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25 Aug 2012 20:43:27
Any Arsenal news?



25 Aug 2012 20:39:23
Ex Southampton youth product Tim Sparv looks set to sign for Aston Villa

Good luck to the lad.

Our academy is only bettered by man uniteds props to that .think of all the stars of the prem that play for other clubs that started at southampton.



25 Aug 2012 20:34:57
Any huddersfield town rumours?

You are going to be trialing daniel nti from loughborough university. former netherlands u16 player

No rumours but some humble pie to eat for all the Rhodes doubters! 2 in 2 not a bad ratio :-)

Not a rumour, but a fact, Rhodes scored again!

Yeah Rhodes is now worth 25m because he has scored 2 goals in championship which one was a penalty

Could be another novak, but is that good enough for championship???, don't think so.

Vaughan showed he is the (missing) critical front man to support JR. Get Church in or similar level player to challenge for places up front and get good money for Novak to a top div1 hopeful.

3 Goals in 3 Rhodes this season, 48 last season. Dont international goals count.

Rhodes hit the bar as well what people do not understand about rhodes is that he is a goal scorer with the pace of Vaughn and scannel this year and danny ward we will be very promising up front !

Now i wouldnt let rhodes go at all or for no less than 10 mill if your a town fan you have seen him play top quality 3 in 3 where are all the doubters rhodes wont cut it in the championship ????

No one doubt the lad can score goals the joke is on your valuation of him. Good luck this season hudders fans and hope your boy Rhodes scores a shed load. ROYALS fan

^agree, but if you put yourself in hudders shoes they want to keep him no matter what. People just expect smaller clubs to give in to the bigger ones. Also Hudders have a rich chairmen and there is no need to sell. BLACKPOOL FAN

If Jordan Rhodes is so bad then why didn't every other striker in Division One score 40 goals last year? And, this for a team that finished a poor 4th. and, he wasn't the penalty taker

Only 1 of Rhode's goals last season for club and country was from the penalty spot, that was the 1-0 win against Charlton at home, thats what makes his goal tally last year so impressive it was almost all from open play and wasnt padded out by penalties

Right foot, left foot, headers, penalties our boy Rhodes scores them all, 3 starts this season & 3 goals plus 1 crashed against the bar (suppose that proves he's human). Wigan, Blackburn, Fulham,West Ham etc etc etc keep your 8m because he's not going anywhere. Deano Hoyle isn't daft & won't sell just because 'a bigger club' want to buy him. That's the beauty of football & why other club's fans say he's no good-I defy any West Ham fan to deny they wouldn't swap him for that top class England striker Carlton Cole or maybe Blackburn fans for David Goodwillie.



25 Aug 2012 20:05:58
dempsey coming up to sol monday for talks

I heard this too. And I think a safc player or two revealed the same thing.



25 Aug 2012 19:48:27
Bradford born James Tavernier to sign on loan from Newcastle Utd early next week. Can play central midfield or anywhere across the back 4.



25 Aug 2012 18:48:57
York will make an outrageous loan bid for Sheffield United's Richard Cresswell this week.
City manager, Gary Mills has other irons in the fire with Blair Sturrock and Curtis Main of Middlesbrough thought to be upon his wishlist

Doubt main will be going anywhere, he will be part of our main team this season.

He can wish all he likes. Curtis main will learn nothing from them so pointless him going :)

Curtis main to york? hah hes championship standard not league 2.

I very much doubt it as Main is now very much part of the first team squad.

Boro will not be doing anymore business in this transfer window.

They may consider loans but that can happen after 31st August.



25 Aug 2012 18:01:08
The player burnley are after is zubar form Bournemouth believe he is a defender also Keith Tracey will be the only thing stoping mark Pugh leaving for less than 1m

Zuber is excellent prospect which bournemouth need as vital 'one off four' central defenders at the club. Would be costly to prise him away as it would with marc pugh, keith treacey excellent winger that bournemouth would need to replace pugh, not sure if he is left sided player?

Bournemouth are building a strong squad, that is getting quite large, there will be a time that they will start moving players on. The chairman seems to be happy with keeping a large squad and still willing to add to the team. While that thought is evident at bournemouth, it would be strange to sell best players without replacing with better - that seems to be afcb policy.

Burnley fc have agreed a deal to sign 28 year old striker dane richards on a free transfer from vancouver whitecaps at the begining of the january transfer window when his contracts run out . Source : chris boden !



25 Aug 2012 17:53:16
Stokes next signing could be free agent and U21 german international abu bakarr kargbo who impressed stoke on a trial.
Other ins for me will be:
Huddlestone (transfer)
Popov (loan)
Edu (transfer)
a winger olsson maybe
a striker maybe defoe/owen

I'm pretty sure Edu is done apart from International clearance, love to see Olsson but stoke will have to give a good enough bid to persuade Steve Kean, Defoe and Crouch up front would be deadly, we need some outs though... Delap, Whitehead, Upson, Higginbotham, and Jones?

I mentioned this Abu bakkar kargbo 4 weeks ago with seilonie iaruel but wage demands are far from what Stoke want to pay also no where near first team yet anyway

Iv heard pulis n co are putting a package off about 17m for andy carroll ,

I dont think pulis will go 17mil he looks for good deals and i dont think carrolls worth 17 mil 15 mill absolute max.

There is no way we will spend 17mill on anyone. Definitely not Carroll, already got crouchy.

Carroll will be a flop at Stoke even though Stokes style would probably suit him..If TP brought him even though he won't I can see the same thing happening as Kenwyne Jones..! Been outstanding for 1 game then nothing for the rest of the season and also hardly playing any games..! I would rather keep Jones instead of bringing another donkey in..!

For me carroll is a very good player but hes one of those who would be happier getting his wages than being on the field



25 Aug 2012 18:02:44
Burnley Keith Tracey will be involved with a offer for Bournemouth Marc Pugh could be straight sway as Eddie says he will close on his tranfers targets this week up the clarets

I would be happy with that deal as a Bournemouth fan. Put it this way, Charlie austin won't be getting many assists from the left hand side once you sign Pugh!

Certainly keith treacey is an excellent winger being young 6' tall international player. Maybe a swop and cash for pugh might be a good deal for all. Certainly did his bit in a ten man team against preston, and match sponsers voted him mom, would miss him if he does leave.

Please take Pugh, 1m for him is unbelievable, the guy beats the same player 3 time and then delivers a poor cross everytime, then AFCB can use that money to sign Matt Richie from Swindon

Well there gna need to do summet after hudds teared them to shreds for 90 mins ystday!



25 Aug 2012 17:50:00
Norwich have dropped their interest in Lucas Biglia after signing Alexander Tettey, and have instead shifted their focus to striker Mohammed Abdellaoue, seen as an ideal strike partner for Grant Holt.

They dident stand a chance of getting him as he wants champions league football

He never said that. he said he wants europe, but if his current club makes it out of group stage (which they probably will.) he will be club-tied for the rest of the season for all euro competitions. so a loan to norwich would work for both.

He can't play in the Europe this season as he is cup-tied.



25 Aug 2012 17:28:44
John Sheridan to be sacked as chesterfield manager Monday after Picking up 2 points in 3 games and to be replace with Sean dyche as I said 2 months ago!

I hope your right re Sheridan I am already tired of his inability to build, motivate and run a team. All three of the management team need shipping out for the sake off CFC.

Not a chance.

Yes please!

He got to pick up 6 points in next to games at gillingham and York.
Also heard Brian Laws was at the proact Saturday.

Agree it's time for a change ,can't see any team spirit or togetherness it's a shame but he needs to go ASAP

We don't want Laws or any other ex Wednesday manager. Sheridan out and Dyche or Knill in with super Jack Lesteras part of the management team

Its like I said...NOT A CHANCE. Sheridan is Dave Allen's man and while he is at the top it will take something drastic to change that, the start to the season may not have been spectacular but it certainly isn't drastic. My guess is we are with Sheridan until at least Christmas. And dont forget Be careful what you wish for!

Rumour correct hes gone! Lets hope your right about Dyche

Good call. He was sacked this morning!!! Don't want Laws OR John Duncan ha. ha.

He's sacked so there is a chance ?

At last Sheridan has gone, Robins, Knill or Dyche but definitely not Laws!

So - sheridan out and Wright as caretaker for forseeable future - time will tell if that's any better ! - so much for the Sean Dyche post - Turner's comments don't sound like they are planning another hire any time soon!



25 Aug 2012 17:19:31
Shola Ameobi is believed to be on the radar of NAC Breda's manager, John Karelse, they've have enquired about his availability and are considering a 6.5 million bid with Jens Janse going the opposite way. (From a close source currently working within NAC Breda's transer department)

6.5 million if its true get the deal done quick. More realistic is 6.50

Shola ameiobi 6.5m. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



25 Aug 2012 16:57:52
Kenwyn Jones spotted at The Amex today?



25 Aug 2012 16:14:06
Rumour circulating down east london that Leyton Orient will be signing Zavon Hines as Russel Slade see's him as the ideal partner for Kevin Lisbie.

He uh, plays for Bradford.

Got to get teams to actually turn up and play us first.

Well about 250k would do the business as he signed for Bradford City about a fortnight since

Don't think so he is at Bradford city signed 2 weeks ago



25 Aug 2012 14:20:46
swansea to sign 6m rated boro striker emnes . boro will use funds to bring in steve morison albert adomah kim ojo .

Get real, there's no way in a million years the Swans would pay that for him!!

6m wouldn't get Morison on his own! NOT FOR SALE

Dream on 6 million no way would swans pay that there a lot better players around for that price



25 Aug 2012 13:04:27
danny wright wants to leave wrexham to play for york city and gary mills is trying to sign him for cheap and before the transfer window
closes could all york city fans try to make gary mills sig him before its too late and a another team sign him

thank you

Danny Wright has been absolutely awful in the first few games so if you get him don't get too excited.



25 Aug 2012 12:47:30
Sunderland fan here rumour up here is we have made an £8M bid for dempsey but there could be a swap deal with Kieran Richardson and Frazier Campbell coming your way as you have enquired about both

Why would he want to go to Sunderland? Spend the money on a drainage system for your pitch.

Sgb clutching at straws now aren't we. Should have waited till after your match tonight! Our match been postponed will work in our favour, it's gives us time to spend even more cash on top drawer signings!!

That all sounds very nice but do you really think that is a step in the right direction for Dempsey?

No system would cope with a monsoon muppet,he would be lucky to sign for us,even though i dont rate him

People said why would Adam Johnson come to us so why should it be any different with Dempsey and also we had torrential rain last night and persistent rain all morning and afternoon I don't think the best drainage could do anything about it today (princy)

Wolves fan here , we robbed you.That is all.

Sunderland fan here, still in the Premier League..



25 Aug 2012 12:17:42
ibrahim afellay could finally be on his way to the premier league after agreeing to join tottenham on loan



25 Aug 2012 12:16:39
connor wickham is set to join blackburn on loan.forest wanted the player but was hoping for a permanent deal

How is he getting on then?, he was billed as a wonder kid when he moved.

He will not. Itfc have first option on his loan, fact.

Yes but ipswich have said they cant afford to pay half his wages so its a non starter.fact

They had the offer but could not afford his wages. Stated by your manager

That is 100% true but Ipswich have turned Down the chance to loan him FACT

Doubt it will happen but would be a great signing for rovers! Fact!



25 Aug 2012 12:16:13
douglas not in talks with fulham, now going to lazio
gomis from olimpique lyon will go to fulham with clint dempsey leaving to another club.
dembele may go to either tottenham or mach ester united however fuham are doing anything they can to hold on to the 24 year old who has only a year left on his contract however he may sign a new contract so fulham can get money for him next year instead of letting him go on a free.
martin jol is looking to bring in 2 or 3 new players, so it looks like deadline day will be a busy one for fulham

Dembele is not going anywhere in this transfer window.
2 or 3 players coming in thats already sorted.
As for Dempsey?



25 Aug 2012 12:15:49
willian in london today to complete the paper work over his move to the lane

Two teams have not even agreed a fee b/s



25 Aug 2012 12:15:25
dawson want move to qpr as he believes he has more of a future at spurs than avb

He couldn't agree terms not he thought he had more of a future he wanted 90k a week

He wanted 60k a week which QPR agreed to, what they couldnt agree on was bonuses for clean sheets and goals.

Holing out for a move to sunderland.wants to join the red and white revolution

Problems both ends of the deal with bonuses looks like now he'll go to sunderland if he can resolve his issue's with spurs



25 Aug 2012 12:14:49
florent malouda is on his way to italy on loan to champions juve



25 Aug 2012 12:14:06
wigan and southampton are in a two wat battle to bring back tuncay sanli to the premier league

Too old and don't need another striker

Not at all what we are looking for or what we are all about!

Wigan might win the race for that one as well.

Needed a result today next 2 cant see us getting much need new singings soon

Totally agree,trying to keep upbeat about things but it's really not looking too good.We've got to be able to win home games at least against some of the lesser teams in the Prem and we don't look as though we're capable of that.Good signings please,to give us a chance.Early days I know, but points being lost when even Adkins says they shouldn't be.

Norwich , west ham villa ,wigan and reading are all 6 pointers ..we need older experienced pros or hungry get at them guys that still have to show themselves in football and need to prove people wrong .

We need to beat norwich ,villa , wigan, reading , and west ham , thats our league we must finish at least 3rd in .



25 Aug 2012 11:54:13
Swansea City have accepted an improved offer from Manchester City for winger Scott Sinclair. A £5 mil bid was initially rejected but a second, improved bid has been accepted. Not sure what the bid is...hopefully at least £8 mill

Huw jenkins has said they've rejected man city bid of 6.2m



25 Aug 2012 11:33:25
Bristol city to sign Gary monk on Monday

Do we need him that much at 33?

This is true,my mates dad is a winder cleaner and he cleans someones windows who works for the city foundation and he said were going to be siging a cb but wouldn't say who but monk has been wanted by city all summer,4-2 to the english have that cardiff

Monk having medical over weekend to sign early next week. Maybe a loan move initially.

Yep looks a cert , just not sure if its a loan or transfer, building a strong championship squad that should see us safe

I would think with the squad that we have put together, we should be looking to push on a bit and not just look at survivial



25 Aug 2012 11:30:06
Derby county want to sign Albert Adomah from Bristol city

Albert is enjoying life and career in Bristol, he would be open to try himself in Premier league, but would not accept a transfer to an average team under false ambition as Derby, also wouldnt sell to a team in Championship.

Every team in the Championship would like to sign Adomah... He will only leave for a Prem Side and for not less than 4M so sorry Derby you've got no chance but no harm in dreaming is there

Would still be a move up if he did go to Derby though haha

Keep dreaming

Derby fans, you need to get a grip. you're just a mid table club.

I would laugh if he signs for us now

So would we because its a very sideways move if not backwards and we don't have that kind of money :/ it won't happend

Bristol fans are deluded crap club crap fans crap team just finished outside relegation zone last season !

But that was *last* season!! Don't get me wrong I am a Ram through and through, but this name calling is embarrassing. Wish we had a city like Bristol though. Good luck DCFC and BCFC.



25 Aug 2012 11:23:50
everton are close to completing another coup in the shape of young striker mbaye niang

Not close enough obviously



25 Aug 2012 11:18:05
Burnley have had an offer for Matt Tubbs rebuffed by Bournemouth

Burnley offered 400,000

Are there any Bournemouth or ex-Bournemouth players that Burnley aren't trying to sign?

Hope burnley can get him

Considering AFCB bought him for 800k in January, I very much doubt Burnley would get him for 400k now



25 Aug 2012 11:14:14
Sunderland will sign clint Dempsey for around (2-5m) plus kieran richardson and Fraizer Campbell.BLACKCAT



25 Aug 2012 10:53:12
harry kewell is to join leeds on a pay as you play deal

Kewell not welcome in west yorkrubbishes so no way he go 2 Leeds

Maybe Harry and his agent can rob Leeds again?



25 Aug 2012 10:52:36
macheda is off to celtic

That wont happen wish it was happening though



25 Aug 2012 10:51:56
liverpool want daniel sturridge on loan with a view to a permanent deal



25 Aug 2012 10:25:52
I've heard that Boyd could be on the move from posh to wednesday. Transfer fee could be a stumbling block though....



25 Aug 2012 10:25:07
Swindon to complete double signing of leroy lita early next week aswell as ward from millwall this is fact.

Can,t see lita coming here, anyway not de Casio type of player lasey where Benson today ? Could be on his way

Ward is almost definately 'GOING' to Swindon !

Benson out injured for yesterday's game don't think he will be on his way out

I think lita would be a great addition

Posted on official Millwall news KJ says Ward can go to Swindon if he likes or he can stay to see out his contract... see yer Wardie



25 Aug 2012 10:08:55
Millwall to sign Michael Johnson from Man City to replace the outgoing Liam Trotter who is finalizing a move to Everton. Jacket used to manage Johnson when he was managing the reserves at Man City

If true,then we lions fans have to trust KJ'S Judgment! Trotter is a very good player when he feels like it! We will just have to wait & see,WON'T WE!

Well if this is true Trotter will have to buck his ideas UP! Because MOYES will not have any 'DAYDREAMERS' in his squad/team FACT!!!

Sort the defence out Kenny! Hurry back ROBBO & CO PLEASE!


Speechless after a narrow defeat against a side who haven't lost in 18 games, with a partisan 25,000 people influencing a weak official? We played relatively well and nearly got a result (poor defending for their last two goals tho) and Robbo is close to a return, and we have definitely missed him. Get behind Kenny and the team.



25 Aug 2012 10:07:18
Gary Monk of Swansea set to sign for Millwall

KJ dosen't sign any players over 30yrs old! He is 33yrs old!

Mike Taylor 39. You know nothing.

Kenny Jacket worked with Gary Monk at Millwall so this could be plausable.
However from what I've heard a move to Bristol City is more likely.

He's not going anywhere. You can have Bessone



25 Aug 2012 10:03:42
Harry Kane and Andros Townsend set to sign 6 month loan deals with Millwall on Tuesday Morning.

We can but dream!!! coyl

Well wouldn't it be 'GREAT' Absolutely 'NO CHANCE' Im afraid, what about Jackson from Norwich??

I really don't know where these 'RUMOURS' start? Ok they both had very good loan spells with the LIONS! IT really does end there Im Afraid! UNLESS someone knows something I DON'T??

A very good Rumour!

I would just be 'Very Happy' to get Harry Kane! But it will not happen!

Wouldn't it be 'GREAT'?? Iv'e got more chance of winning the lottery!! Me thinks!



25 Aug 2012 10:01:50
Fleetwood town tracking Swindon winger Matt Ritchie

Don't think so.championship sides looking at him. Fleetwood may be looking but have no chance of signing him

League 2 player of the year last year Matt Richie? Highly prized and sought after by league 1 and championship clubs Matt Richie? Um my 5 a side team is tracking this lad Lionel Messi. He'll never okay for us, but were tracking him.

In short I think its quite unlikely that Matt Richie will be going to Fleetwood.

With all due respect but one of the "ticks in boxes" to being league 2 player of the year is being able to tie your own laces, ok fleetwood prob won't get him but they have the cash to buy any Swindon player and league 2 player of the year is what it says.... LEAGUE 2 which fleetwood will win by a mile, fleetwood will be above Swindon next year

I didnt realise a team can get promoted by 2 divisions in 1 season? Good luck Fleetwood but you wont be seeing Swindon next year even if you do go up!

Oh Crawley Mark II (aka Fleetwood) really have got ideas way above their station!

Im not disrespecting Fleetwood. We all know they are throwing the money around and yes you probably could trigger a point where Swindons owners (who are also pretty wealthy but are trying to run the club sensibly) accept a bid. But would Richie want to go back down a league? Swindon are a team on the up as are Fleetwood but Swindon have a bit of a head start. Hence Richie wont be going to Fleetwood. Wage caps in league 2 would also surely make it hard for Fleetwood to lure Richie.



25 Aug 2012 09:39:50
qpr in for shawcross now dawson deal is dead stoke will sell because he is the only player with any value

QPR will have to cough up about 25m for him

Only player with any value what planet you on what about Huth begovic crouch palacios Jerome Jones sharcross is good but not replacable if qpr who in my eyes are panic buying want to play 15-20mil for him let him go but can't see shawcross leaving for a smaller club as he turned down Tottenham and Liverpool last year

Stoke wont be selling unless you have more than 25 million

Stoke have no need to sell Shawcross, especially not to a team like QPR. Shawcross has turned down Tottenham and United to stay at Stoke. When he does move on, it'll be to a top 6 side and United have first option on him anyway.

No way this will happen

Yh we will sell if u have 24m +

Haha only player with any value, another bitter rubbish football fan that doesnt like stoke

As a QPR fan I have to say there is zero chance of Shawcross coming to us.?

Thats rubbish huth is worth more

Shawcross wont go 2 QPR

Maybe we could sell shawcross, but tp would only buy players who arent fully fit. so far we are linked witha lot of free agents as we have no money to spend. TUNCAY SANLI is a free agent again. a really good player with flare creativity and an eye for goal. is only problem before is he was too good for everybody else

As a Stoke fan I think most people who know something about football understand that United have first refusal on Shawcross should we decide to sell the player. However it does not mean that they want him back. If they did want him back they would have already looked at signing him with the state of their current defence don't you think?

Man United no longer have first refusal on Shawcross, that ended when he signed a new contract in 09/10 season

As most football fans would understand football transfers are often more about what a player can get as opposed to where he goes. This is even more the case with the smaller premier league clubs like stoke and qpr

"Won't come to a side like QPR, Smaller club??". Are you having a laugh. How many points did you take off us last year?? 0



25 Aug 2012 09:19:09
Emnes to Swansea for 4.5 million with former Boro striker Leroy Lita coming the other way. Deal almost done. Mowbray resigned to losing Emnes but won't sell for less than 5 million.



25 Aug 2012 09:11:45
French paper L'Equipe link Fulham to Lyon's French striker Bafetimbi Gomis.



25 Aug 2012 08:00:28
Barnsley after two unnamed qpr players

Hulse and hill!!

Another bad defeat,Hill should go now,no use moaing about injurys,they are his players.

This feed is a load o bull cos keith hill as stated in press that he's goin to start lookin to sign players from the lower leagues div 1 & 2 n maybe none league, in his words unearth some unpolished jems like the lower league rubbish he's already brought in no jems there just bricks

Bad result today but keep the faith
lets get the bad resuts at the start

of the season hill will get it right
we do not have a mandric to get us
out of dept if we go down that road
so dont.

Time for super Mick

What's the fact that they are his players and injuries got to do with it. I suppose the fact that every team we are up against has individual players who are worth more on paper than our whole squad is irrelevant. Today Mackail-Smith and Michael Bridge 2 goals each and Barnsley missing nearly a full starting 11 through injury -its be Hills fault - get real. Up the Reds

No side can coup with 8 first team
players out dont forget we are a small
club lets back hill to get it right if we
go into dept we will not have a club
to surport we have not anybody to
write 40 million off like some so called
bigger clubs like s6

KH said there was still some value in the lower leagues he didn't say he wasn't still looking at championship/premiership experience. So far this season we have been offered good money for last years div 1/2 players, I think he's also looking at these ad future saleable assets. If your a reds fan you'll know what we can afford we've 10 players out injured and playing kids-- things will hopefully improve - keep positive

Last season we were leaking goals,what has Hill done about it nothing,gets a defender in and leaves him on the bench,if you keep clean sheets you have got a chance.We have a conferance defence playing against championship attack.Hill hasnt got a clue how to defend.

Derry and Bothroyd from what i hear but dependant on qpr getting a couple in

I am a Keith Hill fan and think he is the right man for the club at this point given the money we don't have - but playing a league one right-back in central defence when we have a supposedly highly-rated centre-back on the bench is silly. It's only one bad game, littered with errors - hopefully the players will learn from these mistakes...fancy us to get a result at home to Bristol City on Saturday, we might even get something at Swansea seeing as they'll probably play their reserves and we have already played our reserves in three league games!

Derry and Bothroyd will be well out of our price range wages-wise unfortunately...Barnsley should definitely bit the bullet and get someone like these two in though...the club were trying to keep hold of Butterfield and ended up with a million quid that they wouldn't have otherwise had - where is this million quid now?

TV deal shortfall this season -750k before we start. To a club like us that is a lot of money, last time tv sponsorship was cut it lead to us going into admin. I don't expect any cash to be paid out this season apart from the 400k we offered for a player earlier in the summer and were turned down although this may now have gone on wages

Agree time for hill to go if we keep him down to 3rd tier we go



25 Aug 2012 07:57:11
Sunderland ins
Defoe 7m
Dawson 8m
Martin Olssen 4m
Sunderland outs
Sessegnon 11m (Spurs)
Vaughan 3m (Swansea)
Campbell 2.8m (Norwich)
Bramble 1.5m (Hull)
Elmohamady 1m (Hull)
Wickham (Loan Blackburn until Jan)
Noble (Loan Sheff Wed until Jan)
Busy wek for Sunderland despite recent signings

Your ins spot on but sess wont be leaving

Vaughan to Swansea? Must need a bench warmer with our new dugout seats

Can't see o neill leaving seven. Players leave. Total madness

Olsson 4 million we want 6 as a starting price so good luck with that



25 Aug 2012 06:52:11
Ed, australian media is sayjng harry kewell will sign for an eglish club within 24 hrs.. is this tru and who are the likely club? apparently his salary will onlt be approx 2.5k per week but big incentives for goals and goal assists. {Ed001's Note - I have no idea sorry, the talk was he wanted north west, but I haven't heard anything else.}

Hope not hes past it. stay in oz



25 Aug 2012 06:11:54
Okay, enough rubbish rumours!!

FACT: Ramirez deal is still well and truly alive. The bologna chairman has come out on Eurosport and stated this explicitly. The stumbling block, as many are already aware, is the issue of how the £12 million will be paid. Note that this is the FIRST announcement from anyone other than Ramirez's agent who is only trying to drum up interest from other clubs.

As for Biyik, I haven't been able to find an article more recent than 8 August that links him with Saints. What is clear though is that before the transfer window ends, we will sign minimum 1xCB, 1xLB, and 1xwinger. This much is clear from the types of players Saints have expressed interest in (through bidding, and through NA and NC).

I think the reason why saints struggle to sign top players is cortese he is hopeless at completing deals look at all the players saints try to sign and they go eleswhere or stay eg gorkess ,buttner, philips,buttland ,ramirez eg ,beleive me to stay up saints need to sign a quality gk,lb ,2 x cbs and pacy winger this week or were down



25 Aug 2012 05:57:27
Stoke signing maurice edu and pulis wants to bring in huddlestone despite problems hopefully it will happen. TP says there will be a lot more action with perhaps a full back maybe popov if he can get clearance if not ziegler or olsson.

Would love to see Huddy in a Stoke shirt, one of the finest passers of a football in many a while. Just hope he comes and stays fit. However we need to offload some of the midfielders that we have who are not good enough or don't get a chance under Pulis. Also wish that we could sign some proper modern fullbacks and Pulis would let them go pst the half way line



25 Aug 2012 00:30:50
rotherham have tabled a bid for preston forward ian hume-300k thought to be accepted as westley cant stand him after sheffwed scandal, as they was priced out of a move for stuart beavon-450k and also rotherham intrested in luke garbutt from everton on loan but the player is only keen if its a 1-3month

Hume wont drop to league 2

I'd be surprised if Rotherham could afford Hume's wages!

Iain Hume was injured against Sheff W. was not even in the team.

He is intrested in this move if he can get around 5k on a 3year deal as some league1 clubs have enquired but no off them match rotherhams 'ambition'.... PNE fan

If PNE cannot afford Hume's wages are we sure Rotherham can? He probably earns between 6k and 8k per week.

If rotherham get hume they are getting one hell of a player, i for one will be sorry to see him leave, he was our best player



25 Aug 2012 00:22:48
(BBC) - Swansea City's top targets are Middlesborough striker Marvin Emnes and Blackpool winger Tom ince.

Then they should have listened to Ian Holloway last night! Apparently Paul Ince is happy that Blackpool FC is developing Tom in the best possible way. Why would he leave when he's not yet ready and, like many who make the move too impulsively, would come to rue the decision. Listen up, Matty!!

Im getting a little tired of the emnes saga, has anyone fron swansea came out and said emnes is a target under the new manager or is it just paper talk?

How could anyone move from Blackpool, runaway leaders of the Championship. They were in the Premier League you know.

Lets not get carried away about our league position remember when we were 8th in the prem with games in hand ahhhhh ( sniff, sniff)

'Were' being the operative word. Why would he leave... To play prem football maybe? And runaway leaders, ur only 3 games in. If that's the case, champions league for Swans?

As holloway said 'its a waste of time'

Haha, Swansea second in the league with a game in hand over Chelsea, with the best goal difference in the league.. Plus also the lure of the manager one of the best attacking players of all time, which would allow Ince to build upon what he has already learned at Blackpool.

I think he was being sarcastic with the runaway leaders post but you obviously take everything literaly.

Unfortunately Blackpool are owned by the Oyston Family, a well known greedy family who are purely money orientated, and not interested in football, if they can get a few million pounds for their own back pockets , I’m afraid Ince , Phillips are goners !

Swansea are wasting there time if this is true , I spoke with two players from the club today and Tom Ince is not interested he wants to be part of Blackpool's promotion this season.

WHAT the oystens are the best owners in the land because they know that they dont have to spend millionsof pounds and then wonder why they have no money less and then the supporters go why are are we selling all of our great players see with oysten they care about the football club enough to refuse the chane of million pound signings and since we dont spend millions it means that we can say no to the offers which we have no reason what so ever saying yesto because the only thing that will do is hinder our own season for money that we really dont need so say what you like about the oystens they are a lot better than any potsmouth, rangers or leeds owners

Never mind ince, hernandezis a far better player at the moment, although ince has potential, plus more experience at a top level and still only 26.

If I remember correctly. Sinclair was quoted as saying that he was ready to sign a new contract after the olympics. Now he's going to man city. Not much Loyalty these days. Ince will probably stay at Blackpool for now, but you can never fully trust what a player says.



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