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25 Feb 2013 21:50:49
Kilmarnock offer to Eremenko, Orozco and Gordon contract deal



25 Feb 2013 20:46:39
Norwich City are close to completing a deal to sign Belgian Pro League side OHL's star Gambian international Ibou in the summer, who the east Anglian club have been scouting throughout the season and been very impressed with his performances.



25 Feb 2013 20:42:30
Jordon Bowery to come back on a 28 day loan



25 Feb 2013 20:06:04
Southampton's french midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin has today signed a new long term contract with the club, until the summer of 2017.
Source: Saints official website

Great news, push off Gooners.
Happy days.

Totally agree.

Statistics shows he's one of the best midfielders in the premier league and his form has been consistant throughout the season what a great coup



25 Feb 2013 18:35:50
Huddersfield to re-sign hammil on loan with view to permanent deal, kisnorbo also rumoured to come in at centre half

26 Feb 2013 07:09:27
Would like hammill back but not to sure about kisnobro

I can see us getting hammill but isn't kisnorbo at ipswich at the minute?

Kisnorbo = good news

Hammil seems to have got Town fans with short memories very excited. Those of us who remember more than just one event seem a little less impressed!

Hammill would be a good move, this could almost rescue his career, we need some pace and slick footwork to keep our opposition defenders out wide and create space for our strikers. It's a toss up then between another defender or midfield hardman until Southern gets back.

Hamill is a luxury Town can not afford right now. If were playing well and clear if drop zone then yes. Need somebody who is in game not drifting in and out. Also he doesn't do tracking back or defending.

Kisnorbo is currently on loan at Ipswich and can't get into their starting lineup, why would we want a player from the worst team we have played all season?

Kisnorbo is moving to China. Local Ipswich sources have confirmed hence why we have loaned Brown from Man U

People need to get off Hammill's back, he is a fantastic player and will work wonders for town now that he is past the issues he had when he was first with us, any Barnsley fan will tell you of the quality that he posesses, he is by far a better player than any other that we have at town at the moment.

On the defensive issue, I think we need to give the young lad Murray Wallace a chance because what I have seen of him, he has been solid. Why loan other teams youngsters when we have one of our own!?

We need somebody to replace Keith Southern whilst injured too.


Cant see hammill going back with robins there now, he`s the reason he left oakwell.

Hammill didn't leave Barnsley because of Robins, he was sold to Wolves for a lot of money, Robins left Barnsley because he couldn't have any of the money for new players.

I know he was sold for 500k, but he wasnt wanted by robins, who also ousted j campbell ryce, players were ok, robins is a door handle. he left oakwell because he wanted to spend more than we had!

Hammill is average. has the potential but needs to sort himself out. only did a couple of good things at town but was inconsistent, i'd rather we gave some youth a chance first



25 Feb 2013 17:15:14
Shelton Martis is currently training with Mkdons and is set to sign a deal until the end of the season very soon. watch this space.

Trust me mk dons do not want him
but he is strong and tall

26 Feb 2013 22:47:13
Trust me you will not want to sign him when you see him



25 Feb 2013 17:39:44
Derby County want Aidy White, Gary Monk, Abdul Razak and Matty Fryatt in the summer.

What they want and what they get are 2 completely different things



25 Feb 2013 17:23:32
Aaron Martin has joined on loan from southampton until the end of the season. he is a centre back and has been given number 35.

Good luck Aaron, practise makes perfect.

26 Feb 2013 14:08:23
Someone has put good luck practice makes perfect at the Arron Martin transfer to Coventry well he is a well established center back at Southampton just fell out of favor but at a club like Coventry in league 1 he will be a massive acquisition to the team



25 Feb 2013 16:29:07
Chrsi Martin, only signed on one month loan deal not for 93 day, Cloughie will decide that with player at end of first month, though Martin not keen on dropping a division permanently and can Derby match his wages? I think not.

More likely Derby will be in for Gary Monk from Swansea (big time fall-out behinds scenes at Swans with not starting Wembley game), view to Brayford / Monk deal in the summer. Brayford replacing Liverpool bound Angel Rangel.

With dropping further points behind play-offs see the Rams give pitch time to Bennett, Doyle, Freeman, Hanson and Vernam. Lelan in squad places.

Big summer move. Billy Kee (sorry not Billy McKay!) and a move for Lafferty from Burnley

Gary monk is too old, but I would agree to some of fringe players getting time on the pitch as the season peters out

Monk would be an excellent signing for the Rams. Billy Kee is a good L2/1 striker, no more.

Angel Rangel is not Liverpool bound at all.

26 Feb 2013 16:58:32
Brayford isn't going anyway confirm himself on local news he wants to extend his contract. Billy kee is league 2 maybe league 1 stanard. Verham is 16 and not near the u18 squad let alone first team.
derby have a transfer policy of players u23 with potential unless like james Oconnor its a player who can play a number of posistions. The posistions that we trying to fill is LB and RM both will be attempts
on Aidy white and Jon Taylor. Otherwise it will be
Young players making the step up. Most of the transfer news for derby will be U18s given pro contracts or players on trial after their release from other clubs. Derby will also access Barkers progress whether with such a lay off whether a whole season of playing will be achievable.


Rangel to Liverpool? Doubt that!
He was quoted as saying not so long back that he loves being with the club and in south Wales. His wife is from here and his child (ren) were born here - this is his home!

I believe if he ever moves, before he retires, it will be to another place he knows as home - Spain!

Think about it, Rangel is a Jack and probably doesn't even know it!

Swansea top 4 yeeee

28 Feb 2013 11:43:16
Rangel is Liverpool bound in the summer, a 'double yer money' offer enough to tempt even the most stalwart taffy lass to up sticks! Another future red could be Ashley Williams replacing Carragher.

With neil taylor and ben davies we don't need rangel but if you think rangel will leave the team willingly you go no clue he loves the swans and wants to stay. he paid his own transfer to come to the swans in the first place



25 Feb 2013 16:05:21
Cov recalling macdonald today

Don't know if its today but definitely being recalled they're in process and we've signed Arron Martin from Southampton a good young centre back until end of season

25 Feb 2013 18:53:42
dont fancy recalling mark robins do they?



25 Feb 2013 15:35:58
Carlisle United's left midfielder/winger Andy Welsh is expected to sign for Bradford City on loan for rest of season with a view of a permanent deal in the summer.

Could be true after what was stated in the newspaper on Saturday

Yeah I reckon this could be true, even though he was in the 1st team for a few games recently, its obvious he has no future at utd.

Not true Blair Turgott is signing on a permanent deal in the summer instead.

Turgott is a right winger so whether or not he signs shouldn't affect any potential deal for the Carlisle player or any other left sided midfielder.

Welsh has premier league experience can't pass up players like that, if They're left winger Robson and they're young lad symington not have been tremendous (only players in the whole team) then welsh would be straight in



25 Feb 2013 15:23:09
Dundee and Dundee United are set to share a stadium at Dens Park. John Bennett who resigned from the board of Dundee United recently and previously held a role at Dundee is behind the plan. The plan will expand the capacity of Dens by adding in a new stand at the south side. Dundee have no say in this due to the ownership of the stadium being held by Bennett and Stephen Thompson is interested in selling Tannadice to fund the youth development program.

Also a full merger could be on the cards but it is not likely at this stage as the challenges are seen as too large for both sides to overcome,

Bennett will NOT take over Dundee as some supporters of both clubs believe.

It's not conceivable that they would ground share Dens, a dilapidated throwback to a football age gone by and flatten a relatively recently redeveloped Tannadice which even if they merged wouldn't be filled.



25 Feb 2013 15:11:14
Jimmy bullard seen getting a tour around WHCS! spoke to him and he said he will sign for the club as u18's assistant manager next week



25 Feb 2013 15:09:56
Former player Kevin Mcleod on trial with the u's currently!



25 Feb 2013 15:08:57
Exeter City manager Paul Tisdale is heading to Swindon Town for talk's about becoming their new manager from the end of the season.

He will not be placed in charge until the end of the season so the new owner's can complete the takeover fully and sort out compensation with Exeter City.

The take over is complete they had a press conference today & the board were introduced to the media. They also said they haven't contacted anyone about the managers job yet.

25 Feb 2013 20:16:20
Tisdale is under contract to exeter so I don't think he will be coming to swindon because we would have to pay them compensation we got trouble getting new players because we have got no ambition

I would rather have miller & ward than him. who ever swindon get they are going to be Cheap!
just a thought! who is the other invester in this new board could it be andrew Fitton everything looks towards him his plans before he left tight budget! does not like PDC

I doubt it was fitton. Black and fitton didn't see eye to eye can't see black allowing fitton to have anything to do with the new consortium

26 Feb 2013 21:45:55
Swindon need to get dicanio back tomorow they could be playing in front of five thousand fans soon

Yes it would be good to get Di Canio back, but we will still be playing in front of a min 7K crown.

27 Feb 2013 15:57:20
We would have more than 7 thousand fans if we were 2 in division 1 with dicanio I think dicanio going has taken 3 thousand fans of the gate for the 2 previous games maybe more



25 Feb 2013 13:01:23
Shelton Martis Training with Championship Barnsley hoping to earn a deal until the end of the season

The run had to end sometime the defending dissapointing let's see how we go on with bolton

Who has Martis been training with?, the squad are training in Spain, since Sat.
Coming home Weds. {Ed034's Note - the op doesnt state he is training in barnsley, but with barnsley, so there for if he is, i would presume he is in spain

The bubble has burst, it was going to happen sometime. The Reds have had a great run. Let's hope they can beat Bolton. I am sure that David Flitcroft will have been working with the defence. The main point is not to lose ground with the teams above them. They have done well to close the gap and now is the time to dig in. If they have to grind out the results so be it. That is the name of the game.

01 Mar 2013 11:49:07
Do we know who Flitcroft is wanting to bring in as replacement for Golbourne?

He mentioned on Radio Sheffield that it was someone from the Premiership.



25 Feb 2013 13:00:34
Portsmouth look set to name Paul Hardyman as new manager once the club come out of administration.

Believe me this will NOT happen! Hardyman is not held in high regard within the Portsmouth fans and team. whittingham will be given a chance.

Whittingham has not done well enough even allowing for the horrific circumstances. Steve Claridge is a name constantly linked and his contacts and knowledge of the lower divisions will see him through to the short list.

26 Feb 2013 17:48:17
Claridge will not take over. As much chance as Hardyman (who is held in high regard within the club & fans, due to his excellent work with the junior/youth ranks).
Whits & Awford have been trying there best with a crappy squad of drops out that no else wanted (for obvious reasons).
I think in Div2 with the PST established as owners, they would be a good managerment team. Esp if they can bring in backroom staff (currently it is those 2, Knightsie & the youth coaches running everything!) such as Kevin Dillon & Martin Kuhl.

27 feb 2013 17:41:57
to be honest guy wittingham will get the job and would prefer him over them anyway

and mk dons 1-1 portsmouth, have you seen connollys goal i mean for a 35 year old.
oh my god!!!!!!



25 Feb 2013 12:49:36
Leeds are looking at alternatives to Adkins, who is asking for a lot of money, and is still demanding a parting settlement from Saints. GFH are thought to want to talk to Sean O'Driscoll, Sean Dyche, Paulo Di Canio and someone else. It better be O'Leary, or Robbie Di Matteo. We could do with being a tad more ambitious.

Big NO to O'Leary

Steve McLaren looking for work. Born in York, supported Leeds as a lad and look what he did at the Boro! Great Option in my opinion

Steve mclaren has never been successful in england. no no no

What's wrong witl O'Leary? Rather him than McLaren!

Oleary would be the best appointment in my eyes he has got unfinished business at Leeds and with the depth of our squad now he would be able 2 bring through our little gems in our youth and blend them in wiv the team, what have we got to lose.

What have we got to lose? Our respect? Our dignity? Going back to O'Leary would be a total disaster and would result in us probably being either in league 1 or totally bankrupt again.

You don`t want Mc Clown. I should know, I`m a Forest fan. or maybe you do!



25 Feb 2013 14:29:29
Swansea manager Luadrup to stay at swans despite interest from madrid, chelsea and arsenal and he is to sign De guzman on perm deal. COYS!

That is a load of crap or it will be all over tv



25 Feb 2013 12:07:44
Derby are trying to bring in both Matthew Kilgallon from Sunderland and Danny Lafferty from Burnley. Both would be on loan until the end of the season and both would be on a view to a permanent deal.

We certainly need a centre half and someone to score other than Jamie Ward would be nice.



25 Feb 2013 12:03:08
Danny Guthrie, Pavel Pogrebnyak, Adam Federici, Alex Pearce and Adam Le Fondre will all be moving on if Reading go down this year

Adam Le Fondre is a quality player and has the ablity of keeping Reading up

25 Feb 2013 12:25:35
Not "if" but "when" Reading go down.

Federici and le fondre won't be moving if we go to the championship. McDermott said that Pearce wants to stay. Guthrie and pogrebneak may stay to try and get us back up.

All of those with the exception of Pearce are signed to long term deals. They'll only be moving on if we get big offers for them.

Pog and Guthrie have relegation clauses in their contracts

Pog and Guthrie can leave if we go down, no need for high earners.
Feds can go, we have MCcarthy and Anderson. Pearce can go we will have Morro and Maps, also gorks if we go down. Le Fondre will not be going anywhere unless silly Jordon Rohdes style bids come in. But all this doesn't matter as Villa and southampton will be going down.

Seeing as people don't even know how much Pog is on I very much doubt clauses in the contract would've been revealed.



25 Feb 2013 10:31:46
Yeovil are close to agreeing a loan for Milan Lalkovic of chelsea for the remainder of the season. He will act as cover as Hayter is injuted

Doncaster fan in peace! Can you please tell us how James Hayter is after his injury & being taken off on a stretcher last week?
It may or may not surprise you to hear that he is very well thought of for his time with our "pub team"!

The injury isn't serious should be back next week



25 Feb 2013 07:59:19
Alan Judge has agreed a deal to move to Bolton Wanderers in the summer. He is out of contract at Notts County so will go for free signing a three year deal.

Would be a great signing. He has been highly rated and a number of clubs have been looking at him. Great age another impressive young signing by Freedman if it comes off and FREE as well! Fingers crossed

Yeah, that would be pretty sweet for you guys, but it would be a terrible loss for us, especially if he leaves for nothing.



25 Feb 2013 01:50:24
i saw that news about anderlecht midfielder lucas biglia could be singing for liverpool I think he might not get picked because liverpool have young rising players like jordan henderson or club legend steven gerrard he may not get picked over lucas or shelvey

What song will he be singing?

Henderson is awful mate



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