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26 Nov 2012 22:32:06
Harry Kewell training with Huddersfield town.

No he isn't.



26 Nov 2012 21:58:23
Davies, Steele and Stones will be sold in January AS Barnsley are on the point of bankruptcy

How do you figure that? The club has no debt, made a profit last year and is owned by a millionaire fan.

The barnsley that have no debt and made a small profit get ur facts straight before making up stupid rumours

Bankruptcy what utter garbage Barnsley have less debt than any other championship
team FACT

What about the take over mate.

If we was threatened by bankruptcy, why bring in four new players on loan? Muppet!

Barnsley at point of bankruptcy, we are the only team in the league who are not and have not been in debt in the last ten years...... someone needs to get their facts a bit straighter as davies has said he is happy, steele doesant want to leave as long as he is number one and Stones will leave maybe summer or next january....... {Ed003's Note - not the only team}

We are not the only wells aged team in this league and some are in a right state. Unfortunately though with falling attendances and the possible threat of relegation we could end up in div 3 with a loss of tv money and other monies which will put us in debt. Takeover? Can't see it. Cryne releasing funds? Yes but will it be enough. Pivotal times at Oakwell I fear

I heard the takeover has collapsed

John Stones will join West Brom

Ed, only Barnsley and Leeds broke even last season, I believe, and Leeds were in debt until then; check some interesting championship stats on 'the scratchingshed' regarding club finances! {Ed003's Note -check out B'pools figures for the last 12 years}

27 Nov 2012 22:43:50
1. we are financially fine.. making money.. and theres the vaz te and butterfield money that hasnt been spent.. so thats sat somwhere..

2. stones signed a 3 year deal so wont go anywhere yet... unless we go down..

3. luke steele has said he loves it where he is he wants to become a reds legend.. feels at home... his posts on twitter back that up. he will only go if a big club come in and offer him big money or we go down and cant keep him



26 Nov 2012 21:53:38
An Italian consortium along with 1 English ex football er are in advanced talks at Barnsley in a December take over of the club.
Barnsley BMBC are also involved in the ground sale from an employee of the council.

Consortium is spanish and led by ex
footballer steve archibald at the
moment this is only rumour



26 Nov 2012 20:37:27
Norwich City possible transfers winter and summer:
Curtis Davies-birmingham
Marouane Chamakh-Arsenal
Mohammed Abdellaoue-Hannover96
Andy Najar-D.C United
Chris Eagles-Bolton Wanderes
Jack Hunt-Huddersfield
Vegard Forren-Molde
Alex Baptiste-Blackpool
Danny Rose-Spurs
Mohammed Fellah-Valerenga
Nicklas Helenius-Aalborg
Liam Bridcutt-Brighton
Gary Hooper-Celtic
Abdisalam Ibrahim-Manchester City

New team then

They need a new team

This has to be utter testes.
where are the leeds players. recent transfer windows show norwich MUST have a leeds player.


Lol, they won't try because we are wealthier than them now, so maybe we might go in for some of theirs MOT

I hope we get Fellah and Abdellaoue they would be brilliant !

Would love norwich to get marroane chamach

Football manager is one hell of a game isnt it?

Mostly rubbish rumour here wher have City go this money from or secret benefactor?

Is it just me or are all L**ds fans arrogant & deluded? Your two 'MASSIVE' loan signings are a good indicator of things to come.. The king of Bahrain!?.. Get a grip!

Bridcutt is not going to Norwich

Is this just a list of Transfer rumours for the last 12 months. Would be nice to see some new ones that might actually be real.

Heard there going to be a swop morrison for a leeds player called beccio or something

Love the fact norwich think they are a big club, but no one outside uk have heard of them,lol, and you couldnt afford Becchio , you'd have to give us morrison, holt and hoolahan plus cash, then we'd have to tie him up and drag him to carrot cruncher land,lol

We rejected 5million for Holt, we paid 3million for Morison & I can't see Hoolahan leaving for less than 2-3million. Is Becchio, an inconsistent and distinctly average mid-lower championship level Striker really worth 11million+? Probably not.

Why would bridcutt go to norwich?
poyet won't sell him if he is in his matchday squad.

Becchio is priceless to us, and far from 'distinctly average mid-lower championship level striker' , as he has proved this season. Wouldn't swap him for any of your distinctly average very low prem level players MOT

He hasn't exactly set the championship on fire.. quite frankly he would struggle to get on our bench. There is no argument you can possibly have with that because he hasn't scored goals in the premier league like all of our strikers have, neither has any premier league/top championship level club ever shown the slightest interest in him. Priceless to you, probably worth about 2mil max to any other club.

If they could get a swap of Morison of Becchio, Leeds should snap Norwich's hands off. SM scored lots of goals in Champ and Prem, for a side that has been a consistant mid-table Premiership team. Becchio has not got the scoring record for a team in the lower reaches of the Champ. That, literally, says it all



26 Nov 2012 20:17:23
Former Tottenham and Barcelona forward Steve Archibald is on the verge of buying Barnsley Football Club. Archibald is leading a consortium and have been in talks with the South Yorkshire side since the end of September.
Archibald is keen on appointing former team mate Glenn Hoddle as the new Director of Football with Ossie Ardiles set to leave his job in Japan to potentially take over as the new Head Coach. The new consortium are thought to have not been impressed with the management of Keith Hill and will let him go once the New Year arrives, if all is well with the deal.
Funds are also expected to be made available for Hoddle and Ardiles to bring in some new faces.

Why do people add there own bits on original post come direct from 1 of the directors[only3] ossie &hoddle making a true link into complete bull



26 Nov 2012 19:27:39
Bury have signed Seb Carole on non contract terms.UTS:)



26 Nov 2012 19:02:44
josh payne to follow guy branston to bristol rovers .the attacking midfielder is good friends with sean north and trust me this boy is good .



26 Nov 2012 19:40:35
Paul Benson is likely to be a part of a player plus cash deal which would bring striker Nahki Wells to Swindon. Benson, who is currently with Portsmouth on loan, nearly signed for his old boss Phil Parkinson in Yorkshire before he chose to go to Wiltshire instead of sign for the Bantams.

Benson didn't choose Swindon,but went there because Bradford would not pay the transfer fee that they had previously agreed with Charlton.

He would want at least a 2 year contract and at 33 would he get that ? He would have to uproot his young family.

Swindon did a swap with Leon Clarke going to charlton

Of course Bradford were higher in the league than Swindon last year when benson didn't choose swindon



26 Nov 2012 19:30:18
Burnley reportedly interested in billy kee from burton albion. Sean dyche has been wanting someone to play alongside charlie austin.

A fee of around 300k has been discussed.

Burnley have Paterson, Ings, and Vokes to partner Austin there is no need to get another striker, defenders are what we need right now

Maybe instead of austin, as he wont be there after january

^^ ah yes because your psychic and know everything dont you , even though sean dyche has started contract negotiations with austin and austin has said hes very happy at burnley and wants to stay , but if you say hes going in january then he must be your lordship ! Get a grip you know nothing ! Unless a bid of around 15 million is made then he wont be going anywhere because i fully expect him to have signed a new contract by january !

Kee has had a crap season so far apart from one amazing goal against Dagenham. Would hate to see him leave Albion but this is his level.

Touched a nerve there , don't cry just because he will be gone in january

January, no chance he's just signed a three year contract, so unless you stump up 750k+ he will be staying. That said he's not worth 50p the way he's performing at the moment!

Like i said again , if you say he will be gone in january then im sure he will my lordship , you are so psychic , can i have next weeks lotto numbers aswel whilst your at it ?

Not psychic just obvious to me and many others that he will leave in january, 7 mill i reckon. and dont know what psychics have to do with being a lord , but keep calling me lordship , i like it



26 Nov 2012 18:24:32
Beckham to QPR!!

Very reliable source. Has already spoken to Harry and Posh spotted in London looking at new homes. Which has also been in all of the newspapers.

Becks wants 1 last challenge & keeping a team up is literally the only challenge left

Trust me ! This is true

Not good enough for the
just looking for another big
reknapp clutching at straws

Can't see Becks playing in the championship Espaicaly at such a rubbish stadium

Why look for another home when they have one just outside london as it is. australia clubs also want him. i cant see him going qpr

Why would he go to a club pretty much all ready downa and probably the smallest ground - support in the premiership.

Cant see this happening. All Becks needs to do is look at the table and realise he will be making a big mistake. I do believe QPR are to only team in all divisions not to win a game this season. No more to say really



26 Nov 2012 17:56:37
Oxfords Peter Leven is a transfer target of Hinckley it'd in jan window

Do Hinckley have any money at the moment.
I don't think there is or likely to be any investment given their perfomances and league position. But here's hopng they get through it.

27 Nov 2012 17:59:43
transfer imbargo at Hinckley.



26 Nov 2012 17:49:46
Hull City A.F.C. sell Seyi Olofinjana in jan, and bid for Fabrizio Miccoli six month loan from Palermo.

Miccoli coming here to City? That is funny.

Tigers fan myself but this rumour is just ludicrous lmao... be nice if we got a nice Brucey bonus like that though

Hahahhahah you mad



26 Nov 2012 17:38:42
robin shroot to join preston in jan with beardsley goin the other way

Robin shroot is possibly going to sign a new deal with the boro. hes waiting till january though,, and if rumours ae correct celtic want him, so preston or celtic,, thats an easy choice really, celtic will offer tripple preston and can offer him champions league football. doubt beardsley would head back to stevenage after leaving in the summer.

We dont wanr another donkey from stevage but you can certainly have beardsley plus a few others plus westley

Dear oh dear^

NO, you can't have Westley and thanks
Scott Laird ,he has been great until he had his leg broke. 1-4



26 Nov 2012 12:55:55
Wesley fodderingham is a target for Millwall, they are keen on the Swindon stopper and are willing to offer 350k for him in January.

We wouldnt accept that much, worth way more!

Not enough money for him. STFC will want more

HA HA more like 3.5m

350k may just buy his boots, If they want foderingham aswell they will have to up the bid to atleast 1.5 million, He is one of the best keepers outside the premiership.



26 Nov 2012 16:09:55
Southampton to sign Matt Dawson in January to improve there defensive problems.

I thought they had turned there attention to Caulker of Spurs. Willing to pay more for a younger player.

Haha didn't think we were going for retired world cup winning rugby players?

Matt dawson? The former rugby player? Prefer to sign a footballer to be fair. I hear michael dawson of spurs is available!

At least bringing Matt Dawson into the team will hopefully be able to tackle the other players...



26 Nov 2012 13:10:04
Heared on the grapevine that Saints are tracking the following players with the view of grtting them when the transfer window opens again - Jack Butland, Nathan Redmond, Matt Philips and N Chalobah all are young but all have the potential of going on to great things. The info has come from the same source as the Ramirez info earlier this year.

That would be Chalobah on loan?? cos if not that completely writes off this rumour post
Welsh Blue

Well, the money being expected for the players you mention probably precludes most of them. Cortese is no mug. If he can bring in players like Gaston I think he will look for similar "bargains". At the moment, these players would appear to be over priced and how many more mid-fielders do we need?

No way will Chelsea sell Chalobah for a price Southampton can afford

Players will leave in January...De Ridder, Chaplow and at least 1 there will be a need to replace them. Phillips would be good as we need an out-and-out winger.

27 Nov 2012 09:39:05
Chalobah will still be at Watford on Loan 'til the end of the season.

This lad is destined for great things and sorry but Soton just doesn't fit that.

Chelsea are not selling him!

What do they put in the water on the south coast? Good one, keep em coming, I havent laughed so much for years.

Just one thing about the N Chalobah player he might be a Chelsea young CB but how many youngest have found there way into the Chelsea first team. Most of the good ones have been sold off.



26 Nov 2012 11:52:25
I too am hearing strong rumours about us signing Kana-Biyik. Apparently a deal is all but done pending the opening of the transfer window.

I also hear that the paper talk of Di Matteo has some legs. Apparently Di Matteo has expressed desire to come to saints but thankfully Cortese is backing NA

I personally am happy with the squad and would be interested to hear fans views on this but i feel a lot more confident with Luke Shaw in the team.

I also just wanted to say how proud i am of Saints fans!

We have been to league one and back, we never get accused of anything vile like racism etc. We support our manager, our players, we love our club and at the risk of getting carried away.... i really feel this could finally be our time to finally enjoy some success. We definitely deserve it

Love the saints - Best support in the world!

I hope the talk about Di Matteo are false. There are more than glimpses now of what style of play NA is pushing for, and it looks pretty good to me.
In terms of the signing mentionned, we were interested in the summer and it could well happen in January. Would be a great move for the club.
Totally agree with your comments about the supporters. All clubs will get one or two persons at the games but Saints supporters know their football, get right behind the players and staff and it is fully acknowledged and appreciated within the club. When NA/NC talk about the Southampton Way there is real substance to this and I feel it will take the club a long way over the next few years-but at the same time will attract a great deal of envious comments from the outside.

Your team win 2 games in a row and you think your going to win the league get back down the leagues where you belong i bet the players you say are going to sign have never even heard of southampton only signing for big wages remember what happened to the other south coast club that did that

There will always be haters! We made newcastle look like a championship team yesterday (; im proud to ne a loyal saints fan! The club and fans only think positive so all the negative stuff our haters (skates) post to here will be shrugged off, Us fans are better than that ! COYR st-mossy

Newcastle played like a lge1 team, worse than qpr, but as previous post said, soton are best team in the lge ,prob win champions lge in 2 seasons time, oh i forgot you have to be in prem to get there and soton are going down,lol

Don't kid y'self that all the negatives are from Pompey fans. You lot are looking pretty stupid after all the big predictions of how good you will do this season. Saints are relegation certainties.

^ Certanties, no, Southampton have played some brilliant football attacking, and if its true they're looking to strengthen their defence, they have a high chance of staying up, could even push for a mid table finish if the momentum stays in their favour,




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