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Just heard from my mate in the French press: the 6+5 rule is HAPPENING from the season after next, when Sepp Blatter gets his contract renewed after 2010 World Cup. Some folk have claimed that it would be illegal in terms of freedom to work across the E.U. but it is a rule only for the matchday team, not the playing staff as a whole; meaning that foreign players can still be employed by a club as long as no more than the permitted number are in the matchday squad at one time. The European Commision will approve it because it is a plan designed to protect football clubs and youth development across the globe – akin to preserving the well–being of a whole industry. I hope all the moneybags English sides have got very large subs benches for all the foreign imports they can't play anymore!
Rangers will sign Gattuso and also Del Piero next season. The deal is already done and both players are looking forward to moving their career upwards."

Whoever wrote this, I am embarrassed by you, Rangers will not be signing any big names this summer. If we win the league we will be looking to get rid of dead wood and try to bulk up the squad with some decent/good players and will also be relying on young guys like John Fleck, Danny Wilson and Andrew Shinnie stepping up to the plate. Should we fail to win the league then we will be losing one of the top boys like Mendes, Davis, McGregor, Bougherra, Ferguson.

Realistic Rangers Targets.
Andrew Driver (Hearts)
Lee Miller (Aberdeen)
Chris Brunt (West Brom)
James McArthur (Hamilton)
Marlon Harewood (Aston Villa)
Please bear in mind we are donald ducked financially so automatic Champions League Qualification is the only way we will see money spent without selling one of our stars.

True Blue.
  Walcott are very close to signing new deals at the Emirates, Walcott has no desire to be anywhere else and van Persie is convinced as I am that our club can go on and win trophies, perhaps not this season, although we are looking strong in the Champions league and I fancy us very much in the FA Cup, but certainly in seasons to come. RVP sees himself as being an important part in this, so will surely sign a new deal very soon. Now onto transfer rumours, this one's a shocker. Salamon Kalou has come out and said he would like to play for Arsenal. He feels that Wenger is a great coach and any player in the world would love to play under him. He has also said that although he is under contract with Chelsea, he does have friends at the Emirates in Toure, Eboue and Adebayor, and with no permenant manager and no permenant place for him at Chelsea, he could look for a move. However I would think this to be unlikely, as even if we did show interest in him Wenger would only be prepared to spend around £12m on him, whereas Chelsea would want at least £15m. We are also closely following Nacional striker Nene closely who has a record of 14 goals in 17 games in the Portugese league this season, who would be much cheaper than Kalou, at a price of around £7m. PSG's 18 yr old defender Mamadou Sakho also looks very likely to sign for a fee of £5m.

In Arsene We Trust
  To Gunner4life, LA. The funniest bit of your rant is near the end when you say the Arse would not overpay for David Villa. you're right in that he won't be signing for Arsenal as apparently he wants to play in the Champions League next season.
  Rangers to sign gattusso and del piero hahahaahaaa, made me laugh there, you seriously think yous will signgattusso, don't think so as for del piero, hy the hell would he wanna join ranger lol

celtic will bring in , janko, Eliseu , commons
goos source
  Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has identified positions he wants to strengthen this summer.
These are Right Back, Left Back, Right Wing, Centre Midfield, Attacking Midfield and a Striker.
The players Rafa has shortlisted are(in order of preference)
–Glen Johnson(9m), Rafinha(7m)(RB)
–Fernando Navarro(8m), Gareth Bale(6m)(LB)
–Aaron Lennon(10m), Kuba(8m)
–Yoann Gourcuff(12m)(CM)
–Renato Augusto(14m)(AM)

Leaving will be
–Charles Itandje (1m)
–Philipp Degen (3m)
–Andrea Dossena (6m)
–Jermaine Pennant free
–Lucas (8m)
–Yossi Benayoun (12m)

And to the person who said Liverpool will sign Schweinsteiger on a free, he signed a new 4year deal in November with Bayern Munich
  Past summers show that Liverpool managers gets £10 million net to spend each summer with any additional spending funded from sales. Given the sale of Keane in January Rafa could reasonably expect a further £5 million this summer, taking his net budget to £15 million plus any additional sums generated from sales. This summer however will be different. If the yanks refinance then a further £20 million will be added to Rafa's usual pot. If they are unable to refinance and are forced to sell any incoming owner will make similar additional funds available for this summer's transfers. Either way Rafa will therefore have about £35 net to spend this summer. To this he will add a further £10 million from the sale of Dossena (£6 million) (due to Insua's emergence) Voronin (£3 million – he is having a very good season on loan for Hertha) and Istanje £1 million). Rafa will therefore have £45 million available this summer. His priorities are well known, a right back, winger and striker. £9 million is earmarked for G Johnson,11 million is earmarked for Gareth Barry and the remaining £25 is earmarked for Aguero (who Rafa firmly believes has the potential to be the best player in the world). A fee structure similar to that for Torres has already been agreed with Athletico. Rafa is also very close to agreeing a deal with Schweinsteiger (on a Bosman). This would give added competition for the right wing slot. If Agger fails to sign a new contract Rafa will let him go for arround £8–9 million and will use the money to buy a replacement. He is alwo willing to trade Babel should a suitable alternative emerge. It will be a very busy summer but one from which the club will emerge with its best squad in over 20 years.
  I've just heard from a friend on Merseyside, who knows Rick Parry's driver, that it is 100% certain that Parry will be leaving the club within the next 48 hours. Parry's role is believed to be one of the biggest sticking points in Rafa's contract negotiations, and with Parry gone, Rafa will sign the deal.
  It's very funny how everyone except for Liverpool fans are getting so worked up about Liverpool FC. You are all great to laugh at so thank you for that. It is also good to see how you lot think you know more about Liverpool's business dealings than anyone else! None of you know anything for sure, that's the only FACT. Liverpool WILL buy Aguero, and they Will buy Maxi Rodrigues. I hope that statement upsets you. Van Persie, Rosiscky and Fabregas will all leave Arsenal in the summer and I don't think you'll be back in the top four for a good few years. You'd be lucky if you got 5th place this season, your done for and enjoy the Uefa Cup. Thank goodness for that Villa are tenm times better than Arsenal this season anyway.
  Paul Trollop is in talks with Lennie Lawrence to see where his future lies with the club in the event Ian Holloway gets on board
  Will everyone please stop going on about Tevez siging for your club on a free! The price for Tevez would cost any club who wanted to purchase him from Kia around £20 million (minimum). It is just not true he will sign for anybody on a free transfer. I am not a Manchester United fan I am a Tottenham fan.
  I've heard from a friend in Liverpool, who's dad is Rick Parry's driver that Parry (not Rafa) is the one who will be leaving the club in the very very near future. Parry is one of the main sticking points in Rafa's contract negotiations, and with him gone, Rafa will sign the deal
  Hello, first time posting here.
Simply i decided to post here to clear up something. For those of u who blabber so much about Jesus Navas transfering here and there, you simply do not know abt spanish football or jesus navas.

Ask urself, why has such a fantastic player like navas still not playing regularly for Spain or at a big club after so many years? The answer is simple. He has broke thru into the Sevilla first team for many many years. Did so well and big clubs wanted him. However since young, he has this problem called "HOMESICKNESS". Due to this issue, he is unable to leave sevilla for any other team except Real Betis, which is impossible considering their rivalry. The only chance for his first call up to Spain duties was the most recent match between SPAIN VS ENGLAND, that's bcuz the match was played at the Sevilla Stadium. He is different from Dennis Bergkamp who is afraid of aeroplane. Navas just simply can't leave his home to stay elsewhere. Hopefully i clear this up, and those of u please stop uttering rubbish about navas going to liverpool. Am a liverpool fan BTW.

  1. Aguero wants to stay in Spain. He has gone on record saying his preference is Barcelona and would never move to Madrid. Likelihood of him coming to the prem is very small.

2. Eto'o has said he wants to stay at Barcelona. Guardiola wants him to stay.

3. Arsenal wouldn't pay 18m for Joe Cole.

4. David Villa has said hundreds of times in interviews that he wants to stay in Spain and again his preference is Barcelona. The likelihood of him moving to City is less than Kaka.

5. Silva has also said his preference is Barcelona and they are known to be looking for a left sided attacking player to replace Thierry Henry who is apparently being let go along with Aleks Hleb.

6. Of the players abroad more likely to return to england Henry looks most likely (Guardiola looking at Silva/Ribery/van Persie and the player says he wants to move back to prem) and Hleb is possible (not settled in Barca Bayern Munich interested).

7. Signings at Arsenal – doesn't take a genious to work out Wenger is v. conservative in transfer market. Felipe Melo (Fiorentina) makes sense. Micah Richards is plausible but Toure is now happy and Wenger likes to develop what he's got. He won't need to sign any attacking players.

8. Liverpool – the owners are too arrogant to consider the needs of the team over their own squabbles, Benitez will have little money to deal with, he'll be looking for a winger and striker. Expect to see some little–known spanish players who will probably come good under his leadership.
  Paul Trollope has left the mem ground after all day talks with lennie lawrence, apparently he was in good spirits.
'Cider in the know'
  A few that are in the mill at the moment from good sources.

Carlos TÚvez will stay at Manchester United next season.

Tomasz Kuszczak of Manchester United to Newcastle United.

Karim Benzema will move to Manchester in the summer but the half of Manchester is unknown.

Pavel Nedved will retire at the end of the season and Jermaine Pennant is expected to be on Juve's shortlist of players to move to Italy.

Joe Ledley's future hangs in the balance of Cardiff City's league performance this season. Everton, Hull, West Ham and Wigan all interested.

Julien Faubert will leave West Ham for Spain, destination unknown.

Manchester City will make bids for David Villa, Kaka, Kolo Toure, Yoann Gourcuff, Paulo Ferreira, Darjo Srna and Yaya Toure.

Vagner Love, Joao Moutinho and Miguel Veloso also expected to the Premier League. Aston Villa, Everton, Spurs, Newcastle and Wigan all interested.

Salomon Kalou will move across London to Arsenal.

Chelsea will be the busiest club in the top 5 with no less than 8 players expecting to come in and out. Diego and Ricardo Quaresma are to expected to come in.

The biggest transfer of the window is expected to be Drogba to Inter Milan with Zlatan Ibrahimović or Mario Balotelli coming to Chelsea, negotiations are said to be in very early stages with Inter very reluctant to let either striker go.
Although Jack Collison is expected to be the most wanted player with Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester City all keeping tabs on the player.
  Maric Yanko defo coming to paradise at end of season. Done deal.

Here we go to five in a row!!!
  'United have been badly hit by the recession'. Really? As the vast majority of the income comes from ticket sales (still selling out all except Carling cup games), sponsorship (as high as ever) and tv deals (high and set to increase), I doubt that somewhat. Perhaps a bit of wishful thinking?
I doubt Ferguson will spend a huge amount of money in the summer, I suspect he'll go for a few younger players. This depends on Tevez staying though, United intend to leave it as long as possible to try and get the price down but it is a gamble – Real or Inter may hijack it. If Tevez does leave, Ferguson will go for Aguero or Benzema.
As for Liverpool fans claiming they have some huge signings coming up – no chance. The Americans are unwilling to give Benitez too much money after he repeatedly wastes it on Keane, Babel, Dossena etc. and messes around in the league. Also, Tevez is not available on a free, anyone who buys him would have to pay a fee of at least £20 million.
  I'm not saying that Benitez is leaving, in fact i think he'll be at Anfield for a long time to come, seen as we've steadily improved every year. But that just my opinion.

Even with that does anyone else notice that Kenny Dalglish is coming to more and more games lately (home and away).

I love Benitez but it would be interesting to see the King come back in some role.
  Okay, lets get a few things straight. I am the person who posted on here the beginning of the week saying that Rafa will sign his contract in a matter of 'days'. This will be proven and has now been revealed by the media (S.S.N) meaning my close contact was right. Obviously, we didnt know that what has happened in the past 36 hours was going to occur but it can all be put to bed within the next couple of days, could be the beginning of next week.
The big media announcement will not be a takeover, this could be in the Summer, the announcement could either be Rafa signing his contract or Rick Parry leaving. Yes, LEAVING. Expect it to be Rafa's contract though.
If the Americans are still there in the Summer, they will fund a big name signing, as they have each Summer since their takeover. Rafa wants a striker, but may be priced out of both David Villa and Sergio Aguero so may turn his attention to the £20million release clause in Roque Santa Cruz's contract. Fernando Llorente is another target. All other funding will be income from the sale of players. Trust me, I know the score.
Red–dy for the Truth.

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