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25 Jul 2013 23:19:44
Bristol city are putting together a deal for billy sharp which will b a low weekly wage 5k a week with massive bouns for goals scored and promotion and lansdown will sponsors him 10k a week from his own pocket to avoid ffp. This all hinges on Davies going to Blackpool and if city can get rid of Albert, Elliot and Pearson

26 Jul 2013 00:06:42
The only team Sharp would drop down to League One for is Sheffield United and that won't happen, so dream on.

Billy Sharp seems a long shot, but these posts keep appearing everywhere.

I think its a signing that would make up for losing some of the lads we have.

I was told for a month that Jay Emanual Thomas wouldn't drop in to league 1 and we can't afford his wages. People only stopped saying it when he signed.

The owner financing his wages out of his own pocket still counts as an investment in the club from the owner so doesn't avoid FFP

Not if he sponsors him

If Hargreaves Lansdown sponsor the player rather than just Steve Lansdown that would not be against the SCMP rules just against the spirit of them like Watfords manipulation of the loan market last year and the free transfer situation this year or Palaces transfer of Zaha to man united so they got the money but had him back on loan so they had the player as well every one looks for an edge.

I think there are lots of loopholes in FFP.

Steve Lansdown may just order 100k home shirts from the club shop. There's £3m in the coffers.



25 Jul 2013 22:52:25
Billy Sharp and Marlon Pack are both set to complete moves to Bristol City in the early part of next week.

Could it really be true. billy sharp is a known admirer of sod. so here's hoping.



25 Jul 2013 22:52:11
Norwich looking at the possibility of signing Kevin Volland. he is 20 and plays in a attacking midfielder or no. 10 role

I hope this is true, would be a very useful signing

I wish, he's a young rising star in German football and would cost somewhere around the 8 to 9 million euro's mark. Considering what we just paid for hooper I can't see this happening.

Would be a great addition to the squad with his ability and the need for another player in that position

He only signed for Munich last year so I can't see this happening.

Cost a bit but would play well and if we sold him he would be worth a fortune



25 Jul 2013 22:25:39
Scott Loach is on the verge of joining Brentford. Bit shocked with this one myself but he wants to move back to West London.

He's no. 1 at the club he supports, who are chasing promotion. Bullplop.

Doubt that's true as we already have Simon Moore and Richard lee {Ed001's Note - isn't Moore set to sign for Cardiff?}

Yeah, because we need a 4th keeper!, nonsense



25 Jul 2013 21:03:29
Udinese are hoping to tie up deals for Lazar Markovic (Partizan Belgrade), Vlad Chiriches (Steaua Bucharest) and Rasmus Falk (Odense BK) with a view to sending them on loan to Watford for the season.

26 Jul 2013 02:21:19
made up rumour!!! markovic signed a 5 year deal with benfica. anything else you wanna make up while you're at it?

Lazar Markovic moved to Benfica over a month ago, therefore the reliability of the rest of this rumour is questionable.

Lazar Markovic has joined Benfica!



25 Jul 2013 21:11:40
Hooper passes medical source tv



25 Jul 2013 20:26:31
Blackpool still hoping to complete deals for Steven Davies, Ross McCormack and Aidy White

Mccormack no because we have now bought chopra and davies deal should go through. So we don't need anymore strikers really unless ince leaves



25 Jul 2013 20:12:53
Rumour is that Cardiff city have made an enquiry about reds defender chris smalling.
Davey moyes is willing to let him go out on loan as he rejigs our defensive options

Very much doubt the accuracy of this rumour.

Can't see this to be honest but would like it as a fan but disappointment after disappointment makes me think we ain't gna land anyone who's gna help

Disappointment after disappointment? What are you reffering to? Promotion? Debt cleared? If your refereeing to our so called 'missed transfer targets' then you should probably know that Malky has only missed out on Tom Ince so far. It's the fans that make wild rumours.

Yeah, seem a bit over board to say "disappointment after disappointment", drama queen!
I think Malky is being sensible and not getting carried away in the market by paying stupid money because clubs are being unrealistic about the value of their players or said players who are just using the interest the club is giving them to anchor a more lucrative deal at another club like wanyama did. We've just paid off a hefty debt which puts us on the right footing for the future, let's not go crazy spending tens of millions on players who are unproven at a premiership level just to find ourselves back in the same situation.
I imagine you'll be the first to say what a good job Malky did if Cornelius turns out to be a goal machine.

Yeah the transfer disappointment but that's def speeding up

I totally agree, MM led us to the big time. He's trying to bring in talent but without spending silly money. Our debts have now been cleared. MM knows what he has to do and he's building a young talented squad. I have every faith that we are heading in the right direction. Its a shame there are a number of fans out there where just can't be pleased. Its about time the moaners got behind MM and the team. MDH

The debts haven't been cleared, the Langston debt had been cleared, but we now owe 7% interest to Tan on the 100 million, that will cost the club a lot more than the Langston debt

It's been widely publicised that the debt IS clear and that Tans money is converted into shares in the club. Even if it were 7% interest, it'd be a quarter of the langstone debt.



25 Jul 2013 19:54:19
Wolves will sign Aidan White from Leeds if Leeds can find a replacement.

Why would aidan white go to league 1 HAHA

I would take aidy white myself, he isnt, and never will be good enough, albeit a very talented player but he won't get us back into the premier league.

Feel free to take him leeds have 4 left backs. White, warnock, drury and youngster taylor

White has potential as being a cracking winger - a position which we are short of



25 Jul 2013 19:34:51
The Irish deal at Doncaster is off.

The Irish deal is not off as confirmed by Gavin Baldwin chief exec at DRFC north branch supporters meeting this evening.

25 Jul 2013 22:52:16
Will the Doncaster Rovers Directors PLEASE be honest with supporters and tell us if there is or was a Irish backer and if so WHY not do a deal or just resighn just be honest you do nt want success drfan

Destructive comment, the board meeting was moved back to July 31st, this is the date I presume that the Irish group will raise their heads above the parapet.

Doncaster, don't want success? So what would you call Conference to Championship, a coincidence?

I am a real fan and cannot praise John Ryan and his colleagues enough, yes its frustrating the lack of news but please get behind the board and the team, they haven't let us down yet, we were champions last season so be thankful for small mercies.

Irish consortium? What is it with Donny and rumours of Irish consortiums taking over the club; they seem to happen every few years. It sounds like BS to me, or is it uncle Ken poking is ugly head above the parapet again?
P. S. Why do we never get French, German, Uzbekistan, etc consortiums trying to take over the club?

26 Jul 2013 07:22:35
OMGosh the Doncaster deal is off/ not off ect ect does anyone truely know because as usual we are becoming a joke n that hurts true rovers fans, Sharp Givens Ireland I could go on please can we get the truth n will we have a team n yes I know JR puts Rovers first he always has! Come on you rovers whatever players we may get DR fan!

How can GB make such a silly statement saying we are stronger than last, season dos'e he need reminding we have only signed 3 permanent players, one of which is only 19 ok hopefully one for the future, another one Furman was here last season, stop insulting supporters intelligence, and for once tell us what's going off

There really are some stupid Doncaster fans out there, insistent on moaning about anything and everything. Whilst there are frustrations this summer, you cannot criticise the team or John Ryan for what he has done for our club, if there are investors then these things take time, the club will not say anything until an agreement has been reached either way, how unprofessional would it be to do otherwise. Keep the faith

Keegan just signed, what a joke not good enough for this league, and always injured, Wellens was a good player first time round but too old and injury prone, hope we don't sign him, just got rid of one sick note midfielder in Woods, surely we don't need any more liabilities in the squad. Dickov seems to talk the talk, only time will tell
Not impressed so far, think we are in for some dross next season, at least there will be plenty of opportunity to make a few quid with William hill betting against Rovers every week

What is it with Donny fans. We are a very successful small club at the moment. We are punching well above our weight. Do you all really think that the board would be allowing Paul Dickov to start the season with a squad this small. All you doubters will be singing everyone's praises when things go right. If its really that bad go and support Leedds

If this consortium was lidget it would of been sorted by now. why do we need money we must have the richest guys in doncaster there's only jr who is the main man to put is money in others r hanger ons.

26 Jul 2013 13:55:54
Fans are so negative remember where we ve been most of ya can't as I remember being one of the 1800 at the ground when we left the football league that's when all you glory supporters had Leeds and man united tattoos on your legs which have now been covered up we aren't or never will be a big club and to even grace the championship ten years after playi the likes of leek in the league is a blessing to me

What person said keegan was over rated if he's always injured how can he play? He was a good player last year did his job well to break up attacks and play the ball into midfield with simple passes, he is there to link defence and midfield you moan we don't have enough players and then moan when we are signing players, grow up and get off football manager and FIFA

What a lot of ill informed and stupid comment. The deal will take as long as it takes, it is for a substantial amount of money and also about proper application of due diligence. Whether or not the deal goes through the current board do put money in to the club. perhaps those who complain would liek to get soem fivers out and put them in the club, with no expectation of any back.

26 Jul 2013 16:09:28
2 things one the other board members have put a lot of money into the club. Secondly look at South Yorkshire times in football section it states all truths behind Irish consortium

How are others hang ons! They was the reason we signed billy sharp first time!

The fact we have made loan offers/enquires for given and sharp must surly show that the investment money is fling into the transfer kitty? We would be close to what we need to make loan bids for those players without it

27 Jul 2013 12:54:20
PD has finally said something on these transfer rumours, stating he's enquired about loan deals for Shay Given and Billy Sharp, but he's also said the rumours about Stephen Ireland are tosh.

It obvs that there is some investment because aston villa want nearly all of givens wages paying and we aren't the richest club and he is on 60k a week so put 2 and 2 together :)



25 Jul 2013 19:30:21
Have heard from a mate who works for Fulham that Matt Briggs is in talks with Brighton over a season-long loan move. He impressed in the Championship at Watford last year but still isn't near the first team at Craven Cottage.

Who did he impress? Wasn't particularly well thought of by Watford fans.

Impressed who? The only thing he impressed on me was a sinking feeling when he let Sam Vokes score a late equaliser and made himself a large contributing factor as to why we didn't get auto promotion. Poor touches lost possession cheaply and weak tackles caused all sorts of trouble for Almunia/Bond and the rest of the defence. He was the only loan that didn't work out for us. Certainly needs more regular first team action at a lower level, whether it be a mid-table Championship side or even League 1 standard.

Good luck with that as he's a big lad who can't tackle for toffee

He didn't impress with Watford last season, his work rate was appalling and his ability wasn't much better. He failed to impress both at centre back and left wing back.

I hope he does. He's got a lot, and I mean a lot, to learn. But I love watching Brighton play and maybe he'll be tutured as a more cultured defender.

Briggs was ok in attack last season but his defending was awful. People got past him like he wasn't there and he was always too far up the pitch to get back and defend

Loses concentration and lacks strength defensively.
Good with the ball going forward but crossing is erratic.

Haha! He was awful

He was useless in attack and defence! He had no pace or delivery! And players got past him like he was a ghost

He is not that bad he is young he need to learn but if he goes onloan he will improuve

He is relatively young. He's 22 and therefore no longer a proper youth prospect, more of a young player.

He's not that young, he's 22. It would suggest he doesn't have a future at Fulham.



25 Jul 2013 19:19:13
Swansea striker Rory Donnelly is joining Peterborough

Good player - scored a couple of goals so far in their friendlies.

Donnelly is going nowhere. Will be used as backup striker at Swansea City. Too good to go out on loan, sorry.

Posh are reported to be after two strikers by Barry Fry so is viable

^ I would like to agree with the above comment about Donnelly going nowhere and being used as a back up striker, but, first team experience is what is going to make this lad better and if Laudrup gets in another descent striker, then Donnelly would benefit from a (short-term) loan IF first team is GUARANTEED.

If another striker doesn't come in, I can see him being the number three behind Bony and Michu. But Michu wants to play his season predominantly from his preferred misfield position.

Let's wait and see what transpires. Not long left now until it all kicks off :)

Donnelly is part of Swansea's plans. I highly doubt he'll go on loan.

This could be Donnellys season to break into the first team with Swans.

A short loan may be an option but swansea will more than likely wait until January see how the flow is with the team and Rory himself

Donnelly will be picking up game time at swansea this year, he's not going out on loan



25 Jul 2013 19:04:45
Watford are set to sign Algeria international centre back Essaid Belkalem - season long loan from (guess where).

Some team that isn't Granada or Udinese?

Not going to be a loan, going to be a permanent signing.

Not a loan. get over it onwards and upwards coyh

26 Jul 2013 11:35:08
let's put the watford situation into perspective. not good enough to get promoted even when they have a team full of fancy loanees. every fan of every other club wants you to fail, and fail you will. to get out of the championship you need players prepared to fight hard for their club. you don't get that from loanees, rejects or exiles. you have a team full of other clubs unwanted or unneeded players and you are paying the bill. not so clever after all is it?

We shall see in May 14 lol COYH

You conveniently or stupidly (your pick) leave out the fact that the loans of last season said that they wanted to return themselves, probably because they don't want to be benchwarmers. Rejects they may be, but those rejects got to third and the play-off final, you don't get there without heart and you don't get there without quality. So clearly they care about the club, or at least as much as your average money obsessed footballer, of whom we English breed so many (see Wayne Rooney). At the end of the day, all your whining and your cries of 'it's not fair!', will not stop the inevitable. Be it this year, the next, or the next, Watford will get promoted.

As opposed to players like Jermaine Beckford who've played for 80,000 clubs in their career, underachieved at all of them, but at least they're English.

26 Jul 2013 21:10:45
It takes one look at Fernando Forestieri's or Cristian Battochio's twitter pages to see how much these players care about Watford. After the win against Leicester, they were out in the town centre celebrating with the fans. To say they don't care is simply untrue.



25 Jul 2013 19:04:02
Huddersfield town looking to loan jamie vardy from Leicester city if they manage to ship out Higgs and crooks out on loan. Also Spanish trialist lopez has had his trial extended.

That would mean we'd have 5 strikers if we offered Lopez a contract as well. Vardy isn't needed. A centre back is though!

I really hope we sign him, although I haven't seen him play, everyone who I have spoken to who went to the match have said he played well and everyone on here seem to think the same.

I just hope we don't delay after extending the trial and regret losing out. Get him signed up!

For god's sake, mr lopez has played one game, he did well, but you don't rush these things. if he is good enough town will sign him, if he isn't then they wont. town fans r far to quick to think omg what a start player that lad is. I can remember quite a few trial players I have seen at town, who were let go and they ended up in the conference, but other town fans were like he is a star. let robins have a look, he will do what is right.

I think if he does the same on Saturday at Oldham, hopefully with better service to possibly score then he'll be signed up on the day or soon after



25 Jul 2013 18:28:53
QPR have put in a bid for austin hooper on his way to norwich

Well GARY hooper has passed his medical at norwich city so watch this space.

Could be the love child of Charlie Austin and Gary hooper. Sounds like an exciting prospect

Ooh, let's hope the celebrity sex tape of that particular conception never finds its way into the public domain

Who in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is Austin Hooper?



25 Jul 2013 18:25:18
Reading set to move for QPR's Jamie Mackie who recently put in a transfer request after he was given few chances under Redknapp.

Looks like he's going to Forest. Fee agreed & medical tomorrow.

25 Jul 2013 22:12:57
Already done

25 Jul 2013 18:25:18
Reading set to move for QPR's Jamie Mackie who recently put in a transfer request after he was given few chances under Redknapp.

Again reading too slow. Another quality player gone

He has signed for Forest already!

Mackie signed for Forest 3yr deal official

26 Jul 2013 00:32:36
hes gone to forest. their owner has confirmed

Good luck to Mackie I guess he got fed up with watching overpaid tripe getting picked ahead of him. In all fairness though he's no great loss and its only his work ethic that has got him as far as he has. Footballing ability wise i'd have honestly though Forest would be looking for better

Mackie is exactly what forest want if its reading qpr wigan at home on a sunny saturday or yeovil or Bournemouth away on a rainy tuesday night mackie will give nothing less than 100% quality signing good luck and all the best for 2nd place this year hope 'arry sorts you out.

Mod red

Thanks Jamie, top man for the r's. Forest you will love him, great player and great man, good luck, a hero's reception awaits at loftus rd,

Nice lad but has very limited ability and was only a sucsess due to the fact he done all Adels donkey work. When he got fed up with running himself into the ground whilst overpaid stars put in little effort his game fell away. Maybe he can do a similar job at Forest but he's no match winner.



25 Jul 2013 18:23:34
john brayford bid accepted from cardiff, fee thought to be in the region of 2mil, formalities concluded on friday
burton mail
a web site

25 Jul 2013 22:16:07
is it true Brentford goalkeeper simon moore, is about to sign for Cardiff on Friday, hope not will be a big loss, reminds me of joe hart

The rumour of Simon Moore seems to be strong online. As a Cardiff fan, we said Joe Lewis was a prospect and he hasn't featured, so why go for another 'prospect'?

So what are you saying. Should we buy a rubbish keeper rather than a player who has obvious talent!

Burton been offered to sign bury goalkeeper Trevor Carson, this isn't a rumour but a fact.

Does that mean Bury have offered him to Burton or that Burton have placed a bid?

Bury letting him move, so was offered to burton, and guest what" the goalkeeper coach" at burton said he didn't fancy him, is he on the same planet as us, northern Ireland international, and he is coming off with that. We don't even have a goalkeeper for start of season.

If Kevin Poole doesn't think Carson is good enough. He's not good enough.

I trust Kevin Poole's judgement 100%

Carson was at chesterfield, they let him go kev poole is spot on.

29 Jul 2013 14:23:47
Hi Ed any burton albion news gone very quiet



25 Jul 2013 18:21:53
Watford are going to sign Algerian 24 year old defender Essa�d Belkalem. He will be the clubs 16th signing this summer on a free transfer confirmed by the udinese sporting director.

Will be good defensive cover.



25 Jul 2013 17:48:34
Raffe the Vita to sign a 1 year deal before Saturday for Bradford City

If it's going to happen it'll be monday latest. Otherwise PP will move on to other targets

He has already signed, it will be announced today.

That sounds very likely. Raffa was one of a number of players who were photographed as part of a new major sponsorship deal at VP. It would be very embarrassing for the new sponsor and the club for one of the players on the sponsor's photos to now sign for another club!

Raffaele De Vita signed for Bradford City today, press announcement to follow.

Woods remains on trial and is likely to sign as well. Lee Camp interested but wages a problem

When you have no club why is the wage a problam, choice, wage or nothing, no problami



25 Jul 2013 17:22:31
John Brayford singing for Cardiff tomorrow, in the region of 2million pounds. Source : tv sport.



25 Jul 2013 17:12:20
Derby accept £2m for Brayford from Cardiff. Move to be finalised Friday.

Has to be tommy spurr we go for then surely?

Or cyrus christie?

Tommy Spurr is a left back

Freeman can fit that role perfectly



25 Jul 2013 17:08:24
Stuart Pearce is bang on to be the next Swindon Manager, the contract is being finalised, he will be able to bring in his own no 2, Coops will stay on at town as a coach, this will be announced before next Wednesday.

I think this right I been told this story today.

Lives locally, seems to match some comments Jed made earlier this week. Not sure if it will happen though

No chance for Pearce, it will be cooper it Hartley nailed on its the cheapest option.



25 Jul 2013 16:39:35
ED- heard the trialist lopez who barnsley had played for huddersfield last night any truth in this? {Ed003's Note - only from what was posted on here mate.}

I can confirm that he did play last night at Huddersfield against Real Betis. He came on for Vaughan after 62 minutes. Although I wasn't there, by the sounds of it he played well.

25 Jul 2013 20:45:53
Yes he did looks a quality player his movement is very good just needs a bit more fitness

Lopez came on for last 20-25 minutes and looked good. Huddersfield are also extending his trial.

David flit croft just dealed a 2 year deal with Aaron McLean

Er no he hasnt

26 Jul 2013 12:33:47
Is Lopez your on about, the Lopez let go if it is sign him up, couldn't beleive we let him leave, quality player if it's David Lopez, Brighton fan, cheers!

Cristian Lopez mate, we don't have a hope in hell in signing David Lopez!

Christian Lopez mate

26 Jul 2013 17:14:09
My last post about Lopez, it's not Lopez I thought it was, apologise for that my mistake, good fan, PS of player though David Lopez,

It's not former Ath. Bilbao player David Lopez, it's Christian Lopez Santamaria (former Real Madrid B player) Tbh i'm surprised you've let David Lopez go aswell. Good luck to the Seagulls next season. You battered us home and away last year & thought you were a sure bet for promotion!

Had no idea Seagulls had let David Lopez go, but no this is a different guy. However either one would be good! But we're only looking at Cristian Lopez. Cheers.

26 Jul 2013 20:56:46
Why not out off contract on a free mate, great player, i'm annoyed we let him go,

I am hopeful that the Reds will have a better season. We have a good manager who seems to know where he is going. Can I wish the club a successful season. Hopefully, we might not be continually fighting relegation. Give the supporters a season to remember, we certainly deserve it!



25 Jul 2013 15:42:30
Sheffield Wednesday targeting Reading striker Simon Church after missing out on Michael Chopra.

I don't know about missing out, gratefully avoided!

Church is a free agent. We have signed a foreign striker and Leroy Lita is imminent.



25 Jul 2013 15:42:11
West brom have 3 signings imminent but in typical Peace style are waiting for bids to come in for other players before they are confirmed.

Clarke has said that he needs 4 more players to the current squad, with one being GERA, however his current squad in his plans doesn't include Odemwingie or Dorrans.

WBA have turned down loan bids for the pair and are hoping to get fees for both players, Odemwingies most likely destination is Palace however this has stalled due to Palace realising they are the only club in for him and are therefor not willing to pay any more than 1.5 million, with WBA wanting closer to 2 million.

Clarke wanted to use Dorrans in his squad however the player has repeatedly asked for a move closer to home and Clarke doesn't want any player who isn't 100% committed. His most likely destination is Celtic who will use the money from the Hooper sale.

Clarke is becoming frustrated at the fact no incoming transfers have been announced yet, it is believed the 3 players coming in are:

Kalou 2.6 million
Gardener 2. 5 Million

The most interesting news I found out is that WBA actually have the pick of Vydra (Loan) or Sinclair (Loan)

However they are holding off to see how the Rooney Saga pans out, they genuinely believe that if Chelsea buy Rooney then they will be able to get LUKAKU back on loan. It is 100% confirmed that if LUKAKU goes back on loan it will be to WBA, this has been confirmed by the players desires as well as the links between chelsea and Clarke.

Source: Journalist for WBA was allowed to sit in on a meeting between Garlick and Scouting staff.

Yeh right WBA have the pick of Vydra (Loan) or Sinclair (Loan), what planet are you on Man City & Udinese would much rather sell the players than loan them, so if someone comes in with the right bid, No chance a loan to WBA.

What you want and what you get are 2 different things, even if Chelsea sign Rooney, Lukaku will remain as part of their 1st team squad.

Kalou gardner sinclair vydra all possible lukaku not a chance

Unknown striker is d bent

Would love darren bent at the albion

Unknown striker is vydra (on loan)

The fact of the matter is that no clubs have come in for Vydra or Sinclair to buy outright, therefor WBA do have the pick of these two attacking options. If you look online hours after this was posted WBA made an official approach for Vydra, as well as stepping up interest in Sinclair. ONLY ONE OF THESE WILL BE COMING IN as well as Kalou.

The Kalou deal is stalling at the moment as he wants to come to wba over West Ham United however, he is only willing to take a paycut from his wages at Lille if WBA give him assurances about playing as a central striker.

If the Kalou deal falls through then you can expect both sinclair and Vydra to join.

As for Darren Bent his name was mentioned several times. Positives were that he would be happy to stay in the Midlands, that he can score goals in the Premier League and the scouting staff believe that if he gets 20+ games a season he will score goals!

However it isn't something WBA are pressing on with, due to the fact it was agreed that the fee + wages would add up to to much due to Bents agent telling the club he would want a min 4 year deal where ever he goes.

Great post by the way. The mainstream media have backed up what you posted today. Nice one.

The four signings will be, kalou, Gardner, Sinclair and Moses

Quick update from the original post from the author :

Kalou will fly in for a medical Friday or Monday.

WBA have tried to add a view to buy clause in the Vydra deal.

Clarke has asked ANELKA to talk to Kalou when he arrives.

Looking very positive on the Kalou front!

Id love moses to join, we will have joe cole, hilario, benayoun and drogba next! Chelsea old XI

Would be over the moon with them four players

Is thia actually true about kalou flying over?

Whats happening with kalou? Is he joining us?



25 Jul 2013 15:28:58
Aaron McLean to sign for Barnsley today along with John Stones on loan.

25 Jul 2013 21:55:08
I hope Mclean does well for you, one thing you will get is 100% effort. Allthe best for the new season from a Hull City fan

Nothing will be done today. mclean maybe in next week or so and john stones much as I like him is not coming back today mate, he will wanna be getting used to everton squad life working his way up the ranks into the squad

Cheers m8 same to you in prem



25 Jul 2013 14:52:14
It seems John Stones is being tracked by Wigan as well as Barnsley



25 Jul 2013 14:39:48
I can confirm now that Ross Turnbull has just pulled up a Rockliffe. Two year deal likely to go through.



25 Jul 2013 15:18:40
First time post on here, long time reader of football-rumours.

A workmates sister is Jordan Ibe's girlfriend and he reckons its a done deal that he will sign for Leeds on loan. Apparantly after he was told he could go out on loan he asked to be offered to Leeds because his girlfriend is about to start University in Leeds this year.

(I'm a Blackburn fan and have been trying to get my mate to persuade Ibe to sign for us!)

To young to be loaned out, ant

Whos he play for mate?

Seems legit, in desperate need of a winger

Liverpool is about 1 hr 15 min from Leeds. Not far so I doubt he's asked asked to go there.

Its at least 2 hours with traffic



25 Jul 2013 14:07:26
Zola has confirmed last night that watford are looking to bring in a keeper. Maybe 2nd or 3rd in the goalkeeping order at the club after almunia or bond.

Free Agent Lee Camp is one GK Watford are looking at

Would love to see Craig Gordon but I highly doubt that he wants to sit on the bench all the time

If we got Craig Gordon then I am not sure he would sit on the bench. If he did Bond would go out on loan which would be good as he needs to play week in week out to get experience

Gordon apparently has got a knee injury which means he will fail a medical. It looks like its going to be Lee Camp, but I wonder if Steven Harper is still available? I seem to remember he signed for someone or other but can't quite remember who?

Oh, he signed for Hull. Oh well, Camp's still a decent keeper.



25 Jul 2013 14:03:31
Owen Coyle is waiting to hear whether Liverpool will allow Andre Wisdom out on loan and is also interested in taking Chelsea's Josh McEachran in a similar deal.



25 Jul 2013 14:11:43
Nick Powell is at Oakwell today as Maurice Watkins calls in a few old favours from former employeers Man Utd. Utd are due to agree to let Powell go on a season long to Barnsley.

Cant see it pal I think a prem club or top championship side will get him

This would be amazing if its true



25 Jul 2013 13:58:55
Wigan are in talks with West Brom over the signature of defender Liam Ridgewell.

I don't think so

Think you meen fulham not wigan



25 Jul 2013 13:34:26
Charlton are targetting Craig Mackail-Smith who is unsettled by the change of manager at Brighton.

25 Jul 2013 14:52:23
Love to know why someone thinks he is unsettled, every player starts with a clean slate with a new manager, not true I think!

He is injured

That would be a good signing and show a bit more ambition! Lacking proven goalscorers and the likes of Fuller are not the answer.

Would be a great signing

Mackail-Smith is still recovering from injury and is not anticipated to be back playing until the beginning of October. It is unlikely Brighton's new boss would let Mackail-Smith go until he Garcia has had a proper chance to evaluate him. Of course if a £3million + offer were made that might be different. Can't imagine anyone signing an injured player or Charlton offering that size of fee.

And what pray will Charlton pay the £2m plus fee with??

If we had the money we would have spent it by now

Damn I hope this is true quality player saw him score against us at the valley rapid I doubt he wold leave though

And we shall pay for him and his wages with some magic beans

How can he be unsettled? He has not started training yet, as a result of his injury last season. No one would want him in his current condition anyway. Most BHA fans are waiting for him to be 100% fit---and to to fit in with Oscars plans

Utter rubbish he's still injured won't be back till mid September and has travelled with team to watch!

Think we should just pay the money and go for Le Fondre instead, need a poacher that can also be creative.

Hes injured plus I quote " i'm loving the look of the new manager and the style of play, I think it should be easier for me to play better now we are playing 3 upfront"

25 Jul 2013 17:32:33
"Love to know why someone thinks he is unsettled, every player starts with a clean slate with a new manager, not true I think!"

Could that have something to do with the way the last one left?

Cms will not leave

Can you pay for players with shirt buttons now? Last I heard, we're skint!

They wouldn't be at to afford him he would cost about 2-3 million as we would sell him at least what we bought him for (around 2.5 mill)!

26 Jul 2013 10:41:56
CMS is only a proven striker in league 1. Not in the Championship, his first touch is poor and he doesn't score enough goals (Brighton fan)



25 Jul 2013 13:03:57
West ham linked with a move for Silvestre Varela of Porto after £5m bid from Besiktas was rejected. Hammers are expected to try and move in before an improved bid is received from Besiktas

This guy is high on the hit list at Besiktas and its understood he will leave Porto to join Besiktas



25 Jul 2013 12:58:37
Aaron McLean and marlon pack to join Bristol city before Friday and will be involved at Bournemouth the weekend and Steve Davies is in talks with Blackpool 800k fee agreed

According to Alistair Durden the fee for Steven Davies is £500,000

I heard £600k + add ons, but to be honest it doesn't really matter much.

If the clubs are happy then I am happy.



25 Jul 2013 12:58:04
Ipswich Town are to announce the signing of Tom Carroll (Spurs midfielder)by the end of week.

If only, shame this rumour looks false, I'd rather this than Tunnicliffe!



25 Jul 2013 12:39:16
Peterborough United will look to complete the signings of two strikers by early next week.

Both players are currently away on pre-season tours but will return this weekend.

The players are believed to be Saido Berahino from West Brom and Nahki Wells of Bradford City

Bradford City returned from their pre-season tour last Sunday.


How many more times are we going to here this nonsense rumour. Nahki Wells himself has no intention of leaving City for Peterborough - he's already said. The Bantams board are peeved off with 'Boro also not only because they offered a paltry £750k for him but they also went public. Unless an offer of £2. 5-3m was on the table - whether he's worth it or not, then he's staying put since he's contracted for 2 more years.

Nahki Wells isn't on a pre season tour. That was last week. Wrong. Again.

Bradford returned from Ireland last sunday! Won't be him.

Blown out of the water. Bradford are not away on tour, so not Wells

I really do hope so, get these two signed on and we're a certainty for top spot

Both those rumours been denied by the posh chairman today. The Wells one been denied for like the 100th time!

Peterborough why would he go there Bradford big club you aren't full stop

After we have 2 bids in for strikers and want them both also that the bids had yet to be accepted due to the fact that the players WERE away with their clubs on tour, Bradford WERE away on tour so we may have a bid lined up, i'm hoping one of the bids is for Berahino, looked every bit as promising as Gayle before his injury

Bradford WERE away on tour yes. The original post says they ARE CURRENTLY.

It's been known for a couple of weeks that posh had a bid rejected - but everyone knows that we haven't followed that up.

That wasnt my full comment and I was explaining as this is just misquoted, Fry's statement said WERE not are

Won't be Berahino West Bromwich are not interested in selling and their Manager does not want him to go on loan below Championship level

For the chap who stated as fact that POSH only offered 750k for Wells. Let the record read that that offer would have been a POSH club record which would have made it a min of £1.1m.



25 Jul 2013 12:20:39
Arsenal set to bit 45million for Suarez, as player wants to move to the club, he is set to hand in a transfer request in the coming days. Also we are hoping to conclude a deal for Bernard from Atletico Miniero, a fee of around 18-20 Million being suggested. Still in for Cesar, as he wants to stay in london. Hearing also we are in for Valencia centre-back, Adil Rami at a price of around 8-10 million!




Doubt it.

25 Jul 2013 19:15:03
When you say bit is that a joke or a mistake



25 Jul 2013 12:15:41
West Brom have made a tentative enquiry about Darren Bent. Nothing more than that. Just checking out wages etc. Not sure if it will be followed up. Doubt it unless he is willing to take a considerable drop.

Hope this is true



25 Jul 2013 12:53:03
Ipswich Town are set to make a bid for wolves striker Kevin Doyle.

No they are not, they cany afford him!

Well they aren't going to get him, if he leaves he's going to go to Celtic

Ipswich don't want doyle! he's nowhere near the quality we want and he doesn't score enough goals. Very overrated

Screams overrated.



25 Jul 2013 12:52:18
WBA are looking to bring in one time West Ham targets Matej Vydra and Salomon Kalou. It also appears that Newcastle are in talks with QPR and Aston Villa over Darren Bent and Loic Remy (another west ham target). Sam Allardyce did stipulate at the beginning of summer he wanted to get his business done early and as time runs out it appears his striking options are less and less as clubs move on for those remaining quality strikers

Can't see Newcastle getting Remy unless the player is willing to take a big pay cut. My thinking is he signed for the money so why would that change now. I can't see QPR paying a % of his wage either as they don't seem keen to offload him and having lost out on hooper need a striker. Also the buy out cluase of £7.8 million is only applicable in the summer 2013 window after sept 2nd his value will be set by QPR



25 Jul 2013 12:45:14
West brom have enquired about Scott sinclair



25 Jul 2013 12:45:14
West brom have enquired about Scott sinclair

Talks have commenced between CITEH and WBA for sinclair



25 Jul 2013 12:53:03
Ipswich Town are set to make a bid for wolves striker Kevin Doyle.

Hope not dosent score we need a box strker sniffer r billy sharp



25 Jul 2013 12:52:18
WBA are looking to bring in one time West Ham targets Matej Vydra and Salomon Kalou. It also appears that Newcastle are in talks with QPR and Aston Villa over Darren Bent and Loic Remy (another west ham target). Sam Allardyce did stipulate at the beginning of summer he wanted to get his business done early and as time runs out it appears his striking options are less and less as clubs move on for those remaining quality strikers



25 Jul 2013 12:45:14
West brom have enquired about Scott sinclair



25 Jul 2013 12:31:22
Reading are in talks with 6'4" Japanese international striker Mike Havenaar.

Reading have also agreed a fee with Crewe for Max Clayton. Reading striker Gozie Ugwu will go the other way on a season long loan.

Where is the proof about the Clayton deal? Seeing as he is being looked at by several prem clubs I find it hard to believe



25 Jul 2013 12:29:38
WBA have made an official enquiry for Scott Sinclair.



25 Jul 2013 12:25:05
Richie Wellens is training with doncaster rovers

Wellens won't be signing, nor will any of the other names banded about, the Irish deal is off, odds are that JR will resign when he returns from his current
business trip

25 Jul 2013 16:51:09
Luke McCullough what does any body know about him apparently he has signed I don't know nothing about him

Wellens is training with Doncaster I was there today also there were also a few more trialists I didn't recognise including a goalkeeper but no sign of all these big names we are connected with and I believe that the investor is just a rumour I hope not because at the moment we are a laughing stock in the transfer market once again.

Wellens is past his best and keeps getting injured and shows what Dickov will sign and see he's signed a kid from UTD.

he only signs kids and loans.

Why would jr resign he supports donny since he was a boy and the only reason Ritchie didn't sign last time was Leicester were being tight and wouldn't be cheap but now he's a free agent we can afford him

25 Jul 2013 20:09:13
He is a man united accadamy capt center back just released by them and has been with all close season n played all friendly games here n Portugal evidenly very usefull

We are been laufghed about all over the football scene. Talks about a Irish Investment, Can not tie up deals with exsisting players, Lost Mvoto and likely to loose Forrester. No Keeper, lost main keeper to rivels after promising a coaching role or ambassador role, Only players coming in are low key, and just re-newed a contract to a over-rated midfielder. What do you thinks Ed? Oh and to topall that we will most likely give Harper a new contract, Worst player I have ever seen.

26 Jul 2013 23:46:41
Bit harsh on harper especially when we had Martin woods now he was the worst

Wellens is class and I still believe he can do a good job in the mid



25 Jul 2013 11:44:37
Aaron mclean was watching bristol city v reading last night. Does this mean he's signing?

No it means he was watching Bristol city vs reading

Where was he? Didn't see him, Ashton Gate's a big place obviously!

For Bristol City or Reading?

I was there and didn't see him, does that mean he isn't signing? I started this rumor on here a couple of weeks ago just to see if people would believe it. Obviously they have.

WHen I heard aaron mclean was a freebie I was like whoahh. he would do down the gate. scored lots for the mighty Peteboro in the championship n league1. we will make enough money out of Davies n Albert to get a decent striker at league1 level and mclean fits the bill.

McLean has signed for Barnsley

Has he? you sure?

McLean has not signed for Barnsley. Barnsley are talking with Hull City about the situation and might make an offer to the player.



25 Jul 2013 11:41:52
Swindon town competing with Rangers to sign Brian Mclean who has just been released by Dundee Utd

You can have him he is crap. trueblue.



25 Jul 2013 11:33:23
Apparently Lewis McGugan has fallen out with Gianfranco Zola. Not sure on the reliability by my mate in Middlesborough reckons they want him on loan now

Complete rubbish as Zola played him last night

25 Jul 2013 13:05:32
Zola was singing his praises after last nights friendly at Peterborough so (1) something must have happened on the coach on the way home and (2) your Boro mate must have picked up on this incredibly fast. Boro fans have linked them with virtually every player this summer and signed none of them but apparently are about to land Suarez and Rooney

From Watford Observer report on last night's friendly :

Lewis McGugan and Almen Abdi also linked up well during the first half as the Hornets created a host of shooting opportunities.

Zola said: "I thought Iriney and McGugan were the two most positive players. Iriney does exactly what needs to be done, he is always in a good position and plays simple. He was really good.

"He was probably only behind McGugan in terms of performance. Lewis today was really good

I'd love him at Boro but he's only just signed and Lewis is a quiet lad to quiet to argue with his coach. As a former Forest youth coach I can tell you he'd trust anything a coach said to him

Boro fan we will get sharp and albert and a cb then wil be loans end ov just watch.

Boro will not sign Adomah as he is going to Wigan

Sorry but its sad to say we have missed out on all our targets because Boro dilly dally the only signing coming to Boro will be Kieran Dyer type cast offs and as a season ticket holder I feel betrayed by the club. I find a lot of fans seem happy with mediocrity but I think that's poor standards if your happy with that even Darlington are showing more ambition even in the Lennie Lawrence days we didn't spend big but least the ambition was there. Utb but first division football next season then out of business again unless the rumour is true and Gibbo sells to breath new life into the club.


Chazlad - what evidence do you have that we have dilly dallied.
You can't force a player to sign
Just because you hear a rumour that doesn't come off doesn't make it the clubs fault.
The player may have delayed. The rumours may not have been true.
This is not fantasy football!

I'm not surprised players might have stalled; knowing that Mowbray shows the charisma and passion of a dying trout



25 Jul 2013 11:21:35
Fulham have held talks with Roma over the signing of Italy forward Pablo Osvaldo. (Times)

Ilombe Mboyo has been offered to Fulham after a proposed move to Anderlecht stalled over Gent’s valuation of the player. (Times)

Fulham hope to sign Junior Malanda, Zulte Waregem's Belgian midfielder. (Times)

Newcastle are the front runners to sign Aston Villa striker Darren Bent after Fulham ended their interest in the former England striker. (Club Call)
Fulham are set to make a surprise move for Uruguay international Walter Gargano. (talkSPORT)

Fulham are interested in bidding for West Brom left-back Liam Ridgwell, who has 12 months left on his current deal. (Mirror)

In: Maarten Stekelenburg (Roma, £4. 76m), Sasha Riether (Cologne, £1. 27m), Fernando Amorebieta (Athletic Bilbao, Free), Derek Boateng (Dnipro, Free).
Out: Mark Schwarzer (Chelsea, Free), Alex Smith (Swindon, Free), Dan Burn (Birmingham, Loan).
Released: Chris Baird, Simon Davies, Mahamadou Diarra, Thomas Donegan, Corey Gamiero, Giorgos Karagounis, James Musa, Richard Peniket, Mladen Petric, Csaba Somogyi.

Karagounis signed on for another year

If I was Steve Clarke I should take Baird, diarra and petric. 3 quality players that will improve the squad and none of them require a transfer fee which is how west brim like to do their business.

Baird yes diarra no injury prone and my tortoise has more pace than petric.

Has diarra left the club he is still on club website need more quality fulham than youve wrote there i'm afraid to bolster our squad

Petric may not be quick, but his left foot is insane. Out and out poacher. deserved more game time, just Jol favours a 4-4-1-1 system.

Petric will get goals in the prem league - a real goal poacher, good player but just didn't fit in with Fulham's style.

Osvaldo from Roma to Fulham is a real rumour - not sure how he will fit with Berbatov and Ruiz but it sure could be fun football at the Cottage next season if this deal goes ahead.

Fulham really need a pacey line breaker up front and not sure Osvaldo is this player - he is more like Berbatov rather than something different.



25 Jul 2013 11:14:11
norwich city have agreed a fee for Gary hopper and is due to have a medical today. source tv news

Good business for your team, Hoops proved himself in Celtics group stages qualification knocking out Benfica and Spartak and scoring against Barcelona.

He scored against benfica no barca

Hooper just passed his medical

Passed medical too, waiting for the pen to paper moment now, followed by shirt holding photo

There are better strikers out there, but as it is world cup season I think both Celtic and Norwich will be happy with the outcome as his season he will try even harder to make the World Cup squad. Will Be a good season if he gels with the wolf

Um everyone keeps on about the wolf being world class he's good he's not world class carm down many players go from good to bad to much on top of him now I think hooper will out shine him I think hooper will come here with something to prove



25 Jul 2013 11:13:26
Stephen Ireland and shay given coming to rovers according to sources. A BIG YES from me

Trust me you don't wanna touch Ireland he could. nt care less about football he. s in the wrong job he. l bleed your club dry STAY AWAY.



25 Jul 2013 11:12:49
Norwich City have agreed a fee with Celtic for Gary Hooper and his is set for a medical at Carrow Road. Hooper had the choice between Norwich City and QPR, he went for the Premier League team.



25 Jul 2013 11:02:24
Cesc Fabregas to snub Manchester United and opt for Bayern Munich who have lodged 40 million euro bid

Why would Bayern need another midfielder with the squad they have?



25 Jul 2013 10:56:54
Chelsea enter race to sign luis suarez with a £50 million bid plus demba ba

Rather take Torres or Mata



25 Jul 2013 10:46:32
Kalou will be a West Brom player by the end of the week. Last few details being sorted.

Is thia certain then?

I hope you are right its killing me the lack of activity at the albion

This looks to have fell through. Unable to agree personal terms, apparently.

Anelka and kalou. Drogba next

I want this to be right too I just want us to sign the 4 players we are meant to! Kalou, gardner and sinclair seem to be the likely ones at the moment



25 Jul 2013 10:44:01
Ipswich looking to sign Ebanks Blake or Craig Davies after offloading Chopra to blackpool, SEB looks more likely though.

We won't get either, we have 4 senior strikers now and young Jack Marriott, another central midfielder is the cover we need.

All wrong one more player signing mm has said so looks like tunnicliff from man utd

McCarthy said that he is content with his squad for the first game at Reading. He hasn't said that Tunnicliffe is his last signing this window!

Going to use Alan lee as 5th striker



25 Jul 2013 10:31:49
Cardiff have 10 million bid accepted for Toulouse midfielder Capoue

He's been negotiating with Athletic Madrid for weeks.

But Athletico Madrid haven't had a bid accepted because they said they won't go over 7 million, only Cardiff have had a bid accepted

Except he clearly hasnt. Cardif are the only bidders, the clubs president came out and said any other offers would have to better Cardiff. Since no one else has bid no one can be in talks with him.

This rumoured bid shows some good intent from Malky, even if Capoué isn't going to come. He'll take some convincing!



25 Jul 2013 10:22:17
Arsenals ryo miyaichi to middlesbrough on a loan deal.

Would be good, always rated ryo miyaichi but why would arsenal loan him to a championship side when he was on loan to Wigan in the prem weren't he.

No Bolton last year

He was at Wigan last year and Bolton season before

He got relegated two seasons in a row as a Wigan season ticket holder I can tell you he's actually complete rubbish



25 Jul 2013 10:11:46
Sheffield Wednesday will sign kamil zayatte tralist (cb) and Leroy Lita before the end of the week

Watch this space



25 Jul 2013 09:56:18
Gary Madine SIGNED for Brentford.
6 month loan
What a signing!

No you haven't signed him i'm a owls fan and I can tell you the only club to have made contact is notts county so if he leaves it will be to them

Surprised if its true. As much as I'd like to see him at the club there's already 5 strikers!

We signed a striker yesterday and now have 5 including 2 who scored over 20 last season. Madine wouldn't even be on Rosler radar

I would love to see in at the club I would loveIt



25 Jul 2013 10:11:43
Norwich agree fee with celtic for gary hooper and he will have a medical today

Yep he's a great player he will do well for us

Yes and this is exactly what I have been saying since all these comments that Hooper was signing for QPR, yes QPR had a bid excepted but Hooper was never going to go there and Norwich was always likely to come back and match QPR's offer of 5Mill. OTBC

Seems to be really happening this time if not please let it go away and move on to a player who wants to join the club

This is great news but I still think we need another forward incase hooper or wolfswinkle gets ingured, I think Maxi Lopez would be a very good rotation player for us.



25 Jul 2013 09:14:10
West Ham are on the verge of completing the loan signing of Matej Vydra on a season long loan. Vydra has spoken to West Ham, West Brom Swansea and Sunderland but his agent has admitted London would be Vydras preferred destination.

25 Jul 2013 11:32:17
Nope don't think so, Pozoz's have already stated to the Italian and English press that it's 14 million Euros or he stays at WFC at least until Jan 14

25 Jul 2013 11:41:41
This is an old story which vydras agent is recycling in an attempt to get a big money move. There has been no contact from any of the clubs mentioned for more than 2 weeks and Vydra is remaining at Udinese. If he goes at all, it will be a transfer, not a loan

Again an agent putting rumours around trying to up a players value and make himself money. Udenise have said they could sell but not loan.



25 Jul 2013 09:23:13
Despite Celtic accepting QPR's bid of around £5 million, they are still listening to other offers. Norwich are set to raise their price, and Reading seem to be interested again with a bid of around £7 million.
Reading had offered £4million plus Pogrebnyak before, however Celtic were not willing to take on a player with high wage demands for his quality.

We won't pay that mate, he's off to norwich

Looks like Hooper has decided he wants premier league football. Reading were never even in the race its always been about if QPR could persuade him to turn his back on the top flight. I guess the chances of breaking into the England set up will be better for him now aswell.

Hooper expected medical today for Norwich

Now that Norwich have hooper we will get one more class striker and surprise the world with a signing of a class defender. we are not little Norwich anymore.



25 Jul 2013 09:20:47
Fulham want to sign Liverpool's £5 million rated centre back Sebastian Coates.

5 mill my bottom, this story keeps coming up but its never going to happen for 3 reason.

fulham don't buy young player unless there under 20 and for the youth team.

he isn't worth 5 mill

this story has come up at the start of summer and liverpool said he wasent for sale.

25 Jul 2013 16:23:24
Why pay £5m for someone to sit on the bench? He's not good enough to challenge Haangeland or Amorebieta. Probably better than Senderos, so competition for Aaron Hughes?

Every time I see this rumour I think that Jol must be thinking about moving him to a DM role or similar because, as pointed out by other people, we have sufficient cover at CB for now. If it happens I don't think he will be playing at CB also won't be £5m it will be lower with clauses.



25 Jul 2013 09:01:31
Kemy Agustien to join Brighton this week.

25 Jul 2013 11:21:16
Oscar hoping he and serveral other targets willl be signed in time to play in last 2 pre-season friendlies

Already know that

Oscar has already signed?! I guess you mean 'He is hoping to get other players signed?'

Not holding breath

I think we eventually will sign this guy. He came to the training camp in Spain, but we need to hurry up and start signings these people.

He has signed for brighton subject to medical (sourse the argus )



25 Jul 2013 08:56:49
West ham to go double french as they look to bring in Salomon Kalou and Loic Remy. Both would be great acquisitions of Big Sam can get the deals done. There are golas written all over that forward line with Carroll, Remy and Kalou. That should conclude West Ham summer signings and make them quite a threat to the top 6 next year

(Canned laughter)

Kalou french? check your facts pal think he is Ivorian!

Cos kalou`s French!

He speaks French but he's Ivorian you person

How many players do they want, ffs.

If successful in said recruitment. I still feel top 6 is a bit ambitious. I'm a hammers fan and would accept a consolidated top half finish. We were only a matter of a few points from 16th etc and couldn't consider ourselves finishing comfortably in the top half last term.



25 Jul 2013 08:36:14
Simon Ferry to sign for Portsmouth within the next week or so once funds are sorted to sign him.

Could well be the mystery 'league 1 experienced' midfielder. Not Hong Kong Phooey after all!

25 Jul 2013 13:10:33
He has already signed. 2 year deal



25 Jul 2013 08:36:11
West brom are to step up their bid for the ex chelsea star salomon kalou, its estimated to be around 2.6 million pounds.



25 Jul 2013 08:16:31
Sunderland are to hijack Celtic and Bolton's move for Andre Moritz. Di Canio seems him as the perfect playmaker to boost his attacking options



25 Jul 2013 08:07:02
Notts County to sign free agent Cameroon striker Yannick Makota after he impressed against them in a pre-season match



25 Jul 2013 07:51:35
Bristol city will be trying to sign free agent Jay Simpson if Steven Davies joins Blackpool.

That's not a bad shout will he want to play in league one though

Please, just please!

I think he would drop to league one to join us as we have players he knows and a good chance of being back in the championship next season. (I am the person who wrote the original post)

Hope this comes true come on sod



25 Jul 2013 00:59:35
Steven davies will be leaving no idea on the money it has all been agreed with the clubs, He has his medical at blackpool in the morning which should go ahead all fine. {Ed003's Note - £500k seems to be the figure}

Not a lot of money for a World Champion is it, has he got his own Cue?



25 Jul 2013 00:47:15
Brighton have confirmed interest in loaning Chelsea's Lucas Piazon and Josh McEachran. Talks with Chelsea have been reported to have taken place.

We could only get these two on loan as they are brilliant stars of the future however I guess they would have to make a big wage cut as well to play for us we also showed interest in josh before hand

Brighton will probally try to get them two on loan because they've been told by Jose Mourinho that they will be sent out on loan next season.

25 Jul 2013 11:33:30
Both (along with Chalobah) stated on Sky last night that they wanted a loan to an EPL club

Why would they have to take a pay cut? We pay what we can afford and Chelsea make up the rest. This what we did with Wayne Bridge last season. Can see that they might want to stay in the EPL, so deal may well take some time as they wait to see what other offers come in. If nothing materialises, Brighton could be a good option - close to London (and therefore no need to relocate), vibrant city etc.

There has been NO talks what so ever. 0/10. This isn't a rumours, its a blatant lie.



25 Jul 2013 00:18:27
Nelson Oliveira has signed for Stoke has signed with Stoke City. The loan deal is set to be announced at the weekend. The Benfica striker is currently a Portuguese international.

He's gone to rennes.

Hasn't Oliveira gone to Rennes? that's what all the media sites are now saying anyways.

He is going to rennes

Nothing has been agreed to as of yet we may still get him.

OLIVIERA HASN'T GONE TO RENNES! that's one journalist saying so and then everyone jumping on board

He has now

It is now official. Its on rennes website.

Unfortunately he has gone to Rennes everything was near enough sorted and he was set to join Stoke in USA but his representitives scuppered the deal.



25 Jul 2013 00:25:19
bristol city news:
steve davies looking likely to leave for blackpool for 800k his replacement will be james Collins from Swindon for 200k. marlon pack will also join for 100k.

Yup he is as good as gone as it stands medical in the morning.

Billy sharp in to replace davies

25 Jul 2013 09:57:13
sharp won't sign and Collins is on his way to hibs

Billy sharp will not drop down to league one

Great loosing Albert now Davies

Not a chance Of Billy Sharpe joining us like we could even match his wages that Saints are paying him, i'd love ittobe true, butnever gunna happen

Billy Sharp is probaly on 20 to 30k p/w or maybe even more. Do you really think that he would drop to 5 to7k p/w??



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