m will be having medical by end of week.(23)(24)Where did you get this fromAlready signed for £750k will be announced in the next day or soIT. CAN'T. HAPPEN. THIS. WEEK. How many times must this rumour be quashed? Leeds cannot buy or sell anyone for at least another one-two weeks, until after the takeover goes through. Who on earth was stupid enough to click believable?!Its a done deal, get over it. Leeds have lost their main goalscorer and palace have a bargainIt is happening although annonucement now delayed until 2nd July 2012. The reason the takeovwer makes no difference is that the deal has all but been agreed for two weeks. The new owners have acknowledged the deal and have authorised itGet over it,lol, anyone would think he was messi, you can have him, still wont save you from going down


27 Jun 2012 13:35:52
On 22 June 2012, Frank Lowy agreed in principal to buy Leeds United from Ken Bates for a fee in the region of GB£76m. The deal is expected to be completed by 1 July. MARCHING ON TOGETHER!!(3)(26)How much!!!!
me thinks uncle ken is having somebody's pants down

its never worth that muchWikipedia nonsense, we will see who it is in good time - I doubt it is LowyCan't see anyone buying leed for 76 million tbh.£76m ? Ya gotta be kiddin.... Is the man a fool ? £40m would be more than adequateWho in their right mind would pay £76m for a club that made £2m profit on a turnover of £32m and has net assets valued at just£9m. Based on earnings you would be looking at a purchase price of around £20m + the assets. So around £30m.The price of a football club is accounted for not only for monetary value (assets, profit) but also the potential growth of the given club. The income of leeds united would be huge should the club reach the premier league. Maximum attendances every week, full corporate hospitality, merchandising and tv rights are examples of this.Not according to todays Yorkshire Post middle east buyerI doubt Frank Lowy has the Middle-Eastern contacts mentioned in the YEP. Nice try though.


27 Jun 2012 13:36:48
Steve de ridder has confirmed on twitter he is not going out on loan to wolves. He is on his way back to Southampton now therefore no deal including him or loans are likely to happen.(13)(5)Good,like to see what he can do in Prem,
hope he's given his chance.Same ^We don't want him anyway we got the wonder kid that is zeli ishmail 1st 100million pound player don't belive me put his name in to googleWhere on google does it state he will be a 100m player. without a first team appearance!!The sun done a double page on him a few years back where it said it n the sun never say anything at all about wolves n even chris evens who brought to the club said he will be a 100 million pound player n anyway when he breaks in to the 1st team this year you'll see2 goals in the reserve


27 Jun 2012 13:33:19
David Cotterill to sign for Doncaster Rovers, Currently having medical there before putting pen to paper on a 2 year deal.(22)(12)Hes signed for rovers nowHe's already signed its been confirmed on the websiteCould be decent with a run of games. Although Very lightweight and not a hard worker. Tykes fan


27 Jun 2012 13:13:09
Doncaster to sign david cotterill and clayton donaldson mark my words(16)(18)Why would we sell Donaldson (2nd in assists in League 1 last season) to one of our divisional rivals? It's hardly a step up for him is it?He all ready signed


27 Jun 2012 13:06:41
Ross mccormak to sign for bristol city as he has a girlfriend from cardiff who ants to live near the area. expect it to e announed soon.(8)(39)He has just agreed personal terms with crystal palaceSomebody is living in dream landAlready signed for palace 800k just medical left. And his girlfriend is Scottish n lives in leedsOh this guy lives in dreamland Bristol City couldnt afford 800k plus the comment above is right his misses is Scottish and she lives in LeedsIf gone to palace,they must be giving him loads money,wont be for football reasons.He hasnt signed fopr anyone yet, and certainly wont be 800,000, considering release claause is 2.5Mccormak hasnt signed for palace for 800k thats rubbish,where did you get this from?If his girlfriend lives in cardiff wouldn't it be easier to play at cardiffCity are on the brink of going bust!Trust me he's signed for palace bout 800k cs only 1 year left on contract. Trust very good source should be announced very soonCity are not on the brink of going bust. How can they when the only major creditor is the owner. Brush up on your facts before you come out with rubbish like that.No there not. Landsdown has loads of money and is backing derek mcinnes, he is just trying to get the stadium first to atract players as we cant atract noboby know because we finishished near the bottom and we were terribleAll these people saying we are going bust or administration must fear the worst for their own clubs. Cutting staff to be inside the new rules coming into affect about finances. Those clubs spending big at the moment and offering big wages will come unstruck in 2 years time when the rules come in and will face us red fans laughing at them as they struggle.28 Jun 2012 20:59:38
For all those who think BCFC are going bust just look at our owner who is now estimated to be south wests first BILLIONAIRE {Ed003's Note - I know mate,just digs off rivals that should not have got through}


27 Jun 2012 13:04:06
Heard from a good source that Swansea are looking at the possibility of signing Portuguese striker Hugo almeida from beskitas(2)(19)He is past his best days but still aged 28. Was good at Bremen but currently only scoring goals against weak teams! But physically good for PL. [AO]Hope not, watched him play in the Spain and Portugal match last night... The bloke probably couldn't even score in a brothel!!What source was that?


27 Jun 2012 13:01:32
Danny Shittu on way to Bristol city after being released my qpr(2)(21)He'll go to millwall although im not sure he even played much reserve football last season.I hope so he would be a good player but i dout he will come to bristol thoIt would be a good signing and boost our defence


27 Jun 2012 11:57:47
sunderland to sign matt lowton believed to be around 1.5 million(17)(20)Who's he like?Very gd player but at a prem club you would just ruin his carear cos hes not gd enough for that level yet


27 Jun 2012 09:40:57
Hi ed. Do you know who the 2 x prem players are who are set to sign for Doncaster? {Ed003's Note - nope,sorry}(5)(23)One's David Cotterill ex of Barnsley, Swansea and Sheff one i know free.transfer from wigan dont know other oneWell its not from Wigan seen as he left them in 2008!!!!!!!!Second one rumoured to be Robbie BlakeThe other is robbbie BlakeOOOH Major Premiership players then !!, one past it and one not even been it !!!


27 Jun 2012 11:34:24
Athletico Madrid are very interested in Newcastle United goalkeeper Tim Krul.

It is believed Newcastle United will not sell Krul, but Athletico Madrid are willing to fork out up to £10 to £15 million.(12)(26)Not enough try 50millionOne season wonder! Is an ok keeper but not that good to warrant 10-15 million. Dinth think Newcastle would sell him...who else have they got? Harper is too old now and Fraser Forster is being touted to every club in SPL and Championship


27 Jun 2012 11:25:16
Rotherham's Ryan Cresswell and Aldershot defender Anthony Straker in talks with Southend as well as Cameron Belford(11)(7)


27 Jun 2012 11:12:44
PSV defender Jetro Willems is wanted by Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

PSV expect a fee of around £10 million to be offered for the hot prospect.(10)(12)Hot prospect? he was awful throughout the euros.


27 Jun 2012 11:07:10
Preston player Paul Coultts to sign for Hull City in the next few days(19)(18)So you have read the evening post then , where are westley's stellar signingsThis maybe correctIf we can get 500k for is I'd be delightedJohn Fleck to sign on a free transfer after precedent set by jamie ness signing for stoke, good signing less highly regarded now but coupla season ago was regarded as one of top5 youngsters in the world


27 Jun 2012 10:34:04
Coventry's Andy Thorn has been looking into the Scottish Lower leagues to help replenish his squad for next season with Derek Lyle an Lewis Coult being chased by the former scout.(3)(13)Lewis Coult maybe but not Derek LyleI am a cov fan and sick of rubbish rumours and the prospect of tripe signings we never learn


27 Jun 2012 10:10:35
Yeovil to sign Jamie McAllister on a one year deal later today.(12)(7)


27 Jun 2012 10:09:16
Cov are looking at the free transfer market for alternatives as the players they were after signed for other clubs so are gone too soon. it's rumoured that released Freddy Eastwood might be given one more chance in pre-season for a new contract, and there is also talk of a premiership winger from one of the big 4, but it hasn't been confirmed who is it(1)(15)


27 Jun 2012 10:06:56
Barnsley have agreed a 400k compensation fee with Man Utd for midfielder Ollie Norwood. Norwood will begin discussions over personal terms on Thursday, but it is understand he still favours a move to League One Coventry where he enjoyed a loan spell last season.(18)(16)Why would he go to a league one side who are reportedly looking at players from the scottish lower leagues over a championship
club who have already signed a few decent players ps I,m a man u fanBecause barnsley will be in league 1 next season and coventry is the bigger clubThought Norwood had been released & so there's no need for compensation.Yer, he`s going to play div 1 football !! i don`t think so, unless he`s no ambition, that is !!Listen he is not going to barnsley or coventry i spoke to his dad and he will be signing for his club on fridayThe inks all but dry on Norwood signing for barnsley, what does his dad know pal,Cause he will do burnely even want him?? No they haven't got into the race now then what makes you think they will winCompensation fee, hes under 24 years oldSo even when its proven, people still dont believe it...apparently its between barnsley and huddersfield to sign himNorwood even said he WONT play in League 1When?He never said he WON'T play in League One, just that he would prefer to play in the Championship.


27 Jun 2012 10:01:37
Burton sign Damien McCrory from Dagenham on a two-year contract. The Brewers are also interested in former Crewe midfielder Lee Bell and in taking Swansea striker Rory Donnelly on loan.(8)(6)Any info on Ex Notts County keeper Stuart Nelson who its rumoured we are after ?Donnely to crew your mad he will be involved in the swans plans this year you can have scott donnely rory is staying put


27 Jun 2012 09:59:22
Huddersfield have made enquiries about Oldham keeper Alex Cisak. The Lancashire club previously agreed a fee of £350K with Peterboro before the deal fell through.(9)(19)He's not needed, we have smithies and bennett so this is just stupid.Could be some truth in it, as we just signed another keeper today . But you will have to get the cheque book out as we wont give him away, hes a good keeper but i would take the money and run personally4 sureGrant McCann and Adam Clayton signing for Huddersfield in next couple fo daysClarke and rhodes signing for leeds next couple of daysSorry but this is funny ^^^^^^^


27 Jun 2012 09:26:02
Clarence seedorf flying into London Friday to have talks with David Sullivan over a two year deal at Upton park, rumours of 32 grand a week(12)(45)He's off to Brazil.If Seedorf plays in the Prem it'll be good for the game. Classic player very underated.Would teach a few players how to play the game!!!I signed him for the hammmers on fifa 12!Brilliant player would be a top signing for anything in bottom part of premier league


27 Jun 2012 09:24:50
qpr now favorites to sign left sided player buttner from vitesse in holland ahead of fulham(5)(15)It's just been announced. happy days.Quite funny seeing QPR trying to snaffle up all of Fulhams transfer targets like jealous neighbours looking over the fence wanting to be like their closest rivals.That's Diakite not Buttner that's bbeen announced

FFC1987Ahh you mean Diakite i think fulham will get buttner lets not forget Jol's dutch


27 Jun 2012 09:24:25
Huddersfield town complete signing of left back Paul Dixon on a three year deal. Grayson said Dixon chose huddersfield over several established championship clubs and is delighted to have snapped up the exciting scottish international from dundee utd
Grayson also stated he had a couple more (un-named) players in the pipeline, but one expected to be Adam Clayton, and the other maybe peltier or mccormack!
terrier85(16)(14)Clayton will now stay at leeds ,unless reading cough up 2 mill, peltier is coming to leedsWhy, who says reading only team allowed to buy clayton?he'll go wherever the accepted bid comes from... i.e huddersfield
terrier85Clayton, Peltier and McCormack are destined for bigger clubs than Huddersfield.A bit like Scannell and Dixon were destined fr bigger and better clubs than Huddersfield. It appears Town are here to mean business in the championship and I have been impressed with their signings so far.Besides the bigger you think you are the hardHuddersfield's money is just as good as anyone elseClayton and mccormack will go which ever club pays the most peltier you can keep wouldnt get in our team now anywayPeltier back to huddersfield? lol yh right! Why on earth would he leave leicester for huddersfield ?

LeicesterLadPeltier already been at huddersfield and as been rumoured to say he would love to come back, also hearing clayton deal almost sewn up!sounds like mccormack going to palace (so not quite bigger n better things for the lad!)
terrier85Pelts will not go to leeds as they are no better than huddersfeild and leeds fans the last 5 times we played its either been a draw or town have won FACTJust ignore the bitter Leeds fans,we all now that if huddersfield matched Leeds offer for pelts that he'd choose us over them and that is fact.Lucky,dixon very good player.Who was after scannell and dixon?,what big clubs,didnt see any .you're welcome to any leeds rejectsWell cardiff and liecester clubs were after dixon (both are bigger clubs than leeds). and premiership clubs looked at scannell a while back only his progress stalled a little bit hence why the changeI agree leicster biggest team outside prem ! Most players want to play for em for free!Pelts would chose Town over Lds any day! he would love to be back at the pharm now we are in the championship he loves this place he was always here watching us if he was on an international break just like Pilks too!I can see us signing Clayton, heard McCormack is a done deal with Palace. Peltier won't be coming back now we have Dixon at LB. Hunt at RB and woods as cover.Wouldnt want pelts back anyway hes a good player but he dosent deserve to sit on the bench whilst hunt storms RBGood job u dont want him back because he doesnt want to go back


27 Jun 2012 09:12:00
Bram Nuytinck has been linked with Wolves for !?2.3million(6)(23)West brom want him so why go to a championship side?The same player that West Brom have been in discussions with NEC over? He'll go to the better club....Boing BoingYou'll be back in the championship next season


27 Jun 2012 08:59:20
Vertonghen's deal to Tottenham has fallen threw and he will stay with Ajax for another season(24)(17)


27 Jun 2012 08:49:27
Simon ramsden bradford citys right back is considering a move to motherwell, after being on the sidelines for most of the time at bradford only playing 20 games in 2 seasons.......might be the fresh start he needs , linking up with city legend stuart mCcall again who signed him for citya few years ago(14)(6)Just hope this is not true, plz plz plzThis guy started to look better at the end of the year, give him a chance if he does signPlayed 20 games in 2 seasons because he was always out injured.i hope he does well at motherwell if he goes but i do think he's a bit of an ungreatful git seeing as we stood by him throughout all his injuries


27 Jun 2012 08:42:27
Samba Diakite has signed for QPR and it will be announced within 48 hours.(28)(8)


27 Jun 2012 08:37:45
Harry kewell to meet with Di Canio at the Lake Garda training complex to discuss potential move to Swindon town.(30)(41)Cant see this whatsoever for a starters Kewell woudlnt be able to cope with the Di Canio intense training plus he is permanently crocked and we dont need him. Kewell is a has been.Past it and a vile person to suit, bet he will get on with Di Canio.Kewell hasnt even been as injury prone as people make out..Di canio gets on with no -oneexcept his agentJust ask Liverpool fans about his injuries?How long ago was that?


27 Jun 2012 08:34:22
does anyone know whats happening with o kane going to crawley(5)(12)In view of the complete silence, it's probably off.No. Hope this helps!The longer it goes on the more likely its not going to happen and other clubs like Swindon will looking to get the playerEunan O'Kane ‚ÄŹ@eunan10

Just to let you all know I have turned down the chance to move to crawley!#TUFC


27 Jun 2012 08:26:42
Bristol City are waiting to see who is up for grabs at Rangers. Also Keogh is now a done deal we should hear something about this shortly. At least 2 signing will happen by the end o next week.(6)(23)Why would keough want to go to bristol......Meh! I'm a city fan and it doesnt seem we are signing anyone tbh. dixon has signed for huddersfield so we missed a trick there but we are in dire of a competent left back at the very least. I have every faith in McInnes but Lansdown must back him financially and stop worrying about this pie in the sky stadium... He talks about reaching the PL but we have to build on the players we have now.Let me see. He lives In Bristol. His wife is bristolian and wants to play for BCFC again?

Tough choice for RichardWhen has Lansdown not backed a Manager when a decent signing is involved. I think the current performance or non performance in the transfer market poses some questions about McInnes and his transfer strategy.


27 Jun 2012 08:14:01
Ricardo Fuller is set to sign a 2-year deal for Ipswich Town and will have his medical tomorrow- this goes against Jewell's policy of young and hungry players but with many of them being released jewell feels one more could do well as he tries to boost his attacking options for next season.(22)(19)Young, hungry players? copying The Posh to me.Not really copying The Posh though, we signed a lot of experienced and old players last summer, that didn't work, so now we're taking a new approach, which has worked well in the past for us.Isnt buying young, hungry players an objective for every club? Didnt realise Peterborough invented this method! I thought it was a pretty standard management tactic for every team that doesnt have more money than sense (a bit like Town last summer!).Chambers having talks at itfc and should sign by 5th July.not a bad player but we should aim higher.!


27 Jun 2012 08:10:08
Coventry are now an outside chance to get Oliver Norwood on a free transfer from Manchester United. Mkdons are favourites while burnley and barnsley are just behind.(9)(27)He his not on a free still under contract at
muNorwood not available on a free transfer still
under contract at otBarnsley have agreed 400k fee for him with Man U, thrashing out personal terms as we speakTrue there mateHeard norwood is signing for mkdons in the next week.Norwood lives in Burnley and would love to play for his home team ..played well against Bfc
Hope Howe sees sense and gets him signed upNorwood will be a free agent on July 1st as he has rejected a new contract from Man Utd. Barnsley are trying to get ahead of Coventry by bidding for him now rather than wait until he's a free agent and have to pay a tribunal fee.Cant agree personal terms though!!Actually u'll find he is out of contract but due to being under 24 you have to pay a compo feeCourse coventy with all there wealth and 3rd division status will tempt him away from a stable championship club with no debts...........coyrNo but A club which is poorer than us (AKA Barnsley) can plus hes played here and enjoyed himselfNorwood very impressed with Keith hill, and the way he wants move Barnsley forward,watch this space!!!!Olly Norwood had a great relationship with the fans, he played for cov with his heart on his sleeve!Only 2 teams in for Ollie Norwood , Barnsley & Hudderfield.


27 Jun 2012 08:02:05
WBA defender Jonas Olsson is to
sign a new 3 year contract at the club.
Everton will instead move for Birminghams Curtis Davies.(20)(24)


27 Jun 2012 07:58:27
With Steve Davis rejecting the new Rangers expect him to sign for Southampton in the next two weeks(34)(11)


27 Jun 2012 07:48:29
I'm glad Dixons gone to Huddisfield. Now all the deluded Derby fans can shut up. Anyway, Derby are still after Jack Robinson on loan, but a LB will definitly be joining(13)(9)He's 25 too old for us we are going for youth this season, besides we got Jacobs and will now move for more young lower league talent.Derby are not after Jack Robinson. Clough wants a young full-back to develop and eventually take over from Roberts, not a loan that will need us looking for two new full backs next year.I thought he had signed for Huddersfield?!?Ok calm down mate, we were after him as well as bristol city, who made more rumours on this website about him more then anyoneWe are after the left back from crewe


27 Jun 2012 07:30:47
Rumors around The New Den have it that Millwall are set to sign recently released QPR defender Danny Shittu. Barnsley are also interested but the Nigerian is reluctant to move away from London.

Source - My cousin who is at the Lions academy(14)(8)What again!Oh noWont be true after he got sent off and absolutely terrorised at the game last season where he got sent off and millwall beat qpr 2-0I could see that transfer happening. Thought he was pretty decent before.


27 Jun 2012 07:22:36
Peterborough have agreed wages ect. with
with luke freeman and micheal
bostwick who will arrive at london road
later today.(18)(15)People seem to be obsessed with Bostwick and Peterborough, I am beginning to think Bostwicks agent is the only person trying to secure this deal.As with lots of rumours, if there is anything in it then the smaller clubs do not like to announce it too soon as it can affect season ticket sales etc


27 Jun 2012 06:44:34
Striker Matthew Barnes-Homer is expected to sign for Macclesfield Town in the next few days from Ostersund FC (Sweden) who have announced it on their website.(12)(2)Now officially confirmed today.
(27 June)


27 Jun 2012 06:37:38
Crystal Palace have had a bid accepted of £400,000 for Matthew Spiranovic of Urawa Reds(17)(9)


27 Jun 2012 06:32:41
Will Atkinson to sign for Bradford City either today or in the next few days.(7)(10)Hope not, total waste of space. better players out there.This can't be true PP has already stated he wants to build a team which has passion, commitment and desire to play for BCFC. Will Atkinson has none of these attributes.I really really really hope not.Give this guy a chance! I saw a spark in him and I predict he will do well for us. Don't forget he was playing in a poor side last season and this time will be involved with better players & have a pre season with usPlease no am better and am free!!I hope not waste of space when he played for us last seasonNo no no no no no hope notWould rather us sign Rowan Atkinson for the Right WingYou have a terrible eye for talent if you saw a spark in will atkinson.reid played in the same side did he not?as did compton he's awful no speed,poor touch,no desire,drive,work ethic,and really lightweight


27 Jun 2012 05:13:02
Samuel Inkoom is expected to be a Norwich City player by the 1st of July as he is believed to be extremely close to completing a deal with the east anglian club
The deal is estimated to cost Norwich £3.5m to bring him from Dnipro(19)(6)I hope this is true! Great player-last moved for 10million euros and was linked to Barca 2 years ago-must be fairly tidy!!I'm sorry but why do you keep repeatadly saying this when you have 0 substance to the rumourThis one looks to be on. superb player wants away from ukraine and norwich looks to be his new home
lambert didnt even get wind of this oneFootball manager has a lot to answer forI'm just saying but I think if the press in Ukraine really thought he was going to Norwich then there would be an article or something other than your silly comments? Why would we want somebody from the Ukraine leagues anyway? because he's good on fifa?


27 Jun 2012 06:03:30
Ipswich to sign Luton's Welsh U21 left back/midfielder, Jake Howells.

Source- The mysterious TWTD snout(12)(9)Would be a good signing for townJust signed a new 3 year with Luton. COYHUnlucky fella, Jakeys just signed a new 3 year contract with the HattersNot happening - just signed a new contractThat matters not Connor Wickham signed a new 3 year deal with town before making his switch to Sunderland it's all to get more money to break his contractApparently he didn't know Ipswich were interested when he signed the contract. A deal could still be on, but it'd be for more money


27 Jun 2012 02:39:04
20 year old midfielder Aaron Gaur has attracted the attention of several midlands clubs after his successful spell in the USA with Evergreen Valley.(3)(6)


27 Jun 2012 00:51:51
Will Atkinson to sign for city on wednesday(6)(15)



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