Football Rumours Archive June 24 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 24 2012 

23 Jun 2012 22:53:37
Preston North End are ready to snap up Striker Nathan Ecclestone from Liverpool on a two-year Contract for an Undisclosed fee.(9)(22)Flamini good player but a bit to old for meI think you have replied back to the wrong post pal?What does flamini have to do with this news.A bit old for Preston N E too but we we would like to sign EcclestoneNathan Eccleston is 21, and i'll be delighted if he signs for PNE.


23 Jun 2012 22:50:08
Peterborough have offered Northampton 200k plus Boyd for Michael Jacobs.

Why when Boyd's alot better anyway?(5)(24)He wants to go up not down not trueBoyd is on a free.Derby have signed him
now they have recieved the money from
Chris Maguire.Plus when the Money from
steve davies and James bailey comes
through they are signing Johnny Russell.
Both players you are not signingBoyds not on a free year left on his deal he is transfer listed posh chairman has said posh not intrested in Russell , and never put in concrete bid or offer for JacobsBoyd is a has been (never made it) Jacobs is prem class. Just daft to say he is better than Jacobs. In a year or two Jacobs will be worth millions.Boyd would never entertain dropping down one division, let alone two! get real!Yeah because Boyd is a League 2 player? Get real. what a load of rubbish. The mighty cobblers, hahaJust no


23 Jun 2012 22:39:11
Scunthorpe United hoping to complete deals of Nathan Clarke and Mike Grella deals soon. Also(12)(10)Mike Grella has been spotted at Valley Parade on two occassions over the last week or so........... Lets see what happens?Knill Obviously has a 'thing' for ex Bury playersGrella been at notts county for talks


23 Jun 2012 22:38:55
Torquay manager Martin Ling would like to sign Billy Boden who spent five months on loan and is no longer required by Swindon. However Martin confirms he is a long way off signing Billy. He says. There are so many lose ends to tie up that signing Billy will provided a major problem, so may switch his interest to Cheltenham's Russell Penn.(3)(9) 

We ain't selling penn -end ofPack would be good for the gulls and plus pack Is not good enough for league 1 yetBilly bodin is going to torquay with mark Ellis going the other way straight swap.Why make up rubbish Torquay could never afford Pack and Penn would not want to leave Cheltenham for Torquay beside the six figure fee it woud cost.Source about swap deal?Bodinb is wanted at Swindon, however he is not yet ready for regular first team football in League 1, which is why he may opt to leave with Torquay and Crewe the favourites to land him. He may yet decide to stay but go out on loan again, Torquay will be interested in that as well.


23 Jun 2012 22:36:56
Millwall Ins;

- Chris Martin - Norwich - 300k
- James Coppinger - Doncaster - 300k


- Steve Mildenhall - Porstmouth
- Scott Barron - Coventry - 200k
- Darius Henderson - Brighton - Undisc
- Dany N'Guessan - Charlton - 350k

- Jimmy Abdou - Wolves
- Liam Trotter - Southampton, Reading, Brighton
- James Henry - Cardiff
- Paul Robinson - Reading(10)(20)We no longer want Paul Robinson.Chris Martin is worth £1m minimum no way anyone is getting for lower than thatFootball isn't a charity. 300k for chris martin is approximately worth the hair on his head.Chris Martin is rubbishOf course we want Paul Robinson he's the heart of are defence Henderson Trotter Abdou and james Henry might go but cardiff arn't even looking at himTo be honest id be happy to settle for 500k for chris hes not prem standard at allChris Martin is a free agent. he's not worth 1 million. He was released by norwichWe don't want n'guessan, boro do!Martin way too good for MillwallIs Scott baron any good would he do a good job for us PUSBC martin rubbish i would keep taking the pills if i were you. 15 goals season in championship easy. {Ed015's Note - To the post above, Chris Martin is still under contract.}Highly doubt coppinger to millwallMartin has not been released200k for Barron? I would bite Coventry's hand off for 100k let alone 200kChris Martin hasn't been released, he's still a Norwich player and worth more than 300k


23 Jun 2012 22:25:53
Bolton Wanderers defender Sam Ricketts may return to former club Swansea.

A fee of around £2.5 million is expected to be offered.

Newcastle United will snap up Hartlepools young prospect Lewis Hawkins in a deal worth around £250,000.

Sunderland captain Lee Cattermole is seriously considering leaving the black cats, it is rumoured that Arsenal are looking at Cattermole. Sunderland will expect offers in the region of £7 to £10 million.(0)(37)Ricketts has just signed a 2-year contract at Bolton so doubt he's going anywhere.Ricketts not going anywhere not @ 2.5 mill anyway nobody would pay that kind of money...Good we don't want him !


23 Jun 2012 22:24:44
Sunderland look set to sign Aiden Mcgeady and, Adam Johnson with the money from the departure of sessegnon and gyan in the next few weeks. Also Sunderland are in talks with real Madrid about José María Callejón on loan with an option to buy. Other target that looks set is Gary Hooper from Celtic oneill will be taking a risk hoping he can perform in the EPL like his does up north. More players will be going out and a few more in with like likes of Dost mentioned.(4)(31) 

Bury interested in Ryan Lowe return so I think he'd rather just league 1 bury over league 2 rotherhamFind it hard to believe that we will sign both adam johnson and Mcgeady, its most likely one or the other as we already have mclean and larsson! Oh and i would put money on it being mcgeady aswell, as i believe the likes of spurs and liverpool are looking at johnsonTAKING A RISK? every signing is a risk.Moyes took a risk on Jelavic oh he cuame from the SPL EDUCATION NEEDED because the league is poor doesnt mean some QUALITY ISNT IN IT. JIM THE TIM CELTIC FOREVER 10 MILL FOR HOOPER.Won't sign Johnson even if he is a mackem, not a geordie as geordie fools say, his family are all mackems so find it hard they would let him be a spewcastle fan, will be mcgeady Id say, with fletcher and agbonlahor coming in


23 Jun 2012 22:21:26
rotherham united reportedly interested in chris 0'grady or ryan lowe(8)(13)If Lowe would go anywhere he'd come back to bury h saod sh himself when he leftI'm interested in Connie Huq but the chances are slim mate!
Seriously Lowe drop two divisions when he's got his only career chance to play in the championship. COG might leave Owls but unlikely to be to anyone lower then L1Lowe is staying cos DJ he deserves a chance of playing championship football_wtid


23 Jun 2012 22:12:08

Reading bid £2million for Adam Clayton

This would seem to mean a bid for Jacob Butterfield is no longer.
Reading also want to do a double from Leeds and bring Snodgrass to Berkshire in a £4million bid(19)(27)Defo not worth 2 millI cant imagine leeds letting them go as they will be expecting another promotion push, they always expect too much from their club.

TrueLoyalRoyalI dont believe they would bid 2 mill, when Leeds only want around 800k

Go baxk to playing footy managerHe has been released so it would be on a freeIf u muppets can get promotion then it will be walk in the park for leeds, so why would snodgrass take a backward stepClayton was put on transfer list by Neil Warnock,

Admittley it would take more to get Snodgrass away but money talksLeeds want 1.5 mil for clayton and he is transfer listed so leeds will sell him

LufcJaySnodgrass may want to test himself in the premier league, somewhere Leeds havent been and wont be for a whileClayton can go, Snodgrass definitely not'I cant imagine leeds letting them go as they will be expecting another promotion push, they always expect too much from their club.'

Reading were probably still expecting a promotion push, having lost in the play off finals in 2011.. but still sold their Shane Long who was their main source of goals.Huddersfield are upping their bid for Clapton to over £1.2million as Leeds not in rush to sell so he Warnock will sell to highest bidder when it suits Leeds!!as for snoodgrass won't go until January and only if we are not pushing for premier!! And certainly for £4 mill person laugh out loud motNeither have been released so it wouldnt be free , get ur facts right


23 Jun 2012 22:08:52
Cheltenham are interested in signing Chris McPhee, who was a previous target for manager Mark Yates.(4)(10)No chance and he was never a target for Yates. Martin Allen looked at him and decided against it.He was a target for Yates actually. Get your facts right.


23 Jun 2012 21:42:58
reading make enquiries for alex smithies and jack hunt(8)(18)Jack hunt maybe but not smithies we have enough goalkeepersJack hunt just signed new deal at hudds smithies not even 1st choice at huddsAha another laughable reading post,i'll tell you what why don't reading put a bid in to buy huddersfield because thats the only way you'd get our players!
I like how in 1 sentence everybody in EPL wants our players then in the next where dead certainties for relegation in championship.
rhodes,smithies and hunt all staying and with money to spend and quality coming in lets just see how high up the league we finish!UTT
terrier85Why would Reading want a team that couldnt dominate League 1?? The only player we want from you is Rhodes and before you go blabbing about how it is not going to happen, neither you or me know if it will. Talks between Reading and Huddersfield are behind closed doors, if we get him then good. If not, we will see how he does at Championship level and I hope he does well, reminds me of a young Alan Shearer.



23 Jun 2012 22:06:43
Bristol Rovers have lined up three new players to be unveiled on July 1st .

Alan Connell and Izale McCleod have both agreed two year deals whilst David Artell has agreed an 18 month deal with a further 12 month option.

Rovers have offered Muzzy CArayol a best ever contract
to stay but sources inside the club have said he is likely to join Middlesboro in a 300k deal.(11)(12)I'd love for these to be true, but don't think Artell would sign for us, especially on a contract that ends half-way through a season.Muzzy has said he want to join boro but they wont pay more than £150.000 for him and rovers will not let him go for less than £400.000What do you mean halfway through a season 18 months is a year and a half


23 Jun 2012 22:06:23
Cheltenham Town are interested in signing out on contract striker Maxi Hobbs.(1)(6)This lad's meant to have a cracking left foot on him, would be a great signing.


23 Jun 2012 22:01:56
Ryan Donk from Club Brugge to leicester


23 Jun 2012 21:56:10
Nicky bailey has handed a Come and get me plea to charlton.

bailey has a soft spot for charlton ever since he joined them years ago and has heard alot about the training regimes and chris powells regime as a whole and is hoping powell will consider a 2nd spell in south-east London for the former fan favourite.(6)(16)Will charlton pay 2.5+ mill for him, because thats what the boro will wantI've said this before and I'll say it again. I'm best mates with Nickys brother in law (who recent moved up to Boro with the rest of his family) and he is loving life up north and he is not coming to Charlton. Besides after the penalty miss I don't think many Charlton fans want him backGood Player but Boro have turned him into a holding midfielder which I don't think Charlton need because we have Danny Hollands and Brad Pritchard that can play that role.I would take Bailey back, but if were prepared to spend 2.5million I'd rather it was on someone else as we could get better for that amount.Im a charlton fan and the penalty miss didnt mean anything.. we still love him OH NICKY BAILEY.Boro's manager has said that they dont want to sell and confused to sell, like said above they rate him at 2 mill minimum ( which I think is too much but hay ho ) and I wouldn't want him back, ran of at the first sign of trouble when we didn't go up after the first year, I want you to keep him so we have someone to boo along with Danny murphyThe man makes too many mistakes, it was not the penalty miss it was his pass that made the equaliser when we were ahead. The penalty miss just added to it. He is a liability, he gets goals and gives goals away, that's just the player he is. We've moved on so should he.


23 Jun 2012 21:39:35
Curtis Davies to have talks with Norwich City manager Chris Hughton on Monday about a possible move(20)(7)CH is still on holiday..doubt the first thing he does when he gets back will be talking to new players before his current squad. doh


23 Jun 2012 21:20:11
Peterborough have offered Northampton 200k plus Boyd for Michael Jacobs.(4)(18)Going to readingWhat are you on? never heard anything so ridiculous. I wish people would think about what they are posting,and try to keep it credible!


23 Jun 2012 21:18:16
is giles coke comming to notts county i dont i dont know if its true or not(11)(3)Ex stag if he can help us for promotion bring him


23 Jun 2012 21:16:21
Benik Afobe could be making his second loan stint at Huddersfield Town. The you striker impressed first time round and with them being in a higher division it offers him the familiar surroundings but a new challenge.(9)(7)He didn't impress at allDidnt impress massively did he. but 18months older now so wouldn't mind him at town wouldn't be guaranteed 1st team football and wouldn't even happen if grayson brings in mcCormack!
terrier85No chance him coming back


23 Jun 2012 21:16:04
Arsenal accept £6Million bid from Stoke for Striker Chamakh(25)(17)Yes , Chamakh-Jarvis-Phillips-Mirallas-Clerc-Owen-Etuhu all possibly at the brit this year?6 million? If this is true which I seriously doubt Pulis has completely lost the plot.. I'd play Mama over him, even with ligament damage!Chamakh isn't interesting Stoke at allHe doesn't seem like a Stoke 'style' player. Arsenal have perhaps the worst injury record in the Prem, all flair no strength. That and Tony Pulis doesn't know how to deal with flair players, I know Tuncay was past his best but his treatment of him was simply awful, he hasn't treated Jerome much better either. Apart from Owen if Stoke sign another striker it's likely to be someHope this is wrong. The lad is poor at the best of timesBut stoke are so far into negotiations with owen??Being a Stoke fan i can't see Chamakh coming to Stoke. Reckon he'll go back to France. Nice to think he would join though..Not sure where this has come from but is total nonsense. Stoke are not and never have been interested in Chamakh


23 Jun 2012 21:15:43
York will NOT let go of Ashley Chambers, seeing as he's just signed a new deal...(5)(5)


23 Jun 2012 21:10:31
ex arsenal player freddie ljungberg on the radar of sheffield united according to his aggend(7)(24)More likely on Terry venables'is radar for wembley fc in the fa cup.


23 Jun 2012 21:10:03
Crystal Palace want to sign Leroy Lita(15)(9)Wanna betGood luck with him lol


23 Jun 2012 21:09:46
Huddersfield Town in the next few days will most likely be signing the following 4 people:

1: Ross McCormack
2: Paul dixon
3: Danny Wilson
4: Adam Clayton

These 4 shall probably be Huddersfield Town players within the next few days and in the next week or so Huddersfield will also probably sign grant mccann . i have also heard from a reliable source that lee Peltier will be returning to the Yorkshire club unless Leeds pick up their offer(11)(17)Would welcome them all! Sounds like we'll have a great squad!Claytons going to readingClayton is going reading
McCormack is going Brighton
Dixon is going derby

Wilson is signing thoughReading signing Everyman and his dog! Quickly becoming my most hated team


23 Jun 2012 21:07:21
Wigan will sell Moses to Chelsea but want Lukaku on loan as part of the deal.(4)(15)


23 Jun 2012 20:55:52
Southampton FC signings 2012/2013

Jay Rodriguez Burnley Done
Adam Hammill Wolves £1.5million
Jose Bosingwa Chelsea FREE
Johan Djourou Arsenal £3.5 million
Steven Davis Rangers £1.8 million(12)(41)Adam Hammill wouldn't re-join Southampton, and Bosingwa and Djourou wouldn't go there either, Jay Rodriguez is already definite and the Steven Davis rumour is more likely.Yes
NoNot djourou, Napoli allegedly bid 8m for himHa ha ha, now i am an out and out Saints fan, but we have NO chance of signing Bosingwa. He's almost certainly after £100k+ per week. What twit, twet or twut wrote this!? Pompey fan, no doubt!Adam Hammill wud be great if wolves are paying u 1.5mill to buy him ;-) Never seen a play step over the ball more times than him and do nothingBosingwa , ur having a laff m8Djourou was last released last week according to sky sports news app, hammill WILL be a good player if nurtured correctly and given a good run in the teamGlad you aren't the manager, of those three are donkeys, one we've signed and the other isn't worth the wages he'd demand.Jay is a done deal, we are not after Hammill, Boswinga is just unrealistic, Djourou isnt that good in my opinion and Davis is a definate possibility.


23 Jun 2012 20:49:55
Matt Jarvis to Stoke will be confirmed on 1st July.

Very reliable source

Possible part exchange involving Danny Higginbotham rather than Danny Collins which was previously thought to be the case(18)(16)Very foolish, he's going nowhere !! WOMStoke HAVEN'T agreed a deal for Jarvis. I know that 100% although it could well happen. I take it you're the same person who is guessing the other rumours that appeared at the same time.Making up rumours that he's staying at Wolves won't make it happenAs a Wolves fan I would gladly accept a player and cash deal ,the question is how good is jarvo at rugby ?Well "rugby" didn't end in relegation for us did it..."how good is jarvo at rugby?"
Because Wolves are well known for their silky play and tiqui-taca passing.How good is Jarvo at rugby?
As good as Wolves were at staying in the Prem lolWe're clearly better at rugby than you are at football, enjoy playing CharltonJarvis hasnt agreed anything with anybody! Thats a factIt is a fact.......he hasn't agreed anything but more than likely will next week. Not sure how good he is at rugby but should fit nicely into a Stoke side that have beaten Wolves in the last 4 meetings. 'We went Valencia- you're going to Peterbro' '


23 Jun 2012 20:49:48
Notts County are to sign free agent
Guy Branston on a six month deal.
The 33 year-old is a close friend of
Keith Curle and is keen on a move
back to Meadow Lane.(2)(14)NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!! he lasted half an hour last time here - don't tell me he's lost three stone and got faster.Conference taxi for a Mr Branston please!You have got to be joking.His best friend is CEO Jim Rodwell, but this won't happen.He was rubbish last time around, so why would we bring him back after his release from burton?


23 Jun 2012 20:48:22
Taylor to Norwich or Everton for 2.5 mil
Peterborough interested in the Stevenage pair of Bostwick and Freeman but this is starting to look unlikely as they may be signing new contracts. However, interest in Johnny Russell has risen so at last peterborough will have a second decent striker.(2)(11)Posh aren't interested in Johnny RussellFreemans not leaving them thoThey are intersted in RussellJust thouht Id say. Russell is AMAZING after a few years on FIFA 12 haha. Jnm


23 Jun 2012 20:47:23
Notts county to sign
Lloyd sam - free
Gui assulain - free
Ben Davies - 150k
Jonathan forte 150k
Daniel bogdanovic - free
Fitz hall - free
Alex Bruce - free
Kieron freeman - loan

Krystian pearce -300k Derby
Gavin mahon - free - Preston
Liam Mitchell - loan - nuneaton(7)(22)You think a mid table league 1 club are getting Gui Assulian? Dream on, much bigger clubs chasing him..Assulin u must be joking he can go to the budesliga and the championship no chancePearce is 140k but davies is correct(Derby)I assume you mean £1.5 million for the amazing Jonathan ForteLet's get that deal machine going! I'd take that lot right now.Do it Ray (chairman @ Notts)!Hope its true.Fitz Hall & Gai Assulin are being chased by Championship clubs they wouldn't drop down to a mid table League 1 team.If were paying similar prices wouldn't a straight swap ben davies for pearce make sense?Notts county just missed the play offs.Hall is a target as is Sam, but both have other offers.
Pearce off to Derby but Mahon will stay.
Bruce is likely, Forte Boggy and Freeman wont happen.
They are looking at a top name striker, with a great pedigree, having played international football. He's out of contract. Also looking at an unknown payer from over seas.
Davies wont be back, and Assulain is just silly!Assulin!? Are you having a laugh!? He's far to good for a tinpot league 1 team!Hardly tinpot, we finished 7th and are looking to go up this season.If asulin is soo good, then why did man city release him?


23 Jun 2012 20:47:09
Cardiff City are to sign Simon Cox for £3 million in the next few days(14)(12)That would be great we just need to sign Simon Church with him as well...what's your source?I rate Simon Cox very highly but not Church no disrespect to Reading or to Church himself but Simon would be a class signing.
What is your source?


23 Jun 2012 20:41:31
Stoke City have 4 Million bid accepted for Blackpool winger Matt Phillips(15)(22)Where have u heard thsI wud luv him,young and a very talented player.No not happening, let me speak for all non blackpool fans who keep putting up post about how ince and phillips are going. INCE AND PHILLIPS ARE STAYING. INCE HAS SAID HE WILL STAY AND PHILLIPS SAID THAT HE WILL MOST LIKELY STAY.Brilliant"most likely stay"? Doesn't sound that convincing does it?Im not a Blackpool fan and even I know Ince and Phillips are staying next season. Maybe after if they havent got promotion they might move. Anyway Phillips wouldnt suit Stokes style of play...He plays football.


23 Jun 2012 20:39:36
West Brom to sign Sone Aluko on a free transfer and Steven Naismith for a cut price of 1.5 million.(13)(6)Naismith going to everton


23 Jun 2012 20:32:26
Former Bournemouth defender Mathieu Baudry and Doncaster defender James Chambers are in talks with league one side Walsall(5)(6)Surprised when bournemouth released mathieu baudry as we remain short of central defenders with cookes court case going on, addison still not decided about returning to afcb and a injury prone dodgy... captain. mathieu never let us down and was outstanding once he was put into midfield changing the game around. wish him all the bestI tell you what id Walsall sign Baudrey they've got a very good centre back in there hands. We should of never released him :,(Baudry set to sign 1 year-contract with the saddlers on tuesday


23 Jun 2012 20:35:32
Stoke City have 4 Million bid accepted for Blackpool winger Matt Phillips(15)(20)Arent stoke,reading,southampton,west ham, villa and about 6 championship clubs after him as wellHe has already said he is staying at blackpool, plus he would be worth more than that and wouldnt go to a team like stoke.A bid can be accepted from more than one club mate, then the talks begin. Obviously never played Football Manager!Because you know what teams he would go to don't you? By a team like Stoke I take it you mean a Prem club :-)No i mean a top prem club, stoke are a midtable prem team every year, they play boring football and are never gonna get anywhere, ollie wouldnt let him go to stokeYou have NO IDEA where Holloway would let him go to so don't pretend you do. If any of your players were good enough for top 6 clubs they would be playing there but they're NOT.When Holloway said "I'm only letting my player go to a top 5 prem club" thats how I knew.It's funny how I can't see from any reliable source that a bid has been accepted but it popped up on a rumour site that anyone can post on. Must be true!


23 Jun 2012 20:28:48
Huddersfield Town to loan Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea to give the youngster first team experience(6)(33)More delusion by Huddersfield fans Lukaku wants to play near or in London and will play for someone like fulhamAs if ,lolThat would be awesome but hes getting regular starts at Chelsea and could play a big part for them next season so no dont be stupdAnother deluded town fan get a grip we arent gonna sign all these big payers haha from a town fanWhy he sign for Chelsea from the Belgium First Division on order to play for Huddersfield? Doesn't make sense.I really doubt this but it would be fantastic if it happened :O)Haha pls don't put these things don't want every1 thinking we're as deluded as READING,P'BORO AND SAINTS fans,still though could you imagine rhodes and lakaku tearing it up!


23 Jun 2012 20:25:37
Huddersfield town to have made an enquiry to tottenham over three possible loan deals with Jake Livermoor, Andros Townsend and Iago Falque(10)(7)No they haven't more lies from Huddersfield fansHow do you know it's from a Huddersfield fan?


23 Jun 2012 20:19:38
Bristol City have made a fresh bid for Richard Keogh of £400k and James Wilson this comes from a very reliable source at Coventry I am told they will accept the offer if WIlson agrees to the move(9)(9)Sounds like a great deal all round - hope it happensWont be accepted if true cov want atleast 1milCould be a great deal just hope Bristol put a good sell on clause on WilsonWhy would Wilson go, he's one of our best defenders. Swap Damion Stewart for Wilson and we're talking


23 Jun 2012 20:18:52
Barnsley to sign Left sided midfielder, a playmaker, and a goalkeeper. Also could buy a defender. Possible signings Keith Teacy, Lee Williamson, Nile Ranger, Oliver Norwood, Kevin Kilbane, Patrick Agyemang and Jacob Butterfield VERY likely signing a new contract after no guarantee of first-team football.(9)(14)Treacy and ranger will sign for wednesday


23 Jun 2012 20:10:39
Max gradel to return to the championship after middlesbrough agreed a deal to sign him,tony mowbray also close to finalising a deal for barnsley skipper jacob butterfield(7)(24)Of course he is, after moving back home for a season, bsButterfield is having second thoughts after Barnsley signed mido and is impressed by the clubs ambitionsAmbition? Signing a player with Midos Track record. If I was Butterfield I'd get out asapIf nobody offers anything it will go to tribunal. But say if someone offers 2 mil, he can go without tribunal!Love to see him at Boro, but realistically think hed probably settle for being a squad player initially at a decent prem side


23 Jun 2012 20:01:02
Huddersfield Town are in talks to sign former Dundee United defender Paul Dixon.(16)(7)


23 Jun 2012 19:43:26
David Bentley is wanted by Spanish side Getafe.

It is believed he will take this opportunity in a bid for a fresh start.

Spurs will accept a bid in the region of £2 million.(18)(5)


23 Jun 2012 19:38:07
Aston Villa, Norwich City & Everton are battling it out for Peterborough United's £2.5m striker Paul Taylor(7)(17)


23 Jun 2012 19:34:07
Out of contract midfielder Martin Devaney is in talks with old club Cheltenham.

It is also believed he would consider a return to Barsnley if the offer came, but this seems highly unlikely after his career has crashed in the past year.(3)(9)McGlashan is better than Devaney.Interesting. He would certainly come back in order to get first team football after a long period of not playing.

As previously mentioned though, Cheltenham have two excellent wingers in the form of Mohammed and McGlashan. Where would Devaney fit?


23 Jun 2012 19:29:05
Barnsley youngster Jacob Butterfield is wanted by all three of the newly promoted premiership teams, (reading, southampton and west ham).

As well as this, SPL champions Celtic are also interested in the youngster.

Barnsley will accept no less then £2 million.(7)(14)His contract is running out though!Barnsley cant really demand a fee it will go to tribunalThis dude hasnt a clue 2m for a free agent?Contract already expired on butterfieldIt will go to tribunal. Whoever picks him up won't have to pay more than 750k from a tribunal


23 Jun 2012 19:18:46
Wycombe Wanderers midfielder Matt Bloomfield is being tracked by Watford.

It is believed that a bid of £125,000 may be table within the next week.(0)(9)He just signed a new contract and recently got married to settle down.Contracts dont mean a thing these days, and also its not as if Wycombes 200 miles from Watford.Enjoy £900 a week at Wycombe when he can move down the road and be paid £3000 a week and championship football instead of league 2And he's rubbish so thats not gonna happenBloomfield has been at wycombe ten years for a reason, we don't want him thanks.


23 Jun 2012 19:05:12
Ross County striker Colin McMenamin linked with a move to English football with Carlisle, Preston and Oldham all rumoured to be interested in the experienced scot.(3)(4)Doubt it. Carlisle just signed Danny Cadamateri who is an expierienced strikerWould welcome thatCarlisle still need to replace one more striker


23 Jun 2012 19:13:35
Bristol City looking at ex Norwich defender Zac Whitbread, who is set to join City at the start of pre season on trial to prove his fitness(6)(12)He would easily get in most of the mid table - bottom half prem teams why would he choose bristol city a mid table champ club besides i've heard he is going to the MLS


23 Jun 2012 19:11:47
Reading have been gazumped by Swansea in the race to sign Jordan Rhodes. Offer rumoured to be 6.5 million. Huddersfield will use 1 million to secure Sean Morrison from Reading and 1.5 million to sign both McCormack and Clayton from Leeds(8)(21)No they wont, 1.5 wouldnt get adams boots, jokerReally? Get inline!You do realise that if Reading really want Rhodes they will use Huddersfield interest in Morrison as a bargaining tool. I assume it would go something like this.

Reading: "If you sell Rhodes to someone else you can forget signing Morrison"Rhodes will go wherever the best deal is for him. and i think fulham will be the place. Reading are dreaming if they think that morrison is special.To be honest Rhodes is a far more sought after commodity than Morrison(as much id love him becoming a Town player) so that is a nonsense statement.Swansea don't have the money, Reading have been in talks with Rhodes and are close to a deal with a part exchange of Sean Morrison + big cash. He is keen.It does not matter if Rhodes is more sought after, we will not sell Morrison to you if we do not get Rhodes. Also Rhodes would only be back up at Swansea, he will replace Hunt if we sign him.Rhodes will only go if the money is right. Morrison did a good job for us but Dean Hoyle will not be fooled any more (that's why he got rid of Clark).So your saying that if we sell Rhodes to someone else Reading will take their bat and ball home and sit sulking like a spoilt brat? would love to see that lolReading fans are getting way ahead of themselves with this Rhodes deal, its no where near being close to done.Swansea do have the money, but are not chasing Rhodes, a player that is only proven at league one level for £8 million? No thanks6.5 for a league 1 striker without pace!! doubtfulYou will not sell us morrison if you don't get rhodes? so if Fulham offer more or Celtic offer more and he goes there you won't sell a player you clearly have no intention of playing? seriously lad think before you TYPE for gods sake! you have just seriously looked a complete muppet there and unless you are the CEO who the flying fox are you to say what Reading will do? Seriously disliking Reading and its fans by the minute, hope you crash back to the championshipHave heard morrison wants 20k a week for town which they are simply not willing to pay they are happy to pay him 10k a weekHuddersfield will only get morrison from Reading if Rhodes goes the other way, Reading dont have to sell and will put pressure back on the Yorkshire side if they want a deal.£3m max no better than that .... like the previous comment said , no pace totally agreeI wouldn't mind if Rhodes went to big club, say challenging for Europe but Reading please god no.Jelovic at everton hasn't got pace but look what he does in the 18 yard box. Pace isn't everything is it.You clearly dont understand. I'm not saying we wouldn't sell Morrison. I said we wouldn't sell him to Huddersfield if they sold Rhodes to another team. That is of course if Reading really want him.


23 Jun 2012 19:10:23
Simon Grayson aiming to reunite by signing duo Max Gradel and Ross McCormack to Huddersfield.(13)(23)


23 Jun 2012 19:09:04
Two big Spanish signings coming to Brighton very soon!(6)(13)Both over 6ft 6''?Good one!That's tallYou've misunderstood. Two big Spanish signs are coming to Brighton. Ones says "Madrid 1094 miles" and the other "Barcelona 973 miles" {Ed029's Note - Nice one!Any names??


23 Jun 2012 18:55:54
Huddersfield wanting to look at David Wotherspoon of Hibs when they meet in a friendly in July.(15)(3)


23 Jun 2012 18:55:33
QPR and Fulham are both wanting the signature of Jermain Defoe.

Spurs will accept a fee of around £4 million.(12)(14)£4 million for an england international striker

What everNorwich also interested£ cuckoo....landHe's worth more than thatSpuds will want 8mill and until they have a manager no one in or outNorwich are NOT interested please get real people.How mant strikers do QPR want?Don't see Defoe being in any hurry to leave now guess he'll wait to see who comes in as manager. But i'd say Fulham or QPR would be favs to get him if the new guy wants shot of him4 million, he's one of the best finishers in the league


23 Jun 2012 18:54:19
Bury to sign Michael Symes from bournmouth after he been told that he's spurles to requirements(8)(5)That would be a great signing we want Michael Symes say we want Michael symesHe's been released so I'd suggest he is surplus to requirements.I think you're in a minority of 1Hes a quality strikerAnd his goal scoring stats are poor.


23 Jun 2012 18:54:05
Freddie Ljungberg set to sign for Fleetwood after his Shimizu-S Pulse contract expires on July 1st.(10)(30)They dont have a big enough wage budget for freddie. he got around 13-17,000 pounds wage at shimizu.


23 Jun 2012 18:53:05
Fulham, West Ham, Cardiff & Ipswich are hopeful of signing Guidetti from Man City on a season long loan as Man City want him to gain Experience at a well established English side before he breaks through into their own first team.

If Man city want him at a English side, he wont be going to Cardiff then, will he?(10)(6)I think he means an english league teamAny club will want him, it depends where would he get the most game time i suggest us (Cardiff) or Fulham because West Ham have got a lot of strikers on their books and they are hunting Castaignos and Grant Holt and Ipswich there's not much attraction to them no disrespect to Ipswich.You may not have meant to be disrespectful, but you clearly have been. No disrespect, but who are you to say whether Ipswich is an attractive place to come to or not? It's down to the players to decide what is attractive to them, usually depending on what money they get offered (clearly however, that is not the case in a loan).


23 Jun 2012 18:50:14
Bristol Rovers to re-sign Ijah Anderson on a pay-as-you-play basis.(0)(10)


23 Jun 2012 18:26:51
Bristol rovers to sign Ross Weare on a two year deal.(1)(11)


23 Jun 2012 18:18:37
Are u having a laugh he was on loan to Newport County and hardly played for them!(2)(5)


23 Jun 2012 18:50:40
Vincente will finally put pen to paper on Tuesday to a two year deal at the Amex. The carrot that has been dangled for Vincente is for him to play and create play for the surprise signing of the summer...Michael Owen, who has been offered an initial one year deal( this was suited to both parties as Owens wages are high and he would look to go to America next summer). Brighton also looking at target man( Aarron McLean). Negotiations to start next week.(10)(11)Michael Owen will not move more than 1 hour away from his Cheshire home. Fact! He is set to sign for Stoke City. He's held initial talks with Chairman Peter Coates. Do you honestly think a player like that would join Brighton? Dream on fella.Just read my post back and it's Vicente not Vincente. But it is happening. {Ed003's Note - well that clears that up then :s }How do you know this mate whats your sourse . i was told 2 players from spain are signingIf Owen signs I'll eat my pantsHe is called Vicente, and the Owen rumour is cack.Michael Owen no chanceFfs. he is called vicente!!! and owen is not coming to brighton!!!!Would be good to see owen sign for us, doubt it will happen though.Aeron Mclean, target man, you do know he is under 6ft, and he is not a target manI do laugh at people saying no chance.. I can assure you that he has spoken with Bloom and Gus who do want to make him a surprise signing and has said that he would consider Brighton. His comments in that meeting were he would prefer to stay in the premiership and yes Stoke is an option for him. It is interesting another person on here stated the US option as he has also been offered a chance in China, both of which have appealed but not yet. What has supposedly been offered is a 2 year contract similar to Vicente with the chance to break it at the end of the first year if he can get back to full fitness and hammering in the goals. I know there are people here who hide behind the computer screens and yes Brighton HAS been a small club but the foundations are being laid to make Brighton a much bigger club for the longetivity and Ipswich, Derby, Leeds have history but that is all in the past. Brightons model of business on and off the pitch is the future and watch this space!Brighton will have one big signing to partner vincente probably from spain around 3 millon mark


23 Jun 2012 18:48:51
Sheffield Wednesday to sign Marlon Harewood and Jason Koumas after there trails on a 2 year deal and we are heavily linked with Ebanks-Blake from wolves... Which will see the likes of Ryan Lowe, Chris OGrady, Mike Jones, Daniel Jones, David Putton and Jamaine Johnson leave either on loans or perminate deals(8)(11)Thats rubbish as we havnt even seen Harewood or Koumas play in pre season yet.Johnson has just signed a new cotract you fool.Jermaine Johnson has only just a week ago signed a new contract at Wednesday, why would he leave now.....Get your facts right.Harewood hasn't even started his trial yet! Koumas has been training away from the first team too. Why would DJ give them a trial if he knew he was going to sign them? He'd just offer them a contract straight away if he already made his mind up.Made up rubbish. Can't even spell Players names eg Putton? Who is that?Harewood and Koumas would be given 12 month deals at the most. JJ has signed a new contract and DJ has already stated Lowe will be staying. Utter rubbish!!


23 Jun 2012 18:35:52
Fryatt and Futacs to hold talks at Oakwell Monday

Source: Academy Staff(12)(15)Barnsley can't afford Matty Fryatt!Barnsley have nowhere near enough for fryatt! They offered under £100k for brighton's captain ffs! Pathetic!Barnsley carnt afford futacs lolI'd love to know where this misconception of barnsley havin no money at all has come from. They spend nothing because the owner doesn't like to spend not because they can't..but i can't see fryatt comin, would love it to happen but then again, stranger things have happened in football


23 Jun 2012 18:30:53
Huddersfield Town are favorites to bring out of favour striker Sam Baldock in on loan from West ham. After not featuring much in the previous campaign it is seen he would be a good accompaniment for Jordan Rhodes also enabling him first team football.(12)(11)Replacement dont you mean?Who says they are favourites - you i suspect - no one else
As for you keeping Rhodes ---- as if!Only be good accompaniment for rhodes if he goes to reading, because thats where rhodes will beI thought he was gone at the end of the season, but with him saying he wants to stay and the strong rejections who knows..We are keeping Rhodes-we do not want to sell him,he does not want to go,end of.Reading fans GO AWAY it's embaressing for everybody now after all the rubbish about rhodes coming turned out to be made up, you just come on to town comments and start again it's quite sad really you got nowt better to do especially on saturday night, unless your not older enough to go out that is
You keep your rumours and we'll keep Jordan Rhodes!
terrier85He will be gone before season starts, end of


23 Jun 2012 18:28:43
Manchester United have had an offer accepted for Karim Benzema as Real Madrid look to free up £30 million to capture Luka Modric.(5)(38)Why would man u give madrid the money to get their target.He also said uniteds tried to sign him last 4 seasons and hes happy at madrid


23 Jun 2012 17:53:40
guy madjo was only on loan at aldershot, as madjo was loaned out to vale earlier on in the season. Madjo plays for stevenage, or he has been released. one or the other. but he doesnt play for aldershot!(2)(2)I think you will find that Aldershot did sign Guy Madjo on a permanant deal.He joined Aldershot for an "undisclosed five-figure fee" back In January. If you don't know the facts, it's really not difficult to google things to check....


23 Jun 2012 17:53:09
walsall defender darryl westlake is to be reveiled as a sutton coldfield town player on monday(0)(7)


23 Jun 2012 17:53:01
Martin boyle confirms he will be training with aberdeen from the 2nd July on twitter! #hope he's good(2)(2)


23 Jun 2012 17:50:59
Fulham, West Ham, Cardiff & Ipswich are hopeful of signing Guidetti from Man City on a season long loan as Man City want him to gain Experience at a well established English side before he breaks through into their own first team.(2)(9)Newcastle and sunderland as well toon fanCardiff? Ipswich? do me a favour, the lad is quality and has just had a sensational season in holland, do you live in cloud cuckoo land? he's going out on loan but defo not to the championshipI have it on good authority from an itfc official that loach,wick ham and baldock,plus a top prem fringe defender will sign for Ipswich by the end of this month as they are all on holiday abroad at this time.100% genuine.(blue till I die)I have also heard that Marcus Evans will not give Jewell too much money as he could be sacked if we have a bad start to the coming season.What's wrong with the championship it's more competitive than premier leagueWho's on loan though! Do we want loanees


23 Jun 2012 17:49:51
Stevenage and Shrewsbury Town are looking to sign James Wallace on a season long loan.(2)(4)Well he has got 2 contract offers that he is deciding over. One from Preston and the other tranmere!We were distictly unimpressed by his first loan stint at the ShrewsWould take David Macallister back on loan any day. Forget James Wallace, wasn't impressed at allHe looked good but got a red card and injury


23 Jun 2012 17:42:50
middlesbrough enter the race to sign sone aluko on a free transfer after the winger announced he is leaving rangers charlton,bolton,huddersfield and blackburn also interested(12)(4)I wouldnt get to eager this guy is a one trick pony,played bit part at rangers,he is no loss.Soni aluko, i would defo have him at boro without a doubt, still young and has flourished in the spl, his sisters a handy player too haha englands star strikerAye, he may well have been a one trick pony, probably the best player Rangers had last season, what does that say for the rest of them.Jealous ranges fan ^^No loss?? you must be joking! 12 or 13 goals in 22/23 games for a wide player is decent..much better than whoever plays wide for boro....I've heard quite a bit about this rumour on Charlton sites so I think there maybe something in it. I cant see him choosing Boro over Charlton, similar size clubs but Charlton are in a more metropolitan area. Unless it's all about wages in which case he'll go to Boro, we'll not compete on that score.


23 Jun 2012 17:34:49
Brighton in talks with free agent Danny Guthrie. Aston Villa are also pondering a move for the Newcastle midfeilder after losing Jermaine Jenas to a season-ending injury.(1)(14)Brighton, you having a laugh he will go to a premier league club!The season hasn't even started yet!!!!, how do you know he is out for the whole of the 2012-13 season?Not brighton someone like villa, fulham, qpr or evertonSource?Player has already stated he wants to move back to the midlands and will go to either villa or wbaBrighton are not after Guthrie who will stay in the EPL and Jenas is not a Villa player. Jeeeeeez....................... think before you hit the keyboardJeans isnt a villa player. He was on loan last season from Spurs, when he got injured and then returned to them. Why would Villa be bothered if he is injured next season ?


23 Jun 2012 17:15:20
Any afc Wimbledon news ed {Ed001's Note - none that I know of, sorry.}(2)(1)


23 Jun 2012 17:10:53
Cheltenham Town will next week make a double swoop for Aldershot's Anthony Straker and Guy Madjo respectively.(3)(7)Straker yes but we would want better than Madjo.Yeah yeah-this straker rumour has been doing the rounds for weeks now-yates himself said he has not spoken to the player or any of his representatives-would like to know who/where all these rumours are coming from-that being said straker would be a good aquisition.Madjo did not impress when he played for Cheltenham a few years ago, and that was when the fans would have desperately taken any striker that could hold up the ball and/or score.


23 Jun 2012 17:08:35
Cheltenham Town are looking to take West Brom's Saido Berahino on loan after the striker impressed for Brentford last season.(2)(10)Proven at this level after a good season with Northampton last season, and you could go to worse Academies that West Brom's for talented young players.


23 Jun 2012 17:04:32
Cheltenham manager Mark Yates will raid his former club Kidderminster for captain Mike Williams who had an impressive season at Aggborough.(0)(9)


23 Jun 2012 16:59:52
Cheltenham manager Mark Yates will hold talks with Huddersfield about loaning striker Jimmy Spencer for a second season.(6)(10)


23 Jun 2012 16:58:32
Cheltenham Town manager Mark Yates will look to the loan market again and is expected to sign goalkeeper Sam Johnstone on loan.(1)(10)


23 Jun 2012 16:45:10
Norwich are to settle for Paul Taylor from Peterborough for £2.5 million if they fail to sign Rhodes(10)(12)


23 Jun 2012 16:44:39
Bristol City are set to offer a deal to Malaury Martin. The Frenchman, who has been released from Middlesborough impressed Derek McInnes with long range strikes at Ashton Gate and The Riverside last season.(6)(5)He didn't quite break through at Middlesbrough, but will be fantastic in the right team.. Good luck to him..Likely to remain at mfc if we miss out on a caryol or ladesmaHe is on his way, along with Bart. Both been told they wont be given another contract. Bit of a shame was a decent squad player along with Bart. Think both could do a job for some1.


23 Jun 2012 16:22:52
bolton wanderers have agreed to take ryo miyaichi on loan for the season.
also looking to buy a cb and loan another due to the david wheater injury.
possible targets are matt mills to buy darren o'dea as a free transfer, bolton may try to loan a chelsea player due to it being part of the deal with cahill going to chelsea.(2)(7)Matt Mills has already moved elsewhere.Mills is already in the bag. I would sign Richard Keogh. The loan player is believed to be Chalobah


23 Jun 2012 16:36:02
Miles Addison (Derby) Michael Bostwick (Stevenage) & Johnny Russell (Dundee United) to complete moves to Peterborough United. Posh striker Paul Taylor to join Everton for £2.5m(6)(16)Thought Addison was off to bournemouth?
Is Taylor really prem quality, from what i saw was good but not brilliant


23 Jun 2012 16:32:43
Peterborough striker David Ball will join Oldham Athletic next week after the clubs agreed a fee believed to be worth £250k(5)(6)Wrong AGAIN. we have just signed a striker from newcastle on a free and won't pay that much for a 22yr old.We're do people get this nonsense I am a Oldham fan but even though David ball would be a great signing we don't have two hundred and fifty grand to spendWe haven't got a pot to piss in, or a window to throw it out of!
Never mind £250k!What absolute rubbish we(oldham) are skint we survive on free transfers or loans you talk rubbishAnd wheres the 250k coming from ya plonker,we have not even got £2.50,get real


23 Jun 2012 16:20:06
Peterborough United have had a £1m bid accepted for Dundee United striker Johnny Russell(7)(13)If you get him for 1 mill,its a steal this guy is the real deal.No they haven't. DUFC already passed on the same offer from Celtic and he has more than a full season to run on his deal.Celtic offered 1.5 million for him in january
check sky was rejected.
Derby have enquired and told 2.3 million +
player will get him derby are waiting to sell players before making a dont have that kind of money.No club is going to pay 2.5 for ball you like many clubs in the championship will rely on free transfers i inlcude derby in that


23 Jun 2012 15:44:20
Notts county to sign Giles Coke on a 2 year deal after reaching agreement with sheffied wednesday.

Source: Midlands based football agent.(8)(5)I heard something like that on a shefield wednesday website i hope he joins nottsGiles coke is To sign back for buryWhich agent?Good player bad attitude


23 Jun 2012 15:12:20
Southend United full back Sean Clohessy is a rumoured target for Cheltenham Town as they search for a full back to replace Danny Andrew.(5)(4)LOL - are you on drugs? There's not a cat-in-hell's chance of Clohessy going to Cheltenham....My brother is close friends with him and has been told that Sean would strongly consider a move to Whaddon Road.My mums sisters friends best friends cousin is mates with Sean and he wants to stay at Roots hall..............Not good enough for Cheltenham we have automatic promotion aspirations.Oh and just to add Danny Andrew is a left-back and Sean Clohessy is a RIGHT-back so clearly this is garbage....If he goes to Cheltenham i'll streak naked at the Accrington game.....Why would he take a backward step to join Cheltenham to finish play offs at best when he could be fighting for automatic promotion with Southend next year."Not good enough for Cheltenham we have automatic promotion aspirations."

Lol and we don't?! We were 23 minutes away from automatic promotion last season remember.....

One of the very best RB's in L2 not good enough for you then? Clohessy is going nowhere.Cheltenham have the best right back in the league called Sido Jombati, we would not want Southend cast off. Automatic promotion is our aim next season.Clohessy is better than Jombarti and seeing as Jombarti will probably leave a small club like you this summer you'll be needing a new right back but unfortunately for you he won't be joining Cheltenham. Haha if you think you have a realistic chance of promotion you were a one season wonder and will be back down the bottom of the league next year fighting off relegation.I think this southend fan is jelous of cheltenhams talentHa colhessy better that sido!


23 Jun 2012 16:00:28
Leeds to sign Jay Bothroyd(8)(30)PossibleHe is so bad a can not kick with hes right peg that is so bad 4 someone in the prem tust me


23 Jun 2012 15:47:52
liverpool set to sign ex arsenal player flamini on a free from ac milan(11)(22)I hope he does go out he's a quality player but not ready for Brendan Rodgers new look LIVERPOOL side I'm just worried if we sign gylfi sigurdsson where does that leave gerrard downing an adam also Henderson not that he's much cop anyway way!


23 Jun 2012 14:25:13
Eds, pls could you shine some light on the rhodes/reading story, is he in contact with them or just optimistic reading fans signing everybody.
terrier85 {Ed029's Note - At the moment it's just Reading fans signing everyone but talks could happen in the future.(5)(9)There's definitely been contact. Multiple ITK sources have confirmed it. Reading have a bargaining tool that others don't. Sean Morrison.Odds down from 8/1 to 1/2 for Rhodes to join Reading this summer.I wouldn't be so sure it's idle chatter...according to Oddschecker, Reading are now 1/2 favourites to land Rhodes...unless of course bookies come on here first so that they can set their prices ......;-)Is this the same contact as you enjoyed with Watford??True huddersfield do want morrison but not as much as they want to keep rhodes........... like the man said theres not even been any contact at all between anybody just ppl making stuff up, how often do bookies get it wrong, nearly every early favourite is never the 1 to land the jobs especially in case when betting on managers,
terrier85Bookies don't set the odds from what they know. They set them from the number of guilable punters sticking their cash on a runner. Reading fans think their getting him. They bet. The odds go down. That's how it worksThat should at least silence the 50% of reading fans who make up stuff about talks,swap deals and contracts.
morrison to huddersfield and rhodes to stay
if reading get sulky and dont want to give us morrison then fair enough keep him, good,young lg1 defender do like him but theres more like him around. not many as deadly as jordan rhodes though!Harsh Ed.. We got the story from local and national press. This one wasn't just plucked from a teenage fans FIFA dreams like so many on here!Huddersfield don't need a swap deal to sign Morrison, they have a multi millionaire owner who doesn't mind opening his walletLies he's expected to complete his transfer next week.There was contact with Watford regarding Mariappa and a deal was agreed. Watford reneged on the agreement when Southampton showed an interest as greedy Watford wanted to start a bidding war. All facts.Reading seem to have lost interest in the Watford player, now looking elsewhere so hear. Although his agent putting out the story of him wanting the move.Bookies change their prices based on how many people bet on each possibilityHe is not expected to complete his transfer next week because nothing has been agreed! Bookies odds do not mean anything either. Reading fans have been making me laugh ever since they got taken over....I can understand its all very exciting, but you need to get real...It means nothing that the guy that owns you has all that money as the majority of it has got nothing to do with the club. Your financially secure but you will never be a regular top 8 team.Simon Grayson will not prevent Rhodes from moving to the Premier League with us if it is what Rhodes wants. The best you can do is make the best out of a bad situation and get a very promising CB out of the deal aswell as what I presume will be £6-7million.

TrueLoyalRoyalI think all thats certain is that he is in talks with both Fulham and Reading, most likely will go to Fulham since as we have nabbed Pogrebnyak he will certainly get first team football there, but it depends, Reading are a team with ambition at the moment, if thats what he's after then would be a major point in the royals favourHa do one reading fans!
rhodes doesn't even want to leave! YET
TERRIER85So Terrier85, has he told you this himself? Every decent footballer is ambitious and Huddersfield will not be in the Premier League anytime soon. Why wait when he could move to a team which would offer him first team football week after week?


23 Jun 2012 14:40:16
any burton albion news ed bit quiet(0)(3)


23 Jun 2012 15:39:22
Man Utd want Aston Villa's young starlet Jack Grealish(1)(18)Why should he go when villa.s youth set up is probably better than utd.s the set up is 2nd to none at villa he.l develop better by staying he.s a quality winger though.You are of course correct about Manchester united youth set up.....terrible.Giggs,Beckham,Scholes,Butt,Phil & Gary Neville,Fabio & raphael da Silva,Danny Welbeck all terrible players to name but a few. {Ed029's Note - Butt was hardly a good player, the Neville twins are the biggest jokes ever to play for you and the da Silva twins were bought from Brazil.Ed your better than that look at Gary Neville's game stats he was a quality player with a massive heart {Ed029's Note - And Andriy Voronin is the Premier Leagues best ever striker.Im talking about the preasent not yonks ago you person and stealing other peoples prospects does.nt count eg.. twins.And Welbeck was rejected by the Blue side of city ;).
Grealish has a bright future ahead of him in claret & blue.Well said Ed. The only half decent player to have genuinely come through the the system of any true quality in the last 10 years is Welbeck, hardly an amazing record. They bought the da silva's and they remain unproven at best ! {Ed001's Note - Welbeck is dire.}What a load of rubbish, and from an editor? Gary Neville was one of the best defenders English football has produced. Scholes my admission of Xavi is the top midfielder of his generation. Beckham has carried a nation on his shoulders. Giggs is an amazing professional.

To claim Aston Villa have the best youth set up is stupid. Crewe/Southampton/Arsenal alone would wipe the floor with you.

As for Danny Welbeck being rubbish, I advise you watch more than goal highlights on you tube, his hold up play and movement a little more closely. He is the best forward of his generation. {Ed001's Note - are you really that clueless? Arsenal's youth set up is the same as United's, steal the best kids from elsewhere. That is not good. You know, like Beckham, Scholes, Giggs etc, they were all recruited from other youth teams. As for Gary Neville being the best defender, that is insanity to suggest, he played well with Beckham in front of him. The pair of them had a great understanding, but he was not a great defender, not even close. As for Welbeck, imbecilic comments about him being the best in his generation, he isn't even the best in his house when he is on his own! The lad is awful. It is like watching Djimi Traore reincarnated as a striker. His hold up play and touch is embarrassingly bad.}


23 Jun 2012 15:38:39
Spanish attacking midfielder Michu reported to complete a 6m to Southampton in the next 10 days.(17)(12)Would be the attaching midfielder we need. Brilliant if it is try. Had heard rumours at the £4m mark being rejected, fingers crossed.Could be, and if so I would expect it to be by midweek.Rubbish. Much of Saints budget has been spent on JR. They've been given 12m to play with, which is quite good for a newly promoted club - unless you're Reading of course..And uh, how would you know what the Saints budget is?

Oh! You dont.You Reading guys are not only twits but you know nothing about football. Look into Saints owners and you will find they make Reading look what it is, a toy for a relatively poor Russian who "suggests" his daddy will cough up if needs be. Well, so far, one free transfer!!
Saints-in the last 6 months £31m debt written off, training facilities part way through a £15m modernisation, and they will bring in who they need without paying silly money for transfer cost or wages. And, by the way, did they chuck away the money (that may be the £12m you are confused about) from the sale of OC-hardly.
So, don't know how you came up with £12m but you are, as always, deluded.
Reading-still a small fish, but now in a bigger pond, where you will find you are quickly gobbled up.It's worth noting his release clause is 6m. So, about £4.9m. Also, I'd like to know where this guy a couple of posts above got the £12m budget from. Clubs will hardly ever release that kind of info!You have no idea what saints transfer budget is so why pretend you do?How the hell do you know what our budget is? I can tell you one thing its a lot more than £12m! Dont comment on something you know jack about.


23 Jun 2012 15:38:22
[AO] ML interested in 1.5m Krohn-Dehli. I would take him.(5)(7)


23 Jun 2012 15:32:16
Chamakh to join Stoke in next 2 weeks. The striker is looking at properties in the area and has fallen out of favour at Arsenal(19)(18)'In the area' usually means South Cheshire, So any club in the North West can also be added to the list. Can't see Wenger doing business with Pulis in any shape or form, must be the 2 most stubborn managers in football at opposite ends of the football spectrum.Love him to join stokeI reckon Wenger would off load Chamakh wherever he could.Somewhere abroad not stoke toonfanI really hope this is a lieYou want to hope he is not looking at properties in the area - frankly anywhere within 20 miles of Stoke looks like the world post holocaust!How much stoke paying for him then becasue if it's over 7mil it isto much for what i have seen of him, in the last yearIf anyone believes this rumour I genuinely take pitty on them. Arsenal and Stoke doing business? do me a favourHes on 80k pw ... no chanceAnyone who suggests that Stoke and Arsenal wouldn't do business is a fool. Of course they's business after all. Pulis and Wenger are hardly not on speaking terms either. As for Chamakh........why Stoke would want him is beyond me anyway. Even making the old chestnut of estate agent rumours doesn't make it more likely either"frankly anywhere within 20 miles of Stoke looks like the world post holocaust!"
Ever been north of Watford? Pretty much every where within 20 miles of Stoke is country side, including put not limited to the Peak District. Also within 20 miles of Stoke is the so-called footballer's country of rural South Cheshire (Alderley Edge etc).
And I think the word you were looking for was 'post apocalypse' not 'post holocaust' which simply doesn't make any sense whatsoever.


23 Jun 2012 15:31:19
Morecambe's Kevin Ellison on the move to Rochdale(7)(6)Absolutely no chance of Big Kevin moving anywhere.Signed a new contract before the end of last season. It would cost Dale to get them.


23 Jun 2012 15:15:02
Aston Villa will enquire about Tottenhams Jake Livermore this week(9)(17)Why would they wait until next week. If they are only going to "enquire", why not call today .


23 Jun 2012 15:14:31
Promising Malaga C.F. forward Salomon Rondon is in talks with Chelsea, who have had a £20,000,000 bid accepted by the Liga BBVA side.(5)(17)


23 Jun 2012 15:14:21
John Carew will join Swansea after holding positive talks with new manager Michael Laudrup(11)(23)I think might actually happen but i think that they mght go down toonfanI realy hope not!Having seen this donkey under performing in the championship seems hard to believe a prem team would be so foolish as to sign him!Please tell me your joking? John Carew is possibly one of the worst players ive ever watched!Of course he's linked - he's Norwegian. Means sod all.


23 Jun 2012 15:19:02
Coventry City could appoint Gordon Strachan as manager. Strachan has strong links with the club and has shown a passion to get the club back to the Championship(12)(13)Please be true but with thorn becoming scout againNo he hasn't.Strachan would do a good job for us,fingers crossed its true.Strachan is st managerAre you a villa fan? Pure bullI hope so, then he can buy the dross he bought for M'boro


23 Jun 2012 15:11:09
Rotherham United forward Alex Revell is in talks with Cheltenham Town after being told that he was not in Steve Evans' plans for the coming season.(7)(2)Think u will find he is signing for colchester unitedThink u will find he is going knowere!You will find out he's signing for neither Ravell is very much in Evans plans ,he's staying at Rotherham


23 Jun 2012 15:10:54
Q.P.R will complete the signing of Danny Guthrie this week. Joey Barton looks to be heading out of the club, Italian club Palermo showing interest in him(4)(22)Please be true. Palermo is far enough away, and the locals will not take his kind of behaviour.No club should take Barton , he is a disgrace , he tried to change his image but a leopard & spots come to mind. {Ed025's Note - how true that is..


23 Jun 2012 15:08:54
Barnsley to sign danny webber next week(9)(14)


23 Jun 2012 15:08:49
Morecambe goalkeeper Barry Roche has told friends he expects to leave the club this summer in search of a new challenge(5)(2)His new challenge should be to stay away from coffee cups in local derbies:(

Agent 279As Ellison, has signed a new contract and has gone public in stating his desire to stay with the club.

If somebody wants him, it's going to cost them a record for a League 2 goalkeeper.


23 Jun 2012 15:07:35
Morecambe will look to sign transfer listed Barry Nicholson from Preston, although the wages could be a stumbling block(7)(2)Could be just what they need.


23 Jun 2012 15:05:05
Crawley looking to sign Roy Carroll. His contract at Olympiakos has now expired and he is keen to test himself in the English leagues once again. Rumour is that Carroll will join up with Crawley squad in pre season in an attempt to impress and earn a contract(7)(8)I would be amazed if that happened. We have Jonews and Kuipers. We need new players in a number of areas but goalkeeper isn't one of them.


23 Jun 2012 15:03:33
Jamal Campbell-Ryce will snub a contract at Brentford to join Tranmere(7)(5)


23 Jun 2012 15:02:56
Leeds keeper Andy Longergan could be on the move to Aston Villa as back up to Shay Given. Lonergan has bcome disillusioned about life at Elland Road and he feels the club isn't going to move forward any time soon. (Im from Preston and know a very good friend of his)(7)(17)I doubt that. At best he's Championship class, doesn't think or release the ball quick enough. Decent shot stopper. Paddy Keeny on his way to Leeds...Lonergan to Bolton next week!Yep, that and the fact that Warnock doesn't rate him!Lonners is not good enough for the premThe reason for Lonners leaving Leeds is that we're looking at/signing Paddy Kenny for QPR! And Warnock is well known for only having 1 gk in his squad! Stop making things up. I'm really good friends with Lonegans dog walker's sister! -_-And this club is on the march to the top, oh, and aren't villa after a gk to replace given anyway, get ur facts right numptyAll untrueI'm good friends with his sister (from preston) he's settled, he loves it there and he's not leaving Elland Road.More likely the bloke is crap and will be replaced very soon by Paddy Kenny


23 Jun 2012 15:00:42
David N'gog will hold talks with French side Le Havre this week over a cut price transfer. The fee is believed to be in the region of £3 million and Bolton are keen to get him off the wage bill(13)(10)Lets hope its trueSo we have released 12 players.... and every soccer pundit on this sight have the following players leaving.... LEE, M.DAVIES, HOLDEN, EAGLES, NGOG AND NOW RICKETTS.... That's 18 players gone leaving us with 7 for next season.... Get real. We need to bring in players not sell more.


23 Jun 2012 14:56:11
The race to sign Jermain Defoe has heated up after Southampton, Newcastle and West Ham all made enquiries about the Tottenham striker(9)(20)Agent/paper talk. Not one to excite Saints.Wages would be too high for Southampton, but as it is a rumour site... we might have made a cheeky enquiry.He wont go back to west ham so thats b/sTo old for Newcastle so thats a lieSouthampton, theres a surprise , oh wait, of course soton trying to sign everyonePlz not newcastle far 2 oldWhy is there a race he is a bit part player,he will only play reg at a small club,his best bet is championshipCost 14mill 3 yrs ago, only 29. championship? for an england striker who scored 17 goals last season? haha yeh course."Southampton, theres a surprise , oh wait, of course soton trying to sign everyone"............Seriously? Ok let me explain this site to you as it seems you just dont get it....This is a rumour site, anybody can post on here claiming anything they want about any team they want....Understand?....So simply put..Southampton/Reading etc do not want to sign every player....ok?Whoa,southampton are making signings according to a rumour site? i dont understand why thats a crime.If you look on this site there must be so many other clubs wanting loads more players than us so i don't understand why your saying that southampton want everyone because you obliviously don't know anything about football we have only signed one player and somehow people are saying that we are buying everyone that doesn't make senseDefoe's best bet is the championship!?? God you know nothing, he's a quality player + goal scorer and would be great at any premier league club


23 Jun 2012 14:52:33
Leroy Lita is interesting Blackburn, Bristol City and Cardiff as he has been told he is surplus to requirements at Swansea(8)(7)Don't make me laugh why would the mighty Cardiff city want a swansea town playerCardiff would never sign Leroy Lita, the fans hate him too much.Swansea town ? As in premier league Swansea City ?Leroy Lita has a ban from every pub in Bristol. So there is no chance of him coming to City


23 Jun 2012 14:47:35
Kevin Phillips has told journalists this will be his last season(15)(4)


23 Jun 2012 14:45:58
Pro-Real Madrid media giant Marca has confirmed that Tottenham Hotspurs have agreed to sell their star playmaker Luka Modric to Real Madrid for £30 million.(11)(7)


23 Jun 2012 14:44:18
Ipswich to sign Scott Loach Luke
Chambers and Conner Wickham
on seasons loan Nick Powell
Man Utd also on season's loan
in the KNOW(6)(14)You may be right about loach/chambers and powel but your wrong about wickham he is not on ipswich wanted list trust meFergie has said he wont be letting Nick Powell go out on loanMore chance of seeing pigs fly powell will be loaned to son darren at peterboro


23 Jun 2012 14:43:21
Danny Murphy to complete move to Blackburn tomorrow. Fulham to bolster midfield options with the capture of Jonjo Shelvey on a 12 month loan(9)(9)


23 Jun 2012 14:40:56
Arsenal and Tottenham are showing high interest in Cristian Erikksen. Tottenham see him as a possible replacement for Luka Modric, who could be on the move to Real Madrid(10)(3)Eriksen has claimed to have said he wants to develop at ajax for a couple more years before moving abroadAfter a poor euro's i think a lot of clubs will be put off by him at the moment.


23 Jun 2012 14:30:53
League 1 side Walsall are being linked with former Barnet striker Izale Mcleod and former Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Giles Coke but Bury are also keen on the midfielder. James Chambers and James Hayter are also being linked with the Banks's outfit.(6)(7)Giles coke is still under contract at wednesdayGiles Coke is still under contract at Sheff Weds so is not former. He's probably available to buy but not freeCorrect, he is under contract. I'd like to see him given a chance. He's worth keeping, even just for back up.Giles coke isn't back up he's easily championship quality


23 Jun 2012 14:28:48
Reading have been in talks with three players this week: Pogrebnyak, Rhodes and Thomas Hitzesberger.

Pogrebnyak is done and the club are just waiting on the visa and other documents to come through before announcing the signing next week.

Rhodes has been in talks for a couple of weeks and talks have now reached an advanced stage. Sean Morrison will go to Huddersfield as part of the deal. This could be wrapped up next week before pre-season begins.

Thomas Hitzesberger has already spoken to Brian McDermott and Director of Football Nick Hammond. No idea how that's progressed, but with Reading's money and plans for the club, they can currently sell slow to the Eskimos.(11)(15)Rhodes hasn't been in contact with them... he's happy to stay up north with his family"with Reading's money and plans for the club, they can currently sell slow to the Eskimos"......Since this takeover Reading fans have become somewhat big headed havent they?! When the season starts your gonna come crashing down to earth believe me.One free transfer which is NOT done until the paperwork is agreed.

The other two are very unlikely, with other clubs also in discussion.

You do seem to become very excited about very little. Just hope you don't find next season too much of a strain.You honestly think Rhodes isnt going to talk to clubs because hes happy living with his family? hes a big boy now and will definatly be talking to other clubs so he can get his head straightThe only place Reading are going is up, believe me. URRZZZZ
MrRfcVery little? Pogrebnyak represents a big step up for Reading. As Reading fans we are used to signing League two players and players from the Irish leagues and turning them into great players. Then having to flog them to stay afloat.What great players have u produced, i'm stuck . and it seems like reading and soton will be battling it out for the title this year, sorry i mean relegationReading & Southampton fans are the biggest plonkers out of all the football fans on these boards. Hope you both get relegated at the end of the seasonForgive us for our excitement if you were the 9th richest club you would be jumping and singing about it, we have been a selling club for years so now that we aren't excuse us for being happy about itRhodes will go to Norwich not ReadingThats funny because further up the page it says reading not contacted rhodes or huddersfield FACT!,so maybe you should stop making stuff up
terrier85What great players you say? Hmm Let's see Steve Sidwell, Nicky Shorey, Stephen Hunt, Kevin Doyle, Shane Long oh and of course Gylfi Sigurdsson. Sure they may not have set the world alight but they were decent premiership players. All brought on the cheap or produced by our academy.We produced Sigurdsson and he's kinda good dont cha thinkAre these advanced talks with Rhodes the same as the advanced talks from last week? Perhaps the stumbling block is that he wants the blue+white hoops changing to blue+white stripes.MarkWhat great players have u produced, i'm stuck . and it seems like reading and soton will be battling it out for the title this year, sorry i mean relegation
Ex England and utd player Webb, fa cup winner Sanchez, Chelsea legend Dixon, long, the much sort after sigurdson, karacan, obita, Pearce , church, d'ath, Henry, hector etc etc.. But being the armchair fan your knowledge seems to display I didn't think you'd have researched it firstReading have a decent academy...Not great...just decent. Secondly this whole 9th richest club in europe or the world or whatever it just silly...The bulk of that money has nothing to do with Reading and wont be spent on Reading. Southampton have a rich owner too, but they have a budget to work with thats been spent on players, facilities, academy etc. I dont see Saints fans proclaiming they are the 8th,9th,10th richest club etc.Weve produced some top class players like sigurdsson, doyle and long. we bought long for 5k for crying out load and slod him for 5mFrom: Rhodes, Greece To: Reading
Driving directions

Rhodes, Greece

1 day 20 hours
2,209.1 mi - A14

Rhodes won't go to Reading its too far.

I am a yorkshire man, n i am a yorkshire fan......I cringe on hearing the 9th richest statement but the Manager is reported to have at least 15m as a war chest plus more funds if the right signing can be made offering future value or added experience. Also the manager has stated that no player will be leaving until after pre season unless part of an incoming signing so as to confirm every player who helped in the promotion gets a chanceYou may have a budget to work within. But you blew most of it on one player. Hope that he can perform in the premierleague. If I were a saints fan I'd have been hoping for a few defenders. Defence looked pretty shakey to meI hope we can cash in on Rhodes personally dont want to hold the lad back look at how well pilks has done at norwich. with 8 mill it gives grayson a lot of oppertunities to think about in the championship and dean hoyle deserves some cash back after LEE CLARKE blew 8 MILLION on lets face it quite a bit of rubbish!How can clarke of blown 8 million look at where town are now and the players that played in the final were all his players. Please engage before writingWell about 9th richest club, do any owners give up all their money? no they don't as rich as Abramovich is do you reckon it all goes into the Chelsea pot? no, so yeah not saying we're 9th richest i dont know the exact figures and to be honest i don't care, the new owners seem to be legit, and have enough for us to not have to sell our best players each year so i'm happy.Firstly reading dont have a budget, the manager and nick hammond identify players, and then ask the owner if the money's available on a deal by deal basis. and how have we blown our money, we have bought one free agent and getting pog on a freeReadings academy is ok, some of the names that have been said on here are not really top players. Sigurdsson is one of the exeptions and Karacan is a good player too. Long didnt come from your academy you bought him from Cork City and he went straight into your first team. The others that were mentioned...Obita, Pearce , Church, D'ath, Henry and Hector are ok players in my opinion and im not an armchair fan.Im still waiting for these great players , dont see any in ur list,and not an armchair fan, prob been to more games than you've had hot dinners


23 Jun 2012 14:24:35
Shaun North assistant manager of Bristol Rovers is set to be interviewed to take control of the national team of the Faroe Islands. The approach came as a shock however North is keen to embark on a new journey in his career.(4)(5)


23 Jun 2012 14:20:33
Fulham targets
Veloso- Genoa struggling financially n may have to cash in.
Yilmaz- very very goid finisher , fulham n spurs in advanced talks as confirmed by his club n agent.
Defoe- just pure quality
Srna- great engine , creative brain , deal looks a long shot
Taarabt - does not like mark hughes n was impressed when fulham battered qpr 6-0 , very well known to martin jol.(4)(16)Srna class on fmWould hate to sign taarabtAs the song goes " taarabts to good for you" no chance,If Adel goes it will not be to fulham don't get me wrong im not saying he wouldn't move to a rival.Just think he has his heart set on moving to PSG even if they don't want himTarrabt is too good for PSG real is where will end up I tell you now he will {Ed029's Note - Real Madrid will not be signing Adel TaarabtFulham don't want sulky, Prima Donnas - we have a teamWhat do you think barca will get him instead ED {Ed029's Note - No I don't know where he'll end up but Real Madrid certainly don't want him


23 Jun 2012 14:07:28
Heard paddy Kenny signed for Leeds months back came from his dad himself(14)(12)You can practically guarantee he'll end up with Warnock. They're butt buddies after all.


23 Jun 2012 14:00:29
wigan's hugo rodellaga looks set to move to aston villa on a free transfer(12)(17)Good deal it would be.
An actual scorer to replace emile heskey.Lol huge club Villa... he can't get into our team, a true goalscorer? 2 goals last seasonHugo isn't really a scorer 112 games 24 goals?


23 Jun 2012 13:52:38
Blackpool will spend their summer budget on 7 players including loans. They will sign out of contract Leeds striker Ross McCormack on a 2 year deal and QPR striker DJ Campbell for £900,000. They will also sign Derby defender Jason Shackell on a two year deal for a fee of £1.15 million. They will add Keith Treacy and Jonjo Shelvey on loan deals till January to sure up the midfield. They will aim to sign Craig Gordon on a free, but I doubt that willl happen. So I think they will get Brad Guzan on a free transfer as back up to Gilks and add Crawley defender Kyle McFadzean on a four year deal for a fee of around £700,000. They will go up witht this and with Matt Phillips, Matt Gilks, Tom Ince and Kevin Phillips already there, they might go up as Championship winners.(12)(26)Ross McCormack still has a year left on his contract, so he would cost, also if you want a keeper - Rachubka could be yours for sweet FA.No just no and McCormack is not out of contract hate to break it to u do your research before putting pointless postsConsidering Derby has rejected many £3mill bids for Shackell alreadymccormack isnt out of conract, dj is wanted by west ham and reading, and ince and phillips are going to prem this season, mid table struggle loomingRoss McCormack is not out of contract. He still has 12 months left to run.McCormack isn't out of contractMccormack not out of contractRoss McCormack has a year Left on his contract so will cost you a fee my friend, at least get your facts right before posting.McCormack isn't out of contract. He has turned down an improved offer.Guzans coming to hullMccormacks going to Boro, 800k. My brothers his agents best mate.Derby have already rejected 3 bids of more than £1.15m - try coming back with around £3-4mBlackpool do not pay money for players.Mccormack still has a year left also, Jonjo isnt going to Blackpool. He is going to Fulham for a season long loanAbsolute rubbish, Derby have already turned down several offers of the same amount , so they would not accept Blackpool's offer eitherHow many times! Shackell is not going for a little amount of £1.15m! Big up your ideas!Mccormack and gordon will not be at blackpool,so dream on,they are both out of your league.Derby have turned down higher than 1.15m for Shackell from leicester, burnley & cardiff, asking price is 4m, pay it & stop makin rubbish upShackell for £1.15 million when derby have already rejected 4 bids for less than £1.2 million, don't think you will be getting him for thatI'm a blackpool fan and would say this is just a pointless post... Looks like someones spent the afternoon in the boozer!Rubbish post I know, but I hate how so many people post "he's not out of contract". I saw that after the first post!
BTW those players are not out of Blackpool's league (coming from a PNE fan) {Ed003's Note - you seem to have a bit of a shine for b'pool to say you are a pne fan ;) }


23 Jun 2012 13:35:57
Arsenal have apperantley made a
enquiry about Chritian Erikstien..(9)(14)


23 Jun 2012 13:35:18
Any news regarding jamal cambpell- ryce having talks with tranmere?(2)(8)Apparently he has turned down a contract offer from brenford to join tranmere. would be a good signingHe's weighing up his options,but Ronnie has it in the bag!Hope so looked good for orient last season


23 Jun 2012 13:34:39
Rhodes deal to redding dead. Fulham have matched the offer plus cash rather than players. Now down to Rhodes to decide. Also has increased contract from HUD on the table(8)(17)Staying at town...Reading have said they will match any bid for him. Even bookies agree he's off to Reading.

Reading are throwing money around. Go figure!Bookies don't know any more than any one else. They move their odds to follow the betting. If enough Reading fans believe the rumours and stick cash on it then of course their the favourites to get him As they say, there's one sucker born every minute.The Reading move is by far a done deal. Reading fans need to stop getting ahead of themselvesFulham need a striker, regular Premiership team with a quality manager. I know where i would go if i was Rhodes. And I dont follow Reading or Fulham.I thought Rhodes was sort after but to have fulham and reading after you could you have to smaller clubs after you?I've heard he's off to the mackems, hope he's a big a flop as wickham. nufc til i die


23 Jun 2012 13:27:25
Sean scannell signs a 3 yeard deal with
Huddersfield Town with up to 3 more players
due to arrive in the next 2 weeks. namely being
1) Ross McCormack
2) James Beattie
3) Grant McCaan
Jordan Rhodes has once again insisted that he
is not in discussion with any other clubs
and his happy to help establish his team
as a championship club.(9)(14)Scannels awfulRhodes in talks with reading and fulhamJames beattie couldn't even do a job at sheff u in league 1, why would we want him?!Beattie is a total dud,as for ross mc,i have a felling he will be in prem,to good a player for hudd,no disrespect.That's rare cause he is at reading now club sourceJordan rhodes is in talk with no clubs, he at huddersfieldand staying. All you deluded reading fans thinking you are going to sign him for 4million? 8 million...AT LEAST!Wouldnt pay beattie in peanuts for town


23 Jun 2012 13:24:04
Swansea Ins:
Otam Bakkal-PSV
Eduoard Duplan-FC Utrecht
Luc Castaignos-Inter
Nicklas Bendtner-Arsenal
Phillipe Coutinho-Inter
Steven Caulker-Loan

Leroy Lita-Bristol City
Luke Moore-Brighton(4)(21)We don't want Luke mooreNicklas Bendtner-Arsenal
Phillipe Coutinho-Inter
Maybe you will be getting Messi aswell .
Swansea are a small club and your passing game is overatedI'll have him could do a job at championship levelIf they buy to many foreigners they will nosedive,they will kill spirit of club.What amazing signings these would beYour face is over rated ^ haha jokes, heard swansea are interested in Alderweireld of ajax (not sure if thats the correct spelling) would be available for around 3m as his contract is running out and is stalling on a new dealI posted this lads, Countinho is a loan, forgot to mention! Heard a couple of hours ago from my mate who works at the Liberty and he said Charlie Austin of Burnley walked past the club shop!Castaignos and coutinho would be amazing long term signing however i dont see the link for laudrup to buy 2 inter players i would love to see these two everyweek in a swansea top sadly i think its a dream but who knows hopeAll just rumours. all us swansea fans want is Gylfi Sigurdsson and steven caulker back please."Swansea are a small club and your passing game is overated" clearly a post by a lower league fan. Can't see mourinho coming on loan but would kill to see castaignos in white n gold this yr. COYS.

P.s. Gylfi going to spurs to replace modric :(Liverpool also after castaignos price tag 5m swans could easily afford him just have to beat liverpool to the signatureSorry don't believe any of this, just seems like you;ve picked all the names bounded around the press....


23 Jun 2012 13:22:44
QPR want to bring in Kolo Toure permanent..
Adam Johnson (loan) from Man City..(5)(23)No chance!Eh there like champions league players not like relegators no chance toonfanEr whats a relegator and if i were Mr toonfan i'd be more worried about keeping Ba and Cisse than where Adam Johnson's playing next season. Personaly can't see him ending up at QPR but then his lack of game times cost him a place at euro 2012 and he may want out. Be a lot of clubs willing to take him on loan or in a cut price deal


23 Jun 2012 13:22:16
West ham have been back to Cardiff and upped their January bid and have finally got their man ... All the best whitts(18)(21)He'd never leave cos he's a fans favourite and his girlfriend lives in BarryAnd lives in down on penarth beach see him walking his dog all the time and also has a smile on his faceThere is no substance to this and no source I can find on the internet.
2 questons where is the source you got this from and why get him if you have noble, nolan and collison who can play there?Whitts wont leave, he's too happy, he's confident about staying, i know signing a new contract doesn't mean anything these day's about commitment but he's stated his reasons as well, he's happy where he lives and happy where he plays and wants to play Prem football with Cardiff City.


23 Jun 2012 13:11:54
The fee Cardiff paid B'Ham for Mutch is now rumoured to be £3m, not £1m. a reasonable price for an inconsistent player.(11)(7)Its 1.25m its even on the b'ham websiteYeah rumoured, but the comment above mine is the right price we payed


23 Jun 2012 13:09:13
Michael chopra to sheff weds!(9)(19)


23 Jun 2012 13:02:47
Charlton are chasing Sone Aluko and James Bailey (Derby)(4)(6)Won't get Bailey...He's off to BurnleyBailey would be a good buy for you800k asking price burnley offered 825k so cant turn that down


23 Jun 2012 13:02:22
Norwich target Krohn Dehli(12)(9)He would turn down norwich straight away and go to swansea seeing as they play better football and have a dane legend!Better football ey? We still got 6 pts off you8 million for rhodes no chance, if he was that good he would have been signed by a bigger club by now.....Probably isn't true as alot of the people who make these up don't know much about it just for publicity as everyone is apparently linked with just about everyone but this rubbish about Swansea playing better footbal than us? aha please, they pass it around well but weren't consistent through out the season were we were attacking and played well as a team


23 Jun 2012 12:57:41
Qpr are ready to bid 6 million for Victor Moses(5)(14)Hmm, qpr or chelsea, must be difficult choice for him, notNo point he is Chelsea bound......On the other hand whelan won't be bullied into selling on the cheap. If chelsea want him they will have to stump up more than the £4mill they have offered. He'll only end up a sqaud player frustrated by a lack of games so he's better of staying where he is or going somewhere he'll play. If he's not careful he'll end up like Wright Phillips or Bridge


23 Jun 2012 12:40:13
Still hearing whispers that John Carew might be signing for Huddersfield Town, seen as the ideal partner for Rhodes by SG.

The Yeti :o)(7)(17)Just noBasically a better, tougher alan lee! haha, u believe this ed? {Ed001's Note - not in the slightest.}Sorry buddy but Rhodes is 100% off to Reading. I've been telling you all for weeks he's been in talks, and they're not at an advanced stage. An announcement could come next week!

Bookies have today slashed the odds of a move to Reading to 1/2.

Sean Morrison is heading your way as part of the deal.Rhodes wont be thereThink your more likely to see an actually yeti than this rumour happening mr.yetiFair enough, but he could do a job at us! him or mccormack!"Rhodes is 100% off to Reading"....Is not a done deal, dont get ahead of yourself.The bookies have slashed the odds of me getting a knighthood for services to dodgy rumours.Jordan is staying!


23 Jun 2012 12:39:25
Cardiff City are looking at Derby County's Nathan Tyson.(7)(10)You are welcome to him, he never scored a goal last season, all he can do is run and wave flags at the oppositionI'll drive him down to cardiff myselfGood , half of Derby would chip in to buy him a car to get to Wales and a bonus to accept tooWe'll pay the taxi fare, hes crapNo there notWhat did mackay have a spare £20 and thought tht would do for tyson seen as thts what he's worthWe would pay you to take him, injured most of the time and when he does play he's afraid to use his pace and take anyone on. Determined to prove he's a centre forward, he's not. If you could get him on the wing and go at someone you'd have an okay playerCmon give him a chance he played really well agianst aston villa pre season then got a toe injury which kept him out then he was probs man of match agianst forrest away.Wait and seeIts probally some 7 year old on fifa just becuase he has 91 pace dosent mean he can scorePlease let this be true!!!Pa you can keep him, we dont like him anyways


23 Jun 2012 12:38:50
barnsley's stephen dawson as been given permission to speak to coventry city(8)(12)Would be a very good signing for Coventry.Funny this breaking news ain,t on the official
websiteDagnall will not be joining tranmere rovers. Has hill as got faith in him at barnsley. Lee williamson is joining barnsley on a free transfer on a two year deal.Dont think this is right, Dawson only signed in January.Dagnall only signed in january but we still sent out on loan to bradford after only 9 games so that doesnt make any differenceWho is stephen dawson has he even played for barnsleyThis is true he was seen at the Ricoh todayHow do u know he was seen at the ricoh ?? pusbHe was shown around the Ricoh todayAnd you know he was shown round the ricoh how??


23 Jun 2012 12:34:43
lee williamson to sign for barnsley as replacement for dagnall who joining tranmere(10)(9)Replacing a striker with a midfielder? Makes sense.


23 Jun 2012 12:22:32
Swindon will sign Troy Archibald-Henville and goalkeeper Stuart Nelson next week.(6)(9)


23 Jun 2012 12:07:31
Martin Ling is set to try to tempt Marlon Pack to Torquay Utd by making a 75k bid this week. The deal is subject to Eunan O'Kane leaving.(1)(13)Do you seriously think cheltenham would sell Pack for 75k its an idiotic suggestion that he would go for that type of fee.


23 Jun 2012 12:05:04
Bristol City set to sign 20 year old Jonjo Shelvey on a 3 month loan deal from Liverpool. The deal will be completed on Wednesday or Thursday.

He's previously played for Charlton and had a loan spell last season with Blackpool.(3)(22)He had been featuring in the first team so I dont see why they would loan him out.

He is another one that left too early limiting his chances by doing so, Charlton had no choice at the time but to let him go for peanuts. Great player mind, I’d love to have him back.I've also heard that. Would be a great signing for BristolI dont think Rodgers will let any one move loan or perm untill he has looked at every1 in pre season, also Bristol City will be up against M'boro and B'pool if he is made available for loan.


23 Jun 2012 12:00:22
Hear that west ham have been eyeing ex hammer Thomas Hitzesberger , if true would love him back , his year at the hammers 2 seasons ago was interrupted with injuries forever a hammer(7)(15)


23 Jun 2012 11:44:26
Huddersfield Town have inquired about the availability of Jake Livermore of Spurs.(8)(19)Lufc had him hes rubbish


23 Jun 2012 11:43:38
Looks as though another long standing saints rumour could be coming true. Michu of Reyo Vallecano has turned down their new contract offer, and could be a Southampton player by the time the squad return for pre-season training on Thursday. Fee between £5-£6 million(15)(7)Better put a relagtion release clause in his contract . Why are all saints fans the most unrealistic fans ?But what is your source on this as i haven't heard this anywhere?I hope this does happen as he is a very good Attacking Midfielder, i think that's were he plays :s i have completely forgotten though. If he does sign we will need four more players, RW, CB, RB and a Goalkeeper! and that's it, it does sound like an awesome team though don't it
i mean
Jay Rodriguez - ST
Rickie Lambert - ST ( better than Holt who is a donkey so should do better than him in the premier league)
Adam Lallana - LW
Michu - CAM
well the rest are alright players. I'd like to see how Steve De Ridder does in the premier league though cant wait for him to play :D {Ed029's Note - So you think Lambert will score more than 16 goals this year?One good season is all be achieved....besides cork & morgan will be first choice pairing in midfield so theres no space for himEd, not saying how many goals he will or won't score but he is as good if not better than grant holt, fact {Ed029's Note - I'm not denying he's a good striker but Holt scored 15 goals in the prem this year.Cause i think Lambert will score more than 16 goals as he has scored more than Holt every season, league he scored more, Npower championship he scored more! Overall hes better and Alan pardew wanted him for Newcastle when he left us for them! So he obviously good and yes i think he will do better as he has more technical ability than Holt does, so overall yes i think he score atleast 16-17 goals next year :DI'd rather have Holt than Lambert^Excuse me Mr Saints fan... None of your players have done anything yet in the prem so don't put Holt down. Can't see Lambert scoring 16+ goalsLambert has outscored Holt every season they've played in the same position so I rekon he'll do just fine."^Excuse me Mr Saints fan... None of your players have done anything yet in the prem so don't put Holt down. Can't see Lambert scoring 16+ goals" Mate Holt is ste and Lambert has played better than him in Every league every year and as i said before Lambert has been wanted before by Alan Pardew he wanted him at Newcastle but he stayed at saints! who wants Holt other small clubs like West Ham! At least Lambert shows loyalty to his team unlike Holt! Rickie Lambert is overall by lots of people and managers to be better than Holt and a lot of ex-players who follow saints cant wait for him to play in the premier league Eg Matt Le TissierEd, how many times have you seen Holt bring the ball down as well as Lambert does never! i watched most Norwich games this year and went to every Saints game at home and the difference between both players is huge, Lambert IMO will do better next season at the most 16 goalsLambert has already scored more goals and assists than holt in league 1,2 and in the championshipEd029, Lambert has out-performed Holt at every single level they have played at (championship, league 1 etc). No reason that will change in the Prem. He is faster [just], has a better brain on him and has more to his game than Holt. Holt is a fat, one-trick pony. Which is why if we get good supply to Lambert through Lallana, Jay Rod, possibly Michu etc then he will out perform him, easily.


23 Jun 2012 11:36:43
any boro rumours anyone(0)(15)


23 Jun 2012 11:32:20
coventry city have contacted barnsley about the availability of midfielder stephen dawson and have been given permission to talk to the play(9)(9)Find that difficult to believe mate ,hill brought him in to be an integral part of the squad and i think most fans like what they have seen and hill rates himHope Dawson stays, he is the hard working Hill type player Barnsley need in the team to compliment the likes of Mido.Signed today


23 Jun 2012 11:27:24
Bristol City consider move (again) for Fredy Montero .(1)(11)


23 Jun 2012 11:21:53
shock departure from barnsley early next week of chris dagnall with tranmere n pne battling it out for his signature with sheff utd's lee williamson set sign as his replacement(9)(8)Williamson's a midfielderWhy is every player tranmere want to sign preston want eswel? i think dagnall would prefer to come back to tranmere anywayWouldn't really be a shock sell. I'll drive him to either free of chargePlease take dagnall


23 Jun 2012 11:21:31
Leeds United takeover was finalised
yesterday, will be announced this
week (wednesday) on Yorkshire Radio
by Ken Bates.(8)(20)


23 Jun 2012 11:18:49
Southampton are set to complete the signing of Denmark Youth International midfielder Sebastien Gregersen for £300,000(19)(7)Who is he and what's your source?Correct


23 Jun 2012 11:14:51
Jordan Rhodes will sign for Norwich in a 4m + C Martin bid for the young striker(13)(27)He won't go to Norwich they are relegation certainties and with his Ipswich Town links this will put him off.Link up with Pilks. Best place for him to goSo Huddersfield are suddenley going to drop their required transfer fee by half or are you saying the Martin is worth 4 million. Get real and dont post rubbishDo you seriously believe that huddersfield would let their jewel in the crown go for a miserly £4m + chris martin when they're valuation of him is more in the region of £10m - £14m so that would make chris martin worth £10m dont think so somehowRhodes is going to be tired this season playing for Reading,Norwich and QPR !!!Not worth more than 4 mill, just a lge 1 strikerCan't wait for Rhodes value to drop when he struggles for goals next season, they should sell now while they a bit of money for him.He should come to everton then he will play in europe when we finish top 4And most be playing three games at the same time this dude has skillsThe asking price quoted by Huddersfield at £8M is rubbish, they know full well an unproven player in premiership cannot attract such a bid, they are just trying to keep him at club, however if player starts to get itchy feet then he may well be sold, the £4M fee is about what a number of clubs might be prepared to gamble to see if he can cut it in premier league and Norwich may well be one of them, the comment about Ipswich, well here we go again, sour grapes from our neighbors, he might well decide to join Norwich simply to stick two fingers up at Ipswich, after they let him go......Ha ha good joke14 million? ha you really are up yourselvesYou can put whatever you like on a player reality is they won't sell for that. I think he will go to Norwich tbh as he has a good friend there in Pilkington, prem footy, good manager and a good club.Rodriguez was 7 so rhodes 4 maxTo the muppet who said league 1 player,sour grapes,he is one of the best young british players on the market,have you ever watched him play a game.Rhodes is not worth £10m /£14m not even proven in champ where martin isRodriguez 7mil? Well in which case Rhodes worth 20mil. I live near Burnley and seen Rodriguez play a few times and is no way worth 7mil. OTBCHe prob wouldnt even get in the Norwich side so hope we dont gamble a lot of money for a substitute.
sorry and 14 mill haha thanks for that jokesLoan Martin to Huddersfield where a layer of his quality can score 30 goals then Norwick can sell him for 8 million......From the muppet, you person ,yes i have seen him play, he is a lge 1 striker, or were huddersfield not in lge1 last season, and why should it be sour grapes , i support a prem team , have done for 40 years, i was stating facts you muppet


23 Jun 2012 11:06:53
Hogan Ephraim to Charlton on a season long loan..(13)(4)


23 Jun 2012 11:00:26
This is a (FACT) new swans manager laurdrup wants to make his first signing michael krohn-dehli after impressing at the EURO'S!(12)(9)Swansea will sign Michael Krohn-Deli and Nicklas Bendtner for a combined fee of £8.75 million pounds depending on if the transfer of Gylfi Sigurdsson falls throughThis is a fact your post is not a fact but could become a fact your tieing them together as both are danish that is all! (sorry thats a FACT)

tommo M.O.T


23 Jun 2012 10:52:34
Southampton Duo Jack Cork & Adam Lallana are in the provisional 35 man Team GB squad.(15)(6)Is this good or bad news they could then get picked up by other clubs when they get recognised if the get in!!!Lallana wouldn't he be a senior player?What about sir rickie lambert , surley him n rhodes of hudders will get the uk goals with lallana n bellemy to supply the through balls n crossesDo you really think the first time other clubs may have notices them, is if them made the squad.If we play with these players we won't be able to enterUnder 23s mateLallana's 23 and the limit is 23 and under?Think lallana is 24 {Ed025's Note - yes he is..


23 Jun 2012 10:52:06
Burnley close to a double striker deal for Kyle Lafferty(3 year deal) and Steven Davies(4 year deal)

Martin Paterson will join Derby has part of Davies deal(14)(8)1.2 + Patterson or 1.4 on its own

800k for bailey aswell4 year deal for Injruy crock Davies. Either Burnley are mad or you're a lier.Whatever. Davies is far, far to good for you. He's a premiership playerGetting fed up with burnley being linked with so many players,when nothing happens.cant see burnley goin for lafferty,well i hope not anyhow.cause we have better forwards at the club.wouldnt mind davies though,but is it just rubbish again?.Wel if he's far too good for us then he's got to be miles too good for derby !How are yuo going to afford davies,behave.Im a derby dan & its between you ans another club, possibly bolton or ipswich for davies, unlikely patterson will be part of any deal as derby are after young players with potential & patterson doesnt fit that mouldLafferty has been a total loss at rangers,you are welcome to him,his heads up his backside.Sorry burnley dont know why i think ur amazing but ur about the same level as derby and yh he is prem standard if u can get him to play a year without injuryIf you think Davis is prem standard that means Austin and ings deffinately are, believe me Davis isn't


23 Jun 2012 10:37:58
Arsenal are interested Brazilian midfielder Casemiro.(8)(12)


23 Jun 2012 10:36:39
Cardiff City are to sign Jason Shackell and Chris Burke next week.(4)(15)Evidence?This is none get to and you can see the Chairman has said we are not selling.Unless you have put the asking price between 4-5 million we wont evn consider.I can believe Burkey coming back even though we let him go for free and we end up buying him back in the end but Shackell next week no chance next week, they have turned down a few bids i think they've named 2-3 out of four clubs that have put a bid in for him but they havent named ours but we are interested the last club has to be ours we are signing players under the radar its very interesting.


23 Jun 2012 10:32:52
Palace have allow Sean Scannell to leave, passed up on AJ returning in order to sign Michael Owen on a free transfer.(8)(24)As much as I'd love to think we could sign Michael Owen it would never happen. We wouldn't cough up his huge salary, I don't think any Championship club would. Then of course, I doubt he would want to move down to London or that he would want to play in the Championship.How many times does owen have to say he's not prepared to leave the prem, thats why he's going to stoke,palace?, thats funnyPassed up on AJ for Owen ? a, please stop it!You wish


23 Jun 2012 10:15:12
Huddersfield have signed sean scannell from palace on a 3 year deal.
Town are also expecting either:
Mccormack (leeds)
Clayton (leeds)
Boyd (posh)
Mccan (posh)
To sign in the next few days /weeks(12)(24)Good luck to Scannell- Palace fan.

I have heard Palace were linked with Boyd as a replacement for Scannell, with Boyd being a Palace fan too I'd like to think we would beat you to him. Still I'd wish him well if he went to Huddersfield.Ill be happy with any of thoseYou can have mccormack, your not getting claytonWe'll be getting both mate :)Believe Clayton is on the transfer list? I'll laugh my back off if we get bothOh thats your decision is it then? ah well, forget it town fans the football boss of the world has spoken....Ha all the Leeds fans make me laugh ! Little old Huddersfield are in the same league as the so called long time ago semi final of the champions league an old div 1 champs ! ! And were still gunna sign their best players ! ! Ha ha !Clayton wants to stay, certainly wouldnt take a step backwards going to h t,hope u do get mccormack, as replacement for rhodes, then i'll laugh my back off


23 Jun 2012 10:11:54
Lot of nonsense surrounding fulham lately. The only really substantial rumours are yilmaz and Chadli.

Also Dempsey to Malaga or Valencia

Progrebnyak and Rhodes were hardly at the top of our 'to sign' list, so reading fans stop thinking that you've 'beaten' us to anything. Start talking big at the end of the season if you finish high.(5)(7)Fulham have done well over the years but reading will become a bigger clubRhodes hasn't signed for anyone, he is still a town player...We've beaten fulham to the signings of pog and Rhodes YAY!!Well if you lot and us lot were both after him, which is the case, us getting them over you does mean we've beaten you to them. Basic sense really...As explained already if two teams bid for a player the team who gets the player has beaten the other team to that player.They were still on your to sign list, regardless of how high. Surprising how a small club can beat a club like Fulham to players.

TrueLoyalRoyalYou did not have to "bid" for your Russian, he was a free! You only had to be stupid enough to agree to his stupid wage demands.

As for Rhodes, he hasn't signed for you and I can't see it happening. If I wanted to risk a few quid I would back Celtic-he could continue to flourish in the poor quality SPL, become a folk hero in the Scotland team and get European football.

By the way-I thought you were a club who did their business behind closed doors?Sometimes players make decisions on where they go based on who wants them the most. Reading wanted him more and also met his wage demands, he knows he'll get first team football and is probably mates with AZ....Great signing when it happens and look fwd to the Fulham game where no doubt he will be out to prove a point...Not that i have anything against Fulham, good luck to ya


23 Jun 2012 10:11:17
After rejecting the transfer of his contract from rangers to newco sone aluko is being tracked by championship newcomers charlton and huddersfield with charlton rumoured to be favourites for his signature(8)(4)Would be agreat signing thaught he played class at the end of the last spl season hope CP will sign him !!!Might aswell link him with the rest of the premier league... He wont leave anyway he has just signed a new contractHe has just signed a contract so doubt he will moveIt's looking like Sone Aluko might be coming to Charlton, I am a fan 4 40 years does any fan know how good he is.? I haven't got a clue.! Thx.!Ye but he's chose not to move to newco meaning his contract is now void meaning he can move wherever he wants and as this only happened this morning i doubt he'll be going anywhere this wkendJust been on SSN that he's rejected the move to the newco? So thats just peed on your chips ain't it


23 Jun 2012 10:05:14
Sigurdsson has spoke to Liverpool and reading, spurs are now interested. believed that he has returned to Iceland to decide upon his future.
MrRfc(12)(3)He has a week to decide where to go or he'll be at Hoffenheim next seasonSpurs Liverpool and reading How can you put reading in with a chance I think Crewe have more chance than readingI dont think he will sign for us but we are in talks. and tbf he came through are academy, loves the club and has watched our games after he left. it wouldn't be a massive surprise but in my opinion he's liverpool bound
MrRfcAccording to Journalists in Iceland, Sigurdsson is Reading bound. I am doubtful, but just thought I should menton it.

TrueLoyalRoyalMore chance of CREW signing him are you joking? He was a Reading player at the age of 16 it was Reading who sold him to Hoffenheim for 6 million + maybe that explains why Reading fans are so excited to be able to bring him home!Maybe Reading stand a chance because Reading signed him when he was just 16 and it was Reading who reluctantly sold him to Hoffenheim for 6m+ to pay that years wage bill, maybe this should explain why Reading funs are so excited at the slim chance of bringing home home.Better for his career to go to Liverpool in my opinion.Readings contract offer for gylfi is higher than liverpools, but i still expect him to go there
MrRfcTo everyone that thinks we are punching above our weight trying to sign Gylfi back, he never wanted to leave us in the first place and we had to sell him because the clubs low income meant we needed to sell our key players to stay afloat. He still comes to Reading games and meets up with our team so dont completely rule it out. But I do expect him to go to Liverpool as Reading will be fighting to stay up next season.



23 Jun 2012 10:03:17
Oliver Norwood is in talks with Mkdons over a move which will see him go to Stadium:mk, Norwood, 21 has been released from Manchester United and hopes to sign for the league one club. Burnley and Coventry are also tracking the young star.(4)(14)Oliver norwood is looking to play his football in the championship and not in any division lower so burnley is a more realistic move than mk donsAnd he is a burnley ladI've heard not sure it's true that he wants a move to the sky blues


23 Jun 2012 09:53:11
Charlton Athletic have made a bid to sign Preston striker Jamie Proctor, although Middlesborough are also very interested in the lad.(11)(1)Please let this be true he.s a trouble maker and think he.s better than he is.I will drive him to either and not charge him for fuel, he is rubbish!Hope its true he is shocking. Get rid i will even pay the fee myselfPlease let this be trueWrong, it's Danny mayor we are interested in FACTHope so, get shut!I would take him there myself hes absolute stThats gonna be bullst jamie proctor is usless why would to teams in the championship want himLol. not even scored 10 professional goals. take 500k hahaIf he's as deluded as the preston fans say he is then i doubt powelly will want him, hes in for cool heads and young talent who want to put the work inGood, hope he goes! Thinks to much of himself and if he was so good n not injury prone for a young lad maybe he would of been in first team alot more before we got relegated and he hasn't even shown he is good at league one never mind any higherTop young player but he is a trouble maker and wouldnt recommend him, Charlton are welcome to him though! It is Danny Mayor we want to keep, both local lads though so i hope they both stay! PNE FC 4 lifeI just hope mayor stays tooTo be fair to Proctor he was playing through a Hernia for most of last season and looked a good young player at the start. Lost confidence, in a losing side and playing through injury. Would like to see him at deepdale again this season.


23 Jun 2012 09:50:32
Shrewsbury Town want Cheltenham midfielfer Russell Penn.(6)(6)No they don'tCheltenham would want a six figure fee.Sounds like they want half our team !Penn isn't worth six figures.Shrewsbury could not afford Penn.Don't think that would happen. How much would he cost?Shrewsbury want Luke Summerfield and not Russell Penn.Will not happen.Cheltenham wont let him goSumerfield going bury


23 Jun 2012 09:44:22
Peterborough have bid £750k for Tranmere right back Michael Kay, which has been turned down by Ronnie Moore as derisory.(1)(17)Kay who hardly played last season cos he's rubbish? I highly doubt it!Considering Kay is lucky not to be released I'm pretty sure tranmere would accept 750k for himWere did you hear about this?More nonsenceTake the money before they change there mindsI'd carry him there for 750k, Kay one of the worst players I've Seen for tranmere in over 20 yearsOne of the more ridiculous rumours this!Posh right back Alcock was runner up in all the player of season awards, they dont need a right backDF has made it clear he is in the market for a right back of similar quality to Alcock to fight for first team football. Alcock can play across the back four, Little (last season alternate RB is listed)


23 Jun 2012 09:40:53
Huddersfield Town Full-Back Jack Hunt been LINKED with Fulham, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Everton and Chelsea, I am only repeating what I have heard from mates who are Huddersfield Fans, so....(5)(11)Fulham yh but the others i doubt it hes more of a prem mid table west brom aston villa sunderland those types of teamsHe's good but not that goodHe has only just renewed his contract about a month agoWouldn't be surprised if one of them came in for him, future Enlgand RB imoYour hudds mates are lyingAgree future england squad member at leastHe has had informal inquiry's from fulham everton and arsenal. They have all been declined politely by the board But I think he wants to stay and see how far he can take huddersfield.Wouldnt supprise me jack hunt is pure quality this is why i do not want peltier back. Even though pelts is quality he will only get the bench


23 Jun 2012 09:20:35
Luke Summerfield is going to sign for shrewsbury and Mark Ellis is changing his mind about crewe so he is likely to join shrews aswell.(2)(10)Summerfield has rejected Shrewsbury in order to stay at Cheltenham - source Cheltenham manager. Cheltenham also in for Mark Ellis and Shrews cannot compete with wages with Cheltenham.Complete and utter rubbish! Cheltenham are a league 2 club who had a lucky run throughout the season and do not deserve to be higher than mid table! However shrewsbury are a league 1 side that have just been promoted and are very ambitious! I'm sure we can offer much better wages than you!How on earth have you come to the conclusion that we cannot compete with little cheltenham for wages. you also wont sign Mark Ellis.Cant compete with cheltenham with wages you have laugh dreamerSummerfield will be a Shrewsbury player by the end of the month. Not sure about the Ellis rumour.Summerfield to sign for bury fc source : leauge 1 agent


23 Jun 2012 09:14:33
Hull City striker Matt Fryatt is in line for move, with Millwall and Bristol City leading the chase.(14)(8)Two teams that were in a relegation fight last year, or a team that missed out on promotion and have just got a new experienced manager, oooh tough decisionAnd barnsleyNeither could afford him and he's not for sale.Thet haven't got the money to buy him 2 million plusTrue i work at the club will be joining on monday on a 2 year contract on £12000 pw + £1500 a goal bonus and also bristol city are in talks with kevin philips on a 1 year £15000 a week dealEvery player has there price and loyalty no longer comes into matt fryatt were HE wants so do not say hes not for sale that in its self is a jokeDo any of Bristol city, millwall or Barnsley fans genuinely believe this? Just ask yourselves why he'd want to leave, let alone for clubs fighting relegation. Come on now.Very sorry but i can not see hull city finishing anywhere near the top 6 they will be mid table,
my top six
sheffield wednesday
bristol city
my bottom fourHe doesnt want to goNot gonna happen. Hull don't need to sell, Hull are a good shot for the play-offs and Hull are one of the best wage payers in the division.
So of course he wants to move to Bristol or Barnsley who both finished way down the table and both don't have a pot to piss in!
Easy decision lads. Nice try.
Another tough season for you both next season where as Hull will be challenging for the top. Oh and by the way, good luck Barnsley with keeping Dido fit.My table:
Top Six:Millwall, Barnsley, Crystal Palce, hudderfield, bristol city, hull city
Bottom Six: Wolves, Blackburn, Blackpool,Birmingham


23 Jun 2012 09:12:51
Have it on goo authority that Fulham boss Martin Jol will look to sign Leroy Fer as Danny Murphy replacement. Fer almost signed for the Cottagers last summer before opting to go to AZ Alkmar, but the lure of premiership football is turning his head and the opportunity to work with Martin Jol.
Source: I am good friends from uni year in Holland with someone who now works in the office for Fer's agent(7)(1)Leroy Fer was signed last year to FC Twente from feyenoord but Steve McLaren isn't a fan so maybe available but want what they paid for Fer.


23 Jun 2012 09:11:33
No Sheffield United signings for at least another two weeks. Danny Wilson has been told by McCabe that the budget is still not set. Any rumours of impending player signings are untrue. Danny not even managed to sign his own out of contract players without knowing a budget. Promised to be revealed to him by the start of July. Blades going to be far behind everyone else by that time.(10)(1)


23 Jun 2012 08:50:01
Rumour as it if barnsley miss out on the signing of oliver norwood keith hill is looking at bringing ex swansea player ferrie bodde to the club if he can prove his fitness, Also on the barnsley radar is winger keith treacy who is not expected to return to burnley this summer(12)(4)Eddie Howe is quoted as saying ' the door is open for Keith to return to burnley and try to break in to the first team , but if an acceptable offer comes in then we will consider it . Burnley paid 1million + for treacy so we won't be selling him on the dead cheap if he does go !Ferre bodde will never pass a fitness test, he has two dodgy knees and as great a player as he was for swansea i fear his career may be over.I'll drive Treacy to Yorkshire, bad buy.


23 Jun 2012 08:47:38
Harry Maguires move from Sheffield united to Ipswich Town looks set to go through by the end of this coming week.(8)(9)Got bob hope of signing him!,though good signing if it were to be trueHes on hols in spain til next w/end so doubt it


23 Jun 2012 08:19:32
former barnsley loanee marlon harewood is training with sheff wed with a view to earning a 1 year deal(12)(5)Unfortunately this isn't a rumour but the truth. We've also got Koumas for pre season. Talk about oldies!Harewood was class when he was on loan at us (Barnsley) although he didn't do too well at Forest last season.


23 Jun 2012 07:19:43
Magera, Kerrouche, Cibocchi and Lanzano. will all be released by swindon town as they are not needed know expected to be releaed next week(9)(4)Town have 10 midfield/wingers competing for 4 places J Smith,Ferry.Rooney,De Vitta,Cox,Risser,Richie,Miller,Navaro and Roberts. Caddis,McCormack and N. Thompson are all able to play there as well. There must be some departures from that department of our team. DPRubbish, as PDC said yesterday Cibo's future is at TownThey're all under contract & can't just be released.


23 Jun 2012 07:15:55
Alan connel to stay at swindon town he has rejected the chance to join crawley(9)(5)


23 jun 2012 08:34:13
reading are said to be one of the clubs interested in ibrahima balde. another striker(9)(16)Aston Villa also want him.I saw this on BBC sport 7 goals in 22 games doesn't look like the best striker though.


23 Jun 2012 07:22:46
Huddersfield looking to sign a striker, centre midfielder and also defence.

Simon Grayson looking at experienced championship players and alsao fringe PL players to enhance the squad.

I believe he is in Scotland this week to speak to some players.(12)(2)Grayson to sign rhys + sone after rejeting rangersHuddersfield have just signed Sean Scannell but he'll only be a squad player as great prospects but just cant kick his career on to the next levelNeed more than 1 striker with rhodes going to readingSquad player my footAluko to cafcAluko a waste of time cant play consistantly every week,


23 Jun 2012 07:17:39
Things appear to be hotting up at the MadStad. As I understand it, Pavel's transfer to Reading is awaiting a work permit, Jordan Rhodes move to Berkshire looks more promising every day, and Gylfi Siggurdssons move to Liverpool is off and he has agreed to talk to Anton re personal terms. Very exciting times to be a Royals fan... {Ed029's Note - Sigurdssons move to Liverpool is not off.(11)(30)Heard he flew back from his hols discussed deals with both Liverpool and Reading on Thursday and flew back to Iceland yesterday to think things over with other teams also showing interest, Spurs and QPRWhat a ridicilous post. Complete nonsense.Sigurdsson has spoken to reading and liverpool, spurs are now interested.
MrRfcAs a royals fan I'm starting to believe in Anton a mega amount almost signed Pog Rhodes rumour is coming alive and if McDermott believe him will work his magic and Rhodes will be class and pog always gets good chances so if he converts he will be class and Sig has agreed to talk to Anton could be promising! But the Watford takepver is off so we might go back for mariappa but I'd take bassongI'd like to see a source for the Sigurdsson rumour but the other two seem legit. Gylfi wants to play at a world famous club, can't see much getting in the way of that rodgers wants him and their fans seem to want him too.I saw this I hope it's true as I'd love to have Sigurdsson back.Why would Sigurdsson go to QPR? As a Reading fan if he goes to any club outside the top 8 except (utd, city, chelsea, arsenal, newcastle, spurs, everton and liverpool) I will be very peeved.Sigurdsson will choose Liverpool, would be better for his career. Rhodes deal is far from done.Its a two horse race between Reading and Liverpool, Manchester United were the only other team he would have considered as he is a United fan but they have signed Shinji Kagawa so Sigurdsson will not get much first team football there.

TrueLoyalRoyalI'll eat my laptop if he goes to QPR. No chance whatsover, Swansea have more of a chance than signing him, lol. If he doesn't go to Liverpool, which is highly unlikely he will look at Spurs (If that rumours even true) or the Mighty Reading.Nothing mighty about us yet mate, hopeful about the future as we will get a stadium capacity increase and our facilities upgraded. If we can prove we mean business about our future plans then we will attract better players.I think we can rule spurs out, until they get a manager at least, having a manager is a massive part of the team your sign for, no player would want to sign for a team then get an AVB who just benches you.


23 Jun 2012 07:26:34
Aldershot Right Back Ben Herd rumoured to be in talks with Coventry City. Is he good enough for League 1 ?(3)(11)Probably not.


23 Jun 2012 06:56:26
Danny murphy set to take a massive pay cut to join championship new boys Huddersfield town.(7)(31)He is having a medical at blackburn todayHe's going to blackburn!!Can't imagine Blackburn could attract a cleaner on Danny Murphy's full wage at the minute! Having said that he wont come to us either...but u never know!!Already been touted around by his agent. Not likely unless they can afford his minimum 20k a week. Most likely destination Bolton where he is due for talks Monday.He's going to leedsThought he signed new contract


23 Jun 2012 05:24:42
Reading to get sturridge on loan(13)(40)Dream onSimon Sturridge maybeYES reading really know how to get good players as Sturridge is signing we can also hopefully get Van Persie from arsenal then reading will have a great attack CHAMPIONS LEAGUE HERE WE COME!!Reading fans are getting stupid now! In your dreams.I doubt it, he looks to be moving on a permenant deal somewhere and Reading will not pay Chelseas asking price.



23 Jun 2012 03:48:37
Cheltenham Town have offered a contract to out of contract Hereford United midfielder Rob Purdie.(6)(9)Very unlikely, Cheltenham are aiming for a better quality of player than this.Very likely actually.How is it likely when Hereford were hopelessly relegated from League Two, it isn't likely that Purdie is going to help them to promotion next season.With all due respect to the player i cant see this, the only reason this rumour has appeared is cos cheltenham is in reasonably close proximaty to hereford---c mon be a bit more creative!


23 Jun 2012 03:35:00
Cheltenham Town are interested in signing York City striker Ashley Chambers.(4)(7)PossiblyHow many goals did he score last season?


23 Jun 2012 03:33:43
Forest Green midfielder Yan Klukowski is thought to be on Cheltenham manager Mark Yates' shopping list.(5)(2)FGR signed three strikers this summer so Klukowski is likely to look for football elsewhere - it's been known for some time that Yates has watched him play.This is possible


23 Jun 2012 03:32:17
Torquay United defender Mark Ellis is set to turn down a new contract at Plainmoor in favour of a move to Cheltenham.(4)(7)Surprised Cheltenham are going to pay 100+k. Torquay turned down 70k from Crewe this week.
Mark wants to move up north with his girlfriend.Cheltenham can certainly afford that sort of fee, they are backed by a billionaire major shareholder.


23 Jun 2012 03:27:09
Fleetwood Town are set to make an offer of £100,000 for Cheltenham's Sido Jombati.(8)(6)They would need to double if not treble that bid for it to be taken seriously.Double it. At least.They are wasting their time if so as Sido isn't going to take a step down like thatIt's a step up not a step down. Fleetwood will be in League 1 next season.Sido is happy at cheltenham. why did fleetwood sell james vardy?


23 Jun 2012 03:02:16
manchester united interested in dortmund and poland right back lukasz piszczek.(17)(8)


23 Jun 2012 01:51:39
Any news on lawson D'Ath? Promising player! Could see him being on the bench for most of the season!(1)(6)On his way to Yeovil - spent second half of last season at HP. Indicated that he would welcome a return, and is highly rated by Gary Johnson.He most probably go out on loan to yeovil.


23 Jun 2012 01:45:49
Walsall are close to signing former Doncaster Rovers duo James Chambers and James Hayter

Walsalls new assistant manager Richard O'Kelly has persuaded the duo to join him at the league one side after O'Kelly worked with the duo at Donny(14)(1)Bournemouth are also interested in re-signing him after he had a succesful 10 years with them at the begginging of his career


23 Jun 2012 01:44:36
Huddersfield speaking to Chris Martin from Norwich City.(8)(16)Swap and money for rhodes


23 Jun 2012 01:42:16
Huddersfield aiming to make further two signings on Monday!
Grant McCann and Adam Clayton.(9)(22)This not true.Clayton will still be on holidayNeither are coming. Both approached but turned us down. We move onGrant McCann just tweeted this morning 'Great time in Barnsley, now back for family BBQ' Think you may have competition for him, he has been linked with them before. Posh fan.He wont go there anyway, he wants to stay at leedsWho said he drove their? Could be with someone else


23 Jun 2012 01:07:15
Stoke City rumoured to be in for Arsenal pair Denilson and Chamakh, both are looking for moves away from the Emirates. However relationships between Wenger and Pulis have been tense at the best of times... But it looks like Stoke City's football may be taking a turn for the best, if these two are snapped up Stoke would be looking at around a £12M signing fee with both recieving top end wages at the football club!

GoonerPete.(2)(35)Lol the rubbish that gets posted on here isn't even funnyAs you've said, can't see Wenger doing Pulis any favours. What worries me the most though (as a Stoke fan) is that I don't believe Pulis has the capacity to play any other 'style' than the one we currently inflict on the league.
That said I do always enjoy playing you lot at The Brit, even if it means just winding up Wenger.They are more llikely to come to Fulham and we aren't even in for themIf I was wenger I would not sell any player to Pullis and Stoke city let them rot.Would love them two here alon with your Alex Song with so many other affordable players but no , don't see it happening.
Stoke City FTW!Why would Stoke want Chamakh? He's dire

If I was Stoke I'd leave the Arsenal players well alone. With the wind at the Britannia they'd spend even more time on the floor.Funny how England are now playing the Stoke City way. Both Arsenal players would be good additions, but lets not forget that this is business. £12m would be good money for 2 fringe players, but not sure they have the character for the Stoke dressing room.Im not being funny but if the fee is 12 mill were doing u lot a favour.8 mill at best for both."If I was Wenger I would not sell any player to Pulis or Stoke City let them rot" Get a grip mate, we dont want any of your so called players, only decent one amoung them is Cesc.. Oh hang on!


23 Jun 2012 01:07:09
Spotted Grant McCann at Hartshead Moor services today!
(Huddersfield bound maybe)(5)(17)How, he cant drive he has been banned for 18 monthsWho said he was driving!


23 Jun 2012 00:42:57
Yeovil are thought to be the league one club (see sky sports) keeping a watchful eye on Aldershot captain Ben Herd(5)(8)Where's he gonna play we already got a right backEr, he would play ar right backNo ayling is going cb or cmExactly, we are also taking Oxford Citys James Clarke on trial, he is a right back to.Dont shoot the messengerWe could have two right backs? What? That's just madness! Having depth in the squad, no it just can't happen!Well when Gary was interviewed about another rb he said it was not a priorityNot a priority but still something we need... if ayling gets injured who you gonna put at right back then? Or if ayling has to fill in at CM? its not all about the first 11 you know...That's why Gary has been looking at cb who can play at rb eg Oxford guy and Ellis of Torquay, and who's playing lb cos we haven't got one of those at allIt's absolutely fine to have multiple players in one position, it provides competition and squad depth, even if it's not a priority, if the player and price are right, we'll try and do business.


23 Jun 2012 00:13:17
Martin Keown will join the Stevenage Coaching staff when pre season training begins(3)(14)He's at wembley FC


23 Jun 2012 00:11:57
Stevenage are set to sign Patrick Agyemang, Thomas Soares amd Ahmed Benali, all on free transfers.(5)(9)Soares is rubbish, but not that rubbish to join Stevenage


23 Jun 2012 00:11:32
lee beevers is to sign a walsall contract today(1)(9)Not on a Saturday mate!


22 Jun 2012 23:15:55
Burak Yilmaz is near certain to join Fulham , Lazio have cooled their interest n Spurs being managerless has put the turkish international off of joining the north london club , west ham were never actually in the running leaving fulham n galatasaray to battle it out for him but the player wants to leave his homeland. Chadli should complete his move in the next week n miguel veloso is being linked with a loan move to sw6 while dempsey is wanted by Lyon , roma , valencia n sevilla.(11)(3)Sunderland are after him as well



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