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26 Feb 2013 22:42:19
Powell and ebanks Blake to be revealed tomorrow Ramsay fell through dispute over length of loan! Expect to hear am tomorrow

Well it's am and I havn't herd

Waghorn is a lot better than jamie vardy. if anyone is down the pecking order its vardy he's crap. Waghorn comes off the bench nearly every game.



26 Feb 2013 22:30:37
Tim sherwood next swindon manager. Accepted job at tonights game

Phil brown please in temporary charge till the end of the season.

The new consortium tried to buy Cheltenham Town last year, cheltenham pulled out I wonder why? they haven't got any money, they have all there hangers on at every game, at the game on Tuesday one of the new board members Gary Hooper had a fight in the corridor at half time with one of the so called investors? what type of people have we got running our club? this is very worrying, they need to answer more questions on the investment or cash that is going to be put in to our club, I really feel for the likes of Nick Watkins, what must he be thinking, I don't think the club is in good hands I doubt they are going to take us forward, I think they are going to cripple us, for me its all a game to them, most of the people they come to the game with are getting drunk in one of the hospitality rooms and none of the Swindon staff know who they are. only one good thing here is Jed McCrory seems a nice guy not sure about his other members, I can't see where the money is going to come from? how much have they said they are putting in the club we need at least three descent players now and a good named manager, swindon has always done well with a named manger it puts at least 1000 supporters bums on seats, if they go with a cheap option in Tisdale, Newell, Buckle, Sherwood and all the other cheap rated managers crowds will dwindle and to be honest I think they will go with the cheap option, with regrads dicanio they didn't want him full stop as no effort was made to contact him poor show really, we seem to have the backstreet boys steering our ship to muddy waters.

Had a fight? Did you see it happen if so I believe you, if its hearsay then it will come to the medias attention eventually. Only time will tell if the new owners have any money. I thought the new owners tried to buy Luton? Crickey they have had more clubs than tiger woods.

This definitely happened, I did witness this and I am not the original poster, it was slightly different that Gary Hooper started fighting with an investor and a fan stepped in to break it up, these guys are a bunch of cowboys looking to make a fast buck off of the club, not to lose money.

Where abouts did this happen? What part of the ground?

The amount the new owners are putting in next season is same budget as this year £4.5 mill

Arkells stand hospitallity just near the trophy cabinet.

What to point out this was nothing to do with Jed, it was Gary Hooper and some indian ivestor.

So has anyone found out who the Indian investor is?



26 Feb 2013 19:29:16
Norwich City are in talks to sign OH Leuven forward Ebrahima 'Ibou' Sawaneh at the end of the season.



26 Feb 2013 17:41:44
Ronaldo back to Man United for 55 million

55 million for a world class player. NOPE

26 Feb 2013 23:45:24
Why would Ronaldo go back to Man United and would he play

27 Feb 2013 08:09:16
This could happen

Would Ronaldo play? he would walk into every starting 11 in world football.

Would love the lad back but just can't see it unless Bale goes to real madrid



26 Feb 2013 15:44:37
Derby County summer activity and players we are currently looking at bringing in.

Jacques Maghoma (Burton) - Free
Martyn Waghorn (Leicester) - Free
Harry Forrester (Brentford) - Small fee due to age
Matt Kilgallon (Sunderland) - Free
Marc McNulty (Livingston) - Small fee
Chris Martin (Norwich) - Small fee, out of contract but Norwich have a one year option they will activate to get a fee
Marlon Pack (Cheltenham) - Small fee
Either Aidy White (leeds) or Danny Lafferty (Burnley) for left back for higher 6 digit fee's. if neither of these will be a left back from League One

Also interested in Johnny Russell from Dundee United but face stiff competition which makes a deal highly unlikely!


Ben Davies
Theo Robinson
Nathan Tyson
Conor Doyle
Frank Fielding
Gareth Roberts
James Bailey
Tom Naylor
Callum Ball (Loan)
Mark O'Brien (Loan) - Depending on Barkers progress

Other than frankie and davies leaving, I believe the rest will happen

Frankie will go. Lego is now first choice and Fielding isn't happy about being a number 2. Get his wages off the books, get some funds in and bring a new, young keeper in.

Also Matt Fryatt from Hull City, he has had a terrible injury at Hull and a Hull fan may be able to confirm but if they get promoted to the premier league it is likely they will be looking to offload him.

Fryatt is just the type of player we need!

1. Why would Leicester give away waghorn for free.
And 2. Why would they give him to derby haha.

27 Feb 2013 21:47:01
Waghorn is out of contract this summer and is behind Nugent, Wood, Kane, Vardy and Gallacher so is wanting first team football. Clough has been after him for years. Fryatt is also a target if Waghorn doesn't come.

If Waghorn wants to leave Leicester in search of first team football then he will be on a bosman. Then derby could potentially sign Waghorn on a contract, once he becomes a bosman Leicester can have no influence on where Waghorn will go! So it could be derby county, if he likes the look of the club and the opportunities he might get.

Also Leicester City have a great chance of promotion this season and so if they get promoted Waghorn will be even more inclined to go elsewhere for first team football.

However I presume you are a Leicester fan and so you consider derby county as a local rival and would not like the idea of a good young striker going to them. I am afraid to say I understand derby fans do not see Leicester as rivals. Waghorn would not be, in the eyes of the arrival club, coming from a rival and so they would welcome the move.

So in conclusion you're point that Leicester would not let him go to derby may not be applicable because Leicester may have no influence.

28 Feb 2013 11:50:08
Cloughie going in for Ryan Shotton from Stoke, and to Blackpool for Derby old boy Ian Evatt and utiliy man Kirk Broadfoot. Up front see Waghorn coming in and a move for Burtons' Billy Kee. Robinson / Lee Tomlin swap deal with Peterboro'

going out Tyson (free to Charlton not Millwall!), Naylor to Bradford and Ben Davies to Shrewsbury.

new one year deals for Roberts, Buxton and O' Connor, Callum Ball and Conor Doyle

28 Feb 2013 13:09:27
Scouts were at the Motherwell vs Celtic match last night and were very impressed with Chris Humphrey and Michael Higdon

Ryan Shotton will definitely not sign for Derby County and Shaun Barker is the exact same player as Ian Evatt so there would be no need to sign him.

28 Feb 2013 15:52:38
Would love to see Waghorn, White and a couple of others mentioned but I think the post is very unreliable there's 4 strikers in there and we won't need that many.

28 Feb 2013 19:31:01
Theres only 3 strikers with Martin and Waghorn to replace the outgoing Tyson and Robinson then McNulty more for the u21 team. Maghoma and Forrester wide mids to replace Davies and Doyle, Pack a centre mid to replace Bailey then a left back to replace Roberts and Kilgallon in to replace Naylor in defence. Clough will then have a strong squad throughout when dealing with injuries and suspensions.



26 Feb 2013 16:11:58
Omar Daley is coming back to Bradford City at the end of the season on a two year deal.



26 Feb 2013 09:25:49
Derby after a young winger on loan from a Prem side once they get him will allow Michael Jacobs to join Huddersfield on loan.

What the heck does Robins see in Arfield, he isn't like Lee Novak Championship stuff. Norwood far better,

Super Novak, now a sub and out in summer. all you novak fans will have to switch to someone else, maybe Gobern? But wait, he will be off too. but there is tc still, but maybe he will be off too, all to be replaced by a bit of quality not quantity!

. your a sad town fan slatin town players. have you ever heard of supporting your team? UTT

Norwood back out of every 50/50 and rarely put a tackle in, Arfield has been for more consistent, he isn't flashy, he does the graft that most people don't notice or ignore, he's saved Hunts skin many a time with covering for him when he's way out of position pretending to be a Dani Alves.

They are both poor players at this level. They would be better off playing for the fox and hounds

I support my team alright, and like the one above me Arfield is ok, Norwood duffs out, Hunt gets caught out, and i'm not prepared to say nothing when players who aren`t up to it, get folk saying how good they are. What has tc contributed to the season? Nothing, because all he is doing is costing us a good wage and a squad place, like a few others who know who they are.

Whats the point been a huff and puff player like Arfield, fine in L1, but not the championship, you need quality on the ball, and Norwood far better, apart its the job of the player on the right to cover his RB when he goes past, we have a couple of players who are playing out of position, Danns should be central with Clayaton/Norwood. another winger and Striker, will change next season if when we scrap through and stay up? who and one other signing some Grass Seeds for the plough pit of a pitch

Its the job pf every player to perform defensive duties, covering a rb goig forward is one thing, having to cover for him when at the same time trying to track your runner is another.
yes norwood is better on the ball, but he's soft, back out of chalenges too many times and loses posession too many times

Seems like everyone has forgot about Keith Southern & Danny Ward. Both are close to coming back from injury, Keith will put in good tackles and ward covers the full back.

Ward cover the fullback, are you having a laugh, his biggest problem is he can't tackle and gives away free Kicks around our penalty area.

Totally agree on Norwood, quite simply a wimpy pretty boy not man enough to get stuck in! Which is fine if you are Glenn Hoddle type, which he AINT!

The only thing ward covers is himself in shame, and southern won't be back for a few weeks his foot is still immobilised to protect his acchilles

Get ward, on the summer bus out of town I say, along with, lee, novak, t clarke, they are bleeding club dry with their fat contracts and lack of ability.



26 Feb 2013 00:52:30
etien velikonja, cardiff to bristol city, 93 day loan



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