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27 Mar 2013 22:50:53
kevin davies to mk dons after his release from bolton

Hes not been released yet

Another past-it has-been? Winkelman will buy him a Zimmer frame for training.

Super kev has still got it!

"Another past-it has-been? Winkelman will buy him a Zimmer frame for training. "

I remember many saying the same about Chadwick ;)

Super Kev will not sign for Wimbledon, oops I mean MK Dons. your'e not good enough. How dare you insult a Bolton legend he is better than MK DONS.

" How dare you insult a Bolton legend. "

Yeah, Peter Kay is a twit aswell.



27 Mar 2013 22:06:42
Fulham summer transfers
In= Gayle, Bony, Reither ( perm), Douglas, Manolev ( perm) & Enoh ( perm)
Out= Kasami, Davies, Rodellega, stockdale, Somogyi.

Fulham are also looking to extend the loan of Urby Emmanuelson for next season



27 Mar 2013 21:03:35
birmingham city closing on a double deal for spurs duo jack munns and william ekong.

Just been reading about this on newsnow the one player is already training with blues he's a midfielder and the other player is a defender.



27 Mar 2013 20:40:05
Bocundji Ca to West Ham looks close to being a deal, but QPR also chasing the midfielder



27 Mar 2013 19:50:58
phil neville seen today looking at bristol city's failand training ground

28 Mar 2013 08:31:35
Whittingham signing from Cardiff to bristol city as well as phil neville and a shock signing as giovani dos santos is moving to Bristol city at the end of the season NO MATTER WHAT!

How do people think this would happen

28 Mar 2013 10:39:58
It is True - after the robins go into administration, Nevilles building company intend to buy the place and build houses on it.

Someone should warn neville, about the land as the ground is contaminated by sewage, but even more worrying is there is a covenant on the land at ag that whoever buys it will have to honour all the 30 year old IOU's that are buried under the pitch, these are vast and owed to a myriad of local businesses, and 8 former players who were dumped on from a great height

Shoukdn't that be "failing training ground "?

Chats the biggest load of crap on here lmao

Isnt he too old for bristol citys new recruitment age? Think he's a bit older than 25. We would happily take whittingham though

Who said city are going into administration!

29 Mar 2013 22:04:24
Bristol city gutless no fight spirit div one here we come loose money again no wonder we are in debt board brainless

You call yourself a city fan? Wheres YOUR fight and passion? Time for fans to stand up and be counted



27 Mar 2013 19:30:49
Febian Brandy will not sign a new contract with walsall. It is said he will sign for Middlesbrough in the summer on a free.

Poor bloke {Ed034's Note - poor boro

30 Mar 2013 19:44:55
Yay got my own thread on Upthesaddlers for this comment!

Oh yeah, the rumour is a complete lie, plucked out my head




27 Mar 2013 19:13:30
Oxford 16 players out of contract this summer, news is slowly coming out on whose being offered new deals, now the play offs are near enough out the question!
Crocombe, Marsh, Potter and Davis are having their 1 year options taken up by the club. Smalley isn't and is being released.
McCormick, Duberry, Worley, O'brien, Capaldi, Davies, Leven, Heslop, Craddock, Pittman and Richards are all being told their not being offered new deals.
Batt and Whing are getting new deals. And Chapman will make his move to Mansfield permenantly on a free with a sell on fee.
Captain Jake Wright, will be offered a contract extension after a lot of interest in the captain this season

Something wrong there Chapman has a sell on clause with sheffield utd 40%

28 Mar 2013 07:48:24
Great Oxford are still in L2 and going no where and will stay there a lot longer with Wilder at the helm.

Not sure where the author of this posting has got his information from. Nothing on local sights, news, forum's etc. I'm sure much of what he has written is fairly accurate, there are a lot of the squad up for contract reviews and many will not be renewed. The play offs are long gone - have been for ages if we are being honest. One person not mentioned on here - Wilder. Surely he must be on his way.

28 Mar 2013 11:03:47
Don't think any of our current squad would be any loss

28 Mar 2013 18:49:31
Can someone please add constable to the list as very poor player

"Something wrong there Chapman has a sell on clause with sheffield utd 40%"

And? Sheffield would get 40% of any money OUFC sell him 4. doesn't mean they can't sell him on a free. And then agree a sell on fee with Mansfield.

Yep! Constable very poor player. Only been Oxford'd leading scorer for the last four seasons.



27 Mar 2013 18:49:07
tottenham closing in on young spqaniard pedro obiang from genoa



27 Mar 2013 18:46:14
arsenal to make benteke there top target in the summer and also like guzan. man city are also said to have an iterest in benteke



27 Mar 2013 18:44:42
southampton and wba watching carlton coles situationat westham

They are not he will go to a championship club

Well that's lucky then as Southampton and WBA play in the premiership.
Carlton cole is rubbish and wouldn't get in the saints bench. Will not happen

We got to be looking at better than donkey Cole.

Right, eeaw eeaw he's awful.



27 Mar 2013 18:44:10
thibaut courtois is staying at ath madrid next season on loan



27 Mar 2013 18:43:07
aruna dindane has signed for crystal palace

Dindane done?

Goolie, goolie watch it dindane done, dindane done.

Is Ollie starting a development squad at Palace. has he seen dindane play

By the way. who is dindan?

28 Mar 2013 14:27:24
Don't know Dindan but Dindane plays alongside Drogba for the Ivory Coast and has now joined Palace



27 Mar 2013 18:42:05
wolves to sign marko keller as a back up keeper

He is only on trial!

Traing with us till fri, probaly won't need him, need for other areas first.

27 Mar 2013 20:44:18
His name is Marian Kello

Do you mean Marian Kello?



27 Mar 2013 18:41:40
barcelona have earmarked mats hummels as there no. 1 transfer target in the summer and are already making moves toowards the player. dortmund are reluctant to sell but there hand could be forced if hummels pushes for a move

David Luiz is Barcelona target



27 Mar 2013 18:39:29
wba are hoping to lure away rivals birmingham city young midfielder callum reilly



27 Mar 2013 18:34:13
Shrewsbury to sign WBA defender James Hurst on loan for the rest of the season, with the view to a permanent switch in May.

Luke Rodgers re signing for shrewsbury

Rodgers has just left mate

Yeah 9 years ago



27 Mar 2013 18:01:16
This is not a rumor that is directly linking Norwich with any specific players, but the Wolf has dropped us a couple of Easter Egg's in an interview with a Dutch magazine.

"The plan is also to bring in an attacking midfielder and two wide players this summer. With that, Norwich can look to play in the top half of the table. "

Obviously he is not going to be deceiving us as future transfers would have been apart of the ploy to attract a player like the Wolf. "You sign, we sign other high profile players. tempted yet Mr Winkle?"



27 Mar 2013 16:17:43
Huddersfield set to make loan move for Liverpool star Raheem Sterling.

He's not going anywhere on loan.

Ha ha not a chance! Think we might get Ronaldo too! Ha!

Haha april fools is next week try again

I'd sell Sterling. His private life is disgraceful




27 Mar 2013 16:15:14
Watford to sign Hitzlsperger (ON LOAN - haha!) from Everton for the remainder of the season to bolster the midfield options for the run-in {Ed034's Note - 'on loan' shock, horror lol (only kidding before some hornet starts getting a bag on)

I am very confused. I started to visit this site in the summer in order to get some gossip, rumours maybe a little excitement during the slow days of the transfer window as Watford were linked with everyone from My Nan to Van Persie and everyone in between (with a fair few Italians too, I know!) and that was just it, it was a bit of fun, but recently, everytime I visit, and often the same on the WFC message boards all I read is a war of words between the "Us and Them" camps, in which some Watford fans seem just as angry and loud in their defence of Watford as other people are against the way they are operating and it all seems rather personal and somewhat different from the fun of the rumours, many of them pretty unlikely, that drew me here.

Personally, I'll happily state that I am a Watford fan and in that I mean, on a Saturday (or in this weeks example, on Friday) when I go with my 60yr old dad to see the football, some of the best quality time I get to spend with him. I hope that the 11 players in the yellow shirts, do more goals than the ones in the Claret of Burnley, with plenty of banter between the opposition fans and hopefully some respect shown for Sean Dyche who did a great deal for our club in a difficult period last year.

It is hard to be too defensive of the loans system, I see why other fans are worked up, I don't think anyone will know whether the system is positive or negative for our young academy graduates until some years time, but I have certainly enjoyed seeing Hoban, Bond and others emerging this season, not to mention Assombalonga who ironically is excelling out on loan at Southend. I also agree with some of the comments about other clubs, I was a little surprised when Bellamy, clearly still a quality player, joined Cardiff on loan a few seasons back. Jason Roberts pretty much dragged Reading into the Premier league last season and I despise the fact that the Premier league is such that only a handful of clubs appear to be in the mix each season. That said, isn't that what we love about football, that every club is different? That maybe just maybe we can have that one season where we aren't fighting relegation at the end of the season, that Jimmy Glass can go on loan to a club and keep them in the football league with the last kick of the season and that we never know what the next club will do to give themselves an edge.

I am sorry if I have simply invited a raft of Trolls to bite my knees off, but I'm just a bit fed up of reading the same argument on every tv bulletin, football message board and rumour site. I don't have any control over who signs for Watford, nor, if my football manager record is anything to go by, should I even be allowed to suggest a signing (why oh why did I believe Jason Scotland would be the perfect foil for Chris Iwelumo's 'talents'?) All I want to do is type "Watford Rumours" into Google and see that we are about to imminently sign Fillipo Neve-Erdovim without pages and pages of Watford fan/Non-Watford fan arguments? PRETTY PLEASE?

Maybe a new page called, Watford Loan Argument Rumours might help.

Anyway, Hitzsperger, nice player, hell of a left peg!

All I can say to the Watford haters is, jealousy is very unbecoming. {Ed034's Note - of what? Just because the majority of fans would rather have an identity and not be a b team to an average Italian club, you think they are jealous.
You are usually a very poor side and for once you are near the top challenging. So instead of you all being a bit humble and having fun with it, you are all of a sudden world beaters and have this cocky and arrogant attitude.
As I have already said I would rather support a team who have there own identity in the lower leagues, than one that isn't quite sure who they are.
Just one thing to consider if any of you are capable of doing so. Do you not think that fact that fans from the top end of the prem, the bottom end of the prem, the championship and Scotland all think you have lost what Watford is all about and all think the way you have used these loans is wrong, that they are all just jealous of you??

Also, you can't use the argument "it's not good for English football, all these foreigners".

As you're avoiding the problem. Why are all of these other countries producing players which the English would rather have in their team? If there was an English David Silva, he'd be selected over a Spanish one. You're all avoiding the problem that the country isn't producing quality enough 'raw' talent. The best players should play, sadly coaches in this country are incapable of producing the best, which is demonstrated by the long punts down the line I see my sons team play every week. Needs sorting, that.

Ed - How you can say Watford have not kept their identity is quite wrong. The club has hardly changed except its players. We haven't had a radical rebrand like Cardiff had, the academy is still thriving (no we didn't downgrade, we never had tier 1 status in the first place) As for being a "very poor side" I'd say say you a further from the mark than Liam Henderson's Watford career. Tipped for relegation each season because we have one of the lowest budgets yet still end up finishing mid-table, i'd say that was pretty impressive, just proves everyone wrong. Nobody cared when Doncaster were filling their team with loan players, many of them on their last legs. Now Watford are up there, without exploiting a loophole - the rule is clear, nobody is happy. Get over it. {Ed001's Note - actually a lot of people did moan about Donnie, nobody liked what was happening there either.}

Being a watford fan, i can understand both sides of the argument! if it was someone else doing it then i would more likely feel it was wrong! by the way peeps so say we have lost our identity, i don't think so! we still have 1 of the best youth setups in the country, after all that was the main point way the pozzo's brought the club!! {Ed034's Note - you have 14 players on loan. how can you say you have not lost your identity when half your squad isn't yours??

The only people who actually know what Watford is all about are us fans and there is not one of us that thinks we have lost our identity! None of you were shouting from the rooftops at the beginning of the season that poor old Watford have lost their identity. By lose our identity I can only assume you all mean we no longer roll over when a club tries to steal our best players for half their value or that we are no longer in a relegation fight. Watfords new identity has been born - we are now winners, we are now playing fantastic football and just because we want to defend our club against ill informed views all of a sudden we are big headed! Why should you care if you think we have lost our identity? Sometimes it is just best to worry about what is happening at the club you support unless of course by Watford becoming a winning football club it affects your league standing at the end of the season. I mean nobody was bothered 10 games in were they? Well everybody seems to have a problem with it now. and I for one love the fact that finally Watford are upsetting people rather than being the nice guy family club. COYH {Ed001's Note - I support Liverpool, you matter nothing to me in terms of league position, I just hate to see football destroyed by glory seeking types like you. By the way, all us editors were saying the same at the start of the season, how it wasn't right, it is just that you weren't all on here shouting the odds with sheer arrogance about how great you are now back then.}

This used to be a transfer rumours website but now seems to be some sort of forum on the morals of football.

This is being perpetuated by Watford fans, fans of other clubs and indeed the editors.

I think we should move away from everyone having a go at each other and just focus on the rumours as they come through.

Back to the subject matter, this would be a great signing for Watford and would provide the high quality cover we are in need of.

Ed, why so bitter? who do you support?

it is purely a jealousy thing, if watford were struggling or in midtable nobody would care. I don't think you can say the watford fans have been cocky, if your club was had a go at as much as watford you would defend them. You can't attack the fans for defending their club when you would do the same.

It's like spurs fans having to defend their team of being a one man team because everyone is jealous that bale is in great form. (as an arsenal fan, that hurts me to say it)

the goon {Ed001's Note - nonsense, nothing to do with jealousy, if the Watford fans hadn't come on shouting their mouths off (incidentally the Southampton fans were doing the same thing all summer too) about how great they are, no one would care. In fact, to be honest, I think most people would be happy for Watford, if it wasn't for the way they have achieved it. I certainly would be under different circumstances, just like I was when Blackpool were flying high. It is nice to see a different club up there.}

We have a squad of 40 and 10 are on loan. Do the maths. Certainly not half the squad and actually some of the loanees are only on the fringes. There are many clubs who have 5 loanees so what? we have 10 hardly a full squad of loanees is it?

What identity was that then Ed? Mid table Championship side always looking over their shoulders, signing journeymen pro's that couldn't get a club anywhere else and over relying on academy products that fetch little or no transfer fee?

oh that identity. well tbh, no Watford fan is crying over losing THAT identity.

Ed - those players who are on loan are our players, because they play for teams owned by the Pozzo family, well a apart from Chalobah!

28 Mar 2013 14:03:12
All these rants should in the Football Banter section.

Anyways back on topic. Hitzlsperger would be a decent signing for any side in the Championship.

I'm surprised that we extended his contract past Christmas, didn't have much use for him. precaution I suppose.

Regardless of being a toffee, I would take Zola over Rodgers any day - Although his time was short lived at Watford, most seem to

Hornets, Good Luck for the run in!

How can non Watford fans even comment on the situation of club identity? You sound ridiculous, as if you knew anything about the club until this season. The stick we get for what we do is disgusting and hypocritical, if you think that spending money that isn't even there is better then please get your head tested, pathetic. {Ed034's Note - because this is a football rumour/debate site. so put your dummy back and and grow up

Idenity is the philosophy the club stands for. We are still a club producing talent, punching above its weight being a small family and community club. None of that has changed.

Players come and go and aren't integral to the clubs identity.

The big boys are worried little old Watford are coming after them after them like they did in the 80s. Same applies in Spain with Granada. They're not bothered about the morals, they're worried that their clubs can't keep up with the best scouting network in the world. {Ed034's Note - haha stop it, my sides

Ed you say most people would be happy for Watford if it wasn't for the way they achieved it.

They achieved it by competing in the same competition as everyone else and by adhering to the same rules as everyone else. Blackpool or any club could have done the same thing.

Just because the Watford owners are smarter than other owners is not their problem.

If the rules seem unfair, then maybe you should direct your anger at the Football League.

Other fans are bitter because it's not their club, but if Blackpool were doing this you would not have an issue. If Palace did this, mouth ache Holloway would not have an issue either.

Those that oppose this are just being hypocritical. {Ed001's Note - I would have the exact same issue if Blackpool were doing it. It is not because it is Watford at all, I actually quite like Watford, which is why this bothers me. I do agree though, the gripe is with the rules, not so much Watford for taking advantage of them, with regards to the loans. Personally I don't like the loan system at all, even though my club is taking full advantage of it to get a couple of young players great experience with Hearts. I just think it is open to abuse of the kind Fergie showed when he withdrew loanees after his son got sacked.}

To anyone commenting on losing the identity. Are you mad? Genuinely, do you have a clue at all about the club? Quick lesson. Past 15 years have been mixing journeymen, lower league players, a few players from our academy and signing quality young players on loan. Before that was dwelling in the lower reaches of Division's 2/3 after a massive fall from the First division, where, we played a few youngsters but signed the majority of our players from lower league clubs whilst having a very good season or two, as well as a cup run, knocking out the "big boys" back in the 80's. Now tell me fans of other clubs, what IS our identity? This current loan situation is only temporary due to how late the takeover was, so come the summer it'll be very interesting in the developments of the transfers, but we're still developing players from our academy, and also developing young players from part of the Pozzo pool, which seems to go over everyone's head. It's not just beneficial for Udinese, or Granada, but all three clubs.



27 Mar 2013 16:32:05
Several Premier League clubs are after hot property Jordan Rhodes, after expressing his regret on his move to Blackburn. The clubs include: Fulham, West Brom, Aston Villa, Newcastle and Southampton Celtic may also move for the Scottish striker.

If we go up I reckon he'll sign for us.


Why did he go to blackburn
in the first place
hardly going to better himself
there is he

27 Mar 2013 20:17:46
I wish the prem league would limit teams to playing so many foreign players no wonder British national teams are doing badly, nothing is better than seeing a local lad from the academy getting in the first team. Good on saints and palace who give lads a chance.

I wish we would play more British players at Fulham but they are priced far too high for the level of talent and it is much more economical to buy an equally good foreign player for possibly a quarter of the price.

Hes not going anywhere as he's contracted to stay and blackburn don't need to sell

Keen says jacob for captain, did he see the mess a foriegn manager made of england, don't make me laugh,

I have watched our youth set up for 15 years, we let a young sam mantom leave for free, he's top dollar player, is it a coincidence walsalls form picks up and our dev team starts to play really poorly, he c ould have done the jacob job no prob but attacking he's even better, wba have let a diamond leave for nothing, a local lad aswell, ashworth did well spotting this kid but we let him go for nowt

The problem is if we use all our youth squad we will get relegated then the fans will moan that we didn't sign any top draw players.

30 Mar 2013 19:19:16
clarkes opinion on radio of the odemwingie saga is a joke, he says he knows nothing about twitter, talk sense clarke and don't brush it under the carpet, we have dealt with this matter appallingly instead of cashing in at christmas, get a grip clarke

Whys everyone going on about mantom and to say he's better than yacob (spelt with a why and not a j) is an absolute joke. So what if he's local if hea not good enough you don't play him simple. that's why we let him go



27 Mar 2013 15:01:33
West Brom to make an offer for Jordan Rhodes in the Summer after the striker admitted he regrets moving to Blackburn.

27 Mar 2013 16:28:16
Anzhi are reportedly set to offer Liverpool £27m + Eto'o for Suarez



27 Mar 2013 14:56:18
West Brom interested in young Dutch striker Mike van Duinen of Ado Den Haag.

Well, it is quite believable as the player himself discusses West Brom's interest in him on a football website from his native country.



27 Mar 2013 14:11:22
Just had the reliable info that Jack Lester will join Mansfield and Green will join Chesterfield in a swop plus cash deal from Chesterfield.

Jack Lester is out of contract please check your facts



27 Mar 2013 14:01:19
According to sources, Thomas Hitzlsperger is in talks to join Watford on loan before the loan window closes.

Does Hitzlsperger contain any horse eat?

Sorry, Norwich wouldn't even get Vydra's winkle, if Watford got promoted he will be staying, if they don't he is likely to sign for a top half Prem club not a one or two season wonder.

Sorry Ed. everyone is entitled to an opinion but I don't think you're right. Nobody "shouted their mouths off". This all seemed to come from someone saying "Jealousy is unbecoming" (which is true. ) which lead Ed34 to put in his bitter remark about identity. I don't see how we have lost our identity. Me thinking so does not make me a glory hunter or not a real fan. those comments Ed01 are a bit ridiculous. I find it hard to imagine how you could call us fans who have become used to hoofball and selling our best players every season, being the underdogs everyone thinks is smallfry ready for the taking of 3 easy points. We are doing well and I'm glad to accept that. There's no catch we're just becoming a better team and we're all delighted so instead of making assumptions about our fans, speak for yourself. If a Forest fan does not like what we're doing. fine. Maybe we don't like that you have Arab owners. Settled.

These loan players are integrating into the Watford team, they are not taking over it. I'm sure a lot will sign up permanently in the Summer. Style of football, influx of players. thinking a change like that is losing your identity makes no sense, especially from a Liverpool fan? You've had a similar change recently. If people want to jump to conclusions about Watford has become based on just one season, the first transitional season, then you're welcome. but I'm sure things will change and people will eventually accept us for what we really are (and that is not a bunch of Italians or Udinese B. yawn). {Ed001's Note - we haven't had anything like the same change, you are blinkered if you think it is even close to similar. It would only be the same thing if FSG went around the world buying up other football clubs to swop players between, which they haven't.}

The ed isn't from Liverpool and supports them, therefore isn't entitled to an opinion on the identity of a club. {Ed001's Note - you really are a clueless *censored*, I am from Liverpool, not that it is relevant, unless you are 5 years old or a bigoted little tool. Now why don't you go elsewhere to fill your time until school goes back after Easter.}



27 Mar 2013 13:51:49
If QPR get relegated Hoilett is on the way to West Brom with Odemwingie going the opposite way

Hope so

27 Mar 2013 15:35:24
Hoilett probably yes, though he's still not proven his quality yet.

Odemwingie may think he's above playing in the championship

I Hope so



27 Mar 2013 13:50:42
Redditch United youngster Will Symonds is on trial at West Brom

He's crap



27 Mar 2013 12:11:58
A bit of Man City stuff.
Mancini is trying to buy the house in alderley edge that he currently rents, he wouldn't be buying it if he wasn't staying.
Yaya Toure has given his notice on the house he currently rents, and is looking at properties in Italy.
So Mancini is staying and Yaya is going to Italy



27 Mar 2013 12:00:24
West Brom have agreed to Peter Odemwingie going on loan to Crystal Palace with a view to a permanent deal. The deal is if Crystal Palace are promoted they will pay West Brom £4m but if promotion is not achieved he will head back to West Brom. Promotion for Palace would mean Odemwingie gets his wish of playing in London and securing an escape route from West Brom.

27 Mar 2013 16:33:45
they just signed aruna dindane

Can't see this happening given Palace have just taken on the Ivory Coast striker Dindane until the end of the season. Can understand WBA might want to move PO
on, but an earlier post mentioned a loan to Bristol City.

3-0 seagulls

Aggregate 3-3

Although Brighton played 85 mins with 10 men so wel have to give them extra for that so wel let them have this season



27 Mar 2013 10:48:00
Bradford City man Nhaki Wells is set to make a summer switch to either Northampton Town or league 1 side Walsall.

Why? for what reason.

There is not a cat in hells chance that Nakhi Wells will join Northampton and little to no chance that he will sign for Walsall. All these posts about him are obviously made by same person because he always spells Nakhi's name wrong. I wonder why he is so obsessed with Nakhi moving?

27 Mar 2013 19:58:59
Who is Nhaki Wells? I know NAHKI WELLS is a great footballer and will move to a much better club.

Bradford turned down £1 million in January for Wells from Leeds, as he has a £1.2 million clause in his contract. Walsall have no money, unless they offered Grigg in exchange which won't happen. And Northampton would go under if they offered that sort of money as they don't have it, only for wages probably but not for transfers, so no chance. If Wells does move it will be to a Championship club, rumours are Leicester are in for him at the end of the season.

After watching him for the last 12-15 games I'd get rid of him.



27 Mar 2013 10:32:58
Have heard from a good source that we (Wolves) won't sign anyone on loan before window shuts.
Saunders has said he's happy with squad he has and can keep us safe.
Bloke really has lost the plot!



27 Mar 2013 10:15:53
Could be young Argentinian also joining as well as Jackson. Jameos Potenanos



27 mar 2013 10:01:17
any sheff wed rumours other than kevin davies?uto ftb



27 Mar 2013 09:28:21
Derby County centre back Mark Obrien has been ruled out for 6 months after knee surgery. That puts him and club captain shaun barker out for the foreseeable future.

Derby have decided that it is necessary to get a new centre half in the summer.

Main Targets

Gary Monk - Swansea
Jack Hobbs - Hull City (If Hull get promoted)
Harry Maguire - Sheffield Utd (large initial transfer fee required though so would depend on other transfers made in the summer first to see whether derby can afford him)

Hobbs will play in the Prem if Hull get promoted.

Derby in for Nathan Stanton from Burton and possibly Monk from Swans. Derby need height and a bit of aggression in dealing with crosses and balls into the box from corners, both players fit the bill. OB and Barker won't be seen again until Xmas at the earliest leaving us with Keogh and Buxton!

Stanton ideal for Derby, low cost, cheap wages, tall, from the 'have it!' school of defending! Monk is a bit slow but good positionally and likes to attack the ball (and opposition striker!) so Derby would do well to get him if he ever leaves the Swans.

Jack hobbs is one of the best Cb in the keague, wish we never sold him to hull. Big mistaje, he's without a doubt good enough for the prem.

Monk can't and won't be lured, the only chance of him playing in any other shirt besides the swans shirt is if he is told there's no chance of any first team action for him. With Europe and his passion for the club, he'll do his utmost to stay a jack until the end of his career.

Monk is a Swansea legend and has massive respect from club and fans alike - ANY club he plays for should be privileged to have him there, as we are and hope to continue being!

Monk is past it and not premier league standard.

Hilarious! Its always the same. please give me 1. just 1. reason why jack hobbs would join derby OR we would sell him. ??



27 Mar 2013 08:10:09
Derby' s Sam Rush has been holding fan forums in various Derbyshire pubs this week. The seems to be conflicting reports from not doing much business during the summer (something Clough hinted at in January source DET) or we are buying 3 or 4 experienced players and trying to keep some of the youngsters. Might be decent guide to who we are buying. I would be interested to hear from anyone who went to one of these.



27 Mar 2013 03:34:12
charlton to be taken over by Malaysian money soon before January some time

At least you won't have to change your lucky colour to red like us.


Someones got a great sense of humour?

27 Mar 2013 15:38:50
Yes Fernandez is fed up with the rubbish he's had at qpr, will sell up and move across the city and try to do it right this time

28 Mar 2013 10:19:53
Fair play rules dictate that you can only spend against club revenue!
No point getting a buyout by a foreign investor.
not going to move us forwards!



27 Mar 2013 07:06:00
I have news norwich are trying to Marco Van Ginkel
e Mail online



27 Mar 2013 03:07:34
Lloyd sam back to charlton from NY red bulls for a free in summer.



27 Mar 2013 01:28:50
Bbc cwr will be kicked out ricoh arena when haskell takes over this is because off there relationship with outgoing sisu especially the man that is getting paid money by sisu stuart linnell is meeting joy seppalla and reciving money off her to stick up for sisu.



26 Mar 2013 23:54:56
Apparent rumours being heard that new southend boss phil brown is keen to bring in kevin davies from bolton of whom he has fell out with after bolton revealing that they are prepared to release him soon.

Not a chance he go to a championship or top league 1 side

27 Mar 2013 10:53:15
As a Southend fan living in Southampton we think very highly of Kevin Davies but the chances of him dropping to league two are zilch unless he is given an additional role?

27 Mar 2013 14:48:12
Kevin Davies is a Sheffield lad so he will sign for SWFC or SUFC he would prefer SUFC as he's a fan but Dave Jones was his manager at Southampton so he may lure him to SWFC. Failing that he may return to Chesterfield where his career started.

27 Mar 2013 16:46:07
From a good source, he will sign for P and E as he does not want to move his family from the area. He is just the type of player Preston need for a promotion push next season.



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