Football Rumours Archive May 26 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursMay 26 2012 

25 May 2012 23:00:16
These ridiculous rumours about Zaha to Norwich etc. He is from Croydon and people who know him say he wouldn't leave to a non big city team. His preferable choice is London(8)(21)Who are these 'people'? At his age he will take a good contractWhy go to Norwich there be back in the championship with us next yearNo Norwich aren't a big team at all. only the 11th best in England and 12th best in Britain. But to be honest I don't want zaha as i think he's a bit overrated.Oh looks like someones pretending to be friends with zaha im from croydon but if i was offered a ticket to the premier league rather than stay at palace a team stuck in the championship for however long id take it prove myself and get the likes of chelsea chasing my signature ur embarising urself by saying he wouldnt move to the premier league because there not a london club next your be saying he wont move to real madrid for 300 grand a week .........Its all irrelevant. Zaha signed a five-and-a-half year deal with Palace just last year, and with his ability, Norwich won't be able to afford him. Even Newcastle might struggle, although they do have European money coming in.
wallyZaha stated he is interested in norwich as palace have no chance of promotion anytime soonI think zaha could end up like one of your other players ambrose who left ipswich seemed to be heading for the top. But its all gone down hill. Zaha should stay were he is for now he will benifit for it in the long run. Saying that i dont think he is as good as u think he is. Norwich can get. Better for same money. Ncfc matt3 Words
Victor Moses Wigan
All the same hype but he went to Wigan and not a big club


25 May 2012 22:59:18
Who ever said fulham are after sydney sam , do u have a link or source for the story?(1)(2)


25 May 2012 22:51:43
Andros Townsend is a certainty. Info coming from an inside source. Can guarrantee this will go thoruhg in the next 4 weeks.(3)(8)And the club is...Thats nice but to who?To where. how muchFor whoNailed on he'll go thereDont really rate him 2 selfish and not a team player hense why he left leeds


25 May 2012 22:39:03
Arsenals Theo Walcott Will Join Chelsea for a cut price of £10 million as Arsenal are yet to offer the Speedster an extension of his current contract which ends in a years time.

Arsenal Want to sign French Attacking Midfielder Yoann Gourcuff after a dissapointing season at Lyon for a fee of £16 million.

The Gunners also want fellow Frenchman Lassana Diarra after a bit part season in The Spanish Champions (Madrid) Season.(8)(41) 



25 May 2012 22:35:56
Ian holloway is wigans number 1 target If Martinez leaves(36)(15)


25 May 2012 22:34:57
Just A Heads Up To Derby Fans, Will Hughes Will Not Be Moving To Either Manchester Clubs, When Asked by A Fan On Twitter He Said "Im Not Going Anywhere" U-T-R(6)(2)


25 May 2012 22:25:58
Swans set to sign Gylfi Sigurdsson for
7,200,000 from Hoffenhiem and are weighing up
Matt Phillips, Chris Gunter and John Guidetti(25)(14) 

Wowow, i'm not saying Swansea don't have money but i think 7.2 million may be more than you could splash on one playerBe nout cash left for anyone else, unless its one or two loans.


25 May 2012 22:18:48
Villarreals Zapata is a 3m target for Zenit.

Swansea city are interested in Joan Oriol and could offer 2m + Orlandi(3)(10)Zapata is a shoe in to join SwanseaOrlandis not going anywhere, when he played last year he was quality, so swans will get if fit in pre-season and hes going to be unplayable next season!Orlandis a jack, he wont leave


25 May 2012 21:47:48
Morten Gamst Pedersen has vowed he will stay at Blackburn Rovers.

Rovers are chasing after free agents Mikael Forssell and Abodoulaye faye.(18)(12)


25 May 2012 21:20:37
Wycombe's Midfielder Matt Bloomfield to turn down 1 year deal, to sign a 2 year deal at either Bristol Rovers or Oxford United(5)(4)Errr... i don't think so. why would such a loyal man from wycombe to oxford? better luck next time


25 May 2012 21:10:13
West Ham reject Sam Baldock is a transfer target for strikerless Yeovil Town.(10)(26)Wow, that's a quality signing for Yeovil. Nice club from a nice place in the middle of nowhere. Championship football at Huish Park in 2013? And Premiership in 2014?No chance and thats from a yeovil supporter
DevonGreenHe aint a reject he got injured and couldnt dislodge vaz te or maynard or cole who were scoring .yes he will go on loan to a chp sideYeovil could never afford himIs that a loan because i doubt we can afford to buyI cant believe it but baldock is actually going to sign for yeovil, this guy is writeTroy Archibald Henville I am not complaining if he comes to us.When are people going to realise that Yeovil HAVE NO MONEY!! It would only be on loan. Can't see it myself.


25 May 2012 21:03:13
Ward Set to Join Palace On Monday and sign a four year deal.(19)(10)Who's Ward Set?If this ward is the useless person from wolves i will deliver him for free


25 May 2012 21:00:18
Southampton to sign Nathaniel Clyne from Palace in a cash plus
Danny Butterfield deal
Javier Hernandez on loan from Man United for the season
Curtis Davies from Birmingham 2.5million(9)(39)Dream on mate. Clyne will go on to bigger and better things than the Saints and Hernandez, you're havin' a laugh! However, I think Saints are back where they belong and will stay up next season. All the best for next season :-)Curtis davies 2.5 million-in your dreams mate.he,s worth double that at least.K.R.OBirmingham will hav to sell before long tho...Curtis Davies would be good but I think we'd probably have to cough up a bit more than that.
Hernandez? Are you crazy? He is a really important player for Utd, they'd never loan him out and he's too big a player for us. Some people need to get real.Hernandez on loan? FFS, try harder.Saints targeted Clyne as the weak link in their defence when they last met-and it worked. So, don't think he is good enough yet.I reckon we could get Clyne. No chance in getting Hernandez.Except he was injured when we played Southampton........So how do you work that out? Alex Ferguson wants him so he must be crap hey.......Plonker!Clynes going to newcastle or man utd, soton stand no chance


25 May 2012 20:56:14
doncaster rovers transfers
james harper-hull
damian reeves-altrinham

tom taiwo-carlisle
izale mcleod-barnet
adebayo akinfenwa-northampton

coppinger-anyone in a higher league
beye-anyone in a higher league

coppinger and beye only being sold to slash the wage bill(6)(7)Habib beye wont goBeye is on loanBeye isn't on loan. He signed a 18 month contractTawio dont leave best attitude of any player at carlisle and has now learned how to pass the ball, He is like a scott parker kind of player fast small clever and tackles hard


25 May 2012 20:50:50
mk dons set to sign league 2 strikers:
. akinfenwa -northampton- 300k

And how are they planning to sign McLeod for free when he's under contract?(6)(13)McLeod was releasedHe's not under contract. Please do some research.Because barnet released him?The dons dont even have 100 pound sooo 300k? stop kidding yourself lolMcLeod maybe..
Akinfenwa why the hell would MK Dons want that fat donkey !Akinfenwa isn't fat mate, it's called muscle (there is a difference).^^^ 18goals this season... can tell your a plastic fan! Dons could afford him!


25 May 2012 20:42:50
17 yr old liechtenstein international Sandro wieser is on his way to west ham for arund 1m(4)(14)


25 May 2012 20:40:38
blackburn may deal with villarreal for cb mussachio for around 1m plus rochina(2)(14)Ye one of the best talents in world football is going to Blackburn when he's being linked with Rome and Real Madrid


25 May 2012 20:22:35
rummour Watford and Barnsley are trying to sign Alex Mendy (free agent) from chesterfield(3)(11)I think he sign for watfordHe's not good enough for the championship


25 May 2012 20:13:07
Yeovil being linked with Exeter Defender Troy Archibald-Henville and Walsall midfielder Alex Nicholls

Bristol City duo David Clarkson (Striker) and Christian Ribeiro (defender) are also being linked with moves to the Huish(7)(9)David clarkson is a useless player and ribiero wants first team football so doubt with Luke Ayling at right back that he'll join, however we might sign James dunne from Exeter as he didn't sign for stevenage


25 may 2012 20:12:17
hulk has agreed personal terms with chelsea and will be there wiyhin a week(14)(3)How can he when transer window not even open yet is he on a free lol


25 May 2012 20:09:19
Steve Bruce holding out for the Wigan job with Roberto Martinez' move to Liverpool completed by Tuesday(16)(6)


25 May 2012 20:04:22
Brian Howard has been contacted by Coventry city (Source: He's my best mates cousin!)(12)(15)


25 May 2012 20:02:19
Southampton's most realistic rumours have been Jay Rodriguez, Gary Hooper and Ince.

We are probably selling Puncheon, Barnard, Seabourne and Harding.

We are POSSIBLY selling Do Prado and De Ridder as well as they have both on very varied form, although I would want them to stay.(18)(16)^^
I'd like us to get Rodriguez and Ince but it may cost a fair bit to get both. Hooper would be a lot of money and a heck of a gamble for the price.
I agree that Barnard, Harding and Puncheon should be sold. Served us well but not prem standard. It'd be harsh on Seabourne to flog him. I'd like him to go on a season long loan to a championship club or top end League 1 side. Then make a decision after that. Being thrown into the prem after the year he's had would be too much.
I'd keep DeRidder as personally I don't think he has been given a fair crack really and he may come good. I used to really rate Guly but I'd sell. Sometimes brilliant but all too often lazy and a passenger in games. In the top league that will kill us.
Based on all that I think Adkins needs to bring in a keeper, a centre back, a striker, a left back, right winger and left winger, possibly a centreid too.
Sounds a lot I know but rather than looking to buy a new side we need strength in depth like Lambert did at Norwich. Without a deep squad in the prem your finished.Sounds reasonable but I don't think Guly will go due to his experience. Also de ridder is a new signing and needs time to settle in because I feel he could be great for saints.Guly will be better suited to the prem in my opinion but I don't think De Ridder will be able to make the step up,shame because his pace could be an advantage.COYRsAdkins likes guly so i think he will say and some saints fan say guly thinks 1 step above the players around him , he could surprise a few saints fans this seasonFox will be 1st choice LB but we need Harding as cover, unless Dickson steps up^^
Neither Harding nor Dickson are Prem level. We need a left back to push Danny for his place. Luke Shaw is just too young, I'd like to see him play in the cup competitions this season though.Guly and De Ridder are staying putDont need to worry about money :L


25 May 2012 19:52:18
Palace have signed both Ward and Tunchev. Ward has signed for an undisclosed fee and signed a 4 year contract. Palace beat many teams for his signature, such as Leeds, Ipswich, Celtic and Burnley.

Not a rumour, but a fact.

Sources: Palace board, sky sports, east anglian times(19)(10)Ward has not signed,I would love that to be true but every body knows it is dragging on because he is holding out for a move to leeds and leeds know this so are haggling over price with PompeyCeltic ? lol when did we want to sign these guys ?Ward does not want a move to Leeds.. they were bottom of the pile, Ward has signed for Palace and will be announced next week.Whilst it looks like he has decided to go to Palace it is not yet a done deal. You ioncorrectly quote Skysports & EADT as neither state he has signed but that they understand that it looks like he is set to sign. If fact the EADT say that he is still due for a meeting with Paul Jewell, whether this happens who knows!? Celtic were never involved so if you are going to claim "fact" make sure it is !Oh right cos Palace are a club of equal stature to Leeds. That's why he's going to palace cos Leeds aren't a bigger club and haven't signed his brother from another mother Jason Pearce.As stated on palace board, ward is going to Leeds as he wants to play for a big club,he thought crystal palace was where the queen livesLeeds are as big as there deluded Fan's..........Living in the past lads. Get over yourself's.Leeds still a big club due to their fan base which is worldwide. They attracted gates of over 20,000 and they always sell out their away ends. We may not like them but they are by far the biggest club in the championshipHaha don't make me laff , Blackpool r bigger than Leeds now and they r better aswel , there are a lot more teams in championship that's bigger than Leeds


25 May 2012 19:37:24
Barnet are in talks with Veteran Walsall goalkeeper James Walker about a move to underhill

Walker has been offered a coaching/player role at his current side but only if he moves to the midlands from his Essex home(4)(3)


25 May 2012 19:34:10
heskey to resign for leicester city by end of next week(28)(11)


25 May 2012 19:19:14
Lucas to tottenham as sao paulo have fallen out with the player over contract terms. Heskeyyy to hull!(2)(22)Real Madrid and Chelsea are very keen to and he'd take a big offer for SP to sell. Looks a great prospect but I can't see it myselfHeskey to hull? im sorry but with the money city have to spend they are going to buy someone who can score, not someone on 30,000 a week who can't!


25 May 2012 19:15:18
Everton to wrap up the signings of pienaar and bjorn siguardson within the next 2 weeks, blackpool interested in anichibe also(20)(15)


25 May 2012 19:13:26
Carlisle talking to 4 players, Stuart Parnaby, Jordan Cook, Gary Liddle & Brett Omerod, The loan player we have enquired about is Zeki Fryers, Man Utd's left back, some deals will depend on outgoing players(10)(5)Yes,yes,yes,too old but could be worth a punt and yes


25 May 2012 19:00:57
Derby county to sign

Michael jacobs
Fegor Ogude
Johnny Russell
Krystian Pearce
Havard Nielsen
Andrew Driver
Paul Dixon/Joe Mattock(8)(17)


25 May 2012 18:58:35
Reading to compete with Everton for Dame N'Doye. The senegalese striker will cost in the region of 6 million pounds. The difference being that Reading have funds, everton do not. So the purchas on evertons part would require selling Baines, and securing Fellaini is the main taret.

IMO I think Reading will get him. This is from a QPR Supporter, no bias.(10)(12)Reading have no money! Sure, they possibly might get some money soon, but for the minute, Reading have no money!

That takeover's taking its time isnt it!? If I were a Reading fan (pretending to be a QPR fan) I'd be getting a bit worried.....Stop talking wet mate and securing fellaini? He signed a new contract last yearReading have no money? We just got promoted that's where the money comes from. As for the takeover Anton was happy to provide funds in January and he's happy to do it now. The takeover is nearly complete also. The PL are just dragging their feet because they're more interested in tying up their TV deal right now.Reading have no money? Promotion gains to the PL gains a club around 90 mil. {Ed001's Note - no it doesn't. For starters that 90m talk is the amount that a club would get in the first year in the Prem, plus parachute payments if they get relegated. Secondly, no one takes into account the fact that players get bonuses for promotion and a pay increase while in the Prem, which cuts into the money received.}Why would Reading fight off Everton? Everton are an established prem club, Reading are nothing more than a yo-yo club that is championship at bestThe takeover might be taking a while but we do have money? the new owner bought us players in January? he will do it now tooEverton earned 48 million of TV rights and 17.5 million for finishing 7th in the league so before you say that everton have got no money ....think againWe're not looking to secure Fellani you plonker, read a sentence properly and make sure you understand whats being said!

As for the takeover, its taking its time as its had to go through the Football League and now the Premier League.6m? You're having a laugh. Unproven in the Premiership and not young either. 3m tops. Also our new owner will be quite happy to invest and the takeover will probably be announced on 1st June when we officially become a PL club. Reading are the 9th richest club in the UK now.I think playing in the champions league make him more than capable with premiership football. I would love him at Reading and is goal scoring record is pretty good and he plays like Cisse (Newcastle). But he will cost nearer to 10 as Copenhagen rejected 7m last season.Dude we have no idea when it will get ratified, if at all. I'm hopefull though. And its 9th in the world not UK, if you include Boris' wealthThe takeover has been approved by th FA and it's to be confirmed on June 1st. Common factCommon fact? You thought we would be 9th richest in UK when its the world. Scan the news pages...silence, scan HNA? and RR with their many 'reliable sources' inside RFC and you'll find nothing but bickering and hearsay. There is no common fact. The date of the 1st hasn't come from any reliable source, its just a bunch of fans trying to find a reason why it hasn't happened yet. There is hope though, and I hope also it will be sorted and sorted soon."Reading are nothing more than a yo-yo club that is championship at best" How ca we be Championship 'at best' when we are playing in the Premier League next season? Think about it mate, not difficult.Reading will not sign Dame n'doye cause everton r a much bigger club than usYoyo club? lol because two promotions and one relegation between 6 years is so 'yoyo-ish'?'Reading have no money' what you talking about!?! Reading run making a profit, this was before Anton! we are just wise what we do with it, e.g brought Doyle and Long for about 100k and sold them for more than 12mill, gylfi came through the ranks and we sold him for 7m!


25 May 2012 18:56:32
Ian Holloway will begin talks with Joey Barton when he returns from holiday, with the troubled QPR man being allowed to leave on a free transfer.(7)(29)If any man can tame him, it's Holloway.He will deffo not be leaving on a free transfer #FACTQpr would rather have him not playing then go on a free. Will stay at loftus road and pull his head in when he gets back on the pitch. Alot of time will be spent cooling that temper by qpr supports


25 May 2012 18:53:50
Flew into London from Milan this morning and got talking to Cristiano Biraghi, the Inter and Italian U21 Centre Half, who said he was on his way for talks with Charlton.(3)(9)Before anyone comments, this was NOT from a Charlton fan.

Nor should this "rumour" be seen as anything approaching reality.Talk to random strangers who happen to be footballers do u ?At last a sensible post about Charlton. Will fans of other clubs stop posting stupid stories about Charlton's alleged transfer plans and will other fans of other clubs stop believeing they're from Charlton fans!Watch this space. A stong centre back who has had a medical at the club and the deal should be announced along with Andros Townsend within 3 weeks.If he's had a medical why would it take three weeks? Players usually have a medical at the last stage, once negotiations have taken place between clubs and the player/agent.


25 May 2012 18:35:34
As a Charlton Fan I am fed up of all these ridiculous rumours surrounding my club, although most of them are not made up by Charlton fans. Therefore I thought I would put up the rumours that I believe to be true with my friends and links close to the club:

Sam Baldock (West Ham) - Has been mentioned before but Chris Powell is not interested in taking him on loan and will bid somewhere in the region of £1m for him but if West Ham do not want to sell him then Powell does not want him on loan.

Greg Halford (Portsmouth) - Has been linked to a return on a free, however unsure of whether he would be happy being a back up.

Keiran Lee (Oldham) - Apparently Powell is high on him and will look to move for him if Halford does not want to sign.

Karleigh Osborne (Brentford) - As a free agent he has gained some interest but Charlton are high up on the list of potential destinations.

Anthony Wordsworth (Colchester) - I have an advantage on this one as a Charlton fan but also Colchester is a local team for me and I have friends with links to that club as well so I can confirm that Charlton have approached Colchester and Wordsworth is keen to talk to Charlton. That is all that has happened at the moment. Fee would be around £800k.

Sam Saunders (Brentford) - Was talked about early on but Powell prefers Wordsworth and so will probably not look to pursue Saunders in the foreseeable future.

Stuart Beavon (Wycombe) - Powell keen on Beavon but once again only if he can not convince West Ham and Baldock to sell. Potentially Paul Hayes to go the other way.

Paul Coutts (Preston) - Powell wants to add a CM with some quality and it seems Coutts fits the bill for him. CAFC ready to test Preston with a bid in the region of £350k.

Dany N'Guessan (Millwall) - After a good loan spell at the club, Powell is keen to add N'Guessan but seems Millwall want a player in return (Wagstaff was mentioned) but Powell keen not to get rid of his side from this season gone.

That is all the rumours at Charlton with any foundations. Therefore any others on here are wrong and should not be listened to.(8)(14)None of these will happenKieran Lee is going to Sheffield wedsKieran lee has signed for Sheffield Wednesday but will only be announced when he turns 24Kieran lee is going to be a swfc player done dealPossible the most sensible and realistic rumour put on here, apparently Wordsworth has been mentioned around BlackpoolThank god a fellow sane charlton fan has turned upKieran lee signed for shef weds last week. Stop making things upWhat a joke,Hanford only back up to a newly promoted L1 club!!give your head a shake.Lol do u own the club my club u sayFor a start Greg halford on a free is funny but then going back to charlton hahaCongratulations, you've recycled the more "credible" rumours and put them into one post. Good organisational skills.Haha as if you thought Lee would sign for youCoutts is worth more than 350kYou my friend need to see a doctor.Couttsy has said he wants to stay at North End for at least 1 more seasonLee isn't any good, if he was he would of been snapped up years ago rather than playing for Oldham, granted some very talented players play for lower clubs without getting snapped up but I didn't notice him in both games against cafc so you can have him, your still going oink oinkKieran lee signed for wednesdayAll of them are possible but saunders no, n'guessan no, Lee no ( don't wont him so wendies can suffer), beavon no, awful goal scoring record in the football league scored like 6 in 2 seasons for Wycombe, but I can confirm we will sign Osborne as we had 4 bids rejected for him and he is now a free transfer and we are in London which suits him and we are in the championshpCan you find me a quote of where 'couttsy' has said he wants to stay another season? I'm a preston fan an I haven't heard him say that.K.lee was probably the best rb in league 1 last year, if you didn't notice him then thats cause you were watching a completely different game. he was a very consistently good player in albeit a very inconsistent team. from a oldham fan, who thinks swfc have pulled off a very good signingWe have a higher targets than league 1 players.Well considering chris solly of charlton was the best right back in the league but continuesley got overlooked by hunt of Huddersfield because he has blistering pace, k.Lee, didn't notice him one in league 1Best RB in league 1? You obviously haven't heard of Chris Solly - he's qualityBest RB in league 1? You obviously haven't heard of Chris Solly - he's quality - plus he's only 5 foot 3 and better than John Terry.


25 May 2012 18:29:25
Clive Platt from Coventry City has officially signed for Northampton Town on a two year deal, rejecting the offer Coventry City offered him.(12)(3)


25 May 2012 18:11:58
northampton signed Clive Platt on a free transfer from Coventry today, 2 year deal.(11)(4)


25 May 2012 18:04:36
Oxford have held talks with Stevenage right back, Scott Laird.
But a number of other clubs interested. Oxford are in no rush to make anymore signings!

Also free agent, Ryan Wells to have a trial in pre season.(4)(9)Sadly not true on several fronts. Firstly he is a left back and secondly he knows forest are interested and is holding out for themLaird is a left back u numptyHe's a left back and why would he go to league 2 when he has offers from championship clubsLaird to Oxford?? are you serious, the reason he is leaving is to go to a better club, stop making things upHes a left back LOL failRonnie henry will sign for oxford he was stevenage right back, that could see damian batt leave oxford and sign for a higher clubWho's Ryan Wells?Batt hasn't got the quality to sign for a higher club, he can hardly cross the ball past the first man!Batt? To a higher club? HA. He can't defend to SAVE his life.


25 May 2012 17:57:57
mk dons set to sign league 2 strikers:
. akinfenwa -northampton- 300k
.mcleod-free(5)(3)The dons dont have 300k LOLIf any one is willing to bye him rip their hands off to get the cash 90% of the time hes hopeless.Why would MK Dons want a second rate playerWhy would Dons want a second rate player?He's better then anyone dons have tbh.... but cant see him going plastic


25 May 2012 17:31:33
Northampton reject £600,000 offer for Jacobs from Bristol City(10)(9)If this bid is true will that act as a benchmark if it goes toa tribunal with another club?Northampton dont look like selling up for anything less then 750,000.


25 May 2012 17:11:07
BARNSLEY - To sign Southampton's Tadanari Lee on 3 month loan deal.(2)(28)He's only just signed for Saints and highly rated by Adkins and will heavily feature in 1st team. Do your homework before posting daft nonsense!Ha :') you high?Might not be that silly when you think about it. he's been out of action so will be lacking a bit of sharpness, in those three months he probably wont get a game ahead of sharp lambert + jay rod or whoever so might be a good way to bring him up to fitness in english football and he will be back before novemeber.You really need to get a life!

Do you think Saints would bring in an international player and then, instead of getting him to gel with his team mates, thought-oh yes-lets lend him to Barnsley!

Rumours on this site should at least have some chance of going forward.Don't be so bloody ridiculous!No way will he be lvingI really cannot see this happening... Yes he has been out for a few months with injury, but I'm sure Adkins would wanna keep him training with the first team and bringing back to fitness in the reserves... It just doesn't make sense to send him out on loan!When Lee joined we were top of the championship. He could easily have gone straight into the prem or to an established European team but He bought into the vision for the club and has been rewarded
for it with premiership football now.
He took a while to adjust as was always going to happen, got just the one goal and then got injured and was out for the season.
Until that point though he was NA's preferred strike partner for Lambert and it wouldn't surprise me if he was come the start of this season.
So why on earth would he drop down a league on loan??
Answer. He wouldn't and won't!Where did you get that fromAlso need to take into account the cost of paying his translator etc, really doesnt seem feasible from Barnsely tbh^i did hear that the price of translators these days is through the roof. what a stupid comment


25 May 2012 17:04:48
I heard through the grapevine a few days ago Appleton was in line for the West Brom job.

Apparently he had told family he was in discussions about the role,alongside this I also heard WBA were keen to wait for the season ticket deadline to pass at which point they would make it public (they thought any negative fan reaction woul be better suited post season ticket deadline)

Appletin has obvious strong links to the WBA hierarchy and I've witnessed some huge five figure bets being placed on him at a bookies.(5)(8)No chance, it will not happenHughton to be new manager
Also please sign up Ben Foster,last thing i want is Craig Gordon He is Scottish,and they never make good keepers !
Sunderland reject,so no good for top 10 Premiership club and midlands top club!

P.S To newcastle fan,were top midlands club,and i was their when we beat you 3-2 at your own stadium (sports direct arena.....great name!) Sunderland,top north east team.......Boing Boing Baggies


25 May 2012 17:04:07
Crystal Palace expected to announce signing of Joel Ward in the next week(10)(9)Next week now, earlier today Palace fans said it would be sorted todayWard to sign for leeds in part ex for billy paynter , confirmed , says he wants to play for a big club .Big club like Leeds a, you cant afford 400k you strange boyLeeds matey, look at like every single source out there they all say palace have won the race to sign him! so hush!Leeds is not a big club.We have money to burn , u strange whatever u are, we negotiate deals, as we have with wardHush you matey , leeds bigger than half premiership ,let alone no marks like palaceIt has been agreed, Palace will announce the move on Monday as Ward wants to stay in the southSadly, the size of the club gets you nowhere and ward chose palace over the massive leeds.He realised he isnt good enough for a top team so chose palaceOr he chose palace for its merits rather than go up north to play for a club associated with cheating players and uneducated fansLol, bitterness from jealous fans who don't know what its like to win anything always amuses, MOT


25 May 2012 16:59:36
Palace are hoping to complete the signings of Kim Andre Madsen (Strmsgodset IF) and Kim Bo-Kyung (Cerezo Osaka) by the end of next week. Freedman and the owners feel they have a real shot at the league next year, and the owners are backing Freedman's plans financially.

Palace also confident that they will secure Jo Inge Berget from Molde and James Dunne from Exeter.

Palace will let Ambrose go if they receive a suitable offer, and also expect to lose Clyne. They are also prepared to sell KG, Garvan and Easter.(5)(10)Palace fan...noJames dunne has already signed for stevenage


25 May 2012 16:58:33
Dempseys desire for champions league football may see him stay at Fulham as Arsenal dont want to pay fulhams asking price , bayern munich n psg are though to be interested but want part exchange . Fulham are stepping up in their own pursuits of marcell jansen , assaidi n Defoe . They wont sign berra , complete n utter lazy journalism but could pienaar be inline for a shock move as everton are struggling to match his spurs wages. Rhodes will stay ay H'field if they win play off n fulham will turn their attention to Abdulaoui . Also will officially approach herenveen for narsingh in the next few weeks.(1)(5)Everton struggling to pay Pienaar's wages! This post is a shamblesDont Spura already own Pienaar...? they just loanded him back last season?


25 May 2012 16:50:52
Grant leadbitter to swfc(4)(14)He is going to middlesbrough, I'm a mackem and the rumours up here is he will be a boro player, would be a great move for him as he is a quality midfielder on his day


25 May 2012 16:40:42
John Carew to sign for Cardiff City on free transfer as well as Lovenkranks from Newcastle.(22)(13)


25 May 2012 16:39:57
Joe Lewis has completed his move from Peterborough to Cardiff City today on a free transfer after the players contract was up.(22)(5)Decent keeper but can't see him doing anything more than sitting on the bench, no where near the quality of their first choice....... 4 years on a decent wage however shows the sort of priorities today's players haveSorry i miss read that i thought u wrote decent keeper, take it from me a season ticket holer at london road (Peterborough) he's along way off decent. lol.Posh fan since 1985 posh 3 aldershot 0 to be precise- decent and has been a decent servant, I'd assume by offering him terms on a new contract fergie thought the same too, mistakes yes but decent shot stopper, often poor at crosses.


25 May 2012 16:33:48
Matt Tubbs is interested in a move to Rotherham, but the deal has to be right for Bournemouth ...(10)(12)Spoke to someone at the club today he said Tubbs wants to come here but the deal needs to be right for AFCBNo, hes not he knows he is better then league 2 and is looking to establish himself in league 1 wiht Bournemouth, plus only been there six months why would he leave for a lesser clubWhy would tubbs go down a league when he could help AFCB go to the championshipOh please. Matt signed for AFCB coz he loves the club. I doubt he will want to move to Yorkshire after just buying a home in Verwood!Well i've spoken to matt and he said he's got no intention of moving thereI have followed Bournemouth for 30 years, and I feel this has potential if the rumours that we are going to get Mcquoid and possibly Hayter back at the clubKeep dreaming rotherhamIf we get anywhere near what we paid for him I would snap their hands off. I know he's been injured but what we have seen of him he has been very poor. I think the step up from non league/league 2 was to big for him. I'd like to see a proven striker signed, we need a 30 a season man of we are to gain promotion


25 May 2012 16:27:03
Andrew Procter is leaving Preston after only 5 months as he has failed to impress. Former club Accrington Stanley, Morecambe and Bury are possible destinations(19)(2)Ryan Lowe and Kenny Miller linked with a shock move to Bury. Miller only on loan though.I hope to god this rumour is truePlease go proctor


25 May 2012 16:25:45
Rochdale look to sign Jack Lewin, Carl Miles and Michael Treason as they look to capture the most talented non league players availbale(2)(6)Lewis Slack, an under 21 striker from Cowdenbeath could be on his way too Bury or Rochdale. Also, at Cowdenbeath is Jamie Williams who looks likely too move to Rochdale too.Jamie Williams is also linked with Manchester United reserves. But is likely to go to Rochdale.


25 May 2012 16:25:19

Done deals (almost):
James McFadden Free

In (Targets):
Matt Phillips £3 million
Paul Robinson Free
Michael Owen Free
Jermaine Defoe £6 million
Salomon Kalou Free

Lee Barnard to Watford £700,000
Jason Puncheon to Birmingham £1 million
Dan Seabourne to Charlton £400,000
Ryan Dickson to Leeds £200,000(18)(22)Kalou to southampton lol ur madAre you really serious I am pretty sure kalou could do a lot better than Southampton?I'm a saints fan an listening to some of you going on and on about Owen Jesus give is a rest stop posting your wish list because the one above is awfulThey're deals that I can see happening.
Whether the happen or not I don't know. We shall see!No no no noPhillips defoe. Kalou are you winding me up. Much bigger teams will be in for these also big wagesIf matt phillips is worth 3mil then messi is only worth like 20mil. we arent going to sign an established first team keeper because we have davis! for the last time please get that in your heads. We are going to sign youth players and we will only sign owen as player/coach. jermaine defoe is doubtful considering we are linked with 3 other young strikers for around the same money. and kalou will probably go back to feyenoord or wherever. or end up at tottenham or somewhere like that. also james mcfadden i just pray that is bullplop.Birmingham have a transfer embargo until they sumbmit there account books you are full of b/sWhy are Southampton fans so delusional?!Why would Southampton look to sign Philips, McFadden, Owen, Defoe AND Kalou to add to Lambert, Sharp, July etc?...Bullst all of it!"Dan Seabourne to Charlton 400,000" Charlton do not need and are not in the market for a centre back.Rubbish. All of it!Then you woke up and it was all a dreamKalou is a champions league player, not a championship club like southampton are, Owen will be staying up north as his hirses and family live up north and is not looking to go south and defoe again too good for southamptonHave you just thought any one available on a free transfer is willing to go anywhere?^^ there getting there self bang at it again lolKalou to Southampton what rubbish when he has potential offers from the two Merseyside clubs he doesn't want to be playing championship footy in 2013/14 seasonNo thanks for OwenI agree this is ridiculous, as a saints fan, but everyone else needs to grow up. How can you label an entire fan base by a few numpties that post here, on a RUMOUR site. It's going to be full of stupid comments, no need to keep tarring an entire fan base delusional. I bet 90% of fans dont even know this existsKalou's unimpressive. It would hardly be a coup. Zenden and Pennant played in a champions league Final not to long ago. Both at the time were mid premier team standard - which Kalou is.Cant beleive southampton fans think a player of owens class would even look at there little club! Southampton fans beleive anything!Champ manager anyone......... im a massive saints fan and whoever posted this comment is a fool!!! No chance we will land defoe or kalou, matt phillips maybe, mcfadden, robinson and owen = no chance!!Defoe i actualy do reckon the rest no


25 May 2012 16:22:00
Young sensation Max Clayton of Crewe, has become the latest shock transfer target for Chelsea as they look to build a squad of talented young players. Chelsea also want Nick Powell but face competition from Arsenal, Man Utd and Tottenham(5)(10)


25 May 2012 16:18:04
Graham Westley is looking into the possibiity of signing Joel Byrom and Aaron Mclean as he looks to build a Preston side capable of promotion(9)(12)McLean? No chance.They wont go upWhat you mean they wont go up got a crystal ball have you ya nuggett.Haha nugget nice 1


25 May 2012 16:17:34
Charlton are in talks with Wycombe regarding a swap deal for Stuart Beavon and giving Paul Hayes, along with a fee.(4)(4)


25 May 2012 16:13:49
Ray Wilkins has held talks with West Brom(16)(10)As assistant to raniariHope he becomes their new manager ....means we dont have to put up with him on sky sports!!Your down next year


25 May 2012 16:11:45
Norwich very interested in ki from celtic(12)(11)Why would he go to you from us what I hear is you had a 1off season and are sure to be relegated next year so dream onNorwich have tons of central midfieldersFar to good for norwich,if he goes it wont be to youOi lay off norwich they are a good team with good fans and a good manager from a celtic fanCome on how is he far too good for norwich? SPL players dont have the same class as EPL players. Anyway what was the score norwich last played celtic?That's good coming from a team who plays in the equivalent of the championship bottom half ! U wouldn't survive the premiership !No such thing as a friendly testimonial, we all know both teams were all out to win....Norwich 2 Celtic 1........ SPL on par with top end of championship at best.You mean the norwich game where they won 2-0 against under 17s and 19s? that one, norwich had there first team while Celtic had kids playing and held there own and it was a friendly with good atmosphere but if Celtic had there first team squad it would have been a different story with Celtic going for a a rugby score. and thats an english team against an spl team's kids and could only get 2 and norwich goalie had to make 4 big saves to keep them in it. {Ed001's Note - how did Norwich have their first team out? They had Pacheco and Huckerby playing for them!}Haha ok i take what i said back about laying off norwich, first of all celtic only had 2 starting team players, hooper, forster, the rest were under 19 so suck on that our first team would annihalate youMust say man i am sick to death of hearing the epl is better than the spl, I DONT GIVE 2 stS.. Celtic are la liga level :DMan people are dumb, EPL pver-rated. Jelavic scoring more there than he did in SPL. Charlie Adam worked his way into a side like Liverpool. Maloney getting a game at Wigan lol. get off your high horse, Andy Kakarroll 35 mil . as for the Norwich friendly game, we had a mix of young boys and 2nd strings out with handful of 1st teams in a game that means 0. the lack of respect english people show other footballing nations is a joke.It was 2-0 and Celtics kids, from a Norwich fan... Although we did look very good. Celtic fans were insane. Best support i've ever seenCeltic to sign dirk kuytEr no Norwich 2 Celtic 0 actually but I love the Celtic fans and wish them all the bestWhere did Celtic's goal come from?

I was at the game and it was 2-0 to Norwich.

Not fair to compare, Celtic were playing youth and we changed our entire team for each half.

Btw Celtic have the best set of fans that visited Carrow Road, brilliant atmosphere.

Celtic would survive in the PL, definitely better than Villa, QPR, West Ham, Reading and Southampton!!Yor having a laugh mate, Celtic were playing their 3rd team no brown, ledley, kayal, Forrest,mulgrew, rogne, Matthews, samaras, izaguria who are all first team players . We even had a 16 year old playing at the back. If Celtic had their strongest side out we would easily beat more than half of the EPL teams including Norwich!The game wasn't about the result it was about Adam drury , both teams put out weakened sides , maybe Celtic was weaker but the players were pulling out of tackles . Would of liked to see strong sides out if we play them preseason.Celtic may have had u19's playing however Norwich played huckerby,
landsbury, nelson and pacheceo who dont even play for norwich. And celtic cannot complain about not having their starting 11 out because norwich played 24 different players that night. If both teams had there starting 11's out Norwich would crush Celtic they are a championship team at best!This is sooo stupid, thank you Norwich fans and or if you support another club for saying that Celtic are a good club. i dont want to bring Norwich down or anything because it was for one of there players and the atmosphere was great, i hope Celtic and Norwich have a relationship now because both set of fans where great, and i loved seeing norwich joining in on the huddle.

to the others, if Celtic are so bad how is it in the europa league in the hardest group how is it we lost bye one point? against the winners Atletico and top team in italy? we almost advanced ahead of one of them, Celtic are a good team and the arrogence the epl has is beyond anything. Celtic would be mid table epl team going for europe position.I agree ^


25 May 2012 16:01:08
Shrewsbury will announce 2 signings early next week.(11)(8)Oh yeah who will they be?Aaron Wildig Cardiff and Conor Mcloughlin PNE who were both on loan last seasonOr Rory McArdleWildig and McArdle.

McLaughlin hasn't signed........yet.Not sure who. It's not like I get told WHO they are! I'm pretty sure, however, that one will be Aaron Wildig.Thats good, i liked wildig here last season and due to him being fairly young he still has time to improve


25 May 2012 15:57:28
Northampton town have once again rejected an offer from an un-named championship club for the highly rated youngstar Michael Jacobs, The fee believed to be around 600k was once again showen the door, It has also come to light today that a host of premier league clubs have also showen there interest in the 20year old northampton born (crackers) with Everton, West Ham and QPR being the named clubs!(7)(4)Im an everton fan & we wanted him in january, Watched him once when northampton played liverpool & he destroyed them by himself, couldnt believe he was onl 18 then... he'll go to a EPL club, Hope its us! great young lad


25 May 2012 15:47:23
Hull City looking to off-load Aaron McLean....Brighton, Peterborough and surprisingly Doncaster appear to be most interested. Doubt we will make our money back (1.3m) with the sale. Futures of Andy Dawson (contract up), and Robbie Koren are also in doubt. Surprisingly nothing heard about any firm bids for the young stars Chester or Stewart. As for the new manager, Bruce is odds-on favourite but really cannot see that one myself given his penchant for spending big bucks and his prem league background.(9)(4)Didn't do anything for Posh last time in championship but was prolific in bottom two divisions, that's why he was sold, if Posh had gone down would be a solid signing but now no chanceHe was sold because he handed in a transfer request


25 May 2012 15:46:32
West Brom, Everton and West Ham have expressed serious interest in Jordan Rhodes in the ast few days. Huddersfied are keen to get the play off final out the way before negotiations start(9)(10)And NorwichHe aint no gd to westham .. unprovenAnd ReadingWe already have vaz te /maynard they are untested epl if west ham do go for another striker he will have to provenAny club hoping to stay in prem would be mental to go for L1 players,no one knows if he can score in champioshipSign owenNot good enough for EvertonNot good enough for Everton


25 May 2012 15:41:23
Gary Hunter set to compete his switch to Fleetwood Town after being released by Morecambe! Also leaving the Shrimps is Will Haining (Hibs), Andy Parrish (Preston) and Laurence Wilson (Shresbury)(7)(4)


25 May 2012 15:39:04
Dougie Freedman is sensationally trying to persuade Gennaro Gattuso out of retirement. Freedman, who studied in Italy and at AC Milan made a strong friendship with Gattuso. It is thought Gattuso would be interested if the deal involved him being part of the coaching set-up at the club.

The club are also likely to announce the signings of Aleksander Tunchev and Joel Ward early next week.
Palace are also in the hunt for Swansea midfeilder Kemy Agustien.(5)(16)Agustien going nowhere, just signed new deal.Gattuso hasn't retired.Augustien just signed a new contract with the swans!


25 May 2012 15:37:14
Emile Heskey is considering his options after being offered contracts at Leicester, Nottingham Forest and Leeds. Dexter Blackstock set to leave Forest in search of a new challenge, with Hull City and Brighton expressing interest(6)(12)RubbishFind out for yourself, Leicester are favourites at the minute due to his connections with the clubDexter will only leave if forest get a big offer for him. He does not want to leave, so please refrain from making things upDoubt hull are in a position to go for anyone seeings how they have no manager and no managing director in placeNot a chance he will go to Leeds, Warnock is not a fanCant replace dex with emile and dex recently said that if he was offered a new contract now he would take it without looking aroundCan anybody smell something.... I smell BULLY BULLY BULLSHT!!


25 May 2012 15:29:37
qpr may sign tottenham cm jermaine jenas to replace barton who is suspended fo 3 months(11)(7)


25 May 2012 15:17:52
hearts fc looking to offload some players
as sergio resigns in a two year deal
he wants to bring in some talent for europe
also rudi skacel signs up for a further season

out .. zaliukas (to be sold as high earner)

in... sandaza(st johnstone)
wallace (returns from rangers as they can't
pay for him)
rochina (blackburn)
conway(cardiff)(3)(15)Total crap mad vlad wont spend any cash it will be all freebies or loan signingsConway isn't leaving he is Cardiff's only player with pace (which he still has little of) .If we are rejecting bids for Whittingham we are going to reject bids for Conway.Your not getting conway from cardiff. in your dreams.It will be all free nobodies,and conway is a non starterConway had fitness problems and has been out with injury, which is why he didn't start many as he would like last season.In your dreamsWhy would we get rid off Prychynenko when he has been highlighted as an example along with Scott Robinson and Jason holy as the future? Sutton may still have a future. Not a chance with any of the signings, the only one we would have a chance with is to china and that would have to be on a freeTake conway he isnt good enough for championship footballConway will not leave Cardiff, especially for a team like hearts LOLHow are they going to afford rochina and conway ?? hearts are skint - hence the fire sale of players, and if you are selling zaliukas because hes a high earner then how can you expect to bring in championship and premiership wages.


25 May 2012 15:17:43
Stoke City have made an approach for Villarreal midfielder Jonathan De Guzman. De Guzman was out of favour at the back end of last season and wants to leave the relegated side. Stoke have watched the player several times at the early end of last season.(16)(2)Quite possibly as far as you can get from a Pulis style player. Young (for those who don't know Stoke, sub 28 is young), foriegn, never played in the prem, attacking and under 5ft 10. Would love to be wrong though.I wish, its what were crying out for, in the middle with a fit palacios and a partner pacey finsher for crouch, but we can all dream


25 May 2012 15:12:37
Joel Byrom to Scunthorpe after turning down a new deal at stevenage, also Christian Riberio and Joe Widdowson will sign for the Iron as the the new full backs! All on Frees(8)(5)Doubt it mate, Byrom is heading to Preston to be re united with Graham Westley


25 May 2012 15:05:37
charlton shall be making a raid on tottenham for their youth players. Andros Townend, John Bostock and Danny Rose are top of the list(2)(15)Watch this space. I can guarrantee at least one of these players joining Charlton Athletic FC in the next 4 weeks.I have heard this will happen soonLoan or perm?Okay right none of these will join charlton 99.9% sure of it... but if it were true i would like to see andros townsend


25 May 2012 14:55:35
Millwall to be signing troy deeney,Scott Malone,Stuart Beavon,Chris Taylor(4)(12)Lets HOPE SO!COYL!Why would they want to join millwall lol COYI!!Get READY for SCHOOL on Monday SON!COYLDeeney isn't going to millwall. can these rumours pls stop cos its never gonna happen for several reasonsTroy Deeney has agreed to sign for Millwall.Troy signed will be announced on 24th juneDeeny is not good enough for the squad Millwall are putting togetherTroy deeney signed for millwall..thats them religated


25 May 2012 14:47:52
Crystal Palace will follow the signings of Ward and Tunchev with moves for Kane Ferdinand, Josh Kennedy and Craig Eastmond.

If they receive 4-5m from the sales of Clyne and Ambrose they will move for James Henry and Max Clayton.(1)(10)Australian Josh kennedy playing in Asia or a different one?Such bcks, Dougie is only interested in experienced players to BUY.What are you talking about, kane ferdinand is from his former club southend (like o'keefe) kennedy was at popovic's former club (like nick carle) and unproven youngsters like clayton and eastmond are exactly the kind of players he wantsAmbrose probs wont go


25 May 2012 14:47:07
Diakite to sign for QPR permanently As is Tiawo along with at least one keeper (sad to see Kenny go) as well as couple more that will not include Jenas(11)(1)I cant wait till kenny goes hes not consistent


25 May 2012 14:47:05
Troy deeney to millwall within the next few weeks as he wants to play for a bigger club(2)(11)This Deeney to Millwall needs to stop. Overrated & needs to stay where he is.Millwall ... a bigger club... oh how funny

No stop your such a comedian, you should be on the stage....Not bigger, Just BetterDon't feed the trolls...If you re so much better, remind us again where you finished in the league?Where did watford finish the season before


25 May 2012 14:42:12
Joel Ward & Tunchev expected to be confirmed as Palace players on Monday(10)(13)Ward has signed for Ipswich,all over twitter


25 May 2012 14:39:53
Newcastle are set to make a move for Manchester City's unsettled winger, Adam Johnson.

Johnson could well be keen on the move as he supported Newcastle as a boy.(27)(23)Get your facts right son... Adam Johnson grew up as a Sunderland fanSo why did Johnson say he's a Sunderland fan?Get ur facts right son he confirmed himself he was a geordieWould newcastle be willing to pay his 80k per week wages and 10m transfer fee? don't think soThere are actually rumours in the pubs here that AJ might end up at United. Don't heckle me, it's just hearsay.Sorry to burst your bubble SGB but he is on his way to sunderland on loan for the season with an option to buy for 10m, his family is sunderland fans, rumours are he supported newcastle but can't really see that as if his family was sunderland fans you would expect him to probs be oneAdam Johnson is from Easington which is county Durham. That region has fans of both Newcastle and Sunderland in it. Neither club will get him anyway.


25 May 2012 14:32:08
Bradford are bringing some of the old boys back. Gray, Daley and Robbie Blake could all make a sensational return to VP.(4)(8)Robbie has put on some pounds since sitting on our bench.Robbie's not even been on the bench he's been on the sofa eating popcorn, he has done nothing for the last 3 years


25 May 2012 14:29:58
saints have tabled a bid for rodrigeuz 6m plus players going the other way
its in daily echo today !(17)(18)The headline is "saints to may record move for j-rod?" No bid has been made yet. Looks like the clubs are talking though.If it said it in the Echo, it must be true. Would not trust a word the Echo saysNext, it will be Echo finds Lord Lucan! They are just following the Sun-and they make it up as they go along.No they havent


25 May 2012 14:28:07
Bradford are in talks with former player Andy Gray and also want Watford winger Britt Assombalonga on a season loan long deal after ex bantam Scott Loach reccomended the club(4)(5)Worlds best surname!His name on your shirt will cost a fortune!!Assombalonga was out of his depth in the Championship so a loan to get him some experience looks likely.I found tht out to my cost :(Assombalonga showed great promise during his loans spell last year scoring a total of 13 goals in 20 somthing games i think at lower league level from right wing so def has promise. when he played for us this year he showed promise so please play him! this lad was playing sunday league only 2 years ago. i think we all want him to make it.Let's all do the conga with Brit Assombalonga....A great lad with alot of talent. Has shown already that he will be a top player, always plays with a smile and just needs games under his belt. Doubt if anyone will get him on a season long long, but maybe a month or two with a 24hr recall. Will be a Watford regular by the end of next season.


25 May 2012 14:27:43
Luton are interested in Macclesfield's Waide Fairhurst and York's Jamal Fyfield. They are also tracking Southport's Adam Carden.(6)(4)


25 May 2012 14:17:06
Ward to Ipswich, deal should be done by Monday. Palace and Leeds out of the race for him. I have this from a reliable source from a close friend who works at Ipswich(4)(19)Joel Ward & Tunchev expected to be confirmed as Palace players on MondayGuess you dont have any friends as he's signing for PalaceWe'll see...

can reveal that the South London club have been told by the player's representatives that the 500,000-rated Portsmouth utility man is set to end the long-running transfer saga and decide over the weekend which club he is going to join.

A source close to the Eagles said: "There is no truth in the rumours that Ward has already had a medical at Palace. They are still waiting to hear which club he will be joining.

"All they know at this stage is that it has become a two-horse race between themselves and another Championship club, which could or could not be Ipswich." {Ed001's Note -IPSWICH, LEEDS & PALACE will all be placed in or around 6th in Championship next season. LEEDS is where his best mate has gone. CRYSTAL PALCE nearer family. Why the hell do you think he would join IPSWICH ? 'Stop dreaming my friend'Oh yawn...this is getting tedious. Let's move on shall we!Anyone else bored of this now, obviously Ward is not committed to anyone's cause - how committed will he be if he takes this long to decide who to join.Hes going to leeds or brightonWards not going to ipswich as he doesnt think a tractor is an acceptable mode of transportOh... That's original...


25 May 2012 14:14:34
heard from reliable source
man utd looking at replacement for giggs
and they have come up with former celtic winger
aiden mcgeady(7)(30)They've come up with Hazard, and giggs doesn't play on the wing, so dont make up rumours.Pile of liesHow can you even compare mcgeady to giggsy. There will never be anyone who will properly replace giggs what he has done will never be repeated so to say mcgeady will do the job is ridiculous.Might do ok in championship but utd,lolWherre did he say is as good as giggs u muppet . honestly ppl see what they want to see and post dribble .

daviebhoy08 .Thats why i got to laugh!!
do well in the Championship!

The bhoy has been playing in a far superior league than the championship, and what makes you think the English prem is any good.

RomanovMight do well in champonship haha have you seen that bhoy play? would easily fit into utd team. away home diddy washerI saw McGEady live rip maldini to pieces when he was only 18. I also saw him live against sides like Man Utd and Barca and he was always a danger. Giggs is magnificent of course but got to laugh at the championship nonsense especially when Charlie Adam and Maloney are playing in the EPL.


25 May 2012 14:12:16
Yeovil look set to offer jamaican international nathan smith a return to huish park after chesterfields relegation to the league 2, as the ex left back has stated his desire to stay in league 1 football, and yeovils need for a new left back.(2)(8)Uhhh no!! he's rubbish, he's not league one standard.No chance he's staying put maybe he playing league 2 football.But what aspirations as yeovil got survival each and evry yearHe's English not Jamaican!! Yeovil won't spend the money to buy out his contract!He's been capped for Jamaica, qualifies through family. Also, doubt he'll be going this year as he's got time left on his contract and he's the only left back we've got at the club.He qualifies for jamaica and got a call up
DevonGreenActually hes a jamacian international. played 1 game in 2011 for jamacia. check the factsIs that why he has a cap for the Jamaican national team? Would love Smithy back as he was quality when he was at Yeovil. But I don't see it happening'But what aspirations as yeovil got survival each and evry year' at least we can! enjoy league 2 (again) :)No dis respect to you and your opinion but I disagree. I feel Mark Bunn will impress for the number one jersey at Blackburn, Paul Robinson might leave this summer.


25 May 2012 14:05:59
ON A 3 YEAR DEAL !(7)(30)I can guarantee you that they're not.Is that cause he's tall? Yawn!Not good enough to play for stoke


25 May 2012 14:02:03
Crystal Palace manager Dougie Freedman is trying desperately to persuade Gennaro Gattuso to not hang up his boots and play for Crystal Palace on a pay as you play deal.

Freedman, who studied in Italy and at AC Milan while training for coaching badges had made a strong friendship with Gattuso. It is thought Gattuso would be interested if the deal involved him being part of the coaching set-up at the club.(4)(16)Unlikely but would be great if trueFriend who is a milan fan says gauttuso is going to coavh them after he gets his badge


25 May 2012 13:56:27
Bayer Leverkusen have granted permission for Fulham to speak to their winger Sydney Sam.(12)(4)


25 May 2012 13:56:10
oldham athletic manager paul dickov is already preparing for life without chris taylor and felipe morais. The scottish manager has held prelimenary talks lee croft and gary roberts. The latics manager also hopes to land a new striker within the enxt few days with freddy eastwood and billy paynter linked with moves to the club.(6)(2)I would defo settle for that, roberts over taylor any day and croft from what i remember is just as good as morais! any striker who can hit the target would be a bonus but im just worried with the people you have listed we are going over our salary budget by about 10K a week!?....


25 May 2012 13:51:54
West Ham's Sam Baldock will be loaned out by Big Sam next season, with Charlton Athletic, Crystal Palace, Ipswich Town and Nottingham Forest all interested.(20)(4)Charlton are NOT interested in a loan, how many more times.


25 May 2012 13:49:43
Arsenal, Manchester United, Sheffield Wednesday and Crystal Palace will send scouts to watch Crewe Alexandra's Nick Powell at Wembley in the League Two Play-Off final against Cheltenham Town this weekend. {Ed001's Note - I thought Palace and Wednesday were watching Westwood and Leitch-Smith?}(6)(4)


25 May 2012 13:47:21
Crystal Palace want to complete the transfers of Joel Ward and Alexsandar Tunchev, as well as renew Anthony Gardner's contract for another year. The Eagles are also considering signing Peter Ramage and/or Paul McShane as they will also be free agents in the summer.(10)(5)


25 May 2012 13:45:32
Lee Tomlin is having a medical at Stoke City! Just driven through Fenton. And is expected to be official on Monday at the latest.(10)(10)Hope he's not looking for digs in Fenton!!!This is bcks. Why would he be driving through Fenton? Clayton Wood training facility is off of the A500, no matter where he was going (unless he was nipping to Tesco) he wouldn't have to go anywhere near Fenton.He obviously got lost in Fenton


25 May 2012 13:45:25
Watford want Frank nouble ,tomasz kuszack and my mate said former reading midfielder James harper
Personally I would want helguson and smith from qpr(4)(2)Yes HH & TS back at the vic brill if it happensDon't see Dyche being interested in Nouble to be honest. His wages will be too high as are Kuczak's. We also usually look for up and coming players as opposed to those on their way down. As for Harper, we don't need him. We already have a plenty of centre midfielders.


25 May 2012 13:45:08
CRYSTAL PALACE will send scouts to watch Norway's home friendly against England on 2nd June. It is believed Palace will be keeping a watchful eye over potential Norwegians who could possibly follow Jonathan Parr in joining the South London club.(4)(2)


25 May 2012 13:43:33
CRYSTAL PALACE are to next week confirm the double signing of Portsmouth defender Joel Ward and Leicester City centre half Alexsandar Tunchev. Ward, who will sign for around £450,000, is likely to pen a 3 year contract with Tunchev signing for the season on a free transfer.(7)(7)I think you will find Tunchev is on a free as he is as injury prone as darren andertonIf you read the posthe clearly states that tunchev is freeWard will sign a four year contract for a fee just short of 500k. Has chosen Palace as he wants to stay in the South and Palace will allow him to stay living near his home town of Emsworth.


25 May 2012 09:05:04
Ed is there any truth in the story that Madine at Wednesday is coming for £700 k with young Shane Duffy going the other way on loan cheers maate. {Ed001's Note - I am guessing you mean Everton? As that is the only Shane Duffy I know of, he is likely to go out on loan but I know of no interest in Madine from Everton.}(2)(8)


25 May 2012 13:19:32
Billy Paynter (Leeds United) spotted at Fratton Park over a potential move to Portsmouth laterr in the summer. Likely to be Appleton's first summer signing as he looks to rebuild his squad for the league one campaign.(14)(6)Why would anyone sign for Poopey in the mess theyre in? How's he gonna get paid and how will he feel about the only player on the pitch?How can you be buying anyone you owe millions and should be chucked out of the league feel for the fans but cant keep doing itSecond that. How many more chances are they gonna be given? If the business was anything other than football, no-one invved would be allowed to run a business again. How Chanrai can even be allowed to try and buy the club back is beyond me. The league need to step in and put Pompey down.Fat chance Appleton is off to WBALets be fair, if this was your team you would not want yourself outta the league so why wish it on others yeah a couple people lied and thus we went into adim (twice) but we'll pay our debts and have dropped 2 leagues in 3 years and we get all the grief from pretty much every other fan pn the planet so i honestly think thats punishment enough..Personally think Pompey fans are amongst the best in the country and do not deserve what their recent dodgy owners have done to them. I wish Pompey only good luck for the future and fans of other clubs should just be grateful that it dis not all happen to them.Wait, how can we keep buying when we owe millions? hang on a sec so does this mean any team thats in debt cant buy players? cause well then nothing would happen...Agree that Pompey fans are not to blame for the actions of bad owners. The fans and players were punished with a 10 point deduction that relegated them last term so lets have an end to all this nonsense about them deserving additional punishment. They have been treated in line with every other club who have entered administration. The real problem is that the owners go largely unpunished, yet the fans suffer.Totally agree that it's the owners of these clubs that should be punished and not the fans. Surely the 'fit & Proper test of the FA /league heeds to be tightened up to reduce the risk for every club.


25 May 2012 13:18:23
Southend's Ryan Hall is currently in Shrewsbury negotiating a contract with Graham Turner.(11)(4)Various sightings in Shrewsbury this weekHe is NOT leaving southendRyan hall will not be signing, i know this and i can guarantee you it won't happen! you heard it hear firstSays who!Blatantly leaving southend for salop, i personally have seen him this week at the GM so i predict the 2 signings early next week will be Hall and McArdleSays ryan hall himslef that he wants to stay for at least another yearBlatantly not leaving Southend for Shrewsbury as he doesn't like their fans and the club doesn't have enough ambition for him!Who says that? you! we are in the league above you mate! hahaDoesnt like their fans. Dont remember offending him


25 May 2012 13:17:47
stevenage have made there
3rd signing in 2 days.
greg tansey from inverness joins
the league 1 side on a 3 year deal.

also joel byrom has left stevenage
source stevneage official site(10)(1)


25 May 2012 13:16:21
Leicester close to wrapping up a deal for Emile Heskey.

1 Year contract, with an option of a second year should Heskey/The Club wish to extend it.(17)(2)


25 May 2012 13:15:49
Watford ins:

-tamas kadar
-tommy smith
-chris maguire(5)(2)So where did you hear this?


25 May 2012 12:51:24
Huddlesfield have rejected the 3.5m bid for rhodes, laughed at it really, they want at least 6m for him(7)(10)6.5m for a league 1 player!! Podolski joined Arsenal for 10m and he has been prolific in the Bundesliga and is a German international. Way over valued!6m is laughable. No evidence that he can perform at a higher level no club would fork out silly amounts. I can't see anyone offering higher then 3-4mil for Rhodes.Haha get realFrom a barnsley fan how much did arsenal pay for the kid from southampton when they were in div 1 and so wish we haddnt let his dad go to ipswich when he was younger he would still be with us3.5M is a huge amount for a player who has yet to p[rove himself at any level above Div1, after all he apparently struggled at Ipswich hence they let him go, Yes he looks a class act this season and just maybe he could do it at premier level with the right coaching, but its still a risk, I suspect they will accept an offer of 3.5M + substantial add on's tied to him being able to sustain a first team place in a premier league side etc.
If they hold out for 6M he ain't going anywhere, because no manager in premier is going to fork out a fee of that size on a gamble6mil is a joke,just because he has had a good season i9n league 1 doesnt make him worth 6m,i remember dave nugent was banging them in for the mighty preston in the championship and he went for 7mil and did nothing at portsmouth


25 May 2012 12:43:52
Burnley are only looking at players that can increase their youth prospects such as Joel Ward, Luke O'Neill from Mansfield and Hednesford Town duo Chris Clements and Cheyenne Dunkley.

Burnley are in a very healthy financial position, although they will not and never have spent over the odds for one player, expect the same again this window!(7)(5)


25 May 2012 12:42:05
Palace looked to have won the race for Portsmouth's Joel Ward after apparently completing a medical and agreeing personal terms with the club. Sources from both Leeds and Ipswich confirm this as well as Palace. Also, he was seen in the Palace car park yesterday which backs this up even more. Signing to be announced by monday.(12)(12)Joel Ward has NOT had a medical at Championship rivals Crystal Palace, despite rumours to the contrary.

A source close to the Eagles said: "There is no truth in the rumours that Ward has already had a medical at Palace. They are still waiting to hear which club he will be joining.

"All they know at this stage is that it has become a two-horse race between themselves and another Championship club, which could or could not be Ipswich."

The saga continues..More likely going to leeds as part of the Billy Paynter deal..Sky sports say he signed.Paynter is most likely a free transfer so no need for it to be part of any deal for Ward.


25 May 2012 12:29:30
Former Rochdale defender Rory Mcardle (25) is set to make a return to spotland having agreed a deal this week. After being released by SPL side Aberdeen, Mcardle has had interesest from mainly Rochdale aswell as Stockport and Bristol Rovers.(5)(1)


25 May 2012 12:22:42
If fulham are to get their man ( Chris Gunter ) then they will have to pay around £1.8 Million,after a bid from swansea for £1.7 has been put on the table. But with a possible takeover at Nottingham Forest with RedBull -nothing will be certain about Gunters future until the middle of June .(2)(14)Congratulations. You wrote an entire paragraph without a single word being true.

Forest aren't so hard up that they will sell gunter for less than they paid for him.This is bullst


25 May 2012 12:18:32
Sheffield Wednesday have been told by Reading FC they must double there 350.000 offer to 700.000 if they want Michail Antonio(14)(0)For a player that's never cut it above League 1? Think notWorth it hes class 600 000 would do itDont have him then, simple as.Never cut it above league one? The guy is one of Readings best prospect, and absolutely devastated league one last year. Expect big things, and if they don't sign him now, expect a bigger transfer fee.OP is right Reading have rejected the 350K offer and told The Owls to double it.I think a 500k bid would be enough to tempt us to sell. Considering we got him for nothing and he has hardly set the world alight for usYou could say the same about Rhodes, yet Huddersfield have turned down 3 million allegedly!To the person that said Antonio is one of our biggest prospects... im guessing you have not heard of Jordan Obita, Lawson D'Ath, Micheal Hector and Dominic Samuel. Antonio has raw talent but he doesnt have the work rate or footballing knowledge to make it at the big time. Every time Reading gave him a chance at Championship level he flopped.RE: "To the person that said Antonio is one of our biggest prospects... im guessing you have not heard of Jordan Obita, Lawson D'Ath, Micheal Hector and Dominic Samuel. Antonio has raw talent but he doesnt have the work rate or footballing knowledge to make it at the big time. Every time Reading gave him a chance at Championship level he flopped."

I'm a Reading fan by the way. Antonio hasn't cut it for Reading because he needed to get experience and regular game time. Don't get me wrong, D'Ath, Hector, Obita etc are good prospects but Antonio is a very good one too.

It would suit all three parties, Sheff Wed, Reading and Antonio. He will improve a lot when he gets game time - he has done and put in some good performances for Sheff Wed.

I think a 500-600k price with a clause for sell on percentage could be a good deal.Antonio has one thing when he plays for Sheff Wed and Southampton we can't give him at Reading. Confidence. When he has a run of games (which we can never be in a position to give him) he starts to run with his head up, he looks more a footballer. He'll probably do really well for Sheffield Wednesday but is in the same position at Morrison, Cox, etc. Needs to drop down to kick start his career. I understand that bid rejected was last week and a fee has been agreed since. Good luck to him.


25 May 2012 12:13:02
Speakin with adam monaghan of dumbarton the other week and he said.he was.signin for u for
next season(0)(3)


25 May 2012 12:10:35
Everton are chasing FC Copenhagen's £6m rated Senegalese striker Dame N'Doye, but they will have to sell to bid.(12)(3)


25 May 2012 12:08:29
Swansea City have agreed a fee of around 7Million for 1899 Hoffenheim Midfeilder Gylfi Sigurdsson.
Source-Sky Sports(17)(5)


25 May 2012 12:05:58
man city to sign dani alves from barcelona for 12million plus kolorov to be done by the first of july(8)(23)So city are swapping there 2nd choice LB for another RB


25 May 2012 11:56:53
Neither Dempsey nor Demble look set to stay with fulham next season so here are the various moves going in and out of craven cottage:

Demble to Liverpool, joe cole plus 5 million going the other way (that 5 million will pay his wages for the first year and a bit)

Dempsey to arsenal for 12 million.

Along with that money, al fayed will grant jol a further 8 million so he has 20 million in total, with which he will buy nacer Chadli-6 million
Joe Allen- 5 million
Danny Simpson 4 million
Anderson (man u) 5 million(5)(21)Hahahhahaa joe allen 5 million? double it and were getting somewhere !Well your getting ripped off for danny simpson, seen as he's a free agent this summer. and anderson? get real!Joe Allen 10 million? He's Welsh!Nothing wrong with being welsh, a nation on the up. plently of quality welsh players


25 May 2012 11:45:14
Hull City and Preston North End are battling it out to capture the permanent signing of young Man Utd starlet Joshua King, who has had successful loan spells at both clubs(9)(8)He wont come preston if hull are after him aswellJoshua king is rubbish hull can have him he failed miserably on loan for north endAre you joking he brillant when he played for us who've were you watching!!I'm not sure it was Joshua King you signed on loan? It may've been his brother, Juan?You mad?


25 May 2012 11:43:16
Well it looks like Joel ward isn't going to Leeds or Ipswich, according to Yorkshire evening post website ( local Leeds news paper ) the ward has passed a medical and agreed terms with crystal palace, if you don't believe me google it and read for yourself, I know it could be news paper talk but their saying it is basically completed, which to be fair it's a shock to both Ipswich and leeds(9)(1)Don't see why it should be a shock-2 teams who were unlikely to pay fee up front in full and Pompey are in administration.Hope this is true, doubt it though.I assure you this is no shock to Ipswich fansSource from Crystal Palace has said he has not undergone a medical! Im suprised that he would choose to join Palace over Ipswich.Why would you be suprised if he joined palace over ipswich? You havent done anything for 30 years and palace were in the prem more recently than you.What source ! ( red or brown lol) .. anywayz ward been spotted at palace training ground from good source !Lol this site is hilarious...yeah we haven't done anything for 30 years. Only won playoff, finished 5th in premier league, played in Europe. Before you insult another club do some research! And I wish your club luck..I'm not bothered about ward. Good luck to him I say.Different poster but you didn't come 5th in the premiership, maybe in the equivalent First Division, and Palace came 3rd in the First Division in 1991! Also won the playoffs to get into the Prem in 2005. But let Ward go to whoever he prefers! Hopefully will be palace


25 May 2012 11:43:13
Filipe Morais Denies moving to stevenage.(5)(6)


25 May 2012 11:42:45
Gary Flitcroft is rumoured to be the favourite to succeed Steve Kean as manager if the club decide change is needed. Flitcroft has shown his managerial skills in a successful 3 year spell as manager of Chorley (including 2 promotions). Flitcroft will also bring his trusted assistant Matt Jansen with him to Ewood(6)(7)Do the Venky's know who Gary Flitcroft is?


25 May 2012 11:40:49
El-Hadji Diouf in talks with recently relegated Spanish side Villareal(15)(11)Who cares! Good riddance I say.


25 May 2012 11:23:51
Barnsley loose out on Etuhu and Bradford can keep dreaming he's going to sign a new contract with Futacs because he's a wardog!(4)(7)Robbie Blake is set to sign for bradford city fc


25 May 2012 11:19:58
Hearts have taken Auchinleck Talbot's goalkeeper, Andy Leashman on trial after he impressed Paulo Sergio in the Scottish cup game in January. Confirmed by Auchinleck's manager(8)(1)


25 May 2012 11:19:14
Portsmouth are too look at the following players as Michael Appleton sets to rebuild for League 1, These signings only after taken back over by Chanrai or the trust.

Izale McLeod - £0
Adebayo Akinfenwa - £?
Billy Paynter - Maybe in the deal for Ward
Marlon Pack - £?
Tom Heaton - £0
Herman Hreidarsson - £0
Chris Maguire - £400k
Gabor Geyepes - £0

Plus about 11-14 other unnamed targets

This is only speculation lads.(8)(31)You got a buyer then?What nonsenseHopefully Maguire :DHa. Dream on.Cant see Hreidarsson returning.You cannot spend money as you have none!Why are people saying "dream on!" or "nonsense, you have no money!"? It says once taken over by Chainrai or the Trust so we obviously would have money... and all but one or two are free's...Can not see Appleton going for Hreidarsson due to age, he wants to build a team primarily of youngsters. However, think rest of your speculation is not too wide of the mark.


25 May 2012 11:17:14
Pep Guardiola is to be Chelseas new manager after he has had his month of recovery time...

this will provide Roman with his main man and provide chelsea with a new era of playing style and self sustenance(13)(34)Month of recovery time? He's still in charge of Barcelona until after the Copa del Ray final tonightHe wants time out months no a month, he is looking like a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders just lately. He'll no doubt hanker to get back involved sooner rather than later but it won't be this summer


25 May 2012 11:15:24
Middlesborough to move for Carlos Bocanegra. Colin Doyle of Birmingham to move to Leeds or Watford! Troy Deeney attracting interest from West Ham(4)(9)Why would West Ham want Deeney? They already have 50 strikersDeeney is attracting....NO ONE!


25 May 2012 11:13:22
Peter Lovenkrands - Newcastle to Birmingham for 1.5 million. Jermain Defoe to move to Newcastle for 7 million after the Euros. Chelsea lining up a big bid for Kyle Walker. ALL from reliable sources, watch this space(12)(9)You mean the same Lovenkrands that was released from Newcastle a week or so ago.A reliable source? Or a figment of your imagination. There is no way on Gods green Earth that Defoe is going to Newcastle. For 7m or otherwise.You mean the same Birmingham that have no money at all.Lovenkrands is out of contract so will be free, Birmingham have no money so they wouldn't pay that for him or anybody.

Newcastle have a transfer policy of not signing players over the age of 26 and Defoe is 30, so I can smell bull..Is that the same Kyle Walker that has only just signed a new contract.


25 May 2012 11:07:30
cardiff city have signed joe lewis on a free transfer(12)(7)Lets hope he omly sits on the bench - he's awfulHe's a good Keeper, he will be good as a replacement for heaton


25 May 2012 10:56:36
Jason Koumas has been spotted at Preston North End's training ground and is ready to sign a 2 year contract. Preston will face a battle to keep hold of German shot stopper Thorssten Stuckmann as Hoffenheim are believed to have tabled a bid(13)(6)Stuckmann is staying!!!Koumas is at Hillsborough at the moment....


25 May 2012 10:53:41
Millwall have also agreed personal terms with Oldham Athletic. Taylor will travel to Millwall today to complete his move.(9)(10)There are no terms to agree with Oldham, he's out of contract.We should get gary roberts for huddersfieldIm an oldham fan, and im glad to see taylor leave, he's crap. He thinks he's a lot better than he is. He nowhere near championship standard


25 May 2012 10:52:36
Kieran Richardson set to move to West Ham on a 3 year deal. Also, Prestons young star Danny Mayor has attracted interest from a number of Championship clubs including Leeds, Peterborough, Cardiff and Burnley(16)(10)True about Kieran Richardson but it would take a big fee from a championship club to take Danny Mayor from PrestonDo not want him if he follows the suit of Wallace and treacy


25 May 2012 10:52:28
Millwall are set to complete the signing of Scott Malone within the next few days, having cut his holiday short to discuss personal terms with Kenny Jackett he has passed a medical and Josh McQuoid has also agreed terms with Bournemouth as part of the deal.(3)(6)SS website: Bournemouth chairman Eddie Mitchell has dismissed speculation linking winger Scott Malone with an imminent move to Millwall.This is utter rubbish, yes he may sign but he is still in Marbella on holiday with fellow bournemouth players. I follow him on Twitter


25 May 2012 10:38:24
Barry Kilby is stepping as chairman of Burnley today, a new chairman will be elected today, most likely to be Brendan Flood.(7)(3)Couldn't care lessI work at the club - what a load of rubbish you write... Like Burnley will sell both strikers, Jay Rod is off, no secret there but Austin aint going anywhere & neither is Trippier unless a stupid offer comes in... Just stop writing unfounded rubbish.Apparantly flood is out of the running ....I work at the club, and I have spoken to Jay and he says he is very happy at Burnley and wouldn't want to rush straight into another team.


25 May 2012 10:38:05
Jermain Jenas Suspected to go to QPR

Source- Sky Sports News(15)(6)Lol. suspected?Expected? respected? elected?


25 May 2012 10:36:04
Doncaster boss Dean Saunders has denied he's interested in Mathias Pogba, Freddy Eastwood or Rob Earnshaw(12)(3)Eastwood and earnshaw both passed it


25 May 2012 10:29:09
Barnsley fc make improved offer for gordan greer from brighton(4)(2)They have turned it downWhich was turned down. He'll never go. They're st anyway.Got to be a least 1 mil or more to even think Brighton would sell him.Your first offer was laughable at reportedly less than 100k,even if you doubled that it would be less than we paid for him,and hes twice the player he was at swindon.gus isnt going to let his captain go for peanuts,let alone chip butties.No they haven'tI'll chop off my left plum before I sell Greer to barnsleyBarnsleys first offer of reportedly less than 100k is laughable and a fraction of what we paid swindon,and he,s a far better player now. even if you trebled it
gus wont let his captain go for peanuts let alone chip butties.Awww, bless them for trying, but it's going to take a lot of money to get Greer...which Barnsley don't have!Why do Brighton think that Barnsley are a worse option for Greer.we have been in this league longer than anyone, 7 years 7 year in year out we stay there beating the so called big boys. What have Brighton done lately ?Greer should sign for Barnsley, they are a more established championship side than Brighton, 7 years in this division proves it. Brighton are still a side newly promoted still finding there way, will they be here in 7 years ?Hope not..........we'll be premiership by then. Why would Greer go to Barnsley, just for a crack at a relegation battleNope we wil be in the premier.Established means nothing. Brighton are on the up anyone who would want a chance of playing premier league football will easily pick Brighton over Barnsley.7 years in the championship and we come straight in and finish higher then you hmmmm let me think hahaYou can have him Greer in not capable in playing against top championship sides like Blackpool and west ham as well if we want to go up he is not able to deal players at that levelDon"t see Brighton doing as aswell next season,think they will struggle. Greer will see sense & move to an established championship side like Barnsley who will finish higher than Brighton next season & prove bookies wrong yet again.No, Barnsley will get relegated next season as they are dire, dull and have no money...I think poyet will go, players will leave and it will be Brighton that will be relegated not Barnsley. You reckon your on the up ha ha
We will see next season, what a joke Brighton don't belong in this league .I sense a bit of jealousy here, i think that brighton are a club on the up anyone can see this nice new ground being expanded and top class young manager and an exiting squad along with a chairman who has supported the club for years and is not afraid to spend money and wants them to be in the premiership, so i can see why a lot of people will be jealous and i know for sure id like to support a club like thay.......and thats why i DO


25 May 2012 10:11:52
Celtic interested in Guly de prado(8)(14)Yeah cos its too cold for Guly in the south of England!


25 May 2012 10:06:58
Jan Vertonghen is determined to move to Spurs after saying 'I’m just waiting for a deal with Tottenham to be done' in an interview last night with(10)(6)


25 May 2012 09:57:56
My sister works for Stevenage and says Marcus Bent failed his medical, reckon he isnt fit enough for League One. Smithy now looking at Gavin Hoyte instead.(5)(11)We've been looking at Hoyte For AAAAAAAAAGES

UTBMarcus Bent and Gavin Hoyte play in different positionsHow you can go for Gavin Hoyte as a second choice to Marcus Bent is beyond me, seen as they play in totally different positions. Your sister may work at the club, but where abouts? in the club shop? LOLSo a striker fails a medical so you are looking at a full back instead!! Interesting.I posted about gavin hoye the other day.
we had him on trial ages your sister didnt know that !


25 May 2012 09:54:30
Bradford are looking for a new striker and rumours going around VP is that it will either be Guylain Ndumbu-Nsungu or Alan Lee(3)(7)


25 May 2012 09:50:51
ive heard today that scott sinclair is stalling on a new contract with swansea so brendan will sell him as he only wants players who are 100% committed to the club so he is going to go to aston villa, everton,fulham, espanyol as all are interested.

also swans set to sign 2 players by next weekend and they are sigurdsson for 8m and guidetti on a season long loan.(9)(6)What a load of tripe. Scott Sinclair has recently stated he cant way till next season with SwanseaUmm yeah that was weeks ago, dont you watch/red the news? he has stalled on his contract talks as he these teams can offer him more wages than swansea can! get your facts right mate!


25 May 2012 09:47:42
middlesbrough will cash in on marvin emnes who will join swansea for £5m and his prem wages and attempt to lure jay rodriguez to the club on lower terms(9)(12)You would of got 5m in january for him now its going to be about 3mHe signed a new 3 year contract , so his fee will go up not downHaha some people really don't have a clue, do they?No it would be more like 6m, he's signed a new deal and scored 18 goals this season whilst injured for a third of it and in a team thats struggled to create chances. You obviously no nothing about football valuationSaints already bid over 6m for jay rod so how you gonna get him on lower terms?Mate i know my football, tell you what, when emnes moves in the summer cause he will cause middlesborough are rubbish, get back to me on here and we'll see how much he goes for!No problem, you obviously have a very limited knowledge of football. Share with us who you support, I doubt you support your local team.As a BORO fan I can tell u ur talking rubbish and no nothing bout BORO, emmes won't be leaving BORO, so no u don't no ur football, bailey to go with arca and McDonald and McManus,nothing is concrete untol contract is signed,leadbitter is still on holiday as is ladesma, 1st Signing wil be ladesma next week if BORO want him enough,This fellow Boro fan knows the score, I would add Thomson as an out too. UTB!Emnes would go for 4million and a minimum, in todays markets he'd be worth every penny.As a Swans fan i think we might have blown most of our budget on siggy and any further additions won't come in at 4 or 5 million. In addition to this our wage structure is more in line with championship clubs so we may struggle to get much more in the way of quality but I think most swans fans would love emnes to sign.


25 May 2012 09:45:31
Charlton to sign Hayden Mullins ,John Bostock,Tamas Kadar ,Ben Alnwick ,Sam Baldock and Sanchez Watt(5)(14)And were are yopu getting all the money for thisTEE HEE, I love reading these made up rumours from Charlton fans, suddenly they think they are "big time charlies".I spoke to Paul Elliot (Ex chelsea and charlton defender)after we got promoted and he is mates with Powell.
He said there is a 50mil budget over the next 5 years. If we get in the prem the new / real owners will be announced. Thats where the money is coming from.TEE HEE, I love reading these made up rumours from Charlton fans, suddenly they think they are "big time charlies".
Half of these rumors are not even being made up by Charlton fans.MK Dons have first option on Baldock as it was written into the sale when he was sold to West HamCharlton have also tabled a 1m bid for andros townsned and another 1m bid for sam baldockFor the last time just because it's a charlton rumour doesn't mean a charlton fan ha posted it, so how about you stop complaining and get on with it IT'S A RUMOUR SITE END OFTEE HEE, I love reading comments from people who dont know who wrote the rumourOhh dear charlton have no money believe me !! 50m over 5 years haha i support charlton and been going 9/10 years this is our out players:


Baldock (B


25 May 2012 09:45:21
julien Faubert to middlesbrough where he will be the clubs new RB after mchmahon and Hoyte reject new deals(6)(10)Get parnaby back miles better than hoyteFaubert and his wife want to move back to FranceFauberts good but I'd keep McMahon a boro lad who will play for the shirt he should sign a new contract cuz who else wants him plus the guy who wrote about him rejecting a contract didn't even spell his name right! And who wrote this rubbish about parnaby he's ancient!Parnaby is only 29...


25 May 2012 09:42:18
Derby county are going to have a small sum of the income from transfers added
to their current Transfer budget.The Majority will be used to pay off loan investors
and youth recruitment.

Miles Adddison-Maxium 250k

Steve davies-Asking price-1.1 million

James Bailey-Asking price of 750k

Chris maguire-Asking price of 575k

Lee croft-Asking price of 210k

Nigel clough has already hinted at the posistions he wants.As he wants the club to have 2 of every posistion
and apart from experience at the back(defence) players under 25.SO below each posistion is his main target and backup

1st Priority

Left Back(Young and Pacey)
1.Paul Dixon
2.Joe Mattock

Aidy white will be asked by leeds if he would join derby if leeds bid for davies as Nigel clough is a huge admirer
and thinks he would only go to derby with a nudge in the right direction.But most probally prem bound with swansea
keen.Thats why its not his first choice with the amount of time and effort it could take to get him and then him choosing
another club2nd Priority

Striker (Young)

1.Johnny Russell(Chris maguire will be used to get him)
2.Will Grigg3rd Priority

Centre Midfielder

1.Fegor Ogude

There is only one target as Nigel wasnt ever doubting he would be able to get his target and with a fee already agreed its the most likely to
be our first signing.4th Priority


1.Michael Jacobs
2.Daniel Powell5th Priority


1.Andrew driver
2.James DaytonLast priority

Cb cover for injured Barker

1.Krystian Pearce

Notts county are allowing him to leave and derby are prepared to pay the 130k + connor doyle on loan.This is all true the only player to get close to speaking to derby is fegor ogude the rest are just targets if derby manage to be successful in their bids
Derby county should be seeing all the players next to 1.These are other players but these will be taken on trial because of being released

Frank Nouble-Released from west ham
Karleigh Osbourne-Released from Brentford(Charlton and Notts forest have offered him one aswell)
Gavin Hoyte released from Arsenal(he wants to join his brother at Middlesborough)

Dont forget derby fans that 15 new players have been brought to the youth squad and 9 of them are youth internationals so promising.

names such as Charlie telfer released by rangers scotland u17Thanks for reading.Go to for quick updates(5)(14)Who is joking here not worth 700kWhite will go to the Premiership if he leaves, Warnock said he is not interested in Davies on a recent radio interview.
Your rumour is purely made up - whens your next fairy tale due for publishing?Whos not worth 700k theres no value of 700k been written there and they are the asking price not what someone has paid.FRNo one is going to pay anywhere near 250k for Miles Addison, when he was on loan at Barnsley last year he was one of the worst players. Was dropped and couldn't get in the team and we were nearly relegated. Won't want him on a freeThats why the person put MAXIUM of 250k saying that no one will pay over that.Could be 50k,100k or 150k"fairy tale due for publishing"

If this is a leeds fan you can sit down you only not interested because you have 1 million to spend on 5 players not just one.As this person has put the White thing is highly unlikely and they have stated that so if you took the time to read it you would see they have put hes Going to prem team.Miles addison is only 22/23 which is young for a defender
He is an amazing tackler but has serious fitness issues as he put on loads of weight to turn it into muscle but gave up
so hes half muscle half fat thats why he has the speed of a turtle.But he has been in the gym everyday recently and was offered a cut price contract two weeks ago for cover for the injured barker but is yet to accept.Davies is going to Bolton for 950k.Why is clough even looking at will grigg? from what i have seen and heard he is terribleApparently hes a really really good finisher and young.But theo was crap when he came and you can say what you want about him but he has massively improved its just his touch now thats letting him down and hes a hard worker who runs all game.Thats why teams such as blackburn and wigan are massively interested.So i would prefer for nigel to get will on the cheap and have people saying hes crap and then he trains with the coaches and becomes a good player.You wont get pearce for 130k i wouldnt have thoughtNotts county are allowing him to leave.
If a player plays in league 1 and 2 unless they are a teenage sensation no-one will pay millions for them.Unless they have a crap managment or bags of money.Example Vardy to leciester i thought he was young turns out hes 25
to step up from the non-league to Championship withLeciester(who lets face it should be automatic/playoffs).
By the time a player is 22 they should be at their full potiential.If you've got nothing intelligent to say, keep it quiet. i've never read so much boocks in all my life...lolCounty Turned down 500k mid season for Pearce so why would they accept so little now? Yeah they want to get rid of him but they aren't stupid.Notts turned down an offer or 500k last season so will be looking for a fee in this region, id prefer to keep him.


25 May 2012 09:38:05
preston north end to sign free agent jason koumas , he has family living up north so move likely to happen(11)(6)


25 May 2012 09:23:16
Millwall interested in Coventry's out of contract captain, Sammy Clingan(7)(4)Good riddance to an average playerGood riddance to a below average team


25 May 2012 09:14:10
Leeds are out of the Joel Ward race as they cant raise the £450'000 signing on fee, Ipswich look to be in the driving seat and favourites forhis signature(4)(13)Thats bates for youLooks like Crystal Palace are in the driving seat source Ipswich Evening star.Palace are favourites and as i've told you for the last 10 days, he will sign as its the closest interested club to Emsworth where he livesJoel Ward is not worth 450,000 - If Ipswich think he is then good luck to em I say.Leeds are out of it and wont sign anyone with credentials as bates has lost intrest in the club, look out for a for sale sign soon and they are doing some business with norwich need i say anymore lol and thats not buying from but selling toWard states that Palace are the nearest to his home, which will sway it, but he also states that he wants to join a club which has a Premiership target next season, well i think he may well be joining the wrong club, as i cant see Palace getting promoted for a long time, they aint got the squad or financial backing for that adventure, but if Joel does sign for them best of luck old son.Sadly ipswich cant raise the money either ,have to sell some more carrotsYet again... Original.


25 May 2012 09:04:59
Leeds United striker Ross McCormack could be on his way to Reading for what is a rumored fee of £7mil(7)(34)If you get 7mill for him then football really has lost it,s wayI'd piggyback him there with that feeWhy pay 7mil when you can have him for 2.5m tops????????????7 million, yeah right. Leeds will be lucky to get 400kFor 7 million I will drive him there myself, he is not worth 7 million of anyones money - are you good at monopoly, cos your idea of money is pretty immature.We would never ever ever ever pay that for him!!! haha if sigurdsson has gone for that mccormack should be 2.5 millI'm a Leeds fan and I'd drive him to you myself for 2million he is far too fat for the premiership12month left on his contract, watch him sit on bench for a season at Leeds and he's yours for a bargain 0000000. 7m is laughableI hope you're right, I really do. You seen McCormack play then, I take it? Didnt think so.
wallyNever heard of us having any interest in McCormack, but we'll take Snodgrass off you instead :PPlease refrain from posting on this site as you clearly know nothing about football. 7mil!? What a joke! He will go for more like 1 - 1.5mil (he's in the last year of his contract)Actually there has been rumours of our interest in him, but never in a million years is he worth 2.5m, let alone 7m.


25 May 2012 09:03:11
preston sign amoo on a 1 year deal(15)(1)


25 May 2012 08:55:32
Bradford City are in talks with former Barnsley striker Andy Gray. Andy Gray used to play for Bradford City and used to work under current Bradford City manager at Charlton. This deal looks like it's on.(4)(4)Please let this be true so the nutter that keeps posting that barnsleys are going to resign him will stop posting crapAndy Gray is my idol he should have never got released :(


25 May 2012 08:40:01
Seeing a few sources suggest Peter Luvenkrands of Newcastle is a Cardiff target. Wouldn't be a bad free transfer, but since hes contracted I can't see Newcastle accepting bids of less than 2m and that would be money best spent elsewhere.(5)(5)Lovenkrands is out of contract and will be getting released, would be a good signing for cardiff and a promotion pushEven if he was in contract, which he isn't - he would be 500k maximum.

Would be a quality signing for Cardiff mind..


25 May 2012 08:29:55
fulham r interested in momo diame. free agent...

cheapskates!!(9)(3)Diame has offers from Champions League clubs and is heavily linked with Malaga who aren't short of a bob or two. No one can say for certain what the future holds (despite the claims of many on this site) but I can't see him going to Fulham or Everton or Liverpool or any of the other various clubs I've seen mentioned.Rather be cheapskate top half than gold digging relegation strugglers mate


25 May 2012 08:28:11
arsenal want to sign fulham goal-scorers dembele and dempsey. dembele better option due to age(13)(3)No they dont ?"Fulham Goal-scorer Dembele" only scored one this season


25 May 2012 08:26:36
benayoun to arsenal from chelsea 5m
kalou free agent

chamack to west ham 4m(15)(12)It was all believable until the last piece of rubbish.And why not? Kalou has won the premier league, FA cup, and Champions league, something that a lot of your numpties haven't ,done?Arsenal wouldnt spend 5m on benayoun, probably about 3-4 at mostI hope not as a west ham fan chamakh is a waste of spaceBenayoun is also a target for the hammers coyi


25 May 2012 08:24:51
Yeovil are looking to bag a surprise deal for Blackburn's backup goalkeeper and Liverpool killer Mark Bunn on a free transfer. Bunn is willing to take a big wage cut to get first-team football in Somerset.(3)(14)Source?Tomato!:')x


25 May 2012 08:06:35
Southampton looking at tom ince and Gary Hooper.(17)(12)I'd rather spend on Ince and Rodriguez than blow it all on Hooper.Hooper will not go to Southampton, and Celtic will not sell for less than 10millBecause Celtic is ridiculous. it's like giving a child a chequebook, no understanding. Good luck rotting in the SPL.Yes let him rot in tho Spl, European football every year possibly champs league, Europa league.winning trophys playing in front of 60 thousand fans every other week!

Or play for a team that are just making up the numbers!
Easy one for me to work out!Yeah, he isn't good enought for the Premier league anyway. We need quality.Hooper is total toshI genuinely think that my brothers team could beat most of the teams in the SPL and considering he's 8, that's how high I rate the SPL, has anyone actually won it except Celtic and Rangers?? Jelavic was far better in the SPL than Hooper and Jelavic went to Everton for 5/6 million, so using that logic, Hooper should be available for around 2.5/3 million. Yes he finished top goalscorer but if I played for Hibernian I would get around 35/40 mark from RB!!!SPL is a two team league, soon to be a one team league. If Hooper wants to play below pat teams week in week out to fail to qualify or at best get knocked out at the first time of asking in the champs league then he isn't ambitious enough playing more quality teams in the prem than if he stayed with Celtic even if they did qualify. Poor footballing nation and are happy with Gary Hooper being the best player in their league. HAHA. Lambert and lallana are better than anything the SPL has to offer, fact.European football every year possibly CL? They auto automatically qualify for this as they have nobody to play in their league. If a player wanted guaranteed CL football trey could play for Bangor City. Celtic struggle to get past the Qualifiers sometimes and can't get through the early group stages before the tournament has properly got started. Yet they boast about this like they annually compete in the CL!! It's utterly embarrassing!
Winning trophies?! Are you having a laugh? The domestic trophies in Scotland are worth less than the carling cup.
Playing in front of 60,000 fans every other week. Wow what an achievement when there are only two teams of any repute in the entire country. 60,000 fans watching you outplay a team that are basically the same standard as part timers. Must be very entertaining.
A team that makes up the numbers? Or a team being part of the most exciting, entertaining and watched league in the world. Celtic would collectively donate a testicle to be making up the numbers in the EPL!
"easy one for me to work out". Well all that proves is that you know absolutely fk all about the game of football.Total Network Solutions (now The New Saints of Oswestry Town & Llansantffraid Football Club) play Champions League football. That doesnt mean a player would rather play for them than play for a team in the Premier League. Celtic fans need to realise that anybody with ambition wants to be playing top teams week in, week out, and thats simply isnt the case in the SPL. Hooper will be a Saints player, guaranteed.Lets be honest if Celtic where in the Premier League they'd be relegated rock bottom, then be lucky to be mid-table in the championship. As Hooper wants international honours, he'll come to the prem and not play league 1 standard football every week.Please go easy on Scottish football, it's very fragile at the moment.


25 May 2012 07:52:49
Craig Forsyth to millwall and James vaughan to partner deeney up front at watford(7)(4)Forsyth is a player who could move to a club like Millwall. Squad player for us... obviously they wouldn't get Deeney. Vaughan is a journeyman but he isn't getting games at Norwich so maybe we could get him on loan.Another thread with Deeney and Millwall in.....oh dear.Why would James Vaughan step down to play for Watford when he is on the verge of being Norwich's first choice striker. He has been injured most of the season but has looked good on the occasions that he has started. He scored for Norwich vs Celtic in Adam Drury's testimonial mid-week....James Vaughan misses 5 months every time he plays 3 games!!

good luck with that!


25 May 2012 07:35:59
ed any blackpool rumours(3)(7)Blackpool to spend season 2012 - 2013 still playing in the Championship, good enough rumour for you?.I heard something about signing federico macheda on loan until the end of the seasonHow they going to sign macheda? he still recovering from a operation


25 May 2012 07:29:48
Any Cov City rumours ed?(2)(7)


25 May 2012 07:23:06
Freddy eastwood to tranmere rovers(5)(14)Good playerR u taking the monkey out tranmereThats probably bcks


25 May 2012 07:10:49
Franck Nouble to join Peterborough United after his release from West Ham. The Posh also want Freddie Sears.(8)(10)Both these boys have done nothing and Nouble especially has had chances to shine, must be pretty humbled now especially after Sears started well at hammers, can't see fergie being blind to their lack of quality at any level above league one


25 May 2012 07:03:01
Sheffield Wednesday have tabled a bid for Antonio from reading believed to be around 500k but think reading will be wanting between 750-900k before they let him go.(11)(4)Bid rejected worth 350k Reading want double that!Reading dont want to sell plus southampton want them and they are a much bigger clubWednesday are way bigger then southhampton"Reading dont want to sell" Yes they do!


25 May 2012 06:44:03
ANY BRISTOL CITY TRANSFER RUMOURS IN OR OUT.(7)(10)Why hasn't Derek + City offered Andre Amougou a contract he is a free as well. I know his wages might be a problem but we've had that clown James so why not.I'm sure we have but keeping quiet until his contract runs out next week


25 May 2012 06:07:43
Any decent and cheap spl strikers {Ed025's Note - there are some out there ...look at jelavic!(3)(8)Flash in the pan jellyman - just wait...

So to answer the original question, no.Jelavic play's for everton DUHIt depends what division you are looking at, if it's premier league, then there are players like Gary Hooper, Steven Naismith, Johnny Russell, Anthony Stokes, not quite as cheap. If its championship, there are the likes of O'Connor, Sutton, Beattie, Daly, Murphy, Ojamaa, Higdon, Hasselbaink


25 May 2012 05:57:07
Ipswich to sign lillestrom striker from Iceland, Bjorn Bergmand Sigurson.(5)(27)Agent says its up to wolves and reading.

reports from Norway say its wolves..Ipswich are only looking along with a host of other clubs from the premiership, like Fulham, Everton, etc, Wolves are strong favourites due to New managers Icelandic connectionsA rumour inspired by FIFA!


25 May 2012 03:01:43
Rayo Vallecano midfielder Michu WILL sign for Norwich City
A fee for the player was agreed to earlier in the week with personal terms currently being discussed which are very close to completion
Expect this transfer to be publicly announced early next week(15)(3)Don't think it will happen man utd targeted him got player thoughHope Dani Pacheco has sold him on the idea of coming to Norwich. Would be a top signing. Doubt it will happen though as Paul Lambert has previously said overseas' players want too much money.How do you know this?Hes not signing for Norwich...Just because Man Utd targeted him as the cheap option doesnt mean they will sign him he does play for a team that missed out on relegation on the final day of the season although he did score most of their goal
Its been said that a realistic offer for him would be 2m well within Norwich's budget and no doubt he would have been told great things about
the club by Pacheco which might help him make a decision

So Why is This an Unrealistic Signing for Norwich ??Yes I agree could be one of our first


25 May 2012 02:39:27
Stevenage to loan sam walker from Chelsea on a season long loan as first choice keeper in front of new signing Arnold. Source-member of Stevenage back room staff.(4)(16)Do you know that stevenage still has chis day as 1st team goalkeeper. so why would they sign a 3rd goalkeeperComplete rubbish. We have Day as first choice keeperNot true. Stevenage already have a first goalkeeper - chris dayDoubt it.Certified BSUtter lies, you've just made this up.


25 May 2012 02:09:51
A striker could sign for Rotherham tomorrow or Saturday.(9)(7)Sergio Torres due to sign for millers later on today.Thought it was saturday tomorrow?


25 May 2012 00:45:33
Port vale players and staff have not been paid yet again. They were due to be paid on the 21st of the month but the club have failed to notify players and staff yet again that they were not being paid. The players have now gone over 5 weeks without receiving any wages.(6)(9)Really, im a player i have been paid....Let's just say I'm a very reliable source and one of the reasons I left the club was because I want some stability and this club is poorly ran, you never know where your next pay cheque will come from!Maybe Stoke have a few million behind the sofa they'll lend youReliable source..........what a load of tripe, the PFA have loaned the club for the money until the take over is completed. Due to be rubber stamped next Wednesday, some people do make utter tripe upWhoever posted this .. you just got owned by one of our players, stop posting crap about the vale. It is clear you know nothing about them! :L :L :LOwned! why is it then the players have not been paid for over 5 weeks, and why is someone from the backroom staff posing as a player saying they have been paid when I know for a fact they have not? Cover up job! Can this so called player who has been paid name himself?Tell me who you are, we must know each other ? ive been paid, want to see my pay slip ?


25 May 2012 00:38:26
Charlton to sign Jay DeMerit and Hayden Mullins(11)(8)Doubt either of those - DeMerit is skipper of Vancouver Whitecaps in the MLS and Mullins is too oldNo we are not! Yet another rumour started by someone that knows nothing about charlton.These rumours are four or so years old. Nor do these players fit the "young and hungry" type we're trying to sign.


25 May 2012 00:25:02
Chris Taylor has rejected a contract at Oldham and will sign for Millwall tomorrow.

Millwall also targeting a left back... Malone at Bournmouth seemed to be the favourite but also enquired about Lewington from MKDons.(6)(12)I would very much like to see lewington at the NEW DEN myself!I will drive DUNNE to Selhurst Park,He would make a very good Nigel,How he even gets on the bench @Millwall is beyond me,Palace can have him with Bows onMalone has just passed his medical and agreed terms... Taylor is also there having a medical. Watch this space both will be confirmed on the official site later today.Malone and Taylor will both sign. McQuoid to join Bournemouth. Thats all Millwalls business tied up for the forseeable futureTaylor is off to barnsley sorry lads try againIf these signings DO happen?I cant see them being the LAST!


25 May 2012 00:03:21
Asamoah Gyan has signed a permanent deal with UAE side of Al Ain after agreeing a fee with Sunderland Afc(20)(7)Funny that the safc website says they are still in talks and nothing has been decided yet.We wish but no he hasn't just rumours that he has accepted AL Ains offer but no deal has been struck with sunderland for him


25 May 2012 00:19:51
Sunderland are poised to make a £4 million bid for Grant Holt which will be accepted.Holt looking forward to be in rhe North,as he has family in Carlisle(11)(33)4m i don't think so, Holt not for sale - he's happy at Norwich, he's just about to sign a new 3 years deal to stay at Carrow RoadAnd thats why he put in a transfer request?Happy err transfer request he handed inWell he will not be at ether next season Holt will be back at Carlisle
well i can dream


24 May 2012 23:58:25
Stoke city looking in to signing Bruno from Valencia in the summer(4)(15)So he fancies leaving Valencia to play for a team of vile alehouse brawlers then ?...Yea right.Your a bit bitter^^ how are stoke alehouse brawlers, if stoke are that bad how comes theyve attracted some top players to the club?I bet the guy above is an Arsenal fan...I'm not that you can read?!?...The above rumours claims that Stoke are 'looking' at Bruno, nothing about him actually agreeing to join etc..and that 'brawler' style that you have mentioned has kept us in the top again comfortably, so give your head wobbleU seen the fair play league table lately.Is this the same fair play league that is completely fabricated and includes criteria such as fans respect for officials and style of play? If you look purely at reds and yellows Stoke are by no means the worse, in fact they're one of the better. And I suppose not many places compare to Valencia, but it's all about the Premier League.Fuller is a premier league player


24 May 2012 23:32:37
Freddy eastwood to sign for yeovil town next week the deal is 80% done. very reliable source(12)(12)What is the very reliable source?Hes class but what is the sourceVery close friend of mine is on the coaching team at huish park cant mention any names , but expect deal to be completed early next week, wait and see.I have seen Freddy around yeovil a few times in the last week. Seen him at the ground when i was buying my season ticket and i also seen him at tesco's.Not a chance! who makes this stuff up?Why not a chance?If i seen him at huish park then how is there not a chance?


24 May 2012 23:31:26
Derby are interested in Dundee United double Johnny Russell and Jon Daly. Bids have apparently made for the highly rated forwards.(13)(6)


24 May 2012 23:29:19
danny haynes was seen at huish park today
today.(2)(11)Good for him


24 May 2012 22:59:12
Roger Malone is to be appointed a Technical Consultant by Bristol City's new chairman Keith Dawe.(6)(8)


24 May 2012 23:08:36
Celtic are favorites to buy jordan rhodes and ill tell you why.

1. Jordan Rhodes is a Celtic fan
2. Neil Lennon said today he is willing to pay any price tag huddersfield put on him.
3. Neil Lennon has begged the board for the money to be put on the table for once

jordan rhodes to celtic(13)(57)I personally dont think he will, as its not a great career move, I personally think he will sign for a premier league club. The guy has the potential to play at the very highest level. People can scoff at this all they like but im talking a top european club and I've heard that celtic are looking at him but so are 30 other clubs including Lille,Lyon,psg,arsenal,liverpool,everton,man utd, Athletico Madrid, Valencia, Juve, and Borussia Dortmund only saying in what Ive heard and the reports from France are adament that Lyon are in pole positionWhat i wonder is what ppl would say about him if that does happen. because he seems to be loved by all in epl and fans so would they say he is shiat next year because he plays in spl? because Hooper dosent get respect or any other player for that matter. dont be so surprised if he does go because Celtic can offer first team and CL plus he is a fan.But will this be to replace Hooper or play along side himJordan rhodes is a man utd fan as he comes from, oldham, england not glasgow, scotland!!!Here's reasons why he won't.

1. He won't move to the SPL as it will stunt his career
2. Celtic can't offer to "pay any price tag", you may be rich in Scotland, but you aren't in England.
3. The board can't afford to start making ridiculous transfers. With rangers disappeared as a contender, signings will be hard to come by. SPL was never attractive to play in, expecially now.

Jordan Rhodes not to celticSurely he's an Oldham fan by that logic? He came out in an interview saying he's a Celtic fan but it doesn't mean he'll sign for them.Jordan Rhodes is defo top of Celtic's wish list! But thats as far as it will go! This guy spouting about Elite European clubs is havering! There are at least 20 loitering with intent and to my knowledge the main teams in the frame are Newcastle United, Aston Villa and Fulham! Maybe after a year or two in the EPL the Elite might come calling, right now it's way too much of a gamble! JJordan rhodes grew up in scotland thats why he plays for scotland and his first love was celtic and it would be the best career move regular 1st team football, regular international football ,maybe cl football, better players than jr have been found wanting in the epl.I thought it was only a few days ago that NL said he had a transfer budget of 5m!
Rhodes, in that case, a little outside the reach of the SPL.He is a celtic fan, just beacuse he may have been born in oldham doesn't necessarily mean he is a fan from that area. Also, he definately wouldnt be a Man Utd fan because he isn't from essex!He supports CelticNah celtic have more than a budget of 5 million all you english people think celtic are skint but in reality we are the exact opposite we just wouldnt spend more than 6 million on a player when we have no opposition in the league that is why we will buy jordan rhodes because its the first time we have been in the cl for 4 yearsWhat a load of nonsense. Rhodes is neither a Man Utd or Celtic fan. Rhodes was born in Oldham but spent literally months there until he moved to Scotland. Rhodes just followed the clubs his dad played for so has an affinity with Dunfermline.

As for the transfer. HTFC turned down a 6m offer for him from West Ham in January. If HTFC stay down, he'll be gone with Fulham and West Ham in prime position. If HTFC stay up then they'll only sell him if a silly offer comes in..Rhodes said 2 days ago he would prefer a move to Celtic rather than epl because he wants to build his career and play for his team ( Celtic) before he moves to the prem league. Celtic could afford Rhodes.It doesnt matter who he supported as a wee lad, he is contracted to HUDDS TOWN till 2015, if they get promoted to championship, he may even choose to stay with HUDDS, its not like HUDDS need the money & he wil be playing against better, stronger teams.Are these Celtic fans stupid or something? Spl is worst that the championship! Poor competition when there is only one team in it, also why would he go to Celtic if he has English giants after him the likes of man utd, Liverpool and newcastle? Lastly Celtic cannot compete with the amount of money most English teams have to offer, if he goes to Celtic it will be towards the end of his career but not when he is in his prime.Wish his uncle steve agnew would have a word with him and persuade him to join boro.Ha, man utd and that arent after him, the best team that wants him is aston villa, and they cant buy or anything till they get a manager, Rhodes is a Celtic fan and HTFC have put a 3.5m asking price on himFor goodness sake its not like the whole world is in for jordan rhodes, all you lot are making that out to be the case, quite a few clubs are in for him i must admit but not teams like man utd or liverpool, why would any of they teams go for a league 1 player when they could get nearly any playerIf it is any price tag put on him would u still buy for 2 billion thats wat i thoughtNovak 17 goals played half season on bench Rhodes cudnt tie his boys not to mention assistsHaha English arogance realy makes me laugh. A team that gets 60 thousand fans 2 watch them, can play anywhere around the world and draw a crowd because of there name. Will be playing cl football and was in a european cup final 6 years ago cant sign a htfc player please. Even when scottish teams where reg in euro finals n semis yous english still looked down your noses for a nation 9 times bigger you aint that much better. Why would he go to villa or ther likes? to play mid table maybe relegation footy in a 2 horse lge were money has went silly for poor players. Ask guys like gazza and terry butcher theres not many clubs that have the same passion the old firm is unique.thats why these guys stayed and say it was the best time of there carears. got to play for them then it opens your eyes. By the way before slaggin us off id check the scottish/english head to head in europe!!


24 May 2012 23:04:01
James Milner, Hulk, Kyle Walker and Falcoa just a few of Chelseas targets this summer(23)(13)No chance of getting walkerAgree with the point above, NO WAY they will get Walker. He's just signed a long deal this spring and regularly refers to Tottenham as "a club I love" (not as much as Sheff Utd mind)


24 May 2012 22:51:13
Saints agree fee of six million for j rod source daily echo(14)(26)Im a Saints fan, but saying source is daily echo, is like saying source is i saw it in a dream.Only fact the Echo is good for, is that it light bonfires.
Other than that, it is rubbish, and it's treatment of Saints is a disgrace. If it wants to base it's sport section on nonsense it should start reporting on Pompey.Rubbish
Daily echo lost all contact with the football club a couple of years ago


24 May 2012 22:32:24
Dagenham and redbridge are close to the signging of Tosan popo after he left Charlton.(6)(0)Charlton are currently talking to 2 German div 1 players with a view to getting the deals tide up ASAP. Sorry don't know who they are thoughGerman div 1 as in Bundesliga?


24 May 2012 22:27:04
southampton fc to sign cheque to HMRC more than the minnows down the road can do....gloat...(15)(10)Wee and you posted that on here because ? lolStill couldnt beat us even tho we went down love itLove that reply couldn't beat a relegated team haha did u not play in league one while we were premiership? U forget we won
The fa cup as well so go away n enjoy your moment of glory premier league got boring we needed a challengeAaahhh, premier league, those down the road will be forgotten, whether they still have their heads above water or not.I remember Pompey. They were that 'club' just down the road!^^
LOL you "love that" do you?? Keep scraping that barrel !!You might of won the fa cup but look at what cost it has done to your "club"Your Pompey till JulyJust remember your last 10 years have been a farce (cheats) signing players other teams couldn't by offering more money than you actually had enjoy your new challenge hopefully get you in the cup if not see you in about 20 years 😂😂😂😂😂Pompey is an absolute basket case of a football club. If it were a dog it'd be put down. You had your few years of fun now your back in your rightful place..... Below us!From a barnsley fans point of veiw to have overspent so much they should be kicked out of the league and stripped of there fa cup win 1 okay but twice is just blatent cheating


24 May 2012 22:22:05
swansea have agreed a fee with hoffenheim for sigurdsson believed to be 8m with add ons depending on appearances, goals etc so it could rise to 9m only personal terms to be sorted.

also swansea are to entry the race for jay rodrigez with a 5.5m bid

also guidetti is said he wants to move to swansea on loan next season so should be completed in the next few weeks.

swansea team for next season

gk vorm
rb rangel cb collins/caulker cb williams lb taylor
cm agustein cm allen
cam sigurdsson
rw dyer st guidetti/rodrigez lw sinclair(11)(18)No Britton when he was one of the star players last season ? And clearly you have no faith in Graham which is strange considering he scored 14 goals in all comps last season.
Adomah from Bristol City and Matt Phillips been linked. Rodgers is keen to add more competition on the wingsYou won't pay 9 mill for 1 playerJohn Guidetti would not go to you!!!! No offence, brad hereHahah you fools, we havent paid 9 million we've paid 8m with a 1m add on at the end of the season, and yeah he would come to us cause he said he wants first time football, and mate i have faith in them both but at times last season britton was bullied and graham didnt score for 6/7 games which we cant have we need someone to score week in week out ! but i know what you meanWell we clearly will as the deal for Sigurdsson is now agreed?


24 May 2012 22:21:03
Peterborough transfer targets:

Tom Heaton GK free
Paul Caddis RB
Steven Gleeson CAM free (tribunal)
Danny Swanson CAM free
Ian Black CM
Michael Bostwick CM
Mustapha Carayol LW
Stuart Beavon STR
AJ Leitch-Smith STR(5)(15)Alan navarro to sign in the next 2 weeksToo old for Fergie


24 May 2012 22:15:20
Burnley are going to take some serious cut backs this summer. Players leaving:

Jay Rodriguez
Kieran Trippier
Chris McCann
Charlie Austin

I know people at the club and this is true.(23)(10)Sounds like we are a selling club once again div 2 here we comeRodriguez , we had resided our selves to losing him anyway, McCann is probably doing us a favour don't think he will ever be the player he was before injury.
Austin, I'm not convinced about up to press he's almost wether or not he can be bothered or not in games and gets bullied a bit sometimes with centre backs.
Trippier , gutted if true.he's still learning at the moment but improving all the timeBull shiWhat a load of crapUnfortunately Burnley will always be a selling club because we don't have the gates (or possible potential) The trick is to make the most of the players while they are on the books and have the foresight tp be prepared when the vultures start to circle. 15 - 20 million for these four is not unreasonableI know people at the club aswel and trippier and Austin are going nowhere , roggy and McCann maybe but the other 2 are not going anywhere trust me !!!Most clubs will cut back to comply with the new finance rules. How long before players and agents work out the only big deals will be in the PremiershipI know people at Walsall. It doesn't mean that what I make up is true. :)Jay Rodriguez - Yes more than likely
Kieran Trippier - only if a high bid comes in
Chris McCann - possibly, but see him staying
Charlie Austin - not a chance he is leaving.

I see Burnley looking to be pretty shrewd in the market as per usual replacing the outgoings with younger, lower league players. Hopefully we find the next seasons gem.The post above is spot on


24 May 2012 22:13:45
Leeds are rumoured to be interested in Steven hunt . Warnock said he wants pace in the squad.(4)(23)Hunt was on Sky Sports this morning talking about staying at WolvesHe said today he wants to stay at wolves and help get them back up. also, my nan has more pace than him


24 May 2012 22:11:40
St johnstone to sign gregory tade from inverness caley thistle for free on a 2-year deal to be completed by the end of next week(4)(4)But why?


24 May 2012 22:07:26
steven naismith to sheffield wednesday you heard it here first!(4)(12)


24 May 2012 22:05:47
Preston midfielder Paul Coutts is set to
sign for Charlton in the next few days.
Having a medical tomorrow. Fee of
£200,000.(7)(5)It will be a lot more than 200k more like 500k maybe 650kOverrated in his valuation by most pne fans, i dnt think anyone will pay 500k for him, but wud b more than happy if they didOver rated hes been one of best all season he still young has alot of potential so yeah he is worth that muchLooked good when we drew 2-2 at Deepdale. will probably go for around 300K - 400K.That's exactly the sort of fee he's worth. One of the best all season in a shocking side doesn't make him a great player


24 May 2012 22:05:09
Preston midfielder Paul Coutts has agreed a 4 year deal with former club Peterborough United and will link up with Darren Ferguson once again.(3)(8)Wont happen he is stayin at pne unluckyCoutts has made it clear he wants to leave PNE after his bust up with Graham's just down to which club he goes to......Peterborough are the most fancied but there are 2 or 3 others interested


24 May 2012 21:44:04
leeds out of race for ward and cyrstal palace could not agree personal terms. source Twtd(9)(7)We will see in time, all else is just speculation from the supporters of a small East Anglian club hoping to be a big club.He has agreed personal terms with Palace.
Source Phil Hay, Yorkshire Evening Post


24 May 2012 21:35:01
Michael Hector will have what it takes believe me. I've seen him play at youth level and whilst at Barnet last season. As a loyal Royal this is just what we need. Have faith my fellow supporters. In McDermot we trust! Also Michael Owen is 50/50. He has been seen visiting a certain private school near Newbury. With Lambourn up the road for his horses this could be true. Time will tell. Leo Y22(6)(2)


24 May 2012 21:34:54
Adam Lallana is off to Reading.

Rumours were on Twitter tonight and Reading fans were welcoming him to the club. Saints vans responded first with questions and then some got nasty.

Lallana has now closed his Twitter account.

No idea of fee, but it will be a record transfer for Reading (currently £2.5m)(10)(37)Doubt it.Well that's complete BS, i remember saint fans saying before that he didn't want too leave. sideways move coming to us as well. i would say there more chance of the defoe or hoilet rumours being true than thisDon't think so mate, he cancelled his Twitter account because someone made accusations regarding his pregnant girlfriend, nice tryOne of the silliest rumours of the dayHe deleted his twitter because some bloke claimed his Missus cheated on him whilst in Zante last year. Why would he go to Reading? lolIm a Reading fan and I cant see this happening. We are around the same standard as Southampton and only finished 1 point above them. I would love to see him in a Reading shirt as he is a quality player but he is happy with Southampton so good luck to both him and the Saints. I have heard rumours about a move for Jason Puncheon however, also seems unlikely as he doesn't fit the Reading ethos.As a reading fan i'd lvoe to see it but there is NO WAY adkins would let their star academy player go!Blatant trolling

Try to neutralise the Saints in here, dont fuel them PLEASE !This is ridiculous. Lallana closed his twitter accoun tbecause some prck started spreading st about his fiance' for the world to see.

Reading couldn't afford to buy our prized asset, unless your willing to fork out 10million for a player that already said no to prem clubs when we were in league1/championship, so why would he say yes to Reading, joint fav's to go down and as boring as a library?You should be on stage! If Lallana were to leave (which he won't be anytime soon) he would not only go to a top 6 club and for a fee of nearer 10m. Silly post.LOL at the bitter saints fan. A library? We were making plenty of noise when ALF put 2 past you at St Mary's. Don't be sad because you couldn't hold on to that trophy despite being top 99% of the season.Reading are 20 x better than Southampton.. I mean didn't we win 3-1.. At s marys?Hohoho, boring as a post. That comes from a saints fan who if you didnt realise we scored 3 at your place and took 4 points of you and 6 off of the hammers.Saying "Why would he go to Reading" is the same as "Why will he stay at Saints as soon as a big offer comes in". He's far too good for both clubs, and before you rip into each other, Saints and Reading are the same size clubs!As a Saints fan, I am not bitter towards Reading as we both had a fantastic season in the Championship! But I don't honestly see Adam leaving Saints for a club in the same position as Saints, he loves the club and the city and if he were to go it would be to a well established prem club and for alot higher fee! AOC, Bale & Walcott all went for the 10-12 Million mark and Adam would be for around the same!!Reading and saints same size is crazy saints are much bigger than reading who have no support. LcfcNo support? the stadium will be full every game next seasonWhy do reading think there a big club saints are much bigger reading have always had no support home or away fact I'm a west ham from tilehurst who have friends who support readingReading were one of the smallest clubs in the championshipTo the reading fan who said you will fill the ground this season what have you got some music concerts on"No support? the stadium will be full every game next season" Congratulations on having plastic fans. Try get some away support next year, so close to the bottom on average away support. st support


24 May 2012 21:59:19
West Ham will make a bid for Ahmed Elmohamady from Sunderland, and West Ham will bid for Kieran Richardson in a few weeks.(20)(3)


24 May 2012 21:35:05
Crystal Palace are rumoured to be interested in Millwall defender Alan Dunne.(3)(6)Please, please among all the crazed nonsense on here, let this one be true...


24 May 2012 21:33:53
chelsea have had a bid excepted for Cristiano Ronaldo, reportedly at 100m real Madrid have stated that they could not turn down that kind of money. the record breaking goal scorer says that he is excited by the prospect of playing with eden hazard and fernando torres {Ed018's Note - funny that Ronaldo would make that statement considering Hazard isnt a Chelsea player}(7)(24)Strange only the other day he said he was happy at Real and staying and there was nothing in Marca or El Mundo today with any comments about Chelsea from himAbsolute bull!no 1. chelsea wont pay mad transfer fees anymore dont need money they are basically funded by the spanish banks 3.ronaldo would not leave madrid for chelsea simple as.jus because yous won the CL does not mean your the best team and all the top players wanna go to you.chelsea are nowhere near the top 5 clubs in the worldYou couldn't make this stuff up.........well except for you that is.Honestly why dont you go back to playing fifa 12? 100million for ronaldo? you'd have to pay double that for him madrid make 100million a season on his shirt sales, okay you won the champs league... well done, but dont think any player wants to play for chelsea. You dont exactly play amazing football do you? You get a new manager every season theres no stability or consistancy at your club, ronaldo will never be a chelsea player...All i can do at this statement is laugh, someone plays way to much footie manager!


24 May 2012 21:28:04
Bjorn Bergmann Sigurdarson will travel
to wolves tomorrow for talks after
new wolves boss Stale Solbakken
went to todays game and watched him
in action(13)(11)Reading had a 2m bid rejected.

He has already said he wants PL football.

You're 2nd tier fellas!See where Reading are next season boing boing , what makes you believe you will stay in the premier league ? PS I am a MUFC fan.Wolves have the best chance for going straight back up.Wolves can afford more than 2m for a player, due to our balanced books and the continuing parachute payments by the premier league. In addition to this, the vast majority of the Wolves squad had a 50% wage decrease clause in their contracts if we were relegated. Sigardarsonn has himself stressed that he needs regular football and he is aware that he will not obtain it in the premier league. Also Eggert Jonsson is Icelandic and good friends with him, as well as Stale Solbakken, who Sigurdarson has revealed he admires greatly. Stop being bitter Reading fans!His agent and henning berg have adviced bjorn to join wolves.Apparently everton Hav had their bid accepted for himWell apparently Everton are eyeing a 6 million move for FC Copenhagen striker Dame N'Doye so that would surely rule them out of the running for sigurdarson as they can't afford both!No they have not Everton opened with a 3 million pound offer , Everton are skint and we could out bid them esp if we sell on some payers.


24 May 2012 21:27:52
Burnley to sign Sam Vokes for 1M from Wolves(15)(16)If he goes anywhere, It'll be back to the south coast


24 May 2012 21:25:43
Derby County to Sell S.Davies to Boro for around 500k , and Use the money to buy Connor Sammon from Wigan, Clough also to bid for Jon Daly at Dundee Utd, and offer Darius Vassel a deal or about 6k a week deal, The Rams will also splassh 300k on Liverpools LB Robinson, sign little lad from Nort hampton and a lad from WBA, hearsd it froma good source.................(3)(17)Uh, Robinson to Derby for 300k? Wake up.All wrong all wrong m8 im a life long derby fan and there are 5 massive things wrong with that

1.S.davies has an asking of 1.1 million
2.We are looking to get Johnny russell not john daly
3.Robinson will be the future england left back
4.No way connor sammon.
5.But Michael jacobs from the cobblers is true so 1/5Ive heard we're after Daly/Russell. Would be a good signing. We're apparently getting Robinson on loan. We wont get 1mil for Davies no way!Connor sammon is going derby country funny coz he is terrible just like the team chasing himLol at the guy calling derby terrible xD must be a secrect forest fan upset at there final positionHaha more like a wigan one h3h3Not a wigan fan, the team tht only turn up to save their season in the last 10 games every yearMate i would still rather be in the epl haha muppetConnor Sammon isnt rubbish, he just needs game time week in week out not 10mins here and there, If a Chamionship team took a chance on loan he would get 15-20 goals easily, hes strong, fast, can hold the ball up and dribble with it, he just needs game time to became the finished article.


24 May 2012 21:25:34
Ross Allen moving to Swindon(3)(4)


24 May 2012 21:22:57
West Ham clearout will pave the way for a few possible transfers.

Michael Kightly-Now Faubert has left we will need a new winger. Face competition from Reading.

Keiran Richardson-Has been heavily linked since promotion. Surplus to requirements at Sunderland. Face competition from Everton. Might favour a move to the capital for guaranteed first team football.

George McCartney-Has said he WANTS to go to West Ham. Would be very surprised if this move does not happen.

Michael Owen-Has left Man U and wants first team football. Face competition from a lot of clubs. Seems least likely of the transfers mentioned.

Ahmed Elmohamody-Bid made today (source: talksport)

190298(17)(12)Regarding Kightly , ha.How is richardson surplus to requirement? He is sunderlands first choice left back. The only reason he didnt play for the last 4-5 games was because he was injured and needed an op to sort it.Talksport article clearly states bid to be made in the next few weeks. unless i'm missing where it said bid was made today.....Talksport is not a source. Talksport is a waste of funding and is so far up west hoofs ase it's ridiculous. IT's opinionated crp


24 May 2012 21:22:20
Chris Maguire to watford. Heard it from multiple sources.(6)(5)Rubbish!Was ketchup one of the sourcesMayo?


24 May 2012 21:14:10
Southend have rejected two bids for Ryan Hall in the region of 500k believed to be from Rotherham and Shrewsbury respectively.(0)(6)500k haYour having a laugh 500k dream on dreamer more 50kSome southend fan making up porkies.... Shrewsbury's record signing was Grant Holt 170k, we are hardly going to spend 500k on an average league 2 player.You mean 100k lol 500k haYeah ok then, Ryan was one of the best players in the league Last year!1year. Hes not proven and would want to move up. Your playing Fifa if you think hes going for thatGarbage, Hall is worth no more than 200k. and Southend will take the first offer over 150K - they are skint.Average league 2 winger, Southend will be lucky if they get 100k, deluded fans.Average league 2 winger? 20 assists 14 goals i think that's above average and if your not a southend fan how can you judge how good he is as you won't have seen him playYeah average league 2 player! look at wright 10 goals from the wing still an average player!Try 5 grand the whole squad couldnt fetch 500k and that includes selling that dilapidated roots hall24 goals and neat 20 assists for Mark Wright in 2 years. 50k ish from Rovers. And hes been reportedly sighted at the GMNone of you Shrewsbury fans have seen Hall play except for a couple of times so you can't say much as you don't know how good he is.Shrewsbury fans are just kidding themselves if they think they can get Hall for under 100k. Live in the real world!!!!!Errr Southend aren't skint anymore if your gonna make up b at least get your facts right. Silly shrewsbury fans.Of course he would be sighted at the gm he does play for ShrewsburyShrewsbury fans may be kidding themselves to think we may get him for 100k but Southend fans are totally deluded if they think we will bid 500k for him. Personally I wouldn't pay money for him, plenty of good players on frees available so why break the bank.Im sorry to all of you southend fans out there but any league 2 club would snap your hand off if you offered them 100k for their winger and due to us being in a higher league we can afford to pay higher wages so there is no reason he wont come!Southend fan, as much as i disagree with the shrews fans i can say that my mate knows of ryan hall and his friends and has apparently been staying in a hotel just outside shrewsbury for the past 2 daysHi it's Ryan Hall here I would like to state some things about my future first of all I haven't being staying in a hotel in Shrewsbury and there are no teams that have shown any interest in me which I am pleased about as I do not wish to leave Southend. I'd like to state that i'm 100% fully committed to Southend and will be entering contract talks in the near future to extend my deal beyond next summer UTB.Why lie?Damn! Really wanted him...
Thats pathetic. Obviosly written by a fan. Players do press releasesWhy would hally go to Rotherham when he can stay at the blues? Madness! Average player who gets 19 assits and 15 goals get your facts right


24 May 2012 21:12:19
Derby outs:

-James Bailey
-miles Addison
-lee croft
-steven Davies
-chris maguire

I have heard nothing about who is intrested a part from Steven Davies and Chris maguire.

Davies has been linked to blackburn, bolton, burnley, blackpool and surprisingly Preston.

Maguire has been linked with motherwell, dundee (in Exchange for johnny Russell) and also championship side watford.(6)(2)Russell plays for Dundee United not the wee team across the road and will not leave for less than 1.9 million..Hey, don't belittle Preston, we're on our way back!!Got to be automatic promotion next season, OllieMourinhoHahaa . UTC


24 May 2012 21:08:07
recently released Salomon Kalou has been linked to a move to everton(16)(11)PSG or Everton..........tough choiceCould move to WBA if Ranieri &Wilkins get the gig ? just a thought.


24 May 2012 21:01:16
Watford ins:

- Tommy smith (qpr)
- Chris maguire (derby)
- possible move for James Collins (shrewsbury)


- possibly marriappa to reading

That's all I have heard but some might not happen for whatever reasons. Early days yet.(9)(6)Tell us something we don't know.


24 May 2012 21:01:12
As I first said 10 days ago, Joel Ward IS joining Ipswich.(2)(19)Why all this fuss over Joel Ward, had Ipswich fans heard of him before he was linked with a move?, he is not Ronaldo after allEven if Ipswich were to sign him, it would always have been his second choiceSecond choice? Lol. Some of you people are priceless. I think I dislike Leeds more than least the latter are a well run club!His first choices were Leeds and BrightonHe's agreed terms and had a medical at Crystal Palace.

Source: East Anglian Daily TimesTrust me, he will sign for palace.Why all the fuss about wardy? you clearly no nothing about anything hes a player to build around a great player to have in the backbone of your club you wont find many with his work ethics c,mon wardy sign for townIt's been confirmed that Ward has NOT had any contact with palace over a proposed moveNobodies first choice is Ipswich is it!Except for the 14 players that came here last year.They had a choice east stirling or ipswich it was a tough one think they all flipped a coin and didnt they do well last year


24 May 2012 20:59:28
I can promise you that James Milner will join Chelsea this summer, whether it be before or after the euros i am not sure(11)(8)


24 May 2012 20:59:15
stevenage have signed midfielder
james dunne from exeter and
wycombe goalkeeper steve arnold.

source official site of stevenage

david noble and gavin hoyte could
also join the league 1 side(5)(2)


24 May 2012 20:44:16
just went for a look down charltons
trainning ground sparrows lane and
saw jay rodriguez trainging could
possible be having a medical.(1)(35)How much have you had to DRINK tonight mate?? A LOT I THINK!Why would players be training now? Thought the season had finished?

If it was for a medical, do you usually conduct those in the evening?

Hold on, I'll just ask Messi who is training on my lawn!I saw him as well and he told me he wants to come
To us as he sees us going up this season and also Emily Heskey was there as wellAnd elvis ? riding a pink elephantI know this as I was picking up my stuff as I left there and if u wanna know who I am I am Yado mamboGoing to southampton for a bout 6 millWhat a load of Bs, you really need to get off footy manager, I bet you don't even know who he looks likr.

Also he wouldn't leave Burnley for a team that will struggle in championship next season, he Prem boundHe's not going for 6mill when he's in the last year of his contract and doesn't want to renew, 3mill maximumHe's stated he won't sideways move. He'll only go prem if he leaves. good tryHa. U Charlton fans STILL haven't got it. Just because u went from Micky mouse two to Mickey Mouse one doesn't mean you're good enough to buy anyone anyone much kop. Theres being happy u got promited and theres making yourselves look silly.Im a Charlton fan and quite frankly im embarrased at the names of some of the players some people apparently "in the know" think we are signing. Whoever you are,just stop it,you REALLY think we are going to sign players of the calibre of Rodriguez and Le Fondre? We arent,as much as you want it to happen,its not going to so stop making a fool of yourself and CAFC. Thank you.Burnley are a nothing club! Where's your history oh yeah you don't have any I'm a Nottingham Forest fan and I would rather join charlton than Burnley


24 May 2012 20:39:46
Aberdeen defender Rory McArdle is being chased up by Southend United and Shrewsbury Town.

Shrewsbury Town are favourites to sign him due to their financial strength.(6)(3)Turner spoke to him today looking very good shrews it is


24 May 2012 20:22:21
ED any Reading rumours?(3)(5)Just ridiculous ones. Seemed to be linked with all the players you won't ever get.Dnt think that's true, genuine Reading fans have been rubbishing a lot of the claims on here to be fair and this is just a rumours website. Seen about 10 -15 names max.


24 May 2012 19:23:03
Blackpool are interested in taking sylvain ebanks-blake on a permanent basis after the wolves striker was told by stale solbakken he does not feature in his plans with the fee to be between 1.5 and 2 mill with blackpool looking for automatic promotion(15)(13)SS hasn't spoken to any of the players individually yet - he doesn't start until 1st July


24 May 2012 20:12:49
Rotherham have completed the signing of Scott Shearer after he rejected an offer from Crawley.(10)(3)100% True Rotherham United official site.No way were Crawley going to offer him a two year contract. If they did get into the Championship after a year, Shearer would be out of his depth. Sensible move.But Crawley won't be in the championshipCreepy offered him a extension and he turned down better lg 1 clubs to come to The Rotherham revolution


24 May 2012 20:05:30
Derby county have rejected bids from
Arsenal,Manchester united and
Manchester city for England youth
International Duo Mason Bennett and
Will Hughes.

They have also rejected bids from
Chelsea and Newcastle for
Englnad youth international Kwane

The chairman had already hinted they
are in no posistion to have to be
forced into Cashing in on their young
talents.(4)(5)Learn to spell his name properly "Kwame Thomas".Kwame can go for me i have watched him a few times at reserve level and he was terrible, specially in the derbyshire senior cup when he missed a 6yrd tap tht rolled smooth no bobble


24 May 2012 19:49:29
Newcastle United are in talks on signing Kalou and Boswinga who are both set to leave Chelsea on a free in the transfer window.(18)(22)I can see kalou going to spurs.What a load of bcks. To high wages, kalou african, don't need another african striker with ACON. Boswinga over rated, too old and demand too much. Less of the rubbish!Didn't think ashley would pay over their 40,000 wage cap, what a load of rubbishKalou goint to PSG and doubt Bosingwa would go to Newcastle.Kalou wants 90k a week,dream on Newcastle,Ashley will never pay that on wagesWhy would Newcastle want eithe rof them? Both are past it... hence them leaving Chelsea


24 May 2012 19:48:20
Charlton are in final discussions to bring Adam le fondre on loan from Reading with the view of a permanent deal. The offer is thought to be in the region of 1.25 million pounds potentially rising to 1.5 depending on appearances(6)(22)And why are we going to sell are top goalscorer, that would be perfect preparation for the prem wouldn't it?
MrRfcLe fondre is our best striker y would hego down a league (and 2 in 2 seasons)!!Why on earth would Le Fondre leave Reading?! You guys are unbelievable, think about it.No chance of that - CAFC missed out on him when reading signed.Have Church instead...Why would we sell le fondre. Don't be stupid, he's a reading heroI think le fondre will be good in the prem hes always seems to be in the right place to finish the chancesYou would'nt this is just some muppet making things up and NOT a Charlton fan I might add


24 May 2012 19:09:42
Charlton have made huge strides in the past week regarding the signing of Daniel Powell from MK Dons. Chris Powell has long been an admirer of Powell's talents and the Addicks are ready to snatch the winger from under the noses of their South London rivals from Bermondsey.(8)(7)Surprisingly believable for a change.I doubt we'll be heading for a relegation battle.. We wont get jay rodriguez(cafc fan)


24 May 2012 19:01:15
Millwall to announce double signing of Bournemouth's Scott Malone and Preston's Paul Coutts early tommorow(7)(8)Does that involve McQuoid coming to Bmth?


24 May 2012 19:00:05
Striker Sean Sonner who currently plays for Non-league outfit, Slough Town, is about to jump up 5 leagues and sign for Championship club Birmingham on a 3 year contract. Apparently Birmingham had scouts watching him throughout the 2011/2012 season in which Sonner scored 18 goals in all competitions.(5)(10)


24 May 2012 18:49:35
I really can,t see andy gray coming back. In fact there is more chance of redfrean coming out of retirement.(9)(5)


24 May 2012 18:46:36
West Ham Transfers

Kieran Richardson
Nathaniel Clyne
Scott Dann
Jonas Olsson
Michael Kightly
Matt Jarvis
Joe Cole
Michael Owen

Julien Faubert
John Carew
Abdoulaye Faye
Papa Bouba Diop
Frank Nouble
Olly Lee
(above already released)
Freddie Sears
Frederick Piquionne
Joey O'Brien(16)(35)Dont really need 2 CBs, we have tomkinsCannot see half that list going to West Ham.West Ham think they are massive club but your not. You will once again be fighting relagation and for your sakes i hope you dont get relagated because admin will be a real posibility.


24 May 2012 18:44:53
Fulham emerging as surprise contenders to sign Pienaar after everton revealed they may not have the funds, and Pienaar stated that he would like to stay in London.

Pienaar will be going to fulham along with 5million as part of a deal to sign highly sought after midfielder Moussa Dembele. {Ed025's Note - he will be going to his spiritual home...goodison..(8)(14)Believe the Pienaar to Fulham but surely coast alot more than Pienaar and 5 mill for DembeleThere is only one place pienaar is going, and it is nowhere near fulham. now, three guesses, it's about 230 miles north, he will get his degree, at the school of science, and it will be presented headmaster moyes.Pienaar cannot stand london, this posting is total bol....sHe'll only go to Everton if they can afford it. Can they?


24 May 2012 18:44:53
Michail Antonio is closing in on a move to Sheffield Wednesday - dont know details i.e. loan or permanent
SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!UPDATE:reading rejected 350k bid by SWFC but another improved bid has been put in with a sell on clause and first refusal. Reading wont sell cheap but full expect this to happen, SWFC shown early intent
MrRfcAntonio deal fell through, yet again owls ala le fondre


24 May 2012 18:40:14
Ian Harte has signed a 1 year contract with Reading FC. (@FootbalUpdates)(12)(3)


24 May 2012 18:30:38
Truro loanee Martin Gritton is set to resign for Yeovil after impressing whilst on loan at the Cornish outfit. Am(4)(7)


24 May 2012 18:23:15
any middlesbrough fc news?(3)(9)Suggestions that Grant Leadbitter has signed a pre contract agreement.Adam rooney spoted at boro training groundR u sure it wasnt wayneMiddlesbrough planning a raid of every scottish player from the spl for next seasons squad (rumour)Why would Adam Rooney choose boro over Birmingham?? Wayne though of corse cuz boro are miles better than man u;-)


24 May 2012 18:07:59
Chelsea to sign everton duo Felliaini and barkley (loan straight back to Everton)(2)(24)Not going to happenWhy because everton are such a big club?lol any everton player would snap the hands off a top four club if they came in for them and also kenwright would sell in a heart beat for the right price.and ed dont not post this jus beacuse your a toffee {Ed003's Note - I'm not a toffee, but I do like them}I would imagine that chelsea tranfer plans will all depend on who their next permanent manager is!!!! {Ed007's Note - Why? It's never made any difference before...........}Moyes is gonna appreciate that 55million55million? Presumably you're talking Zimbabwean dollars?

Barkley has no pedigree at all (he's hardly played) and Fellaini? Just don't get itWhy would chelsea want barkley if he has NO PEDIGREE -

Fellaini is awesome!! Although some people don't see it, his close control and composure on the ball is class..

He is much better when permitted to go forward, since everton signed gibson fellaini has been immense!


24 May 2012 18:06:26

Milner Man city ?
Hulk Porto 38m
Hazard Lille 35m

Drogba Free china
Kalou Free
Bosingwa Free
Ferriera(11)(29)It's possible these players are coming but the numbers are wrong, hazard is not leaving below the 40 M and hulk is certainly not leaving for that amount...He has a buy out of about 80 million I think, HulkNo-one's gonna pay 80million.

They don't have to either - Porto can accept less. Don't be a dingus


24 May 2012 17:48:44
Football league new boys Fleetwood will make and audacious bid to lure Rob Earnshaw. If they fail to sign him they will go for Izale McLeod.
TL18(12)(3)Have it on good authority they are going to sign david healy from rangers for freeGet a grip - and I thought us Saints fans were a bit over exuberent.... :-) COYRs


24 May 2012 17:47:59
Luton set to ofload danny crow,lawless
on a free to try to sign kaid mohammed(6)(2)I dont understand where these romours are coming from! Luton's manager is on holiday!The real question is, its Luton so who cares?


24 May 2012 17:45:31
Stevenage have made their first signings of the summer window. James Dunne has joined from Exeter City for a small fee as he is under 24 and Steve Arnold has joined from Wycombe on a free transder(8)(4)


24 May 2012 17:44:59
Current targets I understand are Michael Owen and Dimitar Berbatov, Grant Holt , DeFoe, Shay Given, Owen Hargreaves (payp basis ) ,Yakubu, Moses,De Yong,Joe Cole,Hangerland and Dempsey,Malouda,Ferdinand, Rodiagga,Ben Arfa,Darren Bent.
Obviously these are only on the list they wont buy them all, but these are the quality of target they are aiming at. Must admit Cisse and Yakubu would be an intimidating pair up front. Dont forget our Argentinian ace in midfield coming back next season. (Faurlin ), Glad to see Buz and Mackie have signed.
Impressed by the list of players let go -- show's Hughes is raising the bar.
C. O.Y. R'ssssss(2)(26)Not a chance with about 80% of that listLooks like some one is smoking the wakey backyAbout 3 of these are genuine targets(Q)uite (P)ainfully (R)idiculous


24 May 2012 17:37:58
Ross Barkley to join Burnley on Loan for the season(15)(6)This is true with Jay rod going the other way on a permanent.Wake up and smell the coffee. Barkley is already a better player than Jay Rod so it would be a backwards move for everton. Although Jay Rod may well be at goodison next year if burnley lower the price to 4m


24 May 2012 17:34:53
Leyton Orient winger Dean Cox is rumoured to be a transfer target of Shrewsbury Town.(2)(6)A few words, no thanks orientWhat rubbish did you get thet from why would cox drop a league when he is with slade who rates him highly and is wanted by campionship clubsWe're in the same league as Leyton Orient?Sorry forgot you got promoted but I really dont think cox will goHe just signed a new contract anywayConsidering he has not long signed a 3 1/2 year contract and that I do not think Shrewsbury can fork out 500k or more, this is complete and utter tosh.With respect to the Shrews (congrats on your promotion btw) Cox signed a new three year contract last season and would fetch a minimum fee of around 250k, I think that would be a bit beyond Shrewsbury. He also turned down a move to Peterboro a few months ago so I can't see what attraction a move to Shropshire would hold for him.Cox wouldnt go to a smaller club, and if he did leave it will be for championship, hes small but hes not stupid!LOL .. No chance , he has been in the eye of championship teams .. No disrespect to Shrewsbury but it isn't a step up more sidewaysLol this made me laughCoxy is happy at the os and has a good relationship with slade so wont happen.


24 May 2012 17:33:01
Ex Shrewsbury Town midfielder Steve Leslie has signed a 1 year contract with Hereford United.

York City have also enquired for Hereford United midfielder Harry Pell.(8)(1)Good luck to them both non league football lol


24 May 2012 17:25:40
Id easily prefer Adam Matthews than Gunter! Gorseinon boy!(3)(5)As if gunter would want to join the jacks anyway


24 May 2012 17:20:26
Striker steven Dobbie is believed to have asked swansea leave the club this summer if the right price comes in, as he believes his future is else where. It would seem that his favored destination is blackpool after having two very good spells at the club, both the play and fans seem to want the deal to happen.(11)(2)"Striker steven Dobbie is believed to have asked swansea leave the club this summer if the right price comes in"

Blimey, for a striker to ask his club to leave its own stadium just shows you how far player power has gotten.If dobster does go - all at jacks would wish hime well. Sure 1m would get him.


24 May 2012 17:12:31
Andrew Williams to resign for Yeovil Town. Major 'U' turn from the player, as some of his much lauded offers haven't materialised.(2)(10)Hes off to swindon townUnlikely given he has said his goodbyes and thanks tonight on our official site!Johnson will reveal it was a wind up to keep the fans on their toes. Will reveal that willo has the number 7 shirt again for this season coming!


24 May 2012 17:07:53
Southampton CB Aaron Martin will sign for Crystal Palace on a season long loan deal(11)(6)No chance-small chance if part of a deal for Zaha.Would probably be good for his development but he is a talented youngster who Adkins clearly rates. He'll be needed in the squad and will start a fair share of games I would think so doubt this will happen.
If anyone will go on loan it'll be Seabourne, the prem could be too big a jump for Hin given the year he's had.He wont unless we sign a centreback hes are third choiceDerby want himDerby can forget it!Lol small chance if part of a deal with Zaha - Saints fans need to get the crap out of their eyesWould be a good move for both clubsWe dont want zaha or clyne! zaha is a stroppy little boy with a serious ego/attitude problem. as for clyne, the boy is hugely overrated. lallana tore him to shreds up at dellhurst and adkins targeted him as a weakness which led to both saints goals. as for spud martin a chance to get some more games under his belt. although he has been faultless for saints going from blue square south with eastleigh to the premierleague may be a step to far at the moment. however the boy has got excellent talent and potential and played a fair part in gaining promotion. the saints will need to sign 2 cbs first!Zaha is "stroppy" because he is consistently targeted by the evidently less talented left backs he has to deal with kicking up into the air every game. I went to the game at Southampton and Lallana played in the centre of midfield, nowhere near Clyne so i've got no idea where you're getting this from! With no bias two of the best prospects outside the Prem, so is Lallana tbfLallana has never played centre mid for Saints. On the left or in the hole. Once in a blue moon on the right!


24 May 2012 17:01:34
Drogba to Crawley town as awaiting visa for shanghai confirmed(29)(19)


24 May 2012 16:59:09
If pool keep eardley, crains, ince, m.Phillips,
then we will go up next season no doudt(4)(12)


24 May 2012 16:53:19
Arnoud Mendy will join Walsall from Macclesfield this summer. Akinfenwa is a also a possibility from Norhampton with the striker wanting to play at a higher level(3)(2)Hope we get akinfenwaAkinfenwa has one year left on his contract so would command a fee. They turned down an offer of 150,000 from Crawley in January. Therefore, no chance of this happening.Mendy has been linked before and would make a decent squad player if he is cheap. Might make the bench but nothing better than what we already had last season


24 May 2012 16:48:56
Altrincham havee accepted a 100k bid for striker Damien Reeves with a 150k add on - teams linked include Doncaster, Stevenage, Oldham, Tranmere, Shrewsbury, Kilmarnock and Preston(7)(3)He is available for a free transfer!He's out of contract.He's out of contract , so won't cost a Penny.Tranmere haven't paid a transfer fee in 7 or 8 years. Preston maybe plausible destination.He is out of contract, why would anyone pay 100,000 for him.....He is on a free transfer so i dont know where you foud that outCompletely agree with the guy above who said that Tranmere haven't paid a transfer fee in 7-8 years. They haven't, and aren't likely to do so any time soonTranmere signed Andy Taylor for over 100,000 about 4 seasons ago and Sam Morrow for around 50,000 the summer before lastFree transferMost likely to rovers cos he lives in doncaster so it probably suits him bestPreston a possibility what a suprise is there anybody they don`t want to sign


24 May 2012 16:45:32
Ross McCormack back to Cardiff City(18)(17)I would like that


24 May 2012 16:45:08
Izale McLeod to re-sign for MK Dons after being released by Barnet. Comes with Ian Wright approval(6)(7)Where have you found this from ? Great signing !Its not mk donsIf he went anywhere it wd b mkConsidering he lives in Milton Keynes and Dons don't have to pay a fee for him, it makes this an easy and practical transfer.Believable, possible..


24 May 2012 16:34:55
Whoever is responsible for this "rumour" must think we are all a bit "Slow(e)"....(4)(7)


24 May 2012 16:32:56
Greek striker Theofanis Gekas could be on his way to the premier league as West Bromwich Albion are interested in signing him on a free transfer.(2)(5)No way Jose!You'll find Albion don't need 1.5 mil and with Olsson probably leaving he'll get a chance. If you hadn't noticed we are now top Midlands club and already pay those wages for reserves.


24 May 2012 16:21:41
Swindon have released Ettienne Esajas by mutual consent, he looks to be moving overseas.(9)(2)Hes off to portugal club national


24 May 2012 16:14:38
palace 2 sign shaun very and buzacky from qpr

leeds to sign papa bouba diop, jordan rhodes, paddy mccarthy

fulham interested in julian speroni

freedman looking 2 bring in john pemberton as new number 2 as lennie lawrence is taking over from steve coppell who left crawley as director of football(2)(21)Leeds won't sign anyone cuz ken bates is tight!Leeds to sign JORDAN RHODES ? dont make me laugh, remember who there chairman is. ken bates wud'nt spend that kind of money, full stop. AGWhen buzsaky has just signed a new deal...... good oneLeeds can't even afford 400k for ward!Shaun Very? Shaun Derry more like


24 May 2012 16:07:34
Stuart Beavon's situation is interesting Ipswich, the tractor boys are thought to be willing to pay up to 600K.(4)(5)Are they selling their squad and ground to raise the money hes going to leeds or brightonI hope not!Have a job selling the ground, its owned by the councilCouncil tax owed remember evans threatened to groundshare with lowestoft but wasnt sure he could sell out each week after 15000 empty seats every home game


24 May 2012 16:06:26
George Porter will definitely sign his Orient contract this week, but he may decide to go to a championship club instead.(1)(4)That doesn't make sense? Your saying he's deginately signing his contract at Orient then saying he might leave for a Championship?


24 May 2012 16:05:26
Hannover striker Mohammed Abdellaoue is seen by Paul Lambert as the ideal replacement for Grant Holt and he has made a £4 million bid.(9)(7)Rubbish


24 May 2012 16:03:17
Norwich interested in snodgrass but will have to pay 5 mil+, also Cardiff interested in clayton.(15)(8)Norwich are interested in every Leeds playerNorwich ain't got 5mill what they gonna do sell there squad and ground then there still got to find 4.5 mill not gonna happenClayton would be a good buy for cardiff can't believe leeds transfer listed himDo you seriously think a premier league club can't afford 5m
When they have already spent 18m in their first season back in the premier leagueSquad and ground for 500k that's just a stupid comment . I don't really rate him anywayJealous much? whats the matter? gutted that you're gona lose your best player to a better club?I hate everyone that says we haven't got money. Lambert has been told he can have the same transfer budget as last year.

Pilkington - 2 million
Morison - 3 million
E Bennett - 2 million
Vaughan - 2 million
Ayala - 1 million
Howson - 1.5 million
R Bennett - Upwards of 3.5 million.
We also signed 2 loanees on loan for the entire season.

That equals 15+ million in the kitty and that's before we freed up wages by releasing players and letting other players go. I'm sure Barnett and Chris Martin will be sold.

Conclusion - we do actually have money to spend.Why do people come on her saying Norwich have no money? it makes no sense. are they ex journalists for the 'news of the world'?Would love Snod & Clayton for BluebirdsIm so over the idea of Snodgrass. Im not sure he has the pace to trouble many defenders. Looks like a star in a poor team in the Championship, fitness not good enough and dont think hed bring enough to justify his price tag. I think Norwich can think bigger than him.Don't get all this fus over Robert Snodgrass, he's alright but he's not as good as Pilkington and Bennett so why would Lambert spend 5 million on a worse player?Because he would be a significant upgrade from Crofts and then we would have 8 amazing midfielders, something QPR can only dream of!


24 May 2012 16:00:15
I have it on good authority that Reuben Reid is interesting Ipswich Town.(7)(4)


24 May 2012 15:59:08
Norwich City are to top contenders to sign Norwegian striker Mohammed Abdellaoue and have agreed an undisclosed fee with Hannover
The player will fly over to discuss personal terms some time in the coming days
Norwich fans will be able to have a look at their new star when he plays for Norway against England in this upcoming international(11)(6)Should think it would be easier to sort it out while in England than flying back again.Hope its true good player lambert does know german league wellMight be some substance behind this one seems like a realistic dealSounds very promising. They should go for John Guidetti as well (Swansea are apparently trying to buy him off Citeh).


24 May 2012 15:58:43
Liverpool are close to completing a £14m move for Gaston Ramirez. Liverpool are sending out a bad message IMO signing a player without the new mans consent. Wigan chairman Dave Whelan has warned Roberto Martinez that he may have not have full control, Chelsea have had a similar system in place for the past couple of years and players such as £30m Andrey Schevchenko and £50m Fernando Torres have failed spectacularly. Liverpool are also in the hunt for free agent Maynor Figueroa to replace the outbound Fabio Aurelio while players such as Gary Hooper,David Hoilett and Lassana Diarra all fit FSG's moneyball criteria and are being considered. Louis van Gaal has been offered the role of Sporting Director but it is rumoured he would much prefer the managers job, the two front runners for that position are Roberto Martinez and Brendan Rodgers who is still keen despite rejecting FSG's initial approach.(4)(7)So sad a great club like liverpool are short changing loyal fans,matinez or rodgers are not the standard we require dalglish would have turned it round,now there has to be doubts.Maynor Figeroua has a year left on his current contract with Wigan, so he isnt a free agentI'm not 100% sure, but I think Maynor still has another 12 months on his contractFigueroa - a free agent? I don't think so...The reason why we are in this mess is because Dalglish over spent on average British rubbish, that why he got the chop, as the owners couldn't trust that he could buy value for money instead of wasting money on a stupid xenophobic policy.Deluded as ever, so no change there.


24 May 2012 15:43:22
in my opinion plymouth should sign logan released from ex@%$r and mcleod who was released from barnet as the two main strikers next season.(2)(4)Unlikely with the offers for mcleodI think plymouth should use some of there younger strikers like jarred sims and vassell as these to players have scored goals for fun in reserve and youth team games, also be nice to see some local players firing plymouth back up the leagues :)


24 May 2012 15:39:14
Watford are taking a look at Northwood FC striker Oliver Hawkins who was in impressive form last season, finishing top scorer for the woods. At the age of 19 he has plenty of potential and would not cost much money. {Ed025's Note - cheers olie(3)(2)


24 May 2012 15:29:31
just heard from a reliable source that liam trotter will join brighton at end of june.(7)(6)Along with Del Boy, Grandad, Uncle Albert and RodneyCarew quoted today as liking sea air - Brighton or Blackpool in the frame.Or Uncle Albert !! He likes the sea air.Obviously the transfer fee will be a million!


24 May 2012 15:22:39
Aston Villa/ Fulham closely monitoring Craig Dawson with a view to offer £1.5m and offer £12000 a week 3 year contract after his impressive spell with England u21s and lack of opportunities in West Brom 1st team(3)(8)Ironic that Villa would supposedly offer a player a deal because of 'lack of first team opportunities'. Anyone who saw Villa stink the place out two seasons running would have seen the pure definition of those words.Villa no chance,fulham 3 million.although he will probably feature on a more regular basis for the Baggies next season.Villa pfffft hes at top club in mids int guna take step backwards be in out team this season haha villa good oneTop club in the midlands? Sorry but even as a Newcastle fan - you are having a big laugh baggies fan..
aston villa will always be the top midlands club.Albion have always been the top midlands clubNewcastle are the top team in newcastle, why will villa always be the top club in the midlands ? enlighten us.Do we have to point out where we finished compared to where Villa finished?No way would we let him go for that amount! Stop making up silly rumoursTimes have changed toon fan new boys in Ctown now lad,Watch this space return of aston villa i see fast approaching.

shearerthegod77Baggies fans are fuuny.... u may have had 1 slightly better season but that doesnt make u top dog.... ur seaspn was a success, villa's was a disaster what does that tell you....Totally agree, look through all of history of midlands side , villa always come out on top.
They are just having another dip season as they did 20-30 years ago. They will come roaring back as always.^^ That villa have a poor team and couldn't compete?Only one place villa are heading and it isnt up losing like 56 million last year. Dunno why villa think theyve got a Devine right to the prem cus they don't. Times are changing...Return of aston villa haha classic sign of the times boys villa to go down bext season should of gone this year lucky we kept ya up, mick mcarthy next vile managerAston villa arent even the biggest club in birmingham let alone midlands, boing boing ;)


24 May 2012 15:13:53
Preston North End have held contract negotiations with striker Nathan Elder.

Elder is a proven goalscorer in League 1 and Graham Westley is said to be a big fan.

Preston's Conor McLaughlin has also agreed to join Shrewsbury Town on a 2 year contact.(7)(9)Would welcome McLaughlin back to Shrewsbury any dayElder is ste, conference footballer although Westley might be interested in Elder because he is so physical.Only thing Elder is proven at is being rubbish.Westley see's him as an ideal target man.An ideal target man for fans abuseWestley's dream signingSorry but if preston are to get out of the league they must give elder a big miss he is one of the worse players to enter the field of play preston have sign some very good players the last few weeks and must be favs all ready to win the league but forget donkey


24 May 2012 15:11:10
Crystal Palace hope to complete the following signings before pre-season training begins:

Henri Lansbury - Loan with a view to a permanent deal
Joel Ward - 400k
Paul Hanlon - 200k
John Flanagan - Loan
Luckas Fabianski - Free
James Vaughan - £1.5m
David Norris - 600k
Paul McShane - Free
Graham Dorrans - £1m
Leroy Lita - £2m(12)(36)Ur having a laughY flanagan when they have Clyde, don't make up bull you pile of crapGraham Dorrans 1M. Classic!Weres the 5.5 million coming from?Fabianski! how deluded are you?!No chance whatsoever with most of those...Henri Lansbury no
Joel ward maybe
Only ones that are realistic are mcshane and norrisAre you serious!, dorrans is worth a lot more than that, and not 1 of those players would ever go to palace!I think you can 4get Henri Lansbury, he is wanted by West Ham & Norwich.
Maybe he might choose Premiership over Championship football.Vaughan sounds realisticHope to sign, not definitely will sign! i didn't post this, but not all of these are out of the realms of possibility. Most are thoughPalace havent spent 5.5 m in total since they were last in the prem, why would they now?I'm a Palace fan, will quickly give a summary on some of these-
Fabianski- We have a quality first choice and back up keeper in Speroni and Price, we don't need Fabianski, his wage demand would be way to high for us anyway.
Vaughan- Has been a bit-part player for Norwich, relatively realistic, though for 1.5 million, I doubt we'd spend that on the one player.
Lita- Same with Vaughan, realistic, though we just wouldn't spend that kind of money on the one player at the moment.
Dorrans- Would be nice, though for a million, we have no chance.You have no money for fees or wagesWe do have money for fees and wages. We arent in administration anymore ffsVaughan was only a bit part player for Norwich cos he's been injured for best part of the season. Now getting back to fitness and will feature regularly for Norwich next season!


24 May 2012 15:03:31
Liverpool set to complete deal to sign Wigan midfielder Mohammed Diame on a free transfer(12)(18)Who's decided to sign him? they have no managerUnlikely. He's almost certain to go to Malaga apparently.Diame is actually waiting to hear the news of Martinez and if he stays at Wigan Diame will sit down and thrash out a new deal as he admires the way Martinez worksDiame has told you all this I take it?Comment all you want, just look out for it!We'll see who's right then!! :)


24 May 2012 15:00:14
Gavin Hoyte is closing in on signing a contract with League 1 outfit Shrewsbury Town.(9)(7)He's going StevenageHe failed when he came to afc wimbledonBe a great signingWould be a great signing for Shrewsbury but unfortunately I don't think it will happen


24 May 2012 14:59:42
Southend have accepted a 100k bid from Shrewsbury Town for Ryan Hall.(16)(2)To the person who wrote this rumour - How trues is it and who or what is the source?Do you have a source that can confirm that you are not lyingI know someone at Southend football club and Shrewsbury aren't the only club interested but are the only one to have a bid on the table. Should be public in 5-7 days.


24 May 2012 14:53:31
Looks almost certain that Liam Trotter is joining Brighton. Cash + player. (Vincelot or Harley possibly)(10)(7)Can't see that happening when Sunderland and Wigan r watching trotterHope so, looked class against us last season. Millwall will be very disappointed if they take Harley. Vincelot would be a loss though, good utility player to have around.He won't join us when there are big teams wanting him


24 May 2012 14:46:43
Huddersfield are set to lose Gary Roberts to Ipswich town but have already targeted Filipe Morais from Oldham athletic as his replacement weather they go up or stay in league 1(4)(7)Ipswich wont want roberts backHe's going to hullNo i heard it's Leeds or BrightonYeah. I heard Leeds or Brighton too.NOT IN CHAMPIONSHIP? What happened yesterday?? Any how town have more then enough money to match most teams in said championship although wages might be a issue as club has a stict policy


24 May 2012 14:43:11
Ipswich in talks with Ricardo Fuller. Source TWTD(14)(5)Leeds or brighton


24 May 2012 14:41:07
Jay Rodriguez will only be leaving his beloved Burnley this summer for an established Premiership team, he will also be staying up north. As a saints fan I am gutted but Everton seems his likely destination provided the price is right.(13)(14)I love it when people pretend to be fans of other clubs.....Everton can't afford to spend that sort of money! 8m for a player out of contract next season is ludicrousJay rodriguez .... he's one our own !Your not a Saints fanOut of contract next summer yes . however he said if he doesnt go he will sign another extension lmao4m (rising to a possible 5.5) + Anichebe - DONE DEAL


24 May 2012 14:22:47
I posted the other day west ham was after joe cole and junior hoillet and potentially looking at keiran gibbs and adam Johnson,well ive just been told (im a tad excited) that west ham are set to offer michael owen a 1 year rolling contract,i dont care if people find this 'unbelievable' because this has come from a very relibale source.....interesting!(9)(17)Could be true-someone will take him on-but don't blink at the start of the season as you could not see him playing again once he is injured!Shame Kieran dyer isn't still at Wet Spam they could have kept eachother company in the treatment room!He'll just spend the year tending to his horses and lying on the injury table.Mate im a west ham ..have u stopped taking your medsI think he'll be perfect for WH - total waste of money


24 May 2012 14:17:01
Bolton to go for Paul Scharner on a free after leaving West Brom also Adam Clayton off Leeds for £700k and Miyaichi back on loan for a season from Arsenal.(10)(17)Wasn't Clayton released by Leeds at the end this season? i'm sure he was Out of contract!!NaaaaaI think so


24 May 2012 14:15:26
Yeovil Town are interested in Ebbsfleet's highly rated young winger Michael West. His deal at Stonebridge Road comes to and end in June and would make a good addition to Gary Johnson's attacking options.

The 20 year old wide man was part of the Ebbsfleet team that achieved promotion from Blue Sq. Conference South in 2010-11.

Michael West career stats for Ebbsfleet United

Apps - 121
Goals - 32(6)(4)I have heard from a very strong source that he is speaking to PrestonGood news thank you for informing us. Can I just ask how you got clarification?


24 May 2012 14:15:18
Doncaster are in for Rotherham striker Lewis Grabban and Izele Mcloud.(6)(12)Rubbish Donny can't get anyone till thet sell players fact. They can't afford the fee for him. Load of


24 May 2012 14:01:40
Carlisle to sign st mirren pair (parden the spelling) Tessalar and Hassilbank on frees(1)(11)


24 May 2012 13:53:53
Charlton are linked with the following:

Lee Cook (QPR)
Danny N'Guessan (Millwall) No swap
Sam Baldock (West Ham)
Anthony Wordsworth (Colchester)
Jay Rodriguez (Burnley)
Joel Ward (Portsmouth)
Michail Antonio (Reading)

3 of these players are in final discussions with the club.(5)(37)This post made me literally laugh out aloud. The delusions of Charlton fans never cease to amaze me. Rodriguez to Charlton? Made my day!Jay rod? some of the crap posted on here is ridiculous. why would he turn down the premiership and choose togo to charlton and be involved in a championship relegation battle?Jay rod not going to another championship club, go back play footy managerNo way are you getting jay rod on his way to prem and Antonio wont be a permCertainly not Jay-he will go to the Premiership.Linked by whom?Definetely not Rodriguez. He's class and prem quality by a mile. The others are decent targetsI think we can guess which 3 they are!!Jay Rodriguez..... Time to wake up, sleepy headJay rodriguez!?!?!? Lol!! That is top quality rubbish! Brilliant!Made me laugh too that one. Also why would Antonio go to Charlton when he could either fight for a place in the reading team for prem or go to Sheffield Wednesday where he has said is the only place he would go if reading doesn't work out.Michail Antonio will sign for Wednesday.I also heard thisJ Rodriguez? sorry but be realHaha theyll never get jayBaldock wont be going south of the river u mugLook stop taking the pee out of charlton fans--the rodriguez rumour is true i can clarify it aparantly we and southampton are both interested in signing the player and has been shown around the training ground in new eltham this fact i do know to be true!several of the current squad were exciting at the possiblity of us landing rodrigues but any deal will have surely be paid in stallments for when reach the prem league.Charlton are also interested in danny n guessan but millwall also want him back the 2 who i think will join are wordsworth and boyd with also a very big name player ariving as my mate steve friendly with j our chairman whos out in dubaiWordsworth won't go to charlton, he's to alike Jackson in ways. Don't need to of the same at the expensive price he'd cost (around the 800k mark)Typical deluded charlton fan !!The important word there is 'linked' he didn't say we have bidded or are after, I agree with this post we have been linked with all of these apart from ward which is the first ive heard, we won't sign Jay rod but we've been linked so DEAL WITH IT!LINKED ?? Linked by who ? Playing football manager does NOT count !! The championship is a massively difficult league, Charlton will have had a good season if they remain in the league. Now please stop embarrassing charlton fans and stop dreaming !!Do you Charlton fans think you are the next Man City or something. You think that because some drunken baboon links you with a player destined for the Premier League that you will get him. We all have news for you. You are in the Championship. No one would want to take a sidewards step to a newly promoted team in the Championship, its common sense. Maybe some League 1 players but other then that, dream on you delluded Charlton fans.Burnley have no money and don't have the ambition to get printed, charlton have a 3 year plan to get back in the prem and it's will not be a side step, staying at Burnley will ruin his career, also your all deluded claiming your players are all prem qualityJay to charlton ! installments we have been ripped off on these before re bolton still haven't paid all of the eagles mears and coyle davis compo . when will our board learn . pull your finger out . get a chairman sorted so eddie can do whats needed .Wordsworth would play CM surely? JRod I cant see coming to the club - Southampton will sign him if they don't land Hooper.Deluded claiming all your players are prem quality .... who said that all burnley players are prem quality ... im a season ticket holder at turf moor and have been for 5 years . i dont think all the burnley team are prem quality . possibly 4 are . i agree with the youth policy eddie has . i think a few more experienced yet young players from the championship and burnley would fly in this league but all depends on money coming in to the club and how much eddie gets to spend .


24 May 2012 13:51:10
Steve Coppell trying to use his past links to bring Nicky Shorey to Crawley.
Shorey's contract at WBA expires this summer, and is now looking to work once again with his former manager.(5)(14)Shorey wont drop down to League One next season, more than likely go to a newly promoted Prem team or a higher Championship side


24 May 2012 13:43:22
Yeovil To Sign Izale Mcleod On 2 Year
Deal On Wednesday Next Week(4)(14)How sure are you?How do you know that?Whilst a deal may be done we won't find out until July. Gary Johnson has said he's not revealing any transfers until players have finished their contracts with their current clubs


24 May 2012 13:35:53
Arsenal to sign M'villa and Gotze this summer but will miss on Hazard as the player wants 200,000+ per week. Christian Eriksen also in arsenal view with a bid of 18-22 million needed to secure the player due to ajax looking to have lost Vertonghen to either of the two north london clubs.
Expect M'villa to sign for 12million and gotze for 20+

Chelsea set to bid 100m euros to release Hulk from his contract at porto.
Drogba has a number of clubs in hot pursuit although juventus are among favourites to sign him after drogba admitting dis-interest in moving to China. Also on Champions league winners radar is brazilians ganso and Sao Paolo player lucas moura.

Liverpool set to keep luis Suarez and sign fellow international forward in order to improve the number of goals at annfield.

Man utd and Man city in battle for both Eden Hazard and Gonzalo Higuain - who is also sought after by both milan sides -.

Modric is pledging future to Spurs after euro 2012 with Tottenham also looking to sign Jan Vertonghen.
In lesser news Kilmarnock set to engage talks with Hasslebaink , dean shiels and peter leven.

Rangers want to sign Ian Black and are in talks with administrators to piece together a way of signing the midfielder even though they are under transfer embargo.

Celtic to recieve bids of between 8-14 million for Gary Hooper from ; norwich , southampton and aston villa providing that villa get a substantial manager.(8)(15)Haha what you have just said is laughable arsenal have given up on gotze as he's said he wants to stay with the champions of Germany. Porto have said they will except 38 mill for hulk, and chealsea are leading the way for hazard now they have won champions league. And dont even get me started on all the players you think arsenal will be getting. The hooper to saints deal is the only one with any substance.100 million for Hulk?!?! Chelsea have already said that they don't want to pay more than 30 million. This isn't fifa 05 mate.You're as mad as a box of demented frogs.No-one will pay more than 6 mill for hooper.Not even worth discussing what you have written, seriously deluded if you believe a lot of them. Only ones that could turn out right are m'vila and hazard, the rest are pure fantasy.Why would Norwich blow practically their whole transfer budget on Gary Hooper? He played in the testimonial and was poor, We are looking for a ST but no more than a 5-6m bid!Considering Southampton are preparing to bid 7million, I'd consider that as untrue'No-one will pay more than 6 mill for hooper.'

Then no one will sign him then.
10m, then we'll talk.Hulk 100 million no, closer to 40 million
Gotze 20 million, try 55 million and why leave dortmund for arsenalM'vila will go for around 25m as im sure a bid of 20m was rejected."Why would Norwich blow practically their whole transfer budget on Gary Hooper? He played in the testimonial and was poor"
well i guess ppl are judged in a game that dosent matter then eh? after a full season of 40+ matches in which he scores against top italian side and have 29 goals in the season meaans nothing because he didnt give it his all in a nothing friendly? you are a JOKE and if you watch the game you would see him taken the ball holding it up and making great and smart passing to open up the play. in that game Celtic had under17 and 19 players and maybe 3 regualrs playing yet they only owon 2-0....going by epl and english team playing against under 17 and 19s should have one 10-0 but they couldnt. Hooper is 8-10 mill at least because the only person to score more then him is RVP, if you dont think so then i would llike to know what you think carroll is worth?35mill?15mill, for he scoared 4 goals, tell me that?Gotze has signed a new contract, so please making up fiction.Why Kilmarnock set to engage talks with Peter Leven?The SPL is so crap compared to the English leagues. why would someone pay about 10 million for a player who is virtually championship standard?Championship standard ? Andy Carroll ringing a bell. hooper scored more goals than him when both were in the championship and has continued to score both in spl and europe. english premier league is better we all know that but the spl does have good teams and good players. Jelivic hasnt done too bad at everton now has he. get a grip of your english ttness and just admit that hooper is a good player and 8 mil would be a good price for him8 Mil at a stretch i could see. But no more. We have seen 10 players move from the SPL to England and fail for every Jelavic. Im not saying Hooper would fail, but scoring in the SPL isnt that impressive. I think he is a similar standard to Grant Holt at Norwich, albeit a lot younger so would think with the correct service maybe a 10-15 goal a season striker. So yea ok, 6-8 mil would be a decent fee. 14 mil though? You cant be serious Papiss Cisse only cost 10 mil and hes twice the player.Are you really still comparing Carroll and Hooper from their time in the championship? Talk about clutching at straws? That was ages ago!
Jelavic is a good striker who moved to better himself as a player and advance his career. And??
The SPL has one decent-ish club, one bankrupt club and the rest are atrocious. I watched some of the Scottish cup final. No exaggerating it was league 1 stuff!
Of course the jury is still out on Hooper. He has scored a hatful but only against championship and SPL opposition. A few goals in the CL Qualy's and warm up groups doesn't say too much, he can only have a true valuation when he plays regularly against decent defenders.
But, the rest of the planet will admit that he's good for you if you in turn admit to us that Celtic aren't the footballing giant you lot bleat on about. Deal? Go on. It might be quite liberating!The Scottish league is still awfull, wheather he can cut it in the premier league we'll see, but this is the first I've heard of Norwich wanting him, thought only saints were looking at him, it looks likely he'll end up a saints for around 7-8m.


24 May 2012 13:22:45
West Ham after Robert Snodgrass of Leeds and ex-Leeds player Max Gradel(16)(19)Gradel went to France because he was homesick, he isn't coming back to UK anytime soon and if he does he will go back to Leeds. Snodgrass may leave Leeds and if he does it would likely be a northern teamSnodgrass will go to Norwich and Gradel is happy in france plus he's too good for the hammersWe will see we will battle it out for snodgrass with u bit to much to say you aint got any money bout u r buying this n that


24 May 2012 13:04:08
Barnsley are interested in signing 3 new strikers to replace Andy Gray and create some competition for Craig Davies:

Eddie Johnson (would be available for free, has Championship and International Experience, as well as pace)

Darius Vassell (available after Leicester released him and would bring a poachers instinct, which we've sorely lacked this year)

Kayode Odejayi (former Barnsley player, knows the club well, struggles for goals but can act as a target man for someone to play off, much like Bogdanovich used to. Cheltenham are ready to let him go for nothing to get fresh strikers in)(0)(19)Odejayi signed for Rotherham last week!Is this the same kayode odejayi who has just signed for rotherham ?Odejayi plays for Colchester and signed for Rotherham last week....Kayode Odejayi has already signed for Rotherham United this summer.Jesus Christ man stay up todate Odajayi has been playing for Colchester for the last two years & signed for Rotherham a week ago.Odd job aint good enough and is off to rotherham and the other two player will cost too much in wages for us so try againNumber 1. Odejayi was at Colchester
Number 2. Hes Signed for RotherhamIs this a wind up Kayodi gone to Millers and how old is Vassell?Kayode Odejayi has joined Rotherham from Colchester on a free already.The striker Barnsley will sign will be Chris O'Grady from Sheffield Wednesday.Barnsley lacked everything last season, they were nearly relagated!Vassell was released by Stoke and not Leicester,, and he's talking abouit coming back to Ipswich see TWTDThere speaks the voice of experience!!!!, Barnsley at times played some fantastic football, but unfortunately the times were few and far between, but bench mark was set ,against derby the first half was fantastic one nil distructionVassel released by stoke. Is that the same vassel who was playing against us for leis last season? MupetBloody hell, odejayi left cheltenham in 2007 and has had 3 clubs since. have you been in asleep for 5 years?We wouldn't need three strikers to replace any Gary, dusty bin could replace the lumbering cart horse!!!!


24 May 2012 13:02:45
col u close to signing yeovils andrew williams on a free(4)(14)Incorrect.
"The opportunity to be at a club closer to my family certainly played a part in the decision making process." Source - ANDY WILLIAMS!!
He is from Hereford!Rubbish said he wanted to move closer to his family home in bristol so more than likely swindonI didn't realise Colchester was so near to Hereford!He said he wants too move closer too home (hereford) therefore swindon is his most likely destination


24 May 2012 12:57:56
Not really a transfer rumour as such but the Crystal Palace chairmen are to announce a stadium naming rights deal with club sponsor GAC Logistics. Palace manager Dougie Freedman has been told he can spend a majority of the cash on transfers in order to make a serious go of the league next season. It is believed he is hoping to bring in the following players

Tunchev (free)
Joel Ward (£450k)
Dario Cvitanich (£1.225m)
Zak Ansah (£750k)
Ezekiel Fryers (£200k)(7)(18)Ezekiel fryers wont join palace he is held in high regards by alex should lay off the booze from a fellow palace fan.


24 May 2012 12:46:39
Calvin Andrew to sign his contract for Oritnet today.

He has ironed out all the personal details, including the goal scoring bonus.(4)(13)


24 May 2012 12:44:46
Steve Clarke who was number 2 to Dalglish at Liverpool is being interviewed for the Head Coach role at WBA. Chairman Jeremy Peace thinks Steve Clarke would work well within the West Brom structure which involves the Head Coach working in tandem with Technical Director Dan Ashworth.(8)(11)Cant see it he's to inexperienced. Any WBA fan will tell you we don't tend to take big risks on transfers let alone who our manager will be


24 May 2012 12:39:22
richard wright former england goal keeper could be on is way to preston north end as bk up for stuckmann(9)(5)


24 May 2012 12:27:19
Burnley have recieved no firm bids for Jay Rodriguez at this stage.

Chairman Barry Kilby and BBC sport.(19)(6)No "firm" bids. Mean's theres been inquiries and testing the water. Expect Jay to be gone in the next 2 weeksFunny Kilby is no longer Chairman!!!Wouldn't say two weeks, but defiantly will be sold this summer, tremendous talent.Funny Kilby is no longer Chairman!!

think you will find he is until friday evening :) person :) check BBC .. clueless whopperKilby is in fact chairman till the new season begins when brendan flood will take over as he is majority shareholder


24 May 2012 12:20:36
Gary Liddle from hartlepool to yeovil though he has also been linked with bristol city coventry notts county and carlisle source: ciderspace(2)(13)No. Source - The Hartlepool MailGary liddle just give jonathan franks the nod 2 sign for hartlepool so doubt he,s going 2 yeovil probs goin 2 his hometown club middlesbroughIt doesn't say he's joining Yeovil, it says he's been linked with us, along with the other clubs you've mentioned. It actually says it's unlikely he'll end up at Yeovil.


24 May 2012 12:16:44
Shrewsbury Town FC are set to keep holf of James Collins and 3 other additions by monday next week!(6)(7)James Collins signed a new 2 year contract,includes a 500k release clause though!Superb news & the back room staff of GM have been seen around the ground a lot. Medicals?Great newsCollins is a great playerNothing official4-6 days and it will be official.


24 May 2012 12:11:28
Kenny Miller to Posh(1)(28)Thats a non starterMiller has got more sense than that!


24 May 2012 12:04:29
norwich city looking at bringing in zenit st petersburg left winger szabolcs huszti will only cost 2m lambert knows him because he used to play in germany for hanover also interest in victor moses for 5m after playing well against us last season(9)(12)Wow this is randomI'm guessing that Moses would cost well north of 5 million.I can see vitor moses coming to be honist :)


24 May 2012 11:44:57
Barnsley boss Keith Hill to offer Andy Gray a contract 2 months after releasing the veteran, due to no attacking options.
The former Rochdale boss is also close to the signing of 23-year-old Kelvin Etuhu.(3)(8)Andy gray accepted tems with charltonLoad a st gray wont come back he wasnt good enough for the teamHe hasn't agreed terms with charlton, he is in talks with Bradford.


24 May 2012 11:28:09
Arsenal make late bid to sign Eden Hazard for worth 32 million pounds!!!(8)(10)You mean 32 even that might to much for your lot to bid.


24 May 2012 11:18:38
I just had two phone calls in the space of 10 mins from Southampton based friends telling me that there's whispers this morning in and around St. Mary's that our manager is about to 'go north'.
OH please god don't let it be true......(16)(15)Dont worry he is not going anywhere, says hes staying for long term.Well,hartlepool is a step up from the saintsHe's off to West bromThere's a nice airport at Liverpool!No chanceWinchester??


24 May 2012 11:18:05
Spurs are in for Adam Johnson for a fee believed to be around £12m.

Further more, Levy flew to Holland to thras out a deal for Vertongen but the deal has been called off after the player decided he wanted to join London rivals Arsenal instead.(14)(23)Rubbish as jan vertogen (sorry spelling) has stated he only wants to join spurs as we garentee him first team football as gonners can't and now I hear Harry wants to sign Martin olssen from WBA why? We want top players plzzzzzzzzzz bring in Adam Johnson aswell CoysYou are turning into citees dumping ground for players whom you cant affordJohnson is coming home to sunderland as his family are all mackems, already a loan in place with 1st option to buyWhy would any players go to Tottenam over Arsenal if they could play in the Champions league?


24 May 2012 11:14:55
QPR are trying to bring in Man United legend Rio ferdinand to team up with his younger brother Anton as Centre-backs. It follows an alleged bust up between Rio and manager Sir Alex ferguson over Sir Alex's recommendation to Roy Hodgson to leave Rio out of the England squad.(12)(24)Would love this to be true..Lol,two deadbeats,one past it always injured,the other vastly overated.I didn't used to think much of Anton F but since watching for a season at QPR I now think he's vastly underrated... Solid & dependable, wins aerial balls time after time.He is shocking! anton ferdinand will dodge shots coming towards him and when going forward looks very nervy. at west brom v qpr last season i wouldnt have been surprised if they bought him off in the first 10 mins!


24 May 2012 11:09:06
Southampton have upped the bidding to 6m for Jay Rodriguez. The bid is again expected to be re-buffed as the Clarets are holding out for around 8m for the Burnley born striker.

Lancashire Telegraph.(23)(16)Burnley say they have had no bids from anyone-local papers in Lancs. about as good as the ones in Hants. All info. found in the bottom of a gin glass!Rodrigues aint worth 8 milion
6 million topsVery good prospect but as a Saints fan I cant see us breaking our transfer record (previously 4 mil for Rory Delap...didnt even know he could take throw ins) for J-Rod... From what I've seen looks good but i think 8 million is the usual valuation to scare clubs off.He is worth 8m without a shadow of a doubt! Connor Wickham 12m......Now ur havin a laugh!!Hooper,Rodriguez or Rhodes?Rodriguez


24 May 2012 11:08:56
Ipswich ins and outs
Ben Williams


and btw i mean Sergio Torres :)(6)(15)


24 May 2012 11:08:26
Recently released Yeovil striker Keiran Agard will be joining ex captain Paul Huntington at Preston North End on a free transfer on a two year deal in the next week.(2)(6)PNE are welcome to him!I thought he was a good player tbh, what's with the bitterness?


24 May 2012 10:51:51
Saints have bid in excess of £6m for Jay Rodriguez. Dont put 'unbelievable' until you look at the daily echo website...suggest they want £8m - for someone with only 1 year on contract and not really proven i think £6m is steep and i am a siants fan...£4m seems fairer to me...(8)(22)Don't believe the Daily Echo!Might seem fairer but if you don't hit 8m he'll be going nowhere.No way will he go for 8m especially if theres 1 year left on his contract. Daily Echo are wrong bids made yet.We will see but my bet is that he will not be sold for that much - it is not like Burnley are exactly rich...How much do you dreamers value lambert and Lallana at. Seriously, Jay Rod for 8million is a bargain!Burnley would be mad to hold out for 8m under circumstances. Tops of 6 million. And that's generous! I'm not convinced he's any better than sharp or lee.Yeah, Burnley aren't that rich. Which is exactly why they'll hold out for 8mIf Jay doesnt leave this summer he will sign a 12 month extension to his contract as he wants Burnley to get the maximum amount for the club he supports and loves. From Jay himselfJay rod will be sold for 8m, no question about that. but to a club who can afford him ... not southampton if hes any ambition who cant afford him..... jays a top player and will play for englandHave a look at the quote from Burnley-no bids received for him!!

Echo is useless-only yesterday trying to stir it up about season ticket prices. They are the ones who fell out with Saints and until they eat humble pie and get some ethics their info. will be rubbish.I no what your saying about Lallana and Lambert mean to our club. Lambert goals got us to the prem so he is priceless, however so Jay Rod is the same to you. However money talks and the fact is he does only have a year remaining on his current contract and wether you like it or not he will leave you this summer, not saying he will go to saints but he will leave. as for what he is worth 8 mil for a player with a year on his contract does seem a lot. I cant see any club paying that which means unless he signs a new contract he will go next season for free or maybe a tribunaral because he is under 24If burnely don't sell him this season he will be going on a free next season, and you will have lost 6milion, face it, the odds are he will be leaving this season or he will go next season for nothing!


24 May 2012 10:50:23
West Ham are in early-stage talks with Saint-Etienne over Max Gradel(9)(16)Why would they buy a player whos been released by dirty leeds mutch lower stanards when they can buy someone like vaz teIf max gradel decides to come back to england he has already stated to the french media that it will only be leeds and his feelings for the whites will never change.Leeds have no money


24 May 2012 10:48:04
Ipswich in talks with Ricardo Fuller about making a return to PR, since his release from Stoke, also we are linked with Brad Guzan againg as he's been released by Villa(13)(4)Slagging off stoke again as usuall cuz ur own club is ..... we game plenty of money you person that's why we are in the top 3 in the prem standings for low debt. But either way we'll push on again with a couple more signings as we did with crouch etc. All good here an that's what you all hate FACT.Have heard the Fuller rumour from the Brit and Danny Collins from StokeWho is slagging Stoke off? There's one child who posts the same old nonsense on nearly every Stoke post but good that he cares so much :-)

I think Stoke will make some good Summer signings once they clear out a few fringe players


24 May 2012 10:06:14
michael appleton will be appointed the new boss of manager of west brom, fact.
he is big pals with dan ashworth, and dean kiely(9)(7)As an albion fan I can say this wont happen, Appleton is highly regarded by the albion board and see his as a potential manager of the FUTURE, he wont get chance to have the job till he's more experienced. Albion want to replace Hodgson with someone who has managed at the highest level end of. so no appleton, mccines (spelling), di canio or poyet!Appleton is set to join and is in the process of signing a contract with West Brom

Family and friends have confirmed this.We all know that's not happening


24 May 2012 10:01:28
Derby county to sign Will Grigg to
replace Steve Davies(2)(8)Your welcome to him!Please tell me this is a jokeHe's only scored 8 goals in his whole career !?


24 May 2012 10:36:07
if huddersfield get promotion against sheffield united dean hoyle is set to spend 8million to push the club towards promotion to the premier league. his targets according to graysons son are :

ross mccormack (leeds united )who grayson brought to elland road
jermaine beckford (leicester)
grant mCcann (peterborough)
dean lewington (mk dons)
Ricardo gardner (bolton)
and before you all start yes huddersfield can afford it our chairman has 370 million you wait and see?(7)(26)Ridiculous.It's not whether they have money or not, it's the fact that the clubs a lot smaller than most of the other teams in championship. It has reached its peak and no one will come.Chimp. Those players are not capable of getting ANY team out of the Championship, except downwards. Deluded Yorkshireman strikes again!Interesting point, your not an attracive proposition for a player looking to further their career. Why throw good money after bad?Just because your chairman has a personal fortune that doesnt mean he will spend spend spend. Could you really afford 4Mill for Beckford and then match his current 40K/week wages? i dont think so!It doesn't matter anymore how rich an owner is, the new finance rules operating from next season restrict both how much an owner can invest and set an maximum loss allowed.Thought Gardner had retired ? Could be wrongI wouldnt be upset to see Lewington go for the right money, Chicken is growing in confidence and Dean is getting on. We could use the money to buy a decent right back!Unless your a Huddersfield fan like me you don't understand how much money we really haveWhy haven't you used it then ..I'm an HTFC fan - what that guy has put is utter guff. Hoyle IS wealthy to the tune of 154m. However, he's not going to bankroll the club to silly amounts such as Beckfords 40k pw wages. He IS after Grant Leadbitter should we get promoted, but again there's stiff competition for him.Hudders do not have any money,the owners money is not the same thing,hudders make a loss every season so will have little sway under the new rules.anyway you are not even in championship


24 May 2012 10:35:24
Saints have placed a 6 million pound bid for Jay Rodriguez. Source Daily Echo.(15)(14)


24 May 2012 10:33:05
Ed - Any Tranmere rumours(1)(12)


24 May 2012 10:22:08
Bradford City expected to follow up the signing of Andrew Davies with former striker Andy Gray.(8)(3)Andy OB. could be back playing us too.


24 May 2012 10:17:45
Charlton's Chris Powell is trying to bring in Southhampton's Jason Puncheon. Powell is also looking for a CM with some championship experience. Powell has expressed his desire to keep the bulk of players that gained promotion but will be looking to tweak things here and there. No news on the new sponsers.(6)(8)This sounds plausible, for a change.


24 May 2012 09:55:21
why would we be interested in falon?????? the two to spearhead the forward line should be logan released from exeter and mcleod released from barnet . anyone else agree(1)(5)No one knows what your talking about mateBut what if you dont sign mcleod?


24 May 2012 09:41:54
Oldham Reuben Reid is attracting the interest of sheff utd, Huddersfield, Leeds, Bristol city, Preston and millwall(2)(15)He wouldn't get in any of those teams.Cnt rule it out on sky sports websiteHahaa! Worst striker in the division.If he was , wouldn't latics have offered him a new contract instead of turning him away cause he's crapYou must be joking this fat kid has flattered to deceive with us , why would he get the chance at a bigger club. He only really scored penalties


24 May 2012 09:39:43
bristol city interested in john carew from west ham who is now without a club(11)(20)He is not the type of player bristol city need and he has too high wage demands for his quality of a player (which isnt good)Yeah rightAnyone who saw him come on as a sub against City last month would know our only interest in him would be as a replacement stand for The Williams


24 May 2012 09:38:33
Ed. Have you got any new player links for barnsley fc?(3)(4)Your in talks with oldham athletic winger chris taylorKelvin Etuhu and Matt Green.And Andy Gray.Andy gray aint coming backWhats the point in resigning Gray he's not been that good last season if he's the only striker option Hill can come up with for next season. Relegation is on the cards.Im starting to think tghis is andy himself trying to get a new deal lol


24 May 2012 09:20:56
Everton could complete a 7M move for Jay Rodriguez over the weekend with Everton youngster Ross Barkley joining Burnley on a season Loan as part of deal(23)(21)If this deal was too happen I would be over the moon, no doubt Jay Rod deserves a shot at the premier league and will fit in perfectly at Everton. Plus were getting a wonderful talent who can only improve and go back a better player.Haha everton have not good 7M to spend hahaLanc Telegraph reported that Everton will have to sell before thay can buy Jay Rod, so I cant see it being this weekendWe havent got 7mill certaintly not for a chamionship player, and barkleys going to be an important player for us nxt seasonThis would be a good deal and the right move for jay if he does decide to leave as long as burnley get the full amount to spend on playersSign on the line please.......No way will you get 7million and Barkley on loan for the season, maybe 4.5mill and Barkley but not 7 million4.5 million and Barkley on loan ? Y would we do that ?Because Barkley is quality and would improve your team, and 4.5mill for a replacement for jay rod who is in the last year of his contract. Nobody is going to pay 8million for him when he's in the last year of his contract.Jay has already said that he could sign a new contract with burnley so that's y we r holding out for 7-8 million for him , if no body offers that amount then he will be here next season


24 May 2012 09:19:17
ANY UP TO DATE BRISTOL CITY TRANSFER NEWS.(3)(9)Basso to hull cityYes - you completely messed up the Maynard transfer. Now you are a nothing club, without money to spend and doomed to relegationCould we have more from Mystic Megg above? She really adds quality.Glad your here......go support your own terrible team. Their obviously rubbish cause you can't concentrate on themDoomed? clearly a leicester fan... you offered 6M but it didnt matter if you offered 10! fact was he was never going to sign for you anyway and it was a sidestep, which he actually said in an interview which you can find on the bristol city player archives, before you mouth off about how rubbish we are and how 'supposedly great' you are then take into consideration that we did the double over you


24 May 2012 09:11:35
Stoke look certain to sign Romelu Lukaku, Jermaine Defoe, Matthew Jarvis a LB a RB and a CM in the summer(16)(16)Do you want to bet me a fiver that you don't get any of these - because we both know - this is your made up wish list!Lol yeah chelsea will never sell lukaku you may get him onloan but you couldnt afford him even if he was for sale lol what a dreamerLukaku is a done deal agreed a year loan not signed in January, Jarvis almost certain, Defoe will come if Huth goes the other way, as for the rest yeah your right a wish list!The plan is to get Lukaku on loan for the season.Lukaku is a loan deal/ and its apparently pretty much confirmedStoke asked the FA for special permission to sign Lukaku on loan in Jan...........was even on SSN but they rejected the deal under the 3 club rule despite Lukaku not playing for Chelsea. Of course it's a loan deal . Jarvis has had contact with Stoke as has Defoe so before some of you say no chance etc learn your facts. Not saying all will happen but the original post holds water.Yeah right Chelsea without a manager are making decisions to loan out a young star before they appoint a manager, where do you come up with this rubbish about pretty much a done deal, your chairmen has also told Pulis that he will have to sell players to generate funds for any players coming in.
So lets see ? Jones you paid 9M for him I think, and you would be lucky to get half that right now, he scored one goal this season so even half the 9M looks generous, Jerome you paid 3M for him and you would be lucky to get that back assuming someone actually wants to buy a player who scored 4 goals this season.
Defoe will move if he wants first team football and I suggest QPR would jump in for him, and likely offer him the salary level he would expect, also he can then stay in London clubbing and chasing all the wanabe wags.To the smart arse above- Stoke have had negotiations with all 3. Stoke and Chelsea agreed a loan for Lukaku in Jan and special permission from the FA (was in the media including SSN) for him to join on loan but it was refused. Jarvis looks a good bet to be joining Stoke and even Pulis has mentioned him as trying to land him before and Defoe has publically mentioned his loan to Stoke that Harry blocked in Jan but was with a view to a permanent deal. Think and learn what you're on about before you try to act smugKenwyne Jones has scored 7 goals this season and he cost us 8 million and cameron jerome cost us 4 million so why dont you get your facts rightStoke almost signed defoe last summer, so he is very much a possibilty no matter how much people think its un-realistic'your chairmen has also told Pulis that he will have to sell players to generate funds for any players coming in.'

Not exactly what he said at all...........he's told him to get rid of players before increasing the squad which they are currently doing. He hasn't said that money for players will be generated by sales alone.


24 May 2012 09:06:22
Anthony Stokes and Gary Hooper to Southampton with gully do prado and 6mil going the other way(10)(24)Dream on i think you live in la la landStop sniffing solvents m8What a lot of nonsense!Guly do Prado is extremely highly rated by Adkins. I am sure Guly will play a huge part in the team next seasonHaha...I'm a saints fan and even I think that is hysterical lolIf onlyHope but i think celtic would want more money considering guly is awful6 million for both! Not likely unless you value guly at like 3-4 million. Lol. Not a chance.I'm a saints fan and want shot if do prado. One good game in 8 not good enough. Take him away!Dream on! Guly would never stoop that low and play in a Mickey Mouse league like the SPL!Guly was very erratic last season, great at times but more often a passenger. We can't have that in the prem. I like him and he's done well but I'd flog him. That said, this story is fantasy!Guly better than both them players end offHere we go, Saints fan dreaming again. Next thing they'll be signing MesseWho's Messe?! Some unkown european talent? Is he the next Messi perhaps?


24 May 2012 09:04:17
Any walsall rumours(3)(2)


24 May 2012 09:23:25
Reuben Reid of oldham to charlton(1)(13)Simply not trueWhy? Released by Oldham. Why would Charlton want him? Clearly not as good as what we already have...Haha no way Jose, not good enough for league 1, never mind the championship


24 May 2012 08:43:08
Manchester City star Yaya Toure could make a shock move back to the spanish giants FC Barcelona.(27)(7)


24 May 2012 08:38:43
Reading FC were knocked back after their first offer to take young Arsenal defender Carl Jenkinson on loan but will return with a larger fee.(15)(9)Please no.Oh yes... Reading are going to sign a player who flopped in his debut season, including the worst defensive performance I have ever seen against Man Utd.Jenkinson didn't flop. Jenkinson wasn't supposed to play at all, but Arsenal fcked up and was so unlucky that Jenkinson had to play on a level that he wasn't quite ready for.I would prefer he went to a championship club before we had to fork out a significant fee for a year with an inexperienced right back


24 May 2012 07:59:45
Orient linked with pre-season tour of
Ireland on 14th and 15th July.
Other teams: Port Talbot Town;
St James (Dublin); Ballymena United.

Source: Port Talbot Town website(5)(1)


24 May 2012 07:47:13
Any Cardiff City news Ed????(4)(6)I have some....We're the greatest team in football , the world has ever seen!!!

KNOWS IT !!! CCFC73Yea whitts has signed for WBA. Ave itIf its for 5 million plus great^that hasn't happened


24 May 2012 07:45:37
I think u mean baines would have to leave everton to win any sliver ware(9)(4)Obviously not very confident going into the euros then!!!


24 May 2012 07:27:56
Derby are after 2 very higly rated league 2 wingers.

Muzzy Carayol - 150k bid rejected. Rams may come back with an improved offer

Michael Jacobs - Almost a done deal.(15)(5)More like 1.5 milLeague 2 players lolMost teams in the championsip are after micheal jacobs so good luck with that one lol asif he will join a bottom half of chapionship side12th in the CL is actually mid table and Jacobs will sign for Derby 9Pending fee), as hes only 1 hour down the road


24 May 2012 06:33:31
paul jewell wants double signing of tony roberts dagenham to be 1st team goalie and coach and also michael bakere from macclesfield source twtd(5)(18)


24 May 2012 03:55:54
Oldham transfer targets

Billy Paynter - Leeds - Free
David Clarkson - Bristol City - Free
Jon Otsemobor - Sheff Wed - Free
Giles Coke - Sheff Wed - Nominal Fee
Reece Brown - Man United - Loan (Season)

Reliable Source!(15)(16)Paynter isn't a freeReece brown yes , others just pipedreams fellaPaynter will be a free. NW needs to get rid asapNW has placed him on the transfer list and needs a fee from him to fund incoming players. He is most likely to go to Portsmouth as part of a deal for Ward


24 May 2012 01:27:10
Lansbury won't come as he likes being at London clubs and wenger will never sell him for the job he does for example making Norwich getting promoted and then west ham promoted get me ??(6)(17)How many games did he start for west ham? How many games did he start for Norwich? Not as many as you think! He wasn't the reason both teams got pomoted!Didnt realise that it was him that got them both promoted? Thought maybe the whole squad would get recognitionNo can you explain that again lol.Of course Wenger will sell him, because he is clearly not in favour at Arsenal, he really enjoyed Norwich and playing for Lambert and would get plenty of game time, so do not rule it out.He started like every game at Norwich


24 May 2012 00:44:05
Manchester United's central defensive duo Luke McCullough and Reece Brown are to join Oldham Athletic on season long loan deals.(17)(3)


24 May 2012 00:42:31
any inverness ct rumours ed? {Ed007's Note - Sorry mate, I have absolutely nothing to tell.}(1)(7)


23 May 2012 23:50:16
Gary Liddle is interesting Bristol City
in the northern echo.(7)(13)


24 May 2012 00:22:42
Nottm forest want a target man - marko futacs is on cotterils list(13)(13)Why would he want futacs, when he was manager at Pompey he never played him and was going to loan him out.

Only after he left for forest, did futacs play!Oh wow - link cotterill to a pompey player. Didn't take much effort to drag that one up did it ?Players can improve possibly and plus its the same when he came to forest he didnt play reid and by the end of the season he was 1st name on the team sheet


23 May 2012 23:30:56
Jon stead to Leeds with Pearce, Kenny, ward, Steven davies, Robinson, and charlie austin with McCormack out to brighton(8)(43)You leds fan automatically think anyone will join you the truth is steady wont move to leeds because he is happy in the city and has already stated he wants to settle. he wouldnt suit warnocks style of play anyway.Dream on with bates in charge of the money give over championship mid table team.Charlie Austin's not going anywhere.If he's rejected Leeds wage offer then really don't think we can afford McCormack as much as would love to take himThe only Ward you will sign is Danny Ward from Huddersfield if your lucky,ATM Brighton have a lot more transfer money available than Leeds...mccormack's wage demands will be less than vicente's for sure


23 May 2012 23:25:01
Walsall are rumoured to be signing a big named player to Mark their 125th anniversary

Striker Angelos Charisteas (who famously scored the Euro 2004 final goal for Greece) Is rumoured to be in talks with the league one side, the former Schalke player and Stoke City and Ipswich target is currently a free agent following his release from Panetolikos F.C.

Source Express and star / Birmingham mail Journalist(3)(26)Someone's been watching BBC threes euro shockersHe wouldnt even go to a championship team...I doesnt say on express a starIt's better story than the usual rubbish in here,The Express & Star has been lying for years. They said we'd signed George Boateng. Lies, lies and more lies.


23 May 2012 23:17:37
David Goodwillie to middlesborough for their promotion push next year(13)(28)


23 May 2012 23:13:27
Emmanuel Ledesma is to sign a 2 year contract with Peterborough United after leaving Walsall.(15)(9)No chance hes going boro!Would like this guy but would be a risk as has only been a decent performer not outstanding.... Young and has some ability but will probably join middlesboro, if he doesn't then maybe......


23 May 2012 23:11:42
Tom Heaton to sign for Peterborough United(19)(8)


23 May 2012 23:10:55
George Boyd to join his former boss at Stevenage Graham Westley who is now at Preston. The deal is thought be £500k plus Paul Coutts going back to Peterborough.(7)(30)Not a chanceCoutts is going back to Peterborough for a lot less than 500k...why would Boyd want to go to Preston who were looking at relegation from League 1 last season....just not going to happenNo way why would he go down when he wants to play for a higher championship team or a prem team and 500,000 and Coutts rip off! UTPCoutts is pretty much a done deal to charlton.Why would boyd go to a league one club when hes been linked with leeds:s


23 May 2012 21:28:32
Ed any news on Middlesbrough ? Like any at all from through the week or anything ? {Ed003's Note - My counter part who lives in a small hamlet surrounded by heather informs me Loovens is on your radar}(8)(1)Your meant to be signing Emmy Ledesma from walsall - who's contract is up this summer ... cracking little player!I'm a celtic fan on teesside so get to boro games occassionally as well. loovens would be a very poor signing, he's physically built to be a good player but his defending is shocking. if you thought mcmanus was bad - he was keeping loovens out of the team along with the other chuckle brother gary caldwell. careful what you wish for!


23 May 2012 22:07:52
Chesterfield have completed a move for sought after Port Vale striker Marc Richards on a 2 year deal.(11)(5)Cant hack it at a league one club by the sounds of thingsNahhh. He got offered more money at ChesterfieldHe's a proven goalscorer in the 4th division so why not take Chesterfield back to the 3ed tier of English football and take it from thereChesterfield are scouting benjamin pinkney from matlock town, promising left back very quick.Shows that this player lacks ambition by not even going to a higher league. chesterfield are a poor team even with a striker, so silly move for Richards.Richards has gone to town cause he can score goals,hold the ball up,bring people into play etc .he is a quality player that any team in league 1 or 2 would have in a flash you numpty.He was talking to league 1 clubs so people who say he can't hack it in the high division haven't a clue what they're are talking aboutRichards will rip that league up. If he stays fit! He still loves the vale thoughGood signing for chesterfield ,will get them some goals definitely .


23 May 2012 21:58:48
Marc Richards has gone to Chesterfield on a 2 year deal.(20)(10)


23 May 2012 21:36:37
James Milner defo signing for Chelsea this summer(13)(46)How much for


23 May 2012 21:34:40
Burnley could complete a triple move over the weekend with the signings of Joel Ward(400,000,),Adam Clayton(650,000) and Marc Pugh(300,000)(15)(38)Hope it's true, but can't see it happening.


23 May 2012 21:49:53
Lillestorm striker Bjorn Sigurdarson has
said he favours a move to wolves
over any other club as Cardiff Ipswich
and Reading are not the clubs he
wants to play for(21)(19)He's staying at Lillestrom or going to the premiership so I doubt he said that.Why, when there are various Premiership teams interested (a number of whom would view him as a 1st team signing), would Bjorn opt for Wolves OR Cardiff?

Won't happen.Hope this happens! never seen him playing but im sure if he moves to the premier league he wont be a first team regular whereas at wolves he will be!Why go to championship with wolves when reading, everton and other prem teams have been looking at him!Because he is not guaranteed regular first team football in the premier league.Our new manager Solbakken is best mates with his uncle! solbakken is Norweigan and so is Sigurdarson!Reading have just signed bjorn sigurdarson and adrian mariappaHopefully we sign junior hoilet and yakubu because he's best friends with robertsHe's had Reading, Everton, Villa and Bayern Munich scouting him. Why would he choose Wolves?Sigurdarson is from Iceland not NorwaySigurdarson is Icelandic, not Norwegian.If Bjorn and agent has any sense they will sign for Reading. Everton are static but I admit their a bigger club and Wolves have just been relegated. I'd pick the club that will have more to spend in the transfer market and are on the up. This one's going to be a scrap be interesting to see what happens.I'm a wolves fan n BS is from Iceland his half brother is joey gudjonsson (spelling) (ex wolves) n wolves henning Berg has said wolves would be his ideal club n even his agent has said that wolves should move quick cause we have got a chance of getting himHe's to old need young players to get in plReading will be back down after one seasonHe's 21! That's old now?Not going to the championship- not wolves or anyone else. Cardiff were interested but his agent has said he wants a Premiership club. Oh Wolves not in that league anymore.


23 May 2012 21:48:13
swansea looking at beckford from leicester(17)(28)Hope this is true, i am a LCFC fan and i can't stand the lazy waste of space, the type of player that causes problems with team spirit due to his negativity^ clearly hasnt watched his game closely or kniw anything about JB football wise or personallyHope it's true too, he is rubbish. Lazy and disrupts the team. See ya Jermaine!Don't think he is the right player for the Swans. Didn't do much last season with Leicester. Has seen better days. I'm sure there is better than him such as Jay Rodriguez of Burnley, Matt Phillips of Blackpool.I'm a Leicester fan and would hate to see Becks go! Brilliant footballer, natural goal scorer and great footballing brain. Anyone who says he is lady hasn't noticed his role is to play on the last defender and its Nugent who ldoes down. Thats their roles.Beckford! Rubbish? You alright in the head guys? Swans fan


23 May 2012 21:45:31
arsenal for nilmar(11)(35)


23 May 2012 21:43:23
Hoffenheim have accepted a 9mill euro bid from Swansea.(6)(38)Really hope German newspapers got it right this time, thought he would cost more than 7.2m, but as a swans supporter, I'm not complaining, more money for other signingHope this is right. Just agree personal terms and I'm sure he will be a Swan. I believe he has said he would love to return to the Swans. Just perfect for us last season


23 May 2012 21:39:53
Crawley are interested in loaning Millwall striker Josh McQuoid for the whole of next season.(7)(11)Hes rejoining AFCBScott Malone from bournemouth is looking more and more likely, with McQuiod going the other way


23 May 2012 21:38:16
I heard also that Torquay Utd were going to loan James Ward-Prowse and Ben Reeves from Southampton for 3 months next season.(4)(11)Dont think that will happenWard-Prowse has just been promoted to first team, they wouldnt have bothered with promoting him and triggering an increase in wages if they planned to loan him outJWP no chance. Be a good move for Reeves though. He looks decent and would get better with a few games under his belt.That makes sense as both need competitive experience, and to those who say playing in lower leagues isn't good enough, look at Oxlade Chamberlain, he's been selected for the euros, now we can keep our best youth prospects


23 May 2012 21:25:02
WHU to sign George McCartney by the end of the week on a permanent deal. Keiran Richardson might also re-sign for the Hammers.

190298(27)(10)...should help to keep them in the bottom three


23 May 2012 21:21:19
Man City's Reece Wabara And Luca Scapuzi will join Carlisle on loan until the end of next season(12)(6)I heard this to there two very good players


23 May 2012 21:02:01
Someone like Eidur Gudjohnsen should join the Saints,he's already done it in the premier league,up for free transfer now I think,decent,experienced player.(15)(20)Thats a good shout! Not a saints fan but he could do a decent jobThats 101 players now ^^ lolIs not up for a free. Signed a 2 year contract last year at AEK. Would most likely only leave with a fee, as AEK need the money.


23 May 2012 21:01:03
newly promoted mega rich Fleetwood town chairman Andy Pilley is going to make an audacious bid for Michael Owen and Emile Heskey after the sale of leading goalscorer Jamie Vardy for an undisclosed fee, believed to be around £1m.(9)(40)Rubbish, have you ever been to fleetwood, they are no bigger than Accy Stanley or Morecombe.

Go back to playing footy manager.

Also Owen has stated that he wont even play in championship so why would he go to a newly promoted second division club


23 May 2012 20:55:30
chris kirkland to sign 2 year deal for sheffield wednesday soursce swfc website(34)(5)TRUE!


23 May 2012 20:36:21
Watford have shown intrest in Chris maguire. Derby have set an asking price of £400,000.
WATCH THIS SPACE.(13)(5)Ridiculous rumourI didn't post this but it isn't ridiculous! This is looking very likely especially since Chris has been transfer listed. I've heard that a bid will be or has already been made.Chris maguire did well at portsmouth so derby have set an asking price of 575-600k.They paid 450k for him why would they loose 50k on him even if they dont want him its not like hes declined its just that he prefers to play as a lone striker whereas clough wants 2 up frontFor that sort of money I'm sure SD could get someone better in at WatfordWe could do better than Derby rejects. Looks like another Joe Garner.Can't see this happening


23 May 2012 20:35:05
Tom Taiwo to Doncaster, he's rejected a new contract at Carlisle(12)(11)Are you crazy?? Ridiculous, He's not good enoughNot good anoth if he was worth a million at the age of 16 he is too good for youThat was then and now hes just average, hasnt lived up to his potential


23 May 2012 20:23:29
Just recived a phone call from my uncle today who works in the backroom staff at everton and he has heard that the Pienaar deal will be done in the next few weeks(19)(13)Going out on a limb there - I was speaking to a cousin of David Moyes and he told me that Pienaar would sign for Everton before the end of August!! FACT



23 May 2012 20:19:34
Palace looking to sign either Leigh Griffiths or David Goodwillie but may struggle as both their parent clubs may need them having been relegated from the premiership.

Having been scouting in Scotland Dougie Freedman is interested in signing midfielder Ivan Sproule and defender Paul Hanlon from Hibs, whilst they are also looking at three unnamed Rangers players.

Crawley looking to do deals for Jermaine Easter and Andy Dorman, whilst Middlesborough are interested in captain Paddy McCarthy who's contract has one year left.(8)(13)No way, goodwillie and Griffiths are awful, don't be sillyI think Wolves will manage without Griffiths.Goodwillie and Griffiths have poor disciplinary recored (inside and outside football) and Sproule is awful, just released from Hibs who are equally awful !!I guess someone is making this up based on a post on the Palace supporters website saying there has been a lack of scottish relate palace rumours. So busted.


23 May 2012 20:13:45
Peterborough United's Lee Tomlin has agreed terms with Stoke City. The deal will be worth £3m(11)(14)Been rubbished by Posh's Chairman.....Shame though, been a Peterborough fan out of all our players apart from Lewis he's the one I'd most like for us to sell. His performances this season have been poor. If some one offered me 3mil for him I'd snap there hand off lol.


23 May 2012 19:53:31
CARDIFF CITY are prepared to shatter their transfer record with an audacious £5.5m bid for Burnley hotshot Jay Rodriguez.

WalesOnline understands no official approach has been made by the Bluebirds, but the club has expressed a 'strong interest' in signing the 22-year-old striker, who fired 21 goals for the Clarets last season in the npower Championship.

Cardiff boss Malky Mackay rates Rodriguez the best striker outside the Premier League and has received the backing of the Bluebirds board to go out and land his man.(10)(44)Sure they would like Messi too-but neither are going to a Championship club!Way too good for cardiff, easily prem standardDream on boyo, u will lose your manager to wiganThe cardiff owners have already stated that costs will have to be cut, there is zero chance of them spending that sort of money.Jay is going to the Prem next season, not to a crappy little club like cardiffGo back to playong footy manager, what a load of rubbish

If you done your homework, we rejected a 5 million bid, also reports are saying we rejected a 5.5 mill bid aswell.

Also why would he want to go to a team that has failed everytime they have been in the playoffs, also he will only go to a Prem club aswellWhere have our owners said cost will be cut... You need to do some research.
Cardiff are hardly a crappy 'little' club, we're the biggest team to have never played in the premier league, and had more success in recent times than anyone else. Roriguez isnt prem standard and I wouldnt want us to spend that much for him. That settles that.Why would we lose our manager to Wigan when our manager has signed a contract to stay with us until 2014Rodriguez is prem standard and Burnley's asking price is 8m.This has got to b the funniest thing I have ever heard in my entire life , KEEP ON DREAMING CARDIFF . UTCAlso he isnt from watford so cardiff wouldnt want himCarrdiff city sign rodriguez i dont think so . more likely to sign fat overweight chopra from ipswich .Who are cardiff city no bottle and surely not 8 mill youve more chance getting promoted to the prem ,than buying jayHaha im a spurs fan and its funny how all the championship fans here think there clubs are big. fact burnley are a small club as much as i hate to say it cardiff are twice as big as burnley there fan base is huge for championship level jay rodriguez is overated.OOOO I see the Welsh haters are out in force today! Small minded idiots who only come on here to criticize, ridicule and insult. Grow up you muppets!Liverpool fan here , Cardiff have proven they are one of the biggest clubs in the UK , did you see their fans against us in the CC final . Respect where due!! Reds hoping for Cardiff to go up this coming season!! YNWAMost of the posters above must have been on the Bitter this afternoon!!! ha ha ha ha ha!!!I am a burnley fan and i think cardiff are a bigger club than ours . However i dont think jay would move to cardiff if a established prem club comes in . tottenham isnt that a suburb of chelsea and fulham . lmao jk . at least burnley is its own place . even if it aint to pretty lmaoWould love to know why a spurs fan has an interest on a burnley issue ?,but its a fact believe it or not? burnley fc are the best supported club in england ,when you consider per head of population in burnley .its a football factI dont think hes worth 5.5 million to be honest yet alone 8 million burnley fans need to get realSpurs fan has an issue because every forum i go on its all about jay rodriguez. why doesnt he just stay at burnley he doesnt need to go anywhere . if he goes burnley are doomed next seasonI am a Cardiff fan and this bid is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Owners trying to prove that they still back the club and the fans. it is easy to bid for players you know you cant get. He is highly rated and has six or seven Premiership clubs after him, so why would he want to come to Cardiff. Come on city fans wake up and smell the coffee.If Cardiff are double the side Burnley are then how come they're not in the premier league and also who was in the premier league more recently?? BurnleyIf your such a big club you would have stayed in the premiership one lucky season getting up it will never happen again swansea are bigger than burnley lmaoThat reminds me we also beat spurs 4-2Well we would have stayed in the prem if our manager didnt leave half way thru the season and get replaced by a person hu didnt have a clue wot he wer doing !!And at least we got to the premiership , something which Cardiff can't do , even when u had Bellamy u couldn't get there hahaIf jay rodriguez is to good for cardiff hes to big for burnley we finished higher than you last year and made the play offs and were a more consistant team year on year


23 May 2012 19:51:22
long term Chelsea target Milner set to sign for Chelsea this summer(11)(23)


23 May 2012 19:17:17
Kenny Jacket is interested in Emil Heskey now hes been released fron Aston Villa on a free(7)(16)


23 May 2012 19:13:23
Milner set to sign for Chelsea this summer trust me (reliable source)(16)(23)Trust me.......ted!


23 May 2012 19:10:17
Mustapha carayol is in talks with bristol city ,believed to be worth around 800k to Bristol rovers,the player sees this move as a launching pad to him playing prem football(11)(18)No he's going to shrewsburyHa ha if bristol city pay that kind of money for him 800,000.(you dont even have that).Hes worth 100,000-150000.
Im a derby fan and aparently it was between us and boro and if we dont want him shrewsbury.But if this is actually true you can have him seen videos of him he is just fast.I will actually cry with laughter if you pay this feeI heard that City had offered 350k + add ons for Carayol. Revised offer for Keogh was in region of 400k after initial 200k offer was refused.I am slightly bemused by the Derby fans insistence that BCFC don't have any money. Look up Steve Lansdown and you will see that we are fine thank you. I assume this is the same poster who keeps posting that we are going into administration too? Epic fail.
Our club have always worked on the premise that we 'will buy a player if he is better than the ones we already have', no gusto or budgets just the same line for years. Does the Derby fan see us as a threat?To the person who believes Bristol City are skint google the name Stephen Lansdown (the clubs owner in all but name and only creditor as all loans are to him) All this talk about our finances are way off the mark.Nope we cant be a threat to Derby who will be middle to bottom of the championship next season as we will be top to middle.Lansdown isnt gunna want to buy all these players at such high prices when he has a rugby club to run aswell as a football club he said he is focased on trying to get bristol to the prem while city take a backseat for now he doesnt even run bristol city really any more he just has a small shareWhere tthe hell does all these people get the idea that our club (bristol city) has no money. our owner has been putting money into the club for years planing on building a new sttdium and also he is the 3rd richest man in the west countryTo the Derby fan. He's worth a lot more than 150,000. I wouldn't accept anything less than a million. Reading and Watford both had 2 players on him this season and both still got tore to shreds.A million is a crazy figure and one that we'll never get for Muzzy though. I think we're probably looking closer to around a third of that.


23 May 2012 19:43:05
dele adebola been at portman rd ipswichtoday to agree 3 year deal source twtd(6)(22)Im a ipswich fan nothin on twtdHighly unlikely as Jewell has highlighted the fact he wants 'pace'.......Super adebola cant wait to see him hes blue and whiteThe goal machine weve been missingLet this not be true, what a waste of wages, what is jewel thinking off 36 years of age , where s building 4 the future ,looks like another wasteful seasonSome Norwich muppet has nothing to do and keeps posting a tripe like that.Whats wrong with adebola i BET chopra is useless again next yearHe could be the man to keep us from relegationThat's their limit! Good ole Ip5w1ch.Chopra wasn't useless last season. He was still the 7th highest goalscorer in the championship with 14 goals.This is BoKs we are talking to Fuller of Stoke about a return to PR, not a 36 yr old OTT lump


23 May 2012 19:33:09
Hi ED, any crewe rumours please? {Ed003's Note - nope}(0)(10)


23 May 2012 19:29:48
Liverpool interested in arron lennon.(20)(25)No
Marc Albrighton


23 May 2012 19:00:51
Crystal Palace manager Dougie Freedman is to register himself as a player for the 2012/13 season as he believes he could provide back up and is "better than Calvin and Jermain combined"

Former Palace employee was on a scouting mission for the club in Japan. Lennie Lawrence confirmed that TP was watching a Korean It is believed he was watching the Korean defender Yun Song Ju.(4)(14)Complete rubbish

Tony Popovic already admitted who he was scouting before leaving for West Sydney and that man was "Jesus" KennedyHilarious!


23 May 2012 18:59:26
23 May 2012 13:38:32
Burnley To Sign Swindon Double MidfielderStriker Raffelle De Vita And Midfielder Simon Ferry


Rubbish rumour


As much as i like Raffa, for his 100% efforts, i can not see him working it very well in league 1, let alone championship, he will be a sub/ressy next year!(4)(6)


23 May 2012 18:48:21
Northampton town close to signing Amari smith from Luton town.
fee iro £50000(3)(5)Why would Northampton pay for him ? there are 2000 players available free ... what a stupid postAmari Morgan Smith is out of contract this summer.


23 May 2012 18:48:18
Swansea team next season GK:vorm
RB:Gunter CB:Williams CB:Caulker LB:
Taylor Rm:Dyer LM:Sinclair CAM:Siggy
CAM:Emnes Cm:Allen ST:Graham!(6)(25)Great team which should guarantee mid table finish but i think gunter and emnes may not be good enoughThe same caulker that is owned by spursEmnes will only get better, really maturing now as a footballer.Why would emnes play cam? no clue about football what so ever!Interesting. You could be pretty near the mark there. Emnes, yes. Gunter, strong possibility.No Britton? Personally I'd rather Clyne than Gunter if the deal could be done, and seeing as Sinclair and Dyer are more attacking wingers than side midfielders two CAMs are gonna be far too muchSo where is our best player? Leon...cant tick without him.What, No Leon Britton.True but i think they need a new right back though with pace perhaps kyle naughton or nthaniel clyne?Good team, but I think we could do with a better LB (no offence to Neil Taylor intended) and maybe bring in either Nathaniel Clyne or Adam Matthews as RB to strengthen out defence coz if we lose Rangel or Taylor to injury we haven't got cover atmMate you do know in football you can chnange positions so Emnes could play Cam if he was asked!Yeah, you won't be getting Caulker back. With King, Gallas and Nelsen all a year older and Dawson injury-prone, Caulker will play for Spurs next season.

And yes, I know everyone is a year older, but you know what I mean.Spurs already have Gallas, King, Kaboul, Dawson and Nelson on their books and they are looking at Jonas Olsson of WBA and Jan Vertonghen of Ajax that could leave Caulker bench warming for Spurs and he is farr too good for that. Better off returning to Swansea on loan or even full time.Caulker will be playing for Spurs. Dream on sad jack!He's not a sad Jack, yes caulker is an amazing player, but spurs don't need him, they already have enough world class defenders and caulker won't want to sit on the bench all season, spurs know he would be better off at swans coz he's getting premier league experience, which is something spurs can't give him due to amount of defenders


23 May 2012 18:33:20
West ham to sign Emile hesky due to that hesky is better than any of there players and he's free! Seems like there planning for the championship already lol(14)(35)Cheeky b.....


23 May 2012 18:32:33
Ed, any Bradford City rumours mate? {Ed025's Note - no mate..expect some in a week or two..(0)(8)Make some up . . . everyone else does!


23 May 2012 18:29:23
Nicola Leali deserves a move to a top club from Brescia because of his fantastic potential(6)(7)


23 May 2012 18:25:04
Lewis grabban to Crawley has fallen through after doncaster entered the race to sign him.

Will be completed by end of the week.(10)(9)Pretty sure they've almost completed talks to join Crawley


23 May 2012 18:21:53
Shrewsbury Town to sign some of these players in the summer:
Kane Ferdinand
Matt Ritchie
Mustapha Carayol
Lewis Grabban
Ryan Hall
Marlon Pack
Some of these players will be tough to sign due to championship competition.
With the signings Shrewsbury will challenge for promotion and possibly the title.(3)(28)Would love us to get some of them but with Matt Richie, Mustapha Carayol and Lewis Grabban we haven't got a chance.Mustapha Carayol? Jog on! No chance is he going Shrewsbury!Are you having a laugh you have no chance of Matt Ritchie. we turned down 800k from Bournemouth and Di Canio wants 2.5 million plus he wouldnt go to a smal club like Shrewsbury no disrespect.Ritchie, Carayol and Grabban very unlikely. dont lieDon't be silly.They wont sign anySeen as though ian sharps argue-ably your best player last season left to join rotherham its unlikely grabban would leave rotherham to join you. no disrespect to shrewsbury but this rumor is a fantasyI'm not lying CARAYOL will go! I can't see why not!Is that the Matt Richie who plays for Swindon or another one cos if its the one from Swindon you've got more chance of platting fog my old son!Ferdinand and hall are too good for Shrewsbury!What's so great about Matthew Ritchie did he run rings around Shrewsbury no did he score against Shrewsbury no league 1 player say no moreYet Hall is ok for LEAGUE 2 SOUTHEND. they are do able. no others thoughI am a shrewsbury fan and can say this is obviously someones wish list rather than reasonable targetsOnly likely ones are Pack and Hall the others are bcksAlso a shrewsbury fan and i had a laugh. why on earth would Matt Ritchie move to us, no logic at all. Rovers rejected a 6 figure bid for Carayol and we only do free transfers..... this guy is deluded.Wish list it is a wet dream list.

In Turner we trustDeluded Town fan I think. Sign them and we'll be back in the Conference having gone bust in no time.That guy talking about Ian Sharps is clueless. Learn your facts before you post! The only thing stopping Ian Sharps signing for Shrewsbury only offered him a one-year deal, whereas Rotherham gave him the security of a 2-year deal.

You're talking as if Rotherham are a big club.Sharps left because Rotherham offered him 2 years and Shrewsbury offered him only a 1 year deal.


23 May 2012 18:21:32
Wolves are leadin the race to sign bjorn sigurdarson from lillestrom, due to his age constant first team football is his priority wolves unlike the premier league teams interested can offer him that. He won't be joining any other championship club as the likes of Cardiff and Ipswich aren't ambitious enough for him. Wolves also have links to him with solbakken and Eggert Johnsonn.(14)(16)City and Town are going to finish above Wolves next season. I just know it you have no hope.Good that Sigursson is going to Wolves. You must admit, going to a club that couldn't buy a win with a team that made a Blue Square outfit look like Real Madrid is a damn sight more of an attraction than that tatty old Premiership. There's ambition!I ain't got a clue what either of the others are trying to say, face it he will be going to wolves!Lol we will be promoted one way or another let's fact it city there rubbish n so are townBitter people wolves for the league ...come show all these rubbish clubs how its and town hahaWolves were relegated so its funny that there fans call cardiff and town a bad clubCardiff have never been a big club and never will be they are nowt compared to swansea.Cardiff are a big club they have a huge fanbase and a new stadium there a club on the up wolves are on the way down


23 May 2012 18:18:44
Barnsley r in the race wiv Bury to sign out of favour owls midfielder Giles Coke source Bury times(4)(14)Bury look to sign Ryan Lowe soon.Ryan Lowe will be signed on loan for one season, except Tranmere are close to signing him too.


23 May 2012 18:18:28
Derby to sign Michael Jacobs who will inspire them to promotion next year.(14)(10)Im a derby fan he won't.Inspire them to promotion stop it my sides brilliantWe will get Jacobs wev been saying this for weeks p.s. We won't get promoted were a mid table side and always will be unless we get the man city owner before the fair play rule comes inI'm a derby fan and... yes he willTbf alone he wont but him, a 20 goal ST and another defender and we'll get play offsNo he won't lol. we will not get promoted by signing Jacobs and losing S.Davies and GreenGreen is rubbish and S Davies is good but will never get u play offs cus he neer finishes a seasonThink there's some forest florist fans on here. green and davies have been injured a lot recently and we have done fine without them. but sounds like our loyal derby fans must of seen a different season to the rest of us.


23 May 2012 18:17:38
Johnson will not leave city as many people seem to think, he only recently signed a new deal. He scored quite a few goals this season, many after coming on as a good sub, so City will be happy to use his as an impact sub! The only reason he will go is if he hands in a transfer request.
Hazard-City will offer him more than United
Thaigo Silva-a deal that will involve Tevez going the other way
Martinez-an alternative option to Barry who is getting old and De Jong
Cavani-as Tevez will leave in the Thaigo deal

Kolo Toure-he is getting old and his best days have gone, Thaigo will replace him
Bridge-he will be sold to anyone who will take him, if he is prepared to take a wage cut
Tevez-as a part of the Thaigo deal, he is too unreliabe, shown by what happened with the poster
And lots of other unplayed and out on loan player such as Santa Cruz(8)(19)I think Milan have made it quite clear that they won't be selling Thiago...I thought that was obvious when they said he costs 40m+You say city will offer more than united but hazard has agreed terms with both so surely that cant be the case?


23 May 2012 18:16:13
Neymar has signed for barca(18)(27)He signed for them ages ago. Cmon keep up


23 May 2012 18:14:53
Wayne Rooney should be released. {Ed025's Note - which prison is he in?(18)(23)Oh don't you just hate it Ed when you accidentally type prison but you actually meant zoo? {Ed025's Note - love it mate..Are you are city fan? {Ed003's Note - Who ? }No i support liverpool {Ed025's Note - my condolances mate..;o)Jokes would be funny if people could spell...


23 May 2012 18:13:58
Jay Rodriguez, Matt Phillips, Robert Snodgrass, Jordan Rhodes and Wilfried Zaha all to sign for Prem clubs this summer after successful campaigns with their clubs.(36)(17)Matt Phillips wont leave Blackpool, they are aiming for play offs again and he feels they can get back to premier leagueWow, how long did it take you to come up with the obvious???Alright calm down mate it's just a rumourYou seem to know it all who will they sign for then


23 May 2012 18:10:50
wba are talking to leverkusen over star tranquille barnetta(18)(13)


23 May 2012 18:09:57
celtic have started negotiations with wba over striker simon cox(23)(10)No they haven'tOh yes they haveThey couldn't afford himIts on sky sports newsWe could well afford him (we're preparing a 5m for Rhodes) but Cox is nowhere near good enough.How could they not afford him ?


23 May 2012 18:09:08
chelsea are in talks with villereal over the transfer of striker guissepie rossi(15)(21)No, they really are not. Rossi is out with a broken leg and will be lucky to be back before 2013.Rossi hasnt broken his leg! his ruptured his cruciate knee ligament, anyhow if fit by the end of the year a deal can still be done since villareal got relegated from la liga


23 May 2012 18:08:25
Jake Forster- Caskey to sign for a prem club after breakthrough season at Brighton.(7)(14)I agree that he deserves his chanceI doubt it. He has fantastic potential and brighton dont need to sellNot ready yet another couple of seasons and we'll knowYh ok 3 year contract left, plus arsenal were after him last year and said he wouldnt leave and want to progress with us..... epic fail.LoL whay do people put such bull no way is he going to the prem 1. he aint ready 2. he has said he wanted to stay at brighton 3. his contract isnt over and we would probs on loan him if we did anything!Although he was impressive. He didnt play enough to warrant a Premiership move. HGe will be a Premiership player soon. He needs to excell a regular first team place in the Championship first. He is likely to be a 'key' midfielder for albion next season (2012/13). Now Navarro has gone, ideal opportunity for him to prove he is good enough.Epic fail ?? dont be pathetic. You obviously know nought about football. Typical impatient so called fan.Wat breakthrough season? 5 apperances 2 goals


23 May 2012 18:07:35
despite not having a manager wba sporting directer dan ashworth is close to sealing a double swopp in the free market for full back steinnsson formerly of bolton and keeper tom heaton formerly of cardiff.
barnsley midfielder jacob butterfield has also bben approached(4)(5)Heaton is going to Sheffield Wednesday.


23 May 2012 18:07:30
Liverpool are most likely to get Roberto Martinez as their new manager.(14)(25)He's already said no once, so if this is true, what have they had to offer to make him change his mind ?Just shows how far liverpool have fallen,what a jokeFair play to liverpool if they do offer him the job.Look at how Di Matteo turned around Chelseas season. It would be refreshing to see a major premiership team not going for one of the usual big name suspects.Liverpool cant get big names anymore thats why they went for rodgers and martinez and even they to turned them down!how the mighty have fallen!!They drew up a shortlist of 5 managers, all the rest are paper talk; Benitez, Villas-Boas, Guardiola, Martinez and Rodgers. It's believed all along it's been a two horse race between Rafa and AVB but the management wanted to open up their options in an attempt to drive down the costs of the new manager.Hes pictured in america with john henryLiverpool fans are a joke. The dont want to give anyone a chance at the helm other than dalglish and we all saw what he did with fsg moneyI wish that FSG would focus more on the football rather than business. It's all well and good cutting costs but you have to invest to get champions league. That's where the money is, not 8th place and a Carling cup. We need a proven manager who can handle a club like Liverpool, pick out quality targets without paying ridiculous fees and who's tactically sound. Not someone who can just about save a team from relegation.


23 May 2012 17:59:17
Doncaster are interested in Wrexham's Mattias Pogba. They'll also sign Grant McCann(11)(10)


23 May 2012 17:56:00
Ed any Decent Southampton rumours ? {Ed025's Note - yes mate ...apparently you are signing everyone!...only are being linked with jordan rhodes, and jay rodriguez..(14)(8)Haha cheersSaints offered just over 6m for jay according to lancs telegraph but does he want to move all the way down there and be stuck in a relegation dogfight all next season? i dont think so especially as there are established premier league sides nearer home like everton showing an interest. saints you aint got a chance of getting him...I think we do.Daily echo website belives saints have offered 6m for rodYeah yeah, just like we weren't going to get Jack Cork because he 'loved his time at Burnley'.Why wouldn't Saints get him? Everton are not exactley financial flush and need to sell before they can buy anyone.And how would you know weather the saints are going to be in a relegation dogfight are you mystic meg? he could do alot worse than saints anyway imo who would pay 6+m for him imo he is worth only half thatPersonally I think his options are Burnley or Saints. If he stays with Burnley, he will be close to his friends and family and will play the majority of games. Southampton a team now in the Premier League hoping for survival where he will be in the first team picture. However teams like Everton, Newcastle etc.... they already have a fair few strikers and will need to fight very hard to overturn all above him, so my conclusion is I hope he stays with Burnley and signs a new contract because I like to see players stay with their local team (le tissier and hopefully adam) , but would be very happy if we signed him but not for the asking price of 8 million

Jake (saints fan)You say we dont stand a chance but if he wants to PLAY in the premier league were his best chance. He wont get in the everton starting 11 maybe the bench, all the way south. Lol it aint that farHow do you know saints will be in a relevation dog fight? Everyone said we would struggle to be top half the table in the championship but we stayed top most the season and finished second to a reading that hit form at the the right time. COYRJay Rodriguez is a southampton fan mind you, playing for your childhood club is kind of his ambition. Just saying, he should want to...


23 May 2012 17:55:26
Yakubu to replace Holt at Norwich {Ed025's Note - or at weightwatchers..(10)(24)1st of all Holt ain't going anywhere, and he is not overweight, one of the reasons he has made the step up was the conditioning Lambert put him through.
If Yakubu was to come to Norwich Lambert would be on his case straight away about any excess weight, ain't going to happen because Norwich would not pay his wage demands.Ed015- Oi ! {Ed025's Note - its ed025 actually...lolYes but I am ed015.Bit harsh ed :D {Ed025's Note - i apologise....but only to ed015, for not reading his post properly...sorry mate..That's what i like a nice impartial editor crikey


23 May 2012 17:54:15
Frank nouble of west ham could sign one year deal with Yeovil town, depending on interest from other clubs in London region. Also if we can't get chris weale because of his wage demands then we will look to Scott shearer.(7)(9)How about the wage demands of Mr Nouble?I think Richar Hinds did well this season. He fitted in the team to great capacity making us stronger. I feel he could contibute well again especially alongisde a the new defender at the heart of defence. I feel N'gala and Ayling are strong as well. Jones and Haynes Brown aren't the best of players for promotion standards, though we need them. We need more then sixteen outfield players at least who belong to us. The choise of players becomes vital, I do feel however Hinds can be one of them. We have a tight budget we just need good two keepers sixteen or seventeen outifield players who belong to us plus four of five loans.


23 May 2012 17:49:54
reading have had bid accepted for Adrian Mariappa
so far - connolly, Mariappa, Parr, Sanchez and Rhodes being tracked(16)(10)MrRFC you post repeatedly every day yet nothing you say has come to light can you either shut up or tell us your real identity is being Brian McDermott?Just you wait and see, and i said yesterday Connolly will sign and next day reading post say we are in talks
MrRfcYou don't know what you are talking about - Mapps is in the Carribean for the next 2 weeks and has been there for a while - why make stuff up - what are you 12?The first post i made was two days ago BE PATIENT, when this happens i what an apology and just because we are interested in or approached someone doesnt mean we will sign them
MrRfcBut marriappa is in jamaica on international duty! pls note nothing major will happen till after the euros and summer break most likelyWhy does Mariappa have to be in the country for us to have a bid accepted
MrRfcDavid silva coming to reading and paul scholes for last season maybe ryan giggsLol southaptonNo offense to the people rubbishing this rumour, but there is such things as a mobile phone... this isnt the 16th Century. I personally do not believe this, especially since we have been heavily linked with Connoly and according to Sky, Reading believe that young Micheal Hector has what it takes to flourish in the Premier League.I don't understand why people start to mention the likes of Silva (like above) and players like that when Reading rumors appear! Since when does the likes Mariappa and Rhodes lead to David Silva, did I miss something and these players from non prem teams world class stars!?Reading have only shown an intrest no bid according to sky sportsBid has been agreed and he will have a medical when he returns from international duty, but this doesnt mean he will sign still competition


23 May 2012 17:40:13
Burnley closeing in on Adam clayton and James meredith. They are also optimistic about joel ward and may return with an improved offer for O'neil. still no offers for Jay rod accepted yet(16)(7)Not true 5.5m offer for jar rod from an unnamed clubActually that "offer" never happened, no bid has been made.And no bid will ever be made for him BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH PLAYER. You may get a bid or two for your other striker Jay RODRIGUEZI said accepted, there have been offers just none accepted. Also stop being an person you knew exactly who i meant so whats the problem!So is their no such player as Leo messi then either then , or scholsey , if a player has a nickname does that mean they don't exist ? Get a gripAnd actually his nickname is roggy but I suppose it dunt matter coz he dunt even exist


23 May 2012 17:38:00
lewis grabban will NOT be signing for
crawley town has he has failed to
agree personal terms {Ed025's Note - he now wants to be known


23 May 2012 17:37:17
Reading are interested in Jordan Rhodes, expect bid to be made


23 May 2012 17:33:36
West Hams Recently released Striker
Frank Nouble is training with Derby
County.Nigel Clough Has been along
Admirer since he Scored agianst Derby
In the New year Fixture.(14)(11)Like every other club it's close season how can he be training with Derby?He means Frank nouble will be at moor farm for assessment then either offered a contract or trial for the upcoming pre-season.Note just because its the end of the season all aspects of football dont stop.coaches and other staff still workHow ! He only got realeased today but he would be a good signingThey are on holiday. how can he be training with them!!!


23 May 2012 17:27:40
Grant Holt will not be leaving Norwich City after his problems have been resolved by the board.(26)(6)I hope holt wont go


23 May 2012 17:26:50
If Grant Holt does leave Norwich will replace him with Celtic striker Gary Hooper(9)(25)Buy him if he stays- what a strike force, hooper can replicate jelavicOh dear how many clubs is hooper playing forHooper wont leave celtic"On a worse note let me darken the hour. Paul Lambert Has just agreed to sign for Aston Villa." Oh dear... Crystal ball was a little broken I think, mate.


23 May 2012 17:25:29
Norwich to sign:
Dani Pacheco - 2m
Henri Lansbury - 2m
Jordan Rhodes - 4m + K Smith on loan
Curtis Davies - 2m
Wilfried Zaha - 4m + C Martin
Kyle Naughton - 2m
and Lucas Piazon on loan from Chelsea

Total - 16m... Which Norwich will be able to afford to stabilize their place in the top flight.(13)(24)And Stuart Holden sorryNaughton will cost more like 6m and Zaha is rubbish compered to bennettWould all be good signings and all are realistic, but I can't see you getting all of them.More like relegationRhodes, Naughton, Zaha and Lansbury are the only players who will challenge for a first team placeCurtis Davies is worth more than 2mStuart Holden is overrated and no better than Howson, Fox, Hoolahan ^^
Zaha, waste of money, Chris Martin will probably leave thoughNorwich City fans please wake up and stop being so ridiculous.Kyle Naughton was a brighter star than Kyle Walker at the time we paid 10m for two kids from Sheffield United. Walker took his chances at Villa on loan and has evolved to the world class player you see, please do not be so blinkered to think we would allow a fitness & experience loan to you to materialise into some 2m transfer. Face it Naughton is just gaining experience and be grateful to have him at such a bargain on loan price. He is likely to join the main squad with Caulker who has been given the same experience at Swansea. Perhaps if you are lucky we might give you another years loan, but selling a young up and coming star for 40% of what we paid years before is just not happening.

On a worse note let me darken the hour. Paul Lambert Has just agreed to sign for Aston Villa.Mate Naughton is 23 not as young as Walker


23 May 2012 16:57:08
Reece Brown is wanted on loan by Swindon Town and Shrewsbury Town.(6)(5)He's also wanted back at Oldham, most likely to be as well.


23 May 2012 16:55:42
Young Manchester United Goalkeeper Sam Johnstone is a reported loan target for Preston North End and Shrewsbury Town.(11)(6)We wont we got stuckmannWe wont be looking at goal keepersOnly have one keeper atm so could be plausableOf course we're looking at goalkeepers we've only got Thorsten Stuckman, who is strongly rumoured to be replacing Paul Robinson at Blackburn. Robinson returning to the Premier League.Stuckman moving on, Johnstone is a replacement.


23 May 2012 16:52:03
Newcastle sign Romain Amalfitano, confirmation released soon. {Ed025's Note - i watch sky sports news as well..(18)(5)H yes edHaha gud one ed


23 May 2012 16:50:32
Frank Nouble hwo has been released by West ham is interesting Millwall and Watford(7)(10)Fits KJ's transfer strategy.Stop making up such rubbish. No chance at Millwall. He couldn't even score at Gillingham !!Neil Harris couldn't score for Gillingham, but look at his goalscoring record at Millwall!!True and it all depends on who the players are around youHarris is a league one player, just like Nouble.


23 May 2012 16:49:15
Shrewsbury Town have shown interest in former Arsenal players Rhys Murphy and Gavin Hoyte following their release.(5)(6)Not coming to shrewsGavin Hoyte definitely is!


23 May 2012 16:49:01
After his release from West Ham, John Carew is set to join his ex- valencia team mate Vicente, at Brighton !(15)(6)Please say this is false, carew is awfulSadly not up to Championship standard even these days. I can see him going home to Norway but certainly not going to Brighton who need a striker who can do just that!Please say this is true, carew is ideal. Just the type of physical presence Brighton need up front. Good in the air, strong, versitial, experienced and knows how to put the ball in the box.
whoever said he is awful needs a reality check.


23 May 2012 17:17:55
Gary Johnson is expected to name a new centre half farely soon. Defender Clarke Carlisle could be a possible candidate after being released form Burnley.(8)(5)


23 May 2012 17:17:34
Next season Crewe duo Nick Powell and Max Clayton will sign for prem clubs, if they are promoted to League 1. As well as that Ajay Leitch-Smith, Matt Tootle, Luke Murphy and Ashley Westwood will join championship clubs depending on promotion or not.(9)(6)If half their team were that good then they wouldn't be where they are.


23 May 2012 17:12:13
I work for Norwich city and can confirm that things happening with Dani Pacheco and Henri Lansbury are a little more than just rumours. watch this space very soon...(18)(9)Oh really. I think this rumour is reliable as a glass hammer!


23 May 2012 17:11:51
Chris Eagles to leave Bolton W.
His agent to exercise contract clause.
Possible clubs are Reading or Leicester.(15)(9)Btw that comment was meant to go to the post below!!Why would eagles go to leicester when bolton are better placed to be promoted next season?Just how are bolton better placed? do you know anything bout football or are you a deluded wanderers fan?

LeicesterLadNo we are not just a bigger premiership club that had bad luck last season and will win the championship factBolton have too many out of contract players, they are on a downward spiral, whereas leicester are on the up. they are being talked about, and being talked about means people take notice. people taking notice means you can attract players^ Clearly a deluded bolton fan. Not much hope when they get smaller attendances than leicester when in the prem. Championship will finish your little club.Leicester wont finish in top 2 this season bolton will fact!Not impressed with Eagles for Reading. Let Leicester have himBasically Bolton are a better team than Reading...They may have been relegated from the Premier League but it wasn't too long ago Leicester were relegated from the Championship.It wasn't too long ago that Norwich were relegated from the Championship and where are they now? The same with Southampton. As a Leicester fan I disagree that Bolton are a 'bigger club' but I do think you stand more chance of going up automatically than Leicester.Leicester gonna stay in championship forever, they are a nothing team in a horrible place. you will never see the premiership, come on you whites!Obviously all these leicester fans think they'll buy the league like they tried to last year.Chris eagles would be brill for bolton in champinshipLeicester will do better than bolton this coming from a cardiff fanI know the whole championship hates leicester, but and I am no gambler, bookies don't loose money... check out the odds on Leicester being promoted before writing this schoolyard drivel. Bookies tend to have inside knowledge that we generally dont. I saw them play last year and they were awful, but if the bookies have confidence I would suggest you worry about your own club fighting for a second spot or a playoff place... {Ed001's Note - bookies do NOT have inside knowledge, they base their prices on the money wagered, nothing else.}Jog on leicester are nothing, spend a fortune and cant even compete for a play off place #joke


23 May 2012 17:03:47
Paul Lambert has hinted he has no plans to leave Norwich 'I absolutely love it here'.
In the summer he plans to sign:
Henri Lansbury
Dani Pacheco
Jordan Rhodes
Curtis Davies
Charlie Mulgrew
Liam Bridcutt
Stuart Holden
Kyle Naughton
Robert Snodgrass
Chris Gunter

He plans to sell:
Andrew Crofts (swap deal for Bridcutt)
Aaron Wilbraham
Zak Whitbread
Either Rudd or Steer (loan to a champ side)
Simon Lappin (loan for season plus £3M for Snodgrass)(12)(15)You really dont want mulgrew he couldnt hack it when was at wolves in the championshipSteer will not go to a championship side we had him at yeovil and personally i thought he was one of the worst keepers i have seen okay at shot stopping but doesnt command his area at allWhat do you drink? I want some. Its better than my wacky baccy!!!Wilbraham and Whitbread have been released. According to

Very reliable source. I;m an Arsenal fan by the way.

StEvEWhitbread and wilbraham are already released numpty, brad burton hereMulgrew has changed since then....have you been watching him? i guess not because its a shiat league eh so everyone is shiat. he took 3 different player of the year awards,he is a different player now, and has one of the best crosses and free kicks around...but thats your opinion, he will prove you wrong again next yearJed Steer has improved massively this season. He made a few appearances for the first team at Norwich and performed extremely well in doing so. He will reach the top. When you have no confidence in your back line then you dont perform well, im guessing that was his problem at Yeovil.Mulgrew wont go anywhere why would he want to be relegrated with norwhich when he will be playing champions league football with celtic?There will always be a long running argument between premier league mid table teams such as Norwich and Rangers/Celtic about who is better, who will sign for who etc.

My view point is that when you look at where your best players have come from, Celtic's 'Stars' have all come from middle of the road or lower end Championship teams. You even have our League 1 GK ffs. I dont know how playing 3 games in the Champions league with little to no chance of ever doing anything in the competition again, coupled with the least competitive top level league in Europe is much of a draw any more. Im sure playing in the most competitive top league against some of the worlds best teams on (more than likely) more cash is likely to start turning heads if we want them. BUt we went down the route of buying players from Scotland a few years back, and that took us down to league 1....


23 May 2012 16:48:06
Newcastle update
Romain amalfitano is having a medical today ahead of signing a three year deal.
Newcastle are in pole position to sign mapou yanga M'Biwa from montpelleir his agent has already held prelimanary talks with the club, the player is also keen to join newcastle as he feels he could settle in to the premier league easier alongside so many of his fellow countrymen. All of this comes after a move for fc twente's defender douglas stalled with negotiations proving too difficult due to the number of representatives he has.
Newcastle are also confident of tying up a deal for lille's 26 year old right back matt debuchy who said a final farewell to lille after an 18 year association with the club he joined at the age of 8, yohan cabaye has been instrumental in the deal the brings his best freind to the club for a fee of around 6 million which they are hoping to complete before the start of the euros and stave of interest from bayern and lazio.

Newcastle are expecting to loose both danny guthrie and danny simpson this summer. Simpson will be sold if he continues to refuse a new deal as club wont risk looseing him for nothing with villa and qpr interested in a 4 million deal.
Guthrie will be looking for first team football over the summer with wba, villa and norwich possible destinations in a 3 million deal. Dan gosling and leon best are the other potential departures as they will looking for regular first team football.

Newcastle will try to hold on to thier top players this summer however they have deals lined up to replace demba ba, cheick tiote and tim krul with bas dost , sven bender and hugo lloris if they did decide to sell(10)(5)Like Lloris will move to Newcastle.Dream on, I liked the reported interest in M'Biwa and Debuchy but you must be joking when you think Newcastle are in any position to sign Hugo Lloris?


23 May 2012 16:46:53
Palace now favourite to sign Joel Ward(9)(20)I've been saying that for the last 3 weeks.


23 May 2012 16:44:22
i think you will find that Motherwell accepted a bid from Blackpool for Jamie Murphy in January of £250k but he refused to leave. His form has been so poor that they want to cash in on him this window before his contract runs out next year!(4)(1)


23 May 2012 16:31:12
lewis grabban set to stay with rotherham after failing to agree terms with crawley(13)(0)


23 May 2012 16:23:22
Stoke city are showing an interest in former west ham striker John Carew who has been released by west ham since their promotion back to the premier league(5)(21)The same john carew that stoke did not offer a new contract to before he went to join west hamIt may be a bit tongue in cheek but it seems like every single tall available player gets linked to Stoke on these pages. Above post has it right though; why would Stoke want Carew when he failed to impress on loan in the 09/10 season. {Ed025's Note - becase he,s tall?....lolSomeone should learn their football before making up rumours :-)He was released by Stoke last season so why would we want him back - doh !!Haha Class, even the Ed is getting on the "we all hate Stoke" train....... learn how to spell mate!
(Sarcastic Stoke Fan)


23 May 2012 16:19:50
Nigel de jong to join mark Hughes at QPR(9)(27)


23 May 2012 16:13:45
Celtic will attempt to sign west broms
simon cox in a deal worth 1.5million

cox will score for fun at the scottish giants(15)(7)No he wont,and celtic will not be signing himCox has signed a new contract at west brom
also he will cost double that price.Please please take him celtic hes pantsHes hasn't signed a new contract albion have taken up the years option in order to sell him for a fee rather than him walking away, just like they did with marek cech.

celtic don't want him though even though it was reported on sky it was just his new agent trying to create interestWhy does everyone think we sell our best players really cheap? You're looking at at least 3m for Cox!


23 May 2012 15:57:43
Northampton town are set to sit down with david james over a possible move to sixfields after he was released by bristol city(6)(19)Not very likely...Can see this happening to be honest.... would be good!


23 May 2012 15:51:51
Saints may be after Giovanni dos santos of spurs. Surplus to requirements at white heart lane and could therefore be aquired for a knock down price-

Saintsweb(18)(10)Never heard of a knock down price at whl only overpricedLots of clubs have been after Gio but have not come up to Spurs asking price so i cant see him going for a knock down price

ou812Deluded.Dos santos favours a move back to la liga, was on his way to villareal before they got relegatedAs said above he will only move back to La Liga, Udinese put in a big offer last summer but he rejected it because he wants Spain, he won't move to another English clubYou're looking at 10m plus. Sounds ridiculous I know but that's what they're willing to offer for him in Spain and Italy so why would Spurs sell to a domestic team for less?


23 May 2012 15:50:37
Izale Mcleod in talks with Oxford United following his release from Barnet, as is Lee Holmes after being unhappy with his spell at Swindon following his loan at Oxford.(8)(15)Agreed , one to watch , reckon this could happenWhat a load of rubbish......they need to build a stadium with 4 sides first before splashing the cash!!Considering We've (oxford) signed a left winger already, and that Holmes loved his time at Swindon, we wont be after him. And he wont be interested.
Also we have 5 strikers at the club and have stated we are not after anymore. The manager has already said we're only going to sign a left winger, we got Sean Rigg from Port Vale,
A right back, and 1 or 2 centre midfielders, As waiting for a current player to accept a new deal.With Oxford looking to move some of their current strikers on, don't dismiss this McLeod linkLee Holmes rumour is garbage! BUT however i have a very good mate who is involved with Oxford United Football Club, says Izale Mcleod will be an Oxford United player early next week.

James Constable will be sold on, after the Mcleod deal goes through. Im told Constable will be heading to League 2 Plymouth.Can believe that beano would be going to Plymouth, I would like to think he would stay at Oxford and work well with another strikerYawn! Constable is not being sold on. why do people need to lie?
Chris Wilder is happy with our attackers in our squad. We are not looking to sell or sign any strikers! IF a striker was going to leave, It would be Dean Smaller who was on loan at Bradford for 6 months!
Oxford are hoping, midfielder Adam Chapman signs. And then looking to sign another centre midfielder to replace Asa Hall who thankfully went to Shrewsbury, and a new right back!
SOURCE : Chris Wilder!!Everybody knows Beano won't go! He loves the club.


23 May 2012 15:49:05
Orients Dean Cox has agreed a move to Crawley Town and will sign when he returns from holiday.

The fee is £200,000.(13)(11)Believable. Cox has been added by the Crawley CEO on his twitter. No other reason for this?Absolute drivel !Probably because he is a local lad. Wouldn't read into it too much


23 May 2012 15:47:37
Calvin Andrew will be having a medical at Leyton Orient later on today.

He has agreed a one year contract and will spearhead Orients attacke next season.

Meanwhile George Porter will reject Orients contract offer to sign for Brighton.(11)(8)Another striker who can't score :(Porter - Won't be coming to us.I can confirm that calvin andrew is having a medical tommorow and if all goes well will sign a 2 year deal with the os.He was so pony for orient that he was dropped before his loan even finished, so a very strange signing if trueNicky adams i think will happen.............Porter to brighton no chance.....Calvin andrew youre having a laugh..........Great news for os fans, calvin andrew had just signed a 2 year deal at the os, and there will be a press conference tommorow at 2 pm...No chance on Andrews , if slade signs Andrews then before a ball is kicked the fans will be singing for him out . Shame about good player with a bright futurePlease dont sign andrews i cant stand him what a waist of wageswe could spend on a decent or younger and better playerUmmm why is that great news?I probably have more of a chance than scoring than Andrew. Nine goals in a 153 games- 'nuff said.Please noHeskey could probably score more than andrews


23 May 2012 15:47:00
burton to sign harry pell and athur krysiak(6)(3)


23 May 2012 15:33:34
plymouth to sign
mark ellis
ashley hemmings
richard logan
rory fallon(6)(17)Yeah but i dont think rory fallon will sign cause i think he enjoying himself at aberdeen at the momentLogie naa not sure he would sign for plymouth. he's been at Exeter city for 5 and abit years not sure if he would be a plymouth fan favourite


23 May 2012 15:31:23
Wigan will look to sign Leeds United pair Ross McCormack and Adam Clayton if both are still available in 2 weeks time when Martinez gets back from his holiday in Spain.

Plus dont believe rumours that Martinez is meeting with the Liverpool owners on thursday.
Martinez is on a family holiday and is no longer considering the Liverpool job after seeing and hear what the Liverpool fans think of him.(11)(11)Good we dont want him,why get rid of dalglish for a lump it forward manager,wouldnt last six monthsLump it forward manager? Clearly not seen Wigan play then. We play some of the best football in the league.Martinez a lump it forward manager?!?!?! are you for real?No you dont,please keep martinez so you wll be religatrd next seasonLump it forward manager ! You obviously do not know anything about football . Martinez likes to play attacking , free flowing passing football , on the floor and not in the air . If I am not mistaken thats how the great Liverpool sides of the past used to play . Before posting actually watch some football and get your facts right . (Phil Thompson on Sky Sports said that when Wigan played Newcastle it was like watching Brazil )I actually want him to get the job, any new manager will get my full backing.Ouch your wrong about martinez!Will be nice if we get both :)Im not wrong about Martinez, just wait and see.


23 May 2012 15:29:55
chelsea to sign lucas from sao paulo(11)(10)No they aren't haven't offered enough. BBC Sports News at 1700hrs


23 May 2012 15:22:47
Carlos Cueller and Emile Heskey had agreed to train with Wigan this preseason in March when they were told that they would not be extending there contracts at Villa.

James McFadden is also set to train wth Wigan with all three hoping to win contracts.

Ispy.(22)(7)Cuellars going back to spain ... nice one!Cuellar has said he wants to stay in the PremI hope we get Cuellar, are back up defenders are really poor and Alcaraz has been a bit injury-prone recentlyI think you will find wigan are in the premiership next season if you look at the table they are the one above villa


23 May 2012 15:14:55
Having seen him play several times this season, Crystal Palace manager Dougie Freedman is on the verge of signing Leicester striker David Nugent, who is rumoured to be travelling to London this weekend to undergo a medical, however the Scotsman may face stiff competition from Blackpool and rivals Brighton.

Also on Freedman's radar are Swansea's Stephen Dobbie, Norwich striker James Vaughan and Arsenal defender Carl Jenkinson.(10)(33)Congratulations on your boredom!!Nugent must be driving on the sea to get to London seeing as he is in Tenerife on his holidays! Check his twitter small boy beofre you make up liesSorry but why would you think that Vaughan is on his radar. He will be very much in Lamberts first team plans now that he has recovered fully from his injury which kept him out of the team most of last season. We spent good money on him, and he is starting to show some of his promise, just needs a good run and the goals will come. He aint going anywhere.Im a palace fan and this rumour made me laugh.we couldnt match leicester on wages plus im sure he is happy there.Nuge will not sign for u or blackpool he hates both teamsHe probably made this to get it posted on the BBS. Fair play son.& we wouldnt wont that person at Brighton I wouldnt even wont him at palace as Id feel sorry for them!!Dreamer! What makes you think leicester with all there millions are gonna sell there top scorer? get a life!

LeicesterLadLeicesterLad? anyone that calls themselves lad is a right Colin.

Carl Jenkinson is one of the worst footballers to brace the world if he comes to palace I will get rid of my season ticket.


23 May 2012 15:13:14
Burnley to beat Leeds to the signing of Joel Ward from Portsmouth after Leeds failed to raise the money to sign him (400,000)(17)(25)Going to IpswichIpswich are favourites or PalaceHe has now switched from Leeds due to the falling out with Warnock and Stalin.Ipswich are the most likely to pay top wages but Burnley are still in the running.'DREAM ON MY GOOD FRIENDS, DREAM ON'..... He's gonna be wearing White next season and holding hands with Pearce 100%He.s Leeds and you know he is. come on you mighty mighty whitesTHIS IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG!!!25 May 2012 10:54:52
are you sure leeds fans?

Leeds to miss out on Joel Ward and Ipswich are both dull teams! Ward is going to promotion chasing Palace... It's a no-brainer really!


23 May 2012 15:08:05
Reading interested in signing Juan Arango from Borussia M'gladbach(10)(8)He was voted in the world football team of the year... best midfielder in bundesliga 11/12 doubt reading would get him...They might be interested in signing Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo too, but it does not mean they are going to get himBet the guy who made this rumour is a charlton fan and your right mate, it is a load of bcks!Reading to sign stefanos kapino


23 May 2012 15:04:41
MAN UTD are looking at ARTURO VIDAL of Juventus following speculation that Bayern are very much leading the race to sign Utd's primary target Javi Martinez. Bayern are willing to part with £35M for the spaniard whereas Utd are not keen on spending a penny over £25M for a defensive midfielder. This is where the interest for Vidal comes in who scored 8 goals this season as an offer of around that amount would encourage the Serie A champions to sell. Juventus have already expressed their interest in signing Udinese's promising defensive mid Kwadwo Asamoah who could be seen as a replacement for the departure of Vidal.(7)(11)Vidal is an extremely classy player, once described as "an iron fist in a velvet glove". He'd be a great signing for Utd (or anyone else) but, bearing in mind Juve only bought him last year, I can't see him moving on just yet.Bet Vidal is handy with a hair dryer!


23 May 2012 15:03:16
When it becomes clear that Martinez is not leaving Wigan they will look to sign Rhodes, Dos Santos and James McFadden, who wants to stay in the North West.(13)(8)I hope martinez wont go to villa,that would be a big mistake,they didnt standbye macliesh who was a fallguy for terrible players.I hope he goes to Liverpool.


23 May 2012 15:00:55
Lille are looking at Manchester United's brazilian midfielder Anderson in replacement for Hazard.(18)(7)Yes because hes a like for like swap ! hazard is a winger


23 May 2012 15:00:05
Bristol City have had a second bid of £600 000 rejected by Coventry for Richard Keogh. Coventry are holding out for £1million(16)(8)Keogh worth 3m3m utter rubbish 1m at most!!!600k is a jokeWorth atleast 2mHes not that good i rekon 800-900k at mostKeogh is better than all the Bristol city defenders !


23 May 2012 14:59:00
Hartlepool look to steal the signature of Billy Paynter from Portsmouth -(8)(16)Unbelieveable Jeff!When did he leave leedsPAYNTER going to Pompey. Needs to so that Leeds can reduce fee for WARD. Unless of course you have hard cash for immediate purchase


23 May 2012 14:51:57
Southampton, whu and wba weighing up a bid of 1.8 million for Granada winger/striker Dani Benitez. His agent says he'd love to join the epl.

Sounds like an awful potential addition, he failed to score last season and was suspended for 3 months for throwing a bottle at a referees face after losing to real madrid.(8)(7)He would suit West Ham thenHe could join BartonHe's available for free


23 May 2012 14:38:54
Long term Wenger target Felipe Melo looking set to join gunners after wage demands and pecking order are making him look elsewhere. Chamakh back to France with Lyon expected to pick him up for £4 million.

Bendtner is trying to force a move but he is in Wengers plans for Arsenal. Biggest departure is Walcott to Liverpool and Hoilett coming in.(3)(21)


23 May 2012 14:27:01
After an inevitable clearout, Blackburn Rivers manager will look to sign CFL Bochum centre forward Zlatko Dedic. The forward scored 13 goals in 27 games on loan at Dynamo Dresden in the German second division, contributing to a successful first season after promotion the year before.(1)(16)Is Blackburn Rivers a pub?


23 May 2012 14:23:10
Wolves will hold talks with Lillestorm
striker Bjorn Sigurdarson this week
(local paper)(12)(17)No chance they rejected 5mil from readingI hope soNo way the bid from us was 5m.. (if the was a bid, im skeptical) it would have been more around the 1.5m markReading were interested and made a bid for him but not a 5m mark. it was around 1m and was swiftly rejected. now interest from villa and everton
MrRfcReading offered 3.5 million for him but Lillestorm want 4 million for him.It is between Wolves & Everton for him.


23 May 2012 14:16:10
Aaron Wilbraham signing for Palace aswell as Tunchev and George Boyd.

Gary Brabin to replace Tony Popovic.(16)(16)


23 May 2012 14:14:41
Cardiff city hopes to sign former player glenn loovens for coming season.(2)(18)Not true as he isnt from watfordOooooohhhh handbags!!

or good enough!!Hope its true,failed at celtic big time has no confidence.He would only be a cover player to Hudson and turner so I can't see this happeningHope not old news we had him at his best now he's just a shadow of his former selfI hate how bitter watford fans are get over it


23 May 2012 14:12:52
Louis van Gaal received the offer to become the new technical Director at Liverpool. Together with the new manager, he will be responsible for the first team results(14)(5)Now, I know livpool realy mean bizness, hope 2 see a good manager being signedResponsible for first team results? Nonsense.

DoF is responsible for scouting and recruitment - if the Head Coach then doesn't make use of the players by achieving results then he is solely responsible.

If what you're saying is true, that means a poor run of results would mean that both the DoF AND the Coach would be sacked. Again.

I don't think they're THAT silly...Oooh, they're pretty silly


23 May 2012 14:03:18
with the likely departure of James
Bailey.Derby county are looking to
Bring Jordan Mutch back to his
Beloved Derby(5)(18)The same 'beloved Derby' that he walked out on to join Birmingham?Never Knew We Had HimSounds good and local lad too...however he has had injuriesIm a Derby fan. No way.I can officially state that Derby County Football Club are speaking to Mr. Jordan Mutch about a return to Pride Park as he feels unsettled at Birmingham. A fee is agreed but we will not state anything officially as yet because of the player and CEO Tom Glick discussing personal terms. Further comments or a statement will be made on

Mr Les Gerald
Minority Shareholder
DerbyshireWhats with all this minority shareholder stuff at the moment


23 May 2012 13:57:54
Burnley very close to double deal of Adam Clayton and Joel Ward(9)(28)Burnley will not get joel ward or adam clayton cant afford their wagesNever gonna happenBoth will join burnley, best team linked with himYes it isIts Ipswich who are the hot favouritesIm a burnley fan and clayton wanted 15000 a week at leeds burnley wont pay him that and ward was on nearlt ten grand at pompey so not gunna happenBurnley COULD sign both players! But will No!!!


23 May 2012 13:55:32
just been down to boundary park (oldham) to get the new kit and seen izale mcleod with dickov and heard him say that he was excited to join the team and was looking forward to the season start(5)(23)Funny how he was at yeovil yesterday and portsmouth todayTimes are tough at Oldham when negotiations are done in the club shop.Done in the shop, too funny!


23 May 2012 13:50:26
if huddersfield don't get promoted on Saturday 2 players will be moving to ashton gate which are danny ward and alex smithies(2)(12)And where are Bristol City going to get the 4m required for those two?With Jordan Rhodes off to Reading too possibly


23 May 2012 13:48:07
West Ham utd rumoured to be intresested in Maraoune Chamach sorry if wrong spelling l would also like to have M.Jarvis ,Kerien Richardson .J.Cole, Elmohamady, ,H.Rodellega, Lansbury .We have let go already Diop,Fay,Faulbert,Demel, for the start they would be ideal .....(9)(17)I hope you sign that lot tooDemel has not been released!Lansbury has gone back to ArsenalYes lansbury has gone back but who says we cant sign him on a permanant contract , yes Demel has been relesed , But we r looking at the arsenal striker Chamach


23 May 2012 13:40:03
Rochdale to sign Burnley defender Kevin LOng on a season long loan after an impressive spell last season(5)(7)He will be involved with the Burnley first team squad this season.He is destined for championship football this season


23 May 2012 13:38:32
Burnley To Sign Swindon Double MidfielderStriker Raffelle De Vita And Midfielder Simon Ferry(3)(15)Rubbish rumourLOL De Vita don't even play every game for us in League 2 so don't know what he'll do in Champioship


23 May 2012 13:35:23
I'm a Leeds fan and I'm getting so fed up with the Bates regime of not having any money to buy players to get us into the Premiership. He expects Warnock to trawl through the bargain basement and still achieve promotion. What planet is he living on?Players are wanting to leave and god only knows why any player would want to join us. Very Very depressed he talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. Bates out please(30)(3)Give it a rest!!!!! i see all the other championship teams have signed 5 or 6 players already, we have too many negative fans, we where a massive club once, now we are not and rebuilding takes time!! not seen lines and lines of arabs willing to buy us! and i tell you why because we have to many fans like you who live in cloud cuckoo land, get real and be patient m.o.tStop moaning look at what Leicester did when they spent money, it's not all about spending, Leeds is ment to have one of the best academys in the country, look there for players, I'm a reading fan and look what we done with a shoestring budgetPeople who moan about their chairman failing to back the manager financially make me laugh. You want someone else to spend their money on YOUR club but will moan when your season ticket price goes up to cover costs.Doe,nt it just get on your tit,s when you get idiots like the last 3 who have replied to this thread ! Bates is a Leech ! All he has done since buying the club for 1 per share ! is hound the council for rights to build on the East stand facing car park ! Fabian Delph 8mill Johnny howson 2mill kasper smicheal 2mill !! And what as the mr Big put back in !? NOTHING ! He has invested in corporate box,s !!! whats his next big idea ? use the east stand function rooms as a casino !! Bates wont pay wages to keep the rising Elland road stars ! All bates as done is line his pockets ! with the ONLY BIG club IN YORKSHIRE ! no doubt the !st person who commented was a Bradford city fan 2nd a Sheff utd fan And as for the Reading fan ! person Get a life Your club has just been bought by a Billionaire so don't come the ! Oh didnt we do well speech Self self-righteous P":CKWe (reading) have been a selling club for years and have still reached the prem twice, every season we have had to sell players (long, Siggy, Doyle, hunt , kitson) the list goes on) the new chairman has not spent a penny aside from Roberts wages which isn't anything major. At least your club is still running unlike other teams who spend money and it soon hits back at them


23 May 2012 13:34:16
Billy Kee To Sign For Swindon in summer(6)(10)


23 May 2012 13:33:30
swindon are looking to sign Wycombe striker Stuart Beavon(3)(13)Don't make me laugh!


23 May 2012 13:32:11
Ex Plymouth Keeper Luke McCormack has starting training with town(15)(4)Yes since February when he started day release from prisonAlot of Town fans not happy with this because of what McCormick did which was kill two children whilst twice over the drink limit and also the father is paralysed all due to him drinking.
There is going to be alot of unhappy fans if he signs. He is on trial for preseason so we will have to see what happens next with this.What a complete Joke!
This guy should not be aloud to play football for anyone ever again!Which Town? I failed clairvoyant stage 2!

Ed can we have a rumours page just for the psychics?So Joey Barton goes a little bit nuts on the football pitch during the game and gets pilloried for it but a convicted killer possibly signing for a league team gets LESS press coverage!! No wonder football is ruined.Swindon town if anyone confusedI don't think its a bad thing he's done his time and will have to cope with it for the rest of his life. if he plays football again maybe it would help him get over it. not saying what he done wasn't completely irresponsible, stupid etc but everyone deserves a second chanceAgreed with that last comment, Plus remember Lee Hughes (Notts County) Hit and run and went to prison, Came back to play football at a similar level.If it's something which he is naturally gifted at then so what... I bet if the dad was in Luke's shoes then he would try and carry on his career!


23 May 2012 13:24:07
West Ham to sign Danny Simpson from Newcastle(5)(14)Quite literally anyone is welcome to him. Even Sunderland I'd let take him, hell, I'd be happy for the mackems to take him, maybe they'll slide even further from their expectations. Hard as it is to believe.


23 May 2012 13:23:14
Joel Wards is set to join Bunrley for 500,000(10)(22)


23 May 2012 13:22:56
Joey Barton is signing for WHU! Should be done by next Wednesday!(14)(34)And He will make his premiership debut sometime around Christmas - VERY unlikely ANYONE will touch him or even speak to him before they know how long he will be out.Good player but we wont be able to use for a while as he is likely to have a long ban for that viliont conductHe would drag West Ham into a relegation scrapHe should be banned from football for life.

He WILL disgrace the game again no matter what he says.He has a 12 match banD. Sullivan specifically said in an interview with the Sun that the ONLY player he would never ever sign would be Barton. If someone has told you this rumour then they are wrong/lying. But personally I think you just made this up on the spot. {Ed025's Note - dont buy the sun!


23 May 2012 13:21:34
It is believed that Rotheram United Manager Steve Evans is preparing a bid for Cheltenham Town ace Kaid Mohamed and has had a 3 figure sum rejected by Bristol Rovers for Mustapha Carayol.(7)(7)3 figure sum? no wonder it was much was it? 100?Reckon you mean 6 figure sum palThey are not ace's if they are playing in League 2That's amazing as rovers rejected the bid from a championship side, rumored to be Derby or Middlesborough


23 May 2012 13:15:17
George McCartney and Keiran Richardson are Upton Park bound.(20)(4)With Richardson and McCarthy on there way which l think would be great cause we need speed in the squad l also would like Charmak Elmahamady,Ohlsen J.Cole


23 May 2012 12:47:26
Bristol City are interested in a few players. Expected to make bids for the following players;

David Templeton, Danny Swanson, Scott Laird, Marlon Pack, Ryan McGivern, Kyle Lafferty and Stephen McManus.(5)(17)Nothing short of utter pish really. Templeton, Swanson and Lafferty are all too good for themWe would never never never ever try and get useless mcgivern back. Bristol city are a good team and wil get pack, mohnsi, keogh and lafferty


23 May 2012 12:44:21
Robert Snodgrass (£5.5m), Jordan Rhodes (£5.5m) and James Mcfadden (free with £500K signing on fee) all Wigan bound! Wigan can expect good creativity and goals form these acquisitions!(10)(31)I hope so, Leeds could do with 5.5 mil , would get 4 players for that!Rhodes + Snodgrass fees will not be near those figures.Im a Wigan fan and although I hope these deals happen, I doubt they will. There is a really good feeling around Wigan ATM and Whelan is willing to invest in the team as long as Martinez is still here.

But I agree with the above comments, neither Snodgrass or Rhodes are worth 5mill+Maybe about 5mil for all threeObvious lie... wigan cant afford to pay out 10mill+ just like thatIf henderson cost liverpool 20 mil,snodgrass is a bargain far better player.Snodgrass and rhodes are bit expensive for wigan. aren't they?Wigan can afford to pay out 10mill... they are one of the best ran clubs in the countrySnodgrass and Rhodes will easily command 11m between them!! Only people who don't know what they are talking about would disagree!


23 May 2012 12:38:01
Readings Jimmy Kebe is unlikely to be able to make the step up to the Premier leagues with chamionship favourites charlton the most likely target(8)(25)That's just all that can be said about thatCharlton are only favourites to be relegated! Kebe is too good for such an insignificant teamPhha!! good one. kebe will be the drving force of our attack from the wingJust LOL at this rumourJimmy Kebe will storm the premier league. Who wrote that post is a monkey. Ok he might get found out after a few months but his pace will be the downfall of the lower teams in the premiership. There's only one jimmy kebe!Get a life have the school holidays startedWho are these people who post this rubbish.he's just signed a new contract after the club went out of their way to stop him from leaving in the summerAnd why is he unlikely to make the step up? He's quality and I he's going to leave considering he signed a new contact in JanuaryHe'll need to pull his socks upWhat a load of complete bcks!!What a laugh. Kebe only signed a new contract to be in the prem. go away unless you have a true rumour.Kebe could be hit or miss in the prem league I agree last time he was awful and kept falling over all the time if he makes the grade he could bea very good player, but I cant see him being sold.Are even a charlton fan? Because real charlton fans like me know Kebe wont be coming to us, also Chris Powell said he will buy sensibly not buying everyone.Charlton...favourites... are you mad ?!?! Bolton are the favourites you deluded Charlton fan and alot of clubs bigger than Charlton want Jimmy Kebe. Get yourself clean mate, drugs are bad.Why stop with Kebe, Charlton might as well sign Ronaldo whilst they're at itJimmy will be playing in the prem next season Reading not going to let him go to a team like Charlton.Considering charlton are an overall bigger club in terms of history and success, buri agree that kebe wont be with us and wil be fine in the prem but that person that said we are insignificant needs to look at his own club before saying stuff like that!Lol its only reading ffs back down next yearYeah saying Charlton are insignificant is rash. They donned league 1, wouldn't surprise me if they do really well next season

Challenge for play-off places maybe?Reading will be relegated after a season in the Prem, so Kebe may as well stay there.Please ignore this rumour it is started by and propergated by an Ipswich fan, same as all the others.Loving the people saying we'll be relegated next year, yeah cause our track record in the fa cup hasn't been good against prem teams, both everton and liverpool beaten in last couple of years and a strong man city side given a good run last year! yeah were really gonna just crumble under the force of these almighty sides, also to add that last year teams that did the best of promoted sides kept most same squad (what were doing) when people like qpr got rid of many key players just to struggle this year (not that west ham have just got rid of 6 and a couple of them have been pretty key to them cough cough) not saying we'll stay up for a good 20 year period or nothing but just annoyed people say were going down this season without giving us even half a chance despite our track record...I do think reading will stay up with the players and money they're prepared to spend, I could see you doing a Norwich/ SwanseaYou beat those teams in the fa cup well done, but may i point out you lost to charlton in the carling cupIt was a second string charlton side aswell. I can see reading breaking records, records for the least amount of points in premier league history!


23 May 2012 12:32:23
James Collins is not signing for Watford and has opted to sign a new contract with Shrewsbury Town instead.
(Source:BBC Shropshire James Bond)(7)(16)Shrewsbury town website still says hes considering an offerDR.No .. hes signing for watford, well i just saw a quite lanky , build sorta browny ginger haired lad, coming out fo watford training ground.Trial MethinksCan't see anything written on Shrewsbury's website or local paperWell that wasn't James Collins you saw at Watford!Lol that wasnt collins!1) Collins is not lanky.
2) Not Ginger...Hes irish so you are guessing
3) You obviously know nothing bar hear say on Collins and have not seen him playHahah that's brilliant! he thinks we have the CB James Collins. looks very silly now!!So if he's signed a new contract why is there no news about it? Wishful thinking?......Hes on internatiobal duty. Will be nothing for days on his future


23 May 2012 12:21:19
Luton are chasing Moses Ademola, Delroy Facey and Enoch Showumni.(7)(4)


23 May 2012 11:45:37
Crystal Palace are on the verge of completing a deal for Aleksander Tunchev, the defender is a free agent after leaving Leicester City and previously enjoyed a spell at Selhurst Park last season. The club is also seeking to tie up deals for Paul McShane and Peter Ramage who are also free agents this summer, it is likely both will be signed by the club however Birmingham City, Blackpool and Blackburn Rovers are also interested in signing Peter Ramage

Jose Zamora is flying in from Spain to talk to Palace about a move from Real Madrid Castilla, the Barcelona born winger is keen on a move to England but other Spanish clubs are currently circulating the player this summer.

Palace are also looking at loaning Conor Wickham in for the season from Sunderland although a number of Championship clubs are also interested in securing Wickham services on loan for next season.(13)(10)Ipswich have first refusal on Wickham, clause built into the transfer.


23 May 2012 11:42:41
LEEDS NEWS: Neil Warnock is said to be interested in Gavin Hoyte who was released from Arsenal. Paddy Kenny may be joining as early as next week from QPR as he wants to join up with former manager. Other rumours I have heard include Barton coming to Elland Road and Diouf joining him. Adam Clayton is expected to join Burnley and Aidy White is interesting Celtic. Tom Lees is talking to the club over a new contract.(15)(14)Considering you could not raise 450k for Joekl Ward and had to pull out your very ambitious or deluded at Elland RoadWarnock may be interested in a lot of players, but if Bates doesn't back him then that's that.Wot a joke that would be.cmon sparky you said we would never be in that position again. Kd and oh.
oh oh noI could see kenny going but not DioufWarnock will not want diouf warnock thinks he is a sower rat


23 May 2012 11:33:47
Mourinho signed his new deal at Madrid yesterday after they promised to do all they could to lure RVP to Madrid.

Nigel Reo-CoCker is expected to sign for West Ham. Big Sam is also likely to go after Paul Robinson of Blackburn as Rob Green has expressed an interest in playing abroad.

Jordan Rhodes is expected to wait to see if Huddesfield will be promoted before deciding his future but he is expected by many to join Aston Villa if Simon Grayson gets the managers job there.(11)(9)


23 May 2012 11:29:56
Leeds are strongly linked with recently released Emile Heskey after failing with a loan move in january.(12)(23)Can't wait 15 goals in 3 1/2 years for the villa should be looking good for next year! Can't imagine why Villa released him what a snip... C'mon boys lets build a decent side that deserve to wear the badge, a team that will fight for the cause, not just this next year, but a team to get us up and stay up! We don't need has-beens like Heskey, Smith and Bowyer! MOT


23 May 2012 11:19:39
swansea set to sign marvin emnes for 2.5 m,
Guidetti on loan from man city,
matty phillips for 2.25m plus stephen dobbie,
and james collins for 3m from aton villa

lita is off to brighton 800k
moore to derby 750k
sinclair to aston villa 6.5m(5)(24)Quidetta has been released so no need to loan himYour think of the wrong player mate haha, guidetti scored 20 goals for feyenoord last season and had 10 assissts man city want him to get prem experience for the 2013/2014 season, why would they realease him?Moore is definately not coming to Derby. The mighty rams had a chance to buy him a couple of years ago, but decided not to due to his wage demands.Take Emnes please, he spends more time on his arse that playing football, but sadly i don't think this post is too reliable.Why would Sinclair want to drop down to go to Aston Villa??Its not football manager mateHeard that defoes coming in on loan? dont think it would happen tho due to wage demands?


23 May 2012 11:16:07
Blackburn Rovers have been in talks with Jamie Mackie over a swap deal with David Goodwillie(4)(23)Rubbish he just signed new contractWhat have you been smoking?? Mackie is 10 times the player


23 May 2012 10:47:12
Leicester to beat Ipswich to the transfer of Alan Judge for 600,000(11)(14)800.000.more likely.Yep, that sounds about right. We'll just stand by and watch players go to other clubs.Why would he take a step down by signing for ipswichStep down? so would it be nothing wrong if he signed for Leicester then?Hes not for sale hes staying with nottsI don't understand why it would be a step down to play for Ipswich who are competing in a higher division? Judge is a great little player and I for one would be sorry to see him go but the club should not stand in his way if the price is right. I believe he will go for 650k - and that is a steal.


23 May 2012 10:42:06
Ipswich Town have had 500k offer for Alan Judge turned down today

Source:The Club itself NCFC(16)(5)Clubs hardly ever accept the first offer they receive.


23 May 2012 10:35:30
Peterborough's Lee Tomlin close to agreeing terms with stoke city(4)(20)Looks like a Jon Walters mk2. Great! (heavy hint of sarcasm)Is he over 6ft 4in .....if not wont fit in at Stoke.....Been rubbished by DMac ......


23 May 2012 10:34:49
west ham are in talks with Henri Lansbury and are close to stealing him from sport(9)(4)Would be a good signing for either west ham or norwich, the boys is a real talent.


23 May 2012 10:27:57
Swansea to sign a new striker by the end of the weekend Simon Cox is reportedly coming to Swansea Friday for a fitness test. This deal will be £1.5m and he will sign a 2 year deal.(15)(6)SUPER PLAYER HAS BEEN EXCEPTIONAL EVERY TIME HE HAS PLAYED FOR IRELAND
DUBLIN PADDYHe won't be sold until the new West Brom manager is in place and if he is sold it won't be for 1.5mCox has just signed a new contract at The Baggies so he wont be on the move for as little as 1.5 million or even the january transfer window at the earliest if he does n,t get enough games under the new managerSimon hasn't signed a new deal, west brom have decided to activate a 12 month extension clause so they didn't lose him on a free transfer and could demand a fee, owned


23 May 2012 09:26:22
ED just seen Whittingham at the Madejski Hotel! Was staying there for a conference and saw him being greeted by Nicky Hammond.

Any further info you could give us? Or is it just a generic talk he's doing with a few clubs? {Ed001's Note - as far as I am aware, he is not interested in moving anywhere, though I guess his head could have been turned by the chance of a return to the Prem.}(4)(14)Whittingham tweeted earlier about the holiday he is on outside the UK so I don't think he is in Reading any like Ed said he isn't going anywhere.


23 May 2012 10:05:43
Swansea to sign Pedro Botelho from
Arsenal (2.0m) and Javi Marquez from
Espanyol (2.0m)(5)(18)Where's the source? so untrue!


23 May 2012 10:03:45
Derby county

Michael Jacobs
Aidy white(swap deal with leeds)
Fegor ogude
Krystian pearce
Johnny Russell(chris maguire + cash)
Havard Nielsen

Paul green
steve davies
Miles addison
lee croft
james baily
chris maguire
Ben davies
James severn
aaron cole
alex witham
Connor doyle(loan)(9)(13)Who will Leeds be getting in the White swap deal?Steve daviesWould be happy with every single one of those signings, but unfortunately, can only see Jacobs, Pearce and possibly Russell out of those. Ogude would struggle with a work permit, White is Premiership-bound, and Nielsen is very highly rated in his homeland.You do realise White will be a free agent, so you'll be giving us a player for free and then paying us in compensation (1.5mil) because of White's age. Because that makes perfect business sense.Ogude has now got a work pernitIs the poster about White being a free agent stupid? If the deal was to go through, then the compensation package would be Steve Davies, it isn't just limited to moneyConor Doyle next season is the stand in right mid next season maybe a couple starts


23 May 2012 09:53:54
Rotherham are keen on signing former Miller Kevin Ellison from Morecambe for a fee in the region of 60k. Steve Evans is a big admirer of the left sided player who has just scored 17 goals for the shrimpers this season. Evans is also chasing Kyle McFadzean and keeper Scott Shearer from former club Crawley.(8)(6)Kevin Ellison recently signed a new contract at Morecambe FC and Manager Jim Bentley sees him as an important player next season. Very unlikey that any move to Rotherham or anywhere else will happen.


23 May 2012 09:52:50
Port Vale interested in striker Karl Hawley(16)(1)Who is he? never heard of him.Ex Notts County,Carlisle,Preston, he is a striker, played at Crawley on loan last season.


23 May 2012 09:48:55
goalkeeper scott shearer looks likes hes staying in league 1 after his release from crawley.

stevenage are intrested insigning him(9)(2)He's signed for rotherham


23 May 2012 09:46:10
Richard Hinds to sign for Yeovil Town today(6)(3)Maybe tomorrow if himself and the club can agree terms. All I can say is that we are negotiations with Richard Hinds as well as many other targets.Guys we must not forget he was on a development contract, the envitable was his release at the end of the season It's about development. he player in the Cyprus second division for a time apparently. He maybe could handle league two but he didn't play at all this season, that proves something because Skiverton and Johnstone are experienced and realise the standard needed. He will stay a reserve player most likely at Hereford as well.1 - Skiverton isn't experience in the managerial world.
2 - Who is Johnston


23 May 2012 09:38:30
Everton interested in Gary Hooper from Celtic. Moyes has long been an admirer of the striker who scored 29 goals this season.(19)(19)If Southampton are not going to pay over the odds for him then Everton won'tHeard this too as he wants to team him with Jelavic. dont know if Everon will get enough money unless they sell first.Everton have more money than southampton, theyre getting 10 million for the nike kit and hooper would rather sign for everton than southamptonBalls mate. hooper would rather sign for adkins at the saints. thats obvious like. dont just say everton cause you think there the bigger team. its not always about that and also southampton have alot of money abd quite a bit more than everton do. david moyes transfer budget the past 4 years anyone?Why would you want to sign for Southampton over Everton? Southampton are delegation fodder whereas Everton are established in EPL.


23 May 2012 09:23:28
Don'th think Billy Bodin will leave Swindon Town whilst his Father still has a job there.Not heard of the Watford move,yet did hear Torquay
were keen.
as for dicannio all these stories are just rumours nothing else he has 1 year to finish on his existing contract(8)(1)


23 May 2012 09:02:24

- Kerian Richardson
- George McCartney
- Jordan Rhodes
- Nathaniel Clyne
- Nigel Reo-Coker
- Klasnic
- Henderson (already done and dusted)

- A.Faye
- P.B. Diop
- John Carew
- Freddie Piquionne
- Freddie Sears (loan)
- Sam Baldock (loan)

- (out) Green
If this happens, expect either Paul Robinson or Criag Gordon to got o West Ham to replace him.(25)(22)Do you really need any more strikers FFS?Add demel to the list injury prone forget robbo he is crap sears aint goin to make it sell him with montilivo barrera loan out nouble hall /baldock try for el absi wigan keeper dont need rhodes or klasnic need a proven epl striker strikers cole maynard/vaz te /yakubu/we can always recall one of the young stikers if injury accurs also illunga if he aint already gone


23 May 2012 09:01:30
I heard from sources at Loftus Road that QPR are considering making a gamble and signing Owen Hargreaves on a year-by-year contract. Anyone else heard this?(13)(13)He can keep KD company in the treatment roomI think this would be a good shout/pay as you playWith a name like OWIN! he should be signing for GLASGOW RANGERS!


23 May 2012 08:56:08
Tom Curle ‏@LawFirmFootball
Got a busy week ahead! Meeting at @MANCH235TER tomorrow then off to wigan wednesday, coventry thursday and derby friday

Live tweet form twitter(0)(9)Derby are NOT signing james caton we are getting Michael Jacobs and if failing that Daniel Powell.James Caton is at best
a league 2 player.Otherwise he would have featured for Bolton by now and
Bolton are not favourites to go back up because they will be loosing alot of players.So if he was Npower championship stanard they wouldnt let him go.For a winger he has no pace but average skillNo chance are CCFC spending .05m let alone the numbers being put forward - JOKESigning for which club??That is Directly off of the Twitter account of Tom Curle and is a copy and paste job. Tom Curle is his agent and James Caton is being brought by Derby County mark my words....Ive heard of Sheffield Wednesday but who are Wigan Wednesday?Ha ha. .Caton is signing for Derby, his twitter feed confirms it, but this post is ridiculous


23 May 2012 08:54:07
For those who said Paul Lambert has asked to leave Norwich City to go to Aston Villa, stop making things up. PL said at a interview last night at Adam Drury's testimonial: "I am delighted I am at norwich if that's what you're asking. I never said a word that I want to get away. Not a thing and people jump to conclusions about what I say or what I don't say"

He earlier refused to talk about Holt leaving, and they are still in talks.
Hopefully both will stay.(14)(9)To be fair, Lambert made a rod for his own back when he told the media he was could not answer the question if he would be in charge next season. He obviously was putting feeler sout for the Villa job and is now back tracking. Either that or he has made a major PR gaffNo , He has just negotiated a nice pay rise for himself.He was covering himself incase he got an offer he couldnt refuse. If he came out and said he was fully committed to the club and the Liverpool came in with a progressive plan, money to spend and time to build a team rather than expecting instant results, which no one would blame him for taking, he would look a right ct. Hes always been the same. He used this last season to secure a bigger budget, and im sure they will have squeezed a few more s out for him again in the light of this, this year.

Hes happy, hes settled and (unless a BIG offer comes in, not Villa...) he aint going anywhere!He played the same game when Burnley made an approach, its what agents make people do these days. keeps him in control. he is a huge asset to NCFC and will leave eventually so he has to play the game to keep progressing and build his reputation. dont think it will be this time with villa though, theres a reason other managers are turning down the chance to manage there right now.


23 May 2012 08:49:46
Leeds radio aire just reported interest from portsmouth for billy painter(19)(7)Yes,the stadium could do with a lick of paint-but he should insist on cash up front!
They currently can't afford to buy a can of Dulux, let alone sign a player. Even "frees" expect to get wages.WARD is the bait and Pompey need a stiker for Div 1. Paynter good at this level. Pompey losing players and no money. Leeds got no money but want to offload to reduce Ward feePaynter set to leave on a free not for a fee


23 May 2012 08:41:37
Reading are scouting 18 year old 6ft 5 Panathinaikos keeper Stefanos Kapino. Valued at £2m and also being tracked by Arsenal and Juventus. Extremely young, but already a bit of experience. Sal Bibbo flew out to watch him. This could mean the sale or l(10)(12)Well done on breaking a story that had already been broken by reading 5 hours ago. Clap clap clap.I dnt know how true this is, we have enough keepers already. Federici should of made the Chmpionship team of the season and we have a good back up as well.Reading are not going to let sentimental value get in the way of signing someone with great potential. Why would we not want to sign a player with much more potential than any keeper we have at the club. He fits the general mould of a Reading player and valued at 2million, we wouldnt need to overspend which is something both Owner and Manager have vowed not to do.Can't hurt to have some depth after Feds. Only 18, why not give him a shot, could be greatReading are gonna get relegated and i am a reading fan!"Reading are gonna get relegated and i am a reading fan!"

Firstly I doubt you are a reading fan and secondly unless you have a crystal ball you don't know this."Can't hurt to have some depth after Feds" What...? We already have McCarthy and Andersen, both top young keepers. If that's not depth I don't know what is.I really can't see Reading being relegated next season. We were the best team in the league last season, we were champions, we played as a team. We have money. We will most likely buy a good goalscorer or two, and build the rest of the team gradually. We'll just have to wait and see but I can't see us being relegated next season.


23 May 2012 08:27:05
Mark McGhee has spoken to his old club Motherwell about a fee for forward Jamie Murphy. He has been put off by their £50k valuation however and looks set to sign Jon Nurse from Dagenham on a free(3)(8)Murphy wud be more than 50k ya numpty

daviebhoy08Lol motherwell already rejected bid of more than 500k in january


23 May 2012 08:24:33
I went to the Norwich VS Celtic Adam Drury testimonial match last night(Norwich won 2-0) and with the way Lansbury played(he scored the 2nd goal, and I was directly on the line where I was sitting, and it only JUST slowly rolled across the line), Lansbury was fantastic. Some amazing passes and shots from him. I would love if we even just tried to sign him.

Pacheco was also good, played in a kind of CAM position after starting the 2nd half beside Wilbraham. He would seem like a fantastic signing.
OTBC(17)(8)Lansbury would be a class signing, that man couls hit a 50 pence peice with 40 yard ball! utter class!


23 May 2012 08:17:18
Any Middlesbrough news?(4)(14)Yes still an awful place to live! :-)Ledesma talks are still taking place]Bid for Bristol Rovers' Mustapha Carayol rejected as well.Yep its rainin!Adam Rooney from Birmingham seen at rockcliffe park this moring he was in there for around 2 hoursRiverside renamed the smog arena for next seasonWhy come on here and slag off the town, fair enough if you have the balls to say where you come from, erm but you obviously dont.


23 May 2012 08:09:24
micheal owen might be leave man u as stoke have shown intrest(6)(24)Might? He has not been offered a new contract and is available as a free transfer!Hes been rleased by man united. stoke looks his set destinationI would say he is very likely to leave Man Utd as he has been released hasnt he?Michael Owen HAS left Man Utd. His contract expired. Nothing to do with Stoke.Micheal Owen might be leaving Man U--- He is leaving they not giving him a new contract and his current one runs out next month!Why are top clubs still interested in this loser


23 May 2012 08:07:15
Bounemouth, Nottingham Forest and Crystal Palace have approached Miles Addison's representatives. Derby have transfer listed the CB/CM.(14)(7)I hope one of the other teams sign him not us at bournemouth wasent impressed with him when he was on loan with usYour comment fills me with joy if he was rubbish at league 1 what hope do championship teams have


23 May 2012 07:50:22
Dani Pacheco and Henri Lansbury both played for Norwich in Adam drurys testimonial last night. This increases norwichs chances of getting them both. Deal could be done soon.(24)(12)Lansbury has already said he is close to joining west ham,Norwich have no Monet for transfers hence lambert wanting villa jobPure speculation. I think they were just all close friends when they were both on loan at Norwich.

It'd be great to see them join Norwich, but I don't think last nights testimonial was a trial.

By the same logic, Huckerby will be returning to Norwich.Of course Norwich have money for transfers. Lambert himself said he has a similar pot to last year where he spent (summer and Jan combined) close to 18million. Not up there with the big boys but its a decent amount. And as this season we only need 3-4 quality additions rather than an overhaul it is enough.Norwich have no money? Spent 18m last season, with probably the same or a little bit more this season...


23 May 2012 07:35:26
Here is a rumour, with a little fact behind it from the THISISSTFC web page:
Peterborough manager Darren Ferguson has revealed that Town have previously courted Posh forward Nicky Ajose.

Rumours were rife on the internet yesterday linking the young frontman with a move to the County Ground, and Ferguson said Swindon have taken a look at the 20-year-old in the past.(9)(2)Would love this..... Swindon have some cash to risk at what amounts to a young lad who will never make the grade, crawley tended to take on players we threw money away on and with steve Evans moving to Rotherham we haven't had a club silly enough to take on our poor transfer decisions


23 May 2012 07:28:34
Peterborough will use the money from the sales of Boyd, Taylor, Ball, Tomlin, Micky Ajose, Mark Little & McCann thought to be in the region of £5.5m and the Ryan Bennett money to fund the following signings as Darren Ferguson wants to overhaul his squad. Luke Freeman & Michael Bostwick - £1.9m Stevenage. Luke O'Neill - Mansfield - £450k. Danny Swanson - Dundee United - Free. Stephen Gleeson - MK Dons - Free. Ben Amos - Manchester United - £400k. Brian Woodall - Dagenham & Redbridge - £180k. Tom Heaton - Cardiff - Free(11)(14)Heaton will sign for Sheff Wed to be with his old mate D Jones again, he's too good for Peterborough... McMackay should never have let him go.Too Good For Peterborough But Yet Tour Saying He's going To Sign For Sheff Wed ? How's That Work Then.And Peterborough are too good for Cardiff the perienial play off flops, good luck with Joe,You won't get Gleeson for free. He's under 24 so you would have to pay (usually to the value of the contract we have offered him, which is about 200K by my reckoning)Dream on posh


23 May 2012 07:25:59
Ex-Man City player Gai Assulin is signing for Cardiff, Huddersfield or Derby.(13)(16)UMMM Barca, Man City and Derby!! speaks for itself really.Derby won't sign Assulin, Clough prefers players from the lower leagues - can't get enough of them.


23 May 2012 07:22:16
West Ham have offered James McFadden a contract in an attempt to steal him from Wigan who had offered him a trial.(13)(11)Will never sign him west ham are relagation favourites he will probaly go to an upcoming team like wiganI dont think so . West Ham have plenty of strikers and I think Wigans strong scottish links would make them favourites . He would be a good experienced squad player .This sounds plausable! West Ham do need some creativity and PL experience would be vital! Also might help that Jordan Rhodes is coming (Scottish link).


23 May 2012 07:21:42
rotherham united set to sign danny webber, lee bowyer and lionel ainsworth and marc richards because all these players have been showed around the mighty NYS stadium(8)(24)


23 May 2012 07:17:44
Bournemout's Marc Pugh will join Peterborough Utd after rejecting a new deal.(9)(11)He hasent rejected a neal deal he might do tho he wount go to the posh its more likley to be burnley.If he rejects a new deal he will leave on a free next summer when his contract expires. He won't be sold.Posh will not get him,much bigger championship clubs in for him like burnley


23 May 2012 07:16:12
Stoke have bid for Peterborough's Lee Tomlin(8)(8)Yes almost done deal


23 May 2012 07:12:24
are rotherham united signing danny webber, lee bowyer and lionel ainsworth and marc richards because it is rumoured these have been showed around the mighty NYS stadium, so anyone know?(4)(20)


23 May 2012 06:28:24
Bristol City interested in Gavin Hoyte released from Arsenal. 21 year old right back / central defender.
Albert Adomah wanted by Swansea. £2million plus Dobbie.(11)(13)We dont want Dobbie worse player on pitch in play off final.Swans not interested in adomah they want matt phillips from blackpool soYes we do -okay so he had a poor game but he would still be an excellent signing for us


23 May 2012 03:50:38
Louis van gaal to come in as liverpools director of football with avb taking over as manager. With these two in charge Liverpool will attract a higher calibre of players because of AVB's Brazilian contact and van gaal's years of managing at the highest level(10)(14)How will this gurarantee a better calibre of player exactly? The bigger name players will not go to Anfield as there is no Champions League football and the club are gradually losing touch with the clubs in the top 5. Liverpool will be a long term project with no quick fix.Who are the top 5 then??Pretty clear that untied city arsenal chelsea and spurs are miles ahead of liverpool.even everton finished above can a team who finished 8th attract top quality players.liverpools days of being a top club are well and truly over


23 May 2012 02:40:20
I am England born & bred and a true SAINTS fan, now living in Washington State, USA. The rumours here are that a MLS team, believed to Seattle Sounders have enquired about Drogba after his proposed release from Chelsea, but wage demands could be a stumbling block.(13)(10)


23 May 2012 01:54:58
Blackpool Targets:
Joel Ward (Portsmouth)
Stephen Dobbie (Swansea City)
Loick Pires (Welling United)
Steven Davies (Derby County)
Steven Naismith (Rangers)
Theo Robinson (Derby County)
Kyle Brownhill (Stockport County)

Blackpool will be keeping Thomas Ince and Matt Phillips but will be getting rid of Brett Ormerod(8)(18) are a Pool fan you would know that Brett is being offered a job within Ollies backroom set up and he's only looking at 4 or 5 new "quality" signingsThe only true part of this rumour is Brett who has been released.If you want dobbie then your losing either ince or phillips ;)Wooooo! Up The Pool!Blackpool might get steven davies but never theo robinson, we do need strikers awell ya know..."Blackpool will be keeping Thomas Ince and Matt Phillips"

That is yet to be seen, don't be surprised to see at least one of them go.You wont get theoNeither matt Phillips or Tom Ince will leave, their careers have just started and first team football is guaranteed at blackpool, and who would walk away from that ?Naismith vould do better than Blackpool


23 May 2012 01:26:07
Coventry are looking to raise funds for the Nottingham forest Forwards Dexter Blackstock and Ishmal Miller. The pair should cost around 2.5 million with Blackstock being the higher priced due to incredible form from injury return.(0)(33)No one can afford to spend that much on 2 players in League 1Utter toshYou really didn't do any research before you posted this, did you?!?Der transfer embargo coventery cannot make signings until that is liftedPlease take Ishmael Miller.Just where will that money come from ?Lmao yeah ok thenHow can you buy players with no monney and theres no chance that they would drop down to cov levelWow do you really think dex or even ishmael would go to a declining club?


23 May 2012 01:14:43
Apparently Watford have been watching Billy Boden who is on loan at Crewe from Swindon. Stalling on a new Swindon contract now, anything in it I wonder?(10)(3)Good onePlease take worries from 11000 hornets fan.Dunno he had a cracking last game of the season, unless we pay decent money not sure we will get anything better. If he could kick the ball in a straight line, be mroe decisive and come out and claim at corners he would be premier standard


22 May 2012 23:54:57
Ferguson has a limited transfer kitty and While hes got evra he wont spend half that kitty on baines when they need to add quality to other areas, fact. Dont believe that poor excuse of a newspaper the mirror.(19)(5)Apparently his main oncern is a CB, the club has been linked with re-signing Gerard Pique (unlikely I know as he is doing well at Barca)Evra has Benin under performing for a couple of years know, he needs someone to push him for the first team spotBarcelona have enquirer about evra, I believe real Madrid have enquirer about either Rooney, real would consider a part ex for khedira, want to pair rooney back with ronaldo and also rvp who united would be interested in selling rooney for 100million or Hernandez who united want 30 million for. Berbatov on his way back to spurs if they don't sort adebayor out.


22 May 2012 23:52:34
it appears to be one football division now featuring southampton, charlton, notts county, rotherham, and crawley buying ll the players leaving all the other clubs without players so goodnight(12)(4)Jealous? just sayinAnd leicester, and reading etc.West Ham & Norwich too.It's a rumour siteCrawley have very surprisingly and worringly for Crawley supporters not brought any players in yet since O'Driscoll's arrival. No pre-season fixtures announced either. Hmmmmm.Compared to other clubs the number of saints rumours is relatively lowAlso with Shearer not staying at Crawley because of money and Rotherham now saying Grabban is staying where he is after he couldn't agree terms, you have to wonder if the bubble has burst at Crawley.Lets not forget you can have only 25 man squadsLooking at their site, they currently have 12 players. I don't think the 25 man squad issue is in danger there.Saints 25 Man Squad Can Only be:
1. Davis
2. Richardson
3. Fonte
4. Hooiveld
5. Martin
6. Fox
7. Harding
8. De Ridder
9. Do Prado
10. Chaplow
11. Cork
12. Hammond
13. Schniederlin
14. Lallana
15. Lee
16. Sharp
17. Lambert
18. Butterfield

That leaves 7 places that need to be filled, and it is not guaranteed that saints will sign everybody that they want- thats when there are possibilities. Don't get jealous now. Its call for a reason, its a rumour siteLuke Shaw, Calum Chambers, James Ward-Prowse and Jack Stephens have been promoted to the 1st team squad I believe. We will be signing a keeper to replace Bart. Harding I'm sure will be sold and I have a feeling Guly might go too. That leaves 4 excluding the new keeper coming in. Striker, Centre back, right winger and either a centre mid/left wing of left back. I'd go for a solid experienced centre mid. We'll need that this season.U18s dont count towards the squad, so it will be 7 spaces free, and it is unlikely that Cortese will want to replace more then 7 people, so for that reason I do believe that Do Prado and Harding will both stay. Though I can see Lee Barnard being sold with all of the speculation over us buying a new striker along with Dan Seabourne, is unlikely to be able to step up sufficiently.Good striker but not for chamionship.Home grown players under 21 do not count towards the 25 man squad25 man squad only applies to over 21 year olds so the list is cor
rectAll the players under 21 dont need to be registered :)Under 21's don't have to be included in the 25 man squad.


22 May 2012 23:50:19
Patrick Agyemang is in line for a move to league one side Walsall, Agyemang spent last season on loan at Stevenage from QPR

Other sides are also interested in the striker including Rochdale and Wycombe

Source Birmingham mail Journalist(10)(4)



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