Football Rumours Archive June 26 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 26 2012 

25 Jun 2012 23:42:52
Yeovil to confirm at least 2 signings on the first of July - Izale Mcleod and Nathan Doyle both released at the end of last season by Barnet and Barnsley respectively...

BucksGlover(8)(24)They will be class lets just wait and see what happens johnson hopes to have all of his first eleven by 2nd july so we will see who we getMore than 2 there will be at least 4 announced but agree with the two you've mentionedHow sure are you? :)Amazing if it wasnt nonsenceIf this is true then yeovil have just pulled off one best signings so far with nathan doyle so gutted he was released from us (barnsley) he is a quality player deffo cha,pionship/prem material, good luck to him if this is trueDoyle was the second most best paid player at barnsley last season and PNE couldnt afford his wages are yeovil sure the can afford thisThese are the only two i have heard, but i am aware there will be more as you say. i said 'at least' just to cover my back ;)Well its hardly surprising preston cant afford his wages after the amount of their wage bill they have already shifted out with 10+ players already signed... Doyle has also been linked with Bradford so i doubt his wages are too extreme probably not far off what we offered to Andy Williams to stay... McLeod is far more realistic though out of the two...Doyle would be a top signing was good for barnsley1. Doyle was NOT the second best paid player at Barnsley but was in top 5.
2. IMO whoever signs Doyle will have themselves a quality player


25 Jun 2012 23:32:32
ED, do you think ther is any truth in these rumours concerning either Kewell or Beavon going to Swindon? I honestly think the Kewell rumour was just hot air...but Beavon could be a possibility. {Ed003's Note - I doubt the Kewell one,Beavon seems to be interesting a lot of clubs, I would be guessing if I said where he would end up,sorry mate}(7)(8)I doubt beavon will want to go to swindon as there are better league 1 sides and some championship sides looking at himBeavon is a didcot boy so there is a possibilty only if we off load connell and bodin


25 Jun 2012 23:31:33
Stoke look almost certain to get a double purchase from Blackburn within the next couple of weeks, N'Zonzi & Martin Olsson have both agreed to join the potteries club.

Stoke have also made a formal inquiry about West Brom midfielder James Morrison, from a very reliable source.(23)(20)I would simply love all of these to be true. I think Olsson would be a great addition to Huth and Shawcross at the back. N'Zonzi and Palacios would be a quality CDM pairing. And having a CAM like Morrison might even indicate a change of formation?? A 4-2-3-1 possibly? Do I dare to dream?Keep dreaming about the latter, Morrison wont be leaving WBA. however other two would be good additions and are most likely to happen.Probably cost about 15million for the pair, Nzonzi is class act not just a DM, olsson is a better winger than a LBPulis has no knowledge of CAM or what there real purpose is. As for a lone man that can't work as there is no one for him to knock it down to.I seem to remember Mozza making a "gesture" to Stoke fans last season. Sounds like a likely move...In your dreams , nzonzi is off to arsenal, olsson chelsea or newcastle, stoke are dreamersI think you don't quite know the West Brom situation above. They can't afford Ben Foster and are on a tight budget. If someone with cash, ie Stoke were to come along I could see them selling to be fair. It's ok saying we won't sell Morrison when you aren't aware of their situation. Money talks and Stoke have it and West Brom simply don'tI wrote this post, and believe you me this is from a reliable source, we are not dreamers. Official bids have been placed and Stoke are waiting on these deals.'in your dreams' fella.........made up rumours aren't very interesting.Why do people think WBA have no money, we are run by a Chairman who works within a budget that will not see the club go to ruin.

The Baggies do not have a owner who throws money at any player going, but the albion could survive without Peace could Stoke without Coates??Stoke fan slightly confused - Morrison is a footballer, ball passed along the ground etc....


25 Jun 2012 23:30:12
Huddersfield look set to wrap up the signing of Lee Peltier from Leicester for £600,000. Peter Ramage will also open talks with the Terriers this week with a 3 year deal in the pipe line.(25)(26) 

Grayson singing good players, good luck. Expect to see Jordan Rhodes Leave and replaced by a player of the same calibre as Enoch Showumni and eight average players that aren't good enough to get a game for no apparent reason. Going to be a long long season for Huddersfield.

TeejLUFCWould be great to see pelts back. Especially with hunt on wing aswell^^ see you 1st of December mate, we'll actually beat you. We've actually got a good chairman who loves the club and approves of signings and will provide fundsLeeds have the money now, thats why peltier is joining us , along with rhodes


25 Jun 2012 22:49:48
Wes foderingham is a very much on Stoke City's radar. Poalo Di Canio recieved a call from Stoke about foderingham's availability but this was quickly rejected. Foderingham 21, kept 23 clean sheet in 41 games last season the most out of any keeper in all the english divisions.

Very reliable source!(9)(19)Even if this is true, Sir Wes will not be going anywhere this season!And you know that how exactly?Please sell, as Palace have a 25% sell on fee.If stoke come back with a realistic offer 1.5 to 2m then the board would give it some thought. But Wes is an important part of our squad and we are trying to build a team to finish In the top 10( maybe top 6)Wes foderingham has a big club realse claus in his contract off about 3.5m ..Only joined in january, he came to play first team football, if he wanted to be on the bench or not even in the squad he would of stayed at palaceStoke already have 2 premiership level keepers and have just promoted a very promising keeper from the academy to the first team (Eve, youngest ever international, Barbados). I sure they don't need a also-ran keeper on the books, we've got shut of Nash for that very same reason.Very strong rumours that Sorensen may leave. Would certainly need a new number 2 keeper.Is this Swindon's keeper who recently won the golden glove award? If so he'd be a wonderful back-up and with Tommy leaving why not? But most importantly what do you think ED?


25 Jun 2012 22:43:08
Wigan athletic look to loan Connor sammon to derby and bring in salphangidis and samaras to boost attacking options and Andriy Piatov to replace chris Kirkland and highly Rated defender José Catalá from relegated Villarreal as cover at the back also nouha dicko will be loaned back to blackpool and Callum mcmannaman is a target for newly promoted Swindon town(8)(6)Derby are not getting any loans already stated by nigel clough at the end of the season and they want players for the future so no one over 24 dont know whether that applys to himWhy would you buy samaras? he palyied awful in the euros'. and playied most of celtics games this season and scored 2-3 goals all season? he aint worth it.I'd be happy to bring in connor sammon but i doubt it without the proofCallum mcmannaman played better than Dicko did at Blackpool so I doubt he'll be going to Swindon, if anything we might get them both on loan.


25 Jun 2012 22:42:00
Anderlecht duo dieumerci mbokani and cheikhou kouyate could be making their way to the premiership, mbokani a congolese striker has been linked with a move to fulham where as kouyate, a senegalese midfielder has been linked with a move to stoke(12)(6) 

Kouyate is a defender.Or defensive midfielder, watched him play last season and he played midfield


25 Jun 2012 22:24:57
Hughton considering making a bid for Leon best. A player he signed for Newcastle when he was manager. Newcastle would be happy to sell as he only has 1 year left on his contracts(4)(11)


25 Jun 2012 22:16:10
According to various reports, West Ham have agreed a fee to sign Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha and he will undergo a medical at Holly House tomorrow. He is expected to sign in the next 48 hours.
Will be absolutely chuffed if the rumours are true.
Before you all click the 'unbelievable' button
look at all the people across the Internet also breaking the news.

190298(28)(9)Too many West Ham fans getting ahead of themselves and thinking players will jump at the chance to play for them. We've already dismissed your previous bid (which our owners described as "poo"). We turned down 8 million from Bolton in January. Unless you've offered higher then that I highly doubt we've accepted any offer from West Ham.For a fee of ?A lot of fuss about this fella but not convinced he's that good. Be interesting to seeI thought the lad was a massive talent? Why go to West Sham? He would be better suited at a team who have consolidated their league status i.e Everton, Fulham, West Brom, Stoke, Newcastle....Dream on Palace chairman repeats "no contact with WHU", all the inernet buzz ois from the WHU endThis is coming from inside Crystal Palace trying to start an auction.Seriously I dont see what the fuss is about with Zaha..He has pace thats for sure, but from what Ive seen he is nothing the moment at least...maybe.

lifelongsaint83Too many people who seem to always be in the know, have confirmed this on twitter. this will happen i think and if Moses was only 5mill it wont be much more.
otbc#12You guys forget we often speak to our chairman on the bbs/holmsdale and he has described your own "rumours 'as poo, so get out of your head out of your a#ses, whfc fans and move onWilfried Zaha - SPECULATION - Palace fans are growing tired of the constant, baseless and completely fabricated news that Wilfried Zaha is a) subject to a bid from West Ham, that b) such a bid would involve a swap deal involving Freddy Sears (!?!!?) and that c) he has agreed terms but that the club's can't agree a fee. In truth, its not speculation at all -- it is childish imagination. Despite refutations from Steve Parish and Steve Browett both on Twitter and the forums, the stories keep coming. If Zaha were to leave Palace, he could do better than West Ham. This we know for certainJust one point. Goes to west ham doesn't go to west ham
The boy is top class , absolute no dought about his ability, where ever he goes he will be putting left backs on there bums.
This is the reason palace should get a decent bit of money for him. Best youngster in the league and probably the best youngster around.


25 Jun 2012 22:15:42
Huddersfield Town are to announce the signing of Adam Clayton and Paul Scharner on thursday the day both have medicals, Ross Mccormack is to chose this week between Palace or Huddersfield, but it is looking more like he will be off to Crystal Palace(21)(15)Clayton either staying at leeds or going to reading for 2 mill, mccormack to wigan for 2.5There have been no bids for Clayton or McCormack and none will be considered at the moment whilst investment talks are ongoing. Besides Clayton is currently in Mexico on holiday. Neither Huddersfield or Palace will pay the wages McCormack wants.Yet another player going to Reading for 2m. By my reckoning you will have a squad of around 50, at a cost of the national debt. Get real!!!Clayton no chance. Scharner on 40k a week. Doubt you can afford thatWhat and Leeds will pay his wages!Adam Clayton is in Mexico for 2 weeks, good luck on him signing this ThursdayScharner is currently on no wage at all as he has been released however would like to see all 3 at the terriersTo be honest, Paul Green turned down 10k a week more at hudds than at leeds so why cant they afford his wages? Besides, if he was on 40k a week leeds wouldn't be able to afford thatLeeds can afford the wages,money in any day now


25 Jun 2012 21:55:14
Really big rumour going around that Arsenal are set to sign Swansea midefielder Joe Allen for a fee believed to be around 10m as he is one of the premier leagues brightest young players.(16)(10)Doubt allen would go could be possible tho


25 Jun 2012 21:24:42
Peterborough to complete the signing of Stevenage right wing back Lawrie Wilson(12)(12)This is believable because Ferguson did state that he wanted another right back in before the start of the season and he could also do a shift on the right side of our diamond formation.My sources agree this is a target together with BostwickLol, your welcome to him. And also, this is not true, you dont even know what position he playsHave him, as long as it part of an exchange for boyd ;)This is certainly emerging as probably true as before DF was looking for a second RB to replace LittleLOL at the people claiming they have inside information, Its already been reported in 2 local papers in London and P'boro before the rumour even appearedIts true surprisingly but already reportedGood player. Has gone off the boil the past few months so majority of fans on his case. But has been excellent for a couple of years


25 Jun 2012 21:18:00
Rumours have it that Wilfried Zaha is going to have a medical tomorrow for west ham hope he passes COYI!(19)(33)100% trueThesame West Ham that "have never contacted Crystal palace about anything recently"He's got no ambition if he is joining a team, that will likley be in the Championship the following season."Thesame West Ham that "have never contacted Crystal palace about anything recently""

Maybe we'll sign him and take our chances with the tribunal! You should get about 2m that way.


25 Jun 2012 21:17:27
Ruddy signs 4 year deal holt to sign new 3 yrar deal early next week. Holt news comes from an ex player.
Ncfc matt.(26)(5)


25 Jun 2012 21:06:47
former walsall striker jon macken has been offered a trial by league 1 club swindon town(3)(26)Source?


25 Jun 2012 21:01:36
Bradford City and Oxford United are in talks with Barnsley forward Chris Dagnall(10)(10)Oxford are not in talks with any club for forwards.....we have 7 on our books. Midfielders are being spoken to but thats it. Source - Local newspaper and also a well known fact - we let 2 midfielders go in the close seaon - looking to replace themLuke summer field is one of themAs said above, OUFC do not want any strikers. Been said by the club many times all summer. 2 centre midfielders and a right back. Thats it.The barnsley fans will pay any team to take him, already offered to drive him myself


25 Jun 2012 20:46:05
Matt Tubbs is having talks with Fleetwood. Money will have a big say in this deal as Tubbs supports Bournemouth and has recently brought a new house down on the south coast. Also Southampton defender Ryan Dickson will join Bournemouth on a pre season trial.(5)(27)Dickinson wount come for a pre season trial he is under contract at southampton and tubbs is going knowhereIt is Dickson, Not dickinson.. D'oh.It's 100% about tubbs garunteed


25 Jun 2012 20:38:08
Christian Ribeiro will sign for Doncaster on a free transfer after leaving Bristol City(18)(9)Signed for brentford hasnt he?


25 Jun 2012 20:33:19
Former Barnsley and Tranmere striker Chris Dagnall is in talks about returning to Prenton Park although Port Vale and Preston are interested(6)(4)Knew Preston would be involvedWhy do preston always want players that tranmere want?He's not a former Barnsley player, he still plays for BarnsleyHe's contracted to Barnsley for another season so why have you described him as 'former'?It's only a rumour - Preston have probably no interest in DagnallJames Wallace signs for Tranmere for an undisclosed fee, he signed a 2-year deal! S.W.A!


25 Jun 2012 20:23:46
After impressing right in front of Huddersfield's eyes, Town have made a 750k bid to secure the signing of Sheffield United's Stephen Quinn. {Ed003's Note - It would take more than 750k }(20)(11)As a town fan would love it to happen but I would agree with Ed. It will be more than 750kTo be honest i don't think it would take much more than the 750k mark, maybe a little more but not much. They need to cut the wage bill and seem to be in quite a bit of debt so any legitimate offers placed will be seriously considered.He does want to stay in Yorkshire so this might be true.He lives in the Penistone area so wouldn't need to move house. However, with SUFC's need to reduce the wage bill, I think 400k will secure his services no problem at all. I'm a Blade, I know how we operate!


25 Jun 2012 20:22:32
Wycombe Wanderers have made a bid for Charlton Athletic striker Paul Hayes - seeking a replacement for Scott Rendell and Ben Strevens. Gary Doherty, Scott Donnelly and Sam Wood are waiting to sign for the club on a free transfer. Wycombe also look to put clubs off Stuart Beavon by giving him a price tag of £750,000.(6)(9)But they have a transfer embargo!


25 Jun 2012 20:12:15
Aaron Ramsey to Fulham, BUT Dempsey/Dembele will NOT be going the other way.

M'Vila to have a medical at Arsenal, which makes space for the North Londoners to allow a midfielder to leave the club.

Unknown whether the move will be a loan or a permanent deal.

A permanent deal will be a £5.5m fee up front with performance based bonuses raising the fee to £9.5m.(14)(15)Now im not an arsenal or fulham fan but this has to be one of the most ridiculous rumours everRamsey is only 21 and could still go out on loan seriously doubt he will leave.
M villa will come along with giroud
Denilson and Chamakh will leaveYeah i've heard he's going on a season long loan!Absolutely ridiculous... M'vila for an intial 5.5mil?! try 15mil! and the rest... Ramsey going nowhereRamsey for initial 5.5 not M'vila
FFC1987The fee is for Ramsey duhhh5.5m for an international captain, i dont think so, too many dreamers posting lately i think.If you dont know if its loan or permanent how do you know the fee and add ons obviously made upWhy would we sell ramsey? and for 5.5 million haha we signed him from cardiff for 5 mill an international captain is worth more than that.M'villa has been spotted at Conley training ground (very reliable source) and the Ramsey rumours are true but id prefer a loan deal


25 Jun 2012 19:58:29
Varney and Norris of Portsmouth to
join Leeds United in a deal initially
worth £350k, with appearance add
ons taking the total fee to a max
of £500k.
Liam Lawrence interesting Cardiff,
Leeds, Shef Wed and Crystal Palace
due to a bargain fee of £175k being
asked.(18)(19)Dont know why we should want Varney,doesnt get that many goals,do better than that surely.Lawrence at 175k is not a bargain as he comes with 40k a week wagesSo he is def signing for Leeds even though he hadn't met up wi staff from Leeds? He was at hillsborough Friday so if anywhere is imminent its to the owls.All previous reports have stated that Lawrence is on about 20k a week, still high but not as per the previous post.


25 Jun 2012 19:58:00
freddie eastwood has snubbed a deal at sothend to sign a two year deal at the os as he didnt want to drop down to league two.(17)(16)


25 Jun 2012 19:41:13
{Ed 003's Note - In recent weeks replies are getting very childish and are just turning into a 'my dad's bigger than you' thing. Could I ask folk to start leaving a name/tag at the end of their posts as this would improve the site no end for posters and regular readers of the site. If need be we can keep a note of your ip so it confirms who you are. Thanks 003}(8)(6)


25 Jun 2012 19:39:12
Paul coutts to have talks this week with the posh this week and will sign unless another championship team come in for him.

Voice of reason(7)(4)Good hope he goes if we get 500kHull City are apparently interested, he's due to meet Bruce at the end of this week, fee expected to be 400k.


25 Jun 2012 19:20:33
Official. Brighton have today confirmed the free transfer of Spanish right back Bruno Saltor from Valencia(21)(9)Ole ole ole ole Bruno saltorWoohoo another good signing by gus 3 more signings to goBrightons own spanish armadaDidn't see that one coming did we?Bruno signing confirmed on the Brighton club website.


25 Jun 2012 19:16:29
Brighton sign Bruno Saitor on a free transfer.(18)(6)


25 Jun 2012 19:00:34
kerrouche has left swindon town after they canceled his contract by mutal constent(16)(4)


25 Jun 2012 17:49:52
Ed do you know what is happening regarding Kewell signing for Reading heard it from very good source that's normally right about these things and couldn't believe my ears so hope hes wrong! {Ed003's Note - I only know he is looking for a European club,personally I think you should avoid signing him}(4)(17)I saw him play against Wellington FC in New Zealand he was so terrible made Paul Ifil look like MessiHis families settled up north so he will be staying there, that's the reason hes coming back anywayAfter seeing him play a couple of times in the A League, Harry Kewell is in the Michael Owen league - players who are well past it and only interested in a nice weekly pay cheque. No one should sign him.

IanIt's just a case of player becomes available so his agent links him with clubs in the hope that they show an interest. Kewell does not have the legs for the counter-attacking football we play.

LoyalRoyal94He's left melbourne victory and on his way to england so it's a chance


25 Jun 2012 16:26:21
Gut Branston to join aldershot after his contract termination from Bradford city(14)(4)This is a football rumour site not signings which hav already been comfirmed mate. : )Already announced at midday...Great name


25 Jun 2012 16:44:33
Naughton to Norwich almost a done deal despite Spurs having no manager. Spurs have almost signed Vertonghen so will let Naughton go. They are also happy to let him go to Hughton.
YEARMY99(25)(14)I would certainly like this to be true however it is unbelievable.How it unbeliveable i think hed want to come because he knows the area and the playersUnlikely because vertonghen is a centre back who can play left back, and naughton is a right back. Also with corluka probably gone can't see us only having 1 rbLol all the above statements are false. Naughton doesn't know the area as he lived in Essex while playing for norwich. Also he would choose aston villa over us anyway as his home town is Sheffield. Get realNot going to happen. would be nice but nah.


25 Jun 2012 15:51:28
Middlesbrough set for triple swoop on nottingham forest for paul anderson,lewis mgugan and goalkeeper paul smith, trust me i am in the know-------- boro brunners(16)(23)Take all 3 there lazy and awfulIgnore that last poster. Smith is a good shot stopper, but isn't the best in the air. Anderson runs and runs, but his final ball often let's him down. Mcgugen is a match winner and can score from nothing. He is just very hit and miss and doesn't do the tracking back bit, which would make him prem qualityWe will throw in Miller as well for nothing


25 Jun 2012 15:51:31
Darius Vassell to sign for Shrewsbury.

source:KL8(8)(31)This is complete nonsense - no way will our chairman pay the wages.I'd really dismiss this as unbelievable if I were you. D.V was on good money at Filbert Way, even by Leicester's standards. Would have to take a massive wage cut to sign for the Shrews!He is in talks with Walsall and Coventry (Preferred Destination) but no talk about Shrewsbury.

Source: HimselfWalsall?!He is not going to shrewsbury they are not going to pay his wages of 5000 a week


25 Jun 2012 15:31:59
Blackpool have switched there interest From Motherwell FC Murphy, to the lightening quick Chris Humphrey, reports are suggesting that a deal could be done in January 2013, due to the fact that Humphrey would be difficult to prize away from Motherwell, before the club exit the
Champions League, in the early stages, Humphrey alo would be a free signing come June 2013. Good business.(4)(12)Humphrey was stolen from the Shrews by Motherwell exploiting a loophole - I hope he does leave for nothing.Blackpool can wait till jan 2013 if they want because there are clubs willing to pay a fee this transfer window in the premier league for him,even if he stayed till end of the season he would have bigger and better clubs than blackpool wanting to sign him in january.
The shrewsbury fan must be one of the same ones who said it was a backwards step him joining Motherwell mmmmmmmm,playing in europe and cup finals plus becoming an international player,bet he regrets leaving shrewsbury,bitter much?


25 Jun 2012 15:37:46
sunderland in talks with cuellar and mcartney looks like his on his way to whu source: local rag(22)(8)


25 Jun 2012 15:37:34
Brighton in talks with judge of notts county(6)(14)Not trueTrue storyWould love thatOver rated, no better than harley.....nough saidJudge is on holiday, and his price tag is 2millionJon harley is crap - nough said
alan judge is great - nough saidThey have signed Dean LeacockNo better than Harley... LOLHe is in IrelandHarley is rubbish but I think judge has a lot of potential and moving to the Amex would only improve that we can't keep buying established names we need to look at players down the leagues there are some very good players thereI think they're on about Ryan Harley.


25 Jun 2012 15:11:12
Inter Milan and Juventus battle to clinch Man Citys Aleksander Kolarov despite Mancini wanting the Serbian to stay(13)(4)Mancini would drive him there if they were interested.


25 Jun 2012 14:51:21
Rob -

Maximilian Riedmller set for trail at Ipswich, the 6 ft 1 goal keeper is currently 3rd choice at his current club Bayer Munich(13)(6)He's 6ft 2in {Ed003's Note - ffs, give over}Not worth the bother,keep trying for loach ,he wants to come here,why are town not going for him.this manager is a waste of space!First of all, have you seen him play? Second of all, this is the same Loach that can't get into the first team at WatfordWe need 2 goalkeepers, we currently only have 1 on the books and he has been told he is not first choice! and 2 centre halfs and a striker, come on clegg pull your finger out.Just because Loach is apparently a Town fan it doesn't mean he is a top goalkeeper. If Watford don't want him why should we?
We could assemble a whole team of Town fans by tomorrow night, but I doubt we could win promotion with it!Everyone says about the goalkeeping/defence/striker issue.. but seems to not understand we lost three midfielders that played a lot of football last season in murphy, leadbitter and bowyer.. hyam and dury were obviously not in favour, and bullard is highly temperamental, and we havent seen much of stevenson
still think we need two defenders, at least one midfielder, possibly two, striker, goalieWe could do with both them keepers plus Guzan, and like someone else said 2 or 3 centre halfs possibly a physically strong midfielder like Cheick Kourouma and a younger striker to partner Chopra or ScotlandAnd on the wings?


25 Jun 2012 14:42:38
Kolo Toure set to join Psg(31)(11)


25 Jun 2012 14:41:06
Michael Jacobs has signed for Derby.
Official.-Derby Telegraph
Reported 525k rising to 600k(21)(8)Derby Telegraph doesn't say it I live in DerbyTomorrows issue.Derby Telegraph website.See SSN for moreSky sports new does though tbf to him


25 Jun 2012 14:20:12
Barnsley,s Dagnell in talks with Tranmere over move to Prenton Park(12)(4)Probably not true, wish it was howeverHope this is true. would be a good singingGood waste of moneyBarnsley fans were not impressed with him,and will be glad if he goes, sorry ladsGood waste of money? so it didn't work out for him at Barnsley, it worked at Rochdale, typical Rovers fans being negative about everything as usual


25 Jun 2012 14:12:37
any transfer news coming out of west brom all quiet obout any out goings.(4)(5)Danny rose and danny guthrieWest brom are keeping tabs on players leaving rangers who will be all free agents. the likes of Naismith, Whittaker and Aluko are all available... Kyle Lafferty is also set to reject his offer to become a free agent too, wouldnt be surprised if 2 of the three will join. Everton are also in the hunt for Naismith.

Reports suggesting we are looking at Danny Rose, Danny Guthrie and completing a deal for Foster.

Players heading out look like it could Cox, Thomas and maybe Tamas if an offer came in.


25 Jun 2012 14:23:20
Danny Murphy has signed for Blackburn on a free.(22)(8)Sad to see him go - clearly his legs are getting a bit old for premier league - but still wish him good luck - a great player for Fulham


25 Jun 2012 14:12:47
Huddersfield Town will announce the capture of defensive midfield ballwinner Paul Scharner - free agent formally of WBA - on 2 yr contract. Medical been booked for Thursday by Town.(29)(6)Believable and would work well alongside other rumoured signing Adam Clayton!Doubt it he's too expensive for youNo it's notYes he is, considering reading have already offered 2 mill, premiership or struggling championship, figure it outReading fan yet again.... Offered 2m fr a free agent? AwesomeIs there anyone Reading aren't apparently bidding for?Yes we canHe's on a free ^^^Whether we (HTFC) buy Paul Scharner or not, why do " moneybags Reading fans" think that their club have bid 1mil+ for half of the free agents in the UK.Well that says it all about reading.... offering 2 million for a player who is out of contractReading fans clearly don't understand the concept of 'free agent', and with Deano's backing I reckon town would be able to put up a considerable contract offer for Scharner so it would be possibleI honestly used to like Reading a bit until I started reading comments on this website. Their fans are horrendous never seen anything like itAdam Clayton is transfer listed, he is NOT out of contract. Reading have not offered 2M for him as offers are not being accepted at the moment due to the takeover (now officially underway) but get real... Leeds value him at 800K. He's not THAT good... why do you think we transfer listed him??


25 Jun 2012 14:05:28
I work as a grounds man at turf moor for burnley and have just come back off my summer break to get everything ready for next month and i can honestly say i have just seen joel campbell of arsenal being shown around the training ground. He is a striker that turns 20 tomorrow (26th June) and has yet to play for arsenal.(10)(19)Groundsman ? Burnley ? Just back from your jollies? That narrows it down quite a bit. If true and I doubt it you will not be a Groundsman for Burnley much longer.Surely, if you are a groundsman at Turf Moor, then wouldnt you have been working all through the closed season to get the pitch ready?Rubbish he has nt got a work permit yetYou mean, you were a groundsman at Turf Moor!
So, that's why this is suspect.Which groundsman are you then:
Paul Bradshaw (head groundsman), Aiden McGough, James Blackburn, Barry O'Brien
and i know two of them {Ed003's Note - It's probably Bertie Bee }I can smell the stuff you put on your rosesI would imagine knowing all 4 of these chaps not one of them is silly enough to post this ,especially after some of the stuff they have seen over the years ,whoever did post this needs to have a look at themselves as everyone around gawthorpe is wis sworn to secrecy!If you are a groundsman at Turf Moor , how did you manage to see a player being shown round the Training Ground at Gawthorpe ?This is bull. Joel doesn't have a work permit, and will be going back on loan to Spain or France so he can get a work permit maybe next year if he is lucky. And anyway if he did have a work permit (no disrespect to Burnley) Arsene would rather he stay in the prem.
Dublin Gunner!!Arsene wenger has a lot ov respect for burnley actually and he likes the way we play I.e getting the ball down and playing football not just hoofing it up the pitch , so if he was to let Joel Campbell go out on loan I don't see any reason why it couldn't be to burnley , we've had a couple of loans from arsenal over the past years so u can't count out anything especially with jay rod gone now so we are looking in that department . UTC


25 Jun 2012 14:04:44
Derby have agreed a fee for Michael Jacobs. (Ssn)

Now where are the Reading, Charlton and the cocky P'boro fans who said they were signing him????(16)(8)Who the he'll is m Jacobs,I'm sure Reading etc are gutted.Dose this mean Derby are going to win the league again this yearReading's interest was last season when we were a Championship side, bigger fish to catch now !He was always coming to us.He told everyone in his family that he is moving
and his mum told everyone in her local and it went from there.Stuart pearce had
been scouting him for the U21s and he his in the National Pool so this is a mssive bargain so when he comes i bet he will get a call upand that will only double his value also Callum Ball is now in The National PoolReading are a Prem club now...alas Jacobs ain't a Prem league player...and never were after him ...Umm sorry but ive never seen any of our fans boasting about getting this league 2 player, not exactly the quality we need... (Reading fan)I'm a reading fan and why would we want him! LOL we are premier league now and he isn't even of championship standard! We were chasing him a year ago but I think we can attract better players now... Let's see you enter te race for Pogrebnyak or SiggyRelieved that they didn't pay 600k for an unproven league 2 player would be my guess?When have Reading ever shown any interest in him. Who is he? {Ed003's Note - very good young player}Oh well done derby , youve managed to sign an 18 year old who hasnt played above league 2 , and who doesnt want to move away from where he currently lives ( erm ... derby )Thats right ed.Go to youtube and see his goals.Its just a shame he hasnt proven himself above this level but thats the teams fault that he continues to perfrom while they let in silly goals with bad defending he has on his own safed them from relegation two years running thats why he recieved player of the season two years running.He is an absolute bargain cannot wait to see him in pre-season.Ed could you tell me whether he is fast or not purely fifa reasons? {Ed003's Note - lol, not so much fast but tricky,don't blame me if you lose ;) }We Charlton fans are sobbing about not being able to sign some League 2 player we've never heard of. Boo hoo!Apparently, according to SSN, Newcastle were interested in him. And they finished 5th so he can't be that bad. Besides, Reading are coming straight back down anyway.Oh no! .......If Newcastle wanted him he's not st. Best player besides Nick Powell in league 2!Reading were never serious about signing him and neither were Newcastle. He wanted first team football, neither club thought he was ready for it in the Premier League. It's nothing to get sad about, good luck to both him and Derby.

LoyalRoyal94Michael Jacobs is ok but not premier league qualityCharlton fan here. I would've been delighted if we'd signed him, he is very good and will develop into a class left midfielder.


25 Jun 2012 14:00:57
Spurs in negotiations with French football federation with regards compensation for Blanc ,also dependant on amount of Compo to be paid to Redknapp(12)(11)Blanc is at the end of his contract, so no compo needed!Bs he can leave france its whether fff want him to stayQuestion is...would you want him when he cant control the squabbling in his squad?


25 Jun 2012 13:56:25
harry maquire on his way to cardiff(13)(18)Where u heard this y wud he want to go there. he says he dont want to leave utd. UTB FTOWho's Harry Maguire?I'm a Cardiff fan. Harry Maguire is a 19 year old Centre-Half that plays for Sheffield Utd he has had a good season at Sheffield but i dont know if we'd be interested


25 Jun 2012 13:51:38
Strong rumours that Darius Henderson will be on his way to Brighton soon.(17)(6)True storyUnimpressed if trueDon't want him he will struggle to get a game he might as well stay at millwall at least he is guaranteed to play every week


25 Jun 2012 13:49:59
Rumour has it that Tommy Lee coming to Sheffield United on 3 year contract with George Long going on a season long loan to Chesterfield in return. You heard it here first.(7)(12)Good deal all round I'd say, but just can't see beyond a Howard and Long GK set-up next season due to financesI'm sure we'll hear it here last too.That one has been around for a few weeks. Think Tommy is more likely to stay at Town for the last year of his contract, be top dog in another promotion then be a free agent and get a signing on fee. United have no money!Would like to believe this but can't see it. However will Craig play regularly at Barnsley now they have signed Mido. Maybe Sheridan looking to link him up with Richards as they played together at Port ValeYou take Tommy. I'll have Pamela!No chance silliest rumour so far Tommy Lee will not leave Chesterfield for less than 500K Dave Allen says Lee is going nowhere and Sheff Utd havent got money to spendWe have been given 1.8 million from being in the play off finals and McCabe has promised to use some of it for transfers.


25 Jun 2012 13:45:36
six Swindon players are the subject of bids.

Kerouche - Macclesfield
Caddis - Sheff Utd
Ritchie - Leicester City
J Smith - Oldham
Connell - Rotherham.
Bodin - Torquay and Crewe
Swindon will accept all except Caddis and Ritchie.(11)(14)Ritchie and Caddis wont go and Paolo wont let them go.

not worried about the rest.Total rubbish the players to be leaving will be the ones Paolo doesnt want as part of his squad which will include all the players you have stated plus a few others but no way will Caddis and Ritchie go they are part of his plan to get us promoted and key players.Dont think macclesfield will bid for someone who's been releasedKerouche has been released on mutual consentKerouche is likely to go back abroad after being released, Wilson has been tracking caddiss for a while and nearly signed him last year, but swindon wont sell the nucleus of the team without the bids being silly money. Bodin, everyone knows that both Crewe and Torquay want him but Swindon will get a fee. Connell has aparantly turned crawley down as he wants to stay and fight for his place...

Expect another player in before the pre season friendly...Kerrouche has already goneSwindon fans hows wee caddis doing,celtic fan ,thought he was a cracking kid.Paul caddis what can you say this lad gets better and better was made captain by pdc last season. Had a great season it wouldn't surprise me if he makes the Scotland squad next season thanks Celtic for letting us have this talented young player. Simon ferry is quality as well.Ferry very good creative player, not as consistent as Caddis thoBeen made captain, solid full back, good going forward.. Wont be long till he plays at a higher level!Caddis is doing brilliantly for us, he become our Captain last season and his team work with Matt Ritchie was fantastic, Caddis had a massive hand in Ritchie being crowned league two player of the year. He is certainly one of Swindon's crown jewells!Anyone got an opinion on Smith then? Any good?Does anyone know if there is any interest for kelvin mellor crewe


25 Jun 2012 13:45:10
Saints have enquired about the availability of Kevin Davies from Bolton as Adkins looks to sign some premiership experience. Jack Butland transfer will be confirmed in next two weeks. Also looking at Kim Kallstrom.(10)(31)Kevin Davies has signed a new one year contract. This Bolton legend is going nowhere ... Bolton through and through!!Kevin Davies-no way!

Good player, but not needed by Saints. Could see him at WHU.No Saints are not after Kevin Davies, he just signed a new contract with Bolton. We still havent agreed a fee for Butland either!


25 Jun 2012 13:37:56
Oldham Athletic look set to swoop for Former carlise midfielder tom taiwo after he rejects a contract offer from bradford. The latics also look set to sign lee croft for a nominal fee from derby.(8)(12)Gary Thompson to signWe were never in for taiwo parky said ages ago it was all gumf and he wasnt interestedDo you check facts before you post


25 Jun 2012 13:37:46
Southampton are looking at ex Liverpool winger Ryan Babel after he has been transfer listed by his current club Hoffenheim.

Personally i dont think Adkins will go for it due to the fact he was always criticized for his work rate and would potentially upset the togetherness currently in the squad. What about everyone else ?(11)(23)I'd question Adkins scouting network if he ends up signing Babel...another in the long long list of Rafa Tinkermans failed purchases ....Not a chance. Does he fit the mould of a hungry player, willing to adapt to the Southampton way?

Course not-agents/journalist hype.I can tell you this is not true.


25 Jun 2012 13:03:06
Stoke are one suprise team in a host
of clubs chasing Sheffield United midfielder
Mike Williamson.(10)(16)You mean Lee Williamson ? Mike Williamson plays for NewcastleHe plays for Newcastle, think you're on about Lee Williamson, who is indeed at Sheff United.Lee williamson is the midfielder who plays for sheffield united... mike williamson is a defender who plays for newcastleDo you mean Newcastle United's Mike Williamson or Sheffield United's Lee Williamson? The former is a Stoke born 28yo defender and the latter is a 30yo Jamaican midfielder.
A 30yo league 1 player would be a 'surprise' signing for any premier league team
(yes, even Stoke).Either way both Mike and Lee played for Watford. For me, I'd be amazed if a PL side took a gamble on Lee Williamson as he was past his best 4 seasons ago. Mike Williamson is a quality defender tho and, at 6ft5, would fit the Stoke model.


25 Jun 2012 13:00:21
I have it on very good authority from a source within the club that Southampton have all but completed the signing of Jack Butland. Also expect the signings of Michu and Matt Jarvis to be completed before Pre season training commences.(20)(26)Hmm when all 3 players are contracted till 2015 and are happy at their clubsThese are all journalist/agent spin and whilst there may be some fact behind them I would expect there is far more likely to be some signings announced which will be a complete surprise.We are in advanced talks about Butland, but im not sure if its nearly a done deal. Michu is still a strong rumour but thats all from what I know and a lot of teams are after Jarvis with some claiming its a done deal too so who knows.Not a chance of Jarvis signing for Southampton."Not a chance of Jarvis signing for Southampton.".......Of course theres a chance! What a stupid thing to say. Its comman knowladge that Butland is wanted by clubs and Saints are leading the way for him. Oh and the first message was wrong, Michu has 1 year left on his contract and is looking to leave. Why comment when you hevent a clue?I can tell you for a fact that Jack Butland hasnt been offered a contract yet and that a price has not been agreed. Jack made it clear that he did not wish to speak to any clubs about a possible move until after the Euro's. He also hinted he would consider staying with Birmingham if a first team position would become available. Bham like Saints like to keep talk quiet and out of press as much as they can. Both take a strict professional approach so could be a good few weeks until leaks finally begin to come out.That first comment is completely wrong none of these 3 players have come out and said to anyone in a interview or to journalists saying that there happy at their clubs for one none of us know how this michu feels for raye vallencano he could be happy or he could want to leave we dont have a clue and i doubt that matt jarvis wants to play in the championship next year as he is a quite highly rated player by a few prem teamsMichu is going to Athletico so that is not happeningMichu isn't going to Athletic as he wasn't born in the Basque region of Spain


25 Jun 2012 12:59:44
heskey set to sign for hull city(31)(9)I was told this morning he would put pen to paper to dayI still cant see that happeningAbout timeSeeing as Emile is still holidaying in the middle-east he would have to have one hell of a long arm to sign today.Heskey's agent knows nothing about it


25 Jun 2012 12:51:43
Barnsley reject offer of 400k for
Stephen Dawson, they want 750k(5)(10)400.000 nowhere near enough for dawson. Got to be nearer 750.000. Great talent.


25 Jun 2012 12:48:01
Reading are set to bid £2m for Leeds United midfielder Adam Clayton who has been transfer-listed after failing to agree new terms at Elland Road.

Source: Sky sports news, paper talk section.(23)(21)Didn't Warnock himself say a month or so ago that Clayton is only likely to attract bids in the 500K region? Can't see an average player going for 1m +


25 Jun 2012 12:46:55
Jake Buxton, defender released by
Derby, might be joining Doncaster(3)(16)Released? We gave him a 2 year deal at the end of the season?Its true, just read the article on sly spurts news. Jacobs is finally a RAMJake Buxton released when was that then? He is our Best Centreback along with Shackell so why would we release him with Shaun Barker not being fit.Bucko wasn't released by Derby, he signed a new contractBuxton signed a new contract at derby in aprilJake Buxton signed a new contract hadnt he Ed? {Ed003's Note - Yes}The same Jake Buxton thats under contract at Derby until 2014?Released by derby?? due to shaun barler's injury he will be starting alongside Jason Shackell next season, the same way he endded last seasonHe's not been released. He's under contract until 2014 and if Shackell goes (which I think is unlikely), he could well start.That is a load of your a forest fan!Played wi bucko at youth level and he is awfulPlayed with him at youth level and he's awful?? are you sure he's awful? 30,000 Derby fans dont think so..... You must be a Forest fan.
see you in Sept.. STAY CALM AND BRING OUT THE BUCKO...Buxton is NOT leaving because I know his mother and this is NO joke


25 Jun 2012 12:46:46
Craig Davies to Join Chesterfield FC
today from a very strong inside source.(5)(28)Absolute rubbish why would he drop to a lower grade of football when he plays regular
in the champioshipSorry can not see this happen championship back to league 2 mmmmmmm no sorry. if im wrong i will eat my wordsHe came from Chesterfield to Barnsley had a decent first season in Championship. Only going to get better - why would he move backNo chance at allWe don't want him 1 lucky season with us and never done it at Barnsley .just let him sit on the bench in a very poor team that will be relegated next season.


25 Jun 2012 12:45:40
New Aston Villa Manager Paul Lambert is set his sights on Middlesbrough's Rhys Williams the deal is expected to be the first signing Lambert will make at Aston Villa with many more set to follow, Andreas Weimann or Chris Herd could be heading to Middlesbrough for a season long loan to sweeten the deal for the North East club.(10)(16)Take some bid. He signed a new contract recently and we are short in that area. Weimann or Herd classed as sweeteners. That's made my dayRhys Williams not long signed a new 4year contract.this deal has no truth in it.would take big money for BORO to part with one of there academy lads.boro are not looking for loans.Weimann or Herd? Sorry but Herd was hitting the XI & Weimann was close.
You will be looking more at getting Burke or Grealish on loan.This is not in any way true as mowbray has said many times we can keep who we want, rhys wants to win promotion with us as well. this is a load of rubbishNot very likely this one Williams has just bought a new house, just signed a new improved contract and girlfriend who is a local girl is pregnant.What a load of rubbish. Why would he leave a club on the up for villa, a club who were lucky to stay up and change their manager more times than your mrs changes her undies. UTB!Herd was hitting the 11? Sorry mate, with your season. We want to go up not take benchwarmers from a side of that calibreNo chance of Rhys leaving. Its highly probable that Mowbray will make him team captain for the upcoming season showing how much he wants to keep himRhys signed a new contract cnt see this happening .... unless we are off the pace come January transfer time then he'll go to a premiership side 5-6 millionHear the lions of AVFC roar again & you strange Boro folk will shudder.
Remember a player called Stewart Downing who left Boro for a much BIGGER side! called ummm AVFC! yes that was it.
Realise that if an EPL side want someone - you can never stop them! Especially the 6th most successful ever EPL side (Aston Villa FC!)There is certainly a chance of Rhys leaving a source very high up at Newcastle informed me they wanted him in January. He feels Boro signed him up to get more money which Newcastle could be willing to pay depending on departures. Toon believe Krul will be going for big money this Summer.


25 Jun 2012 12:40:56
derby have agreed a fee with northampton town for Michael Jacobs(16)(2)


25 Jun 2012 12:37:48
Moussa Sissoko of Tolouse is being lined up by fulham on the advice of M. diarra . Also Chadli will sign when back from vacation as will Bony.(6)(9)


25 Jun 2012 12:26:05
Nathan Doyle at Valley Parade to sign today for Bradford City(13)(9)Well todays been n going and no signings so who ever your informer is he/shes rubbish!


25 Jun 2012 12:25:23
Sheffield United are chasing former
Stoke goalkepper, Carlo Nash whom they
see as a replacement for Steve Simonsen.
Nash is available on a free and will
require small wages and has premier
league experence, hence Wilson's interest
in bringing him to the club.(6)(9)Don't think he's ever played a Prem game to be honestMakes sense, we did the same thing with Simo and I think Stoke have a young keeper from their academy due to make the step up soon so if needs be they could use him as 3rd choice.Nash not been released by Stoke. Why would Sheff U replace Simonsen with someone much older who was his emergency cover at Stoke?The young keeper is eve was in the acadamy hes signed a pro contract


25 Jun 2012 12:37:25
for the people who think reading getting sigurdsson is a joke we was set to sign but anton contacted and spoke to him face to face offered first team football week in week out told him our ambitions and that he will be a key player for the team and he will be the future of our club he offered higher money than liverpool as an extra offering to help convince him and was told everyone at reading still loves him and his dad will be siding for reading as he still visits the club monthly and is in contact with everyone there and meets brain mcdermott regulary but liverpool is a bigger stage and if they fail to attract sigurdsson and other player they will lose what they have and become a low finishing team between 10 and 14 and if sigurdsson thinks about that reading might be a little club now but finacally a big big club now and with antons high expectations will view to be better than liverpool in a 3 or 4 years with them on a slip downwards but regarding pogrebnyak his deal will be finalised after a work permit mariappa is back on after there takeover fell through but id opt for bassong gunter is not a question now and rhodes is in talks but the fee is 4.5m plus morrison but thats paper talk who knows we will soon see(15)(24)Have you ever heard of full stops? Reading will never be bigger than Liverpool....I forget what else you said....Its just the same old stuff Reading fans post on here every day.What a load of tosh-suggest your first step forward is to learn to spell!

The key point you Reading kids don't grasp is that your Icelandic chap has done well at Swansea very much linked to the style of play under their previous manager. This manager is now at Liverpool and wants him there. Other trhings being equal, he would be daft to turn away from this because clubs like Reading are not going to play the same way and could really make him look very average. It has happened with a lot of players better than him and I would suggest will be the biggest factor in his decision but not one of you has even mentionned the point. You just seem to think if you want him and pay the money he will sign. You have a lot to learn about the Premiership.I'm a Reading fan and for you to say he may be swayed to come back because Reading may become a bigger club than Liverpool is ludicrous. Yeah we have money now and Anton looks like he will be taking us in the right direction but to suggest that is ridiculous. I hope we sign The Sig back but if he comes back it won't be because he thinks we have more potential than Liverpool it will be because he will be back with his best mates who he came through the academy with, his relationship with McDermott and that he can see that the club are looking to go in the right direction and could possibly establish themselves in the premiership. No wonder so many people keep saying bad things about Reading fans if this is what we're coming out with. Give it a couple seasons and see where we are and if we can actually fill the stadium when it gets expanded before coming out with stuff like that.

KReading fans are hilarious, better than liverpool in 3 or 4 years aYou see that's why other fans hate us Reading fans now. You've just made them all pass out by reading that ridiculously long sentence with no punctuation. Sorry folks not all of us are out to get you.You must have an Incredible imagination to think all of that up ....... Reading will never be a bigger club than Liverpool....EVERNice to read from a sensible and realistic reading fanNice to see some real sensible Reading fans post on this thread. Its happening with Saints too..some "Saints fans" posting utter tosh on here making us proper fans look like idiots. Oh and like Ed has said I will be using my name tag everytime I post.

lifelongsaint83 {Ed003's Note - Cheers mate,I hope others do so we can start having some grown up conversations/debates,banter is great,childish digs are not,thanks again.}Better club is not equal to bigger club. Reading may get higher than Liverpool, but even if Liverpool end up in the championship they'll still have a huge baseTown will not be selling Rhodes for 4.5 million plus morrison, that rates Morrison at 3.5 M. 8M + is the asking rateI heard Rhodes has turned Reading down in favour of a move to Aston Villa, Lambert sold the club very well from what Jordan was sayingTo the guy saying, about Rodgers,

When rogers was at reading he didn't even know where to play gylfi, he payed him on the left wing.

Rogers then left and our current manager BM played him through the middle, he then went on to score 21 goals and get 9 assists at the age twenty.

Brian knows how to play gylfi mate.

And who ever keeps saying 'tosh' go joint a rugby union forum, this is a mans sport.

A.THes joining Tottenham for 10 million euros. DONE DEALI may seem a little bias when saying this, but I honestly think that Gylfi will sign for Reading. Brian McDermott was the one that brought Gylfi into the world of football and gave Gylfi his chance to shine by building a team around him. He still has strong ties with Reading and is frequently in touch with the lads he knew from his time at Reading. Whilst Rodgers may mean alot to him, McDermott and Reading mean more to him. It was always his dream to play in the Premier League with Reading and if he joins, he will get that chance. It just comes down to whether he believes that Readings long term plans will see them stay up.

LoyalRoyal94Would like to say reading will not be a bigger club than liverpool even if we do get sigurdsson. (readingfan)"And who ever keeps saying 'tosh' go joint a rugby union forum, this is a mans sport.".......Seriously? You getting offended by the word tosh?....I could type what I really wanted to say but it wouldnt get posted. Oh and Im a die hard football fan, but how can you call this a man's sport when you have footballers diving left, right and centre from someone just breathing in their direction!?

Lifelongsaint83The Tottenham deal is not done. Gylfi's dad has been interviewed and has revealed that he hasn't made a decision yet but will do by this weekend.

Biscuit.Sig doesn't just link well with Rodgers' style of play. He links well with pretty much any style because he's a class player. He played brilliantly for Reading even after Rodgers left and he would have gotten into the first team whether or not Rodgers had been at Reading. We certainly won't be as bigger team as Liverpool in a few years but we may finish above them in a few years. Liverpool are on the decline at the moment. They are still a big club due to their support but at the moment they certainly aren't a title winning side!Every Reading fan worth his salt knows we will never be bigger than Liverpool and can live with it...Saints fan don't talk about diving when you have lollana on your team!

And sorry it's MEANT to be a men's game.


25 Jun 2012 11:58:57
Hamer Bouazza has left Millwall to join a
team in Cyprus, he originally turned them down but has now done a uturn and signed for them(14)(4)Harry kane to sign for millwall in the next weekNow that's a rumour I'd love to see but there is no way we could afford him.Millwall buying Harry Kane for 2 million. Deal should be done by next weekHope kane does sign, quality playerThink that would be our best ever buy and 2 mill would be a steal. Just don't see it happening way to much cash for us. Hope I'm wrong


25 Jun 2012 11:56:34
Any Leyton Orient rumours?(2)(18)Odubajo signed new deal that is about it.Leacock has gone to Notts county. anyone know about anyone we are going to sign?


25 Jun 2012 11:47:21
Derby have finally agreed a compensation fee of £750,000 with Northampton for midfielder Michael Jacobs.(16)(4)350k riseing to 450k... ntfc have already told there local press that is hasnt broke the club record with stands 525k

Ramtasic1884750k? The fee was less the Northamptons record sale, 525kNowhere near 750,000 up front. Sources apparently say it's 400,000 with 20% sell-on clause. Read it on a NTFC news site.


25 Jun 2012 11:25:06
norwich city will bid for defender shaun hutchinson for approximately 1.5 - 2m(10)(11)Is that so?I would like this to be true as hes a decent player and we need more defenders


25 Jun 2012 11:38:24
Crystal Palace are interested in Hearts defender Ryan McGowan(12)(8)A quality young player not surprised that clubs are beginning to take show interest


25 Jun 2012 11:27:09
Newcastle set to sign Luke De Jong! #NUFC(27)(24)It doesn't say anything like that. I think he will sign, but nothing has been agreed yet!


25 Jun 2012 11:12:45
Torquay will make a double signing this week with ex players Guy Branston and Craig Stanley penning 2 year deals.(6)(17)Branstons gone aldeshotYou better get a better HP Sauce Branston just signed for AldershotBranston signed for aldershot earlier


25 Jun 2012 10:45:08
Swindon Introduce Intrest In Wycombe Striker Stuart Beavon Who Scored 22 Goals In League One Last Season
LiamBiz(3)(13)Where you see this?We could certainly do with another quality striker with kerrouche now leaving. hope theres some truth in this oneThere's no truth in this one. If he is to go, its to a much bigger club than Swindon. Milwall, Charlton, Cardiff & Sheffield United are all interested in him.Bevan used to play for didcot town which is not far from swindon I think he's a didcot boy not 100% sure he's scored goals were ever he's played. Oxford missed the boat with this lad along time ago when he was banging the goals in for didcot would be good signing at right price.Yeah he is a didcot boy, still local lad, if swindon had a bid accepted i would be pretty confident he would come here and not elsewhere


25 Jun 2012 09:35:08
Reading are not far off the asking price for Rhodes, however another club has had an offer accepted. anyone know who this club may be, ED?
MrRfc(18)(22)Swansea I'd guess if the rumour is true.But your MrRfc, surely you should know??Norwich offered full transfer fee + Chris Martin, local gossipNorwich city have matched reading price plus a playerReading are not close to asking price, and no1 has had a offer accepted, FACTI said Reading fans were getting ahead of themselves with Rhodes.My friend seems to think that Martin Jol has made a bid for him but im not sure myself.

TrueLoyalRoyalYes, it's Saints!

They had you focusing on Watford and you missed their real intention. Tough old world, ain't it!Fulham 5millionFulhamNo one. if there was anything going on regarding rhodes it would have leaked out to SSN by now. He's prob on holiday like every other footballer under contract.Fulham. Huddersfield's valuation of Morrison is less then Reading's that's the sticking point. Rhodes wants the move as does Grayson as he wants Morrison.Stoke 6.5m excepted 2days agoRhodes doesn't want the move, neither does grayson, oo morrison, we can get him with out the swap or there are plenty other defenders we can get...Maybe there are other defenders you can get but Grayson wants Morrison and the only way you'll get him is as part of the Rhodes deal.


25 Jun 2012 08:58:39
Mansfield striker Matt Green set to leave Field Mill to a un-named League 1 club after the club got a offer they couldnt refuse........ Deal will be done by weekend ,JG(12)(11)Preston North End.Ive heard from a reliable source its preston he.s signing for.Is it from us at afc bournemouth there was a rumour on here yesterday saying we were intrested in himMatt green has been rumoured about bournemouth being interested, if this is the case then matt tubbs going to new boys fleetwood for 600,000 might be true as afcb don,t need any more strikers. mind you tubbs is seen locally as bad purchase from crawley and won't make it in div1 but really none league or div2 level player.I think some of our fans should stop slateing him he will be gd enough he has played 7 games for us so far and dindt start meny of them the lad needs some supportThere is absolutely no truth in this story. Green is In Tenerife trialling for the Spanish LeagueRumoured to be Walsall


25 Jun 2012 08:44:34
Paul Coutts in talks with Posh this week, should be done by the end off the week unless another championship club come in for him.

Voice of reason(15)(11)


25 Jun 2012 08:41:02
Carlo Nash released by Stoke City is interested in a coaching role while still playing. Wants to pass on his knowledge gained as a player.(10)(3)Would love to see him back at edgeley park. The King.What knowledge, he has been warming the bench for the last 6 yearsKnowledge of how to sit on a bench!!


25 Jun 2012 09:09:26
Steve Kean to sign Leon Best and Dan Gosling
Source: Daily Fail(16)(25)


25 Jun 2012 07:20:52
Crystal Palace are interested in Hearts defender Ryan McGowan(18)(10)Superb young player- but he's indicated he wants to stay at Hearts for the time being out of loyalty for the way the club have developed him.With no Gers team the league will be a more open affair next term and Harts look nailed on for second place perhaps even to chalenge the mighty hooped nerds.


25 Jun 2012 06:09:24
Hey ed are the rumours true about geo
Cameron and any news on jermain
Defoe {Ed001's Note - I don't know anything about Cameron, but the issue with Defoe is, and always has been, his reluctance to move away from the London area.}(1)(10)A return to West Ham maybe?Why defoe !?Be very surprised if Defoe went to West Ham.


25 Jun 2012 02:26:33
bolton wanderers goalkeeper adam bogdan is wanted in italy with juventus keeping a close eye on how he developes(10)(43)I doubt Serie B teams would want him never mind Juve.Good keeper but no chanceHi!
Im Hungarian.Adam is a studio commentator for the euro 2012 on Hungarian TV.
He wont move from BOLTON. He is HAPPY there. ONLY If Bolton wants to sell him...No chance !Bolton wont sell Bogdan, he is the only experienced keeper they have now Jaaskelainen and Al-Habsi have gone.


25 Jun 2012 02:16:36
Chelsea's Ben Gordon and Man City defender Ryan McGivern will sign for Bristol City this week.(18)(24)Is That Ben Gordon any good and we dont want McGivernSigning for Kilmarnock this week according to his dadBen Gordon was terrible when he was at Peterborough, they sent him back after 2 gamesWe don't want McGiveup. Not even fit for Bristol City.Why is everyone hating on mcgivern, he was a good solid defender for us last season, you lot are cluelessRyan McGivern is talks over possible 150k move. Wages could be a problem.


25 Jun 2012 01:03:44
My uncle works in accounts at the City Ground and Middlesbrough have enquired about Lewis McGugan. Hope we do not le him go, unless for big money.(32)(14)I heard from a good source hes on his way to villa, 1m + add on'sHope we get both McGugan and paul anderson who would both be fantastic signings for the boro. i would have butterfield as well but that would probably mean bailey would be off. hope mcdonald leaves as well so we can free up some of the wage bill.You better be joking.Think a lot of these stories come if bids accepted from number of clubs and it's down to personal terms or just choice and 'the gaffers ambition' for club. Most of which would be Euro football if in Prem, or promotion below that. That phrase always cracks me upHe's also wanted by Derby fans, go on cloughie get this lad!


25 Jun 2012 00:30:20
News from Bristol CIty

Keogh from Cov
lita from Swans
Mcmannis from MFC
Voles from wolves

Pittman to Burnley
Wilson to Coventry or Crawley
Edwards to Yeovil on loan(15)(34)Ah yes voles he's a quality player...Pittman isnt goingVokes is awful 2 in 14for usYes! let's give Vokes another 12 minutes here while he still has an ACL to stand with.Ins i hope not the four of them dont get the heart pumping all four have been at the gate derek get quality not s###eVoles was excellent playing in the hole behind shrew!Why would Keogh want to go to Bristol,,,,,,Lita will definitely not be signing garanteedYou won't get keogh why be in L1 this year when you can be in L1 next year.


25 Jun 2012 00:19:54
DJ Campbell and Paddy Mcourt are being strogly linked with Blackpool. Contrary to popular belief there is not a salary cap of 10k pw. There is a wage budget but this does not stop the top earners at the club from getting 20k a week.(22)(13)Would be great to see DJ back in a Blackpool kit. Especially if he can get back into the form he was in the EPL.Dont sell mccourt pat pat mcourt,i just dont think you understand and if you sell mcourt paddy paddy mcourt you will have a riot on your the tune of achey brakey heart.............celtic forever........timmy tim.No it wouldn't, you dont kiss the badge, pledge your undying love for the club and sod off to London. {Ed003's Note - He used to bite it,lol }Sorry DJ you burnt your bridges at Blackpool. why should they rescue what is left of your career for a third or is it fourth time.


25 Jun 2012 00:09:21
Rob earnshaw having a medical at a league 2 club tommorow unsure who though(13)(42)He is easily league 1 standard'unsure who'? sounds like you made this one up then.ChesterfieldHeard he was linked with chesterfield fc but can not see that myselfI heard this rumour too, apparently its fleetwood town, and thats from a good source within the club.I heard this rumor too apparently its rotherham united as he has got family in nottingham and wants to be closer to themHe's going to play in the MLS.


25 Jun 2012 00:05:32
Sweden international defender Olof Mellberg has rejected a new contract at Greek champions Olympiakos in order to sign a two year deal with Spanish club Atletico Madrid.(21)(11)They probably think they are getting a world class striker, after the way England defended against him.


24 Jun 2012 23:46:46
Manchester City have had a £3.5 million bid accepted for Roma attacker Bojan as Roberto Mancini seeks hungry striking options.(8)(71)A Load of garbage. He has a buy back clause from Barca for much higher, and Roma dont need to sell. Plus, City have much better options as well as young GuidettiBojan has a buyback clause in his contract from Barca. Doubt Roma would let go of him, either.

Not to mention, he isn't really up to City's standards. Personally I think only place he'd go in England would be ArsenalBojan is worth more than thatDont barca see him as the spanish messiIf bojan is available at such a low price id imagine mike ashley would be hot on his heels - the sell on potential is phenomenal and im a newcastle supporterNot good enough for city and would defo cost more than that anywayNeither Roma or Barca want him, but wouldn't really be wanted by City and considering they paid way more


24 Jun 2012 23:42:27
Lazio are close to signing Belgium midfielder Gaby Mudingayi from Italian rivals Bologna.(6)(15)


24 Jun 2012 23:38:17
Dutch side Feyenord and Serie A champions Juventus are both keen on signing 21 year old Mattia Destro fron Siena. The highly rated striker scored 12 goals last season and is thought to be available for around £5 million.(11)(11)


24 Jun 2012 23:33:53
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has had a £24 million bid accepted for Vasco Da Gama defender Dede.(15)(48)Arsenal signing a defender..........he must be useless24 million! Who are you kidding?If he wont pay 10m for vertonghen he wont pay 24 for anyone!The most wenger has ever spent on a defender is 10 million so why would he spend 24 million on dede?What makes you think that tight-fisted Wenger is going to spend 24million on an unproven CB?This guy Dede is awsome who ever brings him to europe will get a great CB doubt Itll be Arsenal tho dont think theyed even spalsh out 25mil for Ronaldo


24 Jun 2012 23:31:23
Valencia, Tottenham, Udinese and Lyon are all chasing Colombia striker Radamel Falcao from Atletico Madrid after the hitman scored 24 goals in 34 appearances last season.(6)(29)Why would he go to any of these??He scored 39 goals actually, in all comps. Are u a sports journalist for the sn?He is far better than all them clubs, more like man utd,chelsea,real m, barca or inter juventus.Of course they are, who wouldn't be, but none of them will sign him. If he leaves Atletico it will be for a Champs League club, and ones bigger than those. More likely is Chelsea if they don't sign Hulk, or to Italy like Juventus^Top clubs, that's why


24 Jun 2012 20:52:40
hi ed which english teams are after the south african midfielder Andile Jali? {Ed001's Note - didn't know any were.}(3)(16)Reading


25 Jun 2012 00:03:18
Ben hunt is set to make a return to Bristol Rovers after a profilic spell of 2 years in the non leagues. He most recently played for Bishop Stortford scoring 17 goals in 10 appearances. Hunt is keen to resign with the club that gave him his start in league football.(4)(15)Big gap between non-league and Bristol Rovers so unlikely


24 Jun 2012 23:17:53
Relegated Ligue 1 side Caen are in talks with Arsenal striker Marouane Chamakh over a six month loan deal until January.(6)(26)



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