Football Rumours Archive June 24 2013


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24 Jun 2013 23:36:43
Millwall set to sign John Bostock after his release! he's set to go training this week. The deal is going to be completed this week!



24 Jun 2013 22:32:59
Colchester's John White to sign for Southend United

Think your right on this one, right back signing soon who has been on loan to us before. don't know much about him?

This would make sense as it would mean he wouldn't need to move his family

Good signing for Southend if true, glad to see him get a club as a real servant for col united and a shame he wasn't offered the contract he deserved

Fairly sure he's just moved up north. More likely Bradford

Matt Heath moved North not John White.

John White has signed for Southend United. This has been confirmed on the CUFC website.

I'm a Col you fan and even I want John White to do well, even if it is for Southend.



24 Jun 2013 22:54:00
jobi mcanuff is in talks with Brighton. The seagulls had a £750,000 bid accepted today, the player is going to have a medical on monday and will discuss personal terms on Tuesday

Always amazes me when manager less teams are apparently signing players. I'd suggest any rumours of sales or purchases by managerless clubs. are totally baseless. as for McAnuff. a seasoned traveller that has never pulled trees up and for a winger to fail to score a league goal all season. no great loss

I hope that's true but I would expect him to cost more than that

25 Jun 2013 10:50:25
As said in the press conference the club is taking care of transfers so therefore a manager not needed to make transfers

I suggest you watch the video on Brightons website from Tony Bloom. Says differently

Nicky Shorey going on trial with Brighton.

If the club has no manager, then the chairman takes control of the manager role with things like transfers.



24 Jun 2013 21:34:59
Wycombe have signed Marvin Morgan, who will join up with the side for pre-season tomorrow morning, where he will be announced officially. He has signed a 2 year deal.

Considering he is already a WWFC player, he is hardly joining up with the team!

Marvin Morgan isn't already a Wycombe player! Are you morphing Marvin McCoy and Dean Morgan!

Sorry, how is he already a wycombe player?

That's Marvin McCoy you're thinking of. Signed a new 1 year deal yesterday. Not fussed about Morgan. Best days are beyond him and a bit of an attitude. Would rather we chased young players with a good work ethic like Jake Hyde and Ashley Grimes.

25 Jun 2013 13:46:22
Marvin Morgan is not already a Wycombe player, you are talking about Marvin McCoy.



24 Jun 2013 20:43:03
Chesterfield interested in defender Connor Essam from Crawley Town.

Chesterfield may be interested he is a good player, but I doubt if Essam is.
He is happy at Crawley and already proved himself very capable in league 1.



24 Jun 2013 21:50:29
Yeovil interested in Alan Navarro who has experience in the Championship with Brighton.

They also want to secure the signing of Sam Hoskins who was released from Southampton. Other potential signings is Aaron Martin and Frazer Richardson who are both available on frees.

Sam Hoskins has been repeatedly mentioned on this site. Frazer Richardson was released so is a free agent. I believe that Martin still has a year left on his contract but Saints would be prepared to move him on to free up wages.

Navarro I would doubt at this stage of his career, Martin too as GJ likes his cbs to be ballers first and hoofers second unless he is super confident he can mould him and quick, Richardson yes please, Hoskins capable of making the grade.

Please please please let this be true, take Navaro off our hands he is useless at best and shockingly bad at worst. on 3k a week with us

Martin is a ball player. not the hoofing type.

"Martin is a ball player. not the hoofing type. " No. Maybe potentially but not as yet and not what Cov fans have seen. Just as some defenders try to play it around when they should hoof, he is prone to be the opposite and for that reason doesn't fit a GJ type cb. Unless he feels he can do something with him.

Fraser Richardson always played well for southampton never let them down would be a great addition to any squad. southampton fan

Hoskins to sign for yeovil



24 Jun 2013 21:36:40
- Harry Forrester has agreed a 4- year deal with Ipswich town- to be signed on July 1st!

I can actually vouch for this. Been told its a 3 year deal though however. But it's a done deal!

Hope so!

Hope this is true

Do we know how much the fee will be or is it going to a tribunal?

Well I tell you he has not signed for Ipswich FACT

Why do people think putting FACT, enhances their argument?

Haven't seen this written anywhere

Nahh he has signed with Scunthorpe

Wait and see shall we!



24 Jun 2013 21:16:47
Carlisle might ready to offer rory delap a contract, delap would prefer to to join Carlisle and would be willing to take a pay cut to join the club he supported as a boy, his family moved there when he was six months old, the other interested parties are Sheffield united and B

Doubt this will happen for a couple of years

Greg Abbott revealed on radio that this was merely a rumour, no truth whatsoever

'Doubt this will happen for a couple of years'. He's 36! He'll be playing with a walking stick if we wait a couple of years to sign him

He won't come. The rest of his family aren't keen on moving back up here



24 Jun 2013 21:12:40
Burnley are trying to sign David Davis from relegated Wolverhampton Wanderers. Davis is a CDM and is also meant to be attracting interest from other clubs.



24 Jun 2013 20:56:58
Reading have agreed a £1.4m fee with Bristol City for winger Albert Adomah. Adomah is due in Reading on Wednesday when he will undergo a medical at the clubs Hogwood Park training ground.

Another winger?

Poor ole Albert I wonder how many pieces of him will turn up at all the various clubs that are signing him for different fees this summer. What bit are you trying to sign I wonder?

We have enough wingers so I don't think so. If you have any rumours concerning Strikers, Attacking Midfielders and Centre Backs then they'd be more likely.

Reading would actually be a great move for AA, as they will be trying to go straight back up, and he won't get thrown straight in at the deep end of the Prem.

I see almost daily rumors saying he has agreed to go to Cardiff, Palace, Boro, Derby, Burnley, Wigan, and the like. The club still keep saying they have a lot of interest, but no actual bids.



24 Jun 2013 20:27:56
Matt Godden has signed a new one-year contract for Scunthorpe United.



24 Jun 2013 20:25:14
Victor Wanyama's agent trying to get above to either Galatasary or Fenerbahce due to lower income tax in Turkey.

That's his agents suggestion. My money is on Liverpool

Wanyama wants to play in England.

Don't want him at Liverpool.



24 Jun 2013 20:24:29
Hammill signs 3 year deal at town, confirmed

If Robins can get him playing like he had
him playing at Barnsley, you have a terrific signing. Played very well for us
with som e truly spectacular performances

25 Jun 2013 09:44:04
Not the player he was imo



24 Jun 2013 20:24:19
Victor Wanyama holding out for move to Arsenal or Liverpool.



24 Jun 2013 20:19:50
Its official after weeks of waiting HTAFC sign two former players in One day. Adam Hammill & local lad Jon Stead have signed for the Terriers!



24 Jun 2013 20:19:12
Huddersfield sign Adam Hammill for an undisclosed fee, he's signed a 3 year contract with the option of a 4th

Couldn't get in wolves team last year sounds a great signing

25 Jun 2013 07:06:48
Both stead and hamill r ok. giv thm both a chance. stead is far better than lee. novak etc. we just need a couple of good goal scorers and stead will be a great decoy. 6ft 3. he lovs town. he put a bigger shift in than beckford. and fight for the Corse. we won't av a bad side ths season at all. 2/3 more good signings needed Though.

25 Jun 2013 09:38:56
Stead is free and better than Lee. It is a wise signing and balances the books.
Hammil also free and hungry to prove himself.
Squad players and we need more goals.
It looks like we will be playing 4-5-1 into a 4-3-3 with width

25 Jun 2013 10:25:39
Stead (Bristol C), Hamill (Wolves) - both relegated last season - trouble ahead for Terriers I think.

25 Jun 2013 12:38:18
Just because both there teams got relegated last season doesn't mean it was there fault on the whole team?. wise up.

Hammill was no free, we have paid a six figure sum up front with add on's, appearance payments and a ten percent sell on clause. Still a good signing IMO

Squad players - cheap but will do a job
We now have a budget to use on 2 or 3 marque players. Maybe Vaughan etc
We need a new strikeforce and have to find 30 goals plus (with loss of Vaughan, Beckford and Novak).
Both Stead and Hamill are sensible signings

Think if you think Bout it there is no I in team one player cannot cost a team relegation.

Hammill was good for us last season

Plese take the mcflurry on way past and report for training on thursday.

Patterson signed from Barnsley on 2 year deal on town website

25 Jun 2013 19:22:38
Signed Martin Patterson. Should get 10 goals minimum if he stays FIT! UTT

25 Jun 2013 20:03:07
What we paid money for hammill

25 Jun 2013 20:26:20
welcome back steady, and welcum hamill and paterson, I will give you all a chance before I rite anyone off, why certain poeple r negative I av no idea, thy wil give all for the corse, we ad a decent team last year, we proved that with reults, our troube was a crap manager in grayson, he got us up with clarks team end of,

Hammill has said it was a "No brainer" coming back to Huddersfield after his loan spell, Barnsley and Charlton were also interested but he decided to opt for the terriers after they doubled the basic wage offer of the tykes

How are people not impressed by hammil? Ye last season he had his off the field problems and didn't get a decent enough run in the team. He showed signs of brilliance sometimes. If you look what he did for robins at Barnsley he was unstoppable at this level. Check out YouTube



24 Jun 2013 20:16:56
Crystal Palace are very close to completing the signing of Jerome thomas on a free transfer



24 Jun 2013 20:16:39
Doncastor to bid for sharp at end of week



24 Jun 2013 19:29:18
Wanyammas agent is in southampton. Hope he ain't got his silly wages head on.

Only for themselves. NC won't and shouldn't budge. 5% of fee is normal, not £1M tax free. Let him walk.

25 Jun 2013 13:39:56
You would be so stupid to let this guy walk for the sake of £1m. This boy is going to be a world superstar and if you can get him even for a couple of years you will make a huge profit, I would compare him to Vieira at Arsenal, and look how he dominated games for them. this boy has everything and when people like Pirlo and Xavi start commenting on how good he is then maybe you should listen to them. Next season Sly are throwing stupid amounts of money at the teams in the EPL so £1m is a drop in the ocean compared to the money he will make you by keeping you in the top league and based on what I have seen first hand, driving you up the league.

Wanyamas Agent saying they lost out on £1m by Celtic not allowing him to move to QPR last season says all you need to know about the situation.
Jog on pal - make no mistake the right attitude is just as important as ability, he would have fitted right in at QPR but not Saints.

Why because QPR are s***!



24 Jun 2013 19:28:18
Coventry winger David Bell will leave this week, with Notts County likely to be his destination.

Does he need a lift?

I'll give him a piggyback lol

Bell, Malaga, Jennings, Clarke should all go with Bell.

I will pay for his taxi!

Jennings? hardly.

Yeah jennings to go and mcdonald



24 Jun 2013 19:19:25
Millwall set to have John Bostock on a 2 week trial. The player is very keen on staying in london - Strong Source.

Worth a try & Nothing to lose! If true?



24 Jun 2013 19:33:56
Huddersfield Town have signed Jon Stead, Adam Hammill having a medical, Huddersfield are also looking at James Vaughan, Stephen Ward, Nathaniel Mendez Laing and Karl Henry.



24 Jun 2013 19:12:16
Nathan Redmond to Norwich City

24 Jun 2013 21:11:43
Canaries definitely in for Nathan Redmond but so are Swansea. NCFC on the UP. Come on you Yellows.

Really hope we tie this up! Been on the radar for a while and a great prospect and great competition!

Hope this happens but no more than 2m

No more than 2 mill, I would pay a lot more if we had to quality young player big pontential and one of England's u21 best, we better sign him for Norwich



24 Jun 2013 19:08:34
Watford are considering bids for both Andi Lila and Etrit Berisha. Both Albanian internationals, Lila is a defensive midfielder currently playing in the Greek Superleague, whilst Berisha is a goalkeeper currently playing in Sweden.



24 Jun 2013 18:50:16
Enoch Showunmi to Burton Albion

As a Notts County supporter it is news to me.

Is he any good?

Would be a huge step backwards for Albion. Old and cumbersome hasn't scored many goals over the last few years. Can do much, much better.

Barry Corr



24 Jun 2013 18:39:44
Danny Whitaker, Dominic Blizzard, and Cameron Lancaster (Loan) will complete moves to Plymouth Argyle this week I have been told. Nick Chadwick and Paris Cowan-Hall however will both be leaving the club

Blizzard maybe, but not a forward who has never scored a goal at professional level or a player who has played all his football in Northern England

Don't see how you're giving Lancaster a hard time. He's played 5 games in his career - 4 for Dagenham on loan when he was 18 and 1 as a sub for Tottenham. He's 20, give the lad a break!
Whitaker is a possibility seeing as he's played under Sheridan at Chesterfield.

Paris cowen-hall gone to wycombe, good luck with that wycombe, you must be desperate

Tbh I don't think it will be a blow if paris cowan hall does leave. He has hardly featured under sheridan and did not make a big impact. He scored what 5 goals? decent player but cash in

Sheridan is clearing most of Fletcher's signings. I'm excited by the re-building!

We are bringing in some decent players but there all free agents and loan signings? Do we not have any money to buy players who are under contract?

Very few teams in the lower leagues pay money for signings, they just binge on the wage budget and spent nothing since there is almost certainly a better player out there for free than one specific player



24 Jun 2013 18:36:17
Gillingham looking to sign Sido Jombati and Marlon Pack from Cheltenham

25 Jun 2013 08:52:47
Both players would require a big six figure fee and I doubt Gills could afford that. Besides that Pack has interest from several Championship clubs including Sheff Wed, Charlton and Derby.

Sale of Jack Payne 800K

I'd imagine we could get both of them for 150,000 which would be fair. We can afford them as we bid 300,000 for Dwight Gayle last year so money is not a huge issue.

Niether play would require a 6 figure fee, Pack is on a free although dume to his age Cheltenham would recieve between 50-70k in compensation, Jombati is good but not that good!

Pack is looking likely to be headed for Crawley, but other Champ clubs interested so Gillingham would be pretty unlikely.

Sido seems to be in demand all of a sudden!

Dream on. Marlon will go to a Championship club or an established League One club, and I can't see Sido going anywhere unless it's for a very big fee.

I don't think Gillingham will be able to afford him considering they need to offload players to be able to give Deon Burton a new contract.

Won't sign Jombati as they already have Matt Fish who was widely acclaimed last year and is still only young. Pack is possible but by all accounts over rated plus again they already have better hence they were promoted and Cheltenham weren't! (From a Wimbledon fan!)

Wouldn't want Jombati to be honest, don't think he would really fit the current Gills squad and Pack would be nice but don't think we will sign him.

Thanks for bringing in an unprovoked attack on CTFC and players, completely unwarranted! Pack is a quality player and will do well in League One or Champ, and Sido could easily play League One at least.

From a gills fan, what are Packs attributes and style of play? I missed both Cheltenham ties this season?



24 Jun 2013 17:48:46
Bristol City have signed Derrick Williams on a 3 year deal -CH

Good to see a player turn down a contract with a Premier League club because he wants to play first team football - hope it works out for him

I am happy to see another lad who wants to play rather than train at a Premier League club and wait to be loaned out.

Wynter and Williams are both pretty exciting on paper, let's hope they can bring home the bacon.



24 Jun 2013 18:26:34
After years of speculation Jon Stead actually has returned to Huddersfield town on a 2 year deal

Just goes to show what htfc fans know for weeks and weeks they have said he won't rejoin and look he has

Yes, good news, far better than novak and Lee.



24 Jun 2013 18:02:50
Might not be true but heard rumours about charlton looking to make the signings of obika, bailey anyone have anymore?

Obika most likely but not 100% - a surprise could be on the cards from man united if wages can be agreed.



24 Jun 2013 18:02:15
Reading have agreed a fee with Stoke City for striker Kenwyne Jones.

Take him. Please!

I hope

24 Jun 2013 21:21:45
ive heard its 2.5 million. err no thanks i'd prefer us keep him. can't buy a league 1 player for that.

Apparently £2.5m. I think Reading have got a good deal there BUT history suggests you'll get 18 months out of him MAX. {Ed029's Note - No fee agreed. I don't believe we've even spoken to Stoke.



24 Jun 2013 17:38:02
Bradford want 2 midfielders, 1 keeper and 1 striker.
They're interested in Fon-Williams from Tranmere but he's probably off to a championship club. Enquiries have also been made for Smith at Southend.
The 2 midfielders who are in talks are Donal McDermott from Bournemouth and Lee Croft from Oldham. Croft is unlikely though as he would rather a move to Doncaster. Another possibility is a young lad on loan from Arsenal with an unusual name, I was told the name but I can't remember it off hand.
If Wells and Hanson stay, a striker on loan is more likely than a permanent one. Vardy from Leicester is a possibility but a move to hometown club Sheffield Wednesday is more likely. If Vardy does join SWFC though, Madine may be allowed to join bradford on a season loan. They are also interested in Matt Green from Mansfield whos out of contract so he would be a permanent signing.

Sounds quite credible

Madine ain't going no where after o'grady went to Barnsley

Croft has already gone to someone else and serge gnabry

You can take McDermott good player but awful attitude

Absolute utter rubbish about fon williams, he's told ronnie he has turned down ipswich and donny to sign a one year contract extension



24 Jun 2013 17:36:51
Cresswell seen at training with Southend today.
FWIW although he was Southend's best player in first half of season, in the second half, especially after his sending off at Accrington, he was pretty average at best.



24 Jun 2013 17:20:15
Yeovil will ign former Saints striker Sam Hoskins on a 2 year deal when the Glovers return to pre season training.

Correct announced today



24 Jun 2013 15:53:27
Stevenage captain Mark Roberts is in talks with four northern clubs.

Preston north end maybe



24 Jun 2013 17:04:46
Matt duke has signed a two year deal with Northampton after leaving Bradford city.

Yep, just been announced

Great pro-nice bloke but can't catch a cold - you will have every league 2 team shooting at distance - up close though great shot stopper

I think we will cope with people just trying to shoot from distance.

Im talking 12-18 yards

Gonna miss dukey great lad one critisism is he never holds a ball just parrys it away and can sometimes come too far of his line got lobbed a few times last season



24 Jun 2013 17:02:13
Carlisle United in talks with Sligo Rovers left back Ross Gaynor. Gaynor, who is now a left back after many seasons playing on the wing, has previously played for Millwall in England before returning to Ireland.



24 Jun 2013 16:08:04
wolves are keen to bring in crewe midfielder luke murphy and are ready to make an opening offer

Wolves have had offer acsepted don't no how much though.

and in final stages of ricketts from bolton. thought to be around 200k

25 Jun 2013 19:26:50
I thought he was staying at crewe for another season

Doubt he'd go wolves tbh. aston villa strongly linked. crewe have said that it will be hard to keep him when clubs like wolves come in for him



24 Jun 2013 16:06:53
Crawley have beaten Birmingham to the signing of Tom Adeyemi.

No they haven't, signing confirmed on Birmingham website.



24 Jun 2013 16:37:28
Ex huddersfield town captain, Efe Sodje's brother, Sam Sodje to sign for town next week

24 Jun 2013 20:33:03
Stead & Hammill back at Town are two excellent signings and it bodes well for next season. We have in Robins a manager who fully understands the type and calibre of player we need and can attract at HTFC the players still to come in will give us a real chance to build on our first season back in Championship. UTT Malham Terrier.

Not exactly 'excellent signings'. Stead averages 7 goals a season, which includes his peak seasons, and he'll do the Alan Lee job that was done last season (which obviously worked SO well).
Adam Hammill is a better signing, however he only ever looked good coming off the bench.

So it looks like we've got two bench-warmers, not two excellent signings.



24 Jun 2013 16:33:14
Wrexham and Fleetwood are set to strike a deal taking Steven Gillespie to The Racecourse Ground, with Adrian Cieslewicz going the other way, this also involves a small fee from Fleetwood Town to the Welsh club.

26 Jun 2013 01:16:36
more quality signings pls- 4 talented players so far is not enough

27 Jun 2013 00:46:23
sarcevic done deal a quality midfield who provides a high work rate in midfield and plenty of defensive and attacking talent



24 Jun 2013 16:31:42
Ipswich to bid 700k for Dundee Uniteds Mackay-Steven

I wish we could sign him. He's been on my personal WISHLIST for the past two seasons but I'm 99. 9% sure it won't happen because we can't afford 700k on one player at the moment and Dundee Utd will want a lot more for him I believe.

If only were true, really good player, but not at that price! Near 2 mill proberbly!

I wish, Dundee will want around 2 million I bet, but I doubt we could even afford 700k atm!

Ipswich won't be outlaying any transfer fees, not with so many excellent free transfers available. In fact we can barely afford to take anyone else on as it is. The only way this would be possible is if someone is successfully sold.

This is possible

25 Jun 2013 13:43:45
700k. do yourself a favour, add £1m to that and you might get close plus I think he is destined for bigger and better things that Carlisle. no offence meant.



24 Jun 2013 16:23:24
Aiden Mcgeady is joining Everton for 4 million he on last year of his contract and Russia and want's to play in England. 100% Fact.

Wasted talent in Russia.



24 Jun 2013 16:22:30
Newcastle have launched a £12 million bid for Bony



24 Jun 2013 15:58:07
Former England left-back Nicky Shorey starts a weeks trial at Brighton and hove albion today.

Worse than painter. Taylor from westham Wil do a job

As long as we get a left back in before the season starts as we have no left backs since Bridge's loan expired and Painter's contract wasn't extended.

Shorey been asked to stay on for a month {Ed029's Note - Good luck with Shorey. Never been the same player since his head was turned in the PL. Poor attitude, lack of motivation, lack of professionalism off-field.



24 Jun 2013 15:49:15
Brentford confirmed signing of McCormack from Swindon and have also signed George Saville on loan from Chelsea until Jan 5

Not A Rumour. These Have Happened



24 Jun 2013 15:38:14
tottenham bid on Brazilian star paulinho, but will not decide his future until the confederation cup is over. he was considering the offer but nothing is certain at this point of time.



24 Jun 2013 15:14:12
John Stead and Adam Hammill seen currently having medicals at Huddersfield Town's Canalside.

Photo evidence doing the rounds! I am happy with these 2 signings, I know stead upset a lot and fans are split but think he will want to right the wrongs from when he was younger!hammill good signing let's hope we can get him playing to his full potential! UTT

Pictures are online so let's see if anyone doesn't believe this one!

24 Jun 2013 17:05:46
seen the photos. not unhappy. won't cost the earth.

Can't believe we are seriously considering Stead, way past his best, was on mega pay for his ability, hardly scores and the wrong side of 30. Just hope this isn't true.

Also heard we are trying to sign Jacob Butterfield which is why the Vaughan move is taking as long as it is. We trying to get them in double deal

Get real man, Stead is well past it. Just shows the clubs ambitions signing players like that. So glad I'm not getting a season ticket this year.

24 Jun 2013 17:36:10
I'm a Bristol City supporter and want to wish Steady all the best at 'Udders. He's a top man and will always have a lot of friends in BS3.

Stead has signed. It's on the official site

Stead is confirmed. 2 year deal with the option for a 3rd. As long as he's part of a squad (and not the main man) then I think he's a great signing!

Huddersfield sign stead, in my eyes it's disappointing, hammill to sign within he hour

Can't believe it stead signed 2yr contract you never no andy booth Ian dunne and Delroy facey might be next

But on reflection no worse than novak or lee as long as he doesn't think he's a rrplacement for vaughan.
Hammill not bad player if get full potential but no better than scannell
True terrier

See these 2 as bargains - is Hammill a free agent aswell?

Deal done for Stead.

Give the guy a chance could prove to be a great signing

24 Jun 2013 19:01:18
I'd rather have stead than Scott airfield any day of the week why slate him before he's kicked a ball?

God - it's true! We've signed up, washed up Steady on a two year contract, fighting off big names such as Halifax and Fartown Boys to get the toothless striker signature.

Steady is back, 2 year contract, with option of 3rd year? so wots all ya thoughts? you town fans

Stead signed on 2 year deal - hope he does well for us again

Both players will do good for us when we drop back into div 1 next season. when Robins signed theo robinson last season I new he wasent up for the job

Jon Stead is the new Alan Lee

24 Jun 2013 21:57:42
Hammel good move stead at least he's better than Alan Lee

24 Jun 2013 22:36:52
Happy to see stead home. He wants to play for us. It's down to him to either score and win the doubters over or warm the bench. Vaughan is injury prone and other striker is supposed to be an untested in uk young talent. Good signing I think.

Please return my MONEY, In Return I will send my SEASON TICKET BACK, jon stead, same old Town same old Town, ambition WHERE, he is near his 31st Bday, its a Joke, we are a joke

Steads record since Ipswich is 1/3 or better (based on 2 sources)
He puts in a shift every game, more so now he's at the club he loves.
He was POTY voted by the Bristol fans after only scoring 6, he must be playing well/working hard.

Free transfer and he will not have demanded big money.

How's this a 'poor move'?

25 Jun 2013 11:42:46
Johnie Johnie Stead
He scored with his feet and his head

= improvement



24 Jun 2013 14:49:29
Francois Zoko reported to be on his way back to Carlisle on an initial 6 month loan deal until January where he will have the option of turning the loan into a permanent deal.

Zoko will train with the Cumbrians when pre-season training starts on Wednesday.

Lee Miller to train with Carlisle until his contract is sorted out one way or the other.

Carlisle looking to bring Jordan Mustoe back to Brunton Park for cover for Chris Chantler who will miss the first 3 months of the season.

24 Jun 2013 19:02:12
Zoko rumour is a wind up, no truth in it.



24 Jun 2013 14:42:16
Tom Adeyemi is on his way to Birmingham City.

He has signed a two year contract at birmignham city



24 Jun 2013 14:39:02
Charlton are closing in on striker clayton Donaldson from brentford and are in talk with west ham about bringing Carlton cole back to the valley

Why would you have to talk to west ham about cole when they've released him?

RUBBISH! Why would Charlton talk to West Ham when Calton Cole is a free agent?

Keep Cole well away! Lazy with a poor attitude.

Last time he was at the Valley he was on loan from Chelsea. He thought he was better than us - Let him go to QPR please

I agree. I was not impressed with Cole when on loan from Chelski and my view has not changed. I would not want to see him at the Valley.

Sulky git wrong attitude for cafc no thanks cole



24 Jun 2013 14:37:27
Real Madrid to sign Edinson Cavani from Napoli and Luis Suarez from Liverpool with Gonzalo Higuain going to Arsenal and Karim Benzema to going to Liverpool as part of the Suarez deal

Where would Benzema play. Sturridge, Alberto, Aspas, Coutinho, Henderson

25 Jun 2013 11:40:03
If benzema comes he will be the focal point of the attack, coutinho behind him, sturridge on the left and Aspas on the right with gerrard and lucas behnd coutiinho



24 Jun 2013 14:16:49
Iv got a reliable source that higdon will be revealed has a barnsley player either today (Monday or Tuesday). Watch this space.

Don rowin has said the deal is dead although I hope it is true

Would be very nice if true.

24 Jun 2013 15:34:34
Well what I, v heard it is true, I no someone very close to Motherwell and is close friends with higdon.

Course you do! ^

Cant see it

Hope your true. would be good player to have

I live in Aberdeen and the rumour up here is he is Rangers bound

Why would he move down league surley there are better teams in for him

Joining rangers would be like getting into a train that's just de railed. even if rangers made it back to the spl the standard of that leauge is our leauge one at best

Ive heard this, but I don't think itll happen. We've got O'Grady and Jennings for strikers.

Ogrady is a target man jennins is a winnger and higdon is a goal scorer higdon and ogrady would be best strike force in championship {Ed029's Note - I'll have a little of what ever this chap is drinking? ;)

See town signed HAMMELL they re welcome to him, him Butters best bit of selling we have ever done
Barnsley fan

Whippet juice ed try it only trouble is you'll be chasing kids rabbit round the garden {Ed029's Note - Might pop some in the mrs wine later then ;)

Same here

Butterfield left for free! not too good business really

Now it's Wednesday, where is higdon,
Still watching this space,

Butterfield didn't go for nothing, they gave us £1 million so it didn't have togo to a tribunal

To be factually correct we got 1.5million for butterfield, and he was injured!!



24 Jun 2013 14:00:55
ex-Rochdale midfielder Ashley Grimes is attracting interest from Burton Albion and Cheltenham Town.

Would be a decent signing for the Brewers

I can confirm that Cheltenham are indeed interested.

Promising when first signed for dale but having seen him play for two seasons found him lazy but good finisher



24 Jun 2013 13:28:43
Graeme Murty is coming back to Reading to work along side Adkins and Crosby.

Adkins was less than impressed with some of the goals conceded by the team he inherited at reading and wants the former Reading FC captain to work under him as defensive coach allowing him and Crosby to work on the attacking side.

No he dosnot he coaches in the saints academy

This would be awesome if this happens please be true

This would make my day and it seems fitting as he lives in Reading

Thought he lived in Mapledurwell, near Basingstoke?

He lives in old basing just outside basingstoke



24 Jun 2013 14:10:50
From a source in Glasgow ironically employed at rangers wanyama will not sign for saints he is tryin to force arsenals hand if nothing comes from emirates, he will take big money in turkey! 100 per cent fact

They won't be employed now if there leaking info from another club especially if its their local rivals or it could be that one of celtics players is worth more than the whole of rangers and there jealous Celtic will have money to spend



24 Jun 2013 14:06:24
Rotherham announce signing of Rob Milsom and Danny Hylton

Seems that there is a distinct change in transfer policy this season to last. We are now signing younger players and not those at the end of their careers looking for a last pay day.

We wernt looking for old players last season.
This season I guess we are investing in our future though.



24 Jun 2013 14:01:30
wigans 1m bid for brayford refused



24 Jun 2013 13:59:30
Walsall are now in the market for 4 attacking players.

Players being looked at/spoken too include Richard Peniket, James Mcquilkin, Scott Wagstaff, Craig Fagan, Chris Holroyd, Rory Gorman, Shane Williams (Afan Lido), Adam Rooney and Adam Parret.

Adam Rooney? do me a favour he is shocking see him at swindon several times, he is useless.

Chris Holroyd has gone to Macclesfield.

When you say 'has gone you do realise he actually hasn't! It's not on their own/star Site, the tv or his wiki Page.



24 Jun 2013 13:55:29
Doncaster Rovers have signed former Real Madrid midfielder Marc De Val Fernandez on a free transfer. Dickov also confirmed that a second bid for Scunthorpes Mark Duffy has been rejected.

There are better alternatives to Mark Duffy, Greg Wylde for one.

24 Jun 2013 17:51:24
G wyde just sign a 3 year contact at Aberdeen

Aw Poo. Wylde was top of my wish list for wide midfield too. Ah well, search goes on.



24 Jun 2013 13:31:52
Gary hooper is rumoured to be interested in a move to Reading as he feels having a chance of promotion and winning games is of more interest to him than playing for a team in the premier league that will struggle and create very little for him

24 Jun 2013 14:41:30
He won't be joining Reading, their fans are deluded if they think he will. If he was just concerned with winning games, he would stay at celtic. He has stated on several oaccasions that he wants a move to the premier league.

Its almost a done deal. The championship is a much better league than spl. Reading is an up and coming big club get used to it

As Far as I am aware only Reading have made a serious offer for him so far, and let's face it he will likely go where the biggest paycheck is, or am I just being cynical.

Will be a great signing when he's unveiled.

It's most Celtic fans that seem deluded. He has previously said he wants premier football but with no top half clubs showing interest his route to the prem will be via a newly promoted club or via an offer from his ex manager who is building a team with the EPL firmly in his sights. It's up to the player which route he takes. All Celtic fans know that his head has dropped at the Park and he's not the player he was for you since his first Season, maybe just wish him well whatever route he decides to take.

24 Jun 2013 19:30:02
well if Gary Hooper was to sign for Reading yes he may get promotion ( but not guaranteed ) if Reading did get promotion they would only struggle like they did last season so he wouldn't be any better off there anyway

Not unless they spent money. Last season when Readnig got relegated they only spent something like £7 million. next year should they get promotion, Nigel Adkins will spend bigger money.

24 Jun 2013 21:12:58
Not the decision of someone confident of his own ability, sounds like he's not sure he can hack it in the EPL. Maybe that's why EPL has stopped chasing him.

The only reason we struggled last season was because we didn't spend any money our chairmen has since learnt from this so if we were to get back in the premier league he would spend a lot of money

We will have a much better team though so will stay up



24 Jun 2013 13:31:51
As Victor Valdes will see out his contract at Barcelona, Pepe Reina will not be making the switch to the Nou Camp and will instead move to French Giants Monaco.



24 Jun 2013 13:54:52
Brandy will sign for the Mighty Blades today. Cheers!

Having a medical apparently



24 Jun 2013 13:44:25
Latest Brentford stuff:

Tom Adeyemi rejects deal due to firm Championship interest- Leeds, Middlesborough and Brimingham all bidding to sign him.

Darren Ward and Alan McCormack to be confirmed siginings in next few days- McCormack on a two year deal, Ward signing for one year.

Also looking strongly at Hartlepool's Luke James, and AFC Wimbledon striker Jack Midson.

Marcello Trotta considering permanent deal but agent looking for a Championship club first.

Brentford reject bid (350k+add ons) from Bristol City for Simon Moore- will only consider £1m+ bids from Premiership or Championship.

Trotta will be loaned out but to a Championship team then will be slowly introduced to the first team

Ward has got to be relased from swindon first as he has got 1 year to run on his contract, he turns like a class 1 lorry very slow, good in the air though, can't play either panics when put under pressure, very nice guy.

Jack midson won't join brentford

Jack Midson Still has one year on his contract at Wimbledon. It would take a big transfer fee.

You can have luke james for £1m

Adeyemi has signed for Birmingham. sad face

If you call 175-200K a big transfer fee then that's what it would take

25 Jun 2013 03:16:41
midsons already said that he's staying with wimbledon.

I think that's a realistic figure if Midson put in a transfer request, but unless Midson asked to leave I reckon it might take a little more to force us to sell such an integral player at this stage in pre season.

Yes he has said he is staying but don't be a mug, money talks & if true league 1 football to boot

25 Jun 2013 19:51:09
£250 k would be the price tag.

Give us 500k and you can have Midson.

Looking for better players than Midson Hardly set league two alight.



24 Jun 2013 13:28:20
Next 2 weeks Middlesbrough boss Tony Mowbray is hopefully to tie up four players believed to be jozsef Varga, Danny graham, Javier acuna and jauques maghoma.

Can't be of any help on 2 of them but you have won the race for Varga and lost it on Acuna who will be announced on July 1 as a Watford player

Cant help thinking if that's the case we have got the better player. We have had Acunas type of player before and they rarely make it in the rough and tough of the championship

MFC watched Acuna live and didn't fancy him so moved attention elsewhere!

Watford won't sign acuna because he is at real madrid not udinese

Middlesbrough complete Varga deal the loan will take effect from the 1st July, the international plays right back for his country and for club centre mid, he's built up a reputation for his defending quality scoreing vital goals, he has 30 international caps with over 20 champion league games under his belt plus 4 league titals, Javier acuna is in pole position too join Middlesbrough, with palace also in for him who can offer him premership football, also he has interest from 7 Spanish teams. Real Madrid website is the info I've got this from also same on tv.

24 Jun 2013 19:53:34
sour grapes from Watford

Boro fan speaking he's staying in spain gutted like think he could ov cut it

24 Jun 2013 22:58:33
Javi Acuna is set to join Espanyol within the week i'm afraid lads.

Acuna has signed for Espanol



24 Jun 2013 13:16:35
Danny ings will be comfirmed in the next 48 hours as afc bournemouths record signing and agreed a four year deal

Looks like Eddie Howe has got his No 1 transfer target as Burnley are ready to accept the Cherries' improved £1.5 million bid which would be a new club record.

Noooooooo I hope not!! Hope I won't be seeing him week in week out

25 Jun 2013 09:34:53
i don't know why people don't want him back he is a very talented young player and will be improving all the time if you ask me I think he would be a great signing

25 Jun 2013 10:08:51
No. Please, not Ings!

Please no.

He is not even that much so we don't need him

I'm sorry, but I think Ings is a very average player. Very poor goals to appearances record when he was with us before and has done next to nothing at Burnley. except be injured a lot. AFCB need a big striker to lead the line, not another Hobbit! Wes Thomas and Frank Demouge may be able to do a job for us, but I think Demouge wants to go back to Holland and Wes Thomas is goal shy and temperamental.

He was 18 when he was with us and mostly came off the bench so that's why his ratio isn't up to your very high standard. Get a grip! Danny is a great player and a great lad, honest, level headed and willing to graft and learn his trade. I for one would love to see him back.

Hey I'm not knocking Ings as a person or his work rate or his desire to do well. It's his ability that I'm questioning. He simply isn't good enough for the Championship imo. If he was, Burnley wouldn't let him go would they?
You may be happy to see him back, but I'd put Tubbs on the pitch before Ings any day.



24 Jun 2013 13:15:24
Doncaster Rovers have announced the signing of former Real Madrid 'B' midfielder Marc De Val Fernandez on a two year deal



24 Jun 2013 13:13:30
Sunderlands Lee Cattermole is Bruce's top target for the summer but faces competition from Celtic. Bruce also interested in taking Phil Bardsley on loan and looking to tie up 4 year deal for fans favourite Elmo. Also had provisional talks with Titus Bramble however Bramble keen to move to USA with Miami his preferred destination.

Celtic already have several midfielders in that position can't see it happening.

Could be a replacement for wayanama 4-5 million leaves room for celtic to spend elsewhere

Scott brown is a better version of cattermole! And they have kayal to fill in for wanyama!



24 Jun 2013 13:11:43
Fair few bits been circulating over the weekend and some has made into the media.

First, Wycombe are chasing Paris Cowan-Hall now that Joel Grant has reportedly agreed terms with ITFC. Grant's signing will be announced at the start of July.

Wolves announced today the release of four of their biggest players, Karl Henry who was linked with ITFC being one but with the arrival of Cole Skuse it's another Wolves release, Jamie O'Hara that Mick is looking at to add some creativity in the middle of the park.

The Emnes link with Watford and Ipswich is true, to an extent, Ipswich reportedly offered JET for Emnes in a straight swap but this was rejected.

Broadfoot will be signing at the star of July also, after a fee for Stearman could not be reached.

Alesandro Bedoya is still in talks with a number of clubs across Europe, Ipswich and one other Championship club as well as reportedly one Premier League club. All clubs in the running but Bedoya is reportedly keen to play in England due to relatives working in the military here (East Anglia area) but is also making sure he will get regular football.

When I hear more I'll be back with a post.

If we (watford) get Emnes I will be very suprised. Considering we are heavily linked with Ranegie and Ighalo, plus it looks very likely that we are going to get Acuna from Real Madrid. Also Emnes just isn't a great player anymore

I'm not a wolves fan but its pretty clear that Karl Henry, Jamie O'Hara, Stephen Ward and Roger Johnson have not been released, but simply put on the transfer list.
Seeing as we are now operating on a very modest budget I can't see us paying a fee for any of these high earners.
All of the other players you have linked (Grant, broadfoot etc. ) have been well publicised in recent weeks so nothing new here.

Big mick today said he's not ruling out a move for stearman!!

We would release them if we could but they are still under contract, so we have to wait and see if there any takers. Please Mad Mick please!

Hunt contract ending soon but links with German sides and Ipswich.

Please Ipswich Town FC take some of MM's old players off of our hands, MM knows how to get the best out of these players where others have failed.

Watford getting Emnes is not going to happen. We have been linked with at least 4 other forwards from the Pozzo owned clubs.

Paris Cowan-Hall has indeed joined Wycombe, on 2 year deal.



24 Jun 2013 13:08:58
Thistle are interested in John Sutton - along with Aberdeen & Motherwell.

24 Jun 2013 17:18:09
Aberdeen no longer interested as they have signed Calvin Zola, Sutton is deemed to be too similar!

24 Jun 2013 18:00:59
I didn't rate Sutton 1st time around a fir park let alone a 2nd time for something different



24 Jun 2013 13:08:24
Reading are close to completing the signing of Sam Hutchinson from Chelsea.

Nottingham Forest, who had Huchinson on loan last season, were keen on signing the centre back, but Reading have the edge having recently been in the Premier League and with some of the intent they have shown bringing players in so far. Hutchinson would prefer to stay in the south with the Windsor born centre back not having to move home.

He would be in competition with Adrian Mariappa, Alex Pearce and Sean Morrison for the centre-back spots, with Kaspars Gorkss likely to leave later in the window.

Rubbish bout hutchsion he likes it in nottingham

No. Quite frankly. No we aren't.

Any club would have to be mad to sign this permanently injured player on any sort of deal-other than a pay per play deal. His knees are shot.



24 Jun 2013 13:07:30
Curtis Davies seen at the kc stadium today expect his deal to be tied up today or tomorrow
also other possible transfers:
Charlie Austin from Burnley 4. 5-5 million
Carlton Cole from West Ham Free transfer
Elmo from Sunderland 2 million
Abdisalam Ibrahim (loan) manchester city
Costel Pantilimon or Allan McGregor approx 2 million
also Bent has been linked with Hull city but I think wages will be to much and also Newcastle and Fulham are linked with him so i'd expect him to go to one of those teams

Hobbs going to Birmingham 2.5 million OR swap deal with Curtis Davies

Hobbs not going to B'ham, they're broke and can't afford any fees.

That's rubbish Hobbs is going nowhere and hutchsion has a house in notts he can't last full season

24 Jun 2013 14:11:26
Confirmed that Davies is in Hull for medical. £2. 25m fee with no Hobbs going the other way.

Hobbs won't be good enough in the prem
he's to slow and not mentally there yet maybe in 5 years time he'll be a solid prem player but just not yet. also since were signing davies we'll have to many centre backs on good wages
mcshane, faye, chester, hobbs, davies, bruce just to many for my liking

Bruce is cack. hobbs will prove to be good with a pacey defensive partner ie davies. look at how well turner did for us when we first went up. if anything hobbs is faster than turner.

if we want to stay up we need a range of defensive options, and in the prem that costs more.

stop hating on hobbs, he'll shock you all

We need to sell one
chesters our best centre back so were not selling him, bruce is not going to get sold since he's steve bruces son and bums him, you can't sell mcshane simply because its mcshane, faye will give us experience at the back, so hobbs will be the one to sell

Hobbs is the 1 to sell but at right price which birmingham are cash strapped that why they have pulled out of deal

Faye will be the liability this season. don't think he has it in the tank for the top flight anymore. while hobbs has potential. city will recoup more by getting rid of faye than hobbs



24 Jun 2013 12:43:48
Ed are us there any truth in the Dwight Gayle to Reading rumours? Or any other close deals at the Mad Stad? {Ed029's Note - None. It's a rumour that began on here and escalated to all the kiddie ITK accounts online.

24 Jun 2013 14:13:35
As a posh fan I can't see it ain't going to be many teams willing to gamble on his valuation not when you can proven premier league goal scorers for a lot cheaper utp



24 Jun 2013 12:40:36
West Ham close to sealing a deal for Ludovic Sane for £3.5m. Big Sam still interested in Jordan Rhodes and has put out more feelers

Are they not skint after Carroll business



24 Jun 2013 12:30:02
Derby are interested in Wolves left-back Stephen Ward who has recently been transfer listed.

I hope. He's a good player. Wages could be an issue though having been in prem.

Hope not.

There is a rumour going round, though, that we're after Cunningham from Bristol City. That would be a better signing.

Derby in for left back danny fox from southhampton. Not getting first team football, Luke Shaw ahead of him. Again wages an issue



24 Jun 2013 12:17:37
Spurs will this week decide on which striker to start negotiations with. Spurs have been linked with Leandro Damiao, David Villa, Roberto Soldado and Christian Benitez. AVB, however, has already ruled out a move for Benitez.



24 Jun 2013 12:15:52
Oldham tried to sign Scougall from Livingston

Doubt we are in for any more midfielders

Especially with three years left on their contract.



24 Jun 2013 12:14:20
Everton will sign FA Cup hero Ben Watson for approximately 2.5 million



24 Jun 2013 12:12:41
Cristian Benteke will sign for Spuurs at the end of the week.



24 Jun 2013 12:12:05
Doncaster are proposing deals to sign Nakhi Wells and james Hanson from Bradford.

Cant see either of them going there. doncaster won't be able to afford either of them as bradford are in a possition where they don't need to sell

24 Jun 2013 15:00:33
That will cost you 3million then do you have that?

Not a chance

Hope they got sum "silly" money to spend then!

£3m are you having a laugh where do you people get your prices from its league 1 your talking about not the prem you need to get real all this talk about these big money transfers in the lower leagues they won't happen your talking rubbish everyone needs to wake up and get in the real world its not football manager you know gods sake like

Doncaster won't be able to afford either of them? Course we will, we've just recieved 6 million for winning the league.

Hanson has never been championship quality he will struggle in L1. Wells is good but your valuation is way off his actual value I think £500k - £775k would probably buy him.

I know this is a rumours site but add realism people £3m for 2 players from L2 come on people.

£6 million for winning the League. its more like £50,000 in prize money. Now Bradford on the other hand picked up nearly £3 Million pounds of real cash by Getting to the Capital One Final, shed loads of TV cash from beating Arsenal and Aston Villa and the nice sum of £500,000 in gate receipts from the Play Off final.

25 Jun 2013 10:16:05
I really don't think they will be going anywhere. the club are I an good finacial position so unless clubs offer a lot of money (around 3 mil for the pair) bradford will not sell. We know its a lot of money for league 1 but we want to keep the players and that is the sort of money that will prize them from the club.
Saying that I don't want the money I am starting to think they will be deadly up front next season both of them were showing some really hunger and I think the high they are on will carry them through next season. I think we should maybe try get a good long term loan in to fall back on if it dosent work for them but I think we will do ok.

25 Jun 2013 11:22:26
That is real. Hanson and Wells both under contract, Wells having a 1m release clause but club stating only silly offers will be considered. The club made an operating profit last season and not forced to sell. So as stupid as it seems 3m will not be enough to pride the pair away.

City trying to sign Ben Amos on a season long loan from Manchester United

Why do people think that co tracts mean anything? They just mean that they will at least play for that club for the number of years, just because they are under contract doesn't hike the price up you pay for their ability not the contract

Its like this, a championship club comes in for wells with an offer of £500,000 plus add ons, and the club refuses it, then if wells really wanted to better himself but was held back, do you think he would be the same player every week? No he wouldn't. And there's nothing worse than an user player who won't play for the club. I reckon an offer of £400,000 would see him away from bradford (plus add ons of course).

Chairmen said back in January it would have to be more than 1 million to even think about letting him go anywhere, so now we've been promoted and don't need to sell its gunna take some really silly offer for the club to sell him.



24 Jun 2013 12:06:52
James Vaughen wrote on his twitter ever feel that your not wanted, your always wanted at Huddesfield.



24 Jun 2013 11:38:05
Danny Fox is Derby's next target after the Forsyth deal collapsed.



24 Jun 2013 11:37:45
Manchester City will bid 32 million for Chelsea striker Fernando Torres

Won't happen but for that price we'd throw in Mikel as well lol



24 Jun 2013 11:37:10
Derby have turned down a £1m bid from Wigan for John Brayford. Wigan expected to come back with a new bid soon

£1m? that's an insult.
Try £5m and we might consider it.

5 million is an excessive evaluation too.

Hes got 1 year left and i'd expect him to leave for around 2. 5 - 3 mil tops. I'd sooner tie him up for another 2 years though and promise the PL next year ;)

5 million ha, he's good player but isn't that good

Afraid he's in the last year of his contract, I think the max we will get is £1. 75m.

He signed a new contract didn't he and he is worth about 2.5m

I'd say less than that tbh, maybe even 1.5m.

Either way, I don't think he'll go to Wigan. He said he wants to test himself at the next level and Wigan are now on the same level. Would be a different story if a Prem team were to come in for him though.

24 Jun 2013 20:37:32
Will not be any action at Pride Park till Nigel Clough gets back from holiday. A mate spotted him in the queue to fly out to Malaga, last Saturday.

5 million for Bray! Love the player to bits but I think we will be very very very lucky to get around 2 million.



24 Jun 2013 11:34:10
Javier Zanetti will sign a new 6 year contract with Inter Milan

So he will be playing football untill he is 45 years old?

It does feel like he will play for ever!



24 Jun 2013 11:31:46
manchester united being linked to big names only so they can sell season tickets. asif thiago would join from barcelona and as if bale would choose them over real madrid. they don't have the money to buy big either. they will get 3 decent players for 30million after everyone else has spent

Has the club mentioned any intended targets or are you just following rumours?

24 Jun 2013 12:31:25
Yh so the newspapers who are linking united to these players are helping united sell season tickets??. united haven't said publicly that there signing anyone?

24 Jun 2013 12:36:18
They will give Moyes enough money to buy big as a signal of intent so expect a big signing.

I believe in this and I also believe that united offered ancelotti/mourinho the job but they both rejected it because of the fact that there's no money at the club so united went with the cheaper option of moyes because they know he won't ask for big sums of money and will do as told and also everyone else is busy improving there squads already.

Wow there are some true bitters around. We don't really need to sign big to improve on a side that WALKED to the title last season.



24 Jun 2013 11:25:39
Speculation mounting about who Adkins may be bringing in from Southampton, was told today by a very good source that the player is Mayuka.

We can but hope, he's done nothing for us, not good enough for Saints Prem ambitions.

At Saints, Adkins played Ward-Prowse (linked with a loan move to you), Billy Sharp & De ridder last year, neither of them got a look in and went out on loan. Even Fonte struggled to get back in the team after injury with the new manager.

How can you say "We can but hope"? Mayuka is ranked 86th Best player in Fifa Standings.

He hasn't been given a chance so you can't say he has done nothing for us if he hasn't got a chance.

I have seen him play in many Videos and for his Country and he really is amazing and it baffles me every time why we don't use him as he could be the Striker we need with ability, skill, Goals and power.

Would save loads of Money

'We can but hope, he's done nothing for us, not good enough for Saints Prem ambitions'

what an terrible quote, he hasn't even been given a full game how can you judge? You can't. Another fan who makes ill informed statements. Probably never kicked a ball in your life

Why are people knocking Mayuka? He has never been given a decent run in the team so how can you properly judge him? I think if anyone goes to Reading its most likely to be Sharp or Fonte.

To be fair to Mayuka he hasn't really been given a chance to prove he's good enough for the premiership

Get rid, he's terrible, agree that he's not good enough for the Prem, just because he's foreign doesn't make him a great player, better home grown footballers.

He's barely played and actually of what I've seen his pace is impressive and he has decent ball control. Just needs more game time to show what he can do.

Nigel can do one and stop trying to steel our players

Don't be so harsh on the lad! Dunno where these fans have come from but we take the positives and move forward. Stop criticising our players when they are under our roof! Danny Butterfield is a massive loss for example because of his attitude and positivity. I don't know how Mayuka is being judged but my Butterfield reference is to show that a player doesn't have to be on the pitch to be an asset to our club.

Saw him against Villa at home. was brilliant won us a penalty. Leeds in the cup was not his best but then again he wasnt the worst in the team that night. Swansea away he came on a turned the game on its head and was unlucky not to win it for us. the boy is what 22? give him a chance the potential is there for all to see

He looked class against spurs similar to jay rod under adkins not many games umder achieved poch come in give him game time he has flourished I think same with mayuka he needs the game time to develop

They say butterfield was a great asset to the team without always being in the team as the previous guy said having new we don't want players who won't fit in, that's why Adkins picked players he had known from the past.



24 Jun 2013 11:25:08
Derby have offered defender Matthew Kilgallon a contract following his release from Sunderland.
Derby also have renewed interest in bringing in defender Jack Robinson on loan from Liverpool.



24 Jun 2013 11:22:47
Stephen Bywater has joined Millwall as competition for David Forde.



24 Jun 2013 11:18:53
Bradford City only looking to bring in 3 or 4new players a keeper 2 attacking midfielders and a forward that's from inside the club

Any one no who the players are?

Matt duke has just left to join Northampton on a two year deal



24 Jun 2013 11:01:46
Nicky bailey and Jonathan Obika to join Charlton by the end of the week. Jacques Maghoma and Spanish forward Toni may also join them however these are yet to be confirmed. There may also be late bid to attempt to persuade Simeon Jackson to join the Addicks as well, however these deals will take some time to complete. Also expect Peterborough defender Zakuani to join as well some time in the near future.

Let's hope so to all the above

If we sign these players we we have a really strong team - definate playoffs :)
Up the addicks

24 Jun 2013 16:31:31
We don't want Nicky bailey, he's not good enough!

Jackson would be excellent.

S. Jackson Kermorgant

(Bench: Obika)


In my opinion simply securing atleast 2 of these will make our team so much stronger, all of them are very talente and could provide a strong push for us

What r you on? Bailey would be a great signing, we need a new cm and the fans love him. Great player and scores amazing long shots ;)

Baily hasn't done anything since joining Bourgh, so is he good enough for the championship? I think Jackson would be a perfect match up top with big yann!



24 Jun 2013 10:57:35
Tiago will stay on at Barcelona. He will not be joining Manchester United as assurances have been given about his future.

Well in the know you don't know that Tiago has said goodbye to Barcelona and gone on his holidays while the clubs sign all the paperwork which will include his brother going to United on a season long loan.

Thiago will sign for Manchester United



24 Jun 2013 10:55:33
isco wants a move to manchester city however his family and malaga would prefer it if he chose real madrid and cavani's had no bids yet but napoli owner saying clubs have to bump the price up and get city to rush in with a big bid so they can get the best quality players to replace him nice and early.

Wants the pay check you mean. Choosing City over Real Madrid purely for footballing reasons. don't make me laugh.



24 Jun 2013 10:51:48
Reading will sign full-back Sido Jombati from Cheltenham Town for a six-figure fee.

24 Jun 2013 11:26:17
We don't need any more fullbacks.

I'd be the first to praise Jombati, he's been superb for CTFC. But is he ready for the Championship? I really don't believe this I'm afraid.

We have too many fullbacks this is untrue.

24 Jun 2013 16:36:09
Jombati could play in the Championship but not for a club who will want to be promoted.



24 Jun 2013 10:50:41
Luke Shaw has passed his medical at Manchester United ahead of his proposed move to Chelsea broke down due to wage structure

Well, he had to wake up at 5am today to get on a plane. Doubt Manchester United couldn't have organised something at a more sociable hour for him!

24 Jun 2013 16:08:00
the kid himself stating he was going to sign a 5 yr extension on his 18th. At least we won't have to wait much longer till this nonsense is put to bed ~ 12th July.

No news so don't believe you



24 Jun 2013 10:46:57
Rumours flying around of Steve Morison returning to Millwall. He's unhappy up north, and the Leeds fans do not like him. A return to Millwall is logical!

Il drive him there myself! And I live in Somerset! Lots of miles but so worth it!


If you don't want him then we will have back down south! I thought he was doing OK up there?

24 Jun 2013 12:30:36
Morison is far too good for Leeds

Leeds fans forgotten how he used to torment them?

24 Jun 2013 15:48:22
He didn't look interested most of time, looked good when he did. Could be that he wasn't match fit and needs pre season under his belt but if he isn't happy up North then Leeds should get rid and bring someone in who is keen to play

Too good for Leeds? He belongs in league 1 at best

Not sure about him tbh? If SL thinks he can do a job for us then that's up to him! He always struck me as a 'MOODY' player/person? Could he be bothered or not? & couldn't wait to 'RUN' to Norwich although it was a step up to the PREM for him! IMHO!

Morison can't be all that if he's only scored three goals for leeds since joining in january



24 Jun 2013 10:46:54
Huddersfield town have received a offer for Jack hunt 1million and Vaughen coming the other way, seems a good offer this will be happening tomorrow and other transfers will be following that one seeing Vaugheny is our priority.

Would be great for Huddersfield

Good call and this signing will hopefully open the door for john stead to take on the alan (alan)lee role. a quality player who will give his all to the club. welcome back Mr Stead "-_-"

Jack Hunt in holiday so can't see it!

I don't think that's a good offer, I think Jack Hunt is one of our best players and worth more.

I can't see it to be honest

That looks like a ver good deal go for it.

Would rather have £1million and James Vaughan. That would be a good deal for Town.

Is Hunt a winger or defender gets found out to much for me bye bye Jack

Think it would take more than a million for Hunt

I think its a great move, hunt is good but tends to drift in and out games I think, if hammill comes as well then he can work that flank and then we could make a move for a move defensive RB to help use concede less goals



24 Jun 2013 10:44:33
Millwall have signed goalkeeper Stephen Bywater on a 2 year deal as back up for Rep of Ireland No:1 David Forde. The club are also trying to sign former Norwich City Strikers Simeon Jackson And Steve Morison. If the Club fail to land either of the strikers they will turn there attentions to former wolves forward Sylvain Ebanks-Blake

(Steve Morison isn't a Norwich city player, but good try mate!)

Morison only joined Leeds in January

Re read what the person wrote above. "former" Norwich strikers.

Former, good try mate!

SEB not available until Oct/Nov.

Neither is simeon hence him putting the word "former"..

That's why he put former Norwich striker.

He said former mate:) if true could be some good signings but we cannot afford Morison

It says former and Morison used to play for Norwich

The OP is right. They are both former Norwich players.



24 Jun 2013 10:40:43
west brom will talk to franco di santo this week again after they had preliminary talks last week. they are also still interested in ola toivanen of psv. toivonen has held talks with norwich but is aware of interest elsewhere and wants to talk to all interested parties before deciding.

Nacer chadli is also wanted by west brom but is a bit of a long shot given his reputation and interest from the like of tottenham and liverpool

Think he would rather be with wba

Think he would rather be with Norwich

WBA can have ola, we'll have kone!

24 Jun 2013 16:13:48
Just throwing a name in there but what about west brom signing giovanni dos santos as he can play as a right winger or attacking midfield. He also impressed during the confederations cup

Cant believe that some would rather Kone than Toivonen. Kone is 30 and has had one good season in the prem. Toivonen is 25ish and has been playing champions league football for a while!

Toivonen will agree terms and join Norwich, these things don't always happen over night, look at how long andy carroll took to agree terms with west ham. Toivonen will be joining and Norwich are also looking at Arona Kone as Holt could be on his way out.

Ola will be at wba with kone



24 Jun 2013 10:33:14
Peterborough Michael Bostwick is said to have handed in a transfer request as he feels he is better than league 1 and that numerous championship clubs are said to be interested including Derby.

He is a Millwall supporter, maybe one of the three Peterborough players Lomas enquirer for

One season in league one and he thinks he's a world beater? I don't think so

Very highly rated here at LR and is probably the first in line to take the captaincy should Tommy Rowe leave this summer

I highly doubt that DF and DMAC would let both of our first choice centre backs leave this summer

Bostwick handed in a transfer request? yep another fake rumour

Is this the same Bostwick that's calling for everyone to "stick together" in an attempt to go straight back up again in the local press ?

He's actually a West Ham supporter not Millwall.

Which club a player supports is relevant to what exactly. They go where the money is and that is the truth of it.



24 Jun 2013 10:30:58
Fulham are looking to bid 3 million for Wigan goalkeeper Ali Al Habsi, this may not happen due to the likeliness that he will want first team football with Martin Steklenburg likely to be the number 1 keeper.

Why would we want another goalie stockdale stated he will fight for no1 shirt.



24 Jun 2013 10:27:04
Southampton fc are to announce 2nd signing later today, which is expected to be a striker!

Of course they are.

Been a while since we had a post like this. I almost miss them

To be fair to OP- there is a signing waiting in the wings but not sure if it will be tonight or later in week. The signing is/ was supposed to be happening late this afternoon. Also, rearsing the waynama deal, the only stumbling block left is thAt the agent wants a bigger cut of the signing on fee which nc is refusing to budge on (at this point!). Might be some comprimise coming from either side so still not dead in the water.

Oh yeah so they are!

It's doomed I tell ye, doomed.

Lets just forget wanyama, don't want mr big ruining our dressing room bond and togetherness



24 Jun 2013 10:22:46
Dwight Gayle and his agent have driven down to Reading to begin talks after POSH HAVE ACCEPTED a bid in the region of 4 million rising to 6 mil if they get promoted and based on the number of performances he makes. The transfer will go through when the transfer opens.

He is not worth that much money

24 Jun 2013 11:51:33
no cnace somebody from Peterborough is having a case of wishful thinking

24 Jun 2013 13:04:55
Thats weird as he's presently training with the rest of the squad at the moment at there training ground. He must be superman!



24 Jun 2013 10:21:23
Barnsley fc- after giving up on transfer targets Jon stead and higdon barnsley are moving in for Simeon Jackson and Adam Rooney who are both out of contract at there current clubs. And a move in for oldhams forward/attack mid Robbie Simpson.

Simpson is a free agent

The stead has gone to Huddersfield

Adam Rooney could be a decent for the reds

Simpson is not a Championship player, he is so lazy and plays when he wants to in games.

Glad we got rid and used his wage on better players.



24 Jun 2013 10:20:00
sunderland flop danny graham is set to sign for middlesborough for 3mil + jason steele

Sorry but no way Danny Graham is worth more than Steele. Straight swap maybe but a no no to this one

This must be 3 million to boro and graham, with Steele going the other way.

Steele is not worthhmore than 3m



24 Jun 2013 09:50:00
Reading will not sell Adam Federici to Leeds for less than £2m. Although McDermott enquired about his former goalkeeper, with GFH already struggling to reach an agreement over the transfer of Matt Mills there is no chance of this move happening. Federici does want a move away from Reading after falling down the pecking order behind Alex McCarthy and would be interested in linking up with McDermott again but believes he can find himself a team in the Premier League.

There is no way norwich could afford him



24 Jun 2013 09:40:16
Southampton are looking at Spartak Moscow striker Emenike to partner Ricky Lambert up front.

Are you kidding me? Two words JAY ROD

Playing to much fifa pal? The guy is a beast never going to get him

Currently out due to knee operation so doubt this will happen

Where does this rumour come from? I can find nothing about it

Mayuka on Fifa is insane yet we don't use him :)

I would use him any day on fifa over rooney, RVP, Walcott etc

Trust me well worth the Money

Jay got nine in first season this season he will get into double figers if he plays the games he played last year.

Well we defo could get him if we wanted him. but this come from nowhere so is probs made up



24 Jun 2013 09:39:21
Wilfried Zaha will go back on loan to Crystal Palace for a season long loan due to David Moyes wanting Zaha to have some first team experience in the premiership.

Hope this is true but 99% of rumours are false!

Might depend on what happens to Nani

Absolute rubbish. Moyes will want to take a good look at Zaha in Pre-season training before deciding to send him out on loan.

Sadly, have to agree



24 Jun 2013 09:33:02
Leicester looking to swap Jamie Vardy for POSH'S Dwight Gayle and they will also give POSH between 1-1.5 million rising up to 2 million.

24 Jun 2013 13:06:38
This has to be the best one yet! Vardy for Gayle? Did you forget Vardy + £5mill for Gayle



24 Jun 2013 08:44:46
Allan Johnston to be revealed as Kilmarnock msmanager on Monday



24 Jun 2013 09:23:32
Leyton orient have signed Shaun Batt on a 2 year deal. Batt rejected Millwall, notts county and Preston in favour of first team football for the o's.

I'm afraid that Batt didn't reject Millwall as you claim he simply wasen't offered a new contract by SL as he is a League 1 player! But I wish him all 'BEST'!

He turned down a deal with Millwall in favour of more first team football

No he didn't! He was released from the team for being pony

Hhahh no he didn't he wanted to stay when we had KJ we was going to offer him a new contract but under SL we didn't

Check the millwall website - we shelved talks with batt - as in we declined to offer a contract. He was released with our best wishes.

'I'm afraid that Batt didn't reject Millwall as you claim he simply wasen't offered a new contract'

My understanding was that he was offered a new deal but talks broke down. Saying that, I think it was Kenny Jackett that offered him the contract, so that could be the reason why the talks stopped.

Jackett was going to offer Batt a year, but Lomas decided against it.

Preston have never been in contact with this player

As I've already said he is a LEAGUE 1 player that's why he's gone to a LEAGUE 1 club!

24 Jun 2013 11:17:29
Sorry to disappoint O's fans, Batt was offered a deal by Millwall at the end of last season when KJ was manager, when SL became manager last Monday the deal was removed from the table, Batt wanted to sign but the club decided he was surplus to requirements.

Yeah he turned down Pne when we just signed Humphrey? yet he turned down Leeds.

No, Batt was offered contract when Jackett was here. SL doesn't want him and told him he wouldn't have a future here. so the contract offer was taken back. get your facts straight!

He wasnt offered a contract as he's not good enough for us - good luck battman

Millwall put the offer to SB on hold when KJ resigned. SL decided not to follow up on the offer.

24 Jun 2013 14:47:42
What ever the reason is Shaun Batt opted for Leyton Orient he may well prove to be better decision

Dose it matter hrs an orient player now atop going on about if he was offers a contact or not

24 Jun 2013 15:18:09
preston were never after batt preston want a striker from prem

Lets all be realistic. The lad will never improve as a player. what we saw last season, is all we are ever going to get from Batt. Would have been much better to have taken a gamble on a young rough diamond. He will score one or two goals, one spectacular, and that's it!

Does it matter? He is a League 1 player 'NOW' Draw a line under it!

Preston NEVER even spoke to him or wanted him. So how can he turn us down

It's funny when fans think they know everything. Obviously clubs never ever talk to players or agents without making it public.

Kevin Davies spotted at Deepdale today, now favourites to sign the big X Bolton striker. Be a good league 1 striker this season.

Either way batt is not the star striker we need. if lisbe misses any games, then we can't trust mooney and batt to score a lot of goals.

Looks like Preston missed out. Glad to have Batt back at Orient.

Orient manager Russell Slade confirmed that "Preston and Notts County made him good, firm offers" so stick it PNE fans! ha



24 Jun 2013 09:22:13
Crystal Palace are set to sign Urugayan striker Abel Hernandez from Italian club Palermo.
The deal will be tied up when the inform hit man returns from action in the Confederation Cup finals in Brazil.

You just happen to post this while he is playing and scored 4 goals

Coming to SAFC not Palace sorry

There's no way Palace could attract this caliber of player, Yes they are in the PL but they'll go down with a whimper as they can't afford decent PL players.

He has been on the phone to Holloway during the confederations cup!

24 Jun 2013 16:13:49
If it was illusion player he would have whacked another 30 million on the lad after them four goals.

Unfortunately I think it's more likely some kid's been watching the confederation's cup, quite liked the look of him and thought they'd post a rumour about it. Although, I would like this to happen as a Palace fan myself, the chances are slim.

I'd think Hernandez will leave with Palermo's relegation and all, but it'll most likely be to a relatively stable mid-table club. Whether that be in England or elsewhere.

According to sources inside Palace, this has far more legs than the Odemwinge rumour. Wages at Palermo are £10k pw



24 Jun 2013 08:58:29
Brazilian striker Fred is being looked at by several Premier league clubs including Spurs.



24 Jun 2013 08:57:23
Gonzalo Higuain will sign for Arsenal in the next 48 hours providing he passes his medical.



24 Jun 2013 08:55:31
Adam hamill will become a huddersfield player this week.
I promise.
D. c

I hope so he's a good player with lots of talent

In the next few weeks town are going to announce the signings of adam hammill, james vaughan, martyn waghorn, jamie paterson and tom parkes! And then also a unknown overseas forward and a unknown overseas central midfielder

Wouldn't mind him back TBH, he will have grown up after his problems last season and whatever anyone thinks he is a fast tricky winger and chips in with the odd goal. Cover needed for Ward and Scannell, both decent but subject to frequent injuries.

Town also keen on Karl Henry at around 700k with a view to give him the captains armband as part of his terms.

Can't see Henry being of interest, spends half the season banned.

Reading the report from Wolves it sounds like Henry can leave without a fee, surplus to requirements (too expensive). Wolves looking to cut the wage bill.

Adam hammil and John stead having medical right now

Adam Hammill and Jon Stead have been seen at canalside and there is photo evidence on the Huddersfield Town Banter Page ( ). Looks like they're doing some training?

Hamill had more off days than on



24 Jun 2013 08:54:35
Norwich enter the race for Kone, according to the papers.

Hope so, would be a good long term replacement for Holt if and when he leaves

Could imply holts exit

Not much chance if Everton are after him

Even if everton are in the race, kone got relagared with martinez at wigan he may fancy working under a new manager and a striker like rvw at norwich.

"Hope so, would be a good long term replacement for Holt if and when he leaves"

i wouldn't consider a player of his ages and long term replacement

Hope he joins


Long term? Isn't he 29? Only a few years younger than Holty!

Grant will finish top scorer again for you, might not start season but when all your strikers misfire, houghton will turn to grant again!



24 Jun 2013 08:54:20
Barnsley fc are now turning there attention to 2 central defenders they are Richard wood and Christopher Berra.

We only want 1

24 Jun 2013 14:14:08
Defo need 2, we only have mcnulty who's first position is cb and flitcroft will play a back 3 next season

Hassell has signed for another year great news

Hope we don't get Wood! Berra could be good!

We will have minimum 4 at back with wing backs



24 Jun 2013 08:44:48
Gordon greer having medical at barnsley today!



24 Jun 2013 07:52:12
I have been on work experience with Malky Mackays PA and the four signings on July 3/4 is rubbish, Malky has meetings booked with Tom Ince and his agent to discuss a contract and finalise that deal and he is also looking to speak to Victor Wanyama and Bafetimbi Gomis over possible moves to Cardiff

You've e probably just blown any chance of a permanent job at Cardiff there.

Sounds about riGht it's on tv a bid has been accepted for ince an Wanyama would be a beast in the middle go is will go 2 the jacks though

Y lie? Everyone just chats so much rubbish. Once it's finalised and complete I will then agree!

It's hardly a rumour when it's signed an sealed!



24 Jun 2013 07:48:31
After Liverpools signing of Aspas, Dani Pacheco will be on his way out to get football and I hear that Norwich is the place he wants to be

Doesn't really matter where he wants to be though. It depends who wants him and then he can choose between them. Norwich will not be one of those teams. He played a handful of games in the Championship 3 seasons ago for our old manager. He hasn't played at a higher level since and only really made an impact in 2-3 games. He has some potential but wouldn't get in our squad anymore.

I don't know, could see him following in hoolahans footsteps, I love him but let's face it, he's the wrong side of 30


Love Dani, great attitude and seems to always be interested in Norwich whenever the subject comes up. however if Norwich were to grab him. it would only be on a one-two year contract with an option to extend, and he will be sent out on loan for the one season. at 22 he is still somewhat young. but still unproven.

Pacheco was overrated



24 Jun 2013 07:34:36
Southampton looking at the transfer of French starlet Adrien Rabiot of PSG who has been out on loan at Toulouse this season.

Fee of around £3-5m

Would love this

The same rabiot who found it difficult to adjust to English life last time? No. Seems a good player but can't see it



24 Jun 2013 07:22:14
Gomis is linked with Shakhtar Dontesk! He said HE will decide his future so it's a 50/50



24 Jun 2013 06:01:03
Villa have agreed a £12.5m fee for Belhanda



24 Jun 2013 03:32:25
Swansea City's hopes of landing Alejandro Pozuelo have been given a boost after the Real Betis midfielder settled a contract dispute with his club
WBA star Peter Odemwingie is linked to Swansea City and Cardiff City swoop.
Standard Liege striker Michy Batshuayi could be on his way to Swansea with a 2.5million bid being accepted.
Gomis is going to name which club he will be playing for next season in the next week or so. ( swansea are favorites )

Pozuelo will sign in the next week for £425 k.
Gomis has been stalling, waiting for a 'bigger' club than the swans to come in for him. Probably looking for champions league football.
Batshuati will sign but waiting on outcome from gomis and need to increase offer to £3m.
Odemwingie will not be joining the swans. To old and to high a price tag.
Looks like de Guzman will be back on a season long loan.
Williams speculation has been rubbished by Hugh Jenkins, hopefully he will be staying.
Redmond and amat are also transfers being worked on in the background.

A lot going on down the liberty, don't trust anything you read in the media! Up the swans!

Actually Shatkar Donetsk are the latest favorites to sign Gomis

That reply from a "fan" who can't even spell the chairmans name right

Shaktar Donesk the favourites with the club but omis has said he will chose where he ends up - he may not fancy a Rusian Winter

Didnt you say a 2.5 million bid was rejected last time though?

All the rubbish being branded about the super swans the last couple of weeks has come from none other than our own South Wales evening post. All swans fans should boycott this paper.

I read an article saying Gomis is set though snub Dontesk!

Gomis has turned down shaktar Donetsk and doesn't want to play his football in the Ukraine. Leaves the door open for the swans to agree personal terms.

Totally agree that the local paper appear to have been the instigators of all this media stuff. No excuse, if they claim they weren't then they should have been supporting and promoting the club. Certainly going to be boycotted by me. Well said mate.



24 Jun 2013 03:09:51
Owain Fon Williams' future will be decided this week, as the player is understoof to be out of contract on 30 June 2013 - this Sunday

Out of contract like 100 more players are on the 30th June then transfers will happen for all players.



24 Jun 2013 02:51:20
Daily Mirror reporting 'triple-snub' from nainggolan, wanyama and osvaldo for southampton. Various different reasons used, would be a blow for them if they lost out on three main targets.

Main reason is they are greedy sods,
move on and let em stew at their current clubs.

Seems this is the media's latest ploy to make us look like a small club and protect there old school top 5 clubs as they always do! They are insinuating that Southampton are putting in these big bids for players and having bid excepted only to find the players don't want to play for us!as There holding out for bigger clubs this seems to be the same tune being played over and over by the press and the media?
When truth be known there was no bid in the first place?
Just bad journalism or agents just trying to bump up the profiles on there clients!

Have anyone from any of these clubs actually come out saying this or just the papers?

It wouldn't be a blow for us at all, Saints are only interested in team players not mercenaries who are trying to put themselves in the shop window just to get CL football.

Saint Q

With all due respect it may be true. Southampton are not a big name on the continent and just because a club is in the premiership doesn't mean players will want to join.

24 Jun 2013 11:09:57
What did you expect? It's only Saints fans who think they have a chance of signing these players.

It can't because you aren't a big enough club or not competing in Europe, it must be a conspiracy by all football journalists everywhere.

Just been reported that saints were never intested in 2 of the three.

24 Jun 2013 16:19:15
Journalists haven't a clue who were after as cortese likes to keep them out of it. Be a few surprises by start of season I think cause the press no nothing

^^^^^^^they haven't said that they are interested in Osvaldo but they have been interested in Wanyama and Nainggolan.

I think the Osvaldo one is pure make believe on behalf of the media. Their is no real link.

24 Jun 2013 17:34:18
Has there clubs come out saying this then. Because I haven't read nothing on the Celtic Roma or callighri sites. until someone comes out from the clubs I believe nothing. i

Following a lot of trawling of european papers I've compiled a bit of clarification of some of these stories:
1: Wanyama - the deal we have offered appears short for the agent not the player.
2: Nainggolan - Doesn't want to leave his current club, Cagliari, unless it is the likes of Inter.
3: Played under Poch previously and is a favourite of his, however the player has stated several times he doesn't want to play outside of Spain or Italy.

I wouldn't lose sleep if we lose out on the latest crop of players linked to southampton. If we are that keen on a player we will pull out all the stops to get him.

Everyone hoped saints would go back to the original team colors but from what you hear it's red shirts again.



24 Jun 2013 02:33:22
Pompey will take Matt Tubbs on season long loan from Bournemouth, Jed Wallace could possibly go the other way for a nominal fee.

This is the funniest one this year

Tubbs signing for Crawley soon

Matty tubbs will have one more season with us then if he doesn't perform he will be allowed to leave next year in a cut deal trust me

24 Jun 2013 13:34:37
Wallace going to Bournemouth don't be a silly boy no chance



Spurs will probably want 6m for Rose and I don't think Stoke will be spending that much this summer, unless on a striker

We will throw adebayor or Defoe in for free if they want. I will then drive them there myself.

I understand Adebayor is poor but why Defoe? Class international striker

/ throw defoe in for free?! are you joking? he carried spurs for the 1st half of the season

25 Jun 2013 00:03:51
adebayor is a good player i'd have him at stoke. he's not being used properly at spurs he needs a club who play a left footed winger down the left and right footed winger down the right who will get balls in the box for him. playing wingers or attacking midfielders on the opposite side just so they can cut in for a shot won't help him one bit. 4-2-3-1 isn't his game he needs 4-4-2.

We wouldn't be able to afford adebayors wages



24 Jun 2013 00:03:25
Javier Acuna will sign for Watford by the end of next week, decent striker to replace Vydra. Acuna has 21 goals in 55 starts for Girona. Plenty of pace and trickery.
Pedal GFC

Vydra isn't going anywhere unless another club stumps up the price the Pozzos have put on him.

I think Vydra will go. Considering what his agent has been saying, I don't think he wants to stay. If he didn't go now he'd go in January any way

24 Jun 2013 08:20:05
As a fellow Watford fan we have not signed this player yet. Even yesterday other teams in spain were enquiring about him and tableing offers. Fingers crossed though as he does look good.

24 Jun 2013 08:28:54
Vydra isn't even a Watford player, so won't be there next season. He will be back with his parent club

Would he even make the bench at Udinese? He will move on at some point - but needs to be in the shop window.

Pozzos have said Vydra will be signed by watford unless a bid of €18m comes in from a top club.

Lol, Replacement for Geijo first.



23 Jun 2013 23:47:00
Rotherham duo Ian Sharps and Kayode Odejayi are close to leaving the club to sign for Burton and Plymouth respectively. Lionel Ainsworth is also in talks with a few league 2 clubs including Bristol Rovers and Southend.

Good luck to the lads.

Ainsoworth is wanted by Motherwell

24 Jun 2013 09:39:11
hopefully Ian stays with us, he was the best defender for us in my opinion

24 Jun 2013 10:21:01
I'd be happy if we do indeed get Odejayi because Argyle need a good striker upfront

No way Odejayi will go to Plymouth, only reason he came to RUFC was to be closer to his family, wife, and child, Northern based.

Sharps imho is past it and Burton would be silly to sign him on for another season. Odejayi isn't very good!

All three would be very good at league two level. I suspect they were signed with a view to getting us up. Will we receive a fee for them?



23 Jun 2013 23:44:53
First Huddersfield Town signing to be announced tomorrow Jamie Paterson from Walsall transfer fee as usual will be undisclosed

Hope this is true need some new signings soon as possible

Well it ain't so unlucky

He is a great team player and he will be playing for you next season 100%

Walsall players back in today holidays over maybe now things will start to happen put a stop to all these stinky rumours one of league ones finest signing for hudds

Who writes these lies? - Paterson already said he's staying with Walsall

Who puts this rubish he said he is staying and that is that

24 Jun 2013 13:35:52
Paterson will be joining hudds. Why even mention they`ve had a bid turned down unless it`s to stir up interest and drive up price. Rhodes sais he was happy to stay at huddersfield. Then money talked.

24 Jun 2013 15:52:15
He already been training with us today

Paterson is pictured training with Walsall today. If Huddersfield want him then they will have to pay big money.

I remember a certain Jordan Rhodes said he was committed to the club when ask by the media but it turned out he'd asked to leave long before he actually did. Maybe this could be what Patterson is doing? He may want to play at higher level or get higher wages as town? Time will tell!

If Hammy does sign then can't see the walsall lad being on the radar any more especially as we have the young dulwich pacey scoring machine )who may be ready to make the step un sometime later in the season) - just my thoughts

Yes Patterson is leaving Walsall but he is not Huddersfield bound as they are a tinpot championship club and will be relegated next season he will leave in January to the Albion

Well I was right with winger and undisclosed fee, just my source got the wrong player, sorry boys and girls, although apparently we are still interested in the lad but the high price tag means we've put him on a back burner to see other options first who might be cheaper but provide a similar caliber, Hammill was not instead of Patterson

25 Jun 2013 09:10:26
think walsall will be worrying now that hudds have decided against paying over the odds for paterson and gone for hammil instead. He`ll walk for nowt now in summer.

Oh my life, he WON'T go for nothing! He's under 24. And club will have to agree a fee with Walsall. And expect it to be quite hefty as he's a key player that has been a starter for years. If no fee is agreed, it will go to tribunal. But he WON'T go for nothing next summer.

25 Jun 2013 19:53:00
They`ll sell before it comes to that. Lad keen to join hudds according to Alan Nixon. Think town wise not to pay a fortune for an untested kid.



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