Football Rumours Archive June 25 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 25 2012 

24 Jun 2012 23:00:25
Mathieu Flamini to train at arsenal
starting on tuesday to show wenger
he is worth a contract.(32)(24)


24 Jun 2012 22:59:02
Steven Naismith looks likely to join Everton after refusing New Rangers contract offer. He now considers himself a "free agent".
Expect details to be thrashed out over the next two weeks; I reckon by the 10th July he will make his move to Everton FC and link up with former team mate Jelavic.

Source: Local estate agents(35)(12)


24 Jun 2012 21:15:19
Bristol city interested in sissoko of kilmarnock(6)(20)Surely it would be sissoko of udinese he is on loan


24 Jun 2012 19:19:40
Neill Warnock lining a triple swoop for midfielder David Norris, right back Greg Halford and striker Luke Varney for a combined fee of 2 million plus Billy Paynter(32)(12) 

2 million ?!? You must be joking ? You got Jason Pearce off us for 500k and he's class! Varney is so poor and Halford works hard but is slow and average! Paynter will join Pompey but I reckon it will be Varney and Norris for 600-700k and PaynterI will take that paynter will do well with usColin could not pick his nose never mind 2 MILLION POUNDS worth of players, he only buys cloggers, if they are not 6ft rough and dirty he wont be interested. He got no class just a thug, poor pick of a manager Leeds.


24 Jun 2012 18:20:26
Stoke City are rumoured to be in talks with Houston Dynamo Centre back Geoff Cameron. Expect more in the next few weeks.(11)(18)Reckon if he doesn't sign by the time Stoke come back from America he won't sign full stopStoke have a sister club as we know in Orlando and this player has caught their eyeGet your facts right,it's Austin Aztecs.Get your facts right its Orlando City, formerly Austin AztecsAustin Aztecs moved to Orlando last yearThe American 'franchise' was Austin Aztecs, but they've now relocated and are known as Orlando City, managed by none other than our very own Adrian "Inchy" Heath.No you get your facts right. Stoke have nothing to do with the Aztex any more. They moved to Orlando to form Orlando City 2 years ago. The original Austin club remains in name but has NOTHING to do with Stoke City. The Beatles have split up by the way {Ed003's Note -right I think this thread has been cleared up now,thanks guys}No, get your facts right. They were the Austin Aztecs, then relocated to Florida and are now called Orlando City SC. Rooneys brother John plays for them, look it up.


24 Jun 2012 18:16:46
West Brom look set to complete two deals after the Euros: Danny Rose - spurs- 3 million. Derek Boateng - Fc Drinpo- 1.5 million.(20)(27)Seem to remember Boateng being linked a few years back? Good strong midfielder aswellLoad of tosh, could not pay his wages then and thats why he went to Drinpo. Rose not worth 3 million may be half that much and we might bid, JP does not spend all his money in a weekHe didn't say a week


24 Jun 2012 18:05:02
Andy Whing is in talks with Coventry City.(4)(14) 

Please stop speaking rubbish. We already have a hatfull of decent right backs, clarke, christie, keogh, wood can play there. Also acadamy players!He was useless first time around, we don't want him back.


24 Jun 2012 17:17:15
Swansea City are set to sign Nick Powell from man utd on a season long loan to gain some experience from a well established premier league side.(18)(41)One season hardly make the Swans a "well established" PL side. Next season will be tough for you I hope you surviveIt takes a few seasons to become established!!Well established? Ffs, second season syndrome, your going down.Has Michael Laudrup even heard of Nick Powell?!He'll most likely be loaned to a championship team, but if fergie paid 6m for him then he may aswell stay in the squad and take his chance...It takes a least 3 straight years in the prem to be well establishedPowell looked electric last season. Could be the difference between staying up and just surviving for swansea.3 seasons in the Prem......Autumn,Spring and Winter. Expect a serious relegation battle along with Reading, Soton and Norwich.Everyone thought we go down last season but didnt. we will finish mid table again this season because most teams do not know how to play proper football.


24 Jun 2012 17:05:34
hi ed any news on barnsley signings(7)(22)Hope we can make something good out of him:) Hillcroft working there magic again!


24 Jun 2012 17:05:16
If Huddersfield town fail to sign clayton they will try and pursue Michael Johnson from Leicester City as Manager Simon Grayson thinks very highly of this player. also they are trying to wrap up a deal for Gary Taylor-Fletcher who has already had a spell at the club.

In the Yorkshire Post it is believed that Rhodes is going to Swansea for 4.5 million and Alex Smithies going to Wolves for 1.5 and Jamie O'hara(7)(34)Don't think they will be signing Michael Johnson from Leicester City mainly because he was only on a season long loan, he remains a Manchester City player.
Whilst at Leicester he only started 5 games and played a further 4 as a sub.
his loan spell was cut short.

Another of Svens misfits!Michael Johnson plays for Man City??Smithies to wolves... no chance!Dont worry you wont be getting clayton..Rhodes is staying unless someone stumps up £8m, period. We're building a team to get him another 40 goals next season.Rhodes is going nowhere for less than £8 million plus add ons, and it wasn't in the yorkshire post either abour reading and 4.5 m bidYeah he ain't good enough for wolves we got 3 better keepers than him all home grown ikeme McCarey n flattTaylor flecher has just signed an extension with BlackpoolSmithies isnt worth jamie o'hara and 1.5m..
more like the 1m on its own. o'hara is good enough for the premiershipGonna laugh so much when rhodes is sold for less then 8 mil and all the deluded hudds fans say it was more than 8 milWhy are town fans deluded? End of day he's our player.and that my freind is FACT8m for a league 1 player? This lad has potential...Not proven at the highest level to warrant such a gamble. Realistacilly 3m tops with no add ons.What's delusional about the price have put on him the player is holly at town his advisors are happy with him staying if no club stumps up that amount hw ain't goingThis is a horrendous thread...rhodes will not leave this summer, so all speculation on that is daft, he's having a team built around him, including the possible capture of pogrebnyakId take just ohara for smithies lolRhodes isn't worth anywhere near 8 million until he's banging in them in for a premiership club, would be sad to see him go if he does decide to head elsewhere though


24 Jun 2012 16:57:54
Pogrebnyak will sign by the end of the
upcoming week, the deal has all been
agreed besides him being granted a work
permit. This is not thought to be a problem and should be sorted out soon. Jordan Rhodes has been in talks even after being given permission by Huddersfield to do so, a fee has not yet been agreed but with Hudds wanting to sign Sean Morrison a cash plus Morrison deal from Reading should do the job for McDermott. The Mariappa deal is taking a while because of the take-over deal supposedly happening at Watford, Southampton joined the race to sign him so Watford have upped the asking price, Reading are still interested. Gylfi Sigurdsson has concrete offers from Reading and Liverpool but it is believed Spurs have joined the race, Gylfi has already met with representatives from Reading and Liverpool last week and is currently back in Iceland over this weekend to make a decision about his future. Interest in Forests defender Chris Gunter is still there too but they arent willing to meet the asking price at the moment.

PD(11)(34)Giffy is Liverpool bound factYou MAY get the Russian, other ones, NO CHANCE.Gylfi hasn't decided. Reading have offered better terms then Liverpool and Anton Zingarevich has spoken with him personally to sell him on his vision. It really comes down to if Gylfi wants to sit on the bench behind Liverpools expensive flops or be part of something big at Reading.You have to chuckle at these reading fans, they really believe they are the new man city , signing this player and that player, be in europe next season and then champions lge, suppose u have to have a dream, get real, lolWhat player there is not realistic? Pog is coming, Hudds just want the asking price and Rhodes is ours. Gylfi loves Reading and the only reason he left is of money, nothing else. But I still think he is liverpool bound.I am still chuckling at these Reading fans...what next Messi for £99m + Jimmy Kebe?Its not just the players its the slightly arrogant belief that yours is the only team with ambitions or the only team with a rich owner.
You have a good team but you have to recognize even with Pog every team that survived last year has a better squad then you, yes even Wigan Norwich Swansea and QPR. Just as you sign players to improve so will they, whether you survive or not will be as much down to luck as skill or tactical nous.Every player there is a realistic target by mcdermott so how are we the new man city? sigurdsson loves with reading and we can offer him week in week out football unlike liverpool as they have the likes of gerrard. rhodes is hardly unrealistic as is essentially league 1 player, a very good one be that as it may. mariappa again is not unrealistic neither is gunter. pogrebynak has also himself confirmed he is coming. so how do we believe to man city? when are targets arent as good and are all realistic offical targets....Nah kebe for £99 mil and messiRhodes has been in talks and wants to come. I don't understand what's unthinkable about that?

Pog is done. Formalities pending.

Gunter wont happen. We wont up the fee.

None of us expect Gylfi to come back, but we have offered a better contract than Liverpool. He needs to decide whether to be a bit part player at Liverpool or player every week at a lesser club.

He was meant to sign for 'Pool last week but delayed and spoke to Reading and Spurs. He's clearly undecided.Its the attitude of the Reading fans thats laughable. Ive read a lot of posts on here from Reading fans and my god they think they are much much bigger than what they actually are.Its not who you sign but how many,rhodes,kakuta,butterfield,balde,clayton,hitzelsberger,sturridge,marriapa,snodgrass,kolarov,dos santos,redmond,long,bassong,shorey,o'hara,sanchez,gunter,koren,phillips,bates,vlaar,hunt,thats just the last 4 daysLol at the post saying that us Reading fans think we are the new man city. We have new money and our new owner has shown, with the deals offered to Pogrebnyak and Sigurdsson, that he is willing to spend.

In regards to the "signing everyone" remark. We have made enquiries for well over 50 players some more serious then others.

It's what newly promoted teams do. It's what all teams do. You can bet that Man United, Man City and Chelsea have made just as many enquiries in to player.

The Pogrebnyak deal is done we're just waiting on a visa.

Jordan Rhodes has had informal talks with the club he even stayed in the hotel next to the stadium last week. No bid has been made as of yet. Reading were going to offer £4 million plus Morrison but Huddersfield want more. Whether Reading will meet Huddersfield's valuation we shall see.

Reading have had a bid accepted for Gylfi Sigurdsson. I don't know the exact figure but it will be less then what Swansea bid as Reading have a sell on clause of between 10-20% from the sale to Hoffenheim. We have offered Gylfi a bumper contract. Again no exact figures but it's more then the 30-35K Pogrebnyal will be on. He flew in to London for talks and has now gone home to Iceland to weigh up his options. Liverpool, Spurs or Reading. Liverpool is of course the biggest team in for him but he won't be a starter there despite their midfield being full of flops. Plus Gylfi plays best in the hole but if Liverpool play a 4-4-1-1 then they use Suarez in the hole which again means Gylfi will be bench warming. He will be wary of Tottenham because of their manager situation. He won't want to join not knowing who the manager will be as he does not want a repeat of what happened at Hoffenheim. New manager came in and preferred someone else to Gylfi. Reading have offered better terms then Liverpool. Not sure about Tottenham. He will also get more game time at Reading and will get to be the shining star in the vision that Anton Zingarevich has for Reading.

Other players we have had serious interest in. Adrian Mariappa fee agreed with Watford player went away on international duty so couldn't sign the papers and do the medical and all that. In the time he was away Southampton enquired. Watford wanted to start a bidding war so tried to up the price after already agreeing it with Reading. Reading told them if they do that they can forget signing Mills and Church. The takeover at Watford complicates things. If it goes through I expect the deal will be off. If it doesn't Watford may agree to the original offer as their owner has admitted he does not have the funds to keep the club going.

Carlos Sanchez. Contract offer made but was only offered a year. Wanted a longer contract. Could join Bolton.

Chris Gunter. Offer made. Forest rejected nothing new on that one.

That's all I've heard most of the others are paper talk. Most stories you see now have Reading, Southampton and West Ham tacked on to the bottom.How do you know all the posts are reading fans? They could be made up by anyone... For a fact reading fans are some of the most down to earth fans in the league! Compare to 'we bought the league' Leicester fans last year and every other promoted team reading are tame...I was reading your post with interest until you said Rhodes stopped in the hotel net to the stadium and then followed it up with Reading were going to offer 4m but Hudders want more. So a player ups sticks and stays in a hotel to discuss terms when the two teams have not agreed a fee?? YOU UTTER CRANK LAD you're Proving with utter aplomb why everyone is hating Reading ATM {Ed001's Note - not that I believe this is true, but players will often discuss terms before the clubs agree a fee.}In response to the people that are saying we're getting too big for our boots -

We have waited a long time for decent financial backing (not that JM didn't do an excellent job) and now we have it of course we're happy. Glory hunters? Not a chance Reading isn't a club you choose to glory hunt, like me most Reading fans are born in the town or there abouts. We will not be picking up any glory hunters from Surrey like Man Utd & City.Keep on chuckling, we have some great fans, widely respected as a well run family club, and over the last few years turned a tiny club into a premier club, we are respected, money can't buy that.I find Reading fans hilarious. They actually think they will be in the Champions League spots soon. NEVER going to happen. You may get Europa League one year but you will always be an average team. Mediocrity awaits you guys.No, it is not believable that other teams make enquiries for over 50 players. I would hope most teams are organised and have clear targets for a small number of players, with a few back ups if there are hitches.
And any club that prides itself on doing business quietly and privately does not have its supporters aware of contacts to 50 players. This is why Reading supporters are being seen as a joke.
I would suggest until your new owners actually prove what they are going to fund it may be wise to be a little cautious. Even if they had the fortunes of the Man. City owners (which they don't) the unknown would still be how much are they willing, or able, to invest in your club. You could find that there are moths in their wallets, whilst they may have serious assets!Can everyone stop going on about bigger teams and how small of a club reading are, they are in the premier league for the second time in 6years. theyve won the championship twice in that time. got to the play off final, and been in 2 other play offs. they finished 8th in the premier league. now have a very wealthly young owner. who says he wants to expand the stadium to over 36,000. im sorry but they are a big club and will only get bigger, im not saying they will win the PL or get into europe but that possibly might in the future. i hate to say this but they are a bigger club then swansea norwich and qpr.Its the attitude of the Reading fans thats laughable. Ive read a lot of posts on here from Reading fans and my god they think they are much much bigger than what they actually are.

Apart from your post being overly generalistic about reading fans (most on here being just bored teenagers dreaming about the billions) what football fan isn't big headed about their club?

Most reading fans are actually very level heade and know out lower league history with little success. But we also know we deserve more credit for the last ten years and our potential future than we actually get"Compare to 'we bought the league' Leicester fans last year and every other promoted team reading are tame...".....No your not, your one of the worst on here!Huddersfield allowed Rhodes to come look around the club. A fee has not been agreed but they were happy to let him come down for informal talks. They've done business with Reading before (Morrison) so they know how we work and were happy with this.You people are naive. Every club will enquire for about 8+ players in a position that they might want to replace. An enquiry is not firming up an interest, if you do not enquire about a player then how do you know what is required to sign that player should he become available for whatever reason. I think you will find that we have serious interest in about 5-6 of the tons of players we have enquired about. It does not mean we are gonna become the new Man City.

TrueLoyalRoyalCompared to a lot of clubs Reading are a well run club theres no denying that fact, but since this takeover a lot of Reading fans are getting a little big headed and laughable. I know a few who are down to earth and dont get ahead of themselves...Most are think millions upon millions will be spent on the team and they will be a huge club...champions league, top 6-8 team etc.....Never happen!Can we clear up the mariappa situation. WE NEVER AGREED A FEE. You offered a measly 2m and marriappa said after interest of reading he is happy where he is (check watford observer) unless a serious offer comes around, e.g newcastle(again). This rumour that we agreed aa fee is bugging me its not true anf the rumour that reading allowed us to pretend we rejected it is total BSI find Reading fans hilarious. They actually think they will be in the Champions League spots soon. NEVER going to happen. You may get Europa League one year but you will always be an average team. Mediocrity awaits you guys.

Can the Reading fans who said we're going to be playing in the Champions League please tell me where these posts are because I haven't seen any. Also i'd take 5-6 years of mediocrity as long as we're in the top flight and getting that T.V money because we will spend it wisely.Oh how I'll chuckle to myself when Reading get relegated, the Russian does one and they return back to the lower divisions where they belongYour "wealthy young owner" has not coughed up yet!! Wait until you see whether he comes good on his promises before you start getting too carried away. Just remember the grand promises that were made to Pompey supporters from SEVERAL owners, and today they were seeing the great offer of 2p in £ to their creditors.Yes I mean I would be worried if it wasn't for the fact that SJM loves the club and would never sell up to some crooks who will ruin the club like Portsmouth. Anton was educated in the town and used to watch Reading at Elm Park.

30 years back Reading nearly went out of existence when a terrible crooked owner tried to merge us with Oxford. We nearly lost our team! Do you know how that feels? So forgive us for getting a little excited now that we have a bit of money to spend. I apologise that we aren't shutting up and sitting in the corner whilst all you "Big" teams discuss your targets. One thing we learnt last time we were in the prem and something you'd do well to remember. We can put the frighteners up your Liverpools and your Man United's. Respect the little teams cus then it won't feel so bad when we beat you.Giffy is Liverpool bound fact

You need to research his name.. FactOur wealthy young owner has 7 weeks to cough up. Things at a well run club take time. But will happen! And who do you think is going to pay pogs wages when he comes. Think before posting!


24 Jun 2012 16:52:35
Southampton are hoping to get Jermaine Jenas.(26)(31)Hasn't he got a broken legNot another signing, my god, how many moreHe has Ruptured Achilles, looks like he has a long rehabilitation period on his hands before he can think about a new club or even playing 1st team football for a while...Not another signing, my god, {Ed003's Note - whatever your point is,if you end it with You '.....' or even You '.........' or even You'..............' it will not be posted, why bother spending the time to post and then ruin it at the end of the post?}Do you really think this has come from a true Saints supporter?
Probably the same sad individual who thought it funny to suggest we also were after Owen and Hargreaves.Well this made me chuckle! not a chance!


24 Jun 2012 16:51:09
Celtic to sign hugo rodallega, jordan rhodes and either craig gordon or fraser forster(15)(36)Sorry Celtic, Reading, yes Reading, think that they are signing Rhodes. If i had the choice of Champions League or Championship I know what I would choose.^^^^^to the above poster - you don't make any sense? Championship.......Champions League??No players with ambition is going to sign for any scottish teams with rangers demise, this is already obvious with celtics lack of signings thus far even with a champions league qualifierGoing to Celtic will not help Rhodes career. Sadly, Scottish football standards continue to decline.Transfer window not open yet so thats rubbish .
and i think i would rather play in champions league / europe than the championship , where he would be playing a higher grade of football . and you forget he is a celtic supporterCeltics lack of signings is due to the transfer market not opening till 1st July in scotland. We won't get Rhodes tho as we'll get priced out


24 Jun 2012 16:29:50
martin olsson to stoke £6 million(17)(28)6m really???Good god, are stoke going for the meanest looking back 4 award? M Olsson, R Shawcross, R Huth, A Wilkinson. Expect yellow cards a plenty.Olsson and Jarvis as the new left side of Stoke? Sounds promising if we can pull it off. Don't know about £6m though, I reckon £5m at most is more realistic.


24 Jun 2012 16:22:44
Reports out in Greece that international striker Theofanis Gekas has turned down moves to Leicester City and Bolton Wanderers in favour of a move to ambitious south coast club Brighton &Hove Albion. Deal to be announced along with two other signings this coming weeks

watch this space!(12)(26)I hope soWon't happenY do Leicester need another striker with so little in defense !


24 Jun 2012 16:12:06
Middlesbrough will sign emile heskey on a pay as you play contract while doing his FIFA coaching badges at rockcliff hall.(18)(27)He's agreed a two year deal at Hull City.No way is Heskey quick enough to play in Championship. It's far quicker tempo and would be embarrassing for him. He should quit now or join the China gravy chain. Been an honest pro, but never forget his part in depriving Boro of League CupHahah thats a lie ! why would boro want heskey?


24 Jun 2012 15:55:27
Realistic signings that have been linked with Stoke:

Micheal Owen (it seems an almost done deal, he's reported to be signing on the 1st July),
Matt Jarvis (Stoke have competition for the Wolves wingers but look to be the favourites to sign him),
Steven N'Zonzi (Stoke were linked to him during the last transfer window and N'Zonzi is likely to be leaving the relegated Blackburn side),
Scott Dann (Tony Pulis is a big fan of Dann, if Upson ends up leaving in the transfer window he'd be the likely replacement),
Matt Phillips (I can only see this deal going through if Stoke fail to sign Matt Jarvis),
Francois Clerc (Clerc has been made available by his club and Stoke look interested to add him to their squad),
Martin Olsson (He has been linked frequently with Stoke this transfer window and would be a good addition to a team lacking full-backs),
Kevin Mirallas (Stoke declared an interest in this player at the start of the transfer window but Newcastle are keen favourites to sign him),
Jermaine Defoe (Stoke were keen to sign Defoe during the last transfer window and are still in the market for a goal scorer, Defoe is would like to team up with Crouch again)(27)(29)That actually sounds true for onceDann demanded to much i think geoff cameron would be the prefered choice as he has even said he would love to play in englandMirallas favourite to sign for Newcastle?Jarvis is LW, Phillips is RW - why would signing Jarvis stop the signing of Phillips?Stoke signing everyone - what a load of rubbishStoke aren't after Mirallas can guarantee you that oneThis post was believeable upto when you said "Realistic signings" ;)


24 Jun 2012 15:47:56
If Huddersfield town fail to sign clayton they will try and pursue Michael Johnson from Leicester City as Manager Simon Grayson thinks very highly of this player. also they are trying to wrap up a deal for Gary Taylor-Fletcher who has already had a spell at the club.(9)(17)I'd love GTF back but dont think he'd leave blackpool :(Michael Johnson that isn't a Leicester player, but is still at Man City? sounds good ey?Michael Johnson was on Loan, went back to Manchester city in January.U wishMichael Johnson left Leicester City some months back and is a Manchester City player anyway.


24 Jun 2012 15:41:23
walsall defender manny smith is in taks with championship side birmingham city

manny smith wants to leave walsall but wants to stay in the west midlands(11)(4)Can you tell me where you get this info from and he's it true? Or are u just making this up


24 Jun 2012 15:38:30
ed, everything has gone quiet on anderson to middlesborough or blackpool. whats happening {Ed001's Note - he went away to think over the offers he had.}(2)(7)He's meeting Steve Bruce this week, with a view to bringing him back to Hull City.


24 Jun 2012 15:37:40
Bournemouth in talks with Southampton for an un-named defender.(13)(10)Probably Dan Seabourne on loan, to help get match time under his belt after his season long recovery after his serious head injuryDanny seaborne !Other rumours have said that it is dan seabourneOr HardingDan seabourneHarding would be good or Dickson maybe?I wouldent mind haveing seaborne or dickson on loan think both could do a gd job for us.Dickson was really unhappy about his move collapsing, so maybe with their new money Bournemouth are going to swoop.
He's a good quality left back, Bournemouth could do a lot worse!Its either Seabourne or Dickson..Either way you will get a good player.Is that actually true we are in talks with one of them has it been mentioned in southampton


24 Jun 2012 15:35:44
Kilmarnock close in on Jeroen Tesselaar and will be in pre-season training tomorrow.(4)(3)


24 Jun 2012 15:33:37
regarding rhodes i understand reading are in talks with him and apparently he is happy to move, but NO fee has been agreed. we are willing to give around 4mil and Morrison but Huddersfield want more
MrRfc(5)(16)Word has it that Swansea are closing in on himHe might be happy to leave, but he's also happy to stay... ye we want more because we are in a better position where we dont need to sell him, and we have enough financial backing to buy morrison if notWhy would we give permisson to talk to him without a fee being agreed!!Little reading have offered 2 million plus morrison, that puts readings value of rhodes at 1.5 million. huddersfield already turned down 5 million from fulham, a club that knows the value of players.At the price I don't think he's worth it unless he starts from the beginning! What do you think MrRFC

RNelsBy repeating a story doesn't make it true!

Rhodes will either stay with Huddersfield or join Celtic-get used to it and move on.Me personally i think rhodes would be a good signing but at the price hudds want i think its to much of a risk. im not saying the price is unfair because at the end of the day you dont have to sell him. and the article is wrong 'little' reading are willing to give 4m plus morrison. we may not be a big club at the moment but the ambition is there and to those fans who seem to think we are making this up we are not,, and at the end of the day if we cant agree a fee we could find other forwards.
MrRfcRhodes would be foolish to move to the SPL,if he doesn't perform that could possibly be the end of him joining an English prem club. If I was him i'd show more ambition.Lad at the top you might have funds but if you want too much for rhodes we will say we wont 3 or 4m for morrison so you pull out or accept a lower deal its a good tactic really isnt it? we want your player you want ours so if you dont want to sell and ask too much we will do the same3or 4million for a player who couldn't get in your side fir the last two seasons and isn't gonna play in pre you having a laugh! We do want him bk but we won't pay any more than 500 k i wouldn't imagine if that did happen town would look elsewhere then you'd be stuck with an unhappy player who can't get a game and would slap in a teenager request


24 Jun 2012 15:08:53
Swindon Ins:
John Bostock (Spurs loan)
Troy Archibald-Henville (Exeter)

Swindon Outs:
Billy Bodin (Crewe or Torquay)
Mehdi Kerrouche (Cheltenham)
Lukas Magera (Baník Ostrava)
Mattia Lanzano (U.S Poggibonsi)(13)(7)Would love Bostock and Archibald-Henville but feel we need another keeper, maybe Staurt Nelson who left Notts county possibly?


24 Jun 2012 15:07:13
Derby are to move quickly for Rangers striker Steven Naismith, after he announced he would not be joining the 'newco' Rangers team(8)(32)If he goes for free,derby wont get a sniff.Why in the world would a good player like Naismith join mid table every year derby, keep dreaming!Better move like Billy Whizz then. The lads signing for Everton.Derby fan here would be really amazing if we pull it off but with west brom prepared to pay fee they would definately get him.But good shoutAs a ram, it'd be nice but very, very unlikely


24 Jun 2012 15:05:51
Shrewsbury Town are looking to sign Preston North End youngster Conor McLaughlin as he impressed them with a loan spell last season.(16)(2)Conor is a good player had a bad injury hope he comes back to his best form preferably with prestonHe's quite a good playerHardly impressed them!Na he is not good enough plus shrews need a CB and a good 1He didn't play very much when on loan at Shrewsbury last season, so what's changed?


24 Jun 2012 15:03:29
Huddersfield will raid scotland for the following players:
Kyle lafferty
Sone aluko (both rangers)
Dixon (free)

Town also signing clayton and mccormack (both leeds) as they both agree provisional deals to join the terriers.

Jordan rhodes is staying as he is happy with the amount of scottish players/scottish based players joining the club(9)(38)Rhodes will move to compensate for the other deals. The Scottish bit is a bit of a joke. He was at his grandads in Doncaster last week...Real Yorkshire lad. Norwich or Leeds for Jordan!That isn't the reason rhodes is happy to stay...So the you signing Scottish players will make Jordan rhodes stay, explain?
MrRfcPeople that know Jordan will also know he doesn't care whether players at the club are Scottish or not, he doesn't make the decisions about who signs, where he plays or who he plays with, he is a common sense lad who will do the job he is there to do regardless of who else there is in the team!Proper yorkshire lad? Even though hes from Oldham? and hes going to leeds? clever chap arnt yaYeah...His grandad is...Always thought Doncaster was in Yorkshire? Big move for Jordan coming up soon.McCormack is in talks with Palace.Jordan is 100% STAYING, just heard huddersfield's near receptionist is Scottish (he is very happy) he says he will sign for life if they get a new tea lady who is scottish. YOU ARE A MUPPET MATESorry but I've gota chip in here too.. his grandads from yorkshire so hes a yorkshire lad? incorrect im afriad sunshine. So if his grandad was from Iran hed be a 'proper Iranian lad?'. Have a think fellaMcCormack is not in talks with palace lol


24 Jun 2012 15:01:40
Stoke are leading in the chase for michael owen(25)(10)


24 Jun 2012 14:58:29
Cardiff city are trying to approach a few premier league young stars the signings of Joe Lewis and Jordan Mutch was just the beginning because cardiff are signing the following:
Conor Wickham
Kyle Bartley
Nathan Baker

and I saw this man going into Cardiff city stadium alex nimely-tchuimeni and got his autograph but he couldnt answer any questions but i think it would be pretty obvious........(7)(15)Why would u be down the stadiumI think nimely would be a class signing if its true, he caused us problems he's got good feet,skill pace and power.
He just needs to score more goals


24 Jun 2012 14:55:09
stoke are looking to sign
danny guthrie - free agent
jarvis-£8 million
owen - free agent
hugo rodallega - free agent
junior hoilett- free agent(19)(23)Stoke dropped interest in Rodallega a long time agoHoilett won't sign for Stoke as long as the big teams are still sniffing around. Could be a surprise deadline day deal though if no-one else signs him.Wouldn't even sign Guthrie on a free, Stoke already have a squad of average midfielders. We need players who are better than the current stock.


24 Jun 2012 14:40:09
Barnsley looking at Márkó Futács, after he didn't accept a new pompey contract, other championship clubs also have an eye on him.(18)(4)Good player and effective and has the most fierce shot I have ever seen, but he can't runAt Oakwell this week for talks, deal agreed with agentHe hasn't signed new deal, he wants to move back to UK after 4 years abroad (Family Reasons)


24 Jun 2012 14:27:51
Former FirstGroup chairman Trevor Smallwood OBE is set to take over from Nick Higgs at the helm of Bristol Rovers.(0)(8)


24 Jun 2012 14:22:48
Know for sure that James Welsh is leaving Tranmere and will sign for Preston. From his best mate.
Addo(5)(6)Be nice if you named a real player not a made up name. John Welsh has signed for Preston already, James Wallace was released by Everton at the end of the season after spending time on loan at Tranmere last season. Wallace is deciding on a contract offer from Tranmere and should be announced on ThursdayJohn Welsh left Tranmere to sign for Preston ages ago.
John_TRFCWhat a mate,you dont know hes john welsh and went to preston bout a month ago


24 Jun 2012 14:10:10
Huddersfield chairman Hoyle and his right hand man Clibbens spotted at Galpharm with a players agent earlier. All three looked like a deal had been done or near to. Dont know who he was maybe my 2+2=5. Maybe signing no 2 is imminent?. Maybe not an agent!. Defo NOT a player, too old.(6)(5)Nick Hammond, Reading's director of football ... Just a hunchSounds plausible as supposed to be double signing tomorrow one of which is Scannell after passes medical.Enough of all the rumours, just sign some already! Seems as if we're buying everyone!


24 Jun 2012 14:35:55
Archibald Henville will sign for Swindon Town this week....but the big news will be that Harry Kewell has already been in secret talk with Paolo Di Canio. He will be offered a one year deal with the option of a second dependant on Towns finishing position.(14)(15)It's sad to see Kewell fall that lowWhy dont you clear off, many strikers in the past, love playing at what ever level if they can.

What a horrible and childish thing to say.....Kewell's far too greedy (and full of himself) to play in league one. Only agreed to return to play in Australia when he was offered around 50% of Melbourne Victory's playing budget (they thought he was worth it for
marketing) . Wasn't very good either.


24 Jun 2012 14:09:48
Holt to west ham 5.5 million
Naughton to Norwich 4.5 million
Lansbury to Norwich 4 million
Moses to Norwich 5 million
Rhodes to Norwich 5 million plus Chris martin(7)(43)Of course Norwich will sign Rhodes dosent want too be a premiership player for 1 seasonBig NO. stop embarrasing the club please. and stop playing football manager, I know its addictive ;)So im guessing rhodes would sign for someone else then? whats this with everyone saying norwich will be relegated next season. more chance of villa, wigan, reading, qpr, stoke, west ham and most defiantly southampton all finnishing below norwich next season."more chance of villa, wigan, reading, qpr, stoke, west ham and most defiantly southampton all finnishing below norwich next season."....Sorry but your wrong, those teams will finish above Norwich.Moses to Norwich for 5Mill? Never laughed so hard. Considering we turned down 4m from Chelsea which is a more realistic destination. Norwich for the drop.Holt is not going to west ham he`s owner said he will not pay 6million but Everton are preparing a 6million bid for him."more chance of villa, wigan, reading, qpr, stoke, west ham and most defiantly southampton all finnishing below norwich next season."....Sorry but your wrong, those teams will finish above Norwich.


How do you work that one out. Newly promoted teams are always tipped to drop and we finished above the others last seasonI bet holt scores 10+ goals next season in a norwich city shirt and a top half of the table finish --welsh canary-- you can all knock us as hard as you want we wont be going down--otbc--Lol, funniest post i have ever readKnock Norwich all you want, makes me laugh everyone who does, Im confident of finishing above QPR, READING, WEST HAM, WIGAN, SOUTHAMPTON, STOKE I feel will come above us. Remember Saints, Hammers and Royals YOU are the newly promoted teams YOU are the favoured to get relegated, come back giving it large we are, if and when you survive and finish above us..... OTBC Lansbury yes pleaseRelegation candidates?
If I can remember rightly i'm sure we finished above Sunderland, Stoke, Wigan, Villa and QPR.
OTBCNorwich aint got 18 millionYou're right Norwich haven't got 18million. They've got atleast 20million as stated by David McNallyNorwich has got 18 million BLAD!!
OTBCCorrection. Norwich 'aint' not got 18m. last season we spent around 20m, and this year Hughton has been told he has the most finances in the clubs history, so well over 20m is expected to be available throughout the season.


24 Jun 2012 14:08:46
Derby are only going to attempt to buy 4 players the rest will be free transfers.

Michael Jacobs-(From Maguire Sale)
Johnny Russell-(Davies/Bailey Sale)
Krystian pearce-(Croft sale)
Fegor Ogude-(Original Transfer Money)

Until the Players have been sold the club wont attempt.As Maguire has now signed for Sheffield Wednesday expect Jacobs to sign.

With a large Number of players leaving and a large number had already left e.g Leacock.The club will need to fill the missing Posistions as clough wants at least 2 of every posistion so we slip up mid season due to injuries.

The Following Players have been contacted about coming in to speak to clough. To persuade them to sign.

Free transfers
Paul Dixon
Sone Aluko
Kevin Mcdonald
Karleigh Osbourne
Ross Perry
James Caton

I wasn't sure like many others but even though this fegor ogude is a bit of a Mystery. He has been in the Nigeria Squad for the Last three games so he has 3 caps.(7)(16)


24 Jun 2012 14:08:10
Ed any news on Barnsley, rumour is Keith hill is linking up with recently Australian departed Harry Kewell, you heard this? {Ed001's Note - no, nothing. Kewell would be a waste of wages.}(3)(4)Talks 2 weeks ago in PortugalKewell sign new deal with melbourne victory no to long ago. watched him play a couple times last year in a league, doesnt have the ability for championship!


24 Jun 2012 13:52:51
Thought to be a lot of activity at Peterborough in the next few weeks. One of Peterboroughs first targets is Nick Powell on loan from Manchester United.

Other players expected to come in include-

-Paul Coutts and Craig Morgan, from Preston for a combined fee of £1.1m.
-Peter Leven is expected to join for around £200k.
-Tom Kennedy is expected to return permanently for £200k.
-Jordan Bowery is likely to join from Chesterfield for £350k.

Players expected to leave are-

-George Boyd on his way too Crytal Palace for a fee of £800k.
-Craig Alcock is thought to be attracting interest from Middlesborough, but is likely to stay with Posh.
-Joe Newell is subject of a £600k bid from Birmingham City, his former club.
-Gabriel Zakuani is thought to want to move on to a bigger club. A £700k move to Burnley seems close.(11)(21)It will take a lot more than 200k for peter levenIf we can get £1.1mill for those 2 then it's good business. Though I still think Coutts will go to Charlton.The only way you will see Bowery at Peterborough is if you draw Chesterfield in the Cup Not a chance unless Posh have a million they dont wantThis whole post is a disgrace, every name mentioned is a lie. Posh do not want Nick Powell and definitely do not want loan deals. Morgan is pathetic and Coutts was ruled out in January. Also, Fergie Jnr has said that next season if all goes to plan the oldest player in the team will be 26 which is two years younger than Peter leven. Joe Newell came through our youth team, yes he comes from Birmingham but he is not a former player. And best of all Gaby Zakuani is an absolute god at posh and if he does leave it would have to be for a ridiculously high figure. He has recently confirmed his commitment to the club and the fans all adore him.Wow 1.1 mil for Coutts and Morgan ! If only !!Thought to be a lot of activity at Peterborough in the next few weeks. One of Peterboroughs first targets is Nick Powell on loan from Manchester United. -perhaps, though we seem against loans at the moment

Other players expected to come in include-

-Paul Coutts and Craig Morgan, from Preston for a combined fee of £1.1m. -do me a favour will you!
-Peter Leven is expected to join for around £200k. - good heavans no if Fry went after levan he'd most probably catch him!
-Tom Kennedy is expected to return permanently for £200k. -I can believe that though not sure it will happen.
-Jordan Bowery is likely to join from Chesterfield for £350k. - another name so anything goes

Players expected to leave are-

-George Boyd on his way too Crytal Palace for a fee of £800k. - 1.5m and I might believe you
-Craig Alcock is thought to be attracting interest from Middlesborough, but is likely to stay with Posh. - Indespensable to the 1st team
-Joe Newell is subject of a £600k bid from Birmingham City, his former club. - not a chance!
-Gabriel Zakuani is thought to want to move on to a bigger club. A £700k move to Burnley seems close.- Zakuani doesnt want to go anywhere!Nick Powell is not wanted by Posh and Zakuani wants a new contractCoutts isn't leavingHow many more time can't afford is not 500,000 we have that money and much more with sales in the last year of more than
6,000,000Zakuani on many occasions has said that he wants to stay at Peterborough for the rest of his career. Just go on his twitterI have my doubts about Coutts/Morgan joining Peterborough. Bookies have Peterborough one of favourites to go down while PNE 3rd favourites for promotion. Both have previously been involved in relegation battles and would favour bigger teams in the championship.Joe Newell is seen a star for the future, don't see why we would want to sell him at this point. Gabriel Zakuani, has said repeatedly that he is happy at Posh, so to say he wants to leave, is very wide of the mark. Posh are also not doing loans, so Powell would therefore be a non starter. as far as the incomings, maybe Couuts and Kennedy but cant see the others happening.Several Premiership clubs are seriously interested in Jordan Bowery and think he has huge potential. On that basis can't see him going to Peterborough
Bid will be 1 million minimum + sell onBowery had a decent season in a struggling side but is far from the finished article. £350k would secure him, but there are much better options currently available on free's.350K wouldnt secure Bowery's left bootYou contradict yourself and Bowery will sign for a premiership team for 1 mill + it's not a massive punt. If he is 350K in your opinion how on earth can you get some better on a free ? Ridiculous commentBiggest crock i`ve read for ages. By the way, Newell is a youth scheme graduate.Like who? On a free transfer?


24 Jun 2012 13:52:19
Craig Bellamy could be on his way to Cardiff City would like him back, i hope that doesn't cost most of our budget thoIt is very true that bellamy could come back to Cardiff


24 Jun 2012 13:52:12
spurs in for sigurdson(18)(16)Without a manager etc, I don't think soNo wayIs this the spurs who aint got a manager


24 Jun 2012 13:51:37
Leroy Lita will be back in Bristol next week for transfer talks with Bristol City boss Derek McInnes.(9)(11)I've heard that toHope its true. would provide pace upfront and a proven scorer


24 Jun 2012 13:47:26
It's rumoured that one of the unnamed clubs that are after Jason shackell is charlton. Charlton want shackell to partner Morrison a the back and will place another bid shortly because Chris Powell has set his own transfer deadline of july the 12th before going to their Spanish traing camp(8)(10)It's not rumoured, the derby chairmen has reveiled that us, Burnley and cardiff had put bids inHe also revieled that he isnt leaving so there is no point stating interest that wont become a sale.Its not about the money and fans need to get that.Even if some Money bag club offered 7 million for him its whether nigel has a replacement in his head which he has stated he dosent.Because i would be angry to see Buxton and Naylor as first team Centre backs next year.But to confirm it will be Shackell and Pearce intill Barker comes back.


24 Jun 2012 13:42:50
Ambitious league two side Cheltenham are lining up a six figure bid for Liam Hearn of Grimsby. Boss Mark Yates has made it clear to the board a top goal scorer is required in order to achieve automatic promotion this season.(7)(4)Hope you can afford his wages on 3,500 average crowdsNo they are notAverage home attendance 3015 so I over estimated!Be realistic, youre attendances were toward the bottom of the division last year, I think the exact figure is 3,424 as an average, not likely to go much above this either, so where is the money coming from with so little potential for gate income in the future?Well with playoff and cup runs yeah we probably can... and I agree that a top goal scorer is the only reason we didn't succeed last seasonOur crowds will be pushing 4000 this season and we have a lot of investment.Cheltenham have great support and attendances are on the rise, they can as noisy as any other club too.


24 Jun 2012 13:42:42
Watford forward Britt Assombalonga was going to spend the first half of next season on loan at Torquay but who knows what is going on with the takeover now!(1)(7)Let's all do the conga for Britt asombalomga na na na na {Ed003's Note - Hey! }


24 Jun 2012 13:15:06
Ed is there any news on Neymar joining a European club this summer, if so who are the favourites? {Ed001's Note - no idea, sorry, I don't know anything about his situation. Far too full of himself for my liking.}(2)(4)Neymar staying in Brazil until 2014. Probably look to move to Europe after World Cup. Sourcee: Santos chairman.


24 Jun 2012 13:33:18
Just heard from a very reliable source that Norwich City are close to wrapping up a deal for Dnipro and Ghanaian fullback Samuel Inkoom I'm told it should be completed early next week

So let's hope. OTBC !(7)(4)I've read plenty of rumours from 'reliable sources' on here which have never turned to fruition. I wouldn't hold my breath.Most definitely happening spoke with several reporters whilst in Ukraine for Euro 2012 and whenever I brought up Norwich City they would all bring up the same name Samuel Inkoom who is meant to be signing


24 Jun 2012 13:28:40
Expect a Bradford City signing tomorrow (Monday).(6)(10)Andy gray is on his way + Chris Dagnell on way back as Barnsley replace him with MidoWho??Not Dagnall, he is staying at Barnsley, Gray or Paynter.Gray apparently is on a golfing holiday this week so i don't think it will be him. Thompson maybe?I expect it to be Tom Tiawo as he is very impressed with Parkinson's ambitions for promotion and doesn't want to unsettle his young familyTom Taiwo, Nathan Dyer and Billy Paynter are the top three targetsSurely you mean nathan doyle, Nathan Dyer is highly unlikely to leave swansea for Bradford.Nathan dyer??
swanseas nathan dyer? no chance


24 Jun 2012 13:27:38
James Caton to sign a one-year deal with Derby County on July 1st(11)(3)Hes 18 not 34 why would it be 1 year.He probally wont get more than 6 games in his first season.This would be a future player not a quick impact


24 Jun 2012 12:09:57
whats happening with the pienaar n naismith moves to everton is is going to happen ed(6)(7)Pienaar is likely to sign when the transfer window opens. As for Naismith, with rejecting a new contract from NewCo he's a free agent so hopefully expect that to go through pretty sharply too. Other transfer rumors say that Everton are tabling a bid for Oscar Cardozo who is free to leave Benfica with only Galatassary and Chelsea really interested although with Chelsea after Hulk they won't have the finance to fund his move.


24 Jun 2012 13:21:11
Bournemouth intrested in Mansfield striker Matt Green.(5)(7)Not another striker we have way to meny as it isYou are going to have more strikers than a box of sawn vesta'sAfcb don't need strikers, left back, central defender and mid-fielder is on the shopping list.Unless he young i dont think they would be interested, already have 8 strikersAlready been made clear that they (AFCB) will only invest in areas ,other than attack, for the rest of the season.Groves said no more strikers just a lb and cb we are looking for so don't make stuff up its just sad


24 Jun 2012 13:18:35
Rotten ham keeper David Button will be loaned to Bristol City for the coming season.(2)(11)


24 Jun 2012 13:18:32
Football League new boys Fleetwood Town have made a sensational 600k bid for Bournemouth striker Matt Tubbs.(14)(18)Would be very disapointed if we sold him sounds gd money tho gd luck to fleetwood think they will go upHope this is true, we dont need him at afcb, think he will do well for you at league 2 thoughUnlikely, AFCB have already stated their not selling a striker and doubt fleetwood have the finances {Ed003's Note - Fleetwood have no problem financing a promotion campaign}I would cut our losses on him. He's not up to this level as we have found out the 2 previous times we signed him. It's a nice idea to have him up front because he's a local lad but he's not very good. Never should of let Bradbury near that much cash bet Crawley were laughing all the way to the bankHe'll never come back from this injury the same player, there's a reason he cant shake it off and stay fit so let him go at a loss in my opinion. He's finishedEd are you from up north {Ed003's Note - yep}Ed ive noticed youre knowledge is alot bigger with the northern teams, not a criticism just an the site {Ed003's Note - That's a fair comment to make mate,not that I don't take an interest in Southern teams because I do,infact it's fair to say I much prefer lower league footie aswell }


24 Jun 2012 13:14:36
Crystal Palace to bid 1m for Ross McCormack, replacement for Scannell.(13)(23)Town have tabled a 2 million bid already TTIDTry 2 mill, wigan haveFee from Palace with Leeds already been agreed, in advanced contract talks


24 Jun 2012 13:07:57
Sone Aluko has been seen in London. Either going to Charlton or Fulham.(12)(13)Or palaceNot good enough for epl,was only a bit player at rangers,overated.Or he's sightseeing.He is going to southampton fcPalace aren't good enough, fulham want Rhodes and Southampton have too many forwards so Charlton yeah he's coming to usBig difference Charlton have only just come up from league 1 so Effectively why would it be hard to choosen premier league or a team that will try and cement their place in the championshipSigning for Palace"Big difference Charlton have only just come up from league 1 so Effectively why would it be hard to choosen premier league or a team that will try and cement their place in the championship"

What!I really hope he signs for charlton
gr8 player and would shine for us SONE ALUKO COME TO CHARLTON PLZZ!!



24 Jun 2012 13:06:38
Nottingham-based journalist @john__percy saying former #hull city youngster Paul Anderson is set to hold talks with the Tigers next week.(6)(7)


24 Jun 2012 13:01:37
Swindon Town to sign out of contract defender Fitz Hall this week on a one year contract

Source?(8)(22)I'm afraid hes joining back up with Neil warnock at leeds


24 Jun 2012 12:58:03
The new hearts manager will be given a name of targets who are free agents, most of them in lower leagues. Gary Kenneth is a target along with Rhys McCabe who wants to leave rangers(1)(1)


24 Jun 2012 11:05:18
Hey ed, Charlton fan here, have you got any possible transfer rumours that look possible to happen!? or anyone else have any? thanks(2)(7)


24 Jun 2012 12:57:28
Just had a squeak of a rumour from witin the club that John Sheridan at Chesterfield is set to sign Lee Croft.(4)(7)Will be surprised with dave allen as chairman right tight gitI heard this as well, seems unlikely but location could swing it imo!Where is lee croft from? Wasn't he at Norwich?


24 Jun 2012 12:43:17
David Albelda is the midfielder Brighton are lining up to play with Vicente(8)(16)Sounds believable actually would be a great signingWould rather sign abit of a younger player, but to see him here would be good as he has experience and he is a decent player.Decent 50 caps for Spain isn't decent it's incredibleIt's also completely untrue.Hell no he won't leave valenciaHow do u knowDeal done!!


24 Jun 2012 12:41:53
After securing the transfer of Jordon Mutch, Cardiff will take advantage again of Birminghams financial troubles and re-sign Chris Burke.

Craig Bellamy will also sign by the end of next week.

Other targets are:
Leon Best (more likely to end up at Blackburn)
Lansbury (loan)
Joel Campbell (loan with view to permanent)

Players set to leave:
Earnshaw - 200k to Charlton
Conway - 1.1m to Derby(13)(24)Conway and earnie worth more than that.Conway won't leave and we'd want more for earnie we can't really say whose coming and going since the Mutch transfer came out of the blue (or red now I guess).If anything, Lansbury would be the one who would be loaned with the possibility of a permanent move. Joel Campbell is a highly viewed prospect at Arsenal who'll probably get a Championship/lower PL-level loan this year, and then seen in the preseason the next year.

Pakistan AFCEarnshaw is overall a great footie player but powelly was a young and hungry aim and earnshaw doesn't fit that, that's why we are trying to get nick powell on a season long loanBellamy could come back to Cardiff its on BBC sports now it was posted about a few hours ago but if he does come back and re-signs i dont expect him to sign by the end of next week.
Cardiff are considering to put a bid in for him though and we have got the money at the mo.If we were to sell Earnie it would be for a much higher price even if he is on his last year but Malky has said he does want to keep him and Earnie has said he does not want to leave.
Malky will never sell Conway he is a terrific in my opinion you just do not know what foot he will use, great work ethic, can play at a number of pos. Malky will not sell him cos he has the money to keep him and he wants to keep him, plus that is a really under-priced transfer tag for Conway Malky will not sell him for that amount if he does sell him.Youre surely joking about bellamy. he was one of liverpools strongest players last season and will fit in perfectly to rodgers style of playRead BBC website.

Also looking to sign Dixon on a freeDerby paying 1.1 Million are you having a laugh thats asmuch money as we will have to buy 8 players and we dont your him as we 5 wingersConway is not a clough player.Conway is poor hes a winger who can't beat his man he offers nothing to the team. we should pay derby to take him away


24 Jun 2012 12:26:02
stoke looking to sign 6 players
martin olsson - 4/5 million
steven nzonzi-5million
jarvis-6million + collins or higginbotham or £7.25 million
owen - pay as you play contract
maiga - £4 million
stoke also have enquired about scott dann

players to leave stoke
upson - southampton
higginbotham(8)(19)Upson has already said he doesn't want to join Soton


24 Jun 2012 12:24:06
Blackpool after Michael Owen and Luke Varney. {Ed029's Note - Luke Varney is a possibility but Owen is probably going to Stoke(3)(17)Incredible to even be in conversation for Owen. Just shows how far we've comeBearing in mind Blackpool offered Robbie Fowler just £90 (NINETY) per week, they are unlikely to be willing to meet Owen's demands.....The conversation could be

'owen would never dream of signing for blackpool'I wouldn't say signing Michael Owen means Stoke have come along way. He's not played regular prem football for years and just wants a final pay cheque for not much work. Poor signing, {Ed003's Note - It would be a lot nicer if people could put there point across without little sly digs at the end of the post,or anywhere in it to be honest. It is getting very childish at the moment,in future I will just delete. }Good to see an Ed prepared to put an end to the tedious Stoke-bashing on here. It is getting rather boring repeatedly reading comments such as "[player x] would not come to Stoke as he is a footballer, not a rugby player.", etc, yawn yawn. Keep the posts relevant, eh lads? {Ed003's Note - It's not just Stoke it can be any team and is quite frankly getting out of order,we can delete more than we post some days}


24 Jun 2012 12:10:56
Jarvis has agreed terms with stoke city from wolves soon to be anounced(10)(19)I really hope this is true!!Jarvis is having talks next week and HASN'T agreed anythingHope this is true, just need a couple of full backs, a central midfielder, Owen and another striker and we might have a half decent team.Hope wolves have got good money for himPretty sure that Jarvis will be joining Stoke and none of the others that are linked with him, he'd be great for Crouch as what he does well is get the ball in the box early and tracks back to help the full-back a lot, the problems you will get with him are batches of inconsistency, for the first half of last season he was shocking for us then excellent the second half. Maybe we could do a swap deal for Shawcross, lol.

BobbybuffonBobby..........Etherington was poor last season so will be a vast improvement, Good luck next season...........would be a good deal for both clubs (not Shawcross)


24 Jun 2012 12:05:13
Demba Ba has sparked speculation over his future by opening talks with Galatasaray. Also Debuchy has said he will only leave Lille for Newcastle.(11)(11)


24 Jun 2012 11:58:08
Oscar Gobern of Huddersfield Town to be loaned out to a northern based league 1 club to gain some first team experience.(12)(4)Oscar good enough for Championship!Good enough for championship don't make me laugh I have lads in my kids football team that are better then him and they are 13.He's only 20


24 Jun 2012 11:55:15
Hull City set to resign former Liverpool youth and Nottingham Forest midfielder Paul Anderson, 6 years after he left to KC to join Liverpool. Anderson will join the Tigers on a free next week after not signing a new contract at Forest this summer.(9)(11)I'll drive him there myself fecking rubbish!


24 Jun 2012 11:54:37
Bristol rovers have enquired about a season long loan for Mikel Anderson, Reading are after playing time for there third choice keeper after picking up a injury that side lined him for months last season.(3)(4)If he goes there Rovers fans will not be disappointed. A very good young keeper.Farrrrr too good for roversAndersen was never injured last season. Reading needed him because Mccarthy was sent out on loanHe got injured for the last 2 months thats why we recalled mccarthy but anderson league 1 or champ next season sorry roversWe've had him on loan before and enjoyed it here. dont rule it out


24 Jun 2012 11:51:45
bolton to sign leed gk this week plus matt mills(5)(8)What about Tom Heaton is FREE out of contract at Cardiff. Not a bad keeper, I think he is better than Lonergan.


24 Jun 2012 09:01:02
any news on the next gills manager? be happy with tilson, but think we maybe need a bigger name?(0)(4)


24 Jun 2012 11:32:21
final offer for Wilfred Zaha from West Ham, a decision will be made in the next 2 days by Palace and Zaha.(6)(19)West Ham have never bid for Zaha, this is pure makebelieve by some 14 year old who wishes West Ham could sign someone of Zaha's talent


24 Jun 2012 11:31:58
Stuart Holden of Bolton is being chased by LA Galaxy,Southampton and Reading(14)(5)Injury prone.Would be a great signing but I think he really likes bolton. Couldn't think why though...What a radical signinmgStuart holden is not leaving bolton but he is getting his "lucky 22 shirt"Just because someone has had their leg broken by a horrifically bad challenge doesn't make them injury proneAnother Bolton LEGEND has twitted recently wants to chnge hi shirt number only not club...... to number 22. He loves life at Bolton.Stuart Holden only said a week ago he cant wait to return and help Bolton back to the prem. I very much doubt he will go back on his word, not that kind of guy


24 Jun 2012 11:31:31
QPR and Milan have had bids turned down for vasco's Dede. This may have legs as the guy was quoted yesterday before this story broke saying he wanted to stay inspite of interest from europe. Guess we'll have to wait to see if the bids followed up i'd love to see him at loftus rd but i think Milan would be massive favs to get him(1)(7)Man city also seem very keen on him but he insists he's not looking for a move. As for QPR they might get toure if city were sucessful but with russian clubs paying crazy wages rekon toure could cash inDede whould take the chance to play in the pl but with who QPR,MAN CITY or MAN U ?The one who pays the most i'd guess


24 Jun 2012 10:48:50
Hi ed any villa rumours its very annoying so far we have hardly been linked with anybody. {Ed029's Note - Grant Holt is probably your most likely target,Kyle Naughton could join Lambert again on loan, Aruna Dindane was linked with Villa as well as Jamie o'hara and Chris Gunter.(2)(13)


24 Jun 2012 09:03:25
Bristol City are sniffing around Airey Amwallet the Finland midfielder is on a free, wages could be a problem as things are tight at Ashton Gate.(3)(5)


24 Jun 2012 11:18:50
West Ham are trying to get in there BIG signings by the end of the month ready for the home kit launch. Elia and Castaignos having medicals on Wednesday and another big player on his way.(8)(12)Everton have bid for castaignos


24 Jun 2012 11:16:43
Deal for bringing Zaha to West Ham maybe back on. Last week a package deal was agreed but Palace kept changing it. Now a only cash bid has been accepted. 3 days to see if it happens(11)(19)Dream on, Zaha's will be is the Olympic 18 squad and will stay at Palace


24 Jun 2012 11:12:07
any up to date BRISTOL CITY transfer news,(0)(10)


24 Jun 2012 10:43:18
huddersfield town have had a bid exepted for clayton and mccomack who shall be at huddersfield for july 11th if not before(10)(26)Hope this is true think they will be both great signings for town, hope they can add George Boyd and grant McCann too. Would have a decent squad then ready for next season, we still need a defender or 2 tho. JohnNo they wont, several prem teams after them, and claytons stayingAcording to the Sunday Mirror, Town are offering £2.5 million for McCormakIf we have clayton, mccormack mccann and boyd in the same midfield they we will be in serious trouble john as not one of them mentioned above have the bravery to put their foot in and we would be put into more trouble than what we can handle, granted 2 are wingers, do we need 2 more wingers? the other two are attacking midfielders, we can have one of the two wingers mentioned and one of the two central players, we also need the definsive midfielder and the centre half, possibly a decent left back such as dixon who has been mentioned.Think we do need 2 wingers as me personnally don't think ward is good enough hope I am wrong but don't think so. As for clayton think he would sit and McCann would push on and gets us playing. Whenever I watched leeds clayton seemed to get stuck in. All these strikers we are linked to I think Novak is better than most of them but heard Grayson is not a fan and told him if offer comes in he will be selling him, anybody else heard this I don't believe it myself. JohnMy mate says that Clayton is lightweight so i doubt he'll do any real defensive work. as for novak i heard that grayson was a fan of his workrate and enquired whilst he was at Leeds


24 Jun 2012 09:53:26
gillingham manager to be installed this week, will be lee clark if he doesnt get the birmingham job. steve tilson is scally's 2nd choice!(2)(7)No I think you'll find Adams is the 1st choiceWill be Lee Clark and 2/3 signings coming with him!


24 Jun 2012 09:43:11
Notts county expected to confirm the signings of jonathan
Forte and Alex Bruce this coming week.(13)(4)They would be great signing's forte to deliver the goals and alex bruce to tighten stengthen the defenceChampionship players when r they signing


24 Jun 2012 10:27:14
Mystery investors are set to pump more money into Cheltenham Town this weekend, possibly so that they can offer Luke Summerfield better terms.(2)(10)This is old news, investment was last season and Summerfield has already rejected Shrewsbury due to terms offered by Cheltenham.This weekend this is hilarious we already have Simon Keswick and another two multi-millionaire investors who pumped in £500k this season. Summerfield has already stated it is not about the money and Cheltenham have offered him a rumoured £1500 a week to stay.Shrewsbury are signing Summerfield next week.Dont forget there's a 65% wage cap of incoome for players wages so you wont have a lot of income with your crowds


24 Jun 2012 10:25:21
Cheltenham are monitoring the situation with Rene Howe and still hoping to snatch Mark Ellis both players from Torquay.(2)(8)Ellis may be Crewe bound


24 Jun 2012 10:24:49
Straker is set to sign for Cheltenham Town this week. #CTFC #ATFC(4)(7)Yes he is


24 Jun 2012 10:15:17
Ryan lowe interested in a move back to bury after he got told that he's spurles to requirements(7)(5)Confirmed contactThats bull DJ has said lowe to be given a chance in the championship and he loves it at wednesday


24 Jun 2012 10:05:18
Clough has come out and said Derby will only sign 3-4 players, with a similar amount leaving.

Michael Jacobs
Krystian Pearce
New LB (Believed to be Dixon or Jack Robinson from Liverpool on loan)
Johnny Russell/New ST

Lee Croft
Miles Addison
James Bailey
Steven Davies
Maguire (already gone)

There is doubts on Jason Shackell leaving but new news suggests that Clough and co want to keep him, with 4 bids rejected from 3 different clubs (Charlton, Burnley and Cardiff). Apart from the 5 above and possibly Shackell, no one else will leave the club.

The team i expect to start the first game if transfers are completed


Brayford-Buxton/OB-Shackell (Hopefully)-Roberts/new


-----Theo-----Russell/New ST.(2)(6)You won't get Russell, Jacobs and Northampton have had enough with derby and he is going to Charlton, and Shackell will be going to charlton tooWhat a ridiculosus post, dreaming charlton fan, jacobs will go 2 derby or ipswich, £4 million or no chance, even then i doubt it tbh,Russell is being Overated by many people
he hasnt scored hardly any goals.Just because he has decent Fifa stats dosent mean he will Recreate that.There is huge difference between the spl and Championship.The Spl is alot slower tempo therefore Russell could come and look to have average pace.Absolute Deluded charlton fans you have jut come up i have massive respect for ex rams man chris powell and know he wont be thinking this how could a league 1 team buy our best player.Hes valued at 4-5 million buy us and how ould you come up with those funds with out given us half your team.

To the guy who posted this
Ob has been confirmed to be going out on loan for 3 months to regain match fitness and get experience.Buxton will share the role with Pearce.Shackell wont be leaving.Jacobs will be definately be signing as he has told numerous amount of people.Even though all we here about is jacobs to derby our Main target is Paul Dixon as our major priority is a long term
player for the aging Roberts.It all went quiet due to us Having interest in the younger Joe Mattock But is very much back on and expect to see an article on it in sky sports later this week with us being one of the clubs chasing him.

First Team will be.

Callum Ball will play a major part next season along with Will hughes who has now moved into an Apartment shared with Bennett and Thomas after all leaving school.So they will be allowed to feature in more gamesLol at that Charlton fan. Jacobs signed today.


24 Jun 2012 09:50:20
My best mates dad, who works in Leicester City club shop has informed me that Heskey is on his way to the Walkers Stadium. Deal to be done in the next week.(13)(12)Sure he didKing Power Stadium...


24 Jun 2012 00:50:43
hi eds, any brighton news? thanks in advance {Ed001's Note - nothing concrete mate, sorry.}(2)(9)


24 Jun 2012 08:54:06
Robert earnshaw going to chesterfield(2)(14)Haha where did you hear that


24 Jun 2012 08:50:23
Cheltenham's Marlon Pack and Southend duo Ryan Hall and Kane Ferdinand to sign for Peterborough(6)(17)Peterborough would need to pay minimum £500,000 for Pack, not sure if they could afford him?Absolutely 1.5......... kerching money for old rope to be spent on another great find or twoYes, they could, and a lot more, but he's not good enough.As we have approx £11m in the bank, available for transfers, I son't see how we couldn't afford him. {Ed003's Note - really? }Don't think that we have £11 million, but whilst we do have money to spend, it will be spent on better players than these.We have been linked with Kane Ferdinand for a year and did place a bid at one point so that may not be to far wrong


24 Jun 2012 08:36:16
I know Hesky is rumered elsewhere and his links with other clubs but i have a very good sourse who says he is going to Brighton. Also an Arsenal player is in talks with Brighton(7)(15)The Arsenal player would be Miguel. Brighton have been wanting to signing him on a seasons loan. As for heskey I think every club is going to signing him lolThe arsenal player is Miguel I believeHeskey? No. The arsenal player is probably ignasi miquel.His name is Ignasi Miquel with a QYes that is the arsenal player and he is looking for a season long loan so that he can gain experience. It would be a very good signing for us as he is a solid defender.


24 Jun 2012 08:34:50
2 Rangers players (Lafferty and Aluko) joining Huddersfield Town when they refuse to transfer their contracts, expect more to turn up in the Champs with 10 players rumoured to be refusing the contract tranfer (Barry Fry on SSN saying he's had lots of calls from agents offering rangers players for free)(11)(15)Oh yeh barry fry it must be true zzz.


24 Jun 2012 08:28:48
Walsall will sign 4 players next week. They will be former Doncaster Players James Chambers, James Hayter, ex Barnet striker Izale Mcleod and Ashley Hemmings who was on loan at Plymouth last season.(10)(15)Hayter might happen but we have no chance of gettin Mcleod (who will probably end up in the Championship). He has also gone on record as saying that he wants to be challenging for promotion next season for his new club - that rules out the Super Saddlers I'm afraid!I hope to god your not having us on!Blooming hell we are signing four players may break bonser budgetThis is true


24 Jun 2012 08:06:44
Newcastle looking to sign promising man city striker John Guidetti. This will be a replacement if Ba leaves or we fail to sign De Jong. Guidetti scored 20 goals in 23 games for Feyenoord this season.(8)(11)This is true


24 Jun 2012 07:07:10
harry kewell has quit melbourne victory and is look for a club in the uk ,good luck to him and he,ll need plenty of that(22)(5)On his way to reading?Yes he,s going to BLACKBURN ,His wife has cancer Came to england for herGoing to Swindon, one year deal with further options. Will want to help the Robins go up so he can trigger a second year with the club in the Championship. Might sound far fetched but watch this space.......Funny, soton say he's going there


24 Jun 2012 07:16:03
Talks have taken place between Sunderland and Middlesbrough for a sensational swap deal between Curtis main and Frazier Campbell,Boro also hoping to hijack blackburns bid to sign Leon best from Newcastle, however Scott McDonald would have to agree to move to Wigan for this to happen, i have close links to agents involved in both of these deals(15)(33)I have heard this from a very good source also"i have close links to agents involved in both of these deals"

No you don't. Agents don't pass on the details of anything they do with regard to their clients-they are bound by confidentiality just like any other professional person who acts on behalf of someone. To then suggest that they would both pass on details of moves and agreements to someone such as yourself who would 'leak' it online doesn't border on the ludicrous, it surpasses it. Tuck your ego in, wake up and get real.Campbell worth 7m, main worth 2m, what a load of utter rubbish a swap!This is not true,no way would BORO even think of letting go of one of the brightest and youngest talents in champ, main has a shot that hasselbaink would be pried of.Is it April the 1st again this is about as true as the moon is made of cheese get a grip!Wigan don't want Scott McDonald lol, hes a average championship player... they were interested 3years ago when he was at Celtic, not now.


24 Jun 2012 03:47:06
Macclesfield Town have offered a deal to Harry Harding, 20 year old Lewes FC midfielder, and are fighting off competition from another Blue Square Premier club and a Blue Square South club for his signature.(8)(8)Wouldn't be surprised if BSS club is either Eastleigh or Havant & Waterlooville


24 Jun 2012 03:27:08
Tranmere to unveil three new signings on 28th June at same time as new kit is launched.
Jamal Campbell-Ryce, James Wallace and unknown third player (possibly left back Andy Taylor).(5)(13)Thought campbell-ryce had signed for leyton orientI knew this days ago,slow on the up take you lad. 20PowerHope this is true and hope we get a nice kit!Who's your source ? Hope this is trueJames wallace is set to join john welsh at preston 2 yr contractHe dont want to im slowly but surely starting to hate preston


24 Jun 2012 02:55:08
Swindon Town to sign out of contract defender Fitz Hall this week on a one year contract(8)(18)Never gonna happenArchibald henville will join Swindon this week, NOT Fitz HallSeen him at ground last weekSource about Archibald-Henville?Former Exeter player mentioned it, claims Henville was due talks with PDC (These would have been held by now) by parties were showing real interest by all accounts and Henville was desperate and would certainly not be asking the earth to make the move.


24 Jun 2012 02:29:23
Preston forward Keammar Daley is rumoured to be in talks with league one side Walsall about a possible transfer or a loan deal, Daley is currently transfer listed by the LilyWhites after only playing 8 times and scoring once last season

Barry Nicholson is also being linked with a move away from deepdale with Inverness, Crawley and Fleetwood said to be interested(17)(2)Please take daley he is absolutely uselessGood player, didnt really get a chance at preston. would be a brilliant signing for walsall


24 Jun 2012 02:26:24
Millwall's Shaun Batt is in talks with Doncaster.(6)(13)Well hes gone on a pre season in exeter with millwall for the next 5 days and jackett is fond of him.
Will never happen


24 Jun 2012 02:04:53
barnsley set to sign radoslaw majewski
to replace the reading bound jacob butterfield.(14)(20)Don't talk wet.
Why would radi want to leave forest for Barnsley? Forest are about to be taken over by some Kuwait dude and radi is one of there best players and was key into them staying up.
Not being funny but it just isn't going to happenReading to get gael kakuta from chelsea on loanHope he get butters


24 Jun 2012 01:13:55
Danny Murphy has completed his switch to blackburn , set to be confirmed on monday but deal has been done and signed, Steve Kean was out with Danny murphy on Sat night at stanley House, this has also been confirmed by danny murphys wife on twitter.

Leon Best Sill unsure on whether to join blackburn, along with a loan offer for Dan Gosling.

Harry kewell training at wood but told he won't get a deal.

steve kean interested in steve sidwell,

also expect another 4/5 signings.

Source - i am rovers staff(13)(25)Hope this is true , we need our spirits lifting at ewoodYou're not Rovers staff.


24 Jun 2012 01:05:17
Blackpool look set to sign 3 players next week. James McFadden will sign a 2yr deal on a free transfer whereas Ferrie Bodde will sign a 1yr pay as you play deal. The third signing next week will be Burton Albions Billy Kee who will sign for £400,000.(10)(16)


24 Jun 2012 00:55:24
Derby are set to announce the signing of Michael Jacobs later this month. The winger has agreed to join the Rams with the deal going to a tribunal. Derby have also enquired in to Sam Vokes, the Welsh striker could leave for £500,000. Other players on Derby's to get list are;

Ryan Conroy, Dundee, £150,000, left winger can play left back would be back up to Roberts.
Simon Church, Reading, £750,000, Dundee Utd have knocked back 3 bids for Johnny Russell so Derby are now after the Reading hitman
Ashley Westwood, Crewe, £300,000, Crewe are aware that Derby are interested no formal bid yet.(15)(15)Derby fan here.
Nigel onlyhas a transfer budgetof 600k b4
After Maguires moves Jacobs will complete
Only three players are being bought

Johnny Russell
Michael Jacobs
Krystian Pearce

Any other signings will be Free transfers

Our Main Priority and Top Target is Left
Back Paul Dixon.It is a Massive Suprise he
is a Free transfer and Even though hes
Got alot of Interested clubs.Clough needs
to find a left back as Roberts is 34/35 and
we apparently dont have any upcoming
Left backs in the youth.So we need a younger one and Contact has been Made
Especially after loosing out on Joe Mattock.

No to Sam vokes and Church.Its pretty
simple Derby are working towards making the club have a Balanced finance and are
almost there.So spending cash we dont have will just push us away from that.
Its all well and good saying names like Maynard.Even though with the sales of Davies and Bailey we could just about get him.There extras like the player wanting high wages.When one player has high wages the other players complain why they havent. and so on.

From what i heard there is a possibilty of
Up to 10 players coming in but only 3 will
require a fee.

I would rather let the youth come through and we produce our own than pay over the odds for an overated player.

Possible in
James Caton
Michael Jacobs
Paul Dixon
Krystian Pearce
Johnny Russell
Ashley westwood

More exciting news is of Exciting French
and Spanish Youngsters in the U18s.Scouted from an International School Football Games taken place in France.-Darren Wassall said that you would expect them to be finding it tough to settle in a new enviroment but all of them speak good english as they learnt it in school.This is not my valuation, but Reading will not sell Church for that as he is rated highly by Reading. It will need to be over 1 million for them to sell. A loan deal could happen though, I would not rule that out.

TrueLoyalRoyalI doubt if you'll get Simon Church for that sort of money as Brian McDermott rates him higher than that, there might be an option to sign him on loanWestwod plays center mid so unlikely,
never heard of conroy, any good but allededly new lb is paul dixon,
vokes and church seems like reasonable shouts but from what i understand targets were Cox and Russell, now just Russell and if we cant get him unlikely be anyne as make do wiv robinson, tyson, ball, bennett & richardsRemember when Derby got linked with exciting players?2 questions
where has cloughs 600k budget come from, never mentioned by anyone from club, thats for sure
as for church i reckon 800k would land him but ive heard no interest and i dont believe derby are interested in any loans unless its jack robinson of liverpool if we dont get paul dixonOMG. He didn't say we're signing Ogude!! Has he given up!! Haha5 clubs wanted church derby ain't 1


24 Jun 2012 00:45:32
Stevenage will swap Rob Sinclair for Robbie Wilmott of Luton Town as Sinclair seeks first team football(0)(13)Would like to see this happenWillmott is no longer at Luton.

Out of contract.

Try again!


23 Jun 2012 23:53:25
Huddersfield Town in the next few days will most likely be signing the following 4 people:

1: Ross McCormack
2: Paul dixon
3: Danny Wilson
4: Adam Clayton

These 4 shall probably be Huddersfield Town players within the next few days and in the next week or so Huddersfield will also probably sign grant mccann . i have also heard from a reliable source that lee Peltier will be returning to the Yorkshire club unless Leeds pick up their offer(5)(34)Wilson, no, the others maybeWhy not Wilson? I've heard it will be a 6 month loan deal. Good relationship between LFC and HTAFC. Don't forget Ayre was Chief Exec. at Huddersfield.McCormack and Clayton agreed provisional deal at the PharmRhodes keen to stay and play with strong Scottish contingent emerging.....Would that be the adam clayton who wants to stay at leeds, tho already received 2 mill bid from prem clubThats ambition for you, leeds to udders? lol although ur very welcome to mccormack, scores 16 goals and then thinks he's the best striker in the league. Becchio spent half the season injured and never fully fit managed 11. just a greedy scotDeluded huddersfield fans, why would clayton go to you when he was attracting prem interest in January. You won't get clayton or mccomack or McCann or Wilson or anyone whose any good under graysonOwen hargreaves.... when we sign him this week, mite let you know where i got my info from.Ross having fallen out with grayson in his time at ER will not be off to the udders. He will also however not be a Leeds utd player at the start of the season either. He'll be warming the bench at a prem league side for the cash ruling him further out of the Scottish side.The same Owen hargreaves who is getting fast tracked through his coaching badges so he can join the England coaching staff in some capacityWould that be the same Adam Clayton who is on the transfer list? The same Adam Clayton who turned down Leeds offer of new contract? Yeah sounds like the same Adam Clayton who CLEARLY wants to stay at Leeds to me!Adam clayton didn't turn down the contract, leeds put him on the transfer list after he asked for too much. He can be a very good player but needs the right player next to him in the midfield. Grayson might just know how to play him though...


23 Jun 2012 23:37:10
Hull city have made a £1.5million bid for peterborough United's Lee Tomlin(7)(24)Wat position does lee tomlin play and he must be good to be worth 1.5 millionI see that`s doing the rounds........ again.Not on the transfer list, not for sale!If your new gaffer wants to waste 1.5m on tomlin good luck!more money in the kitty for the mighty posh.At 1.5 million il snap your hands off and drive him there. then we can buy someone who doesnt lose the ball in midfield or trys to be messi and fails!On his day tomlin is quality and I think he will get back to his best and if he does he is easy worth 2 mill


23 Jun 2012 23:29:19
celtic striker tony watt joining rotherham united on season long loan(11)(16)English arrogance once again.Gary hooper isn't Going anywhere but if he was he would be brilliant in the epl.What, its not about hooperIt's not even about hooper


23 Jun 2012 23:25:11
West Ham have agreed a £7 million fee for Eljero Elia with Juventus. He will have a medical on Wednesday. He has previously played as a striker although wil is primarily a winger so he could be the player Jack Sullivan was talking about when he said that 'we will sign a centre midfielder this week (Diame-Done deal) and a striker next week'. If it is not Elia then it will probably be Castaignos for whom we have agreed a £6 million fee with Inter but I do not know when the medical will be.

190298(14)(33)Both Elia and Castaignos are set for a medical on Wednesday, they have both agreed terms. We have agreed with Juventus, for Elia, £7m and also agreed with Inter Milan, for Castaignos, have agreed for £6m, both will sign 4 year contracts.Where are they getting all the money from aren't they 80m+ in debt.Looks like west ham are getting themselves deeper and deeper in debt ,and the football league should be starting to step in and stop thisYou have to speculate to accumulate sometimes !


23 Jun 2012 23:19:19
Leroy Fer will join Fulham along with Nacer Chadli mohammed Abdellaoue n wilfred bony. Murphy going blackburn , pog has left reading in limbo after a monster contract n eurooa league football is being offered by trabzonspor of turkey. Davies bh riise n haliche will complete jols clear out n simpson or srna will be fulhams new right back.
Gecov will join Watford on loan n de le verde n smith will join millwall also on loan.(10)(6)Jealous fulham fan. Pog will sign as the work permit is almost complete and is expected to finish his move sometime next week.Pog is going to reading. Abdellaoue will not leave Hannover this transfer window. Chadli is currently in NJ on holiday. Fer... Maybe.Wow, what is up with reading fans! So you offered Pog his outragous demands. If we wanted to meet them, we would have months ago but unfortunately he had a great season and seems to have forgotten all the other seasons where he struggled with fitness and injuries! Never heard anything so frickle from the Reading lot.


23 Jun 2012 23:13:15
West Ham being linked with an 'exciting'. League 1 player. I cannot tell who it is yet but if it comes off it would be a fantastic signing to get excited about. Great time to be a Hammers fan.

190298(10)(25)Hearing it colchester utds 13goal centre mid anthony wordsworth and freddie sears thrown into dealFor a season anyway !! when you come back downIt's Jordan Rhodes Sullivan meant him as a striker like you need a new striker how many you got now 14Just about shows west hams level when they get excited about signing a lg1 playerBy any chance is it stevenage wingers Luke freemanWill it be as exciting as when you signed Baldock from League one? How's he doing these days?...Must be so exciting that were signing a league one player. get realistic mate.Ligue 1 not league 1 lol, its a player from the french first division


23 Jun 2012 22:57:19
There's a lot of BS being put on relating to Southampton FC. Most of it from wind up merchants pretending to be Saints fans. Southampton management have been clear that our club will be about evolution not revolution.

We will sign a GK. Maybe even two. Kelvin Davis is first choice. Tommy Forecast isn't good enough and after that we have three youngsters that are untested.

We will sign a CB. Our cover CB (who I rate highly) Aaron Martin has been released on loan to Palace.

We will sign a winger. This has been an area of weakness for us as we ended up playing CMs like Cork and Chaplow there out of position last year. De Ridder isn't ready IMO and will be loaned to a Championship side I would bet.

We may sign a RB and CM. Our first choice RB is Richardson who is going to be pushed by young Jack Stephens. In CM we lack a general and some creativity but I wouldn't be surprised if Adkins rewards the likes of Hammond by seeing what he can do and staying loyal.

I'd bet most Saints fans will agree with me. Those I talk to regularly are not expecting many signings. We will not get jouneymen on big salaries like Defoe. Expect players in the early/mid 20's, and possibly an Italian. I've got a sneeky feeling our Chairman may go high on wages and buy an older Italian he may tempt with his connections but that will be the exception.

Wild allegations linking us to every random player are probably made by Pompey skate WUMs(10)(16)Sounds sensible,but who are you and can we trust the info from you any more than we can the info/rumours from anyone else
pray tell.Agree with above post I'm a sth at st marys and NC does his business behind closed doors. All the rumours r bound 2 b from skates as they can't link their club with any players can they?!I agree with the first post, saints would just have to look at QPR last season and realise that wholesale changes doesn't work, not that our manager or chairman would consider this. Everything our chairman does is behind closed doors, you never see him seeking publicity like the other chairman from Reading and West Ham on Sky Sports having interviews, we will only know when we are interested in a player when he is having a picture taken in a saints shirt.

Also agree with above, there will be no "big signings" of the likes of Owen, Defoe, they would only add drama to a team that is all about working hard for eachother, Adkins would not be stupid enough to risk jeopardising thisSaints def need a new first choice RB, Richardson will get eaten alive in the PL. Thinking Stephens will just walk into the team if Richardson gets injured or struggles against Prem level wingers is misguided.

Hammond is anotther that just won't be good enough in the PL, it's a shame as I like him and he puts a good shift in, but he's miles behind the likes of Cork and Schneiderlin in technical ability.

I think the management at the club is going to have to be very harsh this summer as some of the players that have helped us to the PL are just not going to be good enough in the PL.


All these players have served the club well since our L1 days but unfortunately are a ways short of being PL quality.

I think NC will back Adkins with a sizable transfer budget,, but I think our signings will be a mix of promising FL players like Rodriguez and a few from the continent. Don't think we'll see an influx of big-time charlies like Defoe, but I'd like to see us sign an experienced PL player as our squad right now is lacking in that department.Yeah he's just stating the obvious for all you non-saints fans out thereEveryone has to take every post with a pinch of salt and stop taking every rumour seriously.Yes! couldn't have said it sweeter myself, seems sensible they are all areas of weaknessIm glad to hear some sane people on this website. posts like these will only help improve the image of the club once more after what was a daft January transfer window for rumours.
it seems Reading fans have taken the place of crazy town for this summer. NCFC fan.


23 Jun 2012 22:54:24
Kevin Kilbane will decide this week who he wants to sign for.

Three teams have all offered him deals, these are Barnsley, Huddersfield Town and Peterborough.(4)(17)Posh will not offer Kilbane a deal, they dont sign players that old and on the wages he will be onDon't be soft lad none of these would have offered him a dealHe's too old, too expensive and, frankly, not good enough.Kilbane definitely NOT Huddersfield boundFar too old for Posh. {Ed029's Note - He's 35He's going to Barnsley for a coaching job not to playKilbane has been offered a coaching role at Barnsley!Old man loking for a livingBarnsley have offered him a player/coaching roleThere is a Coaching position open at Posh, but he's nearly old enough to be the father of most of our squad.Posh are looking for a coach though!



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