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Benitez to go immediately after Real game tomorrow after emergency Board meeting.
  I live in Valencia, I know a couple of people that work for Valencia football club, that told me that David Villa will not be joining at an English premiership team, he will be joining Barcelona at the end of the season to replace Samuel Eto for around €40 million, The same for David Silva he will be leaving Valencia to join Real Madrid for €30 million at the end of the season it's been widely publicised in the national newspapers in Spain that Juventus are willing to pay €30 million down–payment now for the player to join in July 2009, He stated last year he does not want to leave Spain. Liverpool Football Club did I ask for the availability of David Villa in January but were told he is not to sale then asked for the availability of Juan Manuel Mata in which told he would be for sale for €20 million at the end of the season.
Arsenal Football Club enquired about defenders Raúl Albiol and Carlos Marchena in January and were told the same as Liverpool they are not for sale. Valencia football club have not paid their players for the past two months and in deep financial trouble president Vicente Soriano thinks he doesn't need to sell the players to get out of this mess but he will sell three or four of his best players for big money at the end of the season.
  I want to first say that I do not want to start off a debate about this, but it has to be said.

Recently people are commenting that Rafa wants to move to a big club. Emmmmmmmm. He is at a big club, Liverpool are one of the best teams in English football (the best league in the world). How could you possible suggest that one of the most succesful and supported clubs in the world is NOT a big club.

Get real, we may not be as successful as the 70's and 80's but we are still a force in England and Europe.

Lastly, sad Liverpool fans STOP making a mockery of this great club by claiming we are signing everyone.

I'm sure Rafa has his targets picked out well in advance and negotiations are under way, but NO ONE knows except who he wants to know. How many of ye knew Liverpool were close to signing Vidic until Carragher and Vidic himself said it, very few I'm afraid.

By all means if you genuinely hear a rumour post it, and I would like to know the genuine situation on new owners because by the sounds of Rafa's latest contract issue, it sounds like something is happening (But as its got to do with the availability of funds it does nt sound too good)
  In May the signing of Pato and Gattuso To Arsenal in exchange for Adebayor will be confirmed!!
  Forest fans will soon see that I am correct about Michael Tonge arriving on loan. Watch now as Billy Davies brings in John Curtis, currently without a club, until the end of the season to shore up the right back spot. Ched Evans and Gary McSheffrey a slim possibility as is Danny Shittu. Dan the Main Man
  Just been told that Billy Davies has made enquiries to Crystal Palace about James Scowcroft and/or Alan Lee in his search for an experienced front man to link up with Earnshaw.Dan the man
The latest news from anifield. .

Last week i stated on this site about transfers for the summer that rafa had made contact on two players from La Liga. These were kun Aguero and Jesus Navas this is total truth! The la liga journalists graham hunter and guillem balague confirmed this on last weeks revista la liga!!

As i stated last week, we could have signed Kun Aguero two seasons ago, personal details and fee were agreed but due to the clown himself rick parry, would not give rafa the funds. And with the robbie keane signing rick parry is really in the firing line. Tom hicks stated he wanted parry out the club and with the keane saga. . im totally behind him. GET RICK PARRY OUT THE CLUB! GET RICK PARRY OUT THE CLUB! GET RICK PARRY OUT THE CLUB!!!!!!!

Back to the signings kun Aguero has agreed personal terms with liverpool, talks with athletico madrid is still on going but are reportbly asking for 20million euro's plus alonso. However talks will be taking place at the end of the season!!

Seville and Jesus Navas did have talks last summer with liverpool, but both player and club decided to give it another season. First choice has been given to rafa and liverpool, fee to be around 15million euros.

To the fans in la la land Teves will never ever play for liverpool! 35 million for a bit player i don't think so the board is going to mess up again not after robbie crazy horse keane. GIVE RAFA FULL TRANSFER CONTROL!! GIVE RAFA FULL TRANSFER CONTROL!!! IN RAFA WE TRUST
  Well disaster at LFC. Rafa handed in his resignation after the Man City game.

It has been accepted by Gillette but not by Hicks who's position will be weakened by this. Not sure where this mess will end its Rafa vs Parry, Hicks vs Gillete and liverpool will undoubtedly b the losers.
Once again Romanov has shown his hand and again saying no to more signing's,even though these guy's are free agent's,the man has no desire to spend money on a club he is seling in april,so Laslo had better just get on with thing's the fact the two guy's got trial's was only to fool the fan's,. . who care's how long it takes to develope the main stand when we don't even have 4 strikers on our first team ,mad and vlad go well together,the sooner they go the better,there are lot's of Hearts people waiting for him to go so they can invest in the pride of Edinburgh,so let's bid this man goodbye ,and look forward to better future for Heart of Midlothian.F.C. Once the real Hearts people takeover ,watch out, wee team and old firm,the people coming in have real money,and are proven football men at the highest level,and also Hearts people. . .Gordon 108. . til 109
  Enough is enough. Rafa will not be leaving Liverpool! Rafa will sign a new contract by the end of March. After Liverpool beat Madrid at home.


–Agger (Milan)
–Lucas (loaned)
–Babel (loaned)

With many reserves climbing nks. Such as Nemeth and Pacheco.
  Who ever said that everton have seen that the 4 can be beaten is obviously an idiot. Do you not remember a couple of seasons ago when everton finished 4th!

now for the rumours (yes rumours not truth as most people say)
Moutinho (s.lisbon) 16m
Johnson ( 5m
D.Bent (Totnhm) 8m
W.Brown (m.utd) 4m
Jo ( 9m

Yakubu 15m–totnhm
Van der meyde 3m– fenerbache
  Serious rumour rafa is on the verge of walking out tony cascarino reported on irish radio rafa stormed out and may not be even on the bench tonight. good riddance!
  I'm from Shepherds Bush and therefore support my local team (unlike you armchair, 50 miles away fans). If anyone knows Bush it pretty small will Loftus rd right in amongst the housing estates.

Anyway my mate is in and out of the reserve team, he told me a few things, QPR are hunting the following in the summer:

– Brazilian att mid, got a lot of players worried (using it as a shop window owned by a agency)

– Figo, will sign on loan to help his Paulie for a season

– Godwin Antwi, Rafa sees no more potential
  If Rafa goes we can expect an exodus from Anfield, we will see Reina, Alonso, Torres, Riera, Pacheo, Bueno and a few more highly rated youngsters follow him out the door. Gerrard will also leave and I would not really blame him.

Anyway that ain't gonna happen, you can expect to see Rafa sign his contract extension once we have won or been knocked out of Europe.

Expect to see 2 major signings (looked at and been discusssed Schweinsteiger/Ribery/Joaquin & Agureo ) in–excess of £15m and £25m + Player respectively.

Along with 5 or 6 "squad players" Certain = Johnson's (Pompey & Boro), Sielva & Olic Not to sure on the remaining transfers.
  Newcastle summer targets include:

Johnson (Man City)
Ebanks–Blake (Wolves)
Shorey (Villa)
Shittu (Bolton)
McCulloch (Rangers)
Nugent (Portsmouth)
Commons (Derby)
Dunne (Man City)
Meitie (West Brom)
Brammer (Port Vale)

Ade is defo leaving in the summer, that is a fact
The club are buying a player called Matuidi
  Anglo Irish bank will purchase liverpool in the summer.FACT
  Bottom line about this site is that it is RUMOURS and very few FACTS.

Rafa wants to sign a new deal and is very close. The FACT is that the press hate Rafa and love United right now, and are doing anything to derail any Liverpool challenge. This past weekend is a prime example. United win with an outrageously dodgy ref (Howard Webb) after Blackburn are denied a penalty and Ronaldo should have been sent off. So they need something else to focus the sunday papers on away from the corruption in the Premier League. Hey presto, Rafa is leaving.

If he wanted to leave, he'd have done it by now. He loves the club, he wants to stay and he knows what a force we could be if one of the numerous interested investors does indeed take over. He's quite prepared to play a waiting game to get what he wants, because he knows he has the full backing of Liverpool fans (contrary to what the London press would have you believe) and he will sign a new contract.
  Look guys, this is getting ridiculous, this is a rumours forum not a slagging each other off forum, the Arsenal supporter who weighed in about the LFC rumours was just purely vindictive. Nobody here has said LFC are going to buy Aguero, Tevex and Villa all together, lots of people have suggested one of these at some point based on reasonable assumptions, it wouldn't make any sense at all for LFC to do but all 3 and couldnt do if they wanted to. You've got to realise that it is not beyond LFC's capability to purchase any of these players individually, you must not rule out a player exchange system and we do have world class players to exchange if the need arose. But the fact is LFC are looking to buy a forward and the names suggested are very possible and realistic targets. So lets stop the bitterness and look after each other with some real rumours. Lets see how Mourinho sucks up to United tonight, Mutley medals give me the job.
El Torro
  To loyal arab 9 there is no way that ronaldo is going to your mickey mouse club, hell its doubtful you'll be in Europe next season unless theres a world war.
Ronnie is actually going nowhere the only Portugeezer probably leaving is Nani and you are welcome to him, at your current inflated prices about £50m!!! Ha Ha
  To Gunner4life – Los Angeles

That Liverpool rant was a little rich coming from someone who will be watching UEFA Cup football next season. If only you had Robbie Keane you might not have 3 consecutive 0–0 draws. And no I am not a Liverpool fan, I am a Leicester City fan as they are my local team. I just resent all the jealous digs at teams and players that are better than yours. And yes I know lots of teams are better than mine but that doesn't bother me, I support them instead of criticising others.
  Rumours circulating the North East, if Boro do not beat the drop, Neighbours Sunderland and Newcastle looking to pounce, Sunderland interested in Downing, Johnstone and possibly Arca (depending on price) Newcastle looking at Wheater. ps please stop all the boring Liverpool rumours it is getting rather tedious!! (Rafa is going to change his underpants next tuesday etc)
  Just because United won't sign Tevez permanently doesn't mean that Tevez will become a free agent in the summer as he has never been owned by any club. so those who are saying Liverpool are getting Tevez for free, they can dream on. . And if he ever were a free agent why would he join Liverpool? Why not Real or Barca?

By the way, arsenal are most probably leading the chase for Sporting Lisbon's Miguel Veloso. .i am not saying he is definitely going to the Emirates but its a possibilty. .
Chelsea are tracking Ribery and Benzema but facing competition from the blue side of Manchester. . and Liverpool are not the only English club who are closely tracking Sergio Aguero. .Man United are ready to make a huge bid (most probably their whole transfer budget for the summer) for 'EL KUN'. .
  Terry Venables to take over as manager at Portsmouth and sign a 2 year contract.
  First of all can i just stop all these liverpool fans stating we are going to sign this and this it isn't football manager we will go after a full back a winger maybe one striker and if Reina leaves, which i hope he doesnt, then a new goalie. And if im honest we will be lucky to get them. we will not get Tevez there is no chance he will go to us more then likely Real Madrid if Man United don't get him.

Also Gunnerforlife you say you would never pay over the odds for anyone. . i can safely assume you have never heard of Wiltord?
  News from Wolves is that McCarthy is to be replaced by Darren Ferguson in the summer whether they go up or not. The fans and the board are both fed up with the traditional end of season slump from Mick McCarthy's teams.
If they make it up there will be bids for Greening from West Brom, Hyppia from Liverpool and Butt from Newcastle. They already believe they have youth and pace to cause any team problems but some players with PL experience and can guide the youngsters.
Ferguson will bring McClean and McKail_Smith with him and Vokes will go on loan to Britol City for the season. I think they will do well.
  Reading are planning for next season in the Premiership by keeping tabs on Robert Huth from Middlesboro, Harewood from Villa and Carson from West Brom. Coppell knows that however much he doesn't want to he might have to spend some money to stay in the Pl, and he expects one of Hunt, Doyle of Harper to leave in the summer. Watch this space.

FACT V.Persie will leave in the summer to a big club playing champions league football not UEFA cup football (IF YOUR LUCKY). Inter, AC, BAC, REAL all interested DOME AND GLOOM FOR THE GUNNERS

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