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To the Evertonian who said that Moyes wouldn't leave Everton as he's an 'Ambitious Manager'. If he's so ambitious why he is he managing a boring, defensive mid–table team who never win anything? Doesnt matter what you think of the SPL, its a way into the Champs League. So Everton struggle all year to get to the Intertoto cup and Celtic stroll into the Champions league where Moyes could get to pit his wits against the best managers in Europe. Why would Celtic/Rangers want to join the Premiership? Take out the games involving the top 4 and the game's are dull and boring. Wigan v Bolton anyone? Zzzzzz
  If arsenal don't complete the arsharvin switch, then marcus senn is a possible target
  Wolves could make a loan switch for michael chopra and sign him permenatly if they go up
  To all in doubt of the Arshavin to Arsenal deal, it is still very likely to happen. Zenit will conclude their decision process (which apparently takes 4 days) early this week, and by listening to what Zenit manager and Arshavin's agent are saying, this deal will go through, as Zenit will not get more than what Arsenal are offering for Arshavin and Arshavin will strike and buy out his contract if Zenit do not sell. This would result in Zenit getting far less than he is currently worth. Expect Zenit to accept Arsenal's bid this week and Arshavin to become an Arsenal player by the weekend. Arsenal will bid either £7m for Micah Richards or £7m + Nicklas Bendtner for Matthew Upson by the end of the month. Arsenal will sign a defensive midfielder and a goalkeeper in the summer. Finally to the person who posted the hour long rant about other peoples transfer rumours, its very nice to see that you understand the concept of a rumour however you have not actually posted a rumour yourelf, which is generally the concept of a rumour site. So please do not crtisise other rumours unless you are posting something worth reading of the sort yourself.

Thanks, 'happy posting'
  Despite relatively little going on inside Goodison Park, David Moyes is busy. One of my old mates plays for the youth team, recently promoted to the first team due to the shallowness of the squad.
In this, having been promoted, he, and 3 other of the youngsters, had been previously unable to go out on loan to lower league clubs for experience, due to the size of the squad. Yet now they are able to go out on loan (these being Gosling, Rodwell, Kissock and Jutkiewicz).
I'm not going to claim i know who Everton are going to sign, because i truely do not, all i can deduce is that we are obviously confident in having more numbers in come the end of the window due to the loan deals away from our club.
  Newcastle united could make a 8million pound switch for reading striker kevin doyle
  I am sad to say it but Shay Given's £9m move to Man City will go through this week. Newcastle will get Michael Johnson on loan as part of the deal. Albin Ebondo is on Tyneside discussing personal terms at present. Rennes have accepted a £10m offer for Stephane M'Bia, and finaly Steve Harper will sign a new contract.
  Sunderland News!
These are just rumours and not all; of them will happen!

Djibril Cisse (Permanent) 10m in Summer– Marseille
Darren Bent (Swap)– Tottenham
Jermaine Jenas (Swap)– Tottenham
Fabian Delph 8m – Leeds
Colin Kazim Richards 5m Fenerbahce
Danny Shittu 2m – Bolton
Stephen Hunt 6m Reading
Joleon Lescott 9m – Everton
Adil Rami 4.5m – Lille
Owen Garven 500k – Ipswich
Mickael Landreau 7m – PSG
Kyle Naughton 750k – Sheffield United
Modeste M'Bami 5m + Dean Whitehead – Marseille
Craig Noone 2m – Plymouth
Sami Hyypia 4.7m – Liverpool
James Collins 2m – West Ham
Christophe Berra 4m – Hearts

Kenwyne Jones 6m + Darren Bent + Jermaine Jenas – Tottenham
Michael Chopra 2m – Cardiff/QPR
Daryl Murphy 2m – QPR
Grant Leadbitter 3m – Wigan
Dean Whitehead (Swap) – Marseille
  Robbie Keane Update:

The latest news coming from Tallaght (The home of Robbie Keane) is that Rafa brought Keane into his office to tell Keane that he was being dropped from the squad, which Keane responded by ringing home to Tallaght to say he was leaving (What else was said I'm not quite sure).
However, Man City is being touted here in Tallaght as his destination, but recent news has come out that Spurs are trying to resign Keane.

Tallaght Man in the Know
  Ched evans willo flood and sebastian klestejan will all be unveiled at parkhead b4 the end of transfer window szabolcs hutszi willjoin in summer on pre contract agreement
  Celtic captain stephen mcmanus will complete move to newcastle within 48 hours. luis enrique will go the other way with 5 million going to celtic.
  In:lucho gonzalez(porto) to tottenham
mike jones(sunderland) to tottenham
silvinho (barcelona loan) to tottenham
sidnei (benfica) to tottenham
mata(valencia)to tottenham
adriano (sevilha) to tottenham
senna(villareal)to tottenham
  Michael Johnson of Manchester City to Tottenham Hotspur, 6.5m. Done deal. They will sign lastly, Lukas Podolski for 9.5m signalling the end for Darrent Bent at Spurs. Mass Exodus of players to leave in summer, including Gareth "no hope" Bale. Also, Kevin Doyle 5.27m and Eidur Gudjohnson 4.4m To both join Blackburn Rovers. True to the last word!
  Rumours that are linking kraanjcar with arsenal are rubbish as he will stay also pompey will complete the signing of;

zheng zhi(charlton 2mill)
javier saviola (real madrid loan)
zaxier masitkoa (albacte 500,000)
willo flood (cardiff 200,000)
o'neil (middlesbourogh 2mill and hughes)

players out;

nwanko kanu (al rayaan loan with option to buy)
richard hughes (middlesbourgh part swap for o'neil)
  Arshavin is in London to finalise arsenal deal, i have just saw him at the airport, expect this on sky sports v.soon.
Richards to follow from city within next couple of days. I have my contacts
Believe me.
  "I have it on good authority that pascal chimbronda is on his way back to tottenham and this will allow hutton to move back to rangers and the debt that tottenham owe rangers will just be written off." – Good one, but the second part is nonsense. Rangers would take the money everytime because they are trying to balance the books and trim their wage bill. Also Hutton is injured and on three times the wage he was on at Rangers. Chimbonda will cover that position for Tottingham in the meantime. Real rumours circulate around Rangers' utility man Lee McCulloch who is interesting a number of Premiership teams, thus his recent first–team inclusions – expect a bid in the next few days.
  I can assure you the Davie Moyes rumour is true !!!
My Uncle dosen't tell lies
Mibi you don't understand what its like to suport a team from when you were a little boy !!!
Moyes is looking forward to coming to scotland to be back home and is really looking forward to showing he was a gers fan all along !!!
He is only on a rolling contract at everton and can leave in the summer
He also wants Champions League football which he will never get with Everton !!!!!
And the mickey mouse teams are all the teams he was quite happy to play against as a player
  There was a rumour going around at the merseyside derby that Mikel Arteta wasnt injured and was at Manchester City, City are interested in Arteta and will bid £22million for him , City are also interested in Joleon Lescott for £18 million as well . Neither of these players will go though as Moyes deems them to be the heart of the team and has said that no one is leaving the club. But if Everton do sell Arteta , Moyes will have Joao Moutinho (£18–£20million) or Miguel Veloso (£12million) to replace Arteta. Also Manchester City have taken an interest in Joeseph Yobo as he isn't in the starting 11 for Everton at the moment and could possibly prize him from the club for around £8 million.
  A good source told me hull in for john arne riise
  I've never posted any rumour on this site before & to be honest the only reason I read anything on it is because i get a good laugh off most of it but I am gonna post something today but it's not a rumour, as Rafa would say its a fact. Robbie Keane will sign for Manchester City before next Monday. Richard Dunne was asked some time ago by Mark Hughes to contact Keane (as they are such good friends) & ask him if he'd be interested in coming down but he has always answered that he has just got his dream move & wants to stay at the Reds, until last Saturday that is when he found out he was dropped from the squad for the Everton game, he immediately contated Benitez to ask why he was dropped & he was told that the club is in talks with Man City over a move & that a deal is nearly finalised. This is genuine info & will 100% happen, I just hope Liverpool don't waste the money they get for him which is appentley 1 million more than what they paid. Hard to believe know but they're throwing money around like thay're printing it so not totally unbelievable. I for 1 would like to take this oppertunity to thank Man City for taking him at such an outrageous price, I just wish they'd take Lucas too but I find it hard to believe that the likes of Chester City would take him, never mind Manchester City. I find it hard to believe that he's even really Brazillian.

PS. When is Rafa gonna realise that Zonal Marking just does not work? Can we please get back to picking a man & staying with him for corners & frees.

  Barnsley Fans will say goodbye to Jamal Campbell Ryce.he will sign for CARDIFF CITY £1.200.000
  LFC – More Fact than rumour,regarding Rafa rejecting a new contract because he wants full control of Transfer activity at the club. A very good source at the club informs me that at the end of last season (just before Euro 2008), Rafa had received information from sources/insiders at Valencia (who were struggling Financially)that they were prepared to sell David Villa to for £25m. Villa was informally approached and was happy about the prospect of linking up with Torres and also wearing the famous LFC No.7. Rafa then went around saying that he needed to act quickly in the transfer market to get the players he wanted. However it then seems that Rick Parry and his Team entered into preliminary negotiations with Valencia but tried to barter them down to £20m (obviously working in the best interests of the Gillet and Hicks). Valencia turned this offer down and as the process dragged on Euro 2008 kicked off, and as you are aware David Villa stole the show. After Euro 2008 Valencia were able to doule David Villa's value and so Liverpool, due to restricted finances were blown out of any potential deal. Rafa was furious with Parry's inept negotiating skills as this was not the first time a potential deal had fallen through over what was peanuts. My source informs me that Parry then formulated the deal for Robbie Keane late in the Summer Transfer Window as he was the only real viable option left within the Club's budget. Rafa will not let this issue rest and his treatment of Keane is a bit of a "told you so" to the board and Rick Parry. Rafa will walk away from the if Parry is not relieved of all transfer decisions and negotiations. !!
  Like the evertonian fan who posted yesterday, I KNOW that Moyes isn't going to Rangers. . Not yet anyway.

As to why he would leave Everton – a mid–tabled English team with a small fan base, with a smaller ground, and an even smaller chance of winning trophies (also a team he has never supported) to go to a BIG team, that actually wins things, that has played in a European final in living memory, that can take 200,000 fans to an away match– well son, you think real hard for a bit and try and work it out. In England EVERTON ARE the Kilmarnock, the St Mirren and the likes of their league. FACT.

Moyes WILL come to Glasgow, and soon. However it might be to Celtic, then again it might be to Rangers. A BIG team either way.

I was also surprised to read that the Rolly Poley Goalie only went to celtic because of their youth club activities. Now the rest of the world know why they call Parkhead the Neverland Ranch.

Anyway, there will be NO major signings outwith the BIG four in England. Everyone else is skint or cautious. Newcastle to make some minor moves to shore up defence and the rest is a peppercorn.

Super JoBo
  To the chap that posted the following

""David Moyes is the Manager of Everton football club and has achieved great success with little funds over the last five years. He's also an ambitious manager, so therefore, why would he leave Everton and travel to Micky Mouse clubs like Motherwell, Aberdeen, Falkirk, Kilmarnock, etc?""

you were doing very well UP TP this point, and then you fell into the same trap as those you had just pilloried – The above statement by you is purely conjecture and self opinion. There is no denying Moyes is a decent manager and has done very well with both limited funds and (in some cases) limited player ability BUT to manage Celtic (or Rangers) should the opportunity arise is possibly something most managers, let alone David Moyes, would welcome. Yes we do play "lesser" teams but a similarity (in terms of club size/fan base/history etc) could be drawn with Manchester United playing Middelsboro and Celtic playing Aberdeen. Also add in the probablilty of European football every season (admitittedly not after Christmas this year) and the notion to manage either Old Firm team does not seem so ludicrous. I wish football ignorants would stop knocking the SPL, it is what it is and we get by. Yes only 2 teams (presently) can/will win league but that's a 17% likelihood of same team yearly whereas england can only offer 4 from 20 as possible champions (and that's including Liverpool who have not don so in how long, 19 years?) = 20% likelihood of same team yearly. So don't preach to us about how boring a championship is, and for that matter look at all the European leagues, not much changes in top 2/3 across the continent. ANYWAY – for a real rumour – England to be installed as favourites for 2010 World Cup and subsequently lose on penalties to Germany in quarter finals and be then subjected to further riducule by english press and fans once again. AWRABEST – JOCK TAMSON
  After the signing of Maltese International Daniel Bogdanovic Simon Davey will dip into the transfer market once more to capture Oldham Athletic's Lee Hughes for £300–350.000. Davey who was at Boundary Park to watch Hughes (32) spoke to him after the game and invited him to Oakwell this week and it is believed he COULD sign tomorrow (27/01/2009) and be paraded infront of the Barnsley fans before the Championship Clash with Ipswich Town, if not tomorrow then definately before the Bristol City game on Saturday.

Up The Latics!
  With Pascal Chimbonda rejoining Tottenham expect young Welsh right–back Chris Gunter to go out on loan for the remainder of the season, probabley to a Championship side, with former club Cardiff City his preferred destination.
  Cardiff city transfer
mike ashley was at ninian park yesterday to thrash out a deal for joe ledley,it will be 3 mill and alan smith.smith is flying down today for talks and is very keen to kickstart is career,ledley wants the move to test himself in the prem and kinnear as promised he ll get plenty of chances.
  Celtic Rumours

Willo Flood should sign from Cardiff this week for about £200K as he is out of contract in the summer. It would be better to wait until after Dundee Utd go to Ibrox at the weekend before completing this transfer.
Rumours about Steven McManus going to Newcastle for £4M (please be true, most Celtic fans would bite your hane off for £4M for him!!!)
Celtic must surely sign a decent left back before the window closes, there must be someone out there who's better than Naylor and in out price range.
Ched Evans from Man City is another name being linked for £1.2M.

Expect to see 2 first team "stars" leave Ipox this week, McGregor will go for £4M & maybe boyd £3m to the championship
  My sources have seen Ronaldo in Madrid earlier this week, possibly to confirm a deal for the summer transfer window which would see Sergio Ramos plus 80,000,000 go to Manchester United. Ramos is aparently relishing the chance of playing in the top flight of English Football, with Ferguson ready to take him after conseding defeat in the Ronaldo saga. This is true, as the Ronaldo saga has become quiet in both camps, with Ronaldo refusing to comment on his future of late.
  I live right across the road from Home Park and I have seen Robbie Fowler in the Home Park car park. This may be a possible aquasition for Plymouth Argyle, with aparently a wage being negotated.
  I have recently come back from tenerife where i was doing some coursework for my degree at the same complex as man city. my tutor got talking to mark hughes and i decided to join the conversation. he was saying that a lot of the bigger, consistent transfer rumours are just smoke screens for clubs to work more efficiently on more than one transfer (such as tottenham being linked with keane, given and other players. this means we have been able to sign chimbonda and cudicini under the radar whilst other clubs are unaware and therefore keeping prices down)

this jus so happens to be the case with kaka at man city. hughes was tellin us that they have a huge and potentially shock–wave–making move for the next few days that they were working on whilst the kaka rumours were being banded around. he wouldn't identify his target, but you can guarantee it won't be kaka, but another major world star.

man city ins:
matthew upson– 10m (west ham)
shay given– 14m (newcastle)
alex– 20m (chelsea, deadline day)
scott parker– 9m (west ham)
and ??????– stupid amount of money

man city outs:
micah richards– 8m (liverpool)
michael johnson– 9m (tottenham)
michael ball– free (stoke)
jo– loan (bolton)
sturridge– 5m (portsmouth)
  Pompey News
Now Mullins has signed permanently and Pele has signed on loan with a view to a permanent deal from Porto, Pompey are looking at a striker and possible one more midfielder.
Tranquillo Barnetta is believed to have already snubbed a move after a £7.75million bid was accepted by Beyern Leverkusen.
Adams is still keen to add Saviola to the striking ranks, I find this hard to believe but saying that, I laughed at the possibility of Sol Campbell signing for us a couple years back. Thats all for now!
  The arshavin deal seems to be drawing to a grinding hault as Zenit are still holding out for their original evaluation of £20 million, arsene still seems content on pursuing the deal, as they are lacking massively in midfield with the absence of 3 first choice starters in fabregas, walcott and rosicky. Do not expect much movement out of chelsea although long standing 2nd choice goalie carlo cudicini looks to be moving to spurs. Drogba will be staying. Sir Alex, despite his problems with fit defenders will not be splashing out anymore cash after the capture of the two young serbians. Expect spurs, villa and wigan to up their action in the transfer window. Finally, Liverpool will hunt for a right winger, with pennant looking like hes going to pompy in summer on a permanent deal and benayoun's future in some doubt.Rafa has been a long–term admirer of joaquin who he has attempted to sign before. Robbie keane will not leave anfield this january, expect to see his place in the team become more secure. Rafa has yet to settle on a particular formation, his 4–2–3–1 seems be his preferred choice, but ofcourse does not fit around robbie keane. Mascherano or alonso will need to be sacrificed for robbie keane to get a start. To pursue the title, rafa might need to get more offensive. Torres for Prime Minister
  Hotly rated Rangers midfielder John Fleck could be on his way to Old Trafford, after Alex Ferguson was seen at Pittodrie for the title challengers 0–0 draw. Alex was quoted as saying that "We're looking for replacements in the midfield, as Ryan and Paul aren't getting any younger. Fleck is certainly a remarkable talent, however we're unsure whether Rangers will look to offload such a promising talent."
  More dreaming. . . . Arteta sits out a game with a rib injury, and immediately the Gooners and Citeh fans think he`s on his way to their team for 15 – 20 million. Dream on Kermit and Gonzo! At least the rest of us only have to put up with this crap for another week now. I love the way Citeh have gone from Kaka, D. Villa etc, to the reality signings of ummmm, de Jong (not a bad player but not 19 Million pounds worth of player), and not forgetting Bellamy (14.5 million?? maybe 1.45 million although i must confess Hughes will get the best out of him, but what that "best" is, is anyones guess). Even Robinho can`t wait to get out of there and I`m sure Elano has had enough of Citeh too. Right then onto some news for the mighty Toffees. . Ummmmm, It looks like that lad from Sligo rovers will join to give Hibbert some competition at right back, meaning Hibbert will probably never play again!!!! Still no striker news, although this is due to the fact that Moyes has decided to keep his targets confidential from now on to stop Rafa stealing them from under his nose (seeing Rafa can't tell the difference between a good player and a Turkey.) D. Bent is a possibility still but Spurs arent keen to part with him, due to him being a makeweight in a deal for Kenwyne Jones. Respect to Martin o` Neill for signing Heskey, but if he thinks he`s swapping Shorey for Baines, then its men in "white coats" time for him.I`ll settle for sixth place this season if it means Villa push Liverpool out of the top four, so come on the toffees and come on the Villains.
  This is the Gods honest truth. Rumour has it in Tallaght Co. Dublin the home of Liverpool's number 7 Robbie Keane that he is going to Man City.

Ya Heard it here first.

Tallaght Man
  So everyone saw the same story that Citeh SHOULD sign Puyol and Senna, IT WAS A SUGGESTION from a sports writer, LEAVE IT ALONE NOW ITS NOT A RUMOR. Arsenal are not going to get Veloso for 12m and the Arshavin deal is good as done, and Veloso and Arshavin are in NO WAY comparable players? What are you talking about? Hopefully every retarded Arsenal fan on hear will have read right on SKY that Arsene has been looking at a 21yr old 2nd division player to polish into a diamond in his normal brilliant fashion. Arsenal looked at veloso last year and it was through a staff member not even normal executive channels. He didnt come and now that everyone(including Bolton?) want him the price will surely go up.12m? Than why wouldn't SAF grabbed him by now?His get out clause is like 30m euros or something and that's it. If yer a fan than why waste yer time wanking off to yer own fantasy football dreams and stick to the program. Eboue is not leaving, Athletico just had an offer refused!! and new contract talks are about to open? Yeah hes SHte but what are ya gunna do. Bendtner just rejected a move to Hoffenheim so he is here as well for now. PAY ATTENTION! IN WENGER I TRUST.
  Matty fryatt, leicester–benfica 2.5 million
  Couple of rumours:
– Manchester United will move for Liege midfielder Axel Witsel in the summer to bulk up the midfield in anticipation of the retirements of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes
– Steve Finnan will be offered a return from Spain by Blackburn and Bolton
– Bolton are looking at Swindon striker Simon Cox
– Host of north–west clubs including Preston, Burnley, Oldham and Blackpool are all monitoring the progress of non–league Droylsden player Paul Budimir
  First of all to the guy who said
''beckham to AC milan 30m''
but anyway i've heard some whisperings of richard dunne to arsenal
  Robbie Keane will swap clubs with Gareth Barry in a straight swap with no cash for either teams
  To the Villa fan who said Harewood might join WBA.Forget it he was looked at and his attitude / lifestyle of the pitch did not impress and Albion have no money to spend in any case!!! No more business at the Hawthorns unless a shock loan deal is arranged but looking more and more unlikely that will happen.
  In response to the Everton fan who questions why Moyes would go to manage Rangers and take them to play mickey mouse clubs such as 'Motherwell, Aberdeen etc'. I would question your reasoning. You said he has done well at Everton with a limited budget and thus why would he leave for Rangers?

How many finals has he been in at Everton? (off the top of my head, none. .)

To put that in contrast, Rangers and Celtic have been in a European final each in the last few years.

I suggest you get off your high horse. Everton are the definition of a middle of the road team who might have a decent season now and again but do not win trophies. For the record I am not Rangers fan and I also would question why Moyes would go To Rangers, but not for any of the reasons you state. Aberdeen also(this Mickey mouse team according to you) have won one more European trophy than Everton. .and more league titles. .

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