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25 Oct 2012 23:49:02
Craig Levein to be sacked next week and replaced by Gordon Strachan or Graeme Souness.

SFA are disappointed with our POOR WCQ form so far and think a change of Manager will improve results, even though it won't be enough for us to qualify :(.

Do the Scots take it in turns to be manager? It seems like everyone gets a chance to blow qualification to a major tournament, is it a perk, a kind of reward for putting up with all that crap weather? "here y'go son, it's your turn this week, see what you can bugger up"

When will the jocko's learn, it's not the manager that's at fault, it's the fact that they're crap at football.

We are not carp at football!, when you have an person who does tactics like 4-6-0 or 4-5-1 when are you ever going to produce enough opportunities to score, the manager does not have a clue

Pretty sure alex ferguson has been dominating the EPL for nearly 20 years being a scot? lol

Doesnt matter who the manager is-The players HAVE to be Scottish.Ferguson, as good as he is, doesnt manage only Scots-Given thatthere are only 2 major teams in Sctland and they have several foreign players, the Scots lads will find it very difficult to get decent competitive games

I have a Scottish dad and English mum so have a bit of love for both nations...... Yes the Scottish do have an unhealthy knack of messin it up in qualifiers...but the English aren't much better! Yes they do qualify for most competitions al give them that but when they get there they always tend to embarass their self..... And also it's not very fair to compare England to Scotland on football terms as it had 11 times the population... England should be compared to the bigger footballing nations and lets be honest when you do compare them they come pretty low in the pecking order.... Definitely the best league in the world without a doubt but as a National team they're average at best...! Scotland aren't up to much of course but for such a small nation they can't expect to qualify for every tournament.....! This isn't a dig at either nation just an honest opinion.... All replies are welcome....



25 Oct 2012 22:51:57
Ryan Lowe will re-sign for Shrewsbury tomorrow (26th October). I can confirm that talks have taken place and he is definitely in line to be one of the two players coming in tomorrow.


I'm not sure if it's Lowe, but proctor has signed today and the other player will sign next week

Na never



25 Oct 2012 22:51:14
Keith Hill hearing he is being seriously considered for the vacant Palace post



25 Oct 2012 22:27:00
Shrewsbury will sign 2 new players in the next 24 hours after the signing of Jeremy Helan on loan.



25 Oct 2012 21:27:13
Young Stoke city and England u18's CB Sam Coulson is set to be loaned out to a lower league side, Bristol Rovers, Crewe Alexandra and York city are some of the clubs interested



25 Oct 2012 20:17:47
Alan Shearer interviewed for Ipswich job, Shearer is a friend of Marcus Evans.

Yes this is 100% true

Yes just herd the same shearer to be next Ipswich manager WTF

What a load of rubbish ,why would shearer want to takeover a club that is heading at great speed towards league 1

Marcus evans seems to be friends with every unemployed managers or retired footballers. must be a very popular man consider you never see him

This has been spoken about, but keep saying all these managers are "friends" of Marcus Evans is ridiculous, Alan shearer is in holiday in Barbados, where Marcus Evans is also. (As he has an office based there, alright for some).

More like why would we want a pundit who only managed a handful of game sfor newcastle a few years ago.

Mick McCarthy, odds on favourite fav for the job. Reliable source.

Never been a manager longer than a few months.just what would he bring to Ipswich.nothing...don't bother,just stick to a pundit.!



25 Oct 2012 20:01:10
Ian Holloway will be named Crystal Palace manager by Monday

Poor unfortunate souls why would Hollowat leave Blackpool for Palarse

Can believe this palace board very interested {Ed003's Note - nope}

Cpfc2010 want to get their decision right, so No decision will be announced by Monday. Holloway most unlikley

Why would he go to Palace?
Palace are the bigger club thats why!

"Palace are the bigger club thats why!"

Bigger than who? No team I know!

Well you seem to be in orr of us, nicking glad all over! And we love you song, so we might as well nick your manager!,

Ed 003 - nope = oops {Ed003's Note - on the 25th it was a 'nope' things change and certain things have changed since.but thanks for bringing it up.}

Cheers Ed003, youre a good sport, not a done deal yet, but fingers crossed. {Ed001's Note - good sport? He was crying into his pillow all night!}



25 Oct 2012 19:38:16
Megson lined up for itfc job!

No way going backwards not forward

It's gona be Glenn Roader

A Budgie looking for a bite fly on little birdie



25 Oct 2012 19:34:07
j rooney signed for bfc today can play sat
this is fact chuck the tyke



25 Oct 2012 18:02:31
Nottingham Forest boss Sean O'Driscoll hopes to bolster his defensive ranks with another loanee ahead of the weekend

Hate to say this as im a leicester supporter but think forest will do alright this season!

Devon Fox



25 Oct 2012 17:53:25
after he was told he wouldn't be in the Newcastle 1st team set up for the next 6 weeks and Barnsley's Craig Davies injured for 4 weeks Keith Hill is preparing a 1 month loan bid for Nile Ranger

Why? Very average last time. Surely we can be a bit more imaginative than this. Pity RNL hasn't developed as hoped yet though not knocking the lad, still a youngen

No, please no, carn't the wendeys have him again

Rather not hes a bag of sh*t and rather would play with danny rose or noble lazuras

I would like to see mido he played 70 mins in reserves , get him on pitch this Saturday for half hour

Hills got a top secret plan for mido?, he's going to soak the ball in onion gravy overnight, that way mido wont be able to resist it!!!!!!

Oh yes he will his preffered taste is bovril



25 Oct 2012 17:48:01
Barnsley have completed the signing of John Rooney who was a free agent following his return from America.


Why would we do this ? He was in 3 tier football in America , that's like blue square over here ?



25 Oct 2012 17:46:49
Leicester goalkeeper Adam Smith has joined non-league neighbours Nuneaton on loan.


This is 100% true should be good experience for the lad!

Devon Fox



25 Oct 2012 17:45:30
Bob Harris has returned to Blackpool following the completion of his month's loan at Rotherham.


It this just a whisper?

LOL, cleverly funny

but news not from BB2 radio.




25 Oct 2012 17:42:41
Rotherham have signed defender Josh Morris on an emergency 28-day loan from Blackburn.




25 Oct 2012 17:41:13
Parma head coach Roberto Donadoni has signed a two-year extension to his ongoing contract with the Serie A club.




25 Oct 2012 17:38:39
Sunderland have handed a permanent contract to former Darlington centre-half Scott Harrison.



25 Oct 2012 17:38:07
Maidenhead United FC have signed Finnish international goalkeeper Jesse Joronen from Premier League side Fulham.

It's a one month loan, Jorronen already played yesterday against welling



25 Oct 2012 17:37:13
Couple of lower league transfers
Adam smith of Leicester City has joined Nuneaton on a short term loan deal.
Josh Morris of Blackburn has signed for Rotherham United on a one month loan deal
Lee Bullock has signed for Gateshead on a one month emergency loan deal.
Curtis Obeng has joined Fleetwood Town on loan untill December



25 Oct 2012 17:33:24
Nathan Eccleston has joined Tranmere Rovers on a short term loan deal



25 Oct 2012 17:32:33
Barnsley have signed free agent John Rooney on a deal until the end of the season



25 Oct 2012 17:31:56
James McFadden is set to complete the formalities of his short-term deal at the Stadium of Light.

Hes gone now



25 Oct 2012 17:29:57
Terry Butcher rules himself out of the Ipswich Job
but George Burley is intrested

Butcher hasn't ruled himself out at all.

He will stay and lead us into Europe :P!
(Inverness Caley fan).



25 Oct 2012 17:29:06
A host of Premier League clubs are tracking Real Mallorca hot-shot Tomer Hemed



25 Oct 2012 17:28:28
Former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp is interested in taking the Blackburn job
Source Satelite channel news



25 Oct 2012 17:20:24
Rickie Lambert linked to join Stoke City said the paper no wonder either when Nigel Adkins puts him on the bench.

At least he will be playing prem football next season if he does join stoke

Why go to Stoke big step down he will come to everton

Hardly a step down going to Stoke from Southampton BUT given the choice of Everton or Stoke, Everton comes up trumps.



25 Oct 2012 17:13:41
Swansea have opened talks with winger Wayne Routledge over a new contract.




25 Oct 2012 16:09:34
Doncaster will offer a contract to Sammy Clingan either tonight or tomorrow

Doncaster rovers are set to raid barnsley for craig davis and brighton for craig meackiel smith and cardif for craig conway

Lmao that actually made me chuckle nice 1



25 Oct 2012 15:42:14
Shrewsbury have signed Jeremy helan from on a month's loan.

I'm also city fan aswell as stfc fan great signing for stfc

See go back month to nimely gossip I said this would happen



25 Oct 2012 15:26:00
Matty fryatt set for derby switch at end of the season.

If he goes any were it,ll be to lesta,with his mate big nige

We dont need him we have theo and if wewas going to get anyone he would be under 22

I think this is true! Tyson could be on his way out at end of season...

He'd be great at Derby real natural goalscorer.



25 Oct 2012 15:06:17
liverpool legend aldo could be tempted in taking over from paul cook



25 Oct 2012 15:04:42
Derek Riordan is returning to Scotland after agreeing a compromise on the termination of his short term contract with Bristol Rovers.

Trained yesterday and in the squad for tomorrow.... had an injury but also just had a child with his partner and commutes down to Bristol so possible!



25 Oct 2012 11:25:35
Barcelona B striker Jean Marie Dongou is to join English Championship team Brighton & Hove Albion on loan until the end of the season.
Barcelona want the 17 year old Cameroonese prospect who came through the Samuel Eto'o Foundation at the age of 14 to gain valuable overseas experience and see Brighton as an idea option due to their style of play. Dongou is described as a young, new Samuel Eto'o due to his strength and quick finishing.
SOURCE: Spanish Football News link via On The Terrace website

He joined the Foundation at age of 13.



25 Oct 2012 13:21:46
darren fergueson on his way to manage
ipswich town

Just ruled himself out in pre match talk!

Why would we want him? So we can get relegated ! Come on !

Yeah... Of course he is.

He cant manage wot he as now

Can't see Ipswich wanting Ferguson with his poor record in football management.



25 Oct 2012 13:00:50
Just seen Michael Appleton in Preston
city centre in my lunch break from
college. Could it be he has family here,
or that he is on his way to Burnley?
He went into **** to meet his girlfriend
then walked off and I asked him if he
was the new Burnley manager (for some
reason) and he grinned, laughed and
said "No mate".
New Burnley manager maybe?

He's got family there!

I no his family cuz I live in Preston in a village called new longton. His son goes to my skwl an I asked him if Michael was joinin Burnley and he sed it was confidential ..... Could he be the next gaffer at the turf??

My mum works with someone who also said he lives here. I live in Penwortham GGG

One major point here....Appy was in Eastleigh (Pompeys training ground) this morning until noon. So how did he then appear in Preston at lunchtime? Even flying up to Manchester wouldn't have got him there in roughly a hour!!

Before he joined Portsmouth, he had a pub in Preston, so he could well have family up here.

I saw appleton in the gym on strand road in preston on a regular basis he lived in the area before he became portsmouth manager so being in the town means nowt

I know someone working at New Longton school, his child goes there.
He's Blackpool manager now anyways, just clarifying



25 Oct 2012 12:30:41
Rumours from the club that Robin Shroot has been told that if he doesnt sign a new contract he won't be playing. Does seem strange that the clubs top scorer hasnt featured in the last two games even from the subs bench.

Heard the same rumour. Stevenage chairman has instructed the manager not to play Shroot until he signs a new contract. A number of clubs have been showing interest in the player and come Jan he's a free agent and can leave for nothing when his current contract ends.



25 Oct 2012 12:20:20
Redknapp talks at ipswich are going well according to a source from inside the club and could even be announced as early as tomorrow afternoon with a view to taking over after Saturdays match.....

HA ha.He wouldnt go to a championship side let alone the team in last place.Hes holding out for southampton or international he said on givemefootball

Yes and he will do to you what he did to Portsmouth M/E has the funds avaliable to kill off the club

I will be very surprised if that happens be nice tho

He has expressed his interest in going to Blackburn, more money bigger club better players

Yeah but we all know that Redknapp loves being the underdog.



25 Oct 2012 11:09:28
Garry Monk to sign for Bristol City on Friday

Ah, the old Garry Monk rumour again! I wondered how long before this one came up again. According to this site he has had at least six medicals at the gate, he has had plenty of chances to sign, it appears he would sooner play in Swansea reserves

Dont you mean harry monk.

Yeh right heard it before

It must be true; he's had his 6th medical

Yeah true monk rumours but would be great also

Mciness to get the boot before christmas yeh then redknapp to take his place

^^please don't make me laugh?! Redknapp! jesus your pulling names from nowhere mate! Although I think wed all love redknapp that is one that will NEVER happen

Here is a good one, Garry Monk to take over from Mcinnes as manager with Buszaky as under manager. About as likely as Rednap taking over. Give Del a chance, the only way is up!



25 Oct 2012 09:11:57
DMac has confirmed the signing of a £350k Striker from an unnamed club, set to be completed at the end of the season.
Sources are telling me it is Ajay Leitch Smith from Crewe, who is said to fit the bill for Fergie.



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