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27 Oct 2012 20:27:18
Derek McInnes has been given four games to turn things around at Ashton Gate.
The board have become delusioned withe the very poor run of form.
One win in 10 and 21 goals conceded which is relegation form

Lansdown is more patient than that I believe-I agree that this cannot continue,but until we get an RCB and creative midfielder and a bit more luck with injuries,it will be difficult

That's too many games for my liking he is always got an excuse

There is strong rumour that he is being lined up for a return to St Johnstone if Lomas goes to Barnsley.

You lot want to wake up,no money to spend,who is going to make a difference,easy option blame manager,small time club lucky to be where you are.

28 Oct 2012 23:18:45
No money to spend? Would that be the 'no money' spent on Baldock (£1.6M), Davies (£800K), loads of other signings or a figment of your imagination?
Obviously know nothing about BCFC, the new £92M stadium or our £Billionaire owner then!
We have been desperate for a dominant centre half for some time now and Del (like others) hasn't filled that void.

One player will not make the difference the centre half at the club are fine it's the team performance and motivation that is the problem and that is down to a manager who spends most of his time visiting his family in Scotland and not on the training pitch motivating his players , moral is very low and the board needs to sort it out first thing should be a manager that at least lives in Bristol full time and shows some commitment



27 Oct 2012 20:12:57
I have it on good authority from a very reliable Manchester based ource that ole gunnar solskjaer is in talks with Ipswich. Things expected to move over the weekend.

I'm a Town fan and as much as I would want to believe this I think its total rubbish.

27 Oct 2012 21:17:03
Terry butcher

Have you been talking to lee Martin.

Not sure as i thought the club were after experinced manager

I aint a Tractorboy, but I know for sure that he wouldnt come to Ipswich, he turned down Bolton, so why would he come to a team that is looking at relegation

Just seen Ian Holloway in a cafe with Simon Clegg next to Portman Rd ...FACT

Town will sign a top class man this time after three carp efforts of manager ship.AC or MC are in the frame,but I still think Owen Coyle is the man to lift the club.Has anybody else got any views on this .!

No cafe next to portman road foolish budgie

Yeah right Jacks cafe is miles away absolutley miles away !!



27 Oct 2012 16:56:31
Wigan's manager is interesed in signing Finnish Teemu Pukki. The striker is currently unsettled at Schalke 04, where he has barely played this year.



27 Oct 2012 16:27:16
Southampton's manager Nigel Adkins wants at least two additional players for the winter transfer market, since The Saints currently have the weakest defence in the Premier League. One of the names considered to join the club is Colombian international centre-back Carlos Valdez from MLS club Philadelphia Union. Another name in the list is versatile Honduran Roger Espinoza, who played at the Olympics this year, and is also been tracked by Wigan Athletic. Espinoza is a left-footed defensive midfielder, but he can also operate as a left-back.

Saints need experienced premiership
not unknown players from abroad
if they are to survive in the
premier league

If Nigel has any targets they will remain confidential.
Pure football fantasy!

At this rate Nigel Adkins wont be the one making the transfers.

I'm hoping Nigel Adkins can turn things round and still be manager come January,
head over heart though I think his days are numbered,the squad just doesn't have enough class and pace within it,
something's got to be done,and quickly,
I reckon any January signings will be made by a new manager. Just hope it's someone who can keep us in the Prem as times fast running out. Very worried.

Adkins is the right man but he must invest in a quality and experienced centre back and left back. Yoshida needs time to acclimatise, jury is still out on Fonte at this level for me and Hooiveld and Fox simply are not premier league standard. I'd like to see a defensive coach brought in too perhaps as Arsenal have done.

I think experience in the Premier league would be useful but it's not a necessity. The main thing we need is just improvements whether they have played in our top flight or not. If they are good enough we should be happy to have them on.



27 Oct 2012 14:00:11
Crystal Palace chairman is to invite both Brightons Gus Poyet and Mk Don boss Robinson in for prelimenary talks tomrrow to fill vacancy. Parish is thought to have asked Coppell who Palace should appoint and these two names were suggested.

Look I'm a Watford supporter and if you want a decent Manager then I would recommend Sean Dyche. Was sorry to see him leave the Hornets, felt he did an excellent job in the circumstances; players and fans had/have lots of respect for him and the Job he did at WFC. So if anyone can or knows how to influence your owners; go for Sean (proberbly regret this if he gets it, and you go on to us) but he is worth a chance.

After today's result we should stick with Lennie and Curtis.

But apparently Lenny ruled himself out of the job

Not sure about Gus Poyet, I remember the last time an Ex-Brighton manager Allan Mullery took over at the PALACE, in the early 1980’s. He was clueless and a big mistake – Palace Fan since 1974.

If anyone thinks Gus is going to leave Brighton voluntarily for Palace you are out of your tiny mind. Apart from anything else the compensation alone would rule him

Poyet is the kind of manager Palace need but to problematic and expensive to prize away from the seagulls

Do you palace lot ACTUALLY think you could get gus or even still actually think he would come to you?! why would he?!


Poyet? I mean really?

State of the art stadium

Highest average crowd attendance

State of the art training grounds (coming soon admittedly)

Harveys bitter

to what?

Selhurst (rust bucket) Park?

Groupon special crowds?

Cholera in a can?

I bet Poyets pinching himself!

CAFC here, I've got to say I agree with the last few posts. No way would Poyet go to Selhurst it just would not make any sense. Why did dougie jump ship at the first opportunity anyway? Bolton are in £120 Debt and have to sell, think about it.

Palace can have Poyet...We're sick of the boring defensive football!

Don't want the gus bus anyway, he's a flop at this level, how much cash spent this year again? No thanks, we just need a manager who can come in and keep things going. P. S 3-1

They won't have to sell if they are in £120 debt

Press conference at 1700 today confirming Ian Holloway as new palace manager

Though rumours are only rumours to say press confirming today is not a rumour and there has been no statement from Blackpool or Palace to say they have asked or been given permission to speak to Ian Holloway which would be the first sign of anything definate



27 Oct 2012 13:59:57
manchester united are up to sign
juventus midfielder arturo vidal this

Juventus already raised his release clause about a month ago, it's hard to imagine any club will pay it at least in the next 12 months.

Juventus would be crazy to let him go.



27 Oct 2012 13:50:24
Due to the behaviour of leeds fans at sheff weds the police have insisted that the kick off be moved from friday night on sky tv to 12.30 on saturday the 1st dec.this means huddersfield will lose £80,000 From sky,the police bill will also be an extra £25,000 OVER A NORMAL MATCH.the league should step in and make leeds pay also a 15 point deduction might make their followers bahave themselves.

Haha funnyyyy kid, obv a bitter udders fan. like we would get 15 point deduction for 1 fan being a lop

What a muppet the op is suggesting 15 points... what about when your fans assualted alan smith ?? short memory havent you ... im guessing your upset about the hammering millwall gave your boys today ;)

No wonder everone hates leeds so much,poor poor club it just gets worse...............bad couple of games for town but two home games coming up utt!

Look on the positive side big man. You get to play your cup final on a Saturday.

And the leeds score was what!!!!!!!!

1-0 to brum, and the udders score was? oh yea 4-0 . get of ur hi horse person townies

Leeds score was 0-1 not 4-0

Cup final? im guessing all leeds fans still think ther big time. ther not even big time in championship. onwards and upwards for town!

Your just a town full of leeds fans!

Town beat Brum 1-0

Leeds beat peterborough ;) {Ed003's Note - Where's this thread going?everybody can beat anyone on any given day,that's why I think it's the best league about}}

As for 15 point deduction to Leeds, get real, the trouble was as much a fault of Wednesday's so you cannot punish one club because a maggot pretending he is a Leeds fan takes a swipe at Kirkland. And I write this as a die hard Wednesday fan of nearly 44 years.

Secondly, I feel both the FA and and Sky should be fined and reprimanded. The FA to giving into cash over common sense and Sky for insisting when there telivised games should be played. Saturday at 12 should be standard. Less booze equals less trouble.

29 Oct 2012 22:38:44
of course a wednesday fan would stand up for leeds isnt just one hooligan at leeds more like one thousand

I cant help but laugh when i read this feed, a udders fan suggesting a fine and a points deduction for what happened at wednesday? Didnt you lot assault Alan Smith? no? im sure it was a playoff semi final and it was caught on camera. Nothing was done, brushed under the carpet and forgotten wasnt it?



27 Oct 2012 13:18:42
Rovers Appointment imminent

Blackburn global advisor Shebby Singh claims the club will have a new manager in place by the middle of next week at the latest.
Rovers have had approaches for Fulham first-team coach Billy McKinlay and Tottenham counterpart Tim Sherwood rejected as they look for a replacement for Steve Kean.

"You have got to tread with caution and if caution means taking a little bit more time than usual we'll take it," Singh said on The Footballer's Football Show on Sky Sports 1. But asked when an appointment would be made, he said: "Definitely by the middle of next week."




27 Oct 2012 13:13:15
Porto have inserted a new £38million release clause in Man United target James Rodriguez's contract.




27 Oct 2012 13:12:16
Crystal Palace are ready to move for MK Dons boss Karl Robinson if they can't land Ian Holloway.


The way our season is going I wouldn't blame him for wanting to go to Palace. Our "big gamble" looks to be turning into a serious and expensive flop. Winkelman must be furious. I know I am. :-(

Ole gunnar solskjaer ?

To us or Palace? I'd like to see him at MK, but it wouldn't happen in a bazillion years!

Ian Holloway, LOL jumped up palace fans

I told you all thursday evening Ian Holloway. he was 14/1 then, now 7/4,

Robbo's told several of our fans face to face (at a meet the manager event last night) that he's definitely not interested in Palace. Aware of their interest but has no plans to move on. Got a job to do here.

That's pretty much what dougie said, a few days later he was at bolton!

Holloway will be there manager by tomorrow.



27 Oct 2012 13:10:57
Rafa Benitez is being considered by AC Milan to replace under pressure coach Massimilliano Allegri.




27 Oct 2012 09:47:10
following Bournemouths recall of Wes Thomas, Portsmouth manager Michael Appleton is confident of signing a new loan striker in time for Mondays televised game at Sheffield United

Marco Furacs to come 'home' to Pompey?

Or Chris Maguire, not in the Wednesday squad today

Yeh he said it was a championship striker so maguire and futacs could be favourites

Then he brings in yet another midfield player in Scott Allen! Decent enough player but not what we need most!

Scotty allan has come in the side today,

Chris maguire was ment to sign today but got injured on saterday so was unable to sign from a good source

I heard Chris Maguire was lined up but he tweaked a hamstring over the weekend

Confirmed that Chris Maguire was set to sign but injured his knee in training on Sunday. Out for 6 weeks



27 Oct 2012 06:33:43
Norwich City have put Hannover forward Mohammed Abdellaoue at the top of their January transfer window wishlist, but if they are unable to complete a deal for the player they will then turn their attention to either Burnley striker Charlie Austin or FC Krasnodar striker Yura Movsisyan as appropriate alternatives.

All of Naarwichs cash is going to be spent paying Lambert off.

I really wish people would stop linking us with Abdellaoue. It's just doesn't seem like it's going to happen. He's back from injury and scoring again so I can't see why he would leave and what we can do to lure him to Norwich.

He is settled at Hannover, playing Europa League as well. I don't see why he would like to join a Premier League relegation candidate like Norwich.

The last comment just shows how dangerous a little knowledge can be. Norwich retained a 9m profit last year after reducing their debt. I know nothing about the validity of Lambert's claim however one supposes that Villa will have to pay compensation to Norwich for taking their manager who was under contract to City at the time they approached him. In other words even if Lambert claim is upheld the outcome of this action is not going to significantly impact Norwich's financial ability to sign players.

Ha charlie austin to norwich why would he leave the championship to be back in it again in may?? do us a favour stop posting rubbish about charlie austin

Yes, because Norwich are definitely in the bottom three worst teams in the prem, nevermind soton, reading, villa, qpr, and I'll throw wigan into that list too.

I think Movsisyan would be ideal and in all reality affordable aswell

So norwich are goin down beat arsenal + man utd undefeated in 8 games so why oh why do people keep running us down



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