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27 Sep 2012 17:52:51
The southern hatters/Luton Town have beaten the northern hatters Stockport County to the loan signing of Guisleys England C International defender Simon Ainge. I am informed that Simon would have welcomed a move to the Manchester area but only Luton have made a bid which could become permanent if all goes well {Ed003's Note - pulled a rabbit out of the hat there.............. forget it, I'll get my coat }



27 Sep 2012 17:41:41
Bristol Rovers have signed Derek Riordan on an initial 3 month contract.

If all goes well a new contract will be offered at Christmas.

Hope it all works out you will have a hell of a player.



27 Sep 2012 15:23:01
Bristol Rovers have completed the signing of Scottish 3-time international Derek Riordan on a free transfer. Riordan has signed a one year deal, with the view to extend the contract for another year should Bristol Rovers gain promotion to nPower League 1.

Well i am sure derek riordan will enjoy his one season at brfc because he wont be signing an extension

Shows how much you know he is on a 3 month loan

Shows how much you know - he's not on loan because he's not at a club. He's on a 3 month contract that should be extended if all goes well.

Riordan is getting 100 000 for the three months contract and to keep him any longer Rovers would have to get rid of a couple of high earners to prevent breaching the wage cap. That means buying up contracts because there are no saleable players at the Mem and no one will match the inflated salaries Rovers pay. It was a ludicrous signing and the player himself is not taking it seriously so watch out for the excuses to be rolled out when he fails to appear regularly on the team sheet.

Seems to be keen enough at the moment.
For a lad who has not played regular football for the past 6 months he seems fairly fit.
Perhaps the recent birth of his daughter and moving away from Scotland may help him grow up a bit and leave his clubbing and partying days behind him.Time will tell but he could become one of the best strikers at the club for a while.

100,000 for 3 months? That's what roughly 13 weeks. So you're suggesting that we're paying him a little bit more than 7,500 a week, which would make him the highest paid player we've ever had, even above what we paid Rickie for the few months after his contract extension.

That's exactly how mad and out of control it is at Rovers these days

And you believe it !!!.

As the guy said above. "Watch the excuses being rolled out when he fails to appear regularly on the team sheet"

Well they're being rolled out now and Toni Watola is spitting feathers because he has to keep writing out the cheques to Riordan.

I have been told Riordan only came on yesterday because they are paying him so much the board insist he plays whatever the manager thinks. He produced another half hearted performance as Rovers conceded a goal and lost. If McGhee isn't picking the team how long before he's off ?



27 Sep 2012 14:37:08
Matt Kilgallon on loan to blades. Will become permanent in January. Source-his agent is my neighbour

Be going to Leeds when take over has gone through



27 Sep 2012 13:57:45
David James and chukki eribenne are training with afc Bournemouth

I know the David James Rumour is true, as it's on the AFCB Website

David james is definately training with afcb but chukki erbienne will be always remembered as a bit of a joke, his first 47 appearances for the club resulted in this lethal striker scoring just the one goal. The last 11yrs he has been struggling at lower league or non-league level and never been prolific in front of goal. He will certainly give us a laugh at dean court but certainly not a striker we would seriously want back at the club.

Yeah I don't think Chukki is signing for us anytime soon.

So another player on big wages (James) great

James certainly saved Bristol City more points than he cost us. Still a good keeper and very fit still for his age. Overall, would be a good signing for you.

Because sky sports and the national newspapers are banned from dean court it makes this site one of the only places to find out about new recruits (even if not all posts are true) but this one is true, just come up on the official cherries site, could be a good signing

It's only the s*n newspaper and certain news/sly news reporters

29 Sep 2012 10:30:58
As a pompey fan i am totally gutted James couldn't come back to us.
Went to see first game of the season,Jawal is pretty awful.He will do a great job for them

It's all of the nationals apart from the local echo

That ban was lifted about 6 months ago



27 Sep 2012 12:59:23
David James training with the Cherries, with a view to joining permanently... (Echo and BBC reports).



27 Sep 2012 12:50:25
My mate said he spoke to the Charlton U21 coach at a fans meeting last night.

he said Reo Coker hasn't been training with the kids as being said in press but with the first team but he wouldn't say if he would sign or not.



27 Sep 2012 11:31:08
Four players Leeds are thought to have shortlisted already, either for long-term loans (with view to permanent deals) or for purchasing in January once GFH's takeover is completed, are Graham Dorrans of West Brom, Gary Mackay-Steven of Dundee United and Matthew Kilgallon of Sunderland. There will also be a striker but no-one I've spoken to can agree on who that might be. We can only hope and pray its Beckford or Gradel. Or both.
I would like to say, if this is indeed the end of his reign at Elland Road, thanks to Mr. Bates for everything he has done to save our club. He's made some mistakes and got some stick, but I think every Leeds fan owes him a debt of gratitude. If not for him, who knows where we would be now.

It won't be gradel

Shortlist away, you're not getting Dorrans. Funny how fans whose club is undergoing a takeover think the leagues' players are like a box of chocolates, just ready to pick at their disposal.

Forget Beckford as well. He is joining our superior rivals Huddersfield Town. ;-)

Not my opinions, just what I heard. To be honest, besides Kilgallon, we haven't even been linked with any of these players before, as far as I can tell. Just thought I'd post anyway. Sneaky Hudders fan there, god he's turned you down twice, you'd think Grayson would get the message.

Hope it all works out for Leeds ,I can remember when Leeds and Liverpool were thee BIG teams in England ,would love to see you guys back in the bigtime from a Celtic fan.

Sod beckford he pat it get max gradel back were he belongs

Well hope all u want it wont be beckford he's just signed for town! mot lol you've always marched on ya 1's warnock got you where u belong mid table UTT!

If Bates has been a good owner then Peter Risdale should run the Bank of England...

Bates and Ridsdale - two different flavors of terrible.

Leeds will be a better & stronger team without Beckford, The easiest 6 points we will get this season is from our inferior neighbours Huddersfield, even with Beckford they are bottom six material

Uddersfield 2 watford 3 DTT

I don't think anything about this post is correct.

Firstly those signings are nonsense.

Secondly you're badly wrong on Bates. I'm yet to meet anyone who can name one thing that he as done for the benefit of Leeds United. And DON'T say he saved the club, because that is nonsense. Watch David Conn's documentary about Ken Bates at Leeds, and it explains comprehensively how Bates categorically DID NOT save the club.



27 Sep 2012 11:11:19
Heard from a very reliable soure that later today bristol rovers will announce 2 new signings. I am 100% certain that one of these will be foremr England international Darius Vassell on a one-year deal

Don't think well be signing any more strikers as today we've signed 29yr old free agent Derek riordan till Christmas and Tom eaves from Bolton on loan for three months

How come Rovers are bottom with Riordan and Clarkson playing for them?

Vassell would break the bank!



27 Sep 2012 09:42:00
Mkdons are signing an attacking player by the begining of next weekend, not sure who but rumoured to be Angelo Balanta.



27 Sep 2012 07:48:33
Bristol Rovers are following Forest Green Rovers striker Ben Wright and were at last nights game at Hereford. Wright who stands 6'2" tall was signed from Braintree Town last May having scored 18 goals.Now in his early 20s he was once a target for Fulham.

Why would he take a step down to join Bristol Rovers ?



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