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2011 23:17:33
Terry Butcher a contender for Leicester
job due to impressive stint in charge of
SPL side, Inverness Caley Thistle.

Contenders for Caley job will include former
manager John Robertson, Dave Weir and
Jim Jefferies.(4)(24)Wrong on all counts - 0/4


24 Oct 2011 21:52:00
Bristol city manager Derek mcinnes is about to sign el-hadji diouf from Glasgow rangers on loan till end of season...heard it here first(4)(37)You heard it here first your mental
NTYABOWDiouf aint rangers player and is a free agent !El-hadji diouf is a free agent and not attached in anyway to Rangers Fc or any other club. Watched him last season and dont think it would be a good move for Bristol City or the new manager as more hassle than hes worth
Port BearHa ha ha belter mate he's a free agent so stop telling porkies !!G.Ryd .I thought mcinnis would go back for some st johnstone players or get goodwillie from blackburnEven though he is a free agent yeahFree agent that is th biggest complement he has had in a long while it usually starts with cu...


24 Oct 2011 21:26:56
Lawrie Sanchez is being muted as the NEW Bristol rovers manager due to boards frustration with Paul buckle and behind the scene bust ups with players(5)(12)As if things for you were not bad enoughCould be worse, we could be yet to win at home.


24 Oct 2011 20:40:16
Leicester to make move for former fox Simon Grayson.(12)(42)

Loves Leeds too much and wants to do well for themDoubt it very much think the owners want to go up not down!And just where are Leeds compared to Leicester?Would love him back but leeds thru and thruLolls, wondering when this would pop up. its really quietened down on ere, no leicester kids anymore saying you got a world class managerDont wany yorkie person we want to go up not downWhat a load of rubbish!! With all due respect to Grayson but he is no where near a big enough name for the Thai owners. They need a big name for the marketing side in Thailand. This job will go to either o'neil, Benitez or hughes


24 Oct 2011 20:33:38
Bristol City manager Mcinnes has been talking to Coyle about former Bolton Left Back Jlloyd Samuel. Samuel is a free agent and reportedly still training with Bolton. Coyle says he could do a job for City untill the end of the season. (Cant be worse than our current 'defenders'!)(16)(7)


24 Oct 2011 18:50:15
sven gone oneil favorite(24)(17)Not a chance with O'Neil, wake up muppetWhy not? we have loads of money


24 Oct 2011 18:40:22
Sven Goran Eriksson sacked as manager by Leicester City with the club 2 points outside the play-off places. Very harsh if true as it's still mid October!(27)(8)V harsh just hope o neil is the replacementIs the saying never go back it won't work o'neil had a good bunch of players when he was here last you can't say that about the current squadCant stand Leicester, But the squad there at the moment is good enough to walk this league. The squad he had back then, Heskey, Savage, Izzet, etc we're all average prem player tha O'Neil got the best out of. As of now, I'm not worried about Leicester, If Oneill takes charge i will be.Yeah Sven wasted a shed load of cash now your going to get another manager on ever inflated wages who will do exactly the same, do the owners want to go bust??


24 Oct 2011 18:12:31
Liverpool will bid 4m for Richard Stearman in january.(9)(35)Please please please please take him take himI wud drive him up thereGet in the queue, I have a fast car and can get him there quickerWorth the money if played in his proper position - centre back not full back !He could not play good in any posision


24 Oct 2011 17:02:04
Preston North End manager Phil Brown is urgently looking for a front man now their first choice strikers are out injured for the next three weeks. It was thought Billy Paynter was his top target although this has fallen through as Hemmings is not willing to pay 30% of his wages for three months. An offer will be made to loan the young Conor McAleny from Everton.(9)(7)Nothing to do with money,Paynter just simply refused to go to a club in league one,problem with this is Leeds are reluctant to allow him on loan to a fellow championship club,bit of a stalemate unless one side backs down.

Mr Roller CoasterWell he will sit in the ressie for rest of the season


24 Oct 2011 16:50:05
charlton should send scouts to watch promising young fc elmstead striker kaylem d'costa(7)(6)


24 Oct 2011 16:25:03
rayn dickerson on loan to brentford on loan dave kitson(1)(11)What? Is this one of those 'make ur own sentence up out of these words' puzzles?


24 Oct 2011 15:08:19
Paul Sturrock is a manager that would command 100% support from his Board at this level of the game.

I believe it is accurate to say he would want assurances from his superiers at Roots Hall.

The main thing being that he can keep all of his important players beyond January and in the immediate term to be able to bring in a loan GK as first choice Glenn Morris has been ruled out for four weeks.(5)(9)


24 Oct 2011 13:51:48
Wigan to bid for Samaras of Celtic for £2 Million good reliable source(12)(16)Jeebus! they would bite your hand off mate!! Samaras is a Rangers LEGEND...We'd probably take 2 never mind 2m. He can be such a good player maybe 1 or 2 games a season. The rest of the time he's a lazy fud.


24 Oct 2011 13:47:35
Villa in for Rangers Naysmith in January. £5mill and Celluar. Source Mark Guidi, Scottish football writer(12)(10)If carroll does not improve by january he will be loaned out to anyone and dalglish will sign leandro damiao for 20m and will sign either wilfried zaha, (5m) marco bueno (free) or zakaria bakkali (4m) to bulk up their strikeforceDoubt that leandro will be going to spurs, they have a working relationship or an affiliation with internacional, they do their business together during the jan window ie sandro, think the deal for leandro is all but done reallyI think he's worth a lot more than that to Rangers


24 Oct 2011 13:20:48
Ferguson restructure - as United midfield is horrible its time for some new faces -
Ttargets are:
1. MODRIC - best option, great EPL midfielder...would fit is a problem but if they want a top class MF they need to drop some serious cash! - 40 mill would do for Modric....
2. SNEIJDER - similar story as Modric...probably better offencively but older than modric, and modric is more of a Xavi and Sneijder more of an Kaka profile...and united need a xavi...
3. HAZARD - a good option but more of a winger - similar to young, rooney...not a player united truly need....
4. BARKLEY - everton youngster...bold and not bad by any not the gratest talent but a good prospect, lacks pure class but is talented...
5. WILSHERE - injured...but a great english talent, costs a ton of money, will not be released by Arsenal, maybe in couple of years...
6. KOVACIC - Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) youngster (new fabregas), only 17 years of age and has CL experience...a monumental talent... better talent than Modric, a new Zidane, has been compared to Messi although he is a mix of Iniesta, kaka, zidane and fabregas....unbeleivable vision, speed and shot, perfect accuracy, just a great great player...Can be bought for 10-15 mill, but in a couple of years 25 mill....(9)(29)Lets dissect YOUR wish list,
Modric, no chance, chelsea were turned away at 40 mill try another 15 on top of that & you still won't get him!
Sneijder, the only one you could get!
Hazard, either chelsea or he will end up in spain
Barkley, not yet (& thats aimed at anyone who is interested in buying him)
Wilshire, dream on, not a hope in hell
Kovacic, nope to this one as well, both spurs and arsenal interested in his services but the boy favours spurs due to modric, corluka, kranjcar and another croatian lad if his own age, his name escapes me but apparently they are close friendsDream on manc. Here come all the prawn sandwich brigade, if it dont work throw money at it.Do u know anything about the game that is the worst thing I ever seen on hear not a man u fan but grow up throw money at it no team in the world has brought as many player in to game as man u look at prem sides full of players that did not cut it at man u and so on and so on like I say befor u slag them off look at how many pro footballers they have made and look at how many they have playing for them now ! And this idea u have of them throwing money at problems grow up look at gunners , city , chelski ! How many players have man u signed recently , I really mean it look at how many players started at man u will really be shocked , even players u think are lagends for the side they play for started at man u like I say not a man u fan but greatful to them for players we have had off them in pastMan United will be fine, expect a huge reaction over the next couple of week. Yes a midfielder would be good, Modric preferrably. However the team is in good shape. Jonny Evans will be a Sunderland Player this time next year however, he is the only player that lets United down consistently.

Ins: Modric $40mil

Outs: Jonny Evans Free to Sunderland for all i care, needs to goMan United will be fine...but they'll be the second club in Manchester. Just a matter of time. That defeat is the first in a long line. I'm not a City fan but they'll be the top Manchester team shortly. Man United's arrogance and expectancy will be their downfall. A classless club with clueless fans. Good riddance.You get modders for 40 million no chance.For the first comment - the young croation lads name is Tamoslav Gomelt. Scored a hattrick on his debut in the nextgen against interYeah you know better than Fergie don't youModric and hazard is the best player , we like to see for manutd by jan transfer windowYou lose one match and the next thing is to dismantle the squad and spend a kings ransom on new players ,how typically arrogant of a manutd prawn muncher.Typical of scumbag supporter's.Their arrogance is beyond belief.When your cum -uppence come's there won't be an national day of mourning.More like a national day of celebration at the demise of a club who stand for everything that went wrong in English football over the last twenty year's. Your the reason England don't do well in world football.It was and still is a case of we come first and sod you England.You lot remind me of Gaddfi and his mob.Think you can do what you like. Well look what happened to them? So when your scumbag's decline, and they will, watch the rat's deserting a sinking ship. Just like Gaddafi's lot.


24 Oct 2011 12:57:19
Ipswich town are in talks about pos deal to sell j carson to millwall in jan. Town are heading down same road that almost bank rupted them a few years ago. And now they must settle a debt of over half million, with there landlords suffolk county councill. Town dont want to part with carson. But he is one of very few players any other team would want. A fee 700.000k will be enough.(3)(10)Take care, budgie on wind upYou would need a min of 55 million for modric and even then I cant see it.What a load of sht, sorry Carson is rated by fans as better then Wickam who went for 8-10 MillionWrong thread on Modric there mate lol.

Evans made 100m profit last trading year!
Despite us losing 5m a year out of the club you seem to forget that we got 8m for Wickham. Please fly away now little budgie


24 Oct 2011 12:30:15
Newcastle United are keen on bringing goalkeeper Jay Nolly from Candian side Vancouver Whitecaps.(1)(9)


24 Oct 2011 11:09:42
Arsenal are set to make Andrei Arshavin and Sebastian Squillaci available for transfer. Russian midfielder Arshavin is currently being courted by Terek Grozny, who could take the midfielder on loan until the summer, with the possibility of meeting the asking price of around £8 million. Squillaci, who was only signed by Arsenal a year ago, is already in talks with Belgian champions Racing Genk. Genk are keen to take the French defender for around £2.5 million and Arsene Wenger has accepted the deal, which also includes an extra £1 million based on Champions League appearances.(17)(5)Great deals, especially actually getting a transfer fee for the woeful Squilacci.


24 Oct 2011 10:59:01
Stuttgart and Russia striker Pavel Pogrebnyak could hold talks with Everton after the German side accepted a loan deal for the forward. Pogrebnyak has fallen out with Stuttgart after a disagreement in contract talks and David Moyes has alerted the player's agent that he would like to take him on loan in January until the end of the season.(8)(5)


24 Oct 2011 10:05:44
Kit Symons to be second in command at Pompey under the guidence of new manager Chris Coleman.(2)(16)Surely Kit symons should be guiding Coleman given his record


24 Oct 2011 09:51:22
Veteran goalkeeper Steve Harper is set to leave Newcastle and join Brighton on loan - The Sun(18)(2)


24 Oct 2011 08:51:23
I have heard that Newcastle United have agreed a deal to sign Modibo Maiga for £8m in the January transfer window. Javi Martinez (who can play centre defence or centre midfield) will sign for £4m. Also heard rumour that we'll be back in for Neil Taylor, whether that is in January or the summer transfer window I am not sure. Leaving in January will be Nile Ranger, James Perch, Alan Smith and maybe Danny Guthrie. If Guthrie leaves we will replace him with Lewis McGugan for £5m. {Ed002's Note -(6)(19)I don't know what Javi Martinez you are talking about but it won't be Bilbao's for 4 million. Even if they were to think of selling him which currently they aren't he would cost nearer 24 mill than 4 millJavi Martinez is one off the hottest midfields in spain at the moment. Will onl going to a massive club for the likes off 25-40 millionYou might be thinking of javi Marquez from espanyol


24 Oct 2011 08:46:14
Wolves MUST cash-in on Doyle. Yes he holds up ball, works hard but lacks goal threat. Fletcher on the other hand is about goals and has a proper impact on games, with him over the past two games I suspect our points return would have been more.

With the 8mill from doyle's departure to Villa plus any additional kitty from Morgan Wolves must sign a new centre back and a pacey forward. Dann and Mackail-Smith would have been perfect signings.

With our current crop the starting XL should be:

Hennessey GK
Doherty RB
Johnson CB
Craddock CB
Ward LB
Hammill RW
Guediora AM
Foley DM
Ohara AM
Hunt LW
Fletcher CF

The bench then made up of the versatile Elokobi, Milijas, Ebanks-Blake, Jarvis, De Vries/McLeary(2)(14)Johnson is garbage, his defendin is nhing short of comical a times, the new Bramble?Totally disagree Johnson is a quality centre halfWhat matches have you bin watching he's rubbish cash in on him in January there's only one jody craddock twice the player Johnson isI think give Sam Vokes a chance up top, he came on and completely changed the game for wolves on saturday besically scoring the 1st by puttng it on a plate for doyle forcing the goaly to parry it a couple of yards out straight at doyles feet for him to put away and making a very good run for the second to pull the defender away in order to make the space for O'HARA to stick it away, Give him a chance.......................Mid championship side there.I feel craddock is now just 2 old and probably in his last year with wolves. foley is a rb not a dm so need to look in the transfer market there. another good cb is required or maybe give zubar a chance in that postionNever to old n zubar to attacking for ch


24 oct 2011 08:44:30
any bristol city news on loan players coming in,(1)(7)From what i understand macinnes has already spoke to owen coyle on a midfielder who is now fresh from injury


24 Oct 2011 08:28:22
Newcastle to finish in top 8 this
season a fact.

Ed who do you think is the man
to replace andy carrol up front
for the toon ed because there
have been rumours
circulating that newcastle are
interested in fernando Llorente.
so ed who do you think should
be the man to replace carrol
i personaly think it should be
fernando Llorente but what do
you think. :] {Ed002's Note - I know nothing of confirmed interest in Llorente but there has been a glance in the direction of both Seydou Doumbia and Luuk De Jong. I wonder if interest in Salomon Kalou might appear at some point?}(4)(9)Top 8 fact?

I'm a Birmignham fan so have no keen interest against newcastle who are actually my 'second team' if you like as my grandparets are both Geordies. This is very presumptuous for this stage of the season.

Start talking about this if you are where you are after a long wet, cold winter. This is far too soon to be predicting a top 8 finish, although i really hope you do!How is this a fact as most of the season has not been playe dout yet? can you use your crustal ball and give me the lottery numbers thenAnother deluded divvyI cant see llorente going newcastle, why would he go from a mid table spanish side to a mid table english side, when better clubs are interested


23 Oct 2011 23:44:40
Colchester boss John Ward has ruled out a move for Crawley striker Matt Tubbs claiming he is "too expensive".(8)(7)I have heard a fee of 350k for Tubbs has formally been agreed for January,Weston Homes Community Stadium will be his new home ground.I met John Ward and asked him about Matt Tubbs and he told me he is too expensive.I have heard JW is interested in Aldershot striker Danny Hylton.


23 Oct 2011 23:23:08
Paul Sturrock will consider his own position at Roots Hall should at least 2 of his most important depart just after Xmas?

A wee birdie told me this is first class information.(6)(7)Wee birdie only exists on shrimperzone not here.

So this is fake. {Ed003's Note - It is a fake rumour no doubt}Actually I'm a football fan that has no allegiance to any Club. But I'am based between Southend and Colchester.


23 Oct 2011 23:15:29
Manager Paul Sturrock wants assurances from his Board in the coming weeks that none of his key players will be sold in January.

The suspicion is if he doesn't receive the answers he wants he'll seriously consider jobs at St Johnstone and Plymouth Argyle.

With Plymouth the prefered choice providing their takeover is sealed.(8)(2)


23 Oct 2011 21:26:05
Im hearing rumours a Leeds and Wigan are looking at Matt Tubbs. A feek is rumoured to be about 750k.

MK dons will lose Karl Robinson to Bolton when Coyle is sacked next week, MK Dons will go for Steve Evans.

Crawley would then look at Steve Tilson, ex Lincoln or Paul Simpson ex Rochdale and Shrewsbury.(8)(9)Leeds wont sign tubbs, as much as he is a good player, we have 5/6 strikers so we wont sign any more.And Evans won't go to MK DonsPlease how many times has this rumour been banged around?...leeds have 4 fit quality strikers, no disrespect to tubbs but he wouldnt get a game at leeds


23 Oct 2011 20:22:30
Die-hard fans at Southend need to realise they are a small selling club. always have been.Prove me otherwise? I understand your frustrations as the vultures are about to circle from above but Our Budget here at Crawley is a little better than yours at Roots Hall.(7)(5)Yes your budget is bigger but lets see who is laughing come the end of the season

Tubbs will be sold sooner rather then later

Southend have something you tinpot club dont have.

Passion and a good honest manager. You cant say your proud of Evans can you.


23 Oct 2011 19:57:00
was gonna cum up with some smart alex joke about man utd defeat today, but think score line and fergys face did it justice, ha ha taken apart, man utd shoed up by lpool basel and now city, when will fergy understand he has a good team not a great one, while city not only have a GREAT squad but a greeat team(13)(6)Chill out its early in the season ,city will slip up sooner or later you need more than money to have a good team .Not a man utd fan at all and not a fergie fan but I new when I came on this site there would be a city fan on hear yes good win and yes a poor man u but have a little respect for them city have won nothing yet and hav payed hand over fist for players long way to go even
If u win prem it only one man utd have won so much


23 Oct 2011 19:32:37
well done city 6-1 from a rangers fan even up here in scotland we love it!!(21)(6)About time the big time charlies of the red half of manchestrer had reality check, city have a whole squad of better players. a more hungier manager, and more cahs, utd time is at a being of a end, ask a lpool supporter how that feels, but least lpool won a few things in there barren years(so called barron yrs even though won euro cup)Gary nevilles face at full time priceless lolBeginin of end heard same when gunners went unbeaten and when chelski got money not a man utd fan befor u start I not being funny begin of end joke please just wait till end of seasonAt least liverpool won things in the barren years? Like Man Utd are going to win nothing for some time LMAO. Not only are you suggestiong a change in power but your telling me that United wont win a thing for some time?

You need your head testing! I'm a Birminghm fan, we won a trophy last season (sorry Arsenal fans). I couldnt give a sh eep if they dont, but talk about jumping the gun!Just stick to your mickey mouse leagueAt least you get to watch decent football Jocky.


23 Oct 2011 19:29:10
Carlos Tevez will be a Tottenham Hotspur player in january.
Leandro Damiao and Mat Hummels will also join.(9)(33)Lol delarius spuds madrid or anyone but tottenham will get teverz and hummels^^^ How would you know, half of it is spelt wrong, you plonker.Yeah and eric cantona is making a come back and joining crawly townThat'll sell a few season tickets thenThe Toot cant even afford Adebayor's wanes, never mind Tevez's!


23 Oct 2011 18:46:41
Glenn Murray handing in transfer request tommorrow. rumored to hate croydon area(8)(15)


23 Oct 2011 18:05:46
Cannot really see Hall arriving here as he is playing at the moment two divisions below himself. By the time next summer comes along , as you say, there will be clubs in the second tier who'll take him on. Surprised those at the Hall haven't offered this player another deal as come May he'll only have a year left I believe to run on his existing terms. meaning from that point onwards his value will drop. Perhaps the Hierachy there are resigned to his departure and the most they would get for him would be in january. Interesting to learn if they'll cash in then on him or whether the promotion tilt comes first. A real connundrum.

As for Grant I'd like him here and feel we stand a better chance of getting him compared to Hall. also I think The chances of grant playing in the 2nd tier are passing him by now and again those in Essex have a connundrum - Will they flog him in January because he is out of contract at the end of the season meaning he'll go for nothing.

Grant is the sort of midfield warrior we need and I imagine a real Steve Evans type player. and if he did eventually come here I would be delighted.(2)(4)


23 Oct 2011 17:47:35
Crawley Town Supporter calling:

Commenting on the Southend fan's piece about our possible interest in two of their players.

First of all I'm only passing on what I've heard in HEAR SAY. So NOTHING official.
APPARENTLY we were interested in Grant in the summer just gone. Whether the interest in him on our part is still active I've NOT heard anymore.

Funny you mention Hall. Heard his name bandied about here several times and RUMOUR has it the player we have who was once with you Josh Simpson has been trying to sell our Club to him.

We may pay good money at this level of the game but from What I hear Hall is Championship material.. Read that Ipswich have been sniffing round him for a while so if he is to leave southend , IF, it will be an almighty challenge for us to secure his services. Surely his aim would be that championship level.

Therefore moving from you to us might be a sideways move the way we're both going at the moment.

My HONEST opinion.(4)(3)Thanks for good thought out post mate.

Im another Southend fan and havent heard any of these rumours.

Hall is a excellent winger, most assits last season in league two. So doubt he would move to another League two team but he owes the club at least 2 seasons after Southend stuck with him when he had a trial case.As I said I don't expect Hall to come to us. I also mentione he is of a higher standard than League 2. and agreed he is an excellent player. However I'm sorry but his name had been mentioned our way recently but the interest in Grant seemed more likely. I suspect Southend die-hards can't stand the thought of the vultures circirling from above AGAIN. Remember you are a small selling Club. Prove me otherwise?Small selling?

League 1 title, league 2 playoff winners.

2 JPT finals, BEATING Manchester united and drawing away at Chelsea.

That history cant be brought but has to be earnt like Southend a proper club.

Not a tinpot team like Crawley. You sum up Crawley I thought you was decent but you come out with that rubbish comment? Tinpot indeedIt is those freakish good results and year's worth of good form that cost you your assets. Collymore, Gower, Clarke, Eastwood ,Thompson, Fry, Simpson etc.
Even Webb walked out 3 times and he's held in high esteem. traitor perhaps. As for Evans treating people unwisely Players like Crown and Nicolau were offered deals by Blues only for them to be stitched up. look at how your fellow fans were treated by the owners during the financial crisis and now they claim to be the saviours. Hall, Mohsni, Ferdy, Grant have signed extentions but its unlikely they'll sign on again as they are too good for Southend in the long run. They'll go the same way as the people I've mentioned above.Yes and thats the lower leagues for you.

The players would be stupid to leave now, in the long run who knows they could stay or all could go.

Financialy its different, Martin isnt charge off the team bussiness anymore thats for Brady.
Same for Crawley, Tubbs and Barnett are far to good for league 2 aswell. Just one of those things you have to deal with.

Thing is Southend are a club with history and that can keep players at the club. Once Creepy lose their funding you become a club with no history and not very attractive to stay.


23 Oct 2011 15:53:20
Andy Wright to join Coventry on loan from Bolton for 6 months. Quick striker, could be useful for you.(3)(5)We need all the help we can get up front. Never heard of him, but already prefer him as an option to Roy O'Donovan and Freddie Eastwood.


23 Oct 2011 15:50:37
Burnley are set to bid for Alex Smithies. If both Huddersfield and Burnley can agree a deal, the young shot stopper will sign for Burnley in January.(9)(11)Sorry pal, but again ya wrong. u wont b signing any hudds town players. Anyway u cant afford him & he destined for the prem. AGThe rumour is true i saw it on an official Huddersfield pageShow me the link to the official site then,you could'nt afford his right armWhy would Smithies sign for a Championship team when he'll be there with Huddersfield next season?


23 Oct 2011 15:37:53
HAPPY DAYS; from a LEEDS fan
Scum 1 Manchester City 6 hohoho
this is what life should be like, well done City from a Grateful Leeds fan Gj(33)(7)Not just from Leeds fans but from football fans the world over !!!! (P.S. Leeds fan here as well!!)Least were in the premiership mate, and not A sinking ship! haLeeds isnt a sinking ship. When do sinking ships go up. Maybe check our progress before posting things. Leeds will be back in the premiership in the next two years. Youth system can provide premier league players at our budget. Eg. Howson, White, Turner and of course Tom Lees ( Outstanding player for his age )Ha dont be so naive! any good players leeds produce will be taken off them by better teams who are actually in the premiership. and even if leeds do go up, they would probably be straight back down in the first year. as for a sinking ship, you was in champions league semi final a few years ago, now your playing teams such as doncaster, brighton and barnsley. at least we'll bounce back and win the league this year or next!Previous post from the glory hunting southerner make me laugh, will you change your team to Man City when they start winning everything - by the way if you type Manchester into Google maps it will show you where Manchester is, as I suspect you have never been.Is this the leeds united that got stuffed 3-0 playing their 1st team against uniteds 3rd team??Dnt be rediculous mate!! any can have a bad day.. it never means its all bad days.. united will bounce back supremely. and its only 3 points not life...league can be win and lost after 38 matches not now...Id rather be a leeds fan than a city fan, and thats saying something!!


23 Oct 2011 14:25:08
I reported some weeks ago that Sturrock, Coughlan, Corr and Barker were the quartet mentioned to go to Plymouth when their takeover is complete. They are seen as central to their rebuilding plans as they start afresh with improved finances. A new budget which will be greater than that of Southend's.(1)(8)Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

There not going anywhere



23 Oct 2011 13:08:10
At next weeks home game, there is a protest to remove Sean Dyche as Watford manager. should never have been appointed in the first place. Tactically poor and terrible transfer dealing(10)(6)


23 Oct 2011 13:07:56
Steve Keen will be sacked on Monday, he will be replaces by Mick McCarthy who has had enough of the Wolves fans after Saturdays abuse. Steve Keen will become a leading contender for the Portsmouth job.(22)(20)Why the hell would we want Keen? The man can't even butter tosat correctly! PUP. Solskjaer's on his way to the south coast anyway.In repsonse to all the aobe ... rubbish on all counts


23 Oct 2011 12:13:33
Charlie Sherringham was playing non-league, some three divisions below Bmth in the Blue Square Bet South league at Dartford FC. As such he could be signed on a permamnent deal. I think the restriction on signings is only as far down as to the Conference teams.(9)(2)


23 Oct 2011 11:34:47
Im hearing very strong rumours from my sources at Southend.

Corr wants to go to Plymouth and wants to go when he is fit.

Ferdinand also wants to go, he has been offerend a stunning contracy by Peterborugh.

Crawley have made a bid for Hall and Grant.

Worrying times indeed.(6)(10)May I ask who your sources are?


23 Oct 2011 11:58:35
LAWRIE SANCHEZ OUT!!!!!!!!(3)(14)


23 Oct 2011 11:48:44
Manchester United to submit a £15 million bid for Everton midfielder Ross Barkley. Sir Alex Ferguson likes the way he shouts at the more experienced players, has an eye for goal and is probably the best youndgster in England who hasn't been snapped up yet. SAF to get a better look at Barkley when Everton play United next weekend.

Blackpool need a goalscorer. There answer to that question will be the combination of Huddersfield striker Jordan Rhodes and Newcastle frontman Nile Ranger

Newcastle will offer £15 million to Athletic Bilbao for Spanish frontman Fernando Llorente. He will also offer £15 million for Weder Bremen star Marko Marin.

Stoke will offer £3 million plus Ricardo Fuller for Crystal Palace striker Wilfred Zaha.

Manchester United will complete the £6 million signing of Brighton defender Lewis Dunk in January(11)(12)15m for a player who as yet done nothing of note? hmmm worlds gone mad but already know this with stupid price deals of henderson,downing,young, and carroll nither of the fore mentioned players are worth half there transfer fee's nither wud barkley {Ed025's Note - your wrong about barkley mate...he will be world class, but utd will have to pay more than 15m...but i agree about carroll and henderson..What was stupid about the young deal? he has more than shown he is worth what they payed, less than the other 3 wasn't it?Sir Alex likes him because he shouts a the more experianced players? Lol, year right!

You mean YOU watched the telly and YOU saw him shouting at the more senior players so YOU thought you'd put it on here and see wht response you get? RUMBLED!Newcastle have no hope of signing either of them at that price even if they would be interested in moving to a run of the mill team


23 Oct 2011 07:22:05
Dean Gerken is not available on a free! He signed a new contract in the summer!(3)(7)


23 Oct 2011 02:04:41
Doing the rounds amongst fans in the bar is that Brady is trying to wrestle overall control of Southend United FC from Martin.( imho if he succeeds Sturrock will stay. If Martin stays in command Sturrock will be likely to leave in the summer)(1)(5)


23 Oct 2011 01:50:52
Answer to question, clubs are allowed to sign players on a free transfer outside the transfer window, they are also allowed to loan players on an agreement to buy the player in the next transfer window this is with legal documentation etc.(6)(4)Up until a free / loan deadline.There is never a free deadline a free agent can sign any day off the year. but you can only change your squad listing twice a year tho. {Ed001's Note - not true, there are two free transfer deadlines in a season, and you can add to your squad listing with a signing any time, so long as you have the space in your squad to do so.}


23 Oct 2011 01:10:58
For Heavens sake what is this picking on Southend Utd all about?

I'm a Blues season card Holder and have been for many years and Would like to put people straight as is possible on a few things regarding pure rumour talk.

Yes us fans do hear things from time to time and I'm no different and this is what I've heard and not heard.

Sturrock to St Johnstone - Not Heard.
Sturrock to Plymouth - Have heard
Barker Rumoured to be unhappy - have heard ( Wants clarity that the manager is staying)
Bilel to quit next summer - Have Heard
Hall to Quit next summer - Have Heard
Kane attracting Peterborough - Have heard.

In addition It is doubtful The Club will be bringing in French Striker Yannick Boli after all.

And several players have been lined up apparently to replace those who have been linked to leaving.

In my heart of hearts players like Hall, Bilel, Kane and Grant are capable of playing at Championship level.with this in mind it is to be expected they'll move on soon. Hopefully after we've clinched promotion.

No I'm not a traitor nor a Judas but just being a realist.(3)(4)DOnt refer to yourself as a 'Blues' seasn card holder. We all know the only Blues worth talking about is Birmingham City!


23 Oct 2011 00:46:56
Talking of Southend I'm hearing their was more than meets the eye regarding Barker not playing yesterday.

Official line was he was ill but their is talk his agent is talking to another club with a view to the player quitting Roots Hall in January.(2)(4)I think most of the talk on here about Southend is farcical. The only thing I've stumbled across is that Barker would only leave to follow Sturrock to Plymouth Argyle. Cannot see this happening even when Argyle are taken over.


23 Oct 2011 00:39:31
Peterborough Utd news.

After monitoring him since the start of the season Posh will bid for Kane Ferdinand in january.

The club know it will take an audacious effort to prize him away then and if they fail they will move for him again next summer.(2)(3)


23 Oct 2011 00:37:06
My sources at Ipswich Town inform me that the Club will move for Southend's Ryan Hall in January.

Paul Jewell has been tracking the player since the back end of last season and after proving himself this campaign sees the attacking midfielder as the extra bit of firepower ne needs to guide Town into the Premiership.(5)(4)


23 Oct 2011 00:10:52
West Ham want to sign Manuel Almunia on a permanent basis.(10)(4)I thought they had Green to make all the mistakes.I pray this is true. he is a shocking keeper.


22 Oct 2011 23:50:14
Adam Federici to Fulham at Seasons end to replace Schwarzer who will finish up his career in the Bundesliga.

Why do we need another keeper however when wolves go down we'll take O'hara and Johnson off them.(3)(5)You can have johnson in January every wolves fan will drive him there n wishful thinking if you think were goin down not a chance so jog onOh yes you are,and is n,t this the same Johnson who was the best thing since fresh air,when you signed him? short memory syndrome or just fickle?AS a birmingham fan, i knew Johnson would be crap, only had a good game when Dann and Carr were either side of him. Average Campionship Centre half at best, although in the right partnershp he is good because he is gormless and he will do what the sensibleones wont, he will stick his head anywhere. I thought it was going up McCarthys head at the press conference when he signed for ya!They have an awesome keeper in waiting stockdale at loan at Ipswich who is already in the england squad so this rumour seems unliekly unless he will be back upNaa we won't we already put you away 2-0 so id think what you say 1stn wolves fans didnt want him we wanted dann but thick Mick again don't listen to us


22 Oct 2011 22:59:25
Doncaster fan: Millwall are on a sausage. Three games unbeaten. Three -nil win at Leicester. Howard and Simpson to sign permanently in January. Agemang still to prove fitness and worth. UTW(1)(3)Millwall are on a sausage??, what the are you on.


22 Oct 2011 22:31:13
Southend United will clinch promotion to League 1 this season.(2)(10)


22 Oct 2011 21:32:44
doncaster to sign mahamadou Diarra this week source-Johmn ryan(6)(7)


22 Oct 2011 20:26:41
David Bentley will leave Spurs when he returns to the club from his loan spell at West Ham(13)(6)Heard he wants to go back yo the northwest everton a possabilityHe is already back at Tottenham, who do you think is doing all his rehabilitation? He wont go back to West Spam.


22 Oct 2011 18:50:47
West Brom boss Roy Hodgson, is keen on adding Uruguayan defender Damian Macaluso to his ranks in January from Argentinian second division side Gimnasia LP. The 31 year old has been training with the Premier League side over the last two weeks and the former Liverpool manager seems to be impressed. His contract in Argentina runs out at the end of December.(6)(8)


22 Oct 2011 18:38:55
Im hearing rumors that Chesterf'ld will sign Miquel , the young CB from Arsenal on a 3 mounth loan deal(7)(3)


22 Oct 2011 11:57:59
Doughty is locked in talks with potential new owners and it is thought that a sale will go through before Christmas. The owners plan to rebuild the main stand with a much improved 3-tier stand. Also within the stand will be bar with restaurants and gym.

I know this because the gym I go to frequently have been invited to tender to run the gym within the stand.



22 Oct 2011 10:08:36
billy paynter on loan to brentford and lualua(2)(15)Sorry pal if he leaves leeds he is goin to preston on a 3 month loanWud b a gud signin. Wud cream it if we got em. Brentford til eye dieI heard preston too
wallyHe is set to sign on loan on mondayPlease take paynter, il pay his taxi fayre to get there. He is absolute garbageHe.s defo joining pne on loan tomorrow and anyone who scores 29 goals at any level cant be garbage you utter plum.Scoring 29 goals in the 3rd tier of english football isnt exactly formidable tho is it. If you saw him play for is then you would understand why I say he is garbageHe may not be all that in the championship but he.s proven at league 1 level and thats where he.s going so end of.And im sayin he can stay there. End ofNow kids, lets not start fighting over barn door billy343 appearances, 81goals. Not that good of a record is it, in any league, this lad couldbt score in a brothelLualua you person has already signed with Blackpool on a one year contract so you are making this up


22 Oct 2011 09:59:55
19 Oct 2011 21:02:41
SD of Watford to be replaced after tonights game

Can you be more precise with the timing -'after' is a bit vague and it hasn't happened yet!(8)(6)The sooner the better, that Munter Dyche taking us down!


22 Oct 2011 07:45:35
Look he is not going back to Plymouth and that's that(5)(6)


21 Oct 2011 21:11:55
Any gossip on Watford FC .. EG is SD
going to be replaced(3)(2)


21 Oct 2011 20:46:13
Southend United:

The Blues are interested in aquiring the services of French centre-half Maxime Blanchard. Blanchard impressed in a reserve team match for Blues last month.

He could be brought in to cover the likely loss of Bilel Mohsni who is out of contract next summer. A move for Mohsni is on the cards in January and scouts from Celtic are rumoured to have been tracking him.(5)(6)


21 Oct 2011 20:27:48
Brian Howard- Millwall Permanent
Marcus Williams- Sheffield United Permanent

Owen Garvan-Crystal Palace
Craig Reid- Stevenage(5)(3)


21 Oct 2011 20:24:23
Sebastian Gregersen - AFB Aarhus
Jos Hooiveld - Celtic - Permanent
Nicky Maynard - £4,000,000(13)(6)Hooiveld never got a chance at Celtic. Hope he stays there and shows what he can doI am a Saints fan has Maynard signed i a new contract at Bristol, if he has not then unless saints got promoted i cant see us signing him, i am sure being a free agent at the end of the season there will be lots of interest from prem clubs. However i cheeky bid in January might tempt Bristol, i am sure they would rarther get something then nothing. The player will interested especially if Saints are still top or there abouts.Saints fans gotta love them 6 months on still baning on about Maynard


21 Oct 2011 18:07:35
Jody Morris set to make ex Chelsea team mate frank Sinclair his first singing after taking over at st Johnstone(5)(4)


21 Oct 2011 18:02:22
21 Oct 2011 13:08:35
Not a rumour but a question: can anyone tell me why Bournemouth are allowed to sign Charlie Sheringham on a permananet deal and for a fee from another club outside the transfer window? I thought FL clubs could only loan players...?

its from a non league club(3)(3)Due to the club he signed from being below the transfer market level so any player can sign/be signed at any time

yeovil did this a few years ago with nathan smith from potters bar


21 Oct 2011 16:33:33
hennessy, loach, steele, camp,

class players that can go to the olympics
my team would be:hennessy,walker,shawcross,smalling,gunter,bale ramsey,rodwell,beckham,welbeck,sturridge

^^only if some of these pleyers wasnt chosen for the euros {Ed025's Note - good side that mate...well done!..(8)(5)That will be the English league Olympic team then?Would expect walker, smalling, sturridge and wellbeck to go to euros..but agree with ed good teamNaa wales and england ha could put steve davis in darren fletcher, stephen fletcher, evans, bannan n i agree i think they will toDosent ther av 2 be northen ireland playersMaybe not sure how it's going to work don't really no that many good young northern Irish players being a wolves fan we have a good young player called gorman who's got 7 caps or something like that for themWhat about Fabian Delph, Andy Lonergan, Darren Gibson e.t.c....Where is Agbonlahor or Rooney?
major bummer! anyone is better than Beckham atm! {Ed025's Note - everyone will have a different idea of the my opinion the top stars will not play at the olympics..Gibson really ? N there's better keepers than lonerganBeen Said no Rooney ? Jones starting every day of week better than smalling and u only picked players u have seen play and know about whole thing with this side will be some shocks in it trust
Me !Spot on ED even though it's a shame that the managers are so perfectic moaning about it but they drag em half way across the world to play stupid freindlies it should be a honour to represent team gb being our 1st ever team playing at the Olympics {Ed002's Note - Certainly not the first ever British Olympic side, but the first for a while.}Man utd played like a gb team today. steCraig Gordon or Alan McGregor would be 10 times better in goal than hennessy


21 Oct 2011 15:59:55
To the poster who said in his reply to an article that Sturrock was to have showdown talks with Martin and Brady/

Is this true or yet more fiction?(3)(5)


21 Oct 2011 15:30:27
Paul Sturrock hints he would find it difficult to turn down the chance to return to St Johnstone if the offer is forthcoming.

Also claims to still keep in regular contact with the Chairman of St Johnstone.

Source: Perthshire Advertiser Newspaper.(4)(4)It says he is still in contact.

Nothing about he would find it difficult to stay if he had the offer.

Find me the quoute please.I wrote quickly. I did say it was a hint and not official.Well im finding it hard to see why you say it would be hard to turn down?

Where in the text does it hint?


21 Oct 2011 14:12:03
Crawley Town keeper Michel Kuipers
will retire at the end of the season.(10)(2)


21 Oct 2011 13:12:03
Roy Keane to takeover reins at Portsmouth FC.
..Not very "Keane" on that..
Plymouth Graham

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------(3)(9)Get Keane in We can hate the Skates even more then....he has failed where ever he has been...lovin it COYRIt shows the mentality of the person from the rubbish filled end of the M27, that lot cannot hate Pompey any mor than they do already, due to the jealosy of our history and their lack of it. POUR. PUP PPUAs an Ipswich fan I would not wish him upon you. We are still trying to sort the mess out he left. Altough I understand under Cotterill lumping it forward and hoping for the best was the ususal tactic? in that case he will do well for you.POUR? Pour what exactly, the tea?


21 Oct 2011 13:08:35
Not a rumour but a question: can anyone tell me why Bournemouth are allowed to sign Charlie Sheringham on a permananet deal and for a fee from another club outside the transfer window? I thought FL clubs could only loan players...?(5)(2)Sheringham was signed from Dartford, which is in the Blue Square Bet South League, as Dartford is a non league side, the restrictions for signing players do not applyIt will be a loan deal woth a view to buying him


21 Oct 2011 12:21:30
Dale have signed Nathan Ecclestone on an initial months loan from Liverpool.(6)(2)


21 Oct 2011 11:35:29

Grayson considering letting Paynter go on loan to get some games.

He confirms there has been contact from L1 side and they are considering what is best for the player and the club.

Also confirmed he will not got to a Championship rival.

Pezaldo.(4)(2)Its pne who as asked abt him on a 3 month loan deal


21 Oct 2011 09:09:29
Alex Cairns to start ahead of Rachubka vs Peterbrough... MOT(4)(9)Hopefully, rachubkas ste.I wish this was to be true but it's not and rakka bukka is terrible already let a goal in


21 Oct 2011 06:27:43
David James to become player manager at Pompey. He will keep Guy Whittingham and Stuart Gray on as his backroom staff. James has recently refused to extend his Bristol City contract and after a bad start to the season he wants away from the club, he loves Fratton Park and thinks it is ideal to start his managerial career.(13)(16)Have this we dont want him at the gate, calamity jamesHas been a great goalkeeper, but it is possibly fair to say that his best playing days are behind him-Has bags of experience and would be an ideal appointment for all parties-Please take him, and could we have Henderson back please.The part about his contract is BS. He has not been offered an extention , he signed a 1 year contract in the summer and is expected to retire next summer. Good luck to him if the rest is true though.Totally agree - take him back in exchange for Henderson.You've got 2 hopes of getting Henderson back. You had him, you let him go...tough! As for James, he'd make a good coach right now but i'm not sure about a manager. PUP.I would luv someone to come in for him
but i dont think we are that lucky.


20 Oct 2011 23:34:14
Afc bournemouth have signed charlie sheringham from dartford for a fee in the region of 25,000 and will wear the number 10 shirt vacated by Steve lovell.(7)(3)Absolute rubbish signing. He is pants. Far better young strikers out there.


20 Oct 2011 22:23:28
Burnley are on the trail of Tottenham youngster Danny Rose on a loan deal until the end of the season. Leon Cort will join Coventry at the end of the season on a free.(11)(3)Sorry mate, rose has just said in the media today he's only going on loan to a premiership club. I think blackburn are interested, but don't hold me to thatCoventry have a threadbare squad but are best covered at centre back, with Keogh, Cranie, Wood, McPake and Cameron. Leon Cort would not be a starter, we are skint and so this is a non starter.


20 Oct 2011 19:57:13
Basle and Switzerland midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri has been subject of bids from five different clubs around the Europe. Aston Villa is keen on making a £20 million bid for the much wanted youngster and could see a deal accepted after the winger told the Swiss club he would like a move to a bigger league. Turkish side Fenerbahce are keen to add Shaqiri to the ranks but the price tag of between £20 million to around £30 million may be a stumbling block. Croatian side Dinamo Zagreb could make a surprise swoop for the Swiss international but again the price tag may put the champions off. Sunderland boss Steve Bruce has told chairman Ellis Short that he would like to add the winger to his January targets but with the amount of money he's spent in previous seasons, the Black Cats could miss out. Finally, Chelsea boss Andre Villas Boas is rumoured to have had a £22 million bid already accepted.(2)(6)I'm a massive villa fan & i love Shaqiri .. but Villa spending 20m on a player unproven in England & with a huge wagebill? don't think so :/The days of villa spending this sort of money are well gone i.m afraid but i.d love it to happen he.s top class.He won't go to Villa, some of the top teams in Europe are after him.

Expect him to be plying his trade at another champions League club by the end of the seasonU forgot the gunners they where said to be front runners for him ,2 or 3 german sides also been linked but then there was talk of him stopping bit longer so can get his dream move to a euro elite side so who that is we don't noYou're all wrong, AVB has already penned a deal for January for 19.5 million pounds plus add-ons to come to Stamford Bridge if Basel are out of the CL, if not, it will happen next Summer. He will join Kevin De Bruyne, Hazard, Subotic and Gotze as the new legends along with Luiz, Sturridge, Lukaku, Romeu and MceachranYou are dreaming! lol


20 Oct 2011 19:47:00
Liverpool target Andy Polo, is in talks with Dutch side Ajax. Polo currently plys his trade in South America but is keen on a move to Europe and the 17 year old looks set to speak to the Dutch champions in the coming weeks for a move in January.(2)(6)I bet he will cost a mint! {Ed003's Note - I didnt think it would take long,lol. }


20 Oct 2011 18:09:45
Tottenham Hotspur will sign Carlos Tevez in january for around 25mil. His wages will be supplemented by a large signing fee.(8)(27)Like london is a lot closer to argentina than manchester.Stupid rumour, why would Tottenham and Harry take on a sulky player like Tevez, no chance, I suspect he will either make his peace with Man City(doubt it) or he will be sold for way less money than MC are claiming they want, because no club will be stupid enough to take a 35M gamble on him.


20 Oct 2011 17:38:21
burnley boss eddie howe is keen to bring in on loan , spurs left back danny rose . He feels burnley are weak in that area .he is also looking at a holding midfielder .(11)(7)Rose is a left wing..Rose can play Left Back, by the way where has this rumour come from ?NEXT WEEK.....BLAH,BLAH,BLAH,BLAH,BLAHRose only wants a loan in the prem


20 Oct 2011 17:15:10
charlie macdonald could be out of another 3 months!(2)(4)Out of another what? Burger bar, KFC?


20 Oct 2011 16:16:15
West brom wolves and leicester are all keen on James Wilson of briistol city he has impressed this season just signed a new deal at bristol but all three clubs will try to lure him away in january(7)(8)Brighton very keen as well to replace Dunk they think they can get 5m for Dunk and brink wilson in for under 1mHaving wached the bristol v brighton game that would be a great piece of business for brightonBristol city are thir players impressed this season must have missed that!


20 Oct 2011 15:59:37
Many names in the frame for the post at St Johnstone:

Graeme Jones, Alec Cleland, David Weir, Gary Bollan, Paul Sturrock, Brian Reed and Paul Sheerin.(7)(6)


20 Oct 2011 14:38:01
The Daily Star carries a story today (20 Oct) about a growing list of suitors following Brighton's Lewis Dunk progress. Latest clubs to join Arsenal, Aston Villa and Fulham in having Scouts watching Dunk include Manchester City and Tottenham both of whom covered Brighton's match at Millwall on Tuesday apparently. Values of £5 million plus add ons being bandied about.(3)(3)He will then be replaced by James Wilson from Bristol City


20 Oct 2011 12:58:01
Matt Tubbs has agreed to sign for Portsmouth in January, he wants to stay close to home, done deal.(13)(12)Can't see it myself, but i hope so. Need a decent goalscorer. PUP.Considering he lives in Crawley nowHis Family Home in salisbury his parents still live thereGot 2 years left on his contract at Crawley and unless Portsmouth are willing to pay a million + he isn't going anywhereBesides why would he go to Portsmouth, both teams will be playing in league 1 next season, hardly a step up in his career is it.


20 Oct 2011 12:29:30
nile ranger could be joining hartlepool united on a season long loan as his 1st team Opportunities at newcastle are way down in the pecking order.(3)(15)Lets hope so, get the person out of the club.He could become a Loan Ranger.


20 Oct 2011 12:16:25
Martin Allen has been approached regarding the Portsmouth job due to his experience in the lower leagues and his ability to coach.There is a clause in his contract that allows him to speak to clubs above League 1. Ray Trew has got on a train this morning to speak to a prospective new Manager.
Dave Jones is still in conflict with Cardiff over compensation and any new job would lessen the amount due.(8)(14)Saw Martin's partner @ Meadow Lane today and she denied any approach from Pompey - Martin is enjoying life here and doesn't want uprooting - especially to an unstable club.He would only go to manage W.Ham!! He loves Notts County so much.


20 Oct 2011 12:13:55
Any Pnefc Loan Rumours(0)(10)


20 Oct 2011 12:13:04
Roy Keane to takeover reins at Portsmouth FC.(7)(20)Oh please no this muppet couldnt manage a burger barGood luck with that one!!For your own sanity make sure he is not allowed to pick the players you sign.Surely the Board at Portsmouth ain;t that stupid, unless they actually want relegation to div 1


20 Oct 2011 11:54:48
Mervan Celik sweedish wounderkkid to sign pre contract with middlesbrough on monday and will join in january(2)(4)


20 Oct 2011 09:48:07
cristian eriksen on his way to manchester united for around 23m.(10)(18)Not for that price he won'tTo much ? Not enough ? Cos prices on this site start at 15 mil up to 30 , personally it will not happen cos they don't need wide player at all a holding role and a more link man sort of player that why nasri would of been perfect


20 Oct 2011 09:23:06
Crystal Palace will sign Crawley Town's
Matt Tubbs in January with Wilfried
Zaha leaving.(7)(16)Zaha has 4 years left of his contract and as CPFC 2010 have said he isn't going anywhereYeh right, he ain;t going anywhere until someone offers 5M, then he will be out of there quicker than a rat up a drainpipe.


20 Oct 2011 09:08:59
matt tubbs to brentford(1)(17)


20 Oct 2011 08:48:52
So what if Sturrock has a contract. What are contracts worth these days. He walked out on us at Swindon after getting us into a good position.

And if I remember correctly Southend had Barry Fry walk out them, Dave Web walked out three times and Steve Thompson walked out suddenly.

So this shouldn't come as a surprise to Shrimpers fans if it happens again.

And yes I posted a similar reply to one of the Sturrock postings.(7)(6)Yes he could walk out as could any manager at any time but with 2 years left and 2nd in the table I just dont make alot of sense for him to go.

Plymouth would make no sense at all, that job will be ignored by many even with a takeover.

St Johnstone I doubt want a League 2 manager, they can do better.Sturrock to have show down talks with Martin and Brady on Friday. He wants to go.Sturrock has had a few battles with the board at Southend and he is liklely to leave as he wants a board that supports him 100%. Southend have financial difficulties and dont be surprised if he moves on.The club does not anymore financial difficulties then most league 2 clubs nowadays.

The funding and backing has been changed with a massive reduced wage bill.

Plymouth are in twice the mess Southend/ other league two teams, are in.Yeah - i've walked out on Southend many times myself mate.


20 Oct 2011 07:20:35
20 Oct 2011 00:36:39
In my opinion Southend need to brace themselves as word here is that St Johnstone are keen to have former boss Paul Sturrock on their shortlist of candidates to be their next manager. Surely a tilt at the SPL is more tempting than trying to guide a financial ridden club from League 2 to 1 in the FL. Luggy would find the resources better here now compared to when he was last here. he's not a well man but the pressure on him wouldn't be too great as he wouldn't be expected to win the title. My vote is for Luggy.

What is Luggy + why has he got this nick name ?(7)(5)Ears are commonly known as 'lugs' in Scotland. Sturrock has big ears, hence the nickname.



20 Oct 2011 01:31:19
Southed United will let Luke Prosser go out on loan to hereford.

Not hearing anything about Sturrock going, so anything on here about him going is rubbish.(4)(5)


20 Oct 2011 01:05:31
The local press here is reporting the early 3 possible contenders for the vacancy at St Johnstone are Strachan, Sturrock and Weir.(4)(7)


20 Oct 2011 00:58:52
The Shrimpers need to brace themselves indeed. And I have nothing against them whatsoever. It is believed Plymouth and St Johnstone are keen to regain his services and now at least one of those clubs if not both will have to step up their interest fairly lively in order for one not to lose out. If you include him staying at Southend then its a 2 out of 3 chance he'll leave them. my hunch is eventually he will go but either which one of those three ways his future will be interesting reading in the coming days or weeks.(7)(5)So many comments on Sturrock, I swear your the same person typing away.

Your not gaining anything mate, he has a contrat for 2 more years, he is 2nd in the table. He wont be going.You need to remember Fry walked out when on the verge of taking Blues in to premiership.

Webb walked out 3 times.
Thompson walked out when on the vwrge of signing contract.What do what past managers have to do with now?


20 Oct 2011 00:36:39
In my opinion Southend need to brace themselves as word here is that St Johnstone are keen to have former boss Paul Sturrock on their shortlist of candidates to be their next manager. Surely a tilt at the SPL is more tempting than trying to guide a financial ridden club from League 2 to 1 in the FL. Luggy would find the resources better here now compared to when he was last here. he's not a well man but the pressure on him wouldn't be too great as he wouldn't be expected to win the title. My vote is for Luggy.(5)(4)The club is not financial ridden at the momement.... its as even as most league 2 clubs.

I doubt he would want to move back up north now.


19 Oct 2011 22:37:33
Wycombe are in talks with Matthew Blair from Kidderminster over a potential deal in January. Blair could move to the League 1 side for a nominal fee.(0)(4)


19 Oct 2011 22:27:10
Queens Park Rangers are in talks with Exeter striker Richard Logan. Neil Warnock has been impressed with how the former Ipswich youngster has played over the last few seasons and believes giving him a chance in the top flight may provide competition for his striking options. Logan has scored 42 goals in 160 appearances for City.(1)(7)


19 Oct 2011 22:47:28
West Ham are set to speak to representatives of Guillaume Rippert from French side Evian after a bid of around £700,000 was accepted for a deal in January.(6)(4)


19 Oct 2011 22:45:46
Shrewsbury Town are keen on bringing in Shane Ferguson on loan from Newcastle United. Ferguson is keen on getting out on loan to gain some first team experience, allowing him to push for the first team at St James' Park. Town will hopefully complete the deal in the next week.(2)(4)


19 Oct 2011 22:40:18
Plymouth caretaker Carl Fletcher has told the board that if he becomes the permanent boss, he would like Mark Reynolds on loan from Sheffield Wednesday to be his first signing.(3)(9)


19 Oct 2011 22:35:19
Wolves are set to sign Jay Spearing from Liverpool in January. Spearing hasn't played much under manager Kenny Dalglish after a number of summer signings and Wolves boss Mick McCarthy is set to get a steal with the midfielder set to sign a three year deal, in a transfer fee believed to be around £2 million. Spearing is keen to join a club that can guarentee him 90 minutes a week.(10)(11)With mm always playing his favs (henry o hara) i doubt he wud get 90 mins every weekDidn't want to come at start of season - so there's no way we want him nowSo he wants 90 mins football a week and
championship football looks like mick,s on to a winner here.


19 Oct 2011 22:29:32
Wigan boss Roberto Martinez has told chairman Dave Whelan that he wants to sign goalkeeper Dean Gerken from Bristol City in January. Gerken is available on a free transfer in the summer so Martinez may get the former Colchester stopper at a much lower price.(2)(9)That would be great. We get James for two seasons - lose Henderson - Now Gerkin is off. James with no hint of competition at all. City are doomed.Mcinnes will release James in January I hpoe and Gerken signed up. We need to build defence around him, James time is up rot starts with you under Coppell era bye byeGerken signed a new 2 year deal in the summerHe signed one yr deal in summer with view to second so this could be true


19 Oct 2011 22:24:10
Oldham boss Paul Dickov is in talks with Busan I'Park defender Lee Yo-Han. The 25 year old defender, who was a former South Korea under 23 international, is in talks with Oldham over a pre contract deal after being told by the Korean club that he will be released in January and will have to find a new club. Yo-Han is keen on taking his chance in England but will only sign a one month rolling contract with a view to a three year deal in the summer.(3)(3)


19 Oct 2011 22:20:27
Notts County boss Martin Allen is very keen on bringing in Jay McEveley on loan from Barnsley. Keith Hill made the Scotland international available for loan last month and Allen was set to complete the deal on Monday, but the full back got injured on Saturday. It is expected that Barnsley will be again approached by Notts County in January to sign the former Derby defender until the end of the season on loan.(3)(6)


19 Oct 2011 20:27:04
Steve Brooker will sign a deal until June 2012 with Plymouth Argyle, along with Deale Chamberlain and Steve Irwin.(1)(9)


19 Oct 2011 21:02:41
SD of Watford to be replaced after tonights
game ... Aidy to be 1st in line to replace
him & fans will welcome this ....(1)(9)Boothroyd No Thanks Out of the frying pan into the Fire


19 Oct 2011 20:20:19
Sheffield United will sign Charlton defender Gary Doherty on loan till january as cover for Neill collins and Harry Maguire.(0)(8)Oh lordy, good luck with that, cover your eyes if you sign him and he gets to play, he was well past his sell by date when he left Norwich 16 months ago, clumsy, slow and gets pulled out of position so easily, clangers a certainty.


19 Oct 2011 17:57:52
Following the departure of McInnes to Bristol City, Paul Sturrock will turn down the opportunity to return to Plymouth to take the reins at his old club St Johnstone. Having led them to success in the mid 90's Sturrock would relish the chance to take on the SPL.(7)(8)Luggy's going to Plymouth - David Weir to St. Johnstone as a player/manager.Sturrock isnt going anywhere.

Hes very fine at Southend.


19 Oct 2011 17:23:33
derek mcinnes is new bristol city manager contract to summer 2014 come on you reds(13)(5)Great appointment-This guy has all the makings of a good future manager-Good luck! COYRCheers who ever you are it seems he has passion something our last manager lacked up the city


19 Oct 2011 17:16:57
Spurs will snap up Abel Hernandez, Leandro Damiao, Christian Eriksen, Hummels and Marvin Martin in january and in the summer. FACT(10)(35)Is that the same erikson that said he would only go to barca or spain and the same hummels thats with the german champs lol

not FACT
DAVIEBHOY08Thats not a FACT its your opinion and I disagree. HaWould love it to be a fact but sadly it's not. Each would be hard targets to obtain to get all would be a miracle.
I think we might get Leandro due to our relationship with Internacional, but I think we might get three players tops in JanNone of these players will sign. FACT.And AFC Wimbledon will get Ronaldo , Messi & Casillas .. dreaming!Eriksen, hummels and martin- no chance
Hernandez and Damiao- possible. just possible. We have an affiliation with damiaos club that means we have first refusal on their players, and I think we made a bid for hernandez in the summerNot a chance maybe damiao none of the others. it wud b nice if we did pull it off we wud neva part with the cash cos levy cud peel an orange in his pocket tight bast##rdWhen posters use FACT you just know they're full of it.


19 Oct 2011 16:43:35
It doesn't really matter where Paul Sturrock lives.

The fact is when James Brent takes over Plymouth the Club will start a new dawn and start afresh.

I'm not one to speculate or bulls but the club in which his heart is most in is Plymouth Argyle and if he deems moving Argyle forward as the thing to do then thats what he'll do.

If Coughlan is offered the manager's job at Home Park it will be a step up from what he's doing now which is an unnofficial assistant Manager.

Remember when Brian kidd left Man Utd for Blackburn. It was a step up in position if not the level of success.

As I say Plymouth will be starting from scratch and financially will be fine for the foreseeable future,

Thge same cannot be said of Southend who still have the same bosses in place.will they be equipped to deal with League 1 if they go up or even the Championship.(7)(6)Well it seems you want to speculate...

Plymouth can do better.

What I mean by that is, Plymouth clearly want experience to get them out of the drop zone, someone whos the modern game and is expericed, unlike Reid who is a dinosaur in management.

That isnt Coughlan is it, he has said he wants to stay at Southend, hes maturing well, he will leave one day but not yet.


19 Oct 2011 16:38:51
nicky maynard to swansea in january(12)(10)


19 Oct 2011 16:35:26
derek mcinnes is now set to become bristol city boss but it's quite funny cos st johnstone is my scottish team as i have a season ticket for them. and bristol city is my english team as i have connectons down there so while i am sad to see him go, i would choose city out of anyone. :)(10)(2)


19 Oct 2011 14:43:55
Portsmouth will be appointing Steve Claridge as manager until end of the season Steve Claridge has been intalks with CSI over the last couple of days(9)(20)Steve Claridge is moving to a job in football, but it's not as manager of Portsmouth.

The Pompey job is between Dave Jones, Glenn Roeder and Alan Curbishley - although Curbs is hoping to take the West Ham job if Big Sam takes over from Crapello as England boss. Dave Jones is likely to get the nod, despite managing the Saints during the late 1990s.

I know where Claridge will end up, but can't say where as it may jeopardise a takeover at the club where he will end up as chairman (but in name only - he's not investing money). Claridge is leaving the BBC due to falling out with Manish Bhasin and Mark Clemmitt.


19 Oct 2011 14:27:10
Bristol Rovers released mike green last season as they couldnt afford his £10 a week wages.
They will get releagated this year to confrence and wont be on fifa 13. Creation Centre for bristol rovers(14)(4)


19 Oct 2011 14:07:21
Bristol City Care-taker manager Steve Wigley will step down from his role as Assistant manager and become the clubs new development coach, filling the void left by Alan Walsh who left Ashton Gate today. This will allow Manager-to-be Derek McInnes to bring in his current Assistant at St Johnstone, Tony Docherty.(9)(3)


19 Oct 2011 11:59:38
Paul Sturrock will leave Southend United next week to take up the position of Director of Football at Plymouth Argyle.(16)(12)I have heard that genuinly. Where did you hear that from?Believe it or not a Southend United fan!To the original poster of this piece - Did a Southend fan tell you this or is this Doggy-doo?This is false. He now lives in Southend and will not be going back there.Sturrock loves Plymuff !! But he would be a fool to leave Southend and take over that shower, yes they may well come out of administration, they still wont have a pot to piss in and the next time they are in administration they will have no assetts after the sale of the ground !!He will be returning because he still has a house in plymouth.Sturrock still has his house in Devon. He is not a well man, and I believe that he would return to Plymouth. Southend remain in dire financial difficulty and struggle to pay players, bills etc, and the promised new stadium is now years late in even starting to get built. All in all, a fresh start at Plymouth would be good for Luggy.Your not update are you?

Southend are now funded by Sainburys and a new director aswell so just your fact rights there.

The stadium yes but thats stating the obvious.

And no it would not be a fresh start, hes been there twice. He has a job at Southend and will NOT be leaving.

This site is funny at times.Are you sure, funded by Sainsbury's? No, you owe Sainsbury's money for the 'advance' they have paid you towards selling them Roots Hall. A completed stadium was promised 2 years ago and a brick hasn't been laid. And it would be another 'fresh start' at Plymouth, as it is being dragged out of administration with a new owner and money to expand. Do keep up. I do agree this site is funny at times.I know my own club thank you so no reason to keep up. I take it your a Plymouth fan? Stick to your own club before spouting rubbish you dont know half about.

It two part deal, they get roots hall, they fund the club until the team move.

I cant see how it would be a fresh start. Same stadium same fans same setting. Thats not a fresh start, just a fresh return.You really don't know your club - and I am not a PA fan! Sainsbury's are not backing Southend - they have paid an advance on the price for Roots Hall - you owe them the money! Sainsbury's fund you until you move - don't be stupid, do you really believe that?


19 Oct 2011 11:43:02
Ashley to sell Newcastle to Indian Billionaire within next 4 weeks.(8)(34)


19 Oct 2011 11:26:48
Sean O'Driscoll now heavily fancied to take over as manager of Portsmouth FC, as is Lee Clark , however, statements that Dave Jones is no longer in the running due to excessive wage demands are incorrect and his appointment remains likely within the next two weeks.(4)(20)


19 Oct 2011 10:18:21
Eddie Howe's position at Burnley is being brought into question by the fans and the board.

The Clarets lost away to Barnsley last night and sections of the support were calling for Eddie's head.(9)(15)Sack eddie and let him come to pompeyI second that thought, we'll have down on the south coast at PFC please.EDDIE HOWT,EDDIE HOWT,EDDIE HOWT


19 Oct 2011 09:32:25
Any news for Birmingham City ED? In or Out, Hughton keeps talking about exloitig the loan market yet nothing is happening. Beausejour has picked up some great form in both the league and in Europe and i fear we may lose the likes of him during the window.

Also Ed, will you have any info on prespective buyers or consortius for the club as ruours in the local press suggest there are interested parties but i'm not sure how it would work with Carson Yeung being in the slammer and not being let out of the country

What a mess, makes other teams moaners look like cry babies :-) ! {Ed001's Note - I was told that Brum are struggling to match the loan fees and wages needed to bring in players they want. There was talk of some more youngsters from Arsenal, Sanchez Watt was one name I was given as a possible, but money seems to have stopped anything happening. There are a number of interested parties, I am told, but I have not been able to get any info on them at all, judging from previous club sales though, most will be timewasters, they always are.}(3)(5)Cheers Ed, Appreciated. I had heard a rumour a few weeks back that there was talk of a consortium headed by Legend Trevor Frcis and Comedian Jasper Carrott along with other big wigs. Do you know anything that would rule this out or anything like that? {Ed001's Note - certainly nothing that would rule that out, I know Jasper Carrott is very keen to be a part of the future of the club.}


19 Oct 2011 09:36:44
barnsley set to sign billy paynter on a 3 month deal with option of a permanent switch in january(7)(13)Thats funnny wen he was training with pne todayWhoever gets Billy will be quids in, he is a quality player who holds the ball well and works his butt off.... he was class in his last two seasons at Swindon... we never wanted him to go to dirty leeds !Check LUFC OS they have had contact from a L1 side and confirm he will not go to a championship rival, so Barnslet OUT.


19 Oct 2011 06:33:42
Liam Boyce is contemplating a deal from Norwich City after being released from Werder Breman... My opinion is that he may have to go out on loan to the championship but may be worth a gamble on a free.(4)(8)


19 Oct 2011 00:14:51
sothampton are just going to become weaker and fade my ass five points clear have it webby(13)(9)Theres a long way to go don't get too cocky just yetWhen the pitches get heavy in the Winter I think your passing game will suffer, can you mix it up and change your playing style - time will tell



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