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24 Nov 2012 23:25:56
Dean Marney is expected to pen a new 2 year deal
with the clarets just after x-mas



24 Nov 2012 22:53:42
neil warnock was asked to night to sign a two contract in order two have the 8 mill



24 Nov 2012 22:19:13
Carl Fletcher will be gone tomorrow or monday and replaced by one of

Andy Scott
Steve Cotterill
Jim Magilton

I really hope so fletcher is useless one of the worstanagers i have ever seen.

And Gary Megson

Cotterall dont be stupid he needs money wherever he goes...



24 Nov 2012 19:51:26
Club Brugge striker Carlos Bacca is set for a £3.5m move to Norwich City in January with the club agreeing to terms and conditions for the player with Brugge on Thursday.

Bacca to Norwich? For only 3mio? haha

Would be amazing for that price! They paid around 2.5 for him.. goalmachine!



24 Nov 2012 18:40:20
Liverpool will seriously consider Demba Ba in January, Alan Pardew is willing to sell the striker to raise funds for new signings to help bring the club out of its current rut as Newcastle management won't make any transfer funds available until the summer so any business done in January must be backed by sales. Brendan Rogers could look to take on Ba if his pursuit of Daniel Sturridge falls through.

Why would pardew sell his top goalscorer? And to a rival club too.

25 Nov 2012 20:22:55
Newcastle will have about 15 million to spend in January through the Andy Carroll and other sales still and prize money from the Premier league last season and Europa league this season when qualification is confirmed. They will make moves for Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace, Charlie Austin of Burnley and Dimerci Mbokani of Anderlecht. The more signings of realism and with European experience will be Andy Carroll for 18 million if Liverpool decide to recall him early so they can agree a fee with Newcastle.

I've read the same rumour somewhere else too. He will rely on cisse and sell ba to bolster the rest of the squad apparently

Can Carroll play for 3 teams in one season? I thought FIFA did not allow such things....



24 Nov 2012 17:36:17
i have just heard that zambrotta is in southampton holding talks over a possible move until the end of the season to give cover to both clyne and shaw

Yeah, also heard that Messi is joining Liverpool, Rooney is joining Derby County and David Cameron is becoming president of Ghana.

Do hope it's true about Cameron.

Would be great back up if we pushed it through would be on silly wages though {Ed003's Note - just keep an eye on his expenses}

This may not be as daft as it first looks. Would he be seen so much as cover or more as a defensive coach? The latter would very much line up with Cortese wanting to think outside of the box and develop young players.



24 Nov 2012 15:18:30
Swansea set to sign Chelsea winger Marko Marin on loan till the end of the season wiv the option to buy for a cut price 5.5 million Marin has not strayed a p.l game this season and is ready to move on after only a year at the club wiv the likes of Oscar mosses and hazard proffered to the young wide man

Can see the loan but not the option to buy him {Ed002's Note - Marin has been injured most of this season.}

Hes playing tomorow for chelsea

Why do Swansea need another winger?

He was actually at the game on Sunday with tremmels family so I think this could be true

At the game sunday? funny that, as he was also on the bench for chelsea.



24 Nov 2012 13:29:22
Brian Howard is looking to leave Portsmouth after he has been told he will be stripped of the captaincy and it will be given to fellow player Johnny Ertl.

Howard leaving has alerted the likes of Crystal Palace, Charlton and Nottingham Forest. All three clubs would be interested in the midfield player.

They'll let him go because he's earning 8k a week and Poopey want 3 players for the combined wage.

Hasn't had one good game this season let him go and why Ertl when we got williamson gyepes and players like that to have it?

I went and saw Portsmouth play the other week vs Doncaster and Brian Howard had a shocker and just generally doesn't look special so I hope Palace don't waste money on him, and also the Pompy fans don't like him aswell so just hope we don't sign him.

Williamson could be goin back to sheff utd

None of the 3 clubs mentioned would even consider signing him anyway.

He's ok but not captain material for me tbh

Williamson back to Sheff Utd not likely after the reception he got there last month

Why didn't those three clubs sign him in the summer then, nobody will want him in his current form, and Ertl is more likely to be leaving

If Howard goes, which is likely, the Rocha would be the choice as captain.

There is no chance forest will even consider signing Howard. Look at the quality of players they have.
For this reason I think your post is wrong

Rocha should be given the captains armband



24 Nov 2012 12:23:33
WEST HAM have watched Danish strike whizz Andreas Cornelius in his last two games for FC Copenhagen and are ready to fight
Arsenal and Inter Milan for his signature

Ah well hes not going there then



24 Nov 2012 10:03:45
Portsmouth's young striker Ashley Harris has grown frustrated at not playing in recent weeks and has seeked talks with management. Harris has been subjected to interest from the Championship and with Portsmouth's financial position not secure he could be open to offers in January from the likes of Wolves, Barnsley and Leeds who have all been watching the situation closely.

This source has come from someone within the club and with the situation Portsmouth find themselves in they would be willing to sell a player who is nowhere near the finished article.

Harris is a kid who is getting above himself if this is the case, seen him a few times this season and he's hot and cold. At the moment he's cold. The source is obviously his dad or agent.

Harris isn't happy to not be playing. He's on the bench again today and seeking talks with GW and AA later today.

If wolves lose to forest today solbakken has got to go we are dropping down the table and are getting to far behind to catch up its the same old same go one up and then sit back on it.not good enough in my opinion.need an english manager no one had heard of solbakken so what chance have we got.

I'll ask my mate Alfie he is cousins with him he will hopefully know

I'll ask him directly if you guys really want. He's my cousin.

No, I will ask him , I'm his Dad.

Harris is disappointed to not be playing, just as you hope any player would be. However, he is not a fool and knows that at his age he is unlikely to be an automatic choice at any club. He will stay with Pompey no doubt about it!

Not looking good for us iam affraid 4 points off birmingham looks like a 5 team battle at the bottom can see ipswich getting out of trouble we need a change soon what does everyone else feel.takeover speculation not helping anyone needs to be sorted .

He is my cousin ha full of it. Ashley Harris will leave Portsmouth very soon as he is not getting games and isn't as good as he thinks or believes himself to be.

No ! He is not my cousin , I am his cousin.



24 Nov 2012 09:59:25
Pompey aren't set to be the only team on the south coast with financial problems with Saints plunged into the red following a loan from a BVI company of 40 million which has been placed against the stadium. Saints are already 24 million in the red from going up and the Liebherr family have not placed any investment in.

Southampton fans should maybe set up a supporters trust just in case Administration beckons.

A skate advising on financial matters??

When you know anything about finance you may be able to comment, until then suggest you stick to Monopoly.

If Saints had financial problems why would they spend the 7th largest sum in Europe on bringing players in this summer and conducting a 15m redevelopment of Staplewood (for those skates out there who haven't got one-it's a training/development facility.)

Envy is one of the original sins, don't compound it with ignorance.

Dream on my fishy friend

Romsey Saint

You person liebherr cleared all debts with nothing to pay we are now a profit making club unlike yours and we have loyal supporters you havnt never compare the two clubs because there is a massive difference

More skate wind up merchants on here who are struggling to get their pledges in. Saints have 90 million to come from tv revenue so nothing to see here.

Southampton have loaned 40 million from a BVI Company. It's the same company my team Everton have loaned the money from, but in your case I believe you've given your stadium as security against the loan?

I also saw the financial reports that Saints have published a loss of 24 million from last season which isn't good reading considering they are already 24 million in the red, with another 40 million on top plus the 30 million they splashed out in the summer. It all adds up to 78 million, and thats not a healthy place to be.

The same Liebherr family who will no longer put any money into the club. The same family who have allowed a 40 million loan to placed against the stadium. The same football club who wouldn't pay a building company so they had to be taken to court over 15K They sacked all the programme sellers, cost cutting galore, and now forcing their own staff to pay to park when they go to work?

Your over 80 million in the red and you fail to see it, and have taken out a loan with a company who have links to loan sharks. Be careful what you wish for.

If you knew anything about finance perhaps you would know that the apparent 15 million spent on your training ground never happened. The training ground work has been stopped because you could not afford it. I know this because I was working there and my bosses payments never happened. So yes I do know something about finance, I am out of pocket because of your inept club. And this is from a West Ham fan.

West ham fan telling us about finance is like asking a Pompey fan about support we know your a Pompey fan baz. Not whu

This can't be , as we are constantly told, soton are one of the richest clubs in the prem, what a load of BS, up to their eyes in debt

If you are as ignorant as you sound, just stop buying the Echo and you may not look so daft.

So, at St. Marys tomorrow there will be no progamme sellers??? Oh, they must be all in the imagination!

The development at Staplewood has been halted because Saints are skint?? Stop reading the porn from the WHU owners, it kills off the brain cells. Did your company not have a piece of paper called a contract?? I think you will find there may be a different reason altogether.

And as for the Everton fan, how many players did we need to sell before we could bring anyone in? Your manager is a credit but your club have some of the most ignorant supporters in the land.

What a great combination envy and gullibility make!

So that means they are in as much debt as Everton who have been living beyond their means for well over a decade, Bolton who have have been doing the same - not to mention West Ham's who have a massive debt as well!

Living beyond our means-yes, just like Chelsea and Man. City, because we are owned by an extremely wealthy family. So, what is the problem? Absolutely none.
By the way, Everton supporter, have you coughed up for Naismith yet?? {Ed002's Note - Chelsea made a profit last season.}

Southampton are not in serious debt. They have a large investment fund backing the club from the Leibherr family which means they are not in too serious trouble. Also every season clubs take out loans for their transfers because the Premier league doesn't give them their share of it's funding until after transfers are already happening. This is a norm in the Premier league. Although I can't see the saints having spend quite that much money in loans. They have a shroud business man at the top in Nikola Cortese who knows what he is doing and how to avoid serious levels of debt.

Head in the sand comes to mind. Why does the holding company which owns Saints have only 1 pound in the bank? Why does the club show a net worth of -24 million?

I'd be very worried. The Liebherr family won't place anymore money which is why Cortese has stopped paying for things.

Most companies who know what they are doing only have a pound in their bank account and a good overdraft, I do too. But the high interest feeder tops up the account at 12pm every night. Good business!

Finance is a matter of perspective. If you're Pompey being 90 million in debt is a big problem because your in league 1 with no assets and no revenue stream. Saints will be in trouble if they go down but when cortese and liebherr took over the club it was a five year project to get back to prem. we did it in 3 which means we should be in better shape as we haven't spent a further 2 years in the championship. We fans can speculate as much as we like but I think the last few years have proven football finance is a mystery. Lets face two of the most debt ridden clubs in the prem are man utd and Chelsea who are spending money for fun.

The haters can't have a pop over recent results so they muck rake over finances. They are...desperate!

Still in the bottom 3 ,lol



24 Nov 2012 08:24:09
Beckham is going to QPR and Adidas are securing a shirt sponsorship for next season. have a bet on that lads!

Wouldn't mind Beckham coming in

Don't think Beckham will want to play in the Championship next season

Another player on massive wages that won't help in the championship

Be safer to bet on QPR staying up

And lord Lucan is going to be the new chairman

He will go to the club that fills his wallet most



24 Nov 2012 01:32:45
Stoke looking to part exchange deal for Rickie Lambert in January which could include Cameron Jerome going the other way + cash

Saints dont want to sell. Lambert doesn't want to leave so not happening. As for Jerome no where near premeiership quality.

24 Nov 2012 17:37:16
Oh dear oh dear,surely you don't believe your own piece of posting. There's no chance.
firstly Lambert going to Stoke, secondly Saints even considering a swap involving Jerome and thirdly because one is absolutely useless and the other plays for Saints.

Lambert would move 2 a bigger club . Saints are down anyway

Funny rumour Stoke to get one of our players absolute dreamer

I think lambert could go stoke i dont think there will be a player swap though, lambert is the kind of style player stoke are after and i think lambert would go to an established premier league club rather than one battling relegation

You obviously have no clue about Southampton FC we might be near the bottom but we have had the hardest start to the season then anyone else.

Lambert won't leave the club that got hi
Where he is now he's stated a few times
He wants to end his career at saints who are on the up?

Playing nice football or hoof/rugby hmm I'd rather play back in the championship too

First of all, why do Southampton fans on here think you're better than Stoke? Stop living in the past, any of our squad would walk into your team. And more importantly, we don't want him anyway! Not good enough!

Southhampton havent had anywhere near as difficult start to the season as stoke stoke have played chelsea man utd man city arsenal already and still are 12th in the league so lambert could possibly go to a more established better run football club get over it saints fans your not good enough for premiership football unless you spend spend spend in january

Rugby team? yeah original that

Rugby team that why weve got huth and shawcross has just signed a 5 year contract with us nzonzi with a quality pass and adam with and emence shot and cross with crouch walters jerome or jones with the head also etherington and kightly on the wings can clearly play the ball through to pacey jerome as proven against newcastle wednesday



23 Nov 2012 23:56:27
Birmingham to sign craig conway if taken over before january



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