Football Rumours Archive June 27 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 27 2012 

26 Jun 2012 23:19:18
Brentford striker Clayton Donaldson is very close to signing for Doncaster(18)(14)Handy few bob into the Brentford transfer fund if he does go. Can't see it happening though.He's toss2 years left on his contract. Doncaster have no money. How is this going to happen?Where do people get this info from! Really! Matthew benham taken full control of club and building foundation and were guna sell our only striker! Apparently!Rosler has rubbished the rumour and said that no contact has been made.Exactly ^^ Benham has done very well for our club and hope we can bring in another striker for donaldson to play with


26 Jun 2012 23:20:15
Southhamptom, QPR & a Russian club r interseted in signing stoke striker Kenwyne Jones. Stoke are willing to listen to offers for Jones to slash the wage bill.(19)(20)Before Soton fans come on saying we don't want him etc.....I doubt they could afford his wages to be fair and be very surprised if he would go there. There has been interest from abroad including Spain and Turkey. Is just a matter of time before he leaves I'd imagine. If he makes another amount of appearances then Stoke owe Sunderland additional money also so time to get rid and get better.Saints have got 6 strikers already (if you include Guly) I for one will be a very surprised saints fan if there is another one on the way!Im sure you mean suprised if he went back to saints ? who gave him a premier league debut and plucked him from trinadad ian football (if thats the right term).Im not saying it will happen but if Adkins wanted him who knowsSaints have said they are not looking to bring in past players, so i dont think there will be any interest from Saints. Must say, he wasnt the best player we had last time round, and he hasnt really cut it in the premiership.We don't want him because he is a mercenary, over priced, too easily injured and past his best.......ergo Stoke don't want him any more so why would we. We want players on the up and who would not unsettle our team.The second sentence is the correct part of this post. The first sentence with Saints being a club interested is rubbish. We have signed the forward we were after, with two futher forwards also signed in January. Saints will now have one or two who will not make their final 25 and will need to be moved on.
When will journalists/agents actually do some homework before starting this sort of "rumour"? (I suppose that now they have to be wary about 'phone hacking their sources have dried up!)Like I said they couldn't afford him but so academicAs a QPR fan i hope we don't get him i think there is much better avaliable


26 Jun 2012 22:25:49
Middlesbrough are set to hold talks with Chelsea over LB Ben Gordon who spent the latter half of the 2011 season on loan with Kilmarnock.

It's thought Chelsea will be keen on a permanent transfer for around 750k and would be open to a loan move.

The deal hinges on the pursuit of another Middlesbrough target George Friend of Doncaster who is believed to be first choice.(25)(5)BORO won't be in the market for this player,joe Bennett first choice left back and George friend most likely to be brought in to add cover for left back and also centre back,


26 Jun 2012 22:24:58
turner is talking wolves about take couple of players on loan 1 def and 1 mid(10)(5) 

This post makes no sense.

BobbybuffonI would like to give them some for nothingIts means wolves are going to send 2 players on loan to shrewsbury


26 Jun 2012 22:24:02
jon taylor is on way to derby 100k(3)(14)Good money for a up and coming player


26 Jun 2012 22:06:12
Arsenal and Newcastle yet again are
after the french future in recently
relegated french team young strikers
Lenny Nangis and Mbaye Niang.
Although Nangis wants to play for
liverpool for some reason.

M Villa will sign Arsenal as Wenger is
really passionate about getting him
Labelling him the Next Patrick Viera
which has Pleased M Villa as thats
who he practices like.(19)(11)And you wonder why England will never have a good national side too many non british players in premier leagueThats due to the Number of english Managers.Yet Pardew goes to france and hollandI've seen niang play and he cant finish the same with nangis but he plays as a winger more that though the middleI don't wonder that at all, I'm a Scottish Gooner lol


26 Jun 2012 22:12:42
Chris Hughton set to raid his former club and sign Curtis Davies for 3 million and Nikola Zigic for 4 million(18)(34) 

Zigic? Really!Really don't wan't Zigic! His wages are huge and he's no as good as Morison, Holt, Vaughan or Jackson.No way do we want zigic, im hopeful hughton doesn't want him either!


26 Jun 2012 20:41:00
McGivern looks set to join Bristol City o permaent deal from Man City. Clubs have agreed a fee of £150,000 however, McGivern is yet to agree deal although wages have been offered that wil make him one of the best paid players at City.(8)(25)This would be a poor and disappointing signing. Hope it's not true.His name while at Ashton Gate was

Mc Give the ball away

That says it all reallyI hope not mcgivern was rubbish when he was on loan at city last seasonHope not ... the guy is slow, has poor positional sense and lacks concentration... Whatever he did for Man City to earn that long contract, he didn't reproduce it for BCFC or Palace while on loan


26 Jun 2012 20:47:05
Have it on good authority that Christopher
Samba was at loftus road today and signed
a 4yr contract. Will be anounced on july 2nd
Quality signing(12)(42)Its Samba Diakite that has signed a 4 year deal today at QPRHas he not signed for a team in turkey ?? {Ed003's Note - Russia}Samba Diakite


26 Jun 2012 20:45:06
Bristol Rovers to sign James Beattie(18)(27)Wtf !! absolute rubish he is flying out to malta with sheffield united and has been offered a pay as you play deal ,, also is taking his coaching badge along side chris morgan ,,,, dont make up such rubish


26 Jun 2012 20:06:40
Frimpong in to wolves on permanent basis to be confirmed by the end of the week after the player had an argument with coaching staff at the emirates. Danny Wilson from liverpool expected to go on loan to wolves to gain experience(10)(41)Yeah rightDench-Nah he's Going to prem team on loanHilarious!!
They haven't even returned for training yet and he's injured!!

EdWhere did you hear thisHope so but can't see him signing for us, but the Danny Wilson rumour is a good shout.

BobbybuffonI wish frimpong back to us on a perminent lol hes mintHe has stated he'd love to play for wolves again and would go anywhere to play first team football I see no valid reason why he wouldn't return if we do go in for him.Would love him back down the molineux, he seemed to enjoy his stay here last season. wouldnt be surprised if we could only agree a loan deal though, fingers crossed!


26 Jun 2012 19:24:19
ed do you know who the 3 foreign plays holloway wants to sign for blackpool {Ed003's Note - I've been racking my brain about this(no jokes please guys and girls :) ) Would Paddy McCourt be classed as foreign ?? }(8)(4)Its 3 players from African countriesI would guess at Spanish players as Ollie loves and wants to play the Spanish wayNouha Dicko from Wigan on a season loan is definitely one of them. Jsylatic {Ed003's Note - If Moses doesn't leave}Mc court would be classed as foreign yes as under a differant FA, however to guess at who he might be signing I reckon it might be mediterrainian based players (Blackpool have announced a pre season medeterrainian training camp). On the other hand could we be going for a rangers player or two? Oyston is a liker of cheapo deals and boy are rangers players going cheap this summer, as we need a back up keeper to Gilks (Halstead not good enough) we might as well go in for Mc Gregor who turned down the offer to transfer his contract to the newco this week. Seasider91. {Ed003's Note - I was being vague regarding McCourt,I was just hinting after something Ed 007 had told me, I do agree it is likely they will look at Rangers players,but one thing that was done in allowing Grandin back to France on loan was an agreement regarding another of the agents players for the future,I have a hunch(and it is only a hunch) one of them could be senegalese}Well his agents only other player is André Luiz Silva do Nascimento and considering he is a first team choice i cant see it being him. and why would Blackpool want a 32 year old right back? {Ed003's Note - Oh right}Maybe Ed003 mean't one of Nice's players, they do have a young senegalese centre back in their squad. Seasider91I've heard that all the players are European so there are no African players in the 3 wanted targets {Ed003's Note - They play in Europe was the announcement}Back-up keeper Halstead is more than capable of stepping in for Gilks.He is the number one in waiting and technically very giftedI think Halstead is gifted yes, just not ready to be playing regularly as a steady number 1 for us yet even though he made a decent save from fernando Torres at Bloomers in the prem season, kept a clean sheet over about 30 minutes that night as well.


26 Jun 2012 19:26:37
Ross McCormack to Palace is a done deal. Will be announced Thursday!(21)(32)Leeds to just about to be taken over no transfers are to be done involving fee's until takeover is completeBackward step for him if true750k which is a bargain. Tlks have gone well he's very interested in joining the EaglesI'm sorry, what? Leeds won't sell for less than 1mil (he's not transfer-listed) and couldnt sell him yet even if they wanted to, because no financial transactions involving transfer fees for players moving in and out of Elland Road can happen, during the period of due diligence.
Incidently, Leeds signed him for 400k. Think we got a better deal.Its rubbish anyway, we can get 2.5 mill for himDeal already done 800k. Just medical to go. Only 1 year on contract so u won't get nowhere near 2.5m I'm afraid. Anyway move already agreed, ross turned down late move from Bristol city. Very very reliable source. Should be announced before end of week just give it a chance n wait and see!!Think about this one for a moment - Stay at Leeds (who are in the middle of a takeover which could see major investment and possible promotion) or move to Palace and...............!, no can't think of a good reason to go there.Let him go, it wont be for what this person is saying though, he wont be there long , he'll jump ship when they start their relegation battle


26 Jun 2012 19:17:56
I originally posted about Martin Olsson and N'Zonzi deal aswell as James Morrison before agent staffs, I am getting everything from a reliable source;

There is also news in that we may be making an offer for Wigan defender Maynor Figueroa & required about a possible loan for Jonjo Shelvey if Morrison bid is rejected, further news on Kenwyne a team have offered 4.5million but Stoke are wanting around the 5.5million mark.(13)(11)I heard from someone at the club yesterday that the Jones offer was to be accepted as a second offer was made yesterday (Monday). Rumours are it's West HamAs an albion fan i'm not getting into all the why would morrisson go to stoke etc but he was one of our outstanding players last year and is a good age so with west brom in no need to sell can't imagine they will be slightly interested in selling unless an unbelievably ridiculous offer came in!Morrison to Stoke simply wouldn't happen. He got in trouble for gesturing at Stoke fans in recent years also.If we're pinning our hopes of team improvement of Jonjo Shelvey I think it's time to realistically start contenmplating a return to the Championship.I Believe Stoke have rejected the second bid from west ham until they reach the amount they really wantI know they had an offer last night that was being considered.

As for the Morrison thing- do you seriously think that would stop a player from joining a club? Get real. West Brom don't have a great deal of cash and can't afford a Championship keeper at the moment.Well he's not a championship keeper as he has played in the prem the last two seasons and will be playing there next aswell. As for the Morrison thing, why would he want to go to stoke?The loan deal for Shelvey sounds interesting, although I'm not a big fan of loans. He certainly proved himself at Blackpool last season. It seems like Stoke are being linked with a few players that would indicate a change of formation? I think we've got more chance of signing Messi though than Pulis abandoning 4-4-2 / 4-4-1-1 {Ed003's Note - Very good point,shelvey was played in midfield for the first few games whilst on loan,it was only when he moved to a 2nd striker/in the hole when he shone,I can't see Pulis playing that formation either}So Foster isn't with a Championship club then? Seem to remember him as 3rd choice at Stoke in the lower leagues :-)


26 Jun 2012 19:08:40
I'm hearing that mike Flynn will become a port vale player in the next 48 hours.

Apparently takeover close to completion and gaffer Adams will also sign Dickinson and another ex premiership forward.

Exciting times ahead were hearing in the midlands.

Watch this space Valiants(3)(12)Hearing from who exactly? I think you're getting carried away. The new owners are hardly multi- millionairesThe new owner [ not owners ] has a net worth of 40 millionKieth ryder is minted. the youth who saying net worth of 40mill. i aint surprised. i believe you. we are going to do well next season. i have a good positive vibe, and this is the impression i am getting from all vale fans, except the miserable moaners on onevalefan!! :D


26 Jun 2012 19:01:47
From a good source at wolves, jarvis will be leaving for stoke within 48 hours! wolves have made contact with dickson etuhu (fulham) and are close to agreeing a deal with frimpong on a permanent basis(13)(21)Lol you mean a bloke in the wanderer or the burger van outside the ground im sure wenger see frimpong for the long term n if we went for him it would be loan from went he comes back from injuryJarvis' representatives are due at Stoke tomorrow afternoon. I would say a deal is more likely early next week

JJSo we are signing two holding midfielders on top of the two we already have. Erm don't think so.I highly doubt arsenal would let frimpong leave on a permanent basis loan at most to wolves especially since we are in the championship and prem teams are interested, would be amazing though


26 Jun 2012 18:53:55
Cambell - Ryce in Talks with Rotherham United today, deal to be confirmed by the weekend(14)(6)Had talks this morning,We don't need another winger Rotherham are after 2 the JCR story ain't happening


26 Jun 2012 16:04:14
Hi ED, any REAL Sheffield Wednesday News?? X {Ed003's Note - Not today xx }(5)(10)


26 Jun 2012 18:22:30
Straight from the horses mouth Sunderlands Frazer Campbell is joining Fulham. Dont know the transfer fee but this information is from the player himself!!
You are getting a raw talent who can turn in decent performances when he can be bothered, unfortunately towards the back end of last season he seemed to go off the boil, but maybe he had been told he wasnt in o niels long term plans? He isnt a signing to set the world on fire but if he is happy and played in the right team formation he has the potential to be a great asset!(18)(20)If they give sunderland 7m then they can have him, any less and they can go jump!Campbell recently posted on twitter that he knows nothing about any transfers and is happy at sunderland. Why would we sell our only striker???Fraizer Campbell isn't leaving sunderland at all inside info fact Connor Wickham will be leaving on loan though.


26 Jun 2012 18:18:25
Steve Tilson and Scott Lindsey will be unvailed as the new management team at Gillingham on Friday afternoon.(6)(10)Nope, scally doesn't want Scott. Its going to be Adams on Monday once he can leave Port Vale


26 Jun 2012 18:16:30
lee clarks first signing for birmingham is huddersfield towns oscar gobern from a very very good sauce(26)(18)TastyThat didn't take long he's only had job couple of hours, still though hope this is true would free up some space for grayson to get some quality midfielders in.
terrier85Dosent he barely get a look in at huddlesfieldApart from that BCFC are under a transfer embargo...Am I wrong or do Birmingham have some sort of. transfer embargo at present?Alan smith to town ar we give him a kick in in the play-offs on the pitch that will never happenPlease take him he is rubbish!!!I wish Town would sign Quinn he is a great playerHow is this even possible... Birmingham have a transfer embargo which that they are unable to sign anyone for a certain amount of time. so in other words your source is not a very very good one after all.Maybe you ought to lay off the sauce and find yourself a good source!

IanBet he is a the sky blues on July 1st that's if thorn acshaly gets ain'y body. Still waitin thorny norwood to SKY BLUES he said he wants to get us back up. C u next season ass long as u don't get relegated.U can take gobern he hardly plays for us and when he does he isn't anything special :LThis makes me laugth clarke never did anything at town with as much money as he wanted(9million) good luck birmingham9million where you get your facts palClarke did nothing at huddersfield apart from take them on a 43 game unbeaten run and get us in the playoffs twice and signed the players that got us up this year!Gobern's injured that's why


26 Jun 2012 18:16:12
Barnsley have a bid for Oliver Norwood accepted, and are currently in talks with the player,(14)(26)I dont think so pal .he comes from burnley and supports them you have no chance what so everHe's also a free agent so bid being accepted is not relevant !Reality check he is coming to the sky blues we have the advantage he loves playin in that sky blue shirt nd a nother thing hi is on a free transfer. Ok. Barnsley fan we r after your champion ship place. So play good or ure goin down like we did.Manager hasnt given up hope yet on him or butterfield bfc offical siteHe's a free agentNorwood is under contract so a transfer fee would be required.Tarn fan livin in the real world....... Norwood maybe coming to Barnsley if no hopfully butts will sign another year. If not move on n we see wot mr hill fetches inHe said he is leaving man u didnt release himNorwood isn't a free agent, signed a one year deal so man u could get some money for hum, simular to the contract drinkwater signed, no way he'd drop into league one and burnley have just sold their best player and will stuggle next year in the championship, barnsley sign norwood possibly butterfield returns and a centre half and they will sit easily mid tableHad 2 bids turned down not on a free up the redsI talked to olivers dad and i can tell you right now he is defo not going to barnsley .but he did say on friday oliver will be with his new clubHe's met with keith this week shows what his 'dad' knowsBurnley won't struggle Charlie Austins just as good and Norwood is a Burnley fan so think he'll prefer playing in claret and blue rather than sky blue!Barnsley had a bid of £200k turned down but have had a bid of £400k accepted. They now have to see if they can reach an agreement with the player and his agent...Direct from the clubs own Don Rowing....We will see on friday mate but like i said he defo wont be playing for your lot good luckTo the second reply on this post, just because he's a burnley fan, doesn't mean to say he won't sign for anyone else??, burnley may be you're only love, but unfortunately in football MONEY TALKS!!!!!!!He's such a massive burnley fan he signed for man utd!!!!Bid accepted from barnsley, i think burnley fan is forgetting that to buy a player a fee must be agreed regardless of who the player supports


26 Jun 2012 18:15:37
Middlesbrough are set to table a bid for Celtic's former on loan striker Pawel Brozek, according to a former Irish full-back at the club.

The Pole, who was called up to his country's squad for Euro 2012 was frozen out at Parkhead by manager Neil Lennon last season but is set for potential talks with the Teesside club early next week. Middlesbrough manager Tony Mowbray is keen to bolster his attacking options for the club's inevitable 1st place finish next season, and looks set to offer Turkish club Trabzonspor around £350,000 for his services.

However club president Sadri Sener is seemingly unwilling to let Brozek leave, which could prove a stumbling block.(10)(4)Good luck with that one, he's rubbish!I'd love to see Moggas actual target list as opposed to agents using media to highlight players


26 Jun 2012 18:11:22
Leeds have granted due diligence to an unnamed takeover bid.(22)(5)It,s not a takeover just somebody or a group
investing money big differenceIt is a 'takeover' !!Clearly a takeover, at last a bit of luck at elland road. The team to be back where we belong

TeejLUFCIts a full takeover. Read the clubs website. If it was just investment all the concerned parties wouldn't be going through the current procedures! Its the start of big things at Leeds Utd...Just what their massive fanbase deserves.Definition of 'Due Diligence - DD'
1. An investigation or audit of a potential investment. Due diligence serves to confirm all material facts in regards to a sale.

2. Generally, due diligence refers to the care a reasonable person should take before entering into an agreement or a transaction with anotherThis is a takeover, nobody would go into business with Bates.It is a definite takeover. New owners to be announced in next 24-48 hrs. Possibly a French guy called Bernard. He the 4th richest man in the world. I'm a reading fan by the way.On the sky sports web site it says it is a takeoverRumoured to be Vince McMahon, owner of WWE.Nobody will know what it actually is or who it is until the facts come out, and that's the only thing that IS for real here.....

... all the above is pure hype & speculation.....


26 Jun 2012 18:02:04
Sheffield united to resign David cotterill on a free, heard this from a club insider but not sure how true it is(11)(12)


26 Jun 2012 17:59:18
Everton to sign,
pienaar 5million
steven naismith, free
Mellberg, Free
all before the season starts and expect a loan in on deadline day aswell(23)(16)I reckon youd have a decent chance at aluko and henriksenMelbberg has signed for some one two days ago according to ssn


26 Jun 2012 17:57:26
Colchester make Nathan Clarke a prime target, he will most likley join if Magnus Okuonguae leaves.

On the attacking front Colchester are interested in taking Freddie Sears back on a season long loan. They will also target 2 other forwards(6)(2)No chance on clarke he was part of a double act with tommy smith and they belonged on live at the apollo they were that funny sears is trueHe joining ScunthorpeSearsy going on season loan to U's but can be recalled at any time


26 Jun 2012 17:49:19
Hull city are gonna sign Danny Wilson from Liverpool,on a loan deal(13)(9)Huddersfield townHull Will not be getting Wilson as Hull are looking at a possible loan deal for micheal turner and titus bramble inside info, wilson is heading on loan to blackburn


26 Jun 2012 17:44:51
Liverpool are one of the many teams after Theo Walcott. Rodgers is a big fan of Theo. Theo has been told he can move clubs this summer, as he is no longer wanted at Arsenal. Arsenal won't give in to his wage demands either. Plus Walcott has secretly wanted to move away from the club for a new challenge. Walcott shares the same agent as Henderson, so that may give the Liverpool the advantage. Only stumbling block are his wage demands.(19)(34)Surely Liverpool have enough wingers who can't cross a ball alreadyWalcott,another of the all hype,little substance english player,yawn,I thought Rodgers is going to wait it out for SinclairIf only this rumour were true. Theo is acting in the same way as Cole and Nasri. I would personally drive him to Liverpool to see the back of him. No gereat loss, very over rated player that you wish would come good, you can only have massive potential for so long.Heard Rogers will assess the current squad n sell before he'll buy?Walcott is a very good winger, but I thought we were going for Adam JohnsonWalcott is an athlete with boots lets face it


26 Jun 2012 17:44:19
Shrewsbury to make a move for Bradfords Michael Flynn or Cheltnhams Luke Summerfeild within the week(6)(10)Could be truth on FlynnFlynn is not good enough for Lge1, he was released from a club that finished 18th in lge2 FFSSummerfield is the better player


26 Jun 2012 17:40:52
I've seen many rumours on Krystian Pearce from Notts County to Derby County.. Can anyone prove this please as I think he'd do well at the rams.(6)(4)Peare is transfer listed at County for 150k.Derby have offered 135k + connor doyle on loan.I dont but apparently you have a striker Problem.I remember seeing him at birmingham before his injury he could have been at the top by now and i think credit goes to county for getting him back to full match fitness.He fits in with our squad and will sign on the 3rd july with doyle going the other wayYes, just waiting for Notts to sign new defenders then he is joining Derby. Lots of potential, has had for years. Never quite followed it through. Switches off and kicks the ball the wrong way at least twice a game. Good pace and good on the ball, but never quite fulfilled the promise he showed.Notts have signed Leacock (unlucky!) so it might now happen.If we give derby £130.000 for pearce and i will drive him my self to pride park i will be 1 happy pie


26 Jun 2012 17:39:37
Coventry to sign
Gary Thompson free(3)(8)As in Gary Thompson that played for us in the 70's well he's about the right age to play with Thorn, Shaw, Carsley and Oggy !


26 Jun 2012 17:37:55
Charlton Athletic have made moves for Steve Sidwell on a season long loan with a view to a permanent deal but with Fulham having a recall option, Also Frank Simek, Callum Booth, Tommy Spurr and also a loan move Andros Townsend.(2)(19)


26 Jun 2012 17:34:25
Hull City Transfer Targets in line to be bided for by the tigers:
Emile Heskey
Paul Anderson
Paul Coutts
Brad Guzan
Ryan Tunnicliffe
David Gonzalez(17)(12)I heard that they would come. all of themAll are to sign but Middlesbo are trying to sign paul coutts, heskey has apparently had his agent buy a house in york for him....close to hull


26 Jun 2012 17:31:53
Preston and Bradford are tracking Luton's Andre Gray.(2)(14)They must be prepared to be dissapointed as he only just signed 2yr deal and will want at least 300k + for himJust signed for Luton so he can't moveHe's just signed for them permanently this summer... doubt it.Is was crap at shrewsbury good luckBradford City have certainly offered Andy Gray a contract, not so sure about Andre Gray though!There are occasions when players are signed up just so that they can get a fee for their club when sold.


26 Jun 2012 17:26:54
Given that Southampton appear to have lost out on Michu, they will chase Borja Valero from Villarreal. Fee of £5m.(17)(13)Hope it happens as he's a good player but i doubt he'll join saints!Why have they missed out on him?Nothin official has been released that we even were in nogotiations so we haven't lost out... No one knows what's going on apart from NA, NC & Michu himself... Maybe just a rumour, maybe not will wait n seeWont sign Valero, he left WBA because he cant settle in England


26 Jun 2012 17:25:48
Morrison (Reading to Huddersfield) £750k, Scharner (Free agent to Huddersfield), Quinn (Sheff utd to Huddersfield undisclosed) Alan Smith (Free agent to Huddersfield) Rhodes (Huddersfield to Swansea £4.5) Smithies (Huddersfield to Stoke £1.5).(7)(33)Rhodes isn't leaving, Smithies isn't leaving, alan smith is NEVER playing for huddersfield and its unlikely we'll get QuinnAlan Smith to Huddersfield, are you having a laugh, no chance. Rhodes to Swansea was a fake rumour put out.How many times do we Huddersfield fans have to tell people to get real in the fees posted on here for Rhodes. Listen.......WE HAVE ALREADY TURNED 6M DOWN IN JANUARY. Also our mega rich owner has apparently put a 8m price on his head. Probably because we can afford to keep him and want to keep him. Who wouldnt want a young striker who can score with both feet and his head with ease and is still learning and improving season on season. Season 1 - 24goals. Season 2(on bench a lot?? dont know why)- 23 goals strength much improved. Season 3- 40 goals + 8 for Scotland U21. Missed a few games while on international duty and scored his 40 in around 43 league games with 7 hatricks (1 was for u21s). This lad can finish if you give him a chance and is a real level headed teetotal genuine lad. One in a million seriously.When will people get it in to their heads that Huddersfield do not need to sell Rhodes and the lad is happy to stay. It doesn't matterv wether people think he's worth £8m or not, that is what Hoyle has said it would take to tempt him. Disregard any made up rumours below that type of figureRhodes is going to readingRhodes and smithies are leaving, likely rhodes to leeds now they have the moneyStoke don't need to look at any goalkeepers, we already have 3 in our 1st team; Begovic and Sorenson (both Premier league quality and internationals) and a young lad from the acadamy set up, Eves (also an international, youngest ever full internation btw).Rhodes Leaving ? Scharner arriving ? DoubtfulSorry to burst your bubble lads but no Rhodes to reading, no morrison to hudders, we won't sell unless we gets rhodes lads, sorrrry!It's not championship manager game^^^^ aw really? No Rhodes no morrison? Is that the deal? Fine! Haha! CBS are two a penny lad 40 goal strikers aren't. Anyone thinking Reading are in the driving seat here is deludedScharner is not a free agent yet!Ok you can keep you centre back who not ready for the prem and we'll keep our international 40 goal a season striker ....simplesGrayson wants Morrison so Grayson wants the deal.What? your joking! no rhodes,no morrison!haha keep morrison,not that it's got anything to do with you who reading sell to hudds,but although do like morrison, you can't honestly expect to hold us to ransom with him! if you don't sell us your ferrari we won't give you this mondeo in return.........jog on
terrier85If everyone was certain reading aint getting rhodes for 4.5m plus morrison swansea wont get him for just 4.5mHe scored 40 in 1 season he's not 40 goal a season because he hasnt even played at championship level where he will probably get 5-10 goals. Back to L1 for Town.Rhodes will probably go to fulhamCant see Rhodes coming to swans (from a swans fan) laudrup already said his knowledge of our leagues not great. Shame tho cos he looks quality.He's going to Reading for £2m UPFRONT + Sean Morrison with lots of add ons (surviving relegation etc)If your mega rich owner wants to keep Rhodes so much why put an 8 million price on him ? Surely he would say not for sale at any price ! Also how long left on his contract ?Norwich I thinkReading fans no from experience that if a player is offered prem football 9 times out of ten that player will leave ...Fair play to Rhodes if he put's loyalty before money and ambition, it would certainly be a first.I cant see Rhodes going for £4.50, and Smithies going for £1.50!I think terrier85 is getting a bit stressed. McDermott said in todays Reading Post that we will not be making any new signings until the Pogrebnyak deal is concluded. Huddersfield fans can stop shaking uncontrollably until the end of this week.

LoyalRoyal94Reading fans lol keep morrison heard he wants 20k a week anywayLoyal royal94 not getting stressed at all just fed up with reading fans thinking there gna sign whoever they want when they still hav'nt wrapped the pog deal yet, don't need idiots coming on here (huddersfield page)with transfer demands (ie your not having morrison if where not having rhodes)its not football manager and you got no control.
hope we get you in the cup n watch rhodes bag a hat trick!

terrier85I can imagine the conversation between Dean Hoyle + Simon grayson-..DH "so Simon,you really want a knew centre back?" SG "yes please Mr Owner sir" DH "right then,i'll tell Reading that they can have the bloke who's scored 80 odd goals in the last 3 seasons-but only if we can have a centre back who's hardly ever played for them!"


26 Jun 2012 17:17:57
Sheffield united to be taken over(8)(29)I hope so !Lets hope so, mccabe wont put any money in, just used united to build that carppy hotel, and get them in debt..well done mccabe..This would be the best thing ever, but I can't see it happening. McCabe would rather us be a Conference club as long as he owns us.


26 Jun 2012 17:10:12
walsall will sign 4 players this week. Ex Doncaster player James Chambers, Hereford striker arquin, James Hayter also ex Doncaster and winger Ashley Hemmings are believed to be the targets. Izale Mcleod has also been linked with the league 1 side.(5)(11)Yes its the same coppinger,his mate is Billy Sharp who ipswich fans thought was signed sealed and delivered.No signings until January. Jeff Bonser only has to buy 6 kits for the season. Spending the rest on a new pool in his cyprus villa. Wont invest until doug ellis's sonsbuys the club WINK.James chambers and Adam chambers on the pitch at the same time will be awarkward never knew they are twins


26 Jun 2012 17:02:05
Oxford two announce the signings of 2 midfielders in the next few days. Luke Summerfield is thought to be there main target.(6)(9)Yes they are. Unfortuantly the Yellows supporters are going to be less than excited by those coming in. Also....bad move letting Oli Johnson go.3 in 17 at striker is st, letting him go was a good move


26 Jun 2012 16:57:03
From our local newspaper online, the sentinel, Keith Ryder has completed the final part of taking over port vale!! VTID we will be one hell of a force next year. All the other clubs .... WATCH THIS SPACE(5)(6)Not sure what you're basing that on as Ryder has just about produced the adequate funds to take over the club. Don't expect big money to be spent on players if any at all as they are financially in a terrible mess and have just about secured the use of Vale Park never mind have cash left over. So many think that new owners mean new investment but survival is Port Vale's priority and they have struggled so far to meet that.Mate.... just done one. you know nothing!! :P JCB are looking to invest as ryder has contacts. so before you start with a sophisticated answer, research before pal! It is actually true, go onto thisisstaffordshire .com and see for yourself dude :P come back to me one you done that, tell me what you think about it. :)Just be thankful your team will be playing next season & i hope the new owner will get your club on stable financial footingI know a lot more than you do inside football circles and FAR move about this take-over than you will ever know . If you seriously think that this is going to be some major transformation of Port Vale then you are one seriously deluded individual. As for you local paper the Sentinel then yes have seen their report and even they are not narrow minded enough to believe that the football club are suddenly going to shoot up the divisions. Ryder will take at least 3 years to stabilise that club and if you seriously think your imaginary contacts he has are going to splash out on players then have fun waiting. How about explaining the land deal in place for Vale park to us all if you know so much..........I await your reply :-)Some nonsense talked on this thread. Firstly how about PVFC is ran like a business, most level headed fans would not want Ryder to splash the cash, thats a recipe for disaster. Secondly, 3 years to stabalise the club ? Its just had all its debts wiped out, and the last un-audited accounts show we operated at break even, the club is now stable so long as we do not splash the cash. Thirdly mention of a land deal, what on earth is that about, we have entered into a restricted covenant with Stoke Council to ensure football is played at Vale Park and that the land can not be sold for development, it can be developed for retail/commercial/office space as long as the development is connected with the club and football is still played at VPIf you don't know don't pretend you do. If you don't know about the land deal at Port Vale then you obviously have NO realistic idea about this take over at all. I know all about the covenant but there is FAR more to this but it hasn't been in your local paper so you don't know what you're talking about at all. At least you still have a football club but like I said it's the old fan habit of some believing that new owners mean a cash injection on players and a fantastic new era for the team. This isn't the case. There is nonsense on this thread you're 100% right. :-0 Come back when you have a clue what you're on about.So because I know about the covenant, which you have confirmed is true then Im pretending to know ? OK, that makes sense!! Where have I as in you strange views of "old fan habit" said we will be splashing cash, if you bothered to read the post above yours its clear Im saying we should not splash the cash and live within our means. You have also ignored the points I raised about the new level of debt [ will be zero ] and the un-audited accounts. You may think you know something, you clearly do not, come back when you have the ability to read all of a post.Im all ears, if you claim to be "in the know" tell me about this land deal, or lets make it easier, whats the length of the lease on the land directly behind the paddock, who leases it, for how much ? and what is the exit clause ? Lets see just how much you do know....


26 Jun 2012 16:55:59
Heard from a reliable source that bradford city are set to sign a left back from york city within the next 48 hours, was not given his name though(6)(5)Educated guess?Is it James Meredith?


26 Jun 2012 16:47:33
Keith Millen to be announced as Gillingham manager in the next 48 hours!

WTS!(7)(3)Didn't really do it 4 Bristol city but decent bloke hope he does well 4 u but after we knock u out the cup lolHave also heard this too, think it would be a good appointment for the gills, L1 here we come!


26 Jun 2012 16:43:06
After rejecting a transfer of his contract to rangers newco, Kyle Lafferty is heading over to the Championship with speculation of him joining new boys Huddersfield Town as previous contact with the club may re-spark.(16)(7)It has been publically known that we offered him a contract before this...


26 Jun 2012 16:36:27
Jayden stockley is gonna sign for fleet wood town on a 3 month loan from Bournemouth(9)(1)Stockley does need a loan move to league 2 but sure fleetwood can do better than him is this from a crediable sourceJayden stockley is at the bottom of the pecking order at afcb and won't even get on the subs bench; best he goes to a div2 side to get further experience. at present he struggles at div1 levelI asure you, Stockley will get you goals but Afcb dont want waste anytime developing this big promising talent whilst they challenge for top spot this season.Stockley is a breath of fresh air when he comes off the bench at b'mouth you feel something could happen with him on the pitch but seriusly lacks confidence when in front of goal- definate potential


26 Jun 2012 16:32:55
Danny wilson from Liverpool is gonna sign for hull city on a season long loan(13)(10)


26 Jun 2012 16:30:51
Bournemouth are gonna complete a deal for miles Addison from derby for an undisclosed fee(14)(4)Its 500k 150k for abilty 350k for service to derby(loyalty fees and stuff)500,000 to much not worth it.It has been on the cards ever since his loan period finished at the end of the season, should be a good asset in bournemouth's push for the championship.Hes worth more than that derby should keep hold of himNigel clough thinks otherwise or he would not agreed to let him go. I would say that he has areas to improve and the £500,000 is top dollar!Bournemouth echo is reporting for tomorrow that the derby telegraph has said that one club, thought to be bournemouth, are finalising the permanant deal for miles addison. Looks very likely it will happen soon.


26 Jun 2012 16:29:32
West ham are going to bid 1.5 million for Marc Pugh who plays for bournemouth , watch this space !!(8)(27)Don't know much about this player, can you give me some info ED? {Ed003's Note - highly rated kid,AM, I thought Burnley had a chance for him with the Eddie Howe connection}I dont see why westham would want to sign a league one player for and not as much as that he has onley got a year left on contract.I love a good laugh after a hard day at work....1.5 mill for Pugh (I'm a cherries fan) - really!!!!!!West ham and burnley have both been making interested noises towards marc pugh, the chairman at bournemouth recently said on club site that he has had no interest from other clubs, and marc pugh will be an important part of afcb's push for championship and staying at that level. He certainly could play at championship but little light weight at times and would not be ready for the premiership. £1.5m is a very interesting figure and certainly make afcb cashing in and interested in what might happen as we have various replacements lined up just in case he leaves.Why dont u ask me a afcb fan about him.hes a cracking lad and a cracking player but not premiership quality.He's not a kid either, he's 25 {Ed003's Note - 25 is a kid to me}He might be 25 years old but marc pugh is at the crossroads in football life, does he feel that he could play at higher level then now is the time. However if he re-signs for afcb for further 3 year then his aspirations playing in the next level could be met at bournemouth due to their high aspirations,if pugh helps afcb to championship next season I expect premiership clubs might come calling and take the veiw that he's ready to play at the top level. At this moment in time he remains a lower league player and if west ham think they can take the risk of buying him for £1.5m then i would have serious doubts, while for that money afcb should snap off their hands.If its 1.5 million mitchell wll accept it hes all about the mony afcb till deathPugh isn't worth that much ( afcb fan )We would be more than happy for half of that for pugh- great player- however form a little too hit and miss for higher leagues at the momentIf it,s 1.5m it would be criminal not to accept. Great player but every player has his price and in this case it aint as much as that.UTCIADAtleast a 1m is good enough for me to sell Pugh but nothing less


26 Jun 2012 16:27:36
Huddersfield signing 2 players this week!(13)(7)Any ideas who?!Also Thursday i've heard it happening...Huddersfield town has agreed a deal to sign left-back Paul Dixon from Dundee United on a three year deal

Source htafc twitter page and it is also on the clubs website


26 Jun 2012 16:26:56
extremely reliable source in reading claims reading are out of race Sigurdsson (reading fans know who i mean). lets be honest we were never really going to get him, at least it shows our ambition and intent
MrRfc(11)(3)Nooo he was never ever gonna go to you anywayy!Johnny Fordham?Shows your stupidity to be claiming it would happen, for the last week and more.
Will you learn from this re Rhodes?? No, didn't think so.True apparently tottenham are most likely now.We put in a bid and offered good terms. We were saying it "Could" happen. Not would.Ugghhh, why is Rhodes unrealistic?? forgot you were going to get 700 odd million from Barcelona for himAll we have had is Reading fans saying hes coming home etc etc..Had it on here and on Twitter. Should never get ahead of yourselves!In a way I am glad, we need the money to sure up our attack and defence.

LoyalRoyal94I guessing Nicky Hammond :)No i have never once said i expect us to sign gylfi, when ever i have posted about our interest i have always said but i dont think we will get source defiantly not jonny fordham he is now saying that we have never bid despite saying we have a strong chance of getting him like last week.
MrRfcIt was confirmed in the Metro this morning that Spurs are in the driving seat now but as a Reading fan I've been posting that Liverpool would get him, I knew it was unlikely he would come back...Looks like Spurs have out bid LFC and Reading and with no manager, their meeting with him must have gone well but I would be surpised if they guranteed him first team football, especially as they haven't appointed a manager yet.We never put a bid in for sigurdsson reports are sayingCome home gylfi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That report was from Jonny Fordham who had no direct quotes from anyone in the club. People in the know have had it confirmed from multiple sources that we did bid.


26 Jun 2012 16:26:27
Out: Tubbs
In: Manset, Addison, Southampton un-named defender.
Robinson still being linked.(9)(5)The saints un-named defender is probably seaborneWhy would we sign manset got loads of strikersWhose manset?Mathieu manset reading strikerDon't think matt tubbs is leaving afcb especially 27th june edition of bournemouth echo clearly states he is staying put.Mathieu mancet is reading player 6'2'' french striker whom has not achieved that much as 22year old, having moved hereford and a supposed £400'000 to reading. Bit of a super sub as tends to come late in the game off the bench to reading important points. played and scored five goals doing this. can not see why afcb want another striker, already fletcher


26 Jun 2012 16:24:57
Murray heading back to Brighton. Was given the Amex tour today. Will be announced Thursday(5)(16)Would he be welcomed?Is he out of Wimbledon already?Not quite the most bizarre signing i've read about (owen-heskey-hargreaves etc) but certainly the least likely. on a better note vincente just re-signed for another yearHope this is true, been absolutely rubbish for us this season. Your welcome to him. - Palace fan.Never happenHim and CMS would be amazing, but can't see it somehowNot to sure about that oneWould be funny. Is he rejoining to make up for the disappointment of Vicente's imminent signing for Reading (or was it Southampton)?That would really be a backwards move, we can get better. Proven in league one, not in the Championship, let alone helping us get promoted!He wouldn't be welcome by club or fansWe are moving forwards not backwards, he may have come down to the Amex to buy a season ticket though.Thats y on his twitter he's on holidayHAHA That's about as likely as Palace pulling out of plans for a new stadium............... hang on!!Oh god please NONot surprised if he wants to come back and show Palace what he can really do in the Championship with a decent team and manager.In response to the "Vicente to Reading/Southampton" comment, he signed a new one year deal with Albion tonight :)Not welcome keep away turncoat.Vicente has not signed a new contract, BHA has taken up the option of 1 year extension which is in his original contract.Vicente didn't sign new contract yesterday, the club exercised their option to a further year to tie him to us for another year


26 Jun 2012 16:23:38
Calum Davenport has been taken on trial by Northampton(8)(4)Thats not true


26 Jun 2012 16:17:29
Crystal Palace will sell Wilfred Zaha to West Ham in the next coming days. They 8million they get from the sale of Zaha will fund moves for Mccormack and Sam Baldock and also Aluko from Rangers(7)(24)Aluko is a free agent - he won't coast his new club anything.5mill most for zahaYou still have pay a large sign on fee nothing is for freeComplete fabrication - again. This is getting boring now.8million..which other 2/3 players are you selling?


26 Jun 2012 16:15:37
Kyle Lafferty rejects transfer of contract which means Huddersfield are keen to sign him(17)(8)


26 Jun 2012 16:08:58
If James Beattie has been offered to go to Malta with Sheffield United on Pre season trip as player/coach role, this could ddevelop in a pay as you play deal next season.(6)(7)


26 Jun 2012 16:06:39
Lee beevers has joined Mansfield on a two yr contract(5)(2)


26 Jun 2012 16:04:09
Huddersfield, Cardiff and Leicester are all interested in Signing former Dundee Left-back and now free agent Paul Dixon!
Hopefully Huddersfield but we'll see...(11)(4)Dundee United, not Dundee.Derby and bristol city have already made contact a month ago.Derby Opted out and tried to get joe Mattock but that failed.Bristol city couldnt afford his wages or somthing.Then derby finally offered him a deal.Hes signing on 1st july along with pearce,caton,jacobs check derby t online.This interest has only come in the last week.Even though you new boys seem to be getting some proven champ players he wouldnt of gone to you anyway i would have seen if gone to Cariff if he was still avaidable.I have some news though that Mcormack has signed looking round your ground today.How do you know he were looking round galpharm?Paul Dixon is coming to Town, unlike 99% of the rumours on here, I promise you this is true, cannot reveal how I know this but he will be revealed as a Town player most likely on Thursday.Paul Dixon signing for Derby when it's in Hudds paper he's signed at Town this morning ha!!!! Love people in the know they make my life completeHe's going to derby? haha. Sure he's just signed a 3 year contract today. HTFCHe signed for town wednesday, official town website has confirmed so those saying he won't sign for us GOT IT WRONG!!!Good signing for huddlesfield. We (Cardiff) won't need him due to andrew taylor but that does not matter.
Good luck terriors see you at the ccstadium


26 Jun 2012 15:59:25
West Brom to sign after the Euro's...

Ben Foster - £3,750,000
Steven Naismith - Free
Danny Rose - Loan
Bram Nuytinck - £2,000,000(16)(7)Whoever gets naismith will land a gem.Good aquisitions, get moving


26 Jun 2012 15:52:10
charlton have bid 600k for Chris Humphrey.(3)(6)Hes out of contract in 6 months


26 Jun 2012 15:44:02
Stephen Mcginn to sign for Cardiff when his contract expires at Watford(11)(5)If this is true I would be very disappointed, especially after we've stood by him during his long spell on the sidelines.
Would he even get into Cardiff's midefield? Whitt., Mutch, Cowie, Conway, McPhail...
Surely more chance of first team football if he stays at Vicarage Road.

WFCKingy.If he goes to Cardiff or any other club after Watford supported him last season he can only be decribed as a poor excuse of a human beingReally, what a surprise!Hes poorWhittingham will go to the prem he's way to good for CardiffNo he isn't. Just because hes good does not mean he will go to the prem. He a star man for cardiff and the fans adore him. We will pay higher wagers to him than most prem clubs, because the owners know that after the kit change if they sell whittingham there will be uproarAs others have said, given the time he has spent injured you would hope he shows us some loyalty, we are not but as the rats Lafferty and Naysmith deserting the sinking ship that is Rangers are showing, what price loyalty in the modern game?(Cardiff Fan)Whitts is a class player but unless you are Messi or Ronaldo no player should be above any club, Whitts not leaving he's too happy how many times do i have to say this, his girlfriend doesnt want to leave Barry/Penarth as shes a Barry girl and Whitts is very happy staying here, he also wants to get us in to the Prem(Cardiff City Fan) i would say mcginn would be a poor signing for us, Sean Murray would be a promising player but with all the central midfielders that play for us including the ones coming up through the ranks like, Joe Ralls,Theo Wharton,Tommy O'Sullivan, i cant see him or any other central midfielders coming here cos they'd get no play time, unless they want to be part of our cup team next season League Cup,FA Cup etc...Typical Malky Mackay.Hope this isn't true. If he goes he can only be described as disgustingly disloyal after what we helped him through. If he does go- anywhere but Cardiff! Please!Malky loves mcginn he's not even that good, but he can play lm(neutral) you have no chance getting sean murray considering he rejected manchester city to play for watford and signed a new contract 2 months backWatford fans have got to get over that yes Malky left you, he left you a year ago, stop being so bitter its like kids moaning because their parents didnt buy a toy for them its stupid get over it


26 Jun 2012 15:42:53
Swindon complete deal for Troy Archibald-Henville from Exeter. BBCSport(13)(3)


26 Jun 2012 15:39:43
Jordan Rhodes is joining Reading after Fulham pulled out as jol has alterative targets Burak yilmaz's move to Lazio is in doubt n fulham n spurs are still in the hunt for the player , wilfred bony is set for talks nx week and a audacious bid for berbatov will be made wgen the window ooens . Sivok who is a free agent will join ffc on friday.(7)(25)Yilmaz will join West HamRhodes isn't leaving...Yes he is, get over itGoing through this everyday with Rhodes.passionate town fan here,my bet is he's already been sold but kept hush hush while we get some replacements in hence all the McCormack and lafferty rumours.I reckon Norwich may have done a sneaky one,personally best club for him.apart from town obviously.Rhodes will not stay at Huddersfield. He is a quality player and it would be a waste of a massive talent if he was going to stay at a club like Huddersfield.

LoyalRoyal94Agree with LoyalRoyal just to good for Huddersfield.Na NorwichDo not get me wrong, I was not insulting Huddersfield. I was merely stating that they are a long way from being ready to go any higher. Rhodes is better off leaving and being exposed to the Premier League now.



26 Jun 2012 15:29:58
mansfield town sign owens from southport and lee beevers from walsall adding to the best squad in the conference(6)(3)Owens is under 23 so you will have to agree a fee with Southport or go to tribunalBeevers wont go that low!Beavers has been confirmed by himself on twitter mate. Tbh he's not the best player. I'm certainly not going to miss him


26 Jun 2012 15:28:05
Just saw Yakubu and his agent walking around Swansea!(6)(31)Hope not he is rubbish!Strange as he's in ChinaHe's in china sorting out his moveHe's signed for some Chinese side yesterday so god knows who u spoted lol probs the cleanerHe's quality, 18 goals for Blackburn last season!


26 Jun 2012 15:26:38
Former Charlton Director has left Charlton to take over at Rangers 2012.

Having steered the Addicks through hard times he is seen as the perfect CEO for the troubled Glasgow club.(1)(9)Peter Varney has not left to take over at Rangers. He is Charlton through and through plus the full details are yet to emerge to why he left the Valley. Anyway he has more than enough common sense to steer clear of the trouble at Rangers.Peter Varney has left his post at the football club but is taking a more active role with Charlton Athletic Community TrustLol! He turned down a similar role with Arsenal a few years ago when he Left Charlton for the first time!
Not going to get involved in that shambles!


26 Jun 2012 15:17:21
James Coppinger and Simon Gillett agree
Significant pay reductions to stay and
help Doncaster back into the Championship.

George Friend attracting interest from
Peterborough and Huddersfield.(7)(4)I hope to god this is true! Would be fantastic! Hope the friend part is untrue though love him to stay!Would be good for all 3 to stay, 2 out of the 3 wouldn't be bad though!!!!!! {Ed003's Note - I know a song about that }Is this the same Coppinger who when your were relgated was talking to the press about he would love to play for Ipswich?Yes its the same coppinger,his mate is Billy Sharp the same Billy Sharp who the Ipswich fans thought was signed sealed and delivered


26 Jun 2012 15:16:28
Hull City set to sign Preston North End's 23 year old midfielder Paul Coutts for a figure around £400,000(12)(2)Add a extra 350k to it and pne will sellHow can we talk about promotion when again we sell our better players. Who will it be after Coutts.We might as well cash in now. He only has 12 months left on his contract, and its well known that he wants out.


26 Jun 2012 14:45:39
Swindon town has signed archibald henville on a two year deal(10)(3)


26 Jun 2012 14:40:14
Swansea city linked with yet another Middlesbrough player this time academy lad tony McMahon.a solid right back and dead ball specialist.prem and championship experience,Europa league experience. Swansea should start there own academy,ladesma flying in to sign for BORO weekend.(7)(2)McMahon is a good honest pro, but is a very average full back. At best he will be a squad player in the premiership. Sad to see him leave Boro as he has always been very loyal and is a good championship player.Not sure He'd suit Swanseas style. A good champ side. Not sure bout PL


26 Jun 2012 14:23:12
Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins has denied claims that the club have made a recent £3m bid for Marvin Emnes. - bbc(7)(3)Spurs websites reporting that Siggy to sign for them on Friday of this week. Sorry Guys


26 Jun 2012 14:19:27
Coventry will battle with Mkdons for midfield star Oliver Norwood. Norwood recent turned free agent and is looking for a move to either one of the clubs.(4)(8)Has joined barnsleyNorwoods Burnley born and bred and coming home as Eddie Howe is a big fanNorwood hasn't signed for anybody yet.


26 Jun 2012 14:17:55
James cayton and krystian pearce WILL join derby, Paul dixon is a possibility but other clubs are interested. Also the rams are looking for a on loan striker and a permanent striker. Steve Davies will leave(3)(4)Correct mate Include Paul dixon in that signing.Nigel was going to loan ball for 3 months but he will take the role that the loan striker would have had.So no loans.
Johnny Russell is the striker we are in for
we are prepared to pay upto 2m that wilol come from davies and bailey sale.
Steve davies is listed at 1.4-6 and burnley and bolton have major interestPual dixon is gone to huddelsfield


26 Jun 2012 14:13:46
artur boruc has arrived in Glasgow for contract negotiations so i have heard(8)(14)Why take this oaf back,couldnt leave us quick enough,no thanks artur you well past your best.I hope so if fraser forster doesnt sign!


26 Jun 2012 14:01:50
Coventry take over looks on, as Ray Ranson has been spotted at the Hilton in Coventry Cty centre. It looks like the stumbling block is SISU issue of not paying the rent. SISU big wigs Joy Seppela and and Freddie Marks are considering a deal(4)(9)Where did you hear this God hope its trueNice one there isn't a Hilton in Coventry City Centre, duh!Yer, thats the issue with this rumour


26 Jun 2012 13:53:04
Lee Clark confirmed as Birmingham City manager. You would think that a club like birmingham, aiming for promotion, would be trying to get a more experienced manager. Mid-table it is then for the brummies.(16)(6)Am i right in thinking a HTFC fan wrote this? is true though hahaAs with the the Liverpool/Rodgers appointment its refreshing to see clubs looking outside the usual "big" names that are always linked with every available job. He did ok at Huddersfield and how will any younger managers ever get experience if the bigger clubs don't give them a chance?I think you'll find mate that they will be in at least the playoffs; Lee Clark wants succcess.Brum might go on a long unbeaten run of mainly draws now


26 Jun 2012 13:51:09
Southampton are looking at Thomas Pekhart(4)(20)Saints don't need ANOTHHER striker!Southampton are looking at everybodyI heard this as well. Friends a taxi driver and said he drive him from Southampton airport parkway the other day.Thats not gonna happenHe played for us on loan from spurs before (2008/09) so knows a bit about club and facilities, could be true!How 5 unbelievables this is a true rumour
toonfanNo we're not
we dont need ANOTHER STRIKER !We can say "We are not" but we all know how Nicola Cortese works...He keeps things quiet so its hard to know whats going on. I can assume we are not as we have 4 strikers already, but who knows for sure.

Lifelongsaint83Why would we be looking at another striker? We have 6 in the squad already?!Been there, done that, no thanks, not againPekhart was rubbish when he came on loan. I hope this is wrongWe need him to score goals^^^^ Why do we need him to score goals? We have Lambert and Sharp and now Rodriguez. They're not proven at the top level but they're no less proven than Pekhart. I'm confident we can score enough goals to keep us up, im just worried about the defence and lack of pace!^ We've got Hooiveld to do thatSome Saints fans can be so deluded and quite stupid really. showing no knowledge of football at all. some rumours u guys put up are dreadful. Pekhart? really? we have a squad of strikers already. Lambert, Sharp, Jayrod, Tadanari, Barnard as well as some youngsters that WILL come into the squad due to homegrown rule. remembering we will have at most 3 strikers on the pitch at a single time. do we really need more than 6 strikers? please, please use your heads. (realistic saints fan)


26 Jun 2012 13:46:21
Fraser forster set to seal 3 million switch to Norwich after being unable to agree personal terms with celtic. This move signals that ruddy will be on the move, possibly to villa with former manager Lambert interested(1)(34)Hasnt he just signed a long contract with norwich?Ruddy just signed a new 4 year dealRuddy has signed a 4 year contract yesterday lol I'm sure foster would not want to be number 2 eitherRuddy signed a new 4 year deal with an option for a further year yesterday.And this post the day after it was announced that Ruddy had signed a new 4 year deal!!Just signed a new 4 year dealDoubtful seeing as Ruddy penned a new 4 year deal at Norwich yesterday .Foster is staying at newcastle ruddy has just signed a new 4yr contract and is very settled in norfolk .please find time to read your newspaperWhy are none of my replys never printed ,they are always sencible and never nastyAre you on a wind up? Ruddy just signed a new four year contract, like, yesturday.Worst rumour ever. At least read yesterday's newspapers before you come on here with a random bit of fantasy. ;)Norwich to sign Lord Lucan! More plausible than this!


26 Jun 2012 13:46:04
Former Stockport discovery Oli Johnson has signed for York City. Thought this lad showed real promise but has the wrong attitude. If he doesn't make it at York it will be back to obsurity for Oli in non league soon.(6)(2)Not a good signing for York. Couldn't cut it at Oxford, should really be plying his trade in the conference or lower.Great signing for york. never really look 100% fit at Oxford but hasn't had a pre-season for 2 years. Should have been kept on at Oxford, showed more than Smalley and PittmanNorwich fans loved him in lg 1


26 Jun 2012 13:45:53
Plymouth Argyle are in talks with Wolves to sign Striker James Spray.

Meanwhile former Argyle loanee Ashley Hemmings has pulled out of a move to Rotherham having failed to agree personal terms with the League 2 side.(5)(4)Why would they be in talks with Wolves....James Spray has been released by the club?Just found that out lol
They are also believed to be in talks with Akinde from Crawley and Anthony Edgar from Yeovil.


26 Jun 2012 13:27:03
tranmere signed james wallace on a two year deal(7)(2)This is true its on the clubs official site. Signed for 2 years and would seem to have been offered the role as captain.I no its an undisclosed fee but how much do you think we will pay for him?


26 Jun 2012 13:26:29
Doncaster close to signing two ex premiership players, not sure who was said by an official Doncaster rovers twitter account(6)(9)Got a feelin it could be beattieHas been confirmed they are a winger and a striker (I originally put the rumour on this site)Why is there unbelieveables its been announced and reportedly they are Carlos Cuellar and Ryan Nelson {Ed003's Note - Same Nelson that has signed for QPR ? }Hmm!! I don't think he has scored for over 2 seasons is this wise after "The Experiment"David corterill confirmed he's having his medical at Doncaster today!It said forward players arnt these 22 defenders?


26 Jun 2012 13:21:22
latest names to be linked to Norwich City

Birmingham Central defender Curtis Davies & Birmingham's Scottish midfielder Chris Burke & The Mail also believe Norwich could potentially enter the race for Newcastle striker Leon Best who has fallen down the pecking order at St James.

Source: The Mail - EDP24 - Evening news "$(9)(8)Best has scrorred 10 goles in 29 prem apperences. So it's fair to say hes proven at prem level. I would love to have him at NorwichHe's scored 10 goals in 42 premiership appearances actually so not a proven goalscorer at all.I know theers no truth in things when i see daily mail in the sentence


26 Jun 2012 12:48:03
Jamal Campbell-Ryce in talks with Preston following breakdown of talks with Ronnie Moore at Tranmere. Ryce was looking for wages on a par with Lucas Akins, Moore refused.(3)(6)What is your source? Akins isn't on that much so I doubt that. Hope Preston fall into the money lined black hole they're creatingWhy is it every player we are after, preston areI hope North End don't sign him.Lucas Akins probably the lowest earner at trfcTo be honest Preston have let around 15 players go, plus mellor (one of the biggest earners) has retired and so actually there may not be a big difference in how much they pay out in wages. And no transfer fees have been payed yet either. {Ed003's Note - Their will be a huge difference in what is paid in wages}Really am getting fed up with preston going after all our targetsPreston aren't going after these players. people just say we are because we've signed several players already, we're only after strikers now.Can you clarify what you mean Ed? {Ed003's Note - Of course,it is well know that PNE had to move players on because of the wages they were on,the club was losing huge amounts of money,so It makes sense the new signings will be on significantly less}Taking all your signings? You mean we're just intrested in the same players as you are, westley isn't thinking lets take all there targets for a laugh.Average wage at Preston North End now is £1500 a week (£70k a year). Highest paid palyer is Hume who's on £3,000 a week (£120k a year) Mellor was on £9k a week (£350 a year). Massive drop but the club was losing £12m a year.^^^^ 3000k a week is 140k a year. Learn maths {Ed003's Note - 156k from my head ;) }£3000 a week is actually £156,000 a year... seems noone can do maths here...


26 Jun 2012 12:44:02
James Beattie linked with Crawley(10)(13)9 goals in 3 years. Unlikely to be linked with anyone above conference south.


26 Jun 2012 12:35:05
Torquay United take former Southend United captain Craig Easton on trial.

Source: The Football League Official Website(8)(6)They have now signed him


26 Jun 2012 12:33:55
I live in France, a french friend and Sochaux fanatic, is saying that 2 English clubs have had a bids accepted for a Cameroon U20 Sochaux player Yaya Banana who only signed 6 months ago. He plays in defence. He said the the Sochaux fans forum suggest the clubs whose representatives have been there are English championship Charlton and Crystal Palace.(3)(9)Great nameWhat a coincidence that both clubs involved are rivals!!!!!I really hope someone signs this guy. What a fantastic nameHope it bears fruit.In June 2012 Sochaux have accepted 2 bids from English clubs keen to sign the promising young defender.I know right every player we have been linked with ( charlton ) they add palace to make it more interesting because we're rivals, Baldock, yaya, aluko ( even though he arrived in London earlier today to talk to cafc and SCP ) etc etc ........He aint ganna sell shirts though is he, lol.Apparently one of the clubs has slipped up in the race to sign him. ; ) {Ed001's Note - 003 is that you? That joke is bad enough to be one of yours anyway!}


26 Jun 2012 12:33:43
Dean Leacock has signed a two year deal with Notts Conty.(7)(3)Deal compleated at lunchtime


26 Jun 2012 12:32:24
Bristol City main transfer targets are as follows:
Keeper - Boaz Myhill
Centre Half - Richard Keogh - McInnes wants a right footed centre-half to compliment Liam Fontaine so prefers Keogh to Mcmanus who is left sided. Also the player wants to move back to the Brizzle area
Striker - Ross McCormack - though if Leeds want £2m for him this is unlikely to go ahead for a player out of contract next summer
Left Back - Paul Dixon has gone quiet - is agaent asking for too much money?(3)(8)Dixon gone to terriers signed last nightAgent asked for too much money - most championship clubs sensibly switched their attention to other targets rather than a player who has only played in Scotland


26 Jun 2012 08:18:44
I have it on good authority that Shrewsbury Town are about to sign a Championship player, not 100% sure who this player is though but rumours do circulate in this small town and people are saying Ben Davies of Derby is on his way to SHrewsbury. not saying this is right but just what I have heard. Ed any ideas? {Ed001's Note - sorry, no idea.}(1)(5)Derby fan it is ben davies we are trying to get your jon taylor by using him but i think in the end you will just give us cashI heard whispers of a rumour involving swapping ben davies and jon taylor, not 100% thoughIde take that swap if it was trueWhy are we obsessed with ben davies can't tackle? lets go for a younger player who wants to play.Derby fan.Ben davies is a good tackler.
I wouldnt mind swapping aswell even though ben davies is probs the best set peice taker in our league and came 2nd in the assist charts.He no longer fits as we are all about players un25 and your taylor fits that.I know the lad has pace but what else is he good at.Wouldn't want us swapping Jon Taylor for Davies. Don't think that will happen either, to be honest.Yeah but ben davies will have championship experienceThis is true. Back at shrews now completing the paperwork and deal could be done very soon


26 Jun 2012 12:31:57
Leicester to sign Ricardo fuller on a free!(15)(20)


26 Jun 2012 12:31:56
Morecambe look as if they may have to offer Gregor Robertson, who they want on trial, a firm contract if they want him to sign. League 2 rivals Accrington are also in the chase and are believed to be preparing an offer.(5)(2)


26 Jun 2012 12:31:24
hi there i live in aberdeen but dont support them but was speaking to a very good source last night and tells me that aberdeen will be in administration by friday this week



26 Jun 2012 12:28:48
Doncaster youngster Liam Wakefield has been attracting interest from the Premier League including Arsenal(5)(4)Signed a pro contract at rovers so won't be going anywhere it's been confirmed on the website


26 Jun 2012 12:25:45
Hargreaves and McCormack - signings to be announced imminently by HTFC(7)(22)No there notDoubt if Hereford could afford their wages.It's actually HTFC not HUFC


26 Jun 2012 12:11:15
Former Stoke striker Louis Moult will complete a move to Oldham by the end of the week. Been told on a 12 month deal.(4)(2)You are joking!
We've just signed one young striker, Dan Taylor, have got Matt Smith as another so we're not signing somebody who can't score even in non-league .You can keep him


26 Jun 2012 12:06:57
Brentford will annonce the signings of Jake Bidwell and Lloyd Sam on Thursday afternoon.(7)(5)Unlikely. HIGHLY unlikely.And your source is...?Lloyd sam is notts county bound, brentfords got no chanceWhy highly unlikely?! One is out of contract and the other had a great debut season! A season long loan for Bidwell isn't out of the question as the player wants games and Everton are delighted with the way we looked after him last season!Lloyd sam would be on ridiculous wages! we cant afford that! notts county can! Bidwell is more than capable to be playing for a championship team next season.


26 Jun 2012 11:40:34
Norwich have been linked with a move for birmingham winger c burke and newcastle forward l best, itd on pinkun website.
Ncfc matt(18)(10)Burke going back to this spaceWe have bennett surman hoolahan pilkinghton so he is not needed. I wod drather he spent the money on a rb, cb, cf,Hes not going to cardiff aand more is better


26 Jun 2012 11:27:34
Derby County to follow the signing of Michael Jacobs with the signing of Paul Dixon on a free transfer from Dundee United.(12)(10)Dixon is going leicester Cardiff or Huddersfield not dreaming derby.Derby have not been linked with Paul /dixon anywhere... Whereas Huddersfield, Cardiff and Leicester have (all bigger clubs)What are you on about we were the first club to be linked with him.Their local paper and SSn back last month.Hes already been offered a pre contract which he just needs to sign.Huddlesfield a bigger club have a day you wont sign clayton or mcormack so stop dreaming we told you we were signing jacobs it happened we said caton and it happened we said pearce its happening and now dixon.The same players are mentioned everytime whereas your fans just spread the most Bs.Leeds is the biggest club in your area you are about 5th without rhodes your nothing and soon as he goes and your chairman does a runner with the money you will get embarassed just like doncaster.Derby we're one of the first teams interested. We scouted him for agesJust wondering what you are basing 'bigger' club on? I not a derby fan that thinks we are the best in the league etc but derby have a better stadium than all of those and more fans each game. also derby have won the premier league in their history. Cardiff have never been in the prem. Huddersfield were in league 1 last season and we finished 2 points away from Leicester. Bristol City are the most likely to sign pual Dixon {Ed003's Note - I'm fed up of we are bigger than you filling the rumour site,please start a new thread on banter if you wish to discuss,and can people please start leaving a name/tag at the end of their posts,thanks very much. }


26 Jun 2012 11:18:27
Lloyd James has rejected a new deal
at Colchester and is set to sign for
Crawley where he a on loan last year(4)(10)James going to cheltenham town for free


26 Jun 2012 11:09:38
Only 5 players will brought to Pride
Park this summer unless the rangers
players in question choose not to sign
to the New co.

Michael Jacobs(Signed)
James Caton
Paul Dixon
Johnny Russell
Krystian Pearce

Jamie Ness
Ross Perry
Ross wallace(6)(14)Ross Wallace? He doesn't play for RangersI think you'll find ross wallace is actually lee wallaceRoss Wallace Rangers? Sure you dont mean Lee Wallace who already said he would stay with Rangers!All correct apart from Ross wallaceSorry its lee wallace.To the 3rd comment i stated that it only applies if they choose not to switch.Take lee wallace out as we are getting jake jervis and thats it all 8 and thats itGreat - European Cup semi-finalists when i started supporting The Rams, now we're reduced to 5 more uninspiring potential signings i've never heard of.
Would also be nice if one of our scouts actually held a passport.


26 Jun 2012 11:03:06
El Ahmadi Signed for English Premier League club Aston Villa for a fee of 2.8m Euros pending on physical, joining the club as newly appointed manager Paul Lamberts first transfer signing. El Ahmadi was entering the final year of his 5 year deal with Feyenoord and manager Koeman admitted the offer was 'too good to refuse' for the club.
Barthy09(16)(4)No deal done yet! Pfft
Villa & El Ahmadi are only in talks.


26 Jun 2012 10:50:38
Kilmarnock complte signing of Jeroen Tesselaar on atwo year deal after passing a medical.(6)(1)The same day yer fud of a manager says yo will loose 1 mill a year because ibox fc are deid,THERE MAY BE MONEY TROUBLE AHEAD DOWN KILLIE WAY................timmy tim................


26 Jun 2012 10:47:38
Zaha is going to West Ham and then Palace are signing George Boyd from Peterborough for £800k(15)(23)Haha... yeh sure he is! West Ham are well into spending their premier league budget.... Not enough left to sign Zaha


26 Jun 2012 10:43:21
There's a battle going on for the signiture of Lawrie Wilson of Stevenage. Both Charlton and Peterborough want the player, Peterborough being the prefered destination of Stevenage because of the transfer fee offered but the player would prefer to go to Charlton.

First team oppertunities maybe the key at Charlton he would be behind player of the year Solly.(3)(6)So true for millwall fans what a load of rubbish battled for right to get back home ground share with neighbours think notAnd at Posh he would be behind most improved player of the year alcockIve heard Sheffield United are watching developments closelyPosh have a depleted squad, so CM, RM and RB are all positions with limited competition for places, with Alcock being at left back or right back (preferred) or second cover option, no defensive midfielder, and no right wide midfield player. Frecklington can do right-side of a diamond, but is not capable of holding a first team place at this level.

Posh have a few youngsters but transfer budget, and first team opportunities, along with a strong reputation for making players careers over the last few years, along with an attractive game are their advantages.

Wages, location, club reputation and club-player affinity are likely to be Charlton's advantages in this race.

It's possible this story was put out by the club to press Charlton into revising the offer upwards to complete the sale, although Stevenage are one of the clubs with which Peterborough have solid relations, and transfer history.Posh have no right side midfielder?? Danny Kearns!! The only reason Kearns hasnt made an impact yet is because he came from a league that meant he has played almost a year and a half without a break, once he has had a decent break he is earmarked for the Right Mid role"So true for millwall fans what a load of rubbish battled for right to get back home ground share with neighbours think not"

I think you have the wrong rumour!Signed for the Posh today.PBORO ET.Completely forgot about Kearns (oops, still up and coming though, and without competition, although Tomlin might be able to play there as cover - although not in a diamond formation)Wilson is from London and was in the Charlton Academy so may want to prove a point. CP has a knack for signing London Born/Bred players or players who know the club/area. Very Intresting because Leeds and Palace are keen also.


26 Jun 2012 06:24:44
Ed, saints along with Reading and Stoke seem to be buying everyone, but any saints rumours that actually seem like happening ? {Ed001's Note - very little leaks out of Southampton, any rumours always originate from the other end of deals. Which makes it very difficult to find anything out, unless the selling club, ie Burnley with Rodriguez, try and initiate an auction. So no, nothing concrete at the moment.}(9)(1)Very little leaks out at Stoke either, we hate doing deals in public..Alot of the Reading rumours are fabricated. McDermott will never let slip our targets so do not take the rumours too seriously.

LoyalRoyal94Same as reading, probably explains why all fans come up with a variety of wild transfer rumoursYeah yeah we know saints do there deals behind closed doors blah blah blah lol^ I don't understand why that response to Ed001's note is funny?He obviously has a very bland and individual sense of humour.



26 Jun 2012 10:34:49
Barnet FC rumours anyone??(0)(11)


26 Jun 2012 10:34:17
Sheffield Wenesday and Watford battle for Tom Heaton Daily Star 09:59

Does this men that Sott Loach is off to Ipswich(5)(8)Yes,he is signing next week when town start trainingScott Loach will go to either Nott'm Forest or Ipswich Town.

Alot depends on Forest's financial situation of course. Scott has property in Nottm and is a regular visitor of the city!

From the horse's mouth!Ipswich have made an offer for Paddy Kenny instead. Heard Scott Loach still has hopes of a premier league move. And may move to Reading or Saints as a back up/ battle for starting line up.Sheffield Wenesday have got Kirkland, Bywater, Weaver and Jameson. Doubt they need another goalkeeper!WFC can neither buy nor sell players during the takeover.You can have him, he's too shambolic. Loach has said before he'd sign for ipswich as he's a young tractor boy. From around there and siad he couldn't turn them down


26 Jun 2012 10:24:08
Burton to announce new signing tomorrow morning(3)(4)Any news on who it is?Any idea whoHow do u know thisIt is former dag and red left back Damon mccory. 22 year old and been first team regular last 2 seasons.


26 Jun 2012 10:19:31
Colchester midfielder Lloyd James has reportedly rejected the club's offer of a new contract. James, 24, has been at the U's since 2010.(4)(1)


26 Jun 2012 10:13:01
Pozzo Family rumored to finish the takeover of Watford FC By Thursday, but causes and the Deeney case may prolong until Friday for the completion.(8)(3)


26 Jun 2012 10:09:21
strong rumours that Shane Long is joining Norwich.(8)(26)Why would we want him,we have better in chris martin!Chris martin half the time on loanSorry, chris martin isn't better than shane long. And I'm a norwich supporterIm norwich fan to im a big c martin fan but he is not as good as long. So i hope this rumour is true
Ncfc mattChris martin is the biggest waste of time and pitch space to ever be on norwich city's books. he is the most selfish untalented player i have ever seen and i have seen aaron wilbraham. and im a city fan lol. shane long wouldn't be a bad signing to be fair though cant see it though.Chris Martin better than Shane Long! Has Delia been spiking the food over there? How on earth could Norwich afford Shane Long and why would he go there?He would go there my friend because it is an upward dynamic club with a top manager, good squad, superb fans and the nicest part of this country to live in. Plus we have a road structure that keeps a lot of idiots away :-)Did you ever see wilby play? selfish player and a waste, psh. he worked his heart out, played, well, and set up plays beautifully. just because he rarely scored doesn't mean he's a waste, if you watched any games you would know that.Haha... genius, love that last post...30 years a norwich fan and long is by far a better player than martin but cant see him coming to norwich


26 Jun 2012 10:09:02
Leeds are to use the money from the sale of clayton and McCormack to sign paddy kenny 500k and bring jermaine beckford £1.5m back to Leeds. Info from a very good source!(16)(20)Where are Clayton and McCormack off to? HTFC?Cannot afford his wages apparently on 15/18k per week this not including bonus
this came from a Leicester fanHope its true...Said that clayton and McCormack had agreed deals and would be finalised this week and that beckford had agreed a deal that would make him highest earner at Leeds.Sorry not agreed, has been offered a deal that would make him highest earner at Leeds!Good decision, if true


26 Jun 2012 10:08:24
Birmingham winger Chris Burke has been linked to the club after he impressed during his first season under Hughton's management. The winger scored 14 goals and made 19 assists and won Player of the Year for Birmingham.(8)(9)Who has he been linked too?


26 Jun 2012 10:04:34
I have recently become friendly with someone on the inside at Molineux, and can confirm Matt Jarvis will indeed be departing Wolves shortly. Glasgow Rangers' Sone Aluko is the player with which contact has been made to clarify his availability, regarding the complex situation the Ibrox men find themselves in. Hes seen as an ideal and cut price replacement for Jarvis by new boss Solbakken.(7)(12)Any idea where jarvis is off too? heard it maybe southampton but could be put off by rediciously high priceNo zeil ismail has been told he is going to replace jarvisDespite Jez Moxey said no contact what so ever was made regarding Jarvis and Fletcher ?Ha ha!
Funniest thing I've read in ages!
"I've recently became friendly with someone on the inside"
And they just told you everything!!Ismail is rumoured to have been given the first team spot when/if jarvis leavesYou mean your mates nans friends grandsons mate told you this n jarvis is not going anywhere ... yet if at all n we dont need another winger n as for rangers id go for jamie nessJez Moxey also said that Mike Sheron would never leave Stoke 48 hours before they sold himI think all Wolves fans including me should just admit now jarvis is leaving and probably to stoke. His a premier league and standard player and deserves to play there. I for one wont begrudge him leaving as long as we get the transfer fee we should for him which i believe is 8 million up front with some sort of performance related add onsYes because unbelievably people do actually talk, and it's not exactly a secret that Jarvis is wanted. I will say that Zeli was mentioned too, the insider stated that he is absolutely awesome but theres worry on his physique and knocks he picks up frequently. Looking to be intergrated at some stage in the season is the plan. Back to Aluko though, obviously nothing definate but a player that Stale knows and rates, and with it likely to be a free, a good opportunity for both parties. Knows the area from his time at Birmingham, though he has other options on the table too. Cheers for reading guys.


26 Jun 2012 09:53:32
Ex Cardiff Goalkeeper Tom Heaton is currently trial with Watford.(16)(7)How does a player have a trial when all the others are on holiday or are there two teams of trialists? Not having a go , just asking.How can he be on trial at Watford when pre-season training doesn't recommence for abohter 10 days or so??Would like to have him based on his cup displays for themWatford are taking a play who played for cardiff is that not against what the watford owner said no negotiating with cardiff or ex playersWatford players are in for a few days this week for pre-pre-season assessment. If he is, then that's how.


26 Jun 2012 09:46:10
Blackpool hoping to tie up deals for Portsmouth Striker MARCO FUTACS and Leicester winger LLOYD DYER this week .(8)(16)Fuctacs set to stay at portsmouth as reported by SkyUtter rubbish. Blackpool only interested in 3 players and they are all based overseas.According to Ollie and Oyston on Sky Sports they want to gt 3 players in, all foreigners.Fuctacs is hardly British. I definitely would class him as a foreigner!Oyston never said he was just getting 3 players he's got a list he just said 3 are euroAs a Pompey fan I have to say that Futacs is not currently good enough to get in the Blackpool team and given that Futacs says his number one requirement for the season ahead is to play plenty of games, would seem this rumour has little likelyhood of becoming reality.


26 Jun 2012 09:38:01
Barnley and Rotherham Utd are believed to have shown an interest in Chris o Grady. Rotherham are also interested in Ryan Lowe.

O Grady will be moved on by Wednesday when Nile Ranger signs.(6)(10)Rotherham would never have Chris O` Greedy backRyan Lowe in Dave Jones' plans.


26 Jun 2012 09:22:43
Bristol Rovers have invited Bas Savage to train with them during pre season to see if he is worth a contract. Also Rovers have expressed and interest in Enoch Showunmi after giving up on their pursuit of James Constable.(9)(21)Enoch Showunmi signed for notts check your source

#intheknowGood luck with getting him, he's just signed for notts countyEnoch signed for Notts County weeks agoEnoch showunmi has been signed by notts county anyway why would bas move to league2 when hes more than capable of playing in league 1Showunmi signed for Notts County a few weeks agoEnoch went to Nott's County after his release from Tranmere. Bas should do a good job for you thou.McGhee has already said he hasn't given up on Constable.Enoch Showumni signed a 2 year contract for Notts County last week !!I dont know if a swarm of people have already said it but he has signed for notts county? ;) {Ed003's Note - last one}


26 Jun 2012 09:13:42
Southampton are interested in signing Besiktas defender Tomas Sivok
Source: Sky Sports(22)(12)


26 Jun 2012 09:06:14
Rumours are circulating that Charlton and Millwall will be sharing a new 45K seater stadium in the next three years. Each club will own a third the remainder owned by Greenwich Council.(16)(21)Millwall's stadium is not even 20 years old and Charlton's had a massive overhaul 20 years ago. Plus neither side can fill a 20k stadium, forget about 45k.Yeah sounds great when max crowds 10-15 thousand 45thousand stadiumIt's more likely the teams will merge completely is what I've heard. Foreign money talking here!Its possible?!coylThats unbelievable. Millwall dont even reach half of there capacity and charlton usually get 6k less than there full capacity !Yes thats why all that redeveloping is happening at the valley like in the superstoreNo chance dont want to leave the valleyWhere u get this from? hate the idea!This is not trueWhat a load of rubbish! That will never happen! More chance messi joins millwall then them playing with charlton in a shared ground! A new revamp of the area around the den also makes your rumour absolute rubbish!Millwall arnt in Greenwich borough so why would they go a third in on a stadium? Try Southwark.Wouldn't happen as neither club could fill it and the stadium hasn't even been built yet.No way! This isn't true .Are you off your head. turn to page 3 of today's south london press.Never happen, Millwall and Charlton are rivals and would never share a stadium. I'm quite content with The Valley thanks very muchReally? Are you mad?
this will never happenHa ha, what a load of rubbish. For starters both clubs operate in different councils. Millwall have already submitted regeneration plans. As for a local council owning a third of the new stadium, you may have noticed theres a recession happening and ALL local councils are skint.
Another post by a 14yr old ??Absolute rubbishNot too sure about this rumour, wouldnt go down with either set of supporters and seeing as we( millwall) have relatively new stadium that holds around 6 thousand a week, so 45 thousand is slightly more than we needWith that many seats they'd be able to play at the same time and still have thousands of seats empty.

By the way, why would a team from Lewisham want to play in Greenwich?BULLst, when charlton next get to the prem, they hope expand their stadium to 40,600 all seatedTotally stupid idea, merging? Don't make me laugh - being our chairman has been there for 6 years now and he's turned down over bids including a one from abu dhabi why on earth would we do that,I'm not saying charlton would fill 45 k because we wouldn't but we averaged 18k in league 1 and we expect a minimum of 22/23k with 25/26/27k against rivals and big teams so charlton would give a decent go to filing it but millwall only get like 12k a week with maybe 16 odd k against rivals"Yeah sounds great when max crowds 10-15 thousand 45thousand stadium"

The costs of running this 45k stadium would be less than current costs because each club only pays a third. They have shared training facilities in the past why not a stadium?

Charlton were getting near 30,000 crowds not long since and had waiting lists, you move to a stadium that you can grow into. Millwall have had trouble growing in the past decade because of the cost associated with the stadium they are at, reducing those costs makes perfect sense.

The peninsular has better transport links it will cost the clubs less and they will have a bigger stadium to compete with north hard did cafc work to gt the valley back. no way will we leave.As my grandad used to say.........CobblersMillwall's ground is designed to be extended to 50,000 and also has the planning permission.


26 Jun 2012 08:58:37
No more signings for Bradford City now until the 2nd of July all players we have done deals with are on holiday and also andy Gray signing will be announced once he gets back off his golfing holiday(10)(8)How many holidays does Andy Gray have !I heard different stories coming from VP.My cousin is a trainee with Arsenal & Phil Parkinson is looking at 2 youth players on a season long loan.Absolute bull. We have no idea what Parky has up his sleeve. Could be signings announced anytime.


26 Jun 2012 08:27:11
Southampton looking at signing Tomas Sivok on a free transfer. The Besiktas defender is currently in talks with Sevilla regarding a move but fresh interest from Southampton looks to have stalled a potential deal.(25)(10)Could happen


26 Jun 2012 07:19:04
Liam Lawrence and Filip Kiss (2 players loaned to Cardiff last season) are to sign a permanent deal with City.
Lawrence for £175k
Kiss for £200k

Don't rule out a return for Craig Bellamy.
I will post again when I find more next week.(26)(15)Kiss will be 500k not 200kI thought we had already signed up Kiss. Would like Lawrence back as a squad player. As for Bellamy, who knows? Not you, I suspect.Kiss signed in januaryMy main concern is Lawrence's wages. Reportedly 40K per week !Flilip Kiss joined permantly half way through last season!Kiss signed end of january so im thinking your 100% right thereTommy smith is signing for city while whitts is off to villa as they have a sell on clause which makes him very cheap when they re sign himKiss has already signed on a 4 year contractFilip Kiss signed for Cardiff near the end of last season.About whitts what do you mean how would you know thisYes technically we have already signed Kiss, however we still haven't payed the full fee as we were paying monthly, now we are just going to pay the rest now.I would like to see Tommy Smith in our squad, i thought Kiss already signed, Bellamy would be a brilliant signing, i don't think Whitts would move now as he's confortable living in Barry/Penarth his Girlfriend is a Barry girl she doesnt want to leave the area


26 Jun 2012 07:14:06
Derby County have signed Michael Jacobs on a 3 year deal for £400k(21)(4)He's a load of cobblers. Can play down either flank but switches off and is very lazy at times. If you can change his attitude you will be alright, but I doubt it. That's why we didn't offer a new contract. NTFIt is confirmed on Sky SportsU did offer him a new contract and he rejected itIf he's a load of cobblers, presumably thats why he played for Northampton?


26 Jun 2012 06:50:54
MK Dons are lining up a bid for Oxford United right winger Alfie Potter, the bid will be in the region, of 150k.(10)(11)Havent got the money for that move and why would we go after him in the first place.He's not worth 150k. Expect a bid of around 80KDoesn't sound realistic, more like 50k maxYou will need at least £750.000 and why would he want to go to franchise utdWe dont have 150k and we dont have 80k so expect free transfers to come in and loans if they are good enough like Adam Smith last seasonThe lad hasn't played for 6 months after breaking an ankle. Why would anyone be paying good money without waiting to see how he can come back from that?Good to see some honest rumoursHighly unlikely. We would rip your arm off for half that for Alfie!
No way good enough for LG 1Winkleman said we have money to spend.... Were buying about 5 players and rest frees an he said only loans if they are star playersIt's add on's total comes to 150k, Robinson seems to think Alfie has a bright future and be a potential star, i believe there could be a 10% sell on clause aswell. Why does this seem impossible, you signed Peter Leven who had just came back from injury.27th June 2012 - MK Citizen: "The chairman is giving his manager one of the biggest transfer budgets in the club’s history to try and secure automatic promotion out of League 1... He also said that some ‘exciting’ transfers were set to be announced within the next two weeks"Pity franchise utd dont have the support to sustain your players wages because wage cap of 65% to come in soon and that 65% is from income only


26 Jun 2012 04:30:40
Middlesbrough have made a move to bring Michael chopra back to the north east completing his set of the big three clubs------------- Boro brunners dealing in facts not rumours(16)(12)Chops was a good and loyal player at Cardiff on both spells here. Has had some well documented tough times but perhaps a fresh start at somwhere like 'boro might be mutually beneficial I hope so.The big three clubs in the North East are Sunderland, Newcastle and Hartlepool!This is probably true as Ipswich Town have no ambitions.Didn't realise Jeff Stelling read thes posts

RedbirdUnbelievable, Jeff !U mean newcastle 1st sunderland 2nd hartlepool 3rdHartlepool nowhere near the top 3. 5th maybe. But not 3rd :DHa ha Hartlepool, good oneHa ha ha who was the last north east team to win a trophy......... BORO


26 Jun 2012 04:17:15
Middlesbrough to take former Espanyol forward Thievy Bifouma on trial when his contract expires at the end of June.

The promising striker wants to leave the Catalan club to get more opportunities, he sees England as his main destination and the Middlesbrough boss is keen to take a closer look at the 20 year old.(12)(5)Class young striker we wont get him would be nice if we did


26 Jun 2012 03:04:11
A strong and very reliable source has informed me that Jon Ashton (Stevenage) is expected to complete a £85,000 deal to Bristol Rovers within 5 days. The Gas are also confident of sealing the signature of Izale Mcleod, formally of Barnet, within 48 hours. Mark McGhee is also expecting the youthful duo Cian Bolger and Tom Parkes to sign in time for pre-season, the signing of Matthew Lund is not expected to go through as the player believes he is good enough for Championship football. Rovers are also in talks with Nathan Ellington, the former rovers player is hesitating over wages but he has always said he will play for rovers again as they started off his football league career. The depature of Mustapha Carayol, however, is immenent, with Rovers agreeing a £325,000 fee for the flying winger with Championship club Middlesbrough.(12)(12)Really hope boro pull this one off,like the look of this lad,strong fast and very direct.LOL 85k for Ashton? Wouldnt take any less than 300k.And to a team in the league below. I doubt this very much ;)£85k?!? Your "strong and very reliable source" is winding you up.Can not see Stevenage selling one of their best center backs for under 100k MIN!! I also cant see him going down the leagues when he is getting regular first team footy >.How reliable is this information? A lot of rubbish posted on here about Rovers these days, there used to be an in the know Gashead on here who got most things right.Ashton's worth way more than 85kPersonally reckon Boro could do a lot worse than nip in for Mcleod for a free. Has a lot to prove at this level and is coming off the back of a good season.


26 Jun 2012 01:42:48
Norwich City have tabled a bid for Ghanian Dnipro right back Samuel Inkoom which is believed to have been accepted by the Ukranian club.(13)(10)Where did you here this?
Hes a good player and i know hes unhappy in the UkraineThis looks very promising


26 Jun 2012 08:14:09
Blackburn and Middlesborough are ready to offer Harry Kewell, 33, a route back into English football.(16)(17)


26 Jun 2012 07:56:20
lee clark has gone to birmingham meaning gillingham should name their manager pretty soon.....tilson? adams? taylor?(12)(6)Keith Millen?


26 Jun 2012 01:19:14
Carlisle looking to hand a trial to former Aberdeen striker Darren Mackie(8)(4)


26 Jun 2012 07:06:46
Everyone says it was Brendan Rodgers who gave gylfi his chance at reading, ask any reading fan and they'll tell you otherwise, Rodgers never knew where to play him, there were so many times that he was forced out on to the left wing, when McDermott came in, straight away gylfi was playing behind the striker and that's when he showed real form, when he went on loan to Swansea, Rodgers essentially just played gylfi where he should be playing but only after McDermott had shown that

Jm(22)(17)Lol at anyone who clicks unbelievable, you probably wouldn't have heard of Iceland (not the shop) let alone gylfi back thenIs it me or are Reading fans slightly obsessed with Sigurdsson? :P I know he started out there, but with Liverpool in for him and now Tottenham he would have a much better chance of European Football and winning trophies with those 2 teams. I do wish he would choose though so I can stop reading about it everyday!

Lifelongsaint83Not very convincing!
It's quite opbvious, even to supporters who know very little about football, that Swansea and Reading style is miles apart.
Liverpool will follow Rodgers ideas next season, Reading certainly will not. So, for the player it is a simple choice about which style he is more comfortable with andI would suggest having spent his time with Swansea last season that choice should be pretty simple.So trueAbove post is totally correct having watched Gylfi play under both managers it was McDermott who played him in his preferred position, Rodgers didn't have much luck back then.So true!! Brendan has been trying to take all the credit for Gylfi's rise when it was McDermott, also he wouldn't play Matt mills, McDermott made him also, albeit he became a traitorous nob and now plays it Bolton hahaIf McDermott was a better coach than Brendan he would be Liverpool manager right now wouldn't he?Well said, still think he will go to liverpool thoughLiverpool chose Rodgers because no one else would take the job. Rodgers inherited the Swansea team from Martinez and Sergio he just played the same as they did. He can't build a team look at what happened at Reading. He'll be out of the Liverrpool job by Christmas.Rodgers has a completely different style of play than McDermott, which didn't work for reading, and it was Rodgers who gave gylfi a chance at reading but he had his best form under McDermottMcDermott is a far smarter coach than Brendan and it'll be interesting to see how long it takes before the cracks begin to show. i remember the frustration both he (BR) and the club (RFC) went leading to both parties parting company. LFC is massive step for BR although I genuinely wish him well as he's a real gent but doing the dirty over Watford and the same to Swansea, I'm happier with Brian McDermott at RFC 100% the truth and you can all compare the 2 managers next season for yourselves.Completely right ,although Brendan gave him his debut.But McDermott was the one who saw the talent.Now this gylfi siggurdsson is a very special talent which only McDermott manage to see he has this way about him were nothing fazes him like McDermott had quoted saying. Trust me THIS KID IS A VERY SPECIAL TALENTCan anyone tell me who this 'Sergio' is that handed the team to Rodgers? I must have fallen asleep between Sousa and Rodgers!'If McDermott was a better coach than Brendan he would be Liverpool manager right now wouldn't he?;

If we were talking another club yes but not in Liverpool's case.It was not down to who is the better coach. Rodgers is younger with a philosophy that Liverpool want to adopt for the long term. Its impossible to determine who is truly the better coach. McDermott did well at us where Rodgers could not, but Rodgers did wonders at Swansea. It is naive to say that one coach is better and that is why they were signed by a certain club.



26 Jun 2012 01:07:44
Stoke have received a bid for Kenwyne Jones believed to be just under 5 million. It has come from a Prem club but at the moment I don't know who although QPR and West Ham were both interested. Will hopefully know by mid-afternoon. The offer I believe has been accepted as was agreed verbally previously

Another bid for Matty Etherington is being considered and rumour is that it's from Reading. 2.5 million the fee I have been told.

Both these are genuine and were as a result of ongoing negotiations with the clubs concerned. Problem with Stoke is that they keep info so close to their chest and insist that no bids go public. Stoke had a falling out with Nice and Liverpool previously over them making bids public knowledge for Loic Remy and Scot Carson respectively. Stoke then pulled out of the Carson deal .

A winger and a striker are lined up already I believe once these deals are completedJJ(19)(6)2.5m for etherington would seem a fair price, I can imagine him wanting one last move to top up his pension plan and although he has been a good signing for us his best days are sadly now behind him. As for KJ if he could become more aggressive and give 100%, 100% of the time he would be playing for a top 6 side but he constantly let's himself down. Jarvis and fletcher would be very welcome replacements please mr Coates.Matthew Etherington is worth alot more than £2.5 million. Double that and maybe something could be doneWhy would carson come back to lfc?Yeah Stoke pulled out of the Carson deal because he said he wanted to go to the Albion!According to Johnny Fordham, Gylfi will snub both Liverpool and Reading for Spurs.

LoyalRoyal94U cant blame jones for under achieving at a club that has the lowest goal chances in all the divisions .the lowest shots on goal and the lowest chances on goal ..thats not down to a forward thats down to the players behind him making chances for him to take ..with walters a defencive forward starting everyweek what do u exspect ..jones weakness is he cant run with the ball or dribble around a defender to make a chance his only chance is if the balls played onto him to attack in the box .blame pulisKenwyne to QPR, the number of signings they're making? I suspect Joey's on the ban for 12 weeks THEN on the reserve list. With so many signings he doesnt stand a chance, then he spits the dummy and demands to leave with a tirade on twitter about Mark Hughes, which he will cos he cant help himself then he's gone from the premiership, no one will want "the liability". Not even the FA can help such sociopathic personailities, god they've tried.Heven't heard anything about Fletcher of late but we know Stoke are font runners to sign Jarvis.I agree with the text about 2.5m been a good price for Ethringhton, he had an average season just gone and he isnt getting any younger, Jarvis would be a good signing and also Matt Phillips would be a great addition, he had a cracking season for the seasiders and wouldnt have a problem preforming in the premiershipEtherington looked dis-interested and was very poor last season. We will do very well to get £2.5 Million for him.Loric Remy to stoke what load of old tosh. Stoke always seem a well run club so buying a guy that would cost close to £20million with massive wages won't happen.Erm hello? etherington is going to want to stay at Stoke, the club that bailed him out of his debts and plays all the time for, why would he/should he move?Learn your facts rather than guess. Carson didn't reject Stoke for West Brom at all. Stoke had already withdrawn their bid. Looking back it was a smart move and Albion got lumbered with him. West Brom hadn't even spoken to the player at the time.

I think 2.5 is about fair for Etherington. Has looked a pale shadow of the player that joined Stoke and they've made it clear that they want a new left winger.

I think you mis-understood above. No-one claimed Carson was going back to Liverpool. Why on earth would they want him let's be honest?I have more info at Spurs than any club and yes Gylfi S looks like he'll move there but will be a few big names going the other way. There are 3 big named players on the way out of Spurs at this moment in time.How can u not blame jones i watched every home game last season and he is just lazy and doesnt runGET your facts right loic Remy deal was going through until his club made the deal public and then pulis called it offReason Etherington was so poor last season, was that he played in front of Wilson who never crosses the half way line. Still a great player on his day, can't see him leaving.The guy talking about the Remy rumour is not talking about now this was 1/2 seasons back when Remy was still at Nice. He came to the Britannia Stadium, they even interviewed him live on the car park on sky sports news and lots of stokies turned up. So don't start saying people are talking "a load of old tosh" until you actually read it properly.Not a case of Etherington wanting to stay. Stoke are looking for better. Etherington was ordinary last season'Loric Remy to stoke what load of old tosh. Stoke always seem a well run club so buying a guy that would cost close to £20million with massive wages won't happen.'

Read the post again properly.Stoke did not pull out of the carson deal who chose wba over themNo one claimed Remy was going to Stoke. They had an offer accepted before he went to Marseille and he had talks with them. I wish people would read the thread before jumping down other's throats with claims they never made.Common knowledge at Stoke about Carson was that he was at Stoke in talks and his agent was at WBA at the same time and they were getting the clubs to outbid each other while they were on the phone to each other with the details of what was on offer. Nothing more than a greedy btard!!I know it doesn't necessarily mean anything BUT Etherington is featured on all of Stokes kit publicity. If the club had any thoughts of selling him surely they wouldn't have chosen him as a 'poster boy', it's not as if he's pretty on the eye either.West Brom fan.......I know you're trying to score silly points but don't make up what actually happened. Boasting about signing Carson is not a wise move anyway. Stoke gave Carson an ultimatum then pulled the plug. He obliged by gifting Fuller a goal that season as well :-)

To the person above- Stoke didn't pull the plug on the Remy deal. They called his agent and Nice 'un-professional' for the way they acted but they did make him an offer but he chose Marseille which is understandable.Etherington did have a poor season compared to his usual standards but I wouldn't write him off one just one season. Besides, according to Opta Stats Etherington should have gone to the Euros!
That either says a lot about the England's lack of left footed wingers or a confirmation that there are lies, damn lies and statistics.Etherington will be staying. He's worth well more than £2.5 - that wouldn't even buy his weaker right foot. Stoke suffered last season (amognst other things) from a lack of depth on the wings, why sell him if they are trying to improve that situation?. Jarvis will come in and Etherington will stay.You don't know that Etherington will stay. Guessing won't make it happenEtherington won't move, Reading have 4/5 wingers already


26 Jun 2012 01:07:05
Peterborough interested in taking Manchester United Pair Larnell Cole and Josh King on Season long loans(19)(12)Josh king will go on loan abroad or prem club.Hes been on loan to 2 champ teams now and needs to step upAnd Daddy will sort it all out.Fergie Jr already gone on record saying he wont do loans!How many times... Posh are not doing loan deals wake up manNo posh loanees this season!From a Peterborough fan... our fans are all saying we wont do loans this season, just what happens when we have our usual injury period and have no decent cover, we will obviously bring in loans.Darren has already said that he would never completely rule out loans later in the season, if circumstances dictate.
But he is not looking to bring any in at this moment in time, because they haven't worked for us in the past.


26 Jun 2012 00:39:14
Colchester to offer forward Mehdi Kerrouche a contract, due to needing a new striker, after being released by Swindon.(6)(7)Hi i hope we get this playerGood player if he is not so lazyTechnically an excellent player and eye for a goal. Downside is his attitude and work ethic is poor and only turns up when he fanices it.Kerouche is a quality striker, liked more by ther fans than the manager, a bit lazy and can be frustrating but knows where the goal is and has pace.He also has a terrible attitude. A big time Charlie who is not as good as he thinks he is. He may have some skills but he will be more trouble than he is worth to many teams.He also smokes aswell which cant have helped with fitness issues and falling out of favour with di canioColchester linked with Clinton Morrison today


26 Jun 2012 00:27:36
Bristol Rovers to sign James Beattie in next 48 hrs and also are tracking Leicester duo Cian Bolger and Tom Parkes along with former Crewe defender David Artell. {Ed015's Note - Beattie would be great for you.}(5)(18)Why would Beattie be any use to anyone he played for a now defunct team in spl and couldn't hit a bus with a beach ball. He last scored about 4 or 5 teams ago , makes Andy Carroll look prolificBeattie re signing for sheffield united pay as you play deal and now lives in sheffield ,,,, straight from his mouthSo would Tom. he enjoyed his time under McGhee at the end of last season as he recovered from his broken ankleIt is actually fairly hard to hit a bus (if moving) with a beach ball (if its windy). He'd bang loads of goals in league 2


26 Jun 2012 00:22:35
Bristol City to bid for Lutons Stewart Fleetwood in the next 48 hours(8)(29)He's certainly not good enough to play in league two never mind the championship BSP is his level iMOJust no! but we are gonna make a bid for Ross McCormack (Source - Evening Post)


26 Jun 2012 00:16:03
lee Clark new Birmingham manager(49)(6)God you worked this out all by yourself? This has to be the worst kept secret in football at present!


26 Jun 2012 00:11:14
Connor Sammon rumoured with a move to Brighton(13)(20)I hope soSeems you're the only one



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