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27 Apr 2013 23:03:39
Aberdeen out:

Rory Fallon

Scott Vernon

About time if true.



27 Apr 2013 23:00:40
Tony Moybray will be sacked in the summer and to be replaced by current Bradford city manager, Phil Parkinson



27 Apr 2013 22:58:16
Boro will release josh mchearen and Sammy ameobi before the last game.



27 Apr 2013 22:24:57
Swansea's manager Michael Laudrup want his countrymate William Kvist to join The Swans from Stuttgart for the upcoming season.



27 Apr 2013 22:19:22
Shrewsbury set to swoop for Tom pope from port vale for a uniclosed fee

So there set to 'swoop' but they haven't agreed a fee yet, but its unidisclosed, you can't undisclose some thing which hasn't even been agreed

He won't leave Port Vale. No way!

We don't want him, one season wonder. he will find it tough next season, make no mistake

Why leave for shrewsbury, they are bookies relegation favorites

I think port fail will be relegation favourites before the shrews

We are not bookies relegation favourites. We will finish mid table next season.

Thats good if your happy with mid table, our owner is minted and is going to bank roll the play offs at least.



27 Apr 2013 22:14:51
Barnet top goalscorer Jake Hyde is to sign for league one side Walsall in the summer according to rumours spreading around sixfields today

Jake hyde said "looking forward to play at the hive next season. " This indicates that he will play at Barnet next season. so that is why I don't believe he will move to a different clyb

With a 20% pay cut some of the Barnet squad will be on less than £160 per week. work it out, the majority will go. Johnson and Gambin were both wanted by Gillingham last month, expect them to both end up there with Holmes, who has already signed a pre contract.

Youth team players and 1st year pro's may be on that not members of the 1st team



27 Apr 2013 22:03:13
Man City
Edinson Cavani 50m
Arjen Robben 12m
David Villa 10m
Raphael Varane 10m
Samir Nasri 12m
Carlos Tevez 15m
Edin Dzeko 10m
Joleon Lescott 4m
Scott Sinclair 2m
Kolo Toure 4m

Haha varane would be at least 20 million, and for him it wouldn't be seen
as a forward move for him

Kolo Toure is leaving on a free

27 Apr 2013 23:59:02
While this would be out of this world to get all these players, I get the feeling you're on another planet if you think these are all going to come off. On your Blue Moon perhaps?

Also, it will be extremely interesting to see how blue Mancs get round this Financial pair play. If they carry on spending like they have been, they won't win anything, as they'll be banned from Europe, and face point deductions.

Interesting times ahead.

28 Apr 2013 02:51:36
12m for robben? triple than then mabye!

Haha triple it for robben. yeah maybe more than 12 mil but triple it no way he's not exactly getting younger is he so 36 mil is in dream land



27 Apr 2013 22:02:00
Emnes to be offloaded to Swansea for £1.5million

Swansea will not be going for Marvin Emnes. Sick and tired of these rumours going around for the last 2 seasons. He is not good enough to play in the Premier League therefore Laudrup would not pay £1.5m for him.

If there's any truth in this rumor, it'll probably be for less than 1.5m.

Don't think he currently has the quality for first team so will be a reserve player for a while. Did well for us before and would like to see him do well for us again!

Never going to happen, no where near good enough for swans not even as a backup, if he was don't you think they would have gone for him 2 years ago when the rumour came out, silly rumour

If Emnes isn't good enough for Middlesbrough how can you believe that he is good enough for Swansea?
No chance.

We don't want mediocre players thanks

Rodgers was interested in Emnes. Laudrup is more astute. Please all stop these silly rumours.

If Emnes was going to Swansea, it would have happened two years ago on the back of his one month loan. he's gone backwards since he returned to Boro.



27 Apr 2013 22:01:05
Tony Mowbray expected to be sacked immediately at the end of the season and boro will go in hoping for either ex Boro boss Steve McClaren or Martin O'neil, most definately McClaren would have get a great reception off the fans, Boro also wanted to get O'Neil once McClaren left so both are top contenders for the job



27 Apr 2013 21:56:50
George Boateng and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink expected to become apart of the coaching staff of Middlesbrough F. C after the dutch maestro's both had successful spells with the club during there time their.

They would be great additions to the staff I'm sure they would improve our midfield and forward coaching as all of our current coaches were defenders



27 Apr 2013 21:03:32
Charlie Austin Burnley is becoming more unhappy with pressure from his girlfriend who is missing her family down South has to make a major decision in the next few weeks. Any thoughts of Celtic are completely in the opposite direction to where his heart and more importantly his girlfriend future lies

Come on chaz come to bmth

Do Bournemouth have 7-8 mill to spend?

If and its a Big if Charlie Austin considered a move to Bournemouth. Could the Russians afford him?. Er Yes! Could they afford his wages? . Er Yes! But everyone knows about the lack of Loyality in Football. So what, if Eddie Howe is a personal friend and could get the very best out of him. Who cares if his girlfriend wants to live back in POOLE. Instead he is going to Celtic. Just a footnote. Is Burnley that terrible a place to live or is it that Bournemouth and Poole is one of the nicest parts of England to live in?



27 Apr 2013 20:51:17
Oxford to pick up Ashley Grimes on a free transfer

Would be a very decent addition! Surprised he is being released from Rochdale. Chris Wilder has to get his summer additions correct otherwise he will not get a contract extension at the end of the next season.

No rotheram have already done that, oxford can't afford his wages

28 Apr 2013 21:44:00
Good. Rotherham are welcome to him. I don't want us to sign him. Just ask Rochdale fans about his 2 years there. He's been rubbish apparently. He had 1 good season in his career at Lincoln, he needs to be played along side a giant brute up front. which we ain't got. And IF we did sign a target man. Constable would score more goals imo.



27 Apr 2013 20:29:01
Following players to leave southampton fc

billy sharp
daniel fox
dean hammond
aaron martin
tadanari lee
guly do prado
frazer richardson
danny seaborne
richard chaplow
ben reeves
danny butterfield
steve de ridder
sam hoskins
tommy forecast
ryan dickson
lee barnard
jonathan forte

Can't see us letting Hoskins go on a perm deal, or Reeves, both are potentials for loans but Hoskins is quite likely to be playing for our under 21's next season. As for the rest I can honestly see any going as they are all surplus to the requirements.

Hopefully Hooveild goes too, waste of space!

After yesterdays effort I think Yoshida, Hooveild, and Fox have to go, they werebullied and battered off the ball, utter rubbish

Fox yes hooiveld and yoshida no chance 1 bad game in god knows how long it's going to happen now and again

Yoshida has been one of our best players this season. I think he's done really well for his first season in the BPL. Very harsh on your part.

Can't see Lee going if Sharp does, he will be our #3 striker behind Lambert and Rodriguez. If we can bring in another quality LB as cover for Shaw, then Fox will go. Hooiveld has been good this season, but got outdone by pace yesterday. Guly is championship standard at best. The rest on the list I agree with.

Yoshida has been great all season. You can not write him off on one game. He is possibly our most consistent player since his arrival.

Don't know what you were watching yesterday, Yoshida was good, I agree that Fox and Hooiveld had bad games, but to sell them because of 1 bad game is ridiculous. Too many plastic fans.

Yoshida has been shakey all season, I've been to 28games this year and I can 100% say that he has been woeful at times. Forren is a good player and needs game time soon. Fonte is our best CB and doesn't get a game. very odd. Defence needs money thrown at it in summer -brooksy13

We need a centre back saints problem is there is no leaders in the defence Clyne and Shaw are quality players but not leaders! Hooiveld is championship level Yoshida is to light weight. The biggest problem is from these four none of them make decisions or take charge of a situations.

How can you guys call Yoshida shaky or say he has to go? He has been one of our most consistently good players this season. He's been let down by partnerships with Hooiveld and having Fox often crop up at right back or when he plays at right back which is not his best position.
Yoshida has made some game saving tackles this season and he is only going to improve as he gets more Premiership experience with his best years still ahead of him. Silly to say on the back of one game we need to get rid of him.

Shows how much you know when you think fox is a right back- brooksy13

If you'd watched every game you would of seen Fox and Hooiveld have had at least 5 bad games each. Fox started early by gifting Nasri the winner at Man City first game of the season by heading it to him on a plate when it was going out for a corner. Not plastic fans, fans who can see defensive mistakes.

I'm not arrogant or opinionated enough to argue with an ex-international Argentine CB and highly respected coach, who sees our players 7 days a week, over who should be Saints CBs

Fox IMO needs to go, the only time he gets into the starting 11 is when shaw is injured. Shaw very good player as we all know, but he is young and shouldn't be played every game, so we need a quality Lb. It's a shame that we didn't get Buttner.

Fox was/is a liability. You only need to look at the stats, only completed 1 pass in the last game against WBrom out of 11/12 attempts? If he wasnt wearing red and white I would have said he had a cracking game for WBA.



27 Apr 2013 20:05:43
Highly rated Striker Dwight Gayle is a target for Watford. Despite only joining Peterborough in January 'The Posh' may be willing to cash in if they are relegated to Division One.

Would love him at watford. young, puts a lot of effort in, pace. can t see us affording him though after his recent performances. they ll want £2m+

Believable. His goal scoring record is brilliant and watford's defence could deal with him at london road.

Vydra, Forestieri, Deeney, Assombalonga. plus some quite strong rumours over the last few months on Udinese forums that Fabrini or Ranegie might come to the UK. ( and they'd be free! )

Not saying this rumour is gash, but seeing as how Watford potentially will have 4 or 5 very good strikers next year, for free, why would they buy anyone?

Not all of our loan players are from Udinese! Anya is from Granada, Chalobah from Chelsea, and Hogg from Aston Villa!

I'm just looking forward to Loach returning from his Ipswich loan.

29 Apr 2013 07:50:36
. The Hogg joke is still alive.

Still not sure why this thread about Hogg being on loan comes from but I'm not sure about others I'm bored with this. For the record Hogg was bought and Loach was sold

Watford have an option to extend Hoggs loan for another year if Villa stay up, and Watford Stay down.

Can not believe my fellow hornets are still biting at Hogg/villa loan gag. If you keep biting he'll keep getting you! Good fishing sir!

Gayle will cost more than 2 million more like double that. He is a premiership class striker.

I doubt he is premier league just yet, but he won't be leaving for 2 million, we can't replace him so 5 mill to make it have to happen, or wait for years and try again for 2



27 Apr 2013 20:03:46
Just heard that Liverpool scouts have been looking at Jordan Rhodes and nay well be making a bid in summer.

Seems they are looking for cover with Suarez being out in the short term and likely move on

That would be the END FOR FANS AND MANAGER!!!

Suarez going nowhere



27 Apr 2013 18:58:28
Wolverhampton virtually relegated.
So :
Bakary Sako - Swansea City
Kevin Doyle - Celtic
Stephen Ward - Southampton
Sylvain Ebans-Blake - Leicester
Jamie O'Hara - Norwich

For the way these lads have played this season they don't deserve a move, they should be made to stay and fight for the club that pays them probably one of the better wages in the championship but we know that won't happen, they'll walk away for a nominal fee and never look back. shameful. Daz (Burnley fan)

Jamie O'Hara to Norwich? I would like to see this. He would have worked under CH before. Good squad player.

Not sure saints want stephen ward.

I'm a Swansea fan but couldn't agree with Daz anymore. If these players honestly believe they can play at a level like that, with the exceptions of Bakary Sako and maybe Kevin Doyle, then why haven't they performed to the level expected of them to even remain in the division. A lot of people would of tipped Wolves for promotion this season yet they're on the brink of relegation unless a miracle happens. Very worried for Wolves.

Southampton to sign Ward? Can't see this seeing as Southampton are trying to head towards the top 6 in the league! I mean no that won't happen next season but Ward is a step in the wrong direction.



27 Apr 2013 18:36:44
Swansea are hoping to sign Herenveen striker Alfreð Finnbogason for 5m in the summer.

Is he good?

Yes he is great. 24 goals in 22 Eredivise games this season.

Sounds just the player we need right now to help el michu.

28 Apr 2013 17:36:57
lads going to sunderland. scouts been over to look



27 Apr 2013 17:57:45
Jon Taylor could leave in the summer

It'll be a shame if he does, he's my favourite member of Duran Duran.



27 Apr 2013 17:18:11
Norwich will sign Wilson Palacios of Stoke City for £3-5 million at the end of the season.

Decent player, never given a chance, I think 3 is the most we could hope for

No we won't! We will sign a creative midfielder, not another Johnson/Tettey/Howson type player. We already have 3 of them!

He's a good player, just doesn't suit stokes style. That's why he doesn't play. Who knows, he may be good for Norwich

Wilson wouldn't sign for a little club like norwich ha

Rubbish another rumour which is just not going to happen. If Wilson Palacios isn't good enough for Stoke and the other EPL teams he's played for, why do you think he'll increase the standard at Norwich?

It's not that he isn't 'good enough' for Stoke he just doesn't suit Pulis' style (or lack of style).

He's a good 2 stone overweight. Nothing to do with Pulis' so called style. Norwich don't play much differrent to Stoke, diabolical at the Brit last week. Pump it to Holt and fall over looking for a free kick.



27 Apr 2013 14:43:41
Dean Lewington is in talks with MK Dons over a new contract

I would move Lewi into central defence and Chicko at left back. Today we must have had the slowest back 4 all season - Shaunny is NOT a left back and showed too often by being out of poition. we need a big big target man to play with Lowe or MaCleod. One decent cross all game and we score. Get your cheque book ut Winkleman. CoYD

Lowe is leaving in the summer apparently

Mcleod is terrible we need to get rid of him and Lowe is too old we should sign someone like Cassidy from Wolves-young player who could help get us promoted

Cassady! Yet another example of our fans having no idea of the market value of any player. You do realise he's probable worth well over a million quid, right?

Deano's signed all that's left is to sie up the Testimonial details before it'll be announced. They want to do an announcement tied in with a massive pre-season friendly doubling up as Deano's testimonial game. It'll be a sell out at 32,000. Well, that's the target!

"Lowe is leaving in the summer apparently"

He's under contract for another year, is now settled at MK and scoring goals. No need to move him on, but I'm not sure he'll be happy to play second fiddle to either Bamford (IF he returns) or someone similar next season. He'll start the season with us and after that it'll depend on how many starts he gets. Expect him to be on his way at Christmas if things aren't working out, but not before.

Lowe has been good at times but Ifall McFlop has been a total waste of time. He was only signed for nostalgia reasons and he was free. NEVER go back, ever!

I agree, Jake Cassidy or a alter like him would be nice to have. Doubt that would happen though.

28 Apr 2013 14:35:09
Forest scouts have been watching him over the last month or so

"It'll be a sell out at 32,000. Well, that's the target!"

Fat chance 32,000. Max. 20,000 I think.

"Cassady! Yet another example of our fans having no idea of the market value of any player. You do realise he's probable worth well over a million quid, right?"

He means ON LOAN for heaven's sake!

We couldn't afford him in a zillion years and even if we could Winkelman would consider it morally wrong to buy him.

"Fat chance 32,000. Max. 20,000 I think".

You don't know who we're playing yet ;).

It's genuinely massive and will form the opening for the upper tier and Deano's testimonial.

Yeah, then we can go back to gates of around 8,000 for the mid-table tedium that lies ahead next season.

"You don't know who we're playing yet. "

My bet is Fulham for obvious reasons but I stand by what I said, back to pitiful crowds and mid-table purgatory next season. Yeah! We are on the road to dreamland! BS!

There will be a test event in the summer for the upper tier but it won't be a testimonial for Lewie and it won't be a 32,000 sell out. Oh and he hasn't signed a new contract either despite being offered one over two weeks ago.



27 Apr 2013 14:32:04
John Sheridan will leave Plymouth Argyle after the match at Rochdale today because he feels the club is not equipped to move forward with James Brent at the helm.

Plymouth Argyle will look down the A38 at Exeter Citys Paul Tisdale about a summer move to Home Park.

This is rubbish I have close connections at argyle and john sheridan to sit down next week to discuss contract.

I also think this is rubbish, but to claim you know this due to "close connections" is ridiculous considering both Sheridan and Brent have publicly announced they're going to sit down to discuss a contract.

Tisdale ha ha we don't need him this is a made up rumour



27 Apr 2013 14:25:58
Oldham Athletic manager Lee Johnson will be looking to sign a right-back, centre-back, left-back, a midfielder, at least one winger and at least one striker too
Alex Cisak, Cristian Montano, James Wesolowski, Matt Smith and Dean Furman are all expected to be shown the door by Johnson this summer as he looks to rebuild his side for a promotion push next season

So Oldham are going to sell all there best players? This is real-life football not FIFA

New team

27 Apr 2013 22:13:25
I wouldn't consider Matt Smoth or Cristian Montano to be Oldham's best players plus everybody is out of contract bar Cisak who wants out anyway

Utter rubbish as a few of these players still a yr left on their contract.

Furman is away as he jumped ship rather than fioght with the team he captained. We get money for him now as well lmao as Donny have gone up and he was actually free in the summer. Lmao.

Maybe you need to speak to our chairman to check these rumours you make up, I can give you his e mail if you want.



27 Apr 2013 13:41:14
latest news, marco reus is set to join Manchester United for 30 millon

You mean Lewandowski



27 Apr 2013 13:31:12
Going to Swansea would ensure he plays week in week out for a very creative Europe qualified team

10m euros would likley get him, wages at Swansea seem to start low but add the large win and goal bonus and he may be tempted
nuff said. think for many reasons Swansea are Fav to sign him

Is this about Negredo?

Who are you talking about?

Um. Who?

This isn't football manager - there's a lot more too it than offering a large "goal bonus"!



27 Apr 2013 11:59:55
Swindon have been hosting various trial matches with players from Premier League teams whom are set to be released, playing in them. The players are from teams such as Arsenal, Aston Villa and Everton.

Not a rumor d/h fact

Feel free to have Richard Dunne & his huge wages!

You have only read what was in the local paper that's old news, speed up we are also in the play offs?

They only released the teams that day



27 Apr 2013 11:12:14
Preston are tracking Morecambe man Kevin Ellison. The evergreen winger/striker has impressed over the last two seasons with a number of important goals keeping Morecambe in League Two and Simon Grayson is set to give him one more chance at a higher level.

Westley might have signed him, Grayson certainly won't.

He can't be far off retiring, looked very slow and overweight last time I saw him play, so can't see any truth in that.

27 Apr 2013 22:22:17
He recently signed a new one year deal so he probably wouldn't leave

Signed a new 1 year deal at Morecambe so doubt it.

He has just signed a new one year deal with Morecambe, unless PNE are going to pay a fee.



27 Apr 2013 10:46:06
Apparently this rumour with Kelvin Etuhu could have some truth in it as Simon Grayson has had him watched over the last few weeks he needs a winger/midfielder and his older brother Dickson Etuhu has put in a good word in as Preston are going to give next season a real good go and get that extra better bit of quality in the final 3rd expect Preston to make some surprise signings this summer

If you read the LEP today. you will be surprised at the signings.

There will be 2 at best.

The current team will be there next season. !

I take it you didn't read the whole LEP article he said 2 - 4.

"Instead of having to recruit 12, 15, 20 players – whatever it might be – we might be looking at only two, three or four. "

27 Apr 2013 18:04:29
Kelvin has not played for 5 week 1st game back today so where av they been watching him one will never no?
Wombwell RED

“It is going to be lower down the figures than the higher numbers"

“One or two will leave the club and one or two will come in.

Simon Grayson. 27th April LEP

One or two means a few only and not literally one or two. Expect four or five literally.

Right. so when Grayson says one or two. he really means four or five.

So when he said you were going to finish top 6. he really means 17th or 18th?

Yes. There is no way that Grayson is only going to bring in only one or two players. There are 4 or 5 he wants to move on and, if successful, he will bring the same number in.

So Simon, why not just say. "I want to bring in 4 or 5 players"

And why not say you really expect to finish 17th or 18th in League 1

You just confuse football fans when you say one thing. but you really mean something different. OR DO YOU?

You must be thick. He can afford one or two players now but it will be 4 or 5 if Procter, Beardsley and Robertson move on as wanted. Because of the wages cap at 60% and the fact he has signed up 3 youths, he can only bring in the total of 4 or 5 he wants to if these 3 contracted players go in addition to the freed Foster. Hopefully Hume will go too which will free up more wages.



27 Apr 2013 09:03:18
Swansea are negosiating with agents for 3 English players
Lansbury, Adomah and Matt Phillips with the plan to secure 2 of these 3 targets in June from a budget put asside for HG talent of £6m.

27 Apr 2013 12:11:30
No chance will you get Henri Lansbury, adomah is Ghanaian and Phillips is Scottish. Unlucky mate.

HG home grown rather than English.

None of those would stand a chance of getting in the swans team

27 Apr 2013 17:36:37
Those player are not good enough to start for swansea citys reserves, So leave it there

28 Apr 2013 11:26:06
Wouldn't they be better off negotiating with the clubs? Rubbish rumour



27 Apr 2013 08:26:16
Man United will sign Byram and Hughes from Leeds and Derby

All things taken into account:

The new money that prem clubs are getting with the championship getting virtually nothing.

Hughes signing a new contract.

Hughes being an English player, English players are always over valued (Zaha, Ince, Henderson, Downing, Carroll etc. )

Hughes plays like a spanish player, making him very rare.

He is 18 years old.

He has been virtually an ever present in the Npower Championship showing he can handle the physical side.

Derby County are extremely set on keeping their young talent.

I would say his value ranges from 8-10 million. What I would say is that any deal would 100% contain a loan back for a season to avoid what happened to the likes of Nick Powell, who has 2 apps since his transfer and 1 under 21 appearance. Wasted talent at this current minute in my opinion.

29 Apr 2013 15:21:16
sam byram said he won't be leaving, he is staying at leeds and he said his main aim is to get leeds back in the premiership



27 Apr 2013 05:03:55
sheffield wednesday offered new contract to Reda johnson. stoke, westbrom, nottingham forest and norwich are all interested.

Norwich?! I don't think so. Stop making things up. Stoke too! NO WAY ARE THESE TWO CLUBS INTERESTED!

Im a massive owl, and he's a good player but not ready for premier league level at this minute!

What do you mean stop making things up some of the players I see linked with those clubs it doesn't sound that ridiculous



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