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To the Celtic fan who says he would not touch Manchester City's Richard Dunne because he's "too slow. " Wow, mate, you have really embarrassed yourself there. Everyone knows Dunne is one of the quickest centre–backs around, so say to claim he's slow is to really expose yourself as being a little ignorant.

Anyway, why on earth would Dunne go to a weaker league when he's at the very peak of his career?

Now to proper City rumours. Luis Fabiano is close to being on his way but the negotiations are complex due to the nature of his ownership – he's part owned by Seville and a management company.

Jonas Gutierrez from Real Mallorca is a deal that is already been agreed between clubs but Spiderman is unsure about UK weather so that is still in the balance.

One rumour that refuses to go away is Diego of Werder Bremen. I have heard that he's dead keen about the move (Elano's been waxing lyrical to him about City, the fans and Sven) but there are personal issues. Not sure what they are but it is 50–50 right now. And there we go.


  Hicks thinks he can calm fans down with another drawing of a stadium. Which seems to be the new way in football for a chairman to calm their customers down. Get some fantasy artist to draw a picture of some imaginary dream stadium then blames the manager for wanting to spend that money on players. Reslut nothing gets built or bought and the chairman gets to sack the manager if he feels like it.

Just as a point of interest for you all. I am in the process of doind some refinancing myself (remortgaaging my house). My IFA initially came back with a Halifax (ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND) mortgage, I sent her a away to find a non RBS mortgage as well and I will be making my decision on which one to go with at the end of the day. I will be hoping to go with RBS for more than one reason. I will not howerever if this loan to Hicks goes through.

PS I have just come back from working in Houston and Dallas. I am a well travelled person and I have never in all my life come across a place so full of holes. I do not say this lightly.

Liverpool FC's very existance hangs in the balance today.

they dont care about rafa, they dont care about fans, our club its in the wrong hands

  Im from Australia and scouts from Birmingham football club have been visitng my club The Sydney Supermarines, we play in the second tier of the Australian League and one of our stirkers Lee Doran, aged 18, has been offered to come to England to trial for Birmingham. Lee has caught the eye of a few of the top teams in Australia, but the interest form Birmingham has really got him excited. his current goal scoring ratio this season is 23 in 16 games. just thought I would let you knw about a potential star for the English Premier League. all the best to lee

  Arsenal will loan Theo Walcott to Celtic for the remainder of the 2007–2008 season, with the possibility of a further six months to one year next season based on his developement, this is a sweetener in their attempts to sign Artur Boruc from Celtic, Arsenal also agreed to remove themselves from the bidding of Brad Guzman in the knowledge that the Polish number 1 is further down the line of development and is a ready made number 1.

Boruc to Arsenal in the Summer £10 million

  Liverpool plan to make an initial bid of £12 million for Klass–Jan Huntelaar.

  After the bust up between Adebayor and Bendtner one of the 2 will be leaving the club and Arsene Wenger is more willing to let Bendtner go which will spark a tug of war between the old firm for a cut price £500,000 deal.

  Hi all I put a few posts on here every other week regarding a very good friend of mine who works within the FA's youth development scheme and my news today is. DIC have been in touch with FA with regards to Work permit applications and also registration within local councils (this could be to do with stadium plans or the reviewing the rights to Anfield. Though they have not been in touch for a couple of weeks now which could suggest one of two things, either, that they have lost all interest or there simply mulling over the decision to see what kind of financial turnaround LFC can achieve this year. Also the storys going around the FA staff about the REAL reason Mourinho did not take the England job is that he informed them he already has another job in line and that any interest shown for job from him might cause tension for when/if he becomes manager. What that suggests to me is that it's definatly an English based team. Like I said the last part is only a rumour but my friend Olly, so far, has never been wrong. ta for now. LawsforEngland

  Patrik Kluivert is in negotiations with Korean club Daejeon Citizen about a move to Asia. He wants to leave Lille because he is not playing regularly and will get a giant paycheque in the Far East.

  KK Currently in talks with Village AKA J Woodgate

  Partick Thistle forward Liam Buchanan is likely to be signed by Rangers in a couple of days. Fee is £100K or thereabouts, but depends on the Cousin deal not falling through.

  Afc – to sign in Summer


rob green – 10 mill

micah Richards – 15 mill

abonglhor – 9 mill

gareth barry – 13 mill


Lehmann (Germany club)

Senderos (Valencia)

Gilberto (lyon)

Eboue (inter

  Glasgow Rangers are expected to sign danish forward soren larsen from shalke in the next few days. the 7 foot 1" giant is expected to pen a 3 and a half year deal, if daniel cousin completes his Fulham move. over on the manky side of town, Celtic will follow up there interest in the ginger whinger barry robson.

  Hi I live In Dublin and rumour is that Richard Dunne is not leaving City for NUfc but transferring to the Gooners in the Summer

  Danny Wilson of Hartlepool has lined up two loan signings prior to the end of the month. Lee Trundle will join him from his old club Bristol C while Middlesbrough will allow Ben Hutchinson to join until the end of the season

  Whoever posted the comment about Villa signing 6 or 7 world class players in the next week better be telling the truth because we do not want to be messed around being fed rubbish information.

The signs coming from Villa Park seem to indicate that little business will be done this month. I do still think that we'll get a couple in during the next seven days but nothing too spectacular.

Possible signings: Jose Angel Crespo– Sevilla RB, Giles Barnes, Nedem Onuaha, Jermaine Defoe, Darren Bent, Kevin Doyle

I reckon a maximum of 3 will be signed from this list.

  Birmingham City could land Theo Walcott on a loan deal. Alex McCleish is keen to beat Stoke to the temporary signing of the young Arsenal talent.

= v1=

  KK of Newcastle will loan Ben Tozer to Hartlepool until the end of the season to gain some first team experience. And with trouble at Bristol Rovers Wilson is keeping his eye on Richard Walker and Steve Phillips

  Neymer the Silva being chased by Man United and Real Madrid. He will join Man United as he knows Fabio and Rafael and Anderson. Aguero to sign by end of Jan. Carrick not going anywhere. Saha off in Summer. Simpson to be new rb cover for Neville. Brown off to Newcastle United in Summer on a free. Man United will sign youthfully this Summer. Young Romanian called Torje maybe signed. Also Jaoe Carlos (gk) Gildo (cb) Javi Martinez (cm)

  liverpool news

Tom Hicks and George Gillet will not sanction the permanent transfer of JAVIER MASCHERANO for £17 million, They have ordered Rafa to sell players to recoup the cost of signing defender SKRTEL for £7 million, MOMO SISSOKO will join JUVENTUS for £9 million on Sunday, NO further transfers in JANUARY.

  lfc news.

Well that is the end of the Americans at Liverpool. yesterday was the day they supposedly would have sealed the loan and would reveal stadium plans. yet another lie by the Americans. DIC will take over. there will be a drastic change at Liverpool. the staff will be wt will change most. it is true that Liverpool have got deals ready to go through now for David Silva and David Villa. however due to funds they will not complete until Summer. when DIC will b in charge of Liverpool. and all this this DIC going to blue side of Merseyside is aload of rubbish. completly.they are through and through Lfc fans and would not waste there money.

  I do not know how many people were watching Sky Sports Rumours on Thursday afternoon, but there was an interview with Doug Ellis, who could have sold his club Aston Villa to George Gillett + Tom Hicks but refused to because he was aware of their financial situation although he was offered a substantial amount more than what Lerner was offering. This to me is quite ironic as why did David Moores, who said he was looking for the best deal for the club, not take the financial situation into account just wondered about a vast amount of money sitting comfortably in his back pocket as they offered more to the shareholders than DIC. Hope your happy now David. Anyway, I does not seem very bright for the Yanks owning the club as the deal for the re–finacing was set to be completed by Thursday and is still yet to be decided. Could this mean the end for the Yanks tenure? Hopefully. The dea needs to be completed by Februarysixth, one year after they took over or the club is then taking away from them in the hands of the RBS. This is when DIC will make an offer for the club, an amount that is not over the top, which is what the Yanks want if they retain control. All the publicity from us Reds fans about the DIC taking over must stop though guys, they do not like publicity and would rather deal away from the Press, lets not put them off.

Like the banners at Anfield read "Yanks Out", "If It Aint Broke, Do not Hicks It", "One DIC is Better Than 2". Fingers crossed they do not get the loan.

Y. N. W. A Love you Reds


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