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27 Aug 2013 21:41:19
wba closing in on the signing of victor moses and a loan deal for demba ba.

God I hope you are right

Would love this one to be true. do we now any more on this one ed.

28 Aug 2013 12:17:52
I think you can only have two domestic loans and considering we've already got Sinclair we can only have on more loan from an English team. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I think those are the rules anyway.

28 Aug 2013 12:18:26
Sorry, just realised you said a permanent deal for Moses not a loan.



27 Aug 2013 21:35:09
Barnes to have medical at Celtic Park ahead of tomorrows cham league tie.



27 Aug 2013 21:21:05
Inside source at Blackburn tell me that Gary Bowyer is believed to be interested in adding 3-4 new faces, Top of list are Ben Marshall, Gary Mackay-Steven, Jesse Lingard and revisiting Barry Bannan

1 down, 3 to go! Come on Rovers!



27 Aug 2013 21:17:12
Blackburn Rovers keen to add Attacking players and are on the verge of completing Ben Marshall as he finalised personal terms and a medical.

And Gary Mackay Steven before the end of the window



27 Aug 2013 20:59:49
Bangura to sign for boro by Saturday, forest put another bid in for leadbitter.

Grant staying put forest keep off

Don't let Granty go please Mogga

Sick of all this shambolic nonsense! SIGN SOMEONE DECENT! It's almost as if Gibson does not give a care anymore? Aaarrrggghhh, empty ground every week? I rest my case

Bangura will not be coming to Boro. Forest will NOT get him unless it benefits MFC.



27 Aug 2013 20:37:08
QPR are after Nahki Wells



27 Aug 2013 20:21:38
18. 51 - Nottingham Forest have made a fresh bid to sign Grant Leadbitter from Championship rivals Middlesbrough.



27 Aug 2013 19:53:47
hamzer bencheriff ex notts county on trial with plymouth argyle played in reserves game against bristol city today.

Hamzer bencherif to sign one year deal at plymouth argyle after plymouth was impressed with him against bristol city nearly scored a piledriver fro 30 yards wouldbe a very good coup for the club

Sheridan has said today that hamza is lacking match fitness, but will remain with the club for the next couple of weeks



27 Aug 2013 19:40:52
Forest have bid £.5m for boros leadbitter



27 Aug 2013 19:35:17
I here off a very reliable inside source that Manchester United will go for james mcarthy of wigan

He's rubbish I wouldn't pay that for him boro out played the full team on Sunday he looked less than average

He's a very good player, but his head has been turned. I'd cash in on him if his heart isn't in it

Agreed, he's a class act and is heading for the very top. He's not played at his best the last couple of games due to the transfer rumours surrounding him.
£12-15M cash upfront will secure him.



27 Aug 2013 19:10:45
Emile Sinclair apparently in talks with an unnamed league one club after a fee has been agreed with Peterborough to sell him.

Is it brentford

He has signed for Crawley today



27 Aug 2013 18:54:57
Jordan rhodes set for a 9 million switch to wigan

I doubt wigan have 9 million

Rhodes will go for less

Why wouldn't Wigan have 9m? Parachute payments, FA Cup winners last season and in Europe. That's a lot of money just from them, then you have the sale of Kone who they got for 6m.

This one will happen and for less than the 9M quoted. Blackburn still owe Huddersfield 5. 5M for him and want him off the wage bill due to their dismal financial state. Blackburn just want to clear the debt with HTFC.

Wigan do have 9m easily (relegation, fa cup, player sales and europe)



27 Aug 2013 18:47:06
Adam Dugdale to be sent on loan to an un-named northern league 2 club as steve davis said his first oppurtunities would be limited this season. The rumour of the loan move has even been shown on the clubs official website.



27 Aug 2013 18:30:31
Spurs looking at Juan Mata from Chelsea as well as Lamela. If they sign both Bale will go

If they sign lamela and others bale should stay

27 Aug 2013 21:18:12
mourinhos said matas not for sale



27 Aug 2013 18:06:14
Boro to get Islam Feruz from Chelsea on a loan deal until January with an option for an extension if they don't recall him. Deal to be signed before Saturday.



27 Aug 2013 18:01:17
Swansea City interested in signing Rudolph Austin from Leeds United.

Were in the premier league!he's terrible

27 Aug 2013 22:51:26
He won't get anywhere near our midfield

So sign a championship midfielder and let Ki go on loan?

Don't think so!

Only after another striker so please make something more believable up.



27 Aug 2013 17:49:57
Blackpool made a bid of 400k for Franck Moussa



27 Aug 2013 16:57:12
Any news on Guidetti to Brighton?

Yes - it is absolutely 100% not going to happen!

If it happens he will come on loan as he is expensive for us (ie £5m)+

Not much time left now for deals to be done. No news coming out of Brighton regarding ANY posibilities.

28 Aug 2013 18:33:11
Best way not to let on who were after, signings will happen even if it's players on loan, striker will arrive!



27 Aug 2013 15:54:31
Scouts from big championship clubs are coming to Yeovil v Birmingham tonight to watch fans fav Paddy Madden

Wasted trip . Paddy is not playing.

Its tomorrow night.clueless

I heard he didn't play due to him going to be announced as a derby player after they sell their youngster Hughes

Its called resting a player for a big game

That was a big game as its a chance against playing a prem side in 3rd round

The league is far more important

If madden was rested why was he nowhere to be seen around the ground, and he drove past me when I was on my way to the match going the other way.

Johnson has said he rested madden

Paddy was sat behind the dugouts at the game

He certainly wasn't when I was sat right behind the dugouts

I am pretty sure the general public can't sit behind the dugout



27 Aug 2013 13:12:23
Norwich are in talks with co-owned Juventus and Atlanta's Australian international winger James Troisi on a season-long loan deal after Elliott Bennett was ruled out for several months after having knee ligament surgery.

Hope not - if he can't get a game for Atalanta then he won't cut in the PL. Haven't we got enough wide men who can't get behind the oppositions defence already? What we desperately need is a good old fashioned inside forward who can slip the ball through to Hooper and Wolf - if we stick to the old system there will be few goals and transfer requests come january! However if we unearth a Crossan or a Foggo who could put over a decent centre, then i'd take that!

I saw Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Foggo on the wing on the wing but Crossan was before my time.



27 Aug 2013 16:18:29
Boro have had bids accepted for two towards Mohamed bangura and luchiano becchio. Daniel ayala to be finalised soon. From a reliable source.

Becchio is signing for Nottingham Forest actually.



27 Aug 2013 15:27:58
Gary Dicker is on trial at Gillingham, and could sign a two year contract before Saturday`s home game against Bristol City.

Gary Dicker is way to good for Gillingham or anyother league1 side.

27 Aug 2013 20:03:22
Any brighton fans know what sort of player he is like



27 Aug 2013 15:09:58
Leeds and Palace have enquired about Tomlin at Peterborough, but have been put off with Poshs valuation of at least £8mill. Also leeds looking again at Rowe from P'Boro.

Palace have a scout at the Reading game tonight.

Tomlin NOT for sale at any sane price

28 Aug 2013 08:52:19
I back Ian holloway regarding the palace team at Bristol, he couldn't risk any more first team players being injured.

28 Aug 2013 12:35:25
palace rep at reading was for Kebe

If so then it was a wasted journey as Kebe wasn't in the squad last Tuesday.



27 Aug 2013 15:08:11
Former Brighton Midfielder Gary Dicker is now training with Gillingham after a trial at Barnsley

Dicker is so slow

27 Aug 2013 16:34:11
Do you support Gillingham your getting a quality midfielder for nothing, he will do a great job for your team, can't understand you saying he's slow you probably not seen him play, good hard working player for free,

27 Aug 2013 19:41:14
Just seen that barnsley have signed goalkeeper mike pollitt
Is steel injured or has flicker finally realised that steel is not up to the job, sends a bad message out to Alnwick tho,

27 Aug 2013 20:57:27
Creative Championship player on the free and your complaining? Shocking

27 Aug 2013 23:06:36
How do you know it was a gillingham fan could have been anyone doubt they would judge if they haven't even seen him play

I have seen dicker play he's a good midfielder but he doesn't score goals

Gills fan here and I'm liking the sound of Dicker, fingers crossed we get him. What are his traits can I ask?

Good passer, age 26, clever footballer, CM natural poaition

Steele will be gone by transfer deadline day y else fetch a loan keeper in and if we lose to Huddersfield have a feeling flickers could be out the door.

Is flitcroft losing it 3 keepers at the club, and he brings in a 41 years old keeper, its chaotic at oakwell at the moment, something is not right at the club

Why? Because we haven't beaten 3 teams who should all be chasing promotion? Because the only game that we should have won, we drew? Cause we are out of the cup? If we get our injured players back, then we should turn it around. We have some seriously negative fans

I hope steel is gone by deadline day, I've never rated him,
But I really hope flicker turns it round,
But this shocking start cannot carry on for long or we will be down by Xmas,
Lets hope the turn round starts on Saturday,

Barnsley new chairman is looking to replace david flitcroft with ex Manchester United no 2 mike phelan

We we're 'down at christmas' last season.

There's a reason we stayed up last year and it wasn't because we slated our players after 3 games!

Anything is possible with 43 games to go, a little more positivity and belief rather than constant slagging off and doom and gloom!

29 Aug 2013 12:22:09
Vaz Te possibley coming back after handing transfer request at west ham

I'm not slagging him off, I'm just stating I don't rate him, he's picked the ball out of the net more times than any other keeper I can remember,
And for your info we weren't down last Xmas or we would be in div 1 now.
But if this carrys on we will be this year,
We have let 17 goals in 6 league and cup games that's Nealey an average of 3 a game that means at that rate we need 4 a game to win a match,
You cannot defend that, get real,
I wonder if you will be saying the same come Xmas if this carrys on.
I don't think so,

Yep. Steele gone by deadline day! It's an absolute cert! Why else get did we get Pollitt in. This might be the first time that Flicker has told us (the fans) an out an out lie? We don't keep any players that have a market value. greedy board of directors!
What has happened regarding this Ex Man U guy that is on the board. What value has he brought to the club after all the hype? Please can anyone tell me this? The lies are starting to rise to the surface!

Steele signed a new contract few months back, he won't go because he's out of form. Besides, Pollitt is a 28 day loan move.

Golbourne was on contract too! It makes no difference. money rules everything!

But who'd buy a player who is sold because he is out of form?



27 Aug 2013 14:46:58
It seems as though Quagrialella's signature is now down to 2 clubs, Sunderland and West Ham. The appeal of London makes West ham the current favourites however, PAOLO Di Canio is also a big factor for his move to Sunderland. West ham are frantically trying to sell players to make room for him in the squad so it may be all down to Sunderland in the end



27 Aug 2013 14:22:53
Stoke have signed ousamma assaidi on loan and is their any news on John guidetti?

Only news I have heard is that we are willing to pay up to 6mil but man city want 9mil.

Mark cartright and mark hughes have flown over Germany to watch a team play

They went to Austria to watch Vienna play where Hoisner plays 34 goals last season

Only game on in Germany today was 5. 30 koff between FC Freiburg and Bayern munich. !?

The problem is that everyone knows we are desperate for a striker, so even a striker with no or little experience of the premiership is being over priced. Or am I wrong and this Man City striker worth £9million pounds

I don't know about Germany but they want to bring in Odemwingie and Hoilett.

Could if gone to Germany to negotiate rather the scout

Hoilett, Odemwingie, Diouf, Guidetti, Defoe, Vossen and Henri Saviet. These are the names flying around at the moment, any two or three of these will probably join Stoke. My hope is that we sign Hoilett, Diouf and Guidetti. Diouf and Giidetti especially!
I'm looking forward to a good season! (That is only once we've got good at Hughes' new playing style)

Not keen on odemwingie. The team for me would be- Bego, Cameron Huth shawcross Pieters (brilliant signing) Hoilett N'Zonzi Adam Assaidi, Diouf and Guidetti or Deeney. Subs Butland, Shotton, Wilson, whelan, Shea, Walters, Jerome. So would be happy if we brought in Hoilett Diouf and either Guidetti or Deeney

Crouch can still do a job for us

Werder Bremen winger Aaron Hunt at club

28 Aug 2013 16:08:14
Stoke City are waiting on an answer from German striker Aaron Hunt after agreeing a fee with his club Werder Bremen.

According to the Sentinel

Arron hunt is having his medical

Aaron hunt is not having a medical.



27 Aug 2013 13:13:10
Mick McCarthy drumming interest up from six Premier League clubs for Aaron Cresswell.

Reports suggest he wants a £3.5m fee, allowing £350k to Tranmere for sell on fees, £750k to bring in Mikko Sumusalo to replace Cresswell and another £1m to buy Billy Sharp.

Mick will also consider bringing in Stephen Hunt to add more attacking flair to his midfield and left wing. Hunt is presently a free agent.



27 Aug 2013 13:35:35
Ed who might Blackpool target as a Matt Phillips replacement? Thanks in advance.

Yh didn't have much of an idea before. Wouldn't be suprised if it was a youngster from League 2

Stephen hunt replacement for Matt Phillips?? ha ha ha

Blackpool need both defenders and midfielders desperately! We just have strikers! Ince better buy some new players with that "Ince No. 2" money



27 Aug 2013 13:33:25
Wells to be sold this afternoon, 3 million qpr! Boro n burnley also interested!

Hmm. Boro won't be spending £3m on anyone who isn't proven in the Championship! Although I think Wells would do ok! QPR not a good move for him either, as once they get promoted he'd be sold again.

£1.5m bid tabled by Boro!

27 Aug 2013 17:07:18
why don't qpr just buy everyone. what's Harry trying do bankrupt them like Portsmouth

Not a cat in hell's chance of Boro getting him. Why would Bradford sell him to us. Bradford are financially stable and strong contenders for promotion.

It looks like our thirst for new blood will not be quenched quickly.

27 Aug 2013 18:00:57
Its not QPR!

Same Division

Top 6

Not Reading Either


Announced tomorrow!

Confused at the why don't QPR buy everyone comment. They have released 19 players in this transfer window and signed 6, paying a transfer fee for just Austin. How does that translate to doing a Pompey. Some people just love to stereotype without considering the facts.

Qpr have made massive cuts to their wage bill whilst recouping around £14million in transfer fee's. Having only paid £3million upfront on both Austin and Phillips there will be a lot more bussiness done at loftus rd. Rumours are growing of a bid for Naki Wells and possible deals for Doyle and Baird. With Catermole lined up (on loan)if Barton moves to Everton



27 Aug 2013 13:21:42
Supposedly QPR are in for super nakhi wells for £3 million. This would be hard to refuse. What would city do if we sold him. He is a diamond and they are hard to find!



27 Aug 2013 12:47:19
Ousamma Assaidi is currently having a medical at Stoke ahead of a possible season long loan. Hughes will now look to sign one or two strikers to strengthen the attacking part of the team. Jermaine Defoe and John Guidetti are the most likely at the moment

Assaidi is done, stoke just confirmed it

Defo will not be coming to stoke. he earns too much money for us to pay his wages and we are too far away from his family in london. portsmouth was too far away so i'm pretty sure stoke will be as well

Loan deal done. now a goal scorer hopefully!!!!

Anything on Guidetti or Defoe?

He has officially signed now and is set to debut tomorrow. If we sign Defoe he will have to take a wage cut to at least no more than £50k, John Guidetti would be a good signing but so would Henri Saivet. I would also like to see Junior Hoilett come in.

We won't sign Defoe for two reasons. One, he wouldn't be interested in moving to Stoke if his experience from Portsmouth is anything to go by and two, his wages are to high and would hate to take a massive pay cut. If stoke gave him abnormally high wages to what's given to the current top players we've got then players will start getting passed off and demanding more money. Wage structure would go out the roof and we will have to change our name to QPR. Luckily mr Coates is a smart man and knows all that anyway. Hope we sign Guidetti!



27 Aug 2013 11:42:20
Blackpool expect to be tested with bids for Tom Ince before the end of the transfer window from a number of premier league clubs including Tottenham and Newcastle



27 Aug 2013 10:57:21
It is a rumour that Gus Poyet is being lined up as next Fulham manager. Jol has to improve team performance and win next two home games (WBA, Cardiff City) to keep his job. Berbatov will leave in January if Jol goes or might stay until end of the season.

Might be the best thing for Fulham - clearly Jol and Berbatov have not found a formula that works for the good of the whole team as performances last season and the beginning of this season inc pre season will testify. Home form has been especially dire.

Due to this situation (ie poor trust in Jol's abilities) Fulham are unlikely to do much more business this transfer window - possibly one or two players.

Which would be 8/9 in total, not bad business for a manager supposedly under pressure. he needs the players to gel as a team. he will get till january window at least

Firstly - there is no question whatsoever with Jol's performance last season that he is under extreme pressure.

Secondly - Fulham have got players in because they had to, but the spend has not been big and the shrewd work has been down to Alistair Mcintosh. Stekeelenberg and Parker have been good business. Amoriebieta might be? Basically, players have been brought in to ensure we don't fall too far behind before a new manager takes over. The new manager will work with a decent squad and might be able to play a better tune.

Thirdly - the new owner wants his own choice he will have little loyalty to Jol especially if he sees the team perform so badly at Craven Cottage.

People jump on band wagon geez we were outclassed by arsenal but there a top 4 side give jol a chance. spurs fans felt he was unjustly sacked when he managed them.

Poyet had been lined up to take over at Fulham since April - it will happen eventually

Id rather have lee clarke as manager than gus poyet

To the earlier comment - this goes much, much deeper than just the Arsenal game - there is certainly no jumping on the band wagon.

Just a shame that not all Fulham fans can see the light.

If you need evidence of Jol's incapability - look no further than tonight's game against Burton, Fulham played a strong team against a fourth level team and were lucky to escape with a win on pens. Jol stands on the touchline with the look of someone who hasn't got a clue - no tactical changes, no encouragement, just a dumbfounded stare like a rabbit in the headlights. Fulham have good players so why are they so poor, easy to answer poor manager, poor tactics and an inability to blend a team and to understand tactical nuances during a game. This isn't on the band wagon this happened last season when Jol couldn't cope or deal with losing Dempsey, Dembele and Murphy. (All players brought in by different managers Coleman, Hughes, Sanchez).

And, agreed with earlier comment Poyet or Lee Clark would be a vast improvement on the incredibly overrated Jol.

28 Aug 2013 12:01:17
Alot if teams in the top flight were in trouble last night I went to burton game we need to tweek the finall third. sunderland have brought in a new team and spent millions and they do look average team compared to fulham as fir dempsey he through his toys out the pram and didn't last a season with spurs as he wanted champions league football look where he is now. dumped by spurs playing for seattle. i'm looking at other managers now and pardew. di canio. holloway could all be losing there jobs. Players have a responsability to. mark hughes spends millions and look what happened to qpr and teams will have to balance there books or face a points deduction in the future so having a billionaire as chairmen means nothing.

Everyone on here has got to get off Jol's case because yes we've had a ba result against Arsenal and nearly lost to Burron but he is a good manger and he has done well in the window with 2 or 3 more needed including a middle of midfielder needed as Sidwell isn't good enough He needs money from the Chairman to spen as we've not spent a lot and when you loose Dembele Dempsy and Murphy you are going to be angry as they were quality players can you imagine if we kept them the team we would have today we have a good squad just needs a few more additions to be decent.

Missing the point - concentrate on Fulham - no good looking elsewhere and saying they are no good (disagree re Sunderland, they were far better than us opening day). Fulham are an established prem team so mid table is achievable with the players we have. To safeguard mid table things need to change otherwise last seasons form will continue and we will be in a relegation fight for most of the season.

By the way, the point re Dempsey etc is the fact Jol couldn't adapt or get the new players blending - basically he did quite well with a team that was already in place. Can Jol build a strong new team - this is the big question, evidence so far suggests not.

I agree sidwell not good enough now but last season people were happy with him this shows we have a better squad this year. Also leaving Ruiz on bench for first two games a positive move as he cannot cope with the pace of the prem. again shows a better squad as last season we kept playing him because no other options. Give it time new players need a few games to adapt to new team mates.

Not just the arsenal and biton game we were terrible towards the end of last season and if there had been 3 more games we could definitely of gone down. I hate the negative football jol plus he's always far to defensive. however more than willing to give him until january to turn it around

29 Aug 2013 07:26:56
2 games gone and the knives are out already for jol if fulham win at sunderland and play terrible i'd say great result. when Manchester United play terrible and get a result people say that's a sign of a good team they don't go saying sack the manager lol its a joke!

The fact that he starts damien duff (a player who would struggle to get into most teams in the championship) out of position is an indication of bad tactical foresight. The plays he's brought in this window have all so far (apart from stekelenburg) have looked lack luster. Yes I include scott parker in this bracket, another sideways midfielder who looked miles off the pace against arsenal. If we wanted someone who can receive the ball and pass it back to a defender or across the halfway line, I could step in and do a job for way less than what we're probably paying parker. Lack of ambition in the transfer window has been disappointing. Delighted when we were linked with nathan redmond, he went to norwich. Huddlestone? hull. these are players that are young with something to prove and a bit of fire in their bellys unlike the parkers and boatengs who are past their prime and are looking to make a quick buck. difficult season ahead of us I feel.

Have you read the comments this isn't just about two games - this runs deep on many levels shame you can't see it.

Lots of people with short memories, obviously. It's not because of a couple of bad games. We haven't played will since March. The last few months of last season were awful, and we spent the whole time one win away from relegation. If we hadn't fluked that win at Spurs we'd have gone done. We've been awful for months, how is it people can't see that? Just this term, awful in pre-season (i. e. just about beat low-grade opposition in Costa Rica, drew or lost against anyone decent when we got back), awful against Sunderland and would have lost if they hadn't been so wasteful in front of goal, awful against Arsenal, awful against Burton Albion. We'll lose at Newcastle on Saturday too, and go out of the League cup at home to Everton next month.

Jol has no plan (there is no way he planned to buy Scott Parker, having previously signed Boateng and Kara, Scotty's agent probably just rang him up and said "how about it?"), clearly no clue about players beyond those he's worked with before, and apparently no idea who really belongs in the squad. The ONLY good thing he's done since January is get Sascha Reither on a permanent contract. Kahn clearly doesn't trust him with serious money either. Don't blame him, look at the flop he bought us last time Mo put his hand in his pocket.

Some people need to stop falling back on the year-old "we lost Dempsey and Dembele" excuse and wake up to the serious problems we've currently got.

And missing out on Huddlestone was an absolute relief too. Steve Bruce is my hero for signing him.

Thank goodness there are other Fulham fans that can see the light that Jol is a rabbit in the headlights and if things don't change soon Fulham will have a very dodgy start to the season.

As a Fulham supporter for over half a century you can tell most of the above comments are from numties wearing nappies with a brain scan of half a season.
The manager is good the players are good and the new owner looks good.
Get the team balanced right (and Martin take a tip from me we are not balanced right) we will be brilliant on the day!

I thought this was a transfer rumours page. All I’m reading is one post saying ‘Jol out’, followed by the next saying ‘Jol can stay’. Webmaster: please start a ‘Managers to be sacked’ Rumours page. Keep this for player transfers.



27 Aug 2013 10:33:30
Barnsley FC make enquires for Craig Dawson and John Stones on loan.

Not a prayer on Dawson. Going to Bolton

Don't fancy our chances with stones, he's not far away from sarting for Everton, he's already making the bench, but we could do with him alright,

Stones played for Everton tonight in Capital Cup match so won't be going anywhere.

Make no bones about Stones, loan move out of the question.



27 Aug 2013 10:22:11
Juventus have accepted West Ham's offer for Fabio Quagliarella who are now working to off load players



27 Aug 2013 10:21:33
Wellens quitting his short term
deal at Doncaster to sign for Brighton

Good player in his day but that is not now. Already overloaded with central midfielders so looks a non-story.

If rovers let him go then tats me done

If Wellens goes we are gunna struggle in midfield. Best we had in midfield since he left

27 Aug 2013 21:44:34
If he quits its got nowt to do with us letting him go get a grip it was always going to happen hence a short term contract

28 Aug 2013 04:46:41
Sadly for Wellens I can't see this being true - He wasn't on that much at Leicester so him leaving was nothing to do with our struggle to conform with FFP, he can't train properly due to problems with his legs - As such he just isn't fit enough for a top end Championship side like Brighton

Bubble burst, lose to Bournmouth, everyone will be after PD head

Would love to see mote signings but we don't need another 30+ (33) year old midfielder but if we do sign him I wouldn't be unhappy hopefully a free transfer for a year

Hello again Oldham fan, sorry afraid you are wrong. Rovers are playing good football. Time to move on I think, or perhaps just stop boring us!

Wellens will go probably to Bristol city once again rovers too slow to sort contracts out so who is responsible we lost spur because we were too slow now looks like wellens who as been outstanding this season so get your finger out who ever it is

Seems very unlikey as he has just bought a house in Donny. Although I wouldn't want him to go, as he's been outstanding for us so far this season, as the proposed takeover has fallen through it looks likey he could leave. but not to Brighton.

Lets face facts, no matter what PD says, apart from two 15 minute spells in both halves against Leeds, we were second best most of the game, I thought there second goal was a foul on khombola, and Robinson missing a sitter, that's all we had to offer, Forrester looked good on is 5minute depot



27 Aug 2013 09:47:34
QPR are trying to sign Spurs left back Benoit Assou-Ekotto, also Andros Townsend and Tom Carroll, the latter two on season long loans.

Spurs won't let Townsend go, especially if Bale leaves.

I would love to see Townsend return but after his previous two games he's started and played outstanding scoring a goal, creating 2 assists, and causing Spurs' penalty on the weekend, really can't see AVB letting him go, even on loan

27 Aug 2013 16:48:21
Townsend has said he would only move to a club bigger than spurs.

Townsend's in the current England squad so is definitely not going to drop down to the championship now.



27 Aug 2013 09:10:20
Brighton sign midfielder Jesse Starkey on two year deal from Chelsea. Even more intense competition for midfield places.

Development Squad - won't be competing for a first team place just yet

He's signed to the Development squad.

Starkey has signed a 2 year Development Squad contract. The 17 year old was with Chelsea previously but was born in Brighton.

Bye Bye Bridcutt

Starkey is a good and potentially great player but development squad only atm. So no more competition for Liam and besides he will need time to recover from op and regain fitness so going nowhere soon! At least not before January! End of!



27 Aug 2013 08:47:09
Doncaster are looking at signing Preston North End's out of favour midfielder Nicky Wroe. Despite scoring 11 goals from midfield last season, he doesn't feature in Simon Grayson's plans and may reluctantly be allowed to leave to free up space on the club's wage budget.
Ex-Newcastle right back Alex Nicholson has been training with Preston since July but cannot play in first team games until somebody leaves and FFP space opens up.

If he cannot get in PNE's team, why would a Championship team want him?

Nicholson will sign if someone moves out, preferably Beardsley who is available.

If he scored 11 goals from midfield last year, why is he not the first name on the teamsheet unless he was about to be sold.

Sorry, didn't notice the queue of clubs falling over themselves to sign the 2-goal-a-season striker.

27 Aug 2013 17:08:17
wroe is not for sale also it is Beardsley and candell sherriff who are moving on with preston looking at a central half and a centre mid

Please sell him. So over rated and actually bad its unreal. Sell sell sell. I drive him donny myself



27 Aug 2013 08:44:38
Wells to QPR £3,000,000



27 Aug 2013 08:43:19
Former Blackpool forward Gary Taylor-Fletcher is training with Millwall

We should sign him as short term cover

27 Aug 2013 14:09:08
stop putting trails for old men we need somone who is young and a good finisher please get rid of morro malone and woolford also wright not great and beavers by miles you watch all the games we have already played he has cost in yeovil he kicked the ball to them they scored afc wimbeldon almost 2 goals let in and ipswich and then sheff wed big problem so bad at football worst player for millwall can't even head a ball what a joke trys to kick the ball and misses thanks for leaving kenny jacket with your rubbish player

Surely I'm not the only fan who is 'BAFFLED' why we/scouts just can't find a young striker? ie Harris/Wood/Sheringham? They 'MUST' be about?

What about Harry Crawford of Dartford not worth a punt!

Im a Blackpool fan and would be happy to sign GTF. OK he is old but works 100%, scores goals, is very creative, can play attack or midfield and is useful in defence. Jack of all trades. Worth having.

In answer to a post on GTF, 32 does not mean you are told old at all to play football in any league as long as you have still got a GOOD footballing brain & keep yourself fit!

As for our youth system, we are going to send John Marquis out on loan? There must be another Neil Harris out there? Scouting system?

GTF's problem is his fitness and the weight he is gaining! Sad but his best days are long gone.

Gary has been a quality player for years. I'd snap him up on a 2 year deal in a shot



27 Aug 2013 08:38:42
Reports today are saying Carlton coke is on his way to reading, this rumour continually comes up every window but with akpala going back to Germany this is probably looking a likely transfer

No thanks he's completely useless. We've got enough forwards like that already.

NOO, he's been a free agent since the end of last season, and the fact that he still doesn't have a club kinda tells you everything you need to know! doesn't it? if reading want quality they need to spend, free agents won't do it as good as drenthe and bridge are.
the targets were supposedly linked with are running out, i'm sure adkins has his eyes on a few people. i'm expecting some movement in the next couple of days

Charlton Cole would be fantastic for us. Also we don't have enough forwards. Alfie, Blackman and the Pog as Roberts is unfit and may not feature. Pog will leave therefore need fire power to keep us within in a chance of getting in the top six come the end of the season.

I don't think "firepower" is the correct word to associate with Carlton Cole. he was released by West Ham for a reason. 47 goals in 206 games is not good enough.

Carlton Cole is the best we can get as Anton and the board won't spend any of the money we pretend to have. Wake up fellow Reading fans. When have we ever spent more than 1. 5 or two million.

I'd be happy with Carlton Cole! I'd like to think he won't start every game and be in rotation with Alfie. He's experianced and can score a few at Championship level. Hits the target a lot better than Pog anyway. Plus he comes with a great chant. CARLTON COLE, COLLEEEE. ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOUR SOOOUUULLLL!



27 Aug 2013 08:34:20
Crystal Palace are reported to be lining up a 750k move for Kebe. That is derisory I would imagine he's be worth 3-4 times that to the club though. A decent offer and I would consider selling as we need the money for a good striker we have 5 wingers and Kebe is always injured!

Anyway no disrespect to Palace but would Kebe go there just to be back in the championship again next season? Fair play if he did though

He's not worth what you are saying. continually injured. anyone buying would be wise to put him on pay-as-you-play deal. Berkshires answer to Darren Anderton!



27 Aug 2013 07:14:30
Brighton have enquired about Fabian Delph on loan.

Ridiculous rumour
He has played all 3 games for Villa this season, Why would they loan him out.
Brilliant if they did though.

27 Aug 2013 09:37:24
Can't see that happening to be honest, we could do with a striker with three strikers injured,

Fabian Delph is a first team player and lambert thinks he could play for england. So no chance

The "Bobby Zamora to Brighton" rumour is doing the rounds again. could just be true this time

27 Aug 2013 12:54:25
That mad dentist who wants to clone John Lennon from one of his teeth has more chance of success that Brighton have of signing Fabian

Would be a great signing but he's playing every game In the premier league so why would he come?



27 Aug 2013 00:59:42
Leeds are lining up a bid for readings jobi mcanuff and are offering west ham aidy white and 500k for Ricardo vaz te. sam allerdyce is keen on aidy white and things he could be the next matt jarvis

Mcanuff already came out and said he wants to end his career at reading NOT LEEDS LOL I think your getting carried away with your good start to the season

We are pretty well taken care of on the the left hand side so I can't see this happening with both jarvis and downing able to operate on the left and downing can play at wing back we just brought in radzan rat at lb and we have young steve potts looking to step up

We won't sell our captain who's very much in our plans and loves our club. McAnuff is staying! and stop making up rumours that you're signing him and Alfie and McCarthy because you'd never get any of them in a million years

Please take him. He spends most of his time standing on the wing with his hands in his pockets. Completely overrated and ineffective.

Sadly, can't see either of those happening. Think we'd need to pay more for Vaz Te and doubt Macanuff would leave for another club from the champo.



26 Aug 2013 23:55:58
Finnbogason is a smoke screen - Cardiff are going in for Marvin Sordell and Troy Deeney as Malky knows both of them well. Finnbogason is also wanted by Tottenham and Newcastle and there is no guarantee he will choose the Welsh side over longer established Premiership sides.

Nicky Maynard will be loaned to Bolton as recompense and Watford will fill Deeney's void by signing Italy striker Alberto Gilardino who knows Gianfranco Zola very well.


Malky know's Deeney so well he used to play him as RM.

Brilliant stuff.

Oh dear, did you not know that Sordell moved to Charlton a few weeks back?
Must try harder!.

No way, unlike other promoted clubs Malky hasn't gone out and bought £2 - £4M players with the exception of Brayford as cover.

No chance, mackay wants quality

27 Aug 2013 14:52:53
Assume that when you say £2 - £4m you are talking about Sordell - that might b about right but Deeney - YMBFJ!

£4m does not buy an leg - an arm maybe

He would not fit into the clog up the midfield then boot it long style as he is used to a passing game anyway

4 million for Deeney? What are you lot on about? Beating City must have gone to Cardiff fans heads, Deeney outscored all of your strikers last season, and he didn't have a pre-season, and he started his season in October.

Even if Deeney did go to Cardiff (highly unlikely) we certainly wouldn't replace him with an established Serie A striker like Gilardino. I doubt that, being a valued member of the Bologna first-team and still getting international call ups (which may be saying more about Italy's attacking options than Gilardino's ability - but that's another story), he would take the drop to the relative obscurity of English second division football. In short, this rumour is complete rubbish.

Love the comment about RM lol

Malky played him on the wing
now zola let's him do his thing
troy deeney watfords number 9



27 Aug 2013 00:29:18
Watford's Troy Deeney has been told to think over offers in the coming days and decide if he wants to move, if not GFZ expecting him to get on with the job in hand. Several lower ranked Premier League clubs interested with bids between 7-9 million. Watford have contingency plans in place should he decide to go.

9 million would probably be considered an opening bid for the services of Troydini. I would expect something between 11 and 13 to seal a deal.

27 Aug 2013 09:44:02
Troy Deeney is not worth 13 million. Will be lucky to get 8 million for him

He doesn't have to be worth the amount. He is British and the transfer window is closing soon. So the price goes up.

What someone is worth bears no relation to transfer fees.

You can't forget the fact that we don't need to sell. Troy is worth a few million, then you add on what's left of his contract, and the fact we don't need to sell. Clubs would need to offer 10 million I would say, and that's only if he wants to go.

If Dwight gayle is worth 8.5million, which he is not! But still got brought for it, then deeney is well worth the 13 million mentioned

Deeney is building a house near Watford. Therefore the only viable option for him would be Fulham and Fulham won't spend 13 million.

28 Aug 2013 13:09:25
Reality check please. I think you will find that any club who can afford £13m for a striker will not be interested in Deeney because they can get better for their money.

^^ Or any other London club seen as London has an underground and Watford has a station.

Yes, but realistically, Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal aren't going to buy him are they? Crystal Palace don't have the money to buy him. All that leaves is Fulham, who probably have the means but not the motivation to buy him, given that they aren't weak in the striking department.

Oh, sorry, and West Ham. In fact, West Ham is the most plausible option given style of play etc. However they have already spent their money on Carroll this season, so I don't expect them to be making a bid for a worse version of a player they already have.



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