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24 Oct 2012 23:39:39
Billy Davies is to have a meeting at turf moor on Thursday with the chairmen of Burnley about the vacant managers position

Billy Davies would want funds, and it would be fair to say he has only achieved success by SPENDING MONEY as which Burnley have none!



24 Oct 2012 20:50:07
Heard a rumour that Kyle Richardson, manager of one of Sheffields youth teams is ready to take the local job at Chesterfield, good luck as a big step up?



24 Oct 2012 20:39:57
{Ed 003's Note - I'm thinking off doing a Tw*tter account showing some of the ludicrous posts that get discarded,score updates,general footie news etc,just looking for some feedback whether it is worth my time or not guys, What do you reckon? }

What are you going to call it - DaftRumours? {Ed003's Note - don't know yet}

I think you need to get out more.

Give it a go edd's if its as good as these pages im sure we will all take a look and comment! i dont think it costs ought!

Devon Fox {Ed003's Note - just a time thing really,I'm still undecided,i'll let you guys know soon}



24 Oct 2012 20:10:08
Stockport trialling youngsters Sam Hibbert and Danny Wilkinson.



24 Oct 2012 18:45:01
Brighton and Hove Albion enter loan deal talks with Stoke City's Cameron Jerome.

No they are not. total utter lie......again !!

Backburn also looking to loan him until January.


Think theres a few teams trying to get him Leicester included!

Devon Fox



24 Oct 2012 18:04:03
Millwall are on the lookout for a new keeper and a right back

Like the sound of this! Need a new keeper and defender

Millwall need to move at least one goalkeeper (if not 2) out of the club before signing another one.

They are the two positions we need to strengthen, any idea who though?

Adam Smith from Spurs at RB if he doesn't go to brum

Yipee ! Smith signs for the Wall....come on you Lions



24 Oct 2012 17:24:32
Have heard from a good source who told me of both keans and jewells jobs before they broke onto the press news that Harry redknapp is top of evans and cleggs wish list for the job all that remains is for Evans to persuade him into the hot seat! Talks on-going apparently.

Gerrard Houllier is interested

He wont go there,he will not have enough money to spend,he is not a good manager,take away all the happy arry crap and what have you got.

Why would rednapp go to Ipswich silly rumour lufc

Without money, redknapp is nothing...same as warnock and many others. youd do better with a solid mick mccarthy or billy davies type manager!



24 Oct 2012 17:12:45
Mick McCarthy will become the next manager of Burnley Football Club. My dad is the head of the media division at Burnley and has interviewed Mick and the joint chairmen John B and Mike Garlick. It will be announced within 48 hours prior to the Cardiff away game.

How sure are you about this, I thought he was out of the running.

I hope you are correct, it would be great fro the new chairman to make a statement like this.....but why should we believe you???

Hope this is true ^

Whispers from inside the club last Saturday were that the best interviewee was Mc Carthy, But the two chairmen wanted to involve Kilby, Holt & Flood in the final decision this week .... This could be Good inside info .... Come on Burnley .... Premier League here we come !!!!

I hope your dad's future employment is not affected by your post.

Well here we are....48 hours later and guess what..... Nothing! Not even a mention of it....!! Either your dad was pullin your leg or you just talk sh*t..! What one's it to be....?

I saw Mick in a grey Range Rover the other day heading towards harry potts way, not sure if it was for an interview or he has taken the job

Your dad must play a big roll in the media team in Burnley, as even he can't get his facts right. If rumours are correct, then Dyche will be next manager, so how an interview has taken place between the Chairman's and the (new) Burnley FC McCarthy must be a load of rubbish!!



24 Oct 2012 16:27:09
mellis and perkins to sign for sheff wed in january. been told this this morning by luke steell in aldi car park



24 Oct 2012 16:19:46
Paul Jewell wants the Burnley job just been confirmed on sky sports news.

I'm sure the Burnley board will crawl to Ipswich to sign a manger that has taken one of thier potential rivals for playoff postions, to the bottom of the league


You can have him itfc coyb

Never going to happen from a town fan



24 Oct 2012 12:54:54
La Liga's Malaga are reportedly desperate to raise funds after their Qatari takeover has not gone to plan. Midfielder sensation Isco is being scouted by a number of clubs including ; Fulham, Internazionale, Lyon and Dortmund.
Fulham made an enquiry in the summer, but did not match Malaga's asking price. They would prefer to sell him to Inter as they would ask for Brazilian Philippe Coutinho on loan for the rest of the season as well as cash, in exchange.
Jeremy Toulalan has complained to his coach Manuel Pellegrini of feeling homesick from his native France, but Pellegrini's resistance has helped to ward off any interest from Ligue 1 sides. Demichelis will return to his first club River Plate at the end of next season.

I doubt it; Isco has a buy-out clause of around 15-18 million euros, and we cant afford that. Pkus why would he come to us at FFC- we're not as big as some other clubs, and we cant pay as big wages

Isco has a 21 mill euro buy out and Malaga are trying to get him to sign a new contract with a much higher buy out.
Sales of Cazorla and Rondon sorted out their immediate cash concerns. There are a lot of big clubs keen but with qualification to the next stage of the CL looking very likely and sitting third in La Liga they will be trying to keep him



24 Oct 2012 12:59:29
David Bentley's loan at FC Rostov will be cut short due to an ankle problem. Bentley has said he will look for a way out of White Hart Lane, preferably on a permanent deal. Stoke and West Brom are keen, with lowley Championship side Bolton hopeful of bringing the former England international to the Reebok to accompany new manager Dougie Freedman. Rostov are not willing to match Tottenham's £3.2m asking price - a fraction of the fee they payed to bring the midfielder in from Blackburn.



24 Oct 2012 11:36:28
Morecombe's Jim Bentley is being considered as an alternative to Accrington's Paul Cook for the managers job at Chesterfield. The young up and coming manager is highly rated within Morecombe for the job he's doing at the unfancied league 2 side. Cook is also being linked with the vacant managers job at his former club Burnley.

Watched the match last night against fleetwood, they outclassed us, passed on the floor ,closed us down, played as a team,, we were very poor, one up front at home, hoofing balls,no concentration,skill, guts,very very poor,( ricos side was bad ,this is very close ) we are going in reverse , and today , tommy wright states we played well,,,what planet is the man on..his words says it all about his management skills...2,000 saturday?

Just been told paul jewell lost is job someone else to think about . the only thing is its not who we want but who is prepared to take over this team lets face it will their be money to spend for the new manager . if their is it will be limited we gave sheridan most of it then decided to sack him they should have held back a bit if they were as unsure about him as we were. to be honest i don,t care who comes in but we need it soon loan players , young players, old players i don,t care just get us up the table and hopefully a play off place and build for next year but lets get a good named manager and not a wanabe ,,,,,,

Whilst I am not a Tommy Wright fan(I think it is always a mistake to sack a boss and give the job to the next in line!)l have to say I dont think they were as bad as you make out. for a fair period of the game they kept hold of the ball, moved it about and worked hard.The main problem is he insists on playing Jack up front on his own! Jack is a legend and gives 100% every game but he hasnt got the pace or stamina to be a lone target man. His game is holding the ball up and causing mayhem in the box! Tommy has created his own problems by the style of play and formation he has chosen. Ventress

Dear ventress, with respect, i do think they were as bad,,there was no shape ,delivery to jack should be to feet and through balls ,not 50yard plus balls bypassing midfield to one striker ..defences just sit back knowing that sooner rather than later it will come over..ok we hit the post,,we were at home... watch for the clear out now cook is here..kev.

If you read what I have said it is in exact agreement....Jack is not a lone front man.If you play that system the only way is ultimately to lump it forward, but they did hold on to the ball for fair periods but nothing materialised because of the system being played. As to a clear out how many can you clear out of a small squad with no resources!

Chesterfield do have funds,,when i say clear out ,,obviously circumstances dictate when this will happen,,,.the system doesnt give the ball away,create chances ,,,control,,,, skill, or hoof the ball,,even with one up front ,,come on ventress,, if you,ve been watching how on earth can you defend this team,,,.kev.

Where,s ventress? post barnet...



24 Oct 2012 11:07:04
Heard from the man himself last night

To the delight of 95 percent of Chesterfield fans Tommy Wright is being sacked in next two days, he takes Crossely and fitness coach Nicholson with him- the man to take over is mr cook from acrington stanley who yes acrington stanley

Just been confirmed tommy and mark are staying on {Ed003's Note - I don't think anything has been confirmed yet, talks are ongoing over compo with Accrington as we speak,I'd expect news in the morning}

Cook wants to bring his assistant with him- great news for all toen fans get rid of the rest of the clowns bye bye Wright,crossley,nicholson good ridance



24 Oct 2012 10:50:42
Neil Harris set to have talks at Under hill for a loan move to Barnet as Southend are un willing to pay his 3,000k a week wage to just sit on the bench.

Haha 3k a week funniest thing I have ever heard. Do you really think we (Southend) would pay that kind of wage!

Well what do you think they pay him with Potato's? of corse he's on that. Its scary when you think of what Freddy Eastwood is possible on. Theres a reason why the clubs in so much debt you know and that not just because of Ron's bad deals, its also the players wages.

Well its true so yes

This obviously a fake rumour nobody at Southend is on anywhere near 3k a week and if you believe that your an person.

Thank god benyon is awful! We need a to replace him with a decent midfielder and sign Britt on a perminant

Theres no way hes coming to barnet as we are about to sign Ruud Gullit, Seedorf, Philip Cocu and Ruud Van Nistleroy



24 Oct 2012 09:41:13
sources say owen coyle back to burnly?

Is that Tomato or Brown

I take him at Ipswich if he would come

To be fair Ipwich would take any1 at the moment

Burnley wouldn't touch Coyle with a barge pole after he dumped them for Bolton last time.



24 Oct 2012 06:50:29
Paul COOK, Accrington Manager is to be announced as the new Chesterfield manager today.
.If how Stanley played against Chesterfield this season is anything to go by it can only be a step in the right direction !

No disrespect to Smith who was only a young lad when he was at Chesterfield, but to regard this as scoop says nothing for Rotherham and I am sure isnt the case! Ventress

He was sacked at southport from what he has done at accrington stanley hardly justifies getting the job at chesterfield what is his win ratio at accrington would love to see the stats sorry i think chesterfield should be thinking a lot harder about this appointment has not shown any loyalty to accrington took over a very good team from john coleman who were on the verge of playoffs since cook has taken over team has been on the decline

Lost 5 games out of last 7 played surely there must be some body more suited to the job {Ed003's Note - He plays good football,maybe he hasn't had good footballers in the past}

58 goals conceded in 33 games 8 wins {Ed003's Note - He was in a difficult position when he took over Accrington, I for one thought they would struggle big time this year but if they win the game in hand they are 1 point off the play offs position,for a team with there budget he must be doing something right.}

Only 6 players left in squad from last season if not mistaken current squad put together by paul cook football is a results buissness dont forget paul said he could win promotion with this squad why is he jumping ship has he no faith in squad

What do you mean they were in a difficult postion when he took over 7 in league table is far from a difficult postion john coleman got them to playoffs the season before and left them in a strong postion you are talking nonsense he had a shoe string budget like i say 8 wins from 33 games not good enough maybe a blessing he is moving on {Ed003's Note - I mean to take over from a club legend like Coleman and to instil his ideas on the team,can you not hold a debate without saying things like you are talking nonsense? }

Sorry to upset you but football is a mans game and facts r facts games in hand mean nothing and 8 wins from 33 over a season surely we would be fighting relrgation but you got something right john coleman is a legend who is on course for promotion {Ed003's Note - I'm not upset lol}

I think debate over check mate {Ed003's Note - Now you are talking nonsense ;-) }



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