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28 Aug 2012 22:19:08
tiote to chelsea for 25 million and michael essien

Id take that thanks very much

25M and Hazard....sold!

Completly deluded. Essien would never go to newcastle.

Yes ive heard this a few times now



28 Aug 2012 21:27:03
Charlton have agreed a fee with Aston villa for sale Stephens fee believed to be around 1.3-1.5 million. Charlton will use them funds to place a bid for Radosław Majewski from notts forest

Thank you so very much, 200k and leon clarke will come in so handy for us :D

He was shocking when it he played for us but should fit in nicely with oldham

Hope this is true as it's nice little bonus for our club and yes i would get leon Clarke and another player in if we can before the deadline.

Charlton could possibly sell but only for 1.5m and then with that we could sign a really good cm

Charlton no prem ambition? When was the last time forest were playing in the prem? Also experienced did old Steve McLaren and Cotterill get on last year lol?

1.5 million bid turned down

Charlton have rejected a bid of £1.5 from Villa and they have gone elsewhere and got another player.



28 Aug 2012 21:23:18
Michael Owen set for a 1 year contract with West Ham

Everton bound more like



28 Aug 2012 20:40:47
Aston Villa have put in a bid worth £2 million plus add-ons for Middlesbrough left back Joe Bennett. He is thought to be valued higher but George Friend is a more than capable replacement.

Dig a little deeper villa

We've got Enda Stevens who is better anyways!

3.5-4m should do it, plus add-ons/percentage of sell on fee.

It is rumoured that Bennet will turn down the move to stay at Boro.

Scott macdonald going back to celtic

Bennett should turn down Villa. He is far better than to go to a club that will be fighting relegation this season.

Another season or two at Boro and then the big clubs will come looking.

I think joe will go for no less than 3.5 mill, pathing the way for a move for either albert odoama bristol city (can't spell) or nathan redmond from blues. harry is a done deal, and bikey mybe depending on scottys wages. you heard it from me first!!

Scott McDonald and Steven McManus plus 3 million for huddersfields Jordan Rhodes. McDonald and McManus very happy with the deal and Rhodes will sign on friday. from a reliable source (ex boro coach steve agnew, who just happens to be Jordan Rhodes uncle) UTB!

Mobray wants grahem dorrans from west brom with the money from sale of bennett

Look Boro will NOT sign Jordan Rhodes.

Huddersfield would not take Scott MacDonald or McManus as their wages are only affordable to premiership or foreign clubs.

Boro are likely to make two more signings this week. One being a defender possibly on loan as R Williams is likely to be out till christmas.

From a very good source called 'reality'

(Boro fan) Nathan Redmond would never go to boro, he is prem bound.

If Rhodes deal happened id be very happy. Is that meaning em n em going 2 swans?

We got £4m for Bennett..good deal!

Scott macdonald + McManus + 3m = Jordan Rhodes, no way

(coming from a boro fan

Rhodes having a medical at Blackburn tomorrow according to local beeb

Anyone know how much we got for Bennett?

We got £2.7M up front for Bennett with it possibly rising to £4M on appearances.

Boro will receive £3m up front, with the fee rising in instalments for every 15 senior games he plays to a maximum of £4.25m. The Teessiders have also insisted on the inclusion of a sell-on clause.



28 Aug 2012 20:23:26
A bid of approximately £5 million has been accepted by Copenhagen for their midfielder Claudemir de Souza. Bid for Even Hovland rejected, Georg Margreitter brought in as replacement.

Discussions are ongoing with Bakary Sako, but personal terms and a medical SHOULD be completed by tomorrow.

And for which football team is this ?

Isn't it abit obvious? who has just signed margeritter.



28 Aug 2012 20:19:30
Swindon are chasing wes Thomas in apart of the Richie deal Swindon want 1.5m but will take less with Thomas involved

No - Swindon want £2.5million - any deal including player swaps/loans/whatever will have to total Swindon's valuation of £2.5million for Ritchie. I'm a Swindon fan and of course we are a selling club, as are 89 other football clubs, but we are in a good position financially so don't expect cheap players. And Bournemouth is a no anyway....

Bournemouth's wes thomas could be sacrificed for getting matt ritchie, with the loan of pitman being spoken about, we would have sufficient time to get some of our injured strikers back. Not sure where this would leave marc pugh but competion could push him back into form.

He isn't going to Bournemouth get it into your heads. This was boring last year and is even more boring now!

Also why would we want a striker that has a worse games/goals ratio than most defenders?

Benson to leave by friday to shrewsbury.
ward & balanta in ,
richie may go as well £ 1.4 m with thomas coming the other way from bournemouth.

Is this just one Bournemouth fan or many of you ? Can you just get over the fact that Ritchie isn't coming to you, like the other poster said, it was boring last year now its just silly......

Im a bournemouth fan and im gettin fed up of these rumours! i think its just one guy posting it every day to annoy swindon fans

We are paolos red and white army stfc........
we are paolos red and white army stfc...

ritchie will be a swindon town player for at least the rest of the season as he fell swindon town are going places.
plus he is valued at a starting price off £2.5m



28 Aug 2012 20:18:52
MK Dons have signed Jimmy Bullard on deal until Dec. 31st.

Should be a good signing! COYD!

Good luck Jimmy we will remember your loan spell with us with fond memories but sadly your effort and attitude let you down. He will destroy league 1 if he is up for it.

Jimmy certainly has enthusiasm and he made a good start last Saturday .

Jimmy Bullard's retired. Expect official announcement tomorrow. Knee injury means he can't continue.

He should have retired about 2 years ago.

MK DONS crock Jimmy Bullard is not retiring.
Bullard, 33, is out again with another knee problem.

The Dons said: 'Jimmy hasn't retired. He is going to see a consultant about it.'

This was in The paper yesterday

Now announced retirement. Shame



28 Aug 2012 19:45:30
York are set to make a bid for Wrexham FC's Danny Wright this week, with an un-named player moving to Wrexham on a season long loan if the bid is successful.

Jamie reed i reckon, if this was true



28 Aug 2012 19:38:49
Dons sign Jimmy Bullard on short term deal.



28 Aug 2012 19:30:06
qpr are hoping to land a double deal with keeper julio cesar and real madrid defender carvalho.the brazilian keeper cesar has been at loftus road today whilst madrid have tol carvalho to find a new club or sit on the sidelines all season

He made no difference it was always QPR 3-0 Walsall



28 Aug 2012 19:08:22
Angelou Balanta to Swindon by end of play tomorrow loan but keep it quiet ! Lol



28 Aug 2012 19:04:51
Any news on this premiership striker heading on loan to brighton?

Bobby Zamora

Heard it was piquionne from west ham

Poyet has ruled out piquionne

Bothroyd from QPR wont get in Hughes side

Piquionne wants to much money murray asking price is too high bothroyd is a possiblity depending on wages. i have heard that bloom has got money put aside for zamora but its unlikely he would go down a league in this transfer window.

That's a relief!

I know it to be Victor Anichebe.

Chris Wood - West Brom

Agree chris wood or possibly bobby zamora



28 Aug 2012 18:35:29
Swindon winger matt Ritchie mulling over £1million moves to wolves, Nottingham forest, Leicester and Bournemouth

Why would he be mulling over a move to Bournemouth if he could either move to one of those three clubs, or stay at Swindon ?

I thought Leeds had offered £2m for him. I guess Swindon must have rejected that offer out of hand.

Don't need to sell, not enough money

Why do Swindon keep chewing over Bournemouth? Are we not allowed to bid on players like other clubs or something? We've got a few bob so get over it will you jeeeeeeeeeez

The bidding starts at 2.5m...

We are chewing over bournemouth because
A. You wont bid enough money
B. You keep banging on about him going to you, when you have bid 800k for a player we value at 2.5million
C. because we are bored of you dreaming about Matt Ritchie

Tick-tock, tick-tock.The clock is counting down and so is Ritchie value,soon he will not be worth 250k as he is FREE at end of season.If he really wanted to stay with Swindon he would have signed longer contract by now.!!!. He will be gone by end of January.

I wish this rumour about matt ritchie would stop for the last 6 months we have been rumoured about him. we wont get him we do have money but we are not a championship side to bid money like that its to big for a league 1 side 1 million is enough for this league he is a great player no doubt about it and will end up in the premiership. bournemouth have enough players and quality to compete for promotion as swindon do. we still have marc pugh who is just as good.

Swindon fans need to grow up about the rumours regarding ritchie. He will leave at some point to further his career and when he does it won't be for half of what you think he's valued

Aha your saying we're dreaming about Ritchie? The most over-rated player in the whole league by the sounds of things. There are other options but the fact that we are trying to sign another winger means Ritchie is more legit because of past bids. I'd personly would only pay quater of the amount your asking for Ritchie. Not to mention I could name many players better than Ritchie for a far less price. & that's even in the squad we have & we don't have any players valued at 2.5m so really dream on Swindon.

Hey it's not our value( the fans ) it's the management. I wouldn't give more than 1 mill for him so give it a rest. If he goes then of course he better himself most fans of the club know the limitations of STFC how far we can go but we get totally p****ed off this same rumour week after week

Ritchie will go at some point to further his career. This rules out Bournemouth.

This same rumour is getting us down all the time and is really upsetting, why oh why can't people leave him and us alone :( even stoke fans said we were a nice people and club

^^^trust me Bournemouth fans are sick upto here with it aswell. It's just because the people who post that rumour on here are really late to the party. I'm a Afcb fan & I know full well we aint getting in him & hasn't been any involvment between the club & him for a while.

The clock is ticking and the transfer window closes tomorrow night. Bournemouth chairman has come out in local paper saying we are close to completing three signings. Not many hours now when we will definately know if there is any truth in these summer rumours.

The clock must have stopped Ritchie has just sign a contract extension

Extension is only swindon trying to cash in on richie, i am still expecting pugh to follow suit and agree to extension before the january deadline, or bournemouth will cash in on pugh and replace with good prospect like richie.



28 Aug 2012 18:24:54
Boro news Joe Bennett to villa to be completed tomorrow. Emnes to Swansea £6m almost complete, Santa Cruz to boro is still a rumour but a strong one!!

I would snap the hands off swansea but i highly doubt that we would get 6mil for emnes...

No way £6m. That's so overpriced for a bench warmer

Ur joking right?? 6m when michu was 2m, I think emnes is roughly 5m overrated!



28 Aug 2012 18:24:21
Quinnie off to Bloomfield Road, Mackay-Steven to go nowhere (only under the knife for knee op), Russell to HTFC. Malhamterrier

Huddersfield wont compete with swfc if it comes down to who has more money.



28 Aug 2012 17:17:08
Swansea are considering an offer of £2M plus Monk and Dobbie for Bristol City's Alert Adomah

Adohmah is going nowhere, Dobbie is'nt linked with City But Monk is.

What a joke. Michu only 2m.

Dobbie is part exchange for Middlesbroughs Marvin Emnes

If mitu only cost us 2 mil he adohmah should be valued below 1 mil, British clubs over price players

Dobbie is on verge of signing for Palace, Monk is siging for Bristol City.Adomah is going to Wigan.

Albert ent going to swansea as the transfer of scot Sinclair fell through and Dobbie wants to return to blackpool

Michu was only 2m because of a clause in his contract. Always going to be an amazing bargain compared to the likes of Fletcher.

No Adomah worth 3.5m. You got michu on the cheap. Michu worth 9

Have u ever seen him play? He is worth 3/4 to us if they want him they have to pay that.

If he's worth 3.5 michu worth more like 18-20

Swansea fans. Calm down he's only played 2 games. Look what happened to Chamakh at arsenal

Swansea are after that valencia winger for 6.5 mil so why would they need albert as well? albert is staying at bristol



28 Aug 2012 17:13:51
Bristol city latest monk rumour is very much true but city are waiting on a final word from WBA regarding Dawson before a dicision is made. Skuse to stoke is absolute rubbish and Swansea have withdrawn their 2.5 million bid plus add ons for adohma due to the Sinclair deal falling through.
Leaving city dispite what the evening post says this week will be Kilkenny not sure who too and pitman a host of clubs are lined up for him including Bournemouth and crystal palace

You talk a lot of sense



28 Aug 2012 17:02:32
I'm an Everton fan and this is what i've been hearing

Possible ins-
Charlie Adam
Jonney Russell
Tom Ince
Matt Phillips
Kevin Doyle

Duffy on loan
Barkley on loan

All Everton Fans know that Moyes does not want to sign Charlie Adam at least not after he chose the sign for the Red Shi.... the last time.

Liverpool can keep paying his 80k a week. {Ed003's Note - Mid £30 k actually}

Cant see Adam crossing the Merseyside border, or Tom Ince signing for you as Olly and Paul Ince have stated it'd be best for him to stay for now. But the others could definitely be true. In Jonny Russell you'd be getting a striker with the potential to be 10 times better than Jelavic.

None of these moves will happen. Baines is defo staying. Clint Dempsey is now Evertons No 1 Target.

60k a week you mean {Ed003's Note - No I mean mid £30k 's }

Johnny Russell I can see, Moyes type Player and realistic price. Tom Ince I'd love to have in place of Anichebe

2 strikers and 2 wingers i think not

Tom Ince is playing very well!



28 Aug 2012 16:44:44
can confirm that York City will bring in Adrian Cieslewicz,Danny Wright,Byron Anthony,Blair Sturrock and George Pilkington and attempt to bring in st Matt Green unfortunatly Pablo Mills wanted to much money but Byron Anthony is ready and willing to play for York City. I think that there will be brilliant signings and am glad that Jon Shaw got away after a poor start with Luton

George Pilkington only signed for Mansfield this summer and Jon Shaw hasn't had a bad start to the season. wishful thinking.



28 Aug 2012 16:40:38
Rumours spreading Teesside that man city striker roque Santa cruz is set for a move to the boro

I feel sorry for Santa cruz.

My builder has just had a legit text from Santa Cruz! And I quote, "Welcome to Monday Night Riverside". No idea what that means but the builder seems to think Santa Cruz is in talks with Boro. Watch this space.



28 Aug 2012 16:28:44
Charlton sign Spurs goalkeeper David Button for undisclosed fee on 3year deal

It was a 2 year deal

Good luck charlton he's absolute shab. On loan at us (barnsley) last season and did not prove himself

He's only gonna be on the bench mate no need to worry

Shame. I've spoken to supporters from some of the other clubs who had him on loan, they've all said he was brilliant and would have loved to have kept him - must be something about Barnsley. Still remember you taking Andy Gray off our hands though and would like to thank you for that.



28 Aug 2012 16:20:43
David Prutton signs for Scunthorpe United on a 3 month loan deal for Sheffield Wednesday.



28 Aug 2012 16:12:59
Brighton showing a surprise interest in Calvin Zola as back-up to a Premier League target man on loan

When Zola left Crewe he would only move to a club where he would not have to move house. This move goes against that process

Not forgetting the fact that his is not good enough!

I'm not saying the Brighton will try and sign him, but I think anybody would sign for a championship club who could well be pushing for playoffs when they currently play in league two. To suggest a player wouldn’t because they don't want to move house is frankly silly.

No chance, this is nowhere near the calibre of player that Poyet is looking to bring in



28 Aug 2012 15:55:46
West bromwich albion will try to sign a left back before the deadline, they have made enquiries about olsson of blackburn but are currently put off by the price tag, they are also interested in a left back from coppenhagen (sorry no name).

potentially leaving the club are chris wood on loan or permanent and also thought that jerome thomas is available after not figuring in either of west broms opening games.

Bloke from copenhagen is called oviedo



28 Aug 2012 15:49:00
Middlesbrough are willing to sell Marvin Emnes at the right price.Middlesbrough have told swansea if they do bid for emnes Stephen Dobbie has to be apart of the deal otherwise the deal is a no go.

The right price! 2m max. Plus Dobbie probably equal the player emnes is. Just pay Valencia want they want for Hernandez.

Why would Dobbie want to move to Middlesborough, if he was going anywhere it'd be Blackpool

Good deal that. It's not all about gaining another player its making sure another team can't add to their squad. Blackpool, Barnsley and Palace all want Dobbie.

Well if boro want him in the emnes deal, im sure swansea would do that. Then its up to boro to persuade him to join our club. Im sure the 35k seater stadium, premiership training facilities and attractive passing football might change his mind. Oh and first team football.

Let Emnes go for anything over 4.5 million. Curtis Main is a better finisher so could be a blessing. As long as Miller doesn't become our number 1 striker we'll be fine.

Id be pleased if we got 5 mil for emnes (plus dobbie), kept bennett, sold both macs and brought in one more winger. 2 mil for bennett is a joke.

Miller played well on his debut. He held the ball up and I think he'll definitely score goals for us. Stop slagging him off and let him get his Boro career under way. UTB!



28 Aug 2012 15:25:34
The Manchester Evening News reports that City are keeping a close eye on Maicon.



28 Aug 2012 15:24:53
Just read on sky sports the bakary sako is to undergo a medical at wolves. unknown fee from st etienne.

He has signed!



28 Aug 2012 15:13:44
Free Agent Andy Taylor has signed non contract terms with Walsall he plays Left Back



28 Aug 2012 15:00:05
Reading FC have placed a bid for Jordan Ayew to replace injured Jimmy Kebe also Kebe will be aloud to leave with Everton being Red Hot Favorites to sign him.

And I always thought he'd go quietly -typical

Kebe is going nowhere.

Ayew cannot play on the wing, kebe will be flying when he comes back

Good luck with that medical, even if he goes, he's lazy

They wont get ayew anyway his older brother is at marseille I cant see him leaving... reading wouldnt be able to afford him..

Doesn't matter that his older brother is at marseille Noel and Stephen hunt were both at reading until Stephen left so there.

Ayew is worth around £4m so reading can afford him but brian strongly says he isn't interested

They wont get ayew anyway his older brother is at marseille I cant see him leaving... reading wouldnt be able to afford him..

And..and..and he doesn't like the way English birds fly in the sky... What's his brother got to do with it? He's an adult isn't he, he says he wants first team football so I presume is willing to leave big bros shadow!

As for cost it's rumoured to be a max of five million... Can't see that braking our well balanced books thanks

Who would buy an always injured Jimmy Kebe
He plays when wants!



28 Aug 2012 14:58:40
Ipswich Town are readying a joint bid in the region of £1.5 million for Peterborough's transfer-listed duo George Boyd and Paul Taylor as Jewell looks to add to his attacking options before the Friday transfer deadline.

In the press!

Double that figure! No chance at 1.5 million!

In january maybe but most likely they will let there contracts run down now

Ipswichave got no money, so they will not be buying anyone

Bid accepted by Peterborough. Believed to be nearer £2m. Paul Jewell aims to meet players tomorrow to discuss personal terms.

Bid accepted.

The accepted bid has been widely reported as £1.75 million.

Bid accepted believed to be about 1.75 million

Feels like deja vu. and like last time both players will fail to come

Maybe someone would like to inform Peterborough of this bid

£1.5m bid accepted

I love all the negativity, posh pair to have medicals this week

1.75 million + apparently

Done deal passed medicals agreed wages good deal well done the Posh 1.75million for both Boydy who cost £250,000,and Taylor who we picked up out of the gutter for nothing.Boydy great servant to the Posh but average at championship level.Taylor just a lucky find.

Both have passed their medicals. We do need cover at LB, but not to replace Cresswell as he ain't Prem material and the jury is still out whether he'll make it in the Championship. He has potential, but let's not get carried away. He will be an Ipswich player come the deadline.

Deals off, posh chairmantweet

Done deal?? No where reported that so where did you get this piece of tragically wrong information



28 Aug 2012 14:58:17
Ipswich to make a joint bid for P'boro's BBoyd and Taylor.



28 Aug 2012 14:40:05
rumor has it kirk broadfoot ex rangers has signed a 2 year deal with aberdeen!! i for one will not be happy if this is true!

You mean the kirk broadfoot that is still at rangers

Kirk broadfoot is leaving rangers on a free



28 Aug 2012 14:40:00
Newcastle accept £15million bid for Cabaye

From who exactly

No they haven't

Heard that to.its arsenal

We would never sell him for less than £20 million so this is rubbish.



28 Aug 2012 14:32:40
Tony Mowbray wants Stephen Dobbie plus £5m in exchange for Marvin Emnes. Expect the deal to be completed by Thursday at the latest. Source ssn



28 Aug 2012 14:29:11
Southampton Will bring these players in:
Nicolai Boilesen - Left Back - Ajax - Buy
Gaston Ramirez - Winger - Bologna - Buy
Matt Phillips - Winger - Blackpool - Buy
Andreu Fontas - Center Back - Barcelona - Loan
Jean Armel Karna Biyik - Center Back - Rennes - Buy

Will they though?

OMG I hope so!

Phillips won't happen.

If we signed two of that list I would be pleased let alone the entire thing! Remember it's evolution not revolution...

Lets hope ,worst thing we can be after these 1 st five tough games is too far adrift at the bottom . Come on Saints !

This shouldnt have been left to the last week .Agreed ?
Pre season ,team bonding ,friendlies missed , understanding the club history , community means that any and all of the new signings HAVE to hit the ground running . Yea come on Saints ..

False, southampton wont buy boilesen. he just moved two weeks ago to ajax.. wont happen!

WRONG. He's been at Ajax since 2010/11

What is wrong with people boilesen made his debut for Ajax April 2011.

His record shows he joined ajax in 2009, was 2009 just 2 weeks ago?

Boilesen joined Ajax in 2010... Not two weeks ago. But thigh injuries limited him to just 10 appearances last season.
Says 'Flattered with link to premier clubs, but knows nothing of the interest so concentrating on Ajax'
Arsenal are also rumoured to be interested.

Lol at fontas going to scsc.

Don't think anyone suggested Fontas is joining Sydney City Sailing club? Though I agree it is a funny thought.

Hoping from Australia all these trades go through,saints will rise,have faith brothers. Saint Den.

Me too, all the way from Melbourne, hoping that this Ramirez trade works out. Bought my Lallana Saints shirt a season and a half ago...not sure about this new strip!

^I think a few of us were surprised by the new kit. I just hope we go back to the stripe soon (although personally I liked the 125th anniversary kit I liked the idea of bringing back the sort of sash we used to have).

Need to make some signing very far have looked poor in relation to other teams.

"poor in relation to other teams" ???

What an absolute nonsense statement.



28 Aug 2012 14:09:07
Celtic, Derby, Bolton and Huddesfield want Johnny Russell from Dundee United

And the rest,it will be epl.

Russell would be a great signing for Bolton we need something extra up front. But the main target should be a defensive midfield player which we urgently need, Jay Spearing hopefully but please not NRC he would not be welcome back at the Reebok. an average player at the best.

It would be a risk for epl clubs considering goodwillie went to blackburn and didnt do much and he was better than Russell in spl. Would like to see him at Celtic

Dont forget sheff wednesday i heard their chairman milan mandarich is prepareing to open his cheque book for 3 more signings this year

I would love this to happen and Johnny Russell sign for Derby, but we will have to wait and see. I do approve of Cloughs Celtic signings, and applaud the club checking the Irish and Scottish Scene. COYR.

Not derby as they signed conor sammon

Clough said last night on East Midlands Today they are looking to get rid of Ben Davies and Tom Naylor...not sure on perms or loans. Might bring somebody in.



28 Aug 2012 13:52:55
Southampton look like they will finally sign Gaston Ramirez today/ tommorrow

Saints have also bid a reported £5million for Ajax and Denmark left back Nicolai Boilesen, a reported €8million for Rennes defender Jean Armel-Kana Biyik and VVV-Venlo defender Yoshida believed to be £2million.

It was speculated that Marcus Lieber had left a fund for our first year back in the prem & Cortese is willing to spend around £40m to establish saints during the first year back. NA has already claimed that saints will be 'Very Active' this week.

This would be perfect

That it would but they need to hurry the hell up! Some good names in that lot

Apart from the info. re Ramirez the rest is all speculation. Certainly players Saints are interested in, but how many they will go for and sign is unknown, as is the budget that Cortese will utilise.

I really don't know why people claim to know what Cortese and Adkins will do in the transfer market when they are just about the most secretative pair in who and what they are following.

Just wait and see.

Saint Martin

I would love for this, would keep us above the likes of Villa and other teams that have not improved

Boilesen just moved to ajax.. wont happen

We can but pray...

Boilesen been with Ajax since 2010 actually. There is a high chance Southampton will sign him.

Almost all transfers happen in the last week, even last day. Adkins is not wasting time, other clubs just want the best offer. I'm sure we'll see more players come in by the 1st

Bloody hope so mate. We need something moving actually move forward....



28 Aug 2012 13:44:03
Walsall have signed andy taylor on non-contract terms so he can play against QPR tonight and will be offered a year deal before the transfer window closes.



28 Aug 2012 13:38:12
Southampton deal for Ramirez is complete! We agreed to pay 70% of the £12 million up front, which clinched it.

I can't see oine of Europes top talents going to a newly promoted saide no offence but just cant see this happening.

The first poster will be surprised then, hes a fool for writing this without reading the news!

^ He is likely to join southampton for the £45,000 a week, it wouldnt bother him what club he went to in the prem if he was offered that much and previously spoke in Italy about joining southampton saying you can't say no to an off like that



28 Aug 2012 13:36:45
Sky Italia reporting that QPR have agreed terms with goalkeeper Julio Cesar



28 Aug 2012 13:33:40
Nottingham Forest set to sign Arsenal
midfielder Henri Lansbury.

he has just passed his medical



28 Aug 2012 13:15:50
york city interested in free agent cb byron anthony



28 Aug 2012 12:58:43
Swansea's Gary Monk is in talks with Bristol City

Looking very likely especially as Monk not named in second string cup side tonite!



28 Aug 2012 12:37:15
Former Watford manager Sean dyche is in talks with Coventry and chesterfield! Sean dyche use to be a player for chesterfield so if the interview goes well he will secure the job

Hope he gets back in the game soon

I am a watford fan i think he would do an amazing job for either of the 2 teams in question. He would come back to Watford for some of our youth players and fringe players as the new Italian owners have given us allot of Udinese and Granda players on loan.
Good luck Dyche you will always be one of my favourites a true Watford legend and loyal servent.

Dyche will do a fantastic job with any club. Remember he was approached by Birmingham and others in the summer but chose to remain loyal. His coaching staff were excellent and if they join him which Im sure they will then it will be to great benefit. Good Luck Dychey. Great manager and great bloke.



28 Aug 2012 12:32:22
Grimsby Town to sign a new left winger before the deadline with one predicted to come in tomorrow, and possibly Nathan Pond on a permanent transfer as well after impressing during his months loan. If it isn't permanent, Grimsby are looking to make it last for the whole season at least.



28 Aug 2012 11:57:19
Alan Irvine to take over as manager at Chesterfield F.C.
Source close to the board.

No way, we have too many Wednesday connections already, we don't want Irvine, Laws or any other ex Wednesday person!



28 Aug 2012 11:56:42
notts county to sign calvin zola in the
week if he dont choose the chamionship
team.he was at the hartlepool game on tuesday the 21st of august. proof he wasnt at the burton game when they beat wimbledon 6-2

I hope he does

Hes pretty nippy, him and zoko would cause afew problems, lets hope he joins us.

He was injured



28 Aug 2012 11:48:47
notts county to sign a striker in the week the striker is likely to be Liam Hearn, N'Guessan ,richard cresswell, calvin zola ,

Hearn snapped his Achilles last week so unless he's found some miracle cure it won't be him

Richard Crsswell was made a Striking Coach at Sheffield United today, I doubt he is going anywhere now.

I head wednesday want n'guessen

Liam hearn is out long term with injury so won't be him



28 Aug 2012 11:10:11
John Sheridan SACKED !!



28 Aug 2012 11:05:10
Millwall have agreed a cut price 1m deal for Paul Taylor from Peterborough. Good business all round.

I will believe this when I see it happen???! Millwall to Pay a million for a player! This is definately a 'WIND UP'!!

Pie in the 'Sky' Rumour AGAIN!!!

Us pay 1 million for a player NO CHANCE in hell!!!!

Andy Ambler, Millwall's CEO has today said that KJ is slightly over his transfer budget (before anyone moans that's wages (to new and existing players with new contracts) and fees so someone will have to leave before anyone comes in (N'guessan and Ward look likely, hopefully not Trotts!). In the same interview he says that we are in the bottom six of the division when it comes to spending on the team because of the relatively low gates we get compared to others. Our Chairman already spends about 3m a year to keep us going. That's the harsh reality for clubs like ours these days. Put into context, I think JB and KJ are doing a great job. Chopping and changing players like you are playing Championship Manager is not the answer!

Well get down the den all you armchair wall fans... remember its 12.45 ko Saturday

2 years ago, we were close to getting into the Play Offs in our very first season in the Championship - if we had 1 or 2 better players, we'd probably made it; now - the lack of ambition is obvious - and do the math, how can we not make a profit, just have a look at the players we have sold / released and who we;ve brought in... Terrible!

I just wish they would stop going on about low gates,buy some decent players and that will make people come through the gates,why should people spend there hard earned cash on watching second rate players,play the game millwall it's always been the same,you can't have it all your own way please the fans for once and they might just surprise you.....

I have supported this club since I was 9 or 10 so thats 54 years. No change in way they operate always say someone has to leave to buy! I had a long cnversation with Jeff Burnige (chairman) in 2004 when he started massive clearout. Explained nicely to him to keep better players and buy better players otherwise relegation! Naturally fell on deaf ears. You have to speculate to accumulate!

Are u mad we can not compete with most teams in division 1 let alone championship for player fees /wages end of the
day we dont get big enough crowds we are kicking above our weight

You'll remember Micky Purser then so tight he squeeked

Not so many years ago Portsmouth were in the Premiership! Some supporters need to realise that the club does not run at a profit with the gates and even the transfer fees we have received. Apart from Morison who in recent years has gone for anything over a million? For a club our size we have invested above our station. Keogh (Leeds couldn't afford him apparently - fee + wages), Henderson (wages), Trotter, Henry, Robinson, Abdou have all been given new improved contracts to ward off interested clubs; this all costs the club money and if there's not enough coming through the turnstiles, ultimately the chairman. The reality is that spending lots of money does not guarantee success but can end in disaster. As a previous chap says, get down the Den, support the players we have got and who knows..........

Racon never really played so he is a new signing...Batt out for over a year so just like a new signing. Taylor new signing..Malone new signing...Osbourne new signing..Shittu new signing... New pitch 500K with the grow lights. .... Sounds like someones been digging deep to me all these lads want paying even if they cost nothing. ...... Get behind the lads and they'll do it for us.

And don't forget Tam the man hasn't played for a year...... chin up you lot

Well said (Racon....).... and we've expanded our youth set up!

Another thing.. it takes time to build a good team and best way is to try before you buy with loans deals first. I am sure Kenny and the board will be mindful of this as squad is quite small for the long season. Would expect a loan deal at some point especially when premier clubs decide that the masses of bored players they have stored up in their closets need some game time.



28 Aug 2012 10:46:14
Wigan will be busy before the end of the transfer window. Roberto Martinez has stated that he definately wants to sign Honduran attacking midfielder Roger Espinioza before Friday's deadline and he has had chief scout Kevin Reeves out and about in Europe this past week looking at 2/3 of:

Dries Mertens - PSV Eindhoven
Jermaine Lens - PSV
Jetro Willems - PSV
Adam Maher - AZ Alkmaar
Martin Harnik - VFB Stuttgart

Jetro Willems is one of the most exciting prospects in the dutch league....not a chance!

You could say the same about Adam Maher and Dries Mertens! Wigan may sign Espinoza by Friday, but then we'll be looking at loans - possibly a centre midfielder or right back to strengthen the squad

We will not get a 1 of them wigan only want 1 more

Would love to see Maher and Mertens at Latics but there is no chance we will get Willems unless whelan splashes some cash



28 Aug 2012 10:35:02
Swfc to sign someone on a permanent deal and someone on loan don't know who tho


Quality rumour

Im gettin my dinner tonight but dont know what lol



28 Aug 2012 10:13:36
Aston villa bid 1 mil for charlton central midfielder dale stephens

Villa have bid £600k......charlton want £1mill

I beleive Charlton said he can go for 1.5

600k was the first bid 1m was the second.

Charlton have turned down a bid of 1.5 million according to Sky Sports



28 Aug 2012 10:09:58
Plymouth Argyle set to sign striker Antonio Pedroza who will be released from his contract to join free because he's unhappy in Mexico.

Still a Crystal Palace player on loan at a Mexican Club because he couldn't settle in England. So not likely.

What a load of tosh, he left palace cos he is home sick hence why he went back to Mexico.

What a load of tosh he was released from his contract with Crystal Palace cos he was homesick, he has since gone back to Mexico.

Doumbe? I never said anything about him, I obviously would take him back, Clark and Fallon? No, Clark's wage demands are too high and Fallon is no goalscorer by any means. I think about things tactically not just on the surface like you.

Um thats the thing i dont? by getting fallon back hell be able to hold the ball up and knock through for paris cowan hall thats wht they did in league 1 with him and bradley wright phillips and clark wage demands were not to high? if they were so high why did he go to abredeen there not excactley maede of money and he was a great passer of the ball who could feed the ball through, so yea! :)

We don't need a Fallon type player, we have already signed Griffiths and still have Feeney. Clark's contract when he left was still on 5k a week, Aberdeen may not have lots of money but they sure have more than us, also I seriously doubt they would come back. I'm in no way saying they are bad players, I'm simply saying we shouldn't dwell on the past, we need NEW players, not old ones.

Calm down lads, I wouldn't want Fallon or clark back anyway

Yes i no we wont get them back but all im saying is that we need 1 good cb and one good striker

Its clear to evryone that we need a goal scorer as at the moment our left back is the only player who has scored in a league game. If I can see that why can't CF! OK, Griffiths is injured but if it turns out he's not up to it and the closure of the transfer window then we could be stuffed. Chadwick and Feeney not up to it, one is to slow and the other to light

I am calm lol just saying how getting certain typer of players in would help the club

Argyle in talks with former trialist liam dickinson



28 Aug 2012 10:05:09
Darren Bent has apparently voiced his concerns over villas progression and how he sees the season going. Villas 24m man is would leave if the right club came in, he has had a relagation release clause added to his contract in a bid to keep him.

BS thts all im saying



28 Aug 2012 09:54:04
Moussa Dembele will not be leaving Fulham this summer. Any transfer will be in January unless he signs a new contract, then teams will have to wait a whole year for the talented Belgian.

He's in advanced talks with spurs fulham accepted 16m

He's not in talks with anyone.. The lad will stay until jan to see where his future lies.. As Joel said he won't be leaving unless someone comes in with a silly amount of money .. 16 mil is not enough

They have not accepted a bid as we are not selling !

Clubs have agreed fee. Looks like Dembele will go to spurs. Will be sad to see him go he is an amazing talent. Better than seeing him go for free next year though!

Underwent his medical tonight,fee agreed

Haha he is of to spurs

15 mil pound clause activated by Spurs. BMJ said in press conference

He is having a medical at Tottenham later today

Sorry mate but you got that one horribly wrong



28 Aug 2012 09:35:00
Reading to sign Jordan ayew deadline day to cover kebe..injury worse than presumed by McDermott (plus kebe's not prem standard). Also trying for Owen but likely to sign for everton due to wages. Shock move is signing dzeko...cut price other clubs interested. Zingarevich looking for an out an out scorer to play alongside pog!


To much fanstasy football owen to everton and dzecko no chance y leave city

Dzeko moving to Reading, Ive just spat out my coffee all over my desk at work. Are you on CRACK? I'd love it but cannot see this happening. We need anpther striker mind you!!

Dzeko? Oh go home please and stop making stuff up

Kebe is prem standard and we dont need anymor wingers so your talking bs

Ok where to start...firstly Dzeko?...Secondly Kebe not prem quality? Are you mad? He's Jimmy Kebe he does what he wants and what he wants to do is be prem quality.

Dzeko will go to germany or italy if he does leave! Jordan Ayew would be a good signing if you pull it off...suprised at the amount quoted as hes a talented player!

Ayew not a target

Kebe was one of the star performers last year - of all original squad he was the one who was most suited to Premiership, still remember is record goal against WBA in cup match.

Your making royal fans look stupid? no way we would play dzeko 100k a week and kebe is prem standard when interested ayew wont come

I have little faith in any of these rumours tbh. As much as I'd like to see more talent going forward to support who we have now I don't think McDermott doubts Kebes ability to compete at Premiership level at all. Besides, McClearly is currently acting as a cover and is doing an amazing job at it.
I can't see Owen coming in and I'm all but certain Dzeko wouldn't be brought in on the wages they'd demand. Brian McDermott also came out as saying he's no idea where the Jordan Ayew rumours have materialised from, meaning that unless he's trying to keep this deal quiet there's no chance of this happening.
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see some more competition for first team slots in the team. As much as I respect Alfie Pog Roberts and Hunt I think we need a real potent scorer to put pressure on the pecking order to perform (besides I'm not convinced Hunt has what it takes to consistently perform at this level)

Absolute dreamers no good players would consider reading all the big players linked with none came tells u everything

I agree we need a new back up winger as Kebe is rubbish and should be sold but McCleary is a quality player who is Prem standard but cant see we will get ayew, probally get a league 1-2 youngster or get another irish player.

I agree we need a new back up winger as Kebe is rubbish and should be sold but McCleary is a quality player who is Prem standard but cant see we will get ayew, probally get a league 1-2 youngster or get another irish player.

Yer a player who we were desperate to sign on a new contract and had many clubs sniffing around is rubbish.. Thank god your not in Brian's shoes!!



28 Aug 2012 09:07:10
Swansea City will complete the signings of Marvin Emnes-5m
Pablo Hernandez-5.5m
Ashley Westwood-undisclosed.

Not to sure about emnes, praised the time he was on loan here but dont think he could dig it at premier league level, as allways i welcome him with open arms! scfc !

If Hernandez is worth 5-6m. Emnes surely only worth 1.5m at the most. Surely huw Jenkins is far too shrewd a chairman to spend 5m on emnes.



28 aug 2012 08:48:32
any bristol city transfer news in or out,



28 Aug 2012 08:26:11
Swindons Matt Richie to sign for Leeds United by the end of the week. Warnock has been watching him for some time.

Yes, we are going to cut him up into 36 pieces to share between all of the clubs that are going to sign him according to people posting on this site! and obviously the fact that PDC has said he will not be leaving for less than 2.5 million and the fact that Ritchie has repeatedly said he wants to stay at Swindon for this season means he is desperate to get away and pdc can't wait to off load him!! GIVE IT A REST!!

Unlikely, as Leeds don't have the money to buy him.

Do Leeds have 1.5 Million to spend ?

2.5m not 1.5



28 Aug 2012 08:03:50
Former Oldham player Dale Stephens is set to make a 1 million pound move from Charlton to Premiership side Aston Villa.

Just hope that Oldham have a sell on clause...

Charlton wont sell infact charlton will sign stephen quinn for 750k and ngeussan for 150k

Oldham have a 10% sell on clause so i really hope this goes through to just to free up a bit of cash if needed

We do its 10%

We do its 10%



28 Aug 2012 07:47:54
Aston Villa have agreed a deal to sign GENT 21 year old striker, Christian Benteke for £6m.
Benteke will agree a deal with Villa within the next 2 days & should be available to play against Newcastle United.

Offer rejected

They have not agreed nothing they stated they was intrested and gent have come out and said they have not had a firm offer for the player yet and are aware of intrest

Villa aint got 6 million

GENK have rejected the offer not GENT...get it right! lol

Rumour has it that if Odemwingie leaves then West Brom may make a move for the player....doubt it though we wouldnt need him, just stick the beast Lukaku in the starting line up and promote Berahino...job done!



28 Aug 2012 07:34:06
Bournmouth will not be signing Swindons Matt Ritchie.

I have family friend close to Swindon's board and there is no chance of Matt leaving Swindon.

Heard he may be off to Leeds



28 Aug 2012 07:32:54
Chelsea will make one last signing before the transfer window closes - Edinson Cavani from Napoli for £35million. RDM sees him as the perfect player to play alongside Torres.

Edinson Cavani has just signed a new 4 year contract and has a buy out of 55 million euros so id suggest you try a bit harder next time lol

Andy Carroll = 35m aka Cavani 100m?

^ so your saying that Cavani is worth a world record transfer fee, more than C. Ronaldo?



28 Aug 2012 06:57:51
Berbatov to re sign for spurs this week for £7m



28 Aug 2012 03:17:22
Hey Ed, What's the latest on Swansea's transfer rumours?
Would you say there's any chance of seeing Nicholas Bentner or Tom Ince come to the liberty?
Sorry to all blackpool fans, but I have to say, every player has a price {Ed001's Note - I wouldn't expect either, especially Ince. Unfortunately Nicky B rates himself far too highly to join Swansea, not sure he is actually good enough anyway.}

Not a prayer for sir tom im afraid.. totally commited to the pool for at least 1 more season!

How many more times ? Ince is going NOWHERE !!

Okay, Thanks for the input ed

What's this wwe i have to say swansea is not the million dollar man and everyone doesn't have a price ince loves to play football and no amount of cash could makei him go to swansea as he wants to develop with blackpool and he cant develop from the bench he needs time on the field and will only get it with blackpool

Ed - what about Blackpool ins? You hearign anything concrete? {Ed003's Note - Just the ongoing Dobbie one and maybe a couple of youngsters for the development squad}

DJ will return to Blackpool on a season long loan



28 Aug 2012 01:14:49
With only a few days left of the transfer window, Im hearing Harry Kewell will sign for Boro?. I think this will be a really good signing for the club, is it true that it depends on Scott Macdonald leaving or not?
Apparently Kewell's wages will be very minimal although he will have incentives based on performance which I think is good! anyone heard anything similar?

Very good move by Boro if true, Kewell although a little slower these days showed good form in Turkey and last year in Melbourne to suggest he would be a good fit in the championship....... He has also remained injury free last couple of years.

You are kidding yourself ,it,ll be a very bad move for you ,well passed his sell buy date

But it's a free transfer with minium wages.... what's the problem? If it pays off what a master stroke, if not, not money lost..... win/win Harry Kewells signature for any championship side

Well said, I dont know how people cant see that. Im sure its just a leeds fan being negative again



28 Aug 2012 01:39:12
Dimitar Berbatov to sign for CSKA Moskva for reported 8 million



27 Aug 2012 23:12:16
Reading's Simon Church is set to sign for Ipswich Town on a season long loan either tuesday or wednesday

Daryl Murphy is close to rejoining the Blues for a third loan spell, according to reports in Ireland this morning. Murphy, whose Celtic contract is up at the end of the season, was with the Blues for the whole of the last campaign and the second half of 2009/10

Daryl Murphy rejoining on loan for a third time from Celtic

Itfc are signing murphy, boyd and taylor and an unknown CB, COYB!

GOD help us.!

No Church is not a deal has already been agreed with Huddersfield for him going on loan but that will go through once Roberts is fit to play since he has just finished his suspension

Ipswich linked with a double swoop for Peterborough's Taylor and Boyd for £1.5 million

I hope Churchy doesnt leave - most natural finisher at the club in my opinion. When he cuts in from the right, its usually RKO time and he often finds the back of the net.

Hope not,fed up of these loan signings! All sort term quick fixes

What's this about Jewell learning from his previous LOAN signings!



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