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2011 21:49:14
Doncaster YES DONCASTER are set to sign El Hadji Diouf on a deal till end of season(19)(31)Wigan want Diouf too and the guys a waste of spaceThe sewer rat will disgrace your club and bring nothing but shameSays it all about him really, Sven doesn't want him in Leicester, Big Sam doesn't want him at West Ham, Southampton & Brighton don't want him and nor does anyone else... Doncaster or Wigan, welcome to the wonderful world of blowing your career apart by being an arrogant, ignorant, prick.Agree Saunders we need a keeper & center bk


26 Sep 2011 20:46:26
Brian Howard has signed 3 month emergency loan to Millwall.

Source official millwall website(14)(8)


26 Sep 2011 20:42:50
any news and potential moves with liverpool fc?(3)(1)Linked with everyone prob not get none of them same as everyother side , to be honest and bofore u jump
On my back wait and listen I think u need a manager long term manager u got Lenny in building a side yes but for how long ? No one knows and we all no that when a new manager comes in wants things his way if I was a Liverpool fan this is what I would want more than players


26 Sep 2011 17:51:17
Midfielder Lee hendrie(free agent) to have 3 days training with Crystal Palace this week!(1)(3)

Whoopie doo! He must be 40.


26 Sep 2011 17:43:19
Paul lambert to Arsenal at the end of the season?(15)(35)Don't be silly, as if Arsenal would go for Lambert, sure he a good manager but don't you think Arsenal would go for a more high profile Manager to replace Wenger.

Anyway im sure i read over the weekend that Arsenal are NOT going to sack Wenger any time soon.I don't think they would go for him lol but to be honest what managers out there that u would say are top managers that are free ? I really starting to think it only a matter of time tho till there be a new face at the gunners all fans r going Slate me saying not a chance , but I just reading between lines and one or to things that have been said hint at something happeningLambert? What, as a player? He would fit in with all the other crocks and slow players.He will manage a top club one day, i can see this happening.


26 Sep 2011 16:31:39
jason koumas will not come back to tranmere! were do you get your facts from??(14)(7)Its not a FACT site Rafa. Its a rumour site. Spot the difference.I can guarantee that koumas will play for tranmere before end of his career. 100% factThats because he loves the pub to much and no team would pay wages for that. not even a sunday team would have that waste of space playing for them. the guy is a T@AT


26 Sep 2011 16:26:47
pompey to sign Bjorn Helge Riise on emergancy loan(18)(15)This really is a team in deep trouble both on and off the field.A very good player who will do well for Pompey. he played for sheffield united last season and after a very dodgy first 25 minutes in his first game away at Palace he was excellent thereafter. great signing.


26 Sep 2011 16:24:44
Any update on the posting 13 Sept 2011 re Poyet going for another Spanish Star when the transfer window reopens ?(3)(5)


26 Sep 2011 16:02:21
Blackpool have signed former Aberdeen goalkeeper Mark Howard

Source the daily mirror(17)(5)Former Aberdeen reserve keeper Mark Howard.Wow they are signing Aberdeen reserves now,and not just Rangers reserves.Maximus will be really proud.A signing is a signing and it will be back up for gilksAre they turning the lights on early?Only a five month contract back up until ketting gets back from Birmingham


26 Sep 2011 16:00:55
Bristol city goalkeeper dean gerken set to leave in january for a premiership club.(4)(17)Goodluck gerken if you leave because your treated like dirt at city your 10times better then jamesGerken,"James is the no.1 goalkeeper at Bristol city i feel i could have a much better career at Wigan or Norwich."Don't blame him, I always felt signing James was a mistake. We should have held on to Henderson...


26 Sep 2011 12:56:34
Newcastle defender Tamas Kadar is set to join league one side Yeovil on a one month loan, midfielder Bradden Inman
is also set to leave st James and join league one side Walsall also on a one month loan deal(8)(1)


26 Sep 2011 11:34:44
Crawley Town want to sign Godfrey Poku from Luton Town.

Poku is currently on loan at Southport until January.(7)(2)


26 Sep 2011 10:19:51
Scottish striker James McFadden, could be on his way to Wolves despite offers from Old Firm rivals Celtic and Rangers after Mick McCarthy offered him a salary of £60,000 a week, three times what he could get in Scotland. McFadden has not played since chronically knacking his knee last September. "He has looked good in training I want to sign him," blasted McCarthy.
Gibo(20)(12)There was never a bid from celtic not sure about rangers tho .
daviebhoy08I doubt the dingles could pay 60,000 per week to any playerRe Dingles - I don't think Burnley are in for him - if you are going to refer to a team in a derogatory manner, try and be original - as for Wolves, no way we would pay 60K per week for a player.Theres no way you will afford to pay 6 a week the way you lot are performing.I can't but Wolves can,


26 Sep 2011 10:18:24
Lewin Nyatanger of Bristol City is very keen on a move back to Derby County in January to be closer to his family and his girlfriend who is studying at universaty there Clough is said to have been very impressed with his form this year and thinks he will get him on the cheap in January as he is in the last year of his contract at Ashton Gate(4)(17)


26 Sep 2011 08:33:12
Wilfreed Zaha refuses to rule out a move to middlesbrough if crystal palace choose to cash in on him in january will cost 4-£5 million

Mowbray told by Gibson that the money is there for the right player and is prepared to back him all the way(10)(14)Zaha has 3 years left off his contract and is going nowhere. CPFC2010 don't need to sell anyone FACT


26 Sep 2011 05:53:12
Norwich boss Paul Lambert will leave Norwich and manage Sunderland(9)(17)A loser replacing another loser....makes sense.Why is Lambert a loser?
Sure he hasn't done much so far in the Prem - but give him a chance, hes only been a Prem manager for 6 games (after tonights game) blimey some people are so quick to knock someone before giving a chance.If you go fishing on this site you always catch one.Oh oh looks like Agent Bruce has been rumbled


26 sep 2011 00:06:59
new man at millwall soon(21)(6)We need something at Millwall sooner rather then later, so i hope this rumour is trueI hope you go down your supporters are a disgrace after a game we had a game against you not long ago.
League 1 Team and thats your level.Ronald McDonald, to go with the rest of the clowns.Every team has bad fans, dont just go on at us all the time,we are not all badSwindon fan here, your fans at Wembley were disgusting, you were lifting the trophy yet still your fans came out to have a go rather than celebrate.... worst fans I have ever met in 40 years of going to footballThen dont go to football you sad personAs for the swindon fan i think its more sour grapes you got into the play off final where are you now ?


25 Sep 2011 19:52:45
Spend some time in Northern England on business. Sunderland is in hot pursuit of Blyth Spartans towering GK Tom Kindley. They'd tracked him at Whitley Bay and are now apparently keen to pounce.(6)(12)This was believable a year ago. It was a fact that he trained with the Black Cats. It is less believable now. I don't even think that "Spindly Kindley" has played for Blyth yet! Injured or maybe just not good enough?


25 Sep 2011 17:22:05
west ham, charlton interested in stevenages craig reid(8)(5)


25 Sep 2011 17:16:11
Leon Clarke will sign a permanent deal with Chesterfield in January, and Di Canio will move for Somalian striker Aden Abshir Cisse who has an impressive 39 goals in 59 games for his country and yet is only 25 years old.(6)(10)This is true as Swindon are going to loan Cibocchi out as he is not League 2 level (Woking are interested in taking him on loan for the rest of the season). When Cibocchi goes out, Di Canio will bring Arsenal defender Tom Cruise in (the club are doing a pre-contract agreement with him this week).Clarke will not sign for Chesterfield unless they have the money, Swindon will want to recoup the signing on fee and they are still paying a massive chunk of his wages, can chesterfield afford this, rumour is he is off to Millwall in Jan for 300kClarke signed a two year contract so unless an olive branch is handed to him he os going to move on but Swindon will want a decent fee as strikers are a premium and if clarke keeps scoring the price will be going up to whoever comes in for him.
He would have been ideal if he stayed with us but after his spat with Paulo the club have stated he will never play for the club again after 10 days of being with us.

Cant see Chesterfield buying him though as they dont have money.


25 Sep 2011 17:14:06
Steve Brooker is signing for Plymouth Argyle once the takeover happens.(10)(6)


25 Sep 2011 17:13:31
Scouts from Swindon Town, Crawley Town and Nottingham Forest were at Guernsey's game v Sheerwater yesterday to check on the form of Ross Allen.(10)(5)


25 Sep 2011 17:12:28
Plymouth Argyle are hoping to sign Newport County midfielder David Pipe in January(5)(9)


25 Sep 2011 15:09:56
Portsmouth want to re-sign Matt Ritchie from Swindon, and are prepared to send Australian midfielder Ryan Williams to the County Ground as part of the deal.(8)(11)Matt Ritchie isn't for sale.... the board have learnt from the mistake of selling Austin in Jan last year which led to relegation, promotion is the clear aim, the board are willing to add to the team and will only sell if PDC no longer wants the playerDepends on what Pompey want to bid for him. He's by far the best player in the league, and every player has his price.


25 Sep 2011 13:49:23
I have heard quite a strong rumour from a very reliable source that leeds have been in touch with the agent of sol campbell about coming in on a 1yr deal, as he is a free agent this could happen.

I dont hold much hope of terms being agreed, however it would be a great signing for us.(2)(23)Too old too slow !!, not what we needYes i hope you have him inflicted on you. Leeds and him deserve each other. He would bankrupt you in a week.Would go well with kisnorbo, think that would be a good pairing at the back.Bates out grayson outI hope not.Have we not learned any lessons fron signing Andy O'Brien and before him Steve Caldwell. In short if they are not good enough for Newcastle then they are nowhere near good enough for us!What kind of bitter person wrote "Leeds and him deserve each other".


25 Sep 2011 13:46:22
Later this week, Lua Lua likely to return to Pompey and sign a one year contract with optional second if appearances merit.(7)(19)....and still be a mega flop.Cotterill wants someone who can cover a number of positions not a selfish money-grabber who plays for himself above the team.Goals have been a problem so can see this happening if Lua Lua is reasonable ref wages.


25 Sep 2011 12:35:13
Plymouth fan here :

Latest we are or at least I'am hearing is the Club will decide between Graham Coughlan and Paul Wotton for the role of joint team manager alongside the already in place Carl Fletcher.(2)(6)Won't be Wotton as he's at Yeovil


25 Sep 2011 12:08:30
Leeds planning swap offer, involving Billy Paynter returning to Swindon plus cash for Matt Ritchie. Doesnt look as if Di Canio will be interested though, despite looking for a striker.
wally(8)(15)Why Wally ? I would have Ritchie above Paynter every day of the week, he sisn't show any loyalty with us by talking to leeds when he was running down his contract, his level is league 1 or 2 not championship, whereass Ritchie could easily play in the championship...Re-read the original statement.Yeah, I did say player PLUS CASH. And Leeds have a history of undervaluing players. Its just a rumour i heard, is all.


25 Sep 2011 12:03:59
I have to say the Southend stories is in part accurate but Rubbish in the main.

Ricky Duncan Doesn't want to be a part of the first team. He is happy and content doing his bit for the youth side and always has been.

Yes Plymouth have made a brief, tentative enquiry for Graham Coughlan. Hasn't gone much further than that at the moment. Coughlan I feel will stay but of the duo he would be the most likely to depart. Amore senior post after all if he is offered it.

Paul Sturrock is expected to stay at Southend but when Plymouth are bought out then the never say never chime comes into play.

I've heard IF sturrock goes, whi ch as I say is not expected to happen, Ex-Boss Steve Thompson has been mentioned for the post temporarily to the end of the season.

as much as he would be my choice to be manager if tt became vacant Peter Taylor would never return to Roots Hall whilst Ron Martin is still involved. Peter was hurt when he thought he'd got the job at Blues in 2001 but instead Rob Newman was appointed. At the time Peter was helping out with coaching but was snubbed in favour of the useless Newman.

The same applies to Steve Tilson. Will never go back after Ron tried to turn the supporters against him. Not so sure Steve returning would be a good thing anyway. Things had gone a little stale and hes done his part with his two promotions.

Justin Edinburgh would n't be good enough at this level. Where he is at the moment is his limit or certainly for the time being it is.

And heard one or two brief calls for David Webb to fill in if required. Again like with Taylor and Tilson fell out with Ron Martin. Webb's case was he wasn't prepared in any way shape or form to be paid late or not at all. This happened once and and he was never seen again. Had his day in any case I believe.

Hope I've set a few trhings staight on the Blues Front.(1)(9)Did you dream all these,you seem well informed,i think there all in your imaginationThey are true. Southend fans seem to have a chip on their shoulder. They should seeing the Club through so much rose tinted glasses. I take exeption to my contacts being accused of liars. Just think about what I said hard. It is common sense.More like common nonsense!!


25 Sep 2011 08:41:12
Southend's recent run of good form is making both Paul Sturrock and Graham Coughlan an even more attractive proposition for Plymouth to approach. They will do so when the Club are eventually bought out and if the duo do leave Roots Hall then Ricky Duncan will be installed as caretaker.(3)(10)


24 Sep 2011 23:41:08
Butcher will be sacked on Monday morning due to terrible start to SPL campaign. Chris Sutton, John Hartson, John Robertson, Jimmy Calderwood and Jim Jefferies all mentioned as possible names in hat to replace him.(4)(15)Add Michael Oneill to that list as he is the in-demand manager right now with his Europa League breakthrough with Part Time Players, (Scottish and Irish). Northern Ireland keen to snap him up too..Butcher still going? sunderland got rid years agoButcher wont be sacked just yet, the inverness directors dont sack managers


24 Sep 2011 22:01:56
Blackpool set to sign sylvain ebanks blake on loan until january with a view to a permanent deal.(11)(28)Really wolves wont let him go as he is injured and 3rd striker at the club.


24 Sep 2011 21:49:22
Rafa Benitez is in line to take over at Sunderland, if Steve Bruce doesn't pick up seven points in his next three games.(15)(22)


24 Sep 2011 21:48:21
David Beckham looks set to talk to Blackburn Rovers over a possible one year contract, once his deal with LA Galaxy has ran out in November.(6)(37)Lol! Keep on taking the medication.Mmmm swap L.A for Blackburn - I can just see his missus going for that.


24 Sep 2011 21:43:42
Southampton are set to let four players go in January after the board told Nigel Adkins that he will need to sell if he wants to buy. Nicola Cortese has said he will give Adkins as much money as he likes if they win promotion but not in January. Steve De Ridder, who has recently told Adkins he wants a higher wage even though he just joined in the summer, could be farmed out to Finish side TPS on loan until the end of the season. Southampton are waiting to here of a potential bid from Peterborough United on loan next week with a view to a permanent signing after the former West Brom player told Southampton that he wants more first team football. 21 year old Aaron Martin, who has not played much since signing in 2009 is expected to join Blue Square Premier side Bath on loan until January but could stay at the club if West Ham don't come in with another bid. Finally, Nigel Adkins is expected to let Lee Barnard out on loan after his injury with Swindon Town leading the race.(4)(17)Utter Crap, so much inside knolege, you know so much about the club, you sure this is not Nigel Adkins.De Ridder is just breaking into the first team after struggling with a few injuries, we payed 2m for him so there is no chance that he'll be going elsewhere.

Aaron Martin is a very hot but raw talent, If he was going to go out on loan it'd be to a lower Championship side or an aspiring League One side. But as it is we only have 3 central defenders, Jaidi has a knee injury and is 36, whilst Dan Seaborne probably won't play again this season after fracturing his skull.. We need Martin as back up.

Lee Barnard has been injured, correct, but as soon as he is match fit he will be knocking on the door - he scored 15 goals in League One for us last season, so why would he drop to League Two for Swindon? Charlton were interested in him but we wouldn't let him go because we believe he will score goals in the Championship too.

Simple answer; bcks.Haha thats gotta be the worst rumours ive seen here cmon your not fooling anyone with this rubbish


24 Sep 2011 19:59:28
Spurs are in concealed negotiations with US wunderkind GK prospect Keith Cardona, who some see as the next Kasey Keller, and will be bringing him in at the winter transfer window.(6)(8)If he's the next kasey Keller then they should not sign him.


24 Sep 2011 18:03:36
Rangers striker Nikica Jelavic is causing serious interest from Tottenham.(19)(14)Wow, a 2 month old rumour! well done.No he is not. Whats the basis of this? Apart from the fact you made it up?Wow your quick you forgot Leicester, Southampton and Man u


24 Sep 2011 18:02:23
Jos Hooiveld, who is currently on loan at Southampton from Celtic, will hold talks with Nottingham Forest over a pre contract deal after being told by Neil Lennon his contract won't be getting renewed in June.(9)(21)


24 Sep 2011 18:00:30
Franco Di Santo, who has impressed for Wigan during the first month of the season, has learnt about interest from Liverpool.(11)(24)Im sure they would like a striker who has scored 5 goals in about 80 games.Well that is becuase he is with wigan if he did go to liverpool he would get better service but if this did happen where would he fit in becasue liverpool already have bellamy and carroll cant see this happening unless carrol or bellamy get injuredYe 3 deflected goals and suddenly were


24 Sep 2011 17:59:19
Newcastle winger Jonas Gutierrez is set to turn down a contract extension at St James' Park in order to see if a offer from Racing Club de Avellaneda in Argetina materialises. Legendary Argentina player Diego Simeone, who is now manager of Racing Club, contacted Newcaslte and was quoted £12 million from the United board.(9)(14)Load of crap he is very happy at newcastle who thiks up this rubbish


24 Sep 2011 17:56:15
19 year old midfielder Scott Allan, who recently turned down a new contract with Dundee United and is wanted by a number of Premier League clubs, is to speak to Fulham over a possible deal for January.(11)(4)Scot Alan also has Rangers,Celtic,Newcastle United,Manchester United interested in him.Source the Evening Times,from three days ago.The Fulham interest is news to me up here in Scotland.The kid is a player,Ipswich Town also are keen on him.


24 Sep 2011 17:54:20
Rafael Van der Vaart is to turn down a new contract from Tottenham after learning of interest from German champions Borussia Dortmund.(8)(22)They havnt offered him one?Rafa has only just joined spurs what makes you so sure he will turn his bak on spurs just speculation


24 Sep 2011 17:52:50
Rennes and France midfielder Yann M'Vila will turn down Arsenal in January to join Zenit St Petersburg in Russia, for around £13 million.(7)(21)Obviously hes not ganna join for 13mill, rennes turned down a 17 mill offerI cant see him going zenit arsenal is a better option as he will develop under wenger mans a genuis i mean look a wlishere he is fabregas replacement


24 Sep 2011 17:51:20
Ex QPR and Real Madrid midfielder Daniel Parejo is wanted by Russian side Zenit Saint Petersburg from Valencia, for around £5 million.(10)(7)


24 Sep 2011 17:48:50
Avram Grant is very close to signing a one year contract with Russian side Saturn Moscow as manager.(13)(6)Money talks such a big motivator but infact its the team that wins matches end of the day players who just go for money are just greedy in my eyes money is so over the top these days


24 Sep 2011 17:47:51
Manchester United midfielder Darron Gibson could sign for Derby County on loan for a month after Nigel Clough contacted Alex Ferguson about a possible deal on Friday evening.(8)(16)Hope so I'll come pack his bags for him and pay his train fair but only if it a one way ticket


24 Sep 2011 17:46:20
Serbian international Adem Ljajic, who is wanted by Everton, has stated he would be interested in joining Manchester United after a deal fell through two years ago whilst he was playing for Partizan Belgrade. The Fiorentina midfielder can now get a work permit and believes a move to Old Trafford could still be on the cards.(2)(9)


24 Sep 2011 17:43:59
Aleksandar Kolarov is on the verge of signing a pre contract with Italian side Fiorentina from Manchester City.(7)(11)


24 Sep 2011 17:30:41
Villarreal midfielder Bruno Soriano will leave the Spanish side before next season in order to join Manchester City. Roberto Mancini declared this week he needed another defensive midfielder and sees the Spanish international as somebody who can compete at Champions League as well as Premier League level. Soriano could move either January or summer, for around £22 million.(2)(10)


24 Sep 2011 17:24:36
Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka, is set to talk to San Jose Earthquakes in the MLS regarding a possible loan deal for January.(10)(12)


24 Sep 2011 17:22:47
Alvaro Negredo, who is currently a Spain international and plys his trade at Sevilla, will turn down Tottenham and AC Milan in order to join Manchester City. Negrado, who has turned heads with his goalscoring form over the last few years in La Liga is wanted by Roberto Mancini to replace Carlos Tevez in January.(2)(12)


24 Sep 2011 17:20:44
Arsenal are set to make Theo Walcott, Thomas Vermaelen, Andrey Arshavin and Robin Van Persie available for transfer in January. All four have told Arsene Wenger they would like to leave but also their contract runs out in 2013. Van Persie is attracting interest from top clubs all over the world but North London rivals Tottenham are favourites to land the Holland forward. Theo Walcott is causing interest from Manchester United after claiming he is keen to play for Premier League medals and believes he would fit into the system at Old Trafford. Belgium defender Vermaelen is already in talks with Zenit Saint Petersburg in Russia regarding a possible £12 million deal for January. Russian attacker Arshavin is in talks with Lokomotiv Moscow regarding a £10 million transfer for January 1st.(9)(38)Ha spurs couldnt afford himWhat a load of poop.... Van persie is the only decent striker arsenal have now and Walcott wouldnt even get in the team at utd, he would be lucky to be on the benchThis is nonense infact comical no way are they leaving rvp is captain of arsenal and well walcott has stated his intent of staying well if it wasnt for wenger walcott would never have become a good player but in my eyes more defensive cover is neededA Spurs fan wanting to dig at AFC fans nerves


24 Sep 2011 15:21:46
Paul Pogba signs new 2 year deal with Manchester United
Manchester City interested in Real Madrid's Karim Benzema
Manchester City also interested in Liverpool Center back Martin Skertel
Cristiano Ronaldo says a future Move back to Premier League could be on the cards
Andy Johnson says he could join Swansea due to lack of football time(17)(18)


24 Sep 2011 11:22:47
boro latest club showing intrest in signing man u midfeilder paul pogba(3)(10)


24 Sep 2011 11:01:20
What a load of rubbish gilks is not going anywhere hes just signed a new contract(5)(3)He wants prem league football he wont ever get it again with your lot.


24 Sep 2011 10:14:50
Deane Saunders is to ask Swansea City to loan Doncaster a few players for the rest of the season. Deane is from Swansea and has contacts at the club. Names being mentioned are Midfielder's David Cotteril and Tommy Butler. Striker Luke Moore.(10)(6)Goalkeeper & center backs req'd rovers have plenty of midfield players


24 Sep 2011 08:19:53
Hey guys just wanna say Ed ur doing a great job here,

now down to business and its all
Aberdeen i'm afraid and not good news
Peter Pawlett is going to Man Utd
Fraser Fyvie off to the Gunners
Ryan Jack has been spotted with
Kenny Dalgliesh in a restaraunt
and up and coming starlet
Mitchell Meggison is linked with
Everton, i know its not major money
considering its 3 of the big 4 but
wait and see it happening in Jan!!(1)(19)Fyfie was linked with Fulham earlier this year.Jack is a decent prospect.Would not amaze me to see The King take a gamble on him,like he done in scouting Wilson to the club from Rangers.The rest I cant really see happening.I hope that I am wrong though.Be good for Scottish football if it did happen.


24 Sep 2011 08:13:14
23 Sep 2011 22:09:33
Derby are keen on bringing in Matt Gilks from Blackpool in on loan.

Yes and Blackpool keen on bringing in Wayne Rooney(6)(16)


24 Sep 2011 06:04:39
This is mine and as long as Blackpool win I dont care about the rest

Brighton 3-3 Leeds
Birmingham 1-1 Barnsley
Bristol City 0-2 Hull
Burnley 1-0 Southampton
Coventry 1-0 Reading
Derby 2-1 Millwall
Doncaster 1-3 Palace
Middlesbrough 2-1 Ipswich
Portsmouth 1-3 Blackpool
West Ham 3-2 Peterbrough
Watford 0-0 Notts Forest
Cardiff 2-2 Leicester(2)(9)You never predicted the brighton v leeds untill after the game had finishedBirmingham 2-0 Barnsley
Bristol City 0-1 Hull
Burnley 1-1 Southampton
Coventry 1-2 Reading
Derby 2-1 Millwall
Doncaster 1-1 Palace
Middlesbrough 2-0 Ipswich
Portsmouth 1-0 Blackpool
West Ham 3-0 Peterbrough
Watford 2-0 Notts Forest
Cardiff 1-1 LeicesterTotally un-biased then? Dont think you bunch of failures are in any position to judge other games.


24 Sep 2011 03:20:30
nearly all of the southampton players were too good for league 1 the squad was built for the championship and as for strenth in depth weve got 2 players for each position who are all capable of doing a job in this league

davis bialkowski
fox harding
fonte jaidi
hooiveld martn
richardson butterfield
lallana holmes
cork schneiderlin
hammond chaplow
do prado de ridder
lambert barnard
connolly forte(7)(6)Agree,except for Forte who just doesn't
appear to be good enough for the squad.I think you'll win the Champions League because you're so awesome, your players must eat bowls of pure awesomeness for breakfast. It must be smashing to be a Southampton fan, seriously, i bet you're all awesome too. I've never seen a team win the league after just 7 games before, that just goes to show how truely awesome you all are, the Queen should knight everyone connected with Southampton FC and, in future, all national team managers must pick Southampton players first, because of their awesome ability to be awesome.

Two thumbs up to awesome Southampton, we all love you, we all fear you, and we all walk in your shadow... honestWow jealous fan above. Clearly wants to be a Saintsfan. Just can't quite admit it


23 Sep 2011 22:27:04
Notts County January and loan signings:
-Calum Willock could join on trial in December after scoring a goal ratio of 1 in every 2 for Blue Square side Ebbsfleet. The former Fulham and Peterborough player has impressed at fifth division level and feels he deserves another chance.
-Alex Macdonald is interesting Martin Allen but could also join before January on a loan deal from Burnley.
-Manchester United youngster Jesse Lingard could sign on a one month loan deal before the weekend ends.
-Chesterfield goalkeeper Tommy Lee is interesting Notts County but may have to stump up around £250,000.
-Joseph Acquah, a Ghanian striker playing for Albion Rovers in Scotland will have a trial in January with a view to a one month contract.
-Danny Foster is interesting Martin Allen from Wycombe.
-Omar Abdulaziz is another striker joining on trial in December from UAE side Ras Al-Khaima.
-Finally, Simon Lappin may sign on loan next week from Norwich City.(6)(7)Love all these rumours!! I,m sure Notts can sort at least 2 of these out but bizarrely we seem to be ok currently ~ maybe we will suck it & see, Allen doing great things on a shoestring ~ my top rumour is Clinton Morrison till end of season.


23 Sep 2011 22:09:33
Derby are keen on bringing in Matt Gilks from Blackpool in on loan.(2)(13)


23 Sep 2011 22:08:01
Tosaint Ricketts is interesting Cardiff City. The Canada striker is currently plying his trade in the Romanian side FC Politehnica Timisoara in the second division but is interesting a number of Championship clubs and is only 24.(4)(5)


23 Sep 2011 22:03:28
AS Cherbourg, currently in the fourth division of French football, is on the verge of making a superb signing by bagging Tulio de Melo from Lille on a pre contract. De Melo, who has been wanted by a number of Championship sides, is keen on staying in France and the Brazilian could sign a three year contract.(2)(4)


23 Sep 2011 22:04:59
QPR manager Neil Warnock is keen on Charlton young defender, Harry Osborne.(1)(5)


23 Sep 2011 22:01:11
Plymouth Argyle caretaker Carl Fletcher has told the board that if he does become the new manager that he would like Aissa Mandi from Stade de Reims to be his first signing in January on loan. The defender is only 19 and could sign a six month loan deal.(4)(4)


23 Sep 2011 21:57:55
Stoke City manager Tony Pulis has enquired about Wes Hoolahan from Norwich over a possible deal for January, worth around £5 million.(5)(14)


23 Sep 2011 21:56:05
Hunter Freeman is in talks with Ipswich after being told his contract at Houston Dynamo's will be terminated after a despute over a new deal. Freeman, who has played for Toronto and New York Red Bulls is keen on a move to England, even though he was turned down by Paul Jewell at Wigan after a poor trial spell.(2)(6)


23 Sep 2011 21:53:37
Peterborough United boss Darren Ferguson, is keen on signing Nigel Burgess on a free transfer. The goalkeeper has been without a club since his injury in January 2010 but the Bermuda international impressed on a trial and the keeper could sign a one year deal.(1)(5)


23 Sep 2011 21:51:24
Aberdeen are very close to securing a deal for former Aston Villa and Cardiff goalkeeper Peter Enckelman. The Finland international's contract runs out in January after rejecting a recent new contract and Craig Brown feels another goalkeeper could reduce the pressure at the struggling SPL side.(2)(6)


23 Sep 2011 21:49:16
Stoke City are on the verge of signing Gary Doherty from Charlton on a pre contract. Tony Pulis is keen on bringing another experienced centre defender and sees the former Norwich player as somebody who will being something valuable to the team on a free transfer.(5)(15)Stoke are welcome to him....very poor defender who cant get into a league 1 matchday squad! {Ed002's Note - It is not possible for him to sign a pre-contract with Stoke - the rules do not allow it.}


23 Sep 2011 21:44:07
Wolves are very close to signing Slovakia goalkeeper Jan Mucha on a pre contract from Everton. The international keeper will be released at the end of the season and Mick McCarthy is keen on bringing some more experience into his ranks.(3)(10)


23 Sep 2011 21:38:54
As kevin keegan once said, I would love it absolutly love it. In reagards to PLYMOUTH ARGYLE if coughlin came back as manaver and with the reception he got at roots hall us argyle fans still.hold him in our hearts, and the way he approached the argyle fans at the end he showed us his love for the club(5)(4)


23 Sep 2011 21:20:12
Leeds looking at Joe Mattock in the loan window(1)(7)


23 Sep 2011 19:13:17
Good chance I'm hearing about for Sean O'Driscoll; being linked with moves to Coventry and Wycombe. Always thought a lot of him, plays a fantastic brand of football, and has a great attitude, and deserves a chance at a proper club. I knew John Ryan was a stuck-up fool, but the decision to let that man go will cost Donny their Championship status for sure. Who else are they going to get, who will settle for Leeds' rejected academy players and minimal funds.
Hearing Kyle Bennett and Simon Gillett linked with moves to, now.


23 Sep 2011 18:40:12
Yes Ricky Duncan as Southend Caretaker is on the cards. Center of excellence junior coach Bill Garner will either help Ricky temporarily with the first team or he will step up his duties, again temporarily, with the youth set up.(0)(3)


23 Sep 2011 17:49:03
I don't know who Southend United have lined up on a full time basis but in case no one is installed permanently when agreements are made to let go of Sturrock and Coughlan then Youth Team Chief Ricky Duncan will fill in temporarily.(0)(3)


23 Sep 2011 17:11:32
celtic and newcastle are both tracking landon donavon on loan(2)(12)


23 Sep 2011 17:10:55
everton are set to sign marcus haneman till january on a short term deal(8)(2)Are the bunting and flags out yet?


23 Sep 2011 17:07:31
Thank you for your piece my fellow green.

I happen to believe the story as I've heard similar talk myself and would be intrigued to know who you are as your source maybe the same as mine.

I'm led to believe the takeove thank heavens could be signed, sealed and delivered by the end of october. However it is unlikely it'll happen before then or so I'm told.

And yes I also hear that Sturrock, Coughlan and Fletcher are the trip to head the football dept.

Apparently Sturrock has posted on a Southend forum that he intends to stay with them but the more the takeover drawers closer the more he'll be attracted to the Club rejuvenation which will be on offer. Coughlan included.

So here's hoping to better times for the Argyle.(3)(2)


23 Sep 2011 16:49:52
I can reveal with sincerity that Peter Ridsdale will step down from plymouth argyle once the take over is complete.

Now this has been made public all plymouth supporters can feel rest assured or as close as you can get to do doing so about the prospect of James Brent taking the helm at the Club.

No way will Peter Reid be brought back. Not just because of Mr Ridsdale's impending departure but because it was Mr Brent who ordered him to do the deed. Another piece of evidence the takeover is close as Mr Brent has shown authority in this way.

I understand Mr Brent wishes to have a Director of Football on board to oversee the footballing knowledge he admittedly lacks and the name in the frame is Southend's Paul Sturrock.

Mr Sturrock will insist on his Deputy at Roots Hall Graham Coughlan following him to Home park in a Team Manager capacity working alongside Carl Fletcher.

There is a bit of ironing out to do at Roots Hall regarding this but the time it takes between now and the takeover being finalised gives Southend United ample time to find a successor. Who they may consider I honestly do not know.

As far as I'm concerned as with my fellow Plymouth Argyle supporters I'm Sure Happy in the knowledge Our Cluib at last will be safeguarded very soon both on and off the pitch.(5)(3)


23 Sep 2011 16:10:50
Yeovil Town chasing one of either Oli Johnson (again after previous failed bid) from Norwich or Alex Fisher from the GH Academy(2)(2)


23 Sep 2011 11:09:23
Manager merry go round is about to hot up:

Sean O'Driscoll on gardening leave from Doncaster will return to Bournemouth. Dean Holdsworth in at Rovers.

Paul Sturrock and Graeme Coughlan will both return to Plymouth Argyle and Justin Edinburgh will take the reigns at Southend United.(11)(9)Dean Saunders has been appointed new Doncaster managerHasn't Dean Saunders already been installed as Doncaster Manager?Holdsworth in this morning, I believe the O'Driscoll to Bournemouth and the Sturrock/Coughlan to Plymouth to also be true.U can not take another job when on gardening leave otherwise you lose the contract money. Donny can either pay him off for the remainder of the contract or keep him on gardening leave, paying his weekly wage, until the contract expires and in the mean time he can not take up another post.Understand a mutual agreement will be reached on contracts - O'Driscoll will wait until finalised before moving back to Bournemouth. Sturrock on his way within the next 3 weeks - or before if the Plymouth take over is compelted sooner.Please No....we dont want O'driscoll back at Bournemouth..Took half an hour for his team to get anywhere near crossing half way line....brought on extra defenders when we went a goal down....disaster!


23 Sep 2011 00:57:26
Arsenal set to grab Mario gotze ,hazard ,Gary cahill,Ricky alverez ,and Alex from cheski in January plus they will be after renewing van persie contract with a big pay rise to make him highest payed player Eva to wear an arsenal shirt(12)(24)Hahaahah god you made my daySo ur telling me that your going to spend 20-30 mil on gotez 20-30 mil on hazard 15-20 mil on cahill 8- 10 mil on Alvarez and 10-12 mil on Alex so that about 100 mil in jan and 2 more centre backs when u just spent 10 mil on one dream world gunners fanHaha! Face it Arsenal are no longer at top 4 team.Lol did not know wenger played football managerIF this happened, i would be more than happy, and you know, from a business sense, it does make more semse to sign players in January than in Summer.. but in a football sense, why the bloody hell were such signings not made in June/July? Too much Penny pinching has cost us trophies and quality players in the past, you think Nasri would have left if at least two of these players had been signed in June?! But no, we'll get in Benayoun on a loan, bump up ticket prices, and crow to everyone else how we play football the right way? The right way? By willingly dropping out of the top three and into oblivion?! yeah, nice one Arsenal. But i suppose i have the memories of 2003, when we were in the top five best club team ever... long time ago now though...I was having a bad day but this just cheered me up,keep taking the medication
johndentonBringing players in in jan makes no sence at all the only way to get a bargain now is to get someone on there last year gunners fans starting to look to past is the biggest sign that they have given up on there side as is but do not ever fool
Your self in to thinking u one best sides of all time in 2003 what u did was amazing but who r you or who am I or who is anyone to say u was best of all time everything is relevant there was Mexican side that went unbeaten for 3 years but facts lie last time u was a top side u spent money!! And say u play football the right way is a joke makes me mad football is to be played to win Stoke don't play lovely passing game but any side would sooner play gunners every week than stoke end ofNo chance in hell, gotze would be cup tied,so thats pointless,hazard has a deal in place to join liverpool(if liverpool qualify for next seasons champions league) plus he is also cup tied, cahill is the only realistic one here,and he aint that good,so keep dreaming.It does make business sense to bring in players in Jan, simply because they are possibly entering the final six months of their career, teams do not want to lose players for free (take Sol Campbell for example) and sell for reduced prices. Like i said already, it does not make football sense, as the players could be cup-tied, their potential could have been realised sooner had they the pre season and time to gel in the team etc. It is my opinion that three of the best club teams (and i use European club teams, i have no knowledge or interest in asian or american or african club teams) in my lifetime have been the Ajax team of the early to mid 90's, the present Barca team and the Arsenal team of "03/04. That is my opinion. Please read my points fully because you seem to have either misunderstood what i said or did not take the time to read. I said some boast of us playing the best football in the prem, when this is simply not the case, and i gave reasons as to why. Take the time to think please before you type up tripe.And also, saying facts lie is ridiculous, go back to school, or at least, enrol; it'll do you good.Whats the point in giving van Persie a new contract? He will be leaving in January. Another rat deserting the sinking ship H.M.S. Arsene.And I wish u would do the same as u say I should do read it befor u talk cos
I said about people say u play beast football in prem and also if u had a look and understand what is ment by everything is relevant that is why I said about mexican side so slow ur self down 2



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