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Just heard from very good sources that alonso will stay for one more season, david silva will join next week, arbaloa will leave in the next couple of days. also expect distin and crouch, yep crouch is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Norwich City FC

Looks like C Duerden will get the nod after an impressive trial on the wing

Unfortunately experienced centre half J McLaurin's injury means he will miss out

Ground staff rumour
To Red Lenin

I work for a firm of lawyers and have talked this over with a real employment hot shot. The real problem is if the any non UK players have an appearance clause written into their contract then a ruling that would prevent them from playing equates to a restraint of trade. It seems as if its this and not EU employment rules which the big clubs are looking at.

Correct and thank you. And that is easily solved by re–ngotiating contracts (has everyone noticed there's been a lot of that recently), buying young gifted non–UK players and nurturing them in the academies and reserves so they become 'home grown' category (there's a lot of that going on as well by the big boys), and concentrating on reducing the 'foreign' element and increasing the UK element of the first team transfers.

Onwards Comrades, with Rafa's Revolution
  Re – Manchester City / Gary Cook

Regarding the e–mail MAN CITY

My mates dad worked with gary cook at nike and was on the phone to him today in south africa. . . . . . Sorry Absolute rubbish every Pro, staff etc within the game have been warned about phone tapping, Gary Cook would not have this conversation FACT!!! The remit by CITY is to get in the top four within TWO SEASONS
  Graig gardener will leave aston villa b4 season starts birmingham is his top destination and first team football has he dosnt have 2 relocate.the talks r on going brum trying 2 get him on cheap as villa aint got a lot of money 2 spend but aint willing 2 let him go until they get a player in possible is jenas fom spurs.
  Red Lenin: Wrong and wrong and wrong again. Read what has been written. There will be no limits on the amount of 'foreign players' a club can sign. They can have 500 if they want. However, they will only be allowed to have a limited number on the field of play at any one time during a match. In addition, players who are not UK citizens, so long as they were at a UK club as a youngster, come up through an approved youth system (such as Melwood) and have remained in the UK will be classed as 'home grown' the same as a UK citizen. As an example, Pacheco would count as homegrown, as would David Amoo and several others that are currently at Melwood. In theory therefore it is possible to have an entore team of foreigners who are all classed as 'homegrown' and therefore all can be classed as UK.

All of the above, apart from the multiple use of the word wrong is fair comment – to a point.

The reality is, however that a club would not sign 500, or even 1 "Foreigner" if it could not play him.

Any rule or agreement which would inhibiit a club from buying players from another EEC country contravenes the free movement of labour within the EEC as enshrined in the Treaty of Rome. If player A and player B are of similar ability experience and value, and the only criteria influencing the decision whether to buy or not, was then this proposed "homegrown" rule – this would clearly put the "Foreign" player at a disadvantage, and his employment rights would be compromised. If he took his case to the European Court, and could prove that the main factor in him being denied employment was the fact that he was French (say) instead of English (say) then the court would without doubt find in his favour. This rule clearly would inhibit the basic right of all EEC citizens to operate on a level field regarding employment, and is therefore illegal – that is why it has not been implemented. And if it was, it would be brought down by the first court case a la Bosman
  Notts County are lining up a move for Forest forward Nathan Tyson on loan and will also look to complete the signing of Sheff Utd player Dave Carney who will now move to notts after Svens arrival
  Live news from Singapore (LFC Tour to ASIA)

I saw Alonso work really hard at training and news is that he's playing against Singapore. . looks likely he will continue

BTW, didnt see Masch practice!!!!. .wonder why!?
  Latest from transfer rumour control

Crouch to Arsenal, if this falls through Liverpool will be other possibilty, bookies odds reducing on that one.
Arbeloa to Real madrid, cash deal
Alonso to RM, cash plus players (to reduce RM wages bill)
Lennon to Liverpool, Ashley Young still on Rafa's radar. Micah Richards to be liverpool player next week

  I live near the KC stadium in Hull and whilst playing football on the field next to it,I saw Brian Horton(asisstant) and Phil Brown showing a certain Paulo Ferreira and Emerson from AC Milan round the stadium!!!
  Liverpool to sell mascherano and alonso for £55m. With the proceeds they will get Sneijder (Part ex) and diarra (part ex).
David Silva will join in part ex with Riera.
Possible left back to join–Lahm(hopefully not monkey bale)

Jay Spearing will emerge as a ledge this season too (the new sammy lee!!!!)
  Fernando morientes–quinton fortune–joe ledley and per skeiljbred all to sign for hull by the end of next week
  To the bloke who posted :

Jerome Thomas£0
Charlie Davies£7million
Sol Campbell£2million
Dean Whitehead£2.5million
Sam Ricketts£2million to Portsmouth
Peter Halmosi£0 to Middlesbrough plus Julio Arca
Bryan Hughes£0.950k to Birmingham

Charlie Davies signed Sochaux two weeks ago.
Maniche signed for FC Kln 4 days ago.
Dean Whitehead is due to sign for Stoke today.
Sol Campbell won't sign for Hull.
Sam Ricketts went to Bolton.
Other than that, well done !
  ––––leeds united transfer news––––

jermaine beckford to newcastle – £2m
david prutton to southampton – £750k
tom elliot to shrewsbury – loan
lubomir michalik to charlton – £900k
andy robinson to charlton – £250k

sam sodje – £0
billy sharp from sheff utd – £1.2m
david healy from sunderland – £750k
micheal ball – £0
andy van der meyde – £0
johnathan franks from middlesbrough – loan
  Liverpool are interested in bolton striker kevin davies as a physical presence to help break down teams that park the bus in front of goal at anfield. he will cost about £3million and will jump at the chance of champions league football!
  Fellow gooner mate is good friends with Gavin Dein, son of David, he has heard very strong rumours that Arsene wants to bring Huntelaar in – they are hoping that a deal can be agreed – sticking points are as usual the fee and that Real want first refusal on Fabregas when he looks to leave the Emirates in the near future. If it doesn't go through this week, expect Huntelaar to remain in white as he will move to the Lane instead.
  Lots of rumours doing the rounds at the moment (most of them utter rubbish) robinho won't be going to man utd either will aguero!! however one player who SAF might just cough up the dough for is valencia's david villa! with barca n real both pulling out it has left the spanish striker frustrated and although at first wanted to stay in spain he is now considering a move to the EPL with the champions as his preferred destination. SAF and David Gill have been keeping a close eye on proceedings and will be puting a bid together for him. this will make the fans a little happier after the loss of ronaldo. won't happen untill pre–season tour is finished. . but this is a certainty! David Villa will be a man utd player come the beginning of the season!

fox in the box ;)
  Chelsea fans don't worry!!! although there has been a severe lack of activity at the bridge this season. . things are about to get a whole lot sweeter! roman abramovich has secured a double deal which will see ronaldinho and luis fabiano coming to the bridge! 100% done deal! also terry is staying!

fox in the box ;)
  Harry (brown envelope)Redknapp to sign 6 more middle of the range wasters. . then when the pot is empty and there are no more funds he will be on his toes to the next club that think the sun shines out of his rear end. . leaving the spuds with a huge debt and nothing to show for it . .
  Manchester city's spending spree will be concluded after they return from the tour. the last pieces of the jigsaw will see the signing of 3 players to see city push for the title! although personally i don't think they will win the title at the odds some bookies are giving on them they might be worth a cheeky punt!

kolo toure – 14 million
joleon lescott – 19 million
Fernando Gago – 9 million

all deals are in the pipeline and are around 90% complete. city might also put in a couple of bids for other players but are unlikely to get anyone else.

fox in the box ;)
  Hearts Fc

I have been told from a Hearts first team regular that the club is set to sign Jan Koziak. The striker has undergone a medical.
I have also been told from another reliable source that Neil McCann is set to return to the club as a coach, he will not though be a direct replacement for Anatoly Korobochka.
  Arsenal to confirm the signings of crouch, cana, huntelaar in the next week. also arsenal considering a bid from ac milan for the big donkey up front!! 10 million or so!

fox in the box ;)
  Liverpool latest.

Xabi Alonso will go in next 48 hrs. Rafa just wanted straight cash for Alonso and is going to recieve £30 million.
With this and his funds he has remain for transfers he will go for Silva (Valencia want all the money at once) and either of Aguiliani or Javi Martinez.
Martinez is more of a Xabi type player than Aguiliani so is the favoured one of the two.
Arbeloa is still on Real's list and are haggling due to the fact that he has one year left on his contract expect to see Negredo come in as we give Arbeloa plus 2 million for his services.

Dossena is still a target for Napoli and is held in high regard in Italy(why I never will understand) but Rafa IS interested in Lavezzi despite denying in the past and will try a cheeky million plus Dossena for his services.

The 12th Man.
  I work for a printing company in park royal west london, if its of any interest we had to re–print a load of programmes for wembley! the reason for the call back and reprint was that tottenham had not finalised two deals that should have gone through? the two player's in question are young and huntelaar? app though they will be signing just not in time for the wembley cup
  Sergio Aguero has signed a pre–contract agreement with liverpool which will see him move to anfield next summer! He wants one more season with athletico and then is relishing the prospect of once again linking up with ex strike partner and very close frien fernando torres! exciting times for liverpool. . . well next season anyway!
  To whoever wrote this:

"Aston Villa have no money for player's so why are people linking them with players which simply they can't afford? Lerner is reluctant to part with money as his company 'Citibank' have taken a huge hit from the recession and after huge investment has failed to see major improvements. Villa only brought in Downing as they had the money from the Man City deal regarding Barry for £12m the exact same fee that was paid for Downing so they now have no money to negotiate with. O'Neill has been told he must sell before he can buy. Player like: Stilian Petrov, Nicky Shorey, Craig Gradner and Zat Knight could all be made available to free up some funds. However with other clubs knowing Villa's plight no club will pay over the odds."

Lerner has nothing to do with Citibank. He used to be chairman of MBNA but no longer is. The only projects he is involved with is Villa and the Cleveland Browns in the NFL.

Lerner has used money from his family trust to fund Villa over the past three years, which is why we are not in debt, because he has not had to borrow the money. And he still has that trust available to him. No major improvement? Villa finished 16th before he took over, now they have finished 6th twice in a row.

Don't believe yourself. Villa will spend money on players that MON needs, and Lerner will back him 100% in the transfer market. He has shown it the past three seasons, and he will again.
  I work for Lucozade sport, and we have just started shooting a new advert for one of our products featuring Peter Crouch in a tottenham shirt!
  To "Big Franck" the supposed "dealer in facts."

Dont know who you support or where you get your information from but as for the "masses" from northern and southern Ireland making up the majority of our support, may I direct your attention to the FACT that the reason spl clubs rarely get gates above 5000 is that most of the football watching public of the big towns and cities in Scotland are old firm fans. I think wee franko is dealing in assumption rather than facts, never mind lad, nice try.

52 and Counting.

We are the people.
  Definate deals to happen this summer:

Villa – Manchester United
Costa – Manchester United
Senna – Arsenal
Hazard – Arsenal
Flamini – Arsenal
A Young – Chelsea
A Johnson – Chelsea
Pirlo – Chelsea
Crouch – Spurs
Huntelaar – Spurs
Maxi – Spurs
Lescott – Man city
K Toure – Man city
Y Toure – Man city
Lennon – Liverpool
Gudjhonson – West ham

and finally the shock move of the window:

John Terry – Real Madrid

heard it here my friends!
  Arsenal are def intersted in Cana and H'laar,it would be very ironic if the dutchman signed for us now as its the 2nd anniversary today of him scoring the first ever goal at the emirates in DB10s testimonial.
  Sven to sack Charlie and appoint ex_Forest failure, David Platt. . Got this whilst dining out with an ex–county player.
  Manchester city will announce the signing of daniel de rossi this weekend. . 18 million
  Just to say got it first hand from accounts
liverpool to be bought out by 3/08/09
then double bid for villa and silva
if no movement for ribery expect large bid to take him to anfield
unfortunately xabi is gone friction in the camp in thialand the squad is split
sneider and negredo to come in part exchange for xabi and arbeloa
  Ive heard alot of talk about Alan Hutton coming to villa over last 2weeks and now with with spurs signing Naughton i could see this happening. I never believe these kinda things but a mate of mine has heard we are also in talks with spurs over Jenas and both Keane n Bent but will only sign of the strikers.

any spurs fans heard any of these?
to the fan that send this you are right about bent and hutton but not jenas and keane the only way you will get jenas is if you do a swap deal most likely hutton jenas bent plus 5 million for ash young there is no chance of keane going any where and well pleased with the naughton and walker signings and some more rumours is that while tottenham and barca are playing in the wembley cup harry is going to try and get cacercas and bojan on loan

Crouch to fulham
Walker to sheff u on loan
Muntari to spurs
tuncay to villa
delph to villa
Cattermole to liverpool
Alonso to real
mascherano to barca
hamsik to liverpool
Fox to nottm forest
To the person who posted. .
"To the people saying Manchester United will be signing Aguero and Robinho etc, are sadly mistaken considering SAF has said he won't be singing anyone else."

–Well SAF also said he "wouldn't sell Real Madrid a virus", when he knew a deal was in place to sell them Ronaldo! Haha! I wouldn't believe anything these managers say, especially SAF, he tells fibs like they're going out of fashion. Some of you are SO gullible!

Robinho–Man U for 29 mil.
–Goatman Gary
PS Why would i lie? I'm a Torquay fan, doesn't effect me anyway.
  Alonso has moved to RM for £32.25m
Young will sign for £23.25m
Mash will stay
Pony man will sign for Hull for £2.5m
Silva will sign for £24m on 27/07/09

  Forest are fed up playing the game for Danny Fox and have switched their interest to Nicky Shorey at Villa. You heard it here first. . also Claude Davies on his way on a free and Zak Whitbread for 1 million. PSR. .Dan the Man.
  "Arsenal keeping tabs on striker M.Chamakh but may make a strong bid for Fenerbache striker Daniel Guiza with the funds generated from the Ade sale, Wenger knows he is a top striker with height and is good at creating something out of nothing. An ideal player to suit the gunners style of play. They may still yet enter the race to sign Alonso.

I have heard the same from various well informed sources.
Aparently wenger would rather Guizza as Chamakh has to go to the African cup of nations every couple of seasons in the middle of the season, This is also why he has not already made a bid for M.Diarra.
  Re: SpanishBlue, Whilst I would love some minted sheikh to come in and buy our beloved club, the sad fact is that billy boy doesn't really want to sell, he's making the right noises to appease the fans. The reality at EFC is that if we're lucky we'll sign a couple of squad players, Elm possibly, Lescott will probably go to city, as bill wants the cash, but the money will not go into transfers, we'll get in loans and freebies in a last minute panic. Hope I am wrong, and if I am, I will apologise to you, but we just don't have the cash and our debt is growing. We just have to hope that Moyes can work his magic for another season.
As Sven is at Notts Co they will spend alot of money this trasfer window. (for a league 2 team anyway). Some of the transfers include:

Although some have these have been linked with prem clubs and higher clubs than notts county, the lure of money sven will tempt them to notts county. all of these will have record wages for a league 2 side. this will be financed by the new middle eastern owners they have ;)

Remember This Post–B.Marshall
  Kanu to Notts County. Kanu was spotted by my friend who went to get a season ticket today. He spotted Peter Trembling And Ian Mcparland showing Kanu round the ground. Deal to be announced after the Nottingham Forest friendly on Saturday.
"The whole point of the EEC Treaty of Rome in relation to employment is the free movement of labour within EEC states. You are stating that these rrgulations will force clubs to look at who they sign from a nationality point of view, therefore the free movement of labour is compromised. Ergo the Treaty of Rome is breached and would therefore be illegal. It really is as simple as that, and if it was challenged in the European Court, that would inevitably be their view. A so called voluntary agreement would similarly be illegal"

Wrong and wrong and wrong again. Read what has been written. There will be no limits on the amount of 'foreign players' a club can sign. They can have 500 if they want. However, they will only be allowed to have a limited number on the field of play at any one time during a match. In addition, players who are not UK citizens, so long as they were at a UK club as a youngster, come up through an approved youth system (such as Melwood) and have remained in the UK will be classed as 'home grown' the same as a UK citizen. As an example, Pacheco would count as homegrown, as would David Amoo and several others that are currently at Melwood. In theory therefore it is possible to have an entore team of foreigners who are all classed as 'homegrown' and therefore all can be classed as UK.

And as I said I know for a definate fact it has been gone through with a fine toothcomb by Liverpool (and therefore probably the rest of the big teams), and it does not breach any part of the Treaty of Rome precisely because it doesn't restrict how many foreigners a club employs, just how many can be actually on the pitch at anyone time. It is very carefully worded and phrased, and during it's 'construction' FIFA and UEFA liaised very closely with the European Commission and that is an absolute 100% fact – not a rumour, not even a teensy–weensy bit of a rumour – but a 100% genuine 'I've seen the club's copy of the working document complete with jottings in the margins' fact.

Onward To Rafa's Revolutionary Red Glory
  I am a chelsea season ticket holder and have been for many years, my dad is a good friend of peter kenyon. chelsea's summer is about to get a little busier and theres some good news and some bad news according to peter. the good news is with drogba, mikel and malouda all signing new deals it also looks like JT will do the same as peter kenyon has been doing his best to get terry a good deal which he is now happy to sign. other good news. . well great news is that chelsea believe they have a deal in place to bring Pato to the bridge! kenyon is confident this will happen! now for the bad news. . it involves michael essien. personally i think he is our best player and can't believe this but it's true and it's gonna happen. Essien will move to manchester united this summer, when first told i thought it was a joke but apparentley essien wants the move. mourinho was wanting him at inter however he actually wants to move to man u! everyone at chelsea is gutted about this but Essien will definately be a man u player. . . . . gutted!

charlie dawson
chelsea 4 life
  Championship club Blackpool are set to pull of a major signing for them even though it is only a season long loan for Manchester Utd hot prospect Danny Welbeck.

Ferguson has made it known in recent days that Welbeck needs a season of Championship football next term to see how he copes and that he had a move lined up and that team has been announced as Blackpool
  Notts County to sign Kasper Schmeichel, Billy Sharp, Floribert N'Galula and Seb Carole in the next few days.
  I am currently based in Valencia, Spain through my job. all the locals here are saying David Villa to man utd is a done deal???
  Derby will sign jon parkin if rob hulse leaves this summer.
  I've heard a lot coming out of the Grove (live in North London, and have a couple of acquaintances who work at Arsenal), but all of it suggests that Arsenal are NOT going to be signing anyone else in the transfer market. No Huntelaar, no Chamakh, no Matuidi and DEFINITELY no Crouch.

But don't believe the stories about Arsenal having no money – Wenger controls the purse strings. Someone said he might be fired if this season fails. I've heard something similar, but it won't be a firing – he'll step down.

I think Arsenal will be better off without Wenger in the long run anyway, he's lost his touch.

  HMFC Update

I have been told by a mate who is friends with a member of the Hearts coaching staff that the next few days will bring about big changes at Tynecastle.
Hearts will sign Garry O'Connor with Andy Driver going in the opposite direction. Hearts will also receive cash up front as well as bonus payments.
Rui Fonte will join on a free transfer. Laszlo has been tracking the striker for some months.
Hearts are also interested in Colin Healy but I was told this deal is now hugely unlikely as Healy wants to join Ipswich and try his luck in England.
arsenal – chamakh 5m plus sendoros
spurs – keane to villa
man city – lescott but spurs may get there first
biglia to premiership number clubs intrested eveton, villa, bolton, fulham expect everton to make it with money from lescott move
masherono to move spain expect barca to be top list but maybe valencia to come in
newcastle martins – to villa top listed but possibly arsenal may come in with late minute bid
word in australia is lucas neil to galatasary
jose reyes to join eveton 5m plus player
  Rafa has tied up a deal with Roma for Alberto Aquilani for £16m. Rafa has stated that Xabi's absence was due to injury, however he was on a plane to Madrid to tie up a deal with Madrid. He has agreed terms but he has returned to Singapore with the first team to play a farewell match and say good bye to the fans.
  Massive rumours going round that MON is NOT going to spend any major money as the economic situation is biting at VP. MON will shop around the peripherals with a couple of mill. here and there for a change of personel.
All of us true Villa fans are going to be disappointed. Unless he sells, he will not buy. Its as simple as that. How can we let THFC beat us to two fullbacks when they were available for everybody. Ash. Young may well go at the eleventh hour at a miserable fee, poss. below the £20m that seems to be what buyers want to pay. MON values him at £30m but may give way.
EVERY player at VP has a price on his head and this could see a huge movement out of staff out of VP.
My question for other Villa fans is are we satisfied with MON transfer policy? He arrived to a fanfare but has run out of wind. Where are AVFC going to finish season 2009/10? Bottom half of the table is my bet. In fact I might get a price from the local bookie on this. Players defo. out Hesky,Storey, Sidwell(hardly given a chance,Gardener, etc. You name them, you can buy 'em.

Mal, a disappointed Villan.
  Hey BB here again. lots of fellow blues are saying that a consortium from the UAE is going to buy Everton. Well my contacts tell me that it won't happen and these people have not even been in touch with the club. Please do not shoot the messenger.

  Liverpool to keep alonso but sale mascherano to Barca deal should be completed by end of the week, Also Arbeloa to Real madrid

Liverpool will then turn there attentions to Ashley Young Benitez keen for young english talent and sees Young as solution to the left wing

Benitez will also sign Tuncay from Middles borough and Cattermole
  As a retired super hero I see my services are needed again because the evil "The Shadow" has returned, but don't worry EL TORRO is here to save you from his evil rumours. Tuncay to LFC will not happen.
Mascherano can go, i don't care if its his wife or whoever, hes over rated, he gives the ball away too much and then gets his applauds from retrieving it back (my dog does that), and he fouls too much plus he's a psycho and loses it, anyone who mentions the word passion to me will get a smack in the face, this is not passion its stupidity, getting wreckless bookings i.e. his Man untd tizz and losing his rag, oh yes and how many goals has he scored Hmmm yes enough said. RAFA will take the money, he has many targets but the likelihood is a swap deal with Henry. Kevin Davies will be a last minute sale due to the price tangle. Well we have fallen short on the goalkeepeing front which the tour has exposed so well.

I may be back, we'll see. .

  Notts County are set to sign Peterboroughs Scott Rendell for 100,000 with further add ons if promoted.

got told this by a peterborough friend of mine.
  Defoe to Sunderland with Richardson and 4.5 million going in the opposite direction!!
  To the muppet who linked Randy with Citibank. get your facts straight, he has never been even a shareholder with citibank, he was owner of MBNA but sold way before the credit crunch. as for signings MON has been given the green light to spend £50mill. MON is considering,
& Upson
Going will be
Gardner on loan
The 'fonz' on loan as part of the delph deal

Young is not for sale, the Man City link is more lazy journaism, MON has been heard saying that a offer of over £30mill would be considered anything below that would be given short shirft
  CELTIC F.C RUMOURS 100% true

Just seen Eidur Gudjohnsen go into Lenextown today along with ex Barcelona full back Sylvinho could this be a deal to get wrapped before to
nights deadline at 11:00
  Rumours in general

deco to porto – 3.5 million
alonso to madrid – almost done
delph to everton –5 million + 2 million in add ons
kyle walker to sheff utd – loan
landon donovan to stay at LA Galaxy ( about 6 british clubs were interested along with a couple from spain and italy )
jerome thomas to hull – free
beckford to burnley – 1.5 million
tuncay to sunderland – he doesn't want to leave the north of england – 6.5 million
paul parry (cardiff) to doncaster

City will turn to ex–player DISTIN at pompey for £5m plus BENJANI and CAHILL from bolton for £6m plus EVANS and ETUHU. Expect bids for HERNANES and DEIGO CAPEL too. JT will sign in January along with AGUERO.
  At last the oil rich Arab sheiks from Dubai are finally ready to go public about their buy out of the famous football club from Liverpool, that team is the original founder member EVERTON F.C., they are going to build a new stadium complete with a football villiage and give David Moyes a war chest that will even make Man city envious. This is not wishful thinking but very very true, it wil start leaking into the national press over the next few days and be concluded within a month. you heard it first . SpanishBlue
  Hey, crouch to arsenal a joke, not gona happen. arsenal will buy this summer but not for aleast a week, arsene is lookin an moving carefully do not to get into any biddin wars. either 8 million for chamaka or is negredo moves to spurs then 13 million for pavelyanko to link up with arshavin.

arsene will also look to reduce real's squad size buy taking m. diarra on loan,
hangealand is v good but still young an wud prevent vamalens progress. upson wud be my choice but doesn't look realistic.
arsene is determined to one day replace Vieira so maybe matuidi as backup for now.
  I was thinking about what Goatman Gary was saying about Robinho to Man United, and he's definately got a point. Alex Ferguson wants one of the Man City attackers, that's why he keeps mentioning they might be unhappy. Put it this way – it's not Craig Bellamy!
Fergy also said he wanted to keep tevez cos he was a crowd pleaser, and now there's no crowd pleasers at man u. So Robinho could well be fergys target.

Also, i've seen a few people having digs at Goatman Gary for talking rubbish, but he's written good stuff on here. His Crouch to arsenal story was rubbish, but at least he puts some personality in his rumours. You cowards don't even put your name, just a line of BS and that's it!

Ps i heard Dean Ashton to Hearts
  Morten Gamst Pedersen to Man City– Robinho to United, wait and see.Bentely also going to City with Bellamy joining Spurs in exchange.
  The reason why both Liverpool and Man United have yet to spend any real funds this window is, the news is that both clubs are looking to bring in the same player?

The clubs refuse to get into a bidding war with each other and both clubs don't wan't to be linked with the player while no deal to sign him is in place for fear of looking like being snubed by the player and losing out to the other team

That player is none other than David Villa

Valencia will only sell for a cash in total up front deal somewhere between £35m–£40m
This is the real reason why Rafa is willing to go ahead and sell Alonso to Real Madrid
If Villa decides to go to Manchester? then Liverpool will accept a player plus cash deal from Madrid
Nagredo would be the sriker they accept

But if it is Liverpool who Villa chooses then it will be a straight cash deal and Aquilani will be the player that moves
Both clubs will then move on to another signing each
Liverpool will sign either Silva or Ashley Young from Aston Villa depending on fee

Manchester United will stun the Premier League when they hijack Man City's move for John Terry with a late offer that will match City's offer

John Terry will do a Berbatov
step on the plane to sign for City but get off and end up signing for United
That will almost complete United's in's with a late player plus cash deal
which will see Vidic move to Barca and Pique plus cash moving in the other direction

You might find these to much to believe but trust me and remember who told you first THEMANINTHEKNOW
  Liverpool will bring in one other 'talented & English' player. It will not be Joe Cole as originally thought (probably due to his recent injury) but it will now be Ashley Young. This will be funded by sale of Alonso. Expect Lucas to move alongside Mascherano and Lee Cattermole to come in as reserve CM. You didnt hear it here first as this rumour has been doing the rounds, but now it is almost certain (if Xabi goes to RM).
  The Liverpool midfield situation:
Rafa has asked Alonso to stay for one more year as Mascherano is unhappy with his wife's visa problems and decided it is unfair to try and keep a player with personnel problems.
Alonso will stay for the extra year with a deal (currently in the making) that he will be allowed to go to Madrid (and only Madrid) next summer for £25m. Another part of the deal will see Negredo arrive at Anfield for £10m plus Arbeloa.
Rafa will use the money from the sale of Mascherano (apparently £40m) to buy Negredo (as above), Silva (£15m plus Riera) and Aquilani from Roma as Mascherano's replacement. The remaining money will be held until the Xmas transfer window when Rafa will buy Alonso's replacement and give him half a season to bed in before Xavi goes. At the moment the favourite is Cattermole of Wigan if he continues to improve as he has done in recent years but there is also a reported interest in Huddlestone of Spurs.
I'm not someone's neighbour or uncle or own a cafe near Melwood, I was told this by a TV pundit at a charity function last night.
  Norwich to have major transfer influx over next week. They are to sign:

Simon Whaley
Rhoys Whiggins
Goran Maric
Nicholas Chystanthou
Grant Holt

Jens Berthal Askou is also expected to sign providing he impresses in a final trial game.

Tom Cleverley of Man United is set to be the only loan signing, joining on a 1 year loan after he plays a friendly at Carrow Road on Saturday and is given the tour of CR and Colney training ground.

Lescott is only days away from completing his big money switch to City. The fee will be around 22M and an agreement that Everton can land striker Jo on a permanent deal for a knock down 8M next summer, should the blues want him. Everton will replace Lescott with a move for Senderos from arsenal. With Yobo and Rodwell also, it will soften the Lescott transfer.

With the cash from the lescott switch and money which was already available. Expect DM to make these moves

Rasmus Elm ( 5.5M)
Rafinha ( 9M )
Philip Senderos ( Loan )
Adam Johnson ( 8M )
Jermaine Jenas ( 10M )

There may also be some truth that Pienaar might be heading to spain. I hope not but i heard a whisper that Pienaar could be involved in a swap with Jose Reyes from atletico madrid. While Spain has been mentioned i might add that David Villa will sign for liverpool for 40M, expect the deal to be completed within the next 5 or 6 years. Until then we must all stay patient whilst reds fans continue to write this utter garbage !
  Newcastle United are ready to make Sol Campbell player/manager.
  Manchester City could add yet more fire power to their squad and are lining up an £18m swoop for Aston Villa winger Ashley Young. (Daily Express)
Does anyone else think that Mr Hughes had an addiction to Football Manager that is spilling out into reality????? how is he gonna keep everyone happy? defenders Mark defenders. . .
  With Spurs signing Naughton expect Villa to complete the signing of Hutton in the next 24 hours, a fee has already been agreed. Distan will also be a Villa player before the weekend. Villa still looking for that big name player and the players being discussed are Hunterlaar and Van der vaart
  Hello again,

The Shadow hasn't posted for a while now and is growing tired of the constant rubbish being posted on this site as he previously enjoyed reading believable rumours.

The Shadow understands that Manchester United will not be signing anybody else before the end of the transfer window. No Aguero, no Essien, No David Villa.

The Shadow also understands that Liverpool duo Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano will both stay at Anfield, signing improved contracts w/c 27th July. They will be joined by Sylvain Distin and Tuncay.

The Shadow believes that John Terry will be staying at Chelsea and will be joined by Alexandre Pato. Man City will sign Joleon Lescott.

I dare anybody to ridicule The Shadow. . He is never wrong. Never.
  To the person who said this

Those that say it breaches EU law are talking rubbish. There will be no limit to the number of foreigners a team will be allowed, just a limit to the number on the pitch at any one time. This has been looked紡t in depth by the European Commission and been found to be perfectly legal and fully compliant with the spirit of EU employment legislation. I know for a fact (and I mean a fact) that Liverpool (and therefore almost certainly the other 3) have had employment legal experts go over the proposals with a fine toothcomb. They're watertight and will happen.

The whole point of the EEC Treaty of Rome in relation to employment is the free movement of labour within EEC states. You are stating that these rrgulations will force clubs to look at who they sign from a nationality point of view, therefore the free movement of labour is compromised. Ergo the Treaty of Rome is breached and would therefore be illegal. It really is as simple as that, and if it was challenged in the European Court, that would inevitably be their view. A so called voluntary agreement would similarly be illegal.
  I have read this page for a few months now and laught at all the " definite transfers " that are supposedly happening. Well i feel that I should enlighten this page with TRUE transfers:

Glasgow Rangers – Face facts fellow Bears the Mighty Gers are skint!! But all is not lost as WS and Ally do have a list of players that will be purchased before the transfer window closes at the end of August. No Marquee signings tho as the players being looked at are as follows:

Tonel – Sporting not a new rumour as deal was completed in January.

Carew – Villa

Driver – Hearts exchange for Velicka + cash

Hutton – Spurs 1 year loan return

Brunt – WBA


Fleck – Has been kept quiet but is part of the deal to bring in a loan signing from Man U. Fleck to stay for 1 more year before going South.

Boyd – Seems to be the man to get rid off to clear some more of the debt as he isn't as important as Davis, Boogy or Mendes.

Thompson – Major shock !! Was being touted as fututre captain but there has been 3 approaches from EPL clubs to take him down south. WS sees Edu as an ideal replacement in midfield and was also the reason Weir was offered 1 year extension. When Weir retires Mcgregor will become club captain – I couldnt believe it either.
  With Harry continuing his real life Champ Manager game it is becoming another close season of quantity rather than quality at WHL.


Hutton – Rangers : voted 8th best young player in world when we signed him but we have somehow managed to destroy him. Loaned back to Gers.

Lennon – Liverpool will swoop when they fail with their attempts to lure Ribery.

Defoe – Too many average strikers. Defoe will join Villa in exchange for Milner plus cash.

Ins –

Crouch – WHY!!????

Beckham – 1 year loan. Deal already done as he gets to retain his image rights. His lawyers are in the process of terminating Galaxy contract.

Very strong rumour that Harry will make an astronomical bid for Bougherra from Rangers in the region of £10 million. Deal involving transfer of Hutton may be involved. HR sees him as a replacement for King who we all know is finished.
  To the person who wrote:

"Expect to see Owen and Rooney start the campaign against Birmingham. SAF is convinced the two will spark up a partnership similar to that of Yorke and Cole in 98/99. Berbatov will still play most games, but if Owen starts well expect to see 443 rather than the conventional 442 next season. "

443? I always knew they were willing to walk a fine line to get an advantage but an extra player on the pitch is taking the pi even for SAF!

Rumours. . Sven to lure JT to Notts County, MJ not really dead but living with Elvis, my next door neighbour is having an affair with the milk man (and he does have a black BMW) ;–)
  In Australia there saying LUCAS NEIL will join galatasaray. . . . . .
  Stuart pearce has got a meeting at Notts County next week!
  Billy Davies still has 3 positions he wants to fill at Forest – left back, left wing and centre half.

The club are close to agreeing a fee for Fox from Coventry between 2.5 and 3 million – expect this to be completed by the weekend.

Gary McSheffrey will be coming on loan for the season to prove his fitness but the BIG news is the return to the club of Michael Dawson on a years loan with a view to a permanent move if the reds get promoted. BD set this up when negotiating Gunters transfer from WHL.
  Aston Villa have no money for player's so why are people linking them with players which simply they can't afford? Lerner is reluctant to part with money as his company 'Citibank' have taken a huge hit from the recession and after huge investment has failed to see major improvements. Villa only brought in Downing as they had the money from the Man City deal regarding Barry for £12m the exact same fee that was paid for Downing so they now have no money to negotiate with. O'Neill has been told he must sell before he can buy. Player like: Stilian Petrov, Nicky Shorey, Craig Gradner and Zat Knight could all be made available to free up some funds. However with other clubs knowing Villa's plight no club will pay over the odds.
  First off, who cares one iota if all these ex–Rangers players are Rangers or Celtic fans – typical West of Scotland ownership mentality. Before any comments come flooding in, I reside in Glasgow and I'm a Rangers supporter, free from the shackles of the hatred that exists in our unfortunate football culture.

Rangers will not sign anybody this summer as has been stated, so to all those deluded fans, yes you, the brigade. The sooner you lot get outta Ibrox the better.

Hopefully Danny Wilson, John Fleck, Andy Little will be promoted to first team slots – this is the only logical step forward for our club. With Aaron impressing in the Med Cup, surely he's guaranteed a first team berth with hopefully a future contract secure IF we do well this season (i.e. last 16 of Champions League).

The sooner Smith gets rid of the deadwood that has kept our club back over the last, god, 4 seasons? the better.

There will be a possibility of one or two joining up in January if European progression is secured.
  Rumours from various sources mostly fans and an academy player.

Toure to city for a fee in the region of 12–14 million with Terry to follow after a very extravegant bid chelsea cannot refuse. Gives them funds to take alonso across to Chelsea.Lescott could come to city if we offer onouah as a make weight. Ashley Young to City with Petrov plus cash to villa. Stylian Petrov Knows his international team mate well naturally gifted left footer, final ball and shot are brilliant.

I want collochini from newcastle could get him for £5 million, steal for an argentine international. Need defenders.
  Notts County to make shock double swoop for Sheff Wed Francis Jeffers and Birminghams Kevin Phillips
  Celtic latest transfer targets are
chech fae wba
danny fox fae coventry this is unlikley tho as there are several epl clubs intrested
c bellamy on loan highly unlikley
mowbary needs to strengthn his defence and attackin options or we will be out of europe before the season even kicks off and he needs to look elsewhere for players wba are a championship side why not try for shevchenko and nistelroy
there are going cheap i don't rate mowbary he is not ambitous enougth but we will win leauge tis season as rangers are skint cmon eh hoops
  Oldhams promising fullback Eardley to join Blackpool before the weekend.
  Sadly xabi is leaving liverpool to madrid for 34mil.
aquilaini will sign for 16mil
silva will sign for 23mil
we will sell dossena and arbeloa making around 15 mil which we will use to buy philip lahm.
we will then sign a striker for 16mil.

man u won't buy anyone else.
celsea will sell essien buy pirlo and pato.
arsenal will buy chamakh and some more players out of france.
  Ive heard alot of talk about Alan Hutton coming to villa over last 2weeks and now with with spurs signing Naughton i could see this happening. I never believe these kinda things but a mate of mine has heard we are also in talks with spurs over Jenas and both Keane n Bent but will only sign of the strikers.

any spurs fans heard any of these?
  A quick top up of info from St.Andrews: Stephen Hunt seen at St.Andrews last week apparently meeting with Big Eck to finalise a £4m move. Also talk of a possible loan for Rafael of Man Utd now Brown and Neville are back to fitness and O'Shea played well at RB Fergie wants him to have a good season in a Prem first team.

Other titbits that have been talked of: Man Utd certainly are not done spending – David Villa is in talks for a £45m move and they are still chatting with Bayern over Ribery although this looks unlikely. The 'no more signings' is a cover up to ward of potential suitors for either player and avoid the inevitable bidding war with Man 'Bid for everyone' City.
Chelsea looking at Sneider and/or Van Der Vaart and if John 'I love my club not the £150k a week they pay me' Terry leaves may consider a bid for Mexes or Chivu of Roma/Inter respectively.
  It's Dark Times at Anfield.
The imminent departure of Alonso to Real Madrid, Arbeloa looks to follow suit and now Mascherano is piping to go to Barca.
It is indeed dark times but fear not Liverpool fans there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Liverpool are in talks with Roma about signing Aguilani.
Alonso sadly will go to Real but with Wesley Snijder and 20 million coming the other way.
The funds from the Alonso will bring in David Silva Rafa's top target.
Arbeloa will be a straight swap for Negredo + 3 million to Real.
These are 99% happening

If Mascherano does go ( it's 50/50 at the moment) then see Rafa to either get £40 million or £20 million and Yaya Toure plus Bojan on a two years loan.
With the £20 million he will use in the Jan transfer window if needed.

Remember the name –The 12th Man
  Falkirk are to sign midfeilder robert buis on a free may is willing to take a chance on buis after impressing on a 2 week trial

adam will be leaving as will mculloch for 1million and beasley for 750k

only transfers in sadly will probably be lovenkrands and neil mcann on a 1 year playing contract which will roll onto a coaching contract when mccoist takes over as manager .there is no money in the bank guys so its time for FLECK,WILSON,LENNON AND SHINNIE to step up and prove therselves.
  Sheff u are intersted in signing kris commons from derby and gregorz rasiak from southamton
  Hot off the press!
Now Mascherano wants to move to Spain (to please she who must be obeyed) expect Barca to come back in with offer of cash £15 – £25 Million plus players from list: HENRY, GUDJOHNSEN, HLEB, money will depend on which players are involved.
ALONSO to Madrid again £25 – £30 plus players RVN & SNIEDER, possibly another
RAFA will then use cash on English signings of Ashlety Young, lennon & suprise Theo Walcott
Arsenal will pip Spurs & grab Crouch
essien could be a Man U, Arsenal or Liverpool player soon
Chelsea to sign Aguera
  These rumours are likely to happen

City will offer ROBINHO + 20m to sign Terry

Chelsea will make an improved offer of 15m for EDIN DZEKO

DAVID BENTLEY fancies a move to Italy so Fiorentina and Genoa are now interested

GUTI, SNEIJDER AND METZELDER are all targets for City or United

Aston Villa are eyeing PEPE to replace LAURSEN

BOLTON will make an offer of 5m for Tolouse's ster player GIGNAC


Blackburn will sign RUUD VAN NISTELROOY and ADRIAN MUTU for around 10–20m

Tottenham want AIDEN MCGEADY

sunderland want WAGNER LOVE

and finally City and Chelsea want ALLESANDRO NESTA
  With Kyle Naughton signing for Tottenham expect Aston Villa to table a bid of 3.5m for Alan Hutton.
Aston Villa know that Hutton is now surplus to requirements behind Corluka, Naughton and even Chimbonda as right back and with Luke Young currently injured and Villa in need of another right back Hutton is top of their cheap list.
Tottenham will ask for more money though so expect Villa to sign Hutton for around 4.5m later this week.

Aston Villa are also set to go back in with another bid for Sylvain Distin for around 3.5m. This will be rejected again, forcing them to look elsewhere.
  Look for Anderlecht's Argentinian Lucas Biglia to appear on the radar of some of the Premier League clubs fairly soon. His agent is touting him around England with a particular view to get one of the London sides to pick him up. I saw him a couple of times last year and he seems like a reasonably good central midfield player – but note I said "good" and no more than that.

Also, do not be too surprised if Barcelona make a firm offer for Diego Forlan by the end of this week.

  Atletico Madrid have lined up Eduardo Salvio as the replacement for Sergio Aguero who is now attracting interest from Inter Milan as well as Chelsea.

  Notts County will this week sign

Andy Bishop 300,000
jack Lester 150,000
david carney 100,000
  Arsenal ins

man city ins

liverpool ins
  MAN CITY NEWS. .new deal in place which will tk evertons joleon lescott to man city 4 a fee of around 5 mil + micha richards and nedum onhoua. . Other players out the club will be elano off to italy initialy ona yrs loan.also m.johnson on his return bk to fitness will b leavin 4 the first 6 moinths of d season witha number of both prem and chamionships keen to add the talented lad to there squad,rumours evn av it liverpool a trackong his sitation. calciedo wil be off tp eiher fulham or benfica and benjani will return to pompey on loan wiv a view to a perm deal.richard dune may aso leave if replacements are bougt with snderland,willa n wolves all waitin in d wings. ched evans,kelvin ethu,michael ball n many other fringe players will b alowed to move on. . .

John Terry. . . If he wanted to stop at Chelsea a statement would of been released ages ago. . JT wants the move to happen 100% the only thing stopping him is the 3 year contract

Lescott. . . Expect an increase upto 20Mill it's unlikely Onouha will move due to his successful last season, Jo might be used as part of the deal

Kolo Toure. . Yes three centre Backs Micah might be used as part of the deal

Robinho. . . . . A move might be on the cards but only used as a part exchange deal with Yaya Toure @ Barcelona


FINALLY some of the media are catching up on what is really happing at Liverpool FC. Everyone thinks that it is Alonso who is so close to leaving, but, as my source (an insider at LFC) told me long ago, it is Mascherano they are desperately fighting to keep. He told me that despite the interest from Real Madrid, Alonso will be staying until the January transfer window at the very least. I知 sorry to say though that the LFC future of Mascherano isn稚 looking as bright.
I知 not sure where this talk of Rafa making a transfer which will make Ferguson 租isturbed came from, but I do know that Rafa is in advanced talks with Gremio over Douglas Costa, the Brazilian wonderkid, which United have been heavily linked with. There痴 no doubt in my mind that over time this guy WILL be one of the greatest players in the world.
Another Liverpool transfer target I will grace you with is CSKA striker Vagner Love. Don't know costs but just been told that Rafa is seriously having a look at this guy.
AND FINALLY, talks on Valencia痴 David Silva have indeed slowed at the moment despite advanced stages of negotiations. Should the Silva transfer fall through completely, ive been told Rafa has lined up either Ashley Young or Joe Cole as a replacement, which Young being more favoured.

That痴 all from me:


(btw: I致e been watching this site for some time now, and just have pay a little compliment to the editor on doing such a fine job!!!)
  To the guy that this.
I'm the guy that suggested Keane would leave and NOT Bent, and that it would be to Villa. Hopefully the guy that posted Keane was not at Peterborough with the squad (talking to Villa) is right.

Keane picked up a groin injury in the previous friendly and was not risked with Barcelona this Friday coming up. Harry is only willing to buy Crouch if he gets rid of either Bent or Pavlyuchenko which seems unlikely. Other than this no–one will be leaving or coming in.

Huntelaar to join Arsenal by the beginning of August for a fee of 15 Million Pounds plus add ons.
No other players coming in as he will use Toure in that defensive midfield role and Vermaelen at CB with Gallas.

a mate of mine had a dinner party and JT's girlfriend was there. she told her mate that she is looking for houses in or near Manchester.

is this a sign that Terry will go

Other Rumours
alonso to real madrid for v.nistaroy plus 27 mil
villa to liverpool for 30 mil
toure to manchester city
  To the guy who lives next door to Ashley Young & the guy who lives across the road from Ashley Young:

I live next door but one to him & yes I know you are telling the truth becos you have described the neighbourhood perfectly. I don't know him personally but my mrs knows his mrs & she told my mrs that he is holding out for spurs or lpool to come in for him but MON is seriously hesitant to sell so realistically expect a move in Jan or maybe next season.
  Arsenal will be in the market to sign one more player this summer, with Adebayor having been sold and Nasri picking up a big injury, Wenger feels he now needs to buy. This will be either a striker or a midfielder. The striker options are Klaas Jan Huntelaar (£15m rising to a possible £18m), Marouane Chamakh (£10m / £7m + Silvestre or Senderos) and Edin Dzeko (£15m – unlikely, as Wolfsburg are unwilling to sell). The midfield options are Mamadou Diarra (£10m), Cana (£10m), Blaise Matuidi (£7m) and Gokhan Inler (£15m). One of these will be signed by the summer deadline day.

In Arsene We Trust
  Rafa has identified exactly who the three players to win us the Premiership are! Rumour has it that he is lining up bids for a left back, right winger and a creative midfielder. Dossena will be used in a bid for Chiellini, expect an enquiery on Shaun Wright–Phillips and a £12m bid for Joe Cole. Sergio Aguero is the record signing Rafa hinted at earlier this summer.
Scouse Pride
  David bentley to notts county sven the only man in england who rates him
  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOOPS NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Champs League deadline day deals for 2 new players for CELTIC Mowbray is hoping to secure Mesenguez £2m and a loan deal for Gareth Bale. Also pursuing Kevin Nolan & Benjani but face competition from EPL teams. In Tony we trust
  True transfer rumours

Kris Commons Burnley 3 million
Roy Carroll Qpr 1 million
Tuncay Blackburn 7 million
Mido Ajax 4million
Michael Ball Motherwell Free
Henri Camera Hull Free
Tonel Rangers 1.5 million
Xavi Alonso Real Madrid 35 mILLIOn
Obefemi Martins Portsmouth 7 million
  Whufc news takeover imminent we will shortly announce a new owner and mancini will join the boys when they return from asia tournament futures looking great for the irons

Liverpool are set to sign Alberto Aquilani after the two clubs agreed a fee of £16million, according to reports in Italy.
Personal terms will not be discussed until Xabi Alonso completes his move to Real Madrid.
However, if Alonso痴 move to Madrid collapses, Liverpool will not discuss terms with Aquilani and the transfer will not be completed.

  Clear things up, chris burke did go to holyrood, 1 year above me in the skool team and he was a big celtic fan,from gorbals! FACT

and for the(rangers)guy who said RAUL and Martins on loan , honestly ? were you getting these . . wouldn't even call them rumours cmon Raul?Martins?. think you should just put down players that fans might believe, you could sign
Have to laugh at that again lol
youve got a system who are tryin to get the wage structure down and players who don't even wanna leave your club(Adam) being the main player.


celtic are gonna make bids for , commons, cech and janko

oh and maybe (david villa) Joke!

peachey bhoy
  Interesting news coming out of anfield , my source informs me that 2 out of six players will be signed this summer the six players being considered are david silva : 25 million ashley young : 27 million alberto aquilani: 18 million matieu valbuena: 10 million juan mata: 15 million jeremy menez: 16 million most likely of the six players to be signed are david silva and aquilani. valbuena is being considered as a cheap solution to the problems on the wing for liverpool although valbuena would be more of a risk, menez is an extremley talented player who has not settled with as roma and liverpool are viewing the situation with interest, mata would be fantastic value for money and is just as good or better than young so benitez sees the 25 million price tag set by o'neil as way too much. likely outcome is silva and aquilani. KOLLON MAN
  Arsenal keeping tabs on striker M.Chamakh but may make a strong bid for Fenerbache striker Daniel Guiza with the funds generated from the Ade sale, Wenger knows he is a top striker with height and is good at creating something out of nothing. An ideal player to suit the gunners style of play. They may still yet enter the race to sign Alonso.


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