Football Rumours Archive June 26 2013


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26 Jun 2013 23:11:36
Bradford City will sign Jermaine McGlashan next week on a two year deal.

Hope so, top player

I hope so. One of the more realistic rumours on here too.

Denied by club today

Not good enough, would prefer JJ back with city than someone who spends half the game on the floor.



26 Jun 2013 22:55:12
Benteke to Tottenham £17.5 million



26 Jun 2013 22:53:37
Millwall are set to sign lee tomlin after the striker turned down sheffield wednesday

Do Millwall have £5million to spend on a player like Tomlin? Don't think so. Never happening

Not worth nowhere near £5m he could nt even keep Peterborough in the championship, for £5m you could buy the whole team

GET REAL mate Tomlin might be a decent player I don't doubt that but £5M? Tell your chairman to 'GET' in the 'REAL WORLD'! From what Barry Fry said that peterborough FC are nearly 'BROKE' from going 'DOWN'?!

Do Relegated Peterborough (6,000 Ave Att)really have the financial muscle to say no to a 800k+ bid? Don't think so. Clueless valuations from peterborough fans

Whoever thinks Tomlin is worth £5m is deluded!

5 million you having a laugh will be lucky to get £500. 000,

Lee tomlin in talks with move to millwall 500k

Yes you are all right. Tomlin isn't worth 5 mill but the chairman isn't selling for less fact. The players that Millwall talked to peterborough about where Barnett and Sinclair and NOT Gayle!



26 Jun 2013 22:47:38
Bburn are trying to persuade roque Santa Cruz to return to ewood park



26 Jun 2013 19:36:40
Any motherwell news ed?

John Sutton is returning to Motherwell!



26 Jun 2013 22:20:50
Sheffield united bringing nick Blackman on loan

Heard this also with a chance of a permanent move and also grigg aswell



26 Jun 2013 22:16:08
Matej Vydra has today signed a 2 year permanent deal with Watford, this will be announced next week along with 5 of the loan players (Abdi, Anya, Battichio, Ekstrand and Neuton) signing permanent deals and 3 new players on loan from Udi and Granada

Bang goes English football talent clubs like yours are ruining the England side not enough English players playing top flight football so the next generation of English players won't be good enough for the European competition nor the world cup

Both of the above posts are untrue.

Considering we had the second most academy players appear for us in the league last season.

27 Jun 2013 00:58:07
So it's all WATFORDS fault? So Arsenal, Man U/ City don't employ foreign players right? Wakey Wakey mate

27 Jun 2013 01:00:05
Sorry how many Watford players were in the England squad last year? You might want to look at the EPL for that

27 Jun 2013 01:04:11
Did Chalaobah not play a full season for us? England U21 and all that

27 Jun 2013 03:34:44
I think you'll find we field a higher number of homegrown players than most championship sides. You will say they are irish, welsh etc but most of them grew up in hemel, watford, london so pipe down.

27 Jun 2013 07:47:46
Still a pathetic rumour considerng Vydra refused to sign a contract yesterday.

Watford still produce a lot more british talent than most teams and anyone that dismisses that clearly does not know our full squad.

27 Jun 2013 08:09:20
I suppoert Boro and we have always relied on local and academy players. We are the only Premiership club to have fielded 11 Brirish players and 10 of them local v Fulham a few years ago. We still try to bring young players through. However the stupid wage demands of average British players mean that clubs like Watford and Boro do have to look abroad for better cheaper players. So maybe something needs doing with wages. Maybe a few of them sat twiddling their thumbs will wise them up. So no criticism of Watford from me. Good luck

I take it you haven't read the previous post re our home grown players. Who do you support?I take it your club has an all english squad. complete balderdash.

27 Jun 2013 09:48:58
didn't say it was all watfords fault clubs like yoursis what I said and regarding the other post that the above statements are untrue in what way

HELLO! which part of 'Watford have a transfer embargo' are you NOT getting, no more loanees from the other clubs owned by same guy and Watford have less money than Portsmouth right now. Only championship club in worse financial trouble than us is Leicester (- £25 million)

He will be in the prem this season, not with watford

27 Jun 2013 13:24:07
so administration could come to Watford then if they have less money than portsmouth the owner maybe rich but does he loan the money or donate if its loan he could put you into administration

"Only championship club in worse financial trouble than us is Leicester (- £25 million)"

Actually Watford's debt is about £7. 6M in the form of bonds to previous directors. Last season we more or less broke even, not many Championship clubs can say that and before you mention it Watford paid the wages for all of the loanees last season. There obviously wasn't any loan fees for the Udinese or granada players.

The transfer embargo is different to those that other clubs had. We can and will sign players on permanent contracts and a vastly smaller number then last season on loan. All we have to do is have the transfers/loans rubber stamped by the Football League on or after the 1st July.

HELLO! I don't think you know what you are talking about! Watford don't have a transfer embargo that means they can't sign anyone, it means they have to run everything by the football league first.

27 Jun 2013 16:09:54
less money than Portsmouth. That makes me laugh you obviously have no idea about the pozzo family if I was you research the facts first before you say Watford have less money then Portsmouth. your talking from your backside

Mate. get your facts straight. Embargo in the loosest sense of the word. All we have to do is get all transfers signed off by the football league and when we are paying £0 a transfer it doesn't matter how much money we have.

Which part of 'Watford can still sign players with permission from the FA' do you not understand? We can still loan four players from Udinese and four players from Granada. We are in no financial trouble, the Pozzos have plenty of money and will certainly be working hard behind the scenes to try and fix the mistakes made by our previous ownership.

I think not

Anya is a British citizen so. I hate all of these ignorant people that assume that just because Watford are owned by Udinese that they have no British talent

Ugh. This entire comments section is filled with persons who don't do their research. I sometimes wonder why we even bother trying to explain the situation to these people, it's probably going to go in one ear and out the other. At the end of the day, if people choose to be bigoted and not take an objective and impartial view of the facts, then we can't change that. They clearly don't care whether what they believe is true and are likely trying to ease their worries about their club by slating us. Rant over.



26 Jun 2013 22:12:15
Curtis Osano thinking over a move to Newport County.



26 Jun 2013 22:12:12
Barnsley trying to sign former captin Jacob Butterfield

Not a chance. Why would we pay for a player who is not as good as the midfield we have. No chance you will see him at barnsley next season.

Hope not don't want him, slow not good enough

Neva bin captain and we can't afford him

Shut up he was best player we had at oakwell for a long time I'd take him back tomorra don't for get your history lads

Halve a season wonder, who thought he was better than he is,
Easy money for us, thx

Not in the same league as mellis!

That is absolute rubbish, Butterfield was never a ninety miunte manlacks pace could not tackle, my grandauhters are better than him Drinkwater is miles better than him

You can't really say because you ant seen I'm play for a year

We don't want him back he left us in the lurch and mellis is a better all round player

Mellis not that good, Drinkwater miles better, box to box player what we haven't got



26 Jun 2013 21:29:50
Arsenal should complete Higuain transfer within the week.

And should see Thomas Eisfeld set to complete his 6 month loan move to Reading Fc within the week also


Eisfield would suit Reading just fine. Would be well happy with this.

We don't want Eisfeld. Just bought in Williams that will do.

Williams is a defensive midfield player Eisfeld is an attacking midfielder and has a massive future. Would be very happy to have him at Reading for 6 months, very very happy.

We definitely DO want Eisfeld. Ignoring our wingers who are fine our centre mids are mainly defensive (williams, ledge, carrico) and I don't think Karacan or Guthrie could ever really be described as attacking mids. Akpan showed a more attacking mind

I really hope.



26 Jun 2013 21:23:49
Peterborough's Lee Tomlin is in talks with Millwall over a proposed move to The Den

Not for Sale! How many more times!

Was it millwall that won the euro millions because yesterday they couldn't afford his 5 million transfer price



26 Jun 2013 21:16:58
News has spread that pochetino will appoint a new captain at southampton this season as prefers a defensive player to wear the armband. Schneiderlin and Lovren are favourites

Where did you hear this?

Good idea if it is true. I don't think Lallana coped very well with the responsibility of being captain, and couldn't play his usual game with that pressure.

Cork would make the best captain by a million miles. Very calm and composed and spends a lot of time organising the team. He has the best footballing brain. Adam needs to concentrate on his own game and is not a natural leader.

Could see Schneiderlin being the new captain if this is true, given he fits the defensive role of the rumour and he's always been a loyal servant of the club. As much as I love Lallana, the captaincy didn't exactly help his game. Plus he was out injured for certain chunks of the season.

There are question marks over Lallana last season as he didn't consistently perform, didn't score enough goals. Lots of the rumours indicate that southampton are trying to sign a Left AM, which is Lallana's role
He's going to have to produce more for his place this season and you can hardly have your team Captain not being assured of a starting berth?
Schneiderlin is Captain material. He will start every game, was southampton player of the season, sets a shining example from his contribution and would probably be honoured to be given the armband. All day long for me.

Doubt Lovren will be made captain after just moving to the club. Cork or Spider will be good candidates. Lambert to be vice captain

Why not rickie?!

Read it! He wants a defensive player!

If most of southampton supporters want to go back to the old team colours why our our opinions never considered. Almost like our government we have to put up with what the few want. Red and white sap.

Your right good supporters, ground and team just colours most people hate.



26 Jun 2013 21:02:22
Gavin tomlin to join Leyton orient and join good friend lisbie

Wrong. Gone to Port Vale.

Thank god for that!



26 Jun 2013 20:56:49
Ashley Grimes' proposed move to Cheltenham Town is off.

Ashley Grimes had verbally agreed a deal Cheltenham and was set to sign today.
Bury offered him more money and he has gone to sign today.

What a loyal player!



26 Jun 2013 20:40:02
Boro are set to sign free agent Ian Harte

{Ed029's Note - Harte confirmed tonight on his social network that he is not joining M'Boro.

Wouldnt be surprised to see him at derby next season

He has been a great player but I would like to think boro are looking at younger players with potential.



26 Jun 2013 20:18:22
Alan Lee has agreed a deal to join Bradford.

Just when you think Mr Lee couldn't do any more for Town.

Again this rumour has been quashed by club ( T&A today)

Alan Lee?, we've got Super Andy gray!. I am actually betting he'll score a few this season

Club have denied an interest for the player



26 Jun 2013 20:16:30
Luke Rooney closing in on £30,000 move to Cheltenham after Swindon finally accepted fee.

He is signing for Crawley Thu/Fri not Cheltenham sorry

Who cares about Luke Rooney, over rated needs to lose a stone off his backside.

I've heard enough about Luke Rooney, we can do better than him.

Came to rotherham, looked terrible wasent fit, and evans soon got rid.



26 Jun 2013 16:04:30
Any norwich rumours ed? {Ed003's Note - try the Norwich page mate.}

Lazy answer!

I agree mate lazy answer, I think they meant any new rumours, what's happining with Tovoinen, Hooper, shelvey, Kone and who ever else they might be after



26 Jun 2013 19:52:30
Curtis osano close to agreeing terms with Newport county




26 Jun 2013 19:33:37
Any truth in Adam Le Fondre coming on season long loan? What a potential strike force Vaughan and Le Fondre would be!

{Ed029's Note - No truth in this at all.

Never happening in 10000 years

Wish people would mention which club
this is happening at

26 Jun 2013 20:50:10
Got to be Huddersfield they think they are signing every forward goin!

As a town fan this will never happen



26 Jun 2013 19:28:15
Borussia Dortmund are interested in buying Southampton's Gaston Ramirez

Apparently would cost in excess of £15million. Hopefully would be reinvested well if we did sell him.

Best dig deep for him, mind you they can do should they wish.

Please take him- underachieving

They can have him imo. Waste of money, prefer players that wear the shirt and give all.

That wasnt the complete statement. further on it said he will stay another year at saints

Yeah, 22, he's past his peak, and no-one ever takes more than a season to get used to the prem, get rid!

Totally agree with "Yeah 22".
Gaston has had one injury interrupted season with southampton coupled with a lot of change for a player, used to the slower Italian game.
He was adored by Bologna and has shown flashes of brilliance for Saints.
Lets not forget, he was on the pitch when we beat Liverpool, Chelsea and man City, so anyone who thinks he didn't contribute is maybe deluded.
He is a future star if handled right. Only two seasons ago, I was berating Schneiderlin as not up to the task. Doh!

Blimey snatch their hand, don't think he's ever played a full game.

27 Jun 2013 19:17:41
FYO Mayuka is on the list too.
TBH I think this is Cortese's personal shopping list, Wanyama is on the 2013 list.

Totally agree with the last two posters. He has had bereavement, re settling etc etc. he has shown moments of brilliance and some fantastic intelligent play. To get rid of him after this would make absolutely no sense. He will come good this season. He himself has said he wants to up his game.

Now he has had a season to settle in I predict him to have a great season this time. He is quality and is a real asset. There is a reason why we spent so much on him.

I won't be devastated if he leaves, but will be more than happy if he stays.

His best years are yet to come, club would be silly to sell unless he wants to go.



26 Jun 2013 19:20:52
Alan Lee to sign for Bradford City after his release from Huddersfield Town

No thanks would rather have Jet Li

Would do a great job for Bradford! Alan, Alan leeeeeeeeeee

He's better tha anything you have right now.

Is he chuff. How many premier league centre halves did he best last season like Hanson and Wells?

Alan lee Huddersfield fans owe him a lot he plays with is heart on is sleave I hope he ejoys is time at Bradford city thank alan

Alan Lee would be a great signing for BCFC. What's more he's all they can afford. A run in Capital Cup + promotion doesn't leave much after seasons of giveaway (family/junior) ticket prices at the turnstiles to make attendance figures look good! Lee will play his heart out!

Thankfully it's been laughed off by the clubs journalist. We're after a better calibre of player. A backup to Hanson and Wells wouldn't do us much good.

Id be happy to have him here. Matters not that he'd be coming from hudders. Hard working players are always welcome.

How many div2 center halves got the better of hanson and wells last season? Alan Lee would have wiped the floor with the lot of them. Div1 defenders won't be able to cope with him either. he's got ceramic elbows and a titanium head.

Hanson and wells aren any good really, could see wells doing ok in league 1 but that's as high as he will go but hanson will have to take bottom end league 1 or go back in the co-op

Bradford city couldn't afford alan lees wages, he was one of the highest earners at town and deserves a better club than bradford

We will be able to see for ourselves how fantastic hanson and wells are on august 6th. that's if Barca haven't come in for them in the meantime. won't be holding my breath.

We don't need Alan Lee - we've got Andy Gray. actually. now I come to think of it.



26 Jun 2013 18:54:10
Hull city are preparing a second bid for gary hooper, said to be around 5m

Hope this is true



26 Jun 2013 18:50:05
Ian Harte confirms on socail media he's NOT going to Middlesbrough.

26 Jun 2013 19:48:00
Too old for us. 35 is no good.

Can t believe we never signed maghoma on a free away tony pull why finger out

27 Jun 2013 15:14:11
Rogne to have medical at Wigan, wasn't he one of Mowbrays targets?

Maybe, just perhaps, the player himself preferred Sheff Wed. Just a suggestion like.

Can't go with the previous comment like prefer Sheffield wed if he went to ground and training facility he would have ran to boro outstanding European facility never mind a top prem and a chairman with a outstanding reputation obvious comment was from a deluded Sheffield wed fan!!

29 Jun 2013 21:30:59
Bang on mate bout our facilities and us as a club! But he could also be a player desperate to get signed up because we told him he wasn't getting signe straight away and that tells me wer eying somebody else and he wasn't 1st choice so he'd have had to wait



26 Jun 2013 18:42:39
Lionel Ainsworth, John White and 2 unnamed players thought to be a midfielder and striker, are in advanced talks with the club, heard this from a mate of mine who works at the club and is very close with them!

Btw this is southend, sorry!



26 Jun 2013 18:42:32
Lionel ainsworth on trial with southend with phil brown looking to bolster his attacking options



26 Jun 2013 18:31:51
Doncaster Rovers and Sheffield Wednesday are thought to be battling it out for Oldham striker Jose Baxter.

If they have a million to spend and then add sell on clause of say 25% then other add ons may have a deal.

In other words they won;t offer that much and HE'S NOT FOR SALE as he has 2yr contract and the team is built around him for next season.

useless rumour again about baxter, won;t happen.

Why is this the only Oldham rumour that seems to come up?

Oldham have no money, if someone offers a decent bid Baxter will be sold. And nowhere near 1,000,000

Oldham have more money than you think, enough to reject a bid under 1mil for baxter

Oldham have more money than you think? Are you sure about that one?

Not saying there rolling in it, i'm saying they have enough to reject any bid lower they have set for a player

Oldham quoted Doncaster £500,000 for baxter, but Doncaster don't want to spend that much on someone who is unproven at championship level

Why his is valuation so high may be a decent player at Oldham if £1m is his valuation then should donny ask for £1. 5-£2m for cotterill?

We do have money made 1.3 million from the CUP last season and don;t need to sell as we have made a profit for last season.

Not all clubs make a profit but we did.

It would take a million to buy Baxter as he has a 2yr contract and please stop going on that Dickov is signing our players as its not true. Mvoto is going to the Championship and Oldham fans have known this for months so nothing new there.

By the way no bids have been offered for Baxter either and that's form our mnager. So worng rumours again.

I've seen Cotterhill in the championship, out of his depth,

Release clause, and no where near a million, in fact less than half that, so let's see where he ends up.



26 Jun 2013 18:25:08
According to a range of site on the internet Nigel Adkins is looking to sign a striker (likely to be Rickie Lambert). This is because he doesn't see Adam Le Fondre as part of his aims at Reading and this has lead to rumours that Huddersfield Town have made a season long loan offer for the ex Rotherham striker.

{Ed029's Note - There have been no loan offers for Le Fondre to date.

Please don't post stuff like this. It only invites embarrassment onto us Reading fans. There's no way Southampton would sell Lambert.

Nonsense. Le Fondre is highly rated by Adkins, the Fans and the Club. Whatever happens and whoever we sign by way of another striker I can see Le Fondre staying at Reading until Jan at the very least and for the long term. Also Lambert wouldn't come to Reading and personally I don't think the club or fans would think it right anyway.

{Ed029's Note - Had it confirmed tonight there's been no approach for Le Fondre.

Dont worry pre season wouldn't be the same with out a rumour of ALF and HTAFC

Why would the top English Premier League want to drop down to Reading? surely it a move back

Adkins and Le Fondre met and set goals for the season. Aiming for 20 this year. So no, he won't be loaned.

26 Jun 2013 18:25:08

Me thinks this is very much written by a hopeful Huddersfield fan rather than a deluded royal.
No chance of Adkins parting with ALF unless a large offer is received. He's the clubs only natural goal scorer right now. As for lambert haha yer ok I doubt Southampton would part with him or him drop a league

27 Jun 2013 01:00:27
Saw that eailer on twitter by someone who works for tv so its obviously something

Rickie Lambert Signed a new contract with southampton a few months ago, and has stated he wants to finish his career there. so there is no chance it his him. But have heard that Reading have been in talks over Mayuka. But again that's early days, and unlikely to go through considering Mayuka does not want to drop down a league. Billy Sharp is possible, but from his comments recently it makes you wonder if he was just deflecting the situation or he honestly has not spoken to Reading.



26 Jun 2013 18:17:29
watford currently attempting to get the signature of 20 year old polish goalkeeper Wojciech Pawłowski on a pernament deal.



26 Jun 2013 17:57:00
wba are set to bring in former fulham loanee urby emanuelson and also want qpr trio hoillet, granero and mbia.

If emmanuelson was to come to the BPL it would be to Fulham as he enjoyed his time ther. Also you would probably only get hoilett out of the three as the other players want to move elsewhere.

Emmanuelson is in talks with Torino.



26 Jun 2013 17:55:19
newcastle have made a official 12 million bid for striker bony.

So Joe Kinnear can speak French working class now. I bet he sound's hilarious like Joey Barton doing Del Boy.



26 Jun 2013 17:48:12
wba are closing in on a deal for colombian no. 10 torres and have made a loan move for matej vydra of udinese. former wigan striker franco di santo looks set ton sign on a free transfer.

Another bunch of no hopers or lazy journalism?



26 Jun 2013 17:44:44
After the departure of Joel Grant, Wycombe have upped their interest in striker Ashley Grimes and have offered an increased wage, this is why his announcement at Cheltenham has been delayed.

26 Jun 2013 20:03:23
Cheltenham have signed Grimes and there is no way Wycombe could compete with Cheltenham on the wages front anyway.

The signing of Grimes has not been delayed at all, it's been announced in the local press and he will probbaly sign tomorrow when pre-season starts

Ashley Grimes has agreed a two year deal with Cheltenham - confirmed.

Of course they could, why does everyone seem to think that Ctfc are big spenders?

It's a free transfer so no spending is involved.

Grimes deal is not confirmed at all, he wasn't pre-season training today with Cheltenham and apparently wycombe have come in with more money so I fully expect him to move there

Cheltenham returned yo training this morning and Ashley Grimes was not there. Ghis has come direct from the club



26 Jun 2013 17:41:22
barce want thiago to sign a new deal to keep away watching clubs but with the world cup next year thiago seems destined for Manchester United who will offer him playing time and a great chance to become a key player under moyes.



26 Jun 2013 17:37:43
Reading manager Nigel Adkins has spoken to Stoke City regarding striker Peter Crouch.

Crouch is also a target for QPR, however they cannot move in the transfer market until they free up funds by selling first.

Adkins is keen to secure a new target man, and this week ended his interest in Celtic striker Gary Hooper, while another target Charlie Austin is close to a move to Premier League new boys Hull City.

Is Nigel Adkins interested in Crouch? not in the slightest, total rubbish rumour. Has Adkins given up on signing Hooper? Not until Hooper pens a deal elsewhere, he is still a top target of Reading's owner and manager.

The only reason Crouch is not a QPR player right now is that Stoke value him £5million. As Crouch is about to turn 32 nobody will match that offer so I rekon he'll stay at Stoke

Too big wage for a 32 year old doubt either side would want him

Hooper has already said he has no interest in moving to a Championship club.

{Ed029's Note - Reading haven't tabled an offer. I haven't seen any direct quotes about where he would and wouldn't go either.

Can I just say. how bad is it that we (stoke) have 4 strikers all of who have been linked with moves. to lower league sides, we don't have a striker who is good enough for the prem!

Im sure Crouch could get a Prem club but his most likely destination if he leaves Stoke would almost certainly be QPR if they agree to the high fee. As for the rest of the Stoke strikers the fact that not many prem clubs play a similar style of football to stoke would limit the attraction of clubs to players like Cameron and Jones. I guess you'd maybe feel a promoted club would benifit from either of those 2.



26 Jun 2013 17:32:42
arsenal are on the brink of signinh higuain and could also add spaniard david villa but tottenham, ath madrid and fiorientina are all tracking villa.



26 Jun 2013 17:31:10
swansea city are closing in on there 1st capture of the summer in the shape of liverpools jonjo shelvey.

We've already got Canas

Why waste money. Don't need him. Better spend this money on bony

Yeah totally agree! Bony is £10m so we need a top class striker first!

I do rate Shelvey to be honest. Good young player but where is the logic paying 5 million for him when we turned down the chance to have him on the cheap as part of the Joe Allen deal?

I think shelves would be a good signing and I believe Michael Laudrup can turn him into a great central midfielder by teaching him what he knows

Well I guess this "dream" has become reality then, or you could also say we are living the dream. haha



26 Jun 2013 17:21:58
Di Canio's No#1 Striker target is Darren bent. Di canio believes if he applys the same sort of training bent had at charlton as did Di Canio when he was there a year before bent . he can transform bent back into his best form.

If all else fails he will raid celtic not of gary hooper but Anthony Stokes for around 4m

Flops fletcher and graham will have there work cut out for next season as di canio is wielding the axe already by threatening to out them by the end of January

How is fletcher a flop? He was scoring quite a few before he got injured and missed the rest of the season.

Jesus wept, Fletcher scored 14 goals and missed a chunk due to injury! Bloke was on fire!

27 Jun 2013 11:38:01
He was scored the most goals for us last season and missed 3 months of season! How you can say that's a flop is beyond me. He was well on his way to 17-20 goals for the season. Even more PDC getting the team together! Get shot of Graham, the guy is so slow it looks like he is running through mud. To much love for the big man Fletch



26 Jun 2013 17:04:01
Joel Grant of Wycombe Wanderers has signed for Yeovil town



26 Jun 2013 16:32:57
Joel Grant has snubbed Ipswich to sign for Yoevil.

There is no proof that Ipswich were even in for grant so this a non story

Another no story! Why is it that people always link ITFC with every player that becomes available? We would have about 150 players going into pre-season if all the rubbish on here was to be believed!

Good. utter rubbish.



26 Jun 2013 16:32:55
it would seem that the tweet we all read about Martin Allen being put in his place by the chairman reinstating Mark patterson was true because patterson was at the training ground today. I hope the rest of the tweet about allen being unhappy about that, and a bust up over the transfer budget are not true. The said tweet also said allen would be sacked.

26 Jun 2013 18:17:00
Where was this tweet and who was it by?

Hope so, the tactics they used against rotherham last season, had to be seen to be believed -bully.

I don't think the chairman will sack Martin Allen because of this situation. Martin won't walk either as he will probably take the decision on the chin. Doesn't mean to say that he likes it, but he certainly doesn't want to be unemployed again.



26 Jun 2013 16:28:21
Yeovil town sign joel grant ex-wycombe and joe jones ex-leicester
Also dawson and foley 2yr contracts




26 Jun 2013 16:24:06
Everton have had a £3.5 million bid accepted for Bolton winger Chung Yong-Lee. It's thought that Ross Barkley may be used in the deal to on a season long loan.

27 Jun 2013 11:02:01
Not happening, a social network wish list rumour it would seem.



26 Jun 2013 16:17:42
Millwall have approached Bournemouth to re sign Josh Mcqoiuid.

Not a chance - he wasn't good enough and had a bad attitude in the first place. You can have Malone back as well!

Lol. That's the best joke uv heard alday.

Can't believe this - what the hell for - if this is true may as well have kept Batt man

Don't thinks so somehow. He was a flop last time and we are setting our sights slightly higher than him.

Never in a million years.

26 Jun 2013 21:42:46
Hardly even gets on bournemouths bench

Based on what I saw of him last season I d happily drive him to Millwall and I live in Mexico!

Cant be true he hasn't played for west ham or peterboro

Haha scott malone is class would have him back anyday good winger



26 Jun 2013 16:02:47
West Brom and 3 other Premier League clubs are interested in Udinese forward Mateg Vydra, who spent an impressive spell last year on loan with Watford, however this deal for any if the clubs will only be a loan.

I doubt any club other than Watford or Granada will be able to get him on loan - LOL.

Not if he doesn't want to go to Granada or Watford, he want to play premier league football!

The issue with a loan is, Vydra's contract is short. Udinese would only do it if A: The loan fee was unrealistically high or B: Loan + fee + deal to sign after



26 Jun 2013 16:01:11
Preston striker Chris Beardsley in talks with league 2 newcomers Mansfield Town.

He'll do well in league 2. I wish him and Mansfield all the best. My dad played for Mansfield pre-war.

27 Jun 2013 15:41:27
Any truth in the rumour that Graeme Souness is interested in buying PNE.

Souness? Lmao

We do not want him back at the mill

No truth whatsover about souness

He's not good enough for league 2.



26 Jun 2013 16:14:39
Aaron Wilbraham will sign for the MK Dons this week for a undisclosed fee, which is considered to be minimal due to Don's lack of funds. This comes as Crystal Palace look to free up wages to bring new players in for the up coming season. Wilbraham failed to score out of 21 Appearances last season for Palace and is not considered to be Premiership material.

When Muzza got injured in the playoffs he came in and linked play up really well, but not a prolific goalscorer, and a move to Dons wd be good both for te player and for Palace

Not premiership material he wasn't championship either. Good luck to him though

Koncheskys way better than money money is to slow for premiere league football

This has to be a wind-up? First Ifall McFlop, now Alby?! He's past it (which is probably why we would sign him if it were true) and why the hell can't we sign players who HAVE NOT played for us before??

Next thing we'll be hauling Allan Smart and Steve Palmer out of a retirement home and reassembling the class of 2004-05 for next season!

I've heard of silly season but this is really taking the pi**

"Aaron Wilbraham will sign for the MK Dons this week for a undisclosed fee, which is considered to be minimal due to Don's lack of funds. "

Lack of funds?

We're in a very healthy financial position. But, oh no! Our chairman has these terrible nightmares about investing any money in the team! He wakes up screaming all the time! Horrified and dreading the thought of building a squad capable of challenging for honours (even though he thinks we should be, there's irony in there somewhere) but he can't grasp the concept that promotion needs a strong squad and that costs money. Oh what a lovely conundrum!

:- (

Were in a health situation? what 5mill in debt? And just because we have money doesn't mean we can spent it on players. There's wages, finishing the stadium.

If Kevin Phillips wants silly money forget him, he's only going to play for a 1/4 of a game anyway.

Why would we play Wilbraham now, when we let him go 2 years ago to Norwich because he wasn't getting any starts??

What a mischievous post. AW is not good enough for div one never mind the two leagues above. He was embarrassing in the play off game. If there is any truth in the rumour then we will need to change style of play. let's hope not!

Because the fools in charge of team/squad strengthening & management haven't got a bloody clue what they're doing!


We must be to only team in the 4 divisions NOT to have brought in at least one player. It's farcical.

If it comes off gayle of peterboro looks a good buuy

Spot on the the bloke above, just beacause you may have a bit of money doesn't mean you spend it on the players to come into the squad. Believe it or not, there are other things involved in running a football club.

Also, Albie was fantastic for us and was excellent in the Play-Offs for Palace - despite not scoring - his overall hold-up play was excellent. If you want a target man to bring on with 30 minutes to go for something different, he's a very able option.

Are you for real?

You want that useless "striker" back at MK?


He is past it! It is obviously too much to ask for our club to sign anyone this summer. Thanks Winkelman, you scruffy scrimper.

:- (

28 Jun 2013 12:02:44
Crystal Palace agree a deal on Posh's Dwight Gayle.

On an other note, why the hell have we made absolutely no attempt to bring anyone in? And I mean players who are not ex-players of ours like McFlop or Albie.

The whole thing is becoming utterly laughable. Practically every other team is making an effort to strengthen apart from us.

How f***ing embarrassing.

And to anyone from TCR who may be reading, the guy who signs himself as ":- (" was a regular on the MooCamp.


Alby not coming to Mk Dons fact.

How is it embarrassing that we have done no business yet? The window doesn't open officially until Monday and the staff only got back to work on the Monday just gone.

Sure, other teams have signed a few players here and there, but it's not like there is a rush. We need to get the right players and I'm happy that we're not rushing into signings like other teams.

In another point, the guy that signs with : - (, would you please leave.

Why should I? Can't you handle the truth? We're suffering and will continue to do so as long as Winkelman has us under a transfer embargo. I suppose you think we'll be romping to promotion next season do you? Another deluded soul.

:- (

And, haven't you tried figuring out who I am yet? A ghost from the MooCamp.

Yeah, I remember you guys.

"How is it embarrassing that we have done no business yet? The window doesn't open officially until Monday and the staff only got back to work on the Monday just gone. "

Strange how it hasn't stopped other teams from signing players, isn't it?

:- (



26 Jun 2013 16:10:06
Bradford City set to offer Luke Hendrie (released by Man Utd) a 2 year deal.

Rubbish I know for a fact he is going to Leicester City to start pre-season



26 Jun 2013 16:06:24
Doyle + McHugh both signed new deals at Bradford

Yep heard the same today- nailed on



26 Jun 2013 15:52:51
Just seen Simeon Jackson in Pack Horse in Royston, had a chat with him and it looks like he's signing a 4 year deal with Barnsley worth £10k! Great signing for the reds

I can't see this happening

Don't you mean that you had a deep sleep & 'DREAMT' that you spoke to Simeon Jackson? And I'm sure that he would want 'MORE' than 10KWK? SWEET DREAMS!

{Ed029's Note - Bournemouth have made an offer to Jackson.

Don't talk daft, Barnsley don't give contracts worth 10k per week especially for 4 years!

We haven't given anyone a 4 year deal in last 10 year. Make it beleivable at least

26 Jun 2013 19:29:28
Before it gets lost in the transfer rumours! CONGRATULATIONS to David Flitcroft. he's managed to keep Steele, Hassell, Cywka and Cranie and also buy O'Grady. All very good pros who will continue to do a great job for the Tykes! Well done Flicker!

Rumour he was at owls ground earlier today aswel

I hope that it is true but can't see him signing a 4 year deal

An I dowt he would discus any of that information with someone in a pub

Would be decent but dowt it and especially on them wages

Must be serving some good ale in the packhorse. A pint of what he's had please

Barnsley don't do 4 yr contracts, sure it wernt 4 month

Haha 10k over four years likes he's going to play for 2. 5 k a year or in rough terms £50 a week god almighty why do people come up with rubbish like this.

Corse he would tell you and we don't offer 4 year contracts out

Can't see Wendy's looking at Simeon Jackson, there only buying at burtons! Hee hee

Pack horse in Royston is closed for refurbishment I understand

He might be doing a bit of plastering?

Told today sunday that it has reopened



26 Jun 2013 15:49:44
Chesterfield are trying to offload Hird and Togwell to anyone!

Just hird! Togwell rumours not true

That's not a rumour though is it? Hird is on transfer list and togs has got a year to go, doubt togs will leave with s year to run.

I guarantee you Cook would like to offload Toggs. Not saying he is a bad player but he has been punted everywhere. Different scenario to Hird who is just an expensive flop



26 Jun 2013 15:49:06
Charlton looking to bring in 22year old dwight gayle from Peterborough some kind of swap for Danny green and are expected to offer former fans favourite nickey bailey a contract if they can offload dale Stephens and Danny Hollands

No truth in this whatsoever!

These ridiculous rumours are getting too extreme for words.

In your dreams mate

Rubbish. Fulham offered £4mil and were told it was 10 or do one. It was in the news. Charlton indeed hahahhaaha

Really Dwight Gayle to Charlton in a swap deal? That will never happen in a million years he's worth Millions to Posh

Danny Green must be worth a fortune then.

Danny Green average nothing player, why would peterborough want him?

Can see this happening as said on and power sordell strongly linked in jan so I reckon he's trying to offload stephens in a swap deal if get a fee for stephens have to pay oldham 19% of any fee as has a sell on clause. Also I here that kermongst is attracting interest from fulham at around 3m

What the hell danny green has got tekkers this is your own team players were talking about get behind them boys and make some noise come on you reds

Danny green one of the best players at Charlton needs a good run in the team. The team is to defensive for his style of play. Get behind the boys. could be a good season for him.

I said some sort of swap, I believe charlton have £440 k transfer budget. Bailey is demanding high wages therefore a couple of players will leave. There is no more interest in Carlton cole and clayton Donaldson would have been a straight swap for BWP before he chose to trial in America.

I said some sort of swap, I believe charlton have £440 k transfer budget. Bailey is demanding high wages therefore a couple of players will leave. There is no more interest in Carlton cole and clayton Donaldson would have been a straight swap for BWP before he chose to trial in America.
Why would BWP have been a straight swap when he is out of a contract anyway?

You are talking rubbish Steve off the top of my head 8 players have left the club from last season there wages alone would cover baileys cost, Stevens is a better player anyway just get off his back and let him play, being distroyed at Charlton.

Steve wrong again gale is expected to sign for palace, Charlton can't match 3 million for him. Green will be playing with him aswell one day.

Palace want Gayle anyway. Peterborough will not let him go for nothing either, he is like gold-dust after his good season last season. in saying that, he doesn't deserve to be in Lg1.



26 Jun 2013 15:47:47
Any new Shrewsbury news?

Two strikers to sign 1st July. One I have been led to believe has played in the Championship for several seasons.

STFC start pre-season training tomorrow, with 2 new strikers and a new midfielder joining the squad. unmanned as yet, but are expected to be announced as new signings at a Monday morning press conference.

One of the stikers has significant Championship experience and will show the rest of L1 that STFC are looking to mount a serious challenge this season

If this is true I will be a happy man on Monday

Maybe you will not be as happy when you realise it's Leon Clarke

Simeon Jackson and Simon Cox Norwich and Reading respectivley both on free

Jackson and Cox? next joke.



26 Jun 2013 15:38:26
Fellini to Arsenal in a 22 mill deal, giving Everton the chance to sign victor Moses from Chelsea for 10 million as well as another holding midfielder.

Higuin of RM soon to set for arsenal medical, awaiting arrival of CA as manager.

Possibilities of Wenger being offered a final ultimatum contract to keep him from PSG proving he can compete for trophies.

Psg? being that blanc has taken over, rubbish rumour



26 Jun 2013 15:36:56
Bristol Rovers are still pursuing the signing of John-Joe O'Toole but with this deal looking likely to get dragged out by the player Rovers have started looking at back up plans. The player believed to be high on their list is Luke Gutteridge who has just left Northampton. The 31 year old midfielder would be the experienced ingredient Rovers are looking to add to the midfield.

Herd gutteridge is signing for York this week.



26 Jun 2013 15:32:51
Burnley close to signing Darren Ambrose from Birmingham. The club hoping to have Kevin Davies, Nicky Bailey and Naki Wells in by the end of this week as well.

Would be very happy with Ambrose, Bailey. I think Wells would be a good replacement for Ings. Davies not a big fan of but maybe Dyche could get him working well. I'm guessing Austin is leaving also to help fund wages for these signings

I doubt Burnley would be able to cover the cost of Ambrose's mobility scooter.



26 Jun 2013 15:26:27
Rotherham to sign Michael Tidser from Greenock Morton for £50,000.



26 Jun 2013 15:26:14
Ex yeovil player Dom blizzard to sign for Plymouth

Thanks for this.

Signed yesterday

Not a blizzard more of a flurry he is a sicknote

A lot of Yeovil fans were cynical of towards him, failing to realise that when he did play, he did a dependable job. Will do well if he can stay fit.

Don't agree with this. I never detected any overt cynicism towards him. Got the same level of support as any of the other player's IMHO. Injury prone but a good player.

Think that's a good deal for them. I never thought he'd be good enough for championship football with yeovil but he's great at holding the defence together and generally being a pain for the opposition in midfield so in plymouths division he might do well.

Sheridan supposedly had a clear out at chesterfield,, we then got relegated. beware plymouth

Loved dom good luck to him!, if plymouth keep him fit they will have a very good midfielder :)



26 Jun 2013 15:23:29
Victor Wanyama is now in talks with Galatasaray after rejecting contract terms from southampton, and stated he doesn't want to be fighting for relegation, he said in an interview for kenyan tv he wants to be playing european football again and would miss the excitement he had at celtic. Cardiff were also interested but can't afford him.

He never stated he didn't want to be fighting relegation and that would not be what he was doing if he joined Southampton.

26 Jun 2013 18:48:13
I thought talks broke down because his agents demanded £1 million quid for brokering the deal?

He wouldn't be "fighting for relegation" surely. If he would be then we certainly don't want him.

85k a week for him its a joke, especially when there are people in the army fighting for our country for pennies, also he wanted a £1million for his agent, our money spent on agents last year was £600,000 ish for all of them

Not being funny, but even if Cardiff were interested, he wouldn't go to them if he didn't want to fight relegation.

I very much doubt many clubs pay their whole first team £85000 let alone one player. southampton owners are in business to make money not throw it away.

We are still waiting for some of last years signings to get a run in the team Let alone getting more, get a few chinese players then we will have more support in the far east than Southampton

Comparing army personal with football players is truly ridiculous!

Type in Ivan modia into google he's Steven pierners agent as well see what the Everton fans think about him"Ivan the monster lol



26 Jun 2013 15:18:28
Joel grant to Yeovil Town



26 Jun 2013 15:11:44
Danny Haynes training pre season with Notts County

That would be a good signing if we get him

Danny haynes was not training with notts. source the insider

Nott's County are not signing any one this year only using youth.

Thats funny we signed someone yesterday and are signing 2 players on loan



26 Jun 2013 15:02:22
West Brom looking at Ibrahima Touré who admits he may be forced out of AS Monaco this summer.

Beast of a player, and would be in albions price range



26 Jun 2013 14:57:57
Everton have bid 6 million for Honda, news in Italy

{Ed029's Note - I'll have to Civic to believe it... I'm here all week!

Pretty sure Honda is a free agent

Isn't he out of contract, so no fee required.

A lot a money to pay for a free agent...

He's out of contract in january, not now.

26 Jun 2013 19:23:11
He's not a free agent until the end of the russian season in december.

His contract runs out in jan 2014 so he's not free.

26 Jun 2013 22:56:27
as a prelude to this deal they need to sign an acccord I reckon it needs a bit of jazz

26 Jun 2013 23:56:28
On your bike

Could become a Legend, especially as he can play on all wings. the left wing, the right wing and the Gold Wing

I'll get me coat



26 Jun 2013 14:39:59
Marvin Sordell to link up again with Sean Dyche by joining Burnley from Bolton once Charlie Austin as been sold

27 Jun 2013 09:16:00
No chance. Sordell is probably on way out and good riddance, but most likely back to London. Charlton were reportedly keen.

Sordell is the type of player Sean Dyche likes, overrated and a proven ability to miss the target from point blank range.

Give Sordell a chance, and he just wouldn't consider going to Burnley, he is only interested in going back to the premiership, not being involved in a relegation scrap with Burnley.



26 Jun 2013 14:24:20
Just heard Tommy Lee could be a Sunderland keeper shortly for a sum of £450,000, Di Canio is a massive admirer of the shot stopper.



26 Jun 2013 14:05:28
Swansea City to tie up Redmond deal this week and have enquired about Matej Vydra on loan and Wilfried Bony (permanent).

Wake up mate your dreaming again

Bony and vydra please, shelvey no thank you.

How is that dreaming bony is being heavily linked in holland for 10.2 mil, vydra agent said loan enquiry made and redmond offer been confirmed by birmingham



26 Jun 2013 13:39:08
Mark Wright, former Shrewsbury Town winger is in talks with Phil Brown over a possible move to Southend. The winger is now a Free Agent

Great league two player for somebody. Hit double figures for Salop from the wing in two consecutive league two seasons.

Brilliant winger and he would still be at Shrewsbury if it wasn't for his injury. On his day, he is unplayable, top player!

Good to get wright off wage bill one good game in 10

Wright is a goalscoring winger, great to have in your team.



26 Jun 2013 13:52:46
Bristol City are expected to sign Frank Fielding from Derby for £100,000. Feilding will undergo his medical today and the transfer is expected to be announced before the end of the day. -CH

On my opinion he's still good enough for the Championship, so to get him to League 1 for that price is a real bargain.

Double that and that's the fee

Frank fielding has signed check city website



26 Jun 2013 13:40:50
Luke Guttridge has been offered a contract by Cheltenham Town.

I would like that



26 Jun 2013 13:36:59
Northampton Town midfielder Luke Guttridge has turned down a new deal with the Cobblers in favour of joining League 2 rivals Cheltenham Town. Ben Harding has also rejected a new deal at Sixfields.



26 Jun 2013 13:35:50
Millwall looking at former Ipswich wideman Lee Martin, from tv



26 Jun 2013 13:32:28
Lionel Ainsworth is rumoured to be the winger that Phil Brown wants to bring in to Southend.

Kevan Hurst will switch to the left if Ainsworth arrives. Hurst played on the left a number of times last season

Had bags of potential at Huddersfield just had bigger bags of attitude!



26 Jun 2013 13:32:23
Walsall close to agreeing terms with Rory Fallon and Richard Peniket

We're linked with Fallon every year



26 Jun 2013 13:18:52
Despite alleged interest from other teams, former Norwich right back George Francomb has signed for AFC Wimbledon. Arguably the first major statement of intent from Neal Ardley and AFC Wimbledon this summer, the full back had a successful loan spell at the club and can also be deployed in midfield.

Great player. Always thought he might make it at Norwich



26 Jun 2013 13:18:51
Danny Haynes is training with Notts County



26 Jun 2013 13:15:45
Bradford City are in talks with former Owls stopper Nicky Weaver. The Bantams are looking to sign Weaver as player/coach.

And why do we need a player coach, we have just signed a full management team on 3 year deals

He means gk coach obviously

Cos we've got no goal keeping coach.

We've also just lost Matt Duke to Northampton, who was filling a player/goalkeeper coach role.

He'd be a player/goalkeeping coach just like Duke was, what's the management teams deals got to do with that?

Because city just sold their goalkeeper coach to Northampton. Keep up mate.

Not much to keep up with all we need to do is sign a keeper and a coach or another player coach, that doesn't affect our management team one bit.



26 Jun 2013 13:11:20
Swansea about to sign jonjo shelvey from liverpool

Not true

What has Watford got to do where Vydra goes they only had him on loan. I think he would rather play premier than championship.



26 Jun 2013 13:04:38
Any goalkeeper targets for Sunderland?

You already have a perfectly good replacement in Keiran Westwood. He was brilliant at Coventry. Give him a run and stick with him.

A young Norwegian lad

Tommy Forecast.

Fraser Forster has been mentioned. Jeroen Zoet from PSV will probably be bought as back up for Westwood, who will be number 1. I agree with the post stating that Westwood should be number 1. He is an excellent keeper, but mingolet was just that little bit better.



26 Jun 2013 13:03:50
Rotherham in Talks with Greenock Morton's Michael Tidser after they accepted an improved offer for the highly rated midfielder.



26 Jun 2013 12:48:44
�scar Garc�a Junyent will be announced Brighton manager today, this may also quiet the talks of any Spanish players leaving as �scar's style of play matches Gus Poyet's.

Still nothing official from the club, you would have thought this would be announced to avoid any speculation

Unlikely to be announced today. Main question is will Brighton appoint him as their interim manager or will they wait until after Poyet's appeal and then possibly appoint Garcia on a permanent basis.

He is good friends with some of the Spanish players also Vicente would like to return to the Amex if it is under Oscar Garcia

The question is is he human be interim and then carry on it just interim or just the full time manager?!

He has been confirmed as Head Coach

Clever way to circumvent any legal problems with Poyet now just bring back David Lopez and Vicente



26 Jun 2013 12:46:32
Cheltenham are set to sign midfielder Luke Guttridge who has rejected a new contract with Northampton.



26 Jun 2013 12:42:30
Bristol City are poised to sign Frank Fielding as he will undergo a medical.
Club still looking for an U21 keeper.
SoD has publically denied interest in Nicky Adams - he was offered him by his agent apparently
City to monitor Kyle McFadzen in pre-season and will only make a bid if the player proves his fitness.
No official bids for Albert Adomah.

Frankie Fielding has signed a 3 year contract with Bristol City



26 Jun 2013 12:41:00
Torquay fan here. Rumours down here is that rene howe could be off to walsall. step up for him though if he does.

Don't know a lot about him. Has he scored many goals? We definitely need some strikers. Although, Grigg to big-spenders Brentford isn't quite done yet. How is Jarvis getting on anyway?

Jarvis has gone to York? He don't play for Torquay anymore.



26 Jun 2013 12:36:23
Manchester City are looking to bring in another winger ( Alex Oxlade Chamberlain) a striker ( Karim Benzema) and Laurent Koscielny



26 Jun 2013 12:33:53
Lee Molyneux to join Crewe on Monday, medical and personal terms agreed just 1 niggle in his contract that needs sorting!




26 Jun 2013 12:32:35
According to a czech transfer report, it looks like Matej Vydra is about to sign for Swansea on a season long loan.

Bid all you want he's not leaving watford unless he's sold for huge money. {Ed029's Note - He isn't owned by Watford.

He was on loan at Watford last season. So it's not up to you!



26 Jun 2013 12:31:44
Tyrone Barnett close to signing for Rotherham from Peterborough

I so hope this is true

This one doesn't seem to go away with the Steve Evans connection. Let's hope it goes through and then peterborough can start looking at getting some of their targets in.



26 Jun 2013 12:21:17
Derby reject a £1m bid from Wigan for John Brayford. This was at the personal request of Mr Brayford himself as he only wants to leave the club for a Premier League team.

Probs True Bray wants prem he would rather stay at Derby then go to Wigan so I don't see him going there

27 Jun 2013 23:37:26
No. Brayford was interested in a move to Wigan, but we want more than £1million.

And i'm a Derby fan.

Brayford has not said anything about moving as he is happy at Derby but would consider a prem team where he would be playing first team most weeks if not every week. Source: DET

Brayford wasn't interested in a move to Wigan as Clough said so himself, I quote "he hasn't shown any indication that he wants to leave"



26 Jun 2013 12:21:00
everton close to bringing back joleon lescott to the club and may also add gareth barry.



26 Jun 2013 12:19:16
newcastle are in talks with marseille over striker pierre gignac



26 Jun 2013 12:18:21
martin olsson and david bentley to stoke.

kenwyne jones could move to wba making way for free agent santa cruz whilst freeing up funds.

Santa Cruz has said he wants to go to Hamburg to play in the Bundesliga again.



26 Jun 2013 12:12:23
sunderland are linning up a return for former striker darren bent.

I think it is fair to say this will NEVER EVER happen



26 Jun 2013 12:12:10
Everton look to sign James McCarthy from Wigan for a fee of 12 million providing Fellaini moves



26 Jun 2013 12:11:30
wba and celtic are looking to bring in monaco attacker ibrahim toure on loan with views to signing the striker permanently next summer.

Norwich were looking at Toure in January but it is believed that he wouldn't have got a work permit.



26 Jun 2013 12:10:16
craig gordon is set to return to football after a break to get his self mentally and physicaly ready and is set to move to glasgow with rangers.



26 Jun 2013 12:03:48
Celtic looking to take Ibra toure on loan with a view to avin the tour lenghtened?
wee pat your ravin reporter



26 Jun 2013 12:01:19
Javier Acuna has passed his medical with Watford and will move to England after a short holiday

Manuel Almunia who is out of contract is weighing up a move back to Spain with Valencia favourites for his signature.

He is signing for espanyol.

Acuna rejected espanyol and is apparently signing in England so Watford seems likely

Almunia has said many times he doesn't want to move from Abbots Langley, or at least his wife doesn't.

27 Jun 2013 01:04:55
Almunia is staying and acuna will be signing. with Spanish website have found out that acuna has agreed a deal with watford. he would loved to stay in Spain but wanted a move to England. and watford have got him



26 Jun 2013 11:52:35
- I have it on good authority that peterborough will be letting go of Mccann, Little, Mendez Liang, Barnett, Swanson, and Newell on loan.

If McCann (who is currently out of contract) was leaving do you honestly think he would turn up to the first fitness tests of pre season. Another terrible fairy tale.

No you don't. Newell played a big part in the championship, makes no sense whatsoever to loan him out now we're a league lower

Well your " good authority" is incorrect. barnett and little are going, but mccann, swanson and NML and newell will all play a big part next season

You are wrong with Mendez Liang as he is GOING because he is on the TRANSFER LIST!!!

Lol no you are wrong, as he was removed from the transfer list at the end of last season. Dmac said not to worry as he won't be leaving as he has 2 years left



26 Jun 2013 11:46:29
- peterborough are on the verge of signing Jack Payne permanetly for 500, 00 plus Tyrone Barnett. We will also be getter Saido Brahino back on loan from West Brom.

Posh will be selling Mendez Liang, Mark Little, alcock, and at least 2 more if they want to buy the players above.

Won't need to sell Little as he is out of contract

Little leaves the club on July 1 as his contrarct has expired. So have another think about the "sell" part of the story.

Chairman repeatedly said mendez and Alcock will be key men this year

Mendez is going no where

Emile Sinclair is the man being used as bait. Not Tyrone Barnett



26 Jun 2013 11:01:34
Tyrone Marsh to Peterboro.



26 Jun 2013 10:56:31
Ipswich town will move for out of contract tranmere left back Zoumana Bakayogo because Aaron Cresswell is a target for premier league clubs with the likes of Aston Villa Everton and Fulham all reportedly intrested

More rumour rubbish! Clubs may be interested in cresswell but no one has bid for him! We won't sign a player because we might sell someone!!

Villa interested in cresswell that's why they've just signed a new left back please think is something more original next time

Cresswell been linked with villa for years

Lambert won't go for Cresswell as, like most young players with English clubs over here, he will be far too expensive compared to buying those from abroad.
Last season Ipswich were quoting interested clubs 7 million pounds which is frankly ridiculous.



26 Jun 2013 11:47:36
Napoli have agreed a fee with Chelsea for Cavani. Official.



26 Jun 2013 11:00:15
I seen Marlon Harewood outside Meadow Lane this morning. Notts first summer signing hopefully?

26 Jun 2013 13:46:47
Nooooo, he has a business based near Meadow Lane



26 Jun 2013 11:02:15
Bristol City's Richard Foster has agreed to have his contract terminated with us.

He will sign for Glasgow Rangers on September 1st when their transfer embargo has lifted.

Its anounced on City's website so I guess this deal is done.

I had heard a whisper than Rangers are playing their friendly at Ashton Gate for free to smooth this over.

Probably just a rumour.

Rangers v bristol city 13 july at ashton gate

Fosters effective value will be whatever the club makes from the friendly that's why City released him on a free so he could sign for Rangers as a free Agent thus being outside the transfer embargo.



26 Jun 2013 11:48:10
Karl Henry will sign for Huddersfield on a 2-year contract on Friday. Henry was told by Wolves that he is allowed to leave.

Henry also poised to become new Town Captain!

He is on seriously big wages and spends at least ten games a season banned for red and yellow cards. Just can't see it, more likely a deal for Butterfield and Vaughan will be brokered before the weekend.

Must be a different Karl Henry we're talking about.

The Wolves K. H. has received a total of 4 red cards in 13 seasons. last season he played 39 games.



26 Jun 2013 11:40:02
Swansea are facing competition from Azhi, Galatasary, Liverpool and rivals Cardiff for Vitesse striker Wilfried Bony. The Swans, however, are expecting to announce his arrival within the next week.

Why would someone turn down gala or Liverpool for Swansea? No chance.

If we land Bony then that would be amazing! And so would Gomis! Bony and Michu though!

If they miss Bony the Swans should make a move for Altidore. He would be cheaper and starting to come into form.

Bony said he is keen on a Swansea City move! He said we're wonderful club and that we play attractive footie! He got that right!



26 Jun 2013 11:39:49
southampton to reveal 2 transfer signings this Friday, Ever Banega and Victor Wanyama

No they won't.

No we aren't wanyama is not happening let's forget it

Wanyama is dead as he plays for money and not the game plus the other one hasn't got the passion and isn't cortese type of player

Not going to sign both, would probably be an either/or.

Just give up on wanyama its not gunna happen!

Do me a favour. Wanyama is dead in the water - let it go!!


I thought we'd all moved on from these two!

Mildly believable until you said wanyama. Really only need one of them and I personally would rather Banega. And he's cheaper!

Saint Dean

They're both the same type of player, defo don't need 2 central players

26 Jun 2013 18:40:47
very much doubt Wanyama, can't see everything being resolved in 2 days, if at all. Banega I doubt will happen either. Amusing that one person twitter mentions friday as a possible announcement day, and all of a sudden people think there is definitely an announcement friday.

And lo and behold, we didn't! Massive surprise



26 Jun 2013 11:37:46
Hull, Cardiff and QPR all interested in a short-team deal for 35-year-old free agent Tomáš Ujfaluši.

The Czech, formerly of Fiorentina and Atletico Madrid, was released by Galatasary at the end of the season.

It is thought he wants 1 more season in the game before retiring.

No way will hull go for this its not in our policy anymore we learnt our lesson last time

26 Jun 2013 14:12:19
Hull not interested. Elmohammady and GK pending they have completed all defensive signings

Hull City won't be remotely interested, they've finished all their defensive signings.

Not sure Cardiff would want to pursue huge wages for an aging player like Ufjalusi. Great player in his day though.




26 Jun 2013 11:36:14
Disappointed with some of the lazy "journalism" and repetition of mostly dated media stories on here in relation to Leicester City. Some true, some far from it. Here's what I know:

- Beckford to Bolton is looking more likely by the day.

- Wes has spoken to Nigel and re-iterated his desire to stay at the club by beginning contract negotiations. Any bids from Forest have been turned down.

- Gallagher to Blackburn possible, Blackburn have contacted the Foxes, I don't know any more than that.

- Not heard any news RE: Waghorn and Konchesky leaving.

- Upson rumours have been floating around for a while. Will be interested to see how this develops.

- RE: Demba Ba - re-hashing the ever-reliable Daily Mirror? Come on. this one's a non-starter.

If was Wes was given the option to come back to forest he would, he is a red through and through, he left to save the club, now we have been saved and if he could come back. he would

If leicester are offloading high earners because of FFP what is the point of signing upson? it won't happen



26 Jun 2013 11:13:53
peterborough are considering a bid for adebayo akinfenwa after he was released by northampton at the end of last season

What to pull a lawn mower to cut the grass on the pitch!

If we released him last season why would they need to bid? He's a free agent!



26 Jun 2013 11:29:38
Danny Whitaker set to sign a 1 year deal with the shakers this week. Is on trial with the club and in just a matter of days has already impressed.

Don't want Chesterfield over the hill players. He was awful in league 1 when they went up.

He will impress on trial. then just goes with the flow when he sighns. won't roll his sleves up an get stuck in



26 Jun 2013 11:28:15
Bristol city are set to announce the signing of frank fielding and James coppinger later on today

Fielding yes (medical to happen), Coppinger no



26 Jun 2013 11:26:35
Leyton Orient manager Russell Slade is looking to complete his squad with the capture of hotshot striker Calvin Andrew.

To facilitate this Michael Symes will join Burton Albion on a season long loan deal.

I don't understand the phrase hotshot striker in relation to Calvin Andrew. Over 9 years and 173 appearances he has scored 12 goals. That works out to 1 goal per 14 appearances.

We had Calvin Andrews on loan last season and didn't seem anything special at all?

We don't want Symes, he's rubbish.

I would not say that Michael Symes is rubbish, he's just not a prolific goascoring forward.

Definitely do not want Symes back at Burton, not good enough. Calvin Andrews is a half decent striker who just doesn't score enough.

Symes is an intelligent footballer, sorry you can't see it!

Crawley town want double signing of billy kee and robbie weir, they have kee deal done, brewers want more money for weir.

Intelligent footballer? Why don't you keep him and play him then!

Kee I believe will join Crawley. First I've heard of Weir going, I am starting to really worry about Albion.

No chance of signing Andrew. There are two Championship Clubs chasing him at present.

Keep him and play him? I'm a Brewers supporter!

Are you having a laugh.
Two championship clubs chasing him, you must be joking, even Port Vale don't want him. He was rubbish on loan at Orient. Looked totally disinterested and didn't look good enough even for division 2 let alone division 1.

Hackney marshes is to good for him, how his a professional footballer I would never know!



26 Jun 2013 11:13:56
George Francomb to be offered a trial at newly promoted Gillingham with the view to signing a 2 year deal with the Kent club after his release from Norwich City

Just signed for Wimbledon

Just signed for AFC Wimbledon this morning

Well he won't be having a trial with the Gills as he's just signed for Wimbledon!

Nonsense - signed for Wimbledon today.

He has joined afc wimbledon

Bang on the money that one. Francomb has signed on a free transfer to Wimbledon today

Signed for afc Wimbledon mate.



26 Jun 2013 10:55:06
McCarthy won't go to Southampton! Wants to stay north utd or Liverpool likely although holding out for 20 mil could see him staying at Wigan til January

He isn't even worth 5 million

He's never worth 20m, but would be a good signing for saints



26 Jun 2013 10:53:10
Rumours that West ham are interested in Victor Moses are untrue as the new Everton boss Martinez is lining up a double swoop for Kone and Moses (who is valued by Chelsea at £10m). Hammers fans dream on

Westbrom are in pole position to get moses on loan, also intrested in kone however everton favourites to get him



26 Jun 2013 10:47:16
Preston now favourites to sign veteran striker Kevin Davies on a free but may face a late challenge from rivals Blackpool and Burnley.

I hope not he is old, dirty and a big lump.

Davies is too old too expensive and is the wrong player for north end

Just cause a player is old doesn't mean their rubbish. Just look at kevin phillips. Hopefully us pool will sign him

Kevin davies would be perfect for north end, strong and holds the ball well can score and provide, sign on davies

Hang on old, past it, really slow, yellow card every match and be better served on a rugby pitch than a football pitch sounds perfect for preston north end



26 Jun 2013 10:44:17
Burnley close to signing 3 players - believed to be Naki Wells (Bradford), Kevin Davies (released by Bolton) and Nicky Bailey (released by Middlesbrough).

Will end up with none of those!
Baileys gone to Millwall.

Cant see wells leaving Bradford they are stable money wise so why would they let the best player go

He wouldn't go to burnley

Every player has a price. Yo'll pay more than the right price for Wells and so we'll take the money and thank you. No chance of him being a replacement for Austin I'm afraid.

Kevin to burnley pffftt no chance!



26 Jun 2013 09:17:24
Connor Roberts to leave Cheltenham Town.

His replacement will be former Liverpool youth keeper Jamie Stephens who comes from Wotton-under-Edge near Cheltenham.

Goalkeeping coach Steve Book on stand-by to re-sign as back up keeper should Stephens not arrive



26 Jun 2013 10:37:07
Former Aston Villa defender Richard Dunne is rumoured to be starting pre-season training with Derby today.

26 Jun 2013 11:51:25
only fitness tests today, full training starts tomorrow (Thurs 27th) - Dunne is expected to be on trial though

Dunne Dunne Dunne.

Sorry Ed!



26 Jun 2013 10:35:44
Wanyama and Tom Ince will be confirmed as Cardiff players at a press conference on Friday. The duo cost the newly-promoted club a combined £20m from Celtic and Blackpool respectively.

Blackpool stated yesterday there have been no firm bids for Tom Ince.
Enquiries from several clubs but no bids.

I am a Cardiff fan, but this isn't true, celtic haven't given Cardiff permission to speak to wanyama and Cardiff haven't put in a bid for tom ince

For the god knows how many times, too sign a player a bid has to be placed. No bid has been placed or accepted just a enquiry made.

Celtic still hasn't even given him permission to talk to Cardiff. defo no Friday announcement.



26 Jun 2013 10:35:19
matej vydra is set for return to england with one of 4 prem clubs!

swansea, west ham, sunderland and WBA have all made an approach for the striker.

Udinese oridginally wanted to sell but no club met their valuation so now they have agreed another loan.

His agent has confirmed they will be taking to all of the above clubs. He has also spoken of his admiration for paulo di canio in a recent interview which may put sunderland in prime position

26 Jun 2013 12:14:21
This is an old story - Sunderland bid already rejected and he isn't going anywhere on loan so start saving for the 18 million

West brom are the only team who could guarantee him first team football

Swansea can offer him first team too mate, the striker situation has been poor ever since january, hence vydra can take the oppurtunity to play in the first team.



26 Jun 2013 10:26:28
Leicester news. Jermaine Beckford has now agreed to take a £10k per week pay cut and will join Bolton on friday. Wes Morgan has asked for a transfer to force through a move back to his home town club Notts Forest. Fee thought to be around £2.2m agreed. Paul Gallacher will re-sign for Blackburn on a free transfer. Martyn Waghorn will join Derby on a free transfer & Paul Konchesky will join Crystal Palace for £800k.
In turn, Leicester will sign Matt Upson on a free transfer and will also shock British football by capturing Demba Ba on a season long loan.

Lazy "journalism" and repetition of mostly dated media stories. Some true, some far from it.

- Beckford to Bolton is looking more likely by the day.

- Wes has spoken to Nigel and re-iterated his desire to stay at the club by beginning contract negotiations. Any bids from Forest have been turned down.

- Gallagher to Blackburn possible, Blackburn have contacted the Foxes, I don't know any more than that.

- Not heard any news RE: Waghorn and Konchesky leaving.

- Upson rumours have been floating around for a while. Will be interested to see how this develops.

- RE: Demba Ba - re-hashing the ever-reliable Daily Mirror? Come on. this one's a non-starter.

26 Jun 2013 11:52:10
Derby no longer have any interest in Waghorn

No way with Konchesky, we have two better left backs as it is

Palace aren't in for Konchesky so that is complete rubbish.
As for Demba Ba going to Leicester to play Championship football next season! Is this a joke?



26 Jun 2013 10:18:00
Doncaster rovers have made a bid for real mallorca striker tamor hamed. also James Bailey from Derby on a free.

26 Jun 2013 11:50:45
James Bailey is not on a free he is transfer listed with 1 year of his contract left

Bailey isn't out of contract, therefore he would require a fee.

Its Tomer Hemed and no chance.



26 Jun 2013 10:17:18
Latest bristol city news is that the fielding deal is due to be completed. The deal is for fielding and tyson to join bristol city plus cash of 600k with albert adomah going the other way. This will be confirmed by the end of the week.

Bristol city are also looking at coventry defender cyrus christie as a replacement for ricky foster who left yesterday for rangers

600k + Albert = Bull

Next rumor please.

Bristol City have made it clear they have had a price agreed for Fielding for best part of a week now.

Its a cash deal thought to be around £250k

Albert Adamoh is definetly not part of any deal for FF.

That said lots of people keep linking him with Derby, though they are one of half a dozen teams often linked.

26 Jun 2013 16:05:22
i think he meant Fielding, Tyson + 600K for Adomah - still not going to happen though!

If your willing to pay 1.5m plus for christie then ok doubt it though

Not that interested in Christie unless our current rb gets sold.



26 Jun 2013 10:16:16
Cheltenham have signed Ashley Grimes on a two year contract. Luke Rooney is set to complete a move in the next few days for a small five figure fee.

Gavin Williams is still being linked with a move but no timeframe for that one yet.



26 Jun 2013 09:34:13
Iron set to announce signings of Connor Henderson, James Shea, John Cofie, Ben Reeves and Jake Nicholson by end of next week.



26 Jun 2013 09:31:50
Crystal Palace are planning to make a bid for striker Lasse Vibe from Danish club Sonderjyske.

He just signed for Gothenberg in Sweden last week!



26 Jun 2013 10:06:35
Crawley have got Matt Tubbs in the bag the deal to be confirmed later this week. Crawley also looking at the prospect of bringing Tyrone Barnett back to reunite the pair and try to fire Crawley to the play-offs

Need more than that to get Crawley into the playoffs, too many clubs will be challenging, my money will be on Wolves and City auto promotion, with Brentford via playoffs

I think you will find tubbs is well on his way to Rotherham

Peterborough to win the division I reckon.

No chance on both, won't fit in to long term plans

So when Low promised "exciting" players for Crawley, he was actually referring to Rotherham? CTFC have missed a massive trick if they've missed the opportunity of signing Tubbs and lost out to Evans again

No way Tubbs will go to Rotherham because he doesn't want to move his family north. But I am not convinced he will sign for Crawley either.

27 Jun 2013 16:40:31
Local paper states that Crawley will pay Swindon £50000 compensation for Luke Rooney and Marion Pack will sign tomorrow

Matt tubbs going to rotherham doesn't want to move his family north so when has rotherham ever been in the south apart from south yorkshire



26 Jun 2013 10:13:25
Rumours circulating Banton is about to return on a season long loan. Think this needs to be sealed quickly as other clubs will be interested in a player of his calibre. Also hope Holloway sanctions it as he owes us given were where we are today because of him. Taking on players and paying them wages we just couldn't afford. He takes a team as far as he can and then leaves for a new job to ruin. Seriously think it would signal our play off ambition with Banton and he seemed to enjoy it down here. Would love to see Ryan Dickson back here to if Baz keeps stalling on us.

Burton also interested in Banton after Ashley Grimes turned them down to join Cheltenham.



26 Jun 2013 10:12:26
Barnsley have expressed interest in signing Brighton and Hove Albion defender Adam El-Abd.

Not new news this one



26 Jun 2013 10:00:20
Bradford City are set to sign Everton's George Green on a season long loan.

I believe under league rules he is not old enough to go out on a season long loan

He only joined Everton from Bradford last season.

He is 17, he can go out on loan.

Football league rules state that he can be loaned out as a youth loan.

Was denied by Bradford



26 Jun 2013 09:32:06
Big rumour coming out of Chelsea is that Benitez wants to hook up with Torres again as part of the Cavani deal.
That may be the key to the deal in the end.



26 Jun 2013 09:29:56
with tevez heading to turin, city will now save over 10million a year on wages and also get 10million transfer fee, freeing up money to sign a big name striker. notice how everythings gone quiet on cavani. think this deal may finally be done.



26 Jun 2013 09:25:16
Brentford being linked with Buzsaky and James Hayter. Rosler has said he needs a few more experienced heads along with the recent signing of McCormack to help the young squad.

No thanks to both. Grigg will do just fine. Him and Donaldson up front with El Alagui and Hayes in back up - we're looking tasty.

Will take Hayter. all day long. even at his age, still a talent.



26 Jun 2013 09:19:12
Liverpool to make late attempts to sign Nathan Redmond, Victor Wanyama and put together a deal for Tom Ince

Why? Most of them are either over priced, or over hyped, apart from Desmond who would be value for money. At 2 million.

Ambitious, but I think Liverpool should put their plans to sign 99% of the planet's best players aside and just make do with at least four.



26 Jun 2013 08:41:33
Huddersfield are poised to sign Karl Henry fromWolves

There's lots of rumours going around that he was at the Leicester stadium last night discussing personal terms.

I appreciate what Karl has done for us over the past few years, but it's time for a fresh start for both club and player so I wish him well wherever he ends up.

Dont be silly.
There is only his Agent pushing that one.
Over the hill. Over paid. Over rated.
If you are going to make things up at least base them on some fact.

Town only need one more central midfielder and that is looking more and more likely to be Jacob Butterfield so doubt we will sign Henry

Would be great signing



26 Jun 2013 08:23:35
Sunderland to make a 20m + triple swoop on Celtic for wanyama forster and hooper this is coming from within the club

Aint enough bud, wanyama 12mill, hooper 6 mill, forster won't go as he still dreams of being newcastle no1 and would cost more than the 2 mill that's left in your 20 mill kitty. good chance of getting vic and hoops for your 20 mill tho. bhoywonder

Not a chance in hell, Wanyama has no interest in Southampton, he wants Champions League football, Hooper will cost 5 mill plus and as for Foster he won't be going anywhere and again would cost 5 mill plus if Celtic decided to sell as he has 3 yrs left on contract, Hooper is the only possible one here

Forster £6m, Hooper £6m and Wanyama £12m = £24m



26 Jun 2013 06:21:05
New Millwall boss Steve Lomas is desperate to add more strikers to his squad. Brentford's Clayton Donaldson and Matt Fryatt are top of his list.

Donaldson might be worth a 'TRY'? Strong Player with average goal tally? But 29 yrs old? I would Leave Fryatt well alone 'VERY' injury prone'? If all TRUE?

Clayton won't go anywhere he is a brentford loyal he has already said it and uwe won't want to get rid of him

I said if it's 'TRUE'? As for Donaldson or any player if the price is right for them & club then they will 'GO'! Are you trying to tell everyone that a any player doesn't want to better himself & play in a higher division with & against 'BETTER' players?

26 Jun 2013 16:37:27
Brentford are a huge club mate he won't want to leave and go anywhere else ever.

Its like someone offered you a 50% pay rise in your job - you would be very likely to leave - there are probably less than 10 % of players who would not and at 29 its probably now or never

Huge club? Really. I think if a championship club came in for him he would be silly to not consider it and Brentford would be wrong to allow him the opportunity to not better himself.



26 Jun 2013 01:04:36
Doncaster Rovers are ready to make a £1. 5 Million bid for Billy Sharp. Interest in Sharp is thought to be high with Nigel Adkins looking to bring his former player to Reading.

He is going to forest mate its plastered everywhere

Won't happen, can't afford his wages and he can play at a top championship team

As a DRFC fan I get really bitter about Billy Sharp. What was the need for Southampton to sign him in January, play hardly any games and as soon as they went up he was back in the Championship with Forest! Jumped a sinking ship and despite how good he was/is, we were clearly not 'big' enough for him. I'm tired of every rumour linking us with ex-players. We need to move on, not sign our aging Championship team of a few years ago back!

So you wouldn't want a 25 goal a season fit billy sharp, are you mad he's better than before, if you don't buy quality league 1 again next year you have no ambition he's only 27 not in pre yet

Sharp never got 25 goals in the Championship for rovers.
Lazy player.



26 Jun 2013 00:07:08
Southampton to turn attention to James McCarthy of Wigan now NC has had enough of the Wanyama saga

Also expect a big signing to be revealed on friday when saints reveal their new kit. i'm hearing a 24 yr old striker from outside of the prem at a cost of approx �22m

You heard it hear first

So we apparentley have a 30M budget that we've just blown all on this player. (8. 5M on Lovren).

Yes, because this is true.

I hope not, Wigan allegedly want 20m for McCarthy, while he is a good player he's worth 8 or 9 at best.

Not sure I believe the striker rumour, these kit unveiling signings never happen.

I believe the first part, but not the last part about a £22m striker.

26 Jun 2013 09:45:30
You don`t mean 'Henrikh Mkhitaryan' because I would not believe that or actually believe we would splash 22m on one player.


26 Jun 2013 09:43:50
am glad wanyama not joining saints
lets move on
wait and see what other rubbish we are after
according to some saints fans

According to what has been said about our tranasfer amount, its more like 100 million for both january and july transfer windows. This has been reported many times, why would we have exactly the same ( actually less) transfer money this season when we really need to strenghthen the squad than we got last season which probably came to 40 million budget wise. So tell me its an important year for saints, as we need to add depth yet we only have 30 million to spend. We would only get like 2-3 players for that. When we desperately need to add depth to the sqaud


Where does this "apparently 30m transfer budget" come from? Absolutely made up guff. We have no idea how much money there is for southampton transfers. More likely, we have as much money as NC and MP think we need to spend. could be 10m could be 70-80m

If the money is right Kaiser Dave won't stand in his way. It depends if his head has been turned by others.

I think we'll buy foreign personally, not ex prem players.

Just a hunch.

The £30million budget is make believe. None of us know the real budget only that it is likely to be big considering the target is apparently Europe next season. I don't think we will get Europe next season but the idea that could happen implies a very healthy transfer budget probably at least around the £50million mark.

Southampton spending 22 million on a striker. nearly cracked a rib there

Mc Carthy joining Southampton. Oh dear, that one did crack a rib.

I can't see us going for McCarthy either mate. But for the record Southampton apparently bid in excess of £20million for Erik Lamela earlier in the month only for Roma to reject.

27 Jun 2013 00:02:56
This is rust some rumor spouted off on twitter. Don't think this guy is ITK in anyway

Forget Europe we will be in the mini league at the bottom let's hope we are looking over our shoulders half our team came with us from div 1 and the new boys had no prem league experience they have been punching above their weight yet have done really well. FACT

Charlie Austin will be 24 next week!



25 Jun 2013 23:54:50
Bristol rovers in talks with notts forest midfielder simon gillet

Clearly untrue. Played a fair few times in the Championship last season and will be on big wages.

Bristol City would make more sense with Sean O'Driscoll.

26 Jun 2013 15:21:30
He did play a fair few times up until O'Driscoll was sacked, and then failed to make the team from January onwards. He signed a new contract in jan, but it just depends if Billy sees him as part of his plans. I don't think he does.

Heard this is true. Bristol Rovers have a new investor lined up hence money being spent, as soon as the build starts on the new stadium the investor will be announced

There will be investors eventually but we don't want to go silly on wages and transfers



25 Jun 2013 23:47:06
Celtic, Hibs, Shrewsbury and Millwall are all in the running for the signing of cliftonvilles 21 year old Liam Boyce. The Irishman hit 35 goals in all competitions last season.

Yea in ireland but don't get me wrong worth a gamble but don't pay over the odds because league he's in is worse than the scottish league.

Thats what celtic do though, find hidden talents such as wanyama and quadtriple their value. someone has to find them if none of the so called big teams can't even be bothered to splash a million or two.



25 Jun 2013 23:34:30
Sion's Latvian 'keeper Andris Vanins will join up with Bristol City's squad for pre-season training later this week. A week-long trial could lead to a permanent deal.

City are signing frank Fielding, so sounds unlikely



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