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24 Sep 2012 22:04:25
Preston trying to sign Stevenage captain Mark Roberts on loan with a view to signing permantly in Jan

They have two hopes of this going through. Bob & no

Westley to go by xmas graham alexander to take over the mess he has got the club into , tactically he has no idea

It's a shocking mess he's got us in. Moulded a team playing good football (most times) in 3 months on next to nothing, decent runs in cups, just outside playoffs, some great signings/offloaded deadwood.....I smell donkey above, if not you cant have watched too many matches...

Westley will never in a million years get pne promoted clueless person tactically

I suprised youre not a manger if you know so much. So what has he got wrong tactically?

Still no tactical gold? Id keep playing FIFA. Looks like GW messed up again last night...

I bet the person who keeps saying gw is clueless will be saying gw is fantastic when pne wins

No mate, we won't hear from him then.



24 Sep 2012 22:04:15
Phil Brown to become new Colchester united manager

25 Sep 2012 13:35:41
If Phil Brown is appointed as Colchester manager he
will have his friend Ian Ashbee as his assistant. And the best of luck .



24 Sep 2012 21:02:03
Barnsley to sign Tom Soares on a 6 month contract as he is a free agent and also Chris O'Grady on loan from Sheffield Wednesday

Good luck with Tom Sores, he is the laziest professional I have ever seen. He was on loan to Hibs last season and was worse than a man short!

Keith Hill as stated on radio that he is not looking at Chris O'Grady and will not be signing him

So was va tez and look what we did with him

I remember Hibernian fans said similar things when we signed Vaz Te.



24 Sep 2012 20:42:07
Edgar davids to sign for barnet as player coach

Told you so :)



24 Sep 2012 19:33:21
york city expected to bring in anthony elding after wanting to leave grimsby



24 Sep 2012 20:34:22
gary megson taking over ipswich this weekend very reliable

God i feel sorry for Ipswich & i'm a Pompey fan!

IF,megson ever got the job (which I very much doubt)there would be a boycott at the club.HE is worse than JEWELL and that's saying something.!

A Norwich fan trying to wind us up



24 Sep 2012 19:52:04
Bury manager Shortlist is Phil brown, Nigel worthington, Jamie hoyland, David unsworth & henning berg.

Good luck to whoever gets the job as boss it's now become a salvage job.I guess Nowegians are good at doing those tasks in the oil fields.I can't see Bury fc paying out compensation however to any club they are too brass sick.



24 Sep 2012 18:49:00
Jermaine Beckford and Simon Church to sign for Huddersfield on loan till January with view to permanent move before Saturday's game against Watford.

Wish u townies would make ur mind up, is it before leicester game or before watford game,or before worlds end,lol

Blackpool 1 Huddersfield 3.
HTFC are back, UTT

Don't need either of them after last night's performance. Deano will keep his money and wait and see what January brings! UTT!

Beckford is a risk; however, if anybody can get him to play it will be Simon Grayson.

Watch huddersfeild last night , the front two for hudder-vaunghan& novac great partnship up front: swindon fan

Good. i hope. this is. true. and. they. would. score. plenty. of. goals. from. maca 95 htfc. fan

Lets loan Beckford till january, Church till jan but buy him and then sign Johnny Russell in january! THE TOWN ARE GOING UP!

Thats a good way to waste the Rhodes money

Loan deals might not be as forth coming as some think , Grayson said last night that any loanee wouldn't get into the team right now. not to mention both Hammill and Lynch were out.

Ooh too be a, ooh too be a terrier, best team in Yorkshire, could be top by saturday evening so why do we need primadonna beckford, UTT

We dont need beckford or church there not playing or scoring goals.someone who has been scoring every game is leon clark at scunny,thats the sort of loan we need in jan.larry will get the right one.

In Grayson we trust,what a manager he will bring in who he thinks is right for the club and not waste the Jordan (who) Rhodes money.the man is a tactical genius compared to the last person we had so if or when he signs anyone one thing we do no it will be right for the best team in yorkshire

Townies so funny, 7 games gone and u think ur the best , get a grip, i expect come xmas time u will be back where u belong, bottom 3,lol

You are welcome to beckford he is a lazy primadonna. I will be glad to see the back of him he is nothing but trouble disruptive and arrogant not got a good word to say about the bloke. beckford out kenwyne Jones in not a bad swap in my eyes

Some of you need to realise that there is no "banter" page for HTAFC (we're simply not 'big' enough). So expect to find plenty of dross on this page.

I think we've already shown we don't belong in the bottom three.

Nah you won't end up in the bottom 3 but enjoy your day in the park while you can, you'v had an easy start to the season so far compared to your neighbours, I'd hope for mid table.

If we outplayed one of the best teams in the league at there own place and by the way there manager even said this then I don't think we will be anywhere near the bottom 3, however we must not get carried away by a good start and I would be happy with a top 10 finish.

Blackpool an easy game is it?

Easy start so far? Your calling trips to Cardiff and Blackpool easy? As well as playing Forrest, burnley and derby at home? Think you would find there tough games we just put some good results in and we deserve to be where we are at the moment! It's early days but I think we will have a good season and finish mid table!

Your easy start isn't all about fixtures, look at your injurys so far compared to us !

Town have had an excellent start to the season don't let the LUFC et al infiltrators keep winding everybody up! Let Grayson and the boys do the talking on the pitch UTT

What hav injuries got to do with it, its about building a SQUAD not a first 11 , besides we've had Scannell out, Hammill out and Lynch suspended. not to mention losing Rhodes

Thats coz we have much better medics and physio's... anyway we have 2nd most points and best team in yorshire atm no matter what you say... if you look at every yorkshire club who is top?

Whoever SG brings in, first & foremost he must be a team man. It's clear that the team has bonded and working hard for each other. Beckford or any prima donna striker could wreck it.

Blackpool obviosuly not that good, hammered by cardiff, watford much better,lol

And leicester even better,lol



24 Sep 2012 18:32:45
Afc Bournemouth are trying to agree a fee with burnley over Jason tindall as they want him to take over from Paul groves there a stumbling block as burnley want money

Re tindall.. mate carry on eating your kinder egg if tindall gets the job i will buy you a box of them

Jason Tindall is hardly a big name that would take bournemouth foreward, if you said eddie howe then that would be worth paying compensation to burnley. Afraid jason or eddie won't return to afcb while mitchell is dictating, last time he messed up by under-mining them by entering the changing rooms at half time?

Is groves still here? Oh gawwwwwwwd *hits head on desk*

Based on the results Eddie Howe has achieved at Burnley i would suggest it would be a good move for both Eddie Howe and Burnley if he returned to Bournemouth. {Ed003's Note - Very harsh }

Very harsh indeed. He is doing his best on a limited budget.

Groves still here? To be fair to Mitchell he did say "with the Russians investment we are ready to go on to the next division" we just assumed he meant upwards to the championship and not backwards to league 2!!!

With the announcement of the passing away of former afcb manager john bond, it brings you back in time when bournemouth had 20,000 crowds,excitment, promotion and decent manager. contrast with what we got at afcb now, 5,000 crowds, boring negetive football, hopeless management team. They wonder why bournemouth fans are so fed up and want a decent manager to replace groves.



24 Sep 2012 18:22:38
Beckford coming to town b4 Leicester game. Deal done agent t keeping other clubs away by stating he's not leaving lcfc. Grayson can get best out of Beckford he'll be a great addition to squad and will have him til New year at least UTT! Malhamterrier

Please take him off us as soon as possible i thank you...jim...lcfc

Even if you get him on loan I don't think for one second we would allow you to field him against us .... Doh



24 Sep 2012 18:15:38
Ryan Hall's move to Blackpool has fallen through.



24 Sep 2012 17:22:42
john Ward has been sacked as colchester manager

New Wycombe boss?



24 Sep 2012 17:08:21
Swindon Town - Coke will be sent back to Shef Wednesday, Flint is being loaned out to Chesterfield until Jan- he will then be transfer listed

Where did you get that from about flint?, because he came to Swindon from alfreton and that's close to us? Rubbish!

Because you have enquired about taking him on loan, nothing to do with location... if a higher club enquired I have no doubt we would loan him to them..

Flint certainly looks on his way, as he isn't getting any games for us and he has had a falling out with PDC.

Yes i can see that coming off for flint ,
he has upset the apple cart of late !
& is out of favor , coke yes maybe going back to sheffield,

Flint wont be going anywhere. He is a squad player and is needed. Never rated Coke, dont think he's needed tbh.

Falling out with decanio is,nt hard, the man is a menace to football.



24 Sep 2012 17:06:55
This Francis Jeffers rumour is tosh, I have posted previously on here stating I am close friends with a player, and note for the editor I will put a tag on any postings, Jeffers has not and will not be training with town.



24 Sep 2012 16:36:52
Bristol Rovers will sign two strikers on loan this week. One will be Tottenham Hotspur striker Jon Obika, and the other will be Jeffrey Schlupp from Leicester

Have also heard that rovers are in advanced talks with darius vassell who is a free agent.



24 Sep 2012 16:34:05
Centre mid Jamie moj to sign for Rochdale on a 3 month contract after impressing on trial



24 Sep 2012 15:48:09
head of one of the consortiums intrested in the takeover of barnsley rumoured to be no other than mido's father



24 Sep 2012 15:07:22
South African side Supersport United are wanting to sign Portsmouth winger Ashley Harris in January.


A good move for the boy, he needs to be playing for a big club to advance his career.

What the hell is that last reply about?! Sunsport Utd a big club? Not in world terms. Harris is going no where. He'll be playing regularly enough for Pompey soon, coz McLeod is naff.

He is my cousin and this is not happening . There is only one club he'd want to play for apart from Portsmouth

Also, he is not even a winger!

*Big club relative to Pompey (in world terms).

He is a winger..

He is not a winger. He plays as a striker or just behind the striker. He is my cousin, so I know where he plays.

He is a winger, he plays on the left, and cuts in, just because he's your cousin doesn't mean you're Michael Appleton.

He is not a winger. I shall repeat that. Michael Appleton plays him on the left, but he is not a left winger. I think he knows where he plays more than you do.

Are you his cousin though? Congratulations if you are, great cousin to have.. Or are you just saying he is a ST/AM because it say's so on football manager?

He is a striker

He is primarily a striker, as his 'cousin' says. Appy is playing him on the wing as he is young and fast. Now Luke Rodgers is out for 3 weeks he'll get his chance up front. PUP.

He's my cousin, I swear on my life that he is lol

Curious, what other club apart from pompey would he play for?? :)

Nah he wont go upfront now we got wes thomas

Supersport Utd have just signed ex Pompey player Benjani . Perhaps whoever posted this rumour in the first place got there wires crossed as to who from Pompey was signing for them.



24 Sep 2012 15:05:39
Bury are in talks with Lillestrom manager Magnus Haglund. The former Elfsborg boss is wanting to give it a go in the English football league and could sign a two and a half year deal.

Could do worse - give him a go

The same Magnus Haglund who signed a new 2 yr contract in January?



24 Sep 2012 15:04:19
Huddersfield are close to signing two strikers on loan.
Everton have reportedly accepted a loan deal from Town for Greek forward Apostolos Vellios. The 20 year old is wanting more first team action.
Irish striker Dave Mooney is the second attacker set to sign. The Leyton Orient player has impressed a number of Championship clubs and will sign permanently at the West Yorkshire outfit in the New Year.

Please let the Mooney rumour be true! He is terrible and Hudders' would be welcome to him.!

Vellios is a talented young player, but he may lack match fitness because he has not featured for any team in months.

Mooney would be a great signing for Huddersfield, has been brilliant for Orient all season, and the O's supporters would be gutted to see him leave. A fee in the region of 250,000 plus a sell-on clause should be discussed.

I would pay Huddesfield 250,000 if i had it to take Mooney off our hands and drive him up there myself. Quite possibly the worst player to have put on an Orient shirt in the last 10 years.

Its a close call who is actually worse, Mooney or Symes. In my view the two worst forwards we have ever signed. Who looks at them before signing them?

What does slide actually see, when he signs a footballer, the only thing I can think of is cheapness!



24 Sep 2012 14:59:57
Fulham are wanting to sign Bolton midfielder Mark Davies in January for £3 million.

Worth more than 3 million

I agree but it will be double the three million someone mentioned.And there wont be just fulham after his signature.

Why would Bolton accept 3million when they rejected a lot more from Swansea



24 Sep 2012 14:26:46
Anyone know if there is any truth in Brett Pitman to Swindon on loan?

Wages are too much



24 Sep 2012 13:58:40
Listened to KJ on radio after Brighton match and he said the stats for both Cardiff and Brighton put us on top in both matches ? We play pretty football around the halfway line and wright looks fantastic going sideways and backwards. Kenny reckons we are nearly there ? Where on our way back to league one !



24 Sep 2012 12:56:15
Bournemouths Paul groves will go in to the loan market for Brett Pitman to try a turn around results deal to be announced this week

Could be true as groves is desperate to turn things around at bournemouth, after saturday display at swindon and having to face mitchell the chairman on sunday, that could well be groves kiss of death as em says he is not sacking anybody but will bring redknapp closer?

Bet we wont

He been at dean court this morning with Tom Mitchell

I don't think getting another striker is the problem I think it maybe the clueless manager that doesn't seemed to be able to pick a settled side

Be great news if true as Tubbs, Thomas and McQuoid are all misfiring at the moment.

AFCB have been creating loads of chances in every game this season bar Saturday, all we need is a decent striker to put them away. Tubbs has missed three one on ones in two games.

Pitman or anyone else is not the answer .The team are not acting as a team so whose fault is that.......The Manager, Groves.
Tom Mitchell can bring in Premier league players on loan but he just doesnt get it because he is part of the problem.
Go on Tom waste more of the club's money and bring Pitman and Robinson back



24 Sep 2012 10:53:23
Ex Reading and Bristol City free agent Kalifi Cissi was on trial at Charlton Athletic but no deal no seems likely.

Charlton also have no interest in Sammy Clinghan as a deal for Nigel Reo Coker is close if Chris Powell is able to offer the two year deal that the former Villa player wants.

Cisse was given every chance to stay at the Gate but was talked into moving by his agent, the grass is not always greener on the other side !

Cisse was at Madejski to watch Reading vs Newcastle



24 Sep 2012 10:09:51
Millwall defender Shane Lowry is set to sign a loan deal to Birmingham until january.

Haaaaaa what a load of rubbish in the first team Millwall through and through and we need him badly.....load of tosh

Kenny Jackett

Rubbish, were low on defenders as it is why would we loan one out.

Never gonna happen lowrys one of first names on team sheet either as cb or lb future millwall captain

Does anyone know if Millwall are looking to bring any other loan players

We live in hope, mind you be nice if he'd play the players he's got



24 Sep 2012 09:38:59
Harry Kewell and James Mcfadden to Aberdeen many wont beleive this but local golfer and Aberdeen mad supporter is funding the moves with Stewart Milne helping by offering them a basic salary.

James Mcfadden is training with Sunderland and is likely to sign a deal until the end of the season.



24 Sep 2012 05:27:20
Steve Kean to be sacked Today 24/09/2012

His teams top of the championship, why would venkys sack him?

Give the man a break. Is doing a good job with a team that's been poor for a good few years

Struggle to see why this is wanted. At recent home Bristol City game, saw 3 away fans who had come along to see their team, wearing t shirts wanting Kean out.Bit puzzling to me.



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