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28 Aug 2013 23:36:12
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28 Aug 2013 23:29:01
Strong rumours that Brighton have accepted a £500,000 bid from Burnley for striker Ashley Barnes. Seems far too cheap but he does only have 1 year left on his contract. Brighton have offered him a new contract in the last few days.

Not a bad player but misses about 20 for every 1 he scores

29 Aug 2013 04:15:43
Bit harsh that first comment, if he goes for half million, who would we replace him with for that price, we should be adding a striker not selling one

Barnes cost more than that

We wouldn't sell for that cheap as you say he has a year left on his contract so we won't sell. Also we won't sell to a rival team in the championship

Check your local paper, the argus. I think you will find that its happening, nomatter what you think!

Ive just checked the local paper. and it says he's still injured and that he has been linked with Burnley. but how can you take a medical if your injured? also on Transfer market webite he is 23 and valued at £850,000. so nomatter what you say this won't happen. Loan Possible. But doubtfull. KJG

This is true rumours are over here aswel, also united to sign fellaini and (OR) baines, everton to use the money to sign wigans mccarthy and wigan to sign jordan rhodes from blackburn.

The paper does not say IT IS happening--only that there is interest from Burnley--a bit of a difference--we will wait and see!

Just because there is interested doesn't instantly mean it's happening, it's a complex process. Don't really care if he goes anyway, as long as we have a replacement of sorts.

Not happening. Jose Baxter is about to sign for the Clarets. You heard it here first.

Just read the paper it says IT IS happening and is expected in lanxashire tomorrow for a medical. he can do a medical if injured they just need to make sure its not a recurring injury, seagulls will have to go without barnes this season

The paper does not say 'it is' happening, and the paper has now just said that Brighton have said 'hands off Barnes' and burnley have been priced out of the move

Sounds reasonable all round for a player who missed 10 games last year on suspension for 2 red cards and a bunch of bookings. Also Brighton need the money if they want to get anybody else in before the deadline.



28 Aug 2013 22:56:16
Peterborough to sign;
Either Luke Freeman - Stevenage - Asoje and 250k
Or Ryan Hall - Leeds - Loan
and Jay Simpson - Free Agent

Lol no we won't

I think Jay Simpson is already talking to Ipswich and Bristol City

Ryan hall could be part of deal for Leeds to sign tommy Rowe

Id take Simpson, but stop with the bloody freeman rumour, not happening at all!



28 Aug 2013 22:48:31
st johnstone has offered nigel hasselbaink a new 2 year deal



28 Aug 2013 21:56:08
Wycombe are in talks with Barnet over contracted striker Jake Hyde. It's believed Wycombe would be willing to pay a fee between £40,000-£60,000 and include striker Jo Kuffour as part of the deal.

29 Aug 2013 15:32:39
Barnet turn down deal From wycombe for Jake Hyde BECAUSE Kuffour was offered as part of the deal



28 Aug 2013 20:29:45
Doncaster will re-sign James Baxendale from Walsall before Monday's deadline.

No they won't he just signed s new 3 year deal with walsall

Just because he has signed a new contract doesn't mean a club can't go for him, why do people think that if a player signs a new deal they are untouchable contracts mean nothing only that they can play for team for that amount of years if a team came in with a bid of say 5mil then he would be gone

The investment deal as not so much fell thro as more like bramhall and Baldwin don't want it to go thro watch for john ryan leaving very shortly totally fed up with the support he's not getting from the other two there is an ulterior motive in there behaviour and this will come to light very soon only Watson supporting ryan can stop it keepmoat insider

And are Doncaster going to cough up a million +? NO

Does anyone know what gavjn baldwins role is first he tells us the rovers are on a very good financial position we don't need investment then he is saying we can't afford this and that maybe if we got rid of the overpaid plank we could afford the players we need

The supporters must stand behind john ryan and not allow him to leave not yet we all know that bramhall and Baldwin have only their own interests at heart not the club to allow them full control would be a disaster, bring in new investment find the right man to takeover and then J. R can walk away if that is his wish a proud man for what he has achieved but to be driven out by the other two would be very sad. it only takes one bad apple unfortunately we have two

I understand that one of them is on near to a players salary and the other does not like football. let JR get on with running the club and the investment we need.

The whole regime stinks, Baldwin and FD Ferriby are a total waste of time and money, if and when new investment comes in, they will be the first of many to go, there's only one John Ryan Rtid

Why wouldn't he re-sign its his hometown club

It's Still in spotlight there's a battle at club the problem is John must of okeyed all of these people to come in and help the club so y don't we just get behind the team instead of moaning and watch the lads go for it

He would resign if he felt he could not take the club forward in a meaningful way, and that he did not have the full support of the fans. VSC have not been supportive recently I believe.

There is no such thing as the status quo. If we don't move forward, our best players will be picked off and we will go back down. We have to invest and raise our game and attract the fans. Build it and they will come! John has DRFC's best interests at heart. We don't want o risk losing him or his leadership.

DRFC fan here, we have to face reality, we are a league one club with league on players, and league one support, coupled with a very poor manager with no track record at all. We have a great chairman in JR, but a non supportive board (but John did ask these guys to join in the first instance )We also have a very expensive CEO with little idea about football, surely his salary would have been better spent on players, but we keep on supporting our club, because we're would be with without one RTID

According to our esteem CEO Gavin Baldwin we have a great communications team with Shaun Lockwood at the helm, suggest we try and get a decent football team as a priority last two home games we have been outclassed, what a plank Baldwin is

Well this Rtid fan getting disalussioned with what is going on that investment what ever the deal would of kept us up and build for a few years then c what happened but never mind I think the board got to realise now people r not coming to support the team becose we r a league one outfit and in reality end up back there cheers for everything John but that's me done for this season already

Problem with all clubs we bring in people who avent a clue bout football and the passion it brings,, we bring in blaggers who talk a good job who milk there position at clubs,, so looks like another season of loanees to try and keep us up,, we couldn't do it last time want do it this time I just hope the new kid forester is as good everyone making out we mite get a bargain at end of season sale in league one



28 Aug 2013 20:03:17
Enoh (Ajax) wants to return to Fulham; Enoh only second or third choice in transfer targets for Fulham.

Crystal Palace keen on Enoh but he really is holding out for Fulham. Ajax want £2m and would be willing to sell. Unless Fulham say they are definitely not interested this one could run until the last day of the window.

Enoh did ok at Fulham last season but would not be disappointed if we missed out on him.

Who are the 1 & 2 choice for the Fulham club Infront of glorious Enoh?

Jol not keen on Enoh - if he was he would have bought him. Additionally, Fulham don't need another player like Enoh already got Parker, Boateng, Sidwell. Jol has other midfield targets these include Chantome, Nainggolen and they are much higher in the pecking order than Enoh. Enoh not wanted by Ajax because he is not that good.

Fulham still interested in Aogo and Schletto. Expect business to be stepped up after Saturday's game.



28 Aug 2013 20:50:10
Notts County are looking to secure the services of Bournemouth winger Donal McDermott on loan. Talks still at a very early stage.

Notts county executive jim rodwell is in talks with former manager neil warnock. he wants warnock as advisor to chris kiwomya and assistant mick jones.



28 Aug 2013 20:35:25
Marlon King to sign for Bradford City

Not a chance. Wouldn't want him

Bradford City have no intention of doing any transfer business now this transfer window

Who you wouldn't? Sorry to tell you this but you don't make the decisions, the manager does.



28 Aug 2013 20:21:47
CRYSTAL Palace are understood to be in talks with free agent William Gallas and Reading winger Jimmy Kebe, according to reports this afternoon.
Source: Croydon Media



28 Aug 2013 20:10:24
London clubs Fulham and QPR are battling to sign Bradford City's Nahki Wells after having bids of £4. 45 Million accepted.

PP said no offers and confirmed today that Wells not going anywhere.

Bradford would let him go if that was offered he is a good player but 4.4 million don't think so

Snap their hands off at 4. 4 david viall only cost 5 million

Fulham nor QPR will sign him.

He's staying at Bradford.

Bradford have already said they won't sell, it's too late in the window.

You just keep telling yourself that the rest of us know the reality of football. Naki will no doubt go now whilst his value is at its highest not saying it'll be Qpr or Fulham but be sure Bradford would be looking to sell regardless of silly quotes saying otherwise.

Lets remember he's still on contract and its the clubs decision that he goes and not his and I doubt there is a release clause

Its all about money the bigger or higher placed clubs will always plunder the lower leagues. The truth is Bradford would be pretty much powerless to stop the lad moving if a big enough offer comes in. Its the same for Qpr with Barton and Hoilett nowadays the contracts worth nothing. Problem is if they get unsettled and want out you have to let them go and make sure you can replace the players as best you can



28 Aug 2013 19:27:14
Callum Harriott has either signed a new contract or has been sold!



28 Aug 2013 20:10:47
McCormack deal dead now. He to sign new contract after being locked in talks with leeds over a new contract. To be finalised before Monday.



28 Aug 2013 19:27:10
Ed you heard any news on any players signing for Brighton or coming in on loan, or any off our players leaving, great site this cheers!

You won't get Becchio unless we sign someone else first, I feel sorry for Becchio in a way as feel he not getting many chances to show what he can do, I feel he a good player but confidence is low with lack of first team chances.

If he's not getting first team chances why would we have to wait for you to sign other players if he isn't playing? and as he's not playing it is more likely that he will be loaned out

29 Aug 2013 04:26:47
You've hit nail on head comment two, you ain't playing him so why keep him warming the bench,

Yeah it makes no sense at all that was Me who said that hAha

29 Aug 2013 09:51:02
It would do the lad good to get away and play first team football, would benefit both clubs, us with a new striker and Norwich by letting him get first team football,



28 Aug 2013 18:50:25
Joe Mason signing a season-long loan later in the week. Sean Dyche and Malky Mackay are good friends, this deal will go through, UTC

Ccfc fan he is in malky's plans for the season I don't think he will go.



28 Aug 2013 18:45:33
Bristol City want Tyson and O'Connor on loan. Source DET



28 Aug 2013 17:39:32
Burnley will not be getting a winger before the transfer window closes. But Dyche hopes to bring in atleast one striker, Dean cox, Nahki Wells and Federico macheda being a few names mentioned.

Dean Cox is not a striker!



28 Aug 2013 17:15:29
Celtic renew their interest in Paddy Madden.

Will be in a green hooped shirt this weekend - take my word for it.


That's guaranteed as they both play in the same colours!



28 Aug 2013 17:05:35
burnley fc to sign cardiffs joe mason on loan

That would be excellent, if only.

Not good news Cornelius has done his ankle again great hear goes 8 mil to waste

Get alfred finnbogason



28 Aug 2013 16:54:33
Millwall boss Steve Lomas wants to sign Hull striker Matt Fryatt, but needs to off load one or two players first.

30 Aug 2013 11:51:49
I think millwall should buy afobe from arsenal we. Had him on loan but he was very good for us fast and strong and give woolford a assist but then two games later got injured I think we should get him because he is young and he is good at getting balls in the box I think but he might still be injured now so we wait for him and get him on loan again



28 Aug 2013 16:35:58
Has anyone got any idea who villa are after tom ince has now been mentioned.

One of two prem clubs everton the other have been in talks with ince



28 Aug 2013 16:27:30
Sunderland closing in on long time west ham target FABIO QUAGRIALELLA



28 Aug 2013 15:57:55
Preston to sign Guylain Ndumbu-Nsungu

28 Aug 2013 19:04:24

Don't even think about it. He actually had a short loan period at PNE in 2004. let's just say he has always flattered to deceive.

I heard a strong rumour that he's going to Tranmere

28 Aug 2013 22:14:54
now I know who he is he was rubbish when he was on loan at pne

Better than beavon tho



28 Aug 2013 15:51:07
I know this comes up every season but strong rumours have it that Bobby Zamora is on his way back yo brighton as he isn't playing games for qpr and is in the same league. Also brighton could do with bringing in another striker in the same quality as he is before the transfer window closes

Your welcome to him. he's the only 6ft 3" player I know who can't win a header! QPR will not let him go until we get more back up.
I've heard Wells (Bradford ) and Doyle (Wolves) maybe on their way!

One thing having a large squad but just proves QPR manager hasn't a clue who to go for next, won't be long before QPR are in the financial mire

Sadly Zamora looks like a player in decline nowadays - not sure he would add a great deal to the team other than as a back-up to Ulloa.

Who exactly has a large squad? Aimed at the won't be long before QPR are in the financial mire. You my friend are an uninformed scaremonger that clearly listens to the tabloids rather than looks at the facts. Rangers squad is one of the smallest in the Championship given that 20 players have gone out in this window with 6 coming in. Of those coming in a fee has been paid for two of them. Those are the facts and if you can't accept that, with their financial backing and some truly excellent transfer dealings, Rangers are a more stable Club financially than any other in the league, then you knock yourself out with the doing a Pompey sound bites. Harry will make some very good signings before the window and loan windows close but will be massively in profit, in terms of squad size, fees paid and wages due to the Board's dealings to date. 20, yes 20 players out and still unbeaten in the league.

It amazes me when people call Qpr big spenders we have brought in well over £17million in transfer and loan fee's. Having also made massive cuts in the wage bill and only outlayed around 6 to 8 million. They now have a smallish squad and will look at a couple of free transfers and loans along with 1 or 2 players on reasonable fee's.



28 Aug 2013 15:21:01
What platt are motherwell interested in signing?

David platt!

Did I say Platt, sorry I meant Pratt.

Gail Platt out of corra

Heard it's Gail not sure could be Kylie though lol



28 Aug 2013 14:58:29
Crystal Palace have agreed a fee with Reading for Jobi McAnuff. The deal will hopefully be tied up in time for him to play agaist Sunderland on Saturday night.
Palace have also take Everton defender Stephen Duffy on a season long loan.

Don't you mean jimmy kebe?

Reading fan here. he's not good enough for the premier league. He's a mid table championship player at the most. He can get himself into good position to cross into the box but he never crosses it. Nigel Adkins thinks he can play down the middle but he's even worse there so I welcome you to him.

That would be Shane Duffy I assume?

In talks with Michail Antonio up at Sheff Wed.

Bournemouth have just paid out £2.5m on one player. were bigger then them but they seemed to have bigger plans than reading. why can't reading come out and tell the turth about signing players. if we don't have money then tell us. stop all this carp about signing all these players.

Kebe refused to play last night because he didn't feel a 100% fit, so it's more likely to be him who is leaving.

28 Aug 2013 22:09:26
We wouldn't be in for McAnuff. Nowhere near good enough and we just wouldn't go backwards.

You're forgetting Williams cost us £2m. And we have players on 30-40k a week. If we got Roberts, Kebe and Pogrebnyak off our books we could easily get 2 strikers and pay a decent fee to a club

Williams cost 700,000 actually.

Williams cost over a mil



28 Aug 2013 14:41:13
Phil Brown wants to take our (Watford) striker Uche Ikpeazu on loan to Southend Utd

Sounds good, let it happen.



28 Aug 2013 14:03:36
Tokelo Rantie has failed to report into training at Malmo, as he is currently in talks with an unnamed club. Middlesbrough and Bournemouth have previously been credited with an interest in this player.

28 Aug 2013 16:06:22
He's signed for Bournemouth

Bournemouth already signed him

I hope Boro know what their doing! They've lost out on Rantie now and still chasing McCormack who doesn't want to come in the first place!

Signed for bournemouth

Transfer news: Striker Tokelo Rantie is to join Bournemouth on a four-year deal mogga wants mac and becchio thas y he's gone he was never moggas top mogga wants players that can do it first time he didn't want to take a chance on foren imports

Due to his commitments with Malmo, it was reported that he wouldn't be available until January, which led to Boro cooling their interest. However, Bournemouth have upped their bid from £1mil to £2.5mil in order to get their man before the end of the summer window instead.

He has signed for you it was on tv gutted boro fan

Bournemouth have smashed their transfer record to sign him, fee of around £2.5m!

Good call, he's just signed for Bournemouth.

Signing confirmed, subject to international clearance and work permit, deal thought to be up to £2. 6M

He would be a decent signing. utb

Welcome to Bournemouth Tokelo. You will not regret it and nor will we!

Now let's get Boyd and we can look to score 5 or 6 away as well as concede. Fantastic news and real intent. Welcome home Tokelo.

I wonder what the excuse for missing Rantie will be?

Too risky for that money. I'd go for Sharpe!

I agree to risky 2.6 mil i'd pull out of the deal if was in the boardroom better players at 2.6 mil who are proven in the championship tokelo isnit proven big risk but good luck to Bournemouth I hope he helps you kev boro fan.

The perfect excuse is n wil be that we didn't think 2.5m was worth it mate. Good signing for Bournemouth but at Boro I'd prefer McCormack/ becchio preferably both

2.5 million > EURO'S < although the price hasn't been confirmed.

For that price I'd prefer big Mc or Becchio at Boro

Heard boro in for Kevin Doyle and betting being slashed on him signing for us! Gazza

29 Aug 2013 20:07:02
cheers boro kev. nice 2 c fans can get on mate

It is good to get on with other fans n nice to see it! Gf luck Bournemouth us Boro fans love n root for an underdog just as we were every match in the prem. Onwards n upwards UTB! LivvoBoro

All fans should get on, football is game we love the signings that makes a spark to our club, football is a big part of our lifes, I love my club as much as I love my daughter, iam m/boro fan but always nice to see other clubs doing well like Bournemouth I hope you've signed a star and get promote to premiership, how fantastic would that be all the best kev boro fan.

30 Aug 2013 23:05:26
oh afcb simon



28 Aug 2013 14:02:41
West brom have made loan offers for Marseille duo Jordan ayew and Morgan amalfitano

Cannot see this happening, albion need players now, these two are behind in fitness has they have had no pre season with their club due to them being down the pecking order.



28 Aug 2013 13:44:41
Lukaku back to West Brom is definitely on the cards. This is from someone I know that gets some good Chelsea info.
Jose still doesn't think he's quite ready for Champions League yet so is looking for more experience.
Would also explain why WBA have been holding on to their last domestic loan place.

Hope so

Hope it's true, we need him, but lukaku did say last week somewhere along the lines of he would love Rooney to go to Chelsea an play alongside him an was talking about competition there etc, just think lukaku is determined to get into the Chelsea team an don't see him wanted to go out on loan again well see I guess

It's mourinhos choice and he has said that he isn't experienced enough to play in the champions league

He will not be re-joining.

Lukaku is the best st at chelsea by a mile so no chance mr



28 Aug 2013 13:40:42
Nigel Adkins was bitterly disappointed with the lack of pride and more so the lack of effort in Reading's Capital Cup hammering at Peterborough last night, and immediate talks are being held to up the efforts of Zingarevich and Hammond to bring in some much needed new blood. Unless some movement is seen in this transfer window then Adkin's will seriously consider his future at Reading, as promises regarding transfer budgets are not being fulfilled and Adkins thinks he has been sold a dud. This is such a familiar story over recent years from the Madejski, where they seem to think that success can be built on cheap/ free transfers market. The penny pinching in the transfer market which has become their signature tune, is now proving to be their downfall with some terrible acquisitions over the past two seasons, which with their limited abilities, are proving near impossibilities to get off the wage bill. Something has to give in the next 5 days otherwise the owner and co will be searching the market for another manager, but this time with a reputation of making promises that they have no intention of keeping.

Sadly this is true of most clubs nowadays, the days of throwing millions around to either achieve promotion or remain in a division are long gone

Couldn't agree more. Every word spoken here is spot on. the "brick by brick" approach is prehistoric.

Readings financial model is a joke, the amount of money they received from promotion and yet they continue to rely on cheap unproven players.

I can definitely see Adkins walking in the not too distant future, he has most definitely been duped, there is no way he would have taken the job had he known the funds would be withheld from him.

Get rid of madejski, get rid of Hammond and get some people who are serious about taking the club forward!

Nigel Adkins always does terrible in the cup. He lost 3-0 to leeds last season and now 6-0

And why is this on a Posh rumours site?

Is that Nigel Adkins thoughts or just your own? Nigel Adkins and Reading like to do there business quietly and privately so unless you are related to him I would be very surprised if this came from him. He made changes last night to give the other members of the squad a chance to prove they are worthy of a starting place in the first eleven unfortunately not many did. Nigel still has five days to bring in new faces and should now know where they are needed, so let's trust in him to put it right shall we?!

I feel that the "we will go with what we have got" is just around the corner about the 3rd September

So basically, after a heavy loss, this is what a fan of another club wrote to get some attention. Adkins isn't the sort of manager to leave a club after one awful performance! Keep the faith!

It appears Reading have 2 owners who don't want to spend money on players, just basking in the glory of owning a football club. Certainly not in it to want to make it a profitable company for the area. Just for their own egos. Wake up and see the future. in a lower division cause that is where we are going.



28 Aug 2013 13:33:18
Ainsworth from Rotherham to Motherwell on a loan move.



28 Aug 2013 13:31:44
Midfielder, Stoke to Everton. Within 2 days watch it happen

Which stoke midfielder?? if you thinking nzonzi, your talking nonsense!

Who then? If there's any truth it this. it better not be N'Zonzi. unless or until we sign a quality replacement. his attitude let's hime down. wouldn't miss that side of him but he is quality

Who then?

Does Midfielder have a name?


N'Zonzi? Adam? Who?

That's complete and utter rubbish. None of stokes midfielders that we'd be willing to sell are good enough for Everton. N'Zonzi has been told he can't leave, if that is what you're trying to imply.

Player, one team to another. Before deadline watch it happen.

Hope its whelan!

Whelan played incredible against Walsall last night.

Whelan may have played ''incredible'' against Walsall but that is about his standard 1st Division! Get rid as soon as possible, play Nzonzi cdm and sign a proper play maker and the midfield would not be to far away, then just a decent striker or 2 Agduelo is looking very, very good at the moment, but January might be a bit late.

Whelan is a good midfielder maybe not the best but i'd prefer to keep him. Nzonzi would be a waste in CDM as that's not his position. We do need a striker that can score goals but Hughes is working on that.



28 Aug 2013 13:29:52
Barnet striker Jake Hyde is signing for Peterborough for a fee of £200k. Posh striker Shaq McDonald will join Barnet on loan.

28 Aug 2013 22:50:18
WRONG! Jake Hyde has already posted on his twitter saying no bid has been accepted by Barnet!



28 Aug 2013 13:23:22
John White, new signing and club captain believed to be moving to Northampton Town to rejoin old boss Colchester United Ade Boothroyd. Announcement due on

Why would he move from Southend after just joining

Hard to believe John White, who was so loyal to Colchester previously and has been house hunting recently would suddenly move on, when making such a big impression and being made captain.



28 Aug 2013 13:05:38
Blackpool are chasing Nick Ross, Jamie Walker and Kenny McLean. All currently play their trade in the SPL for Inverness, Hearts and St Mirren.

They are also looking at a possible deal for Oldham's David Mellor as a Matt Phillips replacenment.

Isn't a winger? David Mellor has been playing at centre half. Good luck with that one.



28 Aug 2013 13:03:35
Shrewsbury manager Graham Turner has been wanting to take West Brom's Saido Berahino on loan. However that deal now looks likely to fall through after the West Brom youngster scored a hat trick in a rare start for the first team last night in the league cup.

Berahino is the type of young, quick forward that Graham Turner is looking to bring in over the next few days.

Talk of a third return of Asante to the Town colours looks increasingly unlikely in the short term as the Birmingham youngster has a hamstring injury that will keep him out for up to 8 weeks

Mark G

Berahino is off to the Championship.

Noooo chance of getting berahino off us I'm afraid

Every year I hear this.

Are you not aware that he scored a hat trick for Albion in the league cup? Clarke has stated he wants him "in and around the first team" so a move to the championship? I think not.

It's not like the guy got a hat trick against Manchester United. It was against Newport County.

No that was lukaku who dot a hatrick against Manchester United lol and for your information newport knocked brighton out the cup and they didn't play to bad at west brom

29 Aug 2013 16:01:13
newport or stourport don't matter, can, t see any other of the strikers on a goal spree, can you?

Doesnt matter who you are playing, you still have to put the ball in the net. and that's what berahino did



28 Aug 2013 12:49:50
Ashley barnes to sign for palace

Brighton are going to offer Barnes a new contract

28 Aug 2013 16:18:32
Keep dreaming won't happen,

Not going to happen. Not Premier League standard. - like Brighton.



28 Aug 2013 12:30:40
Luke Williams from Middlesborough has been in talks with Swindon, all I know is that a pal of mine was chatting to him in a Swindon Hotel and he could sign this week.

Looks like a decent player wouldn't mind him as were short of strikers

Loan or permanent?

It'll be on loan if anything.

On Loan maybe but not a permanent deal.

Williams won't be going anywhere until boro sign a striker

Think your mate might be confusing Luke Williams player with Luke Williams coach who was brought in at swindon weeks ago after he got the push from Brighton, good coach who likes to get the players passing it on the ground.

It's Luke Williams on loan for a month like the others!

Quality player Luke Williams top talent, he's been a victim of tony Mowbray having no time for the kids scored some big goals for the boro will be a great loan signing for Swindon LM

It is a loan not permanent signing and should be announced shortly, as will Archie Henvilles switch to Bradford and Alan Navaro agreeing a settlement package to leave the club and get off the wage bill



28 Aug 2013 12:27:06
SWFC are interested in taking SCFC's Jack Butland on loan as competition for owls number one Chris Kirkland.

We don't need a keeper Kirkland is brilliant we need a striker who can score goals and a creative midfielder, very very frustrating dave jones and MM

You really think that a premier league team will send the England U21 goalkeeper to a lower league team as understudy?



28 Aug 2013 12:47:45
Leicester looking to conclude a deal for Millwalls winger James Henry to replace the outgoing Ben Marshall.

Good, has one good game in ten. Overrated, slow and if we can get good money for him, not bad business if we can get some pace in the team.

I say lomas should look at hall from leeds. he's pacy, young, got a good cross on him and he should be cheap as he is a squad player at leeds



28 Aug 2013 12:16:36
West Brom boss Steve Clarke looking to bring in 3 players before the end of the window after injuries to Ben Foster and the Nicolas Anelka saga.

Craig Gordon - Free (One year pay as you play deal).

Victor Moses - Season long loan.

Jordan Ayew - Season long loan (with view to permanent deal).



28 Aug 2013 12:11:04
Swindon to bring back matt Richie on loan, he has been seen at the liddington training ground to meet lee power and lee cooper.

And Bournemouth are to sign Cristiano Ronaldo as his replacement. Get real, why would Ritchie drop down a league when he will be a first team regular when fit.

Problem is Swindon are trying to offload op earners and matt Richie on championship wages and Bournemouth won't want to may most of his wages maybe if matt Richie is meeting lee power and cooper it maybe to finalise his share of his 1/2million transfer fee mind you where has that gone?

He's injured

The managers name is Mark Cooper. Lee Cooper used to make jeans.

28 Aug 2013 17:22:20
Lee Cooper? Kinda discredits your rumour when you get the name of the gaffer wrong.

Why buy Bournemouth players now, wait until the inevitable fire sale that's coming. £10 million in debt to the Russian at 6% interest. Only one way that ends

Bournemouth will be bust by the end of the season.



28 Aug 2013 12:29:25
Sheff Wed are interested in Martin Petrov. He played for the owls behind closed doors against Chesterfield.



28 Aug 2013 12:15:26
According to the evening paper Mowbray has stated he is close to one or two signings with McCormack, becchio and Ayala in the running.

Mcormack it could happen?

McCormack is not leaving Leeds Utd



28 Aug 2013 10:04:47
Peterborough chasing barnet forward jake Hyde he's scored 5 goals in 5 games and they were looking at andre gray at Luton but have been unimpressed with his start to season they were looking at st Johnstone striker Steve may but they couldn't agree fee and have been unhappy with st Johnstone managers comments about the transfer Hyde is likely join on loan with view of permanent transfer

I think Posh expected St J to roll over with their pittance of an offer.

Their "pittance of an offer" which exactly matched the asking price? It was just the schedule of payments that was the problem, as posh never pay the full fee up front

28 Aug 2013 22:50:03
The fee was agreed just not the the timeframe of payments

28 Aug 2013 23:25:02
they aren't angry at what the manager said the saints manager is angry at how the peterborough chairman is using twitter for his anger

To be honest I don't see what he's said that's so wrong? Criticised st Johnstones manager for discussing every detail of the deal in the press, which he has. Anyway doesn't really matter, think we can safely say the deal's off!



28 Aug 2013 09:41:56
Gregg Abbott said to be considering his position at Carlisle United after emergency board meeting after last nights defeat against Leicester.

The board have asked him for his resignation, but he wants a compromise.

Graham Kavanagh set to be installed caretaker manager until they can get someone permanent in.

Peter Beardsley and Steve Cotterill have been sounded out as replacements. Ex players Zigor Aranalde and Andy Preece have also shown interest should Abbott go.

Don't get carlisle fans hopes up.

we want abbott out



28 Aug 2013 09:35:17
Eto'o will join Chelsea in the next 72 hours, flying in for a medical on Friday, this will leave the door open to Lukaku's return to West Brom, on loan until Christmas, while Chelsea will off load either Moses or Ba in January.

If only



28 Aug 2013 08:35:28
Swindon set to sign free agent Derek Safo Tiekut former Fulham player as they need 1 or 2 more strikers.

Yes this is true my Fulham friend told me this to he is due to sign on friday

This would be The best bit of news all summer, but Can't see it being true

I'm a fulham fan and I've never heard of this bloke.

He's only 18 no experience, need someone who knows the leagues

This rumour has been discredited by Mark Cooper who said he has never heard of him, not true I'm afraid, however a Egypt international and an ex Arsenal youth player are on trial.



28 Aug 2013 05:55:31
McCormack to boro back on as mogga finally gets his man, boro hope to finish their transfer business with Jacob butterfield, Ebanks Blake and an unnamed centre half from abroad that has been scouted by Gary gill

Mcormack deal dead they don't want to sell

Rite I was right with varga and dean so listen becchio and mccormack and a cb not sure witch one yet though boro will be defo top six becchio been the 20 goal man ross ain't a striker more a play any were up top player utb .

I'm pretty sure from what I've been told that Becchio and McCormack will both arrive before September 2nd. Ayala now in te balance, but there are at least two other centers backs in the mixer. JM

McCormack, Becchio and Ayala

Think mogga top targets are McCormack, beccicho and Ayala looks glim at this point 4 days to sign 3 players

Ross going nowhere lad, especially not a below average team!

McCormack/Becchio said to be having medicals over the weekend, tbc on Sunday!

If we get becchio and McCormack we'll have 2 strikers who were at Leeds when they finished mid table.

If Mogga can achieve McCormack and Becchio it would be incredible for us. UTB

28 Aug 2013 21:30:02
leeds don't need to sell and even if Rosco wanted to go and he has publicly stated numerously that he doesnt. He is contracted for another 2yrs
if Boro are stupid enough to make a ridiculous offer then to change the boards mind then i'd snap your hands off
But I doubt you will be getting him

Ross becchio soon?

Ross is not coming. He's a loyal player to Leeds n enjoys playing for them n has clearly stated he wants to stay there. We tried n failed with bids for him we need to concentrate on vaz te and becchio although the only place I've heard of vaz te coming is on here :-s also no offence to Leeds fans but so what yaz get bigger crowds and have a big "HISTORY" but Boro is far from a step down from Leeds (FACT). Boro are used to seeing star players and European football in the last decade that's the only reason yas get bigger crowds because to your fans yous being in the championship is like us being in the premiership as your lot are used to league 1 football. So WAKEY WAKEY yaz lost ya big club status over a decade ago! Just as we did 4seasons ago! (Not a dig just FACT)



28 Aug 2013 04:55:54
Notts County are preparing a 200,000 pound bid for Roarie Deacon.

Get real we don't pay money for players



28 Aug 2013 03:18:09
Reading to sign akpala jerome wes morgan and knockaert

I wish, after that cock up of a performance need them

28 Aug 2013 12:56:45
You forgot to mention Darren Ferguson as manager too. You will not get Morgan. What part of "not for sale" don't you understand?

28 Aug 2013 13:02:49
Morgan no chance will end up at Forest, Leicester won't sell Knockhart.

What a disgraceful performance, its not like the team were that weak, apart from gorkks, obita, and maybe akpan it was pretty much a full strength squad.

As long as Adkins gets rid of about ten!!



28 Aug 2013 01:46:09
{Ed 003's Note - I have been mentioning about the need for posters to register in recent weeks and after feedback from posters and the success from this on the individual club pages we are now moving this to the main site over the coming weeks, I can assure you the email addy you provide in registering is only used for signing in and nothing else, we need to get rid of the trolls so you can all enjoy the site without these persons. Thanks Ed 003. }

Serves you right for watching pornhub



28 Aug 2013 01:29:55
Portsmouth will sign Jamie Ashdown on loan till January from Leeds with a view to extending his loan to the end of the season

Take him he's not part of our plans we have paddy Kenny and Alex cairns

28 Aug 2013 10:19:21
Lets hope so
Because he's a flipin good keeper
Far better than smith
Don't know why Sullivan doesn't start

Sullivan was beaten at his near post 3 times in the opening game of the season. Ashdown would be a solid use of the money we have.

I heard this aswell would be great to see him back he was one of the players that didn't wanna leave in the club anyway so would love him back.

Ashdown would be a great addition. He could be the difference between a good or indifferent season but don't think Whittingham will have the nerve to go back to the board after he already asked for Sullivan. Hope I am wrong.

According to the back of The News on Friday Guy has said there is absolutely no truth in the internet rumour that he wants Jamie Ashdown back.

Guy needs to think long and hard on this if it's an option. Lose a bit of face right now by asking for another keeper or risk a far worse as the season progresses.



28 Aug 2013 00:11:21
Anton Zingarevich is too spend big towards the end of the window after a series of disappointing results for Reading.

Reading are to sign

Luchiano Becchio (Norwich City) £3 million

Lee Tomlin (Peterborough) £1.5 million

Daniel Ayala (Norwich City) £1 million

Cristain Lobato free

After Tomlin's hat-trick last night against Reading he might need to pay three times as much.

You will be disappointed re Tomlin - they seem to think he is worth x5 that amount - personally that is clearly a joke - but they are still full of the Gayle cash so won't sell at £1.5m

Tomlin is staying unless you have £8M

28 Aug 2013 07:24:23
Posh chairman has slapped an 8 million price tag on tomlin so best of luck with 1.5 mill offer

Reading do things on the cheap, that's how it is and will always be.
Adkins has been told that's your squad chap do your best with it and that's all you can do; we won't be giving you any real money to spend.
We got lucky getting promoted last time and anton is hoping we can get lucky again with an average team, although losing the 3-1 lead against Watford, the defeat to Blackpool without their best players and the massacre at Peterborough shows that the players have got A LOT of work to do.

28 Aug 2013 08:41:17
According to Norwich fans Becchio going to Forest.

Spend big?

Don't think any of those players are better than what we have already.

If we are going to spend we need to bring in players who will play not be bit part

No chance. in a radio interview last night Adkins intimated that it was unlikely that there would be any transfer activity before window closed. also ZingarevIch had already said players would have to be moved out before anyone came in. can't see that happening.

Not a chace of getting Tomlin for 1.5m and as Fergie said after last nights demolition of Reading he's going nowhere

3m for Becchio is excellent business for us. Seeing as we got him for Steve Morison - LOL.

8 million for a league 1 player? Yes he did get a hat rick but two of them where from the spot. No way is he worth 8 million.

28 Aug 2013 11:59:46
They don't need to sell and have a history of getting good value for players.

Not sure if they'll get the £8m but he will certainly command a large transfer fee - IMO £5m +

Anything that could impact a possible speedy return to the championship will have to be compensated highly.

So many people on here and elsewhere seem to misunderstand Posh's pricing policy. We don't have to sell and we don't want to sell unless you are offering silly money. We know Tomlin is not worth £8 million that is merely the asking price. I don't want to sell my house, true value is about £150 K but offer me a million and I will bite your hand off.

You will also be disappointed with Becchio. He hasn't started a meaningful match for Norwich since he arrived



28 Aug 2013 00:07:51
Wycombe have put in an £80,000 bid for Barnet striker Jake Hyde, after recieving a cash boost from the sale of Matt Phillips and Charles Dunne.



27 Aug 2013 21:40:39
sevillas french star geoffery kondogbia is to buy his self out of his contract at the spanish club and is widely expected to join french moneybags monaco.
another player wanted by monaco is portos mangala.



27 Aug 2013 22:09:11
Swansea make a 2.5m bid for gatafe striker Vasquez.

28 Aug 2013 15:32:24
Tiendalli is back!

28 Aug 2013 17:35:49
Thats Odemwingies move scuppered then?

Looks good, deal likely to be tied up by the end of the week.

Yeah, Tiendalli is back. Really great news indeed. A great defender, who really deserved a permament contract.
Tiendalli is a very flexible player and comfortable with the ball. Just great to have him back.

28 Aug 2013 19:09:53
Just read about tiendalli. slightly gutted as he was trying to hold the club to ransom initially (although a player who has shown his qualities) and Richards probably won't get much of a look in now!

Tiendalli is class, glad to have him back. Glad the odemwingie rumour has started to die down.

Richards isn't good cover anyway. Very poor defender that doesn't look like he has a future at the club

Lol at the last comment. Jazz is a very good young defender, who does have a future at swansea, he just hasn't had the chance to prove it. Thought he would have that chance this year before we signed tiendalli

No, the only thing good about Richards is like you said young. Through some miracle maybe one day he'll be good. Surely we wouldn't have signed tiendalli for 3 years if we believed he would be in the team any time soon. After 3 years he'll be too old for the youth squad and will still be 3rd choice. If not further down the line. Either his contract will end or he'll leave to be played. I do support Swansea, but I'm realistic.

The only thing Richards lacks is confidence. Confidence to get a foot in in the defensive third and probably gets nervous when given his first team opportunities. He's highly thought of within the club and I'll be surprised if tiendalli doesn't jump ship at the first offer that comes in next season if an offer does come in. After all, the delay was over his wage demands which we won in the end!



27 Aug 2013 21:56:41
newcastle want james mcarthy as a replacment for the outgoing yohann cabaye who is a new target of Manchester United aswell as arsenal and psg

Well - if Man U or Arsenal are interested - you are wasting your time!



27 Aug 2013 21:55:28
Reports in Holland suggest that Heerenveen striker Alfred Finnbogason could soon be on the move, with Cardiff a possible destination. It is believed that a fee of around 10million euros could be enough to secure his services.



27 Aug 2013 21:55:12
Shrewsbury are in talks with transfer listed Peterborough striker Emile Sinclair.

Lets hope so we need a proper striker

28 Aug 2013 13:32:46
If you want a proper striker why Emile? He's garbage and that is from a Posh fan. Anyway I heard he's talking to Swindon also.

It says that Sinclair is to leave Peterborough and a deal has been agreed with a league one team but not announcing who

From another Posh fan Sinclair is not garbage will be a good player in the right team, trouble is at Peterborough his job was to replace the likes of Mackle smith, Gayle now assamobalngo, got a good goal scoring record in the Championship considering he came of the bench a fair few times

Im a shrews fan and I want the strike force of the posh no stopping them i'm afraid

Looks like Emile may be going to Crawley

Signed for crawley

It will be interesting if Sinclair plays for Crawley against POSH tomorrow. Point to prove, inside information and all that.



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