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25 Jul 2012 22:15:09
Southend wll sell Bilel Mohsni to West Ham when his trial ends at the club, and will bid to sign Mark Brown, John Spicer, peter Leven, and Stephen Brogan, this should wrap up their summer signings, although they have been linked with peter leven and adebayo akinfenwa, which is unlikely.



25 Jul 2012 22:07:42
Plymouth Argyle have took welsh midfielder Matt Crowell on trial

Where abouts in midfield does he play and is there any stats on him because argyle won't get him if he isn't the type of player they want

Where did you get this from???



25 Jul 2012 21:28:42
Liam Trotter to sign for Brighton in next couple of days!

I hope so but can't see it


Liam's manager has realesed information that he is in talks with Brighton



25 Jul 2012 21:00:04
Milwall to buy Out of favour striker Leon Clarke in a swap deal for danny nguessan



25 Jul 2012 20:35:48
Nicks Maynard set for dramatic return to former club Bristol City on season Long Loan as Sam Allardyce has no place in fourth-coming season. Derek Mcinnes struggling to find strikers and see's Maynard as perfect solution.
Heaton will sign Three year deal tomorrow, Marc Wilson set to sign next week if he can prove his fitness and get over groin strain.

City also putting feelers out for Carayol, Halford and Jackson

Mickey won't be back at AG, he burnt that particular bridge. Heaton is in talks about signing but Wilson won't be offered anything due to his injury record (which is why Celtic let him go). Halford is out of City's range due to wages plus he's more likely to go to Forest (SSN). I presume you mean Simeon Jackson? Not a hope in hell. Way out of City's transfer budget and I don't think he wants to drop back into the NPC. As for Carayol could only see it if Adomah is on his way.

Nicky Maynard goin to Leeds Utd for 1.5m next week...

Its an awkward one for West Ham as Bristol City have a big sell on clause. West Ham would prefer a loan/transfer back to Bristol to avoid paying a fee however, Maynard is not keen!

I dont think maynard will come back to city after the abuse he got when he played at ashton gate with west ham

Dont want maynard back



25 Jul 2012 20:03:17
Norwich midfielder Andrew Crofts linked to Leeds as part of the Snodgrass deal but also mentioned for a possible return to old stamping grounds at Brighton where they need a box to box midfielder

Love to have him back

Crofts is a solid championship player... he'll do a good job at leeds, he gets stuck in

I don't think Crofts was ever a box to box player when he was with us (the albion) before. He was very overated and we did well to get the money we got for him. We shouldn't be in paying money for him as he's not that good.

We definately do not need another box to box midfielder after signing, Norris, Green and Austin on his way. Need a quick winger or Wes Hoolyhoop (Hoolahan) ;).


Crofty done excellent for Norwich played a big part in getting us out of the championship

Crofts might cos ive heard from a very reliable source (a board member) that we might be trying to get him

Hoolahan can't even play on the wing, that was proved in his first season at the club, he is best just behind the striker at the tip of a diamond.

Theres no chance Hoolahan will leave Norwich..

Every chance any player will leave a club, money talks

We said that about Jonny Howson. And we already got Drury so of course we could get hoolahan if we stumped up the cash.

Hoolahan would not drop down to the championship though



25 Jul 2012 19:31:57
Rotherham are to sign Kieran agard after he impressed on trail, scoring the winner against doncaster, he is set to sign a 3 year deal

Confirmed today, he has signed a two year deal not a three year deal though.



25 Jul 2012 18:47:16
Greg Halford joining Nottingham Forest from Portsmouth. You heard it here first

I heard it first on Sky Sports website....long before the timing of your post.

Good bloke, good player. good move for both

Good sighning now halford n three more def n d rose n coppinger

No, someone posted it on the 22nd july

David Norris has agreed to join Leeds subject to a medical

Heard this a while ago... Forest also looking to swoop for Luciano Bechhio from Leeds

These billionaires are really going for it aint they wiv these big named money signings lol, you rams ; )

We should be casting our nets around the lower leagues just like the rams ave to do? lol

Big named signings won't get u out of this league. Just ask leicester :-)



25 Jul 2012 18:25:38
Charlton have rejected a bid from Cheltenham for Leon Clarke.

No thanks - a goalscorer but an attitude too. Would much prefer for Cheltenham to dip into free agents than go chasing players for fees right now.

CTFC have confirmed this is not true and they have not made a bid.



25 Jul 2012 17:48:49
Liverpool will wait until after the Olympics to make a £17 million bid for Bologna sensation Gaston Ramirez. However, Juventus and Spurs also want to sign him.

Well if juve and spurs are in for him then he wont be signing for liverpool!2 far better teams than liverpool

Wow, spurs better than what? they will playing europa league next season

And then finishing below Liverpool as well because exactly the same will happen to Spurs as it did Chelsea with AVB in charge - going down hill I'm afraid



25 Jul 2012 17:23:16
Jaime Peters had has a bid accepted for him from a league 1 club.

Wouldn't mind him being PNE's new Right back but I'd imagine he's going to Bournemouth.

Coventry City

I doubt he's going to AFCB. He didn't particularly impress during his loan spell there last season

Jaime peters did ok at bournemouth last season but with two right midfield / winger already I don't think it will be afcb.
If mcDermott or fodgen move on then that might be interest, but bournemouth still would have grabben and mcQuoid that could play on the right.



25 Jul 2012 17:16:36
Millwall goalkeeper Steve Mildenhall will join Bristol Rovers on a one year deal.


Not heard anything from the Rovers end on this transfer.

Is true should be done by the weekend

Didnt i read on here you was close to completing a deal for calamity james. Now its millwalls 3rd choice :S

Lets be honest, Rovers have been linked to about 100 players this window, and most of them are complete fantasy or rumors based off of obscure sources or the Rovers forum.

Junior Agogo :)

This is true as mark McGhee thinks Connor gough isn't ready yet.

He,s on a 3 mounth loan



25 Jul 2012 17:12:22
Aston Villa are set to bid £10m for Jermaine Defoe to partner upfront with Darren Bent.

Didn't work at spurs and will not work at villa same sort of player but Defoe can finish and bent couldn't hit a barn door

Bent could not hit a barn door?? Take it you have not bothered looking at his stats before you made such a ludacris statement. Bent scores every 2.37 games (excluding internationals)

They struggled get 8m for the last deal that fell threw with them not having the money and wasting time so this isn't going happen

Defoe not worth 10 million, half that

Bent is one of the best goalscorers around!! im an albion fan and would love either one of these players up at the baggies, but they cant play together as proven at spurs previously

Norwich fan: I no longer like Paul.L for obvious reasons, but i can tell you that there's no way he would sign J.Defoe

From another Norwich Fan: So Lambert goes to a 'big club' and all he can get is Defoe!! LOL

Seriously. What?

I havent seen norich sign anyone apart from a unproven championship midfielder



25 Jul 2012 17:02:35
Marlon harewood to bristol city is a sure thing this week

He's in Portugal with swfc ain't he ?

He's currently with Sheffield wednesday! Although not a prolific goal scorer he's the type of forward we've been lacking since Adebola and has to be better than John Akinde and Alvaro Saborio! Well can't be worse! Id welcome him anyway



25 Jul 2012 16:55:05
PSV Eindhoven striker Jeremain Lens wants a move to England.

Southampton had a bid for Lens rejected by PSV last week and the striker is hoping they return with a new offer.

Voetbal International says he's eager to see a switch to St Mary's happen. PSV are demanding £7 million to sell.

Hes a winger

7 million? He's worth more than that if thats the price tag I say pay it and lets have him.

Hope this is true, it would be an amazing signing

No he hasn't said he is eager to go to Southampton nor England.

I speak Dutch and read VI regularly...

He says he is impartial. He would ideally want to stay with PSV and play a central attacking role. PSV have promised him this and he wants to stay. However if PSV give in to a Southampton transfer request he would happily move, as this would suggest PSV are not happy to give him what he wants (i.e. starting role playing attacking mid). He hasn't stated he wants to leave, he stated he wants to stay, but wouldn't object a move if PSV weren't going to be able to play him where he wants and as first choice.

Don't write BS mate, especially if you are going to attempt to cite credible sources.

Also PSV have publically stated they want AT LEAST 10 million. Which is nearly 8million MINIMUM.

Whether they will hold out for that much is a different question, but their evaluation of him is in excess of 7 million. Are you just picking random numbers out your backside?


Not exactly true. according to VI lens wasnt interested by the offer southampton have made him.

7 million? pay up cortese, same amount as rodriguez yet a better player, also hence relieving the pressure on JayRod

Im just telling you the rumour, i havent read the dutch article, this is what i read

I should also say that as a Saints fan - I'd love Lens at the club, would give us that raw pace and flamboyance we dont have. I also wish we would also be able to do a deal quickly - all our recent dealings seem so protracted, hence attracts other clubs and puts the price up....


He's a striker converted to winger!

Ok I think 10 million euro's the minimum fee translates to just over 7.5 million pounds (Correct me if I'm wrong). That's easily a price worth playing for a player who wants first team football and if PSV won't give it to him then I'd imagine Southampton will. We should be willing to go up to 9 million for this player possibly more he's a true talent.

Lens is on the verge of signing for liverpool for 8.5 million from a good source

I'm from venlo and in newspaper metro in holland he stated he would like to go to saints if it was good for everyone so stop writing rubbish v. Saint

Love how everyone knows better, and the matter of fact is that none of you know, rumours are exactly that, so stop trying to out do everyones posts, find a rumour, post and then dont attack the person that wrote it, old saying dont shoot the messenger

^He's not the messenger though!

He hasn't correctly written anything. He's wrongly cited Voetbal International, and wrongfully stated that PSV are demanding 7million. If he was the messenger he would say what VI actually said, and he would say that PSV are demanding 10million Euros.



25 Jul 2012 16:54:03
Southampton are eyeing Feyenoord defender Stefan Vrij.

Would be a good signing for Southampton, offer 2/3million for him and I reckon we could have him for that, quality defender.

Agree - would be a good signing but Feyenoord's other C Back Vlaar has been linked with Villa - they wont want to lose both of them - expect this is to be expensive....

I reckon we can get this kid even if Villa are after Vlaar.

Even though i would love to see this happen, stefan de vrij has declared that he wants to stay at feyenoord because he wants to devolope himself at the club. he said he was flatterd by the offer southampton have made him but that its a step to far at the moment. (source: several dutch sites)

That makes it unlikely, but the right offer for him may still convince him...



25 Jul 2012 16:51:41
Swindon Town defender Chris Smith will sign for Bristol Rovers on a season long loan.

His contract ends in January so I doubt it!

Is on loan but only 3 months



25 Jul 2012 16:47:38
Palace to sign Craig Westcarr



25 Jul 2012 16:36:03
Liverpool goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi will join MK Dons on a season long loan.

Dons don't need a keeper?

David Martin is number one keeper so wouldnt take a player on loan if he wont ever play

David Martin is the best keeper in Division One and we have an U21 international in Ian Mcloughlin so why would we need another keeper?


Martin is not the best in our league - he is good but not in the top 5

standard dons fans - over rating and over playing things

16 league clean sheets (20 overall for season) and you're not happy! considering that our defence was being changed throughout the season due to injuries, loan cancellations etc that is a good set of stats. Is he perfect, no, but is he as bad as you make out, definitely not. He is one of the top in League 1.

Shut up talking rubbish about david Martin hes so over rated at Dons id love a new keeper, hes alright for league 1 but if we went up tudar and as for 1 of the best in the league no chance

Martin was voted as one of the top 50 players outside the premier league, admittedly, I'm not sure he should be there but he's still an excellent goalkeeper at League 1 level. Young Ian McLoughlin is a mainstay in the Irish U-21 first team. There is NO truth in this rumour. Karl Robinson isn't going to squander wages where they aren't needed.

Completely agree ^^

So third lowest number of goals conceded in the whole of league 1 last season with a patched up defence and I don't know what I'm talking about, hmmm. As I said, not perfect but a lot better than people give him credit for, as it's easy to blame the keeper when the problems occur further up the pitch.

Blackburn Wigan, West Brom and Fulham all allegedly had Martin scouted on a couple of occassions last season (fair enough the same scouts watched Smithies at Huddersfield) can any other keeper in League one claim the same? No... David Martin is a quality keeper and behind a settled back four (please God let us have a settled back four this season) I think we will see a shed load of clean sheets.



25 Jul 2012 16:31:38
Liverpool youngster Jack Robinson will sign for Bolton on a season long loan.

He will be a first teamer now that Aurelio left

Sounds believeable and is a good young talent. Good call!

Aurelio never started for liverpool last season, Enrique played for 2/3rds of the season then johnson moved over to the left, aurelio made one/two appearances in midfield in cup matches...



25 Jul 2012 16:27:03
Yeovil To Sign Darrel Russell And Izale Mcleod Also Exeter Goalkeeper Arthur Krysiak As Back up For Marek Stech.

Izale Mcleod Not Happening

Why would we need him we have Gareth Stewart as backup

I can kind of see McLeod moving though
he looked set to sign for Portsmouth but they're going to fold and have a transfer embargo

I think we are fairly set now, No keeper will sign and our strikers are free-scoring in pre-season... Darel Russell i do think would be very useful though and a big step up from Blizzard... Although theres nothing to suggest Ince isnt good enough

To the above post,. how can portsmouth fold and have a transfer embargo ? its one or the other.. i hate portsmouth as im a southmpton fan, but even if you have a transfer embargo, you can still sign free players , as long as they come inside the wage cap

Inorrect, due to their financial condition, Portsmouth would be expected to field youth team graduates for the coming season should they stay in business... They will shut down if they have any remaining contracted players - so wheres the sense in bringing in players whether they are free or not? just because they are free, means nothing in relation to the player's wage demands

To the above post I agree with you that rohan nice is crap even though HE SCORED A GOAL against Bristol rovers



25 Jul 2012 16:25:15
According to Russian papers seydou doumbia is in advanced talks with Sunderland with a bid of around 18mil accepted by CSK after arsenal pulled out as they won't meet the valuation

Sunderland? Lol. No chance.

How many times do i have to say this Sunderland Fans? Martin O'Neil does not sign this type of player, he never did at Villa even though he had the funds.. he likes buying british only. Get over it you will NEVER buy a player like Seydou Doumbia, plus why would he go to Sunderland for? You are hardly a top of the table side. Been mediocre for at least 40 yrs.

What and Villa are ?



25 Jul 2012 16:16:08
Brett Emerton could be making a return to English Football.

With strong rumours coming out of Australia that Leeds United and Hull City both want to sign the experienced player.



25 Jul 2012 16:09:29
Young Australian goalkeeper Mathew Ryan will sign for Wolverhampton Wanderers.

A fee of around £2 million will be agreed.



25 Jul 2012 16:08:17
Bradford city to sign McNamme on a 2 year deal

Who is mcnammee

The guy who's been on trial with us since Saturday, he plays on the left wing, is really quick and used to play for Watford and Norwich

Anthony mcnamee

Absolutely loved McNammee at Norwich. he'd always try beat his man with skill moves and is very speedy

Can he deliver a decent cross?

Well respected pacy winger by his two former clubs who can cross a ball consistently. Whether he joins Bradford is questionable because he has other options. He has already returned from Ireland for another trial elsewhere



25 Jul 2012 16:07:12
Shaun Cooper (ex Bournemouth) has signed for Crawley Town. Source Crawley official website.

Coops was a good player for AFCB but had become injury prone which is why he was not offered top notch terms to stay with us. Good luck at Crawley except when you play us! UTCIAD!

U have a class player best form hs ever been on good luck coops from everyone from afcb shame u coudlnt of played pompey with us u will be missed


O'kane? It's Bournmouth



25 Jul 2012 15:51:21
Modric is going to PSG not madrid, 35m the fee

Psg made a bid, doesnt mean he's going there

TH want 40 mil for modric



25 Jul 2012 15:50:56
Derby county to finish their Transfers

Krystian pearce-Centre back
Shane Ferguson-Left Back
Jose Baxter-Striker

Anybody else worried about the new season?

Jose baxter is going to palace mate

Yes me too, lacking firepower already, team will b a mid table effort again, if lucky, burton rams

After watching your lot get beat by mansfield town last night your right to worry bout next season think you need more than 3 signings but good luck anyway

Shane Ferguson signed a 5 year contact last year which suggests Newcaste are keen to keep him unless it's a loan cannot see it happening

Let's get in there and sign Nicky Maynerd from West Ham



25 Jul 2012 15:48:04
James Brent is set to fund the signing of David James for Plymouth argyle on a 1 year deal. David James had been training with Exeter City but now looks set to join Exeters Devon Rivals

Also Exeter have decided to sign Matt Oakley, Jamie Cureton and Elliot Chamberlain which will complete the summer additions for the Grecians.

PAFC already have 3 goalies, Cole, Gilmartin & Chenoweth, why would they want another one

Really cant see this happening. As we have three keepers already and a goalkeeping coach. So why would brent want to fund the signing of a player we dont need who would obviously break the wage structure of the club.

I agree, we just brought in lad from Watford so why would we need another? If this was posted a couple moth back would have been optimistic, David James always said he wants to finish his career down this way, but with argyle having 3 on books I can't see it.

James brent will not allow the signing of david james yes he as a class keeper but its time to move on now and build for the future



25 Jul 2012 15:32:11
As part of the Jamie procure deal to Swansea Preston are to get young striker Scott donelly on a season long loan

Its Rory Donnelly, not Scott. Scott was released by the club at the end of the season

You mean Rory Donnelly, Scott Donnelly has been released and was on trial at Rotherham.

Doubt it for one donelly is 24 and has been realesed from swansea

He's been released by Swansea and is a midfielder.

Can you still take Proctor even the other guys not coming! Its either Swansea or Blackpool Beach for this guy.

It's Jamie Procter

Just seen on sky north end interested is apko sodje , he is 32 played for about a dozen clubs and is utterly useless , how far have we degenerated, we are becoming a joke



25 Jul 2012 15:21:43
DRFC news anyone?



25 Jul 2012 15:20:46
QPR to bid for Wilfried Zaha, thought to be around 3m plus add ons

Palace turned down 8M in Jan so why accept 3M now ?

Why does everyone write 3 Mill bid accepted.
No.1 as above 8 Mill rejected.
No. 2 signed a new contract.
No.3 Surely after apparent months of accepting 3 Mill bids he would have been snapped up by now

Palace turn down 8million for Zaha if somebody bids half that up front he'll be gone. I remember reported bids of 7million being turned down for clyne. Now he's left for only 2million reportedly



25 Jul 2012 15:14:34
Greg Abbott has indicated he is in contact with four players all strikers, one of which seems unlikely. sources BBC radio Cumbria sport and the news and star.



25 Jul 2012 15:04:30
Watford are buying St Mirren's Paul McGowan and Kenny McLean for a combined fee of £1.15million.

Watford aren't buying anyone at the moment until the FA has cleared the takeover

I think you'll find that you are wrong and the FA have aproved the takeover. In addition Watford FC have now cleared all outstanding invoices that were held in suspense pending the takeover. If the FA was concerned in light of Portsmouth & Rangers there would have been an announcement within days of it being announced as complete.Makes me wonder if you are a supporter of a semi-pro team based around junction 10 of the M1

When will that happen, can't wait forever to start to add to the squad. Why is the club silent on this?

Transfer embargo at the moment so can't buy anyone

What a nice insult. I'm actually a season ticket holder who listens to what is going on. Why no signingsthen know all?

No thanks

Well they have a new players in cork with them so....

I work in debt collection and know that when a company is taken over invoices are generally held in suspense pending completion and as I said as far as I'm aware Watford have now settled all outstanding invoices. Sorry about the M1 dig but I'm also a season ticket holder I'm not sure why to signings yet

If, as rumours suggest, there is a transfer embargo, how do you explain the sale of Loach? A transfer embargo would work both ways, buying and selling would it not?



25 Jul 2012 14:54:53
Swindon boss Paolo di Canio has said he will definitely sign 1 and maybe 2 more players this transfer window, one is John Bostock and could anyone elighten me on whom the second could be? Only ones ive heard of are Lee Barnard and Sanchez Watt

I hope bostock will be permanent

Are we forgetting that Di Canio must still be looking to bring in a goalkeeper, all the hype about these players we are forgetting that we only have two keepers

We have three keepers Mcormick will sign soon. Bostock isnt a loan, the club are trying to sign him on a permanent deal, they have been negotiating the fee for a week, with sell ons and appearances, Bostock wants to sign so hopefully it will happen, my source is someone involved in the club..

No way will McCormick sign!!

McCormick will NOT sign!! Your source is fictional!!



25 Jul 2012 14:54:51
zenit want to do a swap with skrtle going and bruno alves going to liverpool. i think its a good deal if it happens alves is better on the ball quick and scores goals and will bring flair to the defence

Bruno alves quick? next

Bruno alves quick? ha ha
he can barely move did you see the euros thats why he was so far back and let pepe go forward.But saying that hes one of the best headers of the ball in the game.

A defence don't need flair. They get payed to defend, not score.

If your going to make up a completely fake rumour, at least spell the names correctly. "SKRTEL"



25 Jul 2012 14:51:19
Michael Laudrup is close to making Ryan Babel his fourth signing as Swansea manager.



25 Jul 2012 14:49:17
Swansea are hoping to beat Newcastle and Spurs to the signing of ex-Liverpool winger Ryan Babel. After falling out with the manager and chairman, Babel has not gone to Hoffenheim's pre-season training camp based in Austria and the Hoffenheim chairman had said he will listen to offers around 3m.



25 Jul 2012 13:18:44
Chris Iwelumo in talks with Preston North End over a transfer from Watford for an undisclosed fee. Zola has told Iwelumo he is free to discuss terms with the Lancashire club and it is hoped a deal can be done before Saturday

They only want him because he bagged 3 against them for bunley haha

Ohh how fun it is to be a Claret. Iwelumo is the worst striker i've seen pull on a Burnley shirt in 13 years of watching. The demise of PNE HAHA.

Championship wages. No chance.

Only got a year left on his Watford deal - so a nice kiss off from Watford and a 2 year contract - he will be happy to sign. Watford not looking for much of a fee either. He left the Ireland training camp this morning and flew to Manchester - so something is happening - either PNE or United !

Emu might have been the worst Striker that Burnley had in years but he did OK at Watford - maybe not the most prolific goalscorer in the League, but he works hard and sets up other players while poaching a few for himself. Good luck to him - hope he does well for PNE

I don't think Graham Westley is signing Iwelumo to score goals, but to set them up using his target man figure. Something that GW wants. His goal scoring record shows this. Still, a few goals here and there will help :)



25 Jul 2012 14:11:36
Brighton have launched an addacious bid for ex Chelsea striker Adrian mutu

From a brighton fan, bull.

I have heard this but don't want him

Heard this but cant see it happening but you never know who poyet gonna sign next

At least put realistic rumours on here mutu going to Brighton is laughable that's like saying palace are a good team and everyone knows that just ain't true



25 Jul 2012 14:04:39
Newcastle United are eyeing up Carlisle starlets Brad Potts and Mark Beck, despite them not having yet made their first team bow. Scouts from the club were present at Carlisle's friendly with Durham last night, and their impressive performances throughout pre-season have done enough to convince the management team to make a move for their services. (Source - Head of Youth at Newcastle)


Beck has made his 1st team bow, so that shows what your 'source' knows.

Will be some good signings maybe put ranger as part of the deal



25 Jul 2012 13:45:40
Sunderland,Everton and West Ham in a three way chase for Palace youngster Wilfried Zaha.

Zaha won't leave Palace due to the price the club are asking. I can't see either of those clubs paying 10million plus for him, as that is what it will cost

What about southampton

They wont pay it either.

To the lad who thinks Zaha will cost 10mil...Palace would do anything 4 5mil so go get a Job an stop annoying ppl with ya silly comments and if ya a kid go an play enjoy ya childhood stop boring us!



25 Jul 2012 13:44:06
Sunderlands Michael Turner is apparently having a medical at NCFC today. No idea on price but only 12 months left on contract so should be reasonable. Would be a good signing with prem experience to sure up the defence imo... Also Snodgrass will be an NCFC player by the end of this week.

Glad turner leaving safc ,,,not very quick at all and turns like the qe2

Very good defender before he picked up a serious knee injury against Everton a few seasons back. Never the same player since, slower than frozen water!

I believe we'll get Turner as S.Davis won't leave Birmingham.
Norwich have two good young CB's but can't be played together, a experienced CB is required to guide them.



25 Jul 2012 13:40:51
West Ham are in talks with Andy Carroll marky my words

18m bid will be excepted.... 70k per week plus bouns's have been offered on 5 year deal.... its all up to andy or rot on bench/resevse's because no else will pay this kind of money not even NEWCASTLE...they do not need him any way....



25 Jul 2012 13:29:57
Bristol Rovers hope to sign Mark Reynolds and Gary Kenneth

Both will be completed this week

Heard this also ...both sound very decent !

I believe that there are wage caps which would not allow ANY LG2 player to earn 4k a week



25 Jul 2012 13:26:50
After featuring in a friendly, Lenny Pidgeley will sign a 2 year contract with Preston North End and will act as cover for Thorsten Stuckmann

He played in a pre season game against bamber bridge and will most likely sign

Which friendly did Lenny Pidgeley appear in?

One of the worst keepers ever

Not true



25 Jul 2012 13:25:55
Dele Adebola to sign a 1 year contract with Fleetwood town (source - local paper)

He is training with Burton Albion



25 Jul 2012 13:25:16
Preston's Adam Barton could complete a move to Oldham this week

Adam Barton,another chocolate teapot !!

Is Adam fit again after the broken leg? Good luck to him if this information is correct.



25 Jul 2012 13:24:03
Talks between Chelsea and Wigan over the transfer of Victor Moses have stalled. It is believed the fee has been agreed, but add on bonuses depending on appearances cant be agreed. If Chelsea fail with their bid, Tottenham are expected to table an offer for the highly rated forward

And Palace get 20%



25 Jul 2012 13:21:57
Ryan Bertrand could move to Aston Villa on a season long loan, once Warnock completes his move to Sunderland

Ryan Bertrand will have a big part to play at Chelsea this season as he begins to dislodge Ashley Cole from the first team. Heard Aston Villa were going to replace Stephen Warnock with Aaron Cresswell for 3.5 million.

Cresswell is joining Villa for what seems like 4m raising to 6m in add on's.



25 Jul 2012 13:21:15
Bolton have agreed to take Preston youngster Danny Mayor on trial



25 Jul 2012 13:21:10

West Ham have tabled a £4.2million bid for Real Madrid striker, Joselu according to reports. Real Madrid value the striker at about £7million, but he is no longer in their plans and it seems they will cash in on the Spaniard this summer.

The 22 year-old has failed to breakthrough at Real Madrid, but has impressed many other clubs during his four year spell at the Spanish Champions. Joselu is a 6ft 3 striker and scored 41 goals in 73 games for Real Madrid Castilla (Real Madrid's B team)

If Joselu adapted to the English game successfully, he has the potential to really shine in England. Also, Fulham and West Ham have tabled £4million bids for Newcastle target, Douglas.


Toon will get Douglas:)

I wonder why he's failed to break through at Real Madrid...



25 Jul 2012 13:21:07
Inzaghi has turned down Watford to stay at AC Milan as a junior coach.



25 Jul 2012 13:20:03
Leeds Utd are looking to fill the void left by Snodgrass by moving in for former Preston winger Keith Treacy

Hope so, hes useless

Leeds have joined the chase for Republic of Ireland international Treacy and hope to beat off competition from Sheffield Wednesday and Barnsley.

The one that signed for burnley last summer

Looks like you got Varney instead, good signing.

Thats exactly why snoddy left 3 mill for him replaced by 200k player. there is no ambition.

Snoddy was a player when we got him. So we will fill that gap again and again because we are the bigger club but in the lower league, for one more season.

Snoddy was 45k from Livingston....Not a bad bit of business. Lets just hope NW gets the money to keep strengthening Leeds' squad...MOT



25 Jul 2012 13:15:50
Stephen Warnock has told his agent and Paul Lambert he wants a move to Sunderland



25 Jul 2012 13:08:19
After giving up hope for Curtis Davis, norwich have turned to Michael Turner of Sunderland and he on his way for his Medical today!

I hope we haven't given up on Davies. And I certainly hope that doesn't mean that the board are too prudent with the transfer targets. It may be why Lambert left.

Sadly i think brum will want between 6-10mill for davis considering their statement about their star players not leaving unless stupid money comes in. this puts us out of contention before we even start negotiating

From what I've seen from peoples comments Turner is quite slow

If you want to bring in the best players that are going to improve the team then the board have to be willing to spend big money. There's no point just going for the cheap option all the time in the Premiership.

They would probably settle for somewhere under 6m

Not everything is about speed

Donkeys against race horses only one winner,but speed and ability cost money but you have to have some speed attack and defence



25 Jul 2012 13:08:07
york city aiming to sign craig westcarr



25 Jul 2012 12:55:50
Norrwich city have agreed a 2.5 m bid with Leeds to sign Robert snodgrass.

Not again - no they haven't. I am not a Leeds or Norwich fan but this is tiresome. Where is the story that says they have agreed a fee? I know, there isn't one. {Ed001's Note - Neil Warnock has confirmed it himself, wind your neck in mate.}

Cannot be true. Warnock said he is building his side around Snoddy.

It looks like Leeds are becoming a nursery/feeder club for the Canaries.

Confirmed. Saw snodgrass leave...with a beaming smile as well. Good luck to him - too good to stay at leeds for a season that'll simply prove warnock is overdue retirement.

Sort your heads out the club has confirmed the accepted bid, fools, but i think it will be more than 2.5m

Its 3mil with 1.5 up front



25 Jul 2012 12:54:40
york city to sign trialist dominic knowles after
impressing gary mills



25 Jul 2012 12:53:06
West Ham, Malaga and Anzhi are battling to sign Dimitar Berbatov for £10 million.



25 Jul 2012 12:42:43
PNE duo Adam Barton and Jamie Proctor are down in Wales in talks with Swansea.
Not certain but i have heard heavy rumours.
Swansea were rumoured to be after Proctor at the start of the season.
I found it hard to believe myself because Proctor had a shocking end to the season after he came back from injury.
Adam Barton is understandable because i believe he has talent and Prem clubs have been after him in the past. Injury prone though.

Barton had one injury, so not really injury prone is he?

Both players have massive potential. They just need the right manager to bring it out in them. Westley is not that manager.



25 Jul 2012 12:33:30
Stoke have agreed terms with Geoff Cameron and has signed pending work permit .they should hear Monday latest if approved anoused next week



25 Jul 2012 12:33:23
Villa want cressie for 3.5m please no!

Ha Ha HA Ha get used to it Judas likes buying cheap low league players.....



25 Jul 2012 12:32:56
Eunan O'Kane is set to sign for Bournemouth for around 175,000 after the devon echo reported bournemouth had placed a bid to take the youngster from them also sky sports news reported an unnamed club in league one had a offer accepted

Bournemouth's last 3 signings will be

eunan o'kane 175k torquay
waters wigan free
a left back reported kevin nicholson

Kevin nic plays for Torquay as well can't see us buying both

Who is Waters from Wigan?

Also, the trialist from Wigan, Waters, is a LB so it's unlikely they'll sign him and Nicholson...

Assuming AFCB is the mystery club for O'Kane then yeah it would seem legit but Darius Waters is still a youth player so nothing reall that moving about that. As for Kevin Nicholson I doubt it.

Have to get rid of Arter or Fogden then otherwise we'll look like the seven dwarves in midfield

O'kane---yes, done deal! waters playing on friday at poole pre-season and has trained all week as trialist ----possible development player. kevin nicholson---very unlikely ryan dickson of southampton more likely.

Groves has stated that we han't gone any futher than look at O'Kane so don't think we're signing him :/ Then who could the 2nd player be?

^ Ah but it should do us favours since we trying to keep th ball on the ground. Besides we got a fairly tall defence & Demouge upfront so it should fine :)

Demouge seems to be football shy, three pre-season friendlies and still has not played?

HE played against Winchester

How good was okane against Basingstoke tonight? Absolute class. Just need a midfielder with a bit of steel now, I would like to see an older experienced head in the enforcer role as I think we are missing a leader, Barrett is not a leader and in my opinion is not enough



25 Jul 2012 12:21:45
West ham to offer Nicky Maynard plus cash
for Robert Snodgrass

Shame he's already joined Norwich

Bit late, he's talking with the budgies



25 Jul 2012 12:20:15
Saints are stilled interested in signing scott dann from blackburn to strengthen their defence

Southampton target buttland seems to have fallen through and fulham seem set to take advantage

Scott dann ,centre of defence birmingham relegated ,centre of defence blackburn relegated, if he signs i know where my money is going on who is relegated

Lost all credibility when you called him 'buttland'. Fulham may take advantage of our Buttner signing falling through, but not this 'buttland' person.


Not sure Fulham will get this kid either unless they pay what is understood to be a bomb for him. As for Scott Dann I really don't see that happening considering how long this rumours been about for and how little anywhere credible has mentioned this.

I presume you mean Buttner?

That'll be buttner. Good work on repeating what's been in the press for the past few days though.

Obviously, if you knew what you were talking about and were'nt just re-posting other peoples rumours, you would know that you were talking about Buttner, not Buttland!!


You mean Büttner? In which case that is last weeks news mate!

I thought he meant Butland the keeper who was a target for Southampton...

If you're on about super jack butland, it will have to be an outstanding offer, and to the guy who replied first, how can you blame one player for a team getting relegated especially as when Birmingham went down, dann was injured we were alright until his partnership with johnson broke up

'Super Butland'? He's young and he's good but that's pushing it a bit. I have to say he's over-priced right now but Birmingham are right to do so they want to keep him so thats how to do it.



25 Jul 2012 12:15:44
I have heard that saints are still interested in blackburn player scott dann to boosten their defence

'...boosten their defence' Ich am lykynge muche thys newe Chaucerian style of footballe rumyrs.



25 Jul 2012 12:09:07
Charlton set to finalise deals for Sam Vokes and Zavon Hines this week. Leon Clarke will sign for Oldham for £75k. Paul Hayes is going to Scunthorpe for £120k.

Were are latics going to get 75 k from to buy leon clarke hope its true though.

I doubt this very much. We don't have any money for transfer fees. Hell, wages are enough of a problem to find. It'll be a free or nothing I'm afraid. Waiving a Dale Stephens sell on clause (if one exists) is the best chance of negotiating a deal I would guess. Hope it comes off tho - we're in desperate need of one more striker.

No Chance, Hines is going Colchester and Hayes will sign for Brentford

Seen as Charlton have already reject a bid off us already and we're not pursuing...

Hayes would be a great signing for sc***hrope



25 Jul 2012 12:05:52
Brighton, Palace and Barnsley are all competiting to sign Kanu from Pompey

Too old for us at Barnsley !!

Will go to Forest once Pompey collapse

Please no! I don't want Kanu at Palace! I wouldn't even wish that on Brighton! ;)

Yeah right ....

He wouldn't even make the bench at Brighton


I heard this on talk sport earlier as well

Hope they have a good treatment room, cos thats where he spends all his time

No he's not!

Isnt he past his best by 10 years? forget the pompey players their just in it for the money!

What a load of rubbish brighton want a player much younger

Good Luck, he can't last 10 minutes in a game these days. He seems knackered just leaving the bench.

Kanu kanot be serious

He wouldn't make the beach at Brighton!

He's better than Barnes,Liam Lawrence would b a good signing for the Albion

Liam Lawrence? Yeah because he'd play over Noone, Buckley, LuaLua, Vicente and Barnes? He wouldn't make the bench.

Better than barnes!?!? Oh really? So how many goals did kanu score last season? Because barnes scored FOURTEEN! Our TOP SCORER! oh and barnes is only 22!

Let palace have him we could all do with a laugh this season



25 Jul 2012 12:05:35
Stevenage want Larnell Cole on a 6 month loan deal from Manchester United.



25 Jul 2012 12:02:30
Owen in finalisation talks with stoke

That's funny because the club has said that it hasn't started to enter talks with Owen yet although he does still remain on their radar

I wish we could have owen but i doubt he would suit our style we should try for defoe
comon stoke :}



25 Jul 2012 11:59:01
Byron Harrison looks likely t leave and sign for CTFC



25 Jul 2012 11:44:12
snoodders on way t carrow road neil let him leave cornwall for talks not rumour im in cornwall he has left sad day for leeds

Glad its gonna be over , he wants to go to prem,tho how you can have your head turned by norwich is beyond me,lol.maybe now we can start to build a team that actually wants to play for us

If a player does not want to pull on the jersey let him go, Warnock will already have plans for his replacement. Onward and upward, one step back two steps forward.

Ken says the price is right



25 Jul 2012 11:41:10
Chelsea looking to loand out josh mceachran, they want a prem side, but he proved nmothing at swansea so may have to be a championship team



25 Jul 2012 11:29:28
Adkins weighing up a loan move for Kevin de Bruyne from Chelsea.

If we dont get Lens (the winger), then i can see us trying to get this guy on loan.



25 Jul 2012 11:29:04
Pienaar , Bellamy , Defoe , Bentley , Samba , Bassong and Hoillet are the names on Hughes list, he has Hoillet already signed, Samba and Bassong will be in in the next 2 weeks and its two from the other 4, my money is on Bentley and Defoe, Pienaar wants to go back to Everton and Bellamy has his heart set on Cardiff, if we get Samba,Bassong,Bentley and Defoe we'll be sorted.

They are never going to sign defoe!! dont be stupid.

How do you know they wont?

QPR will only bring in another 2 tops forget Samba no way..

QPR following the Pompey plan, buy a load of overpaid players on wages you can't afford to sustain and go bust inside 3 years. GENIUS!!



25 Jul 2012 11:22:02
Former Newcastle Utd striker Ryan Donaldson will sign for Carlisle Utd within the next week after the striker played in a pre season friendly against Durham City last night.



25 Jul 2012 11:23:52
Craig Beattie training with Rangers but could secure a contract with Preston North End within the next week

Signing for a club going places - notts county

Please not Iwelumo he is crap , beattie was on loan for a while when at west brom he was useless please look at others

Please .......... NO !

We would welcome craig and chris and with hume and trundle plus another as backup in janaury sales well be fine

Scott beavon from wycombe many pne fans think its him but well just have to wait and see

Stuart* Beavon mate ^



25 Jul 2012 11:21:40
Swansea set to take young Chelsea midfielder Josh McCeahran on a loan until January

Didnt they do that last season and flopped spectacularly?

We had him on loan last year and he didn't do much and he didn't enjoy it, doubt he will come back

No thanks. He was absolutely shocking down here last season. Not once did he play well.

Premiership clubs can only loan out players to other premiership clubs for a full season unless the deal is done in the January transfer window...

He did enjoy his time in Swansea. I spoke to him a few times. He was hanging around with Routledge and graham looking to take up golf. A lot can happen in a year and I think he would prove a good loan move for Swansea. He did show a bit of potential



25 Jul 2012 11:14:24
Wigan Left Back Darius Waters is training with league 1 club Bournemouth

Who ? Certainly isn't a Wigan Ath player

Who? Im a Wigan fan and ive never heard of him?

Wigan's?? Really?? Being a Wigan fan, I've never heard of him ;o)

^ he is but he's just youth player.

He had an absolute stinker last night in our friendly game so think his chances of a permanent deal are pretty slim

Took me a while for my eyes to edjust from striker to stinker.

My opinion of waters is he did not show enough against non-league opposition, would struggle at lower league level and would not take the risk if i was incharge at bournemouth.



25 Jul 2012 11:14:07
Any news about new derby forward

Heard its chris wood

Not until Steve Davies has been sold then im sure names will start to be thrown about.

Why are we getting one? Should be two if Davis moves on.

Only player I heard was Dave Kitson from Portsmouth

David McGoldrick from Forest having medical later today

I think we need one pronto to be honest. If we don't I think mid table might a tad optimistic. I think we will go backwards from last season, unless we invest in quality, even then they would be sold on within a year.

Doubt it mate



25 Jul 2012 11:10:51
Preston North End have announced on their website they have made a bid for a striker that has been turned down, but funds are available to increase the bid and land Westley's "number 1 target". Does anybody know who this mystery striker could be?

Yes - it is Chris Iwelumo

Billy painter

Chris Iwellmo from Watford

Could possible be Chris iwelumo from watford

Rumours are that it is Stuart Beavon from Wycombe

Lee barnard from southamton

Heard from a good source its billy paynter



25 Jul 2012 11:10:27
Sky Sports news say Norwich City have agreed a fee with Leeds United for Robert Snodgrass. Other sources report a fee of £3.5 million or £3 Million+ Andrew Crofts, but i don't think Crofts is only worth half a million.

~Luton Canary

2.5 - 3 is what I've heard



25 Jul 2012 11:04:24
Norwich sign snodgrass from leeds

Dont jump the gun mate, hes going to norwich for talks,just a thought if he does sign they will have most of our league 1 midfield

Not yet mate only in talks at the moment

To be replaced by your new signing andy gray lol.
a player even barnsley did not want.

I expect west ham to come back in with a bid now

Your league 1 midfield is better than your championship midfield....

Seems pretty definite though. Even Warnock is resigned to losing him.

I totally agree, our League 1 outfit was much better than anything we have had in the championship. and nothing yet has looked to improve that with the signings so far. need some proper quality!

Watch out for the name Rudolph Austin. the next big thing to play on the Elland road turf.



25 Jul 2012 11:01:25
West ham are trying to bring James
Collins £2m and Yossi Benajoun back to
Upton park. Marcus Babbel of Hoffenheim
has also admitted that its likely they
will lose out to a premiership club for
the signature of Joselu. West Ham are
believed to have had a bid for him rejected but are believed to be close to reaching an
agreement with Real madrid for his
signature. West ham are also
believed to be offering a contract to an
Argnetinian forward which should be concluded in the next few days. They are also expected to
make an offer for Douglas from FC Twente
and have targetted Steven Warnock and
Danny Simpson amongst others



25 Jul 2012 11:00:02
delaney to sign for forest, alongside danny collins from stoke, should be signed by the end of today/tomorrow..BTW glad you took chambers off our hands ..hehe - redletterday -

Are these the big money signings promised?.

Please hope danny collons leaves stoke.. uaeless

Chambers is off to leeds

Well seems a fair swap ! you have not seen Delaney play HA HA !!



25 Jul 2012 10:53:49
Hull City have completed the signing of Sona Aluko

Gers fan here you got one great player, he was amazing for us,Good luck for the season,Best wishes to Aluko.

Good luck to Rangers :)

Im a hull fan and i think its a good signing i saw him at rangers



25 Jul 2012 10:48:43
Robert Snodgrass is on his was to Norwich from Leeds to agree personal terms, source SPN HD.

Just to clear things up, the reported price is 3m total, and just 1.5m up front. not 5m, not 8m.



25 Jul 2012 10:48:34
former tranmere left back aaron cresswell is set to move to aston villa for 3.5 million. This means Tranmere will pocket around 700,000 from that.

So Villa aim to emulate Barcelona by deploying attacking wing backs because Cresswell can't defend - I know that, I'm a TRFC season ticket holder. Still, it'll put a smile on Johnson's face as the lolly lines his pocket. Me, bitter, nah



25 Jul 2012 10:47:28
Preston close to completing a deal to bring in Chris Iwelumo from Watford and last night they took a look at David Mirfin too - although Scunthorpe remain interested I suspect. Should conclude Iwelumo deal in time for the weekend fixture

Please take Mirfin......he comes free with big chris

Iwelumo not what i had in mind but lets see what hes got. Former Burnley player so could be tough for him winning over the fans :/

Strikers are a bit thin on the ground at Vicarage Road (what with Deeney being locked up and hopefully sacked) so I hope Big Chris stays. He's certainly a good pro to have around. If Watford are able to sign Steve Leo Beleck on loan then he may go. Mirfin is an unknown quantity but may wish to stick around now that Mariappa's spot is up for grabs.

While I think Chris has been a good team player he hasn't made the grade as a striker and hope this move happens & wish him well

Providing he's fit he'll do a good job for PNE



25 Jul 2012 10:46:58
Huddersfield will draw there attention to James Vaughn after not been able to secure RM. This as they could not decide how the fee would be paid.

The signing of keith Southern is on the verge of completion with the two clubs agreeing he can play in both the first and final 15mins of his testomonial

Done deal im afraid!! good luck and thanks keith...

Sounds like a proper professional which will be welcomed.

We don't need any more right midfielders, we have scannell and higgy who can both play there!

Great signing for Town, the glue to hold our talented midfield together. Now for a striker and central defender.

Right midfielder??? Please don't post anymore {Ed003's Note - I think the RM is short for Ross McCormack not a Right Midfielder}

RM- Ross Mccormack, not Right Midfielder

James Vaughan is our best striker at the moment so no way he's going on loan.



25 Jul 2012 10:39:40
Chelsea are looking to loan out new signing Thorgan Hazard for the season many clubs are interested but Norwich look to tie up the deal soon.

No doubt it very much. he will be shipped back out to france or spain lower leagues like other U21 chelsea players. If hes not ready for 1st team football according to CFC they wouldnt want him to just sit on NCFC's bench!

Apparently, their sister "Walkin Hazard" is going to head up the cheerleader department.

Cannot believe that for one minute

I thought they bought Eden hazard they got his brother as well or did they give 20 odd million to wrong club {Ed001's Note - they got both.}

IF Snodgrass signs, Nowich will have 10 Midfielders, I doubt another will be coming in. {Ed015's Note - Apart from McEachran.}

Just to clear it up Eden played for Lille and Chelsea apparently payed 32m for him, Thorgan played for Lens and Chelsea a couple of million for him. Both wer completely different deals. Thorgan was signed a month and like 2 weeks later



25 Jul 2012 10:38:38
Interesting rumours on afcb vital this
morning with two possible midfielders
as possible targets. Lee williamson 30
year old sheff utd player, 5' 10 with
good pedigree and euran o'kane of torquay
whom is strongly rumoured to choose
bournemouth then interested championship
clubs, only 22 yr and 5' 6 '' tall another
midfielder that has plenty of interest
in him and will demand £175,000 plus
fee however missed torquay friendly
last night in tiverton, that is sure sign
he could be on his way out of torquay,
also torquay website name afcb!



25 Jul 2012 10:35:38
Gillingham have enquired about Lee Hughes. Source: SkySports.

Let's hope he doesn't come to us for obvious reasons ! Decent player,yes....decent person....I think not !

Are you sure that you have not confused Lee Hughes with Mark Hughes (ex Barnet Skipper) that Martin Allen has worked with before?

Oldham in for him too

No as it was on SkySports flashing ticker.

Oldham have spoke top him but he wants high demands, so we won´t sign him as no player is bigger than our club.

Mark Hughes is deffo on allen's list but lee Hughes is a confirm on skysports . Too risky if u ask me would rather have someone younger ...

I agree, lee hughes is just another potential tommy johnson, izsle mcleod would be a much better option.



25 Jul 2012 10:26:14
Curtis Good to have a medical at Newcastle within the next 48hrs.

Good signing for them.



25 Jul 2012 10:26:00
Rumour circulating that West Ham are
to bring in Fernando Cavenaghi and James Collins.
Also looking at Ryan Babel but wages may be an issue with him



25 Jul 2012 10:25:24
Nigel Clough admits towns move for Derby forward Steve Davies could go ahead this weekend

Iv just been told by a fairly decent source, ipswich have neared the 1 mil were asking for davies, and with varneys money pompey owed us, look forward to seeing a new striker fairly soon, maynard ? sammon ? who knows but would love someone capable 20 a season man

I think 20 goals a season strikers are very rare, but I would love a 'fox in the box'...doesn't have to be a real fox either!

Clough stated that he thinks the deal for Davies will go through in the next week or so. No replacement will be in place before the Burton game. Source RD interview after the Mansfield game.



25 Jul 2012 10:21:59
The daily mail and the mirror have announced that Huddersfield are interested in signing James Vaughan from Norwich because huddersfield have give up trying to sign Ross McCormack.

Im sure they are interested. like a few clubs a loan move has been mooted however the way he has started pre-season he wont be going anywhere. looks very sharp. ready to pay for that 2.5mill spend on him!

Don't know if vaughan is the right answer but we need someone up top with rhodes if we want to finish top half!!

Can't see why we should look to let Vaughan go. He hasn't had a chance to prove himself for us yet and has looked lively so far in pre season. He should get competitive football with us not for Huddersfield.

The Daily Mail? That's why its such a dodgy rumour...

It looks likely that he'll feature for Norwich this season if he can stay injury free

No chance, he's looked our best striker in pre-season.

LOL been our best player so far this pre season

Terrier85, we have lee novak! isn't he good enough, he is young so give him a chance!

Please Norwich keep Vaughan as a forward who as scored only 17 goals in 8 seasons is not for the Terriers

If anything it will be jordan rhodes going to norwich not vaughen to huddersfield.

Both extremely unlikely.

17 goals in 8 seasons (due to injuries).
1 goal in one pre-season match. OTBC

2 goals in one pre season half*

No i agree novak is quality,fast and stretches the game but think still need another genuine goal getter, i'd be happy with that after southern comes in,and extra cb,dont need too many,upsets the core of the team!

2 pre season goals

I think championship will suit lee novak more would like to see more of him this year! dont forget novak got 17 goals as well

Novak also led the team in assists with 12 , if you ask me RhoVak is the way to go



25 Jul 2012 10:15:15
Bournemouth have had a bidaccepted for Eunan O'Kane of Torquay and are closing in on a Left Back thought to be Ryan Dickson



25 Jul 2012 09:55:24
ivan klasnic at everton yesterday



25 Jul 2012 09:49:25
Cheltenham Town are set to sign Byron Harrison in the next 2 days from Wimbledon.

Can see this one happening. Had trouble settling in, not played a great deal in pre-season but could see him doing well at Cheltenham with Jermaine McGlashan and Kaid Mohammed playing around him. Also Terry Brown very non-commital on situation.



25 Jul 2012 09:40:05
stockport looking to sign Jamie Annerson from Rotherham, Jordan Fagbola from Rochdale, Alex Meaney from Lancaster and John Omi Abgo from Brussels. All have impressed on trial but Huddersfield want Fagbola and Meaney to trial with them.



25 Jul 2012 09:23:39
Torquay have excepted a bid for O'Kane from a mystery club in league 1. Rumoured to be Coventry, Swindon or Bournemouth.

Not much of a mystery then, more like a stab in the dark.

Please be City!

Its Swindon

I heard that they had ACCEPTED a bid.

Bournemouth are the club

Coventry are the club

We'll see...

Its bournemouth said in the paper

Groves has stated that we've only looked at O'Kane so it's proberly Coventry or Swindon then.

Hoping its coventry

It is swindon town he anounced today

26 Jul 2012 18:35:16
He's officially gone to Bournemouth

He has joined bournemouth

It will be Blackburn or Cardiff, they have both matched the bid

It's Bournemouth



25 Jul 2012 09:19:06
west brom look to complete the siging of michael owen on a pay as you play deal, also hot news that graham dorrans is leaving the club for 5.5 million to fulham. you heard it here first

Dorrans is ok - but 2m absolute max

Well the first part was a total lie so the 2nd part looks unlikely

Your Full of crap! you heard it here first... muppet, Owens going to Stoke and Dorrans is part of Steve Clarks plans this season!

WBA are neither interested in signing Owen or selling Dorrans!

Expect a loan move for Danny Rose, a move for Patrick Helmes and possibly going back in for Doumbia of Rennes

Dont think dorrans will go highly rated at the albion , as for owen cant see this happening either

Dorrans isn't going to Fulham trust me

Pay as you play? Owen will be bankrupt by December!

We are Ok for midfielders at Fulham and no way would we be paying this sort of money for Dorrans.

I'd welcome Dorrans

I hope dorrans will stay he started to hit form at the end of last season

What is wrong with owen alright so he is injury prone so is odemwingie at least owen is a natural goalscorer worth a punt i think

Did somebody just say Dorrans is worth 2m max!? the guy is easily worth 5.5 mil. 4-5 mil at least

Dorrans is part of Albion's future and will not be leaving. It is a big season for him.



25 Jul 2012 09:18:03
Middlesbrough's Curtis Main to Sunderland for 4 million with Connor Whickham coming other way on season long loan with money from the transfer being used to ofset the wages of scott McDonald

Were did you here this?

Think you'll find that ITFC have first dibs on Wickham going out on loan as part of the deal that took him to Sunderland

I got the information off a mate who works for the clubs corporate events

Is there any truth in the rumour that Ishmail Miller From Forest is a target for Boro

Curtis main not going to Sunderland and Ipswich don't have first dibs on wickham because as his contracted to Sunderland,and been a Sunderland player not an Ipswich player Sunderland would have a lot to say about where he goes not Ipswich,nothing in his contract would have the words Ipswich town in it

Main is sure as hell not worth 4 million!

Can't see it he's from south shields and a massive Newcastle fan he hates us

Yeah good luck with that 1 haha

Yeh well
1 main is not experienced enough for the pl
2 4mil is too much of a risk
3 Mowbray won't want to sell such a young prospect
4 he's a Newcastle fan so he not going to play for the macams
Not a chance

Hilarious stuff keeps me smiling lads. No Curtis isn't worth 4m - he's twice the potential of Wickham (erm, comment about experience for Prem spot on). Wickham cost what, about 8m? So on that grounds Main is worth 16m. Yes its a joke, but so was picking up a v young lad from ITFC.

George friend is moving to ipswich not boro now




25 Jul 2012 08:53:24
Torquay have had a bid excepted from a mystery league one club. It's been rumoured to be Crawley or Bournemouth.

^None of the above

Of course not. Oh btw he just joined Bournemouth



25 Jul 2012 08:11:37

Tom heaton next in at bristol city

City are close to siging heaton but apart from that theres nothing its all gone quiet at ashton gate

Henri Lansbury Seen At Ashton Gate, Season Long Loan.

Looks like heaton will sign within the next day or so but what about Wilson? He has a groin injury does that mean the end of his trial with city ?

Heaton is having medical at city today and if he passes it will be a done deal

All wrong, Paul Anderson is next in as he has just signed earlier this morning!



25 Jul 2012 06:37:47
Zavon Hines is set to sign for Charlton Athletic due to connections with Alex Dyer from his West Ham Days.

Blackpool set to sign robertson of dundee utd

I don't think so haha ... 3 goals in 33 appearances!

Please no, he's awful, his statistics are 50(3) in the league



25 Jul 2012 06:35:53
Hoilett transfer to go to tribunal as QPR think Blackburns valuation is too high and will not let them have Mackie. Right decision as expected figure will be about 3.5

Would be about right. blackburns valuation is a tad high, its not theo walcott

He is worth at least 8m

Hoilet has been at Blackburn for 9 years and has made over 80 first team appearances, sturridge was at city for 4 years and make 20 appearances and they got 6.5million with add ins and 15% sell on fee. Blackburb should at least get the same if not more for hoilet

Every clubs valuation is high and above the realistic price there not going value u a player less are they they try get every penny they can

If he was under contract he would maybe had been worth more but he is not. So the fee will only be compensation and nothing less. 3,5 sounds a bit high since Chelsea only got 3 for Sturridge.

Yeah but he's a free agent we shouldn't have to pay 6 million for training fees

He is unproven, if he scored 20 goals last season and 10 assists then maybe but unlike top 4 who can command big money for under 24's as they bring them up with no exspence spared.



25 Jul 2012 06:24:22
Preston North End to take Burnley Duo Alex Macdonald and Kevin Long on Loan

Long maybe but we won't be loaning macdonald this season

Preston will do well this season if true,both quality young players

Can't see this, another midget forward and another centre half, I certainly think central defense has been covered in the recruitment campaign thus far.

Kevin Long! Do Preston need another centre half?

Kevin Long is a very good center half so stop putting him down and in the 13-14 season i reckon he may be fighting for a spot at burnley.



25 Jul 2012 05:40:54
saints to tesign chris baird



25 Jul 2012 04:45:29
willie mckay is back at doncaster and has managed to help bring beckford in a season long loan!!

Cant see Beckford going to Doncaster

Really as John Ryan said he wants nothing to do with him

Why would we want to bring a striker in before we have any defenders, we have 4 defenders, don't talk rubbish

Love to have him in league 1 even if he is a ex-leeds f avourite but cant see it happening he easily championship level

We dont want Willie Mckay hes not good news for the club,hes wrecked it.Hes a bigtimer that likes to flash his money about.He has ruined DRFC.

Shut up saying he ruined the club, he got diouf fgs was brilliant in rovers colours rovers were down last season with him so shh



25 Jul 2012 02:32:23
The Sun says Brighton have beaten Tottenham, Arsenal, AC Milan and Valencia to land Balmy, 18, from Le Havre.

All four clubs tried to sign the midfielder last season but Seagulls boss Gus Poyet finally netted the starlet.

Nothing confirmed by the club yet.

That is a barmy rumour.

As a pne fan I say we should h

Well North End landed a barmy manager last season why shouldn't Brighton have a balmy midfielder ?

I've heard this a lot in the argus to scored for us ima friendly

I think if I was a professional footballer I would also pick Brighton over all those clubs! I mean why play for AC Milan if you can play in Brighton??

He played for Brighton in pre season game in Spain, he had a great impact on the game and said he enjoys gus football



25 Jul 2012 02:07:45
Burnley finally set to land Brian Stock and Sam Vokes before their tour to the south west.

That would be two brilliant players coming two Burnley but i thinkthats not going to happen (Burnley Fc Fan)

Stock has failed 1 possibly even 2 medicals

Defo a good shout, whether stock will come or not isnt 100 percent cause of his injury record, and he is second choice to another cm were after, vokes is a definate

Because all the above offerd academy football because he's not values asks a first team or resever player .brighton have offerd him a first team football clause in his contract .mybe brighton think he's better then the other 4 clubs or maybe there wrong



25 Jul 2012 00:47:45
Fleetwood trying to sign Dele Adebola. Not even a fleetwood fan. Just that I seen Dele the other day whilst fishing down Devon and he said that he's spoke to Micky Mellon... Take it he's the manager? And he's keen to bring him in.

He is training with Burton and is a former team mate of Gary Rowett so i can see him signing for Burton



25 Jul 2012 00:32:47
Apparently Aston Villa are going to bid 3.5 Million for Aaron Cresswell, it's just a bit of gossip and it's probably not true! Definitely hope not but I thought I'd share it on here.

Source being the Daily Mirror.

Its on sky sports we are interested so must be some truth in it

According to local paper ITFC have put a value of 6m on him, but seeing as he rejected a move to WBA last season,has just bought new house and wants to settle in Suffolk doubt he wants to move.



25 Jul 2012 00:15:45
burnley set to sign sam vokes in coming days , subject to medical .

Going to Brighton - they are offering more - 15,000-a-week to blow Burnley out of the water.

Already had his medical at Burnley.Will be announced 26th.

Y? He was pants wen we had him. Give owen 15k a week or santa cruz.

15K a week? he would only be Burnleys 3rd/4th choice striker, he's not worth that much

15,000 a week!!! Ha ha course they are!

Brighton can have him hes s*** !

He wont be on 15k a week at burnley you fools, more like 8k, Brighton dont even want vokes, plus vokes would rather come burnley causew of links

Owen wont drop to the championship and santa cruz would probably go to either blackburn or a premiership team , burnley would never pay 15 grand a week , he would be a quality signing tho .UTC

Have him. He is a waste of space. No where close to being good enough for brighton. Then again not good enough for league 1.

Vokes has Alot to prove he wasnt great was he

Burnley would pay 15 k a week as that is there limit for wages ....

Is it eck ! Jay rod wasnt even on 15k a week and he was out top earner on 12k a wk

Jay was on about 8 our top earner was amougou on 12k



25 Jul 2012 00:07:00
Aston Villa make 3.5 million bid for ipswich left back but ipswich want 6million

Ipswich don't want to let him go, but 6 million would probably do it.

6.5m and they might have a deal.

Every player has his price,but town would be mad to sell him unless he really wanted to leave.steve Davies will sign for town within the next 3 day,info direct for the traing ground this morning.

Haha who in the Ipswich squad is worth 6 million. Could probably buy you the full squad.

60 million and they might have a deal. Top class left back.

Haha. No not the case. If 6 million puts off Villa then I'll be more than happy with keeping Cressie.

Why would villa put a bid in for another full back we got lowton and lichaj i would rather buy danny simson and he would go for less than 6 million also why would we buy an unproven player for 6 million

How is he unproven?

Nooooooo Cressy must stay

Cresswell is a left back, and a good one at that for his age. He is priced at 6 million not because he is worth that much, but because we want to put off any interested clubs in making an offer.

Davies and friend to sign for Ipswich within next 2 days.genuine

Cress well will sign for villa for an estimated 4.5mill with add ones up to 6 mill as soon as friend signs which should be within the next 48 direct for portman road

Friend will go to nottimingham forrest

Friend deal only if Cresswell is sold.



24 Jul 2012 23:51:24
Oldham are set to sign former Grays Athletic midfielder Cameron Mawer, he impressed during the behind closed doors friendly vs Hull City

...of Arseley Town in the Evo Stick Premier? Seems like quite a jump to League 1 to me....

What was the score then between hull and oldham

3-1 Oldham


Was Cameron Mawer number 14, when I was watching, I was wondering who he was. He played well by the way.

1-0 hull, 89th minute winner from aluko



24 Jul 2012 23:39:35
Rhys McCabe to have a trial at Wigan Athletic when they return from Austria.



24 Jul 2012 23:47:00
Watford set to sign highly regarded Thorgan Hazard on loan in a 6 month deal from chelsea, the brother of the highly rated Eden has been made available for loan following his transfer to the blues.

Oh please if you are a fellow Hornet stop embarassing us with there silly rumours.

Complete and utter rubbish

There may be some truth in this

This could be possible as Chelsea have said thorgan could be sent straight out on loan

Load of rubbish, they signed him to make Eden Hazard feel more at home, so why would they send him out to another club? Chelsea have already announced he will be part of the Under 21's development squad this season!

With the number of trailists/loanees already at Watford he may not be able to sign. Is there still a FL limit on loans? I count 5 Udinese/Granada players with us at the moment.

With udinese and granada and now watford because all the players are 'pozzo owned' they usually transfer player registrations to the club the player will play for that season i.e when zola selects the ones he wants they will be watford players for the season to get around ruling on the amount on loan signings a club can make

I agree I don't think watford will get him, but they have said they plan to loan him out!

If you read on, it says that Chelsea may well send him out on loan

We could be signing his younger brother - Fyre.

How do you any of you know. he might want to get some experience of english football under his belt. So, when he gets back to Chelsea he will know what it is liked to play english football even if it is at league 2 or the premier league



24 Jul 2012 22:54:14
Brighton in for marlon harewood

If he's not good enough for Forest why would he be good enough for us?

Not good enough. Next.

About to sign a pay as you play deal with Sheffield Wednesday



24 Jul 2012 22:29:40
Sebastian Bassong to QPR.

Cant see this

Even though Qpr's weakest link is the defence right now it is not that weak.



24 Jul 2012 22:28:48
Kenwyne Jones is in talks with West Ham and Everton.

Think you will find that at the moment he is in the USA with stoke on tour.

So was Danny Colin's but he's just joined forest and is flying bk



24 Jul 2012 22:26:23
Reading striker Brett Williams is currently on trial at Burton Albion

What teams see in Brett Williams is beyond me he is supposedly a striker and has scored something like 5 goals in 60 games. He was playing youth football in Southampton youth league never got in the team and all of a sudden he is playing professional football and no way should he be a pro footballer. Non league is his level.

God, What have you got against me.


?? Well I've seen brett play a fair few times now and in my opinion he could easily get in a league 1 team.scored a few in league 2 also hit the woodwork 3 or 4 times even though he was played on the wing the majority of the time

McDermott makes bad signings as well as good ones, he is human after all. Those shocking signings of particular note:
Cedric Baseya - 0 goals in his entire career
Brett Williams
Marcus Williams
Karl Sheppard

Unfair to say Sheppard is a bad signing. Hasn't played due to injury

Brett Williams has never really had a chance to shine, nor Sheppard due to injury.

Marcus was a free and lead to us signing Ian Harte because of his dreadful footballing ability so i'm not bothered.

Give Karl Sheppard a chance, had we not gone up I think he'd be on the bench and we'd have probably lost Federici, Kebe and possibly Le Fondre. He's only 20 I think, in 5 years time he could be the new Robbie Keane



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