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27 Jul 2012 21:18:09
some celtic info,ki will agree a deal with QPR once the olympics are ove the deal being £5.3 million with add ons.once this is completed celtic are hopeful in bringing in 3 players dann,walters and the norwegian henrikkson

You are correct the deal is done he will be a QPR player after the games.

Why would Walters go to Celtic and why would stoke want to sell? Can not see this one happening and they would need to spend more then 5m to get all 3!

How many midfielders do we need? I know we can improve in areas but we are basically going to have a whole new team out for the first game. Can't wait for the season to start. Good cup runs and top half finish. U r'ssssssssa

28 Jul 2012 19:04:47
Seems to have been confirmed by the same source in korea that called the park deal when everybody thought it was ki signing on july 9th. Think the telling thing is ki hasn't used his twitter to deny the deal this time but then he maybe just to tied up with the olympics

Yes he definately coming to the Rrr'ssss

source...... inside

He is worth more than this to be honest. He is a class act, the only problem is that he not suited to the pace and aggression of the SPL, and I fear it may be the same in the EPL. But still a class act, worth £8million at least.



27 Jul 2012 20:52:02
reading are looking to take shane long back to the majewski but wba have rejected a bid for there no.9.
free agent rosenberg is likely to join after holding talks with the clubs technical director dan ashworth.

There has been no bid from Reading for Long despite reports. West Brom will not be selling Long after a successful season last year and nobody would be able to offer the kind of money to turn Jeremy Peace's head.

Why continue with reading stories when bm says he wont be making anymore signings

Would love Shane to come back to the madejski

Because its July and there's still a month and a half of the transfer window left. Do you really think we are done?

We were looking for a striker after we signed The Pog as we were after Rhodes and then Defoe and didn't get either so we are definitely still looking.

Why continue with reading stories when bm says he wont be making anymore signings

He actually said he's brought in those he felt we defently needed and therefor doesn't feel a need to sign but will continue to look what's around and if something catches his eye

McDermott was also dissapointed after a rather unsuccessful tour of Portugal, so he may look around a bit to find a new striker as we have been incredibly wasteful in all 3 of the games we played over there. But, he has no targets at the moment.


West Brom have publicly stated Shane Long is not for he'll be a Reading player by the end of the window.



27 Jul 2012 20:51:25
Sanchez Watt is the quick forward that
Bristol City would like to bring to Ashton Gate
as he multi positional which DM likes

Loan presumely?

He's useless

That just means he is particularly brilliant at any one position. Hes not a striker imho



27 Jul 2012 20:47:48
newcastle are looking into signing swansea skipper ashley williams

They wont get big ash cheap!

Don't talk so daft; do you think he would want to go to Newcastle?!!

Eer ...... YES !

Lile Neil Taylor did? oh wait

Minimum bid of £10 million, so good luck Newcastle

Like Taylor did last season dream on

Yh course europe not gettin relegated

Oh here we go again deluded geordies with a sense of entitlement thinking that Swansea should roll over and give up our best Centre-Half for a pittance

Errm..... i dont see why not, 13 mill aint bad for loanin him to liverpool for a year :)

Wtf? 10 million? more like 3 million.

Wtf? 10 million? more like 3 million.



27 Jul 2012 20:35:42
Plymouth to sign Giles Coke from Sheff Weds

I know this could be totally wrong but ive heard it a couple times now, emile mpenza is a free agent once again & ive seen & heard he is linked with argyle again, i think its ridiculous & not true but has anyone else heard this?

Where did you get this from ay?

Its true that Giles Coke is likely to be on his way out of Hillsborough but Im not sure hed drop down two divisions. The lad is a talent but can dissapear from games. He was on loan at L1 Bury last season and by all accounts thats his level although hes played in the SPL (although OF excepted its mostly L1 level there).

Hope thi sis not true mpenza is an over rated player who contributed nothing whilst here last time, apart from helping push the club to financial ruin due to the arrogance he carrys. He believes he was worth the money we were paying him what a joke of an overated has been who would not be welcome in the theatre of greens

Speak for yourself. Mpenza wasn't given a chance here. He wasn't on as much as was made out. A lot of it was appearance fees, hence why we never played him. He wasn't injured as he proved when he left us as he scored lots of goals for his new club who ACTUALLY played him.

Mpenzas last gasp wonder goal equaliser against charlton will stay as fresh in my mind until the day I die! Happy days! I for one would welcome it providing hea on a sensable wage for L2 although I don't see it very likely!

Just because he let us and played does not mean he was injured while he was with us. I agree and would not want him back. And yes he was on high wages and I know this because I was mates with the chairman's daughter.



27 Jul 2012 20:25:31
Cardiff have had an offer from Portsmouth for £200k in return for Liam Lawrence. Yes you read correctly Portsmouth offered Lawrence to Cardiff for £200k.

I hope so, thats a steal at that price, its his wages thats the problem so im led to believe, anyway i hope this is true!

You know he's not very good...right?

Lawrence is garbage. Ask any Pompey fan how good he is. Why do you think there offering him for £200k and it's not just their money woes....

He's pants! You ask any Pompey fan how good he is. bench warmer at best! So I'd say £200k for a injury prone 15 game a season with about 1-2 goals a season in his locker (if that) is Pompey getting top dollar!

200 grand too much, we don't need him .........stokebluebird

Going to forest has he lives in the midlands...

Just because a player isn't quick it doesn't mean he's not good, Lawrence is an excellent crosser, set piece taker and a good passer. These equal a good player!

Lawrence is a very good player actually.

Lawrence is a good player when fit, he did well for cardiff on loan and a steal at £200k if you can sort out his wages

As a season ticket holder at fratton I can confirm Lawrence is RUBBISH! Past his sell by date....

Yeh yeh



27 Jul 2012 20:02:50
Derby County to sign Josh king and
Jo Berget.These players will be bought
when Steve davies is sold.

Just youtube,d sum action of them both, and first glance both look class, b nice :)

These two will be bought with the money from varney and Davies.Then all the trialists will be offered contracts which will complete our transfers with Pearce joining at the end of pre season as notts county are short on defenders with some of theres out injured and derby have allowed him to stay to cover them intill they bring in their target.

Everyone looks good on youtube lol



27 Jul 2012 19:30:24
Notts County to sign Simon Gillet on a 3 year deal on Monday

Will be a close shave.

Sorry going to pompey

Who would sign for a club going under??

Pompey won't exist in a few weeks time!



27 Jul 2012 19:10:23
Bristol City to enquire about
Gabriel Tamas as it is unlikely he will
be in the 25 man squad when Wba
announce it

We had a bid for him turned down at the start of last season with millen in charge,keep up lad,you will have us enquiring about kitson soon



27 Jul 2012 18:57:12
Rumours that Blackpool are to launch bid for QPR fringe player DJ Campbell, who has already had 2 spells with seaside club.

Not believeable

How much for?

Very beleivable due to the fact that QPR already have Djibrel Cisse, Bobby Zamora, Junior Hoilett, and Andrew Jonhson. Four strikers that are all better then DJ. Plus he has been out of form at QPR. So a move back would seem to be in order. I'd guess QPR would ask for about 1.25 million pounds for him. Or if their bid failed then he make be able to come back on a loan basis.

He's off to watford

Think it is a possibility - especially on loan. I know hewas injured for a long spell last year but was never a starting line up striker and lucky to be on the bench.

I saw that Stoke city want him on loan.

He's 30 he might go for 500k or something, loan seems most likely. Blackpool is an option but whether they will set their sights higher now I'm not too sure. Bothroyd seems to be avaliable too.

I spoke to DJ after a QPR reserve friendly and he told me he was off. But mentioned only fulham and watford also said how he thought he would have done a job but for the virus last season

He should come back to blackpool atleast on loan to find some form in a propper team

He's going watford, don't know why we'd want him back... Will he bite the badge again then move for bench warming movey



27 Jul 2012 18:21:07
Michael Turner has signed for Norwich, from Sunderland, for a 2-year-deal. Source, official website.

Nice one all 6ft 4 of him a good c.h

Take it you havent seen him play takes him the full 90 mins too turn and slow as a sloth nice guy tho safc fan

At 6ft4 he naturally isn't going to be the quickest. As long as he can read the game well though it shouldn't be a matter.

I don't think height is an issue when we talk about pace. Usain Bolt is 6'5". Turner is slow because he is slow.

Haha, height and pace has no correlation whatsoever. fair point about bolt ^



27 Jul 2012 18:13:28
Aston Villa set to of agreed fees to sign ron vlaar



27 Jul 2012 17:49:13
Notts County to sign Billy Paynter from Leeds and former Doncaster midfielder Simon Gillett on 2 year deals



27 Jul 2012 17:45:15
Rotherham united have signed young striker keiran agard on a 2 year deal after scoring against doncaster in a pre season match rotherham also beat off competiton from leauge 1 teams thought to be sheff u to land the ex everton,arsenal and yeovil man

Sheff Utd wouldn't want him... Yeovil couldn't rely on him... It's a shame I think Yeovil could actualy regret that decision i can see him scoring 15+ goals with you next year he just needs consistent selection

I honestly thought that Agard wasn't that good at Yeovil and thought it obvious that we should release him but it does sound like he's attracting clubs which is strange?.. he scored 6 for us last year...!

There is no way Sheffield United wanted him! I watched him play several times last season for Yeovil and to put it nicely he didnt impress me!

Agard is a league 2 striker not good enough for yeovil but will be good for rotherham

Didn't he leave yeovil because he didn't agree an new contract and blades fans looking forward to seeing you on tuesday UTM!

Don't forget he's only young still yeovil fans and your fans who came on the rotherham united fans forum saying gary johnson didn't like agard so only came on for last 10 mins till end of season

No we released agard because he did nothing for us last year, not because we didnt agree a contract. Skivo took a gamble on him and it defo didnt pay off!

At the end of the day your fans reccomended him to terry skiverton and he snapped him up

Incorrect once again, it wasn't our fans it was everton fans who thought he had a future in league 1/2

The 'recommendation' was just a publicity stunt, what really happened is that Skivo had him lined up anyway and some tweeters guessed right. As for his abililty I think he will come good and would have kept him if he agreed to a year with another year option. Upson had the luxury of a 'settling in' year and he has become an amazing player.

Keiran agard is the reason yeovil fans are fan and not managers

Ed upson had a two year contract and agard had one year

Exactly so it sounds like you did offer him a new contract

Agard wasnt offered a contract gary johnson said he wasnt good enough

One main reason he only had 1 year contract is his wage demands Yeovil were not willing to offer good money for most of the time average performances

To be fair I think Agards a good player. Strong, quick, hard working & he can finish. Hid goal against Chesterfeild was class. He's going to do well this season. You watch (YTFC fan)



27 Jul 2012 17:42:43
Tranmere signed Jason mooney keeper 6,7 in height a monster , worked with him at Oxford city last season , watch this kid ! Previous Wycombe but loaned out to city for a season then released ! Big mistake .

Strong rumour is that the reason why he was released is that he is too slow at getting down to ground shots.

He's only a back up to Fon Williams besides if any club wants to they can get a loan signing so if he's no good he's only there to make up the numbers anyway

He's 6'9 nor 6'7, but agree he's a monster with legs like tree trunks

Saw him last season and badly at fault for st albans winning goal. big but not mobile

Watched him play last season at oxford city he played a massive role in there promotion last season and i can tell you he is a very mobile and great shot stopping keeper easily the best keeper in the league last year and can definately go a long long way in the game and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet as well



27 Jul 2012 17:39:28
Just read from Dutch media sources Villa have signed Ron Vlaar for 4m Euros on a 3 year contract. He says it is a strange notion to leave Feyonoord, but a dream to play in the premier league.



27 Jul 2012 17:32:27
Jordan Rhodes is in talks with Fulham as they have offered a deal in th region of 7.5million plus a fringe player, may sound like rubbish but heard it from someone who works at the club -huddersfield fan

It's possible, and sounds like a good deal but I don't think JR will leave in this transfer window.

I've not heard anything!
and didn't JR just say ystday he was looking forward to new season at huddersfield!
cant see any1 matching towns valuation of him this window!

Jordan is not leaving this window, he knows he is better off proving himself in Champ with Huddersfield and then getting a bigger move in Jan/next summer.

I think you will find the offer 750k plus a fringe player. 7.5 million for a league 1 player with potential is not going to happen. not a town fan but hope you do well next season but i fear the worse for you boys. promoted which you deserved with clarkes players, but now youve got graysons signings coming in fear the worse, league 1 is his level. you had a decent manager before and he overachieved with that side. once grayson gets his claws in properly you will struggle he cant recogonise a decent player if he fell over one

No its one of them internet rumours,rubbish

Any idea which fringe player?

No sane premiership manager is going to part with £8M for a player who has first to prove he can score goals at championship level, so their valuation is ridiculous even if he did manage 40 goals last season in div 1(3rd tier) he is not worth anything like £8M, even £3M would represent high risk expecting him to step up two levels.

If he is still banging in goals up to xmas, then expect a serious bid for him around the £4M mark

Dont shoot the messenger just what ive heard from someone at the club

Does that make Fergie insane then for signing an unproven player from League 2 for £6m. Hudds don't need to sell hence the high valuation. Town fans are happy to keep Rhodes. He WILL prove he can score at this level and then all the Premiership clubs will come calling!

Why would a "serious" bid be 4m it's less than has been offered previous.

Also people in the know understand Huddersfield don't have to sell, bit like Carroll was never worth what Liverpool paid but they had to pay it as they wanted the player.

In reply to the negative comments about Grayson,perhaps he only signed average players at Leeds because he had a chairman who didn`t have the club at heart and was only interested in making as much money as possible whilst sitting in his Monaco penthouse.Now he has a chairman who loves the club,who is willing to pay the going rate for the right players.As for his signings,personally,i think there are some very good ones so far,Oliver Norwood was even offered a new contract at Man Utd-but i suppose Fergie can`t see a decent player either!

Powell 6m then rhodes defo 8m! if you dont want him then whats the matter, dont think fulham would suit him anyways, and to the grayson hater above, ARE YOU LEE CLARK? come on own up! clark was a joke should have gone after he got us destroyed by a very average p'boro team 14 months back!
some of clarks players were average at best(miller,robinson,gudjohnson,naysmith,garner,and he's insistance with afobe over rhodes was just embaressing for every1 involved... he had an open cheque book (for wages aswell) and fell short everytime same tired tactics and thats why we drew so much.... Grayson just brought in lynch (prem bound) ,southern (already done Prem),Clayton(also going prem),norwood(offered contract by sir alex at united!) plus several established championship players!
ye doesnt know any good players does he?

Very well said terrier85 :O)

Very very well said thank god there is somebody else that doesn't think lee flank g Clarke can walk on water was starting to think it was just me, spent a fortune on some very average players and like you said should of gone months before he did. John



27 Jul 2012 17:00:47
Heaton signed for Bristol City and DM said might have 2/3 more by start of season.

Great news! del is coming up with the goods now.. lets hope for more equally quality signings!

Heaton will be 2nd choice hence why its a 1 yr contract,if its great news ur easily pleased

Actually no he wont be, McInnes has said that both him and deano will be vying for the number 1 spot, so you should not assume its an automatic number 2 spot for heaton and there is a view for an extension. and the reason its great news is we're starting to build a decent squad and pulling away from the johnson era now... 2 or 3 more signings on their way so its all good

Heaton is far better than Gerkin and will take the No1 position

Shame your be fighting relegation again this year



27 Jul 2012 17:00:36
Lee Martin is leaving Portman Road having failed to agree terms on a new deal, with just one year left on his current one. Ipswich are keen to get a fee for the attacking midfielder, and Colchester, Millwall and Peterborough are preparing to make bids.

Not another midfielder

Replacement for Boyd?

Colchester are not signing anymore players

Colchester have a scout at todays Posh game against Norwich, as do a host of Premier and Championship teams. tweeted by Darragh.

That's rubbish, Jewell is keen to keep Martin and a couple of months ago Martin Pledged his loyalty to the club and expressed his desire to stay at the club

Martin is going nowhere! he has a slight thigh injury so missed trip to luton and if he was to leave he would not go to colchester, peterborough or millwall! no offence to any of their fans.


Wouldnt want him any way

Eh yeah 7-1...your point being? Yawn how boring. Couldn't care less. NEXT!

Im a posh fan and yeah 7-1 was great, but not only is it in the past, it is also irrelevant -.-

One game doesn't make a season, we finished 11 points ahead of you - deal with it!

Lee Martin...not that good... was desperate to get away from Millwall...Posh deserve him, average player with an average team..perfik fit.... your gonna miss Boyd was excellent at the Den last season..dissapeared at your place tho thought he was too good for Posh..mind you he was right.



27 Jul 2012 16:59:59
Any truth that Swindon are to sign Souleymane Coulibaly on loan from Spurs?

Under 18s cant go on loan anymore, thats what i understand anyway

Bostock out in Old Town tonight, signing Monday.

He could only sign in January as he would then be 18

He was in old town last night ( top bar ) as i spoke to him

Thought he was in Portugal with Spurs' reserve team?

29 Jul 2012 21:08:21
Bostock is in Portugal with the Tottenham Reserves!



27 Jul 2012 16:58:40
Been told from my reliable Ipswich Town source that Steve Davies will join ITFC in a 650k from Derby on Monday
Morning. I believe the fee could reach up to 800k depending on clauses etc.

The reason you didnt sign him early is because they are standing firm on their
1m/1.1m figure otherwise they would have accepted blackburns 850k.Doubt he will go intil end of pre season

Hes not being risked here at burton tmoz, apparantly hes been at portman rd today, deal done tmoz or monday for sure, we need to move fast, any replacement needs time to bed in else will get off to a uneasy start.......



27 Jul 2012 16:56:47
Bristol City have signed Tom Heaton. He has penned a one year deal, with an option for another year. this is a done deal!

We already have a great goal keeper, we need defenders

Spot on,how many back up keepers do we need

Some people need to Stop moaning with have a back up keeper who has never played a football league game so of course we needed another keeper

We do need more defenders and a good striker with good pace to play infront of stead



27 Jul 2012 16:44:59
Doncaster hoping to sign Billy Paynter

Yeah i reckon we will get him, swindon notts county and preston in for him aswell aparently

This would be a good move for Billy and a good move for Doncaster. He is an excellent striker at Div 1 level, don't hesitate Billy sign



27 Jul 2012 16:44:56
Gillingham have been in touch with Millwall regarding the availability of Darren Ward, among other players. Kenny Jackett has stated that as long as Ward feels he can play championship football, then he will not sell him.

I say sell him; slow, s*** and cares more about his hair :)

That is unfair! Wardy would still do a good job for someone! COYL

Ward is definatly a championship player would rather him alongside robbo than lowry hes to good for gills

Anyone who's a Millwall fan knows Ward's a top centre half, losing him would be a mistake. I'd have him alongside Robinson every day of the week. Lowry has got a rick in him. Every time i see him he looks like he's either gonna give a penalty away or get red car, no composure.

You lot don't know what your talking about! Get rid of ward he is slow and he got found out last season in a number of games, how you can say Lowry ain't all that is beyond me! Lowry is the type of player millwall need someone with a bit of passion and whose not scared of putting in a challenge.

I agree lowry is a millwall type player gives 100% bit of an hard man ward for me is more classy composed and experienced

I think we should sell ward and sign free agent zak Whitbread

Half you lot don't go to games do you ! Ward was very slow last season caught in possession so many times he's no longer good (read quick) enough. Peckham Beckham aint wot he used to be..... Lowry excellent Millwall player

At least someone above has some sense. Ward caught out last year not sure how he managed to get all those games under his belt, an ok league one player at best



27 Jul 2012 16:44:50
Avram grant spotted at selhurst park?

Old news. it was earlier this week he was there

...on his way to IKEA



27 Jul 2012 16:30:42
Burnley to turn to Liam Feeney of Millwall to solve Burnleys Midfielder problem with a 750,000 bid

I am afraid that FEENEY is very much part of
KJ's plans! SORRY!

So was shackell formerly derby I'm afraid to say.

We don't have that amount to spend anyway.

750k for Feeney. Laugh, I nearly bought my own beer! Try 3m

A Message to ALL Burnley FANS! Liam Feeney WILL BE AT MILLWALL for the next TWO seasons AT LEAST! SORRY!

Im sure this guy played for Bournemouth!! What a surprise Eddie not another 1!!

3m no way seen him play and hes is average not better than McCann

He's better than half as good as Rodriquez. So 3m is a bargain

Whoeever beleives feeney is better than rodriguez they can do one as they play in different positions so shouldnt be compared and mcann is better than feeney.



27 Jul 2012 16:37:14
Nottingham Forest look set to sign Hungarian midfielder Akos Buszaky after Fighting off competition from Blackpool, Bristol City, Cardiff, Reading and West Ham.

Gutted if true buzacky would have been great for cardiff hes experienced and a great playmaker who could have made a huge difference to citys squad

Notts Forest turned their attention to other players?

Word on the street, is he is off to the continent.. non of the above

If Reading or West Ham are keen on him then he'll be off to one of them. Prem footy and wont need to move house

There was never any interest in this player by west ham or reading just more made up b/s



27 Jul 2012 15:27:40
Jon Walters is favourite to leave stoke with Sunderland ad Celtic interested . Sunderland are looking to reinforce there attacking options

I don't think TP will let him go. He made more starts last season than any other of our strikers. No competition in Scotland and Sunderland well looks like they're selling instead of buying at the moment

Sunderland will be buying, but its a case of getting all the injury prone high earners out first. I dont want walters as its just replacing avergae players with average players.



27 Jul 2012 15:26:47
Stoke are looking to bring man city winger Adam Johnson on a season long loan . However his 60,000 a week wages may be a stumbling block

He's left and there is a lot of stoke specuation. Lots sent out on loan to try and up the wage cap



27 Jul 2012 15:24:47
Bristol city are looking to bringing in Robert earnshaw to Ashton gate

We dnt want him his best best days r behind him. he aint no good no more

Past it, better options out there for less money. TauntonRed



27 Jul 2012 15:12:13
Fulham after Yossi



27 Jul 2012 15:11:34
After 1 season at QPR and one bad season
at QPR Luke Young wants to return to Aston Villa if new manager Paul Lambert will accept him back and he has sent in a transfer request to the QPR big man Mark Hughes.

Cant see this as Villa have just signed a young right back..

Luke young was solid! Wasnt bad at all

He'd drop a division to stay in london with watford and charlton interested wages maybe a problem though.



27 Jul 2012 14:55:28
Notts County have rejected a bid from Cheltenham and Oldham for striker Lee Hughes.

Dickov got a phonecall about him. It would appear that its Hughes or notts county trying to orchestrate a move to reduce the wage bill.

dickov denied Oldham had any interest in Hughes...

Who is the portuguese striker on trial at oldham?

Miguel. I believe he will sign early in the week.



27 Jul 2012 14:51:14
Derby County are looking at 3 players
in the Olympics for a Striker.

Steven Zuber-Switzerland
Josip Drmić-Switzeland
Raul Jimenez-Mexico



27 Jul 2012 14:39:04
South Korean International Kim-Bo Kyung eventually a done deal to Cardiff City.

Next deals to sort out are the return of Bellamy, the signing of Nicky Maynard and we are rumoursed to be after a Premiership defender on loan.

Fingers crossed, looking ilke a good team is starting to form.

Starting to look very strong !!

Why on loan and wouldn't want Maynard only scores consolation goals



27 Jul 2012 14:35:14
Crystal palace will sit down and listen to offers for any players. With strong bids expexted for speroni and murray very soon

They have just got 2.5m for Clyne and when Moses goes to Chelsea they get 20% of the fee.
Thats 4.5m !

Heard this too, appears back in financial troubles :( just hope the acadamy can save us once again

Check out the Palace Owner's........All have bag's of money and as self stated would put there own money in before we go T#ts up again! Made me Laugh this did. Thanks!



27 Jul 2012 14:28:42
Bristol City in talks with former Leicester and Liverpool striker Emile Heskey over a 1 year deal, with a further years option in the clubs favour.

I hope this is unbelievable - I am a Bristol City supporter!

Again past it, better looking off for younger, hungrier players who aren't looking for there last pay day eg James! TauntonRed

Will never happen, Mcinnes wants a striker with pace! so heskey at 30-odd is out.. bs rumour!

Zero truth in this. Del Boy wants pace not power.

Bristol city are signing Baldock, Gerrard and Buzaky. All on 2 year deals in the next two weeks.
Buzaky- free
Baldock- 1.4m
Gerrard- 750k

Trust me it's true!



27 Jul 2012 14:22:36
Junior Hoilett has signed a 4-year-deal at QPR. Fee is set to be agreed by Tribunal, as neither club can decide on a fee.



27 Jul 2012 14:18:11
Notts county to get a huge boost before the new season starts as Billy paynter and Jonathon forte will sign deals with the club. Also Lee Hughes will not be leaving the club and will feature for notts this coming season.



27 Jul 2012 14:14:12
Dons to announce the signings of Juanfri and Burton on monday, Robinson will also be spending the money on a CB and a Winger before the start of the season.



27 Jul 2012 14:09:56
stoke have enquired about takin adam johnson on season long loan with view to pernament deal... man city happy with deal but the valuation remains the current stumbling block... very reliable source

Wouldn't be surprised if Stoke can get him on loan, but can't see them signing him unless players like Jones are sold

They tried this before, man city happy to agree, but adam johnson otherwise, he would be great for us though :)

Love to have him on our team just hope stoke are willing to pay his wages

How much is Jonson on? On a loan deal Man City will subsidise the wages but he might have to take a massive drop in wages if Stoke are looking to sign him. (Stoke wage cap £60k)

Man city have offered to pay a percentage of player's wages before when they have gone out on loan e.g bellamy to cardiff

Where has this "60k wage cap" come from?! It's 40 - 45k + massive signing on bonus'.



27 Jul 2012 14:00:14
Doncaster and Notts County are trying to sign Billy Paynter



27 Jul 2012 13:57:59
Nuri Sahin has signed on a season long loan for arsenal after being left out of the Real Madrid tour.

Arsenal are not intrested

Lol, no he aint



27 Jul 2012 13:52:10
west brom look to complete the signing of free agent markus rosenburg, this will provide more back up for odemwingie and long, wba also set to swoop for villareall defender cristian zapata, also interested in german cb madlung from wolfsburg

Heard this from other sources - nice to see someone posting 'real and possible' signings.

This isnt true, he is simply just one of a few targets they are looking at, there is at the moment no offers on the table

good source within the club



27 Jul 2012 13:45:21
* *
Sunderland board have just sanctioned a 5 million plus add ons bid for Gary Hooper of Celtic... Expect to be made public today or over weekend.

Never gunna get him for that price, if you remember the southampton bid got rejected in january and celtic were after silly money, gunna have to improve that bid to even stand a chance

Turn down 8 million from southampton, then sell him for 5........ hmmm, yer ryt!



27 Jul 2012 12:59:37
Eskisehirspor striker Batuhan Karadeniz has fallen out with manager Ersun Yanal and was left out of the squad that travelled to Scotland this week. Due to the strong bonds that have been formed between EsEs and St Johnstone, the Turkish club are prepared to loan 21-year-old Karadeniz to Saints for the season.



27 Jul 2012 12:37:45
Burnley are set to sign Bournemouth star Marc Pugh for 500k. With the money The cherries will bring in Southend winger Ryan Hall.

Not for 500k they wont

Why cant cardiff buy hall hes amazing

Doubt it as we have put a £1m price tag on pugh, so half woud not do! Bournemouth are not under pressure to sell and would be happy to loose that £1m but get promotion to the championship, if this happens then marc pugh might decide to stay and sign the good contract aready offered.

Daft rumour as it is far to cheap, expect to see marc pugh in pre-season friendly at poole tonight or winchester tomorrow.

After tonight,s performance at poole tonight, marc pugh was out of sorts and certainly did not look like a possible championship player. That could be said about most of the team, trialist waters was caught out of position on various times and certainly would not be offered contract on that display.

^ He's a left back & he was playing in right back. Give the lad a chance.

He played left back. Taken off at half time.

He played Left Back first Half and then Switched to Right at Half time, before being taken off.

HE played LB in the first half then went to RB in the second

^ Not accoring to the official site.

Well then, if it's on the official site thats it then........ our eyes must of deceived us all............

This trialist waters in my eyes was a very good full back i would like us to sign him as he has plenty of potential



27 Jul 2012 12:08:31
Jordan rhodes linked with Celtic today. JR says he's just concentrating been a huddersfield town player and not listening to rumours.

Totally backwards step if he were to go to Celtic. They don't have any serious competition at all now that Rangers have been dumped out of the SPL. How would this test him any more than the Championship?

I have to agree, I see this as been pointless. Champions league could be tempting though.

Its not really champions lge though is it?
1 embaressing defeat in qualifying round doesnt really count!
would be an absolute backwards step and wont happen!

Hate english fans, every single one of you are daft! its great when an english fan can see sense and realise playing for celtic or rangers is an honour! 2 of the biggest names in world football! look at joe ledley, everyone thought celtic was a step back and he's a key player with real class, same goes for hooper and matthews! chance to win some trophies which you would never get at the likes of stoke, sunderland or any other mid-premiership dross! not to mention the chance to play in european competition, be it either europa league or champions league! 80% of english fans have no clue of anything north of the border! as for Rhodes he's a celtic fan and would love the chance to play for celtic only stumbling block i see is the asking price



27 Jul 2012 12:02:51
Westham striker Sam Baldock is joining Brighton on loan with view to buy.

We don't want him

Yeah, cos hes that big striker that Gus is looking for - get real and stop posting rubbish

A good signing if it comes off although i heard he wants to stay in London



27 Jul 2012 11:40:54
Derby to bid for Chris Wood after Steven Davies joins Ipswich for 800k this weekend.

2 things

Steve davies will be sold for 1.1 Million
Chris wood has an asking price of 1.6 million so we wont sign him.

That is true as he was at portman road today.fee to be about750 to 800 k

Surely Wood would join on loan as he's still only 19 i think.

Lets get this sraight Davies aint worth £1.1million, he'll probably fetch £750K max, and i cant see him putting his heart and soul into playing for Derby when he's desperate to move south for family reasons, so Blackburn can for get their £850k bid, as he wants down south not Lancs



27 Jul 2012 11:35:24
Midlesbrough will sign George Friend today after he has opted to join middlesbrough instead of ipswich and nottingham forest.He will have a medical this morning.

Just been reported by ssn george friend at rockcliffe training ground(boro) having a medical.

Ipswich never made an actual bid. They just showed interest if Cresswell was to be sold to Aston Villa.

George friend not signing til Monday so plenty of time for other clubs to turn his head

Cresswell cant be that good if your gonna replace Him with George friend, who will only cost £250,000!!!

Boro have a friend nw so all use tht ad ya say tht we dnt need him wen other clubs cum sniffing will hav to watch him nxt season so unlucky haha gd buy.

Friend and carayol to be announced next week. Mark McGhee has said carayol on verge of boro move

Ipswich did make a bid... They have just been talking to them on SSN...



27 Jul 2012 11:12:16
Chris powell chasing jason puncheon after admiting defeat with signing dan n'guessan but looks set to miss out again with both players stating they want to play under kenny jacket at the new den

Millwall do not need Puncheon! He would have to drop his wage demands anyway,it WONT HAPPEN!



27 Jul 2012 10:42:21
Reports in Dutch football papers that Southampton are nearing to agree a fee with Feyenoord Center Back Steven De Vrij

He'd be a great signing, would work in the Premiership.

Apparently he'll cost £4.5m

Would be a great signing

Pretty sure he's already said although the interest is nice he feels it's come to early in his career and wants to stay there. Would be happy to be proved wrong though as he's a good player!

Would be a good signing if true. Fits the mould. Young but with some games under his belt.

It's Stefan De Vrij, not Steven.

I believe this is the first choice cut-price centre-back deal that we are seeking to complete. This is far more credible than the Scott Dann thing.

Is that the same Feyenoord that has just sold their centre back Vlaar to Villa?
and is that the same Stephan De Vrij who stated he didn't want a move for another two years after Arsenal tried to sign him last month?
No.. can't see this as a runner

If the Villa deal is going to go through for Vlaar (after a miraculous turn-around...) then not sure they will want to sell off a 2nd centre-back.

Looks like Dan Harding has just signed for Forest, good luck to him

Southampton will go down first season no proven players in the prem

Apparently they're making De Vrij the captain after Vlaar left for Villa. We should have signed Vlaar. Apparently we're into Rennes CB (forget the name, it's really long lol) & Olsson from Blackburn since Harding has just left for Forest. Both would be good signings. Would still need another keeper & a right winger on top of that tho, hopefully Jermain

Seriously stop with the nonsense of 'Southampton will go straight down' you don't know that especially seeing as the players are unknown at the top flight that can play to the advantage of a club if other clubs aren't sure what to expect...

No proven players in the prem, bit like Norwich and Swansea and where did they finish!

Southampton going down no proven premiership players
.....Swansea. Norwich did alright though dint they. I think we will surprise people. Coyrds

Neither did norwich or swansea mate

If anything the clubs with some 'established' Premiership players struggled more, QPR signed loads and nearly went straight down, Bolton and Blackburn had 'established' Premiership stars and they went down. Being unknown doesn't make you any better or worse than the opposition, if the team are good players but unknown playing a team of bad players who are highly regarded then the good players technically should win really.



27 Jul 2012 10:14:59
Reading are set to make a shock bid to resign Shane Long who left Reading just last summer by offering West Brom £5m

Dont think so long will stay at west brom

5.5m bid turned down this morning, source: slyspurts

Should never have been sold in the first place. Would or should Alfie give up the number nine shirt if Shane came back? There's only one Shane Long!

Not surprised tbh, but we won't sign him as west brom rate him highly and he isn't needed that badly at reading due to the amount of attackers we already have, won't pay through the nose for him. TheRoyal

No bid made confirmed by Chris lepowski

WBA denied any contact with Reading over SL, would be amazed if he goes

I agree with the reading fan he won't leave we rate him to highly and as he stated they have quality strikers would be tricky to get back in the squad

I heard from a source close to the club that Shane Long wants to come back to Reading because Roy Hodgson left WBA. McDermott apparently said that he would sign him next summer.

Its amazing how many people there are on here with 'sources close to the club' or as I like to call them 'liars'.

He is staying at west brom to ATLEAST run out his contract which is currently for the next two seasons

I think Reading cashed in on him at the right time. They should look for bigger and better players. Long had one good season in about 6 years at Reading I dont think he is a 15+ goals a season man year in year out. He does work hard and have other aspects to his game but not worth bringing back unfortunately.

Shane is a baggie. He is going no where - Jeremy will only allow it with stupid money on the table.

I would think if Shane Long is going to leave West Brom then he would want to move from a mid table club to a top club not reading who will be the relegation scrap

Long is too good for Reading. Can't see them staying up this season unfortunately.



27 Jul 2012 10:12:42
Burton Albion have offered ex-Sunderland striker Oumare Tounkara a trial at the club and are awaiting a response.

Anyone know anything about this lad? i know he had a half decent season at oldham a couple of years back, but can't find anything else

Burton already have three strikers on trial, Patterson (ex Southampton), Williams (ex-reading) and Adebola.



27 Jul 2012 09:54:52
Burton have completed the signings of goalkeepers Ross Atkins and Dean Lyness.

The signings of Robbie Neilson and Lee Bell are to follow in the next few days.



27 Jul 2012 09:26:31
Reading have had a 5.5million bid for Shane Long rejected.

Inclined to believe this as it was on the west brom forum site this morning, not official though.



27 Jul 2012 08:46:27
Cardiff City Officially confirm the signing of South Korean International Kim Bo-Kyung (official website)



27 Jul 2012 07:43:32
Brighton are to sign Sam Baldock from
West Ham on a season long loan.

If baldock did go on loan it would at the end of the transfer window and that would depend on who got brought in so sounds unlikely at this stage

Supposedly going to Charlton

Well its been 3 days after your post, and guess what, still no shock waves.



27 Jul 2012 06:19:47
Burnley set to sign Midfielder Abdul Razak from Manchester City for £200,000 . there also looking at his team mate Denis Suarez as they look to boost they midfield options. Burnley hope ex Man City Duo Ben Mee and Kieran Trippier can help persuade Razak to join them at Turf Moor

Would burnley loan him first and sign him over the season



27 Jul 2012 06:05:56
Cardiff City Football Club is pleased to confirm that South Korean International midfielder Kim Bo-Kyung has joined the Club on a three year contract from J. League Division 1 side Cerezo Osaka in Japan.



27 Jul 2012 00:50:46
Oldham have opened talks with free agent Leon Knight, Paul Dickov is supposedly keen on the 29 year old striker saying he is likely to bag 15+ goals a season given the chance.

Would likely bang in the goals given the chance. Would rather have him than Kuqi any day.

He is awful. He srtuggled at Glentoran

Doubt it as we have a trialist up front for us at the moment and Knight is passed it now.



27 Jul 2012 00:43:05
Celtic are looking for Champions League experience, and have set their sights on Yossi Benayoun, to bolster their play-making midfielders.

benayouns on 40k+ a week atleast ... no chance

No they are not,and he is not worth half that another overated foreigner

Benayoun is no better than what Celtic already have. I would have Kayal, Wanyama, Ledley, Commons, Forrest and maybe even Samaras and Brown in midfield before Yossi. Too lightweight.



27 Jul 2012 00:40:10
is going to

Matt Phillips of Blackpool is not

Why do we need another winger when we have just signed snodgrass

Now Snodgrass is in another winger seems unlikely

Blackpool have signed 27 year old midfielder Scott robertson on a free from dundee united after he refused a mutch improved offer to extend his contract. UTMP

Matt Phillips isn't leaving he has verbally committed to Blackpool as has Tom ince.

We would sign another winger because competition and extra quality in the squad is always a good thing.



27 Jul 2012 00:33:24
So much for all them rumours saying that rovers were going to get okane from Torquay as he's just signed for bournemouth next time people put something on here that actually has evidence it would be much appreciated thanks.

He felt blackburn was to big a jump at this stage of his career and bournemouth made same wage offer and are a club on the up so he wanted to be a part of that. I think he was wise as If he moved to rovers he would prob never be seen again like so many rising star lower league players

Rovers have signed 3 central midfielders

This is football RUMOURS... Not football truths!

So bournemouth sign okane fron torquay apparently he is really good and was in the league 2's team of the year

Uh to the first reply, O'Kane was linked to BRISTOL rovers not blackburn!

Uh he was the subject of bids from BLACKBURN rovers, Cardiff, Swindon and Coventry! There was never a bid from Bristol rovers

Swindon never bid for him

All 4 clubs mentioned plus Bournemouth made bids and all matched the buy out clause in his contract and all made the same wage offers. Bristol Rovers did not bid. This is the facts but it's irrelevant as the player has now completed a move to Bournemouth

O,kane is extremely small but did play well in his first appearance in bournemouth shirt against non league local team of poole town. I think he offers something different in the team and should be a good buy!

Mate that was 15 year old sam matthews not o'kane he hasnt featured yet



27 Jul 2012 00:21:02
I spoke to ex Rangers player Salim Kerkar at the end of the Barnet game on Thursday evening he stated "he would like to sign for Charlton".

U probably didn't but is a decent player gives us some opttions and is free so all seems gud

'Looks' like he'll be agood signing.



27 Jul 2012 00:02:41
bristol rovers set to sign faroe islands international rogvi baldvinsson for an undisclosed fee.

Yep can confirm this is true. Gary kenneth and Mark Reynolds are also in talks, both expected to be announced after the friendly with yeovil on saturday subject to a medical.
Rogvi Baldvinsson is flying to Bristol Sunday for talks and will be announced early next week if everything can be agreed i.e medical,wages etc an undisclosed fee is already believed to be accepted by Rogvi's club Ålgård FK.

Hes already agreed terms just needs a medical and international clearance

Baldvinsson a done deal on a 2 year contract for an undisclosed fee. Only medical yet to be completed.

Its funny that everyone thinks they got the insight on everything but someone is right on the odd occasion and this post makes me laugh as it was put on the official sight yesterday yet you still try to think your clever :L bazar

The first comment came from before the news was up on the OS

To the geezer who last commented, I didn't post this rumour but it was written at just gone midnight on Friday morning... BEFORE it was announced on the Rovers website. It was a step ahead.

In general though I get what you mean.

Garry Kenneth will join next week, as will one other player. Fabian Broghammer may also be signed after the imminent departure of Mustapha Carayol to Middlesbrough.

Who who who



26 Jul 2012 23:07:08
Burnley are to sign a midfielder within the next fortnight with Brian stock from Doncaster and Marlon pack from Cheltenham being the most likely choices

No, Burnley will sign a midfielder in January - they haven't signed a central midfielder for nearly TWO years.

Considering Pack has committed himself to Cheltenham until the end of the contract I must assume that Brian Stock from Doncaster is the most likely choice.

Stock has had a medical but wants more wages than the clarets are offering

Marlon Pack will not be leaving Cheltenham this season he will see out his contract.

If Burnley agree a fee with Cheltenham for pack (300-500k IMO) im sure pack would rather join Burnley than stay at league 2 Cheltenham

Cheltenham Chairman has already said club do not need to sell and it would take an offer far in excess of current transfer record (£400,000) to consider selling.

He loves living in cheltenham, so doesnt mind playing league two, until a top midland club comes in, he's ours! haha


Mcquoid did play for afcb and austin was on trial but a transfer embargo hindered any transfer



26 Jul 2012 23:06:36
Swindon are to table an offer for FSV Frankfurt attacking midfielder Zafer Yelen.



26 Jul 2012 22:52:24
Southampton hoping to bring Max Gradel to the south on a 4 year deal.

Bid rumored to be worth 5 million euros

Jeremain Lens may join in which case this transfer will be as a back up if the other deal falls through

No thanks to gradel yes please to lens

Would be a good signing, but he only signed a four year deal last year...So depends on how much the clubs prepared to pay for him. I hope no more than about 4mil.

He wasnt bad at Leeds, but is a bit of a poor mans Shaun Wright Phillips.. I'm not sure he is the right man for us in the prem. He certainly doesnt look like a substitute for Lens to me.

I doubt he'd be the back up for lens he hasn't really been that good.



26 Jul 2012 22:39:38
Derby County are to watch these

Pape Moussa Konaté
Abdoulaye Ba
kalidou yero
tabare viudez
Henri Ndong and Axel Ndong
kensuke nagai

3 scouts have been sent out
to 3 various games.

Source-Moor farm.

Someone been watching the opening football games of the olympics. More chance of Clough playing for derby again than any of these

Dreamer, Nigel Clough has never been a Derby County player!!



26 Jul 2012 22:36:43
leon Benett of Norwich and Reece Wabara of ManCity are going to join Barnsley on a season long lone's thats .

Hill has already said he's never been interested in wabara it's his agent stiring up interest

Why do Barnsley only sign players on loan? What happened to the Butterfield money?

Can see that

Who's Leon Benett !!

Im guessing you mean leon barnett. And Loans as opposed to lone's

The butterfields money's gone, it's all being saved for the new stand!!, the one we will never fill,

Money from Butterfield making up 750k less tv money this year. Prem league get more, more parachute payments for those coming down oh what a level playing field football is these days

Butterfield money has gone on debts to make us more financially stable due to tv rights

We can't be that financially stable, the tv money's been known about for two years, we can hardly say we didn't see that coming, and if the butterfields money's gone to subsidies that what will we use next year

Probably sell another up and coming prospect. If stones, digby etc develop this year they will be off. Not just the tv money to make up but also a drop in st sales. This is what we have to deal with, two thirds of the championship are either on parachute payments or have money/investors backing them. I think it's a miracle we are where we are - utr

Fair statement, it's against all the odds that we can survive again, but there will still be those fans that expect(how ever unrealistic),the play offs, Ill be happy with a bottom half to mid table finish,



26 Jul 2012 22:33:00
Cliff Byrne has signed for Oldham Athletic.
Source: Cliff Byrne.

A good, solid defender, of the no nonsense type. A good addition to the squad.

Why did Scunthorpe release him if he so good?



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