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1. Villa, Aguero and Henry will not be coming to the Premiership 100% FACT!!! If Henry does come back it will be after he has retired and will become part of Arsenal's coaching staff. the player has vowed to never play for another English side other than Arsenal.

2. Van Persie and Cesc are going nowhere. one of Bendtner or Adebayor will be going. my guess is Bendtner and will be replaced by a striker we havent got a clue about and will not be leaked into the press until the summer. that's Wengers style.

3. Joe Cole to Arsenal. . .100% laughable. NO CHANCE.

4. Wenger did infact try to sign Kalou last summer but Chelsea didn't want to know. Wenger has now bought Arshavin and now has no interest in Kalou who is just seeking a move away from the bridge.

Rock Whiler
  I have also heard the rumor that Del Pierro will be coming to Ibrox in the summer

We Are The People
1 in a row
  Arsenal to sell adebayor and use the cash to buy karim benzema. Eboue will be sold.
  Efc will sign . .
Jo 8m
Krancjar 6.5m
Vagner Love 15m(Thanks to Jo)

Yakubu 14m Spurs or Man city
Jacobson 4m To sweeden
Yobo 6m to marsille
Van der mayde 3m psv

Blue Boys going to wembeley 2009
  Rick Parry will be leaving Liverpool in the summer and a certain Kenny Dalgleish will replace him as a Director of Football. News has been leaked by an agent.
  To the guy who wrote this –––
"" It's very funny how everyone except for Liverpool fans are getting so worked up about Liverpool FC. You are all great to laugh at so thank you for that. It is also good to see how you lot think you know more about Liverpool's business dealings than anyone else! None of you know anything for sure, that's the only FACT. Liverpool WILL buy Aguero, and they Will buy Maxi Rodrigues. I hope that statement upsets you. Van Persie, Rosiscky and Fabregas will all leave Arsenal in the summer and I don't think you'll be back in the top four for a good few years. You'd be lucky if you got 5th place this season, your done for and enjoy the Uefa Cup. Thank goodness for that Villa are tenm times better than Arsenal this season anyway. ""–––––––––––

It's very funny how you are getting so worked up about Arsenal FC. You are great to laugh at so thank you for that. It is also good to see how you think you know more about Arsenal's business dealings than anyone else! You know nothing for sure, that's the only FACT. .

Now some real rumours––––
Man United ins and outs////



Benzema or Aguero (latter one less likely.)
Antonio Valencia or Alexis Sanchez
Axel Witsel (90% sure)
  Hi Everyone, its me again, Red–dy for the Truth. As i reported yesterday, I said that Liverpool would have a big announcement in the next 48 hours and I did say that it could be Rick Parry leaving, and for the second time in a week, my contact has proved to be right. Negotiations over Rafa's contract will continue over the weekend, and because of the game against Boro, contact between all parties will be difficult. There are still some issues to be resolved but these creases can be ironed out easily.
The appointment of a new chief executive will not be rushed. The owners want someone who will support Rafa as much as he can and do a good job at negotiationing transfers and running the club on a day to day basis, the first name ive heard so far is Alistair Mackintosh, the former CEO of Man City. Hicks also wants to appoint someone to travel across the world and promote the Liverpool franchise and obtain more sponsors in order to increase funding and income to help the club move forward. I only post when I know something and regular readers will know my info is 100% accurate.
Moyes TArgets with 25m to spend;
Moutinho 15m
Krancjar 6m
VDM 2.5m
Saha 2.5m
Jacobsen 1.5m
  George Gillet will follow Rick Parry out of Liverpool in the summer with a Kuwati Buisnessman buying out Gillets stake plus half of Hicks stake so Hicks will only have a minority stake in the club Liverpool will then sign a host of players Aguero(32m) , G.Johnson(10m) , Kierrison(11m) , M.Johnson(9m) , Ramos(29m) and Sielva(3m) all being targeted
  First to the sellik fan who said 5 in a row
Just you concern yourself with beating St Mirren coz with your recent form that will be hard enough !!!

Anyway now the important stuff

Super Ally will be instaled as manger as soon as the league is in the bag ! Weir is also moving on to the coaching staff but is also getting another years playing contract
Ferguson is leaving in the summer to either NUFC
OR Boro He isn't getting his contract renewed and he is in the final year
Expect Bouggerra and McGregor to be sold also
Boug 5–6 million
Mcg 6–7 million
also to leave are Dailly Hemdani S Smith all free
Adam 500,000 Blackpool
Beasley 750,000 Shalke or Betis
McArthur & Cerny Hamilton 2 million
Stranzil Moscow 1.5 million
Tonel 2.5 million
Harewood Villa 2.5 million
And don't rule out the poss of Gatusso coming back as his contract has only 18 months left on it and he has said money is not an issue he wants to finish where he started

The League flags comming home to the world record holders WE ARE THE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!
  The fella who says that Jesus navas suffers from home sickness is completely spot on and he even suffers from ceisures and has his father travel with him to many away games.
There won't be many players moving to anfield, mainly back up players of reasonable quality though.
Valencia are heavily in debt and so will not be selling Silva or villa for a while yet because they will hopefully get them some sucess on the field helping that this will keep them going until villa and silva reach their prime and will then cash in. The only departures from the mestella in the summer will be some of the expierenced players like marchena who will be going to arsenal.

Following the anouncement that Rick Parry will leave the club at the end of the season things will really styart moving at Anfield. Firstly, George Gillett has re–entered negotiations with Nasser al–Kharifi about selling his stake in the club, this will hit the headlines in the next few days. Bigger than this however is that negotiators on behalf of Tom Hicks have made al–Kharifi aware that if negotiations are succesful then Hicks is willing part with 70% of his shares (35% of the club) at the same rate that Gillett sells his. al–Kharifi will then be in control of funding transfers but Hicks will use some of the money from selling his shares to put up 15% of the stadium cost. When the stadium is completed, Hicks will sell the rest of his shares at a previously agreed price. This will mean Hicks can leave with his head held high and al–Kharifi will be certain of owning Liverpool outright so will fund transfers happily.

As I have said this is from a very reliable source who I believe 100%. Make of it what you will, slate me if you want, but I am simply passing on what I believe to be reliable info.

Good times ahead for LFC!!!!

PS. Just an observation, but because of what I have been told, it is highly unlikely that any deals for players have been agreed. Rafa has almost certainly contacted some players about moves but for a deal to be completed the owners need to sign the cheque. If they don't think they'll be here, they simply won't do it. Though I don't know this for a fact, it would make sense!!
  Spot on about Tevez, of course you won't get him for free. He is on a two year loan deal with United, set to expire at the end of this season. The deal cost a reported £5million. During this time, he has helped United claim at least one league title and a Champions League crown. If and when they win anything this season, he will have helped towards that too. Not a bad bit of business, wouldn't you say? Fergie has been very coy and wiley as usual: get in a top star on loan whilst you wait for your main target (a certain Bulgarian) to become available. Remember Henrik Larsson, anyone? So Liverpool fans, stop being smug: firstly, he won't sign for you– you can't afford him, and Kia is unlikey to want to loan him out again, as his value now is probably as high as it'll get, so Kia will cash–in. If he leaves, his rights will be bought outright by a club that can afford him. Secondly, whilst it would be a shame if he left, there's nothing to get upset about in letting him slip– after all, it's not like he's the first name on the team sheet. His future is in United's hands, not the other way round. Finally, compare his tenure at Old Trafford with a similar costing player at Anfield. His net cost was about £5million, he won nothing, put you in no better position to win anything, and was shipped off after half a season. Can you guess who it is yet?

With this in mind, United fans be wary too: if he goes, don't expect Benzema, Aguerro or whoever else. The problem with Tevez is that he's too good to sit on the bench, wait for injuries, and play in the Carling Cup. The same applies to the big names floating around. Another coy move by Fergie in signing Tevez has been to buy his time to wait on the development of several promising young strikers. So far so good with Welbeck, coming along nicely. Campbell is stop–start at Spurs, and Manucho (admittedly, not young, but no superstar either) likewise at Hull. If one of these two aren't ready, don't be surprised to see another loan signing.

Sir Alex Himself
  With contracts coming to an end this year does anybody else know if theres a chance of Liverpool resigning Danny Murphy and Michael Owen to add too the squad!! Danny could fill that McCallister roll in the squad and the mighty Owen would be perfect to play with or instead of Torres!!
  To the bloke with all the friends in the French press. Even if the more passive model of restricting only match day squads to 5 foreign players were put into effect it would still limit the ability for foreign players to make money, thereby restricting free trade and being discriminatory to non–English players. A team certainly wouldn’t pay a lot to a player they’d have to rotate in an out of their starting 11 and plus it would still put a restriction on the number of “jobs” available for foreign players. That and the fact that the only people to propose that the 6+5 rule is legal is the Institute for European Affairs (INEA), who were commissioned by FIFA to study the issues regarding the rule. They hold no power or influence when it comes to writing the rule of law for the EU. In response to their statement that 6+5 wasn’t illegal the European Commission, who do hold sway as to the rule of law in the EU released this statement to Reuters:
"The first impression. . is that we don't find any reason to change our view. Our position is well known, whether through direct or passive action, FIFA's 6+5 rule is based on direct discrimination on the grounds of nationality and is thus against one of the fundamental principles of EU law."
Straight away, if FIFA were to pass the rule tomorrow the EU would halt its implementation upon review by the courts, so short of full approval buy the EU it could be years to see the rule instated. I’m having trouble seeing were Sepp Blatter getting a new contract has anything to do with the passing of the 6+5 rule. Nice try though…
Red in Exile
  Quote : "The contact is sure the Ronaldo to Man City WILL go ahead as he has been informed by both Gary Cook and Ronaldo's agent. Man U haven't said anything to him as they don't want it spreading mid–season like the Beckham to Real deal."

If Ronaldo is not informed, how did he manage to accept a 500,000 package like you mentioned earlier? Please explain.
  Sorry True Blue i meant Mickey Del Piero and Johnny Gattuso from the Dog and Duck on Manor Street. Old Moonbeams is digging around the local haunts at this stage
  I've heard a rumour that Liverpool will be getting new investment and a new owner who really wants to get into sport. The new owner is not from the middle east and is abit closer to home. He's recently looked at buying a team in another sport but didn't because he didn't consider it the right time as he is quite enviromentally concious, which is surprising considering he owns an airline. Guessed who it is yet? It's none other than Richard Branson. He's decided he wants to get into owning a sports team (probably because it's the billionaires new play thing) and he feels like he'd be onto a winner with Liverpool FC
  The long awaited arrival of Martin Jol on Tyneside will be in the summer. Newcastle should have got him on board years ago. Owen will leave and be replaced by Olic who will come with Jol.
As Ashley has capped spending @ 15mil there will be monies made available thanks to Owens and Smiths wages as well as the latters transfer fee. Rumours of Sendeross of Arsenal/Milan and Daniel Diaz may not be that far from the mark though Riquelme maybe. Newcastle will also join the list in pursuit of Diego Milito.

A cheeky loan deal/to purchase for Van der Vaart, the perfect place to mould the new Keegan! maybe

  Wolverhampton Wanderers news from the good ole US of A. Seriously though, to the rumour. There is a large likelihood Wolverhampton will have new owners, a small eastern european consortium, as early as the 09/10 season. How do i know this? well, this is where you can choose to believe it or not; my ex girlfriend who is from eastern europe who i keep in close contact with still has told me her father, who is a very wealthy man who already owns the largest club in his homeland (your hint is the country borders italy) has been scoping out an english club to purchase. I've been kept up over the past year or so and the club that he's chosen is Wolverhampton, in attempts to maintain their hypothetical premier league survival and to provide an easier way for youngsters from his country to climb the tiers up towards english football. The money is there, it's just a matter of seeing what will transpire. again, no reason to lie as Im a die–hard newcastle fan and the only thing that concerns me with wolverhampton is hoping Kightly comes and plays for us!

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