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To the person who stated that Aberdeen FC have won more European trophies than Everton FC.

Aberdeen have won one genuine European trophy, the other was the super cup which is a one off game and the equivalent of the Charity Shield. Everton FC have also won one genuine European Trophy. Additionally I think you will find that Aberdeen have won seven league titles, Everton Fc have won 9 (behind Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester united). Facts speak for themselves.

Furthermore to the people who intimate that Moyes would jump at the chance to go to either Rangers or Celtic. Why? Martin O'Neill had a fine time up there and was successful, but due to personal (ahem) reasons, resigned and not long after came back to manage (at the time) a top 10 side. Football is football, but after Sky has sexed it up, there is just no attraction throughout Europe or the world for Scottish Football however it is a pity that two great clubs in Rangers and Celtic stay up there.

Also I would suggest when you ask how many finals Everton FC have reached of late, please look at who manages us! Basically a central defender who seems to understand the importance of having a solid and defensive unit but financial considerations aside doesn't seem to be able to grasp what it is, to be a free flowing footballing team. It seems a little absurd that you gloat that Moyes would leave but is Moyes who has managed us into the defensive mid table team you suggest we are. (By the way being 6th is not mid table – especially after finishing 4th, 6th and 5th in three of the last four years)

Unfortunately, in this day and age, popularity and perceived size of club seems to depend on which league you are in, where you are based and what money you have and in which city you are based. I bet many people wouldn't even put Everton FC into the top four or five clubs when asked to list the most successful clubs in terms of cups and league titles. Look at Chelsea and Tottenham. Before 1994 and the FA cup final against Man Utd, no one had heard of Chelsea. .they are traditionally not a big club. .they have won the league three times! (Everton have won it nine as mentioned above) and Spurs have only ever won it three times as well.

It seems to me that when Sky took over, they remarketed football, this became an international product and as most players in the Permiership are now imports, they only seem to be interested in playing in London unless you are already a massively marketed club i.e. Liverpool and manchester utd or can pay big money.
  The speculation of david moyes moving to rangers or any other scottish club is rubbish. the only scottish team going anywhere in the near future is celtic. david moyes is under no pressure at everton which is the complete opposite to celtic where they are expected to win every game including champions league games (when playing at home). the battle for willow flood of cardiff, curently on loan at dundee utd, is surely to be won by celtic which would see flood sign for the champs by the end of the season or even in january. that is if there is no temptation from any premiership teams. newcastle are showing interest in artur boruc if shay given leaves. boruc has had a tough season and this move could be the way back to form for the holy goalie.
  Arsenal will make a shock move for mathieu flamini, an offer that will involve alex song and 4m in the deal as a part swap.
do not be surprised to see this happen in the next 4–6 days
keep eyes peeled to this page
  To the person who said Moris stevenage to Millwall. Well 1 its Morison and we also won't sell him for £150,000 this guy has scored somnething like 82 goals in 128 apperances. And i know for certain being a Stevenage fan that we won't sell him until the summer and were looking at the price of £250,000 as we recieved this price for PeterBoroughs George Boyd and Steve Morison (MORO) is just as good as him if not better
  I have it on authority that Rangers FC will sign a major striker and defender before the deadline.

The transfer will go through thanks to a cash injection from a third party with the view to resell value.

Italian defender and Spanish striker will discuss terms this week.

  Ah'm sick of all the slagging of scottish football on this site. if celtic and rangers were in the EPL then our bank balances would be bursting. and do you think consortiums would by the likes of man city before celtic or rangers. don't think so. celtic are one of the biggest clubs in world football. FACT. and i'm a rangers fan too. we've attracted some eh the biggest names to our clubs in the past. larsson, laudrup gazza, gattuso to name a few. and that's all in a "pathetic league".

but on to the rumours.

willow flood to celtic
stephen mcmanus to newcastle 4–5m
barry freguson to newcastle 2–3m
kris boyd to birmingham 3–4m
david healy to rangers 1–2m

all by the end of the transfer window.

big sqaash.
Arsenal won't be signing Senna because villareal wan't the full release clause in his contract which is around 25 million and he's 32 which alone makes the deal 90% less likely.
Guess what. .Arshavin. .he is set to drop his wage demands in order to secure a 'dream' move to arsenal(this guy has a lot of dream every other week during the summer he dreamt of playing for a different club!)
Defensive reinforcements will wait until the summer.
The huge gap in arsenal's defensive midfield position will also have to wait until the summer to be filled.
The arshavin deal will mean that no striker will be signed unless a player of 'super quality is available at an unbelieveable price'
  Moyes is the next man u manager, a real club with real history :)

Also ferguson will loan nani to everton for 6 months as tosic is his prefferd choice.
  Walsall set to sign finnish winger Kari Arkivuo from Sandefjord
  Ex Arsenal Midfielder Ray Parlour is in talks with Julian Dicks the manager of non–league side Wivenhoe Town FC about joining.
  I would just like to comment in relation to the posts regarding Everton struggling in the SPL and being a boring mid table team. I thought you actually had TV's in scotland?? obviously I was wrong.

The only small difference is that that we actually play in the best league in the world, hence most of the best players playing in the PREM and the rejects ending up in the SPL. Maybe you should get out more yourself or stick too watching your own Mickey Mouse league than slating the teams in ours.

Do you honestly beleive the Celtic or Rangers would compete with the TOP 4 in the PREM?? Something Moyes has achieved with Everton and has also qualified for the UEFA cup which I don't think could happen in the Premier League with an average team. We are here and competing with the best teams on a limited budget purely down to team spirit and a top manager, so if we are an average team imagine if we were half decent, god we would win the league every year.

I do agree that Moyes will one day manage in the Highly Sought After SPL that gets all the media/press coverage and everyone across the globe
watches every weekend, but that is a long way off.

It baffles me as to how you can say any team in the PREM are boring, I watch more a less every game that is shown on Sky Sports or Sultana, and to be honest the teams struggling actually provide the better matches, it just shows that you are not really a football fan as the games between the TOP 4 are usually the dull and boring matches.

Last Couple of Point before my Rant is over:–

I agree that Celtic and Rangers wouldn't want to join the PREM, cos they know that within a season they would end up in the Championship and would never play European Football again, so you are right in saying that.

You only need to look at the SPL table to realise that every year only 2 team realistically can win the title, Celtic or Rangers (how interesting).

The funniest thing though, if you actually go into Rangers FC website, the 1st thing that appears is see Beckham at Ibrox, cos there fans would rather see an opposing team player than there own.

Anyway rant over, now onto my rumours (which this site if for):–

I posted a few weeks back that Everton would sign Nani on loan, you might laugh but this was going to happen until United's injury problems. Fergie had lost faith with Nani and his bad attitude and agreed a loan deal with Moyes in the hope of recouping some of the £17m paid for him if he impressed (I am not saying he would have signed for Everton but other clubs would get to see him playing every week) hence United signing Tosic.

Anyway Moyes does have some money to spend but he is reluctant to buy foreign players who may take time to adjust to the Prem.

Therefore, Moyes is looking to the championship for a bargain, he has spoken to Steve Coppell about the possiblity of signing Kevin Doyle at Reading but this was immediately dismissed with Reading reluctant to sell the leagues leading goal scorer. Even if the player did request a move they would still want around £8m for his services which Moyes will not pay.

We have also enquired about Ebanks Blake but once again Wolves would not sell the player, this leaves Everton now looking at bringing in Ricardo Fuller from Stoke due to Evertons lack of strikers, the player would only cost in the region of £2–3m and would be a short term solution for Moyes.

Thats all Folks – In Moyes We Trust

  Portsmouth midfielder Niko Kranjcar is leaving fratton park for Arsenal for a reported deal off around £6–12 8 million will be the fee paid to portsmouth now with further add–on bonus`s taking the deal to 12 million . Kranjcar was not in the portsmouth squad on tuesday night v a.villa he was injured but wasnt really he was at the emirates stadium with he`s agent. The Arshavin deal has collapsed and is not going through as the player is close to joining Manchester City. I know all this info as i am friends with both players agents.
  Arshavin was no where to been seen today (tuesday pm) at the training ground in Dubi ,I was told that he was told "had to leave urgently"
I post no lie
Gunner 14
  I love how this site is full of rumours about the old firm and everton predominantly. its pretty clear that all three (maybe not so much celtic) have money problems compared to the oil–rich premier league big guns so i don't see how this amount of rumours can be churned up in all honesty.
real rumours on the grape vine are as follows:
heurhelho gomes won't be leaving for psv as theyve clearly stated their disinterest in him, so spurs are touting him around spain to clubs in mid–table.
liverpool are still concentrating on their lack of full–backs. rafa wants immediate impact from his signings (much like torres and alonso did) so he is looking at micah richards, marcelo and drenthe of and also miguel of valencia.
tottenham will sign two more players in this window. harry wants to rebuild what martin jol started and so is looking for players similar to what the idiots comolli and ramos sold. he is looking for a clever left winger, like malbranque but with a left foot lol. zhirkov offer has been submitted on the sly. the other position is now another young, talented striker with a keen eye for goal and some physical presence as backup for pavlyuchenko. with this said, redknapp is keeping tabs on the availabilty of lukas podolski as well.
  Hahahahahahaha ive never laughed so much as i did when i saw the rumour that spurs wanted to buy andy reid back!! what a joker you are sir (or madame, lets not get sexist lol)! on the plus side, we wudnt have to offer him anymore than the price of an extra–value meal for wages now wud we!! aaaaaaahahaha

spurs have a deligation in lisbon to talk to miguel veloso much like a few PL teams after hearing bolton were allowed to talk with him
  Real Rumours:

Tottenham to take Robbie Kean back for €8 million (as LFC have already paid €14 million of the €22 million fee) and wipe the remaining debt. LFC will then use Babel as the back up striker to Torres and El Zhar will be used as backup to the Left wing.

Rafa Benitez has no money available to him to bring in someone, but his eyes are on Richards from city in the summer for a fee of €15 million (which is currently being negotiated), and another striker in the form of Villa (only one who can partner with Torres) for a fee of €21 million + Arbeloa. As a show of good faith, Rafa is negotiating giving Lucas for a 6month loan (first 6 of the season) and to return over the xmas period. Daniel Agger will sign a contract extension. The only other player Rafa will sign is Elano from Man City (why…I have no idea…they don’t need anymore midfielders) for €8 million.

Man City will end up landing Van der Vaart in a €30 million deal. He is no longer playing consistently at Man City and is sick of sitting on the bench. Also, Real will need the money because they are going to bring in Tevez from Man Utd as Man U will bork at the price and Real will snap him up for €35 million. Van Nistelrooy will be sold to the Serie A to Napoli for €10 million and he will retire there.
  Valencia have set David Villa's price tag at 90 million pounds, just because they have financial problems does not mean they are willing to sell for 25–35. However, they would probably accept 75–80.

Arsenal continue to pursue Arshavin, however it is being hampered by numerous difficulties and conflicting press reports.

It would b a helluva lot better if they just tried 2 sign Veloso and Micah Richards!
  First of all to the the guy who said some crap about sunderland saying some 10 people will join sunderland this transfer time.
That was a joke right?Cause if it was then it is fine. .BUT if you tink it is true then u are seriously crazy because Sunderland don't have that much of damn money to by players.
now for some real news.

People have been saying that man city r interested in Arteta and will offer a 100m pounds for him.JUST KIDDIN. The will pay about 20m for him.
  To all the Jocks who took umbradge at my last post about David Moyes not wanting to move to Scotland.

It's natural for you to have a go back and slag Everton off.

Yes Rangers and Celtic are in Europe every season, but that's because they both only have to play against Micky Mouse clubs to get there.

The premier league is in a totally different class to the SPL, and my point was, why would he want to travel to all those Micky Mouse village clubs every week.

He may not fulfill his ambitions at Everton, but I doubt he will want to take two steps backwards and move to Scotland.

Onto Rangers. They got to the final last year for one reason. Cuellar. In most other years both Celtic and Rangers get knocked out early.

Onto my guess for Everton.

I doubt he will sell anyone unless the price is really high as his squad is down to the bear bones.

I think we'll have one or two loan signings in and only Mr Moyes and one or two others know who that will be.

There is a rumour on the Blue Kipper fansite that Liverpool have offered Robbie Keane on loan until the end of the season. They are usually quite accurate on Everton matters.
  I was on the way to home park when i spotted carl fletcher on his way in for a medical. He is expected to complete a loan move in the next few days to plymouth argyle. Also i heard that paul sturrock will comtinue his pursuit of japanese star Akihiro Ienaga but he may have to wait until the summer as he will fail to get a work permit now.But Paul Sturrock may not be in charge for much longer if the club fail to beat bristol city tonight and put in another disappointing performance, he is rumoured to be on the brink of the sack. Leading candiates are Iain Dowie, Aidy Boothroyd and Alan Pardew.
  Jonathan Forte and Gael Kakuta are both on Paul Sturrocks list of potential loan signings, with Sturrock wanting to confirm the transfer of Oliver Lancashire later this week.
  An aquaintence who works for Texas Rangers , owned by Tom Hicks rang me to tell me Man City's chief exec , Gary Cooke has been in protracted talks abot the sale of Torres to City for a fee well in excess of what they were prepared to pay for Kaka . City are insisting on utmost secrecy after the Kaka fiasco . Torres is losing faith with Benitez's ability to maintain a sustained challenge and woud be willing to go if Alonso can be included in the deal . Gerrard , he knows would never go to City as he has ambitions to play for Barca , that's going to happen this summer as Hicks and Gillet's finances are in meltdown . The Torres story will break after the Chelsea game when both parties are hopeful it will all be tied up .
  1st off i am responding to the guy that said he had seen Arshavin In London, that may be true but i will say this, a guy who is the spitting image of him was sat in the back of a black people carrier at a roundabout in London Colney this morning (not to far from the Arsenal training ground). It could have been him and i sorely hope it was.

Rumours. . .Arsenal also have delegation in lisbon looking into the purchase of Miguel Veloso but the move would likely be in the Summer rather than now. The delegation were on the first plane to Portugal after hearing Lisbon had allowed Bolton to tal to their player after offering a fee of £12m.

If the Arshavin deal goes through Arsenal will not sign anymore players in this transfer window without first selling or part–ex'ing other players. Highly unlikely though
  Tottenham Ins and out
this January
Taye Taiwo – 8m from marseille
andy reid 4.2m from sunderland
kenwyne jones 16m from sunderland
ashley young 25m from aston villa
orlando engelaar 8m from schalke 04
Gareth bale – 12m Man united
cesar sanchez – 0 middlesborugh
frazier campbell – canceling loan
Darren Bent – 10m Aston villa
Adel Tarrabt – loan – LOSC Lille
  It is to my beleif that andrew driver could be on his way to rangers for a fee in the region of 3millions pounds

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