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26 Jan 2012 23:18:00
Watford have made an approach for Leyton orients Dean cox and John parkin from Cardiff(5)(15)We dont buy from Cardiff they only take from usNo they aint they got no money


26 Jan 2012 22:53:38
Wes Morgan to Leicester £1m
Done!(13)(30)Dream onWot u onna bout dream on if we want him we will get him, any way hes st and so are forest! (4-0)!It's not "done" at all, City put two bids in, both were rejected, then the player (yesterday) asked to speak to the club. Forest want £1m but Morgan can walk for nothing at the end of the season so if he's given premission to talk to the club, he can sign a pre-contract and we'd get him for nothing at the end of the season. Chances are, he'll come for a fee iro £750k.

As for "no chance" - Forest have something like 7 key players out of contract at the end of the season and are currently staring at relegation. Prepare yourselves to lose your best players ahead of your upcoming Div 1 campaign - you NEED the money the Morgan sale would generate to give yourselves a chance. McClaren has been critical from afar, but he's the one who brought in Andy Reid, Greening and Boateng and YOU (the fans) hailed those signings as genius at the time...Decent player but we're getting mugged at £1m.


26 Jan 2012 22:28:17
Kerrouche to Bristol Rovers(13)(12)


26 Jan 2012 22:09:16
newcastle bid for jay rod no transfer fee as yet so it may just be an enquiry.....

eddie how only likes young players? mcfadden is only 28!!(2)(21) 

How many strikers do Newcastle need? Already have 5.Which is old considering the oldest player Eddie Howe has Signed was 24, plus burnleys media manager has said on twitter that there is nothing in this move.


26 Jan 2012 22:08:54
don't expect any more permanent deals this window. Norwich looking for a good loan player(14)(11)Yes we all know that! but lets hope for an experienced defender!!!!!!! heard at snooker tonight that jewell in the town has had the vote of confidence so he must be on his way out. shame as hes taking them in the right direction, down. hahaaa


26 Jan 2012 22:00:09
Richard Kingson back to blackpool as cover for Gilks.(11)(15)Oh yeah course he is, we dont want him back he's terrible. i might aswell say were getting Burgess back.


26 Jan 2012 21:52:54
Roman Bednar has signed for Blackpool(4)(30) 

Is this true? source?Truly hope not.....Worst player I've seen in years!!Was actually a very good striker a few years ago but reportedly got involved in dodgy stuff and hasn't been the dsame player since! {Ed001's Note - not reportedly mate, he was convicted.}


26 Jan 2012 21:25:21
Luke Guttridge to sign for Oxford(7)(8)


26 Jan 2012 21:12:17
Sheffield United have signed Simon Lappin on loan for the rest of the season.(6)(12)Sounds very possible, great servant for NCFC, but he deserves 1st team footy. He'll give you everything if he goes.They should sign Hare-wood to play alongside himHarewood to play alongside lappin.
simon lappin is a left midfilder while harewood is a strikerWhoooooooooooosh. That one went above someone's headTo be fair not many on here can spell in English, let alone pick up on Lappin being almost the French word for rabbit !


26 Jan 2012 21:11:56
the truth regarding liam ridgewell to west brom is ;
west brom did make an official bid last week which was less than 750k and was heavily structured - birmingham do want to sell and are looking for nearer 2m. There has been no further bid from West Brom with Blues tryin to keep the deal alive by enquiring to the possibility of Joe Mattock being part of the deal. Expect the deal to eventually go through but for an undisclosed fee including Mattock(9)(11)


26 Jan 2012 21:08:19
keith andrews will be signing for ipswich as soon as his contract has been terminated at blackburn-source close to andrews agent(13)(25)We can only hope it happensDont think so ipswich r 68 million in debt and marcus evans is close to pulling all his money outE i e i e i o down to league 1 ipswich go,when thay get relegated this is what we sing paul jewell is the paul jewell is the paul jewell is the kingThanks for the Norwich fans posts above. You may be doing well for once but still have no class and rather than enjoying your time in the prem you'd rather lash out at us.


26 Jan 2012 21:07:52
blackburn are opening talk on the possible signing of right back scott sutter from young boys(11)(8)


26 Jan 2012 21:05:35
Sachez Watt signs for Crawley Town! Quality signing!,,11025~2590078,00.html(24)(13)Great news for swindon, tubbs going to stfc.


26 Jan 2012 20:48:58
Emile Heskey at the Madejski, expected to sign tomorrow for 250k + add-ons.(18)(28)Poor old Reading if trueCannot be true they have not asked me to take him there free of chargeHaha are Reading just buying strikers who can't score?250k is a lot of money for villa to pay to get rid of heskeyHe should sign for Leeds they need him£250k plus add on's... this is the same Emile Heskey who has been told he can go on a free transfer yes?He will do well in championshipThere is only 1 Championship club Emile would go to at this time..... his hometown club Leicester, don't think it would be considered by either party at present though


26 Jan 2012 20:40:37
Newcastle looking to take eljero Elia in on loan from Juventus as he is not getting playing time.(28)(16)


26 Jan 2012 20:40:15
Charlton are due to sign will hoskins on loan from brighton to the end of season Daily mirror (TOMMOROW)(4)(19)I might've believed you if you knew how to spell... then again, it is from The MirrorAll this Hoskins crap is silly he isn't 100% fit and is happy at the club.By the look of things he is going to Bournemouth


26 Jan 2012 20:35:51
Oldham keeper Alex Cisak is et to sign for Peterborough United.(1)(12)Source?


26 Jan 2012 20:32:55
Stephen Gleeson to join Peterborough United from MK Dons before the deadline. The deal is expected to be worth £400k(7)(4)I dont think he will go he is playing for a better teamUnless mk are in the top 2 he might consider it, better to be in the championship than in a team that might not get there. Play offs are cruel aren't they. London Road 2011 was there, best night ever.


26 Jan 2012 20:16:13
Wba to sign Liam Ridgewell 3.5m
QPR to sign Chris Samba 6.5m
QPR to sign Diakete 4.5m
QPR to sign Victor Moses 6m
Rodallega to join Everton for 5m
Chelsea to sign De Bruyne for 8m then loan him back
Alex to join PSG 3m
Wigan to sign Nicky Maynard 2.8m
Swansea to sign Mariappa
Sunderland will buy Peter Odemwingie for 5m

Davee(13)(17)If i was spread betting i think would 2-3 !! any takers ?
Agree with Ridgewell to West Brom but not the figure quoted - Blues happy to sell @ 2mSamba at 6.5million is a joke would take atleast double that figureYeah not sure we would get Samba for six despite all Blackburns crying about the situation think 8-9 will be the figure involved, might come to Loftus Road but both Spurs and PSG are chasing but who knows, Diakete is a loan to perm and 6 mill is too high for Moses like most transfers they will eleborate on the price but if he signs knock 1-2 mill off that. Rodallega may also come to QPR and I would expect him to be decent, well for a couple of months at least


26 Jan 2012 20:15:45
Any Birmingham city transfer rumors axcept ridge goin to west brom for about 2 to 3 million(6)(10)


26 Jan 2012 20:08:47
Derby county have given a trial to young Austrian striker Harry Armandbach(5)(8)


26 Jan 2012 20:07:31
keith andrews to southampton can confirm he told a friend he would never in a million years sign for ipswich as that was the most depressing period of his career ,worse than league 2 with mk dons(14)(13)I do not think so, you do not know anything about mighty itfc. we will be back.Seems to have only bad things to say about every club he leaves. Not what we want at Southampton thanks.We made him a better player at Ipswich, at least he wasent bench warming or playing in Blackburn res, come on home Keith and pick up the Captaincy again {Ed003's Note - Thought it was Wigan he was off to }Utter rubbish from a Norwich fan! Saints are not in for him the clubs linked are Ipswich, Leeds, Wigan and Swansea. Andrews also stated how much he enjoyed his spell at Ipswich for regular football and rediscovering his form and getting his career back on track and was sad to leave. Get your facts correct!


26 Jan 2012 20:06:59
sorry HTFC fans. Rhodes in reading for medical. 5 million fee plus Simon Church. good deal for Reading and HTFC. suprised Church agreed to go to minows though. Rhodes is a royal!!!!(14)(39)Funny seen him today trainingDespite the potential investment Reading will not be going mad in this transfer window, that's not the style of the Chairman or manager. Shrewd acquisitions like Roberts and Cywka are confirmation of this. Despite all the rumours there won't be any bug spending by Championship teams in this windowTraining finishes for most clubs at 2/3, can possible get to reading in 5 hours can he? (that was sarcasm in case you uneducated didnt get it)So many rumours on this site can be disproved simply by looking at the new money rules for next season! That and HTFC reportedly turned down 12 from man u! (doubtful) Hoyle is a huge town fan and would rather get promoted than get money for rhodes, who has 3 years left on his contractNo1 - There are currently NO Financial Rules in place for Championship clubs next season. The teams have voted to allow the Football League to draw up a proposed system but those proposals have yet to be agreed and the meeting in which a vote will be taken isn't taking place until Feb.

No2 - Reading have NOT been taken over! There is an agreement in place that has yet to be approved by the FA. The FA are currently completing due diligence, a process they complete for each and every club sale, and until they ratify the agreement, Reading will not be taken over. It is expected to be complete around March.

No3 - Believing that the businessman who owns Huddersfield thinks football first is folly. The clue is in the name BUSINESSMAN. Bristol City fans fell into the same trap with Steve Lansdown and Nottingham Forest fans did the same with Nigel Doughty. Neither of these men still support the clubs they're meant to love so much financially anymore - there comes a time when you have to cut your losses.

In short, Rhodes, Pelé, Messi, Beckham and Rooney may well sign for Reading - but they'll have to wait a while.Reading would not pay that for a player that is not a championship or premiership Proven goal scorerSorry Reading fans this is blatantly a wind up.Sorry Reading fan you need to go as quickly as possible to the nearest hospital and get your head examined.The funniest thing is that READING(who) dare to call HUDDERSFIELD TOWN "MINOWS" HA HA its little reading that are the minows, doesnt yor chairman sell autotrader or maybe he sells THE BIG ISSUE, lol.AG


26 Jan 2012 19:59:28
Swindon have had a bid rejected for Inverness CT midfielder Lee Cox. Looking to put in a second bid.


26 Jan 2012 19:43:02
Jordan Rhodes at the Madjeski. Stadium having medical sorry Huddelsfield(18)(36)Source?A fertile, and juvenile, imagination.Clearly a lie don't waste peoples time.


26 Jan 2012 19:41:15
breaking news. my hudddlesfield source tells me no bid at this time has came in from reading, in a news report rhoads will not leave until summer. therefore any bids will be rejected(21)(15)McDermott, a scout and Nick Hammond were at a recent Huddersfield game to watch Rhodes. That is common knowledge. That's more than a scouting mission. Doesn't mean a bid was agreed either, but discussion are, and they are, ongoing.He is in reading deal will be confirmed tommorowMcDermott, a scout and Nick Hammond were at a recent Huddersfield game to watch Rhodes.

There was another 21 players on the pitch, they could have been there to watch anybodyMaybe NovakIt doesn't matter who or how many watched him HE ISN'T FOR SALE, how difficult is that to understand, bigger clubs have already got that message and moved on.


26 Jan 2012 19:39:24
Colin daniel has signed for Leyton orient from macclesfield trained today will probably be announced tommorrow my good friend forbesy told me earlier. Frankie bish.(0)(9)


26 Jan 2012 19:37:05
dexter blackstock to sheff united on loan for rest of season(6)(18)I was gutted when he left Loftus Road, well maybe by the way his career has gone it's for the best, or maybe better advice don't sign for Forrest they will ruin your careerNot a chance


26 Jan 2012 19:32:25
Sunderland look set to sign hugo almedia the portuguese star said hebwould love to play in the premier league and espcially with a side that has ambition(11)(10)So why Sunderland then .....??Why would he move to sunderland thenWhats your ambition then? not to get relegated again?? boro top boys going to beat ya on satBoro boys will take a beating back to the smogAlmeida is awesome. Clinical finisher, great heading, can take free-kicks, 27yo.. I would take him if not too expensive..Not a sunderland fan but i must admitt they will be in europa league in the next 3 yearsBoro are going to get beat sunday, never heard much of Almeida but fingers crossed


26 Jan 2012 19:31:12
Crawley sign Sanchez watt on loan from arsenal
Source Crawley town website(19)(4)He's off to a Championship side.


26 Jan 2012 19:21:20
liverpool plan £35million bid for eidson cavani(40)(35)So does that make him worth about 3-4 mill ??Seriously this is getting ridiculous now! you can bid all you want but the outcome will be the same everytime ! No world class players will join Liverpool you are a slightly better that average team who will be playing in the Europa league if you are lucky.Stop with this stupid rumours!


26 Jan 2012 19:15:01
leicester have bid of 500k acepted by stoke for ben marshall,he turned down 3 year contract with stoke(11)(19)Load of rubbishActually he's due to sign a reviewed contact in the next few days but nice effort.Actually, Stoke have not offered him a new contract and are currently deciding if he's to go out on loan again, or if he'll leave on a permanent deal. Leicester, plus two or three others, are interested in signing him.Strange that as Tony Pulis said on Wednesday they have offered him improved terms and are expecting him to sign. You obviously know better though.


26 Jan 2012 19:02:49
Sorry HTFC fans. rhodes is in Reading
for a medical. church and Tabb going to
HTFC as part of deal. Reading also bid
for Novak(10)(27)What is your sourceNot true. Neither Tabb or Church are going anywhere. Church is rated at £4m by Reading. Brian Howard and Mathiu Manset are available for transfer.Church is at best 500 000. he has had his chance. my source is an academy coach.Its a lie...Let me guess a htfc fan who cant see rhodes leaving because he loves the team. wake up he needs a big team who are going places not a has been team who are not going anywhere. league 1 promotion? good luck with that without rhodes. haRhodes is going nowhere FACT.Reading are a small club always have been no fans that's from a neutral fanIs the green eyed monster getting the better of you Nuetral?

I don't get it. Splashing the cash on everyone going ala Leicester is the wrong way to go according to you fans but also the fact that we haven't splashed the cash is also wrong? We've brought an experienced striker who will help create alot of chances as well as score and an attacking midfielder who the majority of Derby fans are annoyed to see leaving. The only reason he wasn't playing regularly for Derby is because Nigel "My Dad's Brian" Clough hated him but seeing as McDermott is a much better manager then him I'm sure Clough jr will be regretting his decision.We as Huddersfield fans are not saying he won't go just 'cos we want him to stay. We are saying it because our Chairman ( who is a proper Town fan of many years by the way) has publicly stated that he won't be sold in January as we need his goals to try to gain promotion to the Championship, he's got lots of money so that isn't an issue, he wants to see his beloved team playing in the Championship next season, if he achieves that ambition then he will sit down with Rhodes in the summer and see where we go from there, it makes sense from a Huddersfiled perspective but nobody seems to believe that we can continue to turn away the money except Huddersfield fans who believe in the Chairman and what he wants to achieve.What a load of rubbish. Who wants to play for Reading when West Ham, QPR and a whole host of other clubs have tried to sign you? He would be better off staying at Huddersfield rather that moving to Reading!


26 Jan 2012 19:01:57
Stoke have 3 offers in for players that all depend on the particular clubs signing replacements and are going to sit on them as no urgency to buy for the sake of it this window. At the moment 1 looks 50/50 and the other two unlikely unless a player to a London club changes his mind in one case. The Harry situation not helping in that case.(11)(6)Peter coates has said that stoke will not sign anyone in this transfer windowIf pulis wants any players coates will buy them dont beleive what he saysActually Coates has said they won't sign anyone unless something falls their his comments again and at the moment as I said it's not really happening.


26 Jan 2012 18:45:55
reading look set to follow the purchase of jason roberts with buying patrick agyemang of qpr to continuing bolstering their attacking options(14)(12)They will not need him. Rhodes is in reading now. record signing!!!!!!Reading are not interested in any QPR player.Erm Reading didnt even buy Roberts. Theyve taken a has-been footballer on a free. Hardly setting the footballing world alight guys!'Reading aren't interested in any QPR player'. Mate, your'e not even in the play off positions, i'm sure reading would take any QPR player offered to them if they could have them.


26 Jan 2012 18:35:51
Nedum Onouha has signed for London based side QPR. The Premier League Outfit are also closing in on a deal for Nancy's midfielder Samba Diakite initially on a loan with a view to a permanent in the summer. QPR are also expected to prise explosive attacker Victor Moses from relegation rivals Wigan.(15)(7)Sounds about right, I expect one or two more (please a goal scorer we can't rely on HH forever)Can't see why Moses would make that move. He's developing well and could go to a decent club in the summer.


26 Jan 2012 18:29:05
Peter Whittingham in ADVANCE TALKS WITH STOKE CITY who has a premership club release clause in his contract(17)(33)Would love to see him and snodgrass in stokes midfield we might actualy pass the ball from the back to the front instead of long ball rubbishWhy would Whitts want to join a load of hoofers when he's playing decent enjoyable footballHe has not got any release clause, he is staying with cardiff until at the very least the end of this season'Why would Whitts want to join a load of hoofers when he's playing decent enjoyable football'

Maybe he wants to play in a top 10 Prem side (not that he's good enough) rather than a bunch of annual bottlers in the lower leaguesA top 10 premiership team ?
R U having a laugh, I am not sure? factually correct yes, because they are in 8th place at the moment, but don't kid yourself not all players want to play their football the Stoke City Pulis way.
As I have stated many times if all the premiership teams played their football the stoke way, people would switch off their Sky Subscriptions and the gates would fall, and for sure the FA would find it very difficult tom market PL football abroad.
God Forbid Pulis ever gets a coaching job with FA, or even worse he became Norwich City's Manager.
All fans want success but are we prepared to watch that stuff every week to achieve it.Stoke are a top 10 Prem 8th. Can't you count that far? Where did I say that all players want to play the Stoke way? Maybe they want to play in the Prem and NOT in a lower league like with Cardiff. Sorry if it was hard to grasp :-) The league table doesn't lieWhy the hell would Pulis want to manage Norwich ???What a load of Bull. You obviously don't know Peter. He has no intent of moving anywhere having just signed a new long term deal and having a settled family life."Peter" - i bet you're his bestist mate aren't you? I bet he discusses his life with you over pints at the local boozer. Get over yourselves girls, if he wants to go, he'll go. Nuff said.No chance.You obviously don't know Peter :-) Best comment ever on here. Either way he wouldn't get in the Stoke side.....Europa League maybe. Tell him I said so next time he takes you to the cinema and tells you of his undying love for a lower league team.As I recall Norwich finished 5th in Div 1 just before it became premier league then 3rd in Premier league 1st year after leading right up until March, then finished 5th again the following season, before becoming the first club to defeat Bayern Munich in the olympic stadium in UEFA cup before going out to Inter Milan 1-0 in both legs.
All of which has been achieved without a very rich benefactor subsidising the club.
Have you visited the City of Norwich, cause I have been to Stoke, enough said....
and Thank God Pulis would never be offered the job at Norwich, we sell out every week and play a style of football that the supporters enjoy, hence we sell out every week.

I would still trade premier for championship football if we had to adopt that style of football to survive in Premier league, and I suspect many of our supporters feel exactly the same.
Hey we might even overtake you in premier league this season, and that's with a tiny budget compared Stoke and most of this league. Its down to having one of the brightest mangers in PL who is astute at finding gems in lower leagues.It isn't about Norwich and what they did 10 or 20 years ago one cares about what style you personally like and what brand of carrot you crunch. Stoke played Ajax in Europe etc etc but is completely irrelevant as are you inane rantings about a club no-one even mentioned.


26 Jan 2012 18:22:18
Paul Bignot has extended his loan at Plymouth to the end of the season, however, fellow Blackpool loan player Craig Sutherland will head back to Bloomfield rd after saturdays game at poor fail. Could be a loan signing on the horizon to bolster our attack. COYG Bryher Pilgrim.(10)(3)


26 Jan 2012 18:17:15
Claude Gnakpa to Inverness

source- ssn(8)(6)


26 Jan 2012 18:10:07
Colchester United centre-back Pat Baldwin is set to join neighbours Southend United for an undisclosed fee.(5)(6)


26 Jan 2012 18:03:19
Any true walsall fc rumours(2)(7)Gnakpa is gewin
but probably a loan player inTrue=fact.....rumours=hearsay.. hope that answers your question


26 Jan 2012 17:57:18
My sourses from west ham say they are ready to make a bid for maynard now there bid for jelavic has hit a brick wall ..(16)(17)Oh dear from someone who can score in a sub-standard league to a player who from the Bristol City fans I know is a baby who can't be bothered sort it out HammersOh dear and they supposed to bidding for Rhodes aswell, not sure about thisLol ..............and they're both too good for WHU


26 Jan 2012 17:53:24
Norwich are set to sign gornel from Shrewsbury town for a fee in the region of 700,000(11)(14)Who? Haha sounds like agent talk to me, not good enough to jump to prem mid season.


26 Jan 2012 17:49:17
any middlesbrough fc news please(1)(11)Yeah hope you stuff Sunderland .Yeah still cant buy a win..... wheels and come off ring a bellAye, you're gonna get spanked at Sunderland! Still hope your back in the Prem next season though!


26 Jan 2012 17:43:01
Watford are interested in Oldham Athletic winger Chris Taylor. Watford may offer £500k for the 25 year old.(6)(8)No chance double it


26 Jan 2012 17:40:21
Is there any truth in blackpool sighning dibbie or
varney because if there is then were going up(5)(13)


26 Jan 2012 17:33:14
Any Realistic Watford Transfer Rumours?? (ANY PLAYERS GOING TO THE HORNETS)(6)(10)Ins- james collins £350k
jonny hayes £400k
no one!Not Tommy Smith!!


26 Jan 2012 17:29:10
West Ham Will sign Someone in the next 48 hours

Likely to be a striker(20)(17)


26 Jan 2012 17:23:39
Left back Domenico Criscito to arsenal from zenit with Arsharvin going back to zenit as part of the deal(14)(6)


26 Jan 2012 17:21:19
Watford want Manchester City winger Alex Henshall on loan till the end of season.(8)(8)


26 Jan 2012 17:17:46
More info on West Ham bids for Jelavic and Snodgrass.
First bid for Snodgrass turned down earlier today but confident second bid will be accepted.
Jelavic bid upped by 500k since last bid with more money upfront, APPARENTLY he is very keen on joining WHU.

SpiderMan(24)(25)Snodgrass is going nowhere unless WHU have offered £ 8m. Even as a Leeds fan he aint worth that much, but he has 18 months on his contract and is waiting to see which div Leeds are in at the end of this season before negotiating, easy answer no promotion then bye bye but it will be Celtic not WHUReally can't see snoddy leaving Leeds to a league rival regardless of bid. Would be daft, plus for him a sideways move, he's better off waiting till the summer unless a prem club comes in with the cash now.As with Gradel, Snodgrass will not be sold to a current rival besides he will only review his position at the end if the season. In any case West Ham have made no bids to Leeds although they did have a £7m bid turned down for JelavicJelavic will join rangers holding out for every penny they can get cause they are skint problem is hes only worth two millionThere was no bid for jellyp'sh, it was an enquiry.

looks like he's gone on strike again (a la rapid vienna) so could probably force rangers into accepting a bid if you actually make oneHow odd, according the news, Rangers confirmed a bid from West Ham, we'd best ring them and tell them that they got it wrong cos some anonymous bloke said so on the interweb, so it must be true.Haha! Snodgrass worth £8million! Ridiculous. I really rate the guy but be serious people. West Ham signed Demba Ba for £6million! And as for him 'evaluating' where Leeds are going? Nowhere mate. You will be very lucky to make play offs so why wouldn't Snodgrass think about moving now? 18 months is nothing on a contract and your owners know if you keep him until the summer then he will only have a year left. Then if he decides he doesnt want to sign a new contract he will go cheap or for free the next season. Football is a business and clubs have to think financially. As for Jelavic, there has been an offer placed and rejected. Whether West Ham go back with another off remains to be see but its rumoured that its going to be £500'000 more with more up front, as the guy above said. What hasn't been reported is him demanding to move anywhere.Haha. You Leeds fans crack me up. First you seem to think Leeds are anywehere near the stature of West Ham.. ! Laughable. You havent been anywhere near the top flight in so long you probably cant even remember what its like. You are under some delusion that you have a chance of promotion? Where do you get that idea from?? If I was Snodgrass id be over the moon that a club of West Hams stature was after me. So what would he think, hmmmm... Stay at Leeds and dwell in the championship for another season doing nothing and miss my chance to go to a club with the best chance of getting to the prem. Or leave now and take probably my only chance to get into a team that will end up in the prem.. Tricky isn't it? And as for you idiots saying its a sideways move, wake up and smell your own stupidity! Its EMBARRASSING for you and every Leeds fan on here when you post such simple minded, moronic comments! Use you brain for a changeWest ham are skint


26 Jan 2012 17:15:17
4 Signings for Reading great days they are
Rhodes Undisclosed
Roberts Undiscloed
Tomas Cywka free
Karleigh Osbourne 600K(13)(28)If thats true then yes. what a time !All true except the 1st oneAll true except the 1st one

And the last one, 600k for a league 1 defender who's out of contract at the end of the season, don't make me laugh.


26 Jan 2012 17:10:54
The official websites of both Leyton Orient and Cardiff City have confirmed that midfielder Soloman Taiwo has joined the O's on loan for the rest of the season.(7)(4)Good luck im convinced hes got one leg and when he jumps with his concrete boots on well... hope you sign him perminent


26 Jan 2012 17:06:17
Reading brought in two signings, Close to signing CB Osborne from brentford, Sharp is likely to join the royals aswell.(6)(15)Osborne deal is off, expect to see quotes from mcdermott tomorrowWhen do u hear that osbourne failed his medical and who told u that.just hope osbourne or sharp or Rhodes sign for ReadingNo he is not


26 Jan 2012 17:04:29
David Sullivan confident that offer to Leeds for Snodgrass will be accepted.
Rangers proving difficult to deal with as they are trying to get more bidders for Jelavic. However, confident a deal will be done.
Sullivan also publicly stated he expects to complete 'an important signing' within 48 hours.

SpiderMan(16)(20)Leeds turn down the 4million offer flat. Club say it is a derisory offer and wont enter anymore discussions until they (west ham) make a serious offer that we feel (but still upto grayson) is a fair amount!

tommoBest be a 6 mil + deal for snoddy thenStoke are in talks with him so not a chanceGet lost snoddy not goingSnodgrass will not leave Leeds for another championship club, remember that's what west ham are.Spiderman go and spread ur lies else whereIf that is what Sullivan said then he forgot one thing - to actually put a bid into Leeds. Snodgrass will not be moving in this window and will only consider his future at the end of the season. Besides Leeds will not sell to a current rival, same reason Gammers higher bid for Gradel turned downY do leeds fans think they r bigger than west ham .u wont be going anywhere this year or next ..c.o.y.iTypical WH fan - they don't believe Sullivan themselves, most of the time


26 Jan 2012 17:01:52
I have been told that Norwich are in pole position to sign Fulham defender Chris Baird, despite interest from Blackburn and West Brom. A fee of £3 million has been agreed. {Ed015's Note - Be a strange one for Paul Lambert}.(5)(9)Norwich are not even interested in him, stop making up rubbish rumours, he is 30 in Feb and Lambert tends to go for younger players who will have good resale value if he wants to move them on.
Lambert does not need any defenders, especially now all our CB's are back, and the pairing of Whitbread and Ayala is beginning to look strong.
I also doubt he will fetch more than £1.5 due to his age.Narwich aint got that money !Norwich do have the money, we just chose not to wast it, is that a bad thing?Wages..we can only offer the equivalent of decent championship salary clearly by the type of players we've brought in. This is a non starter. Plus well it's rubbish anyway


26 Jan 2012 16:59:16
I have seen Alex MacDonald (Burnley) at Ryton today, I have also heard from a 1st team players that Hans Andreasen (Odnese) and Jaouad Zairi (Olympiacos) will be coming in for a trial, He also told me about Herman and Nimly before they happened, so a good source!(4)(4)


26 Jan 2012 16:51:58
Palace midfielder Alex Marrow signs PNE loan deal for the remainder of the season(7)(6)


26 Jan 2012 16:47:03
What a load of BLLOCKS Peter Reid back at Cov...never in a million years...and Bobby Gould...are you on drugs? This has got to be a wind-up! PUSB - SOTV - CTID(8)(3)Small guys for a small club.... get the parachute ready


26 Jan 2012 16:34:59
Sourthampton to bid for Hooper again tomorrow(19)(20)Yeah, yeah... change the record! How many bids has that been..? 20plus? Accept itA really dont know why these rumours keep getting posted NOT FOR SALEGive it a break, its becoming ridiculous
Hooper is not for sale, period Lennon also said it would take silly money and Southampton do not have in excess of 10 mill to spend on a player, who does not want to leave Celtic and has no interest of joining SouthamptonThey will never sign hooperSaints fan here. I agree with these Celtic lads. Give it rest, they don't want to sell. Fair enough too. We do need a striker mind... Sordell would be nice.I wish they would move on and start talking nonsense about other signing players i dont know how much times LENNY HAS TO SAY NOT FOR SALE


26 Jan 2012 16:24:23
Any Birmingham City Rumours?(8)(15)Yes, you are the 4th biggest club in the midlands behind Villa, West Brom and Wolves.Heskey to sign week-endHeard your gearing up for a 2nd term in the championship5th behind walsall6th behind tamworthYeah,rumour has it there will be a lot more space in the changing rooms now all your players want to leave


26 Jan 2012 16:22:34
Sunderland will sign Nicky Maynard for 2.8m on a 3 and a half year contract and will also bring in Bolton's Kevin Davis for a nominal fee. He will sign an 18 month deal(17)(24)That might just dotill end of season hopefully still might need centre half and creative midfielderDavies maybe but not maynard already have better at clubKevin Davies, very probably, Maynard no chance!He is going to Wigan from a reading fanIf sunderland came in for maynard then he would come to us over wigan but I don't want him not good enough, davies till the end of the season would be good for usHes not good enough for the prem27 Jan 2012 11:36:56
All you Mackems that think Maynard is not good enough for you. Well worth a punt.


26 Jan 2012 16:15:54
Local sussex paper the argus is carrying a report stating brighton are set to sign falkirk defender Murray Wallace for £300k. Falkirk have given brighton permission to talk to the player it is expected once signed he will be loaned back to falkirk for the remainder of the season.(5)(4)This kid has a great futureAnd so are Huddersfield, Ipswich, all had bids of £300'000 accepted, just remains to see who he comes tooSays on SSN that he's also in talks with Ipswich and Huddersfield. All 3 clubs have had bids accepted so guess its down to personal terms now


26 Jan 2012 16:15:27
Leyton Orient captain Stephen Dawson going to Leeds for £200k and Leyton Orient centre back Cuthbert going to Bristol City for the same figure. Orient have signed 2 players to cover these positions(9)(6)I've not seen Stephen Dawson play, is he any good?I've heard this aswell. We've signed Soloman Taiwo and Dean Leacock as replacements. I'll be gutted when they go.Turned £300k down for DAWSON from Barnsley so he,s not going to Leeds for LESS money


26 Jan 2012 16:09:55
Celtic could be about to get on loan goal keeper Frazier Foster on a permanent deal as Necastle are about to accept a £ 2 M offer from Celtic(15)(5)Why,he is no goodCeltic have not got £2 million to buy anybody


26 Jan 2012 16:06:52
Gomes to qpr might happen qpr might bid 3.6 millionfor him(12)(12)I am Spurs fan and also close to several first team players who describle Gomes as such a lovely guy BUT a goalkeeper that puts them on tenderhooks everytime the balls near him ...he can save shots most keepers cant BUT he can also cost u 5 games a year through terrible mistakes . My value of him is 2 million topsKnowing Daniel Levy he will want a lot more than that!Hope not in Paddy I trustWill he bring the rest of the Addams family with him?Or tenterhooks even...


26 Jan 2012 16:00:40
Barnsley looking to make two permanent signings before
tuesdays deadline to add to loanees tonge/smith
source/ barnsley fc website(12)(5)Any rumours to who they are?you heard anything ed {Ed013's Note - No mate}


26 Jan 2012 15:51:23
Bournemouth Echo is running a story that Bournemoth have bid for Will Hoskins the Brighton and ex Bristol Rovers striker. Hoskins joined Brighton in the summer for a reported £500,000.(12)(10)Hey, Would be a great signing. However hes just said on twitter that he knows nothing about it...

Daily echo - Bournemouth no1 enemy .


26 Jan 2012 15:47:47
Reading FC Sign Jason Roberts on an 18 month deal, The royals have also confirming The signing of Tomasz Cywka until the end of the season. source - Reading fc official page/ facebook page(27)(5)True. Confirmed by DCFC


26 Jan 2012 15:36:44
Jason roberts has signed an 18 month contract with reading

Source: Reading fc website(23)(6)What for?Confused all the money reading now have and they sign roberts on a free you can see where they are going


26 Jan 2012 15:32:12
Out of favour WBA striker on his way to Swindon.(3)(24)Which out of favour striker,?
Willy Wonka/Arthur Scargill
Give us a clueWhich out of favour striker?It must be Coxy LOLThis is BS.... AS have all the stories on here this week, PDC can't bring anyone in until Kerouche, Esejas and Lanzano are off loaded, Kerouche and easyjet have been talking to other clubs but both are trying to get a payout from Town... PDC will sign a striker, it would have been this week but has been held up by the outbound moves, it will be a big signing...Some fans are so over imagined

What's next Messi to Reading LOL
Having said that they have the money LOL


26 Jan 2012 15:25:22
Brighton have accepted a few for Will Hoskins from Bournemouth, the few is yet to be announced but I've heard it's over £500k(9)(9)


26 Jan 2012 15:18:46
Southampton FC:

Have been told from a @source' within the club that Adkins is still trying to bring in Hooper from Celtic but won't pay over £6.25 million for him. If they fail to get him, then Saints will turn their attention to James McFadden on a loan deal until the end of the seaon.

Adkins is also keen to bring a centre back on loan with Seabourne, Jaidi, Fonte and now Hoovield all in the injury list/coming back from injury. Targets are Danny Higginbotham, Chris Baird or Carlos Cueller.

It was also said that the club had failed with bids for Stoke City goalkeeper Thomas Sorenson and Bolton midfielder Martin Petrov.

And with Puncheon now making his peace with the club, Lee and Falque signing, Barnard & Chaplow nearing fitness, there will probably be no more transfers in at the club during January except for the possibility of a defender (from the ones listed above) signing.(16)(18)We still need a CM/RM in, regardless of puncheon staying, we need something more on that wing. Falque will leave at the end of the season and best to get them now than a summer full of bidding warsYou can offer £10m for Hooper, he's not for sale.Seriously southampdon fans gary hooper is not for sale at any price. Celtic have said hands of and gary himself has stated that he is very happy at the club. why on earty would he want to leave celtic when they will be playing in the champions league as champions of scotland to join a team who if they get promoted will go straight back down. Sorry but hooper is to good for southaptomNo promotion this year not with our squad needed another good striker in August hope I'm wrong don't see us in the play offs to many hitting a good run our next 4 games will determingour season defo need another good striker good luck Saints for the run in gonna need it COYSYou wont get hooperHere we go again with the hooper nonsenceI bet he well is and it wont be more than 6.5mChaplow told fans on monday night, as he walked into the ground, that he was still 2 weeks away from playing. Thought Higginbottom was a midfielder not a CB, and cant see Baird coming back.Our squad is good enough as it is! When all of our players and key players at that are fit and back in the team we'll get back to winning ways! I personally wouldn't want hooper, only need a CB. Ill think you'll find Southampton is too good to have hooper, When we get back in the prem, that's where we'll stay!If you cant win games until you get players back surely that says your squad isn't good enough?

Hooper not good enough for saints? I think with that post you have shown yourself up as either someone who knows nothing about football or a standard Southampton fan (i.e. illusions vastly above your station).How do you loan a free agent?How is that saying our squad isn't good enough?! We have 5 first team starters out so of course it will affect us but wont stop us winning! What I was getting at was there's no need to keep on about Hooper not wanting to come to Saints, you can keep him, would much prefer Billy Sharp tbh.Uusally saints rubbish on here


26 Jan 2012 15:15:56
Reading holding a news conference later on today, it is expected to be the unveiling of two new signings, Jason Roberts and Tomasz Cywka both on one year contracts(12)(3)


26 Jan 2012 14:53:02
Stephen Dobbie to Blackpool.(14)(6)I do hope thats true , ive not heard anything , he is a really good player/bloke.



26 Jan 2012 14:47:25
!!! News flash Reading have called for press conference later today !!! Mr Reading(13)(2)


26 Jan 2012 14:46:09
paul lambert to sign 1 more player on loan watch(18)(2)Who do ya know, could be true, may not be.Micheal chopra from ipswich saw him in kfc chappelfields


26 Jan 2012 14:40:28
Chesterfield to sign doncasters Hater on loan till end of the season(0)(9)


26 Jan 2012 14:28:28
Jason Roberts undergoing a medical at Reading but he maybe signing on a permanent deal now !! not loan you herd it here first people Mr Reading(19)(9)I heard this on tuesday, keep up.I like that you think your the all knowing oracle, when i read the same thing on the BBC website.Confirmed:

Jason Roberts has signed an 18-month contract at Madejski Stadium; the terms of the transfer remain undisclosed.

Source - Reading Official WebsiteAll over SSN18 month deal done. reading also signed Tomasz Cywka today


26 Jan 2012 14:18:05
blackpool making a stance bye telling bolton , matty philliphs isnt for sale! pool rejected an 800,000 bid from cardiff. please no more bids , we need are better players for play-off push!
good to see charlie playing better for liverpool !

maximus(11)(8)Dobbie is coming back to Blackpool then hopefully one or two more players.Phillips wants to join Norwich, to work under Sir Paul again he doesn't want to stay at ac club that can't even get 12,000 for a home game."Where are you"......"lets be hav'in you"....makes me wet myself everytime I hear may have a 20,000 crowd at Carrow road....but even Delia Smith thinks your support is cr#p....shame we wont meet next season when your back in the Championship and were playing in the prem.The Cardiff bid was £500k not £800k


26 Jan 2012 14:05:29
Crystal Palace are set to sign Matt Tubbs(8)(19)I hope this is true and matty tubbs gets the move,he used to play for my local team (salisbury) till around the time i moved up north and iv always kept an eye on how salisbury are doin and matty aswell. would b chuffed for him hes a good lad.
bulford-widnes ozy


26 Jan 2012 14:05:01
Reading called press conference for this afternoon. Announcement of signings of roberts/cykwa/osborne. Take your pick.

Source: Reading facebook page.(14)(3)


26 Jan 2012 14:03:52
forest to loose mcgugan,chambers and gunter to premier league clubs leaving players like morgan to force through his move to leicester and cohen,majewski also set to move, next preston...?(6)(11)Cohen is out for the seasonHopefullyDid you mean lose? If Forest can offload these players for the reported £8-10m then we have a great opportunity to re-build and the future looks bright, especially with the fantastic crop of kids in the Academy.


26 Jan 2012 13:58:24
Reading are set to unveil Jason Roberts (Blackburn), Tomasz Cywka (Derby), Karl Osborne (Brentford) and Jordan Rhodes (Huddersfield) in a press conference at 4pm.(8)(25)Jordan Rhodes right at the end...As an after thought.......LOLGuess wat everyone. READING "have not" unveiled RHODES in a press conference at 4pm. NO real suprise there then. AG


26 Jan 2012 13:47:47
Inverness Caledonian Thistle midfielder Lee Cox has been interesting Swindon Town. A bid was turned down from them recently.(14)(2)


26 Jan 2012 13:46:38
The cherries are chasing Beavon from the Chairboys... £250k bid turned down earlier today (SkySports reporting)(7)(3)Although Wycombe are in a relegation battle and have been poor most games this season, especially at home, Stuart Beavon (along with GK Nikki Bull) has been our outstanding player and is the club's top scorer. I hope we don't sell him, at least not until summer.
I just can't see any offer below £500k minimum being considered unless the chairman is already accepting the prospect of relegation beck to L2. Hope we can keep SB long term, or if there's a very good offer, use the funds to bring in a quality replacement for the "Beaver".


26 Jan 2012 13:41:25
Leeds defender Ben Parker signs for Carlisle, initially on a months loan.
Out of contract at Leeds at the end of the season so might become permanent if it all works out.(9)(3)Never lived up to expectation to injury prone at 24 just not championship standard


26 Jan 2012 13:33:34
rumours has it that west ham are to settle with cole and baldock as the men to fir them to promotion but Mcgugan and snodgrass are being lined up as the men to provide the midfield goals. A bid
for Mcgugan believed to be in the region
of £2m has been tabled which forest
are talking over, and £5m tabled for snodgrass(12)(22)I really hope this is true, all drive the lazy git from Nottingham to London myself if they've offered £2m.


26 Jan 2012 13:25:10
roberts nodgrass £5m to west ham(15)(29)No chanceMmm, could happen, but certainly not until the summer. You should do more research; Leeds are not selling any more this window, only loaning.
wallyI think there is every chance at £5M, probably just before window ends (no doubt Bates will blame the player for wanting to leave) because he has not proved yet he can play at premier level, hence Norwich not going higher than £3.5M last summer.Im a leeds fan and if the right price came in im sure the would accept so this bull about not selling is pointless as everyone has a price thats too good to refuseWest ham aint got 5 million


26 Jan 2012 13:21:15
Luke Summerfield is set to sign for Tranmere Rovers. It has been confirmed by Tranmere manager Les Parry that Summerfield has agreed to sign a 2 year contract with the club. The midfielder is set to be announced Friday lunch time.(4)(3)


26 Jan 2012 13:16:13
AFC Wimbledon have signed Jason prior from Bognor Regis



26 Jan 2012 13:15:31
Chelsea are closing in on William
we are seling Jacob Mellis to palace(8)(3)Who the hell is this william guy they keep talking about, never heard about him


26 Jan 2012 13:07:50
Bournemouth have now agreed a fee with Brighton for Will Hoskins..... Player could now talk personal terms

Charlie(15)(7)Brighton accept Cherries bid for Hoskins... listed on AFCB vital siteThis is now posted on the Daily Echo site...


26 Jan 2012 13:03:16
Is the billy paynter thing happening or not?(5)(10)I hope so what eva it is i support leeds and paynter cant hit the goal in championshipWhat thing with Billy PaynterFor who?Hopefully to Swindon on loan with a view to perma in the summer - probably 400,000 would seal itHow many times to Leeds fans need to be told Paynter is not a championship player hes a L1 player and when Leeds took him from us they were over the moon but we all knew he was a L1 level player which if he works with a good partner is a good player. He is a target man and him and Austin scored 40 plus goals between them.Leeds wanted 250,00 in summer but brighton only offered 150,000Apparently he must wear red socks if you want him to score, otherwise he is just 'barn-door billy' as he has affectionately become known as. Leeds, Brighton, Hull and Swindon fans can confirm this. Leeds signed him cos Swindon did occasionally play in white and it was hoped he could make a full transition to white on a regular basis, but sadly it was not to be...

Good luck Billy where ever you go ;-)


26 Jan 2012 12:43:48
Following National press reports local Sussex paper the Argus is also carrying a report saying that a bid from Brighton for about £300,000 has been accepted by Falkirk and they have permission to talk to the Player. Part of the deal seems to include Brighton loaning back Wallace to Falkirk for the rest of the season.(3)(7)


26 Jan 2012 12:42:04
Brighton and Hove Albion are to sign Falkirk defender Murray Wallace for £300k. Once signed he will be sent back to Falkirk on loan untill end of season.(6)(6)Bid also accepted by two other clubsIncluding Ipswich but who on earth would want to sign for them?And Norwich but he wouldnt get a game, so why would he sign for a crud team like narrwich


26 Jan 2012 12:37:30
Walsall to wrap up 4 signings by Friday 5pm. These include Carl Cort, Danny Webber, Darren Carter and Marc Bridge Wilkinson.

All will sign six month contracts with another year in the clubs favour.(3)(12)


26 Jan 2012 12:37:19
Stoke to test Cardiff's resolve with a 5 million bid for Peter Whittingham, know he's playing in the middle at moment but, Tony Pulis is looking for a left sided player in the window.(10)(21)Left sided player
probably why you dont stand a
chance getting him thenHope its true need some competition for on the left etherington gone of the boil last few weeksWhittingham will not leave with LCF at Wembly coming up and a real chance to get promoted with Cardiff this season.Firstly whitts is not 6ft 4ins tall cannot jump 6ft dosn't throw the ball 30ft and dosn't hoof the ball so why would pulis want to sign a talented player..end ofOff the boil for a few weeks hes done sod all ..all season since he got injured last year and came back hes not the same playerNot a chance cardiff will go up this season and he could be playing in europe lol and stoke would give him triple what he earns nowNo chance & bid not welcome, Whitts is a bluebird, FACT & he does wot he wantsAnd you know that how? My bet is that he would swap a Carling Cup runners up medal and a semi final play off defeat for the Prem any day. He's no Etherington but reasonable squad cover but think Stoke can get FAR better if needed.


26 Jan 2012 12:35:46
Barnsley set to signn qprs clint hill till end of the season(10)(5)Can play at left back a position where we lack competition, experienced could be a good signingKeith Hill has stated in his press conference this morning that 2 will be signing permanently so can't see this myself


26 Jan 2012 12:35:07
Arshavin to Qpr
Gomes to Qpr
Danny rose to go on loan to west ham(5)(32)Really hope not to both players mentioned with QPRDream on, if they go they'll go to a footballing club. Arshavin going to a club that will be relegated! Most absurd thing I've read on this site yetRelegated? Er... I think you need a rethink there, dear. Let's face it, without RVP, Arsenal have nothing. And without SWP making a mistake, you would have drawn nil-nil at home to QPR. Frankly, I'd stick a fair amount on the Arsenal finishing mid-table when RVP leaves. It is screamingly apparent that you are all living on a reputation established by Les Invincibles and have very little else to commend you. A 'footballing team'? Try Citeh or Spuds as they are the only two in the EPL at the minute.


26 Jan 2012 12:32:38
Reading youngster Jacob Walcott will link up with FC Utrecht next week after being offered a trial by the Eredivisie club.

The 20-year-old Royals trainee, the cousin of England and Arsenal winger Theo, spent time on loan in Holland last season with Telstar.

The forward will now return to the Netherlands to train with the Utrecht reserves and could join the club on a free transfer.

Utrecht technical director Foeke Booy told Voetbal International: "We weren't looking for attacking reinforcements but we will see if this player can enhance the squad.

"He won't cost anything as he is available on a free transfer." Mr Reading(10)(5)


26 Jan 2012 12:25:45
Rumour has it that, although he claims not to be a "wheeler dealer", Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp is lining up a £5m deal for one of the players that he has dragged around from club to club with him(10)(11)Which one...His defence atourney?


26 Jan 2012 12:21:42
Walsall fc to sell manny smith to Watford for £250k, David weir to sign as his short term Replacement(3)(10)I'm a Walsall fan, we seem to be feeder club to Watford they already brought Rene Gilmartin and Troy Deeney from us...and we can't afford to sell defenders as we have a proneness of them getting sent off! deluded!Why on earth would we want a defender who is only third choice at Walsall?3rd choice? he has been in outstanding form and played pretty much all season!


26 Jan 2012 12:12:08
keane is considering a permanent move back to the BPL after recent performances(6)(20)He only played 1 game and scored 2 goals, jumping the gun abit thereNo he is not! why lie?Such BS villa fans would like 2 think that he would stay there, but as he KEANE already said living it good in america! and gettin games ahead of his countries euro championshipsPerformances is plural, he played just one game so far, he did not perform well when at Celtic, so I am not sure there would be many takers at his wage demands.


26 Jan 2012 12:10:31
Roberts has fallen out of favour with Rovers following a contract disupute at Ewood Park.

The 33-year-old has played just 12 games for the Premier League strugglers this season and he has not featured since the defeat to West Brom on December 17.

Reading boss Brian McDermott is in the market for striking reinforcements and he refused to rule out a move for Roberts earlier this week.

McDermott, who is expected to have funds available to spend following the investment of Thames Sports Investment, has now made his move and is believed to have agreed a fee with Blackburn for the Grenada international.

Roberts is now holding talks and undergoing a medical at the Madejski Stadium as he weighs up a move to the Championship.(11)(4)


26 Jan 2012 12:08:03
Posted a while back regarding Tubbs to Bournemouth and that personal terms were agreed... but it appears Crawley have knocked back another offer from AFCB as they are holding out for there valuation of 410k.

Charlie(3)(12)Daily Echo today reports another £500k bid was rejected by Crawley for Tubbs... not worth it. Concentrate that money on a Champ striker.


26 Jan 2012 12:02:20
a number of premier league sides are waying up a cheeky bid for Darcy Blake afer his impressive man of the match perfomance in the semi final of the carling cup(4)(12)Heard a rumour on this too! possibly West Brom, Ipswich or Bolton



26 Jan 2012 11:59:00
Tottenham have apparently made a bid worth around £9m for the newcastle keeper Krul(18)(23)They dont need another gk :LKrul will not move anywhere from Newcastle until maybe the summer. Newcastle couldnt afford to let him go as Fraser Forster looks set to go to Celtic. Rumours increasing about Hangeland coming to toon.Where have you herd this as i am sure Newcastle put a 12 million tab on himDont you meand Kruger as in Freddy? We wont sign him price to much as Newcastle slapped a 12 Million price tag on him plus his to young we only like oap'sIt is a 15 mil price tag and newcasle will never sell him atmNewcastle said over 16m for him so dream on he is the second best keeper in the league behind joe hart. So if manu payed over 20m for there keeper who is shocking krul is worth more.Krul is one of the prems best keepers. You would need to pay at least 20 mil to buy him. Spurs are skintos until they sell Modric to Manu or Manc.


26 Jan 2012 11:58:10
Blackburn striker Jason Roberts is having a medical at Reading.(5)(5)


26 Jan 2012 11:46:46
any news on saints latest interests please ?(6)(7)Dont think were sign anyone else ,cortese is so tight with money very similar to rupert loweDidn't want to think that but reckon you're right,God I hope we don't blow it now,would be false economy,have to wait,see,and hope.There are similarities to Lowe, He wont pay massive wages for a start.

But Lowe would have signed 4 or 5 nobodies to bolster the squad by now, as well as selling Lallana and probably Lambert by now. The fact that we are operating at a profiit would also have meant that there would be large dividends with which Lowe sould have purchased more of the club.

Also if you havent noticed we have no debt, have the best striker in the division and are in the top two. We have a good manager. We havent employed a rugby coach or fielded a team based on what bonuses we can afford. Or offered a promising young payer 4k a week after paying him £400 for the last year.

Im sure there are other things but lets get things in perspective a little pleaseI don't think cortese is tight like loweDont think we will sign anybody else but i dont really care.
Ok so we arent playing too well at the mo but im happy - top two - hope we can stay there but if not then we can go for it next year.
PS - dont want hooper or maynard or sharp so all you anti saints can keep it shut


26 Jan 2012 11:41:28
The Only Way Is Bolton Tim Ream Signs For Bolton(12)(8)


26 Jan 2012 11:37:43
Jose Mourinho's position as coach of Real Madrid under pressure amid reports linking Arsenal manager with Bernabeu hot seat.(12)(21)


26 Jan 2012 11:27:31
All of this stuff about Whittingham? he Is not leaving, Cardiff is his club and he is enojying it.(14)(15)Told you that himself did he?I love it when some claim to know what players think etc. I'm sure Whittingham would be off as soon as a Prem club jumps in. Stoke rumoured but not sure he's good enough. Would be an ok squad player for them.Well he does have a final at wembley to look forward to.Yep he has that runners up medal to cherish


26 Jan 2012 11:27:30
heard that kevin davies could be on his way to sunderland, were prepared to offer him a permanent deal unlike other clubs only offering a loan deal(23)(11)


26 Jan 2012 11:27:22
Crystal Palace have agreed a £1.5m fee with Bristol City for Nicky Maynard, assuming the contract offered is successful he will become a Palace player in the next couple of days.

Palace have also enquired about Tyrone Barnett should the Maynard deal fall through(6)(36)Palace don't have the money.West Ham United had a 3m bid turned down earlier in the transfer window i doubt they will sell him for that, and why would he go to Crystal Palace?The muppet that said palace don't have the money. Palace's owners are worth a combined 500 million. But facts are we don't want Maynard and he wouldn't want to join us even if we did


26 Jan 2012 11:15:51
Leeds are unlikely to spend in the transfer window although Bates has confirmed that loan deals remain probable.

Norwich may be back, this time for Snodgrass, for a fee of about £3 million. Again, proven right about the £2 million fee - mainly installments and clauses for Howson and again right about Leeds not immediately investing.

The fee for Snodgrass will be broken down in a similar fashion, with £1.5 million paid over 9 months and £1.5 million in clauses.

Clayton may go as well but more likely to move in the summer(17)(17)Blah,blah,blah..............yawn...tired.Snodgrass is a target for Reading according to local radio this morning. £2m up front, more on promotion and Premier League survival.Can we play 11 loan plyers.We will not sell any more players unless its a ridiculous offer. £2m for snodgrass is ridiculous...but not the right kind of ridiculous!Norwich maybe back but i think u will find the offer will be 5 mil + as he as 18 months left on contractWhy are people still putting Snodgrass to Norwich rumours on this site.

We signed Pilkington in his position and he has been outstanding, we also have Andrew Surman who can play in a similar position, we don't need Snodgrass and will not be going back for him now or in the summer, unless we sell Pilkington to Liverpool or Tottenham both rumoured to be watching his progress.Snodgrass will not go to Norwich, he states he wants to improve his career, not go backwardsHe's going backwards at poor poor leeds haha0% finance? Paying in installments?
You re a genius?
Do you also want to buy a new sofa? You don t need to pay anything until Xmas 2013.
Brilliant, you are very funny.
1,2,3 now your back in the room.
Let the grown ups talk, you go back to your world cup wall chart.Leeds just rejected a 4m pound offer for snodgrass from west ham....why in all that is holy would leeds accept 3m?


26 Jan 2012 11:10:52
Notts Forest - Wes Morgan has demanded a move away from Forest.

With financial restrictions at the City Ground, Morgan is likely to be allowed to move to Leicester for a fee of about £1 million.

Leicester are keen to take advantage by offering £500,000 for the player, with the rest in clauses.(12)(11)Not strictly true - Morgan has REQUESTED PERMISSION to talk to Leicester, he hasn't "demanded" anything, he's under contract after all. Forest have rejected two bids from Leicester, the last being £600k.Forest are holding out for £1m cash, so they can re-invest. This this deal will be done in the next couple of days.Good i hope he goes to Leicester, then we can have St Ledger at Ipswich COYB


26 Jan 2012 11:10:26
Any REAL Cardiff City Rumours?(2)(10)Yes, we are signing craig noone, and also we have been looking at the highly rated korean superstar kim jung woo from jeonbuk hyundai motorsThey are the third biggest club in Wales.I hear mackie is still on the cards, but unlikely now as reading are showing alot of interest with their new money, and apparently we have enquired to wolves about ebanks blake on loan and michael kightlyYes, you are going to get spanked at Wembley.Ha always jacks on every cardiff thread Get over us 3rd biggest club in wales how do you measure that .
3rd biggest attendence (no)
3rd most trophys (no)
3rd thumbs (oh no thats you jacks)Only one mate... heard liverpool are staying at the celtic manor the night before the final gonna follow the cardiff team bus up as they havent a clue how to get to wembley ! blllleeeewwwbirds


26 Jan 2012 10:55:33
Us Supporters at Southend had a forum last night with Director Gary Lockett and Manager Paul Sturrock. We've been assured YET AGAIN we are NOT selling our KEY players in the closing days of this window. Afterwards I personally spoke to Mr Lockett and got him to assure me another half a dozen times that we are NOT selling important players. His Answers? we are NOT selling important ones in this window. So anyone posting on here that we are going to are from this moment on talking a load of Rubbish. Just like the Kane to Ipswich or Millwall or Palace and Mohsni to Ipswich or Ryan Hall stories are exactly that.(4)(2)It is ok for them to say that, but if someone comes win with a big enough offer, then the player will be sold.Every player has got a value and if a buying club meets that valuation then the player is offski.No one will be sold,

Not this window, no one has a value because there priceless.

Were much better nowadays money wise so no need to sell for no reason.

So off with you.Are u that stupid thinking that a club can keep a player who wishes to move on to a bigger club?? 99% of low division players have big club release clauses anyway and how could southend turn down 3m for one of there players ..Dor you really think they are going to tell YOU, your asking means nothing


26 Jan 2012 10:40:21
The deal for Swindon to sign Matt Tubbs is still on. Paolo Di Canio is waiting to off load some players before he can complete the deal.(7)(11)Why would Tubbs play for a lesser side when he could play at a higher level? Swindon fans really need to wake up and realise how small you are now.A rather jealous comment there! I'm a Swindon fan and no, I don't think we would get Tubbs to join us when there are Championship/League 1 clubs looking at him. But to say we are a lesser club than Crawley is ridiculous, 12 points behind you a couple of months ago, 1 defeat in 22 games, imagine what the points gap will be by May?Think Swindon are on the way back up to Division 1 and playing well with a decent side but it wont be with Tubbs. And thats from an Oxford supporter


26 Jan 2012 10:20:38
rumour has it a press call at 2pm
st marys to announce the signing of billy sharp to saints(5)(24)Rumour has it your a liar ,but i hope your notHe's at Hogwood discussing terms with Reading today. Source: BBC Radio Berks. Deal not complete yet.Lol all the wannabe dreamers making it up as they go along. The last player to be at every club in the country at the same time was Wayne Routledge during the summer. Why not stop with the wet dreams and just see what happens without making yourselves look dumb(er)Every Thursday at 2pm Saints hold a press conference to discuss the weekend fixture coming upNearley 2pm mate hope your not full of shotTo unveil Tadanari leeNo your not


26 Jan 2012 10:06:41
£1.7mil for Maynard and you could have taken £6mil from Leicester 5 months ago, decision from some berk that was, whose your company accountant.. DELBOY?(12)(8)You cant force a player to move if he doesnt want to go. They could have offered 20 mill, it wouldnt have made a difference. He didnt want to go to them."Bristol City will not sell Maynard to another Championship club" - ring any bells? Lovin the U-turns now, all of a sudden it's Maynard who didn't want to leave, oh, and all of a sudden, Maynard is crap! This time last year he was the messiah, what happened there then?Can't for the life of me think why but Leicester fans sound very bitter these daysSmart move by Bristol City accepting £1.7 Leicester City offered £ 6.0 whose your chairman Mickey Mouse.Im a leicester fan, whoever said no to maynard thank you so much he was rubbish 2 years ago, 12 months ago & is still rubbish today fact, we're not bitter we want the best for our club & not some rip off striker who will only give us what we already have or lessAlso a leicester fan, so glad bristol city turned down our bid. hes crap!! only stands out at bristol cos the teams worse!!


26 Jan 2012 09:45:25
Martin Baylis is in talks with Man Utd on becoming their new Kit man. Sir Alex belives that with this new signing the club would become more efficent and players would have cleaner kits.(12)(12)I heard that he was going to get Trevor Baylis to design a wind up boot cleaner?


26 Jan 2012 09:45:09
Danny Rose To Leeds United On Loan(21)(20)Unlikely unless Spurs sign a new left back or maybe sign Vertonghen who can play left back, because with Bale playing an attacking role it leaves BAE as the only lb should Rose go on loan


26 Jan 2012 09:44:59
Leandro Damiao is off to Tottenham, having medical tomorrow. Played his last game yesterday scoring the winner.(21)(16)Really hope so. Would be another great signing. Champions League here we come.If this happened it would be absolutely amazing. Massive coup, considering who he was linked with


26 Jan 2012 09:44:09
news coming out of villa park, aston villa are going to sign

ruud van nistelrooy till the end of the season
also late bid for agent ridgewell from small heath
also swap deal on the cards before the end of the window

james collins plus cash for scott dann of blackburn(2)(24)Ha you gotta laugh at villa fans. they even think they're still a big clubYou some Newcastle or Sunderland fan thats never won fck all?Liverpool. hows that for fck all. van nistelrooy, as if


26 Jan 2012 09:36:24
Peter Whittingham will not be leaving this transfer window, the club will onlyy accept bids upwards of 7 million pound, he is devoted to his club and is enjoying his time there(18)(17)He is devoted to his club......:-) Love it when some make this stuff up....he loves the club etc.

He may well do................until a better one comes along.


26 Jan 2012 09:35:58
Arsenal FC are in talks with 17 year old Adam Lee. Lees current club Weston-S-Mare are willing to sell Lee with a price tag worth 100K.Arsene Wenger has seen the potential in the youngster and believes that he can become one of the greats at the club.(6)(14)


26 Jan 2012 09:32:47
QPR are set to place a bid worth around £4.6 million for the Tottenham winger Steven Pienaar. Also it looks like they have interest in the Striker Jermain Defoe(22)(16)I have heard about this too, wonder whether it will happen?It wont happenAll that money for Pienaar, gimme gimme. JD does not want to be relegated, on ladies. QPR can't sign named players coz they're gonna drop. End of rumour.Too much money for Pienaar, I may be optimistic but I recon we will stay up and improve next season so it could be a good move for Defoe but Harry/Del Boy will ask far too much money for himLooks like Harry will be doing his business from a different type of window soon


26 Jan 2012 09:29:35
Kim jung woo is set to be leaving Jeonam hyundai motors after only being there for a short while because of issues with his team mates, it is said that there is interest in the Npower championship(5)(10)Its jeonbuk, but yeh, i have heard about this too. he is a korean superstar so i dont see why not


26 Jan 2012 09:27:26
KRUL to sign for tottenham for 8.5 mill plus add-on(19)(28)He is very much the keeper Spurs want for the future but on current form Barcodes would want more than that. I can see something being agreed for summer though if they can agree a priceWould be a great signing for the future. Think the fee will be more likely to be between £12m - £15mBest keeper in the uk and I think we will pay 17m to 22m well worth it


26 Jan 2012 09:24:29
Liam Ridgwell will go to West Brom in next couple of days. Joe Mattock plus cash will go the other way.(23)(7)+ a bag of liquorice allsorts.Thank god for that,he hasnt been playing anyway.


26 Jan 2012 09:19:29
Elliott grandin sold to nice for 750k Blackpool trying to replace him with prestons paul coutts but had a 450k offer turned down forcing the player to hand in a transfer request. Blackpool expect to tie him up for around 650-750k(5)(11)


26 Jan 2012 09:06:56
Falkirk central defender Murray Wallace is understood to be one of the five players the Blues have targeted with a bid for the highly-rated 19-year-old believed to have been turned down. Brighton have had an offer of £300,000 accepted, according to national newspaper reports this morning, with the Blues, Swansea, Charlton, Norwich, Newcastle and Huddersfield all said to have watched the former Rangers trainee in action over the Christmas period.

The central defender made his Bairns debut in August three years after joining them after his release from Ibrox and has impressed in his 21 senior starts and two sub appearances, scoring two goals.

Brighton are reportedly trying to complete the deal as soon as possible in order to prevent other clubs from gazumping them and are willing to loan the left-sided defender back to the Scottish First Division side for the rest of the season.(9)(2)I wonder who these blues are?Well he certainly wont want to join Norwich he want's to make progress not go backwards COYB


26 Jan 2012 09:03:31
Falkirk central defender Murray Wallace is understood to be one of the five players the Blues have targeted with a bid for the highly-rated 19-year-old believed to have been turned down. Brighton have had an offer of £300,000 accepted, according to national newspaper reports this morning, with the Blues, Swansea, Charlton, Norwich, Newcastle and Huddersfield all said to have watched the former Rangers trainee in action over the Christmas period.

The central defender made his Bairns debut in August three years after joining them after his release from Ibrox and has impressed in his 21 senior starts and two sub appearances, scoring two goals.

Brighton are reportedly trying to complete the deal as soon as possible in order to prevent other clubs from gazumping them and are willing to loan the left-sided defender back to the Scottish First Division side for the rest of the season.(3)(3)


26 Jan 2012 08:57:24


26 Jan 2012 08:56:25
Onouha currently in London and will sign for QPR if he accepts wages of around 35k. Diakite well according to him and his agent is also on his way on loan with view to a permanent transfer in the summer. Henrique, due to the loan deal falling through the teams are looking at whether or not this can go through on a permanent deal although most of the noise appears to be coming out of South America about this. One more attempt to sign Samba may be attempted, Samba is doing what he can to push a transfer out of Blackburn but they are not so happy about letting him go, and to be honest neither would I considering the length of contract he signed not so long ago. Victor Moses, Rodallega, half the Spurs squad (with Harry's interesting valuations) some other lads playing in the African Nations, pretty much anyone who has any chance of moving also linked to us (yep I'm bored sh!tless with most of them too) less than a week to go of this insanity.(14)(4)


26 Jan 2012 08:54:44
David Cotterill's trial with Leicester has finished and he is now linking up for a week trial with Reading.(10)(6)


26 Jan 2012 08:45:56
Watford to get arsenals sanchaz watt on loan till the end of the season & watford will sign shrewsburys james collins for 500k(9)(9)That is possibleWatt will sign for crawley town


26 Jan 2012 08:45:08
Get Real To get moses and diame QPR would have to give around 8million + player .(3)(8)You don't know anything at all.


26 Jan 2012 08:42:12
Reading have opened talks with Colchester to sign John Joe O'Toole.(5)(11)Hope so great player far too good for league 1 but always seems injured or banned


26 Jan 2012 08:15:40
Reading have signed Tomasz Cywka from Derby on a one year deal with option to extend by a year, for a nominal fee believed to be around £20,000.(14)(10)Reading are going to pay Derby for a player they don't even own anymore? How nice of them!He was sold as a free transfer


26 Jan 2012 08:15:12
Ipswich Town have put in bids for 5 players in the past 24 hours, 3 believed to be from Portsmouth, including Joel Ward and Jason Pearce.(16)(5)One is definately richard head from aussie side melbourne and hear another is simon milton


26 Jan 2012 08:09:47
Thomas Cwyka To Have medical at Reading today. Meanwhile Jason roberts looks likely to Join the berkshire team on loan, billy sharp may be a candidate to join the Royals to.(14)(5)


26 Jan 2012 08:09:34
Cottenham U15 player Stephen Wilson on trial with Cambridge United.(2)(10)


26 Jan 2012 07:40:34
Reading have accepted a six figure bid from Swinedon for forward Matthieu Manset. The move is due to be completed before the weekend.(11)(6)Manset could top your goal scoring charts with 1 goal


26 Jan 2012 07:02:42
Reading fc sign Karleigh Osborne from brentford and Jason Roberts from blackburn

Sharp or Novak could be next(12)(14)


26 Jan 2012 07:01:42
Free Agent Michael McIndoe training with Preston North End at Springfields to maintain his fitness and potentially earn a contract with the League One giant.(8)(9)How do you know this as the training ground is not open to the fans anymore


26 Jan 2012 05:49:35
Spurs to sell Rafael Van der Vaart to Man U in summer for an estimated 15M to make way for the arrival of Kaka from Real Madrid in a 25M deal(12)(35)VDV was bought for £8m & Man U could have bought him at £7m and they said they did not want him.
why on earth would they pay £15m now!?They would pay that now because we, unlike Madrid, are not trying to sell him.

Not only that, but his reputation has only gone up since he signed, based on that little thing called performance...They would the OP is no more than a fool.Well im suprised its that much? weve seen how daniel makes a mug out of fergie when it comes to buying our players! im sure daniel could squeeze another £5 mill on top of that!!!He won't leave, he is too important to the clubTotal nonsense Spurs could never afford kakas wages ..the endUtter bcks. try againVDV won't leave and Kaka won't come. Cool story bro but it needs a dragon or something


26 Jan 2012 05:43:25
In the EP Today.

City yesterday declined to give Wigan's claims credence by refusing to comment on them.

Meanwhile, the Evening Post can reveal that Martinez did speak to both McInnes and Maynard on Monday evening and the two clubs did discuss a fee.(7)(2)Its wigan trying to stop a Bidding war


26 Jan 2012 05:26:21
celtic to sign artjoms rudnevs for 2 mil from lech poznan before end of window(4)(14)Might get him for 22.


26 Jan 2012 04:51:13
Alexander Hleb to Liverpool/Qpr ?
Nikica Jelavic to West Ham
Mame Biram Diouf to Everton/Wigan
Luuk De Jong to Liverpool ?
Nedum Onouha to Qpr
Dede to Man.Utd ?
Theo Walcott to Psg ?
Aiden McGeady to Liverpool
Kevin Davies to Wolves ?
Man.Utd failed to land Shedan Xhaqiri
Ravel Morrison to Newcastle
Adil Rami to Man.Utd/Psg ?
Jan Vertonghen to Man.Utd ?
Rafael Van Der Vaart to Man.Utd
Tomas Rosicky to leave Arsenal
Neil Taylor to Arsenal ?
Arsene Wenger to Real Madrid ?
Florent Malouda to Arsenal
Mauricio Isla to Liverpool
Clint Dempsey to Liverpool
Esteban Granero to Liverpool(21)(40)2 or 3 maybe

the rest...

better luck next timeJust less than half of these i would say are trueActually the same person who first said that Anelka would go to China has claimed that they have asked about Dempsey.


26 Jan 2012 01:30:41
Coventry City midfielder Gael Bigirimana is close to joining league one side Walsall on a one month loan after falling down the pecking order at the ricoh(3)(16)Yes, right. We are down to the bare minimum with midfield so Thorn sends him away. He sends Mcpake away to free up money but Bigi isn't earning much anyway.Bigi will never join walsall


26 Jan 2012 01:17:59
Qpr could offer Wigan 5millon and tommy simth for victor Moses n diame(8)(20)


26 Jan 2012 00:53:20
Stephen Hughes to aberbeen(14)(5)


26 Jan 2012 00:37:09
Adam matthews -liverpool -8million
Gary hooper -aston villa -8million
Ki -qpr -6million
Samaras -palermo -2.5million
Forrest -tottenham -11million
Emilio -man u -9million
Forster -celtic -2million
Rhodes -qpr -7million
David weir -Scunthorpe -free
Jelavic -southampton 6.5million
Transfers in january and the summer(7)(59)Hi!
Forrest is an unproven player for the premiership level. He is not worth 11 mil.
Ki is a joke qpr bosses have no brain,if they will invest in a player,who is average in the scottish pl.Sooooo...celtic are selling 6 first team players with less than a week to go in the transfer window, whilst chasing the treble?

sober up!AVFC & QPR are the wrong way round mate.
Doubt Ki can leave now when Yeung is out injured for the season!Get a grip sally and maybe worry about your own sht team rather than tryin tae make us look unsettledWhere do these actually come from. Things liek Southampton getting jelavic...we havent been linked with him at all. Only club linked is West Ham, and thats most likely a publicity stuntFair enough Forrest is unproven at prem level. But so is a lot of unproven players who come in and play well. How can you get proven if you haven't played in the league. Got to start somewhere.
Ki is a great player you obviously don't watch him much.


26 Jan 2012 00:35:03
Qpr deal for wigans victor moses(8)(17)


26 Jan 2012 00:28:22
Celtic have failed in a bid to take Kenwyne Jones on loan.. an english based agent asked on behalf of Celtic but was told he will not be leaving in a loan deal. Jones has recently fell down the pecking order at the Britania.(20)(8)


26 Jan 2012 00:13:40
Just heard from a good source Arsenal are trying to sign 3 players within next few days 1 striker 1 midfielder and a full back(5)(20)Leaving it nice and late as usual



26 Jan 2012 00:07:00
Ipswich town to tighten the belts this window and PJ told to make do with what he has. The board are becoming worried that the club will spiral down into L1 and are not prepared to spend. As in the manner the club avoided the owed money to local business last time the board will need all the support they can get from the local business.(10)(8)Hmmmm dont think so. 5 bids in at the min doesnt suggest that.I think above post is bull#hit, i know they have had couple of bids for portsmouth players turned down. Im a norwich fan so i dont cate what happens to them. I hope that they are not going down same line of over spending witch put them on brink before. U would of thought they would have learnt ist time


26 Jan 2012 00:01:50
Any truth in kris boyd signing for rangers or any other signings (ed) {Ed001's Note - I haven't a clue what is happening with Boyd, I have not heard of any firm interest in him, yet. Free agents only tend to be picked up once the window closes anyway.}(1)(6)McCoist will sell McGregor the human fly trap, Whittaker, Naismith and Jelavic to fund Kris Boyd's Monster Munch habit.



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