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28 Jul 2012 20:38:11
Watford boss Gianfranco Zola wants to add QPR striker DJ Campbell to his ranks to help his side challenge for promotion from the Championship.

Would be happy with This.



28 Jul 2012 20:21:31
Tal Ben Haim and Liam Lawrence are moving to Cardiff City.

David Kitson is going to Brighton and Kanu is going to Charlton.

Portsmouth are going bye-bye...

If they go, portsmouth will not go bye-bye

So all the 4 players are going then you say bye bye portsmouth that didnt make sense lol when them 4 players go pompey will be took over

I am not bothered if this is true or false I just hope they leave so Portsmouth can keep there exitstance and I'm a Liverpool fan

And you think it is funny to say those things about a football club that has history etc. some football fan you are! plonker more like

Football fan yes, but how many times are a business/ football club allowed to go out of business? If it we're anything other than a football club, it'd be out of existence now, please let's get real.

Until the next time and Pompey start laying out silly money on wages yet again. Kitson not going to Brighton.

A history of owing millions
of pounds to people
and not paying up
deserve what you get

Why on earth would Cardiff want to sign a slow past it midfielder and a over rated shot defender when we all ready got easily the best midfielder in the league (Kim) and defender (turner)

Not a chance of Kanu ending up at Charlton!

Yes that's very well said, but 'businesses' do not have thousands of local fans and supporters, and do not achieve anything for the local community in comparison with football clubs. That's why they are run much differently that most other businesses.

Not the fans fault is it? it was the people at the club giving out silly contracts, any way when the deal goes through the football league will be watching them so close this time

The Club and its fans are not at fault, but the dodgy past owners who get away scot free, its time that the laws were changed so that they pay in full for their mismanagement

Dave kits on is hated at Brighton so doubt it

Kitson isn't good enough for Brighton, simple as that.
And I agree with the above poster, if Pompey was any other kind of business they would've folded years ago, how many more chances do they deserve?!

I hope the Liam Lawrence suggestion is wrong. He was garbage last year !

Deluded Cardiff fan! You've proberly never seen Kim play before so saying he's the best is a bit extreme and if he was that good he wouldn't have signed for you!

I'd say Whittingham is the best in the league and Lawrence would be backup

Dont care where they go just want them gone so we can rebuild a team :)

We wont take ben haim or lawrance off your hands both are not good enough sorry pompy

Spelt pompey like pes used too and grow up mate we won't be bye bye we need them guys to go and then we will be hello

I hope Pompey don't fold I'm a Brighton fan and that city needs a football club good loyal fans I saw Brighton nearly go out of the league and that would of been the end of them but they survived and people that loved the club turned the club around And now they are looking to become a premier league club so there is always hope good luck Pompey

Think all the sympathys been used up now. Average attendance 11,000 last season when struggling. Great fans. "Best family club", when they owe money to charity. Disgrace.

Thank you Brighton, have always liked your club, good luck in your push for the Premier League!

Kanu has now quit Pompey although hasa dispute ref money he says he is owed. Lawrence will be sold this week and TBH is close to a compromise deal. As for Kitson, nobody seems to want him so every chance we will be stuck with him for the last season of his deal.

^^ not the fans fault is it its the people running the club giving out silly contracts, by the way add a few more 1000 to that number

No way kits on is joining Brighton he just gets red cards against us

Liam lawrence to wednesdsy



28 Jul 2012 19:48:20
Derby to sign:

James Caton
Valentin Gjokaj
Michael Hoganson
Conor Sammon/Chris Wood

James Caton
Valetin Gjokaj
Michael Hoganson
STeve Davies stays and Josh King

Ya just throwing out trialists names, and sammon aint happening, davies too higher price for ipswich too, so he will b still a ram.



28 Jul 2012 19:31:55
Steve morison has said that he would like to return to the den to repay millwall for making his prem dream come true

Overrated over payed person stay in norfolk not wanted anywhere near the den!

Morison would be our best player, he wouldnt come back anyway lol!



28 Jul 2012 19:29:22
Nicky Ajose being lined up for a loan move (til Jan 1st) to Colchester United.

Hasn't he just signed for bury?

No he hasn't

I would love this to happen but i dont reckon we will :(



28 Jul 2012 19:23:33
Being good friends with ben hamers brother I have today heard that he is having a medical at tottenham hotspur! He has fallen out with Chris Powell over a new contract. This move will happen as villas boas tried to sign him when in charge of Chelsea. Transfer fee around £2m plus add ons. Will be completed by Monday with hamer being loaned straight out to Bolton wanderers to fill the void of jussi laskalainen. You heard it here 1st.

Rubbish. Bolton already have four goalkeepers and signed Andy Lonergen to replace Jaaskelainen. If anything Bolton would look at a forward or midfield player on loan from Chelsea.

Absolute rubbish ! Adam Bogdan is wanderers number 1 and we have just signed Andy Lonergan as back up keeper with two other young lads behind these two !

Doubt it-Bolton have signed Andy Lonergan to challenge Adam Bogdan in goal.

Bolton have signed Andy Lonergan from Leeds to replace Jaaskelainen so I doubt that will happen.

Why would bolton need a keeper we have signed lonergan

Not a chance Bolton signed Lonergan to challenge Bogdan and we also have two promising young keepers in our ranks, don't need any more. We desperately need a centre mid to cover for Muamba while he recovers and a striker. Oh and if the injuries don;t clear up an extra centre half

On my wish list for centre mid is SANCHEZ ... SANCHEZ SANCHEZ. STRIKER ... Church from Reading, Daly from Dundee Utd to name two and bring in Bartley from Arsenal on loan as cover.

Bartley started his career at bolton so he might go back



28 Jul 2012 18:59:29
Doncaster to sign 3 CB Ashton,Robetrs and Rob jones. Deal will be done monday.

Ive heard alex bruce

We have deffo got one of the stevenage 2. Ashton i think who never played yesterday



28 Jul 2012 18:39:54
George friend HAS signed for Middlesbrough to be announced on Monday. Furthermore Billy Paynter is going to Doncaster contract and personal terms agreed any time next week be announced. Finally Rovers to sign two more player after Paynter if not at the same time.

One of them is SWFC captain Rob Jones. The massive centre back has lost his place to newl signing Anthony Gardner. Jones will come in on a two year contract possibly as club captain

Finally barndoor gone - don't expect him to be as good as Sharp, lol



28 Jul 2012 18:21:19
Many offers have come in for Stevenage midfielder Robin Shroot after scoring 6 goals in pre-season so far.

He's not very good-PNE fan

He's best as an impact sub and can play anywhere in midfield



28 Jul 2012 18:06:14
Aberdeen close to signing Naysmith on a 6 month deal, also still in for Mark Reynolds.

Rumoured that Milsom may be in the championship by start of season.

Reynolds will sign this week to get first team football after failing to impress south of the border

Ive head that Brighton are in for Milsom

I am a Celtic fan, I believe that Aberdeen are collecting a really good squad. Getting back to we're they should be challenging and I hope the dons fans return to support Craig browns new and improved red and white army. Good luck



28 Jul 2012 18:05:05
Craig Short to be appointed new
Crawley Manager in next 48 hrs

Craig is such a good guy - he will be a massive hit there - lots of passion and a real pro.Crawley have got a diamond - great blend of fun and will to win!From a well wishing Notts c. fan xx

Short is working at derby as head of academy! He joined just over a year ago and loves derby to bits! Sorry to disappoint you Crawley fans!

Short is odds on favourite with the bookies for the Crawley job and was at the pre-season game Crawley played v
Milwall yesterday sitting in the directors
box, sorry to disappoint you Derby fans



28 Jul 2012 18:02:16
4 Portsmouth players left and are all due to leave :

Liam Lawrence - Bristol Cty or Cardiff 200k
Dave Kitson will take pay cut and stop
Tal Ben-Haim - Maccabi Haifa
Kanu - Nigerian team

I think lawrence is more likely to go to forest and ben haim to partizan belgrade

I think Lawrence needs to go to teh job centre. He was garbage last year at CCFC

Or ben haim to bolton?

Take him to jobsite

News just in pompey have had a cash injection of 14 pounds 50 meaning if they head down to subway if they all have sub of the day the three members of thier squad can afford some lunch



28 Jul 2012 18:00:53
after signing Geoff Cameron from Houston Dynamo, stoke are now considering taking Adam Johnson on a season long loan, Martin Olsson for 4m and also Kightly, Walters heading to either Sunderland or Celtic and Kenwyne Jones heading to West Ham or Reading!

Johnson would not go to stoke

No matter who we sign ,we ARE going down

Your clearly not a Mackems so do one commenting on our posts pretending to be one



28 Jul 2012 17:41:06
Manchester united have agreed to sign Wanyama from celtic for £6.5 million if celtic do not qualify for the champions league. This is set in stone.

Then he would be cup tied dont think so

He wouldn't be cup tied, as Celtic wouldn't have qualified he would be allowed to play for Utd in CL. I would love to see him at Utd but he will cost more than 6.5 million.

No chance celtic will let him go for 6.5 the guy is pure class and still only 20 watch him in europe for celtic and he will leave in jan or next summer for 10-15 million a star in the making

Well considering that Celtic are guaranteed CL football every year, especially now with Rangers situation. So this wouldn't happen in this context.

Don't see him moving for a few years

No chance try 15m what a star and only 20 if Allen is going to liverpool for that wanyama is a better player and younger .

He would cost more than 6.5

But wanyama plays in a micky mouse league compared to the premiership.

Look at connor sammon banging em in for killmark. Wats he done at wigan?

All the english give it loads about how bad the spl is, yeah it isnt the greatest, look at the epl best managers and players, they arnt english. Its a english league made of forigen players and managers.

In Scotland we knew sammon was poor tho, why u think neither of old firm were interested ya balloon, just cos it ain't the best league doesn't mean u shouldn't listen to us when we tell u there's a really good player in the making. Look at jelavic. Does my head in how arrogant and narrow minded EPL teams supporters have become

Poor league yes but this lad is a class act!!!!

Petrov, jelavic, mccarthey, islam feruz (celtic to chelsea), charlie adam,steven fletcher countless palyers have moved from the spl to the epl and proved to be top players! Petrov was villas player of the year! Hooper, Wanyama, Kayal from celtic could all go play premier league and be a great success. The premier league constantly undervalues players from the spl. You are forgetting the celtic have consistently matched or beaten your top teams in europe over the last 10 years, celtics youth squad easily beat your top youths team at a recent under 16 tournament, celtic youths also comfortably beat man city youth team in last year next gen series!

If M'Vila is worth 17-25million, Wanyama is worth more. Absolutely bossed the Rennes boy at Celtic Park last season

Wanyama - next roy keane he is a great player and only 20 i hope eltic can keep him cos he will become a legend at the club



28 Jul 2012 17:23:22
Notts County Rumours:

Gillet (former Doncaster)
Forte (Southampton)
Nunez (Leeds)
Boucard (Luton)
Moore(Loan from Leicester)
Freeman(Loan from Forest)

Paynter set to join Doncaster, Craig Beattie to move elsewhere as Notts turn down offers from Cheltenham, Oldham & an enquiry from former Notts boss Martin Allen at Gillingham.

Meanwhile Krystian Pearce could find himself down the pecking order after telling Notts he wants to move to Derby and a fee (275K) being agreed the move seems to be on the rocks with personal terms being the stumbling blocks.

Derby fan-Krystian pearce is moving at the end of pre-season as you apparently have centre back injuries and he is needed for your games.

Freeman will stay at Forest and will be part of first team squad

Good luck getting Forte, he's reasonably good and is looking for a new club seeing as Southampton are trying to loose him as he's not top flight standard but I reckon he'll be reasonably cheap and he's definitely good enough for league 1.

Craig Beattie? isnt he training with Rangers Newco. I think you mean Lee Hughes.

I would like forte and nunez to sign defo!!! knowing leeds they are tight and most proberly wont sell nunez to us

B*******! He's a very good left back'winger

I dont think KP has even started training yet as he has had a hernia op in the summer, thats the more likely reason why he hasn't moved, and Keith Curle has stated no bid has been recieved for Pearce.

Forte would do excellently in league 1, good signing if you get him.

Yes forte sign him now!



28 Jul 2012 17:15:28
Peterborough Chairman, Darragh MacAnthony, tweeted saying there was 20 scouts at the game with Norwich, mostly watching Paul Taylor and George Boyd, but Colchester were there to see Nicky Ajose, who they are interested in signing.

Stoke wanting taylor



28 Jul 2012 17:05:04
Heskey to sign for Blackpool later this week according too fan website.

(As a pool fan Im not sure if this is good or bad)

Depends what's his role, if it's a striker no he's awful, if it's helping John Murphy lump bricks around he could probably do a job

Bad, hopefully this is utter tosh

We need another striker. Doubt Oyston will pay his wages.

Ian Holloway has a tendency of turning washup players into stars. (Adam,Campbell,Ince,M. Phillips,Vaughn)If he can work that magic with Heskey then he might be able to become a major asset to the Blackpool's promotion push this season.

Hope not. Anyway looks like he is on his way to Ipswich. Rather have DJ

As long as he aint coming to elland road im happy!


How can you call Phillips and Ince washed up players before we got them? Their careers had barely even started and they had not established themselves yet so how can they be washed up?

There is no way Emile heskey will ever be 'an asset' he is awful. He is a donkey and needs selling for glue

Well done this story is now on sky sports news



28 Jul 2012 17:03:14
George Elokobi has been told he is not needed at wolves and is available for around 800k

Solbakken stated big george is in contention for start ov season after impressing in pre season

Elokobi 800k?the funniest thing ive read all day.the worst footballer in the worst team in the league last year.80k



28 Jul 2012 16:55:07
Non-League News

Gloucester City are to sack David Mehew, due to squad unrest and dis-satisfaction.

The new boss will be Colin Peake.



28 Jul 2012 16:07:28
Now that Quinn is off to Leeds Sheffield united are scouting pacy wingers.



28 Jul 2012 16:05:52
Mark Mcghee has stated at the end of the yeovil game. Bristol rovers are close to signing Garry Kenneth. from the man himself.



28 Jul 2012 16:03:31
James Brent will splash the cash this week with a £250,000 bid for Exeters Liam Sercombe. Carl Fletcher is believed to have demanded backing in the transfer window and wants to build his side around Liam Sercombe



28 Jul 2012 16:00:55
I'm a west ham supporter from down under Australia and just looked in a website the 2 David's that r in Spain have looked at 2 players believe or not 1 is Kaka and 2nd is Ivan Ramis these r the 2 players that we will try bad get Forever a Hammer

Well bear in mind they didn't want pay 15m for Carroll they wanted him on loan and if they stay up they pay 15m at the end of the season .so do u think they would tie them 2 players to a big weekly wage Wat they would still have pay if they went down I can't see it

Im a west ham fan and thats b/s they are in spain certainly aint to look at kaka not saying nhe aint great player you have started to sound like a spuds fan deluded

Kaka to West Ham !! What a load of garbage, He wouldn't look twice at a relegation threatened side like them.



28 Jul 2012 16:49:11
Dave Kitson to Charlton ?
Ben Haim to Blackburn
Lawrence to Birmingham or Forest
Kanu to leave football



28 Jul 2012 16:41:21
dave kitson interested in a move to Paolo di canios swindon, with portsmouth being forced to offload all senior players

Forced? we can't wait to unload the useless twazzers and get our youth together with some experience. things will fall into place once the last few dregs of useless are gone. PUP

Take him!

More nonsense from the most massive club in Wiltshire

I don't think he is of the required standard, for STFC, his recent goal to games ratio is pretty poor, and he is the wrong age. Bostock and Barnard are the players we are in for.

I think Kitson may be a good addition to the striker options if Paolo can get him fit. At 32, his best days are probably over, but he should still have enough in the tank to make an impact at League 1 level.

Wray said we're not after Barnard didnt he?

He offers plenty of height, 32 is not past it benson is almost 33, could do a decent job at swindon im sure of it

Kitson even at 32 would surely be a good asset for swindon? he was a top premiership striker not that long ago and even though he may not have scored that many of late he's been playing at the higher level

I doubt this rumour is true one bit, but if it is then i wouldnt complain

Assuming his wages would be to large for what he offers, so no thanks.

But to Portsmouth fans, good luck! Always had a soft spot for them.



28 Jul 2012 16:41:00
Tal ben Haim could move to Reading for 500k

No body wants poor old Tal, wonder why?

Believable but not for that much

I highly doubt this. His wages will be too high to not be playing. He's not good enough for the prem either.

I know that reading have been linked with lots of stupid rumours but really? ... this is fantasy stuff. Reading are smarter then that surely.

28 Jul 2012 16:41:00
Tal ben Haim could move to Reading for 500k

Heeeelll no! He's at the useless end of the rubbish spectrum and commands a huge wage for the privelage..

Please no

Yes he "could", but on the other hand he could not. and that is the one i would go for. Will never happen!

No chance, no thanks, I have to give him credit though. To have made a career in the top flight despite being useless takes some doing

Old league 1 defender whos on a big wage no thanks



28 Jul 2012 16:36:13
Norwich City are set to sign Alaixys Romao



28 Jul 2012 16:33:17
Tottenham are going to sign Kaka in a return for rebel Luka Modric.



28 Jul 2012 16:30:13
Rowan vine to sign for st johnstone

Well he is on trial with them scored twice today



28 Jul 2012 16:25:32
Yossi Benayoun could move to Aston Villa, Sunderland or Stoke for £4million.

Arsenals Chamack could make a shock move to Sunderland on loan with an option to make it permanent.

Everton want to resign Steven Piernaar and will get him for £5 million.

Fulham want to sign young prospect Conor Wickham on a loan.

Pienaar deal fell threw last week god were u been hiding l {Ed025's Note - its back on mate...where you been hiding?

Could believe all of these but not wickham he needs to drop into championship to get his confidence

Chelsea have said Yossi will go on a free so why would anyone pay 4m?

Fulham will not sign wickham but have a good chance of signing benayoun.....not that i want him!!



28 Jul 2012 16:21:17
expect doncaster to sign paul quinn on monday



28 Jul 2012 16:09:44
Huddersfield town are hoping to complete the signings of qpr striker dj campbell and reading centre back Sean Morrison before their friendly against Barcelona b on August the 8th.

DJ is going to Watford

Morrison has told me he is staying at Reading

Old news, but you have to put a bid in first, not just talk through the press

I know its on down at mac website.
Terriers fan.



28 Jul 2012 15:57:35
Adam Johnson to join stoke on a season long loan with a view to a permanent deal, pulis also keen to sign kightly of wolves

The word is we will take Johnson if man city pay him 2m up front to bridge the wage gap .the will work with stoke paying his full value and out of that man city pay of Johnson to sign for us .the same deal as we did for crouch



28 Jul 2012 15:20:27
Aston Villa have lodged an offer of £2.75m for Dani Pacheco.



28 jul 2012 15:18:53
westham..will get the olympic stadium..westham will be sold soon to the westfield group...they are worth about 50 billion pounds....happy days are coming westham baz

Why would you even WANT the Olympic stadium for football?
The pitch is miles too far away to make it a nice experience for the fans.

Some one is dreaming

Stadium to be demolished for a formula one track - that courtesy of your old mates Ecclestone & Briatore - happy days, but not for West Sham

As a westfield shareholder... sorry not interested in west ham.

Come on people get real , u think the runing track is staying . no one gives a s*** about athletics,in 17 days it will be over and westham get there new home



28 Jul 2012 15:15:15
Bruno Cazarine and Ndriqim Halili are the two trialists for Coventry City, and are playing against Nuneaton Town today, with Thorn said to be very keen on signing both men

Played today very poor,have a look AT.

Thought both looked terrible against nuneaton

I think bruno cazarine could be useful the other chap I thought was garbish mid-table I think for the squad we have not enough quality goin forward

City looked worst when Bruno was taken off. He has done enough for a contract as he had a few chances



28 Jul 2012 15:04:59
Sedgwick and Quinn won't be signed ( Sedgewick already released by Chesterfield) Manny Panther wanted but Sheridan has to sell before he can sign anyone.
Only player under offer is Westcarr. It it's down to the manager

Quinn in Panther in Westcarr out

Having watched Spireites player I think Sheridan wants Quinn more than Panther and will have to either sell or justify to the chairman why we need to go over budget on the wage bill for a left sided player fullback/midfield. Westcarr would be useful to us in league 2, we have enough up top but he could play right wing or right in a three up top. Panther looked good also but that would stretch the budget to far.



28 Jul 2012 15:02:18
york city are aiming to sign a prolific goal scoring striker louis briscoe from mansfield after tals with james hanson have broken down

Hanson to York lol! Your our feeder club and you sign our rejects and Hanson is not a reject.



28 Jul 2012 14:57:12
Dorian Dervite is currently on trial with league one champions Charlton after previous interest from Play-off winners Huddersfield Town.



28 Jul 2012 15:07:11
Been told QPR are looking at martin olsson at Blackburn and are willing to allow traore to leave to make the space for him. Olsson's agent has confirmed he has requested a move and its thought a move to QPR and being reunited with hughes and the growing blackburn contingent at loftus road is his prefrence. Rumours of ex blackburn defender chris samba are building with hughes himself saying he may have to wait til january for certain targets samba may well fall into that group



28 Jul 2012 14:56:51
Stevenage are close to completing deals for Nicky Ajose, Patrick Agyemang and Danny Hylton.

All have been on trial recently

Danny Hylton hasn't



28 Jul 2012 13:54:35
ryan Gillagan on trial for gillingham. he played against dartford, royal engineers and dag and red (behind closed doors)

I was at all those matches and they wasn't behind closed doors he didn't play in the engineers game but he did against dart ford where do to get this rubbish from

I meant dag and red (behind closed doors) and he played against royal engineers i to was there



28 Jul 2012 14:25:16
Burnley could pull off a suprise signing with Chris Martin close to joining from Premier League Norwich

The striker will join for 600K after the Clarets beat of the likes of Watford and Ipswich

Yeah that why he said he doesn't want to leave and wants to fight for a place... oh and played today against Peterborough. (Good one)

Doubt it, he has shown interest in staying at Norwich, and by the looks of things Hughtons going to give him a chance.

Hope CH doesnt play him has he is nowhere near good enough for the PL



28 Jul 2012 14:17:23
George friend has completed his move from doncaster to middlesbrough will be announce on monday , also there will be another addition to the squad as Bristol rovers "Carayol" has agreeded personal terms and will be announced on Monday aswell.

Deffo true in local paprers and a 3rd unknown no idea who though
maybe a keeper or hoyte re signing

Hoyte is resigning

Hoyte also tomorrow as well what are we doing but hey at least it cover



28 Jul 2012 14:06:33
Doncaster set to sign Rob Jones, Billy Paynter, Karl Hawley, Danny s***tu, Ben Mcnaman and also the return of John Oster!! All to be done within this week!

Doubt it mate, Doncaster's wage bill won't allow incomings until they get rid of a few!

Rob Jones already agreed terms but deal reliant on Friend leaving on monday



28 Jul 2012 14:03:10
Adam Johnson to stoke on a season long loan with a view to a permanent deal! Kightly also wanted by stoke

Hope that this is true would be a great signing

Love this to be true




28 Jul 2012 13:58:02
Ipswich looking at 3 more players Steve Davies
A central midfielder of which I'm not sure and a
full back as cresswell will leave for Aston villa
or reading

{Ed022's Note - Hi all, there have been a few brand new Player Profiles posted on Steven Davis, Steven Whittaker, Jamie Ness, Steven Naismith, Thibaut Cortois as well as others. These are players that should be of interest to you Premier League fans, so feel free to come over to the site and give your comments, opinions and general banter to the profiles page. - cheers all.}

Friend may change his mind and come to Ipswich as cress well will sign for villa early next week,also Davies will sign next week for 650k I heard this over lunch while at Luton today.this is heard it here first.

Reading already got full backs. Don't need him.

Villa have signed Vlaar, Cresswell deal won't happen



28 Jul 2012 13:48:50
Modric to real Madrid, tottenham to buy Honda from CSKA Moscow.



28 Jul 2012 12:47:19
Owen Hargreaves has begun training with QPR, no obligation but a potential future deal.



28 Jul 2012 12:32:46
Notts County to complete signings of Billy Paynter and Ramon Nunez from Leeds.
Leicester City full back Liam Moore to join on loan
Trialist Andre Boucaud will also be offered a 1 year deal to join from Luton Town.

Good, Nunez was out of his depth against Bodmin never mind the championship!

Not true the only thing is true is andre boucaud and if nunez that will be a wonderfull signing

Nunez would be alright at League 1 level. He's to inconsistent and light weight for the Championship. But his pace in league one will make up for these deficiencies



28 Jul 2012 12:08:26
Man Utd to sign:

Anderson to be Benfica
maybe with Witsel coming in as part
the transfer - UTD paying for Witsel and
adding Anderson to it.

Not true. RVP says that he would prefer a move away from England, because of his respect for Arsenal. Lucas Moura is too expensive, and United don't want to pay 30m for an unestablished 19-year-old. Anderson has already stated that he wants to stay at United, to show people that he is really worth the 25m that United spent on him in the first place. Also Benfica say they wont sell Witsel for less then 31m. Sir Alex Ferguson has already stated that Eden Hazard was too expensive, 32m, and was not worth that amount, and he is a better player, with more potential then Witsel, so the transfer will not happen.

Overall, all of the names that you have put up there are not true, apart from maybe Baines. I know Everton and Manchester United are both looking for a left-back, but the asking price of around 13m-15m could potentially put United off, as they would look for a cheaper alternative.

East Anglian Devil

Man united dont have lots of money.
you already have too many players before bringing named 2 centre midfielders there yet you have carrick,cleverly,scholes,Anderson,powell,kawaga.

Haines has said he's going no were



28 Jul 2012 12:07:00
Muzzy not in todays squad which suggest he could be close to joining middlesbrough.
was good watching you muzzy when at your best, best of luck



28 Jul 2012 12:06:00
SWFC are set to sign Ross McCormack after he rejected offers from CPFC and HTFC. The Orlando Sa deal has fallen through and is heading to BCFC.

BCFC? Bristol City? Birmingham City? Just say the proper name ffs.

McCormack cant stand Dave Jones. He was why he left Cardiff. Not going to happen

McCormack didn't reject htfc Leeds and town couldn't agree on the way payments were going to be made so the deal fell through


Warnock has said he has no intentions of selling McCormack after snodgrass' departure - unless he gets another striker + A REPLACEMENT for him, which is doubtful.
source 'yorkshire radio' after Torquay friendly



28 Jul 2012 12:03:28
Swansea move for Mark Davies Intensifies as Allen looks cetrain to move on this window

I doubt that seeing as though laudrup has now said there is no way he's letting Allen go now

Trust me this deal is a load of nonsense especially after Laudrup has brought in De Guzman and Michu... Davies is over priced overrated and is not worth, what Bolton are asking for him!!



28 Jul 2012 11:32:56
Dan harding has joined notts forest from southampton for an undisclosed fee

Unlucky forest! He is a terrible terrible player! Looking forward to him visiting the Amex next season as he got totally destroyed by brighton's wingers last season!

Rubbish...Dan Harding has been a great player for the Saints. He may not have quite cut it recently but he was one of the eleven reasons we were promoted from League One. I hope he has similar success with Forest.

Harding is a good worker, I reckon you've given him less credit than he's worth, he's definitely not one of the best around but he's not as bad as you stated.

What? That's a good signing he's pretty solid at left back, gets forward with good delivery and can't half finish too when he gets the chance defiantly top Championship quality. (Saints fan)

Dont worry Forest fans, hes a committed player. If you shout at a player enough, Dan will snap him for you

What! Are you watching the same Dan Harding? A great attacking full-back who always gives 100%. Thanks Dan, you were great for Saints. Good luck at Forest.

Did well for us in league 1 but not prem standard. Good luck to him.
PS he did have a torrid time at the Amex. Very much like the entire brighton back four at St. Mary's!

He's a good signing, not premiership standard, but he works hard, and would make a great addition to any championship side.

Hes not that terrible. you've clearly only seen him play one game. did he get torn apart in the 2-1 victory over Brighton in league 1?

That's not exactly true - but don't let that put an end to your bitterness down their at the Amex! Are you keeping up little Brighton? No your not are you!?!

Feel sorry for ya forest

He definitely deserved a prem game after all the good work he did for us. good luck to him. forest building wisely

Harding is a very good full back - 100% workrate, doesnt let you down.. A good signing for Forest. He did great work for us and never got exposed like Fox does. Saints now really need a L Back.

Just want to say a big thank you to Dan Harding he has helped us to the premier league. very hard working player always gives his all, good attacking full-back forest have got themselves a real championship gem here.



28 Jul 2012 11:27:45
Heard kaka Will be in the deal if modric goes real Madrid



28 Jul 2012 11:23:26
After failing to sign Sam Vokes Burnley will instead sign Norwich Citys Chris Martin for 700,000

Also they are close to agreeing a deal with Doncaster for Brian Stock who will sign for around 200,000

Unbelievable that they will get Chris Martin. He stated a few weeks back that he wants to try and get into Norwich's first team, under Chris Hughton. However, if he hasn't made his way into the squad by January, he will most probably leave Norwich.

Martin nowhere near as good as Vokes.

Try 7 million. Worth way more than what you said!

May leave Norwich...but not for that price.

Vokes was on loan at Norwich and I can say that Martin is a much better and more versitile player because he can also play in a deeper role. However, he wont be going anywhere because he wants to push for a place under Hughton and he's a local lad and would prefer not to move away from the area.

Since when did we fail to sign Sam Vokes

7 million is incredibly unrealistic and i believe thats wat derby said about shackell and...

Clarets to sign 3 players winger mid and striker ,stock can be done at any time,2 to leave one nearly done ,possibly a surprise although I for one wouldn't bother

Martin is worth 1M Max and thats from a Norwich fan

I'm a Norwich fan and I would be very happy with 700k for Chris Martin



28 Jul 2012 11:14:53
Conner Wickham will join Middlesbrough on a season loan when the team return from the training trip in the Algarve... Both Middlesbrough and Ipswich have enquired about the promising player .. however martin oneil see's him as a future prospects and is reluctant to allow the player return to Ipswich in the hope that remaining in the northeast and playing regular football with middlesbrough ..will resolve last seasons problems with him settling to life in the north east.

Check is contract details Ipswich have 1st refusal if Connor has to go out on loan so as Steve Bruce brought him in Martin oneal doesnt have a choice!

Ipswich have first refusal on him! so if we want we get :)

Part of the original transfer was that Ipswich have first refusal on any loan/sale, so if ITFC are interested and can afford loan fee/wages, he won't be going to Boro or anywhere else for that matter

It wont be up to middlesboro if you look what wickham signed when he joined sunderland Ipswich have 1st refusal on the player in any loan deal

All due respect but if his going on loan and Ipswich want him it's Ipswich as that was in the transfer when we sold him

You cannot have first refusal on a loan as part of any deal as its all dependant on a players form. what club would sign a player with the thought he wouldn't settle/would lose form and would need to be loaned out? First refusal on his transfer-yes- but not on a loan...get real!

Ipswich only have first refusal if they match the wage demands by Sunderland... If Sunderland want 100% wages and Ipswitch don't want to pay that then he is free to go elsewhere...Ohhh and only if Wickham is ok with dropping back to the championship Anyway I'm sure I saw something about West Ham being after him for 7 mil

Wickham is contracted to Sunderland, if Sunderland said they where loaning him out but only to northern team there's nothing that Ipswich can do,first choice in contracts only last one year not the entire contract, Ipswich can't say they have first choice now because they don't and secondly why would Middlesbrough want him when they already have better in Curtis main,he showed against Sunderland how good he was whilst wickham had a poor game and was replaced.Ipswich cannot tell Sunderland what to do with one of there own players.

Ipswich do have first refusal it was part of the deal as stated by chief executive Simon clegg

Middlesbrough couldn't afford wickhams wages!

This is def happening, my dad is mates with his dad and it's happening 100%

It's true!!! Our nannas aunties uncles daughter in laws sister is bezziez with his brothers grandads cousin and he said it was deffo a 100% go go!



28 Jul 2012 11:13:05
justiin hoyte is close to resigning for
middlesbrough and the mustapha
carayol deal is edging closer

And tony mcmhanon goes to sheff utd for what i dont no other than money

Tony mac will of went to sheffield utd coz he was sick of playing 2nd to Justin shoyte every boro fan knows how committed macca was to boro n that he was twice the player shoyte is so as a boro fan I understand perfectly whe he went n good luck to the lad



28 Jul 2012 11:02:11
Gaston Ramirez, Joe Allen and Clint Dempsey will be our next three signings. Ramirez is in talks with Liverpool and him and Allen will sign after Olympics. Dempsey maybe in the next week!

Gaston Ramirez's agent arrived in England to discuss his client to a few clubs, so this deal could happen, but probably not until after the Olympics. The same with Joe Allen. It is still a mystery what clauses were in his contract, and whether Liverpool are allowed to buy him or not. However, Swansea are keen to hang on to him, and recently rejected 15m for him, and I can't see Liverpool paying more then that, when there are cheaper alternatives available. Clint Dempsey stated last season that he wanted to play in the Champions League. Therefore, if another offer from the likes of Arsenal or Chelsea came in, I'm 99% sure that he would choose them over Liverpool.

Overall, Gaston Ramirez could sign after the Olympics, along with Joe Allen, depending on his contract. However, Clint Dempsey is unlikely to join Liverpool, as another offer from a team in the Champions League will turn his head in favour of them and not Liverpool.

East Anglian Scouse



28 Jul 2012 10:45:24
Derby county have agreed a fee with
Ipswich Town for Steve Davies.
They are still looking to sell James
Bailey but havent had any major

4 Players will be bought from now
to the end of the Transfer window.

Josh King
Joe Berget
Chris wood
left back

Were is joe berget from

Josh King from Man Utd i doubt that !

Tbh, I'm not sure Cloughie will bring in a LB. If he does, it will be a loan. We had a trialist called Hoganson playing at LB today vs Burton and it sounds like he was solid. If he can cope against better opposition, he may become the back-up.

Josh king looks very good on youtube, shame man utd wont let him go



28 Jul 2012 10:28:00
David Villa could be used in a swap deal with Arsenal for Robin van Persie.

David Villa has stated many times that he doesn't want to play outside Spain, and Arsenal are keen to cash in on RVP, rather then do a swap deal.



28 Jul 2012 10:27:04
Northampton are interested in signing Ben Chorley from Leyton Orient.



28 Jul 2012 10:24:01
West bromwich will complete the signing of Christian Zapata from villarreal for £2.5 million. To be announced early tomorrow morning. And Markus Rosenberg on a free next week sometime


Pretty sure Zapata is a free agent.

He's on a free out of contrast at Villarreal so I don't know where you got that from

Really hope this is true!

ZaPata will sign this week. The forward however is not rosenberg. It will be Michael Owen. He has had talks and believes our medical staff will give him the best chance of extending career.

Zapata is a name on the table; rose, dann are amongst others

Owen won't come to us I would prefer Rosenberg anyway

Yeah zapata is on a free

Owen is injury prone i would have him but on a pay as u play deal

Owen would be useful but only as part of a pay as you play deal. West Brom need a big commanding striker and a versatile defender (with top flight experience) and I believe they will finish between 9th and 12th in the league. Zapata and Rosenberg could be the answer. Fingers crossed

The person who said he prefers Rosenberg knows what he's talking about!!



28 Jul 2012 10:22:49
Saints linked in a move for Rennes defender Jean-Armel Kana-Biyik - Good signing!

Milan are wanting him. Good luck challenging for a signature

Along with Newcastle everton and qpr so the chances of Southampton getting him very slim



28 Jul 2012 10:19:31
Heskey is wanted by Leicester, MK Dons, Watford and Wolves.

And ipswich

Ye thats realistic, watford a team who wants to push for promotion wanting to play heskey and iwelumo upfront

Wolves have Nouble - no need of Heskey

Can't see the Dons wanting him. I think they'll go for Juanfri as a goalscorer and we already have McDonald and Jabo, and Smith and Bowditch can also play upfront so once we have Juanfri I think we're good in that department. Would like a CB signing confirmed and a proper left midfielder though.

Watford do not want Heskey.

The Udinese model is to buy cheap and sell expensive.

He will go to a team that buys has-beens, like Leicester or Ipswich

I think Jaunfri will be let go Robbo is looking at other striker options Riordan has already gone Burton hasnt impressed Martin kept 18 clean sheets and Robbo is not repeat not looking at keepers he wants a CB(SHOULD be here this week)and 2 strikers if he can get the 2 he is after otherwise he will use Smith the squad will be 22 players with Flanagan on recall loan deal.

After ryan lowe now

Now that the Ryan Lowe deal is done dons had/have no interest in signing heskey



28 Jul 2012 10:04:12
Bilel Moshni will sign for West Ham soon after a successful trial. Bolton, Blackpool, Burnley and Middlesborough were also in the versatile Centre back.



28 Jul 2012 09:49:39
Musaed Neda at Nottingham forest training ground and has impressed this week to sign a two year deal.



28 Jul 2012 09:47:03
Sunderland are Targetting guidetti from manchester city. The hitman was free scoring in the dutch eredivisie last season and mancini is keen for him to get premier league games under his belt to aid his development



28 Jul 2012 09:38:32
Crawley close to agreeing terms with
Portsmouth striker Dave Kitson

Never in a million years

Please let this be true he could be your new tubbs!!

Dave Kitson sitting in players section for
Crawley's pre season game with Milwall
this afternoon

Possible but he probably wants to play at higher level because he thinks he is amazing like bendtner but could be persuaded by money

Can they afford him, does Coppell remember him when he could score goals??

He could not get in my pub team

Crawley don't pay the sort of wages Kitson would want.

Well if he is after the money he won't be coming to us, try Bournemouth they like collecting players and offer wheelbarrows full of roubles, or maybe Swindon?



28 Jul 2012 08:48:46
Argentinian winger Anfers Gurrieri is on trial with Plymouth again. He came last summer but couldnt sign due to the administration process. Gurrieri featured in last nights friendly at Weston.



28 Jul 2012 08:46:14
Simon Grayson looking to sign only 2
more players for Huddersfield.

Alex Bruce after release from Leeds
and Ross McCormack.

both before start of season.

McCormack and Grayson hate each other, will never happen

Please,Please not Alex Bruce total rubbish!!!

They both hate him so good luck.

Think two more signings is about right but the RM saga is now so drawn out its turning into a bit of a soap opera. I can't see Alex Bruce being in the frame, he spent time on loan last season at Huddersfield and was at best average. What evidence do you have to support your rumour?

Doubt if grayson fancies bruce

Mccormacks staying at leeds, already said he doesnt want to leave, this stories getting boring now

Bruce wasn't great when he was on loan, he is not good enough for championship certainly not better than our current back up cb in wallace and mccombe and even kay. McCormack won't be signing dragged on too long, and we won't pay the price Leeds want for him.

Bruce must be rubbish - otherwise his dad would want him at Hull. Leeds pick bad central defenders - Darren O'Dear was another poor player - Pearce will turn out the same.

RM i couldnt care less......... the whole saga was thought up by bates to start a bidding war before he sells up( if thats even true) and he's not world class is he?.....bruce would have absolutely no chance getting in our team now!(struggled last season) no turn of pace + would get torn to shreds in championship!
agree with the above in regards to what evidence do you have to back this up??

Unless you're best mates with both Grayson and McCormack, how can you possibly know whether they like each other or not. You're just following another pathetic players revolt rumour

Nothing wrong with Bruce! He gave his all for the club during his loan spell!

ROSS McCormack going to wednesday

McCormack and grayson fell out because he was not playing him enough reports of handbags between them before he left as well

Did you go watch Bruce when he was on loan at Town,if you did you need to visit spec savers.He is rubbish!!!!!

Just because someone gives their all doesnt mean they should get in the team! i'd give my all playing for town and england does that mean i merit a place!
bruce is not good enough! SIMPLE

McCormack rumor starting to fade away seems as if Huddersfield are tracking James Vaughn and first time I've heard Wednesday rumour but with snoddy off wage bill could we afford to offer him more money



28 Jul 2012 08:40:07
Blackburn are going for Simon Cox and Aaron Hughes with the money they get from hoilett.

He is a free u wont get money

Actually, Blackburn can get all the good in the world, they'd still go down the divisions with a wretched manager like Steve Kean in charge.

He is under 24 so entitled to compensation

Product of the Rovers youth academy therefore Rovers WILL get a fee.
If they cannot come to an agreement with QPR over a fee, then a tribunal will settle the fee.

Get over 5million compensation

'He is free u wont get money' - never heard of compensation

The money we will get is compansation for the training we have given

Same as sturridge we will get some money

They are asking for 6 million compo and QPR will offer only 2 million



28 jul 2012 08:11:19
bristol city transfer news please.

City are after to more players a defender and a striker after signing tom heaton and paul anderson

Expect more desperation signings over the next three or four weeks ....Oh and a few looking to abandon ship as they recognise where the club is heading !

Mate I think we all know where the club is headind --- And it aint upwards

Explain these desperation signings then or are you some bitter gashead whos club sign city rejects?!

We anit heading up is because we keep siging players that no one wants that cant even get a game at another club,our owners have plenty of money i think they need to invest abit more in better players not free transfers

Who have they actually lost who you would wanna keep albert adomah still here pitman still here stead still here fontaine still there!cisse i never rated james rubbish maynard wanted to go because he wanted more money and to play in the prem.morris is there for back up and to get experience coaching. its who you get in to replace the players you lost were stay up and i got no reason to disbelieve that at the present time. they got rid some players on 7k to 20k a week which he is revesting in player atm anderson heaton morris and cunningham and with the possibly of 3 to 5 new players i reckon Buzsaky, gerrard(cb) and few jocks probably

I think City have kept hold of & bought the right people to keep them in the Championship!

Thought he played for derby anyways

We'll see



28 Jul 2012 01:59:20
Ipswich will move to sign former Scunthorpe and Reading left back Marcus Williams from Sheffield United if Aaron Cresswell leaves

Please take him! hes shockin

Cresswell desperate to leave if other clubs are interested. Claims he is demoralised by ipswich's lack of serious ambition. Source SSN

Terrible player one of Reading's worst signings Ipswich can do better from a Reading fan

Aaron cresswell is unlikely to be leaving as villa only wanna pay 3.5 mil and ipswich want around 6 mil

Take him, he played awful against burton and rotherham!



28 Jul 2012 01:52:23
Aston Villa starlet Enda Stevens is set to join Midland neighbours Walsall, in a 6 month loan deal, which would see him play competitive football regularly, allowing Paul Lambert to assess his progress as he rebuilds his defence for the future.

If he is to play at Villa, it will be as a C/B not a L/B .. cant see him playing out wide for Villa.

Stevens is a top class left back.
After watching him in pre-season he can play already in our first team.

I think you're jumping a bit ahead of yourself with the whole stevens playing in the first team...i was at the Philadelphia game, he is going to be a good player but not first team in the premier league good yet..



28 Jul 2012 01:44:13
Wigan will bid £6m for Birmingham's Nathan Redmond if they sell Victor Moses to Chelsea

They may bid but why would he go to wigan and just be in the championship again next season

He wouldn't be in the championship next season because we are not going to get relegated. But Wigan don't even need Redmond because if Moses leaves we are going to sign Marco pappa who is 10 times better than Redmond.

Birmingham said the same last year about beausejour

Great so Wigan will be relegated again!! Wigan would be a decent move for Redmond in my view, Wigan have a thing for turning young promising players into superstars



28 Jul 2012 01:42:25
Reading are considering a £2m bid for Birmingham's Chris Burke

Chris Burke in an interview in Austria has stated he wants to play in the premier league but he wants to do it the right way but getting promoted first so this will not happen

BM said if the right player come along he would sign them actually.

Chris Burke in an interview in Austria has stated he wants to play in the premier league but he wants to do it the right way but getting promoted first so this will not happen

Yes because a football players word can always be taken as gospel!

We won't be buying another winger we already have them coming out of our ears.

Burke can play behind the striker in the same position as Sigurdsson



28 Jul 2012 01:08:33
I have it on very good authority Norwich City are all set to sign Togolese defensive midfielder Alaixys Romao from Ligue 1 side Lorient in the next few days so definitely watch this space



28 Jul 2012 01:01:24
Great news dons fans. Sam baldock is set to return on a season long loan after he stated stadium mk is where he wants to be

What he doesnt want prem footie

What nonsense, he is most likely to go to Charlton



28 Jul 2012 00:51:11
Lawrie Wilson to return to stevenage om loan after falling out with chris powell

No chance.



28 Jul 2012 00:30:05
Robert koren to agree A new two year contract which will keep him at the club until 2014 after he loves the tigers ambition



28 Jul 2012 00:26:12
Spoke to my friend who is on the bristol city board and he said that we are now talking to someone who will surprise a lot of the fans of the club. The replacement nicky maynard will be nathan tyson.derek rates him highly and the deal could be done by the end of next week

This surprise better be someone good

Doubt we'd sign Tyson

My uncle who is on the mighty rams board has said tyson is not for sale,his goal record for us is second to none lol,please bristol sign him

Please please please dont tease me! i pray this is true :)



28 Jul 2012 00:11:00
Strong, strong rumours the Rams have bidded for Conor Sammon after the Steven Davies deal goes through to Ipswich this weekend

Why are people still going on about this.
We were interested 18 months ago before he went to wigan.Now hes been at wigan he hasnt made no sort of impact there and is always on the bench.
hes 26/27 when clough said no players over 25.Sammon himself said hes not leaving and will fight his place.Chris wood is who we are getting and someone from abroad.

We are not after Connor sammon.Nigel clough said "he was a player we looked at 18 months ago before he went to wigan.He hasnt made an impact in english football therefore it was the right choice we didnt up our bid.We are looking to maintain this young side and he dosent fit that mould.We are currently watching some potential targets at the Olympics.He was then asked by the reporter what about chris wood and clough said in respect to chris's club we will not discuss that.



27 Jul 2012 23:36:06
Ryan Hall, Southend's 24 year old winger, is wanted by Bristol City, Notts Forest and Brighton

The signing of Anderson makes this unlikely?

We have about 210 wingers so why another?

Brighton are not after a winger

OMG brighton signing essien!!


Its bristol rovers who are after him not bristol city

Complete BS. Not truth in essien to brighton.



27 Jul 2012 23:12:50
After failing to sign Ross McCormack, Crystal Palace will now turn their attention to signing Erik Huseklepp from Portsmouth.

He's going back to Brann!

And what makes you think that Palace have missed out on anybody yet??

He's going back to fc Brann (fact) its all been agreed....

He is in Norway agreeing terms with Brann

Set to join brann this week or early next headed out to norway yesterday

Complete rubbish, signing for Brann. Check you facts before posting rubbish

He's already moved on.

Huseklepp has just signed for former club FC Brann on a 4 1/2 year deal. Leaving only 4 senior players on Portsmouths books! Source; Portsmouth FC

Seening as he has just signed for SK Brann, I find that unlikely...

To be honest, I wouldn't want Huseklepp at Palace. We wouldn't be able to match what he was getting at Portsmouth without breaking our wage budget and he never really made that big an impact on the Championship anyway..

Now who needs to check their facts? Pmsl

Erik was finding his feet in the championship with some great goals, Birmingham did not appreciate him but thanks for the loan payment

No-one because he has joined brann



27 Jul 2012 23:04:32
wigan athletic will not sign ramis as the player has said the club is not right for him

It looks like the amatuer back room staff at Wigan have cost them another good signing in Ramis, terms agreed with West Ham and he is set for a medical. When will they learn

Amatuer back room staff ! He has gone to West Ham purely for more money as did Diame . Wigan are run as a buisness and they cant pay stupidly high wages . West Ham can pay the high wages and get in even more debt . Well Done .

Yea. Ramis signs for Wigan. Shows how much he rates West Ham



27 Jul 2012 23:02:00
Stoke City are looking to relieve Celtic of their target man Daryl Murphy, formerly of Sunderland, as they look for more goalscorers within their squad. The clubs have agreed a 1m fee for the 29 year old player.

This is definitely not true but it would be hilarious if it was. 1m for Murphy? That's like paying 10 for a Freddo! lol

Pulis is not daft he wont pay that for Murphy hes a donkey trust me gave me the cold sweats anytime he was given the ball safc fan

If Stoke want a goalscorers than Daryl
Murphy is not the player for them.

Hope this is true i think hes had a hard time at celtic not getting a place i think giving time i think he can score goals worth a punt anyway

Looking for more goalscorers? He was on loan at Bristol, made 33 appearances and scored 4 goals. Would be glad to get him off the wages but nowhere near 1 million.

Poor man's left footed Jon Walters - No thanks!

If Stoke are looking goalscorers why are they going for Murphy? He is hardly prolific.

33 apps and a 4 goal return at bristol... he'd be lucky towork a keeper in the prem.. absolutely do not want him at stoke, we cant score as it is. DL



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