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Ferguson out Lippi in by January

  "Benitez to be sacked if Liverpool do not with the Premier League this season"

Sorry, but when did "with" become a verb? If you want to pretend that your wishful thinking is actually a legitimate rumour then at least attempt to reach a basic level of literacy.

Truth is there are no LFC 'rumours' at the moment–Benitez is retrenching following Paco's departure, carefully observing his squad and reassessing his priorities. A new list of targets will be prepared ahead of January but expect no major incomings until the Summer. This is pretty much it for the 07/08 season–and Benitez is safe regardless of league position.

  Afc Bulletin >>

Matthew Connolly is seen as Toures long term replacement. Arsene Wenger had the time and money 2 move 4 Micah Richards but did not so do not expect Micah 2 move to Arsenal that is why Micah signed a new deal with Manchester City. With Everton moving 4 Ecuador forward Felipe Caicedo who plays 4 Basel probaly means Andy Johnson is leaving Everton maybe 4 WHUfc, Tottenham or Afc, If Song leaves expect Mark Randall to replace him.

  Some Real rumours>>

Chelsea news:

Basten or Klinsman to take charge of Chelsea. No one is going any where until Summer. Only Carvalho and Drogba will move away from the club in the Summer. Possibly Drogba to Milan and Carvalho to Madrid or Juve. This is fact.

Arsenal rumours:

Arsenal will sign no one in the January transfer window. And Luka Modric will not come to Emirates. he will fly to Ajax. ANd lets make one thing clear. why you all gunner fans are so happy linking Modric with Arsenal? He is not a class. Will survive to get a regular place in Arsenal squad. Some people also say Robinho is coming in January. Come out of dream. Real will not sell any of their first team players.

Liverpool news

They will be a bit busy in the January transfer window. Liverpool will make a bid for Phillip Lahm in January as he can play either in the Left or Right. Also they may sell Crouch and may bid for Defoe.

Man United news

United will sign Huntelaar Panders and Kerlon in January. and Outs will be Fletcher, O'Shea and Silvestre (in a cut price to Lyon).

These things surely going to happen.

  Liverpool signings, January in will come Nasri and mertersacker. out will go Kewell.

Summer. outs: Sissoko £14 million Juve, Hyypia will take on coaching role Crouch Pompey £10 million Pennant Middlesbrough £8 million Voronin £6 million Bayern or HSV. total 38 million.

Ins: Quaresma £21 million Villa £30 million Sila £12 million. total 63 million

  Man United Rumours>>– – >>>>

At first let me clear up something that United will not bid for Arteta or Cahill as United have got a lot of midfield players right now.

The players who will come in January are: 1. Panders (LB) and 2. Klass Jan Huntelaar (ST). that is it. In the Summer United will make a move for Micah Richards (not sure whether he will come or not) and Serbian defender Ivanovic (will sign for United). The players who are also in the United shortlist are>>> Dos Santos, Ezquiele Lavezzi and Kerlon.

united till i die>>tevez till he retires

  To the Person who keeps saying that Man. United are going to sell Tevez.

I must have been asleep when they changed the rules – otherwise how do you sell a player that you only have on loan?

on to Arsenal rumours – Micah Richards to Arsenal is becoming one of the worst kept secrets in football – Wenger is a great admirer of the Manchester City powerhouse and see's him as Toure's long term centre back partner, with Senderos being offered as part of a swap deal look for Richards to move to Arsenal at the end of the season.

Robinho is not coming to Arsenal – nor is any other major name – some of you will never understand – Wenger has been at Arsenal for years and in that time has never bought bug name established stars – he picks up players that are almost stars and develops them.

If you were lucky enough to be at the CC game against Newcastle last night you would have seen that Arsenal have a embarassment of Riches stretching all the way through to our reserves.

  Tony Pulis will give Peter Coates either a 'he goes or I go' ultimatum over Chief Executive Tony Scholes. Pulis is angry that Scholes is vetoing transfers. That is from the horse's mouth.

  Afc – Although Arsene has up to £70 million to spend he is only looking to bring a few players in. One is a CB, two is a left sided midfielder, three is a keeper to play back up to Fabianski next season. CBs he is interested in are Mexes, Richards, Yobo. Wingers are Modric or Augusto Renato, Goalkeepers are being scouted in South America at present.

Expect Song, Senderos, Hoyte, Kerrea Gilbert to move on.

  Celtic will sign Shaun Maloney from Aston Villa for a price around £2 million. also, they will buy Darren Fletcher from Man United but will not sell Boruc to them OR anyone else this January. Celtic will also sign James McFadden from Everton and possibly go for Adriano as they need a powerhouse forward. finally, they will sell Jarosik, Zurawski, Pressly, and Balde.


  Heard rumours of players tracked by WGS and Peter Lawell for Jan buys now we are in the Champions League proper. strong centre back Diego Lugano (Fenerbache), experienced Left FB Dario Rodriguez (Shalke). know for a fact that top 'Tic scouts were defo at the Copa America watching these exciting players. Plus no need for work permits as both have EU dual–citizenship (Italy/Germany respecctively).

  Everton to get Hoyte, Fletcher and either Defoe or Martins

  Benitez to be sacked if Liverpool do not with the Premier League this season


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