Football Rumours Archive April 27 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursApril 27 2012 

26 Apr 2012 23:19:21
Yeovil Town are set to sign Weymouth striker Mark Ford after he stalls on a new deal!(3)(8)


26 Apr 2012 23:13:34
Gylfi Sigurdsson will sign for Man Utd and spend another season (adapting) on loan at swansea. How do I know this??......£££ please(5)(44)We'll have him on loan at reading lolYeah right and then you woke up with your cereal all over you, we will sign Junior Hoilett i thinkAdapting? hes been playin football in england since he was 15.. only been in germany two yearsIf he did go to a top four club he wouldn't be going out on loan. He's already proved he can play at the highest level, and will do so.

Typical hopeful Swansea fan who needs to get his feet back on the ground and prepare for second season syndrome.


26 Apr 2012 22:56:53
Just heard that Spurs are lining up Josep Guardiola as a replacement for Harry.
Welsh_Scouser(9)(49)Wishful thinking. He will take a year out. Perhaps you'd like Terry O'Conner to take temp charge for 12 months while you wait?There is substance to this rumour. With the F.A taking Harry and Tottenham getting a tidy sum of £10million in compensation. Levy will use this to entice Pep on a £70k a week salary and signing on fee of £4m.
Due to the fact no compensation is due to Barca for their outgoing manager the leftover £6m will sit in the coffers towards the new stadium fund. Pep will be allocated the £40m war chest along with any player sales.
This is not a rumour but in fact a deal very likely to happen, Levy is a very astute and persusive businessman first/Football chairman second.You really should not listen to the voices in your head so muchBy 'substance' do you mean 'I want my dearest fantasy to come true, 'cos we're great and we've got a lot of money and stuff'?

Guardiola would want bigger fish to fry than you.


26 Apr 2012 22:47:31
Chris Powell could look to Billy Paynter to add to his squad depth for next season in the Championship. Deemed surplus to requirements at Leeds, Paynter is eager to prove himself at Championship level with the Addicks keen to swoop for a cut-price deal for the 27 year old.(20)(4) 

Not good enoughBilly Painter is rumoured to be a player that Andy Thorn has spoken to, as CCFC are looking for a target man to replace Clive Platt once the transfer embargo has been lifted. {Ed003's Note - Oooo,they might get Bob the builder aswell}


26 Apr 2012 22:45:24
Brian Flynn will be appointed Wrexham manager at the end of this season. Welsh_Scout(4)(5)Not good enough


26 Apr 2012 22:44:21
Reading have targeted possible loan deals for Josh Mceachran and Ross Barkley for the 2012/13 season to help strengthen the squad and consolidate their status of a premier league club.(14)(18)Brian McDermott has previously stated he will only loan a player if he will be able to bring him in permenently.. so chelsea's 'prodigy' is unlikley to come permenently and unlikely to come on loanBarkley will be starting for everton next year. NO CHANCELone for barkley, what have you been smoking ?


26 Apr 2012 20:56:12
Changes next season
Man City -Rafa Benitez
Glen Johnson
Steven Gerrard
Diego Forlan
Xabi Alonso
Joe hart
Gael Clichy
Vincent Kompany
David Silva

Chelsea- Josep Guardiola

Petr Cech
Gerard Pique
John Terry

Gareth Bale
Eden Hazard
Oriol Romeu
Juan Mata

Robin Van Persie

Liverpool- Jose Mourinho

Jose Reina
Kyle Walker
Branislav Ivanovic
Jose Enrique
Jamie Carragher

Frank Lampard
Angel Di Maria

Luis Suarez

Tottenham David Moyes


Wow how old are you? 7?This is the rumours page mate not banter^^ it's not even banter, it's just a minute of my life I won't get backHe's been playing too much FIFA Manager -.-Mate where will everton get the money for Robben? Give it a restWhat a load of tosh.He said robben at tottenham you muppet. fair enough the post is a joke but get your reading sorted before having a pop.Seeing as Rossi is now out for 10 months any deal to any club is unlikely. Liverpool can not afford Mourinho and Tottenham will not sell Bale or Walker the fact you also have left Modric out of the Tottenham team but not put him on the departures is also another giveaway that you ar eclown.
Stop dreaming and do your homework.Never read such a load if undiluted crapYou clearly dont know what your on about!Well thanks for that load of rubbish! next time I will see a comment made by you I will have more luck sticking a fork in my eye then any of this becoming true!If any of this comes off i will buy you barcelonaLiverpool signing RONALDO! hah oh wow, not even a big club anymore. Do one.Someones been playing too much football managerHes merged the 2 teams with the ex club the manager was at


26 Apr 2012 20:46:15
Derby county are looking at lower league youngsters including

Jayden Stockley-Bournmouth
Josh Carmichael-Bournmouth
Billy Bodin-Swindon town
Tom Bender-Colchester
Elliot Hewitt-Macclesfield town
Allen Bossman-Stoke city
Tomos Jones-Bodedern Athletic(12)(5)In the past 4 days derby have now been linked with 37 players. All from lower leagues. Funnily enough.Stoke City Lower league er where you bin?Ok, the vast majority from lower leagues. and Allan bossman?Derby will only be signig three players this summer, dependent on outgoings, and they will be:

Paul Dixon/Jack Robinson
Michael Jacobs/Marc Pugh
and a strikerStockley and Carmichael haven't had a kick for Bournemouth this year so why would Derby want two untried youth teamers.


26 Apr 2012 20:13:03
Liverpool are set to invest 500k in Connor Goldson of Shrewsbury Town.

The young player has impressed this season and particularly impressed against Arsenal in the League Cup.(8)(7)


26 Apr 2012 20:07:07
Lewis Grabban is being targeted by Sheffield Wednesday , Shrewsbury Town and Swindon Town.

A bid of 300k is said to be the asking price of Rotherham.(3)(13)There have been a couple of bids made HOWEVER Swindon Town is not one of them, The Swindon Chairman has issued a statement making it quit clear they have not made any move for the striker.Rotherham have received two bids for Grabban both from league 1 clubs and a third is expected, none of the bids have come from a Sheffield club,it is believed that the bids are from Brentford and Colchester..the asking price is over 300kBrentford dont want him we got rid of him


26 Apr 2012 18:12:09
Norwich made an inquiry for Matt Jarvis services and Wolves quoted them eight million pounds.
The Bab.(15)(24)Will be half that, no way will they get 8m for himWolves don't need to sell, so no way will he go for anywhere less than £6/7m.They do need to sell no matter what your owner says Relegation will hit you very hard and you will sell your prized assetsExplain how please , ALL wolves players have a clause in their contract if relegated they have to take a 50% pay cut unlike QPR for example.All Wolves players are on long term contracts so good luck to getting the top players on the cheap , plus Wolves are in the black unlike most premier league clubs.The only players leaving Molineux will be those we want to sell ie Johnson, or those that we receive a good fee for - the business model is designed to be able to survive relegation without totally dismantling the team. Any 'prized assets' will be sold on our terms, and not at a fire sale similar to the one at St Andrews last year.Matt is off and that is a fact i asked him so and hes always been such a nice honest guy with me that the fact he said we shall see made me believe he is off......, and for some reason i do think it will be stoke as its closer to his new home ...where his wife has taken a new job last term as a teacher ...whats this space 5.5 milStoke will be his destination! They will have a good player on there hands. Good luck Matt!


26 Apr 2012 17:52:16
Peterborough United are tracking El Hadji Diouf as he's stated his intention to leave relegated Doncaster in the summer(6)(24)Going to Leeds.To old for the Posh but right age for Leeds plus Leeds have no money for players! No doubt a free agent with no fee.He's off to leeds


26 Apr 2012 17:51:13
Darren Ferguson is the new favourite at PaddyPower to be the new Wolverhampton Wanderers manager(15)(19)Haha what a joke he.s out of his depth in the championship they would be better off keeping terry connor.I dont agree, Fergy could do a good job at Wolves, they will need a bit of a horse trader for sure.Staying at the Posh likes working with young hungry players not old has beens.Has new restuarant in the area plenty of money to buy new young hungry players.Young Fergys next job will be taking over at Man u.Keep it in the family!We dont want him here hes useless


26 Apr 2012 17:50:43
QPR, Newcastle and Bolton have joined the race to sign Peterborough forward Paul Taylor, who is certain to leave the club in the summer(4)(16)He will go to some mid table Championship team.


26 Apr 2012 17:45:18
Derby keen on Benjani(8)(18)Never.Even Derby aren't that desperateHope Derby have a good treatment room


26 Apr 2012 17:41:11
Watford are keen to take a look at Robbie
Threlfall. Threlfall left Bradford City by mutual
consent in March.(2)(10)If he was released by Bradford I'd be very surprised if he found his way here.To be fair, Threlfall is a good player. ex Liverpool youth product. Good left foot, decent set piece taker.
Reason for leaving bradford: We got better players that could of played LB. Kozluk/Seip/Fry.


26 Apr 2012 17:28:28
Matt Ritchie to Watford £500,000(8)(17)Why would we sell Ritchie for less than was offered in january plus he wont go to Watford as you are in decline whereas Swindon will make a challenge next season in L1. No way will we sell Ritchie for 500k. Financially our club is in a good position and we would only sell Ritchie for what he is worth but Paolo wont want to sell him.Watford in decline? Behave.Ritchie is awful. There's a reason why he plays league two football. He's found his level there!Theres better clubs intrested in him and he is a good player


26 Apr 2012 17:07:35
The only chance of Ipswich signing Michael Morrison from Charlton is in your dreams. Ipswich are going backwards so why would he ever contemplate going there.(8)(14)He wont so chill out.


26 Apr 2012 17:00:09
Sunderland reserve Marcos Angeleri and Blackburn reserve Vincenzo Grella are on the verge of agreeing deals with Estudiantes.(18)(7)


26 Apr 2012 16:42:48
Rafa Benitez to takeover at Man City
at the end of the season. Rafa to sign

Xabi Alonso
Javier Mascherano(10)(43)Peps the man nowAlonso hates benitez, would never play for himYeah and I reckon that McLaren should be sacked for not getting England to Euro 2008...


26 Apr 2012 16:16:26
RCD Mallorca planning bids for 3 PL outcasts believed to be Carlos Vela, Ricardo Gardner and Cristian Riveros(11)(5)Riveros you can have him, please take bramble and angeleri aswell


26 Apr 2012 16:14:20
Lloyd Sam and Ashley Grimes are on the radar for promoted side Swindon Town.(20)(14)


26 Apr 2012 16:11:47
Leeds United set to buy Sammy Clingan, El-Hadji Diouf and Darren O'Dea with Mika Varynynen, Lloyd sam, Andy O'Brien and billy paynter leaving(20)(37)Don't think you'll get Clingan he's going derby!Darren O'Dea was told by Warnock he had no future at the club. Sammy Clingan is a possibility but I really hope the Diouf rumours are a load of nonsense.Doubt that kid o'dea was told last week he wont get a contract and varynens already been released like 2 weeks ago! Dioufs a joke n clingan we can get better than that!Odea and mika have already goneNo one will be buying sammy clingon , hes free this summerSammy Clingan is linked with Leeds every tansfer window yet i think Warnock will be looking for a slightly higher calibre of player.....


26 Apr 2012 15:54:43
Norwich will sign Kyle Bennett from Doncaster after the club's recent relegation to League 1. Paul Lambert believes he will link up well with older brother Elliott and will do well for his side. Norwich will wrap up his services with a 500k bid which Doncaster will not be able to refuse(20)(16)Very believable would be a good signingYes pls!!


26 Apr 2012 15:53:02
26 Apr 2012 13:34:05
Jason Pearce and Greg Halford are both targets for Championship Champions Reading

Not a chance. Halford was sold by Reading after a pretty poor season with them in 2007.

Don't know much about pearce though(10)(21)Jason Pearce is on his way to elland road according to near enough every paper and ssnHalford no. He had his chance here and was kicked out after being caught, how should I say, "walking the white line"...

Pearce was interesting us in January. Who knows.Pearce went down with pompey so hardly a premier league defender!


26 Apr 2012 15:39:44
Rob Hulse is set to hold talks with leed after been told he can leave loftus road.

Reliable Source: Family member of Hulse(22)(15)


26 Apr 2012 16:28:47
oldham are going to change coaching staff next season with gerry taggart leaving and former players andy liddell and sean gregan joining the backroom staff also players leaving will be :

robbie simpson - bristol city
bradley diallo - rochdale
kieran lee- charlton
chris taylor -barnsley

ins :
steve howard - leicester
lee croft - derby
izale mcleod - barnet
michael brown - leeds
david james- bristol city (player-coach)
chris porter- sheff utd (loan)(6)(22)I like Kieran Lee, is he out of contract?Yeah he is out of contract at the end of this season....unfortunately


26 Apr 2012 16:27:36
Bristol City are wanting a swap deal with Scunthorpe utd to get Michael O'connor and swap for the city flop Martyn Woolford(4)(9)Hes out of contract this summer anyway so o'connor is going for free, no need for swaps!!


26 Apr 2012 15:20:08
Reading fc prospect jordan obita is set to leave the club with arsenal and tottenham interseted(4)(12)Nonsense. He is highly regarded at Reading and has only had a League 2 loan to Barnet and Gillingham.

He will go out on loan to a Championship side next season.Source? this is rubbish though

Obita snubbed the bigger teams to sign for Reading AND why sign for anyone else right now when he is more likely to get first team premier league football at Reading


26 Apr 2012 15:03:24
Lionel Ainsworth is set to leave Shrewsbury Town when his contract expires in the summer.Interested parties consist of Rotherham , Bristol Rovers and Gillingham.(6)(6)


26 Apr 2012 15:01:01
Luke Daniels is set to make a permanent move to Shrewsbury Town and try to establish himself as their number one after Roy Hodgson told him he has no future at the West Bromich Albion.

The Shrews are also interested in re-signing another ex player in Michael Symes , initially on loan with a view to a permanent move.(4)(5)


26 Apr 2012 14:59:46
My sister is going out with one of the Charlton players. I can't say which but he told me that Charlton are going to spend big this summer and he's worried about keeping his place in the squad.

He said Chris Powell is a great manager and he loves it at Charlton. He only joined last summer and doesn't want to leave as this is the biggest club with the best facilities he played for.

He also said that the players and staff were told to say the new kit will be by Nike to put people off. They don't know who the new kit will be made by or who the new sponsor is as "it's not something they ask us about".(4)(22)If it were true - why not say the name ! Why so secretive.Your sister is NOT going out with a Charlton player.
Chris Powell has said NO such thing.
CAFCHe never quoted Chris Powell as saying anything.

A few rumours I'm hearing are starting to tally up with this. The stadium name sponsorship and kit sponsors have something to do with the new financial rules.Probably just said that to get his hole


26 Apr 2012 14:36:59
Norwich are keeping tabs on Rangers unsettled frontman Kyle Lafferty. Lafferty is unhappy at Ibrox and did not report for training last Saturday.(6)(20)If he has failed to turn up for training, no way can I see Paul Lambert being interested.Last post is spot on - if he actually did fail to turn up for training then Lambert would not touch him with a bargepole.Overated hothead,bombed at rangers why would lambert want himNo thankyou. Not good enough.Didn't turn up for training last saturday...........It was actually a game he didnt turn up for. Get the facts right, then the rumour will have some credibility

samsonNot a chance Lambert would not risk a hot head like this in his team. 0/10 for effort


26 Apr 2012 14:36:57
Strong rumours from doncaster rovers, out of contract player simon gillett a target for Portsmouth and Adam Lockwood attracting interest from both brentford and Yeovil. James coppinger, Brian stock and James oconnor all look set to leave to reduce the wage bill and centre back Sam Hird set to snub a contract offer to go to Middlesbrough.(8)(3)How can anyone be a target for Portsmouth ? might not even be a football club and still looking at signing players NOT adig but get a reality check firstA former Saints player a Portsmouth target, with the situation both clubs are in? REALLY?Lockward is a former yeovil player so i recon he has more chance of signing for us than bournemouth.


26 Apr 2012 14:31:55
Leeds Utd are said to be interested in Evertons James McFadden. McFadden, 29, has only played 5 times since rejoining the toffees and does not look to be a major part of David Moyes' squad for 2012-13. McFadden can play either in an attacking midfield role or as a striker so would be a versatile option for Warnocks new look side.(15)(7)Also on Reading's radar.


26 Apr 2012 14:18:06
Middlesbroughs centre half Seb Hines has been targeted by a couple of lower rated premiership teams. It has been reported that towards the end of this season there was a few sightings of managers at the Riverside stadium.(1)(6)A few sightings of fans as well judging by the Soton game on TV


26 Apr 2012 13:38:21
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is targeting more youngsters with Southampton's 16 year old full back Luke Shaw and Portsmouth duo, 17 year old centre back Sam Magri and striker Ashley Harris among his targets(9)(11)Don't think so, regarding Luke Shaw,our current chairman won't roll over for the Vulture like Red Chops Lowe did,he won't be able to steal any more kids from Southampton,he'll have to pay top whack for anybody that leaves.Totally agree, no need to sellSam magri is a liverpool player we signed him at the end of januaryMagri only went on trial at liverpool, never signed.Arsenal can sod off luke shaw , he wll be playing prem footy with saints and marking theo n chamberlain out of the games he plays in in the future


26 Apr 2012 13:26:14
Ed: Is there any truth about East Stirlingshire and Spartans will switch leagues.

ie: Spartans sfl3
East stirlingshire East of Scotland League {Ed007's Note - Spartans and Cove Rangers have applied to join the SFL. They have been on 'the list' for the next available spot for a while now.}(2)(3)So maybe Rangers would not automatically get a place in Div 3!


26 Apr 2012 13:34:05
Jason Pearce and Greg Halford are both targets for Championship Champions Reading(3)(24)Doubt it given halford flopped like a fish when we signed him last timeGreg Halford flops everywhere he plays


26 Apr 2012 12:52:37
Reading are to buy Gylfi Sigurdsson, Bjorn Sigurdarson, Dame N'Doye, Nathanel Clyne, Matt Connolly and Kieran Richardson(17)(32)Of course they are.And what will their wages be? Gret real.Its possible they sign a few of these but definitely not all - Don't believe everything you read in the tabloidsGylfie's agent has already stated that he will go back to his parent club as they do not want to sell him or loan him out next season


26 Apr 2012 12:50:02
Leicester manager Nigel Pearson has made contact with Sir Alex Ferguson enquiring about a season long loan for Michael Owen and a pernament move for Richard De Laet(22)(24)Owen is out of contract - no need for a loanHes also enquired about Robbie Brady whether on loan or permanent


26 Apr 2012 12:49:40
any news about doncaster rovers(1)(5)Yeah your relegated!!One bit of news is that a lot of fans of other Yorkshire clubs are laughing a great deal at Donny.No (lol)


26 Apr 2012 12:47:22
After stalling on a new contract with Weymouth mark ford is being looked at by Yeovil and Bournemouth with a view to a pre season trial.(5)(4)


26 Apr 2012 12:46:39
Leeds in talks with El hadj Diouf(31)(19)NO! Have we come to this?You're most welcome to who is probably the most hated and disgusting player in England.Don't want him very very bad news. Hope this is just a rumour. I know we are continually called 'Dirty Leeds', but this is taking the biscuit. Please no Mr WarnockWhat a perfect fit, these two are made for each other.These 4! warnock, bates, leeds and diouf are made for eachotherThis was in the daily mail which pretty much means it's bull, it should stick to rugby and cricket.Heard this aswell source
sky sportsSky sports now so obv not bull. . .


26 Apr 2012 12:24:39
Ipswich look set to sign

Tomasz Kupisz-(Jagiellonia BiaÅ‚ystok)-£300k
Logan Bailly-(Borussia Monchenglabach)-£500k
Tomasz Jodlowiec-(Polonia)-£400k
Paul Green-(Derby)-free
Tomasz Kuszacak-(Man Utd)-free
Marvell Wynne-(Colorado Rapids)-£500k
Matt Kilgallon-(Sunderland)-free
Dickson Etuhu-(Fulham)-Free(9)(26)Oh dear the same crap every year from the turnip munchers.Matt killgallon will be signing a new contract with sunderland as he has been playing really well, you have no chance ipswich!I know we want a keeper, but i doubt we'd sign two, Kuszczak looks the most likely, and Paul Green to replace the outgoing Grant leadbitter


26 Apr 2012 12:18:54
Black Cats to change kit for new season. No Red and White Strips, Black Shorts or socks. Instead its going to be White shirt, Red sleaves and collar with the prawling black cat in the centre of the top, with Black shorts and Red socks, Away top will be all Black and a 3rd being all white.(8)(29)So they will have two white kits and one black kit. What colour will their fourth kit be when they play Newcastle.PINK MAYBE. HAHA


26 Apr 2012 11:53:13
Manchester United are reported to be looking at Real Sociedad's 21 year old winger Antoine Griezmann.

Fergie is also targeting Dinamo Zagreb's 20 year old full back with Fabio leaving the club on a season long loan.

Sparta Prague's 19 year old striker Vaclav Kadlec is also said to be on the United hit list as a replacement for Berbatov and Owen who both look set to leave the club. Kadlec can also play on the wings.(12)(7)Fabio to norwich {Ed015's Note - Going to Benfica, isn't he?}Toooo much football manager for you.


26 Apr 2012 11:36:01
Crawley Town to loan Brighton forward Torbjørn Agdestein on a season long deal.(6)(6)


26 Apr 2012 11:35:02
Brighton to offload the following players to 'possible' destinations
RRYAN HARLEY - Charlton Atletic (Fee)
ROMAIN VINCELOT - Millwall (part-ex + fee for Liam Trotter)
GARY DICKER - Charlton Athletic (Fee)
CASPER ANKERGRAN - Sheffield Wednesday
ASHLEY BARNES - Portsmouth
MAT SPARROW - Cardiff City

And replace with the following 'possible'
TOM SOARES - Stoke City (Free)
ALAN SMITH - Newcastle United (Free)
LIAM TROTTER - Millwall (Fee+Player)
CARLO CUDICINNI - Tottenham (Free)

- Just because he plays for Tottenham and played for Chelsea doesnt mean its not possible. He's mid-30's, 3rd choice at Spurs and very good friends with Gus Poyet.(9)(14)Barnes and Sparrow will want to stay can't see Brighton offloading them but the rest can go elsewhere.

Mattock and Gai Assulin will be wanted by Gus for next season as for other targets I'm not certain yet. Although Laim Trotter would be a good signing. Trippier I beleive recently signed permanently to Burnley.Sod all chance of Barnes going to Pompey, he's going to stay. Alan Smith ??? are you having a laugh.You must be tripping regards to Trippier, he was fans player of the season, he would cost about 3-4 million and he would only go to a premiership sideYea that's likely, Kieran trippier only in January signed on a permanent basis and on Tuesday was awarded with 9 player of the year awards from various burnley groups. So yea, we're going to sell him get real and stop making carp up.Harley and Dicker will not be coming to Charlton.


26 Apr 2012 11:30:02
leicester city have been linked with a few players recently, their main target is securing harry kane on a season long loan from spurs. also ritchie de laet and cameron stewart are also said to be on their way to leicester. and the other target which everyone knows about is jamie vardy.(13)(6)If pearson wants c stewart it,ll cost him BIG money ,but he dont want to go so it,ll be BIG BIG MONEY


26 Apr 2012 11:26:43
Ipswich Town are favourites to sign Charlton centre back Michael Morrison, who is more than happy to move back to a Suffolk side.(4)(18)Didnt he used to play for leicester?I'm sure he would be happy to move back one day but at the moment he is a charlton player. Quoted as saying "This year has been my best as a professional" he will not risk his career by a backward move to Ipswich.

Charlton are moving forward again they do not have to sell and he is an integral part of the team. He will not risk upsetting that and niether will charlton.

Ipswich had him and let him go, woopsNever played for Ipswich, Started at Cambridge, as you say WoopsWell your not having him anyway so it dont really matter does it.Of course it doesn't matter its a rumours site after all and I agree with you, can't see him joining, this came out of some page filler on an Ipswich fan site but if you are going to post at least make sure there is some semblance of accuracy - it's your credibility!


26 Apr 2012 11:12:12
Crawley Town to make a swoop for Bristol Rover's ex-Brighton & Celtic defender Adam Virgo.(7)(7)


26 Apr 2012 11:03:40
Yeovil Town after Dean Parrett, Max Ehmar, Sam Walker and Lawson D'Ath on season long loans again.

They are also looking to sign Middlesbrough loanee's Jonathan Grounds and Jonathan Franks after successful spells in League One with the Glovers last season.(6)(2)Ehmar will sign on loan for preston again next seasonI doubt we fter ehmer as johnson got rid of him pretty quick, parrett unlikely and i hope not walker, we could do alot betterEhmer wont come back as Johnson sent him on his way early, Parret doubtful as he didn't really impress during his short time at the club, Walker no thanks flaps at too much, But D'ath looks quality and a deal looks posible as Reading want him to gain 1st team experance which he will get at Yeovil. I've heard that Chris Weale could be on his way back to Yeovil about time they signed a perminate Goalkeeper.No chance for Ehmer, I don't want to see Walker back, he's too inconsistent, Dean parrot is a great player but didn't fit in with the current style we played. though he was sent back because Johnson couldn't guarantee him games and didn't want loanees being wasted. Lawson is probably the best bet, has had a fantastic spell with us.


26 Apr 2012 10:39:06
ANy Ross County transfer news please?(2)(12)We are in the Scottish prem now, I was just asking.Yeah, Michael Gardyne (1st div. player of the yeasr) is moving to Dundee United!


26 Apr 2012 10:36:49
Burton Albion to release sevral players in the summer including Tony James, Adi Yussef, Ryan Austin, Jimmy Phillips, Greg Pearson, Danny Blannchett, Ross Atkins (return to derby following loan), Adam Bolder ( it is beleaived that he is moving on).
New Deals to be offered to Jack Dyer, Nathan Stanton and Billy kee to tie him to the club
Players being linked with moves :
Izale McLeod (Barnet)
Alex Witham (Derby )
Herry Pell (Herefrod)
Also needed :
A new right back and left back
2 new center backs
A new winger
2 New Strikers(3)(12)No chance in signing mcleodThat the same jimmy phillips thats been offered a 2 year deal today?


26 Apr 2012 10:19:13
Morecambe to move for Rotherham's left back Tom Newey in the Summer.(2)(5)


26 Apr 2012 10:05:48
Colchester are interested in Crawley Town midfielder Scott Davies. Davies who joined the Red devils in the summer had a loan spell at Aldershot over the Christmas period. He has said he is looking to leave Crawley but will move if the right offer comes in.(3)(2)


26 Apr 2012 10:03:12
Reading fc in a 3 way battle for bjorn siggurson with Sunderland and everton Making a move for him now. The 21 y/o. Is attracting a lot of intrest for the German league as well.(12)(8)Reading have tabled a £3m bid. Nicky Hammond making use of previous players Ivar Ingimarsson, Gylfi Sigurdsson and on current Royal Bryn Gunnarsson to sway the boy Reading's way.If Sunderland and Everton are serious then Reading do not have a chance. If they are only interested as a future prospect without gurantees of first team football then Reading may stand a chance if he has his priorities straight. But wouldnt expect him to move to Reading.Agree with the poster above, although sunderland have more financial clout than everton so i wouldnt be surprised to see him go thereReading have no chance


25 Apr 2012 22:48:45
Any ed, some serious noises coming out of whl that harry will be gone friday? It doesn't make sense, but it's a normally reliable source that the story has come from! although even hes a bit unsure of the rumour but claims thats what he was told? any info? {Ed002's Note - Nothing for this week.}(0)(6)


26 Apr 2012 09:39:13
Dicanio is set to leave and look's as if it's to West Ham.
All this 45 day talk i was et to go now I stay,my players cannot win without me,mmmmmmmmm West ham is wellcome to him as in Div 1 he will struggle and the mega rich Board will not P/// money against the wall
My money is on Cotrell as he is local lad from Wooten Basset,realize Forest Fans disagree yet it's possible(4)(20)Your the same guy who posted this the other day as you cant spell Wootton Bassett and by the way Cottrell doesnt live there. Total rubbish rumour


26 Apr 2012 09:27:02
ANY BRISTOL CITY TRANSFER NEWS IN OR OUT,(0)(13)Type control and F in your browser and type in the search field Bristol, keep clicking next until you cant find more stories and that will tell you.


26 Apr 2012 09:25:35
Reading FC have shown interest in both Clyne and Zaha for a total of 8 Million. This is from BBC sport rumours and the Daily Mail.

Reading have also shown interest in Dame N'Doye who would be a quality signing for any premiership team, as he is probably FC Copenhagen's most prolific player.

Kieran Richardson is also an interest for 2 Million.

There has been NO Reading interest in Doyle, and IMO would be a poor signing.

Reading Boy Jake

There is a lot of interest in both Clyne and Zaha so would be very surprised if they went for a combined fee £8 million.

Why would they go to reading who have no fans a will be up for one season .hope saints and west ham go up proper fans unlike reading boro mike

^^ sorry a boro fan?
oh dear nice home attendances this year congrats

^I guess someone is bitter/Jealous.

We took 1300 fans to reading you took 270 to us u never had any fans not bitter just realistic Boro

Realistically you (boro) will be playing championship football again next season with even poorer attendances. FACT!


The only reason Reading don't have as many fans is because they don't have as a successful history. Anyway players don't just go for the amount of support from fans. They also care about how well looked after they are and pretty much every player who's been to Reading has said Reading are very good at that which has made players play at there best where other clubs can't always make them do the same. The facilities will also be improving now with the new investor.(7)(3)Sorry, but LOL at any Boro fan talking about attendances.

Yours have been a disgrace this season, and have always been in the Premiership when you struggle.

You are the biggest example of fairweather fans this country has.

Big club? Not in a million years!Truth hurts just face it your league 2 support premiership your having a laughZaha will join stoke this season


26 Apr 2012 09:24:23
Portsmouth are set for a massive clear out if the club survives liquidation...
Stephen Henderson will join West Ham on a permanent basis after his loan spell as the future replacement for Rob Green.
Erik Huseklepp and Liam Lawrence are set to join Birmingham and Cardiff respectively after their loan spells.
Hayden Mullins is also leaving the club following a loan at Reading but will not be joining the Berkshire club. He will be leaving on a free due to his contract expiring.

Also leaving Pompey will be:
Joel Ward
Aaron Mokoena
Jason Pearce
Luke Varney
Dave Kitson
Tal Ben Haim

Chris Maguire, Scott Allan, Kerim Rekik and Luca Scapuzzi will all return to parent clubs after loan spells.

Portsmouth's Line up in league one will be:
GK Jamie Ashdown
LB Adam Webster
RB Greg Halford
CB Sam Magri
CB Ricardo Rocha
LM Kelvin Etuhu
RM Ashley Harris
CM David Norris
CM Jed Wallace
ST Marko Futacs
ST Dan Thompson

Subs: Matt Gledhill, Alex Grant, Dan Butler, George Colson, Patrick Antelmi(10)(5)With the administrator and the league authorities suggesting Pompey will be liquidated, probably in May, the 2012/2013 line up will probably be at the Job Centre!Fratton will be bought by the council. The reformed club will be in the conference next year.


26 Apr 2012 07:35:14
I don't suppose ed has any news or has heard any rumours on who the new owners of forest maybe and when it is likely to happen? {Ed001's Note - as far as I am aware there is nothing happening there yet, the estate is still trying to get itself in order and it will probably be a few months before anything happens. Though I am told that the search has actively started to find a buyer, these things never happen overnight, no matter how it may be presented in the media. Even the Man City takeover took months after the date it was first reported. The Robinho signing was actually paid for by the owners as a good faith payment in advance of the takeover, not after it was done as the media reports it.}(3)(3)


26 Apr 2012 08:03:26
Derby County are interested in signing Rangers and former Burnley striker Kyle Lafferty. The player has stated his desire to return to English football and his agent has been speaking to a championship side, rumoured to be Derby.(8)(11)


26 Apr 2012 07:10:37
SWFC to look at swapping giles coke + chris o'grady for craig davies,yannik bolasie from bristol city(3)(15)Why would bristol city sell Bolasie when he is a promising player making first team appearances (Stupid wednesday fan)Dont know any stupid wednesday fans.whoever posted it is in cuckoo land davies is carp dont know about the city lad but dont think we would be looking at a bottom of the championship players to improve the team


26 Apr 2012 02:54:51
Aberdeen manager Craig Brown has 'stepped up' interest in Falkirk striker Farid El Alagui.(10)(2)


26 Apr 2012 01:39:54
Any ed, I have heard a story coming out of whl that redknapp may well be gone by friday? I'm unsure myself & so is the gentleman who passed over the information, although in saying the guy is usually spot on? the story's regarding adebayor, walker, kaboul & lennon having a training ground bust up & or a falling out with redknapp are correct, as are the story's that some of the half time team talks are done by sherwood and les ferdinand? There was a joke going around whl that levy would let harry go if he signed his own resignation letter! after harry claimed in court that he couldn't even sign his own name!! but jokes aside do any of you have any further information regarding harry going and the training ground busy up? I 100% know the incident at spurs lodge happend as I have been told by a fringe player and a high placed scout that were their, but they will not go into any detail! I tried along about the friday speculation and all are tight lipped, the only thing I can get is bye the scout who says "it's not looking good for him All around?" & this other guy claiming hes could well be gone by friday? amy of you guys know anything? {Ed001's Note - I have been hearing rumours that he would walk before he is sacked, but I just put it down to the usual mutterings when a team is having a bad run to be honest. I will ask about them now and see what I can find out.}(10)(6)We can only hope please let it be trueThen he can be named england boss and we can all look forward! Spurs should be happy, they were heading for championship when he took charge now competing for champions league.Thanks ed 1, it's funny how those that don't support spurs think hes amazing? {Ed001's Note - people just look at the league position Spurs were in when he took over, they then assume he must be working magic to get them from there to where they are. They forget to take into account how strong the Spurs squad actually was and that it should never have been struggling in the first place!}As a Saints fan, i certainly don't think he's amazing. Irritates me when people talk about him succeeding everywhere he's been.


26 Apr 2012 00:13:00
Middlesbrough are set to sign southamptons Jason punchceon and also are in talks with QPR s Danny stu on a free(6)(13)Who told you this Your nan


25 Apr 2012 21:42:15
Derby County have already submitted bids for the following.But recently Northampton rejected a bid for Michael Jacob who now its rumoured derby will just pay compensation due to him being under 24.They are still trying to find a right winger though.

Michael Jacob-Northampton
Michael built-Northampton
Krystian Pearce-Notts county
Rory Mckeon-Kilmarock
Tendayi Darikwa-Chesterfield
Mike Konnecke-Erzgebirge Aue

The ones above are possibilties/Rumours but these below have been comfirmed to have joined the u18s for next season by tom glick.

They once again have invested in the Academy with young players from Cherry Orchard fc and other non-League clubs in ireland,Scotland and england some of there names are below

Charlie Telfer-Scotland u17
Steven Hendrie-Scotland u17
Martin Murray-Northern ireland u19
Kevin O connor-ireland u17
Tom Mulloney-ireland u17
Sean Long-ireland u17
Sean Kavanagh-ireland u19
Danny smith-England u17
Adam Webster-England u17(Portsmouth)

I put these players as these are youth internationals theres about 5-7 more players but there is no information on them as they arient youth internationals but hopefully they will be in the future.(3)(8)


25 Apr 2012 21:17:07
Leicester fan here. Before all the morons chucking names at us and making us sound like were buying the league. We arent! Svens gone now.
Targets- de laet . Cameron stewart. James vardy. Nigel will only bring in a couple of new aditions(13)(10)Lots of clubs interested in James vardyAhh, But how many are leaving, last heard there was a mas exodus, if so can we have Sean St Ledger lol



25 Apr 2012 21:06:49
Derby County have already submitted bids for the following.But recently Northampton rejected a bid for Michael Jacob who now its rumoured derby will just pay compensation due to him being under 24.They are still trying to find a right winger though.

Michael Jacob-Northampton
Michael built-Northampton
Krystian Pearce-Notts county
Rory Mckeon-Kilmarock

They once again have invested in the Academy with young players from Cherry Orchard fc and other non-League clubs in ireland,Scotland and england some of there names are below

Charlie Telfer-Scotland u17
Steven Hendrie-Scotland u17
Martin Murray-Northern ireland u19
Kevin O connor-ireland u17
Tom Mulloney-ireland u17
Sean Long-ireland u17
Sean Kava(2)(11)


25 Apr 2012 21:05:01
An insider at VP last night has revealed Alex Mcleish was ready to quit for the good of the team, however Randy Lerner talked him out of it and to stay on for the remaining three games, if relegation is avoided, then Mcleish will quit and Lerner will pay him up for the remaining time of his contract as a bonus for keeping them in the Prem. Biggest gamble in Aston Villas history.......(16)(8)


25 Apr 2012 19:22:20
craig davies leaving barnsley..chris ogrady replacing him(12)(17)Whats your sourceI thought HE WAS A SOUL SINGER?!Within "7 Days",,,ha ha oh er thats craig david........cmon Kes..


25 Apr 2012 18:39:36
Bristol city will offer stephen pearson a 2 year deal at the end of the season. Also bristol city will attempt to sign andre amougou on a free transfer from burnley, although is wages are large. They will attempt to bring in Benik Afobe (loan) Freddie sears 500,000. Gary friend 300,000, murray davidson 1m and halford.
Cambell ryce
woolford (usless fkr)
reid (loan)
amadi holloway (loan)(6)(11)My team forest were after woolford at one point. Why is he so bad??Who is gary friend?He means George Friend from DoncasterForest fan- you are welcome to Woolford.Very league 1 and not up to championship, though McInnes seems to like him.Freddie sears wont come to ashton gate after the goal that never wasGoast goal spooooooookyWhy do city needs george friend and freddie sears leave it to mcinnis to bring in the players he wants also murray davidson will be first signingFreddie sears doesnt even look any good in league 1


25 Apr 2012 18:25:46
Fulham may be watching but IF Brighton offer Trotter would prefer to play for a club that's going places UP not DOWN(2)(7)Fulham aren't going downYou obviously know nothing about football!so why do you bother sending stupid messages? stay in seagull land!Dont worry mate men in white jackets coming to help you. MattFulham have a very tidy team at the moment.


25 Apr 2012 18:09:56
Kevan Hurst, Jimmy Walker, Anton Peterlin, Darryl Westlake ,Oliver Lancashire and Adam chambers are rumoured to be leaving Walsall , manager Dean Smith has decided who he wants to keep / release at the saddlers

The Saddlers have also been linked with Aberdeen midfielder Yoann Folly and striker Darren Mackie

Source Express and Star (local newspaper)(6)(5)


25 Apr 2012 18:05:18
Walsall manager Dean Smith has decided who he wants to keep / release at the saddlers

Kevan Hurst, Jimmy Walker, Anton Peterlin, Darryl Westlake ,Oliver Lancashire and Adam chambers are rumoured to be leaving

The Saddlers have also been linked with Aberdeen midfielder Yoann Folly and striker Darren Mackie

Source Express and Star (local newspaper)(3)(3)


25 Apr 2012 17:57:35
It seems DARREN FERGUSON is putting a bid in to re-sign midfielder PAUL COUTTS from Preston. Coutts who has been very un-happy at the club since new manager Graham Westley arrived and should be available to leave the club for a nominal fee. Ferguson has twice worked with Coutts with great success.(12)(3)Here we go again change the record paul coutts is the most popular name on this site.I can see Coutts leaving this season as his relationship with Westley has soured after he threw him out of the team for standing up to him. Shame as he's been the best player on the pitch this season. I will be sorry to see him go.We had him at Posh before and he definitely has ability, I'd welcome him back...Please stop coutts will not sign for posh ,he will stay at pne next season unless a big offer comes in for himHow about £250k for Coutts and then you can pay that businessman thats taking Preston to court.Never pulled any trees up for me.


25 Apr 2012 17:26:30
Doncaster r set to sign stuart beavon(5)(14)That would be a good signing, he look a good little player to me.


25 Apr 2012 17:07:02
25 Apr 2012 13:56:29
Leeds boss Neil Warnock is in talks with five players with a view to sign them before pre season.
Warnock is wanting to sign Nottingham Forest midfielder Chris Cohen. The former Yeovil player is subject of an undislcosed bid from United and Cohen is set to hold talks with Warnock.
Bournemouth captain Adam Barrett is also in talks with Leeds. The 32 year old has impressed a number of Championship clubs this season and with a number of defender set to leave Elland Road, Barrett could sign on a three year deal for around £250,000.
Warnock is also keen on going back to his former club QPR to bring Luke Young to Leeds. Young hasn't played much under Mark Hughes at Lorfus Road and could join on a season long loan.
Another player being linked with the club is Stoke midfielder Glenn Whelan. The Irish player is someone at City who hasn't played as much as he wants to at The Britannia and could sign a permanent deal next season.
Finally, 23 year old Lokeren striker Alfred Finnbogason could join for around £500,000 on a three year deal. He is currently on loan in Sweden but is keen on a move to England to cement his place in the Iceland national squad.


"Glenn Whelan. The Irish player is someone at City who hasn't played as much as he wants to at The Britannia", Ye just 26 games in the league, 37 in all competitions. Think someone is making this up!


He isnt out of contract he would never go to leeds utd


bournemouth only spent £40,000 on barrett so why would his value of gone up to £250,000(5)(27)I believe cohen is still recovering from crucaite ligament or some such long term injury. not worth the risk right nowOh yeah, Barratt to Leeds, who in turn sell Snodgrass to Bradford ;-)Whelan just signed a new contract after turning down a move to Wolves in Jan.........get your facts right.Whelan has signed a new three year deal with Stoke earlier this season.


25 Apr 2012 17:06:03
24 Apr 2012 17:07:13
Derby County

Ins - Jack Robinson - Liverpool (Loan)
Marc Pugh - Bournemouth (£350,000)
Charlie Austin - Burnley (Possible Loan)

Outs- Paul Green - Middlesborough (Free)


Charlie Austin, possible loan? Idiocy at it's finest.


You on cloud cuckoo land, no way that Charlie Austin is going out on loan, if we sell Jay Rod, he will be our main striker


As a Derby fan I believe jack Robinson and pugh could happen but austin no chance


pugh will never leave for as little as £350,000(2)(17)There ment to sign konneke


25 Apr 2012 16:52:47
Charlton News

Charlton have signed 10 new players but all are schoolboys joining the U18 squad.

They are looking for 7 - 9 new first team players in the summer to replace the same number who will be leaving. Most will be cherry picked from league 1 sides who miss out on promotion.

Charlton's plan to launch a Nike kit has fallen through and the Club is now desperately looking around for a new manufacturer. A new sponsor, an FX dealer, has been found but no announcement will be made until the kit deal is sort.

Plans to rename the Valley have been rejected as no one was willing to pay the £2m asking price.

Glenn Tilbrook and the Red Devils will join Charlton's Championship celebrations on 5th May(5)(5)10 players signed from youth to accademy, fact its on the website.

I heard 6 new players, one being an established big name striker from Chamionship team. I'm hoping for Charles Austin, tore us apart in playoffs last season.

The only FX dealer I know of in the Area is Tullett (the family live in Orpington).

I heard Red Devils too but, I wish they'd spend that money on new players.

As for renaming the valley, its news to me.Plans to rename the Valley have been rejected as no one was willing to pay the £2m asking price.

Not quite, the rename was proposed to get around the new financial rules. It will not be popular with the fans and has been reconsidered however, it may still go ahead if no other method of injecting cash within the new rules can be found.


25 Apr 2012 16:43:07
Barcelona have won the race to sign Brazil prodigy Neymar - and reports claim he will sign for them for around £50m in 2014.

The Santos forward is one of the most sought after stars in the world and the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid have all claimed an interest in him.

But it appears Barcelona have done enough to convince Neymar to join them, having agreed a deal in principle to pay Santos a quarter of the transfer fee now and then the rest when he moves to Europe.

Neymar has spoken of his eagerness to remain in South America for now - something that Barcelona are willing to adhere to - and such an agreement has swung the deal in the Catalan club's favour.

Spanish radio station Cadena SER claim the transfer is a done deal, with Neymar, 20 set to move to the Nou Camp for the 2014/2015 season.

Wagner Ribeiro, Neymar's agent, helped broker the deal and Barcelona were keen to push things forward when it appeared that Real Madrid were ready to make their move.

Madrid's failure to land Neymar will lead them to Lucas, the Sao Paulo star that has been tracked by Manchester United.(14)(5)


25 Apr 2012 16:21:28
I know it was a while ago now but when I was watching the Athletic Bilbao-Schalke match I was very impressed with Schalke's Greek defender Papadopoulos, anyone know if their is any interest from clubs/anyone likely to make a move on him during the summer?(0)(2)


25 Apr 2012 15:42:11
Argyle to sign
Marlon pack
Izale McLeod
James constable(6)(26)With no money?Marlon Pack will not be going to PLYMOUTH not a chance he has already agreed verbally with Swindon Town, his best Friend Matt Richie is at Swindon, he wants to play in League 1, i have no doubt Plymouth will be up near the top next season still have a lot of building to do going in the right direction nice club....With what money , may I ask ?Crayole? Who the hell is that?!

I take it you mean Carayol? He's not going to Plymouth, not a hope in hell! Laughable transfer targets if you think any except the top two will come off.

Someone's having a laugh.


25 Apr 2012 15:34:20
Why would Trotter want to go to Brighton? When he's been watched by Fulham(1)(13)If Brighton want Trotter then millwall will swap him for Mackail-Smith! Sounds like a GOOD swap to ME! Trotter wouldn't go to Brighton anyway HE'D BE MAD!You must be JOKING!Im not joking! well you cant have trotter then can you seagull boy!


25 Apr 2012 15:24:39
Shrewsbury are set to offer Ex Charlton midfielder , Michael Stewart , a contract at the end of the season.

They are also set to offer winger Mustapha Riga a contract.(5)(6)From Jan to March 2011 and never played


25 Apr 2012 15:07:02
Derby are looking at Liverpool youngster jack Robinson on loan as cover for next season .(11)(7)


25 Apr 2012 15:01:24
Jay Demerit going to Norich is about as likely as Chris Iwelumo signing for Chelsea(23)(9)I have it on very good authority that Chris Iwelumo will be making a £5million switch to Chelsea.Why?..Better scoring record than Torres!


25 Apr 2012 14:32:53
Derby county have bid for northampton highly rated midfielder Michael Jacobs but has been turned down . But there will be another bid soon .(13)(7)


25 Apr 2012 14:25:23
Cheltenham Town are reportedly interested in signing Doncaster outcast El Hadji Diouf in the summer, as well as making a £150k bid for Barnet striker Izale McLeod.
Boss Mark Yates was also spotted at Oakwell in midweek, reportedly interested in bringing Craig Davies on loan to the club.
A lot of interest has been generated over Robins midfielder Luke Summerfield; with Southampton his preferred destination on a free transfer.
Finally, former Robins midfield star Grant McCann was spotted at the Abbey Business Stadium, with the Gloucestershire club set to make an auacious £200k bid to bring the Peterborough captain back to the club.(1)(28)Keep on Dreaming non of them will go to CheltenhamNothing happening at Oakwell midweek so that one a non starter can,t see other mentioned players dropping down & for less moneyNearly choked on my food about that McCann tosh. Unbelievable. The captain of an upcoming Championship club who probably takes the best set pieces below the PL is not going to an awful league 2 nothing club. And that price is an insult to someone of McCann's quality. Stop posting c.What a load of ! Diouf playing for Doncaster? Not the best of rumours....Give over davies is going nowhere we havent got a striker after him....Are you on drugs?


25 Apr 2012 14:05:51
Reading FC have shown interest in both Clyne and Zaha for a total of 8 Million. This is from BBC sport rumours and the Daily Mail.

Reading have also shown interest in Dame N'Doye who would be a quality signing for any premiership team, as he is probably FC Copenhagen's most prolific player.

Kieran Richardson is also an interest for 2 Million.

There has been NO Reading interest in Doyle, and IMO would be a poor signing.

Reading Boy Jake(21)(12)There is a lot of interest in both Clyne and Zaha so would be very surprised if they went for a combined fee £8 million.Why would they go to reading who have no fans a will be up for one season .hope saints and west ham go up proper fans unlike reading boro mike^^ sorry a boro fan?
oh dear nice home attendances this year congrats^I guess someone is bitter/Jealous.We took 1300 fans to reading you took 270 to us u never had any fans not bitter just realistic BoroRealistically you (boro) will be playing championship football again next season with even poorer attendances. FACT!I see a lot of the green eyed monster in other fans when it comes to Reading. Boro fans can keep their half empty stadium. Us Reading fans will look forward to premiership football. As for why we only took 200 odd fans to Middlesborough. Can you blame us no one wants to go to Middlesborough.Look at the facts boro mike Reading had an average attendance of 19,200 this season boro could only manage 17,500. Must be a result of being the third biggest club in the north east!


25 Apr 2012 13:56:29
Leeds boss Neil Warnock is in talks with five players with a view to sign them before pre season.
Warnock is wanting to sign Nottingham Forest midfielder Chris Cohen. The former Yeovil player is subject of an undislcosed bid from United and Cohen is set to hold talks with Warnock.
Bournemouth captain Adam Barrett is also in talks with Leeds. The 32 year old has impressed a number of Championship clubs this season and with a number of defender set to leave Elland Road, Barrett could sign on a three year deal for around £250,000.
Warnock is also keen on going back to his former club QPR to bring Luke Young to Leeds. Young hasn't played much under Mark Hughes at Lorfus Road and could join on a season long loan.
Another player being linked with the club is Stoke midfielder Glenn Whelan. The Irish player is someone at City who hasn't played as much as he wants to at The Britannia and could sign a permanent deal next season.
Finally, 23 year old Lokeren striker Alfred Finnbogason could join for around £500,000 on a three year deal. He is currently on loan in Sweden but is keen on a move to England to cement his place in the Iceland national squad.(10)(20)"Glenn Whelan. The Irish player is someone at City who hasn't played as much as he wants to at The Britannia", Ye just 26 games in the league, 37 in all competitions. Think someone is making this up!He isnt out of contract he would never go to leeds utdChris Cohen: major injury at Forest has put him out for the season. He hasn't kicked a ball in anger for months but if he can make it back to his pre-injury form, the likes of Leeds wouldn't be able to afford him.Forest won't be selling any players until the new owners are in place and sc knows how much he has to play with. Then I would be very surprised if Cohen went to you after spending last season injured.
Oh and thanks for the seven goals. Really enjoyed our trip to your place lolThat would be great they could all us there free bus passes to get to thorp archBarrett is useless and this comes from a bournemouth fan he cant even make it into our struggling team and he isnt our captain most of our fans would let you have him for free.


25 Apr 2012 13:46:31
Leicester boss Nigel Pearson has made a £4 million bid for Leeds attacker Robert Snodgrass.(5)(37)Haha... as ifWhy would he want to go there best thing out of leicester is kasabian/pork piesIf Snodgrass goes, it will be to the Premiership.


25 Apr 2012 13:44:37
Stoke City are moving fast, to try and give Karl Henry and Matt Jarvis a Premier league lifeline. With Wolves recent relegation to the Championship they will be looking to jump a sinking ship very quickly, Henry is settled in the midlands and believes there is some unfinished business at former club Stoke after his first spell, where he had spent a majority of his career. Matt Jarvis on the other had is said to be weighing up his options, with plenty of interest in him from clubs such as Everton, QPR and Fulham.
However Stoke have financial power over Fulham and Everton and with QPR not yet an established team, he may opt to stay in the midlands.(10)(5)Can't see Henry going back to the oatcakes.This is the Henry that this week has become only the second player after Kightley to say he wants to stay.Henry would be better staying at Wolves. Remember Stoke bypass midfield hooofffff!!This rumour site is aload of bull half the time, henry is going no where fact i know this as i work for him and his sister near cannock and he has told me on enough occasions hes staying...Stoke bypass midfield? Sorry forgot Wolves play amazing passing football!Shall i sign for stoke or everton. what a hard desion, should take him about three seconds to make that call !Why would it take as long as 3 seconds to pick between Stoke and Everton? A proper Premership football team, or a team of cloggers...... Having said that it is only Henry so maybe he'd fit it well at Stoke Rugby club.....I dont think jarvis would pick Stoke over many teams in the top flightJarvis will join Stoke in June.

The best way to play with Henry in the team is to bypass the midfield. Stoke are not interested I can guarantee you that.

As for the arrogant Everton fan- Stoke have no debts unlike your club. Thanks for the 3 points and you managed NO shots on target at Goodison with your fine football :-)Wolves will loose £30m in income dropping out of the premier league, they have to offload players fact!

Financial reality hits the midlands shock!Wolves dont need to sell anyone but if you buy jarvis you can have henry free and i will deliver him to you free of charge


25 Apr 2012 13:44:05
Leeds could make a surprise loan move for Stoke midfielder Wilson Palacios. The Honduras midfielder hasn't played much at The Birtannia and could sign on at Elland Road until this time next year.(6)(35)Because hes been injured perhaps? no way would he go to leeds. leeds are a poor club get used to it. stop living in the pastOh dear! Because Stoke would send a bloke who has recently joined for 8 mill out on loan. Wilson P is going to go through his first "Stoke City pre-season" considered to be one of the most brutal in Europe! then we will see if he is in Tony Pulis plansI wishWeeds United after every player going they,re getting worse than crisp munchersI know Warnock isn’t renowned for playing much ‘football’ but why would he want to sign Stokes Rugby players. A total disgrace to Premiership football!"leeds are a poor club get used to it"

Leeds are a better club than Stoke.

What's the matter? You can't handle the truth?What utter nonsense! Why would Stoke loan out an £8m player who has not been fully match fit since joining them ? Wilson Palacios will be come a quality first choice player next season if he can get fit. Also why would WP join an average Championship side ? Leeds are a good, very well-supported club who will eventually achieve promotion back to the PL, but don't hold your breath LUFC fans - there are plenty of other good clubs in the Championship next season and I doubt Warnock's budget will be enough to get Leeds back up for season 2013-14.
Lastly, will people ever grow up ? A total disgrace to the Premiership ! What a load of garbage - is this from jealousy ? If you know anything about modern-day football you will realise it's a results-based business. Stoke play to their strengths, which means physical players and little, if any midfield creativity. In what way is this a disgrace ? Stoke's red and yellow card record is only average. Perhaps it's that they take points off most teams at the Britannia - how dare they do that playing "hoofball" !!Leeds fans actually saying they wouldn't want a player whose played in the champions league because he plays for a team that so calls ' play rugby' get real.Leeds are a team that had it all... Then threw it all away! Stoke are a well run club with a wealthy, shrewed and british owner! The only way is up for them, player by player they improve every seasonThere's always an person that mentions rugby on Stoke threads and always the one who can't spell :-) Pulis has spoken of the importance of getting Palacios fit for next season so no hope


25 Apr 2012 13:39:06
When the take over of Reading Fc is completed, life long Reading fan and owner Anton Zingarevich will give Brian McDermott 20 million Pounds to improve the team ready for the premiership. First on the list is resigning Gylfi Sigurðsson who has openly admitted his love for Reading.(15)(9)Hes not a reading fan, he supports Zenit, but he used to go to school in reading and had been to elm parkWould so love for this to be true but he is too good for us now IMOReading will not pay the sort of wages that other Prem. clubs will.
Seem to be a lot of subscibers to this site who fail to grasp that if you will not match the wages then players will go elsewhere.No will not go back to Reading as they want £10,000,000 for him why would we waste that much on one player who would demand big wages more likely Man utd will snap him up. I know Brian is interested in four players watch this space.Our wage bill has gone up and Aton admitted he said no big players will leave meaning that he will pay higher wages to keep players so this should work the other way. Bring bigger players in for higher wages. I would love Sigurdsson to come back but I think a big club will snap him up especially if Hoffenhiem are only wanting 10 million.Firstly Sigurdsson dosen't love the football club he loves reading (a book!). And Secondly he will be joining Man Utd and spending next season on loan again with Swansea. He prefers the fresh sea air, wide open beaches and has use of charter boat on his day off. It's practically moored outside his back door aswell.


25 Apr 2012 12:03:38
Norwich a rumoured to be watching Vancouver Whitecaps and USA international defender Jay Demerit. Former Watford player Demerit, would only command a nominal fee and could be a shrewd bit of business for Paul Lamberts men among rumours that Zak Whitbread and Leon Barnett are on their way out. {Ed015's Note - Strange one}.(8)(17)


25 Apr 2012 11:57:35
Leeds Utd manager Neil Warnock is keen his former Sheff Utd oldboy Michael Tonge. Tonge, 29, is currently on loan at Barnsley from parent club Stoke.(21)(6)Like Tonge does he?This is more Leeds free / out of contract players this type will be Warnock Birdseye signings UP THE LEEDS


25 Apr 2012 11:48:43
leicester city are to make a 1.2 million bid for ritchie de laet of man utd this week according to daily mirror and football journalists.(13)(7)


25 Apr 2012 10:57:47
Gus Poyet is looking to sign a powerhouse forward in the summer is this the biggest hint yet that Heskey is on his way to the Amex?(5)(26)Think its more likely to be Billy Paynter than Heskey, how would Brighton be able to meet Heskey's wage demands?Power house n heskey? he cant run anymore and cant scoreHe could also offer rides on the beach during the summer too - shrewd business imo.I must agree he is a powerhouse.notAbsolute rubbish, we're going to look for a goalscorer akin to Phillips etc., that's without even being able to afford half what Heskey currently gets a week.Poyet wont be with you next year


25 Apr 2012 10:54:17
Doncaster rovers set to lose fans player of season Sam Hird to Middlesbrough and James coppinger to Ipswich.(19)(8)Really like Coppinger, great signing for any Champs team.


25 Apr 2012 10:44:14
Leicester are going to put in a £5m bid for Jordan Rhodes in early July in order to get in before before other clubs to sign the highly rated Scot.(4)(33)He wouldnt go there even with the amount of money thay have, he will be looking for a prem clubWould love it but Pearson would never spend that kinda cash on 1 player.Everyone forgetting how manys goals Beckford was getting in League One?
Think its pretty obivous that the majority of goalscorers cant make the step up or face it they already would have.Already would have, what at 21? he gots 36 league already, makes me laugh muppets on here, all top 10 EPL teams got players loaned out at this level that are'nt as good as him
Oh and no way he going to leicester, poor lee peltier fell for that and now he's destined for championship level with you!Going to the prem mate, don't know where, but hope it's everton. - {Ed025's Note - so do i mate..As soon as they get a bid for him they will be on the phone to all the other interested parties to bump up the price. You simply will not get Rhodes on the cheap, if indeed they want to sell at this stage.


25 Apr 2012 10:30:34
Southampton, set to pass the Molineux men on their way into the Premier League as Wolves return to the Championship, are keen on the Republic of Ireland striker and will follow up their interest this summer.

(The Mirror)(1)(14)Mate... if your going to copy & paste stuff from the rags at least ge thr players name they are talking about into it! Although we all know this is Kevin Doyle.... just a tip!Give us 7 million and you can have him


25 Apr 2012 09:04:50
Brighton & Hove Albion will be heavily linked to Burnley's Charlie Austin and Huddersfield'd Jordan Rhodes to boost their attacking options.(7)(35)Austin will be our main striker due to the impending sale of J-RodWould not have the financial capability to buy either one!Can Brighton afford to splash around 10 million on two strikers - I dont think so

Go back to cloud cuckoo landSounds like Brighton are sigining all the strikers then. Another dreamt up rumour must be something about the south coast it used to be saints now Brighton suggesting their signing everyone.Rhodes is going to be out of our reach, will go to a club with more financial clout than us. Austin is a possible, if he was allowed to go. Whoever wrote £10m for them both is laughable though.Heavily rumoured - in the brighton argus - no sensible person would link players like that with such a small club


25 Apr 2012 09:01:15
Reading boss Brian McDermott has gone to watch dame n'doyn or however it's spelt plays for copenhagen and is a Senegal international prolific goalscorer(21)(7)Hope not,hes not good enough.Dame N'doyeNot good for premier, they will not go throught^^^ are you serious? i think he'd be a quality signing, possibly another Ba/CisseThis would be a good signing i hope reading get himN'doye is not a premier player. anyway reading will not get him. 100%How can you say he's not a premier league player when he's never played in it? Don't be so judgementalI think finding his feet will be easy for a player who has played at the highest level for club football(champions league) against top teams. Also I bet a lot of fans said that about Cisse, and now look he is banging goals in. Also N'doye has a better goal to game ratio so he has been more clinical in his career. Would love him at Reading but will cost 8-10 million.


25 Apr 2012 09:00:37
Brighton & Hove Albion to sign Liam Trotter from Millwall with either Romain Vincelot or Ryan Harley going the opposite way as part of the deal.(5)(17)


25 Apr 2012 08:35:20
I heard andy will walk,what a waste has been good servant to Gillingham over years,wish he would become the next Swindon Boss(7)(7)Your obviously a Gillingham fan making stupid comments of he hope he goes to Swindon. How many times do people need to be told on this site Paolo is staying at Swindon he is already planning for next season and has sat down with our chairman to discuss contract extensions. We know he will go one day but it wont be now.

All these jealous teams in L2 mainly Oxford and Gillingham fans who keep on about Paolo going were all convinced Paolo was going to fail as a manager but unfortunately for those fans of those clubs he has succeeded and guess what players want to come and play for him but the same cant be said of Hessenthaler and Wilder.If Swindon ever changed their manager no way we would have someone like Hessenthaler as manager he is L2/Conference manager.


25 Apr 2012 06:47:59
if you want to post rubbish try and post some to santa(4)(7)


25 Apr 2012 07:58:54
Matt Mills will join West Ham.(15)(32)More likely to sign either Heather or Mrs Mills.Bullst

LeicesterLadLol at all these leicster fans getting defensive, i thought he'd been terrible for you?He will join along with charlie austinPlease let me drive him to LondonHave him hes ste!!!!I hope he does, he is carp and a disruptive influence.. please get him off our wage billOnly if West Ham go up otherwise they have to sell a lot of playersPlease please take him, his wages and his egoI've heard that Charlton are after his signature too Chris Powell having looked after him when he first joined Leicester. Mills seems to have had a row new boss Pearson (who Powell also knows well) and has since made up his mind to leave.

IDK if Charlton have the money or pulling power to get him but he'd be a welcome addition to an already solid defence.


25 Apr 2012 07:02:04
Various reports suggest Norwich City want Birmingham Citys centre half Curtis Davies but will face competition from Reading although Norwich are believed to be strong favourites(13)(19)Nonsense. NCFC well stocked with centre backs, not an area that needs strengthening. Lazy paper talk and agents looking to get interest from somewhere. Won't be Carrow Road.The man is bloody rubbish


25 Apr 2012 05:31:50
Nigel Pearson to be sacked at the end of the season. Sousa spotted at the KP Stadium during the West Ham game and is believed to be in very close contact with the owners. Coincidence? I think not...(7)(26)No he wasnt !Mote Bullst from a very deluded individual!! If your a Leicester fan why not try talking out your ae and get behind the team and Pearson!! Have you forgot what happened the last time sousa went near Leicester

LeicesterLadI don't belileve NP will get the sack (not yet anyway) but Sousa was indeed at the game. He was even interiewed after the match.Leicester go through managers like they are water so would not be surprised


25 Apr 2012 01:24:33
reading to sign cresswell,connolly,mullins,butterfield and rhodes.(16)(26)I have also heard that this is the five players they are after.where did u get ur info from?Connoly who?Hands off if you're talking about Aaron Cresswell at Ipswich. You're gonna have to have deep pockets if you're serious. He's our POTY and he won't go cheaplyYou're going straight back down then!Matthew Connolly.A.Cresswell will cost around 2-3m and why would we go straight back down?


25 Apr 2012 00:44:04
In all the papers, confirmed offer from Brentford to Scott Robertson of Dundee United. Host of championship clubs interested in him.(5)(8)Far to good for brentford,you wishI imagine if he leaves United it will be for a better team than Brentford!Whats wrong with brentford dundee r not a big clubWho said anything about Dundee, the above post mentions Dundee United, not Dundee. Both are bigger than Derby anyhow!


24 Apr 2012 23:35:31
Rumours are growing that Southampton will be making an improved bid of £7M for Gary Hooper(27)(31)Swear he's out of contractZzz,here we go again


24 Apr 2012 23:26:22
Hartlepool are set to sign midfielder alister taylor after he was released by barnsley(8)(7)


24 Apr 2012 22:47:44
charlton to sign jonjo shelvey back on loan next year(10)(27)Still has links with the club. Could happen.I can see this happening if he's not a regular for Liverpool, he'll needs games and his home town club where he did his youth and has ex-teammates in the first team would seem ideal.


24 Apr 2012 22:46:57
Leeds United boss Neil Warnock has made a £1.2 million bid for Southampton attacker Guly do Prado.(13)(28)Really? Lol. I'd swap him and a few million for Snodgrass.That will please a lot of Saints fans, despite 10 goals, but he hates the British weather so not sure he will be too eager to move North! {Ed003's Note - It's weird how everyone thinks 200 miles up North makes it 'ice station zebra' ?}Let's hope this is one deal that comes off,
he's lightweight,you're welcome to him Leeds.Warnock might make a bid but why with Southampton almost certain to be playing Prem football next year would he want to take a step back in his career?He might not have a choice.Laughable. Not in the entire Bates tenure have Leeds spend that on a player. Ludicrous suggestion.I think we can do better for that price.


24 Apr 2012 22:45:43
Watford are close to signing St Johstone striker Marcus Haber on a four year deal.(11)(8)Doubt it. He is awful.


24 Apr 2012 22:23:34
Bournemouth are set to hold talks with West Ham assistant manager Neil McDonald about their vacant manager's job.(7)(3)Sounds intresting where did you hear about this.would have thought he might want to stay with big sam if they get promotion to premership.


24 Apr 2012 21:59:32
Inter Milan are set to be given permission to talk to Bordeaux manager Francis Gillot about the possibility of being their new boss in the summer.(8)(9)


24 Apr 2012 20:41:30
Reading have shown interest in crystal palace duo clyne and zaha,also keiran richrdson and kevin doyle to join as well,matty phillips a possibilty, also we r going to get bertrand from chelsea(10)(29)


24 Apr 2012 20:41:13
Any (exciting) news on the cottagers?(3)(17)Theres never anything exciting about the cottagers.Yes, its illegal, dont do it


24 Apr 2012 20:35:46
Man City goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen (out of contract in the summer) linked with league one side Walsall to replace veteran Jimmy Walker who is believed to be retiring at the end of the season to take up a coaching role at the Saddlers or a player / coaching role closer to his home in essex

Man City reserve team defender Reece Wabara also linked with a move to the league one side which he left as a youngster to join city(13)(1)


24 Apr 2012 19:07:37
Dempsey is intent on leaving the cottage, but laughed off liverpool rumours saying that it would be a 'step down'.

Apparently on his way to north london, not sure if emirates or white hart lane however.

If dempsey does leave, jol will be allowed to spend 10m on sessegnon or attempt (a bit wishful i thought) a 15million bid for fellaini.(7)(22)Dempsey is almost 90per cent an Arsenal player!Thats funny, its going to cost you more that 10m to get sessWe bought fellaini for 15m when he was a kid. Now he's one of the best midfielders in the prem he's worth at least 25mil and would not join fulham .Why would fellaini want to go to fulham. efc are a way bigger team. £15 mil isnt enough anyway


24 Apr 2012 18:56:24
Mancini to stay man city manager 100%(39)(12)


24 Apr 2012 18:54:56
Millwall will sign Romain Vincelot from brighton and tommy spurr from donny in next few weeks.(8)(13)Its possible!Part Ex for Trotter ?, possible. Vincelot great utility player but unlikely to be a regular starter for us next year.


24 Apr 2012 18:44:43
West Ham have targeted Burnley striker Charlie Austin to fire them to the PL if they fail to go up

expect a 3M offer in the summer(11)(19)Oh give over, if West Ham fail to go up there's no way our board would sanction a £3 million fee for one player.Looks like Charlton will get him then, they are the two clubs interested.Why would he go to Charlton, when he will be our main striker next season if Jay Rod goes.
As for 3 million dream on, more like 4 to 5If West Ham don;t go up your screwed and you will have to sell several players to reduce your excessive wagebill and thus won;t sign a player for this amount."Why would he go to Charlton", what instead of Burnley! FFS mate you need to get out more.How many strikers do
the hammers need
they must have 6 or
more now"How many strikers do the hammers need"? More obviously, otherwise they would be in the top two.


24 Apr 2012 18:39:58
Leicester city outs:
Chris Weale- Yoevil
Jeffrey Shlupp- Charlton (loan)
Steve Howard- Crawley (loan)
Jermaine Beckford- Leeds
Conrad Logan- League 1

Jamie Vardy- Fleetwood
Matt Richie- Swindon
Emile Heskey- Villa
Brad Guzan- Villa
Cameron Stewart- Hull
Magne Hoseth- Free
And a center mid. . .(22)(26)"Jamie Vardy- Fleetwood"

Yeah you and a dozen other clubs


24 Apr 2012 18:33:07
Watford Rumours:

-Watford to bid 600k for Shrewsbury Striker James Collins, Watford need a natural born goalscorer and it looks like the Hornets want Collins.

-Watford hope to sign QPR winger Tommy Smith for 500k.

-Sean Murray will not be leaving Watford because he has signed a 3 year extension. Cardiff and Reading are rumoured to want him.(14)(7)


24 Apr 2012 17:58:40
ANY BRISTOL CITY TRANSFER NEWS IN OR OUT,(1)(15)How many time are you going to ask?


24 Apr 2012 17:58:06
bristol city are set to sign
Michael Jacobs from northampton town(5)(24)


24 Apr 2012 17:52:11
The Lancashire Evening News have just broken a story that a local businessman is taking PRESTON NORTH END to court with a winding up pertition for the sum of £250k. Seems PNE cannot afford to pay the loan and the businessman cannot get the cash out of the club. Possible 10 point deduction at the start of next season....FACT(5)(7)FACT...get a grip lad,this goes back 2007 and how can you get a 10 point deduction from a loan from a local businessman. the only thing fact about this is your a donkey botherer..nice try lasher get back to funny girlsSorry pal think if u read it he was offered the money back but not all at once ,hemmings will pay it back and pne will win the league next seasonNo, it's only a ten point deduction if they go into administration. Court cases like that can take a season to get sorted and may not mean administration.LEP tonight says local businessman wants his £250k loan back he gave in 2007 and is taking PNE to court.....PNE cant pay it and he's now looking at a voluntary winding up order on the embaressing.....1 win in 7, just 6 points off relegation and now this.....not a good year


24 Apr 2012 17:44:11
Gylfi Siggurdson says the team he wants to go to is Reading, who are going to offer up to £10m for him(14)(33)No proof he will go to a top six team not someone favorite for relegation already for next season.


24 Apr 2012 17:40:17
Charlton want Lionel Messi, the on in the French ligue 2(27)(7)No they dont, go to bed and stop messing about with mummies computer.


24 Apr 2012 17:07:13
Derby County

Ins - Jack Robinson - Liverpool (Loan)
Marc Pugh - Bournemouth (£350,000)
Charlie Austin - Burnley (Possible Loan)

Outs- Paul Green - Middlesborough (Free)(5)(9)Charlie Austin, possible loan? Idiocy at it's finest.You on cloud cuckoo land, no way that Charlie Austin is going out on loan, if we sell Jay Rod, he will be our main strikerAs a Derby fan I believe jack Robinson and pugh could happen but austin no chance


24 Apr 2012 16:48:30
Walsall fc ins/outs

darryl westlake
ryan jarvis
anton peterlin
alex nicholls
jon macken
kevan hurst
jimmy walker (to be new goalkeeper coach)

saul deeney
marc richards
darren carter
ibrahima sonko
jamie peters

and they hope to extend loans of sam mantom and flo cuvelier(10)(4)


24 Apr 2012 16:25:18
Blackpool are set to make the surprise signing of Leyton Orient forward Jamie Cureton on a free transfer.

I'll have what you're having mate. In other Orient news, Slade is apparently chasing David Connolly of Southampton. Unlikely that Orient will sign Ryan Dickson because of his sending off against Sheffield United. After the game, Slade was so cross with him that he made Dickson make his own way back. He definitely won't be playing for us again.(9)(10)


24 Apr 2012 16:21:48
Yeovil to sign Chris Weale in the summer(12)(6)Would be wealey good if they did !!


24 Apr 2012 16:10:20
James Chester to move to Leicester. Fee rumoured to be around 4m. Stewart may well follow.(9)(10)Chester has just bought a new house in Hull...

You'll probably get Stewart thoughJust because it rhymes doesn't mean it's true


24 Apr 2012 16:03:28
Bristol citys ins and outs
Kyle lafferty (rangers)
Stephen Mcmanus (Mid'brough)
Andre amougou (burnley)

Marvin elliot
Lewin nyatanga
David james
Joe bryan(11)(17)


24 Apr 2012 16:02:00
with the outputs of ben haim,luke varney,liam lawrence,erik huseklepp,stephen henderson,greg halford and jason pearce
the squad first team of portsmouth for season 2012/13:
25-chinedu vine(9)(21)Mokoena and Mullins will both be off. Mullins contract is up at the end of the season and Mokoena is on too high wages... Chinedu Vine has already agreed to join FC Porto so he wont be playing. Do your research before making stupid posts!I think your going out of buisess


24 Apr 2012 15:51:10
luke varney go to nottinham forest
liam lawrence go to cardiff city
tal ben haim go to west ham
jason pearce go to leeds united(22)(7)Do pompey fans rate varney? We only hear from sheep fans and they think he's mince.Luke Varney is not a great goal scorer but is good on the ball.And the rest to go to the dogs! Liquidation in May, strong rumour from the administrator.


24 Apr 2012 15:13:06
Juventus FC is looking to buy a new striker in Premier League. Principal targets are Robin Van Persie from Arsenal or Luis Suarez from Liverpool.(20)(14)Step down for both if you ask meHow is Juventus a step down from Liverpool. Champions League...


24 Apr 2012 14:50:00
Portsmouth defender Ben Haim will leave the club at the end of the season. He may go to Avram Grant's Partizan Belgrade but it is likely that he will leave for free.(12)(1)Please Please Please let this be true. I'll pay the Air Fare myself to make sure he goes.


24 Apr 2012 15:13:54
pompey's pearce goin to saints(10)(33)Come on, seriously? I am a Saints fan ffs, get a grip.Already a done deal with Leeds from what I've been told within the clubThink that 'rumour' should be on the banter pageAlready signed a contract with Leeds United


24 Apr 2012 14:51:55
wolves put a 12m price tag on fletcher(14)(23)They will be lucky to get £4mLooks like he will be playing championship football next season£4m won't buy his boot laces £12 or we just might keep him?Keep him then - he is a championship player - if Danny Graham went for under £4m why would anyone pay moreSorry, you av read it wrong 1.2 millConsidering how regularly he scores in the prem for a poor wolves team I would be very surprised if he was a championship player next season.


24 Apr 2012 15:49:10
tal ben haim to exit of pompey
source:the news portsmouth(21)(1)


24 Apr 2012 14:06:31
If Gillinghams season ends on sat Hessenthaler will give fans what they want and will resign.(7)(8)What a waste of a good manager he can only do so much with the players he's got. and I am a Swindon fanWho'd be a football manager eh!


24 Apr 2012 13:42:43
leicester city to sign reda johnson from wednesday set to be complete soon for 1 million(14)(14)


24 Apr 2012 13:28:46
Mathieu Valbuena will snub Tottenham in the summer to join Arsenal for a fee of £15 000 000 because he wants a better chance of winning the Champions League.(16)(10)Why is he going to arsenal then if he wants to win champions league?More chance of winning champions league with exeter (no disrepect exeter fans) than he has with any of the 2 clubsIts all false, arsenal are not even looking at him. Podolski is done, waiting for mvila to give a respose to start negotiations with rennes(mind u personal terms already discussed), talking with ajax for vertonghen and presigned matias suarez and holtby(with clauses inserted). Rest is all false


24 Apr 2012 13:09:56
Krystian pearce to Derby county(7)(13)


24 Apr 2012 12:46:42
Myrie-Williams is going to Bradford in the summer. FACT(2)(16)


24 Apr 2012 12:19:18
On-loan Swansea midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson, 22, has been priced at £10m by parent club Hoffenheim, who will try to ward off plenty of potential summer suitors, including interested parties Liverpool, Everton ,Manchester United and reading fc but he said to a icelandic paper that he would love to go to reading but fears money will send him elsewhere(7)(19)


24 Apr 2012 12:19:05
Bradford city are to give a trial to defender Timotee Atouba!!(8)(4)


24 Apr 2012 12:18:11
Former Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti is eyeing Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, 25, and 26-year-old Manchester City forward Edin Dzeko as he prepares for a summer spending spree at new club Paris Saint-Germain.(20)(8)


24 Apr 2012 11:54:20
Simeon Jackson has turned down a new contract at Norwich and will talk to Watford about a move(11)(24)I'm a Watford fan and would love this to be true. But why, after spending most of his career in non-league and the lower leagues then finding himself in the Premiership would he drop out of it?Because he doesn't play much - problem is "wages"Simeon has a one year option on contract NCFC would not allow him to leave for nought, option will be exercised.Correct NCFC will take up the one year option, and if he then does not want to extend his contract in the summer he will likely be sold so NCFC can at least recover his original fee approx £600KAlso Paul Lambert has stated in the last few days that all contract talks are on hold until Norwich are mathematically safe so post is rubbish


24 Apr 2012 10:51:07
Everton are looking at 3 or 4 players
a right back...fanni possibly or clyne
a winger, holtby, jarvis or tosic
attacking mid if barkley doesnt come through everton want siggurdson, and then a striker to support jelavic, possibly kenwaye jones or kevin doyle

all after the hopeful signing of pienaar(14)(14)So who's leaving to fund all that then?Won't they cost money to buy and your Everton correct? Do you see the floor in your rumour?Would not touch jones with 10 foot poleJarvis has bought a house in Cheshire so u could be rite ...Never ken jones or kev doyle! there shocking!!Would rather fletcher or something


24 Apr 2012 10:31:02
Burnley will sell Jay Rodriguez in summer but not to Southampton as both Newcastle and Everton have renewed their interest in the 22 year old but the money won't be used to 'Pay off massive debt' as Burnley aren't in debt but it will be used for improving the infrastructure of the club.(14)(7)As a Burnley fan i'd personally like JRod to go to Newcastle,a fanastic club with fantastic supporters,if not Newcastle then Everton for exactly the same reason,wherever he goes though he'll be a big success,the lad is quality.Norwich are also said to be interested in him, and he is far more likely to get regular football at Norwich so don't rule it out, they have good money to spend in the summer, and will up wage structure to become more competitive with some of the bigger clubs.


24 Apr 2012 10:11:36
Mustapha Carayol to Bristol City. His friendship with Bristol City wingers Adomah and Bolasie has persuaded Carayol to make the short journey to South Bristol. With around 250k going the other way.

Rovers looking at Yeovil defender Luke Ayling. Rovers are also looking at signing Torquay's Lee Mansell and making an ambitious approach for Nick Blackman. Rovers looking at a promotion push this year after a consolidating season.(6)(15)Bristol rovers have got no chance of signing ayling as there are clubs after him in championship and top end of league one, so why drop down to a poor league two club?


24 Apr 2012 10:04:48
For sure now Dicanio is set to go off to West Ham.As for replacement there is a large number of candidates in the bag.(6)(22)Allardice is still there. . .Let him go then, lets face it he's had the biggest budget for players in league 2 roughly 3 million!! fact, if he cant get a team promoted with that kind of money then sorry my daughter could do that, the board have given him everything and yet he still moans and falls out with players, Paolo has made some shocking substitutions this season and some of his tactics are bazzare, most of the players are shattered because they train 7 days a week, paolo would not last in any big club in the championship or league 1 as most of the players wouldnt put up with it..... so if west ham want him take him, give us calderwood and ling partnership any day, the only thing he brings is loads of passion, i couldnt believe on the time Swindon got promoted Paolo announced that 45 days ago he was going to resign what an person saying that when we just got promoted its all about him?? dont spoil the moment...........who cares if he goes......Who ever posted the piece on Di Canio is deluded so how do you know what is budget was for this season? guess work i would say also Calderwood are you having a laugh yes he was a great player for us but he's useless as a manager.
Di Canio is already planning for next season with us and has sat down with Wray to discuss his targets. He's going no where and 99% of fans are right behind him but you are either a jealous Oxford fan or one of the handful of fans not supporting Di Canio at our club.
He wont be going to West Ham its as straight forward as that he is with us again next season but maybe the follwing year he will go.

As for the players and falling out with a few of them lets put the facts on the table he wants the players to be more professional and look aftewr themselves and after last season the idiots we had playing for us who spent more time in the pub than anywhere else and got us relegated i know what i prefer which is a manager like Paolo who wants more professioanlism in the club.Don't worry he is off to leicester to replace npI am an Oxford fan, I did not write the initial entry. I can assure you we are not at all jealous of anything Swindon do. I have to say, by far, Swindon are the best team in the league this season and play good football. You were better than us at both games this season and how we won is beyond me. All I will say is that Swindon have paid out a lot of money this season on players and wages, some of the players have been a disaster. Mind you we cant talk. But there are suggestions that Swindon have large depts and this season has been get promoted at all costs. But with the ' cap ' next season, I hope you have not overspent. And before any Swindon fans have a go at Oxford's dept's, yes we have but reading the accounts, which I have, both clubs have finances to worry about. But I do think PDC will go. He is on a knife edge anyway at Swindon and my sources at Swindon suggest he is far from happy with the players attitude and if a Championship club come in for him, he will go and West Ham will be his dream. I wish Swindon well in Division 1, thoroughly deserved from this seasons performanceDicanio is going nowhere, and whats wrong with him expecting the players to wear the Swindon shirt with pride and show a bit of passion for the club that pays for there drunken nights out and this is not the first time some of them have done it. Just ask the player who got a slap on one of the nights outI thought Wet SHam had a manager, hooofy AllardyceMy friend i am no oxford fan far from it, the fact is our wage bill for players is 3 million you are obviously a normal paying punter i am not, i actually put £30k in sponsorship every season and i am privvy to this information, and yes i know all about flint {Ed 003's Note We can't put that info out}, fact is no players want to come here because of the training etc etc the players we have want to leave, paolo needs to calm down its not all about him and he is not bigger than the club, so to call me deluded and an oxford fan really?? i bet your a lad thats never played football at all if you have its a mickey mouse level and you clearly dont know what your talking about, how can it be healthy that paolo dont even speak to paul bodin and he has never watched any of the young lads, trust me its good we have gone up but he is going to cripple us with his demands, we have a player in magera who is not even playing for us he is useless on £6000 per week fact, and yes i will be sitting in my normal seat as always on saturday in the directors box, i love swindon town i just dont want them to come down with a bump and paolo would jump at the chance to manage a championship team i have seen it all before yes he brings passion thats it the guys we should be thanking is Jeremy wray, sir martyn arbib and mr blackhouse and lets not forget mr fitton they have given paolo everything........This last entry, sorry, ive lost the plot! Very difficult to understand. Im not sure if you are a PDC supporter or in fact a Swindon supporter. A for being in the directors box on Saturday? I wrote the note a the Oxford supporter. I think its a fair asessment. Not sure if you were asking me my level of football - likely highter than yours im afraid and not to mention later a class 1 ref!


24 Apr 2012 09:57:52
It did not work out for Alonso at Charlton no fault of the player but, now he wants to return to Spain.(11)(1)


24 Apr 2012 09:54:51
reading fc targets from all sources
ohara (wolves)
mackie (qpr)
bertrand (chelsea)
zaha and clyne ( crystal palace)(10)(24)


24 Apr 2012 09:19:17
Hull City are set to have a massive clear out with the likes of Adriano Basso, James Harper, Dele Adebola, Will Atkisnon, Kevin Kilbane and Richard Garcia all set to leave on a free in the summer as there contracts are set to expire. Nick Barmby has also told Seyi Olofinjana, Jay Simpson, Paul McShane, Jamie Devitt and Kamel Ghilas that there time will be coming to an end at the KC Stadium. Hull City will try to tie up permenant deals for Robbie Brady and Vito Mannone(15)(6)Mannone is a no go. Gunners want six figure sum and hull can't and won't pay.
Expect Chester and Stewart to leave too i'm afraid.It wouldnt suprise me if a couple of these players mentioned will join up with pearson again at leicesterMannone 7figure NOT 6 but 1MChester not going anywhere


24 Apr 2012 08:45:48
Leeds manager Neil Warnock is said to be interested in Stoke misfit Ricardo Fuller. Fuller's contract is up in the summer and Neil Warnock see's him as an ideal transfer 'coup' as Leeds look to make a statement of intent for next season.(27)(12)It's a bit rich calling Ricardo Fuller a misfit!


24 Apr 2012 07:18:02
Norwich have agreed a deal for swiss team
Grasshopper Club Zurichs 21 year old midfielder and DR Congo International Toko Nzuzi for an undisclosed fee believed to be in
the range of £2m-£3m
The player will become Norwich Citys first signing of the summer transfer window(3)(20)Where did you hear this?

i doubt this is correct as Lambert don't buy players from abroad.


24 Apr 2012 07:01:05
Rumours in the Wolverhampton area are circulating that Wolves will appoint there new manager the 1st week of June. This would fall into line with the now constant rumour that their main target is currently employed by a club in the promtion play off places in the Championship. Contrary to some rumours i have it on pretty good authority that they now very much have a number 1 choice with a contingenncy plan to fall back on. If Birmingham are not promoted then Chris Hughton WILL be the next Wolves manager. Birmingham are in severe financial crisis and only promotion will stop them going into receivership. If this happens Hughton will jump ship for job security and a better chance of promotion at Wolves. If Birmingham are promoted then Wolves will try just once more for Alan Curbishley and if that fails the job will then be given to Steve Bruce.(13)(18)More dreamingI have it on good authority that it's a straight shoot out between Ronal McDonald and Coco The ClownROFL, Wolves fans please keep em coming, this is sooo funny.I heard Coco the clown has ruled himself out citing " I am not willing to work with Moxey"I know someone who works at the club although not high ranking position. He has told me that wolves have an agreement in place with blues over Hughton. This was when curbishley turned us down. So i guess blues making the play off's has clouded the issue.Its going to be paolo di canio from Swindon watch this space......You are a small club,you will end up with
someone like robbie fowler who will use you to get on the management ladder.I'd go for Jon Still, 'arry says he can manage at any level


24 Apr 2012 06:40:41
Allready cant wait for the season to start. These are the signing i would like to us do for next season,
Tomkins West Ham
Doyle Wolves
O'Hara Wolves(if fit)
M Phillips Blackpool
Albert Adomah Bristol City
Snodgrass Leeds
Whittingham Cardiff

I am a Reading fan by the way if we add these player i reackon we will have a comfortable mid table finish in the prem.(6)(35)Was v impressed with Adomah when he came to the mad, would be a good signing imoAnd ive always fancied Pele to Leeds.You are ritght if you got them you would have a good season, but you wont get any of those so you will struggle in the prem.Too many Championship players except Tomkins but he would go to a bigger club in the premiership if West Ham fail to get promotion. We need premier experience and we should take a leaf out of Newcastle's book and sign european players who are not recognised yet. (Reading fan)I'd say your looking at £30m plus for those players and you ain't got that much money to spendNo chance-you are going straight back down.Looks like they have typed into google who are the best players in the Championship and then compiled their list of so called transfer targets from there.

I have done something similar with Manchester City and have come up with their top targets: Messi, Ronaldo etc etc

Ectect Brazilian lad – 20 30 milHuh? that's not exactly over the top, all of those players will be playing in the championship next season? bar possibly Phillips. everyone assumes people think they are guaranteed to sign all these players...We have to look at the best the championship has to offer and the list i put IMO is that, trouble is players in the Prem, even the players from teams relagated wage demands are just too high and we wont pay high wages, i also exspect us to look abroad ie.. ScandinaviaCity will never let albert adomah go!!!!!!!!!!!All of these are very realistic as individual players. They all play for championship teams, Reading are a prem team. However you will never sign all of them that would cost a bomb. 2 or 3 maybe


24 Apr 2012 05:56:55
Gorks is terrible? Mate YOU are delusional he's been by far one of Readings most consistent players this season, a great signing by Brian McDermott. And what a brainless comment to make about qpr - take a look at where they are In the league clearly selling a bunch of their championship guys has not done them many favours this season(17)(5)


24 Apr 2012 02:40:50
Reading FC are prepared to spend big to make us a Premier League mainstay. Madjeski said we wouldnt pay inflated fees for players, not that we would not spend money and Zingarevich is ready to put his money where his mouth is.

Reading have agreed a fee with Huddersfield for young Jordan Rhodes following his terrific form and goalscoring abilities. Reading have also been looking at Huddersfields Alex Smithies but a deal seems unlikely with Alex McCarthy having impressed at both Leeds and Millwall during his loan spells.

Reading will also be looking to sign some experienced Premier League players with Andy Johnson and Kieran Richardson the main targets. However wage demands of both players are proving to be a hurdle in the agreement of any deals.

After their sentimental substitute appearances, both Gunnarsson and Tabb will both be leaving. Gunnarsson is set to go back to his homeland and Tabb's future is undecided with no enquiries as of yet. Michael Antonio is also set to join Sheffield.W following his good performances during his loan spell.(14)(14)Alex McCarthy was on loan at Leeds and IPSWICH this year!Alex McCarthy has not played for Millwall. He was at Ipswich however.ONLY in yor dreams hav READING & HUDDS agreed a fee for RHODES, he's goin to a BIGGER club.Can't see Clyne orTosh, no way Huddersfield will agree the sale of Rhodes while they still have a chance to move up to Championship.
Also there are many teams interested in Rhodes so you will have to pay top dollar to get himRhodes to Reading would be a great move for the player and both teams. Huddersfield will still be in league 1 next season so why would he want to stay and play infrot of 10000 each week? Plus Grayson can buy 25 very average players with the 5 million....



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