Football Rumours Archive April 25 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursApril 25 2012 

24 Apr 2012 23:35:31
Rumours are growing that Southampton will be making an improved bid of £7M for Gary Hooper(27)(31)Swear he's out of contractZzz,here we go again


24 Apr 2012 23:26:22
Hartlepool are set to sign midfielder alister taylor after he was released by barnsley(8)(7)


24 Apr 2012 22:47:44
charlton to sign jonjo shelvey back on loan next year(10)(27)Still has links with the club. Could happen.I can see this happening if he's not a regular for Liverpool, he'll needs games and his home town club where he did his youth and has ex-teammates in the first team would seem ideal.


24 Apr 2012 22:46:57
Leeds United boss Neil Warnock has made a £1.2 million bid for Southampton attacker Guly do Prado.(13)(28) 

Really? Lol. I'd swap him and a few million for Snodgrass.That will please a lot of Saints fans, despite 10 goals, but he hates the British weather so not sure he will be too eager to move North! {Ed003's Note - It's weird how everyone thinks 200 miles up North makes it 'ice station zebra' ?}Let's hope this is one deal that comes off,
he's lightweight,you're welcome to him Leeds.Warnock might make a bid but why with Southampton almost certain to be playing Prem football next year would he want to take a step back in his career?He might not have a choice.Laughable. Not in the entire Bates tenure have Leeds spend that on a player. Ludicrous suggestion.I think we can do better for that price.


24 Apr 2012 22:45:43
Watford are close to signing St Johstone striker Marcus Haber on a four year deal.(11)(8)Doubt it. He is awful.


24 Apr 2012 22:23:34
Bournemouth are set to hold talks with West Ham assistant manager Neil McDonald about their vacant manager's job.(7)(3)Sounds intresting where did you hear about this.would have thought he might want to stay with big sam if they get promotion to premership.


24 Apr 2012 21:59:32
Inter Milan are set to be given permission to talk to Bordeaux manager Francis Gillot about the possibility of being their new boss in the summer.(8)(9) 



24 Apr 2012 20:41:30
Reading have shown interest in crystal palace duo clyne and zaha,also keiran richrdson and kevin doyle to join as well,matty phillips a possibilty, also we r going to get bertrand from chelsea(10)(29)


24 Apr 2012 20:41:13
Any (exciting) news on the cottagers?(3)(17)Theres never anything exciting about the cottagers.Yes, its illegal, dont do it


24 Apr 2012 20:35:46
Man City goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen (out of contract in the summer) linked with league one side Walsall to replace veteran Jimmy Walker who is believed to be retiring at the end of the season to take up a coaching role at the Saddlers or a player / coaching role closer to his home in essex

Man City reserve team defender Reece Wabara also linked with a move to the league one side which he left as a youngster to join city(13)(1)


24 Apr 2012 19:07:37
Dempsey is intent on leaving the cottage, but laughed off liverpool rumours saying that it would be a 'step down'.

Apparently on his way to north london, not sure if emirates or white hart lane however.

If dempsey does leave, jol will be allowed to spend 10m on sessegnon or attempt (a bit wishful i thought) a 15million bid for fellaini.(7)(22)Dempsey is almost 90per cent an Arsenal player!Thats funny, its going to cost you more that 10m to get sessWe bought fellaini for 15m when he was a kid. Now he's one of the best midfielders in the prem he's worth at least 25mil and would not join fulham .Why would fellaini want to go to fulham. efc are a way bigger team. £15 mil isnt enough anyway


24 Apr 2012 18:56:24
Mancini to stay man city manager 100%(39)(12)


24 Apr 2012 18:54:56
Millwall will sign Romain Vincelot from brighton and tommy spurr from donny in next few weeks.(8)(13)Its possible!Part Ex for Trotter ?, possible. Vincelot great utility player but unlikely to be a regular starter for us next year.


24 Apr 2012 18:44:43
West Ham have targeted Burnley striker Charlie Austin to fire them to the PL if they fail to go up

expect a 3M offer in the summer(11)(19)Oh give over, if West Ham fail to go up there's no way our board would sanction a £3 million fee for one player.Looks like Charlton will get him then, they are the two clubs interested.Why would he go to Charlton, when he will be our main striker next season if Jay Rod goes.
As for 3 million dream on, more like 4 to 5If West Ham don;t go up your screwed and you will have to sell several players to reduce your excessive wagebill and thus won;t sign a player for this amount."Why would he go to Charlton", what instead of Burnley! FFS mate you need to get out more.How many strikers do
the hammers need
they must have 6 or
more now"How many strikers do the hammers need"? More obviously, otherwise they would be in the top two.


24 Apr 2012 18:39:58
Leicester city outs:
Chris Weale- Yoevil
Jeffrey Shlupp- Charlton (loan)
Steve Howard- Crawley (loan)
Jermaine Beckford- Leeds
Conrad Logan- League 1

Jamie Vardy- Fleetwood
Matt Richie- Swindon
Emile Heskey- Villa
Brad Guzan- Villa
Cameron Stewart- Hull
Magne Hoseth- Free
And a center mid. . .(22)(26)"Jamie Vardy- Fleetwood"

Yeah you and a dozen other clubs


24 Apr 2012 18:33:07
Watford Rumours:

-Watford to bid 600k for Shrewsbury Striker James Collins, Watford need a natural born goalscorer and it looks like the Hornets want Collins.

-Watford hope to sign QPR winger Tommy Smith for 500k.

-Sean Murray will not be leaving Watford because he has signed a 3 year extension. Cardiff and Reading are rumoured to want him.(14)(7)


24 Apr 2012 17:58:40
ANY BRISTOL CITY TRANSFER NEWS IN OR OUT,(1)(15)How many time are you going to ask?


24 Apr 2012 17:58:06
bristol city are set to sign
Michael Jacobs from northampton town(5)(24)


24 Apr 2012 17:52:11
The Lancashire Evening News have just broken a story that a local businessman is taking PRESTON NORTH END to court with a winding up pertition for the sum of £250k. Seems PNE cannot afford to pay the loan and the businessman cannot get the cash out of the club. Possible 10 point deduction at the start of next season....FACT(5)(7)FACT...get a grip lad,this goes back 2007 and how can you get a 10 point deduction from a loan from a local businessman. the only thing fact about this is your a donkey botherer..nice try lasher get back to funny girlsSorry pal think if u read it he was offered the money back but not all at once ,hemmings will pay it back and pne will win the league next seasonNo, it's only a ten point deduction if they go into administration. Court cases like that can take a season to get sorted and may not mean administration.LEP tonight says local businessman wants his £250k loan back he gave in 2007 and is taking PNE to court.....PNE cant pay it and he's now looking at a voluntary winding up order on the embaressing.....1 win in 7, just 6 points off relegation and now this.....not a good year


24 Apr 2012 17:44:11
Gylfi Siggurdson says the team he wants to go to is Reading, who are going to offer up to £10m for him(14)(33)No proof he will go to a top six team not someone favorite for relegation already for next season.


24 Apr 2012 17:40:17
Charlton want Lionel Messi, the on in the French ligue 2(27)(7)No they dont, go to bed and stop messing about with mummies computer.


24 Apr 2012 17:07:13
Derby County

Ins - Jack Robinson - Liverpool (Loan)
Marc Pugh - Bournemouth (£350,000)
Charlie Austin - Burnley (Possible Loan)

Outs- Paul Green - Middlesborough (Free)(5)(9)Charlie Austin, possible loan? Idiocy at it's finest.You on cloud cuckoo land, no way that Charlie Austin is going out on loan, if we sell Jay Rod, he will be our main strikerAs a Derby fan I believe jack Robinson and pugh could happen but austin no chance


24 Apr 2012 16:48:30
Walsall fc ins/outs

darryl westlake
ryan jarvis
anton peterlin
alex nicholls
jon macken
kevan hurst
jimmy walker (to be new goalkeeper coach)

saul deeney
marc richards
darren carter
ibrahima sonko
jamie peters

and they hope to extend loans of sam mantom and flo cuvelier(10)(4)


24 Apr 2012 16:25:18
Blackpool are set to make the surprise signing of Leyton Orient forward Jamie Cureton on a free transfer.

I'll have what you're having mate. In other Orient news, Slade is apparently chasing David Connolly of Southampton. Unlikely that Orient will sign Ryan Dickson because of his sending off against Sheffield United. After the game, Slade was so cross with him that he made Dickson make his own way back. He definitely won't be playing for us again.(9)(10)


24 Apr 2012 16:21:48
Yeovil to sign Chris Weale in the summer(12)(6)Would be wealey good if they did !!


24 Apr 2012 16:10:20
James Chester to move to Leicester. Fee rumoured to be around 4m. Stewart may well follow.(9)(10)Chester has just bought a new house in Hull...

You'll probably get Stewart thoughJust because it rhymes doesn't mean it's true


24 Apr 2012 16:03:28
Bristol citys ins and outs
Kyle lafferty (rangers)
Stephen Mcmanus (Mid'brough)
Andre amougou (burnley)

Marvin elliot
Lewin nyatanga
David james
Joe bryan(11)(17)


24 Apr 2012 16:02:00
with the outputs of ben haim,luke varney,liam lawrence,erik huseklepp,stephen henderson,greg halford and jason pearce
the squad first team of portsmouth for season 2012/13:
25-chinedu vine(9)(20)Mokoena and Mullins will both be off. Mullins contract is up at the end of the season and Mokoena is on too high wages... Chinedu Vine has already agreed to join FC Porto so he wont be playing. Do your research before making stupid posts!I think your going out of buisess


24 Apr 2012 15:51:10
luke varney go to nottinham forest
liam lawrence go to cardiff city
tal ben haim go to west ham
jason pearce go to leeds united(22)(7)Do pompey fans rate varney? We only hear from sheep fans and they think he's mince.Luke Varney is not a great goal scorer but is good on the ball.And the rest to go to the dogs! Liquidation in May, strong rumour from the administrator.


24 Apr 2012 15:13:06
Juventus FC is looking to buy a new striker in Premier League. Principal targets are Robin Van Persie from Arsenal or Luis Suarez from Liverpool.(20)(14)Step down for both if you ask meHow is Juventus a step down from Liverpool. Champions League...


24 Apr 2012 14:50:00
Portsmouth defender Ben Haim will leave the club at the end of the season. He may go to Avram Grant's Partizan Belgrade but it is likely that he will leave for free.(12)(1)Please Please Please let this be true. I'll pay the Air Fare myself to make sure he goes.


24 Apr 2012 15:13:54
pompey's pearce goin to saints(10)(33)Come on, seriously? I am a Saints fan ffs, get a grip.Already a done deal with Leeds from what I've been told within the clubThink that 'rumour' should be on the banter pageAlready signed a contract with Leeds United


24 Apr 2012 14:51:55
wolves put a 12m price tag on fletcher(14)(23)They will be lucky to get £4mLooks like he will be playing championship football next season£4m won't buy his boot laces £12 or we just might keep him?Keep him then - he is a championship player - if Danny Graham went for under £4m why would anyone pay moreSorry, you av read it wrong 1.2 millConsidering how regularly he scores in the prem for a poor wolves team I would be very surprised if he was a championship player next season.


24 Apr 2012 15:49:10
tal ben haim to exit of pompey
source:the news portsmouth(21)(1)


24 Apr 2012 14:06:31
If Gillinghams season ends on sat Hessenthaler will give fans what they want and will resign.(7)(8)What a waste of a good manager he can only do so much with the players he's got. and I am a Swindon fanWho'd be a football manager eh!


24 Apr 2012 13:42:43
leicester city to sign reda johnson from wednesday set to be complete soon for 1 million(14)(14)


24 Apr 2012 13:28:46
Mathieu Valbuena will snub Tottenham in the summer to join Arsenal for a fee of £15 000 000 because he wants a better chance of winning the Champions League.(16)(10)Why is he going to arsenal then if he wants to win champions league?More chance of winning champions league with exeter (no disrepect exeter fans) than he has with any of the 2 clubsIts all false, arsenal are not even looking at him. Podolski is done, waiting for mvila to give a respose to start negotiations with rennes(mind u personal terms already discussed), talking with ajax for vertonghen and presigned matias suarez and holtby(with clauses inserted). Rest is all false


24 Apr 2012 13:09:56
Krystian pearce to Derby county(7)(13)


24 Apr 2012 12:46:42
Myrie-Williams is going to Bradford in the summer. FACT(2)(16)


24 Apr 2012 12:19:18
On-loan Swansea midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson, 22, has been priced at £10m by parent club Hoffenheim, who will try to ward off plenty of potential summer suitors, including interested parties Liverpool, Everton ,Manchester United and reading fc but he said to a icelandic paper that he would love to go to reading but fears money will send him elsewhere(7)(19)


24 Apr 2012 12:19:05
Bradford city are to give a trial to defender Timotee Atouba!!(8)(4)


24 Apr 2012 12:18:11
Former Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti is eyeing Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, 25, and 26-year-old Manchester City forward Edin Dzeko as he prepares for a summer spending spree at new club Paris Saint-Germain.(20)(8)


24 Apr 2012 11:54:20
Simeon Jackson has turned down a new contract at Norwich and will talk to Watford about a move(11)(24)I'm a Watford fan and would love this to be true. But why, after spending most of his career in non-league and the lower leagues then finding himself in the Premiership would he drop out of it?Because he doesn't play much - problem is "wages"Simeon has a one year option on contract NCFC would not allow him to leave for nought, option will be exercised.Correct NCFC will take up the one year option, and if he then does not want to extend his contract in the summer he will likely be sold so NCFC can at least recover his original fee approx £600KAlso Paul Lambert has stated in the last few days that all contract talks are on hold until Norwich are mathematically safe so post is rubbish


24 Apr 2012 10:51:07
Everton are looking at 3 or 4 players
a right back...fanni possibly or clyne
a winger, holtby, jarvis or tosic
attacking mid if barkley doesnt come through everton want siggurdson, and then a striker to support jelavic, possibly kenwaye jones or kevin doyle

all after the hopeful signing of pienaar(14)(14)So who's leaving to fund all that then?Won't they cost money to buy and your Everton correct? Do you see the floor in your rumour?Would not touch jones with 10 foot poleJarvis has bought a house in Cheshire so u could be rite ...Never ken jones or kev doyle! there shocking!!Would rather fletcher or something


24 Apr 2012 10:31:02
Burnley will sell Jay Rodriguez in summer but not to Southampton as both Newcastle and Everton have renewed their interest in the 22 year old but the money won't be used to 'Pay off massive debt' as Burnley aren't in debt but it will be used for improving the infrastructure of the club.(14)(7)As a Burnley fan i'd personally like JRod to go to Newcastle,a fanastic club with fantastic supporters,if not Newcastle then Everton for exactly the same reason,wherever he goes though he'll be a big success,the lad is quality.Norwich are also said to be interested in him, and he is far more likely to get regular football at Norwich so don't rule it out, they have good money to spend in the summer, and will up wage structure to become more competitive with some of the bigger clubs.


24 Apr 2012 10:11:36
Mustapha Carayol to Bristol City. His friendship with Bristol City wingers Adomah and Bolasie has persuaded Carayol to make the short journey to South Bristol. With around 250k going the other way.

Rovers looking at Yeovil defender Luke Ayling. Rovers are also looking at signing Torquay's Lee Mansell and making an ambitious approach for Nick Blackman. Rovers looking at a promotion push this year after a consolidating season.(6)(15)Bristol rovers have got no chance of signing ayling as there are clubs after him in championship and top end of league one, so why drop down to a poor league two club?


24 Apr 2012 10:04:48
For sure now Dicanio is set to go off to West Ham.As for replacement there is a large number of candidates in the bag.(6)(22)Allardice is still there. . .Let him go then, lets face it he's had the biggest budget for players in league 2 roughly 3 million!! fact, if he cant get a team promoted with that kind of money then sorry my daughter could do that, the board have given him everything and yet he still moans and falls out with players, Paolo has made some shocking substitutions this season and some of his tactics are bazzare, most of the players are shattered because they train 7 days a week, paolo would not last in any big club in the championship or league 1 as most of the players wouldnt put up with it..... so if west ham want him take him, give us calderwood and ling partnership any day, the only thing he brings is loads of passion, i couldnt believe on the time Swindon got promoted Paolo announced that 45 days ago he was going to resign what an person saying that when we just got promoted its all about him?? dont spoil the moment...........who cares if he goes......Who ever posted the piece on Di Canio is deluded so how do you know what is budget was for this season? guess work i would say also Calderwood are you having a laugh yes he was a great player for us but he's useless as a manager.
Di Canio is already planning for next season with us and has sat down with Wray to discuss his targets. He's going no where and 99% of fans are right behind him but you are either a jealous Oxford fan or one of the handful of fans not supporting Di Canio at our club.
He wont be going to West Ham its as straight forward as that he is with us again next season but maybe the follwing year he will go.

As for the players and falling out with a few of them lets put the facts on the table he wants the players to be more professional and look aftewr themselves and after last season the idiots we had playing for us who spent more time in the pub than anywhere else and got us relegated i know what i prefer which is a manager like Paolo who wants more professioanlism in the club.Don't worry he is off to leicester to replace npI am an Oxford fan, I did not write the initial entry. I can assure you we are not at all jealous of anything Swindon do. I have to say, by far, Swindon are the best team in the league this season and play good football. You were better than us at both games this season and how we won is beyond me. All I will say is that Swindon have paid out a lot of money this season on players and wages, some of the players have been a disaster. Mind you we cant talk. But there are suggestions that Swindon have large depts and this season has been get promoted at all costs. But with the ' cap ' next season, I hope you have not overspent. And before any Swindon fans have a go at Oxford's dept's, yes we have but reading the accounts, which I have, both clubs have finances to worry about. But I do think PDC will go. He is on a knife edge anyway at Swindon and my sources at Swindon suggest he is far from happy with the players attitude and if a Championship club come in for him, he will go and West Ham will be his dream. I wish Swindon well in Division 1, thoroughly deserved from this seasons performanceDicanio is going nowhere, and whats wrong with him expecting the players to wear the Swindon shirt with pride and show a bit of passion for the club that pays for there drunken nights out and this is not the first time some of them have done it. Just ask the player who got a slap on one of the nights outI thought Wet SHam had a manager, hooofy AllardyceMy friend i am no oxford fan far from it, the fact is our wage bill for players is 3 million you are obviously a normal paying punter i am not, i actually put £30k in sponsorship every season and i am privvy to this information, and yes i know all about flint {Ed 003's Note We can't put that info out}, fact is no players want to come here because of the training etc etc the players we have want to leave, paolo needs to calm down its not all about him and he is not bigger than the club, so to call me deluded and an oxford fan really?? i bet your a lad thats never played football at all if you have its a mickey mouse level and you clearly dont know what your talking about, how can it be healthy that paolo dont even speak to paul bodin and he has never watched any of the young lads, trust me its good we have gone up but he is going to cripple us with his demands, we have a player in magera who is not even playing for us he is useless on £6000 per week fact, and yes i will be sitting in my normal seat as always on saturday in the directors box, i love swindon town i just dont want them to come down with a bump and paolo would jump at the chance to manage a championship team i have seen it all before yes he brings passion thats it the guys we should be thanking is Jeremy wray, sir martyn arbib and mr blackhouse and lets not forget mr fitton they have given paolo everything........This last entry, sorry, ive lost the plot! Very difficult to understand. Im not sure if you are a PDC supporter or in fact a Swindon supporter. A for being in the directors box on Saturday? I wrote the note a the Oxford supporter. I think its a fair asessment. Not sure if you were asking me my level of football - likely highter than yours im afraid and not to mention later a class 1 ref!


24 Apr 2012 09:57:52
It did not work out for Alonso at Charlton no fault of the player but, now he wants to return to Spain.(11)(1)


24 Apr 2012 09:54:51
reading fc targets from all sources
ohara (wolves)
mackie (qpr)
bertrand (chelsea)
zaha and clyne ( crystal palace)(10)(24)


24 Apr 2012 09:19:17
Hull City are set to have a massive clear out with the likes of Adriano Basso, James Harper, Dele Adebola, Will Atkisnon, Kevin Kilbane and Richard Garcia all set to leave on a free in the summer as there contracts are set to expire. Nick Barmby has also told Seyi Olofinjana, Jay Simpson, Paul McShane, Jamie Devitt and Kamel Ghilas that there time will be coming to an end at the KC Stadium. Hull City will try to tie up permenant deals for Robbie Brady and Vito Mannone(15)(6)Mannone is a no go. Gunners want six figure sum and hull can't and won't pay.
Expect Chester and Stewart to leave too i'm afraid.It wouldnt suprise me if a couple of these players mentioned will join up with pearson again at leicesterMannone 7figure NOT 6 but 1MChester not going anywhere


24 Apr 2012 08:45:48
Leeds manager Neil Warnock is said to be interested in Stoke misfit Ricardo Fuller. Fuller's contract is up in the summer and Neil Warnock see's him as an ideal transfer 'coup' as Leeds look to make a statement of intent for next season.(27)(12)It's a bit rich calling Ricardo Fuller a misfit!


24 Apr 2012 07:18:02
Norwich have agreed a deal for swiss team
Grasshopper Club Zurichs 21 year old midfielder and DR Congo International Toko Nzuzi for an undisclosed fee believed to be in
the range of £2m-£3m
The player will become Norwich Citys first signing of the summer transfer window(3)(20)Where did you hear this?

i doubt this is correct as Lambert don't buy players from abroad.


24 Apr 2012 07:01:05
Rumours in the Wolverhampton area are circulating that Wolves will appoint there new manager the 1st week of June. This would fall into line with the now constant rumour that their main target is currently employed by a club in the promtion play off places in the Championship. Contrary to some rumours i have it on pretty good authority that they now very much have a number 1 choice with a contingenncy plan to fall back on. If Birmingham are not promoted then Chris Hughton WILL be the next Wolves manager. Birmingham are in severe financial crisis and only promotion will stop them going into receivership. If this happens Hughton will jump ship for job security and a better chance of promotion at Wolves. If Birmingham are promoted then Wolves will try just once more for Alan Curbishley and if that fails the job will then be given to Steve Bruce.(13)(18)More dreamingI have it on good authority that it's a straight shoot out between Ronal McDonald and Coco The ClownROFL, Wolves fans please keep em coming, this is sooo funny.I heard Coco the clown has ruled himself out citing " I am not willing to work with Moxey"I know someone who works at the club although not high ranking position. He has told me that wolves have an agreement in place with blues over Hughton. This was when curbishley turned us down. So i guess blues making the play off's has clouded the issue.Its going to be paolo di canio from Swindon watch this space......You are a small club,you will end up with
someone like robbie fowler who will use you to get on the management ladder.I'd go for Jon Still, 'arry says he can manage at any level


24 Apr 2012 06:40:41
Allready cant wait for the season to start. These are the signing i would like to us do for next season,
Tomkins West Ham
Doyle Wolves
O'Hara Wolves(if fit)
M Phillips Blackpool
Albert Adomah Bristol City
Snodgrass Leeds
Whittingham Cardiff

I am a Reading fan by the way if we add these player i reackon we will have a comfortable mid table finish in the prem.(6)(35)Was v impressed with Adomah when he came to the mad, would be a good signing imoAnd ive always fancied Pele to Leeds.You are ritght if you got them you would have a good season, but you wont get any of those so you will struggle in the prem.Too many Championship players except Tomkins but he would go to a bigger club in the premiership if West Ham fail to get promotion. We need premier experience and we should take a leaf out of Newcastle's book and sign european players who are not recognised yet. (Reading fan)I'd say your looking at £30m plus for those players and you ain't got that much money to spendNo chance-you are going straight back down.Looks like they have typed into google who are the best players in the Championship and then compiled their list of so called transfer targets from there.

I have done something similar with Manchester City and have come up with their top targets: Messi, Ronaldo etc etc

Ectect Brazilian lad – 20 30 milHuh? that's not exactly over the top, all of those players will be playing in the championship next season? bar possibly Phillips. everyone assumes people think they are guaranteed to sign all these players...We have to look at the best the championship has to offer and the list i put IMO is that, trouble is players in the Prem, even the players from teams relagated wage demands are just too high and we wont pay high wages, i also exspect us to look abroad ie.. ScandinaviaCity will never let albert adomah go!!!!!!!!!!!All of these are very realistic as individual players. They all play for championship teams, Reading are a prem team. However you will never sign all of them that would cost a bomb. 2 or 3 maybe


24 Apr 2012 05:56:55
Gorks is terrible? Mate YOU are delusional he's been by far one of Readings most consistent players this season, a great signing by Brian McDermott. And what a brainless comment to make about qpr - take a look at where they are In the league clearly selling a bunch of their championship guys has not done them many favours this season(17)(5)


24 Apr 2012 02:40:50
Reading FC are prepared to spend big to make us a Premier League mainstay. Madjeski said we wouldnt pay inflated fees for players, not that we would not spend money and Zingarevich is ready to put his money where his mouth is.

Reading have agreed a fee with Huddersfield for young Jordan Rhodes following his terrific form and goalscoring abilities. Reading have also been looking at Huddersfields Alex Smithies but a deal seems unlikely with Alex McCarthy having impressed at both Leeds and Millwall during his loan spells.

Reading will also be looking to sign some experienced Premier League players with Andy Johnson and Kieran Richardson the main targets. However wage demands of both players are proving to be a hurdle in the agreement of any deals.

After their sentimental substitute appearances, both Gunnarsson and Tabb will both be leaving. Gunnarsson is set to go back to his homeland and Tabb's future is undecided with no enquiries as of yet. Michael Antonio is also set to join Sheffield.W following his good performances during his loan spell.(14)(14)Alex McCarthy was on loan at Leeds and IPSWICH this year!Alex McCarthy has not played for Millwall. He was at Ipswich however.ONLY in yor dreams hav READING & HUDDS agreed a fee for RHODES, he's goin to a BIGGER club.Can't see Clyne orTosh, no way Huddersfield will agree the sale of Rhodes while they still have a chance to move up to Championship.
Also there are many teams interested in Rhodes so you will have to pay top dollar to get himRhodes to Reading would be a great move for the player and both teams. Huddersfield will still be in league 1 next season so why would he want to stay and play infrot of 10000 each week? Plus Grayson can buy 25 very average players with the 5 million....


23 Apr 2012 21:35:42
Reading manager Brian McDermott confirmed on BBC Radio Berkshire he was travelling to Denmark on 23rd April to watch OB vs AGF.
It is believed the club have placed bids for left back Adam Eckersley and Danish midfielder Kasper Povlsen who was recommended to the club by his Denmark U-21 teammate Mikkel Andersen.(22)(8)


23 Apr 2012 21:16:24
Derby county are hoping to send alot of youth players on loan to gain money and bring in some young players aswell

Krystian Pearce-Notts county
Reda Johnson-Sheff Wednesday
Johnny russell or John Daly-Dundee united
Andrew Driver-Hearts
Liam trotter-Millwall
Jacob Walcott-Reading

Miles Addison
Lee croft
Saul Deeney
James severn
Callum ball(Loan)
Connor doyle(Loan)
Paul green

Derby have used the money they received from Investors for the new deal with shops e.g greggs,Starbucks and the climax centre
Derby are also looking for a parent club which will produce funds and bring in good young players on loan.(5)(28)Climax Centre Derby moving their ground to SOHO"youth players on loan to gain money" ?....I always thought the team that let players go out on loan paid most of their wages....unless these lads are working in the Climax centre!!!If and I mean IF Reda left Wednesday he wouldn't be going to a second rate club like Derby county,the guy has got class,so dream onSecond rate club like Derby County, brilliant. What league are you in? Derby have brilliant training facilities, a decent stadium, fantastic fans and a manager with a reputation for developing lower league talent. Quite an attractive proposition for a League One player.No chance of getting the dundee united lads....they will be aiming higher than derby countyNeither of the Dundee United players will move to Derby County, they're better than that; particularly Russell who has bags of potential and is nominated for Ypoty in Scotland.


23 Apr 2012 21:18:42
Stevenage look to seal the transfer of Luton Town striker Andre Gray for a fee believed to be worth over £100,000.(3)(16)


23 Apr 2012 20:56:34
Stoke City
-Matt Jarvis - Wolves - Full Transfer (90%)
-Romelu Lukaku - Chelsea - Season Loan (80%)
-Matt Phillips - Blackpool - Full Transfer (20%)
-Ji Sung Park - Man Utd - Full Transfer (20%)
-Craig Gordon - Sunderland - Full Transfer (5%)
-Niko Transfer - Tottenham - Full Transfer (25%)
-Jed Wallace - Portsmouth - Full Transfer (20%)
-Rory Delap - Player/Coach Role - New Contract (95%)


Woodgate - ? - Free Agent (50%)
Kenwyne Jones - Many Clubs - Full Transfer (90%)
Tom Soares - Hibernian - Full Transfer (80%)
Micheal Tonge - Championship - Full Transfer (80%)
Robert Huth - Germany - Full Transfer (50%)
Matthew Upson - Southampton - Full Transfer (70%)
Thomas Sorenson - Southampton - Full Transfer (20%)
Salif Diao - ? - Free Agent (90%)(6)(17)What a wonderfull imaginationYour that confident about Jarvis despite interest from Everton, Villa, Sunderland, Fulham, Albion, Qpr.What will Delap coach at Stoke? How to chuck the ball a long way. poor player with one attribute, if you like that sort of thingWho's Niko Transfer?Tom soars is out of contract at the end of the season get a gripUtter tosh, In other words you are looking for something to do, so you made up this rubbish.None of your in list, no the first thing about rugby union"None of your in list, no the first thing about rugby union" -
What does this mean ?
How clever . . . . never heard a comment about Stoke being a rugby team before !! Perhaps playing tippy-tappy fancy football and achieving nothing, like plenty of bigger clubs, would be preferable to being an established Premiership team, FA Cup finalists last year and a good run in the Europa League. Sadly I can't see the original poster's list being too accurate. Lukaku and on loan and Jarvis could happen, hopefully but can't imagine Nico Krankjar would move to Stoke.'None of your in list, no the first thing about rugby union'

Is this an anagram? Nice insult :-)

Jarvis is nailed on to join Stoke. Was hours away from happening in Jan
Lukaku will join on a season loan- was agreed when he joined Chelsea as Stoke tried to take him then but the 3 club deal scuppered it
As for Delap- it shows the ignorance of many when all they know about him is his throw. 500 plus top flight games.


23 Apr 2012 20:33:24
AFC Bournemouth are planning to make an approach to former player Jamie Redknapp to become their new manager.(9)(21)Source?


23 Apr 2012 20:10:40
Derby County to enquire about Lloyd dyeer (Leicester City) and Simon Cox (West Brom).(5)(21)They can enquire all they want but why would Leicester want to sell good players to Sy derby?



23 Apr 2012 20:01:41
Scunthorpe Utd targeting promotion next season and are expecting to chase :
Martin Paterson - Burnley
Ben Thatcher - Free Agent
Danny East - Hull (loan)
Nahki Wells - Bradford
Nicky Adams - Rochdale
Jon Parkin - cardiff (maybe)(10)(11)The only clubs not targeting promotion next season are in the premier league.


23 Apr 2012 19:17:50
Southampton to renew interest in Burnley forward Jay Rodriguez thought to be valued around £6-£8m(25)(16)£6-£8m! Who did the valuation his Mum?Who writes this stuff, he might fetch £3/4M if enough clubs are chasing him.


23 Apr 2012 19:14:27
Doncaster Rovers are expected to announce the double signing of Bradford City players Nakhi Wells and James Hanson sometime next week after the season has finished(12)(11)


23 Apr 2012 19:13:21
Robbie Fowler to sign for Charlton!(12)(35)Truest rumor on here for a long time.As long as you dont offer him £90 a week and £5,000 for lasting a whole match you should get him......Thanks for turning Blackpool down Robbie, we have enough donkeys on the beach and dont need one in the team. {Ed003's Note - Harsh}Ed003.....7 or 8 years ago every team in the UK would have jumped at signing Robbie Fowler.....but at this moment he's just looking for a way into management..... and a bit of cash (Rumour at Blackpool is he wanted parity with the other players......£250 a week + bonus) way too rich for OystonGod... a donkey?? What an idiot...Signing autographs is all he'd do at Charlton and he would not be very busy. Transfer policy; hungry players with something to prove. The only thing Robbie Fowler has to prove is that he can string three coherent sentences together for sky sports, something which he is failing at just now. 100% Nothing in this one!


23 Apr 2012 19:10:20
Colchester are interested in West Ham striker Robert Hall, Ward has a good friendship with Allardyce who want's Hall to get a full season of first team action under his belt.(8)(8)Played for Oxford for about a dozen games this season. We wanted to keep him but recalled by WHU. Great signing and will only get better. So if Colchester do sign him, will be getting a very good player with a bright future. Scored 7 in 11 appearances. Good luck to him


23 Apr 2012 18:24:54
Doncaster will get rid of Diouf, Illunga and Beye. Brian Stock, James O'Connor and James Coppinger will all sign new contracts

Also Highly rated 18 year old full back James Husband is interesting Arsenal and Man Utd(5)(20)Things getting tight at very top at ROVERS most director,s struggling financially especially T Bramall & Keepmoat GroupWatson and Brammall will return next weekWatson resigned NO WAY will he be back & Terry neither without Dick [Richard]It's true bramall and Watson are returning as McKay has left from a good source who is donny manager


23 Apr 2012 18:24:29
Leicester are close to completing the signing of David Worrall from Bury on a £1m transfer fee for an initial 3 years, plus option for futher year. Bury are in advanced talks with Giles Coke and Nathan Clarke's agents to bring the pair in for a combined fee of around 225k. Bury will use the money they receive from Leicester to bring in Ryan Lowe (loan), mathew oakley, jean akpa akpro and ryan cresswell to gigg lane.(5)(19)Is this the same Leicester City who were going to walk the championship this season and go up as champions, You got what you paid for, over rated players on over rated salaries courtesy of Sven Erikson, and he got fired and took more out of the pot,
bet your Thai backers are getting cold feet now, because there is no guarantee you will fare any better next season.


23 Apr 2012 17:27:18
i hope we sign these players to keep us in the prem:
Roger johnson from wolves
Scott Dann from Blackburn
Kevin Doyle from wolves
sigurdson from hoffenheim
richardson from sunderland
matt phillips from blackpool
Carlton cole from west ham
Karl Henry from wolves {Ed025's Note - and your team is...?????(4)(20)I'm guessing that's a Reading fan!?Reading?From the look of the players I think it's Reading, a lot of em have been linked with usFrom a Wolves fan you can take Johnson at half price £2.5m and we'll let Doyle go for £5m they're guaranteed Premier League failure. But you can leave Henry alone unless you're bidding £10m plus!(Reading fan) I can't see any of those happening and hope many don't especially Danns, Johnson, Henry, Cole as they are just flops in the prem and we need quality prem players who will give us that much experince also take a leaf out of Newcastle's book and sign players under the radar. Can't see Sigurdsson coming back as big clubs are after him and I hope he goes to a big club because he deserves it. Doyle won't come, he does not want to hurt his "legendary" status at Reading and would happen if he plays like he has done for Wolves.Please take Roger Johnson for free and Kevin Doyle for not much more. Premier Leaugue failures!It appears the Reading fans think they are going to spend big and easily survive first season in premiership, Just like QPR this year and Leicester in Championship.
See Gary Neville's article in Sunday mail, telling the promoted clubs to follow Norwich and Swansea's team ethic, not just throw money at the problem.


23 Apr 2012 17:26:26
Cardiff City have enquired about taking Arsenal stalets Emmanuel Frimpong and Benik Afobe on season long loans next season.(12)(9)If Frimpong goes on loan to the Championship next season (which he won't) he'll go to Wolves.Oh no he wont!!Benik Afobe is staying with Reading next season. Wouldn't be surprised if we tried a cheeky loan for Frimpong too.


23 Apr 2012 17:25:05
Watford are selling Murrey to
Cardiff for £5million in the summer with
add on's which will mount up to
Watford are to buy Tomasz Kuszczak
perminantly from Man utd, Tommy
Smith from QPR and Dave Kitson.
Marriappa will be sold to Newcastle who have 1st refusal for £1.5Million with O'dea from
Leeds coming to Watford.
The remaining Money is to go towards redevelopment of SW corner.(3)(23)O,DEA IS CELTIC only on loan at WEEDSThis has brightened up my Monday! Murray to Cardiff? Not even Mackay would be stupid enough to bid for him unless Cardiff magic 10 million from thin air! Best thing to come out of our academy since Ashley Young. O'Dea isn't a Leeds player so that proves you're talking rubbish. Kuszczak and even Kitson too expensive for us. Tommy Smith yes please but I know for a fact he's coming back and its not dependent on whether QPHa stay up or not.Odea from leeds dont you mean o dea from celtic as he has been released early from his year long loan deal at leeds and back at celticUtter Carp
Murray not for sale - especially to Baadiff
Kuszczak is a free agent
Why would Watford sell Marriapa for less that newcastle bid in Jan
Make up something vaguely sensible next timeLaurence Bassini said that Watford would not do any business with Cardiff while Malky is in charge.Sean Dyche said on the Football League Weekend show that they do not have the funds available for transfers and have to rely on their youth system.Sean Dyche said on Football League Weekend that Watford had made £7.5 million from transfers this season.Watford have made 7.5m on transfers but unfortunately that doesn't all go to the manager it goes to paying off debts. It's not football manager where you would immediately have 7.5 to spend! Doughnut.I would assume/hope that our sales are actually paying off these debts we have...but we've been selling players for big money for years...and still have the same £10m debt? Does not compute.....£5M for Murray ? what planet are you on, no one is going to pay that kind of money for him, unless Sven Erikson gets a job back in football league, or possibly Mark Hughes gets desperate enough.


23 Apr 2012 17:24:59
Sunderland AFC are looking at taking young Chelsea starlet Romelu Lukaku on a season lon loan next season along with team mate Kevin De BrUYNE.

Both players are eager for first team oppurtunites in the Premier League and Martin O'Neill sees both players as ideal short term replacements for the outbound Stephane Sessegnon and Asamoah Gyan.(6)(15)Geordie i'm guessing with the post, sess is going nowhere, why replace these players with loans when we have money to buy quality playersCan't hav two loans from the same premier league team...Sess will be gone he goes to France every week as his family are still there either back to France or to London with the lure of only a Eurostar trip away


23 Apr 2012 17:23:46
reading is close to sign carlos sanchez from valnciennes,they already made an offer(14)(10)


23 Apr 2012 17:15:49
Paul Thomson currently with Dundee North End has been heavily linked with a move to Celtic fc after being scouted recently.(2)(9)


23 Apr 2012 17:12:39
Colchester are interested in ex Chelmsford and current Barnet winger Ricky Holmes, Holmes impressed Colchester manager John Ward when Barnet beat Colchester 3 - 1 back in August, and has been scouted regularly all season, Izale McLeod is also a target but has been linked with former club MK Dons, Newly promoted Swindon Town and west country side Yeovil Town.(2)(7)


23 Apr 2012 16:34:50
Watford are believed to be looking at relegated Doncaster Rovers player Brian Stock(13)(5)


23 Apr 2012 16:32:34
Burnley to use the Jay-Rod money to sign Gary Madine and DJ Campbell(8)(13)Bloody hope soBurnley to use the Jay-Rod money to......Pay off their massive debt. Cant see DJ leaving QPR now he has a 3 year contract & Gary Madine will be this/next seasons player for every team to quote in their rumors, just like Fleetwoods Vardy & Huddersfields Rhodes.Is he not out of contract at the end of the season so they will get nowt for him as they say round there {Ed001's Note - he is under 24, so a fee would be set by a tribunal, even if he leaves on a 'free'. It just means that the buying team would have to take a risk the price is right, if they don't agree a deal with Burnley.}


23 Apr 2012 16:29:02
Neil Warnock to scout out most beckroom staff to evaluate potential signings for the up coming busy Summer.

Main targets to include: -
Heidar Helguson (ST), Bradley Orr (RB), Jason Peace (CB), Tony Diagne (LB) Paul Green (CM)

Exits likely to include: -
Maik Taylor (GK), Paul Rachubka (GK), Andy O'Brien (CB), Paul Connolly (RB), Sam Lloyd (RM), Michael Brown (CM), Billy Paynter (ST), Mikael Forssell (ST)

Exits if injury allows: -
Patrick Kisnorbo (CB)

Contracts already terminated: -
Ben Parker (LB), Mika Väyrynen (CM)

Thats 11 out and 5 in, Looking lean for 12/13(21)(7)It's one thing getting rid of Lloyd Sam, but Sam Lloyd too? That might be pushing things a bit...Add another CB, MC and a LW and you might be thereWhat about max gradelI would give you very long odds for you being right. You are well off the mark apart from Pearce and green. Warnock has already said he expects around 8 signings.We'll have Lloyd Sam back but I dont know about this Sam Lloyd fella.


23 Apr 2012 16:27:09
west ham to win there next 2 games and coventry to win at st fairys :)(6)(28)Well west ham will lose tonight so wrong reallyHammers in the play offs
saints will beat coventry
if they need to
ifleicester are good tonight
we wont worry about it
hammers got to win
pressure on youYeah, west ham wont beat leicester tonight west ham will crumble and southhampton will get promoted.Dreamer! Your gonna bottle it then bottle it again in play-offs!

Leicestershire la la la Leicestershire la la la

LeicesterLadWet Sham will stay where they belongWhat was the score then guys?
Leicester beat us did they?Oh dear. Couple of people looking stupid on here after yesterdays result!Chiminy chim chim Chiminy chim chim charoo Allardyce is nothing and neither are you!

You'll still be blowing bubbles in the Championship next year mate, you choked on automatic and now you'll choke in the play offs, it's all very sad, very sad indeed.Seeing what your home results
this season
good chance hull will
beat you


23 Apr 2012 16:15:43
Kornel Salata, Clint Dempsey and nejc pecnik are amongst Evertons wishlist.
Magaye gueye may also look for a transfer after impressing and not starting many games.
Jan Mucha being targeted by Kaiserslautern subject to a 600k bid. {Ed025's Note - i think you mean danijel pranjic..(6)(9)No I think he does mean Nejc Pecnik.. Slovenian playing in Portugal. Not sure why though, looks pretty crap.


23 Apr 2012 16:06:27
Southampton striker tanadari lee will not stop for long as a number of chinese clubs are interested in his services.
The saints could also sell lee barnard and Ryan Dickson to fund bids for high-profile transfers.(3)(9)And Saints are financially restricted, when the owners have just written off £33m debt for the club?? How much do you think Barnard and Dickson would raise-£800k tops. Small change compared to what is being invested in Saints training facilities at the moment.
Learn something about the financial situation of a club before you start to make such stupid errors.Also has no idea about the background to the Lee transfer either.Ha ha deluded people ha ha coyrds


23 Apr 2012 16:01:24
Coventry city leavers :
Sammy Clingan
Roy O'Donovan
Cody McDonald
Cyrus Christie(12)(2)Add thorne to that pleaseHuddersfield town strongly linked with Cody McDonald, may depend on hudds gettin promoted


23 Apr 2012 15:59:16
Manchester United looking at Lille forward Eden Hazard as a replacement for the outbound Dimitar Berbatov who may be heading in the opposite direction as part of a cash plus player deal.(16)(7)Typical Man Utd fan, this is not true for two reasons

1. He is not a foward he is an attacking midfielder, Berbatov is a striker, so that puts this rumour in jepordy.

2. He is Belgium international and most of his Belgium team mates play for Chelsea aka Romelu Lukaku, Kevin De Bruyne, Thibaut Courtois and they will tell him to come to Chelsea, also I believe Chelsea have first option on him after turning him down as a 17 year old.

Now this is more believable.That isn't right, Hazard will come to Man Utd because Fergie wants him. plus Hazard is attacking mid but can play forward if needed.
These are the players who could come in.
GaitanWhen was the last cah-plus-player deal that actually happened?

They don't happen, is the answer.


23 Apr 2012 15:33:22
Burnley to sign Gael Bigirimana from Coventry in the summer. Howe is looking to secure young talent this summer and may also try to secure Alex Smithes from Huddersfield as Brian Jensen is likely to leave and Lee Grant will drop to the bench.(9)(5)As Bigirimana has signed a four year deal, and is first team he won't go for less then 3,000,000 and Newcastle are interested.


23 Apr 2012 15:22:27
Wesley Sneijder has reportedly agreed to join Man U with Nike picking up 25 to 30% of his wages and add-ons.(19)(33)Would be great if this was to happen, still believe we want him and he wants to join, would love to see him in the red of united,



23 Apr 2012 15:05:10
Reading are to sign James Tomkins and Calton Cole from West Ham.(12)(21)Couldn't pay me to take emDon't want any west ham players near our club. Although the majority of them will leave when they inevitabley bottle the playoffs.James Tomkins has been one of our best player this year. No disrespect if he does leave it will be for a bigger and better club then Reading.Wouldn't take either of them even if west ham payed us to take them. Cole is useless and tomkins is not as good as Pearce or Gorkks. The PFA team of the year was a joke we have the best defensive record by a mile yet neither our centre backs or goalkeeper can get it. Oh and did i mention we won the league."bigger & better club than reading"

Well there by far better than you so it will still be a step in the right direction!

LeicesterLadWell done Reading you won the league, you really think you are big club dont you you will be back in the championship next season dont you worryGorkks is terrible. Just a big lump. Why do you think QPR got rid of him when they were serious about the prem?

Anyone saying Tomkins is below reading is delusional - he has been far and away one of the best and most versatile defenders in the championship this season, in a generally poorly performing west ham team. Get off your high horse, I support southampton and would gladly sign him for the prem. Reading fans are delusional for thinking they are a massive and amazing club just for going on a decent run lately - you can't forget you had a poor start to the season so could do with some squad depth to ensure season-long consistency. Tomkins would be a great signing, Reading if anything are too small to attract Tomkins who is playing for his boyhood club already and west ham look like they will get promoted soon with the squad they have so he will be in no rush to leave.

And once again...I am a Southampton fan. I have a soft spot for reading and I don't particularly like west ham, but I am just being realistic. Feet on the ground reading, don't be morons.I am a Reading fan and I would welcome these signings.

Kaspers is in his 30's now so he is not going to be a long-term feature at Reading so Tomkins would be a great replacement. However in the Reading Chronicle when West Ham played Reading at the Madjeski Stadium, Tomkins said in an interview that he would not be leaving West Ham as it is his boyhood club and he believes that West Ham will be back in the Premier League.

Carlton Cole is a good possibility and since West Ham look likely to miss out on a place in the EPL, Reading would be able to offer him a return. He is a good finisher of the ball and he has the type of personality that Reading look for in a player. He is not big headed and provides some of the Premier League experience Reading desire to become a mainstay in the top flight.Yes Gorks is terrible. I mean to be part of a defence who has only conceded 39 goals (The least in the Championship) he must be awful. Seriously do your research before you spout rubbish.

Also Tomkins was so good when Reading put 7 past Wet Spam in the two games we played this season. If Reading sign any central defenders this summer they will be as back up for Gorks and Pearce.It's a relative to what league you are playing in. Of course he is going to be solid in the c'ship alongside pearce, but he is not prem standard and is a slow lump.

That's why he was shifted by QPR for cheap, and that is why several other clubs looked at him and turned him down before he got passed down to reading.If Reading think the side they have now is good enough for the Prem then they living in dream world. Look at Gorks and Roberts, could not cut it in the Prem, look Quality at Championship Level, Ian Harte has had a good season but no way has he got what it takes for the prem, Sorry out if the team that started against palace Cummins, Gorks, Harte, Hal Robson-Kanu, Leigertwood, Mullins, Roberts and N Hunt all are not good enough for the Prem, only Federici and McAnuff could probable step up.Everyone said that last time we got promoted and what happened? Swansea (excluding The Sig) and Norwich brought in players considered not good enough for the Premiership and they are safe.

Ask any QPR fan and they will tell you how bad a decision it was to let Gorks go. As for Roberts maybe Blackburn should have given him a chance based on their current position.

There isn't as big a gulf in class between the Premiership and the championship as you Prem fans seem to think. Ask fans of those teams Reading embarrassed in the FA Cup the past 2 seasons.


23 Apr 2012 14:59:33
Liam Trotter to join Brighton from Millwall(12)(12)


23 Apr 2012 14:19:00
fact dicannio to be the next West Ham manager regardless what division there in.
As for Steve Cottrel sorry forrest fans he is joining Swindon Town is a locakl ald from Wooton Basset,drema on about Forrests millions as Clough Junior will be there next Boss(4)(23)Spell his name right and 2 its forest not forrestI think you will find Steve Cotterill is from CheltenhamNigel as next forest manager? No chance. He seems to hate us with a passion, and most forest fans, though respecting what he did for us, find this very strange.What Christmas Cracker did you get this rubbish from? You can't even spellDi Canio will no doubt become west ham manager at some stage bvut it wont be for next season i think he will do one more season with us as he is due to sign an extended contract and is already planning players out and in for next season.

Maybe in a years time he will be at west ham remember west ham fans he is still a novice as manager and next season will be a bigger test for him in L1 as L2 is such a bad league but i think if he is successful next season for us he will be leaving for a bigger club like west ham and after watching the hoof style of their football last night against Leicester their is no way Paolo will play that style when he eventually take over. Also things to bear in mind could he work with Karen Brady and if Sam is made Director of football and i cant see Paolo standing for that as they have two extremes of how they want to play football. Paolo plays the traditional west ham way on the floor and as football should be played and then you have big Sam who plays Hoof ball.Why sorry cotterill is the worst manager in the championship!


23 Apr 2012 14:15:16
harry kane of millwall is apparently eyeing up a permanent move to leicester city in the summer.(5)(14)Do you mean Harry Kane of Tottenham on loan at Millwall?


23 Apr 2012 14:14:39
I have it on very good authority that the Wolves job is between 4 candidates. 2 of those are in the play off positions in the Championship as we stand. Ian Holloway at Blackpool and Birminghams Chris Hughton. One of those 2 will figure very prominently, both if neither club goes up. Dougie Freedman is also in the frame but is the outsider at the moment. The other is current boss Terry Connor. The only other turn of events that may put a spanner in this would be Paulo Di Canios departure from Swindon. I believe he is not in the running for the Wolves position, but could well be up for the Wesr Ham job. Then allowing Sam Allardyce to join Wolves. I have had this on pretty good authority. Any thoughts Ed No1??? {Ed001's Note - the only one I haven't heard of being in the running is Allardyce and I don't expect Connor to have any chance of keeping the job either.}(4)(17)There are numerous candidates for the Wolves job:-

Alan Curbishley
Steve Bruce
Paul Ince
Lee Clark
Chris Hughton
Gustavo Poyet
Terry Connor
Karl Robinson
Gary Megson
Paul Jewell
Roberto Di Matteo
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ian Holloway
Sven Goran Eriksson
Sam Allardyce will only be an option if West Ham decide to move him out.Out of that exstensive list of any person who has ever managed a football team, I can only see Bruce, Ince or Megson wanting the job....all the other managers would be wanted by Wolves.....but I cant see any of them seeking the name I dont see is Billy may as well add it to the list along with mourinho, Pep guardiola & CapelloGet it into you thick skulls Alan Curbishley turned you down! He was always far too good for Wolves anyway.No one including Curbishley himself has confirmed that he turned the job down (although its pretty obvious he did) but can't realistically see Wolves going for Mourinho or Guardiola whereas think Capello will stay in Italy.


23 Apr 2012 14:04:41
Evertons owner Bill Kenwright may finally open up his wallet at splash the cash after Everton being linked with clint dempsey, adam johnson, sigudsson( on loan at swansea)(3)(22)Unless his coronation street fe runs into millions hardly likely. pot. piss in comes to mind {Ed025's Note - we dont need lots of money mate..players want to come to us, because we are..THE PEOPLES CLUB..Actually ed 25 i think you'll find that you will need a lot of money you dont have for adam johnson with a transfer fee of 20 mil and wages of 120,000 plus!Blue Bill will open his wallet but it's debatable what he'll find in there...

Monopoly money would be my guess...


23 Apr 2012 13:58:41
ruddy can go 14st hea keeper in prem has 1 good game 6 bad ones spills to meny shots on the ground 68 let in all comps this season no clean sheets in any away games /////(3)(1)14 st hea? What

Get your facts right Ruddy not played in any cup games.Can someone please translate this Post?Next time you post, run it by someone who can speak English first please.To be fair he is from Norwich.Probably from Suffolk and struggling with the language.NICE REPLIES 10 out of 10 for entertainment


23 Apr 2012 13:51:28
clint dempsey to everton 4 million(6)(45)More chance of me laying an egg.Doubt it he is worth 10-15 milI'm not a Fulham fan but, 4m seems very very cheap.Typo alert...

Was that meant to read £14 million? Good luck Everton - you'll need itClint Dempsey is worth much more than 4 millions! He will stay at Fulham, 100 % sure.


23 Apr 2012 13:40:21
I have it on good authority that Ipswich Town will make an audacious swoop to secure the services of Norwich City's Wes Hoolahan in the summer.

Hoolahan has been made available for transfer by Norwich boss Paul Lambert due to him signing a 3 year commercial deal with crisp brand giant 'Hula-Hoops'. Lambert sees this as an unnecessary distraction to Norwich's fantastic 1st season back in the top division and now wants to sell him to the highest bidder.

It is understood cash strapped Ipswich would have to sell before they can buy but with West Ham United willing to pay £2.3 million for Town wonderkid Alan-Lee Barrett, this would free up the funds to seal the deal.

I believe the deal to bring Hoolahan to Portman Road is still in the early stages of being completed but both sides are optimistic a deal can be reached.

In order to agree personal terms with Hoolahan, Ipswich have agreed to give him time off to shoot Hula-Hoop commercials when required.

When I get more information, I will keep you posted.

Conr62(8)(21)Wonderkid and alan lee barret ha pwhen he played against leeds he was awful. hope thats 2.3 million yenFirst of all it should be Arron Lee-Barrett. Made a mistake on the name there.

Secondly, he is the highest rated 'keeper outside the Premier League.

Thirdly, who are Leeds? You have no more fans than Ipswich. Whenever I see the highlights of Leeds getting beat at Hellend Road there is just thousands of empty seats in the background. Leeds are small time.

Conr62Firstly, Leeds have the 4th highest average attendance in the league an average of 23,500 instead of 17,800 at Ipswich. Which is around 25% more attendance wise.

Secondly he has been at Ipswich for 3/4 seasons playing 39 times and furthermore is only playing for Ipswich because Alex McCarthy has been recalled.

Thirdly, rated higher than Adam Federici and Robert Green.... dont think so.

fourthly, that's because of the size of our stadium.

You've been starved of being able to watch decent footballers and its making you deluded. regards.Furthermore Wonderkid he's 28...........To the guy replying to Conr62's posts, i think you are deserving of a massive whoooosh! The fact that this is clearly a wind up and fictional, comedy story has gone so far over your head you wouldnt be able to see it with a telescope. I suggest you think through the viability of such posts before replying in the future. To the original poster, i had a laugh, good post! But lets be honest, Wes is far too good for Ipswich, hes worth 2-3 times their squad at the minute and we all know that those cockney wannabes have a phobia of Hoola-Hoops, how would they cope with it thrown in their face all day?I'm a town fan and Lee Barrett is woeful hence the budgies (cough cough) funny post.

PS Rob (I cant claim a cross )Green a good keeper what planet are you on ask any Hammer or England fanI work at the marketing firm that has the Hupla Hoop account and I have never heard of the player so I don't think it is correct, but I will check.Actually 28 is young for a keeper, so wonderkid tag could apply.Look Leeds are bigger than both Ipswich and Norwich put TOGETHER and we only have ten toes each


23 Apr 2012 13:38:37
Helder Postiga is said to be close to
agreeing terms with Norwich City at the
second time of asking. Talk of his transfer
last season never came to fruition however
Lambert is said to be keen to discuss terms
with the Portuguese international, Postiga
is said to be extremely interested in a
return to England after his failed spell
at Spurs.(7)(19)


23 Apr 2012 13:33:02
Helder Postiga is on his way to Norwich
this summer after talks of his signing last year never came to fruition. Postiga is said to be keen
once again on a return to England after
his failed spell at Spurs.
RnR has a massive cock.(12)(14)


23 Apr 2012 13:24:52
Danny Hylton is in talks with Bristol Rovers for next season as the shots top scorer wants to move to a more ambitious club. A fee of around 120k is believed to be on the books.(16)(8)


23 Apr 2012 12:50:55
Blackburns Formica is set to make an
emotional return to the B2net to the
club he used to dream for when he was
a kid. He wants to help the team bounc
e back to league 1 after a certain
relegation season
.(10)(22)Haha what a joker lmao!


23 Apr 2012 12:49:39
Ipswich fans to protest march in the summer
Seems the EADT got it wronge about Norwich
being relligated(11)(5)Please learn to spell. Then we can help you work on TRANSFER RUMOURS which this site is about.The ipswich family da da daIs that the same EADT that is run out of Norwich that all town fans hate.


23 Apr 2012 12:39:05
Paul Green and Jason Pearce are the Two Players Neil Warnock wants to bring in to Leeds as quickly as possible to strengthen the Spine of the team.(28)(10)Pearce yes but Green looks like coming to Ipswich, Daily StarWhy would he want to go to a small club like Ipswich


23 Apr 2012 12:24:47
Wolves want to sign african cup of nations winner Emmanuel Mayuka as replacements for Jarvis, fletcher and doyle.(6)(16)One player to replace three ?I find this hard to believe when we don't even know who the manager is yet ?And which of your many dreamed of managers is going to sign these players?You claim one guy will replace three footballers? That's ridicilous."You claim one guy will replace three footballers? That's ridicilous."

Yeah but Emmanual is omnipresent


23 Apr 2012 12:23:06
Scunthorpe Utd are to sign Ross Hannah whilst offering Sam Slocombe a new contract.(6)(4)


23 Apr 2012 12:20:57
Reading interested in signing slovakia international Robert Vittek and Jamie Mackie if QPR go down.(9)(6)


23 Apr 2012 12:06:31
Mariappa will be off to Swansea by the sound of it with Rory Donnelly going to Watford on loan for the season.(7)(7)The 'Orns will be going up next season anyway so he will just wait for us... you orns!


23 Apr 2012 11:43:56
I have it on very very good authority
that Norwich City FC have successfully
Negotiated a deal with The banks and Aviva
regarding the clubs Debt, in as much the agreed
paying off of debt for staying in THE PREMIER LEAGUE, this means the club can now look
forward to bringing in 3 or 4 quality players in the summer(11)(7)What a load of tosh, of course they have a good relationship with the bank, they owe under 20M down from 23M a year ago, also they are earning substantial income set to be repeated next season plus a minimum of £40M in parachute payments if they did slip out of premier league, so whats to negotiate!, the club is worth substantially more than its debts, and its outlook is brilliant for at least 3 years for revenue. Banks lend money as a business and its based on the business model of a company, the club stated last year that it will service the debt gradually over the next few years making substantial yearly reductions.
Plain and simple the Bank was happy with the club management 22 years ago,and its only got better since then.
Whats Aviva got to do with anything other than a main sponser who has just renewed for another 4 seasonsI think you have missed the point that the original poster has made. Upon restructuring in the last couple of years the club made a deal with the bank that upon survival in the premier league the full debt would be paid off. The original poster is stating that this deal has been negotiated so that we do not have to pay off the full debt this season, giving us more to spend this summer to give us a better chance of sustained survival in the premier league.

Id hazard a guess that we will then pay the remaining debt off should be survive next season whilst also building the new city stand. All makes sense to me and i find it highly plausible giving our great progress under Lambert, McNally and co.


23 Apr 2012 11:34:49
Stoke manager has been told he will need to sell before he can buy. Crouch is to be sold to Sunderland and Walters to Newcastle which will free up much needed funds to bolster their failing team.(5)(34)Why would newcastle want walters?Failing ?? really ??Walters in not too bad... but would only pay 2 mil for the lad. Stoke in terminal demiseIs this so sell before he can buy thats why we r spending another 6million on the training ground thats how bad we r for money ( richard)Worst attempt at a Stoke wind up ever. Is this the same Crouch that rejected Sunderland for Stoke :-) By 'terminal demise' do you mean a possibilty of their highest finish in 30 years? School's out I seeWhy would sunderland want crouch he has turned us down 2 times and is average, Bruce was after him, O'neill will be looking for better strikers than himCrouch is poor and Walters is average at best. Both teams will be looking for better players.No chance Crouch will go to Sunderland. And why will Newcastle buy Walters?Walters is poor as is crouch... Stoke can keep them as no one else wants them


23 Apr 2012 11:26:55
Can't see Ruddy leaving Norwich but if he does Frasier Forster will be returning(10)(14)Fraser Forster will stay at Celtic. One more season. And then he will replace Krul at Newcastle.


23 Apr 2012 11:25:34
james coppinger, martin cranie, jason puncheon and also jamie ashdown are going to millwall in the summer. ashdown going if millwall sell forde which is 90% going to happen and with taylor doing both playing and goal keeper coaching jackett wants 3 good keepers with mildenhall also there.(6)(24)


23 Apr 2012 11:24:51
Watford have put Dave Kitson at the top of their transfer targets list.(13)(7)As a partner for the potent Chris Iwelumo, is it? ;)


23 Apr 2012 11:03:58
Wolves departures in the summer:

Jarvis (to Everton)
Johnson (to Reading)
De Vries (to Liverpool)(7)(24)Despite Doyle sayingthat he is "happy at Wolves & staying"?Of course Doyle is going to say that you muppet. He doesn't want to go spouting out that he wants to leave (especially with a few prem games left to go) because he is then shooting himself in the foot. If a premiership club comes in to buy him then he will walk, same as what he did with Reading and I am sure he was "happy" there.With income dropping by 30m Wolves will need to sell to rebuild, the team that get them relegated will not get them promoted. Getting a good manager in quickly will be the key and that looks like a risky job for any manager, who's first job will be to reduce the wage bill.I've heard Liverpool are in the market for a dodgy reserve keeper, so I reckon this guy knows what he's on about.

Two clearly isn't enough so this way they can get one sent off and suspended, then have another sent off in the next while the next one gives away a penalty. He'll then get dropped so De Vries can play, who will go forward for set pieces and score all their goals, coz none of their strikers can...


23 Apr 2012 10:14:52
Leeds to sign out of contract coventry midfielder sammy clingan(24)(14)No chance! Only larry Grayson could want to sign him, surely he's off to 'udders field!He's absolute garbage. Not worth the wages, thank god he's leaving.


23 Apr 2012 10:08:48
Reading want to sign Cammy Smith.(3)(18)Did you say granny smith


23 Apr 2012 09:59:33
Gabby Agbonlahor is a transfer target
for Sunderland and Arsenal.(16)(22)Fantastic you can have him for 5-8mGabby said he will stay at Villa, no matters what happen there. If he leaves, he will go to Sunderland because of Martin O'Neill.


23 Apr 2012 09:44:46
Bradford striker Nakhi Wells is wanted by Burnley for a fee of £200,000. Wells has just signed a new contract but Burnley are eager to sign him. Jay Rodriguez is going to Norwich for £4 mil and Wells is a possible replacement. If they cant sign Wells theyll splash the cash on Simon Church for £1.5 mil.(4)(16)


23 Apr 2012 08:57:28
12 Apr 2012 12:52:41
Stoke have been tracking Joe Cole's availability after failing to land the player on loan this season but are also keeping tabs on Lille's Lucas Digne who has impressed this season.

The Potters are also keeping an eye on PSG's Bahebeck. Scouts have watched all 3 players this season and are doing so again in the coming weeks.

Why would joe cole sign?hes a footballer

Yep, Joe Cole would definately want to sign for Stoke, so he could run around in midfield for 90 mins, and not risk any injury or bad passes because he could watch the ball sail over his head for the best part of 60 Mins, the other 30 mins the ball is out of play while they take corners, Goal kicks and wipe the ball for their throw-ins.
Last Stoke match apparently the ball was in play for just 58 mins, and was the least in League again, must be a joy to watch every week.

Stoke don't play football yawn yawn yawn.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I take it your club couldn't beat them you mean :-)

'Why would joe cole sign?hes a footballer'

Come back when you've mastered basic English

And also come back with an apology at the end of the season when Peter Crouch scoops the prize for 'goal of the season'....fool.(3)(13)Ben arfa goal of the season !!!


23 Apr 2012 08:24:53
ANY BRISTOL CITY TRANSFER NEWS PLEASE,(1)(22)Yeah, your getting relegated next season (Rovers fan)Really? I'd worry about your own useless ream going out of the league son
City proved we are a consistent championship side, the only way is up. you lot will be lucky to stay in the league.


23 Apr 2012 01:55:57
LEEDS UTD - Shopping list includes,z.whitbread,j.pearce, h.helguson, & s.clingan.(22)(21)


23 Apr 2012 01:20:50
With demand high for goalkeeper John Ruddy Norwich are looking for a replacement number one. Paul Lambert in the summer will approach local rivals Ipswich Town with a bid of £750,000 for Arran Lee-Barrett(2)(33)One reads some carp on here but this absolute nonsense takes the biscuit. A Town fan with too much time on his hands methinks!Christ would drive hi mthere myself! you can have him for free!"One reads some carp ..." that sounds a bit fishy!Bloody hell, I've just coughed and splatered me coffe all over the screen, as number two says, we'll drive him up there ourselvesThink theres been a price misquote £75.00 and we want change


23 Apr 2012 01:13:07
Stoke Ins
Matt Jarvis - Wolves - Full Transfer - £5 million to £6 million
Romelu Lukaku - Chelsea - Season Loan
Hugo Rodallega - Wigan - Full Transfer - £9 million
Jorge Molina Vidal - Real Betis - Full Tramsfer - £5 million
Scott Dann - Blackburn - Full Transfer - £2 million(6)(32)Jarvis 70%
Lukaku 50%
Rodallega no way
Molina was the man he watched but wasnt impressed, and he's not valued at more then 3.6 million euros
And scott dan not a chance, tryed last season but wanted to much and isnt better then upson or woodgateRodallega is out of contract I think and Stoke dropped their interest before when they signed JeromeHugo Rodallega is on a free this summer isnt he?Please, footballer do not go to stoke city. end of


22 Apr 2012 22:59:26
Freddie Kanoute has been offered a 2 year deal by Ipswich Town. This is 100% true. It's highly unlikely he'll accept since it would be a big drop in wages and he owns a mosque in Seville where he is settled but the offer has been made. Ipswich looking for strikers with a limited budget. They only have 2 senior strikers on the books - Chopra and Scotland (Ellington is an expensive practice squad member.

Leadbitter is off to Southampton. Everyone thinks he is joining Middlesbrough but once Saints are confirmed as promoted Leadbitter will be their first signing on a free.(5)(25)


22 Apr 2012 23:55:57
Colchester are interested in Cambrdige United left sided utility player Harrison Dunk and AFC Telford centre back and captain Shane Kilock who Colchester manager John Ward has admired for a long time.(4)(4)


22 Apr 2012 23:52:37
Newcastle summer targets
Newcastle are looking to sign a new left back in the summer and have lines up three pontential players; erik peiters has been heavily linked with a move over the last season and would be available for around 5 million. Another possibility is toulouse left back chieck m'bengue who has been watched by a host of top clubs and is available for around 4 million. The other player linked with a move to newcastle is lyon and france internantional aly cissokho however his 9 million price tag is likely to put newcastle off the 23 year old.

Newcastle are still searching for a new centre half as they have often found themselves short at the back this season without colocini and taylor for spells; newcastle have targeted fc twente's brazilian defender douglas who would be available on a cut price deal as one of their top prioritys but have also been heavily linked with montpelleir's talented cente back mapou yanga-m'biwa who would cost around 6.5 million.

Newcastles search for more depth in midfeild has led to speculation surrounding ajax teenager siem de jong with both cheif scout graham carr and manager alan pardew taking time out to watch ajax the season de jong could be set to join for a fee of as little as 5 million

Other targets and players linked with a move this summer include wigan midfeilder diame-4million, guigamp teen knockhaert-2million, dijon's cognet-4.5million, mavin martins from sochaux for 7 million and mayuka from young boys for 3 miilion(16)(8)Diame's contract expires at the end of this seasonI read today that Romain Amalfitano will be first summer signing of Newcastle. Next will be Pieters of PSV. I hope that Newcastle will go for Adam Johnson who seems to leave Man City.


22 Apr 2012 23:31:28
Reports suggest that cash strapped middlesbrough will listen to offers for jason steele valued at around 4million and top scorer marvin emnes despite the striker recently signing a new deal on teeside, chairman gibson will run the rule over new signing with jacob butterfield, thomas sorensen and tuncay sanli set to join end of season(9)(12)


22 Apr 2012 23:00:43
Reading FC are looking to wrap up some early signing in the next few weeks with Scott Sutter, Aaron Eckersley and Marko Futacs all looking likely.
Deals for Matthew Connoly and Hayden Mullins are also close to happening.(12)(7)Reading are looking to sign high-profile players !You forgot Doyle from Wolves...Sorry guys but not sure if they are the sort of players reading need. BM is off to Norway to look at a player so watch this space.Don't you mean Adam Eckersley instead of Aaron Eckersley?It is Adam Eckersley and he plays for the Danish side AGF Aarhus. Sorry did not do my homework first.... But looks a good player and BM is a Great Scout....


22 Apr 2012 22:39:52
Jesus navas to come to the premier league in the summer with arsenal said to be interested in him(16)(16)Navas suffers from severe home sickness and found it difficult when he was part of the spain squad for the last world cup so a switch to arsenal unlikely.I don't think so because he has illness of "missing his home town". He is depressed if he go out of Seville.


22 Apr 2012 22:00:16
Colchester to sign non-league midfielder Jai Reason(6)(6)There's no reason to sign this player


22 Apr 2012 21:49:14
kasper schmicheal set to join spurs or schalke for between 5-6 million with tommy lee and keiron westwood coming in(11)(25)Man city didnt want him, Notts county didnt want him, Leeds didnt want him, now looks like Leicester dont want him.... this lad is obviously talented but he cant keep a club for too long, so he is obviously trouble and upsets the team wherever he goes with his constant rants and outspoken comments about team mates, look at his reactions when he concedes a goal, instantly looks for someone else to blame... in my opinion hes clearly trying to live on his dads reputation but knows hes well short of it, waste of talent...Leicester dont want him? Do you know anything? Hes the best keeper they'v had in years, hes not transfer listed. . . An he said himself hes had a the best year here and loves the club, hes going no where apart from the premiership with Leicester.Its not a case of no-one wants him hes is an outstanding talent and bigger clubs want him you fool...everything about your post shows you have absolutely no clue what your talking bout when it comes to kasper!



22 Apr 2012 21:45:22
Wigan athletic, Norwich city and a number of Russian clubs including Spartak Nalchik are looking at hearts captain Marius Zaliukas.(7)(8)Bloody well hope so!

JamboSo do I,will pay his air fair ...


22 Apr 2012 20:39:50
Newcastle Utd interested in young talents Cyrus Christie and Gael Bigirimana who have suffered relegation with coventry city.
they are to offer 4m with medhi abeid and james tavernier moving the opposite way on season-long loans.(11)(10)And Yohan Cabaye !Where did this come from? im a newcastle fan and dont want tavernier to leave! thanksI posted eariler in the season about Cyrus Christie as Newcastle had been linked with a move for him in January with Sammi A going on loan in the opposite direction, however that fell through. Christie looks like a decent player, plently of pace and can cross a good ball...That's a laugh one. Why will Newcastle sign players who's not good enough even for Championship? And there's no chance Tavernier will go in Division One. He's good enough for Premier League.No chance. The figure of £4m is optimistic to say the least. Coventry are not in a position to command anything above £2m.


22 Apr 2012 19:24:20
Reading FC interested in Zaha of Palace and Steven Fletcher of Wolves(18)(11)Zaha was very impressive on sat, i think he might be more of a talent than Moses, would be very surprised if he not playing in the prem next season and even more surprised if he signed for usBigger clubs wanting Fletcher.Zaha is going to be great in a few seasons - I think several teams will be interested which will push the price up. But do Reading really want to take on an inexperienced young player for their prem survival campaign? Would take a reasonable chunk out of their transfer budget, wouldn't be surprised if this year they concentrate on experience and then build on youth once they have secured regular prem football.Not a chance of Fletcher - bad journalism again


22 Apr 2012 18:49:34
Stephen Dobbie will sign a permanent deal with Blackpool,with Matty Phillips going the other way to Swansea City with a fee included.(7)(23)So Dobbie, a player who cannot get into the Swansea 1st team will no doubt sign for Blackpool for a nominal fee.....but Matt Phillips going the other way....not unless you outbid the 3 other Prem teams who have been advised bidding starts at £3m+ {Ed003's Note - I think he means a fee to B'pool aswell,well I hope he does}Yes I have heard this too Phillips would prefer to go to aPremiership club where he would play every week rather than a club where he will sit in the reserves or on the benchPhillips going to readingIt sounds like Reading will be signing 30 new players in the closed season and will have to get a special dispensation from FIFA and the FA to field a 24 man team instead of 12. Messi, Beckham, Ronaldo & Matt Phillips look like they are all in contract negotiations.


22 Apr 2012 18:10:05
Portsmouth are set to lose striker Dave Kitson and defender come midfielder Greg Halford after the Championship side finally suffered relegation on Saturday.
Kitson is in talks with Leicester as Nigel Pearson looks to bring experience in for a possible promotion push to the Premier League next season.
Halford is subject of a bid from Norwich City. City are thought to have bid around £350,000 for the former Colchester player and is keen on moving to the Premier League.(7)(23)We had Halford at Sheff Utd - good versatile player, tall and with a long throw. What's the betting he ends up at Stoke?To all portsmouth fans im a bristol city fan and i think your team will be to strong for div 1 i think you will win the league goodluckPompey will no doubt need to lose a lot more players than Kitson and Halford. Expect 75% of the team to move. However, they will rebuild based on academy players and are strong in that area so should be OK. May take a couple of seasons to get back but with their fans, maybe even year 1.I would not describe Kitson leaving as a "loss".Portsmouth paid around £1 million for Halford and there are a few teams that want him so I think the price may be higher than that.

Kitson will almost certainly leave Pompey but it probably wont be Leicester as he would struggle to get into their team.


22 Apr 2012 17:35:38
swindon to sign Liam Hearn from grimsby for 400000 or alternatively, 250000 plus alan connell making a return to grimsby as hearns replacement(1)(17)How many times do you need to be told we wont pay 400k for a conference player most of our players coming in will be free transfers or fees a lot lower than 400k. where do you get your stories from. you can have connell back though he is not a 90 minute player he is an impacy player and is bossed about too much by centre backs. Conference is his standard and i dont understand all the swindon fans who think he is great. Di Canio will ship out alot of players this summer and connell i believe will be one of them.


22 Apr 2012 17:17:44


22 Apr 2012 17:09:52
Manchester United targets (Gotze, Lucas and Eriksen) all look likely to snub the intrest of united and move to Italy or Spain but luckly for United have all opted to stay put for at least another year. This gives United a extra year to tempt these players to Manchester. To do this united are gunna have to buy some top players like ozil kroos Ganso kagwa hummels to tempt them aswell as buying some players like Stegen clyne alba (or boilsen) courtinho to help with winning throphies e.g champions league to prove where the best in Europe(10)(16)Best in europe , my arse .... not even best in ManchesterClearly a city fan to the one above me lol keep on dreaming fella money makes you very arrogant typicle,as for players we will buy who we buy simple as right back definatley and midfield 3 or 4 players will do.Leeds United fan here. Don't think any Man United fan should be accusing anyone of arrogance to be honest. All I've heard all season is cocky United fans going on about City. Face facts, United's days as the top club in Manchester are coming to an end never mind the premier league. You talk about City's money as if you've never spent huge amounts of money on players yourselves.

If City don't take it this year they will next...and that'll be United done!Love jealous fans. Man u have spent money but sensibly and slowly not like 500m in 2 seasons like city or however much leeds made to get themselves screwed and now there never coming back thank god! we will be here for a long time! and we still do what we want!Why do leeds fans come on here as if they are uniteds biggest rivals.....never have been never will be"we will be here for a long time! and we still do what we want!"

Let's see if you're still as cocky after Sunday!?!

Plastic Mancs - nothing worse!The games on monday numptyHaha, stupid city and leeds fans! how are we not even the best in manchester when were top of the league, we won it last year and got into the champions league final 3 times in 4 years? FACE FACTS, WE ARE MAN UTD!!


22 Apr 2012 16:42:24
Charlton interested in Dave Kitson and Greg Halford who both recently suffered relegation with pompey(16)(10)You don't want Kitson. He's an awful player


22 Apr 2012 16:29:01
Everton will make 4 signings this summer with money made from the sale of Jack Rodwell.

Miguel Veloso will come in on loan from Genoa, Steven Fletcher will sign for the club for around £6mi and Copenhaegen defender Mathias Jorgensen will sign for around £3m. Greek defender Georgios Tzavelas should also sign after EURO 2012(15)(9)Jorgenson signed for PSV back in FebruaryMatthias Jørgensen, have already signed with PSV EindhovenNot getting Fletcher for £6m we paid £7m and his value has gone up and we don't need to sell, although I'm 99% certain he will leave I think it will be £8m plus.Is Rodwell not rated as £20m?
Fletcher would cost £8m and Tzavelas about £2m
Then Veloso would not be dear either and Jorgensen is joining PSVWhat do you think you're going to get for Jack Rodwell? Even is Super Daniel Levy was the seller you wouldn't get more than £10 million - he is a nothing player.

You'd get more for Tony Hibbert.


22 Apr 2012 16:24:49
Chelsea will give the manager's job to Roberto Dio Matteo full-time, who will bring in a few new faces to freshen things up.

Hulk - Porto
Javi Garcia - Benfica
Gregory Van Der Wiel - Ajax
Jussi Jaaskalainen on a free transfer from Bolton as back-up to Cech while Courtois stays on loan at Atletico Madrid(22)(24)TGhe next Chelsea manager will be Laurent Blanc, coach of France national team. After Euro 2012 he'll leave France and go to Chelsea. 90 % done deal.


22 Apr 2012 16:23:27
Jim o'brien set to turn down a new contract with barnsley and sign for sheff utd(9)(6)Remember what happened to howard un boggi.OLD NEWS but he,s crap so you can take him anyway


22 Apr 2012 16:21:51
Aston Villa will bring in a host of fresh faces this summer as the club is in need of a serious rebuild.
Kim Kallstrom - Lyon
Robbie Keane - LA Galaxy
Oscar Wendt - Copenhaegen
Peter Lovenkrands - Newcastle
Hector Moreno - Espanyol(11)(29)Oscar Wendt play for GladbachKallstrom you jokingNot if they go downGet this clown away from our clubKeane is a no, Kallstrom id love i think it is possible aswell but he's not the CM we need, we need a generalId put a manager top of your summer wish list personally.


22 Apr 2012 16:17:42
Arsenal will see a host of new faces join the club this pre-season. Podolski has alreay agreed a contract and will be joined by Lille winger Eden Hazard, Rennes midfielder Yann M'villa, French striker Olivier Giroud and Ajax centre-back Jan Vertonghen.(30)(29)


22 Apr 2012 16:12:16
Northampton to sign a midfielder from millwall and a striker from Leeds on pre contract agreements torrow.
Both players have already held talks and are due to sign tomorrow.(5)(12)


22 Apr 2012 16:01:04
Reading's first transfer will be Superliga's top goalscorer Dame N'Doye.
Brian mcDermott is going to Copenhapen on Tuesday to watch him(17)(6)I really dont think reading need another striker unless they sell a couple who are either bench warmers or who dont play at all.Please be true. He could be another 'Papiss Cissé' or 'Demba Ba' who is powerful and quick with a predatory instinct in front of goal. His scoring record is excellent.Going to have to be prepared to spend big for him. Copenhagen's player of the season. Similar record to Papisse Cisse who cost £9 million.

Can you see Reading paying in the region of £9 mil on one player after promotion? I can't, but if a good deal can be made Dame N'Doye would be a great signing for any prem team.Definitely going to happen!!


22 Apr 2012 15:51:13
N.forest and barnsley both interested in signing derby midfielder paul green(13)(11)Yes, because I'm sure he'd reject a contract from a team in the top half, pushing for play offs, in favour of moving to one of these heavyweights. No-one knows who Forest can possibly be signings due to the owner situation, and well, Barnsley are Barnsley, so he wouldn't go there.And derby r what exactly mid table at best................


22 Apr 2012 15:47:37
Emile Heskey, Jack Hobbs, Matt Richie, Jamie Vardy, Brad Guzan, Cameron Stewart and Carlos Cuellar all to sign for Leicester(15)(32)Another awful season on the cards for leicester then.Wasnt really an awful season this seasonAs if cuellars ganna go to leicester when he could stay at villaJack Hobbs is out injured until xmasCuellars going to sunderland on a free from villa?Cuellar wants to stay in the midlands but wont get a contract extension at villaHobbs and Stewart going nowhere!You know this how?Hobbs out for 6 months; leicester already opted for marshall when they didnt get stewart in january.


22 Apr 2012 15:44:52
Nigel pearson to sign a contract extension to show loyalty to Leicester.(13)(7)Bloody hope notHa ha loyalty how long has he been in a job? mind you by the foxes standards anything over 6 months is considered long term.Was over 6 months his first time an he loves the club


22 Apr 2012 15:37:40
Tony Pulis + Mark Hughes go head to head in the race for reliable Matt Jarvis's signature.
Wolves accepting offers in the range of 5m(20)(8)And NorwichUr forgeting villa will be in for Jarvis and since we have minimal gd wingers and he wont have to move far, im sure he wud prefer us.

Optimistic VillanI think Jarvis is Stoke bound although Villa are definitely in with a shout, can't see him moving to QPR he's a northern boy settled in the Midlands, defo expect Stoke or Villa.To be fair these days Stoke are a better move than Villa. Stoke have been after him for a few seasons and looks a nailed on one.5 million should just about buy one legRumours of Everton, Stoke, Fulham, WBA, Villa, Sunderland should help inflate the price a little.
If you think we are going to sell a player who has played for England 12 months ago when we have no debt so therefore no need to sell you are sadly deluded.You now nothing 5m lolQPR play football and Stoke play hoofball no contest.


22 Apr 2012 14:48:16
paul coutts and graham westley do not get on-fact!
He doesnt want to continue at pne either and has no loyalties to the club he will leave as soon as he gets the chance. I am also 99% sure it was him who leaked our line-up against sheff wed to his pal keith treacy. the sooner we get rid of him the better!(12)(3)Go and crawl under a rock and stay there sick of hearing about the feud between these 2 everybody knows mate its been on this forum everyday for the past 2 months. Joel byrom and mark roberts will join as soon as the season finishes but the deal will not happen if stevenage win the playoffs if they get there.The idea that Preston North End fans see Two Stevenage Town players as the way to get them out of League 1 is very funny. If Stevenage get through the play offs they wont come (as above) if they fail to win......They join PNE. So their signing players who cant evn win in League least they will be at home with the other players who one just 1 game in 7.......Agent Westley is doing a great job.Get on or not he's still leaving in the summer


22 Apr 2012 14:37:21
Vinny Mukendi, Godfrey Poku and Zac Aley will join Southport as free agents this summer.(1)(7)No they wont. All lies mate. Vinny Mukendi is still under contract for Macclesfield and Zac Alley is still at Blackburn Rovers. He is only on loan for Macclesfield!


22 Apr 2012 14:07:47
Watford are rumoured to be interested in Albert adomah of Bristol city
Don't how reliable the source is, but sounds possible(6)(19)No chanceSounds like a case of 'wishful thinking to be honest. Watford generally don't pay big fees and Adomah would be expensive.Would cost you!-has plenty of his contract left and cant see why he would swap one championship club for another.No thanks, awful player.No Chance - Dyche intends to improve the squad not sign an overrated player who was offered to us for £150k 18 months ago and was seen as not good enough thenAwful player? Clueless comment, he has been v impressive this year. Would not leave City to go 'like-for-like'. Would have to be a Championship contender team (e.g one of the playoff failures) or a bottom-third PL team looking to take a riskDerby county want him


22 Apr 2012 13:54:13
Derby County have been preparing for the summer by clearing out players who have wages that dont match their ability.They have already startewd talks with the players agents as Nigel Clough wants have his full team ready for their pre season trip to Barbados

Johnny Russel-Dundee united-650k
Nick Powell-Crewe-300ks
Krystian Pearce-Notts county-200k
Reda Johnson-Sheff Wednesday-350k
Albert Adomah-Bristol city-500k
James tootle-Crewe-150k

Miles Addison-Bournmouth-350k
Lee croft-St Johnstone-375k
Paul Green-Leeds-Free
Saul Deeney-Brentford-55k
Callum Ball-Bristol city-Loan
Ross Atkins-Burton-Loan
Ben davies-Burnley-400k
James severn-Oldham-Loan
Connor doyle-Notts County-Loan(7)(28)Dundee unt are looking for 1.5m upwards for russell they already knocked back 1m bid from celtic so they wont be getting him for 750 000You won,t get 350k for miles Addison no wayNick powell for 300K?!?!?!?!?!? do you know who you re talking about?St johnstone dont have 350k to spend on croft£1/2M for Adomah? Don't be daft!You would need to be offering a lot mot than that for Adomah, more in the region of £1.5 - 2MHaha, Nick Powell for £300k. I'm a Derby fan, but you must be deluded. He's Premiership bound for £5m+ matey.Seen Addison play for my beloved Bournemouth £350k - please dont make me laugh - it hurts......wouldnt even pay 3k for himAtkins wont come back to burton he is carpSeen addison play at oakwell wouldnt even use him as a ball by hes carbage.....This has been on other sites these players are true but the pricing is all wrong the person has put the transfer market value not what the clubs want for them or what the clubs are willing to pay for them.Nick powell has already been seen at moor farm as derby secretly pay crewe money yearly for producing young players this was agreed after derby signed Bailey and Brayford.Johnny russell didnt go to celtic because he didnt want to not because of the money prove is on his twitter.Whereas theres prove of Derby chris maguire and johnny russell ex scotland u21 teammates discussing him coming down to derby.As for Miles addison yes he has massively declined and i see if going for free.Then Adomah if he was worth a so called 1/2 millionj maybe before the season started.But he plays for bristol city who narrowly escaped relegation and if it wasnt for portsmouth 10 point deduction you luckly survived.So his value has decreased massively as hes not played well and thats wghat represents the posistion his team are in the table.he has one year left on his contract and is too good for bristol city and they wont be challenging next season for promotion unless they have a massive money injection so he wouldnt sign a new contract so bristol would rather get some decent enough amount of money for him than see him go for cheap.This contract that Adomah wouldn't sign, is it the same 3 year contract he signed in December? You will not get Albert for £1/2M, that is totally deluded.Theere's no way they'll be signing Russell for anything less £1.5M. He's too good for Derby County anyway. He'll be playing Champions League football at Dundee United next season, why would he drop down to Championship level? Dream on mate!


22 Apr 2012 13:41:19
Tranmere look to have won the race for Port Vale striker Marc Richards.

Also Holmes, Buchanan, welsh and Robinson to sign new contracts in the next few weeks(3)(12)


22 Apr 2012 13:33:04
Burnley transfer news


Jay Rod-Norwich 3.5M
Marney-Cardiff 500,000
Treacy-Ipswich 400,000


Pearce-Portsmouth 800,000
Westwood-Sunderland 750,000
Madine-Sheff Wed 1M
McCarthy-Palace FREE
Jackson-Charlton 700,000(6)(23)Pearce has already agree to sign for LeedsYeah your right, Burnley are such a huge club that other clubs will let you have their best players. On the other hand it could be complete rubbish, I thought this site was for rumour not wish lists.Johnnie Jackson is going nowhere.Westwood are you kidding? he would never leave a club like sunderland to a club like burnleyJay Rod to Norwich deffoJ rod to norwich would make me happy, i think we would have to pay 5mill atleast. I would think he would intrest clubs with mire cash than us to. {Ed003's Note - I think £5m'ish would get him,he's only got 12 months left on his contract and Burnley are not in a position to turn down a good offer}After watching Burnley on Saturday @ Bloomfield Road......If you could get ANY money for ANY of your first team.....I would snatch their hands offKeith Treacy to Ipswich, yep I'll have some of that, along with a RB LB 2 x CB and another striker


22 Apr 2012 13:23:33
rvp in talks with barcalona will signe end off the season .27m(15)(31)They paid 35mil for alexis sanchez so even with 1yr on his contract i'd bet my house its 35mill minimumIf toress went for 50million then no way is rvp 27 millionWith only one year left on his contract Arsenal will be lucky to get that much


22 Apr 2012 12:44:18
Hull City are going to offer a contract to Paul Green, the Derby midfielder has rejected a new deal at the Rams and is available on a free transfer, Leeds are also interested but the Staffordshire born midfielder has already expressed his desire to join Hull after his agent contacted Adam Pearson. Hull are also looking at two new keepers in the summer, Eldin Jakupovic has already signed but cannot be announced officialy until the 1st of July, Chris Kirkland could also join the Tigers after becoming bench warmer for Wigan for almost two years, due to Kirkland being injury prone the two keepers would probaly be rotated frequently in the team.(13)(10)He is a donny lad not a staff so this rumour is a load of poooooooo an he wud pick leeds any day over hillYou're welcome to him, very average player. Hence why he's been at direby for 4 years.Pick dull city over LEEDS your having a laugh


22 Apr 2012 12:27:52
When Wolverhampton Wanderers relegation is confirmed they are set to approach Keith Curle currently manager of Notts County. The board like how he has turned them from a relegation certainty to play off hopefuls in the weeks since taking the post. Wolves also trying to agree a deal with another old boy, Paul Ince, as director of football to help Curle as he is still a realtive novice to the dug out.(4)(24)Utter tripe, Wolves will wait to see who gets promoted before making an approach , Houghton is the number one target should Brum fail to clinch promotion.What planet are you on mate, never head such a load of crap. Why make up stories like this ..... whats your source.Since when were Notts County 'relegation certainty'?What planet do Wolves fans live on. How about you take McCarthy back and say sorry!Not sure who wrote this but Notts County were doing ok before Curle took them over and why would Ince get a job as Director of Football when he's yet to prove himself as a Manager and Manager is the position he wants?

Wolves will stick with Terry Connor or appoint Lee Clark.


22 Apr 2012 12:20:18
Roy keane to be wolves boss.. at least the interviews will be good(13)(18)NooooooooooooYouuuuuu've gotta feel for Terry ConnorAs a town fan I can say no one divides opinions like him! good ideas poorly executed and I hope you like long ball football and playing for 0-0 at home.


22 Apr 2012 12:18:20
Wigans James mcarthy being watched by Everton aston villa and liverpool... Arsenal seemed to have lost interest though.(9)(5)


22 Apr 2012 12:16:52
Aiden Mgeady linked with Sunderland Everton and Villa.

Kieran Richardson and Kevin Doyle seem destined for reading but Roy Hodgson also seems very interested in Doyle and likes the idea of a Long and Doyle patnership.

Jarvis to Stoke City(28)(6)Richardson to good for reading they could maybe sign someone like connor wickham or shola ameobiDont think everton or villa will have the cash to sign mcgeadyI think signing Richardson wouldnt be a good idea Ryan Bertrand would be a much more profitable signingRichardson isn't too good for Reading! He's getting on a bit and seems like the type of player I'd imagine reading to buy if they wanted premiership survival. Can also see them buying Doyle but personally I think that would be a weaker signing for them, he's been relegated twice and has a pretty poor goalscoring record in the prem.

(I'm not a Reading fan - totally neutral.)If doyle wasnt played as a lone striker like he was at wolves then he would be pretty decent


22 Apr 2012 12:05:53
Burnley want to bring in Marc Pugh from Bournemouth and Oliver Norwood from Manchester United both were born in Burnley and would love to sign for their home town clubs(13)(8)


22 Apr 2012 12:00:49
Walsall attacker Ledesma will be leaving the club in the summer for Coventry, Wolves or Birmingham. With his deal running out at the end of the season Aston Villa are also intrested.(2)(9)


22 Apr 2012 11:57:51
Macclesfield midfielder heading to Walsall is the summer(6)(1)Let us know if you find out which one.


22 Apr 2012 11:56:22
heard dean bowditch will sign for charlton(5)(5)Not good enough for Championship. League 1 player a best.He's not even on the Charlton radar


22 Apr 2012 09:18:31
charlton have come out as favourites to sign Gary Madine if wednesday fail to clinch promotion this season(5)(19)On yesterdays showing I think I'd rather have Beavon, cracking player.


22 Apr 2012 09:20:29
Powell will use his Leicester links to secure the signing of Waghorn and Vassel next year(8)(13)Keep dreaming.


22 Apr 2012 09:19:36
Emmanuel frimpong is ready to call time on his slow Arsenal career and will look to move on with Charlton and Millwall possible destinations with both clubs interested(4)(38)Maybe wolves as he said he loved it there and will have good chance of promotion
aaron m daviesI highly doubt he'll leave the club. Premiership teams would most likely snap him up, and he'd probably cost a fair few million.What frimpong who didn't look out of place in a arsenal shirt and too good in his short time at wolves, ye he's gonna go millwall ( goin down nxt yr) or charlton championship mid table at a push, and where are they getting the money from for this player that only 10 months back were trying to get him in a england shirt!!"charlton championship mid table at a push", the same was said about Norwich and Southampton, with the right investment there is no reason Charlton could not follow suit. Who do you think owns Charlton? I've been a season ticket holder for 15 years and I dont know, so how could you know how much money they have or have not got?

I cant see Frimpong at Charlton either but that does not mean we dont have (a) The ability (b) The ambition or (c) The money.Firstly many a prem team would take him, secondly his link up play with Wilshire means he wont leave they make each other better players and finally the only reason he has struggled for appearances is injury not ability!
Jog on mr spurs/millwall/charlton fan!Or NorwichFrimpong definitly premier league caliberFrimpong is easily Premier class, he did good on loan at Wolves earlier this year and would be interesting to see where they would now had he not been injured, the best a Championship team could hope for would be a loan but can't see him wanting this.


22 Apr 2012 09:17:48
shaun wright-phillips is desperate to link up wth brother Bradley before the end f his career and will make a move to charlton if qpr fail to stay up(11)(24)And Charlton are going to fund his reported £70k a week wages are they?


22 Apr 2012 08:44:29
Robert Snodgrass to Reading - 3m plus Tomasz Cywka(12)(30)Cywka is only under contract til the end of this season, wasn't particularly impressed with Snodgrass when he came to the mad stand, although its hard to make an impression when all those tackles were flying inCywka is a free at end of seasonGood luck with thatNoooooooooooooooo wayYou're about 3 million plus a decent player short, nice dream though. Bet it was awful waking up from that one mr fantasy agent.Cywka out of contract in the summer so not likely


22 Apr 2012 08:16:58
Steve fletcher will be leaving bournemouth at the end of the season on mutual consent. He will then sign a contract as player coach at plymouth(15)(4)


22 Apr 2012 07:54:53
ipswich desperate for 2 big target men jewell wants dele adebola and clive platt(7)(19)


22 Apr 2012 07:49:39
Crystal palace fans dream on Jackson
will not be released and Martin will cost
you a cool £3mil, but he's coming home
next week to stay.(2)(10)I certainly hope Martin doesn't come back. He is worth 500k at the most. Just been hanging around for years now. Off load to someone who can make use and move onwards and up wards. Get rid of dead woodWhat daft post, martin is worth much more than 500g to say he is dead wood means u have no idea what u are talking abourNow Now Budgies stop arguing amongst yourselves, Martin is no way worth £3 million, those days are gone, he will resign for Palace at around £750k tops, as for Jackson, he'll be back to Gillingham just about his levelAs a norwich fan i say chris martin no way worth £3 million,that i agree with. dont agree with ur comments on jackson though,he has worked hard and helped us to get where we are unlike your players who cant get higher than mid table in the championship still, i suppose your better than 1p5wichChris Martin could be a great striker, but it seems his application is lacking, he just does not want it enough, and Lambert will let him go for £500K-£750K.
Jackson will likely be sold in summer, expect him to go to a championship club for around the price Norwich paid for him approx £600KI'm lost I thought this was about Lee Martin and Simeon Jackson. Who is Chris Martin? {Ed025's Note - lead singer of coldplay..


22 Apr 2012 02:09:02
Ah well, we'll never know if this made up rubbish was made up rubbish or not, the reds are staying up.(3)(3)


22 Apr 2012 02:08:50
Norwich City Transfer Targets

Possible Ins
Kyle Naughton- Totenham
Jordan Rhodes- Huddersfield Town
Matt Phillips-Blackpool
Robert Snodgrass-Leeds United
Charlie Mulgrew-Celtic
Fraser Fyvie-Aberdeen
Wilfried Zaha-Crystal Palace
Chris Gunter- Nottingham Forrest
Joshua Gatt-Molde FK
Dennis Aogo-Hamburg SV
Aidan White-Leeds United
Mohammed Abdellaoue-Hannover 96
Georg Niedermeier-VFB Stuttgart
Park Ju Young-Arsenal
Liam Bridcutt-Brighton and Hove Albion
Dani Pacheco-Liverpool
Henri Lansbury-Arsenal
Garath McCleary - Nottingham Forrest
Gary Madine-Sheffield Wednesday
Albert Adomah-Bristol City
Brek Shea-FC Dallas
Bernie Ibini-Isei-Gold Coast
Matt Jarvis- Wolverhampton Wanderers
Claude Angan-Molde FKPossible Outs

Aaron Wilbraham
Simon Lappin
Leon Barnett
Andrew Crofts
Steve Morison
Simeon Jackson ( Maybe )
Adam Drury
David Fox ( Depends on Contract renewal )
Elliott Ward ( Depends on Contract renewal )(4)(56)I think u either play alot of FIFA or a proper numpty. Stop embarrassing us with all these players. Half won't come and we don't want the other half. Lansbury not even champ standard and Pacheco un proven. They both play a handful of games for us and now you are putting them in hall of fame! And Gunter snodgrass old news been linked with them for 2 years. Actions speak louder thn words.Got to agree with the Comments made by a sencible Budgie, you will be lucky if you get one of them namedPacheco Gunter Zaha Jarvis Naughton Rhodes all trueNO way will they sign that many playersZak W already resigned has he I don't think so!And there was I thinking that JRR Tolkien was the best fantasy writer of all time.Bridcutt will cost you a damn sight more than you paid for Bennett that's for certain. Wouldn't suprise me if someone like Naaarwich come in for him though.Note the word 'Possible' in the original post. Almost all of these have been linked in the media over the past year, thus making them a possible transfer. I would personally have said possible targets. Ie people we will have looked at and considered.

Dont get so angry people, its a rumour site.


22 Apr 2012 01:49:04
Sunderland ins:

aiden mcgeady - 10mil
Adam Johnson - 10 mil
gabriel agbonlahor - 8mil
Gary Hooper - 5mil
ciaran clark - 8 mil
Fabio - 4 mil
Frimpong - loan
bassong - loan

Sunderland outs:

Gyan - 20mil
Richardson - 7mil
Bramble - 1mil
Gordon - free
Larson - 8 mil
Gardner - 5 mil
Riveros - 1 mil
el muhammady - 3 mil(12)(43)Sounds about right, heard the same rumours, hooper and clark and bassong are new ones thats I haven't heardBS gabby will cost atleast 12 mill and he doesnt want to leave anywayBramble £1 Million your having a laugh, he'll go for nowt, and there wont be a queue for his signature either,20mil for gyan?Prepare for MON to skint you; rubbish buys and huge wages.................Clark won't leave Villa you person jog onMon will have to sell first then all villa fans sunderland have a wage cap so mon can not bring players in on big wagers.


22 Apr 2012 00:45:54
Massive summer coming ahead for Peterborough as we try and strengthen our squad to cement our place in the Championship.


Luke Steele GK
Nathaniel Knight-Percival DEF
Bongani Khumalo DEF (loan)
Michael Jacobs MID
Paul Coutts MID
Nakhi Wells STR
Alex Nimely STR (loan)(3)(25)Luke Steele lol you have got no chance keep dreaming numptyNakhi Wells has just extended his contract at Bradford too. Most likely he won't move until 2014.Luke steele going to tigers 1mHmm don't think so on Steele as he's leaving on a free!He,s still got 15mths left on contract so he,s NOT going for free


22 Apr 2012 00:21:49
Paul Peschisolido is rumoured to be replacing Walsall manager Dean Smith in the summer

Smith will be sacked at the end of the season even if Walsall stay in league one due to him losing the support of the players/fans(4)(12)


21 Apr 2012 23:28:21
Portsmouth will be taken over in May by a consortium comprised of the Portsmouth Supporters' Trust and some local businessmen for around £6 million. This money will be used to from a new CVA to pay off the debt and enable the club to come out of administration without another points deduction. The club will still recieve £14 million in parachute payments over the next two years.

Most of the current first team will be sold, including Ben Haim, Henderson, Huseklepp, Mokoena, Mullins, Lawrence and Varney. Benjani and Kanu will be released but Rocha may sign a contract extension if no other clubs come in for him before July. Michael Appleton will stay and next season's squad will be mainly young players, loanees and free transfers and the club will aim for promotion back to the Championship.(9)(22)Wishful thinking or just dreaming! Pompey haven't fulfilled the terms of the last CVA so that should be another automatic points deduction whether you agree another one or not - 15 points minimum I expect. Kane has a year left on his contract and wont be going a anywhere. As for the parachute payments they will go straight to paying off debtsThis is deluded - Creditors have to agree to a CVA - that is what "voluntary" means - why would anyone who didn't get anything last time agree - £6m does not scratch the surface. Sorry guys - there is only one outcome!No way will you bounce straight back into the Championship. You're gonna find league 1 a lot more difficult than you think.As usual, cloud cuckoo land!
IF Pompey avoid liquidation, which is very unlikely, £6m is no where near sufficient funding. And, what player in his right mind will stay at the club, or join it, when their salaries are not secure?
Get real, if you survive to play in L1, it will be with a group of players who can not get a game with anyone else. I think a quick death will be better than a lingering drop into non league football.You owe 58 million
parachutepayments 14
44 million shortfall you plum
oh i suppose you ll pay
10 pence in the pound
like last time

poor creditors done againCVA will clear the debt and it will be agreed because even if 10p in the pound it will be far more than will result from liquidation ( when parachute payments would be cancelled and players contracts cancelled). Incidentaly 10p in the pound may be to high, I believe Crystal Palace paid out closer to 1p in the pound, so there is no set amount that is or is not likely to secure a CVA. The logic is more of getting the best the creditors can secure.Please don't say this is deluded as all of these things have been said in by Trevor Birch the administartor in various interviews. The creditors will agree to the CVA as it is more than what they would get if the club is liquidated. Also CSI is representing the creditiors and they have alread ysaid they would agree to write of the debt.


21 Apr 2012 23:08:18
Has Larsson been talking to MON: Linked with Kim Kallstrom and Rasmus Jansson. Good players, Just what the club need a Left Winger and a striker both over 6ft also. which is what we need more height.(4)(7)


21 Apr 2012 22:12:42
gary hooper to southampton for 8 mil in the summer he going out of favour at celtic(16)(27)Plus, he wants to play in the Premier League,'spose i'l get bollocked for saying this though,who cares,we're going up.Thats why his agent and celtic are in talks to extend his contract. stop talking mince and accept the fact that hooper wont be in a saints strip next season.



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