Football Rumours Archive July 26 2012


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26 Jul 2012 22:18:28
Rennes interested in a straight swap for makoun with brahimi , an ideal replacement for the loss of m'vila



26 Jul 2012 22:13:41
Fulham believed to have offered Middlesbrough Matthew Briggs from Fulham on a season.
Middlesbrough also considering a number of trialists from the recent FIFAPro event in Holland. names include Gregory Vignal, Kevin Lejuene, Ermin Rakovic and speedy winger Istvan Bacx who caught the eye of scout Gary Gill




26 Jul 2012 22:06:40
Buszacky from QPR is linked with middlesbrough.



26 Jul 2012 21:51:26
christian montano has just finished a meeting with kieth curle and notts county and most likely to sign a 3 year deal tomorrow (friday)

Please no he was awful when he had his last spell



26 Jul 2012 21:44:20
Swindon are to take winger Asmir Suljic on trial.



26 Jul 2012 21:29:29
Portsmouth rumours seen today-
Norris- Leeds ( Done)
Kanu- shenghi shenghu (Drogbas team)
Halford- Forest
Ben Haim- Bolton
Kitson- Bristol City

That just leaves Lawrence and Huseklepp

Hope so, then Appleton can finally sign some of the free agents at the club and build a good team for the season ahead.

Add Huseklepp to SK Brann to that list. Deal is done, Pompey need to agree how much they owe is former club Bari. Could be done over the weekend

Huseklepp could be set to join brann this week he is heading out to norway today(friday 27th july)

Lawrence might be going to forest, has he apparantly lives near could make sence...lets say buy halford get lawrence free so to never

Wouldn't mind lawrence at leeds, along with templeton, boyd, peltier, maynard and beckford

I would rather have bothroyd than maynard or beckford

We cannot afford Ben Haim's 35,000 a week wages but it would be nice to have him back



26 Jul 2012 21:25:27
notts county are looking to get rid off star striker lee hughes. shrewsbry,stevenage and coventry want him.

No way Coventry would take him back after how he let the club down, the fans wouldn't have it

Coventry do not want him

Gillingham also want him



26 Jul 2012 21:13:30
Barnsley to sign Leon Barnett and lee Barnard on loan with Option to buy in jan also enquiries made for Sam baldock

I'd be well pleased with the barnard signing!!

Hasnt lee barnard been released so how can we loan a free agent



26 Jul 2012 20:59:35
west ham have made a official bid rumoured to be in the region of 15 million pounds for andy carroll.....source bbc sport

Why are people pushing the unbeleivable button cant you read?

Heard it was 17-20 mill



26 Jul 2012 20:56:44
Ben Chorley of Orient in talks with Ady good strong experienced centre half, Orient willing to release him after signing four centre backs in the close season.



26 Jul 2012 20:53:54
Bristol City want to persuade Emile Heskey to drop down in to the Championship and add experience to their attack along with another striker to play alongside him.

Please, no!

He fits McInnes' criteria of looking for a pacy striker.



26 Jul 2012 20:51:02
Colchester are considering a move for eLyton Orients David Mooney who may be allowed to leave on a free transfer after failing to settle at the Matchroom Stadium.

Would be a great signing but
Col Utd manager has already said
we wont be signing any more players
as no more wage budget is available.
We might get a player on loan if we are lucky



26 Jul 2012 20:37:38
ed do you have any idea who cardiff will attempt to sign {Ed001's Note - not a clue what is happening there right now, sorry.}

Henri Lansbury could be joining on loan and Malky looking at slovenian winger Martin Milec.



26 Jul 2012 20:49:53
Neil Warnock to re-sign Max Gradel.

Dont think they need him, they have nearley signed the whole pompey team

Going to southampton

I wish! Would love Mad Maxi back



26 Jul 2012 20:48:03
Stoke to bid for wolves kightly and blackburns Olsson

Hope this is true.. this sounds good..

Jarvis is a better player than kightly! stoke NEED to spend!

Dont want kightly

Stoke can have Jarvis for 10mil plus but Kightly is the better player by far.



26 Jul 2012 20:38:42
Walsall will sign defender Ben Chorley if Leyton Orient let the central defender leave. The Saddlers are also set to sign West Bromwich Albion midfielder Sam Mantom on a season long loan. James Chambers has been on trial at the banks's stadium along with Ashley Sammons and former Hereford United player Nicky Featherstone. Walsall signed former Manchester United Player Febian Brandy earlier today.

Walsall will not sign ben chorley! Also they have ex doncaster winger james dexendale on trail



26 Jul 2012 20:28:30
Fabian brandy has signed for walsall fc on a 2 yr deal
Source: sky sports nws



26 Jul 2012 20:18:00
Burnley to conclude their summer transfer buisness with the acquisition of Sam Vokes from Wolves, Brian Stock from Doncaster and Marc Pugh from Bournemouth

Eddie Howe basically buying either players he played with or managed at the Cherries. Burnley soon to be renamed AFC Bournemouth Vintage!

Are Burnley trying to sign every ex-Bournemouth player?

EH has signed 13 players in his time with us, only 3 have links to Bournemouth so i dont get this obsession with people saying we are signing only Bournemouth player??

Trippier mee shackle hines. Stannislas ings Austin all quality and bot bournmouth keep it up Eddie some of us believe in you

Doesn't seem a bad motto. Ings is class, Bartley very promising. Then Pugh who's linked with us could be a further useful aquisition.

Pugh is originally Burnley in any case,he was born and raised in Bacup and is a lifelong Claret

(from a Bournemouth fan) I know that Howe has signed ings, Austin, Bartley, Stewart, vokes (loan), McQuoid (loan), and are wanting Pugh. Correct me if I'm wrong but thats 6 ex Bournemouth, not 3

Austin and mcquoid never played for bournemouth you tool so that makes 4 players not 6

Austin trained with afcb but didnt sign as we were in adminstration and had a transfer embargo, mcquoid played for afcb last season and was sold in january to millwall

Austin never played a competative game for bournemouth, it was during the dark times with embargo, he trained with us but could not sign due to embargo. Josh mcquoid on the other hand played at various levels prior to his departure from bournemouth.

^Let me Clarify: Ings, Mcquiod, Bartley, Jon Stewert all played for Afcb. Austin would have had Bournemouth been allowed to buy players & Hinez went on loan which to be fair doesn't count. Also all 3 of those supposed players your trying to sign all have played for Bournemouth with Pugh currently.

No point avin a do at burnley fans m8 wer just as sick ov u bournemouth lot wi being linked to your players , we need to be signing quality not s***e !

^ No one is having a do at anyone but u?

Nice language you got there, may I reccomend English next time {Ed025's Note - thats fluent goobledygook..

"McQuoid never played for Bournemouth"? I think you're the tool. He came through the youth system and scored 12 goals in 17 games within 4 months



26 Jul 2012 20:10:22
Sunderland have launched a 25m double bid for Liverpool pair Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing, but the most sensational news to come out of this story is that Carroll has agreed to it, both players will sign next week

No they haven't

Do you honestly think he would sign for Sunderland. I think the men in the white coats will becoming to take you to cherry knocker lol

Chicken soup mate me thinks

1. Geodie to Sunderland?!?!
2. 25 Mill bids are not like Sunderland or O'Neil.
3. Not the type of players O'Neils into

I would like to think this is correct, mon will bring success to sunderland given time.

Liverpool want 20m for Carroll and i doubt they class downing as a 5m player - 30m for the pair and i may believe the figure but these two are not going to play for sunderland!

3. Not the type of players O'Neil's into, are you having a laugh a winger and a big center forward. It exactly the types of players he likes.

Doesn't mean we are in for them tho.

I doubt this will happen very much but 'not the type of players O'Neils into' is incorrect. An out and out winger and a target man center forward?

Not bothered what anyone thinks or says, this is happening 100%, watch this space

Think you will find Liverpool have put a 15mil price tag on carroll and 10 mil for downing I think is overpriced but it's believable very much oneill type of players but with west ham offering 17mil for Carroll why would they accept less from Sunderland? But they both would do well at Sunderland Carroll with our service from the wings could get 10-20 goals me thinks.

Martin Oneill signed Downing for Villa, person



26 Jul 2012 20:00:15
Tottenham Hotspur's new manager is plotting a bid of £13 million upfront add ONS are unknown at this stage for Manchester United's midfield starlet Tom Cleverley should Luka Modric make the move to Old Trafford, though Cleverley is rated at Man United, Fergie doesn't believe he will be able to fill the void that Paul Scholed will leave, he plans on bringing Luka to Old Trafford and one other 'world class' centre midfielder according to sources close to MUFC anyway.

13 million for Cleverley ? If you said 3 million it would have been more believable.

Why wouldnt they just include him in the deal for modric? utd aint letting go of cleverley, your talking pony


You act like no one knows who Cleverly is, go bac to watching the Olympics mate

Cleverly is stopping



26 Jul 2012 19:53:07
Derby County scouts will be watching the Belarus v New Zealand game at the olympics.
Rumours suggest they could be looking at how Ipswich defender Tommy Smith and West Brom striker Chris Wood perform.

The whole point of looking at the Olympics wasnt to get Champ players.
Its to get foreign players cheaper.They were looking at around 8 different players from senegal,gabon,japan and 1 from uruguay. i will put the list up

Derby could'nt afford them simple as that

Cress well will sign for villa within next 24hours with George friend coming to Ipswich.all terms will be sorted when agents return from holidays next week.Also two more players will sign for Ipswich next week.

Derby are after Chris Wood. Trust me



26 Jul 2012 19:52:00
Stevenage want to hijack portsmouths attempt to sign Izale Mcleod and put a lucrative offer in themselves.

Portsmouth are in no position to offer anything to anyone

Define lucrative

You have no chance in getting mcleod of us, he is a pompey players as soon as we get the green light



26 Jul 2012 19:28:38
It turns out the mystery "number 1 target" for Preston North End is Lee Barnard. 1st bid was rejected but an improved offer has been made and it is expected it will be successful. Barnard turned down a move to Swindon earlier in the window

It is Iwelumo - 100%
Barnard costs similar wages and 750k - which you don't have

Scott Dobie i think

We having money read the paper. Just not wasting it

He will be on a top end championship wage which we cant afford. north end fans get real

Swindon were never interested in Barnard in the first place. Confirmed by Chairman Jeremy Wray this morning.

Lee Barnard costs 225,000 and we DO have that kind of money! We aren't Portsmouth or Rangers, we are just open about the fact that we had financial troubles over the past few seasons. I guarantee that there are many more clubs out there in deeper financial trouble than we are, but they dare not admit it to the fans.

None of the strikers mentioned in these rumours are as good as Hume. Westley .... sort it out!

Agree 100% with the above post. Humes wages are justified by the goals he scores.

North end can pay for four players wages for what they are paying Iain Hume!

Yes but I would rather have Ian Hume than 4 below par players. Quality not quantity.

Four crap players, yes! None of which will either score or create the same number of goals as Hume does. Nor will they sells shirts with their names on the backs, or bring an extra couple of thousand fans through the gates each week. Humes wages are justified for the return. I'm not sure why some people are still struggling to understand that?

The reason people struggle to undderstand you is that, if all North end players were on Humes wages they would have a squad of seven players instead of the 23 that they hope to have in place for the start of the season.
No team in league one could now afford Humes wages, now that the fair play salary cap has come into play. I didnt see the extra couple of thousand fans on last season to watch Hume play! I think fans would sooner see a winning side, would than a bunch of overpaid and underperforming players that we have had for the last few years.
For the record Graham Westley would of liked to keep Hume, but with the current wage constraints he cant do. Hume scored around ten goals last season, I would hate to pay the money he is on for ten goals.

Carp players ! Did you not see amoo play against North end last season.

Why has nobody signed Iain Hume then if he can do all these things for a football club?



26 Jul 2012 19:22:38
Matt Hill linked with a move away from Blackpool. Preston, Carlisle and Barnsley have shown interest

Why would we (barnsley) want him back! Waste of space

Ian Hollaway really rates the lad and no way will let him go. A top class Left Back.

He has already left Blackpool! Released at the end of the season.

Who's Matt Hill.......?

Please no we (Barnsley) had him 10/11 season and he was no use at all send him back to Sheffield united

This is said every year

This is always going round

Preston have already signed 2 left backs

Matt Hill has already been realeased by Blackpool along with Steven Husband

Matt hill has signed for Sheffield Utd.



26 Jul 2012 19:10:03
Forest will announce the signing of Portsmouth's Greg Halford Tomorrow.

Greg Halford - Whoopee Doo

He got 8 goals last year(defender) and very good at pens



26 Jul 2012 18:57:09
David Connolly will join PNE on a free transfer. Club chairman Peter Ridsdale has recently been out in the media stating the club are still in the market for a 'proven goalscorer' and hope the former Southampton man can still do the business

Great player but injured too often to make a real impact at saints. Good luck to him if true though.

Cannot agree with last post.He was one of the most skilful and intelligent players Saints have had over the last two seasons.
He played a significant role in the latter stages of our promotion from League 1 and continiued this form at the beginning of last season building up an excellent relationship with Ricky. Class player who was plauged by injuries. Wish all the best at PNE

He's a quality front man, scores some great goals. Slight risk with his injury history but he is a great player so if you get him you should be a strong side next season.

Mentally he's up there with anyone I've seen at st marys, he was constantly that half a second quicker to the ball. Him and lallana were unplayable at times. Especially in league one, he'd be a very good signing.

Hope this is true

Have to agree with what the majority of the above posters are saying - he's a class act. If he can keep fit he'd be a great signing for any team outside the top flight. On form I wouldn't be surprised to see him still able to bang in a few in the Premiership - movement and finishing top notch.

Dont think he was as good as you all make out. legs have gone and his finishing was quite poor given the 'class finisher' tag he gets. still a decent signing though

Was there for pretty much every game he played in, The comments on here are completely accurate.



26 Jul 2012 18:29:59
Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City are all preparing bids in the region of £4 million for Caen's 17 year old striker M'Baye Niang. He recently spent a week on trial at Arsenal and apparently he impressed their coaches.

Really mate they rejected a 6 million bis from Arsenal 1 week ago



26 Jul 2012 18:29:03
sam baldock wants to join charlton as he wants to stay in london despite a bid from Bristol city. - source Talk Sport

Things are getting stranger by the day. All seemed well for the last week but now charltons official site report chief exec Steve kavanagh has resigned. All does not seem well again?

I wish this was true but the fact its on talks***e makes it unbelievable.

To the man that spoke about Kavangh HE has only left the board to let one of the umbro directors move up Steve doesnt own any of the club therefore has dropped down but continues to be chief exective.



26 Jul 2012 18:15:18
Middlesbrough may switch to Martin Cranie, as George Friend rejects the opportunity to join the club. He is looking for more than a squad position guaranteed.
Dan Gosling will spend a week grainy with the first team squad on their return to Teesside.
Still no news on which Scottish keeper will join on trial next week. Some rumours about Paul Gallagher, but he may be deemed as too old.


Doubt it. He's looking to secure a contract with Leeds as he's on trial there



26 Jul 2012 18:10:45
Derek McInnes is set to offer former
Chelsea Centre half/right back Michael
Mancienne a chance to compete again
in England, the last time being for
Wolves on loan.
The pending transfer will be completed
after the upcoming friendly on the tour
of Scotland. The transfer is saught aft
er following the collapse of the deals
for Richard Keogh and Anthony Gerrar
d, leaving the gap at CB unanswered.
Although the Mancienne deal is set as
undiscolsed, the agreement with Germ
an outfit Hamburg SV is due to be in
the region of £650,000.

That some rumour that is! more than happy if this turned out to be true!

I would expect he is out of citys wage structure

Can't see it happening, but would be a right coup, TauntonRed

Think on... Loss of over million in just over 12 months.. And on wages that most EPL teams couldn't afford..

Mancienne will not play in a lower league

Wolves have already enquired this summer and it was a no. He broke into the team and played well 2nd half of season. He wants to prove himself and club said want to keep. So would be very suprised if this came true.

I would be gobsmacked if this were true



26 Jul 2012 18:08:51
Kenwynne Jones in discussions with Reading FC - source from inside the club. Stoke apparently willing to sell so fee expected to be relatively low (£2-3m)

Stoke wont sell him that cheaply

Narr stoke wont get rid of him as that low amount at least 5 mill

Dont be silly. stoke wudnt sell for less than 5mill im affraid to say

Not a chance 2-3 million why would stoke sell for that, more 4-6 million

No way he's going that cheap

Jesus how big a squad are reading going to have? They're being linked with every player under the sun!

2-3 million would be a joke. Stoke would be made a fool of if they sell him that cheaply. Atleast 6 - 7 mill.

I'm a Reading fan and I can't see us wanting Kenwyne Jones, but if we submitted a 3m bid then it wouldnt surprise me as Nick Hammond always manages to pull off signings at bargain prices

'Jesus how big a squad are reading going to have? They're being linked with every player under the sun!'

Bit unfair, we have just been more interested in free's than other PL teams for obvious reasons, the other teams will catch up with the amount of signing's we've made and since Big Mac has said the cheque book is closed this place has turned very quiet, as for being linked with everyone, agents and newspapers like to spread rumours.

The boss has stated Reading have completed there transfer business, plus he will give the existing players a chance. I doubt there will be much activity until the end of the window and that will be dependant on how the team performs. If there was interest, it was prior to Pog joining.

I reckon Stoke would accept 5m just to get him off the books, he's one of our top wage cap players 60k, so for the sake of loosing 3m for 2 seasons, I suppose that's a fair drop to take.

I reckon we might go for a new centre back.

The highest wage at stoke is 40k thats a fact (crouchy).

If Stoke were willing to sell for 4m -5m then I could see truth in this rumour as bar Pogrebnyak and Roberts, no one else has premier league experience and is likely to cut it (well maybe Le Fondre too). But Hunt, Church, Williams and Bignall definitely arent good enough

"The highest wage at stoke is 40k thats a fact (crouchy)."
It's 60k. Fact! Crouch is on this and it was widely reported that Carlton Cole turned this down as he wanted 100k. Kenwyne Jones is also on 60k after taking a wage drop from Sunderland. Stoke's tactic regarding wages is to offer a substantial signing-on fee to compensate the player and keep the wage structure in tact to balance the books.

Waste of 2-3 million he is utter s***e! would be dissapointed if Reading signed him.

Post above - doesnt really balance the books if you are offering "substancial" signing on fees. In fact its worse as you are shelling out alot of money in one hit not over the course of say a 3 year contract where you can earn that money back via sponsership, merch, ticket sales understand where we are going here?



26 Jul 2012 18:02:57
Watford set to bolster there side
Manuel almunia free
Savalon hines free
Daniel pudil full season loan
Matej vadjra full season loan
Steve Leo beleck full season loan
Fitz hall free
Almen abdi full season loan
Itechi ayna full season loan
Chris iwelmo (Preston)25,000 minmal fee

Who the f*** is savalon hines , the cream of the crop

Except for Hines all of these are 99% certain.

Zavon Hines ;)

Savalon hines..... bit rash isn't it

You mean Zavon Hines? Released by Burnley?

Presumably they mean Zavlon Hines 23 year old striker released by Burnley and previously at West Ham. No idea whether this is Jackanory or not.

Thought Watford were having trouble clearing signings for some reason?

25k for iwelumo is cheap guess you meant 250k and it's zavon not savalon

Zavon Hines, 23 year old striker at Burnley

Id take 25k for iwelumo and did you mean matej vydra i cant find anything online for vadjra and vydra's from udinese which would make sense

All of them are almost certainties except Zavon Hines, as the rest are on trial and have played some part in pre-season friendlies.

Yes he means Matej Vydra, but I would not take 25k for Iwelumo at all, I want him to stay as he is a great community ambassador

One of Garner or Iwellumo will have to make way for new forwards. Looks more like Garner is staying as it stands

I guess :/ even though Garner scored one last season and Iwelumo scored 4

Garner definitely needs to go iwellumo much better



26 Jul 2012 17:49:54
New Spurs boss AVB is set to launch a bid for Man United starlet Tom Cleverley for around 13 million this would go ahead should Modric go the otherway, sources close to MUFC say that Fergie doesn't see Cleverley as been able to fill the Scholes void as he looks for world class players to try wrestle the prem title back from neighbours City

Never heard of any interest by Tottenham and they would never pay that kind of money

When a club is considering spending within 30 mill in a Brazillian who is unproven in the prem I think they would



26 Jul 2012 17:48:20
Colchester Trialist Jackson Ramm is expecting to be offered a 3 year deal with the U's

Quality young player not given a chance at Blackburn due to Steve Kean.

He has signed a one year deal with the U´s



26 Jul 2012 17:47:00
Jamie McCombe set to sign for Cobblers if Huddersfield can get another centre back in thought to be Ian Evatt.

Wouldnt mind evatt not that i believe he'll be coming to town!

Good player but would they sell him and how much for?but wot about peltier
terriers fan

Terriers have ended any interest in Peltier , Foxes want 850K for him, terriers say its too much



26 Jul 2012 17:36:49
In the Western Gazette Gary Johnson said that he is not looking to sign any more players until the start of the season after Aaron downes moved to torquay although it got the Yeovil v stoke friendly kick off time wrong so maybe that's wrong as well



26 Jul 2012 17:33:54
Andy Carroll will sign for Newcastle for 20 million not for loan but for full time

They wont pay that much. Mike Ashley is not that much of a nutter. {Ed025's Note - debatable..

Lols, 13 mil aint bad for loanin him to liverpool for a year





26 Jul 2012 17:29:57
Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers wants to also take Scott Sinclair back to Liverpool with him.
If he does I think that would complete liverpools summer signings!

That gentleman's agreement he signed seems to be watertight and legally binding eh? I think Swansea need a new lawyer as the one who drew this agreement up must be pretty dodgy



26 Jul 2012 17:25:23
Coventry City, Swindon Town and Afc Bournemouth all interested in taking Spurs and Under 17's Ivory Coast Striker Souleymany Coulibaly on loan for the forthcoming season

How many strikers do Bournemouth want?

Bs cos you have to be atleast 18 to go on loan under new rules

Bournemouth are not after any more strikers so stop saying we are

He is 18 but you are allowed players 2 years above the under age limit so it could happen but i doubt it

Maybe for the bournemouth development squad can not see him in the first team.



26 Jul 2012 17:19:38
walsall have completed the signing of former manchester united striker fabian brandy following a succsesful trial



26 Jul 2012 17:08:27
Spurs to rival Liverpool for Joe Allen

Demba ba would be a great signing



26 Jul 2012 17:04:09
Stoke City's veteran CB Matthew Upson may be heading up to Scotland, with Celtic on the radar of the former England international in their quest for experience.

Veteran haha hes not that old for a centre half. He wont join Celtic, hes vowed to fight for his place at Stoke

Why do Celtic need to sign anyone? They've won the league before a ball's been kicked.
Upson will stay at Stoke, now Floodgate has gone he's number 3 and will get plenty of games in the cup runs and when Shawcross or Huth inevitably get suspended.

Wages are the problem here, would have him anyday



26 Jul 2012 17:02:19
It's rather quite clear that for Martin Jol to tell danny murphy he cant guarentee him 1st team football at fulham the dutchman must have something up his sleeve . He has a shortlist of six cm to replace the former ffc captain.
Walter Gargano 7m
Adam 6m
Britton 5.5m
Raul Merieles loan
Guercuff loan
Inler 8m

All of these are acheivable financially as Fulham (even without selling dempsey n dembele) have more money to spend than people think n they have not spent a penny yet . My team west ham are close to bringing in douglas n sagbo.

West ham have to wait on clearing players off the wage bill before buying.
Newcastle have got douglas and debuicy now

You could not afford to tie Brittons bootlace for that figure
try 15 million
Anyway why would he go to such a yoyo club ? Dreamers...........

Douglas is Newcastle bound as he wants European Football.

Fulham are one of the few Prem teams to turn a profit in their last accounting period

Inler for 8m - plain daft
Mind Britton for 15 is a close second

And how does a WHU fan know about fulhams transfer dealings??

^Britton...15 Mill?!?! Are you for real! 1 proven season at 30+ calm it mate. Also Inler no, Douglas no way drop to hammers, Merieles loan? What do some people make up

Although I want all of these players we won't get any of them

Fulham are not a yoyo team, they have been in the premiership for many years. Swansea however have had 1 [good] season in the premiership. Gargano and Adam possibly, should merieles leave Chelsea he will go to a better team than Fulham, same with Gourcuff and Inler. Britton is a decent player but as pointed out not worth close to 15 million, about 5.5million is about spot on.

Tell me in what way Fulham are a Yo-Yo club. 11 years straight in the Premier league with 3 top 10 finishes and a European final in the last 4 years.

I think adam is a gd buy tbh hed be my choice....even the link to benaoyuon i would like.....another striker is also needed tho.....and to the person that said fulham are a yoyo club....ur yoys must b boring if they go up and stay up for 11years....nul and void all ur comments as u clearly havnt got a clue lol



26 Jul 2012 16:58:36
Mortem Gamst Pedersen apparently joining Reading end of July for about £4m


Hasn't Brian said no more deals?

Yes I have also heard this. Would like to see Yakubu more.

It' s nonsense, the same person has posted it twice and spelt his name wrong both times... lol.

Brian McDermott said on sly spurts news yesterday that he would not rule out another player if he became available and he would improve the squad. So yes we still might sign a player or two and I expect maybe three more to leave

4m? . Not one team would pay that for someone his age.

It's just a rumour that has some basis, not total pie in the sky...Good player I would welcome him to the Mad Stad. Would prefer the Yak though. {Ed003's Note - Yakubu has signed for Guangzhou}

Good player, not worth 4m though and I can't see us signing another midfielder tbh. TheRoyal

Reports close to home that reading are keeping a close eye on stuart beavon at wycombe



26 Jul 2012 16:57:39
Olsson has handed in a transfer request as he is desperate to leave Blackburn. Stoke have shown some interest already and with the departure of Collins (and possibly Higginbotham or Shotton) it would leave room for a full back on the wage bill.
Additional Olsson can add some much needed cover on the wing so would be an ideal signing for Tony Pulis, if the price (and more importantly, the wage) is right!

Olsson's ok on the wing, but not much better than Wilson at left back. I'm still unsure about him at Stoke unless TP wants him as cover for the wings. We really need a couple of full backs and a striker if Jones or Walters is off. An attacking midfielder would be nice too if one or two squad players can be sold.

Apparently new lad Geoff Cameron is quite handy as a midfielder - performing well as both a CDM and a CAM so maybe we've got a sneaky box-to-box midfield signing in our grasps. I can but dream!

QPR close to a bid on Olsson with traore leaving for benfica

Weve signed him pretty much fee been accepted and personal terms just waiting on international clearance



26 Jul 2012 16:53:09
Mortem Gamst Pedersen apparently joining Reading end of July for about £4m



26 Jul 2012 16:52:57
Barnsley to sign Leon Barnett from Norwich on loan until January 2013.

All yours mate keep him for good

Good chance for him

Brilliant now get some decent money 4 him



26 Jul 2012 16:50:19
Notts Forest are close to signing E-Banks-Blake from Wolves for 1M and will anounce the deal on Friday

This has come out of left field. I thought he and Gueidioura fell out, so I'd be very surprised

Dont be silly

If this is true solbakken is stupid, yeah he's brought in a top quality young player in sigurdarssen but a proven championship striker in ebanks-Blake will guarantee 20+ goals a season and at least a playoff spot, let's just hope whoever posted this is wrong

Ebanks blake is awful

What is that noise?

Ahh yes - it is the bottom of a barrel being scrapped!

Please be true

Ebanks blake awful? haha, not in the championship he aint!


Hope he goes! Scored a lot of goals for us in the championship but only because he had so many chances to score! He misses way too many for my liking!



26 Jul 2012 16:50:08
Oxford to sign Brian Howard. Howard has recently been on trial with Pompey.

Not going to happen. We're not signing a midfield. The only one we may sign is on trial in the US at mo, but not played a single minute. It'll be a 6 month deal if anything to cover 2 injured midfielders.
We also need a right sided midfielder, Howard is left footed!

Would be a good signing as it looks like the Harper rumour hasn't come to light

Brian Howard will not be joining OUFC.
That Harper rumour was never happening. He's signed on for Hungerford Town!!



26 Jul 2012 16:34:12
Oxford are set to sign Alex Evans an Courtney Harris on 1 year contracts. Evans formerly of Cardiff and Harris formerly from Fulham. Ryan Tafazoli of Southampton will not be getting a contract.
After these signings Oxford fans should only be expecting one more signing.

Be very suprised if any of these signed. OUFC on tour in the USA with a number of trialists present and if they impress, they must be favourites to earn a contract. So have an open mind then but dont think they will happen

26 Jul 2012 23:26:18
I reckon we could see Marlon Pack in a yellow shirt ;)

I think you could be right ^^

Marlon Pack would never be signing for us. We don't have 250+k available. Harris would be the only midfielder we'd sign, and it would only be a 6 month contract to cover injuries. Same with one of the defenders we are trialing, again just to cover injuries!



26 Jul 2012 16:23:30
Bolton boss Owen Coyle has expressed serious interest in young PNE winger Danny Mayor. However Preston have a higher valuation than what Bolton are prepared to offer

Can't think North End's valuation will be that high!

Says who? We have too many wingers as it is, with Petrov, Eagles YCL & Wylde so why do we need another. We desperately need cover in centre mid position and we should do all we can to bring in Sanchez!

Westley would let anyone go for any fee. so the valuation thing can't be true. he let Coutts, probably our best overall player, go for 225k. Hume's going for less than that and he's probably the best striker in the league



26 Jul 2012 16:22:39
Bolton Wanderers set to complete the signing of Ben Haim

Wat a joke haha

Why do we need someone who deserted us a few years ago when he thouight he was better than he is. Don't need him don't want him. Wecould have had Ricahed Keogh much younger and better player.

According to Bolton News Coyle hopes to complete two signings by next week a striker and centre mid hopefully! Not another centre half.

We can't afford him but he's got good experience obviously as he played for us trotters



26 Jul 2012 16:19:57
Nottingham Forest have submitted a bid for Luciano Becchio. Dexter Blackstock plus money has been offered

Rubbish. I know this is 100% false

I must admit as a west ham fan blackstock did impress me coming to thr rnd of last season so i would make it a different player

Total and utter garbage, Dexter is twice the player of him anyway

Becchio going nowhere sunshine

Dex loves it in Nottingham never happen in a million years

Dexter twice the player, lol. Do your write jokes for Alan Carr, cause thats brilliant. Becchio is far better and Warnock see's him as the target man for next year so he won't be going anywhere + don't want blackstock, he is garbage - give me Beckford any day.

Becchios in warnocks plans

Blackstock is our best player,we would never get rid of him

Becciho is so over raterd blackstock is a legend

Rate them both highly but we wont let dex go and he loves it at the city ground



26 Jul 2012 16:16:36
Chris Iwelumo to complete his move from Watford to Preston within the next 24 hours

I hope not!!!

Will never feature under Zola as a player or a coach.

Gabriele Angella to join from Udinese

I reckon he will stay with us, I hope so because he is really involved with the community, top bloke

Good signing for preston.. works hard, and top bloke

We are more salami that saveloy these days and you have overpriced Iwelumpo by exactly 25k



26 Jul 2012 16:11:32
Huddersfield Town (and Blackpool) have not announced the signing of Keith Southern as they are rumoured to be in negotiations over another Blackpool player moving to Huddersfield Town. A double signing may be announced shortly.

Hope it's not Taylor-Fletcher, rumours have been floating around that he could be coming back. Hope not. Trojan Horse

So why is he on the official site in the new town away shirt with the number 24 on his back??

Keep up, Southern has now been announced as a Town player! Cracking signing for the town who are now amassing a squad more than capable of challenging in the Championship. UTT

Thats funny cos his photo is all over the internet with him wearing his new huddersfield town shirt down at the galpharm..

also funny how blackpool fans were saying he's there best midfielders and theres NO WAY he'll join huddersfield


The rumour is Ian Evatt I believe.

When the Keith Southern thing surfaced even as a pool fan I said I thought it would happen.
there's no chance if it's Evatt, we turned down 1.5m last year from Soton and since then he's signed a new contract and said he wants to finish his career at Blackpool.

Nope, there is only the signing of Southern which has now been announced. No more are going to Huddersfield

Signing confirmed on HTAFC website holding the clubs new away shirt.....

It's been announced at towns end that southern is a town player.


Rumour suggests it could be Ian Evatt, now that would be a good signing. Would bring our quest for Sean Morrison to an end and put real pressure on Peter Clarke.

Is this the start of the Kevin Philips rumours?

I have heard a rumour that the other player is Ian Evatt


Southern wasn't going to be first choice at Blackpool and moved on. Good business for Keith and good business for the club. Evatt will be first choice and there is no way he will leave Blackpool where he is settled and wants to end his playing days!

Who then because hes already said hes gone??

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let it be Neal Eardley

Why would we give them another player? They would have to pay more.

Gnash has officially been announced as a huddersfield player, but will be back for his testimonial in a week or so. Great servant of the club and was the unsung hero of our promotion season. Younger players will do well to look up to him, true professional and I know everyone that's watched him at Blackpool would like to thank him for the time and effort he gave to this club. Ed, any news on who the other player could be? {Ed001's Note - I don't know if it is related, but I was told Gerard Bruna might well be surplus to requirements next season. Not sure if it was meant that he was available for a loan or permanent move though or if it is anything to do with Huddersfield. Just a possibility.}

Keith true legened at blackpool

The Galpharm?

I think you'll find its the John Smiths :S

No it's the Galpharm until August 1

I hope to god the Eds right and it's Bruna!

He's terrible and has a terrible attitude to boot.

As for the person above who says Evatt would put pressure on Peter Clarke.....don't make me laugh!
Ian Evatt is a top drawer championship defender, Peter Clarke putting it bluntly is not.
Very good League 1 defender, distinctly average any higher up, Evatt was brought to Blackpool 6 years ago to replace Clarke when he went to Southend, pool fans were up in arms at the time bit it didn't take long to realise the gulf in class.

He has been announced as a Huddersfield player (once more for good measure) not a chance with Evatt new family settled in the area and first choice you can take Eardley though.

Shaun Morrison wasnt that good. Are we really that bothered that he may not be coming back to Town. Stop going on about him. Reading didnt want him in the champs so why should we persist with this story.

You huddersfield fans make me sick. Your
a bang average side that will stuggle to stay up. Keith southern was a great servent and hope he does well but he was not our best midfielder. Weve got the likes of barry ferguson, ludovic sylvestre, martinez, elliot grandin, basham and tiago gomes. Our midfield in fact our whole side is 10 times yours. Weve arguably got the best midfield in the championship

Keith Southern is past his prime and has been struggling to get into the Blackpool first XI ever since our promotion to the prem. Even though we have much better midfielders he will be missed and forever a Club legend.

The person who comments "you Huddersfield fans make me sick" please grow up and learn some basic manners, the world is a poor place to be in thanks to people with comments like yours. Grow up. {Ed003's Note - I allowed that post through and I meant to edit the first line out,my apologies but you do seem to be over reacting,anyway my apologies}

Explain why we make you sick?? You were all slagging us saying he would never join and he has so expect some stick lad! Justify your comment please

Why not Taylor flecture hes a good player but he is worth about 700k

Keith Southern = Blackpool legend

It shouldnt be us that makes you sick, if i told every1 are best player/life long servant wasnt leaving then he did i'd be sick aswell! oh well he'll be a welcome SQUAD MEMBER who should probaly get 15-20 games next season at town! wonder how much we'll take evatt of you for??

Terrier85 you seem to think that your a big club but your not. Ian evatt isn't going to leave us as he's a regular and won't want to go to a smaller club. Weve got far better players then u and can't wait to do the double over you. UTP !

Wow massive bite there, dont chomp so hard next time fella can't you see he was winding you about Evatt!



26 Jul 2012 16:08:18
Aston Villa set to bid £4m for Kyle Naughton who was playing under Paul Lambert last season

We already bought Lowton, why would we need Naughton?



26 Jul 2012 16:05:07
Ipswich Town interested in signing Dave Kitson from debt ridden Pompey

Rubbish,we could not meet his wages

Please, please, please take him off us. I don't drive but i'll gladly piggyback him to Portman Rd for you!

On 20k a week, plus he wouldn't fit the new transfer policy of bringing in younger hungrier players.

No! Why? Simple: Too Old.



26 Jul 2012 16:03:03
walsall will sign sam mantom on loan



26 Jul 2012 16:01:37
Carlton Cole will join Wigan for £5 million

Wetham will sell cole , balldock, and maynard. 3 strikers westham are trying to buy ....

Doubtful as he loves the bright lights of London too much.

He's not worth half of that fee



26 Jul 2012 15:59:38
Young Preston striker Jamie Proctor in talks with Swansea!! Undisclosed fee agreed and personal terms still being discussed

Has anybody from Swansea seen Proctor play?

:) what a joke.

I'm from Swansea and I've never heard of him!

Why would we sign a striker from league 1 who has only managed 4 goals in 37 games for preston?

Swans, This lad is a fantastic footballer with a great attitude. but please note if he scores once he will be asking for a move to Barcalona

Who cares if no Swansea fan has seen him play, Scouts are there for a reason. To look at potential signigs.

Don't be too harsh on the lad. He has potential and showed what he is capable of when his confidence is high. Like so many North End players, his dip in form is the result of poor management. At the right club with the right manager he will develop into a fine player.

More made up nonsense!! From what I've heard off my mates in Preston he's not good enough for league 1 let alone the premier league... Just carry on smoking your wacky baccy and leave all this stuff to the people who have contacts!!

"Capable when his confidence is high" What planet are you on? He was banging them in all last preseason so surely his confidence couldn't have been much better for the start of the season but when the games started he flopped!



26 Jul 2012 15:58:12
Akpo Sodje to sign a 1 year contract with Preston North End. It is also rumoured that Iain Hume will hold peace making talks with Graham Westley and i have heard from a youth player at the club that Hume has been allowed to train with the first team once again

Akpo Sodje has never spent longer than 2 seasons with any of the 11 clubs he's been at in the past 11 years.......mainly because he's only scored 71 goals in 11 years (over 60% of them at non league)

HUME has gone, Westley will not allow him back and he is already discussing a contract with new clubs.....Fleetwood Town are currently offering a 2 year contract on the same money he was on at PNE.


Fleetwood Town, = the next Portsmouth? Rangers ? {Ed003's Note - Not whilst people keep buying eletricity they won't}

Hume is still at Preston and "working hard" to feature in Westley's plans

PNEIAN- How can Fleetwood, with gates of probably 2,000 afford to pay Hume 300,000 plus a year (in addition to paying the likes of Parkin) under the Fair Play Rules. I think they may turn out to be the new Colne Dynamoes.

I have no knowledge of the origins or the validity of posts made above in my name. Yet another nobody seeking notoriety ! I can't really see Hume going to Fleetwood Town however much they are offering in wages.



26 Jul 2012 15:33:49
I have heard from a reliable source Norwich City are very close to completing a deal for Tromso defensive midfielder Serigne Kara.
I have been informed that this transfer should be picked up by the media next week and made more widely known

Would be a great player to have at NCFC, but is he not likely to end up at a top six club this lad does have the talent... still one season would be good for us if he lived up to his hype.



26 Jul 2012 15:26:31
Danny Mayor is being offered the chance of a trail at Bolton Wanderers. Should he be successful, Preston will sell for a reduced compensation fee and would receive Bolton's reserve striker Tom Eaves on a season long loan.



26 Jul 2012 15:13:45
Hull City are looking to sign Ben Watson from Wigan Athletic on a season long loan.

Cant see that but would be a good signin

Said who?



26 Jul 2012 15:13:03
According to Cheltenham Town manager Mark Yates, the club has not made a bid for Charlton striker Leon Clarke.



26 Jul 2012 15:07:34
Norwich to make a 1.5M bid for highly rated Burnley Striker
Danny Ings

Wouldn't get his big toe for that much, worth way more!

Dont need him we ave 5 strikers all ready

What aload of rubbish

Burnley paid 1 million so I think Norwich would have to treble their bid at least for Ings

Add another 2 mill matey and we might think about it

Ings- 3 goals for Burnley last season in 15 appearances and previosly 7 goals in 27 appearances for Bournemouth. Hardly a 3million striker!

Haha I hope not. He is not a prem player! Hardly good enough for championship. 3mill, fans do make me laugh at their own valuations

But Danny is capable two show any players up though so another 2 million and you might have a deal!

Still 19 so yes he is at least 3m

Yep i agree ^^ hes going to b a good player when he matures a bit hes only 20 so still young , And 3 goals in 15 appearances half of which were from the bench towards the end of the game and the rest of the appearances were when he was coming back from injury , danny ings and charlie austin will be banging the goals in this season !



26 Jul 2012 15:06:42
Derby County rumours
4 Players will be Bought

Krystian Pearce
Shane Ferguson
2 Strikers

The strikers are being scouted at the
Olympics source Derby Telegraph
From the Smaller countries.

4 Trialists have been offered deals

2 played Yesterday agianst Mansfield

James Caton
Valentin gjokaj

2 are training with the youth team

Luke Adams
Charlie Bennett.

Ogude? White? All players you said we we're going to sign? NA mate



26 Jul 2012 14:37:32
notts county will sign johnathan forte
tommorow after his meeting with kieth
curle and his agent he will sign 3 year

I hope not. He's not that good

Great signing if it comes off.

Don't think it will be him as we don't have the budget to accommodate the wages that he would want, unless we get rid of Hughesy which could happen but it is unlikely.Only club I could see him going to is Gillingham to linkup with Martin Allen again same as Charlie and Nelson.

What ou on about forte has been class for us this would be a great move.



26 Jul 2012 14:24:22
As a good friend of a Chelsea player the rumour is thorgen hazard to the den on a season long loan.

I don't think he'll be loaned out immediately, given time to settle

Just ask yourself - why would they do that? - they want him to get familiar with British football - but play in a successful proper footballing side. My bet - Swansea / Watford (zola connection) or Brighton (Poyet)

I see the rumour muppets are at it again! get real! coyl

As a good freind of a Chelsea player I can tell you this is bulls***



26 Jul 2012 12:26:43
ed - gone a bit quiet from Southampton last week or so, any news?

Buttner & Lens - in
Dickson & Barnard - out


Not from your fans though a new player everyday for us to look forward to

Things have gone quiet cause they try to keep things behind the scenes at Southampton so other clubs don't know what they're doing till it's done... The only reason so much came out recently was Southampton were more focused on the camp in France so a lot of what they did was uncovered plus the two signings in one week gave plenty to comment on. Also they have been put into rumours by tabloids like chasing Scott Dann but try not to listen to that as Tabloids lie a lot and they'll just put anyone to a club I doubt Dann is a target for Southampton and if he is he shouldn't be.

Buttner and Lens in? I've heard they've been targeted, but are they confirmed or even close to being confirmed Ed? {Ed001's Note - not confirmed, I have not heard that either is close yet. Last I heard Buttner deal was dead, I didn't realise it was back on.}

I think its quiet because there workng hard and are trying to keep a deal quiet

Adkins has promised some more signings having spoken to the BBC he said he promised to bring in another few new faces before facing city and 100% was going to bring in a new defender but wasn't going to give any names to protect the deal from other clubs interfering.



26 Jul 2012 13:58:38
Forest to complete the transfers of Greg Halford (Portsmouth) and George Friend (Doncaster).

Funny because friend was training at Doncaster today

Two former wolves players who couldn't get in the team

You are welcome to him after the number of goals Donny conceded last year! Boros forwards ran him ragged.

Doi Forest just want a reject Wolves 11?

This is bizarre - you get taken over and presumably some transfer funds are made available - so what do you do - spend it on players that are even worse than the ones you have??

Good luck signing a Portsmouth player, they only come to one place. haha


How can ANY players be worse than having NO players at all? one young centre back with hardly any experience, no left backs at all, 2 right backs with only a handful of first team experience between them!

Greg halfords solid, i dont know why you think he's s***..? good through doesnt concede many and solid defender what more could you want?

I thought the new owners were going to spend millions.

Friend signing for Boro



26 Jul 2012 13:55:41
The Sun and Daily Mail are both reporting Swindon have made a bid of £500,000 for Southampton striker Lee Barnard

If that's true then let them have him.

Good move for all concerned.

No way got a funny feeling barnard will stand his own in the prem and if we did sell dont let it be a prem side. he would only come back to haunt us lets not give one of are main competitors another player ie michu, buttner.

Considering all the strikers we have, Barnard is more than likely to leave.
He isn't going to get a chance in the PL. When he was fit last year he hardly got a look in as it was!

You think he'll stand his own in the prem? Who for? Certainly not Southampton... He was training/playing for the u21's this summer whilst the rest of the lads were in France.

I like barnard because of what he did for us in league one, great at that level but in the prem...urm would definitely be like a fish out of water. not even sure he's championship level

Is barnard really that good?
certainly shows our intent for promotion if we have bid that amount. we definitely need another good striker for sure

Club statement from the chairman is its rubbish and they have not bid for him and not at 500k



26 Jul 2012 13:44:01
Stoke are looking to sell forwards Jon Walter and Kenwyne Jones

Please well both and sign defoe, olsson and jarvis!

Fingers crossed.. jones is bone idol and walters is average but very hard worker



26 Jul 2012 13:42:25
walsall will sign Ashley Sammons



26 Jul 2012 13:38:38
Brighton striker Craig Mackail Smith is a target for Nottingham Forest. SOURCE: Mail online


The Mail have been spot on about anything Brighton related so far. Thats why Poyet is at WBA now and Liam Bridcutt is playing for Reading

Just checked the mail online and nothing about CMS joining forrest wake up son

Brighton would want their 3m back and I can't see Forest paying that for a striker who is unproven at Championship level. I think this is bs.

I'm sure he is...he won't be going there though

The less said about the daily mail the better.

Your answer is in the second reply. Read it, that will tell you if the statement holds water

Absolutley amazing that Poyet was at WBA,
As I saw him watching olympic game at utds ground safternoon.

No you didn't see him, he's in Spain for pre-season

His golf buggy must be quick then because according to his background staff he was on a golf course in Spain. This is a fact

poyet loves him so wont be getting rid of him as we have no good alternatives

CMS close to moving to sheffield wednesday on loan before moving there permanetly next year depending on how well he plays farwell CMS source the argus



26 Jul 2012 13:36:41
Bristol Rovers are close to signing center back Garry Kenneth, Kenneth is available on a free after seeing his contract out with Dundee Utd should make a good addtion to Rovers squad.



26 Jul 2012 13:32:23
Cheltenham's Marlon Pack has been connected with a move all year but it could now happen as Brighton seek a midfielder and he fits the bill

Never in a million years - we have better and gus is looking for someone with championship or higher experience

We are looking for an influential playmaker like Vicente for centre mid, not a cheltenham player. We've been linked with a move for Guti! That fits the bill slightly better than Pack...

Marlons agent has spoken to gus and thinks very highly of him

Dream on Brighton fans Marlon is going knowhere this season.

How much money do Brighton have it would cost upwards of 500,000 for Marlon.




26 Jul 2012 13:25:24
walsall are in talks with former wolves winger jemal johnson after he was released by dover athletic

However i heard hes in talks with Preston



26 Jul 2012 13:06:49
George Friend has rejected the chance to join Middlesbrough. He did not want to be a squad player and is now considering an offer from Nottingham Forest where he will have more first team starts.

Curtis Main will not be leaving Boro this season

Can understand Friend would opt for side where he's guaranteed first team football. he would have put some pressure on Joe Bennett - which he needs as Julio played like a plank v Falkirk

Anybody know where Zemamma stands? Didn't go to Portugal it seems due to religious reasons(can't recall name of fasting etc), yet that lad Amla sweated cobs under his helmet for 300 odd at cricket. Surely just being around squad even would have been worthwhile. Has he kissed and made up with Mogga - or is he on the list of those to move on if poss??

The only reason george friend isn't going to middlesbrough is because he'd be 2nd choice,no way would he get ahead of joe Bennett. Friend would start in ipswichs first team so it makes sense to go there. Main has a lot of potential and Sunderland paid way over the odds for wickham about 6 million too much.

Actually I think it depends on which Bennett we get. If we get the Bennett from 2 seasons ago, Friend definitely wouldn't start. If we get last seasons Bennett again, Friend could very well start, Joe was s*** last year.



26 Jul 2012 12:55:12
Preston striker Iain Hume is set to leave the club after a number of teams have offered him a chance to escape his Westley nightmare.
Hume has been in touch with Tranmere Rovers on a number of occasions and is set to sign once his Preston contract is scrapped.

Hume is going to a Champoinship club and therefore maintaining his present wages. All sorted. He calls in at TRFC to see his mates as he lives 5 mins. from Prenton Park.

If deal with Championship Club falls thru ,for one reason or another ,then Hume will stay at PNE .

Hume is still on a lucrative 2 year contract at PNE. They are not looking at scrapping the contract and making a huge payment to him. They may however consider a small transfer fee or even a free transfer to cut the wages bill. I'm sure Hume will be looking for a club that can pay him similar to his current PNE contract.

Dream on Tranmere... Westley holding talks with him this week and will integrate Hume with the new players. The 2 have made up and Hume will remain a PNE player

Can't see him joining another team in league 1. I think that if he does end up leaving it will be for a championship club or to the MLS. Portland Timbers/Toronto.
His contract won't be terminated though, if anything he will be sold.

It wont be scrapped he is on a two yr contract and preston want a fee ,tranmere can not pay him the wages he is on now

We won't rip up his contract, but he's available on a free according to Ridsdale last night.

He has 2 years to go on his contact, who on earth would scrap is contract. North End won`t they can`t afford too.

26 Jul 2012 23:27:41
Would be great if Rovers got him, bit it all depends on wages again

Now ben burgess has retired maybe just maybe we might just have enough money to pay his wages here`s hoping

I know Ian. He is happy. Loves tranmere and one day maybe.. but would you half your wage? Not yet...

thats from a tranmere fan



26 Jul 2012 12:46:01
wigan looking to get ramis and santa cruz after the man city player fell down the striking order

Ramis is signing for West Ham

Ha ha ha, Ramis to West Ham? He's off to Wigan as his agent has stated, Just needs to sort his cut of the transfer fee with Mallorca.

We couldn't afford Santa Cruz wages, He's too injury prone and not any better than what we have already.

Ramis for West Ham ! No

Ive also heard these and i reckon santa cruz would be a great fit

Santa cruz yessssssssss!!!



26 Jul 2012 12:42:05
Akpo sodje is training with preston and to feature in saturdays friendly againt AEK Athens , source SKY SPORTS NEWS



26 Jul 2012 11:56:07
Preston rumours:
RB - Tiago Rosa set to sign on a free.
GK - Lenny Pidgeley or Jose Moreira on a free to cover Thorsten Stuckmann.

A deal set to be agreed between PNE and Watford for Striker Chris Iwelumo before Saturdays pre season clash with AEK Athens.

Danny Mayor to sign for Bolton.
Jamie Proctor to sign for Swansea.

Heard numerous rumours regarding Adam Barton. Whether he could join Proctor in signing for Swansea or whether he could be looking for regular football at Oldham.

Iain Hume will stay unless the right deal comes in for him.
Rumours about his contract being terminated aren't true.

Transfer fee's that are received for the players above will then be put forward in trying to capture Preston's "Number 1 target" Stuart Beavon at Wycombe.

Once funds have been

Hume will be going within the next week, he wont be staying. there is money available for a striker regardless of fees we get in for anyother player

These all seem legit , i'd rather have jose than lenny myself although Jamie isn't good enough for league 1 never mind the prem!

Id rather have Pidgeley as the back up keeper. Not to sure about this Beavon fella though, had a good season last season but not the best overall career record



26 Jul 2012 11:54:01
Swansea interested in Real Madrid striker Joselu Who according to reports could be available at a bargain 3 Mill . They had previously valued the striker at 5mill
Joselu a 6ft 3 striker scored 41 goals in 73 games with 4 years at the Spanish Champions mainly B team, but out of favour for a 1st team berth
few prem teams sniffing around but no formal offers as yet

Hoffenheim bid 5 mil Euro according to AS. was rejected told to bid to 10 mill euro to get him so value somewhere between 6-10 mill euro poss around around 5 mill pounds

Try 7 mill thats the rumour

Certainly more credible than the silly WH rumours that have been posted here



26 Jul 2012 12:39:41
bristol city to sign tom heaton and and sam baldock over the next couple of days

Sam baldock wants to stay in london and wants a move to charlton



26 Jul 2012 12:38:05
George friend has opted th open talks with ipswich, putting them as his preferred destination ahead of Middlesbrough and forest.

He trained with Donny today

The way I see it; donny have accepted both bids for friend, friend will talk to both clubs and then decide what's best for him. with all respect to the tractor boys if he wants a genuine shot at promotion I would opt for boro but who know perhaps they are offering better terms and wages

Friend is at Middlesbrough having a medical after snubbing Ipswich for a promotion winning team see ssn

Ipswich have just as much chance as Boro for promotion. This is the Championship were talking about.

You cant say in the same breath that he has gone to Boro, and that he's gone to a promotion winning side.
No Ipswich bid was forthcoming, we were interested, but that was all, seems he was more excited about Ipswichs interest than Boros bid!

Once again, Ipswich never made a bid for Friend. We were simply interested in him if Cresswell was going to go to Aston Villa. So no, Frien did not snub Ipswich for Boro.

Friend has gone to boro thats it i told you the other day haha im right

Haha ITFC homepage... Big letters... Jewell confirms Friend Bid! So he didn't snub Ipswich for Boro then No? Haha

No he snubbed itfc for boro



26 Jul 2012 12:36:30
Nathan Eccleston is about to go on loan to Shrewsbury Town.

I hope so, but I highly doubt it.

Turner wants to sign a striker on a permanent deal, not on loan.

He is good.go get him graham

Efe sodje on his way to town

Town has signed rob purdie

Well done.

Gt signed purdie ages ago

Sodje will not sign for town and purdie signed ages ago?

No he didnt he signed yesterday

Ages ago. Not yesterday, you dumbo.

Sodje won't go anywhere,he's said he's devoted to Bury and wants to end his career there....



26 Jul 2012 12:33:43
Derby will complete the summer with 3 more signings. 2 of which are trialists, James Caton and Swiss defender Valentin Gjokaj.

The rams will also sign a striker when Steve Davies is solid (if he isn't, no striker will be bought it). The striker is thought to be Chris Wood, but this is only speculation.

Went to Mansfield last night if we sign that centre half we are in a bad way he was bad


The trialists will be put into the Reserves if they impress which they have.We have 4 Trialists with us so if they all get signed thats already 4 more.

Derby are still looking at 3/4 players
with Posistions still needed to be filled

Centre back Cover
Left Back
1/2 Strikers.

Im Suprised you didnt include a left back
we had to use a right back that we released last season whos still training with us yesterday because we dont have anyone other than roberts.who is 35 and leaving at the end of this season.

Buxton and roberts are leaving at the end of this season.

2 Strikers and a left back will be found at the Olympics

How can we sign a swiss defender?, hes not British :)

Why dont we get Kitson on a free from Pompy?

Cus kitson is to old and not to mention rubbish

There seems to be a few rumours about Kitson, but he 'seems' not to fit the Clough mould of player. Not saying it isn't going to be true though...

Forget kitson, why don't we get husseklepp



26 Jul 2012 12:23:33
Barca in 20 million pound move for
Aguero plus David Villa other way.

Absoluteeeeeeeeeee topdrawwwww rubbish.

Not a chance ever!



26 Jul 2012 12:19:21
West Ham may just have quietly managed to be
close to making bid for Castaignos



26 Jul 2012 12:17:54
ipswich to sign george friend and steve Davies within a week




26 Jul 2012 12:16:24
Shrewsbury Town are set sign a striker for a significant fee.

A striker is definitely coming, after missing out on Febian brandy who joined Walsall.

Striker is Dave Mooney from Orient for a fee of 65,000.



26 jul 2012 12:13:13
joselu to be west ham player



26 Jul 2012 12:10:34
Aston villa are after center back micheal dawson from tottenham hotspurs for around 4million

dawson is going to be club captain next season!

Dawson just been made captain at spurs

I hope not,thought lambert had an eye for a player,but not this one.

Even after he was announced as spur's new captain? no mate , we are not signing dawson.



26 Jul 2012 12:07:52
Agent_WHU : The next 6 days could
be very BIG for West Ham United FC
fans as several top named offers have been made to clubs. We await an answer on numerous
targets such as Castaignos (Bid made)
Joselu (Bid agreeed) and Moussa Konate.
This would explain why WEST HAM
apparently appear willing to let
Picquionne, Baldock and Maynard go for
the right priceAgent_WHU

Piquonne has not been in west hams plans for awhile they want him of the books

Konate or cassano



26 Jul 2012 12:07:15
Bolton have decleared their interest in taking former Wanderer Ben Haim of crisis club Portsmouth. Source: Daily Mirror

Take him!


No thanks ... past his best should never have left Bolton. Thought he was bigge and better than Bolton when he joined Chelski......WRONG!



26 Jul 2012 12:05:11
Aberdeen looking to take Manchester Utd defender Michael Keane on loan



26 Jul 2012 12:00:56
Stevenage set to make a bid for Lee Hughes.

I dont think so, he is not liked by the Boro faithful, players they like get enough stick, so one they don't like would get crucified,

Shouldnt be allowed anywhere near a football field that bloke.

Would be a popular signing amongst our fans to have such a deadly finisher at The Lamex



26 Jul 2012 11:49:34
Paul Anderson has signed a 2 year deal with Bristol City following his release from Forest.
This paves the way for Adomah's move to either Swansea or Southampton

The first sentence is a fact. The second sentence is just your opinion. So neither can be regarded as a rumour.

If this is true I hope he's going to Swansea cause I don't want him at St Mary's...

He is good enough .... good signing ... certainly a better option than Woolford in my opinion ... COYRs

Certainly sounds like it, will be sad to see adomah go, but he can be inconsistent. Ida lovitt

Oh dear .... another below average Championship addition to the Ashton Fold.

He can't go?! :(



26 Jul 2012 11:45:37
Southampton are looking at Luc Castaignos from Inter Milan as an alternative to Jermaine Lens from PSV.

Similarly Erik Pieters is being looked at as an alternative left back to Alexander Buttner as that deal seems to have fallen through

Douglas and Niklas Moisander are both being considered as possible signings to strengthen the centrebacks positions.

Saints have made contact with the clubs in each case to ask the price of the player and agents to discuss wages.

Believable, although I think we're still in for Lens and Buttner technically, we should just offer 3.5 mill for Buttner and snap him up again and give the 7/8 million for Lens, as for the Centre backs I can believe those would be targets although I'd imagine they'd target one at another Premiership club too...

Could all happen

Would be great signings. I really hope so!

I think the Buttner deal is off, The Saints are not the type of club that want to be messed about; look at the Davis deal we payed 800k just to get rangers off our hands. So they will probably leave Buttner and focus on somebody else. NA will also want to complete deals ASAP and get the team playing together before the new PL season.

Rubbish, Castaignos is a striker and he never played on the right wing. Southampton is not in need of another striker.

Would love to see Castaignos & Pieters sign for Saints, both young, have a lot of talent & promise. Castaignos is a striker though & I believe we were after Lens to play on the right wing. I just hope we manage to bring in a couple of players of this quality.

Why are all the players we are being linked with dutch? have we got a dutch scout?

Doubt we'd get both Pieters & Niklas Moisander, both players can play at Left Back & as Left sided Centre Backs.

Douglas is considered one of the best centre backs in the Holland & Pieters is the same age as Buttner but has been capped 15 times for the Dutch & is also capable of filling in as a centre back. Both would be incredible signings for Saints. If we can get Jermain

If tehyre not young english players saints will look in other leagues cheaper market for players of the same quality :)

We've got a strong link with scouts in Holland for some unknown reason...



26 Jul 2012 11:45:28
West Ham will have their spies out at Team GB's Olympic opener - to study Senegal star Moussa Konate.

Watch this kid he is very special and
bags of pace

So what your saying is if hes any good he wont be going west ham united.



26 Jul 2012 11:35:02
Zapata a target for WBA



26 Jul 2012 11:31:53
Harry Redknapp is to see if a deal is possible to buy Portsmouth FC outright, or within a consortium.

Redknapp will not spend money to buy this club its bankrupt

Maybe it will be with Peter Storrie? He did say a while back that he might try and form a consortium.

'Bankrupt', Portsmouth FC has had to remove high earning players to survive, if they achieve this, then they are paying off all creditors.. Therefore are debt free!.. Now bearing in mind most other football clubs (closer to all) run in millions and millions of debt, then technically Portsmouth (if they survive) will be the least 'bankrupt' club once they come out of administration in the country, if not the world! {Ed001's Note - except for those which are actually in profit and haven't ripped off thousands of creditors by only paying them pennies in the pounds to do so.}

This is true, we've heard it at West Ham and apparently he really does not want to let the club go bust!

What Redknapp to get involed when he helped put them where they are now...give players long contracts

Would wecome Harry back although havestrong reservations regarding Peter Storrie if he was part of a consortium. Still, it would be better than bankruptcy or Chanrai!

He's also gonna phone kanu to get him to comprimise :)

Yeh that is why he is trying to help us because he got us in this situation

The club may be technically bankrupt during the period of administration - but the Balance sheet will be stripped right down in about 2 weeks when all the high earners have gone. Then it becomes quite an attractive proposition.



26 Jul 2012 10:23:02
Ed - anything on Jon Stead and why he has gone back home and not training with Bristol City??? {Ed001's Note - sorry no, I don't know what is happening with him.}

Hes on his way to Leeds or Huddersfield

Could be Doncaster or Barnsley

The City players have a couple of days off after the training camp in Marbella so Jon Stead is visiting his family for a couple of days before meeting up with the BCFC squad in Scotland on Friday He's not going anywhere he says he has never been happier

Re Jon stead family funeral



26 Jul 2012 11:24:25
Barnsley set to sign two premier league players, when their clubs return from abroad (source BBC Radio Sheffield

Did it say if they were defenders or not

Please be defenders!!!

Centre half and striker



26 Jul 2012 11:24:03
Santi Cazorla to Arsenal



26 Jul 2012 11:22:39
Doncaster Rovers George Friend to sign for Ipswich, James Coppinger and Jimmy O'Connor going to Forest, Brian Stock to sign for Burnley on a pay as you play basis. All deals to be completed in next fortnight!

Funny how coppinger has said he wants to stay at doncaster

Yes im sure hed want to stay if a championship club came in for him !

Coppinger is joining Leeds

He's loyal to the club longest serving player ever



26 Jul 2012 11:19:51
Bristol city have completed the signing of paul Anderson who is a free agent after leaving Nottingham forest, he will sign on a two year deal and the signing will be announced with tom heaton by Bristol city later today.



26 Jul 2012 11:16:01
Dele Adebola is training with Burton Albion

Please no to old remember Darren Moore once bitten Brewers fan



26 Jul 2012 11:15:33
Gaston Ramirez in talks with unamed prem club

Its his agents in talks not the player.his agent is probly trying to get the 'unnamed club' to bid for ramirez



26 Jul 2012 11:03:26
Kondogbia has signed for Sevilla and Jem Karacan has seen contract talks stall, sparking interest from Newcastle and Aston villa.




26 Jul 2012 10:52:36
Paul Anderson, formally of Notts Forrest signed for Bristol City this morning

Is he any good

Confirmed on

Good siging for city has lots of pace and a good goal scorer and has lots of experience in the championship

He's played 105 games in his Carear
Only scored 15...he creates Alott or
Assists though.



26 Jul 2012 10:23:13
QPR interested in Craig Bellamy

Get rid of joey barton and replace him with craig bellamy....lovely.

Cardiff have pipped QPR to the post.

He's off to QPR dj campbell told me he expects the deal to go through once the olympics are over. He must have herd something and also told me he wouldn't be at QPR next season and he hadn't spoken to Hughes in months



26 Jul 2012 09:54:42
Dele adebola on trial at burton albion and to sign for them Monday at the latest.

Adebola, along with Richards, Kee and Zola will be massive threats in Lge2 next season. With the ammunition coming from Maghoma and Taylor too.... Plus the acquisition of Zander Diamond and possibly Robbie Nielson at the back, exciting times ahead for Burton!

A couple of seasons ago i'd have been excited by this signing, but not now. a 37 year old striker that will possibly be on massive wages by league 2 standards? i think money could be better spent elsewhere at the club.



26 Jul 2012 09:34:13
Ugo Ehiogu was at Brighton's Amex Stadium on Tuesday talking to representatives of the club.
Coinsidently, he represents a company that look after Jordan Rhodes.

No he doesn't

If he does i dont mind getting him either



26 Jul 2012 09:32:25
I can confirm from a VERY reliable source (an Agent) that Brighton are to sign ex-Real Madrid playmaker Guti on a 'pay as you play' contract. Guti did annouce retirement but recently trained with West Ham to get his match fitness up.
The deal is likely to be announced on 1st August.

Theres no such thing as a reliable agent :)

Guti's agent has been busy touting him all over the place, including the USA and China.
He would suit Brighton though.

Does this Agent sell tupperware by any chance ?

Not happening they wont do a pay as you play contract and whats happened to brighton signing english players we are becoming a spanish team



26 Jul 2012 08:55:12
Southampton,West Ham and Everton are all interested in Burnley Midfielder Cameron Howieson who is 17 and a New Zealand international

Was it by chance a Burnley fan who posted this rumour?

Yeah ok sunshine .

He's gotta be pretty good he's 17 and playing for New Zealand Senior Team

It was probably posted by his agent.



26 Jul 2012 08:48:15
George Boyd could be on his way out of Peterborough United to play for Leeds if Robert Snograss leaves.

What a replacement he will be ,much pacier than snodgrass,whoever he is

If the likes of Boyd and Taylor want to leave I'd be glad to see us cash in on them, as we'd have the money to sign good replacements

Boyd really wants to go to Palace

George Boyd pacy?? Not sure about that fella

How do you know he wants palace

Pacier than snodgrass i said , fella

Boyd apparntly to join huddersfield

Snodgrass is quicker, fella

Absolute no, fella

Leeds fan, snodgrass quick and good striker of the ball, boyd much quicker



26 Jul 2012 08:44:27
Rumour has it that AEK Athens have
come up with a severence package
with Eidur Gudjohnsen and the Icelandic
star has been linked with his Gus Poyet's
Brighton - the pair were team mates at Chelsea
during the 2000/2001 season.



26 Jul 2012 08:39:19
Carl Fletcher looks poised to offer Port Talbot striker Rhys Griffith a professional contract after he impressed in Argyles friendly at Truro. Griffith scored and went close a number of times.



26 Jul 2012 08:16:04
Lee Hughes going to Oldham.
Source: talksport

Let's hope not.

Lee hughes to oldham - " nothing in that " source Paul Dickov

Denied by Dickov!

Dickov got a phone call about Hughes but Dickov not interested. he´s trouble anyway.



26 Jul 2012 08:10:36
west brom look to be closing in on the loan signing of lukaku from chelsea for the season long loan. odemwingie looks set to be going to new boys southampton in a 5 million deal

Odemwingie is not going to southampton, dont make stuff up

Why would we want odemwingie.. were already covered up front, and he is old..

Odemwingie wants to leave for a bigger club who will challenge the league...sooo thats a no no!

No way odem to Southampton why go there no offence but Westbrom arenbetter and he's stated he is happy at the hawthorns

Oh thats about as likely as albion buying messi for a quid

This is not true

Odemwingie won't be going to southampton! i would be more than happy with lukaku tho. odemwingie wide with el ghanassy the other and lukaku up top. frightening pace!

Shouldn't think West Brom would want to sell and saints have plenty of forwards and aren't looking for another. A load of nonsense!

Ha ha. Belly laugh at that one. Odemwingie is not leaving Albion.

Odemwingie isnt going to leave to southampton because west brom wont sell him

You won't get lukaku he will sign for bigger prem club saints could get odamwingie

Who do we have as cover cox probably going then fortune and long real backup isn't there

So Lukaku is too big for 10th place but not big enough for 6th place, yeah right

Lukaku is on his way to stoke



26 Jul 2012 07:30:59
Scott McGleish close to a Hereford move.

Scott McGleish has signed a 1 year deal with Whitehawk who are in the Ryman league (along with Matt Lawrence formally of Millwall & Brighton)

Well past it.



26 Jul 2012 05:51:09
Coventry City are reported to be looking at taking Nile Ranger on a season long loan from Newcastle to boost their attacking options.

Doubt this would happen as I heard they were looking to offload him permanently as he is a bad character and the most likely destination for him would be the championship and Posh

Coventry and sheffield wednesday fighting for him on a free transfer



26 Jul 2012 02:10:30
Cheltenham Town are set to announce the signings of attacking players Byron Harrison, from AFC Wimbledon, and trialist Tristan Plummer who has impressed boss Mark Yates in their pre-season friendlies.
Yates will also consider making an improved offer for striker Leon Clarke of Charlton after an initial bid was rejected, but is unwilling to pay over the odds for the player.

This is wrong - Yates has denied contacting Charlton.

Plummer will be an excellent signing if he stays on.

CTFC have confirmed they have NOT made an offer for Leon Clarke.

1.50 would be over the odds offered or not.



26 Jul 2012 00:32:06
Huddersfield town have signed Keith southern

Not confirmed yet but clubs have agreed a fee!

Ggreat. Sighning for us. With. Good. Record just need. A pacey. Strikere now

Deal done - on offical hudds website

Great signing for the Terriers!

Its official on the terriers website , Southern is a terrier

Confirmed on the OS now

Blackpool fans are gutted that he has gone. Should be a good signing although we have so many midfielders now we must offload surely!



26 Jul 2012 00:06:33
Malaury Martin was one of 2 trialists who played in Barnsleys game with Stocksbridge yesterday

This is true as I went to the match and saw him. Outstanding player, god knows why Middlesbrough have let him go. SNATCH HIM UP NOW KEITH!

And he looked a touch of class. Also another trialist Andreas a greek midfielder played. Not as good as Martin but did Ok.

Did he play well

What's Andreass surname or first name?

He was called Andreas Labropoulous.

Both not signing



25 Jul 2012 22:42:34
Information from within Newcastle is a deal for Carroll is on with Demba Ba going to Liverpool if they can agree personal terms



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